Wintermute X Stories

Beth's Journey - Chapter 3: Seed

By WintermuteX

Content: Young Girls, Monster Rape, Incest, Pedophilia, Magic

Beth sat crouched by the flickering fire, her head resting on her knees, staring into the dancing flame - crackling logs, roaring heat, cinders rising fitfully into the black night, their lives a brief spark before they flared out completely. It all seemed so unreal. She rubbed the last trickle of tears from her reddened eyes, blinking, as her father's huge form sat down cross-legged beside her.

"Beth. Drink a little of this, ok?" He pushed a small wooden bowl into her hands. "I boiled it from a healing root. It's safe."

Beth looked down at the broth. Even the smell was bitter. Harsh. Like everything that had happened to them since their farm was first attacked. Her father touched her hand, guiding the bowl to her lips. The taste of sour earth curled her tongue, but she swallowed.

"Again." Julian urged her with another push at the bowl. "All of it. You need it."

Beth raised the bowl to her lips again and grudgingly managed to down the rest. The warmth settled in her belly, seeping out slowly into her limbs, warding them against the night's chill. She rubbed her arms. She really did feel better.

Thanks Daddy," she said. Her father took the bowl wordlessly and packed it back into the bags.

"Lucky the saddlebags had a mess kit," he murmured. "Though better for us if they had had some food."

Beth's glare fixed on the fire again, unfocused, sinking into the embers.

"It's burning…" she whispered. "Just like the city."

"Beth..." Julian sat beside her, a comforting presence, putting his arms around her shoulders. Beth couldn't help it. She felt the sudden wash of her tears returning,

"We got away...why?" She looked up at her father, as if he had the answers. He always had before. "Why us? All those people...the girls, getting raped..."

"Beth, hush." She could feel her father's strong hand on her cheek, as if he could hold the tears in with a touch.

"You can't brood on it. I don't know what those things were, but it's no different than a conquering army. I've seen worse."

"You've seen worse? Worse...than that?"

Her father's long stare was filled with sorrow. He seemed to see past her, to the memories of old battles long past.

"You know there are some stories I don't tell you, Beth." His whisper sounded ashamed. It was a sound Beth wasn't accustomed to hearing. She had always been proud that her Daddy had been a soldier.

"Daddy, when you hit that guard and took his crossbow...he was about to help that girl. He might have saved her. They could have escaped."

"I had no choice," he said softly. "Another moment and that flying monster would have had you in the air, taken you gods know where."

"Maybe...maybe…" Beth felt the tears suddenly burst forth again. "Maybe she should have been the one who got away, and not me! Why...why did…"

"Beth!" Julian shifted, hands cupping her head, forcing her tear-stained eyes to look at him. "Don't say it. You don't owe them anything Beth. Don't forget the things they did to you! I've seen the world. It's ugly, Beth. And cruel. That's why your mom and I left it behind. All of it. I can live without the world, Beth."

Beth sniffled wetly, trying to fight the hiccups in her chest. Her father's finger moved across her cheek, brushing the tears aside.

"But I can't live without you," he whispered.

His big arms went around her again, pulling her tight in a crushing hug. Beth managed to pull herself together after a few more sobs, sinking into the familiar comfort of that strong, safe grip. It was like magic. So many times he had hugged her like this, and it always worked. Whenever she was upset, or afraid, or angry. He could always make it go away, banish whatever troubled her with a single, tight embrace of love and tenderness. In his arms, Beth always felt better. When she was close to him, she always felt more like herself, more sure of the world, like he radiated an aura of quiet comfort that sunk into her and told her everything would be ok as long as he was around. Time seemed to slow, to stop, as it always did, the fire's crackle and the quiet nicker of the horse so far distant from the warm place of comfort in her father's arms.

When they finally parted, Beth's tears had dried for good. She rubbed grimy salt from her face. Her father was preparing the blanket - the only concession for comfort that had been in the saddlebags when they rescued the horse. He folded it double and placed it carefully over a soft spot of grass, then removed the ragged pair of pants they had given him in prison after taking his clothes. She herself had nothing - her 12-year-old body naked as the day she was born.

Beth took a deep breath as a sudden drowsiness washed over her. The root, probably. Her father was already laying back in the blanket, beckoning her, ready to pull the top tight over them both. At least he wasn't talking foolish about staying up all night because he didn't want to sleep next to her. She had rather enjoyed it, that first night, feeling his muscled chest pushing tight against her back with each breath. Feeling the eagerness of his manhood rubbing her behind. She walked over, stumbling slightly as a faint dizziness took hold. She was ready to crouch and lay down beside him, but something in his gaze gave her pause.

There it was, that distance again. A slight flush in his neck, as if ashamed. As if he was pushing something away when he looked at her. Beth had never seen him look at her that way before the city, but after everything that had happened - being fondled, arrested, nearly dying, then raped by men and beasts - his gaze had taken on an uncomfortable stiffness whenever it fell on her.. Beth opened her mouth to say something, but the dizziness suddenly intensified and she collapsed lightly onto the blanket instead.

"It's the medicine." Julian pulled her close then tugged the sheet over them both and snugged it tight. "It makes you sleepy. You might have strange dreams. Maybe I boiled it too much."

"Daddy?" Beth's world was swimming, but she couldn't sleep without knowing. She had to ask. Her father didn't answer at first, though his warm body was tight against her backside.

"Daddy...why have you been looking at me like that?"

The question lingered in the still night, as if caught in the newfound expanse between them. His hand had come under her arm and across her chest, resting comfortably with the palm instinctively cupping the tiny bud of her breast. Warm. Comfortable. It felt so right, so natural, when he touched her like that.

"I just...well that is I, uh…" His stammer was uncharacteristic, the words forced when they finally came.

"In the alley, when they had me cornered, you distracted them. It's just that...that...I can hardly believe you'd say something like that."

"I had to!" Beth flinched, turning her head to catch him at the edge of her gaze. "Daddy I thought you were going to die!"

"You're right, you're right." Her father's stubble crazed Beth's ear as he spoke.

"It's just...well, I guess a father never expects to hear his little girl talk like that. You told them to lick your pussy!"

"I did the only thing I could think of! I had to do something, something drastic to distract them. They were about to kill you!"

"I know, I know…" Her father rubbed her arm calmingly.

"It worked, didn't it?"

A long silence lingered before his reply. Beth struggled against the worsening dizziness, a vortex ready to pull her down into a dark sleep.

"I guess so...shhh, it's alright. Go to sleep Beth."

Beth couldn't see his expression, but she could hear it in his voice: that distance, a sudden gap that had never existed before. He was holding something back, something he wouldn't say. She might have twisted around to confront him, but she couldn't bear the thought of seeing his face so guarded against her again. Instead, she fought the dizziness long enough to ask another question.

"Daddy, where do we go now?"

"Sleep now. Shhhh, my little girl." His palm touched her chin, grazed her cheek in a light caress. "I have an idea. I don't know if it's a good one or a bad one. We'll find out tomorrow. Sleep now, Beth."

Beth couldn't have fought it anymore if she wanted too. The dizzying effect of the root was pulling her down, down, deep into a silent maelstrom that enveloped her in calm darkness. Serenity enveloped Beth, her troubled thoughts washed away and replaced with colorful dreams - strange, enticing visions, vivid and surreal, a myriad of worlds and tales playing out on the stage of her imagination. Bright, shining lands leapt full-grown from the wellspring of her mind, full of knights and castles, adventures. But as the night wore on, a lurid darkness began to seep in, a foul perversion that changed her dreams to be of pursuit, of disaster, of fleeing before countless monstrous and malevolent threats. Shocking, wild, each one imagined in lifelike detail. Monsters, legion in number. Chasing her. Catching her. Shredding her pathetic clothing with fangs and claws and then bending her tender body over, howling with delight as they entered her, raped her, filled her with sticky, oozing goo. And herself, her fearful screams turned to delight each time. Relishing. Rejoicing. Exalting in the violent pleasure as she was used like a toy. Again and again. The chase, the catch, the violation. Each monster more gruesome and terrifying than the last, each rape carrying her higher and higher, climax after climax obliterating all thought. Passed around in a howling orgy of rapacious demons, each desperate to fuck her tiny pussy, to possess her, to defile her utterly to sate their unending appetites in the helpless body of a young girl. Over and over it happened, an endless prison, Beth losing herself down in dark pits that each turned to a paradise of depraved pleasure that swept her away.

In the deep of night, tight under the blanket and snuggled next to her father's warm body, Beth smiled.

The sun was already well above the horizon by the time Beth woke. Its golden rays slanted down from the leafy boughs of the trees overhead, dappled patterns crisscrossing in silent cadence with the wind. Beth sat up and yawned, stretching her arms, letting the blanket fall from her naked breasts. The morning air was warm, stirred only slightly by a western breeze. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, unwilling to crawl from the cozy haven of the blanket just yet.

The horse was cropping the grass nearby, his tail swishing at a cloud of flies. He was already saddled, Beth saw. She turned when she heard the sizzling and smelt the fragrant smoke of cooking meat. Her father was crouched by a fire, a plump hare stuck on a spit over the top. He looked up, and smiled at her.

"Good morning, sugarcake," he said.

"Morning Daddy," Beth yawned, grinning at his pet name for her. He had always called her that when she was younger. Daddy looked tired, with darkened spots underneath his eyes.

"I got up to set some snares before sunrise," he said, gesturing at the spit. "Got lucky with one." He reached for the roasted meat and began to pull it apart, dropping some juicy bits in a tiny metal pan before handing it to her.

"Thanks Daddy." Beth took it and began to eat. The meat was greasy, but she didn't mind; she was used to wild game. Whenever she went with her father into the wilds for one reason or another, they usually ate what they could catch. She popped the hot meat in her mouth and licked the grease from her fingers. Her father watched her, his eyes rising up and down from her bare nethers to her naked chest. He started after a moment, catching himself, and then busied himself with pulling the rest of the meat from the hare and consuming it.

"We should get moving right away", Julian said in between mouthfuls. "I don't want to waste any more daylight."

"Didn't you sleep at all?" Beth asked, eyeing the saddled horse with the bags already packed.

"I slept enough," he murmured, that pink flush growing on his neck again, as though he still felt ashamed to be abed with his own daughter. He busied himself with discarding the rest of their meal and dousing the fire while Beth stood up and stretched, enjoying the balmy air of the morning. The weather was beautiful, with white, puffy clouds streaking the sky like drips from a painter's brush, the forest surrounding them with its serenity. Peaceful. Calming. As though the violence and rape she had witnessed were no more than a bad dream to vanish like mist before the morning sun.

She bent to roll their bedroll and blanket into a neat parcel, tying it tight, then added it to the horse's burden. Her father was already ready. He swung up into the saddle with a smooth motion, then lent her an arm to pull her up in front of him. Beth sighed and scooted back into his familiar embrace as he pulled the reins to turn the horse onto the winding dirt path. The gentle cadence of the beast's slow walk lulled her for a time as the trail curled around thicker stands of brush and sloped gently uphill before finally turning sharply onto a winding trail that curved along the edge of a high ridge overlooking a valley. Beth shielded her eyes against the golden disc of the sun, peering out over the treetops.

"I think I see some houses down there," she said, pointing. "Farther down, near the river."

"I see them," her father rumbled. "Maybe we can find shelter."

"And people," Beth added. Her father shrugged, but from the tension of his arms when she spoke, she thought he would prefer if they didn't meet anyone at all.

Her father led the horse on at a light trot for another hour, until their path intersected a larger road, wide enough for wagons and tracked with dark grooves from the passage of their wheels. Nobody was about though. They continued on as the sun rose slowly in the sky overhead, turning the morning's warmth to the heavy heat of day, filled with buzzing flies and chirping songbirds wheeling overhead. Eventually they came to a homestead, set just back from the road by a low thatched fence and covered over by heavy, spreading limbs of the surrounding oak trees.

"Wait here," her father said, dismounting and looking around with a wary gaze, as if he expected the quiet forest to attack them. "If anyone comes, you shout for me."

