WintermuteX Stories

Depraved Mom - Part 2

By WintermuteX

Tags: M+g, rape, reluc, pedo, magic, demons, preg

Content: Rape (graphic), Pedophilia, Mother/Daughter, Demons, Hell, Impregnation

The satin sheets felt cool against her skin. Megan opened her eyes. Her own room again. Her own bed. She pulled back the sheets.

Slimy sweat had dried against her skin, and her thighs and genitals were wet with orange gunk. She sat up, feeling dizzy, but satisfied. The burning lust in her belly had dwindled to embers. It had been the same thing every day this week: a rampant horniness grew inside her throughout the day, overriding her thoughts with visions of her body being fucked and defiled by monstrous forms. It got worse and worse until she managed to get home and tumble into bed and dream again. Then the demon came, the ugly, decrepit beast pulling her down into that stinking hell and ravishing her body. The experience stayed with her the next day, dominating her thoughts, eroding any attempts at concentration.

Just dreams. Nothing more. She muttered the words over and over as she got up and took a shower, washing the orange gunk away. Don't think about it. Just another wet dream. She must have squirted during the night again. That must be it. She didn't allow herself to contemplate the other possibility. The images began to intrude on her thoughts even as she tried to push them away: a disgusting prick, filthy with smegma, slamming home inside her. Her existence reduced to a lewd rhythm of squealing passion, knowing she was filth, a mere toy for a creature so unutterably repugnant.

She shook it off and got ready for work. She hadn't felt so reckless in years, not since that time she had surrendered herself in the basement of a gloryhole club and wound up pregnant with Ashley. Maybe she should do that again. She could go downtown, find another club, bend over and let a train of strangers slam their disgusting cocks into her, use her up and leave thick helpings of cum dripping inside her. Maybe it would help. Maybe it would finally satisfy her and she would stop dreaming.

She brushed the thoughts away. She was a Mom now. She had kept that part of herself locked away for years. Her girls needed her. She had responsibilities.

Work was hell. Megan tried to concentrate, but the twitching desire between her legs grew throughout the day. She took orders and served plates and tried to focus, but her mind kept wandering. Her break came.

She wandered to the rear of the restaurant. The hot flashes of desire kept rippling inside her, getting worse. She couldn't help herself. She wanted to be fucked, needed to be fucked. She saw Gus, the short-order cook, heading down the hallway to the bathrooms and followed. His greasy apron covered a vast paunch of belly. He was the most disgusting cook she had ever met - he never washed his hands, the sallow strands of hair around his balding head were always grimy with sweat, and from his constant smell, she was pretty sure he never showered either.

Gus pushed past the door to the men's room and disappeared. Megan took a deep breath. What was she doing? She didn't know. A small, confused part of her whispered for her to turn around, but it was drowned out by the pulsing lust. She pushed her way into the men's room.

Gus was facing the urinal, his fist wrapped around his short, squalid excuse for a cock, shaking the last drips of urine from the end. He had a piss hardon, she saw. She shut the door behind her and turned the lock.

"Megan?" Gus gawked at her as he turned around, his erect prick still in his hand.

She dropped to her knees in front of him, eyeing the filthy nub of meat. It was as fat and disgusting as the rest of the man. Her mouth watered. The grossest prick around. That was what a slut like her deserved.

"Let me. Please." She looked up at him as she reached out to wrap her fingers around that dingy little phallus. She almost touched it, almost got a grip on the little stick of meat that poked from the bushy forest of oily pubic hair, but Gus backed away at the last second.

"Uh, erm, Megan I..."

"Don't want me to suck it?" Megan stood up, feeling out of control from the raw desire pulsing in her cunt. "Fuck me then. Fuck me Gus." She bent over the toilet and pulled her skirt up in back, exposing her panties. "Shove that thing in me. Please." Her heart raced. The thought of that nasty prick ramming away in her pussy was blinding.

"Megan I think...uh, maybe..." For a brief moment, Gus looked like he might do it. Megan wiggled her hips. She wanted him to bend her over, slam her against the toilet like when she was 14, cram his disgusting cock inside her and use her like the semen dump that she was.

He began to edge towards the door, the slammed it open and ran. Megan sighed and sagged against the dirty toilet. Fuck me, she thought. Somebody.

She told her boss she wasn't feeling well and left to go home, then remembered that she needed to pick up something for dinner for the kids. The grocery store lot was mostly empty when she pulled in. She pushed a cart inside, trying to ignore the throbbing pangs in her crotch.

Chicken. Some carrots. A filthy cock, slime leaking from the tip and dripping down the shaft. Megan shook her head, trying to straighten her thoughts as she pushed the cart along the aisles. She felt a spreading spot of warmth spot in her panties, her juices leaking out and soaking the cotton. She ignored it, trying to pretend this was just a normal day, pushing a rattling cart down empty aisles under the mundane buzz of the grocery store lights.

She turned the corner of the aisle and spotted an employee scanning items on the shelf. He was older, obese, sweat staining the armpits of his uniform and greasy hair arranged in an unflattering combover. He smelled like he hadn't washed in a year.

Megan brushed up against him, pretended to reach for something. He looked at her in surprise. She pressed her tits against his arm, purring, then grabbed his hand and pushed it under her skirt.

"Let's go to the back," she panted. "I'll show you how much of a whore I can be." His fingers were so close, hovering an inch from her sopping pussy. The fat on his arm jiggled as he tried to shy away. "I'll be your bitch. Your cuntrag." She practically wrapped herself around him. "You can cum anywhere you want."

"Bob? You there?" The radio clipped onto the back pocket of his oversized pants crackled to life. "Bob I need you to fix the mess in aisle 2."

"I have to uh...have to..." He was backing away, a frightened look on his face. He probably thought she was crazy. She *was* crazy. The desperate cravings had taken over. He turned the corner of the aisle and disappeared.

Megan fled the store, leaving her cart behind. She tried to still her shaking hands as she drove home. The pulsing beat flared in her cunt. She steered with one hand, digging the other into her panties and slipping her fingers over the flushing lips of her moist cunt. That just seemed to make it worse. Warm pleasure radiated upwards, but it stoked the lust to a hotter burn without satisfying her.

It was dark when she got home. She dropped her keys twice trying to get them into the lock of the front door, her hands trembling.

"Mooooooom! Amanda's being a bitch!"

Ashley whined pathetically from the living room when Megan walked in. The girls were wrestling on the couch. Amanda had shoved her little sister against the pillow, holding her arm behind her, pinning Ashley with her weight.

"Say you're sorry." Amanda demanded.

"Nope." Ashley squirmed under her sister's grip. "You're still a slut. I'll bet you fuck every boy at school."

Megan paused. Amanda straddled her little sister, her skirt riding up. Pink panties flashed from underneath the hem. Ashley was twisted around her with her head half-buried under the pillow, her loose t-shirt riding up and exposing her naked chest. She wasn't wearing her bra. Her girls were such sexy little things. Images played in Megan's head like a movie: she could take her girls with her, find the seediest bar in town, whisper something to the bartender, and they'd be taken down into a basement and shoved into a room with a single squalid mattress on the floor. Men would come in: truckers, bikers, drug users. She would show her girls how it was done. She would bend over, and let the men that came in grab her hair and slam her head against the wall as they rammed their unwashed little cocks into her dripping pussy. They'd fuck her like a whore, use her up like the dirty cockslave that she was. And then they'd go for her girls. Megan would watch, cum running down her thighs as Ashley and Amanda shrieked, their clothes ripped off, their naked, pubescent bodies exposed under grimy neon light...

She shook her head violently and screeched.

The girls stopped and looked at her, confused. The vision had been so powerful, so overwhelmingly base. Megan struggled to thrust it away.

"Mom are you ok?" Amanda had stopped leaning against her struggling sister.

Megan forced a ghastly smile. "I'm fine I'm just...going to go to my room for a bit." She backed away, then ran down the hallway and slammed the door behind her, locking it.

