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Monstrum: Broodmother - Part 2

By WintermuteX

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Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Gore, Death, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

Varus was blowing on the dying coals when she woke, trying to tease a little more life out of the faint red rocks. The cavern was very dark, but Kali's eyes were adjusting. The 10-year-old girl sat up sleepily, the clothing of their bedding falling off her. She still had dried cum on her stomach and her crotch felt like a mess.

He sat and took a packet from his satchel, dividing it in two and handing half to her. "Here."

She unwrapped it. A small stack of cooked crackers, sealed with a wax wrapper.

"Eat it all," he said. "We have to climb and we need energy. I have enough for one more, and then we're out."

They munched on the meager food. It was gone all too quickly.

"It's so dark," she said. "How will we see?"

Varus pointed at the coal. "I thought I might be able to fill a sling with sand and take the coals with us. It would barely help, but we won't need them. Look." He pointed up.

Kali could just barely make out a faintly luminous green patch on the cave's ceiling. "What's that?"

"Anaptychia Lux. Glowmoss. But it's not moss at all, it's lichen. They like to grow in dark caves, especially humid ones. We had a lot of it in the tunnels of an old mine near where I grew up."

There was something comforting about the faint patch of virulent light, a tiny beacon of glowing life down here in the darkness.

"There's more. Come over here." He beckoned her to the large rocks in the back of the cave.

Kali could see a narrow gap partway up the wall, just large enough for a person to wiggle through. Varus licked his finger and held it up to the gap. "Feel that?"

She licked her finger and held it up. Maybe it was her imagination, but it was cold on the side. "A draft?"

He nodded. "It means the tunnel won't just dead-end. It goes somewhere, hopefully up to the surface."

She allowed herself to feel a faint hope that they would be able to get out of here after all. If they could find the surface, they might be able get back to the little village at the foot of the mountain before they starved. Varus was a big man and he still had his sword.

"We can't let you get too cold," Varus frowned, running his eyes over her naked body in the faint light. "We'll have to divide up the clothing."

He kept the socks and boots, of course, and the trousers, since they would never have fit her. Taking the cloth inset of his armor, he managed to cut it into three rough strips with his sword. Two of these he coiled in layers around her feet, providing makeshift shoes so her bare feet wouldn't cut and bleed on the hard rocks of the cave, and the third he rolled into a long piece, running it under her crotch and around her hips, tying it at the side. She adjusted her makeshift loincloth slightly, feeling the coarse fabric rubbing roughly against her skin. It would chafe, but it would have to do.

When he held up the shirt for her, Kali raised her arms, letting him pull the thin white fabric down over her body, covering her up. She rolled up the arms and tucked the waist under the cloth at her hips, but it still billowed around her.

Varus strapped on the leather padding over his forearms and legs, but left the studded tunic, staying barechested. "Buckles are broken", he sighed. "Can't do anything about it."

He hung his sword and supply satchel from the fraying belt at his waist, then handed her the small dagger. "Guess you should have something," he said. "Don't lose it."

They were finally ready. He led her over to the breach in the wall. "Come on", he said, locking his fingers together to make a step. "Have to get you up through that crack first, but after that stay behind me."

She scraped her belly during the climb, pulling herself up and through the small opening. It widened into a larger tunnel after only a couple feet. Varus clambered noisily behind, pulling his larger body through the gap inch by inch. She bent to help him but he waved her away with an angry gesture.

The dark tunnel swallowed their meager footsteps with an oppressive silence. Sounds of dripping water echoed faintly from somewhere far off in the distance, gentle splashes punctuating the still air. Sometimes their way was lit by brief patches of glowmoss, like guidestones in the gloom, but the rest of the time they blundered in darkness, hands held in front of them.

Minutes stretched into hours. Kali wasn't sure how long they had been walking. They had had to work their way down two natural staircases and then back up through a tight shaft, but mostly the tunnel stretched forward seemingly without end. Thousands of tons of rock hung over their heads, bearing down on them with a dismal pressure and forbidding conversation. The hushed caves felt like a tomb. Her feet hurt from stepping onto the sharp edges of the tunnel, and she was pretty sure her left foot was bleeding from a small cut. Varus continued on in front of her, only occasionally looking back. She squared her shoulders, determined to keep going. A few cuts weren't going to stop her.

Her questing hands abruptly came up against his rump, and she barely avoided blundering into him. They had stopped at a fork.

"Hmmm," Varus mused. "They all seem to go down. I was hoping eventually we'd start going upwards."

Kali didn't speak. The rock walls twisted themselves into four separate cracks. She didn't know which way they should go. Nothing in her training had told her how to navigate in a cave.

With a ring of metal, Varus unsheathed his sword, scraping a small amount of glowmoss from a boulder into his palm.

"Watch this," he said, then quickly crushed and rubbed the fungus back and forth between his hands, vigorously grinding it, then throwing it outwards.

The glowmoss fragments flared and crackled audibly as they fell, green light briefly illuminating the whole passage. The twisting fissures gaped in front of them, leading to more shadowy passages. Darkness returned.

With a sigh and a mumbled appeal to the lady of luck, Varus gestured at the left-hand passage. "One's as good as the other isn't it. Let's go."

Kali was getting thirsty, and her stomach was rumbling in complaint. She ignored it. Varus uncapped his waterskin and they both took a small swallow. The tunnel had narrowed, forcing them to crouch as they trudged through seemingly endless miles of empty tunnels. Varus' scabbard clanked against each protrusion as they went on, the metallic tapping of their only clock as the hours passed. Sometimes the clicking sounded funny.

The darkness went on without end. She couldn't stand it anymore.

"Varus?" she asked. He looked back.

"Why haven't you seen your daughter in so long?"

"You sure ask a lot of fucking questions," he snarled. Then he visibly softened, trying to get a grip on himself.

"The war, Kali," he said as they marched on, the tunnel finally levelling out and getting taller. "The fucking war. Been deployed the last two years. Can't give any more leave, they say. The monsters, they keep coming. We kill a hundred, and a thousand come back. We drive them away from one area, and they surge into two more. If we had a holiday it would just mean the monsters would have more time out in the countryside to burn another village, kill the farmers and rape their women to death."

"I got thirty-five new men this season," he groused, "not a gods-damned one of them over twenty years. Some were scarcely old enough to shave. Every company is hurting for men. That's why they run the recruiters ragged, sending them out trying to get some pimply farmer's son with a hairless cock to beat his plowshare into a sword. They come out to fight, and their harvests rot in the field. Someone has to be able to work the land, or we'll die from starvation as surely as at the end of an Org-reh's club."

