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By WintermuteX

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Content: Brother/Sister Incest, Romance, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

Seri was lying on her back and peering up at the ocean of twinkling stars when she heard swishing sounds in the tall grass. Someone was coming. She sat up and looked around, but couldn't make out the source of the sound in the pale moonlight. It must be him. Not even a large animal would disturb the night's stillness like that.

She caught the heavy whiff of horse sweat just as her brother emerged from the tall weeds. His foot caught her leg and he almost tripped over her, but he righted himself at the last second. With a huff, he sat down beside her.

"Sorry Seri," Marcus said. "I hope you didn't get too cold out here. Papa wanted me to finish baling the last of the wheat before he would let me go."

Seri couldn't help but return his smile. She didn't mind waiting, if it was for him. Her brother was 16 now, 6 years older than her, and he was still the most handsome man she had ever laid eyes on. Her heart skipped a beat as it always did when he ran his fingers through his curly hair. It was blonde in truth, but gleamed silver under the moonlight. He was bare-chested as he often was when working, and the play of his muscles as he moved was mesmerizing.

Seri swallowed. He was looking at her with a lopsided grin. She realized she had been staring again.

"You took a while. I almost fell asleep," she lied. "What if some monster had grabbed me while I was waiting for you?"

He snorted. "Monsters never come out this far. You know that. The mages keep them at bay."

"Mmm hmm," she agreed, resting her head against his arm. Everyone knew that the monsters were far away. Bithnia was one of the safest places in Teleria. Their farm was so quiet. Nothing ever happened here. It almost drove her crazy sometimes.

"I'm so tired," Marcus yawned, flexing his arms. "There was a lot of hay this season."

"Well that's too bad. I guess you're too tired for your little sister," she purred. She liked the feel of him, pressed up against her like this. Marcus always seemed so solid, so much bigger than her. Larger than life.

"I'm NEVER too tired for you, Seri," he said, reaching over to touch her cheek. His fingers caressed her chin as she looked up to meet his gaze. His face was so beautiful - gallant, like a prince, but warm and open. Never aloof. Not for her, anyway.

His lips touched hers almost before she realized it. A shiver rushed through her body. She pushed against him tentatively, brushing her 10-year-old body against his arm, feeling his bicep against her flat chest. He moved and his arms went around her, pulling her close as he pressed his lips passionately against hers. Seri moaned, feeling flashes of warmth despite the chill of the night air.

"Ah, there she is," Marcus panted as their lips reluctantly parted. "I missed you today Seri, my little dandelion…"

"Yesterday you called me a willow," she said, snuggling against his arm. She loved his pet names for her. He never seemed to run out.

"Well, yesterday you were. Today you're a dandelion."

"Byran called me a little crotch stain today," she murmured. Her other brothers were not nearly as kind to her as Marcus was.

"Byran wet the bed until he was 7. Don't worry about what Byran says, Seri. Or Rhys. Or Deshevan. You don't have anything to prove to them. Just be you."

Seri wondered why she had to have so many brothers when only one of them mattered to her. She wondered how lost she would be without Marcus to take care of her. It was almost unthinkable. He had always been there, her best friend since the time she could walk. She had followed him around for as long as she could remember, tagging along on all of his farming chores until she was old enough that Papa started assigning her to do them herself. She had resented that so much, hated every minute that she had to be away from her brother - shoveling cow muck, milking the ewes, gathering eggs. But somehow they had found time for each other anyway. Like now, stealing away after dark to be alone, just the two of them in the grassy field where nobody would bother them. Not Mama. Not Papa. Not her brothers…

His hands guided her waist as she moved to sit on his lap. Their lips met again. She shuddered at the firm press of his tongue twisting against hers, and a moan grew deep in her throat. His fingers were all over her, brushing her flat chest, diving under her skirt and squeezing her buttocks. Hot flashes came from deep in her belly, the growing arousal of her tiny body as her brother felt her up.