Her hand reached for the light switch, then stopped. The black focus gleamed at her from the shelf on the far wall. Hadn't she left a towel on it? There was no doubt in her mind now: a faint golden light glowed from a mysterious source in its depths. That terrified feeling that she hadn't let herself contemplate all week began to intrude again: that this was really happening, that it wasn't just in her head.

Her body seemed to move on its own, crossing the floor in the dark. She tumbled into bed, lying on her back, staring upwards into blackness. Her pussy quivered excitedly, fluid seeping out in anticipation.

Time seemed to stand still as she was sucked down into darkness. A familiar, cloying odor flooded her nostrils. She almost retched, but part of her had become accustomed to it. Lurid red light burned around her.

She felt his squalid presence an instant before the thick rod of flesh slammed home inside her. She shrieked, her legs jerking upwards. Grunting, animal passion overwhelmed her as the hunger that had tormented her all day rose up into a tempest. She let her eyes travel over his horrifying body: crusty boils grew in clumps all over it, grotesque patches between the rotten mottled flesh of purple and green and grey. Slime leaked from between the segments of the grub-like belly. The wide mouth twitched ravenously in the center of the ghastly face, dripping saliva from rotting teeth. The eye stalks fixed her with a burning, possessive gaze as it slammed home inside her, steadying her hips with its tentacles. Slimy friction jerked against her back, the fetid rock of this horrible place.

This was what she was. This was Megan's true nature, that dark side of her whispered: a limp cocksleeve, gasping with pleasure, writhing on the pounding end of a horrifying phallus misshapen with knotty bulges. She couldn't escape the truth any longer. The rising thrill of passion began to sweep her away. She was an animal, a bitch in heat. She embraced it. Her body was good for nothing more than to be fucked and bred. She had known it from the first moment her 14-year-old body was crushed against a porcelain toilet and mercilessly raped. Why had she spent so long denying it? The unyielding demon's prick thrusting into her cunt slammed the reality home, putting her in her proper place. Worthless. Helpless. Useless except to be turned into the submissive little breeding sow that she had always known she truly was.

"Your actions are useless." The grating voice rumbled from the demon's throat. "I see all that you do. Your body belongs to me. No others shall ever possess it." It punctuated its words with a powerful hunch of its worm-like body that slapped its filthy testicles up against her butt.

Gus. The grocery store boy. She groaned, remembering.

"You are mine alone. You are my bride, my bitch. You will be the mother of my spawn."

"Yes..." Her fingers clenched as she gasped the word. The jolting rhythm had stirred the pleasure into a wild beat that flared from her crotch to her brain. The ugly cock squeezed in, spreading her straining pussy lips, banging against her cervix, pumping with potent vigor.

"I'm yours." She gulped. A demon's mate. That's what she would be. A wretched, willing breeder for the lowest of the low. This was her fate. Megan had always known it. To be denigrated and raped by the most ugly and repugnant creature in existence, to be his slave, to exist for his pleasure alone. She was insignificant, inferior, a mindless beast scarcely fit to feel the pumping vigor of his vile splendor.

The pleasure radiating upward from the demon prick was indescribable. Megan screamed. Her orgasm rose up inside her, and she surrendered to it with her entire being, letting it wash away everything but the hopeless slut, the dark side of her that whispered how she was nothing but a disgraceful rape toy, her body good only for the dripping cunt and warm womb that it offered.

Megan thrashed on the pounding rod of demon cock, lost in the throes of her climax, her cries swallowed by the oppressive darkness that surrounded her. Greasy spurts of warmth suddenly fountained up inside her. She slammed her thighs together, squeezing that beloved, ugly shaft with all her might, feeling her cunt rippling gloriously along its length. Razor claws grazed her tits, and slime rubbed her belly where the fat paunch of the beast was pressed against her. Demon cum swirled inside her tunnel, squeezed up through her cervix by the pumping motions, flooding her uterus with foul seed. Megan jerked her hips, urging him on. Fuck me. Rape me. Breed me. Her frenzied gasps tumbled out, incoherent.

Megan rested on her back on the slimy rock, still impaled by the demon's filthy prick. Hot breezes whispered by. She was floating. The infernal world around her began to fade slowly away.

"No!" She screamed the word, forcing the hellish reality to stay. "Don't send me away." She looked up at the demon, a pleading look in her eyes. "Fuck me again. I'm yours. Use me. Rape me like a bitch." She meant it. Megan wanted nothing else in all of existence but to stay and exult in her role as this creature's fucktoy.

A rumbling laugh came from deep in his chest.

"You are bound to me by the words of the blood pact you uttered. Your lust brings you to me. Yet you return to the Earth when sated, for that's where your blood is.

"How?" Tears were in her eyes. She didn't want to go back. She yearned to stay, to consummate her role as a demon slut eternally.

The demon's eyes burned with desire as it fixed them on her tiny, whimpering form.

"Give your womb and all its fruits to me. Leave my mark upon them. Then our blood will be fully bound."

Tentacles whispered over twitching flesh and pulled her up off the ground. They maneuvered her to a kneeling position on the rocky ground, facing the demon's erect prick. The horrid thing never seemed to go down, even after it had cum inside her. It glistened in the dim light with revolting globs of orange semen and her own residual juices. Megan leaned forward, touching her lips to the bulky tip. It smelled of sex and the noxious odor of rotting flesh. Small flecks of smegma dotted the throbbing skin just behind the crown.

She opened her mouth and took a hungry lick, tasting musky putrefaction. She had never imagined such a loathsome cock could exist. The tip was a lumpy bulge smeared with fluids and dripping a malodorous sludge, and uneven bulges and pulsing veins dotted the girth all the way to the where it protruded from between the segments of the creature's underside. It was revolting. It was glorious. The only cock that her worthless, filthy body was worthy of.

The pale flesh smeared an acrid taste across her tongue when she took him inside. Megan closed her eyes, trying to suppress her gag reflex. The knob of meat pressed farther in, butting up against her throat, and Megan began to bob her head, sliding her lips and tongue along the juicy length of bulging shaft. She worked her head, cheeks puffing, jaw straining, flicking her tongue across the fetid urethra. A tentacle coiled around her throat and tightened, forcing her deeper. More of the demonic meat crammed itself into her overstuffed mouth.

The glans banged against the back of her throat. Megan jerked her head and moaned furiously, her hands climbing her stomach and squeezing her own breasts. They were slippery with sludge from the demon's belly. She rubbed it in like massage oil, fingers gliding over her smooth skin. The fiend's wormy body hunched rapidly, bucking back and forth, slamming into Megan's head, knocking it backward violently with each thrust. The powerful prick in her mouth surged even tighter, and the tentacle around her neck yanked her forward, impaling her mouth, burying the quivering flesh until her lips were pressed up against the greasy, quivering belly.

Cum fountained into her mouth, pouring down her throat like a waterfall of fermented batter. Oily, overwhelmingly salty, with florid undertones of decay - the taste made her gag. She tried to suppress it. Heavy fluid dripped into her stomach, overflowing and washing back up her throat and into a torrent that flooded her mouth. Still the prick trembled between her lips, spewing its geyser of demon seed until an orange river escaped around her lips and ran down her chin to drip onto her breasts, joining the glistening mess of fluids already there.

The slippery rod withdrew and Megan coughed raggedly. Thick goop blocked the entrance to her lungs. The demon smiled down at her malevolently. She realized the red glow around her was fading away, replaced by the familiar darkness of her own room. Gobs of sticky, gelatinous sludge still blocked her airway. She fished around blindly, her hands landing on the same ritual bowl she had used a week ago. She bent over and coughed a long stream of sticky cum into it. The goop splattered on the sides of the bowl and dribbled down to form a revolting orange pool of viscous gelatin in the center.

Sucking air through her ragged windpipe, Megan coughed again, emptying her throat and mouth of demon sperm. The taste lingered, like she had eaten something uncooked and rotten. She wiped her lips and chin with her fingers, then licked them clean.