"Ok Daddy," Beth said obediently. Her father turned and made his way up toward the house. She let the horse duck its head to crop the heavy grass here, but kept a tight grip on the reins, turning her head to scan the forest. All was quiet - only the buzzing of insects and the warble of the swallows overhead could be heard. Lulled by the familiar music, Beth allowed herself to relax, and finally slipped from the saddle to stand beside the horse, resting against his flank. Here, everything seemed peaceful. Serene. No threats hiding behind the trees. No monsters lurking in the bush, ready to pounce on her and rape her. The forest hummed along with drowsy tranquility, as if in defiance of what she knew was happening in the city they had left behind them.

She had expected to meet someone once they met the road, but they hadn't seen a soul since leaving the city. Nobody was here - they would have heard something by now if someone was, some sign of human habitation. The pounding of a hammer. The rasp of a saw. People calling to each other. Only the quiet forest sounds surrounded her. Beth looked down at her toes, wiggling them in the soft, cool dirt. If they had met anyone, they would have drawn a few eyebrows, a grown man travelling with a naked young girl. Funny - any other time, Beth might have been embarrassed to be seen naked, to have someone gaze at her without so much as a stich on her. The only person she had ever felt comfortable around like that was her father. Now, she had spent so much time without her clothes the last few days, it almost felt more natural to be bare. An entire crowd had seen her naked - had groped and slapped and violated her. Maybe it had burned the shame right out of her.

She stood in silence for several minutes, waiting, before finally spotting her father walking back up the path from the house, a sack slung over his shoulder and a scabbard belted to his hip.

"Nobody was home. Looks like there was some kind of commotion. The windows were broken." Julian pulled the sack from his shoulder and let it plop on the ground between them. "Lucky for us, they left some stores behind. And this blade. Rusted and dull, but it will serve." He began to rummage through the sack. "I also found these," he said, pulling out some wadded cloth and shaking it out. Beth stared. A tattered skirt and a flannel blouse. Her father gestured, and Beth took them, feeling a strange sense of disappointment. She pulled the ragged clothes on. The skirt fit, though it rode high, and the shirt had a loose seam at neckline, causing it to droop down her right shoulder. Julian looked at her, and finally nodded approvingly. Beth did her best to hide a wince - she liked his expression much better when he was looking at her naked, liked the flush of his cheeks and the hungry gleam in his eyes that seemed to keep his gaze glued to her body. There was nothing else for it, though. The flannel fabric itched. Beth scratched idly, watching her father pull more items from the sack.

"A hammer, could be useful. Blankets. Waterskin. Oh, and food." He pulled out some wrapped slabs of meat. "Salt pork. Jerky. Even some hardtack. Better than nothing." Beth nodded, her stomach already rumbling. Half of a greasy rabbit was not much to sate an appetite. They split the pork, sitting down to eat and and sharing the waterskin, serenaded by the forest song.

"What happened to them?" Beth asked, in between chewing the tough meat.

Her father shrugged. "Not sure. Whoever lived there, they left in a hurry - they had gathered things, then discarded them in haste. From the look of things, there was a struggle."

"Just like at our home?" Beth asked.

Julian nodded, staring distantly down the road. "Possibly. For all we know, they fled to the city. I didn't look around for very long. It's fortunate we were able to find what we did."

Beth nodded in agreement. The sword, unkempt as it was, was desperately needed, and the rations would let them travel faster since they would not have to hunt. She looked again at the neat pile of abandoned belongings, and saw something else.

"What's that?" she asked, gesturing at a round, tied bundle of fabric.

"Another bedroll." Julian patted the top. "Lucky, isn't it? Now we don't have to sleep in the same one anymore."

Beth stared at her father, a lump of food stuck in her throat. He had that pink flush again, and he kept his gaze averted, unable to look his daughter in the eyes. If there was anything that had given Beth a feeling of safety during the breakneck pace of the last few days, it had been sleeping with her father. Feeling his hairy chest against her back. His breath against her neck. His strong arms that he wrapped around her for warmth. Beth had always enjoyed snuggling with her father, and feeling his touch during the cold nights had calmed her heart and stilled her dreams like nothing else could. Now he was happy they could sleep apart?

She swallowed the meat stuck in her throat with some difficulty, trying to save face, to keep her eyes from watering. She blinked and turned away. She wouldn't cry. She would be strong, just like he had always taught her. It was just a bedroll. He hadn't meant to hurt her, she knew. She fought the sudden hitch in her chest, the sudden well of tears at the corner of her eyes.

The silence was long and uncomfortable. Beth took a deep breath, taking ahold of herself, and managed to turn back to her father. He hadn't noticed her lapse, his gaze still stuck scanning the forest around them. She put the rest of the rations away, her appetite gone.

"I think the weather will be good the next few days," Julian murmured, looking at the sky now. "Lucky for us. Travelling in the rain drains the spirits."

"Where are we going though?" asked Beth.

Julian turned to stare at her, as if trying to form an answer.

"There is...a person. She knows many things. She may be able to help, or tell us what is happening." He turned away again, gazing into the distance. "I visited her once...a long time ago."

"She'll help us? Can we trust her?"

Julian turned to her, piercing her with his sudden glare. "No, Beth. We can't." He shook his head. "She has her own goals, her own aims. You must be wary of whatever it is she says. She speaks the truth, but her words always work to serve herself in the end."

"Who is she?"

"She is...a seer."

"Magic?" gasped Beth.

"I didn't say that," Julian grumbled. "Oh she'll certainly pretend, and I can't deny that she has a certain uncanny ability to seek out the truth of things but...magic isn't real, Beth."

"Oh." Beth lapsed into silence.

"Truthfully," her father said, his expression growing contemplative, "I'm only going to her because I can't think of anyone else that could possibly help. But if there's anyone who would know about these strange creatures appearing everywhere, it would be her."

They busied themselves adding the new supplies to the bundles on the horse, then mounted up again and set off. The road wound on, past other houses - also deserted - until finally they came upon a fork in the road. Julian studied the sign, scratching his chin, before finally selecting the left path. The road narrowed, becoming a trail of loose dirt and jutting overgrowth that grew more dense as they went on. The horse was forced to a slow walk as they maneuvered around the low branches and spreading fronds of wild ferns, halting only to allow Julian to cut with his blade when the growth grew too thick.

"Doesn't anyone come this way?" asked Beth after her father cleared a fallen branch that had barred the path in front of them.

"Not often, I would guess. If I remember right, this will bend near the edge of the valley and back to where the river lets out into a bog. The seer lives there - or at least, she did."

The path meandered on, finally turning just where her father had predicted. The sun had risen far overhead and was sinking slowly down to the horizon by the time the ground grew muddy beneath them. The ferns and bushes gave way slowly to reeds and lilypads, the trees slowly turning to willows that wilted under growths of greenish-white lichen clinging to their branches like a disease. Puddles of water began to spot the ground, the horse's hooves splashing through and leaving a muddy trail behind them. Beth held her nose. The reeking odor of rot began to pervade the air. The florid lilypads with their festive purple caps gave way to mouldering clusters of misshappen stalks rising from the oozing muck, and the willows began to crowd the path ominously, their gnarled trunks growing from the rising water and sprouting into mangled clusters of branches that spread overhead like skeletal hands. Beth sank back into her father's arms, fingers clutching fearfully at the pommel of the saddle. This place filled her with dread. The vegetation was all wrong, rotten and diseased, trunks and branches grown in choking profusion as if twisted by some hidden malice. The water seemed to suck at the horse's hooves, as if eager to swallow them whole. Beth shivered from a sudden chill. The sun had finally sunk below the horizon, leaving them plodding on in a dim, murky twilight. Streamers of reeking fog began to rise from the oozing muck, swirling about the horse's legs, curling like grasping fingers.

"We'll find some place to make camp before the light gives out," Julian murmured. "It's bad business travelling in a swamp at night."

Beth agreed wholeheartedly. The swamp seemed to press in on them, the creeping vines and clutching fingers of the bony willows overhead crawling with dire menace, hungry, desperate to close in and strangle them both. Beth wondered why they hadn't heard any animals - not even birds. There should be some animal life even in a dreary marsh like this, shouldn't there?

Before long they came to a dry spot - a mound of dirt rising defiantly up from the muck. They dismounted and made camp. Beth began to break off some brittle twigs for tinder before her father stopped her.

"It's too wet. Everything is," he said, holding up a hand. "There's nothing here we can burn here. Sorry sweetie."

Beth sighed. The crawling chill kept slipping up her legs, the clinging fog rising under her skirt to tickle her pussy and make her shiver. They ate cold rations, huddled cross-legged on the ground, before Julian unrolled their bedrolls onto the least soggy spots he could find.

"Daddy, isn't it weird it's so quiet here? There should at least be some birds here, right?"

Her father shrugged. "Perhaps. It's a dreadful place, no doubt. If anything lives here, maybe it's just hiding."

Or something had chased it all away. The thought filled Beth with another chill as she knelt down to slip into her bedroll. Her father had positioned his a few feet away, a very chaste gap seperating them. Beth sighed again. Julian was already snug tight, turning to face away from her. Beth felt a slight hitch in her chest as the tears threatened to return. Was it too much to ask for a goodnight kiss? For him to wrap his big arms around her and tell her it would all be ok? He had never let her down before, never failed to notice a moment of her distress and to comfort her with his presence and confidence. Until now, that was. The distance between them was deliberate, a widening gap far bigger than the arms-length of ground between them. Since they had been driven from their home, nothing had comforted Beth like feeling her Father's muscled body spooned up to her night after night, his fingers brushing the budding cups of her breasts, his cock rigid against her ass. It had been the last anchor in her crumbling world, and now even that was slipping away.

The dreary chill deepened as the night turned black. Beth huddled even deeper into the fabric, pulling it as tight as she could for warmth. Cold drops condensed from the mist on her cheeks, caressing her with a slimy chill until she bent her legs and pulled the fabric up over her head like a cocoon.

Sleep was a long time coming. The night was hushed, expectant. Beth had spent no small part of her childhood outdoors, camping and hunting with her father, learning everything he had to teach her. The sounds of the wilds were always changing, a clamor that followed its own rhythms, differing depending on season and weather and even the mating habits of the wildlife. But there was nothing. Like life had been snuffed out. Silenced. Pulled beneath the silent waters and choked by the strangling vines. The lack of noise itself was a brooding presence, a lurking threat Beth was able to put from her mind only with great difficulty.

Finally, the drowsy pull began to overtake her. She really was exhausted, after the chase in the city, then staying awake and crying all night while her father lay silent and wounded in the next cell. Then the ordeal in the town square, the both of them bound, humiliated, Beth forced to suffer the depredations of the randy townsfolk and even the fat man's vile dog. They had left her naked body smeared with the gooey fluids that came out of their cocks - still a mystery to Beth. She hadn't mustered the courage to ask her father what it was yet. The first time she had seen it was when the monsters had raped her at their farm. They had squirted it deep into her pussy over and over until it flowed out and oozed down her thighs, and the same salty goop had come out when they forced their cocks into her mouth. Julian had always grown embarrassed whenever the talk turned even slightly to sexual matters. He always managed to keep her busy in the house whenever the mares were in season too, so Beth hadn't really known the first thing about sex until the monsters appeared and had their way with her.

The slow current of sleep began to overtake her, stirring the beginnings of dreams in her head. Gleaming palaces. Knights in shining armor. Lands distant and mysterious, filled with wonders unimaginable. The map that had so enchanted her had been lost, but it was committed to memory in her head. A wide world full of awe and enchantment. Ships plying their sails on gleaming oceans of brilliant sapphire, winds driving them to distant ports, to adventure. Distant peoples, exotic, with slanted eyes or brown skin, as small as children or ten feet tall, in cities so wide and vast they rose to the heavens. In her sleep, a slow smile of wonder spread on her face, the innocent, childlike thrill of discovery. Her and her father, side by side, riding to the farthest corners of the realms, discovering every mystery, braving every danger. Bound together and held fast by the love they had for each other, his courage a strong shield that protected her from every threat, his strength equal to every obstacle, his touch soft in the night, full of love and warmth and tenderness, binding her with an unquenchable devotion, the passion they shared in each other's arms. I'm sorry, he would say. Sorry I ever pushed you away for even a moment. Nothing will ever come between us again.