Instinct moved her hips, grinding against him. She could feel the firm urgency of his need pressing between her legs, a hard point of flesh digging at her crotch. She wasn't wearing her panties. She never did, when she went to meet with him. She slammed her lips against his, pressing him back hard against the dirt. Moving on top of him, she revelled in the feeling of his muscled arms wrapped around her. He was so solid, like a rock. Her heart thumped in her chest. She wanted her brother so bad, needed him. The itch between her legs had swelled to a stinging throb, aching desperately for the firm proof of his love that hovered just inches away under his shorts.

Her hands went down. His butt shifted on the dirt, and she used the slack to pull his shorts down. In the darkness, she felt rather than saw the pulsing girth spring up between them. He was already moving, hands against her thighs and lifting the skirt of her dress, guiding her hips. A warm, throbbing knob suddenly pressed tight against her labia. Her brother's cock, hot and twitching, already juicy with his hunger for her. It never stopped fascinating her, how something so iron hard could be so velvet soft. The heat sizzled against her sex, as if his prick was a metal rod hot from her father's forge.

Seri swallowed and held her breath, hovering with muscles clenched. Gently, she let Marcus' hands guide her down, slowing impaling her on the delicious length of his penis. It pushed in and pressed the walls of her cunt aside gently, sparking a tingling, swelling pleasure in their wake.

He slowed and stopped when she whimpered and leaned forward slightly. He was so big. Everything about her brother was big. She wished that she was a little older so she could take him inside her better, but he had always told her he loved how tight her pussy was. He had first put his cock inside her two years ago, when she was only 8, and although it had hurt it had also been the most amazing experience of her life. He had had to clamp his hands over her mouth to keep her from squealing as he fucked his little sister in their bed with their family sleeping in their own beds only feet away from them. Their tiny farmhouse afforded very little privacy for any of them.

"Hnnnnng, you feel so good Seri" her brother grunted. His cock quivered with delight, lodged tightly in her little cunt. She could feel by his grip on her hips how much he wanted to push harder, to cram his cock deeper into his little sister's snatch. But he held back. Even with the twisted leer of desire on his face, he went as slow as she needed. He always cared for her, always protected her. After their first time he had made sure it never hurt for her again.

They moved in small motions, rocking together and moaning, getting accustomed to the thrill of their incestuous penetration. Rumbles of pleasure radiated upwards from Seri's crotch, feeding into the excited whirlpool growing in her belly. Hot flashes raced up her chest and neck. She groaned. Her thighs were shaking. The hard length of cock pressing into her tunnel felt glorious.

Slowly, her insides began to loosen. Marcus pushed and sank another inch of meaty prick inside her before stopping again. Gods that felt good. Seri pushed a little on her own. He was splitting her wide open, but she needed her brother's cock deeper inside her. She moved her hips, grinding on him, forcing him deeper into her 10-year-old cunt.

She couldn't hold back her squeal when he bottomed out. The hard tip of his cock nudged against her womb deep inside her belly, sparking a flash of bliss that raced up her spine. She quivered, thighs pressed against his sides as she looked down at him. He was grinning up at her, a warm smile full of love for her. For Seri. His little sister. He didn't look at anyone else like that, not even the other girls from the village that sometimes flirted with him. He had eyes only for her. It made her heart flutter. She wanted to feel him all over her. She wanted his eyes to see every part of her.

She reached down and yanked up her dress, pulling the whole thing awkwardly up over her head. Much better. She could feel her brother swell up in her cunt, excited by the view of her naked prepubescent body under the silvery moonlight. He began to bounce her in slight motions on top of him, moving his cock in and out of her pussy with delicious friction. Seri moaned and let her head fall back. Marcus was touching the flat slopes of her breasts, tweaking her tiny nipples.