She flicked a lamp on and then looked down at the bowl. This. This is what she would use. Leave his mark upon them, he had said. She licked her lips unconsciously. The thought burned in her brain like it had been branded there. Her little girls, raped just like she had been, discovering the joy of defilement.

She wiped herself off with a towel and threw on some panties and a tank top, then went to the kitchen. It was late. The girls were already in their rooms. Megan heated a kettle, then mixed two cups of hot chocolate. A dull, throbbing desire pulsed in her gut, a hungry impetus of irresistible lust driving her actions.

She took a bottle of pills from the top cabinet, unscrewed the cap, and shook two purple tablets into her hand. The dosage was for an adult. They would knock the girls right out. She dropped them in the pair of steaming mugs, then held one in each hand as she walked down the hallway.

"Amanda? Sweetie?" Megan pushed open the unlocked door. Amanda was lying on her stomach on her bed, wearing her white chemise and black bikini panties, listening to music through her headphones. The hem of the fabric had ridden up her bottom, exposing the sweet globes of the girl's little asscheeks.

"I brought you something," Megan said.

Amanda pulled off her headphones and sat up.

"Thanks Mom," she said, as she accepted the cup. Steam wafted up from the milky-brown surface. Megan rested a hand on her daughter's thigh, gently massaging it, watching her drink.

"Hmmm, that's good." Amanda licked her lips. "Hey Mom, were you feeling ok? You were kind of out of it when you got home."

"I feel better now sweetie." Megan grinned at her daughter, eyes slipping appreciatively over her body. Maybe this was what those men had seen in her when she was 14 herself: a slender hourglass figure, trim legs, plump bottom, and a perky pair of tiny tits budding from her teenage chest. Amanda's cheerleading had given her thighs a tight, athletic tone, and the sweep of straight brown hair matched her girlish smile perfectly. Megan couldn't help but wonder how she would look bent over a dirty toilet, cum dripping from her cunt as she wept into the porcelain. The image brought another shiver of delight.

"There you go." Megan took the empty cup from Amanda's hands and set it on the bedside table. "Now go to sleep honey, it's late."

Amanda nodded and crawled under the covers. Megan pulled them up to her daughter's breasts as the girl brought a hand to her mouth and yawned.

"Love you Mom," Amanda smiled. Megan bent down, planting a tender kiss on her forehead.

"Love you too sweetie." She did. She loved her little girl so much she was going to give her the gift she had denied herself for all these years. She took the remaining cup across the hall to Ashley's room.

"Hey Mom." Ashley was lying on her back, reading a magazine, wearing the peach-colored pajamas that she liked so much. The top was emblazoned with the cartoon head of a panda bear. The fabric hugged the little girl's body tightly. She had had those PJs since she was 10, and refused to give them up even thought they were too small now.

"Hey kitten." Amanda smiled at her daughter, using the pet name she had given her youngest daughter since she was little. "Got you something."

"Sweet. Hot chocolate." Ashley sat up and rested cross-legged as she took the cup. "Thanks Mom."

Megan rubbed her daughter's legs affectionately. Ashley was such a sweet girl, a blonde-haired blue-eyed delight on the cusp of innocence with a body barely beginning to blossom. The tight-fitting pajamas left little to the imagination. Her chest was flat, with a tiny pair of perky nipples poking against the fabric, and the top rode up past her belly button, exposing the smooth, spotless skin of her midriff.

The girl drank greedily, slurping, emptying the cup in a few gulps. Megan wondered what that expression would look like with a fat prick rammed into her virgin pussy, how that tight, prepubescent body would writhe on the filth-covered ground and shudder in ecstasy as she was raped and flooded with sperm.

"Yum." Ashley handed back the cup and then laid down without having to be asked. Megan pulled the covers up over her daughter, gently patting them.

"Hey Mom?" The little girl wrinkled her nose curiously. "You smell kind of funny."

"It's nothing," Megan smiled. She had wiped it away, but the odor of demon cum still wafted from her skin. She wasn't going to shower. She would never shower again. She wanted it on her, wanted it dripping down her breasts, pooling in her navel, dribbling from the slit between her legs.

"Go to sleep honey." Megan pet her little girl's hair affectionately, then leaned forward to plant a tender kiss on her forehead. Ashley smiled and snuggled under the covers. Megan turned off the bedside lamp, then left the bedroom and closed the door behind her.

A surreal feeling gripped her as she walked back to her room. The walls seemed to be thinning, as if another reality were pushing it aside. Sinister red light shone from the horizon of the darkness beyond, and a wretched smell pervaded the house. She looked up, seeing two baleful red eyes shining down at her. He was close. So close.

Taking a deep breath, Megan picked up the bowl of cum. It glistened like baleful ichor in the red light. She knew what she had to do. She was committed. The last tiny voice of reason babbled in the back of her head before she smothered it. She was nothing. Less than nothing. She knew that now. She had always known it, from the moment that first cock had smashed in and stolen her virginity. The only thing a worthless sack of meat like her was good for was being raped senseless by the vile cock of her master, flooded with fetid cum until his seed took hold in her desecrated womb. That was his gift to her, his bride. She wanted it, desired it more powerfully than anything in her life.

Megan walked slowly back through the darkened living room, holding the bowl in her hands. She entered the hallway to the girls' rooms. Amanda first, she thought. She opened the door on the left. The house was dark with the lights off, but the faint glow of crimson that shone through the walls was enough to see her daughter's sleeping form by. The sheets rose and fell slowly with her breathing. Megan walked over and placed the bowl next to the bed.

"Amanda?" She pushed her daughter's shoulder roughly. "Amanda?" The girl was out like a light. Perfect. Megan pulled back the sheet.

The 14-year-old girl lay still on the bed, unconscious, vulnerable. Megan ran her hands up the naked thighs, savoring her little girl's soft, delicate flesh, then pushed Amanda's chemise up to her shoulders. The girl's little pair of perfect breasts were exposed, glowing red from the lurid illumination. Megan gave the supple mounds an appreciative squeeze.

An infernal force seemed to guide her fingers. She fondled her daughter for a few moments more, then dipped a fingertip into the bowl, coming away with a glob of heavy orange semen. She traced a symbol on her daughter's forehead, an unfamiliar, instinctive shape of menacing, angular lines that glistened in the ruddy light. Megan dipped her finger again, tracing a solid line over her daughter's throat and all the way around the back of her neck, forming a collar of cum.


Her wrists were next. Megan spread slippery globs of semen in a ring all the way around the left one, then the right, leaving her daughter with bracelets of dire fluid.

Menacing laughter rumbled from above. Megan shivered as flashes of warmth rippled up from her cunt. The lust was growing inside, burning, a consuming fire. Almost there. Soon she would be back where she belonged, writhing on the ugly cock of her master. She gave Amanda a final parting gift: the last dip of cum went on her daughter's lips. Megan spread it around like lipstick, then bent to kiss her daughter, pressing her lips against the little girl's mouth with passionate urgency. The distinctive taste of salty semen was ripe with the undertones of decay. Megan used her tongue to swirl the juices gleefully and push some between her daughter's lips, then sat back, admiring her handiwork.

Perfect. Globs of cum and saliva trickled down Amanda's chin, and orange sludge was stuck between her parted lips like syrup. Megan got up and took the bowl, then crossed the hallway to Ashley's room.

The little girl was knocked out just like her sister. Amanda smiled at her affectionately as she set the bowl down and sat on the bed. Such a sweetheart her little girl was. So pure. So ready to be defiled. Megan pulled down the covers, exposing her daughter's pajama-clad body. What a perfect little fuck toy. Megan tickled her daughter's navel, giggling, thinking about it. The sooner she got to work the sooner it would happen.

She dipped a finger into the goopy mess and drew the arcane symbol on Ashley's forehead. She didn't know what it meant. She didn't need to. The shape came as instinctively as everything else. She dipped her finger again and did the same as she had done for Amanda, tracing a necklace of cum around Ashley's throat and twin bands around her wrists. Rumbling approval came from above, but Megan wanted to do more. She took the remaining cum in the bowl and swept it up with a finger, then reached down and lifted her daughter's pajama bottoms at the waist. No panties stood in her way. She pushed her finger in, finding the precious slit and the tiny red nub at the apex. Gently, tenderly, she spread the tiny pussy lips and pushed the glob of semen inside. A demon's gift for her little girl.