The slight brush against her leg barely stirred her from her dreams. A light touch, warm, exploring, moving gently up her thigh. Beth smiled in her sleep. Her father. He had joined her after all, sliding into the warmth of her bedroll. She could feel his hands touching her, fingers gently tracing along her hips, around her belly button, combing the peaks and valleys of her soft skin. She could feel the touch of his chest against her back, feel his questing fingers. They rubbed harder now, squirming, sliding along the lips of her pussy, slithering around her nipples. Clammy and wet, digging now against her, writhing with hungry passion. A dozen fingers, a hundred. Tight, probing flesh, growing rigid, coiling now with desperate eagerness. Beth stirred. She moaned in her sleep. Yes, Daddy...please. She shivered under his touch, the feel of his fingers everywhere, coaxing a heady current of pleasure that raced up her spine and buzzed in her head. Touching her bottom, squeezing her tiny breasts. Slippery buds touching her pussy, sliding along her lips. Thick, grimy fingers curling as they climbed her shoulders, touched her hair, coiled around her neck…

Beth's eyes flew open in alarm just as the fingers pulled tight. A sudden, choking jerk yanked her bodily onto her back. She sputtered, hands coming up to claw at the tight mass curled around her neck. More clutching fingers slipped over her skin, and she felt her wrists shackled by squirming flesh, pulled down away from her neck. She kicked, but her ankles were bound. A squirming mass of slippery flesh had invaded her bedroll, crawling all over her body. Gagging now, Beth heard the sound of ripping fabric - first her bedroll, then the shabby clothes ripped away. Panic and confusion screamed in her head as the coiling tips pulled her bodily along the slimy ground.

Mud squished against her back. Beth opened her mouth to scream, but with the tight flesh choking her neck barely managed a pitiful whimper. Immediately a winding tip of flesh oozed up her cheek like a worm and jammed itself into her mouth. The cold, mudlike taste filled her head with a musky pall as the squirming girth wormed farther in. Beth tried to squeal, but no sound could escape. The writhing mass around her was cinching ever tighter, slippery, oily feelers winding tight like knots on a rope. Beth shook her head side to side in terror, desperate to scream, kicking furious against her bonds. The clutching horde squiggled like living vines, or the tentacles of some horrendous sea creature. The girth in her mouth seemed to swell, forcing her jaw open, the bristling tip of flesh digging down into the hole of her throat.

The thing was dragging her along. Beth struggled wildly but the tentacles were stronger than she was. In the dark of the night she couldn't see anything, the moonlight choked out by the slimy branches overhead. Her kicking foot sent a splash flying upwards, and Beth realized that the horde of squirming limbs was dragging her into the water. The fleshy, gooey tips probed her all over before one finally slipped between her pussy lips. It eagerly darted into the tight, wet heat of her vagina, squiggling, squirming, digging deeper with a hungry zeal.

Beth's mind was roiling, screaming dissonance filling her head with terror. She felt the water slide up her thighs and past her waist, struggling, jerking, pulling against the fleshy shackles that kept her arms and legs tightly pinned. The muck of the swamp rose higher, past her breasts, to her neck, the tentacles dragging her steadily under. The oily goo the tentacle in her mouth was exuding was doing something, flooding her mouth with a tingling sensation and a potent stench that flooded her sinuses and stoked a sudden, desperate rush of passion in her belly. Beth began to shake all over, convulsing and splashing in the water, her body awakening under a sudden flood of erotic passion so potent that it overwhelmed all her resistance.

The water rose to her nose, but Beth was barely aware of it. Another tentacle joined the first in her pussy, both digging in with bristling tips that felt like they had a thousand tiny buds on the end. They squirmed, coiling together, then thrusting rapidly against each other in a quick oscillation that sparked a sudden explosion deep in her pussy. The eye-watering tingle of the aphrodisiac ignited in her head like tinder, a screaming madness of furious horny energy that set her blood aflame even as the black water rose up past her vision and swallowed her whole.

Engulfed, her nerve-endings screaming, her pussy pounding with the violent cadence of the tentacles thrusting inside of it, Beth thought she would surely die. Whatever this thing was, it would drown her as it raped her. She could barely hold the thought, barely form any rational idea whatsoever. The furious rush of pistoning energy in her pussy obliterated any attempt to even think how she might escape. Beth shouted in her head, lost in herself, her mind whirling in a violent tornado of passion. A tip suddenly slithered between her buttcheeks and, finding the tight hole of her anus, immediately began to dig in. Beth kicked in surprise, a sudden yelp at the first intrusion into her asshole, and then was shocked to realize that she could breathe! She was under the water - upright or upside down, she hadn't the slightest idea - but somehow the world wasn't fading away as she suffocated. The tentacle in her mouth was quivering tightly in her throat, an airtight seal in her airway, and as she inhaled she could only guess that it was somehow responsible.

Her surprised breath turned to heavy panting, sucking even more of the aphrodisiac scent into her lungs. It felt strange, a malodorous gas that tickled her airways like smoke and spread a delicious buzz of brimming excitement throughout her entire chest. Beth shook her head violently back and forth, the black water sloshing in her ears. There was no getting away. Every breath took in more of the thing's toxin. She was no longer sure she wanted to get away. Already the horny energy humming in her pussy and in her head was rising to a furious boil, a tempest of spasming shocks arcing through her nerves, convulsing her muscles. Her cunt was on fire, clenching endlessly from the slippery friction of the twin tentacles pistoning in and out, a furious dance of squiggling delight, each ramming so violently into her tight hole that the fleshy tips banged against her cervix. Beth shrieked against the tight plug in her throat, lost in the endless black of the water, the red fury of her climax making her limbs thrash in the weightless depths in futile spasms. The tentacles weren't holding her so tight anymore, instead slipping like snakes across every inch of her nude flesh, around every curve and crevice of her 12-year-old body with wiggling delight as if savoring her young body.

The bubbling tempest in Beth's brain exploded, a violent hurricane of orgasmic energy that roared through her senses, shattering thought, obliterating the feel of the deep, chilly water and the rush of the squiggling limbs rubbing her in a thousand places. It carried Beth along like a tsunami, helpless, lost in the whirling bliss of her own orgasm. Dimly, she felt something hot deep inside her, squirting from the pair of tentacles which had jammed themselves tight against her womb. The heat spread through her belly, a searing flood, a delicious feeling of fullness that sent her deepest muscles into wild spasms, lightning pulses that streaked brilliant lines in the black storm of ecstasy engulfing her.

The surging currents of her orgasm had barely begun to relent when the tentacles went to work on her again. They writhed in delighted coils, relishing their prey, relishing her, their shuddering motions conveying a kind of depraved delight from whatever beast they belonged to as it raped her. Beth felt herself being dragged deeper, down into the sticky mud, the dread undertow sucking her farther and farther into the watery depths, hungry to consume her. Beth exploded as a second orgasm abruptly crashed in on the heels of the first. The aphrodisiac thick in her chest burned like wildfire, searing her lungs, spreading an unbearable, unquenchable erotic heat through her chest and beyond until it seemed to suffuse her body. Every muscle was locked tight, vibrating with electric ecstasy. Every cell in her body screamed as if aflame. Every last thought in her head was obliterated as Beth lost herself in the torrential orgasm. Dimly, she knew she was being pulled bodily into the muck at the bottom of the swamp. She would drown, or be eaten, but in that moment, shaking and trembling from the tempest of violent pleasure roaring through her, Beth found she barely cared. The searing bliss stabbing into her brain like arcing lightning had catapulted her to a realm of bliss beyond sense, an intoxicating euphoria that defied reason, an endless orgasm that went on and on, ripping through every inch of Beth's body until it had scoured away every last sense of self that the girl possessed.

When something grasped her hand, she didn't even notice, lost in the torrent of pleasure that engulfed her. It tugged, but she barely registered it, then again, far more painfully, wrenching her arm. Deep in her throat, she moaned. She didn't want to be pulled away. Every last fiber of her being howled in perfect bliss, caught in the torrent of ecstasy, savoring her own defilement, the rape of her body, the consumation that awaited her somewhere in the deep. Rape me. Use me. Eat me, please. If she could have spoken, her words would have been gibbering madness. A violent purple pain suddenly ripped through Beth's paradise as the force on her arm yanked hard enough to dislocate her shoulder. No! Let me stay! She screamed, the sticky muck sloshing against her face. Instead she felt herself pulled bodily, the tentacles suddenly curling around her again in tight shackles, unwilling to let her go. Her body become a tug of war, two forces pulling at the kicking, thrashing girl. She felt something else, a hand touching her face. A violent tug. Water rushed into her throat, the tentacle in her mouth suddenly gone. Beth wretched as the viscous flood of muck suddenly filled her lungs. She was choking. Drowning. She had the vague sense of rising, of a pressure easing, her orgasm snuffed out as the burning gas in her lungs was pushed out. Kicking. Convulsing. No control, only confusion, the sensation of slithering tentacles pulled from her skin and replaced with a sudden rush of cold water. Something tight had both her arms, pulling her down, or up - she couldn't tell. The water burned in her lungs. The world began to fade, the black, rushing chill of water in her ears dwindling to a dull roar, a faint murmur, before finally receding into twilight.

Pain. A racking gasp. Something slapped her backside. Beth vomited, convulsing, water flooding her throat. Another smack. Something, someone. Shouting. She couldn't tell. Strong arms, helping her, pounding her on the back as Beth loosed another gout of water and finally drew a ragged, searing breath into her burning lungs. Her senses were returning slowly, each one screaming in the void of her shattered consciousness. Pain in her shoulder, in her lungs. The feel of slimy mud beneath her, cold against her chest, her thighs. Fingers clawing desperately at the muck. Ringing in her ears. Someone shouting. A sticky odor clinging in her nose and sinuses like rotten snot. Beth spit more water out, heaving, and was surprised when she felt a hand brush the hair up out of her face.

"Breathe," a voice said. "One after another. It hurts, but breathe. Don't think about anything else."

Even though the voice was tight with panic, it sounded familiar. Beth tried to place it. Her memory was shattered like glass, fragments, detritus that her ailing mind struggled to piece together. Father. Of course. He was here. More words, meaningless sounds that failed to register in Beth's addled consciousness. Hands rolled her from her belly onto her side. Things seemed clearer now, but it was dark. So dark. Full of water, the chill, the rush of slimy tentacles worming their way into her private places and spewing warm goo inside her. Beth began to struggle. Shouting again. It was raping her. Water was all around her. She had to escape! She kicked and mewled pitifully, but the tentacles held her tight. No, not tentacles. Fingers. Father...she felt his breath on her face, speaking

"Beth! Stop struggling! It's ok now, it's gone. You're ok. You're safe now."

Corded arms snaked around her, muscles pulling tight as her father crushed her to his chest, weeping.

"Oh my love. My girl. My precious one. Beth…" Through her dim perceptions Beth felt the shake of his chest, the hot splash of tears on her neck. Her father, the towering champion of her world, was crying. She had never seen him cry.

"Beth, Beth... I thought I lost you." Julian's voice cracked with emotion. "I almost didn't wake up. Almost didn't find you. That...thing, it almost took you away from me." Beth cowered against her father's bare chest, clenched tight in his embrace, as if he could hug her so hard nothing would ever threaten her again. "Don't leave me...don't leave me Beth. Please…"

It seemed to last forever. Beth could barely speak. She rested, curled against her father, the shocking adrenaline fading, her breathing finally beginning to slow. Her arm still hurt and her pussy still ached from the pounding it had taken. She could still feel the sting of slimy brine in her lungs with each breath, but it all was fading, replaced by the warm comfort of her father's arms. They were wrapped around her like iron. Like armor. Like high castle walls that could keep the world at bay. Beth could scarcely believe how easily the monster had taken her, how swiftly its eager rape turned to the howling shriek of pleasure in her head. Another second and she would have ceased fighting, ceased feeling anything but the stormy tide of orgasm after orgasm exploding in her head. But Father had kept her safe, just as he always did.