Before long they were both panting wildly, Marcus holding onto her hips like she was a wild mare that might bolt at any moment. He increased the pace, using his substantial muscles to bounce her body effortlessly. Seri's fingers curled in his chest hair. She groaned, panting, flecks of spittle on her lips. His cock was thrusting hungrily into the sucking cleft between her legs. Her pussy walls began to clench with pleasure, shuddering from the sweet intrusion. He was so tight, so deep inside. Their bodies danced in a passionate rhythm, a throbbing drumbeat of pleasure where they connected. Seri began to bounce even harder, throwing herself into their motions, hips rising and falling as she slammed herself down again and again on her brother's hard cock. She loved it. She loved him. Heat bubbled in her belly like a volcano on the verge of eruption.

Marcus' hands tightened to a steel grip around her hips, slamming her up and down. Seri let herself go with a squeal of passion that echoed into the night. He was moving her so fast, pelvis slapping upwards furiously, impaling his naked little sister with desperate motions. Each jolt sparked a burst of ecstasy in Seri's cunt. She was so close now, teetering on the edge. Her head nodded up and down from the wild ride as a wave of euphoria rose up and crashed down over her.

Her shriek rang in her ears. She collapsed forward, but her hips kept moving on their own, humping wildly, greeting each eager thrust of her big brother's cock. His excitement had swelled to a breaking point, and she felt him give a final slam upwards into her cunt, lodging the glans of his cock against her deepest place. A warm froth erupted inside her, her brother's cum spewing out and racing up into her womb. Seri shuddered as she cried out. Her brother's cum. Marcus' seed, moving inside her. She clenched deep inside, trying to take it all in. She felt the grinding of her pussy walls clamped on his cock like a vise, holding him tight, pleading for what he was giving her. It tingled like hot lava in her belly. Seri's muscles jerked wildly from the lightning spasms of pleasure. She could feel his hips against her thighs, his chest brushing her naked body, his cock quivering like a tuning fork deep inside as he emptied himself inside her.

Seri didn't know how long they had lain there, trembling, arms and legs intertwined as they rested against each other, but eventually the night sounds began to creep back into her senses. The warm buzz of the crickets. The hooting of the owls. The breeze was a cool caress against her hot cheeks. She felt Marcus's hands rubbing her back and caressing her butt with tender strokes.

"Hmmm. I love that look on your face, little dandelion." His breath was hot against her ear. "That one, right there. The one that makes you look so happy."

She met his kiss with a moan. His prick was already shrinking in her cunt. It was so odd, how boys did that when their excitement was over. She moved her hips slightly, letting him withdraw. His prick slapped limply against his belly as he pulled out, and she rolled off to the side with a sigh.

The grass here was soft, a natural bed for their naked bodies. She snuggled up under his arm, feeling his racing heartbeat begin to slow. She loved how excited he got for her. It always made her heart flutter when he smiled at her, and it seemed so right that she could make him feel as good as he made her feel all the time. He never seemed to get tired of her. She hoped he never would. Mama and Papa still seemed to love each other even though they had been married a long time. Would Marcus still love her even when they were that old? He would, she was sure of it.


"Yeah Seri," he mumbled, fingers brushing her shoulder.

"Can you show me some more of the stars?"

"Hmmm", he rumbled, as if on the verge of sleep. "Ok. Let's see. Stars…"

She looked up with him, following the line of his finger up into the twinkling vastness of the sky. It seemed infinite. The stars were uncountable, but somehow Marcus seemed to know them all.

"Well, ok. You see that one?" he asked, pointing at a particularly bright white star.

"Yeah," she murmured.

"That's Cephius. It's the home of Cephiesta, the goddess of the birds. She lives there in a white palace, and it glows bright like that whenever she's looking down on the world."

"Mmmm hmmm." Seri smiled, snuggling closer to him. The night felt colder but he was warm. "What about that one?"

"Oh that one...that's a whole constellation with those other 3 stars. The scholars call it The Prince. They say he loved a princess beyond words, so he boarded a ship to cross the sea to her kingdom and marry her. But the ship became lost, and eventually sailed off the edge of the world. Now he sails across the sky forever, always searching for her kingdom but never able to find it because it's still here in this world.

"How sad," Seri murmured. She wondered how long the princess had waited for her prince before giving up.