It was done. Something seemed to shift, as if the house were falling into an abyss. Megan felt herself slipping, the sensation of the floor leaving her feet, and the noxious smell of diseased vapors redoubled as the reality of the hellscape coalesced around her. She was on a high peak, a twisting landscape spread out all around her, lit by the glow of red light that seemed to come from everywhere at once. The vista stretched all the way to where the horizon was swallowed in shadow.

Her master was there with there. Quickly, she dropped to her hands and knees, whimpering. The fire that burned in her pussy raged out of control. She wiggled her hips and looked back, begging, pleading to have that ugly shaft of disgusting meat thrust inside her.

He didn't let her down. Tentacles grasped her wrists and ankles, lining her up until the the putrid organ aligned with her sopping cunt, then he slammed in. Megan squealed as her pussy walls trembled around the invading girth. Delicious waves of pleasure radiated from the slippery friction of that demon prick as it moved back and forth. Megan curled her hands into fists and pounded the slimy rock. It was amazing. The filthy cock slammed into her body, the demon's fat, hunched body slapping up against her pelvis with each stroke. That jutting, ugly rod told her who she was, what she was worth: she was his, utterly, a cumslut for the wasted trash of the lowest region of Hell, a worthless and discarded little soul of no value except for the tight squeeze of her quivering pussy. Megan exulted in it. She desired nothing more.

She grunted and writhed under the worm-like body until claws grazed her neck, forcing her to look up and out over the hellscape.


Megan bucked back and forth with their motions, squirming, her back arching painfully. She couldn't think around the glorious feeling of that slippery cock pounding inside her.

"I don't understand." she whimpered.

"Choose. Choose their mates."

A final step. Megan looked out from the peak, and all at once the horrors of this plane of Hell flashed before her sight. She saw the other demons, entities that had been cast out, rejects, rank creatures of scum and waste that not even Hell could abide. Her master's minions. Avatars of the revolting refuse of sludge and muck that permeated this lowest pit of Hell. Visions of her daughters breeding with them rose up to overwhelm her.

There were endless fiends and animalistic beasts. Demons that crawled about on 2 legs or 4, mindless wretches with slavering jaws and thick cocks dangling between their legs. Hellish dogs and snakes and even infernal spiders, their grotesque, distended bellies bloated with semen, just waiting for female prey to happen along. The endless army stalked and slithered about, rapacious gangs ready to catch and rape anything with a cunt that wandered too near. They thirsted. They burned with predatory desire. It had been an eternity since any of them had had a human girl. Megan's mind filled to overflowing, imagining each one of them raping her little girls. The dogs chasing them down, slamming their erect cocks into them like bitches. The snakes curling around them, holding their naked bodies immobile, penetrating them with the pricks they kept locked in sheaths on their underbodies. The spiders, snaring her girls in webs, scuttling over the strands and hovering over their naked, screaming bodies, flexible phalluses extending from their abdomens to pump the little girls full of swill that swam with billions of tiny spider sperm.

"No," she moaned. The visions found such fertile ground in her imagination that it was overwhelming. The thrusting demon cock inside her stoked her lust to a boiling point, mixing agonizingly with every sharp image of Amanda and Ashley falling prey to these minions of Hell.

"No," she repeated, gasping out the word.

"Choose." The rumble was ominous.

"Too...too good for them. Lower."

The pumping prick blasted home violently, earning a shriek from Megan. Her thighs were shaking. Electric sparks spasmed in her muscles. Her consciousness rode the wave of frothing pleasure from her pussy and the ravishing impressions of her little girls being endlessly raped.

Her vision shifted lower. He showed her other creatures - wretched, foul things even more base and revolting. Slimy mouths that lived in the rock, tentacles stretching from their openings, ready to snatch and devour any girl that wandered near. Their stomachs were slippery prisons filled with tentacled girths that could rape endlessly. Megan saw crawling things the size of an arm that could leap and burrow into a little girl's pussy, rooting themselves inside. Ribbed maggots that paralyzed with poison and laid eggs into warm wombs. Flying bugs that would swarm naked bodies, gangraping them, building a hive of waxy secretions that would hold their victim in place, pussy exposed for ceaseless penetration.

"No. No." She groaned. "Lower." These were too good. They were filthy, but not the filthiest. There were vermin sunk even farther in the crevices of this hellish abyss. She could feel them.

Deeper her vision went, past increasingly loathsome forms, settling at least on a muddy swamp that bubbled with putrid gasses. There were 2 creatures here, beings so loathsome they had been consigned to wallow in the fetid muck of the waste of all the other creatures.

An enormous boar dozed here, its belly submerged in the brown syrup. Its tusks were broken off and disease marred the side of its face. Watery crud oozed from its reddened eyes. The tough hide bristled with motley patches of squalid white hair.

"Here." Megan could barely force the word out past the pumping pleasure in her cunt. The boar. It was perfect. Megan saw the other fiend that dwelled here too: a disgusting, translucent slug the size of a horse, colored a vomitous yellow and streaked internally with stretches of black and brown. It clung to the side of the slimy rock, its amorphous body hunched over.

"Yes..." Megan panted, envisioning it. "These." The two demons were the absolute lowest that Hell could offer, scum incarnate. These would be the mates of her daughters, the ones that would rape them, breed them, driving them to dark ecstasy.

Her orgasm exploded inside her. The demon rammed its swelling cock in and held it, and Megan felt the spew of white-hot cum fountaining into her, filling her up. She shrieked and shook and struggled, jerking against the tentacle coiled around her neck and the iron flesh impaling her from behind. Her climax thundered inside her like a breaking storm, sweeping away the tattered remains of her consciousness and sanity.

Megan came to, her body twisted on the slimy stone and a warm sensation flowing down her legs. Demon cum, dribbling out like a river. She was somewhere else, she realized. Back in the crater she had first visited. His domain. She raised her head and looked around.

A cruel throne of bone and obsidian rose up from the rock, the worm-like demon draped contentedly upon it. He was erect, of course, the engorged phallus jutting from his groin like a malformed tree trunk. Iron rings were fixed to either side of the throne, attached to long, heavy chains that stretched across the stone. Megan followed them with her eyes.

Amanda lay on the ground, unconscious, an iron collar around her neck and manacles around her wrists. Half-rings embedded in each secured the other ends of the long chains. The slime that perpetually oozed on the surface of the rock had already begun to slick her hair and dampen the silk chemise with brown, greasy stains.

Ashley was near her sister, eyes closed, chest rising and falling with fitful breaths as if nightmares troubled her sleep. Her orange panda pajama top was pulled partially up, and Megan could see the fluid on her bare belly from where the girl had rolled over.

The cum. Megan had drawn it herself, sealing her daughters in chains. As she watched, Amanda's eyes began to flutter. The girl twisted on the rock, arms and legs flopping at awkward angles.

"Mmmmmmmph." Amanda moaned like she was hung over. She blinked uncomprehendingly, eyes trying to focus in the reddened gloom.

"Wh-what?" Amanda sputtered. Fear blossomed on her face as she looked around the hellish landscape. She spotted the throne and the hellish maggot lounging on it, and scuttled backwards in terror.

Her hand slipped. Amanda fell awkwardly onto her back. She brought her hands to her face, seeing the slime that covered them. It was all over the ground, oozing out of the porous rock like snot. She gaped. Her eyes rolled in terror as she looked from her hands to the infernal hell that surrounded her to the ugly demon's wide, malevolent maw, grinning at her from its throne of bone.

She screamed. Fluid squelched as she rolled over, jumped to her feet, and took off running. The chain rattled behind her, heavy links flowing across the ground like a snake. It slowly uncoiled, then snapped tight. Megan's scream cut off with a choking sound as the collar around her neck jerked her backwards, and she fell onto her back on the rock again.