Kali knew things were bad but she didn't really know how bad. The soldiers didn't often talk frankly to the mages.

Varus' scabbard beat an irregular clicking rhythm in the dark as they moved along. Click, scuff, click, scuff, click click.

"Did you hear that?" she asked.

"Huh? Yeah, damned sword." Varus adjusted the scabbard on his belt, pulling its loop tight so it wouldn't swing wide.

"Last village my company was at," he continued, "the Centaurum had come. Burned everything. Killed all the menfolk and left their bodies to rot in the road. Then they took the women, the girls, the young ones anyway, and tied them up to the hitches, like they were in the stocks. All the girls of the village, lined up all pretty and bent over. The Centaurum love to fuck. They treat their prisoners like brood mares. Those girls had horse cock shoved in them for days before the Centaurum tired of it, packed them up, and moved on."

He shook his head. "Can't even look at a horse the same now. We never did find the girls - Centaurum move too fast in the flatlands. They're probably still in one of their camps somewhere, willing breeders for those fucking beasts. The monster cum, it does that you know. Turns you. Makes you love it."

She knew very well. The lectures in her Monstrum Factorum classes were excruciatingly detailed in the methods of monsters breeding and the Conversion effect.

The tunnel opened wide, leading out onto a shelf above a circular cavern about fifty feet around. Glowmoss grew freely here, lighting the rock with its sickly aura. There were three exits on the far side of the cavern.

Varus slid down the gravel slope to the floor, then helped her down.

"Bloody hell", he cursed. "These fucking caves don't end. Lady Luck's a real cunt sometimes, never gives a man a break-"

She grabbed his wrist, cutting him off. Clicking came from the cold darkness, but his scabbard was still.

"Shit!" He drew his sword, eyeing the tunnel behind them. Louder now, the rhythmic clicking was getting closer - short, staccato taps echoing off the rock.

He grabbed her arm and practically dragged her off her feet, jogging to one of the openings at the other end of the cavern.

"Gotta fucking go!" he whispered frantically, then paused. More tapping. Scuffling sounds from down the tunnel, and a faint chittering.

He dashed to the side. The next entrance was the same, faint echoes bouncing out of the shadows. At the last exit, only a stony silence greeted them. The sounds from behind were growing louder.

They ran forward, rushing as fast as they dared, hands held in front of their faces. Kali could feel her heart racing. Menacing echoes whispered from the tunnel behind them.

Another fork. Eager chittering sounded from the tunnel on the right, so they went left, down into a sloping hole.

They ducked under another overhang and followed the tunnel around a slow bend to the right. A fork. Shuffling sounds came from behind them, bodies moving in the dark. Scraping sounds came from the left and Kali thought she could see a faint red glow down that tunnel before they dashed to the right. Varus was breathing hard, muscled chest heaving as he pulled her along, hand wrapped like an iron shackle around her wrist.

"Fucking shit, damned fucking...shitty pieces of fucking trash, just wait I'll fucking-" Varus cursed frantically, incoherently as they fled. Kali banged her elbow against a jutting rock, tingling pain shooting up her arm. She kept running. The sounds were still behind them, the creatures keeping pace. Were they being herded? She had avoided looking back but now she couldn't resist, sparing a glance over her shoulder. Faint red orbs shined at her from far off in the dark. They were moving, chasing them.

They suddenly emerged into a wider room where two tunnels joined and continued into an exit a short way ahead. They ran for it, but Varus abruptly stumbled, dropping his sword with a clang, and she pitched over his body, falling flat on her hands.

"Fuck! What is this?!" Varus struggled to his feet. Something sticky was on the floor. He shook his foot, freeing the boot from its grasp, and picked up his sword.

An unseen force slammed against him when he got up, knocking him to the side. Kali couldn't see what had hit him. Varus rolled to his feet and whirled around, clenching his sword with both hands, eyes searching the darkness for his assailant. The tapping sounds were all around them now, interspersed by short calls of insectile chittering. Faint red orbs glowed in the darkness, moving along the floor, the walls, the ceiling, their owners invisible.

A hot presence landed with a rush of air on the floor beside them, and Varus swung his sword with a cry. Mandibles worked with a furious clacking as he sliced through two of the Arachma's claws and then drove his sword into the abdomen of the enormous beast. A putrid odor filled Kali's nose as ichor bubbled out of the wound.

Varus was screaming, slashing his sword wildly in the dark. She tried to back off so she didn't get hit, but stumbled and fell, her rump landing on something sticky.

"Bring it on you fucking bitches!" roared Varus. " I'll kill every fucking one of you! HAH", another wild slash, connecting with its target. The Arachma tumbled to the side.

More Arachma poured forth from the tunnel in front, fanning out, hopping onto the walls and ceiling, each giving away their presence with eight red glowing eyes.

Kali realized she was screaming, holding the dagger rigid in front of her with both hands. Eight red orbs detached from the ceiling and landed noiselessly next to her, and she slashed wildly, driving them back. She rolled off the sticky patch of ground. Sharp, searing pain roared up her arm as the Arachma lunged, tearing her skin with its mandibles. "Get back!" she shrieked, and slashed again. This time she seemed to connect with something soft and furry, shearing it off. A pedipalp. The Arachma backed off, making rapid clicking noises.

A sudden blow to the back pitched her forward, and she slammed her head on the rock, nose flaring with pain. Varus was just above her, cursing and yelling with abandon. A spidery bulk leaped on him from the side, claws digging into his chest and back. Something hot splashed on her. Blood.

She rolled over, hysterical, and ran, clutching the dagger in a fist. Blood thundered in her ears as she fled unthinkingly for the side tunnel. Gasping sobs racked her chest as the nightmare closed in around her. Varus wasn't cursing anymore, he was screaming - a long, bloodcurdling shriek of anger and pain that echoed off the stone and filled her ears before being cut short with a hideous gurgle.

She held her arms in front of her, banging them repeatedly on the harsh stones. An edge came from nowhere and pushed her feet out from under her, but she rolled and kept running, surging adrenaline energizing every muscle in her body with a pulsing terror. When she ducked under an overhang, a pain lanced across her cheek, and she tasted blood on her tongue. She spat and kept going.

There was some kind of sticky goo on her arms, small strands of something foul-smelling. The tunnel was bending. Her senses were hazy, confused. Was it turning right? Maybe it was doubling back on itself. She couldn't hear any clicking behind her, no shuffling of spider bodies hunting her in the darkness, just the hysterical, panicked wheezing of her own breath as she ran. No choice but to keep going. Run, run, she screamed at herself. Her hands and arms ached from the abuse of slapping against stone.

