WintermuteX Stories

Monstrum: Bitch

By WintermuteX

Tags: g, bd, best, magic, nc, ped, rape, reluc, viol

Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Gore, Death, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

"Do you call that a lightning bolt? I've had scarier blasts from my bottom after eating Taijan peppers! Again!"

Shae whirled her golden staff, gathering the magical energy from the space around her, shaping it into form. She gestured, and a bolt of wild sparks shot from her hand towards the wooden target, clipping it on the side to spin around and fall over.

"Well, that's a little better!" the man yelled. "You need to work on your form Shae."

She turned to look at her commander and found his blue eyes staring back at her from under his unruly mop of wild black hair. Despite her best efforts, Shae always felt herself blushing when Vhaine's handsome gaze turned her way. He was in full battle-dress, with polished gauntlets and a gleaming steel breastplate, but Shae couldn't help imagining him as he was in the training room: clad in short breeches as he energetically danced with his practice blade, spinning in graceful, controlled movements, droplets of sweat flying off his muscular body.

"Y-Yes sir, I will," she squeaked nervously. " I'll practice that one in particular. It'll be better by next week, you'll see."

He nodded, a charming grin growing on his face, before turning back to attend to the men training with swords and bows on the battlements.

Shae looked down at her toes, hiding her blush by pretending to adjust her uniform. Vhaine was the most handsome man she knew, and whenever he looked at her a flood of embarrassment washed from her head down to her toes. She was 10 years old. She was a mage now. She commanded the raw forces of the universe, bending them to her will, using them to serve and defend the kingdom of Teleria. She had even met the queen! She couldn't let the gaze of some boy turn her inside out, no matter how pretty. And yet somehow, every time he looked at her...

The uniform didn't help. A mage had to wear special clothing - it came with the job. Condensing magical forces would cause normal clothes to decay rapidly over time as they soaked up the entropic currents, so a mage's uniform had to be composed only of the metallic allocite and blue dreamcloth, materials which were immune to the effect. Both were extremely expensive and hard to come by. A thin collar of the golden metal girded her neck, connected by delicate hanging filigree with the small allocitic braces that ran down her bare back. Thin arms wrapped around her sides and stretched over her chest, ending in hanging scraps of dreamcloth that barely covered her nipples. The rest of her chest and tummy were bare.

Her bottoms were nothing more than a small chain of the delicate golden allocite which hugged her hips and ran around her waist. At the front and back hung loose flaps of dreamcloth woven with a gold border, barely enough to cover her pussy and ass. Her slippers actually had more metal than her bottoms, since they came with flexible allocite cords that wrapped around her lower legs and tied just below the knees. A thin tiara with tiny hanging sapphires completed the traditional mage outfit. Gems were immune to the effects of magical decay, and slightly less costly than the metal itself, so her outfit was studded freely with shining jewels; a diamond at the front of her panties matched a ruby in the back, just above her bum. A mage in motion in the sunlight flashed like a meteor.

She adjusted her panties again, ensuring the meager scrap of cloth covered her privates. The men would leer sometimes when the mages practiced, and it was a popular sport among the boys to sneak into the castle grounds to watch the training. She had mastered combat with the staff and the dagger, and she could whirl, dance, and parry satisfactorily, holding her ground against the men. Having them look at your pussy every time you dodged just came with the job. If it was Vhaine looking at her though, well, she got this tingling that spread outwards from her groin and left her dizzy and light on her feet-

She shook her head. It was no good being distracted. She would have to train hard if she wanted to prove that she was ready to go on the next mission.

Teleria fielded a sizable military, but it was no secret that armed men weren't much good against the terrifying monsters that attacked the kingdom. Faster, stronger, more numerous, and with spikes, teeth, and claws that could rip an entire squad apart in seconds, the monsters had menaced human lands for many years, destroying outlying towns and villages. The queen had turned to the mages for a solution. The ephemeral, invisible force called magic could level a tower with a single blast, or smite giant Org-reh to pieces with a devastating fireball. Its inscrutable strains manifest themselves only in young girls - the capable ones beginning to show signs of promise around 6, before their magical abilities peaked at around 10 years of age. After that, the ability slowly lost potency, tapering off as a girl reached sexual maturity in her mid teens.

So the mages had been recruited, instructed, outfitted, and trained solely in the art of combat against ravenous creatures ten times their size. A properly trained girl could decimate a squad of Org-reh or a lumbering pack of Ettu all by herself, provided she had a little backup to keep the monsters busy while she worked her magic. If things went wrong and the monsters reached her though, well, things usually went pretty different. If they caught one, a monster would do things to a little girl that were best not mentioned outside of the classroom.

More distractions. She put them out of her head and focused on her form, sending another bolt of electricity thundering towards the wooden target. This time, the energy didn't veer in mid-air, instead striking the wooden dummy dead center and shattering it to splinters. She smiled.

Shae lurched awake when the instructor rapped her hand with a ruler.

"Miss Shae, I asked you a question. Stop being such a sleepyhead," admonished Miss Mathers. The grey-haired ex-mage who tutored Shae's class in Monstrum Factorum glared down at her student.

"Yes ma'am, I'm sorry," groaned Shae sleepily. She had been up late, practicing her spells. "Will you please repeat the question?"

"I asked about the Arachma. How do they reproduce?"

Shae spun through the heap of facts in her head. Arachma: disgusting man-sized spider creatures that hunted in packs and preferred ambush tactics. They liked to lure patrols into areas they controlled, before snaring them in their webs and attacking from behind.

"With eggs ma'am."

Her instructor lifted her chin and sniffed disapprovingly. "Of course with eggs. Every small child knows spiders lay eggs. That is not what I am asking. How do the Arachma reproduce? Tell us please, in detail."

Shae gulped as she composed the revolting answer.

"They slay any human men they come across, but they take girls as prisoners. They like to uh...wrap them in webs. Hold them down. They make hives to live in, with narrow tunnels, and will take the women back there to um...breed."

"How do they breed, please," asked her instructor with a long-suffering look.

"They strap the girls to the webs. Then they take turns using their um...thingies. They like to put it in the women's mouths and vaginas, and fill them up. The women get pregnant with the spider eggs, and eventually they hatch, giving birth to more Arachma."