Megan walked to where her daughter was rolling on the ground and crying hysterically. Megan wasn't chained. She knew she was here by choice. She bent down and brushed her daughter's hair lovingly.

"M-Mom? MOM!" Amanda clutched her mother's leg like it was a life preserver. "Mom what's happening? Why are you naked? What's that...that stuff all over you?" Amanda wrinkled her nose. The orange demon cum trickling down Megan's thighs glistened in the sinister red glow. Megan loved its putrid smell, but Amanda wasn't used to it. Yet.

"Shhh. Baby. It's ok, angel." Amanda cradled her weeping daughter. "It'll be alright." Amanda was already filthy, the brownish-yellow sludge from the rock plastered all over the filmy satin of her chemise, over her legs, gumming in her long hair. It was beautiful. The girl was ready. Ready to be filthy. Ready to be defiled. To be raped like the worthless cunt that she was.

Megan could already see the pair of red slits gazing at them from the darkness. He was close. She heard the snort of his powerful nostrils, the clop of hooves against stone. She felt the vast presence of the monster's magnificent bulk lurking at the edge of the shadows.

Megan dropped her daughter and stood up, then backed away, consigning the girl to her destiny.

"Mom? Mom please, where are you going?" Amanda was sobbing, laying on her side in the muck, hair plastered with slime. Her hand reached out pathetically towards her retreating mother.

She screamed when the monster emerged from the darkness, a high-pitched wail of raw terror edged with nightmare hysteria. The sound rose up into the abyss above them, and was swallowed by the blackness. The creature drew closer, drawn by the scream. The boar's bulk loomed up over the girl, and Amanda scrambled backwards on her hands and knees again, blubbering, trying to retreat from the ominous silhouette in front of her. The monster had a sickly appearance, scabs and boils marring its hide of thick hair, but it nevertheless exuded an aura of putrid virility. Its short tail flicked curiously as it pressed forward, snout twitching, following the foreign scent of little girl flesh. A spiral of thick flesh dragged underneath its belly, accumulating gooey slime from the ground. Amanda froze, a look of abject horror on her face as she took in the demon in front of her.

The chase only lasted a few moments. Amanda screamed wildly and rolled to her feet, then ran. The pig grunted and charged. The helpless girl's bare feet slapped the rock as she fled, her athletic thighs pumping, but she didn't stand a chance. The creature caught up effortlessly, squealing with eagerness as it bowled the tiny girl over. Amanda tipped forward and hit the ground hard, landing on her belly and sliding in the muck with a wet squishing sound. In a flash the beast leaped on her, covering the struggling girl with its fat belly. Amanda screamed again as the grunting thing straddled her, sniffing her hair with its snout, pointed teeth champing, stubby legs working to maneuver. Amanda's scream redoubled when she felt the revolting, spiraled cock ooze its way across her back, leaving a trail of sludge down her spine.

Amanda struggled, but she was helplessly pinned under the thing's bulk. Her chemise had ridden up when she fell flat. The heavy belly jiggled as it ground her into the muck, smearing her naked chest with slime. She cried and kicked, but the pig cock pulled inexorably into position, trailing down her butt and lodging with the tip pressed against the pathetic barrier of the little girl's black panties.

Muscles twitched under the layers of fat. The pig's pelvis jerked, and it rammed its prick at the little girl's bottom. Amanda's muffled shriek came from beneath it. Megan could see the creature line its cock up again and deliver another blow. The tip of the spiral slipped along the black fabric, too wet with slime to penetrate. Megan kneeled down next to the creature, seeing the limp profile of her daughter's body underneath.

"Oh god, oh Mom, pl-please, Mom!" Sludge covered the girl's face in filthy rivulets. She stretched out an arm, begging, pleading, terror etched on her face. Megan ignored the reaching fingers and stretched her hand back to Amanda's struggling butt.

She hooked a thumb under the black fabric and hauled it aside, exposing the girl's cunt. The pretty pink lips glistened with sweat and moisture, and the tiny red bud peeked from a delicate hood. Megan wrapped her fingers awkwardly around the spiraled cock, nestling the slimy tip against that perfect little slit, helping the beast line up.

"Mom!" Amanda screeched with fear. "Mom what are you DOING! Help! Mom please!" Her hand scrabbled wildly across the rock, but she couldn't reach anything from under the pig demon's fat belly. Megan stepped back and smiled. Sweet little Amanda was about to discover the dark side of herself, just as Megan had.

The next jerk rammed the filthy pigcock into the little girl's cunt. The spiral organ squelched and oozed slime against Amanda's tiny pussy lips as it slipped between them. Amanda shrieked with horror, pounding her fists as the demon humped its blubbery pelvis, twisting that corkscrew of flesh even further into the little girl's sweet tunnel. It grunted and squealed in delight, tail flicking, clearly enjoying the succulent little morsel of girl thrashing on its cock.

Gratification tingled in Megan's cunt. She reached down to rub her clit, shuddering at the revolting thrill of the scene. Amanda writhed under the obese monster - the teenager kicking out and hollering as she was christened by her first rape. The meaty organ spiraled in and out of the puny little cunt, straining the pussy lips to their limit, slamming a few fractions of an inch further in each time the boar thrust downward. The chains rattled frantically on the ground, clanking on the rock with the pounding rhythm of pig meat bucking into the little girl. The sound of ripping fabric came with each wild thrust, the panties and chemise tearing from the friction of slimy rock and grimy, sweaty pig belly that sandwiched her.

The boar raised its head and squealed, Amanda howling with it. Blubbery hips thrashed wildly, grotesque shockwaves spreading from the epicenter where it pounded vigorously into Amanda's rear. The slamming motions had bucked her pelvis higher up, and Amanda lay under the pig with her butt thrust in the air, eyes closed and fingers clenching, shuddering as the shared orgasm raced through them. Sweat and grime dripped from the fat belly, dripping and congealing on the girl's bare back like candle wax. Her bedtime chemise had been ripped to ragged shreds, and her panties had snapped from the pounding force.

Megan's eyes fixed on where the grunting thing was connected to her daughter, fascinated. The pig cock swelled up visibly, and Megan swore she could see the pulses of semen racing down the spiral track, fast-moving bulges that pumped past the straining pussy lips and fountained in spurts into the waiting cunt.

Amanda's belly began to bulge visibly. The pig battered her with the occasional thrust, but mostly left its thick spiraling prick buried to the hilt inside her. Purple goop began to squeeze from the tight plug of pig cock, dribbling down and congealing on Amanda's quivering thighs like odious gelatin. The demon and its mate grunted together, muscles spasming, caught up in the rapacious energy that consumed them both.

Megan kneeled down and held her daughter's hand as her climax ripped through her. "Shhh. That's a good girl sweetie. Give him what he wants." Her own cunt spasmed sympathetically, tingling with glee as she watched the consummation of her daughter's rape. The pig was her mate now. He would never let her go, just as Megan would forever be mate to the ugly demon that ruled this pit. The 14-year-old girl had barely lost her virginity, Megan thought, had only felt the pleasure of a little boy cock inside her before the demon took her and ground her against the rock and did as it pleased with her body. Had Megan ever pictured her daughter with some handsome boyfriend? Yuck. Such things were too good for her. She was a bitch, a cuntrag, just like her Mother, and she deserved nothing more than the slime and filth of the bestial boar cock buried between her legs.

Amanda looked up her mother, her eyes wide with pleading desperation. Slime caked her face and fair. She was still thrashing through the tail end of her first orgasm with her new master. Megan had never seen anything so hot. Her little girl, her sweet daughter, whom she had raised and loved and guided for so many years, finally ruined on the pumping end of a loathsome pig cock. Her clothes were sodden tatters. The long brown hair that she had been so proud of oozed with slime and had tacky gunks of grimy boar filth in it where the belly had rubbed against it.