"Tell me another one. Which one is that one?" she asked, pointing low towards the horizon.

"Well that one isn't a star, little dandelion. It's a comet. It rises every 100 years from Bethtria beyond the edge of the world. They say there once was a little girl who caught the eye of the father of the gods. She was very beautiful, with long auburn hair and green eyes."

Seri grinned. He was describing her, but she wasn't about to interrupt.

"Anyway," he went on. "He loved her so much that he raised her to the heavens, so that her beauty could be seen by everyone that looked up into the sky."

"Sounds lonely." She let her fingers play idly across his pectorals, admiring their firmness. "You're making all this up aren't you?"

His grin was palpable in the darkness. "So what if I am?"

"Hmmm." Seri rested her head on his chest, feeling it rise and fall. "I thought you knew everything."

"I do know everything," he said confidently. "Well, almost everything. Everything worth knowing anyway. I know how to handle the horses. I know how to ride the wagon. I know how to shear the sheep. And I know my sister is the prettiest girl in the world. Maybe some god will raise you up as a comet too."

"Nope," she said, grinning. "Because then I wouldn't be here with you."

She snuggled even deeper under his arm. He was warm, like a blanket. His hair and his rough skin felt delightful against her naked body.

"The people from the Magisterium came today," she said. "I saw them on the road, heading to the governor's house."

"Yeah, I saw them too." He turned his head to look at her in the darkness. "Is that worrying you Seri?"

"Did you see the mage they had with them? She was about my age, and she was so pretty. And...what she was wearing…'

"Practically nothing," Marcus grinned. Seri felt a brief twinge of jealousy at his expression. "I don't know why they wear so little," he went on. "The soldiers they had with them sure seemed to like looking at her."

"I'm scared that they'll test me."

He shifted slightly, moving his arm to hold her more tightly.

"Let them test you. You have nothing to be scared of."

"But they might take me away! That's what they do. They test girls and if...if they have magic then they make them go away...and they'd make me go away, Marcus, and I w-wouldn't see you…"

"Shhh." His finger was on her lips, stopping her before she could begin crying. "Nothing can separate us Seri."

"Mages fight monsters," she sniffed, clutching at him, frightened. "I'm not a fighter."

She felt his big body stir as he sat up. The cold washed in, without his arm around her. He was looking at her, serious.

"Listen, Seri. You know Papa will have me take the wagon to the market tomorrow. Maybe the mages will come by while I'm gone. But if they do, I want you to be strong. Be brave. There's more to you than you realize. You're too smart. I think the gods have more in your future than just staying on the farm. "

"Don't say that!" she cried, the tears suddenly coming to her eyes. "I don't care about the gods. I want to stay here on the farm! With you! I want to be wherever you are."

She felt his lips against hers, kissing her. She calmed immediately. She didn't know how he did it, but that always worked.

"It's a big world Seri, but we'll find a place. Maybe we'll open a shop. I could get Papa to give us some money to get started.

Seri nodded, sniffling. Marcus reached over to wipe away a stray tear from the corner of her eye.

"Or maybe I'll go to Retama and become a knight. What do you think about that? You could be my lady."

"And you could take me to tournaments all over Teleria," she said, managing a smile. Her throat still felt crooked. "And I could help you with your armor and take care of your horse."

"Or maybe we'd just wander." His hand was on her shoulder, gently massaging as he smiled at her. "We could take the wagon and one of the mares and just follow the wind. Just us. Alone."

"Just us." Her grin was growing. It was a nice thought, just the two of them together in the world, following the highways, stopping where they liked and being beholden to nobody. She would never be scared of anything if Marcus was with her. It would be everything she had ever dreamed of. Except…"

"Marcus?" she asked.

"Yeah dandelion?" he said, as if he already knew what she was going to say.

"Momma sure seems happy with the new baby. He's 2 now. Do you think she's going to have another one?"

"Well, if the old man can manage it, I'm sure he'll give her many more."

A long silence stretched between them. She felt nervous, with him looking at her like that expectantly.