"Yes. Well, finally we have arrived at something close to an answer," her instructor said, continuing to address the room. "An Arachma will bind its victim with several layers of thick, sticky webbing. The Arachma silk is soft, but incredibly strong. It can resist all blades, and is only vulnerable to fire. A victim so restrained is quite helpless. Unlike mammals, Arachma have a jutting pseudophallic protrusion in their nether regions, and from the end of that their real penis will emerge when aroused. They will take women of any age for breeding, and since it is not required that the women be fertile - only that they have a warm uterus to use - even very old and very young girls can be suitable hosts for eggs. The ejaculate of an Arachma is just a delivery vehicle for the thousands of fine eggs in their semen. Once impregnated, eggs grow to maturity, and are ejected by the girl in a process somewhat similar to labor. When exposed to air, the eggs rapidly hatch.

The spiderlings grow to maturity rapidly, and it's not uncommon for a newly born Arachma to be impregnating its own mother a few weeks after birth. The women are kept in the hive indefinitely, sustained by the excretions of-"

Shae tried to stop listening. She hated this class, learning every disgusting fact about the monsters she was supposed to be fighting. The instructor had unrolled a detailed diagram on the board at the front of the class, illustrating every step of the breeding process in hideous detail. Shae gazed out the window instead of paying attention.

Her daydreaming was interrupted when an elegant woman entered the class. Everyone knew of Sheila d'Anzer, the famed advisor to the queen. Her immaculate white dress wrapped around a slender body like a second skin, and a silver necklace, holding a priceless red ruby, shined at her throat. Shae had heard the boys whisper how she was the most gorgeous woman in the kingdom, a luscious beauty who never aged. She looked around 25, but rumors said she was much older, her youth sustained through unknowable magical forces. She was always dressed finely, preferring white, with a seemingly effortless perfection of every detail of her appearance. Shining black hair was always perfectly arranged to bounce gracefully about her shoulders, and her elaborate dresses somehow remained completely spotless no matter the occasion. An ex-mage herself, she liked to visit the classrooms often to check on the students.

"Good morning, Miss Mathers. It's good to see you again. What are the students learning about today?" she asked with her distinctive melodic voice.

Miss Mathers bowed to her superior. "Today we are learning about the Arachma, your grace."

"Arachma is it? Well, let us see what your students have learned. You there, twirling your hair. What is your name?"

"Shae," she squeaked, the blond strands dropping from her fingers with embarrassment.

"Shae, tell me, if your studies have prepared you: Where and when was the first Arachma attack?"

"It was, 392 CE ma'am. They took over the village of Mulberry."

Sheila nodded. "Indeed. What did they do at Mulberry?"

"They um, they killed everyone, except for the girls at an orphanage," Shae gulped, beginning to wither under the rapid-fire quizzing.

"What did they do with the girls, Shae?"

"They bred them, uh, impregnated them. It was an orphanage for very young girls, mostly around 7 I think. They built a hive under the town and used the girls to produce thousands of Arachma. It took a very long time for the soldiers to beat them back to Mulberry and discover the hive."

"It took about 10 years, in fact," Sheila lectured. "Most of the girls had spent more than half their lives living in the hive by that point. What did they say when the soldiers came to free them?"

"Um, I think...they kept saying things like 'let me go back'. They didn't seem to want to leave. Some of them fought the soldiers."

Sheila d'Anzer nodded sagely and surveyed the class, a queer smile spreading on her face. "Always remember, as you pursue your studies, the overpowering effect of Conversion that the monsters have. It is an important lesson. That will be all for today."

She slipped out of the classroom with the same silent grace with which she had entered.

Miss Mathers cleared her throat. "And now, class, we will move on to the Mammalia variants of the Monstrum kingdom, beginning with the Hellhounds, the Fiendfoxes, the Rapewolves, the Suckbats, and the Corpsum Gorillas. You will learn more of the combat tactics for each of these monsters from your combat instructors. Please turn to page 632 of your text now."

Every student had their own copy of the Monstrum Factorum text, a gigantic tome with thick covers and elaborate giltwork on the binding. It contained every scientific fact known about monsters. Shae flipped the pages until she found the place.

"Now, the Hellhounds prefer to hunt in small packs of 3 to 5, and avoid conflicts with larger groups. Their footprints leave a distinctive burning sulphurous odor, and they can be tracked to their lairs by-"

Shae sighed quietly. She had already studied the material the night before, memorizing every fact and diagram. Like most of the chapters, the Hellhound section detailed how the monster would pursue and copulate with its prey, including full-color anatomical cutaways depicting the creature in penetration of a little girl. Sometimes the combat details seemed like an afterthought.

Her gaze was drawn to the window again, attention slipping as Miss Mathers continued with her boring droning. Somewhere up there on the battlements, or in the training yard, Vhaine was patiently instructing his men. They were scheduled for unarmored combat again today, which meant he wouldn't be wearing his shirt. She stared out into the soft afternoon sunlight, losing herself in her daydreams.

Shae shivered as the cold night air flooded over her, breath swirling in brief misty clouds as she walked. When she had finally been given her first combat assignment, she had been thrilled, imagining some glorious battle in which her company drove off the monsters attacking another village. Nobody had told her that fighting was mostly about marching: marching here, then over there, then up the road, then to the next town, one foot in front of the other, without end. They had marched all day under orders, Vhaine sure that the monster pack they were chasing was headed towards the village at the end of this road, or there already. Shae had lost track of their names. Bramblethicket, Widefield, Forecopse, something-or-other. They were almost all the same: endless fields and cows and grubby farmers with their families. The one just ahead of them was named Redrock, but it would just have more fields and cows that didn't matter. What mattered was that, after several days, they were finally closing in on the creatures they had been sent to hunt.

Maybe the marching was a blessing. The moonlit night was freezing, promising more icy roads in the days ahead. Her delicate mage's outfit, barely concealing the private bits of her slender body, did nothing for warmth. The cold metal pressed against her chest the her nipples poked at the hanging fabric. The tiny diamond belly button stud - a magical charm given as a good-luck gift from her friend Senna - was becoming an icy rock in her navel. She had to rely on the motion of her own body to keep from freezing. Normally she would use a Warmth spell, which would keep her and everyone around her quite comfortable, but Vhaine had said Org-reh mages were with the pack, and they would be able to sense any magic coming, so Shae and the other mages suffered in silence, trying to keep their teeth from chattering.