"Good girl." Megan nodded at her daughter, squeezing her hand as Amanda twitched wildly. "Just like that. Take that pig sperm in your cunt." Megan couldn't resist slipping the fingers of her other hand over her genitals as she crouched. She looked lovingly at the stub of veiny flesh that protruded from her daughter's slit, knowing the rest was stuffed inside, pulsing against her pussy walls, the pointed tip buried against her womb. Her fertile womb.

"This is how you were made, you know." Megan smiled down at her daughter's dazed expression. "You know I got pregnant with you when I was 14. Your age." She reached under the pig and rubbed her daughter's naked shoulder affectionately. Amanda was finally coming down from her orgasm.

"They raped me," she said. "They bent me over a toilet and stuffed me with cocks the entire night." Megan grinned, remembering it fondly. "It was the best experience of my life. And it gave me you, sweetie. That's where you came from - from all those men raping Mommy, shooting their loads in me."

Amanda stared at her mother, a confused expression of horror lingering on her face.

"Now it's your turn," Megan smiled. "You'll love it."

The pig punctuated this with a sudden, violent slam into Amanda's pussy. He was ready to go again. Like her master, he would never go down. Amanda began shrieking again, chains rattling, her body driven forward by the horny thrusts of pigcock, its belly jiggling on her back and its jaws drooling foul-smelling green saliva as it grunted with pleasure.

Megan stood up and turned around. Ashley had woken up. She was leaning back as she lay on the rock, supporting herself with her hands. A horrified look of revulsion was on her face as her bulging eyes flashed between her mother's lascivious smile and her sister pinned under the demonic boar, copulating with it like a beast.

"Did you hear that, sweetie?" Megan took a step towards her daughter, and Ashley scrambled backwards, terrified.

"It's true," she said. "I had your big sister when I was raped. Do you want to know how you came about honey?" Ashley gaped up at her naked mother, unable even to shake her head.

"I went to the worst bar in town. Then I went to the basement. They have rooms there." Megan took another step forward, and Ashley cringed back again fearfully. "They tie you up in this thing so you can't move. You're totally helpless." The lurid red light illuminated Megan's fiendish smile as she remembered. "I don't even know how many men raped me. A hundred, maybe." Megan's cunt twitched with glee as she remembered it. "They took me everywhere. In my pussy, my ass, my mouth. Did you know you can have sex with your mouth and ass sweetie? I can't remember if I told you."

Ashley's hands slipped, and she fell onto her back on the slimy rock, crying. The snotlike fluid stained her panda pajamas in brown patches, like they had been soiled.

"Nine months later I had you, Ashley." Megan leered down at her daughter, arousal coiling in her gut.

"My precious little girl." Megan took a step, and Ashley retreated, whimpering.

"My sweet angel." Megan advanced again, and Ashley scrambled away hysterically.

"My darling little kitten." Megan loved her daughter so much. She was going to give her the best gift a little girl could have. She took a final step, and Ashley recoiled, but the chains suddenly snapped tight. Ashley was at the end. She couldn't go any farther.

The little girl looked down at her manacles and collar in horror, then heard something from above. She looked up.

Her scream pierced the still air of the hellish world for an instant before the slug dropped off the wall and fell over her, smothering the tiny girl beneath its bulk. The red glow provided just enough light to see the tiny, struggling silhouette through the slug's translucent body.

It curled with surprising agility, pushing the girl under it, rolling her over onto her stomach. Its bulk kept the 12-year-old pinned as it moved her into position. Its underside was covered with thousands of tiny wiggling appendages, and Megan saw the little cock emerge from the squirming forest like a pseudopod. It was the same substance as the rest of the creature - a gelatinous yellow with horrid flecks of brown and black. Wide ribs edged the sinuous shaft, and the tip was crowned with a bulbous head that dripped dark, syrupy fluid.

Ashley screamed like she was being murdered when that organ touched her. The tiny girl struggled mightily, but it was like fighting a gooey pillow. She was helpless. The slug hunched itself up and made a distinctive hitching motion - Megan thought if the thing made noise it would sound like vomiting - and it began to sweat a vile-smelling orange liquid on its underside. The fluid sizzled where it made contact with Ashley's pajamas, eroding the cotton fabric. Steam wafted up from the shrieking little girl as her clothing was burned away. Patches of bare skin appeared through the garments - first her back, then pieces of her arms and legs, the orange fabric parting as if rotting away. Finally the sweet globes of her rump were exposed. Perky and plump, they jiggled pleasingly as the 12-year-old cowered on her hands and knees under the creature.

"It's ok Baby." Megan bent, smiling, reaching under the slimy blanket of the creature's bulk until she found her daughter's hand. The lucky girl was about to become a squirming little cock holder for the dripping slug demon. "He's going to rape you now. Don't worry, Mommy's here."

Megan looked deeply into her daughter's eyes, seeing the fear, the naked terror, and finally the sudden twitch of her mouth and the shriek as the stiff cock of sludgelike flesh penetrated her for the first time. Ashley's virginity was ripped away in a moment. Megan looked on with a pleased grin, still holding her daughter's hand as the ribs began to slip one by one between the 12-year-old's straining cuntlips.

A tiny trickle of blood wound its way down Ashley's leg, but it was diluted by the leaking slime of the slug's body. It thrust harder, hunching, and Ashley howled in pain and buried her face against the rock. Her hand clenched in Megan's, the girl holding her mother in a white-knuckled grip as the demon impaled her pussy.

"You'll be just like Mommy now," Megan assured her daughter. The tiny girl's body began to move, jerking back and forth from the thrusting rhythm of the thing's body slapping against her. It had worked half of the vile appendage into Ashley's virgin cunt, and was cramming more in with each thrust. Shaking, trembling, Ashley's scream died out to a low moan that rose with the mounting tempo of the joined bodies. The translucence of the slug's bulk let Megan watch her daughter's tiny cunt being spread wide open around the thing's cock. What a good girl Ashley was, taking a prick inside like that during her very first rape. She squeezed her daughter's hand encouragingly.

Ashley thrashed on the razor edge between pain and pleasure. The slug's prick slithered into her tiny cunt like a solid shaft of bile. Megan imagined how it must feel: the squeezing of her pussy walls for the first time, the shocking sensation of her insides being touched, massaged by velvet hardness, every inch bringing new sensations of electric bliss that swirled through her pelvis and rumbled into a growing storm in her gut. Ashley deserved this. She had always been Mommy's little girl, precocious, wildly energetic. Megan looked down at her daughter with love, rejoicing in the gift of rape that her daughter was receiving. Ashley's pajamas had burned away. Her naked body writhed in the hellish glow, nipples stiff on her flat chest, butt thrust in the air, cuntlips spread visibly around the thrusting slug meat. So precious. She would follow in her Mother's footsteps, her slender 12-year-old body offered up to the fetid creature that mounted her, a vessel to be used for the squeezing pleasure of her cunt and the warm confines of her womb. She was nothing more than a breeder, a writhing prepubescent little fucktoy. A slugslut. She would thrash and thrust and scream and cum endlessly on the vile cock of her mate, her belly swelling up with demon offspring. Just like Mommy.

Ashley's moan rose into a squeal and her body shook as her climax rose up and overwhelmed her. The slug's entire body pulsed visibly, and the jerking rhythm ceased with one final slam as it buried its cock into the little girl and emptied its seed. Megan knew that a fountain of slug semen was erupting right next to her daughter's womb, filling it up, billions of little slug sperm swimming through the warm cavity and seeking her eggs.

Megan stood up and began to walk back towards the throne, following the lead of Ashley's chain as it vibrated on the ground. Amanda had wanted to go to the state tryouts for her cheerleading. She had wanted to take more piano lessons. She had trained hard for track for years, desperate to reach the regional competition. Now she would do none of those things. Now she would writhe eternally on the business end of a pumping pigcock, naked body running with rivulets of slime and pig sweat, her stomach growing tight with infernal piglets.