Something yanked on her foot, halting her mad scramble. She felt blindly with her hands. More stickiness, webbing strung along the floor. It grabbed at the cloth of her makeshift shoes, holding them tightly. She shook them off her feet, pressing forward.

More sticky strands, all around her, slowing down her progress. They clung to her arms, her face, her hair. A thick strand broke off in her mouth and nose and she gagged. It tasted like bitter silk. Slashing with the dagger, cutting the strands, she moved forward slowly. The tears swimming in her eyes blurred the faint view of the tunnel provided by the glowmoss. She was being pulled backwards - the billowing shirt was caught, stuck to the many strands of webbing in the small tunnel. She held the fabric taut and slashed, cutting it off of her, wiggling until she was free and leaving the garment behind.

She had lost all sense of direction. The tunnel path fell and then rose again, climbing upwards. The gooey webs kept her progress slow. When she crawled up some natural stone steps, her waist tugged back at her. The loincloth was stuck. More and more strands had been accumulating on it, wrapping around the fabric, turning it into a tacky mess of trailing fibers. She undid the tie, letting it fall loose.

Cold air played over her naked body as she kept climbing. Was it her imagination or did she feel a draft? Chilly currents drifted almost imperceptibly up the tunnel, and Kali shivered, teeth chattering.

She hadn't heard any pursuit for a while, but she didn't dare look behind her. Terror kept her body moving. The tunnel stopped climbing and leveled out. A few quick whacks with her blade and she cleared the thick filaments in front of her. The tunnel looked clear. She stepped forward.

Darkness spun her in a lunatic nightmare as the world tumbled around her. Air rushed past her body and a rock banged her hand, slapping the dagger out of her grip as she fell. Kali shrieked as she plummeted, frenzied arms reaching out for something to grab, then landed on her back on something soft and yielding.

She lay there stunned, her senses turned inside out. Muscles burned with throbbing fatigue and the taste of her own blood mixed with the rotten filth of webbing that had got in her mouth. She shook her head, trying to remember where she was. She had to get up. Run. The spiders are coming. Her muscles strained uselessly when she tried to sit up.

Her legs and arms were held in place, and something was adhering to her back. When she raised her head, the scattered lengths of her long hair pulled painfully against her scalp. A web, stretched across the vertical shaft - she had fallen straight onto it, landing spread-eagle on her back.

Panic took over. She struggled, yanking repeatedly, jolting the whole web into a swinging vibration. She could see a faint metallic gleam a few feet from her right hand. It must be her dagger. If she could just get her arm free, she could reach back and get it. Sobbing, Kali struggled uselessly. She yanked and pulled against the gooey bonds with frantic abandon but succeeded only in tearing at the skin on her arm.

Eight crimson points gleamed at her from the darkness ahead - the consummation of her nightmares. Terrified screams erupted from her throat as the hideous spider face emerged from the crack in the wall, followed by the chitinous body and huge, furry abdomen. Long, silent legs guided the bulky creature up onto the strands to loom over the little naked girl, lurid red orbs considering the prey caught in its web as it chittered eagerly. Kali lashed her head from side to side, howling. The Arachma pushed forward, bending down to put its face next to hers, chelicerae working back and forth with an excited clacking sound. A hot odor washed over her. She could feel the furry hair of its belly as it moved against her body, brushing over her face and chest with its pedipalps. One by one, it wrapped its long claws behind her back, enveloping her body, terrifying face inches from her own. She tried to jerk her legs closed, but it was useless. Her feet were stuck, leaving the little girl's cunt wide open to be used.

More chittering in the dark. The frantic torrent of screams left Kali's throat raw as she struggled. Scattered fragments of her studies in Monstrum Factorum whirled through her head: how they had a genital protrusion on their abdomen with a tentacle-like phallus inside, how they could control the shape of their cocks to wiggle into any gap, how they would take girls to their breeding chambers and-

The horrifying face blotted out the world as it pressed against her, ghastly red eyes staring into her own, chelicerae sliding against her cheeks. She wanted to end this nightmare. She shut her eyes tight, but couldn't turn off her other senses to the hideous reality. The Arachma clutched the little girl firmly, furry stomach pressed against her own. She could feel the thick flesh of its prick oozing slowly out of its body, squirming against her stomach before dropping down to slide against the folds of her pussy. The creature's furry palps caressed her face, her ears and neck, then went down her chest to scratch lightly at her nipples.

The intruder fumbling against her pussy stopped wiggling as it grew and stiffened. She could feel the girth of the spider's cock, studded with small fleshy bumps all around and capped with a pointed head that flared down to several layers of wide ribbing. The sickening thing was already trying to squeeze inside her, parting the folds of her pussy and pressing into her tunnel. Her screams died into wracking sobs as her throat went sore. Kali had never even had a human cock in her. The soldiers had sometimes demanded things of her, and she had learned how to give them what they wanted so they would go away when nobody would protect her. And there had been that little farm boy, the goofy shy one with the tousled brown hair, but she had never gotten farther with him than letting him feel her up. Now this hulking spider, chitinous legs wrapped around her on the web, was the first that would shove its prick up into her virgin pussy.

Despite herself, Kali could feel herself getting wet as the slippery flesh began to work its way in. She was too tight for the thick meat to fit inside, but it continued working all over the little girl's snatch, pressing into the furrow of her folds. The tiny little bumps vibrated her pussy lips as it rubbed, and the pointed head of it was thinning until it could just barely squeeze into her snug hole and tickle her insides. The sickening reality of the giant spider that was raping her warred with the unwilling, warm feelings of pleasure coming from her crotch. Its abdomen bounced up and down, sending a gentle rhythm along the web as it pushed into the girl's belly.

"Noooo! Gods please! Stop!" Kali gibbered madly. "Oh gods above please save me, I'll do anything!" Her desperate prayers spilled out to anyone who would listen, who could hear her down in this dark hole beneath the earth. The Arachma continued its eager violation. It seemed to enjoy running its palps over her smooth skin, and it rested the sharp edge of its mandible against her cheeks, preventing her from thrashing her head from side to side.