She looked over at her friends. Five mages had been dispatched with the twenty soldiers; five little girls, practically naked, sent to fight and destroy the creatures which threatened the kingdom. Soira, Colette, Elsa, and herself were all classmates, and a younger girl named Catie from the next class down had also come along. They tried in vain to rub warmth into their arms as they walked at the rear of the column

The column came to an abrupt halt. Shae could barely see past the men in front of her. It looked like there were Org-reh on the road. Nasty abominations, they towered upwards of twelve feet, with fleshy, muscular bodies and fat guts that spilled down over filthy rags and loincloths. Their weapons were little more than makeshift clubs composed of wagon axles and boat oars with nails hammered into them. They sneered and jeered at the company, and Shae could see what had made the men halt.

Org-reh loved little girls. They liked to chase them. They liked to fuck them. Sometimes they threw them around for sport. They were creative in their cruelty. She could see that this group had armored themselves in their latest spoils. The Org had a haphazard collection of small, naked girls strapped against their legs and arms with leather bindings. Laying spread-eagled against each Org chest, tied at their wrists and legs, a young girl formed the breastplate of the human armor.

Org-reh cocks were enormous affairs, with painful protrusions jutting out all along their two-foot shafts and a slight ring of backwards spikes near their meaty heads. The girls hanging from the Org chests as armor were impaled on their gigantic pricks, screaming and crying for help as the creatures laughed and bounced them playfully. Globby patches of dried semen were splattered over the girl's bodies, and a few had fresh fluid running down the insides of their thighs. It didn't help that Org-reh were almost perpetually erect, and could stay that way even after death. Even if Shae's company could cut them down, getting those girls off would be a bloody affair.

An argument was taking place at the front of the column. Vhaine had ordered for archers, but they were telling him that they couldn't make the shots they needed in the dim light without also hitting the girls being used as armor. He whispered furiously, before beckoning Shae and the other mages to come up to the front.

"Can...can you do anything about...that?" he growled, thrusting his finger down the road at the monsters who were still standing there, taunting the company.

"Um, well we can't fireball them. And force blasts aren't exactly going to help. It would just turn them all to pulp. Uh...wind slices maybe? I don't think so."

"We could cast a Delirium. That would confuse them, probably make them fight their own shadows," Senna suggested.

It was a good suggestion. "Fine, cast a Delirium spell, then we'll come at them with the swords. But hurry!"

Shae and the other mages quickly lined up, holding their staffs in front of them and chanting. Vhaine waited impatiently, sword out, hands shaking. One of the Org shouted a taunt at him, pointing at the screaming girl strapped to his chest, rubbing his hand lasciviously over her tits and making lewd gestures.

A buzzing hum of coalesced magic was vibrating the air, audible even to the soldiers. The spell crackled with a tangible energy as the spell reached its crescendo. A wolf gave a long, lonely howl in the distance.

Shae broke her concentration on the spell for a moment. Wait a second...a wolf? That meant-

Roars filled the air. A force of monsters, Org and Ettu, appeared on the ridge above them, and snarling sounds came from a pack of creatures that sprinted out of the forest behind them. Vhaine had time to scream an order: "Circle formation! Protect the mag-" before a boulder slammed out of the darkness, crashing into him and carrying him out of sight, leaving a bloody smear on the ground.

Shae screamed. Blood and fire filled the world. Two more soldiers went down in the blink of an eye, smashed by the rocks thrown by the Ettu. The rest worked their swords and bows, frantically trying to keep their formation. She let loose a fireball to fly at the ridge, and a wild explosion scorched the monsters there. A soldier swung his axe at a charging Org-reh, who thrust his stomach forward at the last second to plant the blow in the belly of the hysterical girl on his front. She screamed with agony, and the soldier has only a brief moment to goggle in horror before the Org-reh swept him aside with a mighty blow.

Everything collapsed. Shae let loose one more bolt before a shadow leaped for her face and she had to duck. A unseen blow knocked the staff out of her hand and she fell backwards, trying to roll for distance. Grabbing her dagger from its sheath, she brandished it at the snarling shadows that circled her. One jumped at her shoulder, pitching her onto her side. She ducked and tumbled awkwardly, yelling desperately, and dropped her dagger.

Vhaine was gone. She had seen Collette knocked down and pulled out of sight. Catie was shrieking in terror as an Ettu grabbed her roughly by one arm, lifting her high in the air to peer at her maliciously with both heads. She stood alone, the growling forms of wild dogs surrounding her. A massive weight crashed into her back, launching her forward to fall onto her stomach.

Her mind whirled. Which spell to use? Were they Demon Dogs? Jackal Spawn? No, she caught a glimpse of a furry head in the torchlight: Rapewolves. A Frost Bomb would be easiest. She mouthed the words to a spell and tried to draw magic to form it before realizing she had lost her staff. A mage couldn't gather magical energy without a staff. Icy fear gripped her heart.

She had to run. She frantically scrambled to her feet, pawing at the loose soil she couldn't see. Terror energized her muscles as her legs pounded the ground, and she had just barely got into a stride when a huge branch slammed her in the face, knocking her down again.

Nothing in Shae's training had prepared her for this. She couldn't see in the dim moonlight. She was helpless without her staff. Her mind fractured into a thousand terrified fragments. Hiccuping hysterically, she crawled forward. She must be in the forest. Can't run in a forest. She shambled forward over the roots bit by bit.

The howling of the beasts was close behind her. Snuffling and breathing sounds filled the air as the creatures moved in the darkness, sniffing for her scent. Branches and leaves rustled menacingly with the passage of heavy bodies. They lurked unseen as she stumbled forward blindly, closer by the second, guttural growls driving her onwards in a panic. "HRUUFFFFFF!" went the sound of a wet snort right by her ear, sending her tumbling in fear. A wolf had found her already. She scrambled around a tree, half-tripping over a root. His hot breath was on her back, teasing his frightened prey. A few steps more and he pitched into her from behind, knocking her forward onto her hands. She fell onto a slide of gravel, scraping her hands and face. Blood mixed with the tears flowing down her face as she sobbed. More breathing around her, the sounds of excited creatures moving in the dark. She rolled to her feet and ran, arms held in front of her face. Leaves and branches swept by her as she bolted in terror through the wood. The beasts called to each other with eager yelps and grunts, teasing the girl as her pursuers surrounded her. Teeth nipped playfully at her mage clothes, and a large, wet nose snuffled at her bottoms when she half-stumbled again. She ran for her life, with the moist breath of excited panting blowing over her legs and backside.