"Daddy," she finally hiccuped, unable to muster more than that single word. "Daddy…"

"Shhh." Julian's breath tickled her ear. "Rest now. It's over. That thing won't dare come out of the water again. I'll stay awake. Nothing else will get you Beth, I promise. I promise…"

Beth rested her head against his muscled chest. The deep, calming voice reassured her. The slow movement of his breathing lulled her. Her father began to hum, a slow, sonorous melody. Beth allowed herself to drift off to the lullaby, the same one her father had always sung to her since she was young. Calming. Reassuring. A melody of love.The music of home. Deep notes that drifted through her fading consciousness, sounding of comfort.

At last, Beth felt herself fading, slipping slowly beneath the black waters of her own dreamless slumber. Words came from somewhere far off, formless, without meaning.

"Don't leave me…" they whispered. "Don't leave me ever again…Evie…"

Morning dawned slowly, reluctantly, bringing with it only a wretched gloom of tainted shadows cast down between the malignant branches of the sickened willows. The swamp all around them reeked of rotten odors and a dreary rain dripped from above. Beth helped Julian strike their pitiful excuse for a camp, pausing only to pull her damp hair from her eyes. Julian did his best to avert his eyes from his daughter's slick nakedness. The bedroll Beth had been using and the pitiful clothes he had scavenged were lost somewhere beneath the waters, leaving his daughter naked to the world again. He battled the brief surge of shame, forcing it down. No time for that. The horse had bolted in the night, taking most of their provisions and leaving only ripped leather traces tied to the tree. No matter. They would go on foot.

"Ready?" he asked, hefting the bundled bedroll onto his back. His eyes slid upward, rising over the graceful curves of his daughter's nudity, wet and drippping, to meet her face, feeling the small burn of embarrassment in his neck. She nodded. She looked none the worse for wear.

"Your arm is ok?" he asked. She nodded again, working it up and down gingerly.

"Kind of sore, but it's alright Daddy."

He nodded, then they turned to leave, following the path of small islets that rose from the waters of the reeking bog. Julian didn't remember this area being quite so wretched when he had come here long ago. And it certainly hadn't been filled with tentacle monsters looking to abduct and rape little girls. He was still in disbelief at how it had happened - only the briefest struggle, and she was gone. Julian wasn't quite sure how he had awakened. Some sixth sense had tapped unrelentingly in his mind until he finally rose and found Beth's bedroll empty, and an almost imperceptible disturbance in the waters just beyond. He almost would have thought it some evil dream, save for the evidence he had wrapped up in his own bedroll: a long length of tentacle, severed by his sword during the struggle. The horrific thing had thrashed for a few feeble moments even after it was cut. The tip had bristled with a phallic bulge studded with dozens of tiny nodules that oozed small streamers of slime - the reproductive organ of whatever reprehensible monster had lurked in the water. He had kept Beth from seeing it, but he couldn't leave it behind. He had some very pointed questions to ask of the witch, and he was determined to have the answers one way or another.

They said little, navigating the difficult way through the bog, sticking to the muddy, exposed portions of ground when they could, and wading apprehensively through the reeking water when they couldn't. Julian kept his hand on his sword hilt every time they did this, fingers clutching the pommel nervously. Nothing else slowed their way though. The oozing rain continued to drip down on them, showing no signs of relenting.

"Is it much farther? My legs are getting tired," Beth complained from behind him.

"Not much farther now," he replied. The journey was already longer than he remembered from the last time he had come here over a decade ago. He reached up to wipe the water from his face and eyes for the thousandth time. This damnable swamp, he thought. What a wretched place. Who would choose to live here? The seer was as much a mystery to him now as when he had first visited. Then, he had also come seeking answers, and found mostly riddles.

"I think I see something," Beth said, pointing. Julian brushed his eyes and flung the slimy droplets away again, peering into the gloom.

"I think you're right," he said. The amber glow looked like torchlight. They set off in the direction of the light, finding a stretch of solid ground that was easier going, leading them straight towards it. Julian's thoughts whirled in his head. So, she was still alive. Or at least, someone was. Would he have any more luck getting answers than he did the first time? The path angled up to a wide, solid area of earth, a mound that rose from the dreadful muck on every side, and on the mound he saw the witch's house, exactly as he remembered it from long ago.

"House" was perhaps too generous of a word, he thought. The dwelling was a dense profusion of gnarled willow trunks, twisted and coiling around each other like a nest of frozen vipers, enclosing a space from which amber light shone through tiny cracks before it all rose to a wild chaos of spreading branches. The look of the place exuded a silent, dire threat, and Julian turned to look at Beth, seeing her shrink back afraid, eyes wide with fear.

"It's ok Beth." He reached out, resting his hand comfortingly on her shoulder. "Don't be afraid."

Beth shook her head. "I don't want to go in there," she murmured. "It's scary. I thought you said she was a seer Daddy. Is she...evil?"

"No," Julian shook his head, though he felt none too sure. "She's not. But you should still be careful Beth. Just stay close to me and let me do the talking, ok?"

Beth tore her glare from the twisted hut, looking at him before finally nodding. Julian smiled, then turned to walk up the path to the witch's home, Beth following close behind him.

A short series of wooden steps climbed the muddy embankment on which the house rested, rising to where a long length of thick branch barred their way, coiled into a tight spiral like the end of a fern. Julian raised his hand to knock, and the branch simply flowed away before he could touch it, uncoiling like a snake roused from its slumber and slithering aside. The doorway lay open before them, an irregularly-shaped opening in the wood from which golden lamplight shone.

"Come in," called a distant voice, lilting and melodic. Julian took a deep breath and stepped through, his eyes taking a moment to adjust to the room's light. A round, open space lay before him, the center dominated by a round firepit and the walls cluttered with uneven shelves upon which a litany of strange objects were displayed. He felt Beth at his back, peeking timidly around him, and heard her gasp. The room was strange, for sure, decorated with all manner of wild, exotic trappings. A purple-gold tapestry, greatly faded by age, hung on the far wall with the mounted skull of a bull with its sharp horns still intact beside it. The nearby shelf was piled with jeweled charms, old jars crammed with strange liquids and objects, and even the odd scroll. The shelf beneath held a variety of crafts festooned with strange designs: small wooden frames, their interiors laced with mystical symbols, figures carved from bone, jeweled rings, and what looked like at least three severed fingers, the skin gnarled and dried. The shelf below was similarly packed with an astonishing array of exotic items ranging from fascinating to gruesome. The only mundane items Julian could see were the rocking chair by the fireplace and the small table beside it.

The far side of the room was shrouded by a long, hanging curtain of dangling cords each studded with thousands of tiny glittering fragments, hiding the space beyond. An alcove, Julian thought. A dulcet, high-pitched humming came from beyond the curtain.

"Just a moment, my dearies," sang the voice. "Take a seat, why don't you? I'm almost ready for you both."

Julian looked at Beth, who returned his confused stare. Shrugging, he stepped forward, standing before the central fire.

After a brief wait, the glittering curtain parted, and a figure draped in dazzling jewelry emerged. Julian blinked. She was almost naked, save for the narrow slips of hanging green cloth that covered her nethers in front and behind, and beautiful almost beyond description. Her hair was a wild shock of red, pulled to one side with the mesmerizing curls piled on her bare shoulder and breast. The woman's eyes were a piercing, deep green, her sweeping gaze seeming to take in him and his daughter in an instant.

She stepped fully into the room. The shimmering brocade of her jewelry sparkled in the firelight, the matching, exotic designs of her wristbands and necklace accentuating the wild profusion of dangling, lacy chains that descended from her neckpiece all the way down her breasts and bare front like a cataract of sparkling waterfalls, graceful arches that fanned out lower down over her belly to curve around and rest against her bare hips. Julian gulped. The witch's body was immaculate: slender, with ripe breasts and flawless skin and enticing, curving hips that drew his eyes like magnets.

The witch ignored Julian's stare and immediately turned her eyes to Beth, scrutinizing her like a scholar examining some unknown and fascinating animal. Beth's mouth hung open in an astonished gape, but she closed it and squirmed uncomfortably where she stood, turning bashfully away, unbalanced by the woman's gaze.

"Beth, my darling. Welcome." The woman's smile was viperous, her expression that of a coiled serpent examining the intriguing prey that had stumbled into its lair. "I have so wanted to meet you."

"You know me?" sputtered Beth, blinking in shock.

"I know all that the stars reveal," the witch said enigmatically. She then turned to regard Julian. "And you, Julian, my storied soldier, my stoic soul. Fatherhood seems to have treated you well. Though you traded your blade for the hammer of a craftsman, it seems you have taken it up once again."

"You remember me," said Julian flatly.

"Of course, dear one." The woman approached the fire where they sat, her steps slow and beguiling, as if fully aware how unnerving the beauty she possessed was. "Long ago, you stood in that very spot as you threatened to kill me. You left my house with great anger, as I recall."

Julian stood silent as the woman stopped before him. Reaching up, she caressed Julian's chin with a graceful gesture. Her blood-red lips were curled into an amused smile, tight with cunning. She raised the hand to his cheek, gazing deep into Julian's eyes before stepping forward and planting a single, deep kiss upon his lips. Julian twitched in surprise, feeling her hot breath on his mouth, the lingering tingle from the pressure of her lips as she drew back, still smiling.

"So cold. Like a stone." Her fingers brushed his cheek like a lover. "Not to worry. Before the night is over, your heart will be kindled again."

Julian frowned. The witch stepped back, her tight smile unperturbed as she made a wide gesture of invitation. "Sit, please," she said. "You have come for a reason."

Julian struggled to put aside his indignation for a moment before finally sitting down cross-legged on the large rug on their side of the fire. Beth did the same, settling down beside him.

"You haven't aged a day," he murmured.

"Does that surprise you, dear one?"

"I suppose your trade has some...advantages."

"Less than you would imagine, more than you would believe." The woman's eyes seemed to flash with amusement. "Your mind is as closed as it was so long ago."

"I seem to be managing fine," he grumbled.

"Yet here you are again, in my humble house, gracing me with the pleasure of your company." The woman laughed, a rich, melodious sound.

"Don't tell me you were lonely without me."

"Alas, I get so few visitors these days," said the woman, tapping her pursed lips in mock contemplation.

"I'm sure you know why," huffed Julian.

"Ah, did you meet the Griyallex??" Her eyes flickered to Beth, taking in the girl's naked body.

Julian responded by taking off his pack and digging into it, then pulling out the length of tentacle he had severed. He tossed it across the fire to land at the witch's feet.

"Oh, you hurt it. Quite a pity." She reached down to caress the rubbery flesh fondly. "It was only trying to feed, you know. It is a beast of...expansive appetites." The woman's grin became lewd, fixed on Beth. "It lusts after little girls in particular."

"Nevermind. You're going to tell me it wouldn't have hurt her, and I'm not going to believe you."

"With such foresight, why would you ever need my services?" The witch's grin was mocking.

"You know why. You know what's going on out there."

"I know all-"

"That the stars reveal. Yes, I know." Julian struggled to uncurl fists that seemed to have become clenched all by themselves. Anger simmered in his gut. "Don't toy with us. I need answers."

"Perhaps I have them...if you have questions."

"What…what…" Julian stammered, furious. This accursed witch! She was playing with them like a cat with its prey, hiding behind that cunning smile, pretending she knew everything. She was exactly as he remembered, exactly as she had been 12 years ago when he had first come to seek her council. He had been an idiot then, thinking she would help him, and he was just as big of an idiot now.

"Nevermind," he snarled furiously. "We're leaving." He reached for Beth's wrist, ready to jump up and yank her to her feet, ready to take his daughter away from here, ready to turn and leave this woman and her whole wretched swamp far behind him.