The narrow end of the spider's cock made progress with each thrust. Every heavy smash sent a painful jolt through her pelvis and worked the Arachma's prick another fraction of an inch inside. The beast had reached her maidenhead. Feeling the resistance, it drew its abdomen back and slammed down roughly into the girl, battering her virginity away with a searing pain that knifed through Kali's abdomen. With a few more powerful thrusts, it was now able to cram the whole organ into her vagina, and it quickened its pace, bobbing its bulk up and down to increase the pressure. Gasps tore themselves unwillingly from her throat, turning into a long shuddering moan as the fleshy ribs and bumps rubbed over the walls of her pussy. The prick slowly swelled up inside her as it worked the girl's cunt, pressing the flesh open until Kali felt like she would split apart. The tapered head of the Arachma's cock bottomed out at her cervix, sending a jolt of pleasure up her body. The turgid point ground up into her belly, seeking to go farther, rubbing against a spot deep inside her that Kali had never known existed. Her crotch felt like it was on fire with the warm sensation of being split and filled up. Her thighs were jerking on their own. She would have spread her legs more if she could have, inviting the monster in. Her terror was buried under the swell of a mounting heat, flowing outwards like a river from her belly.

The slippery invader finally thrust in and stayed there, swelling up inside her with a painful pressure. A tiny, wiggling tickle grew deep inside her as the thin tip finally squeezed its way up into her cervix. Kali's pussy exploded, and a torrent of ecstasy roared up from her crotch to flood every muscle in her body. Her arms and legs thrashed uselessly against her bonds and she howled as the pain was buried under a wave of pleasure. Warm fluid was flooding into her, sliding up into her tummy and setting the nerves on fire as the goo squished against the spasming walls of her insides. A lightning bolt in her brain stole her vision and the little girl floated in bliss, suspended on the web, her arachnid lover clutching her tightly.

The euphoria lasted a short time before giving way to the mad horror of reality. The Arachma was sliding out of her, sending a sticky gush of fluid down over her thighs. She struggled and kicked against her bonds, screaming to be let go. There were red eyes all around the shaft, in the tunnel, above and below her, mandibles clicking patiently as they waited their turn. Kali cried with despair.

The next Arachma mounted her, and the next, each one wrapping its claws around the helpless girl before its prick squirmed out of its abdomen and sought her pussy. She cried in horror when each fetid creature penetrated her and then thrashed in pleasure when the thundering orgasm ripped through her body. Hanging helpless on the web, her existence cycled between the pain of violation and the shrieking ecstasy that followed.

Hysteria seized her as the rape went on. She yanked her right hand violently, tearing the skin. Blood flowed down her arm. The tiny gleam of her dagger teased her from just out of reach. Even if she tore off all the flesh from her arm, it would be worth it if she could just reach her dagger. She thrashed and squirmed, ignoring the pain, trying to get just a few inches closer.

The waiting Arachma didn't like this. One kicked the dagger away with a claw, letting it fall down out of sight in the shaft. She sobbed in painful frustration, her last hope defeated. They swarmed around her. They were going to punish her.

Kali had been wrong when she thought the nightmare couldn't get any worse. A second Arachma squatted above her as the first continued its violation of her cunt. The dreadful phallus and spinnerets hung an inch from her face. With a rough shove, the creature slammed the thick spider meat into her mouth. She gagged and choked on the loathsome flesh, tried to scream, but the slimy thing inflated in her mouth, pinning her tongue to the side before shoving itself down her throat. Her scream turned into a low vibrating moan as the Arachma's prick swelled in her esophagus.

The web vibrated, another Arachma hanging upside-down from underneath it. She could feel its claws against her side as it pulled up against her from below, and the invaders in her mouth and pussy were joined by a third as the beast jammed its writhing prick up into the young girl's asshole.

Sticky jets of spider cum filled her again and again as they took her three at a time, each one finishing and being replaced from the crowd of eager forms that hung from the walls of the tunnel. She coughed and retched each time the vile fluid filled her mouth. Her stomach was filled to the brim with goop, and her pussy and ass dripped freely after each invasion, the soupy mess running down her legs and butt before dripping into the darkness. Vile red orbs surrounded her in every direction whenever she dared to open her eyes. The eager chittering of the Arachma seemed to never cease as they enjoyed the body of the squirming little girl that hung helplessly from their webs.

Kali didn't know where she was, or how long she had been here. Hours. Days maybe. Another Arachma was finishing in her pussy, slamming its huge abdomen down with a final thrust and sending her over the brink into another orgasm. She worked her tongue around the prick in her mouth, dueling with it, coaxing a gush of warm fluid into her throat and gulping it down. They pulled out with a slurp and she was empty again.

Incoherently, she waited. The next one would come, thrust into her. Orgasm after orgasm was the cycle of her existence. Her pussy and ass itched as they gaped open, waiting to be filled up.

She dangled in midair in the shaft, dozing, arms and legs slack against the unbreakable bonds of the web. It took her some time to register the change. What were they waiting for? Her pussy was on fire, demanding the next penetration of spider cock. She looked up.

A few of the smaller Arachma workers - the kind without mandibles - were sliding their slow way across the web. Although they weren't as large as the warriors that had taken her, they had already shown her they could cum in her just as readily. Two of the workers lowered their jaws to webbing where she was bound and coughed up a viscous syrup. The fluid oozed down the strands with agonizing slowness, rolling over her wrists and arms and finally down her back. Wherever it touched, the iron grip gradually loosened, gently breaking her free from the adhering bonds.

Kali slid and rolled end over end down the sloping web, tumbling to the floor of the tunnel leading into the shaft. Her aching, traumatized muscles complained and refused to work as she attempted to roll over. She couldn't get her bearings, and the groggy spinning in her head wouldn't stop.

They had let her off the web. They were finished with her. She looked up at the Arachma hanging from the ceiling. She could feel the spider cum over every inch of her body. It had run out of her mouth and over her cheeks, down her neck and belly, into her ears, and formed sticky globs in her nostrils. Her hair was a tangled mess of webbing and dried goo. Her crotch and gaping asshole ached, and some of the gallons of cum that had been poured into her still leaked out, pooling on the floor.

Slowly, she mastered her rebelling body and tried to push herself up on her hands, struggling to remember where and who she was. What were they doing? They had let her off. They were waiting. They were letting her go. She watched them, on the webbed walls all around her. Memories flooded back, violently slamming into place in her head.

They weren't letting her go. Not at all. Kali screamed with the knowledge and leaped, trying to throw herself down the long shaft. She could split her head open on the rocks, break her skull, snap her spine in two. Anything, anything at all was better.

They leaped instantly, knocking her over and pinning her to the ground. One was standing over her. She struggled, snatching at the creature's eyes, trying to grab them, poke them out, rip its palps off, anything.

It used the heavy weight of its body to slam her back to the floor, where she lay in a daze. The furry abdomen brushed her backside as it squatted over her, giving a soft, sussurating sound. The world spun as it picked her up and rolled her over with its claws. A sticky silk was binding her feet together, wrapping around her legs, running up her body as the Arachma worked its spinnerets. She fought the dizziness as her body was spun rapidly like a toy. In seconds the silk had ran up her legs, over her stomach, binding her arms to her sides. She struggled, but the silk was as strong as iron.