The wind was almost knocked out of her when she smacked into something solid. She was up against a small cliff covered with roots and leaves. Reaching up, she grabbed a handful of thick fibers, and began to pull herself up. If she could just get away from the Rapewolves, out of the forest, she could find her way to a town and get the components she needed to teleport back to the kingdom. She braced her feet and started climbing. A village would help her, and she could make another staff. Nobody would refuse aid to a mage. She just had to get away. She reached up and grabbed for another branch.

Jaws gripped her ankle, clamping on and dragging the girl back down. A pent-up screamed ripped from her mouth just before a blow struck her on the side. She lost her grip. The wind was slammed out of her lungs as she tumbled and hit the ground, landing flat on her chest. Coughing raggedly, lying on her stomach, she reached out her hands to crawl forward, fighting for breath.

Suddenly, two massive weights pinned her arms to the ground. Rotting, fetid breath filled her nostrils as the creature loomed over its catch, paws weighing her down, sniffing hungrily at her body. It lowered its head and ran its tongue up along her back, leaving a slimy trail along her spine, before licking the side of her face to taste her blood and tears. Shae cried and turned her face away. The creature growled at this, a primal, threatening hum that vibrated her body.

She tried to remember her lessons about Rapewolves, what they would do to a girl, but her mind spun out of control. She could feel them sniffing and licking her, more of the creatures running their tongues over her body, snuffling as they inspected their prize. A snout invaded her bottoms, pushing under the flimsy scrap of blue cloth, wet nose burying itself in her behind and smelling her flesh. A tongue lapped out to caress the tiny folds of her delicate pussy. Shae jumped, a warm shock spreading from her groin to the rest of her body. She pushed up and tried to scramble forward on her hands and knees, but the huge body of the Rapewolf enveloped her, blocking movement. He lowered his head next to hers, rows of canine teeth rubbing her ear, and growled menacingly, letting her feel the rumbling threat. Shae huddled in frightened terror under the beast as warm fur brushed against her arms and back, the beast moving to straddle the girl while keeping her pinned. Something stiffed poked at her rump before pushing the flimsy scrap of dreamcloth aside and sliding up against her belly. Shae hung her head, looking down the length of her body, eyes bulging as she sighted the gigantic red wolfcock that was brushing back and forth against her pussylips.

She had time to sob a single word, "No!", before the great beast pulled back, lining up its erect cock with the little girl's pussy, and shoved forward, splitting her open. A scream tore from her mouth as she was invaded, the giant girth of the creature penetrating her body. The wolves howled their carnal cry at the moon, matching her own cries. Her pelvis bucked back and forth roughly, slammed repeatedly as the Rapewolf plunged into the 10-year-old girl with enthusiasm. She had been a virgin, but with the first powerful thrust, that was gone, battered away. Her pussy walls spasmed and she shook helplessly with the first feelings of stiff flesh pressing into her. The tingling in her bottom grew, mounting into a roaring wave that flooded outward, a tempest focused on the brutal invasion of her vagina. Panting and moaning, Shae's body betrayed her as her first orgasm quickly spread from head to toe, locking her muscles rigid as she buried her mouth in the dirt and screamed.

The Rapewolf's balls slapped against her legs as it rammed its prick in with a growl and stayed there, shoving Shae forward into the dirt. Flesh swelled up inside her, a painful growth that squeezed the walls of her cunt apart. Dimly, through the haze of orgasm, she remembered.

Like normal dogs, a Rapewolf could knot with their mate when penetrating. They had a unique feature though: there were numerous pseudo-appendages, not unlike tentacles, that emerged from the beast's belly when taking a mate. During copulation, they would wrap around her and bind her tightly to the beast's stomach, holding her in place with the Rapewolf's penis locked inside her. The creature was free to move around, to run, even to fight, without much impediment, while the bitch stayed helplessly impaled. The soldiers had a lot of trouble fighting the wolves, since they could enter a village, rape any number of women, and then run away effortlessly with their knotted cocks still buried inside their victims. Rapewolves preferred quick raids when they hunted.

The lesson - one of so many she had daydreamed through - suddenly came flooding back with firsthand clarity. Her pussy roared with fire as the giant cock vibrated inside it, held there by the thick knot of flesh. A warm wetness - not her own juices - flooded against the walls of her cunt. She could barely feel the small slimy things that gently wrapped around her thighs, her arms, her throat, until they suddenly pulled tight, restraining her against the furry body. She felt herself lifted off the ground, choking, as the Rapewolf got up from its squat. The cord constricting her neck was cutting off her air, squeezing the muscles of her neck as she struggled to breath. She couldn't move her arms or legs or do anything other than watch the dark forest floor flow past beneath her. The trotting motion worked the wolf's penis around inside her, bumping her pussy walls, jolting her with a painful pleasure that came out in stifled gasps. The grip loosened slightly, allowing her to take a few ragged breaths.

They were out of the forest and running across the field, the Rapewolf's powerful body covering ground rapidly. Shae shrieked. Its cock, still locked inside her, pistoned back and forth with a rapid, agonizing rhythm as the creature sprinted across the open ground. Shae could feel the powerful interplay of the monsters muscles along her spine, working in time with the roaring penetration in her cunt, and she came again, the toes on her feet curling as they were held up against the beast's haunches. Warm wolf spunk squished around in her pussy and was forced up into her cervix with each bound, leaving a tingling, itching sensation deep inside that mounted with each jolt.

They were crossing the battlefield. The dark, broken shapes of the men of the company passed across her vision. She flexed against the slimy limbs wrapped around her throat and tried to turn her head. Only horror greeted her. The Org-reh and Ettu were picking over their prey. Several of the Org still had the little girls strapped to them, their smooth pink bodies now sooty with the grime of battle. She spied more Rapewolves, farther off, and at least one seemed to have prey. It was difficult to tell in the silvery light of the moon, but it seemed like there were small legs, human legs, pressed up against the beast's waist. It must have taken her on her back, knotting with her, before locking her face up against the furry stomach. She could barely make out the quiet sound of sobbing amidst the guttural snarls. One of her friends, captured just like she was.