And little Ashley. She had excelled in school. She was going to start high school a year early. Now all her hard work on math and history were worth nothing. She would never need to use them. All the little girl needed to do was push her ass in the air, to jerk her pelvis back and forth, to wiggle and moan and squeal with delight and accept the thumping pulse of rigid slug cock into her tight little pussy, a lewd little semen toilet writhing on the rocks of the lowest pit of Hell. Her belly would grow too, first a tiny bump, then a modest bulge, and at the end her tummy would swell to a massive paunch, skin tight as a drum over the brood of slimy slug babies in her womb.

The pants and shrieks of her daughters were like music ringing out against the velvet darkness. Megan knelt in front of the throne. She had sacrificed her offspring to him, just as he wanted, consigning them to an eternity of bestial debauchery. Now she would never have to part from him again. She looked up at her master, seeking his approval. His ugliness defied description. His was the most wretched form that existence could offer. The most disgusting, the basest and most loathsome creature that could be imagined. Grimy sweat leaked on his underbelly. The stubby, clawed fingers that protruded from the sides of his body were ripe with pustules. The fat, grub-like body jiggled with laughter and the tentacles coiled in anticipation. The eye stalks peered down at Megan, red eyes burning with fire. It gestured with one of its fingers.

There was one more thing, Megan realized. It sat upon the arm of the throne: the onyx focus, glowing malevolently with internal lights. Three of them this time, tiny fireflies that illuminated the interior of the black surface with a golden sheen.

Megan reached up and took it. It felt heavier in her hands, like the fundamental essence of the black material had shifted. She held it in front of her for a moment, feeling its warmth spread through her fingers.

The warmth grew. It spread up her arms, filling them with golden light. Megan felt an overwhelming sense of peace suffusing her body. A blinding white light suddenly pierced the darkness from above, driving it back.

Time seemed to stand still. Megan couldn't see anything but the light. It showered around her, glittering, cleansing the air, filling it with the scent of rose petals. Megan breathed it in, feeling vibrant, feeling alive in a way that transcended the earthly existence she had known. A supernal grace permeated that halo of light, filling Megan with feelings of grace, of benevolence, of a warm, beckoning love pure beyond the bounds of her mind to conceive.

Megan's mind cleared of the burning lust, the storm becalmed in an instant. Her grisly actions stretched out before her, knowledge that sent an icicle of dread up her spine.

Hell. Megan damned to a rutting existence of sexual servitude. Amanda, Ashley. Her daughters, betrayed by the one they trusted most, reduced to playthings to be raped and bred by the horrifying mates their mother had chosen for them. Their lives discarded. Their bodies forfeit. Meat, supple girlflesh locked in bondage to the thready pounding beat of sexual bliss in their cunt, wombs surrendered to the swill of unspeakably vile semen that erupted ceaselessly from their demon lovers.

She had done it. Megan. She looked up at the light, comprehension dawning fresh on her face. It wasn't too late, the light whispered. The focus encompassed their souls, locking them away but also protecting them from the infernal influence of Hell. Their bodies were tainted, but their spirits were yet pure. They could go back. That brilliant white light would illuminate their path. They could leave everything here behind and ascend back to the realms where the light shone freely. The aura shimmered around Megan, pristine, immaculate, utterly unblemished. Heaven itself had reached down to lift them up.

Megan looked down at the focus, then up at the light again. She made a decision.

Screaming defiantly at the blinding light, she raised the focus over her head and smashed it against the rock with all her strength. It shattered violently, black splinters flying. The light winked out in an instant, offended.

Now their souls were here. Now they were sealed to Hell for eternity. Megan had made her choice. She chose the vile filth. She chose the fetid debauchery and the endless animal thrusting inside her. She chose the degradation of her self to her primal urges, a beast enslaved utterly to her master's desires. Defiled. Profaned. A wretched creature thrashing in muck with her daughters, their wombs filled ceaselessly with the seed of iniquitous corruption.

The demon slithered from his throne, its repulsive body looming over Megan. She turned around and got down on her hands and knees obediently, then reached back and spread her pussy lips. This was everything a contemptible slut like her deserved. She looked over her shoulder and fixed her master with a look pregnant with pleading desperation. Do it. Slam that filthy, smegma-ridden cock in me. Use me. Rape my pathetic cunt and fill me with demon cum. Show me how worthless I am.

Tentacles slid slowly into place around her wrists and ankles. Grubby fingers and pointed claws flexed against the sides of her torso as the worm demon bent over her. She shivered in anticipation. Her daughters screamed in pleasure nearby, their bodies locked to their mates, hips thrusting violently, shaking in ecstasy, bodies sullied by the spurts of wicked seed erupting from the thrusting cocks inside them.

A pointed head of filthy meat pressed against Megan's cunt. The tentacles cinched tight and pulled, lining her up, and Megan screamed as the demon's cock rammed itself inside her.


She had forgotten her life, her name. All she remembered was that she and her daughters were in the lowest pit of Hell because of her.

The thought was driven from her head, replaced with explosive joy as the heavy cock of her master slammed into her pussy. She shrieked as her cunt lips were split apart and the heavy paunch of her pregnant belly rubbed against the ground. Her master pounded her eagerly from behind as she crouched on the slimy ground like a dog.

She dropped her head, looking down proudly at the enormous mound. Her stomach swelled like a beach ball, strained nearly to bursting around the demon children within. Orange semen, smelling of salt and putrefaction, dribbled down from her cunt to the strained divot of her belly button, then dripped onto the floor. More orange gobs oozed down her legs. Her naked body was covered with it, gooey streaks on her back, orange deposits splattered on her breasts and drying in tacky layers on her chin.

The thrusting rhythm of demon cock in her pussy set her belly swaying. He was getting big. Soon she would have her baby, her body wrenching and spasming in labor as she screamed from the delicious agony of her cunt being spread open and delivering yet another squalling demon child. How many had it been? Countless. Hordes of grotesque, misshapen, maggot-like young had been spawned from her womb, and she loved every one of them. Every single ugly, foul, squalling grub that came out smelling of blight and decay.

Bodies crowded around her. Her children, the ones still young enough to need their mother. Grotesque little copies of their father, each hunched upright, they jostled each other, miniature tentacles fondling her body, erect pricks jutting from their groins. She opened her mouth, and one of her boys squirmed up and pushed the knobby girth of his prick inside. The taste of moldering slime and smegma filled her mouth. She sucked on it like candy, her head filling with the musky scent of throbbing demon meat. She licked and sucked and worked her cheeks and tongue eagerly, relishing the shiver of incestuous passion that rippled down her spine and joined with the tingling storm that flowed from the pistoning motion in her cunt.

The rank flesh in her mouth swelled up suddenly and pulled out, and she closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. Cum spurted across her face, criss-crossing her nose, splashing into her hair, then finally focusing on her open mouth. Young boys were so eager. Especially her boys. The demon worm hunched excitedly and quivered with satisfaction as it came on its mother, spewing its seed on her body. She licked her lips, relishing the salty taste and slimy texture. She loved being used by her boys, loved it when they used their mother's dripping body as a canvas to paint even more cum on her.

Her boy was pushed aside and replaced by another, just as ugly and wretched in appearance, but smaller, only a foot high. She opened her mouth and bent her head, accepting him inside. A growing boy needed an attentive mother, and they grew so fast. So many had grown large like their father and departed, finding their own dominion, their own filthy pit deep in this abyss. Hell was thriving. Her sons, unbound by infernal bondage because of their human blood, took what they pleased from Earth. Women. Girls. No ritual was needed, as it had been for her. Her sons raped as they pleased, enslaving whichever human females they desired and using their bodies to breed.

The cock in her mouth swelled up and erupted into a vile geyser in her mouth. She swallowed as quickly as she could, but the copious orange fluid filled her mouth and poured out around her lips. The cock pulled out and She coughed, but it was immediately replaced by another.

This was her hellish paradise. She had become that 14-year-old girl again, the one pushed down and slammed against the toilet and used solely for the tight pleasure of her pussy. She lived the reality of that gloryhole bar in an endless cycle, an army of cocks shoving into her dripping holes, fountaining cum inside her, the frenzied copulation punctuated only by the torturous ecstasy of birthing her demon young. This was her existence, fixed on the carnal axis that spun her shaking, trembling body from climax to climax.