The worker finished the job, leaving only her mouth and nostrils exposed, wrapping her up in a tight, immobile package of soft silk. She felt movement upwards, then a sliding sensation. Without her eyes to guide her, everything was just a dizzy confusion. Her body began a rhythmic lurching. She was on the creature's back.

The warriors must have finally gotten tired of her. She was being moved. They were carrying her to their nest.

The soft cocoon cushioned the fall as Kali flopped onto the floor. A prickling series of nudges crawled up her side - the worker spitting out slime that dissolved the side of the cocoon. She could feel it coming loose. Pushing with her arms, she managed to shove the sticky mess upwards and wiggle out of the side of the cocoon, regaining her senses.

She wished she hadn't. Echoing screams and moans filled her ears from all around and the wretched odor of an overpowering musk clogged her nostrils. Rubbing the gossamer filth from her eyes, she looked around at the hell that surrounded her.

She was on the floor of a donut-shaped chamber, with a large natural pillar in the center climbing up to the ceiling. All around her, the walls, ceiling, and floor were covered with deep layers of thick spiderwebs. Hundreds of Arachma crawled all through them, raping the screaming human women that were suspended haphazardly everywhere.

Kali looked farther up. Arachma were entering and leaving through the rough holes in the ceiling dozens of feet overhead. It seemed to be the only way out. The dim light in the chamber came from the sparse patches of glowmoss and the Arachma themselves: racks of lurid red eyeballs and curious patterns on their underbellies that gave off a sullen yellow glow. They moved silently in all directions, long claws propelling their bulks effortlessly across the webbing. Whenever a girl struggled or cried, sending vibrations through the taut strands, they would come, wrapping their claws around her and holding her still while they penetrated her with their thick spider cocks.

The scuttling shape was almost imperceptible as it detached from the ceiling and fell to the rocky floor behind her with a light thump. Whirling around in fright, she was faced with a huge set of hairy, clicking chelicerae an inch from her nose.

Her knees gave out with terror and she fell backwards onto her hands, a sharp rock poking into her back. The creature's bulk surged forward, claws surrounding and holding her, tapping on the stone as it looked down at her with a malevolent interest. Its abdomen had a strange, swirling pattern of yellow hair and flesh that glowed just brightly enough to illuminate the 10-year-old's naked body.

Kali wished she could shut out the unwanted knowledge. Why hadn't she dozed or daydreamed in her Monstrum classes like most of her friends? Always the model student, she could remember every single hideous fact of the monster race she most feared. Arachma warriors weren't very fertile. If they managed to get a human girl pregnant, she could produce only useless drone eggs. Warriors loved to fuck but the Hive mostly bred them to fight. The beast holding her down with its front claws was a breeder. They did nothing but impregnate the prey brought back to the breeding chambers. The cum of a breeder was virile, potent, and the eggs that grew from it in a girl's womb could be induced by the subtle pheromonal balance of the Hive to become warriors, foragers, workers, diggers, more breeders - any of the essential underclasses needed by the Arachma Hive.

Panic surged in her gut. Her arms whipped out on their own, pushing the foreclaws of the monster off her, and with a couple strong kicks she was free, rolling to her feet. Run. She had to run. Anywhere! Her legs worked frantically, pounding against the rock, stumbling over the uneven surface. A misstep wrenched her ankle painfully but she kept going. The chittering sound was right behind her and she thought she could feel a hot breath on her neck. She raced forward in a blind, unthinking hysteria.

A sudden blow twisted her around and lifted her off her feet to crash into a sharp rock. It was the one she had started from. The creature had been playing with her, chasing her around the circular chamber, letting her stay one whimpering step ahead. The dim world was blotted out as the bulky body loomed over her. She wanted to scramble away, but fear paralyzed her muscles.

The articulated pincers on the breeder's front claws reached out and picked her up under the arms. She could feel herself pulled rapidly through the air as the Arachma worked its way up the strands near the wall. The thick mesh felt like a soft, silky blanket on her back when it laid her down, selecting a spot on the tangled stretches of webbing for the Hive's newest servant.

Its prey held in place, the breeder went to work on Kali. Struggling was useless. The web bounced in a regular rhythm as it wrapped itself around and then penetrated the struggling girl. Its cock swelled with each repeated thrust into her unwilling pussy, as if the creature was enjoying the sight of her yelling and squirming under it in the soft yellow light. Furry pedipalps ran all over her body, rubbing her soft skin and tweaking her nipples. Finally it hunched, gave one last powerful thrust into her cunt, and sent a load of sticky cum spilling into the girl's womb. Kali remembered how the semen of an Arachma was just a vehicle for the numerous fine eggs in it, smaller than grains of sand. Her body betrayed her again as her crotch swelled with pleasure, sending a thunderbolt of ecstasy up her spine.

More breeders came, and then more, servicing her, filling her womb with the eggs that would serve the Hive. Her screams and cries of pleasure joined with the other girls being raped all around her, making a chorus of wailing that filled the chamber.

They were leaving her alone for now. Kali slumped her head forward, looking down at her swollen belly. A fervent heat grew from deep inside her womb, the vibrating sensation of the slow movement of a multitude of tiny creatures. Soon she would give birth. Her babies would hatch, scuttling away, ready to serve the Hive in whatever role was needed. The sickening nausea mixed with a strange sense of pride.

Lying spread-eagled on the web, Kali had a good view of the chamber. As the Arachma moved around, illuminating the web with the yellow light from their bellies, she could catch sight of all the other women and girls here. Sometimes more prey was brought in from the entry holes on the roof of the chamber. They screamed and ran uselessly, struggling against their captors, but in the end they were always bred. It was an inevitable process. That was the only reason prey was brought here.

It had taken time, but her eyes had gradually adjusted to the thick pall of darkness, allowing her to see a short distance. She tried to take stock of her surroundings. On her right, lower down the web, was a small girl, suspended in the air by strands wrapped around her wrists and legs. She could not have been more than five years old. Her belly was swelling already, the enormous paunch sagging downwards. Her entire abdomen, all the way up to her little nipples, was distended with a bulge almost as big as she was. Kali could scarcely imagine how many thousands of ripe eggs were growing inside the girl's body. Arachma did not need fertile females. They just needed warm wombs, and the mutating effect of monster cum meant that even the tiny womb of a very young victim could undergo the chemical changes it needed to serve the Hive. Tears dripped from the girl's face as she wept quietly. Kali tried to get her attention, whispering softly so she didn't alert the breeders. All she got was a brief glance, red-rimmed eyes looking up in the darkness, before the girl dropped her gaze.