It was too much, straining to hold her head to the side, seeing only her dead and captured comrades, and the jutting, exposed cocks of the shorter monsters at her eye level. Her head flopped down and her strength gave out. She stopped straining against the bonds of the creature she was bound to. Maybe, she prayed to the gods, they would kill her quickly, but she knew deep down, from her half-remembered lessons, that that was not what was in store for her. Not at all.

The Ettu were shouting in their black language, snarling over some matter she couldn't comprehend. Her Rapewolf wandered the field slowly, sniffing the corpses, looking for any more meat to kill, or any more prey to take. Shae's vision swam with tears as she was confronted with the worst horror yet.

The skull was smashed, blood smeared everywhere, helmet knocked off, but the face was unmistakable in the starlight: Vhaine. A shriek choked itself off in her throat, stillborn. She gagged and jerked her arms and legs. The tentacles gripped tighter around her throat as she struggled, strangling the girl. She closed her eyes again, shutting out the nightmare.

A few more words between the Org-reh and the Ettu, followed by the unmistakable ripping sound as a portal was opened. It seemed the Org had brought their own mages. Shae looked to the side. A wind flowed rapidly, whooshing past her ears towards the portal, as it always did when there was a gate between the planes. The shimmering circle of darkness, bordered by the characteristic blue ribbon of magic, gave no hint where it led. Rapewolves were going through. She was going through. The beasts lined up and vanished, one by one, into the blackness that lay on the other side of that gate. Shae could only watch with desperate horror, mind and body paralyzed, as the gate drew closer and then enveloped her.

Foul stench and stale, acrid air assaulted her the moment they crossed the threshold. Her eyes watered and her throat stung. She felt the silent thunderclap sensation of the portal closing behind her. Smooth stone crossed under her vision, like the deep insides of a cave. It was hard to make out anything else in the dim light, but her ears delivered a horror all their own.

Screams and crying, moans, and gasps of pleasure mixed with the wet grunting sounds of large creatures that filled the space they were in. The beast carrying her jumped down a small rock shelf, and padded its way to a flattened rock. As her eyes adjusted, Shae realized she could only be in Gehenna: that smoky world that alternated between twisting labyrinths of dark caves and wide expanses. Many monsters made their home here, including Rapewolves. This was their den.

The Rapewolf crouched down on the rock and loosened its tentacled grip on her, its knot finally going down, allowing her to slip off the monstrous cock with a slurp. Cum oozed from her pussy as she cowered prostrate on the stone. Looking around, she saw that she was in the center of a bowl, with shallow rocky shelves rising up in levels on all sides. Rapewolves lounged around, sleeping, watching, licking themselves, or playing with their bitches, little girls like herself they had captured.

Her eyes whirled, searching frantically for an escape. There was nowhere to go. More wolves were already surrounding her, giant creatures of heavy fur and muscles that glared at her with carnal interest in their animal eyes. They had come to see the new bitch, and to have some fun. She screamed, a useless gesture, echoing off the rocks, joining the screams of the other girls already here.

Shae's rape seemed to never end. There was no day or night here, only an endless cycle of orgasm and terror. The wolves never let her go. They would hold her down if she struggled - even seemed to enjoy it more - before slamming their veiny dogcocks into her and pounding away. The little girl's pussy was unaccustomed even to human cock, but it was split wide with each invasion, a bulging lupine prick crammed in one painful inch at a time with each powerful thrust until the tiny hole was stuffed full. At the beginning she struggled and cowered, trying to close her legs and roll into a ball, but it never did any good. The Rapewolves would pin her down and force her open, spreading the resisting legs until they could mount the girl. Sore throbbing spread through her legs and groin, and her pussy ached from the repeated stress of being stretched open by the massive girths.

She was the freshest bitch, so they lined up to take turns, each one plunging into her, bringing her to a screaming orgasm and filling her with doggy cum before the next one began his fun. Sometimes they fought over her, minor power struggles played out with brief ferocity - these were the only minutes Shae got any rest at all - but more often they cooperated. They took her any way they pleased, using their jaws and legs to force her into position on her back or on her knees. When the one straddling her found her pussy and began thrusting, another would be waiting impatiently to enter her mouth. She would stretch her tired jaw around the latest prick shoved forcefully in her face, tonguing the head to try to lubricate it before it slammed into her throat. She quickly learned how to take the small, quick breaths she needed between each thrust, suppressing her crying so she could keep breathing and didn't pass out until the monster was done, shooting its jet of greasy cum down her throat or pulling out and putting it all over her face.

If she resisted, they punished her, playing rough, nipping her ears, sometimes taking her three at a time. This was the worst of all. She could be held down onto the stomach of a Rapewolf lying on its back, its cock knotted into her pussy. Another would lick her asshole, getting its slimy saliva all over, teasing her until the little crack puckered up involuntarily. Then the beast would mount her, shoving its prick into her behind. With one giant wolf prick in her pussy and another up her ass, Shae would scream until she thought she would burst. That's when the third would take her in the mouth, silencing her cries, thrusting in and out until she gagged and coughed on a flood of wolf spunk.

A delirium set in as the endless mob of Rapewolves fucked Shae into an incoherent frenzy. Every sense was blocked out save the rough, endless penetration of warm flesh into her body. Each time a new Rapewolf mounted her, pushing her to the ground and ramming into her cunt, she was overwhelmed by the pounding sensation on her pussy walls. Her muscles would spasm on their own, squeezing the meaty girth inside her, coating it with a gush of her juices, and then her own orgasm would sweep her along unwillingly. The thrusting flesh would give a final push before swelling up and sending a fresh, warm jet of wolf jizz splashing up inside her, filling up her belly. Sometimes they would knot with her for fun, locking their quivering cocks deep inside and sending her over the edge into a continuous orgasm. Hot flashes of ecstasy ran like thunderbolts through her body as she arched her back and pushed her hips into the air. Whenever one of those giant shafts was knotted into her hole, she could feel the blood of the great beast throbbing inside her, joining with her own heartbeat, connecting the Rapewolf and his little bitch. She would barely come down from one orgasm, when the primal thrumming of the bloody organ would transmit to her pussy walls, causing her to spasm and cum again.