A river of orange cum flowed down her chin and dripped from her breasts by the time her boys were done. They left, sated for the moment, leaving her with only the virile pounding of her master's knobby demon prick in her aching cunt.

Her daughters were nearby. Her sweet daughters, worthless little animal sluts just like their mother, cocksleeves to be fucked and raped and pounded and bred by their own masters. Like their mother, the every desire of their depraved, bestial existence was fulfilled: they licked the sludge and grime from their master's pricks when hungry, they drank his semen when they were thirsty, and squealed every moment in between as their little girl cunts were ploughed by revolting demon pricks and flooded with endless spurts of demon cum.

There was the older one, laying on her back on the oozing stone, her pregnant belly obscenely swollen with piglets. The boar hovered above her, connected to its mate by the long spiraling length of pumping pig prick. It grunted with delight as it jackhammered the little girl's pelvis, its fat belly rubbing against the distended paunch of her stomach. The girl had her legs in the air like a good little whore, feet locked behind the jiggling butt of her porcine lover.

Purple fluid was splattered on every inch of the naked 14-year-old, wild drips squirted out from where the rotten pig meat was enthusiastically ploughing her cunt. As she watched, her daughter shrieked and locked her legs tighter, urging the pig to give one final slam into her cunt. Her pregnant belly jiggled wildly and her shaking breasts leaked purple fluid - milk for the babies almost due.

Her other daughter was just on the other side, laying with her back propped against a slimy rock. Three slugs each the size of a fist crawled on her flat chest, two of them with their heads touched to the girl's tiny nipples and the third curled adorably around her belly button. The chain hung loose from her iron collar, long since corroded by the slimy slug fluid that coated the little girl's naked body. The tiny girl quivered as her babies sucked green fluid from her flat little girl tits, an exultant grin on her face. She had given birth hours ago, holding her shaking belly and panting frantically as she squeezed 3 gelatinous balls out of her cunt. Her babies had uncurled - adorable little bundles of vomit-colored sludge, and the girl had cried happily as she gathered them to her breasts.

The girl's master was oozing ponderously up to the rock. The little breeder's pregnant belly had deflated, so it was time to fill her up again. The erect shaft of flexible slug meat extended from its underside, and it reared itself up in front of the girl, positioning its gooey prick against her cunt. She panted with glee, arching her neck and closing her eyes, overwhelmed by the thrill of her babies chewing on her nipples while her lover lined up with her pussy. This was what she lived for, her smile said. This was the existence she craved. This was the fulfillment of every hope and dream the 12-year-old girl had ever had.

That shaft of yellow meat slammed home in her daughter's naked body just as the woman's orgasm rose up inside her. She bucked wildly, watching her daughter's pleasure, and a scream of ecstasy forced itself from her throat. Jets of warmth splashed her pussy walls as the demon prick swelled up larger inside her and flooded her pregnant cunt with rapid blasts of orange semen.

"Aaaagh! AaaayaaAAAARGH!"

She was just coming down from her climax when she heard her other daughter crying out. The girl was laying on her back, hands pressed to her naked belly, heaving wildly.

Her lover pulled his demon prick from her pussy with a wet slurp. The worthless cumslut forced herself to stand, her thighs shaking. Virulent orange cum dripped down her legs. She took a few steps and dropped to her knees beside the girl.

"It's ok sweetie. I'm here. Just breathe."

The girl nodded, her jaw clenched tightly with pain. Her belly seemed to move by itself, life stirring under the taut flesh. The woman took her daughter's hand. She was so proud of her little girl. She was such a perfect little pigfucker, eagerly taking pigcock in any dripping hole her mate wanted around the clock. Now she was about to bear another litter of his young. Once, an eternity ago, the girl had done other things. The woman didn't remember them. They didn't matter. Now her daughter writhed here in Hell with her, fulfilling the only true purpose a wretched little cumbag like her deserved. She helped her naked daughter get propped up with her back to a rock, her gaping cunt exposed to the air.

"Doing good sweetie. Breathe in and out. 1,2,3...1,2,3..." The woman held her daughter's hand and rubbed her shoulders as the the 14-year-old heaved her way through the contractions, cheeks puffing. It didn't take long. The girl's thighs jerked suddenly, and jerked again, and she shrieked and strained visibly as she bore down, her face scrunched tightly with effort.

She bent and pressed a kiss to her daughter's forehead, holding her shaking body as the first piglet slipped out with a wet plop and a gush of fluids. The girl's face twitched with exaltation as her birthing orgasm washed over her, her pain turning to a tempest of blinding pleasure. Her body shook on the rock, and the woman helped hold her steady as another jerk brought a second piglet into the hellish world.

The pair of piglets struggled in the soupy pool of purple fluid, squealing pitifully as they tried to get their legs under them. The girl cried out, her deflating belly still quivering. The woman held her tight, petting her slimy hair as the third and final piglet was slowly squished out of the gaping cunt and plopped into the sodden purple puddle.

"You're such a good girl." She hugged her daughter as tears of happiness flooded the little girl's eyes. "Mommy's so proud of you. My little girl, my precious pigslut."

The daughter gazed up at her mother, wearing a look of rapturous joy. Her mother, her lover, her endless brood of pig babies - she adored them all, that look said. Her mother had given her a gift beyond imagining, a blessing of fulfillment consummated by that first violent rape of her little girl pussy. She arched her neck to kiss her mother on the lips, and the pair shared an intimate moment swapping the residual film of cum that always lined their mouths.

Their kiss broke. Mother and daughter looked on as the squalling demon piglets got their stubby feet under them. They would grow so rapidly, she knew. Her daughter was a wonderful mother. She would love them and cuddle them and feed them with her breasts and suck their cocks with gusto. Before she knew it, they would be grown and gone out in the wider world of Hell, to be minions to other demon broods, to rape the latest batch of juicy little girls that were taken from Earth and brought here, to dump load after load of pig sperm into them until their bellies swelled with demon life.

And there were more too, besides her children and her children's children. There were endless beasts here in Hell, and so many little girls were being dragged down here screaming these days that they were all gathering mates. Every vile thing that crawled or flew or lay in wait to snare was finding a girl, dragging her to its lair or just pushing her down on the ground right there and mating with her. Demon dogs thrusting into panting little girl bitches, making them fat with puppies, flying bugs chasing down crying, fleeing girls, dragging them to their hives and building waxy restraints to keep them immobile. Snakes and spiders and oozing holes in the ground full of tentacles - one by one they were all finding mates, snatching human girls and raping them ceaselessly, using them for their slippery cunts and their fertile wombs.

The plane was flourishing. It was only a matter of time. Soon they would be the most numerous and powerful plane in Hell. The waste, the vermin and filthy trash, the scum that fed at the bottom - now they would be on top.

But not her. She didn't want to be on top. She had left everything behind: names, identity, human concerns, and found her own paradise here in this sodden, stinking pit on the floor of Hell, a receptacle for cum and trash, insignificant and worthless and wasted, her and her daughters raped and bred in an eternal carnal cycle. Used up, spent, their souls slowly corroded by the seeds of perdition spewed inside them and devoured by their mates, locking them together in eternal bestial bondage.

The woman sat back and watched as her daughter breastfed her new piglets. The demon boar was approaching the girl again, dragging its cock along the slimy ground. It straddled the girl, lining up its prick and shoving inside with a wet slap. Its mate's womb was empty, so it was time to rape her again, time to fill her up.

The claws of her master touched her shoulders, and the woman knelt down and put her butt in the air. On the bottom, that was where she belonged. Vile. Filthy. Her naked body the epitome of worthless trash. Just a cunt to be used up and filled with fetid, steaming cum spurted from the wretched body of her ugly master. It was all she needed, all she wanted. All that a wasted girl like her deserved.

Her cunt exploded with pleasure as the knob of dripping meat slammed past her pussy lips. At last she had found where she belonged. Her cries mixed with those of her daughters, the trio of naked bodies writhing in the infernal red gloom of the lowest floor of Hell.