"What were the monsters that raped your daughter and chased you from your home?" intoned the witch quietly, ignoring his sudden movements as she stared into the flames of the fire. "Where are these creatures coming from? What drove the monsters to come and overwhelm Viridium?" She looked up, piercing Julian with her stare, her pupils dilated widely as if seeing into the beyond. A long silence stretched between them.

"What has happened to the world?" she said, finally.

"Yes." Julian was still seething. He forced himself to relax, to let go his iron grip on Beth's wrist and sit back down.

The witch's gaze returned to the fire, peering into the flames with a blank stare. "Answers…" she murmured, beginning to sway slightly. "Always there are questions, and always, answers. In the stars. In our souls. In the magics that bind the world."

Julian bit his tongue. He had little patience for nonsense like magic, but he HAD come here for answers after all. He didn't care what else the witch said as long as she gave him some. He turned to look at Beth. The girl was staring open-mouthed again at the woman across the fire, her eyes fixed to the woman's bare breasts - round, plump, just beginning to bead with sweat from the closeness of the flame. Julian knew how secretive the woman was, how skilled at deception, but in any other setting the witch would have been regarded as a shining example of flawless beauty.

Without looking, the woman reached down to where the severed tentacle lay on the floor, picked it up, and cast it smoothly into the flame.

"Look," she commanded, still gazing into the fire. "Open the gates of your mind. See."

Julian did so. The fire grew higher, roaring hot. He began to sweat. The wood was barely visible, black char smothered in licking flames. Orange chaos danced and swelled, plumes roiling about each other, buffeted by each crackling burst of heat. He stared. A strange odor began to fill the room, a pungent sweetness that tickled his nostrils as he inhaled. Flames, writhing, coiling about each other, serpents of orange and red, shimmering in an instant to blue and purple. The thick smell began to fill his head, filling it with a buzzing tingle. He stared deeper. Black shadows pranced in the spaces between the bright currents, shapes, figures. He blinked, sweat rolling down his face. The swirling undertow pulled him in, pushing out the rest of the world, the capering swirls beginning to coalesce before his eyes.

There he saw it: twisting in the licking madness of orange and red, the body of the monster he had fought in their home. Black hide, crazed fur, feral eyes full of hunger and lust. It leaped for him, and Julian would have yelled and rolled backward, but his body was no longer his own. He stared spellbound, unable to look away. The beast vanished into cinder, and he saw the shape of his farmhouse, burning like a torch. Cavorting figures nearby, massed over a smaller, fallen form. Time seemed to stretch out. Sweat dripped into his eyes, but Julian could do nothing but blink. Beth, his little girl. He could see her clearly now, her nude body stretched upon the ground as the monsters violated her. Watching. Able to do nothing, helpless again as the monsters raped his precious little girl. And upon her face, fear turning to something else, to shock, and then to a twisted, moaning rapture, mouth open, her silent wails spilling into the night until the monsters filled her there too. His little girl, raped to howling orgasm again and again, in front of him, so close he could reach into the fire and feel her smooth flesh. Jerking, thrashing, writhing in pleasure, no longer resisting. Grunting and pushing back as the beasts rammed their turgid animal cocks into her again and again. Taking her, spilling seed inside of her until it seemed her belly would burst, the shining fluid spilling out like a flood to bathe her thighs.

Julian wasn't sure how long he sat there, watching the rape of his daughter. Watching her pleasure, her delight in her own defilement. The buzz in his head had spread through his whole body, filling it with a twitching, erotic energy. A single word broke through the spell suddenly, and he looked up in shock.

"Rise." The witch stood on the far side of the flame, her finger crooked imperiously. Strange. It was as if she hadn't spoken at all, but still he had heard the word in his mind with perfect clarity. Julian got to his feet slowly, as if in a dream. The world was thick, heavy, wreathed in shadow just beyond where they stood as if all else had dropped out of existence. The witch pointed again, and his hands moved on their own, unfastening his breeches and dropping them around his ankles.

Julian's erection lashed out, thick, hard, straining from watching his daughter's pleasure for so long. A wash of shame flowed over him, but dimly, smothered under the drenching odor filling his lungs. He had never felt this way before, never felt so alive, a primal hunger burning in him hotter even than the flame before him - a desperate, rapacious appetite searing his muscles, centered on the bristling, turgid length of his cock. A need, deep and indelible, sending a torrent of blood rushing through his member. He longed to reach down, to grasp it, to sate the aching hunger. His hands wouldn't move. His body was not his own. Fire danced in his vision, an inferno stretching to the sky, every tongue of flame the nude, twisting body of his own daughter in a thousand erotic poses, bent, reaching, supine, stretched out in every possible position, her mouth open, lips curled around desperate moans and rising shrieks, an impossible wailing melody of pleasure. Of a little girl ravaged to the heights of bliss. Of her naked form caressed and pushed and penetrated and battered as the ecstasy of her own violation overcame her. Raped. Defiled, Succumbing to the abhorrent pleasure, relishing it, inviting the depraved, shapeless forms of monsters to conquer and dominate her. Julian stared, lost, eyes vacant as the all bright, shining figures of his daughter being raped a thousand times over danced erotically around him, consuming him with their blaze.

Beth watched silently as the witch commanded her father to rise with a gesture. He was silent, staring, eyes dancing with enchantment. His hands hooked the hem of his breeches and he dropped them to the floor. Beth couldn't help but gasp as her father's cock sprung like a spear from its hiding place, eager, tinged purple with desire in the light of the flame.

"Your father, he does not believe in my magic," said the witch, drawing close to where Beth knelt by the fire. "He would never accept the answers it could give. But you, little one…"- the witch crouched behind her and rested her hands on Beth's shouldes - "are young, your mind still open to the wonders of all the worlds."

Her father had turned to face her, his erect cock pointing straight at her lips. His hand had crept down, grasping the thick, trembling shaft. Beth could see it pulse under his fingers, hungry. She felt sweat running down her naked body, the heat of the fire, the hot pounding of her own heartbeat heavy in her ears.

"What did you do to him?" she asked, suddenly fearful.

"Nothing to hurt him, dear one. Only to show him what he locks away and refuses to see in his mind, what so fascinates him that it torments his every step."

The witch's hands were gently massaging Beth's shoulders in a slow, calming rhythm, her words droning in some kind of mesmerizing harmony with the crackle of the fire.

"Poor Julian would never accept the truth of things. He is too set in his ways, too unyielding. But you, Beth…it is you, dear one, that will receive the answers you seek." Beth could feel the witch's lips grazing her ear, whispering seductively. "You brought them with you, though you didn't know it. All I can do is unlock them for you." Beth trembled, still kneeling in front of her father, the specter of the witch a dark presence just behind her, whispering in her ears. "The spell is already begun. See your father, how hot his desire is. You know who he burns for."

"Me…" whispered Beth.

"He hides his shame, hides his desire. Like a wounded animal, he pulls away, afraid."

"Yes." Beth nodded, sweat trickling down her brow. She swallowed. Her father's cock loomed in front of her, a vast, meaty rod, dancing slightly. Closer now, somehow. She licked her lips, feeling them dry and cracked from the heat.

"Touch it," the witch whispered, the words like licking flame against her ears. "Feel his passion."

"But...will he…" Beth looked up. Her father's eyes were shimmering, distant, looking down but seeming to see through her.

"The scent has stolen his shame, leaving only his desire, his lust, for you, Beth. Now, reach out, touch him. Hold the truth of his hunger in your hands."

Beth brought her hand up, fingers curling, grasping the turgid shaft. It was hot, thrumming under her fingertips. She shuddered. Her father's cock, in her hands at last. The skin felt softer than she had expected, yet with an unmistakable core of rigid iron lurking just beneath. A slow drip of gooey white leaked from the tip, and Beth felt a sudden, desperate urge to lean forward, to flick her tongue against that swollen glans and taste it.

"Do it." The whisper was a light tickle against her ear. "Be a daughter to him, satisfy the wishes he hides so deep in his heart."

Beth leaned forward, pulling the cock to her mouth, feeling its heat against her lips - hotter than the fire, tight with searing passion, throbbing in time with the desperate pulse of her heart. She loved him. She needed him. She always knew she would do anything for her father, even this - especially this, and now here he was, ready. Her passion surged forward - driven by magic or desire, she couldn't tell - and she gave into it, tongue slithering out of her mouth, pressing against the bottom of her father's glans, then licking upward in a slow, loving stroke. The salty taste of her father's sex tingled, the gooey discharge collecting like melting butter on her tongue. Beth closed her eyes, swallowing, savoring the goo as it trickled down her throat, then let out her breath in a heavy sigh.


"What is it?" she asked. When the monsters had raped her in the fields, it was the first time she had encountered the mysterious fluid.

"It's cum, dear one, or at least its herald." Beth could sense the witch's amused smile without turning. "A male's seed. Didn't your father ever tell you?"

"He was always too embarrassed," Beth muttered. She let her fingers slither playfully up and down her father's shaft, lubricated now with her saliva. The cock thrummed with satisfaction under her grip.

"It is a man's gift. It is how a woman gets pregnant, dear one. Now, close your fingers tighter, go faster, show your love to your father it as you have always wished to do." Beth could feel the witch's hands on both her shoulders, urging her forward. "When his cock grows tight in your hand, open your mouth and drink what he gives you."

"Will it make me pregnant?"

The witch's laugh was a beguiling song, birdlike, sounding distant now. "Only if the cum is in your womb, my child. Only there. But the seed of the father is potent medicine. Drink what he offers, and then you will see what the magic may reveal."

Beth looked up at her father, standing there, his face red with lust and his eyes full of desire for her. Even though the magic had taken him somehow, it was a look she had always craved - his gaze locked on her naked body, his cock rigid and wanting, desperate, the tip just barely brushing her lips. She opened her mouth again, tongue flicking out and tasting again her father's gift. Salty, warm, different from the pungent goo the monsters had put in her mouth. The taste sent a shudder racing up her spine. Grasping the heavy girth in her hands, she worked her tongue up higher, running it lovingly up the trembling flesh, her mind spinning now from the heady scent that filled the room. Her father's cock, right here, ready for her. She had stolen peeks at it during their time together at home, had felt it firm and tight on her backside during their nights together since. How she had longed to touch it, to hold it and squeeze it so gently in her fingers. Now that she had it it was everything she could have imagined - hot against her fingers, pulsing with life, oozing a steady discharge of life-giving seed. Beth caressed it with her hand, kissed it with her lips, opened her mouth and welcomed the quivering meat inside, embracing the sweet mouthful of her father's pulsing meat. When the monsters had taken her, her jaw had been forced violently open, but now she relished the feel of the cock sliding in and filling her mouth pinning her tongue down, the tip finally tapping against the gooey passage of her throat.

Beth moaned, a long, hot rasp burning in her throat. Yes Father. Please. Give me what I have loved and desired for so long. Her eyes were locked on his stare, sensing the tension in his muscles, the pleasure that her mouth was giving him. The world seemed so far away, the witching singing some enchanting song from a great distance. There was only her and the man she loved more than anything. She worked her tongue instinctively, caressing the thick intrusion of her daddy's prick, savouring the satisfying fullness of having him in her mouth. Her head bobbed instinctively, working the pulsing shaft, lips puckered tight, up and down, the fingers of one hand on her pussy, rubbing desperately, her other hand curled tight around the object of her worship. Up and down, faster now, the action coming so naturally, driven by magic or instinct. Taut flesh vibrated on her tongue. Her head was jerking, moving up to engulf every inch of her father's enormous cock that she could, then slipping back again, leaving trails of gooey saliva on veiny flesh. Her elation was building to a crescendo as the cock in her mouth strained and pulsed, fingers flicking her own clit, lips quivering. A hunger was burning inside her, a bonfire of need. Her father's gift, the witch had called it. His seed. Her head worked up and down in a rapid tempo, sucking, licking, tongue coiling like the tentacles that had ravished her. Please. Her mind begged as it whirled. Give it to me, father. I love you. I am yours. Her cheeks puffed, her breath scanty as the bulging cockhead plunged against the back of her throat. Take me. Use me as you will, as a father ought to for his beloved daughter. I am ready. Her head was a blur, bobbing on the tight stick of her father's meat, slurping hungrily, desperate for the fulfillment of her need.