Exhaustion gave way to sleep, brief merciful stretches of unconsciousness that ended with fresh violation. Shae was always covered in vile, sticky cum, from head to toe. It gummed up her hair, tying it into snarls. If they entered her mouth, they expected her to swallow the foul load they left there. It was salty, thick, and made her gag. If she spit any out, they would punish her again, so she learned to fight her instincts and gulp it down. Terror quivered in her gut every time she did, remembering the Conversion effect that monster cum had. It was filled with chemicals and proteins that caused an acute adaptive effect. A body repeatedly exposed to monster cum would grow acclimated and change internally.

The first effect was usually hormonal, greatly accelerating the sexual drive and lowering the inhibitions of the victim. Over time, if the cum was put in the pussy, or mouth, or absorbed into the body by any mucous membranes, the girl would come to crave more of it as if it were a drug. The cravings also improved the perception of both the monsters and their seed, causing the girl to enthusiastically desire more of both, and find the scent and taste more and more pleasing. The ejaculate of some monsters, like the Org-reh, also had additional effects, causing a girl's pussy to grow wider and tougher, naturally more able to take the inevitable beating from its mate's abusive phallus. Other monsters would cause their mates to grow bigger tits, larger mouths, wider hips. The genetic changes also sometimes rendered the girl fertile to the species, even if she wasn't already fertile to humans. Jackal Spawn and Rapewolves were an example of these. They had been known to impregnate human victims as young as 3 years old. Those were just the known effects. Scholars were discovering new, radical changes that monster cum could cause in the human body all the time.

The raw skin of her back chafed against the flat rock as another beast mounted her, lining up its erection and then slamming in unceremoniously. She spread her legs wide. She didn't cry anymore. There was no point. Her throat was dry and cracked. How long had she been here? Weeks? Months? Years? It didn't matter. There was only the cycle of fucking and orgasm, as her masters filled her up, again and again, bringing her to delirious ecstasy before leaving their cum in her or on her, wherever they pleased.

The Rapewolf finished, whining in pleasure as it filled her pussy, then licking her face before leaving her lying there alone. She had grown immune to the background noise of cries and weeping of other little girls. She had watched them, bowing to the desires of their masters, just like she did. Some of the newer bitches struggled. That was fun to watch. They were stupid. There was no point in a bitch struggling.

She ran a hand over her bulging stomach as she lay on her back on the rock. Pregnant, again. Her second litter. Pregnancy was no respite from her duty to shiver and cum on the end of a Rapewolf's cock whenever it wanted, but it still gave her pleasure. Soon her little ones would be born, more strength for the pack. For some reason, this thought made her smile.

"Well well well. You're coming along very nicely, aren't you."

Muscles ached in protest as Shae turned her head, spying a pair of pristine white slippers. She followed the legs upwards with her eyes uncomprehendingly.

Garbed in an immaculate white dress with a silver necklace, the beautiful woman looked down at her with satisfaction. Her black hair seemed to shine even in the dim light, every strand perfectly in place. Shae's mind was flat, waiting only for the next Rapewolf to come give her its attention, but a vague, distant echo of the person she had been recognized this woman. Hazy, disjointed thoughts sputtered across her consciousness.

It came flooding back with a disorganized crash. Vhaine. Her company. Their defeat. She had been captured!

A thirsty croak was all she could manage, reaching for the woman's feet with a shaking arm. She was rescued! The queen had sent her finest soldiers, led by Sheila d'Anzer, to rescue her! A brief flicker of hope, long extinguished, came into her dark world.

Sheila stepped back in disgust as Shae reached out for her. Not a speck of filth or grime or soot dotted her garb anywhere. She wagged her finger back and forth condescendingly, giving Shae a malicious smile.

"No, no dear, you're not going anywhere. You're right where I want you, and so are the rest of your pathetic little friends."

Her mind whirled in confusion. She couldn't think. She was dreaming.

Sheila crouched down to meet her gaze, just out of reach of Shae's grasping fingers. "That's right. Elsa has become a good little cumbucket for the Corpsum Gorillas, or what they have that serves as cum. Catie has become a breed mare for the Centaurum. Can you imagine that little 7-year-old girl's pussy with horsecock buried in it night and day?" She tittered at the thought.

"Collette is serving as an Arachma brood mother, and doing a very good job of it if I do say so myself. She laid over a thousand eggs in her last brood."

Shae struggled to comprehend the words, fear gripping her vitals like an icy fist.

"Soira, well, I thought she would be bound for the Ettu breeding pens but it turns out they didn't want her, so she was given up to a nest of Venoma Vines. Did you know that once those plants weave themselves into your flesh, your bodies are completely intertwined and interdependent? She's little more than an organ now, a tiny squealing appendage that the vines can fuck whenever it wants to pleasure itself. It's quite nice, don't you think? The Venoma can't masturbate like humans do. They need a gift from us"

The shattered pieces of Shae's mind worked, trying to comprehend this. She swallowed, finding her voice at least.

" them? You help the monsters?"

Sheila's lighthearted titter clashed with her terrifying words. "Of course! Do you think all those little portals that let the monsters into our world just get made on their own? Who taught the Org-reh their magic? Who first gave little girls to Arachma so they learned to use them instead of wildlife? Who taught the Suckbats to use human women as sows? It's inevitable, you know. Teleria is a walking husk, a corpse that hasn't died yet. Just one good shove, and it will fall over like a rotting log. I still haven't quite decided what to do with the queen though. She is thoroughly convinced that the magi have everything very well in hand. Do you think I should give her over to the Fiends? I hear the Abyss is lovely this time of year. Or maybe I should put her in a Fel Wyrm's nest. She'd make excellent breeding stock for a Draconid. A fate fit for a queen." The smiling face bent down to look in Shae's eyes.

"How many mages has the kingdom lost? Do you know? How many lovely little breeding nests are there like this one?"

She reached out to rub a white-gloved hand gently, almost lovingly, over Shae's bulging stomach.

"It had to be little girls you know. Sweet, innocent, beautiful little fuckpuppets, with round bottoms and flat tummies. Had to be little girls, writhing on the ends of gigantic monster cocks, breeding their kind endlessly. The magic in your blood makes you the best choice." She withdrew her gloved hand, still a spotless white, with none of the filth or dried wolf cum on Shae's belly having rubbed onto it.