"You're so young, Seri, to be thinking about these things."

"I'm not that young!" she insisted, bristling. "Please, Marcus…"

"You're only 10. Your body needs a little more time to flower."

"But I'm ready! I don't want to wait!" She was shaking, upset. "Look, I don't care if you want to be a shopkeeper, or a knight, or a vagabond, or whatever. I'll go wherever you go. That's all I want, is to be with you. That's all I…"

"A baby," he finished.

She burst into tears again. She didn't know why she was crying. He was right, of course. Her brother was always right about everything. She felt his hands on her shoulders, and looked up into his gaze with her eyes swimming.

"I'm not a god, Seri, to make the time go faster."

"Then ask the gods," she said weakly, sniffling.

He appeared to think about this seriously for a moment, then nodded. That was another thing. He always listened to her, and never dismissed what she said as the words of a child.

"Ok. I'll bring a sacrifice to the altar on Shevas day. That's in a couple of weeks. I'll bring a goat and our best cheese. Put a lock of your hair in the basket too. The priest will offer them in the fire."

"Then they'll let me have a baby?" she said hopefully.

"Well, it's not entirely in their hands," he said, mischief edging his grin. "We'll have to do our part. But I think they'll give us their blessing at least."

She slammed her arms around him in a hug. Her chest hitched as a single sob escaped her throat. How did he always know what to say? His muscled arms went around her in a tight embrace, and she instantly felt better. She'd know the gods had answered their prayer when she began to bleed. It wouldn't be long. She could wait a little while longer.

Her brother's hug was tight like iron. She began to melt against the heat of his chest. She loved this. When his arms were around her it felt like she was as safe as could be, as if his arms were walls that could keep the whole world out. He sat with her for a time, not saying anything, just comforting her, holding her as if she was the most important thing in the world. As if she actually mattered. Nobody else had ever done that for her. Not even Mama and Papa had time for their smallest child. Nobody had ever noticed her, except for him

"Don't go tomorrow," she said.

He pushed her back slightly so he could look into her eyes. "Listen, Seri," he said, clearing his throat. "You know I have to. We need iron and steel stock. Half our chickens are dead from beak rot and we need new ones. Mama needs flour and sugar and salt for our meals. And there's more we need, just to get through the winter."

"I know, I know," she frowned. The warm feeling that had grown as he had hugged her was evaporating. He would be gone a week at least. She didn't think she could bear it.

"I need to be on the wagon at first light tomorrow. If the mages come to the farm and want to test you, then let them. You stand strong and proud and don't cry while they do whatever it is they want to do. I don't know everything that will happen, Seri. I wish I did. But if we ever do get separated and you're afraid, I want you to stand up tall anyway and see yourself as I see you. Compassionate. Smart. Brave. Beautiful."

"I'm not any of those things," she protested.

"But you ARE, Seri. You don't give yourself enough credit. And if the world beats you down and hurts you, I want you to remember that, most of all, you are loved. By me. And the gods smile on lovers most of all. As long as they're looking out for us, nothing bad will ever happen to you."

He embraced her again, wrapping his muscled arms around her trembling body. The night was cold and dark but he was as warm as a campfire, as tough and solid as an oak. Seri buried her face in his chest, drying her tears against his skin. She could make it a little while on her own while he was gone. She wouldn't be scared of the mages if they came to the farm looking for girls to test. She would be strong. She would make her brother proud.

She took his words and used them to bury the deep feeling of trepidation in her heart. Marcus was right. The gods were rumored to protect young lovers most of all. She would make it through another winter on the farm with him, and then maybe they could leave together next summer. She might even be heavy with his child by then. Papa would give them a horse and they could go wherever they liked. She had always wanted to see the world beyond the borders of her farm. There were great cities, vast plains, towering mountains. Teleria was big and full of wonders. Danger too. Brigands. Monsters. But Marcus was strong enough for both of them. She would be safe with him, and she knew in her heart that as long as he was with her, everything would turn out alright in the end.