The sudden thrust forward was a surprise. The explosion of heat in her mouth was like tinder to a firework, detonating in her mind, catapulting her into a sudden eruption of pleasure even as the thick, viscous flood overwhelmed her mouth. She swallowed instinctinvely, gulping furiously to keep up with the creamy, salty batter pouring in even as her orgasm ripped through her body, muscles jerking, fingers clenched tight around the base of the pulsing shaft. Hot, gooey jizz poured down her throat like a river, each violent expulsion from the surging cockhead jammed in her throat threatening to overwhelm her. Cum. Her father's cum. Beth swallowed and slurped, her cheeks puffed, her throat clenching. It seemed to never end. The cock in her mouth felt like it had doubled in size, stretching her to her limits, mouth straining. Hungry for every spurt. Desperate for every drop. The gooey stuff slathered down her throat and joined the growing ball of heat in her stomach, a tight fullness, a heaping reservoir of her father's sperm inside her. Beth moaned, unable to think, unable to act but to suck each heavy blast down as quickly as they came. Her mouth was full of cock and cum, her tongue too tired to work any longer. The surging tide finally began to relent, her father's cock twitching in a final violent spasm as it spat out the last steaming spurt of seed, almost overwhelming her. She felt the gooey tide overflow her lips, dripping down her chin and dribbling onto her bare breasts. Her tired throat heaved as she tried to swallow the frothing whirpool - once, twice, gooey dollops sliding in hot waves down her throat. At last she managed to drain enough fluid that she could open her mouth and take in a choking gasp, lungs finally filling with air again.

A hot tingling was spreading from the warmth of her father's cum in her stomach. It swept outward, making her dizzy. Beth could feel her heart race faster, her breath rasping in her throat. Dimly, she heard the witch moan, as if the woman was on the verge of her own orgasm. The fire seemed to grow before her, stretching out, engulfing flames growing and rising to the heavens. Beth could feel the heat like a furnace, felt the trickling of the sweat all over her naked body.

"Look, child. Look into the flames. See what the magic shows you."

Beth looked, but her eyes saw only dancing flames. The fire seemed to have grown as large as a mountain in front of her, a pyre stretching upward beyond sight. Another wave of dizziness swept over her, and abruptly she realized that she could see figures in the flames. Shapes. Monstrous, hideous forms, uncountable. Demons. Twisted beasts beyond imagination. They were running, bounding, scrambling, crawling desperately in every direction, and Beth could feel their hunger in the heat of the flames.

"They hunt you. They hunger for you." The witch was moaning as she whispered in her ear. "They have caught your taste on the wind, and now they will never stop coming."

"What do they want?"

"You, child. Your body and mind. Your womb and your soul. They hunger to possess them, ravish them, to take by force what they have been promised."

Beth gulped. Sweat was dripping in her eyes, but she couldn't blink, couldn't look away, couldn't do anything but keep her stare locked to the twisting, malevolent forms in the fire.

"Why...why me?"

"Two there are. Three there will be. Then the circle is complete…" The unseen witch's voice cut off into a loud groan of passion. Beth stared forward, confused. A riddle. Her father had warned her the witch would speak in riddles. The voice of the witch gasped and panted her way through an orgasm while Beth's mind whirled. The demons wanted her? It made no sense. She was nobody - an ignorant farm girl who knew nothing besides life with her father. What would such unfathomable creatures want with her?

Beth had just opened her mouth to give voice to her questions when a sudden puff of thick dust blew into her face. The witch, now recovered, had blown some kind of powder on her. Instantly, Beth felt her dizziness swell, the fire twinning in her eyes, splitting and splitting again, each shard of orange flame pulling away from her at great speed. Beth felt like she was floating, enveloped in darkness, the witch's hut gone from her sight. She looked up, and saw stars. Thousands. Millions. A vast, twinkling sea, a glittering ocean of cosmic light. And in the center. of it all, directly overhead, a glowering red pinprick, growing brighter, shining down on her alone until it drowned out the other stars. Its dark red light grew blinding, pulsing as if the star could see her, hungered for her. The demon star. Throbbing in time with her heartbeat, its virulent red glow fixed on her, enveloping her naked body as if desperate to consume her. Beth could feel its weight, groaned as the thing's malevolent appetite pressed down on her chest with physical force, a band of iron against her breasts, growing tighter, squeezing, crushing her to bits under its unshakable desire.

All at once the weight released her. Beth gasped. She was falling at great speed, the red light receding above her until its dwindling red glare could barely be seen. Beth flailed in absolute darkness, feeling nothing but endless space around her. Panic began to rise in her throat, and she opened her mouth to scream.

Something stopped her. A sound, just at the edge of hearing. Beth closed her mouth and listened as the sound grew louder - a lilting, wordless melody, familiar somehow. Beth couldn't place it, but somehow she was sure she had heard it before. Her panic slowly evaporated. She was no longer falling. All around her, the sound rose, a sweet and calming tune that evoked memories of home, of safety and happiness and love.

Someone was approaching in the darkness - the naked form of a woman, her body lit by starlight. Beth watched, curious, no longer afraid, as the woman came toward her. Her skin was etched in a myriad of tattoos linked in arcane patterns, her body lean and athletic, her breasts ripe and full. Her smile was welcoming. Her face seemed familiar somehow. Beth squinted, trying to make out the woman's features. She seemed so tall, larger than life, as if Beth was looking up at her from the vantage point of a small child.

All at once the memories snapped into place, and Beth gasped.


Her mother's smile was unmistakable. Beth remembered it well. She had always smiled down at Beth in just that way, delight dancing in her eyes as she watched her daughter dance and play. Beth was flooded with memories. Her mother, grinning as she served breakfast to her and her father. Humming contentedly as she brushed Beth's hair before bed every night. Reaching down with open arms and a tender expression of comfort as Beth bawled from the stinging nettles she had stumbled into. Her mother. Beth could scarcely breathe.

"Yes, Beth. It's me. I have missed you so much, my little one."

"How...but...why…" Beth stumbled over her words, a thousand questions in her mouth, and shock twisting her tongue.

"Shhh, Beth." Her mother reached down, caressing Beth's cheek, a look of tenderness on her face. "You look so troubled, sweetheart. There's so much worry in your heart, so much conflict."

"A witch told me demons are hunting me, mom. I'm...I'm so scared." Beth burst into tears. She felt like a little girl again, trembling in her bed, afraid of the dark.

"Oh Beth, I would give anything to hold you in my arms again. But you are so big now." Her mother touched her cheek again, wiping away Beth's tears.

"It's true," her mother continued. "They are coming for you, and their numbers are endless. They can sense you. When you were born, I put a spell of secrecy on you, but it has worn off now. The magic would never have lasted once you entered adolescence."

Beth was lost in a sea of questions again. Why hunt me? Who am I? What will they do to me? But her mother's finger touched her lips, quieting her.

"My dearest one. My precious light. Beth, you have so many questions, but there is no more time. You must be the bravest you can be. It's before you now, and I cannot stop it. My power is waning and I can't protect you any more."

"It's ok mom, Daddy can protect me." Beth looked up, but now she could see only sorrow in her mother's eyes. She seemed farther away now, the distance between them stretching out into an invisible gulf.

"Mom!" Beth called out. "Wait! Don't go!"

"Be strong, Beth." Her mother's voice was receding, her naked body fading into the darkness. "Your father loves you more than anything, but in the end, it will be you that protects him."

"Mom please!" Beth shouted. Tears sprang from her eyes, streaming down her cheeks. "Mom…" she choked. "Will...will I see you again?"

A fading whisper came from the darkness. "Soon," it said. Beth wept freely. Her mother. She had missed her all these years, wondering, confused why she had left. Now she was gone. She had left Beth alone, again, all by herself in the darkness.

Beth sank down to her knees, weeping. It was almost more than she could bear, to see her mother again after all these years and then have it last only a few fleeting moments. It took her a moment to realize she could feel the scratch of the wooden floor under her legs again, could feel the heat of the fire and the slick sweat on her skin, and a pair of arms around her.

"Beth." Her father's deep voice was like a lifeline that Beth grabbed desperately. "Shhh, it's ok baby. I'm here." She looked up, and saw him looking down at her with an expression full of fear and worry.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

Beth nodded, feeling her tears dry up and her shaking subside. "I'm fine Daddy." She turned so she could hug him back, arms tight around him with all her strength, basking in the comfort he offered. "I'm fine now."

The witch was back on her side of the fire, kneeling, her naked breasts slick with sweat and her face wearing a sly grin. Beth sighed and leaned back as her father released her, turning to face the woman.

"We came here for help, and all you did was trick us," he snarled.

"As hard-headed as ever, eh Julian?" The witch's leering smile was twisted and sardonic as she gestured where her father was standing. "I gave you just what you wanted. And it seems like part of you was enjoying it."

Julian glanced down, seeing his cock still erect and bobbing in the air. His face reddened, and he quickly turned to find his breeches and yank them on as the witch cackled smugly.

"We're leaving. Beth." He reached down to grab her arm and yank her to a standing position. "Let's go."

"Do visit again someday, Julian," the witch called as they turned to leave. "You and your lovely little daughter." Beth looked back just in time to catch a grotesque wink from the woman.

"My door is always open!" she called with a final parting laugh as Julian stomped out of the doorway with Beth in tow. Her dizziness had passed, but she still felt dazed from what had happened. Swallowing her father's seed. Seeing the racing demons in the flame. Meeting her mother in a starlit void. Had it all been just a dream?

She let herself be pulled down the wooden steps to the muddy surface of the swamp. Right there, waiting, was their horse, standing docile and calm as if it had not fled in fright the night before. Julian murmured something angrily about witches that Beth didn't catch, then seized the pommel and vaulted up on the creature, and made a curt gesture for Beth to get up behind him. She did so hastily, unwilling to test his angry expression. Her father flicked the reins, and before Beth knew it the orange lights of the witch's hut were receding far behind them.

"That...that organ she burned…" Julian murmured, his hands clenched tight on the reins. "It must have been some kind of poison."

Beth blinked. Her father sounded so angry and apologetic, both at once. He was stiff in the saddle, like a tree trunk she had wound her arms around. The jingle of the reins was the only sound to mark their passage as their horse trotted onward. Ahead, the darkness was giving way as the first light of the dawn began to brighten the sky. The mud was mostly gone now, replaced with clear ground underneath them. They were leaving the swamp already, its cankerous vegetation and reeking smell already vanishing as if it were eager to be rid of them.

Time seemed to stand still for Beth. She hadn't known what to expect when they had arrived at the strange woman's hut, but it certainly wasn't that. A deep part inside of her was still hurting, an aching sorrow from seeing again the mother she had loved but barely knew. And the demon star, shining above her, throbbing with hungry light. Why did it seem focused on her? Why did her mother say that her father wouldn't be able to protect her? Had the witch really given them any answers after all, or was it all just a dream, a hallucination brought on by the woman's dark art?

She looked up. The stars were already gone, washed out by the light pearling in the east. She couldn't see the demon star anymore, but somehow she felt it, up there in the heavens, a voracious force that could not be satisfied or stopped. It made her shudder, and she pulled her arms tighter against her father's back.

The silence between them lingered even as the morning birdsong began to fill the forest around them. Beth wanted to say something, to tell her father what she had seen, but something stopped her. Something about her mother's lingering look, warning her to be discreet. So she said nothing. It almost seemed silly now, to worry about dire omens and enchanted dreams. The world was already waking up around them, golden rays fanning out over treetops and jubilant forest creatures chattering as they darted among the bushes. After the stillness and dread of the swamp, the world was alive again around them.