"Why..." Shae managed to croak out.

Sheila gave a peal of melodic laughter. The muscles of her slender throat clenched with mirth and her laugh echoed like a songbird off the dull walls of the den before being swallowed by the brooding atmosphere. Her hand waved a flippant gesture, and a portal opened beside her. Pebbles rolled and her dress swayed in the wind blowing towards the gap in reality.

"Why? Oh little Shae, dearest. You can wonder all you want. Soon, so very soon, the 'why' won't matter at all. You're a bitch now." She gave a final smile as she stepped through the portal, and it collapsed behind her.

Time didn't exist, only the endless cycle of fucking her masters and bringing them pleasure, letting them flood her pussy with semen so she could bear their pups. There was no food or water here, but that didn't matter, because she had learned to drink the delicious cum of her mates whenever she needed sustenance. The young wolf she had found as she walked around the lair was lying contentedly on his side. His muscular body was mostly hidden by the bristling coat of white fur, but the thick red cock poking out from his groin gave away his vitality. She smiled, admiring his healthy form. He might even be from one of her own litters.

Bitch took a deep breath before getting down on her hands and knees in front of him. The lair smelled wonderful, like a successful hunt, like a warm hole, the musky aroma of the pack filling the air with lazy contentment. There was wild screaming from down in the center of the den. The pack had brought back some fresh bitches, and they were all being trained together. Memories of her own training brought a smile to her face.

She ran her hands along the Rapewolf's flank, brushing fingers through his fur and feeling the bestial muscles play under her fingers. He sniffed and licked her face, enjoying the attention, tail thumping happily on the ground. She took his pointed cock in her hand, gently fondling it, admiring how the veiny flesh stiffened and firmed for her. She wet her tongue with saliva then began licking his prick up and down, gently coaxing him erect, relishing the salty taste filled her mouth. The organ was a good three inches wide when she was done and the slanted head was beginning to bubble with precum. Once, she probably would not have been able to get a prick this wide into her mouth, but she was a good Bitch, and had learned well.

She stretched her jaw, fitting the phallus into her mouth, and began sucking. The Rapewolf seemed content to nuzzle and lick her bottom, which she thrust higher into the air to give him more room. Her pussy lips were tingling already, the stimulation sending prickling sensations all over her body. A good Bitch could come whenever her mate wanted it, and she was a good Bitch. Once, she couldn't have always come when she was with a mate, but that was when she was still being trained.

Taking brief gasps through her nose, she worked the veiny flesh deeper into her throat, sucking and slurping. She used her hands for the parts that she couldn't get in her mouth, running her fingers gently from the wolf's testicles up the shaft to where her lips were wrapped around it. He was young and healthy, and it only took a few minutes before several shots of rich jizz squirted into her mouth. She kept working, using her tongue to massage him until he was done, then swallowed the thick juice with a gulp. It was both salty and sweet, and she relished the sticky thickness as it ran down her throat. She tongued the shaft up and down, cleaning up the few drops of cum she had missed. Her mate was licking her pussy ferociously, raspy tongue running over her delicate pussy lips, and she came with a thunderous shock, flipping her head up and arching her back with a wild "oooooOOOHH" when his probing tongue finally worked its way to the insides of her pussy.

She cuddled with her mate, curling up against his belly, letting the warm fur cover her as she felt his heartbeat against her back. Slowly, she traced her hand down the front of her body and over her tummy, admiring her form, before caressing the deflated cock grazing against her bottom. She was still trim and fit, with pretty pink nipples and a tightly muscled tummy. She had borne several litters for the pack but her body didn't show it, keeping the sexy form of a little 10-year-old girl. Every wolf in the den would still choose her as a bitch.

She got up to continue around the den, looking for another mate. The crying continued from the training area down below, somewhat muffled, and Bitch could see that one of the noisiest new bitches had been quieted by the giant Rapewolf cock that plugged her mouth. She watched the training with pride as the virile beasts mated with the newest members of the pack over and over, taking turns filling up each hole of their new toys with spunky cum. It had been a good hunt, and the pack was happy, and that made Bitch happy. She smiled.

The musky aroma filled the lair with its signal. The pack was restless. It was time for another hunt. They had increased their numbers, and they needed more bitches, more meat. Their den was getting too small.

Bitch had hunted before, of course, helping the pack get prey. She would bend down, letting one of her masters mount her, and then he would knot with her and wrap her body with the tentacles on his stomach before racing through the portal to the world on the other side. They had taken lonely travellers, caravans of unprotected merchants, and isolated farmhouses, each girl adding to the bitches the pack could use for breeding. Hunting was a continuous orgasm as her mate's cock thundered in her pussy, muscled flesh connected with her own as they sprinted across fields, forests, and streams, sniffing out the trails of their prey.

Once, they had taken an entire village. The pack had dropped her off near the outskirts, and she had approached the human town, weeping, and yelling, with a sob story about monsters in the hills that had attacked her family and raped her. Monsters were a serious matter, and the men of the town had armed themselves and marched out and drive them away. Bitch had played her part of the terrified little girl perfectly, accepting the blanket the women of the town threw around her. It had been hard not to smile as she thought about how her pack was tearing the men apart in the forest. She kept up the charade and dribbled out tiny bits of fiction to keep the women occupied until her pack had come thundering into the village a short time later, raping the town, taking whichever bitches they wanted.

Tonight was different though. It was a patrol, with mages. The pack was running with some Org-reh, nasty creatures that smelled awful, but as long as they could help get more bitches, the pack was content. They were going to hit the village, hoping to draw the patrol into an ambush.

Bitch's mate dropped her off into the bushes outside a farmhouse, her orgasm subsiding as the Rapewolf pulled out of her with a slurp and left her on the ground. She scrambled over to the door and rapped on it.

"Ey, who is it, banging on my door in the night?" called a twangy woman's voice.

"Ma'am, please," squeaked Bitch in her best little-girl voice. "Monsters were seen near the village. The constable says we need to evacuate and get the women and children from the houses behind the palisade where they'll be safe."

The door cracked open. "Evacuate? Whats'it? Constable say'n we should come to the village?"

"Yes Ma'am. He's afraid the monsters will attack the houses out here. He says you should get to the village before it's too late."