Kali looked around, determined to try again. The shapes in the darkness were indistinct, but she thought that there was another girl off to her left, suspended on her back just like Kali was. Her eyes could barely make out the naked form in the darkness. Brown hair, but filthy. Hard to tell. Something seemed vaguely familiar about her. Kali whispered, trying to get the girl's attention without alerting the breeders. She was about to figure that it was useless when the girl rolled her head awkwardly back onto her shoulder, facing in Kali's direction.

"LISA?!" Kali squealed in shock.

Her friend gazed uncomprehendingly, staring into the distance.

"Lisa! Hey, please wake up!" Kali struggled against the webs, sending vibrations quivering through the whole network. "Lisa look at me! PLEASE WAKE UP!"

It was useless. There was no response from her friend. Her head hung back against the webbing, staring in Kali's general direction, but her gaze hung slack, unfocused, as if catatonic. No trace of comprehension passed across her face. The long, shining brown hair that Kali had secretly been jealous of was twisted into snarls and dirty mats, pulling in a hundred directions as it adhered to the webs beneath her. Lisa hung there unmoving: insensate, mindless prey.

Kali's heart broke. Tears spilled down her face and dripped onto her pregnant belly as she sobbed. It was her fault. She had been too slow. Her teachers had taught her about monsters and how to cast spells. Nobody had ever taught her how to make the decision to kill a friend. She wasn't a soldier. She wasn't a fighter. She had dreamed of riding horses before her Father died and she was sent off to train as a mage. And now, because she was too weak, Lisa was here with her in this pit, sharing her fate.

"I'm sorry," she whispered into the gloom. "Lisa, I'm sorry."

Kali's grief seemed to wake something up in her friend. For the first time, she could see a brief expression on Lisa's face, the loose muscles finally moving. Slowly, Lisa's eyes focused as the girl came to her senses. It seemed to take minutes for Lisa to realize where she was. Kali could see the confusion give way to terror on her face.

"Lisa!" Kali choked.

Lisa's eyes finally focused in Kali's direction, trying to make out the source of the whispers. "Who...Kali?!"

Lisa thrashed with hysterical sobbing. "Kali! You came!" She kicked desperately, sending her web into a bouncing rhythm. "I knew you'd come! The mage's guild came to rescue us!" Her necked arched frantically, hands pulling and grasping. Kali whispered desperate pleas to her friend but she didn't seem to notice. The confused girl jerked and struggled uselessly. She didn't seem to realize she was stuck.

"I knew they wouldn't leave us here. They'd never leave us here! Let's run Kali! I'll collapse the tunnel! Come on Kali, we'll bury the fucking things!" Lisa was shrieking loudly, incoherent. "Have to fucking run let's GO KALI! They'll send help, they won't leave us! we can fight them off! Come on they'll come for us let's GO!" Lisa convulsed, muscles squirming. Her frantic cries devolved to pitiful babbling and spittle ran down her chin.

Eight red eyes slipped silently up the web that bound Lisa, drawn by the commotion. When Lisa saw the body looming over her, she let out a piercing wail, tugging on her web with frenzied violence, pulling all the strands so furiously that Kali's own web began to bob. The thick cock of the spider was already emerging from its body, resting against Lisa's tummy. It left a trail of slime on the smooth skin as it slowly traced its way down past her navel, seeking the writhing girl's slit. Lisa shook her head back and forth helplessly, unable to stop it as the tip of the creature's cock grazed her pussy lips and forced its way inside. Eight chitinous legs curled around the body of the screaming girl, the breeder grabbing hold as it began to lustily rape its prey, thrusting its thick flesh into Lisa's pussy until the girl stopped struggling.

Kali had no more tears. She felt dried out by the heat of her pregnant belly. Grief muffled the sight and sound of her friend. Despair washed over her as she drooped against her bonds, but somehow she couldn't shake the train of strange thoughts in the back of her head: the breeder was helping her friend, giving her purpose, filling her up with eggs so she could serve the Hive. When the prick swelled up in Lisa's pussy and she came, Kali felt a faint, welcome rush of wetness from her own crotch, a pleasing echo of her friend's orgasm, as if communicated along the soft strands in warm jolts. The feelings of terror were gone, buried again under the overwhelming pleasure of orgasm as Lisa's body went slack and stopped resisting. Her own pussy itched with an animal desire. She wanted an Arachma cock to ram itself into her too, but they were waiting for her birth.

With the soft skittering of a thousand legs, the Arachma moved about the chamber, enjoying the endless rape of their prey. A new batch had just arrived in the chamber, struggling young girls bound with webbing. The parcels were toyed with, then assigned and moved to their places in the web before the breeders began the lively process of inseminating the delicious little bodies. Screams mixed with the faint waves of horror and pleasure that came to Kali through the silky filaments, a rhythmic sensation like the crash of water on an ocean shore. Her body was warm with pleasure, her pussy tingling with arousal again. The sensations seemed to fill the chamber, mixing together, like the chorus of a distant song.

Kali was working her head back and forth, trying to slurp the last drops of sticky cum from the cock that filled her mouth and throat, when the first labor pang hit.

The breeder withdrew and moved on as she swallowed the mouthful of spider cum. Hunger and thirst never bothered her anymore. Whenever she needed sustenance, a strong breeder was always nearby, able to sense her needs before she realized them. A few gulps of delicious, salty seed in her mouth was all she needed to keep her body strong and able to breed more young for the Hive.

Her swelling belly quivered as the labor began. Thousands of warm eggs swirled with a life of their own in a tight mass in her womb. She could feel the heat, almost unbearable this close to birth, emanating from deep in her stomach. Another pang, then another, closer together now. Soon she would press down, and the eggs would begin to slip from her pussy with each push, dropping down into a catch of thick strands below where she was hanging.

She had lost count of how many clutches she had born for the Hive. The birthing was both pleasure and pain, the meridian of the cycle of ecstasy that defined her existence. She grit her teeth as her muscles spasmed, flexing uselessly against the bonds of the webbing. The healthy vigor of the life inside her swelled against the walls of her belly, and she knew it would be a good clutch full of strong workers that would serve the Hive. A few more painful spasms, and then she bore down with a cry, pressing against the mass. Healthy eggs slipped from her pussy in batches, landing in a pile on the soft web.