Julian reined in the horse when they came to a clearing of soft grass. Beth dismounted first. She was tired, and she could see how weary her father was as well. She pulled at the pack on the horse's rump to get their one remaining bedroll as her father slipped down with a grunt behind her. Then he finally broke the silence.

"I'm so sorry, Beth," he said. "What you did...I mean, what she made you do. I don't know what came over me. She must have put a spell on me. I'm...I'm sorry."

Beth bristled, feeling a sudden flare of anger. "A spell? I thought you said magic didn't exist!"

"It doesn't! What I mean is...that, uh…"

Beth was very rarely angry with her father. She didn't like the feeling. But last night was the first time her father had returned her passions in any way, and now here he was, trying to apologize for it!

He mistook her furious expression. "You're right to be mad at me, Beth. She shouldn't have made you, I mean..I shouldn't have allowed it. It's not right, to force my own daughter…"

"I wasn't forced," Beth sniffed. In truth, sucking her father's cock had been one of the most arousing experiences of her life. To feel him throbbing in her mouth, squeezing her tongue, swallowing the salty juices of his cum and feeling it ooze down her throat - she had never felt more alive, more desired, more wanted than to finally indulge her beloved father's obvious need for her.

He opened his mouth to say something again, but then closed it after seeing her withering expression.

"Look, Daddy, I'll just lay out the bedroll for us. Ok?" She flung the bulky fabric, unrolling it on the springy grass. "We're tired. Let's go to bed. We can talk later."

She laid her naked body down and snuggled between the layers of thick fabric, then looked at her father expectantly.

"I'll sleep against the tree," he said, gesturing at a nearby pine.

"No!" Beth would have punched him if he was in range. "Stop it! You've been avoiding me. You've been refusing to talk to me. You keep apologizing as if being close to me is the worst thing you can imagine! I'm sick of it!"

"You're right." Her father looked like a wounded animal, head down, his hands trembling slightly. "I just think maybe if you take the bedroll…"

"Daddy," she interrupted. "No! If you had stayed with me last time, like I asked, that monster in the swamp wouldn't have dragged me off!"

Julian looked anguished. He knew she was right. Beth sat up, the bedroll falling away. She could see his eyes, guiltily moving across her bare chest, unable to deny his own desire. She pulled up the edge, holding it open, pleading.

"Come to bed Daddy. Please?"

He stood stiff for a moment, looking trapped, before finally giving in. He doffed his breeches in a smooth motion, then stepped naked to the bedroll. Bed scooted to the side, allowing room for her father to lay down and get his bulky, muscular body under the fabric. Beth let him get comfortable, then scooted up next to him, letting his big arms wrap around her. Julian was tense, but after a few moments finally relaxed with a contented sigh.

"You said you were sorry," Beth said, craning her neck to look back at him. "But last night was the first time you let me really get close to you, to help you feel as good as you make me feel. You gave me something special, Daddy. I'm not sorry. I don't regret it at all."

Julian blinked, still visibly fighting feelings of guilt. "A father should protect his daughter. But I failed to protect you, Beth. From the monsters. In the city. From the witch's traps."

"That doesn't matter. Stop blaming yourself."

"I should have listened to you. I shouldn't have kept pushing you away."

"Shhh, it's ok," Beth murmured. She was getting comfortable, the heat from her father's body warming the inside of the bedroll like an oven. She could feel his stiffness against her bare bottoms.

"I'm The real reason I've been angry, Beth, is I'm angry...with myself. When you were raped in front of me by all those men, I...I was aroused. Watching you. Seeing your body slammed like that, your face scrunched up, your mouth hanging open and hollering as those men violated you, and then your expression as that dog do his business with you. I shouldn't have those feelings. All it did was make me think of how much I've always wanted…"

Beth twisted around in his grip, then put her finger against his lips.

"Shhh, I know Daddy. I've always known how much you loved me."

"What kind of man am I though, to feel that way about my own little girl-" His voice choked off into a guilty sob.

Beth hushed him again, lifting her leg over his thigh to draw her body even closer to him. "What kind of man? I'll tell you. You're the kind of man who always had time for me, day or night, whenever I needed you. You're the man who taught me everything I know, who held me when I fell out of the tree and broke my wrist. You're the man who told me stories to make me sleep and dream. You're the man who held me on your shoulders when I was little, running over the fields by our house. You're the man who kissed my scratches and bandaged them up when I got into the stickerbushes. You're the man who never let me down, who I wake up thinking about every day. You're the man I love in every way."

Beth cupped her father's cheek in her hand, staring into his eyes. Deep, brown eyes, staring back at her, the guilt and shame draining away, replaced with the shining expression of joy he always had when he looked at her. Beth's heart swelled, seeing it again. There it was - the look, the one he always used to have when he looked at her. It was back again, and the sight made her heart soar.

"I do love you, Beth. More than anything."

Beth moved her leg against his thigh. She could feel the hard rod of his arousal brushing against her belly.

"Prove it," she said.

The morning silence held for just a single aching moment, her words lingering on the air, before her father bent in to kiss her. Beth shuddered, feeling the pressure of his lips and the stubble on his chin. He had never kissed her like this before - the tight urgency of his lips pressing against hers, the steady heat of his breath on her cheek - and Beth felt a shudder pass from her head all the way down to her privates, where it gathered into a slow-burning heat quivering in the walls of her pussy.

His hands moved against her - no longer merely the hands of a father, but of a lover, sliding down her hips, rising to the tiny nubs of her breasts to squeeze the bare flesh and twist her nipples. Beth groaned despite herself, quivering from his touch. It was everything she had wanted from him, everything she had imagined during her teasing games with him. His fingers left trails of tingling warmth on her naked skin as they crossed behind her and reached down to grab her rump, crushing the squishy cheeks of her butt zestily with both hands as his head pushed forward, kissing her, burying her lips with his and drinking her taste her like a man dying of thirst.

Beth felt a fire burning inside her, every bit as hot as the witch's flames,. She could feel her father's penis brushing her leg, thick and hard, tight with need. She reached down to grip its warmth, to let her fingers play over the velvet flesh, tense and anxious, throbbing with heat. It felt so wonderful in her hands, brimming and throbbing with her father's desire. She had been afraid he would never let her touch it again, but now by the sudden exhalation of his breath against her head, the deep moan in his throat as her fingers lightly drummed the shaft, Beth could finally sense in them her father's true feelings, the deeply passionate lust that he had kept burning just under the surface for so long. The desire he had suppressed. The need he had denied, out of fear - fear of hurting her, maybe, fear of somehow failing in his duty to protect her. Misguided, since pushing her away had only hurt her more, but Beth couldn't help but forgive him. He was her beloved father. Her dutiful champion. Her companion in everything. Now, at last, he would be her lover as well.

They had no clothes, nothing to get between them. No more barriers, only the warmth of their bodies meshing under the thick fabric. Beth slid atop her father as he rolled onto his back, her head against his chest, feeling her teeny breasts pressed against his thick pectorals. The thunk of her father's solid shaft against the dewy lips of her cunt brought a mouse-like squeak from her mouth. Gods, he was so big. Beth's jaw still ached slightly from the exercise her father had given it the night before. It had been hard enough to fit him in her mouth when he was big. and she shuddered now that his massive cock was actually brushing against her crevice. She had thought the red, veiny cocks of the monsters at the farm had been big, and the train of thrusting pricks that had slammed into her in the city. But her father had them all beat. If anything, the enormous girth seemed to grow even larger as her father slid it up and down, sliding the shaft against the crack of her pussy, moistening it with Beth's juices.

Beth's heart thumped in her chest with the rhythm of a mad drummer. Her legs were shaking slightly as her father's cock brushed her sex. The burning itch in her crotch had swelled until she felt like she would explode. She couldn't wait any longer. Her whole body felt like it was caught up in a throbbing pulse, a shared heartbeat of their bodies moving against each other, lubricated by the sheen of sweat. She looked up into his eyes, those shining eyes, full of love again, now resting comfortably with its twin, desire. He needed her so badly, and she needed him every bit as much.

She rocked back slightly, sitting up, letting the sheet of the bedroll fall away so the golden sun of the morning could play freely on the gentle slopes of her flat breasts. His hands reached out, testing, probing against the soft flesh of her chest, then squeezing hungrily. Beth squeaked again as the excited thrill shuddered up her spine - tense electricity brushing from her father's fingers, entering her body, sparking her nerves like tinder. His touch was heaven, the passion of his massaging fingers an ecstatic thrill setting Beth's senses aflame.

It was all she had ever wanted. For him to touch her like this. With love and desire. With need. Fingers sliding down and digging at her hips, maneuvering her, sharp points digging eagerly at her soft curves. She had fantasized, she had dreamed - smiling silently to herself in darkness during the long, cold nights in their farmstead, the burgeoning desires of a young girl just beginning to understand love. Those dreams had kept her warm, had driven her to complete her chores early each day so she could prepare the house for her father every evening, tending to his comfort, giving of herself so that the one she loved, the one who worked so hard for them, could have a moment of silent rest as the sun set on another day. She had enjoyed the flirting, the unmentioned flashes of his eyes as she let slip a shoulder or thigh, or the feel of his hand on her bottom as she sat on his knee, head curled against his chest. If he had pulled down her nightgown and touched her breasts then, on some quiet evening, it would have been the fulfillment of those dreams, but now, after feeling the heat of the flames in the witch's hut, the desperate passion awoken in her by the red smoke as she suckled her father's straining prick, Beth had realized that she could have her father so much more completely than her old self could have known. She had been an innocent girl before being raped by the pack of ravenous monsters, introduced to sex in the roughest way possible, but after their time with the witch, Beth's mind had been burning with lust almost ceaselessly. Fixated. Ravenous. Thoughts winding about again and again - her father, standing naked and handsome, his tight prick in her mouth, pulsing. His salty seed bursting against her throat. His moan as he emptied his gift into his daughter's mouth. That was the moment when Beth knew she had to feel him inside her.

And now she was about to. Her father's touch had traced down to her belly, dipping tentatively to her sex, finding it dripping, before grabbing her hips and pulling her into position above him. Beth gasped, the sudden shock driven by the slapping of the rigid rod of flesh against her bottom. The throbbing rod of cherry-red meat between her legs seemed to have swelled past all reason, winding veins throbbing visibly. He was bigger than he was last night, bigger even, she thought, than the monster's spiny pricks that had driven her to furious, terrified orgasm that first night. She rubbed her hips up and down, lubricating the slow slide along that ponderous shaft with her own leaking juices. She needed him, needed it, shaking with the desperate desire to feel her father's bulging cock in her pussy.

Twin moans echoed in the dappled clearing, their voices twining together just as their bodies had. Ripples of golden sunlight danced in the gaps between the trees, shifting, playing across their naked bodies in warm patterns. The heat of the day, at last, but the sun's caress was a feeble flicker compared to the burning fire between Beth's legs, or the searing rod of her father's sex pressed up against her slit like a white-hot bar of iron stock from his forge. He had pulled her just where she needed to be, hips touching together, ready. Beth was gasping for air, her chest heaving in the morning light, then she yelped and thrashed slightly as twin pairs of digging fingers pinched both her nipples tightly. She felt a hot flash of embarassment stain her cheeks, her body's reflex, involuntary, but inside Beth screamed with delight, rejoicing in her father's rough play. He could touch her, have her any way he wanted, Beth knew, but by his crooked leer, Beth could see that he was enjoying drawing this out, watching her quiver and squirm, trembling with desire as her father's touch roamed over her and his raging cock brushed her slit.

Beth couldn't stand it anymore. The torrent of her passion was carrying her away. She looked down, begging, pleading, light tears lurking in the corners of her eyes.

"Daddy," she squeaked. "Please…I need it."