The door opened the rest of the way, spilling warm firelight out into the night. "Well why didn'a ya say so? We'll come on right quick, but I have to tend to-" the woman's voice cracked to a halt, not expecting to see a naked, sweating 10-year-old girl, with a thick trickle of cum running from her pussy down her legs. It was too late. Bitch's mates slammed through the doorway, knocking the woman over. Bitch saw two little girls, no older than 7 or 8, huddled in flannel nightgowns in the corner, screaming as the room filled with monsters from their nightmares. A Rapewolf already hovered over the woman, a buxom mother in threadbare nightclothes, snapping at her face to force her into submission. Two others were already advancing on the frightened girls, who hugged each other in terror.

Bitch smiled. A mother and her two daughters. They would make very good bitches. The pack would be happy.

The fight was already on when her pack had worked through more farmhouses and reached the village proper. Several of the walls of the palisade had been blown over, and many of the buildings inside were already burning. The ambush must not have gone as planned.

Bitch slunk along the backsides of the buildings with her mates, sniffing the smoky air. Org-reh were mopping up armed men in the main road, but explosions on the east side showed that some of the mages were still alive and fighting. As she moved in that direction, her body tingled with a peculiar resonance she hadn't felt in many years. Somebody was channeling a magical aura nearby, a powerful one. Creeping forward, she came to a low-roofed wooden building, with a corner of the thatch just beginning to smoke. The aura was inside.

Peeking inside the door, Bitch saw the last moments of a fight. A brilliant yellow lens stretched through the air in pulsing waves, apex centered on the outstretched staff of a tiny, girlish figure. Using the barrier as a shield, the girl hurled a firebolt at the massive Org-reh menacing her, blasting open his stomach and sending him flying backwards. The room was filling with smoke, but by the flowing light of the spell, Bitch could make out the face of an old friend she had never expected to see again: Senna.

She could smell her pack already surrounding the building. Bitch crept inside, slinking through the shadows toward her old friend at the far end. Senna's breath was racing with exertion, chest heaving up and down. She was wounded and bleeding from several cuts to her stomach, and judging by the row of deep bite marks and bruises on her shoulder, something nasty had picked her up and flung her. Not much was left of her mage garb: the tiara was missing, her one remaining slipper was in tatters, and her top was almost gone completely. The frame was twisted where the thin arms of metal had been violently wrenched off. Bitch considered her terrified, half-naked friend.

"Hi Senna."

She leaped around with a startled squeak. "Shae?!" cried Senna, cowering behind the shielding force field that flowed from her outstretched staff. " We thought you were dead!"

Bitch hid her feral expression with a grin as she advanced. "Nope, not dead." Senna's erect nipples poked from her chest, working up and down with the frantic, terrified breathing. Her long hair hung in frazzled disarray, framing the tear-stained face. She backed into the corner, huddling behind her magical protection.

Fire was spreading through the room, catching on the ceiling and walls and filling the room with flickering orange light. Bitch could smell her friend through the smoke: her tears, her blood, her fear. The aromas mixed with the sweet scent of her pussy, the fresh, clean whiff of a little girl wafting from behind the tiny hanging scrap of dreamcloth. Bitch licked her lips.

"Your company was ambushed at Redrock! They said you were all killed!" Senna's eyes wobbled in frightened terror, taking in Shae's nude body, slick with sweat and sticky cum drying on her legs.

Bitch gave a wide smile. "Not Shae. Bitch."

A brief mental tug was all that was needed to unleash her last spell, the one she had left stored for so long in the tiny magic diamond stud in her belly button. She remembered she had been foolishly saving it, keeping it for that one perfect opportunity to escape. Why had she ever wanted to escape?

The wave of force slammed outward in all directions, smashing the bookcase, blasting the burning table over, and pitching Senna against the wall. Her staff was blown from her hands. Senna hung there for a moment, stunned, and her shield dropped.

The Rapewolves wasted no time. They leaped into the building, coming through the blasted doors and broken windows, and advanced on the girl, pushing her down into the corner and overwhelming her, ripping off the remaining scraps of pitiful uniform that marked her as a mage. Senna screamed and scrabbled frantically at the wall, but one of the Rapewolves pinned her onto her back and used its tentacles to grab her squirming arms when she tried to push him away. It straddled the wailing girl and rammed itself into her pussy. Another squatted over her face and buried its wolf prick into her mouth, muffling her terrified cries.

Pleasure washed over Bitch as she watched the Rapewolves take turns violating her old friend, penetrating the little girl's wet holes and flooding them with cum before letting her up again. Senna would crawl across the floor, sobbing with some delirious notion that she could get away, before they pounced again.

How could it be any different? Sheila d'Anzer had been right. This was the only way. A world that relied on little girls to protect them from big monsters could never survive. Better to surrender, to offer up your pussy to the overwhelming domination of the monsters, to be filled up with their cum in every hole you could offer, to be used. That was ecstasy. The monsters could cull the weak from this world, then take their rightful mates from the women and girls that remained, as they chose.

A wolf pushed against her arm from behind, raising it up as he brushed up against her naked body. He was panting, enjoying the show as a new bitch was taught her place. She ran her fingers through his warm fur and scratched him behind the ears. When he whined and licked her thighs, Bitch sighed contentedly, before getting down onto her knees. Her own work was never done, but she loved it. The giant animal mounted her, lining up and eagerly thrusting his erect cock into her slit, tearing a gasp from deep in her throat. The Rapewolf worked his thick fuckmeat in and out, and her moans of pleasure joined the terrified screams of her friend.

She could smell the scent of the pack - they were all in agreement. There was fine prey in this area, and they had found a large cavern nearby that would serve as a den. They could train their new bitches and increase the pack's numbers. The hunting in the forest was excellent, and the roads would be a pleasurable source of new bitches and prey. Maybe the kingdom would even make a show of sending another company of mages at them, allowing for some good sport. Bitch smiled, remembering the day she was taken, her exquisite terror transformed into consummate pleasure as the Rapewolves trained her to know her place.

She belonged to the pack now, and that was all she wanted. Her toes curled and she screamed in orgasm as the Rapewolf slammed into her a final time, giant knot swelling in her pussy, locking her to him as he flooded her with thick wolf cum. Then he picked her up, holding her naked body up to the hot fur of his belly, and they leaped out from the smoldering building into the cool air of the night.

It was time to hunt.