Two of the nursing drones were watching her, observing the birth as they always did. Kali was proud. The girls around her had swelled with their pregnancies and given birth as she had, fulfilling their purpose in the Hive, but she knew her eggs were the strongest. They were already larger and warmer, and would hatch quickly.

Pain in her belly warred with a mounting pleasure. Each gooey batch of eggs that slipped from her womb and out her pussy left an itching sensation that spread throughout her crotch. Her little cunt felt like it was on fire. She was halfway done, and the pains were coming regularly as the pile of eggs mounted beneath her. She matched her breathing to the pulses, trying to breath out with each cycle of her muscles. The slow-building roar of the birthing orgasm was already reaching a crescendo. The torrent burst in her brain, drowning the pain as she pushed, squeezed, rested, and then pushed again. Birthing a clutch was ecstasy, and the pleasure swept Kali along in an irresistible flood.

She slumped against her bonds when it was done, gasping, body still flush with pleasure. Below her lay a neat pile of tiny eggs, like translucent blueberries, each with a dark pit in the center. As the nursing drones looked on, chittering contentedly to each other, the eggs moved and began to silently hatch. Microscopic legs poked and tore open the delicate sides, and the newly-born Arachma crawled out in a slow wave. Their miniature spiderling bodies, smaller even than a ladybug, flowed out slowly over the webs and rocks, exploring their new world under the watchful eyes of the drones. Kali smiled in pleasure. They were so tiny now, but her brood was healthy and would grow rapidly. Inside a month, they would be fully mature servants, their silent voices joining with the song of the Hive.

She didn't know how long she had hung there before she realized something was wrong. The hatchlings and drones had left a long time ago, leaving her to rest, but no breeders had come to impregnate her again. The nagging sensation in her cunt grew to a tense itching that kept her from sleeping. She flexed her arms, struggling to reach it. She needed to rub it, to squeeze herself until she came. It was no use - she was always bound too tightly to reach her own pussy. She hung there uselessly, body crying out for orgasm. Normally the breeders would attend to her as soon as she had recovered from the birth. Kali needed them now. Her mind was overwhelmed with a desperate craving to be penetrated. They should have already been gliding up the webbing, leaping on her with a rapacious hunger, slimy cocks emerging from chitinous abdomens. They could take her two or three at a time, wrapping long legs around her body to grip her tight as they thrust into her body. She didn't mind whether they took her in the ass, pussy or mouth, or in all three at once - she just needed them now, needed the thick girth of a writhing spider cock inside her so she could cum.

Time dragged on. The need was unbearable. Maybe it had been hours, or days. Her body was on fire. She jerked against the webbing, sending a bobbing rhythm along the strands. She knew there were Arachma in the chamber. They were there, leering red orbs hovering as they worked on the other girls. She cried out, the yearning thirst of her body driving her to desperation. They couldn't just leave her like this! She was strong. She needed to be filled up with eggs again, to feel the rapture of serving the Hive. Tears blurred her vision as she squirmed fervently against her bonds. Her hips thrust back and forth involuntarily, aching with the need for the motion. She could feel her own wetness running out of her pussy and trickling down her leg. They had to come! She tried to tire her muscles out with writhing, tried to ignore the tempest of lust that swelled her pussy lips and raged like a tornado in her belly. It was useless. The hunger sent her mind reeling into a dizzy haze.

The coughing sounds broke her out of an anxious sleep moments before her body slithered down the silky web to plop onto the floor. The drones had dissolved the thick strands that had wrapped her arms and legs. Kali lolled on the rocky ground, exhausted, aching limbs unaccustomed to freedom of motion. Her body was drained, weakened by the neglect. She expected that they would guide her to a new place in the chamber, since the drones sometimes moved the girls around, but she had barely raised her head when claws suddenly gripped her tight and the world revolved dizzily around her. Soft firmness wrapped her feet and moved up her legs as the drone spun her expertly with silk, covering the girl from head to toe and leaving only a small opening for her mouth. She felt herself being lifted up.

The slow motion of the rolling cocoon was a comfort to her aching body as the Arachma climbed upwards through the twisting tunnels. Kali, still dazed, swiftly lost her sense of direction. They had never taken her out of the breeding chamber before. Confused, and rendered blind and deaf, she tried to reach out with her other senses to feel the beat of the Hive around her. In all directions, their presence was communicated to her as if through the minute vibrations of webbing: Arachma bustling about the tunnels, gathering food, digging passages, exploring the surface, and impregnating the girls they brought back. She could feel them moving about, distantly, each part connected to the whole by imperceptible gossamer strands.

The sensation was lost when they stopped abruptly, her cocoon slithering off the back of the worker to bump gently on the floor. She started to work her hands, ripping the soft material, until she had a small crack in the side. Fingers ached with disuse as she worked to widen the crack, tearing a long seam along the side of her cocoon. Eventually she was able to free her arms and push her prison the rest of the way open.

After so long in the dark, she had grown accustomed to it. Now, she blinked and squinted as her eyes tried to adjust to the thin beams of faint light that came from above her. The radiance stung and her vision swam with tears.

She was in a round chamber, much higher than it was wide, with a narrowing ceiling that stretched up beyond her sight. Delicate white light filtered down from some unseen source far above the room. Sheets of a silky material spilled down the walls in dozens of fine layers, bunching up into piles on the floor of the chamber, covering the gray stone floor and sticking to her feet. Kali nudged it with her toe. Thousands of fine strands of webbing were woven so close together that they formed a filmy sweep of white velvet. It was a welcome relief to the aching soles of her feet.

All over the walls, bound comfortably to the soft webbing in alcoves, were other girls in various stages of pleasure and orgasm. Most were pregnant, with enormous bellies swarming visibly with thousands of eggs.

Kali knew now. Like a faintly remembered poem, or a song heard far away, she felt the music of the Hive, and she knew.

The unusual Arachma that crawled gracefully over the webbing, with their elongated abdomens and distinctive patterns of short red hair on their sides, were Royal Breeders. The large, fierce-looking ones with the triple sets of mandibles and sharp, bifurcated claws were Royal Warriors. Even if Kali hadn't remembered the detailed section from her Monstrum textbook, the Hive would have told her. These were the Broodmothers, the most valued treasures of the Hive, and she had been brought here to become one.

Beckoned invisibly by the song, she approached one of the girls. Even with the sallow skin and the distended belly, Kali could never have failed to recognize her old friend. How many nights had they spent during their training years exchanging secrets by candlelight? How many times had they giggled and gossiped away the nighttime hours when they were supposed to be studying? It was one of the mages her own company had been sent here to find.