His answering expression reflected everything she needed to know, every word of love that could possibly pass between them. With palms on her hips and fingers on her ass he raised her bodily up, lifting her like she was nothing. Beth could barely contribute to the motion, her thighs shaking, but she steadied when the glans of her father's cock, after waving once in the air, finally slid to rest at the entrance of her slit. Beth moaned again, trembling, latent thunder rumbling in her extremities. He was going to do it. He was going to make love to her, to fuck her at last, to grind his cock into his own daughter and fulfill the love they shared. Time seemed to stretch out in the agony of anticipation, the air tense, sunbeams frozen in veins of golden light. Beth's throat clenched in anticipation for one brief eternity just before her father slammed her down on his tremendous shaft.

A squeal ripped out of Beth's mouth, tight and furious, the sudden split in her loins driving the breath from her body. He was DEFINITELY bigger anything that had fucked her so far. Bigger than any of the men that had raped her in town. Bigger than the monsters, though those red-tinged pricks had seemed herculean to her at the time. The sudden, violent motion had caught her by surprise, but she had no time to catch her breath. With a swift jerk of his hips, her father bounced her up again, the engorged shaft of his manhood slipping out of her pussy, slimy with juices, before letting gravity suck her down again. Beth squealed again as the colossal organ rammed inside her, splitting her straining pussy walls, flaring tip driving upward into her belly with a jolt. Funny, Beth thought, the notion dancing on the tips of the flames erupting in her senses - her father had been so afraid of hurting her, but he now wore an almost animal expression, something tense and feral, ready to savage. And all of that energy was directed at her. His hands had gripped her arms like shackles, fists clenched and tight, yanking her up and down again like a doll.

Beth's shrill cry sent startled birds flocking into the pearling sky. Her father was slamming her up and down, thrusting his cock savagely into her with each motion. It was as if something had loosed inside him, some beast, a monster, but Beth wasn't afraid - couldn't feel anything beyond the torrid hurricane in her gut, arcing spasms of lightning pleasure in her belly every time the tip of her father's cock raced upward and came to a lurching halt against the barrier of her cervix. She would have fallen over, if not for his sure grip keeping her upright, bouncing, naked body slamming up and down in furious motion. Gibbering words escaped her mouth, incoherent, lost in their shared frenzy. His fingers were tighter than the iron shackles they had used on her in prison, more solid than the pillory they had locked her into before violating her. Beth couldn't have moved, couldn't have escaped that steel grip, even if she wanted to. Her slender, girlish frame was so tiny compared to the mountain of the man beneath her, her trembling muscles so inconsequential to the mammoth strength of the man fucking her. Her Daddy, the man who always seemed to have irresistible strength, now pounding his cock in a furious cadence straight into her body. Owning her. Possessing her. His tremendous might washing against her in an overwhelming wave.

Far away, Beth heard herself scream. She was lost, a gnat in a raging storm, tidal currents pulling her in every direction. The first orgasm detonated in her brain like an exploding star, obliterating her senses, the sounds of her own wailing pleasure, the furious, lurching motion of her father pounding up into her, washing it all into one thundering river of thrumming ecstasy that carried her along helplessly. The furious pounding in her pussy didn't stop, didn't halt in the slightest, the crackling maelstrom of her father's thrusting cock spawning surges in the racing current that battered Beth's consciousness. The crescendo of her first orgasm had barely begun to taper when she exploded again, shrieking, knowing that she was calling to him mindlessly only by the familiar feel of the word "Daddy" ripping up her throat like a tornado. The raw piston of moving flesh slammed ceaselessly inside her, slamming the trembling walls of her pussy aside again and again, a relentless juggernaut of power, the driving engine of her father's ravenous hunger fully unleashed at last.

Beth howled, driven mad like a beast, as yet another climax ripped through her on the heels of the last. Helpless against the unstoppable rhythm. Lost in the torrent of ecstasy. She would have collapsed long ago, had those unyielding hands not still been holding her upright, a small, naked, mewling slip of a girl thrashing from the passion of her father's driving energy. It was all she had ever wanted, more than she had ever dreamed. The blissful delight of her father's rampaging cock beating inside of her had catapulted her into a heaven of blinding, searing pleasure, an orgasm that didn't seem like it would end. The shattered shards of Beth's self reeled, blinded, unaware of anything but the heady euphoria, climaxes blending together into an endless stretch, her existence whirling on the axis of the thready, pounding beat of turgid cock that battered her little body like a relentless storm.

She was on her back, she thought. Her father pounding away, his face red with exterion just above her. She squealed again, the shrill keen rising to a scream as he ploughed the thick, fat rod of his desire into her. Fuck me, she thought. Words panted through a shattered haze. Fuck me Daddy. Jolting breath from the mind-shattering drumbeat of hot pleasure between her legs. Please, more. Pleading words dribbling from her lips. Beth couldn't control them, gibbering pleas sparked by animal reflex from deep within her brain. Beth wailed, helpless, legs spread wide, speared against the cotton fabric of the bedroll by her father's rampant rhythm. It seemed like it would never end. Beth didn't want it to. He could fuck her all day, fuck her until the end of time, as far as the strained remnants of her consciousness were concerned. All of the hopes and fears of a young girl had been reduced to a singular desire, seared eternally inside of her - to feel her father's cock thrusting away, spreading her delicate pussy lips to the breaking point with each thrust of his wide shaft. To revel in the hot pulse of his love as it split her wide. To kick and shriek and writhe desperately, defenseless against his strength, overwhelmed by his passion, to squeal the endless passionate joy of a daughter's love for her father, her lover, locked in blissful union, bodies heaving together in the engorged throes of their ardor.

Beth had long lost count of her orgasms, long lost track of where she was. She only knew something was happening by the change of pace - her father's pounding thrusts reaching a breakneck pace, his face beet-red, his hairy chest heaving above her. She reached out reflexively, clasping even tighter to him - hands behind his back, tiny legs wrapped around his pelvis with her heels drumming against his ass.

"Please," she gasped, tears staining her eyes. "Do it Daddy. Empty it inside of me…please Daddy!" Beth's could barely sob out her choking plea, her body weak from thrashing with pleasure. But some part of her needed to say it, needed to be sure even now. Her father's frenzied form heaved and gasped and slammed down into her one final time, his frame shaking and muscles quivering. Beth shrieked, exploding with delight as she felt the sudden surge of hot liquid moving inside of her. She wriggled and thrashed, locked under his heavy frame, pelvis speared tightly to the ground by the immovable force of her father's thundering cock. She felt it jerk repeatedly, stuffed to the brim in her cunt, twitching against the taut flesh of her insides. And deep inside her belly, she felt the sudden ecstasy of white hot magma rushing to an unknown source, filling it, overflowing like a searing reservoir and bubbling against the tight cork of her father's cock wedged tightly against her womb. Her father's seed, his life-giving love, the proof of his passion for her, pooling deep inside of her. Beth gave one final, shaking scream, head tossing against his chest in ecstasy, as she felt herself filled up inside. It almost seemed like it would never end, the sputtering geyser of her father's prick blasting jolt after jolt of liquid love into her deepest place until Beth thought her belly might explode, but finally, it did. She felt his final, shaking collapse, a subsidence that sent his weight crashing down on her. Beth struggled feebly, her father's hairy body like the weight of a bear, keeping her pinned. She accepted it, revelling in the sudden, sedate stilness of their bodies, in the trill of birdsong in the air and the gentle waft of the warm breeze, until finally he stirred atop her.

His hot kiss met hers, wordless, saying more than could possibly be uttered. She pressed back against him, feeling the gentle slip of his tongue across her lips. Together, as if sharing one mind, they slowly uncoupled, then turned together to rest on their sides on the cotton fabric, Beth pressing her back up against her father's chest. She could still feel the length of his cock between her buttcheeks, the slimy girth somewhat diminished now, its flaring pulse muted for the moment. Her father's arm went around her side, cupping the flat slope of her breast. She felt his chin in her hair. She felt the hair of his chest against her back and his thigh moving against hers. She felt his breath stirring the air. Warm. Comfortable. Safe. Beth blinked against the golden sunlight, trying to clear her teary vision as she looked out over the forest landscape.

"I love you Daddy." Her whisper carried on the rising breeze, her hand covering his as he clutched her breast.

"I love you too Beth," he said, his voice rumbling against her ear. And he did. She knew it now. Not just because he had proved it by making love to her at last, but because that fearful strain that had lurked just beneath his tone more and more was now gone, blissfully absent, leaving only the deep sincerity of his words.

Together, they looked out over the moor in silence, naked, saying nothing else. What more could be said? Beth let the rays of the sun warm her, relishing the deepest feeling of satisfaction she had ever felt. He did love her. Her Daddy. Her father. Her lover. He seemed to be dropping off into a doze now, silent, his arm around her. She let her hand drop down to her belly, which felt almost distended from what had been poured inside, and let herself wonder. She had had only a dim understanding before, but the Witch had filled in the gaps in her education: a man's seed in your pussy was how you got pregnant. She knew now. And now her father's seed rested there - a tight, warm, and very pleasant feeling. Beth pondered this with a child's wonder: could she be pregnant? From her father's seed? The thought sent a faint thrill up her spine. Beth had only ever known one pregnant woman from the village, and she had been very young when the woman was around. Not old enough to ask the right questions, anyway. And then her father had never really told her, though she didn't blame him for that. Now she knew. So…had it happened?

Or WOULD it happen? After all, as soon as he woke up, she intended to repeat what they had done. Maybe twice. Beth licked her lips, thinking of it. With his seed in her, over and over, maybe it would be inevitable. A pregnant woman's belly grew out until she was bulging. Would that happen to her? Would someday soon she be able to put a hand on her belly and feel her father's child kicking inside, as she had done with the pregnant woman years ago?

But something lurked on the edges of her imagination - something dark. Something she refused to entertain. A man's seed, inside her. Not for the first time. All those people in the town…and the dog. They had spent themselves in her pussy, though she hadn't exactly known what it meant. The seed of men. Yes, men. Beth refused to entertain the other possibility, refused to let herself think of what else had done the same to her. No. It was no matter. She would have her father's child. It was the only thing that could happen. The only possibility in a world so good and full of adventure. Yes. Of course. She wondered how she would get around if her belly got so big like the pregnant woman's had.

Beth heaved one final sigh of satisfaction. Everything was right with the world. Her father spooned up behind her, naked, Beth revelling in the feeling of his muscular arm and chest against her skin. His cock still lurked in the crevice between her asscheeks - a promise of more delight to come. Her mother had been right, there had been so much pain and worry building up inside her that she hadn't realized, but now everything seemed right. Her Daddy loved her, and he had shed his guilt about not being able to protect her. They would protect each other from now on. And no matter what came, she knew she could face it now. She decided not to tell her father about the vision of her mother, and what she had said. It seemed best not to speak of what had happened in the witch's hut for now, though Beth didn't regret a thing. She wished she had been able to understand what it all meant, what her mother had meant by her brief words, and that strange red star, pulsing with lurid red light above her in the darkness. The Demon Star. Its illumination had filled her with a bizarre thrill - some strange feeling Beth couldn't place. Something that she was afraid that if she closed her eyes, she might feel again in her dreams. There was something about it, something mysterious, something that made her think she could lose herself in that wan red light entirely. It had felt like it was beckoning, drawing her in, a pull barely perceptible yet completely irresistible. As if it hungered for her, and would do anything to consume her.

No. Ridiculous. Beth shook her head to clear her thoughts. Stars didn't hunger. It didn't mean anything. Things would turn out alright. More answers would come. Maybe she would have the chance to see her mother again, and tell her how much she missed her.

Thoughts for another day. Beth snuggled back tighter against her father, feeling his loins stiffen in response like a sleepy predator roused from its den. Something was happening. He seemed to be stirring again, his hands moving absently. Beth smiled to herself, enjoying the feeling of his fingers against her body. Brushing her nakedness, sliding down her hips and belly, exploring the sweet curves of his little girl. Beth wiggled in delight, knowing what was to come. His cock was already throbbing again, digging at the heat of her asshole.

She turned over and kissed him. They didn't need to get on the road yet. There was no hurry. The day was still young, and they could take their time. His arms went around her again, and Beth sank into his embrace, knowing that as long as she was with her father, nothing bad could possibly happen to her.