The pregnant 10-year-old, reclining comfortably on her back and bound by only single wraps of the webbing sheet around her upper arms and legs, slowly opened her eyes.

"K-Kali? Is that really you?" she gasped.

"Yes, it's me."

Niki smiled. "I thought I felt them bring you in, but wasn't quite sure. So much prey for the Hive these days, it's hard to keep up." Niki's gigantic belly seemed to vibrate as she talked, humming with the thousands of lives inside it. She had an enormous brood, and must be very close to birth, Kali thought.

"I'm so glad to see you again, that we can be together again." Niki sighed happily. "We've brought in so many mages as prey. They are the sweetest. The Hive has been working the breeders overtime, but they love their jobs. So many little girls for them. Did you know Lisa is here with us?"

Kali nodded.

"Yes," Niki continued. "She's borne several clutches for the Hive. I don't think she'll be able to be a Broodmother though. Her womb is sweet, but her clutches aren't strong enough. She's shut down a bit. That's fine. We always need more workers. There can never be too many."

Niki's belly pulsed on its own, and her muscles spasmed briefly. "Do you know why I've come?" Kali asked.

"Of course", her friend replied with a grin. "You will join us. It's ecstasy, Kali. This is pure bliss. Perfection. This is what a girl is made for. You'll feel it too, when you join us. You should get started."

Kali nodded. The Hive had already sung to her, telling her what to do.

Arachma warriors were the front lines of most engagements. If they took a human woman for breeding, she could bear only drones. When the women were returned to the Hive, breeders could inseminate them with a higher quality of egg, producing the workers classes of Arachma. These underclasses were essential to the Hive's function, but also disposable. The most formidable and important of the Hive's members could only be produced by a Broodmother.

This is what she had came for. As she bent down in front of Niki's open pussy, Kali wondered why she had struggled when they had taken her so long ago. The delirious joy she had in the Hive was better than the miserable existence she had led before, and now the ultimate pleasure was in front of her.

A human could only become a Broodmother by eating the royal jelly: a sweet, orange, syrupy substance that was produced in the vaginal canal of an existing broodmother when she was on the cusp of birth. Kali spread Niki's pussy lips, earning a shudder of pleasure from her friend. There, inside the little girl's cunt, was what she needed.

Kali stuck her tongue out and ran it slowly up her friend's slit, tasting the juice. Niki cried out, arms shaking, then moaned when Kali stuck her tongue in. She sucked and nibbled, slurping as she sucked up the juice from her friend's pussy. The jelly was sweet, with fine granules in it. The slick wetness of her friend spread all over her face. As her tongue licked up and down the pussy lips, she used her hands to massage the hood and clit, sending Niki into a thundering orgasm that squirted even more juice onto Kali's face. She swallowed every drop of liquid, licking it up with her tongue and sucking it from the wet hole, until she finally felt satisfied and stood up.

Niki had gone from one orgasm straight into another. She was heaving, her belly moving up and down with the movements of the swarm inside her. Her birth began rapidly, muscles taut as she bore down with a straining cry. Eggs began to slide from her, landing in sticky groups that formed a growing pile beneath her crotch.

Kali doubled over as her stomach spasmed painfully and an overwhelming tingling sensation wracked her chest. The royal breeders quickly took her away and hung her up in her own alcove on the wall. She was barely aware of it. Already the changes were working through her body, a piercing heat that radiated outwards from her belly and vibrated in her veins. The pulsing buzz became a mad throbbing, building up into a heady turbulence that shook every muscle from head to toe. Muscles clenched on their own. Her nipples hardened like rocks and her pussy lips swelled. Feverish jolts flooded throughout her in warm bursts, followed by flashes of pleasure racing up her limbs to the back of her neck.

She was dimly aware of the royal breeders hovering around her on the web. The one in front of her seemed to look down at her rapturous face, considering the writhing body of the little girl swaying rapidly between pain and euphoria. Slowly, it wrapped eight thin, graceful legs around her body, squeezing her tight against its abdomen, before a slippery intrusion suddenly pressed into her pussy. The jutting flesh of another invader poked at her asshole, slowly circling it before wiggling inside, sending her into a roaring orgasm even before the third bulging spider cock worked its way into her mouth and down her throat.

Changes roared in a pink hurricane in her brain, mixing with the glorious pleasure coming from each of her holes. They beat back and forth, amplifying each other in a feedback loop, driving Kali to an exhilarating crescendo. Her thoughts were obliterated under the rapturous torrent. One of the breeders came in her pussy, another in her ass. They were replaced. Thick jets of cum, holding innumerable small eggs, fountained into every waiting hole of the little girl. She sucked one down, barely swallowing it, accepting the load of spider eggs into her belly, before it withdrew and another cock crammed into its place. Her pussy felt so full she thought it would burst. When they came in her and pulled out, thick gobs of spider cum would roll out of her cunt and asshole, flowing down her legs in a gush, before another plunged in.

Kali rode the waves from one thundering orgasm to the next, the ebb and tide of pleasure booming through every muscle in her body. The royal breeders were ravenous, never leaving their new broodmother alone for more than a minute, bringing pleasure wherever they entered her. They were handsome creatures, better than the normal breeders. Kali admired the distinct patterns of soft red hair on their sides and underbellies. It tickled her face and nipples whenever they made love to her. Their thick, fleshy cocks had dozens of irregular ridges, and the backwards-facing nubs could reach deeper and rub harder, sending Kali into screaming climax with only a few thrusts.

Reality became a a continuous tempo of pleasure. Her every need was cared for, and the cycle of time was the thrilling ride from climax to climax on the end of a pounding spider cock. She swelled with pleasure when the sticky goo fountained up into her asshole, and rejoiced when the warm fluid flooded her pussy and womb with its myriad of fine eggs. When the sweet taste of spider prick filled her mouth she would greedily lick and suck until the delicious load spewed out, swallowing it down and then licking the stray globs from her lips. The Hive sung its sweet music in her mind in endless verse. Sussurating sounds of silky webbing were the rumble of ocean waves, and the beat of spider claws on stone was the ticking of a clock - the perfect metronomic precision of the Hive. She could feel the diggers opening new passages and rooms, the nurses tending to the Arachma young, the workers keeping each detail of the hive in perfect cleanliness and order. Hunters and warriors fought and scoured the land, returning with new prey for the breeders. Kali exulted as their terrified screams transformed to joyful ecstasy. She wanted nothing else in the world. Her existence was perfect. Kali had come home.

Her tense body quivered with the last push of labor. A perfect pyramid of translucent eggs lay on the silk catch beneath her pussy. She inhaled the sweet air of the Hive, testing the smell for the pheromones she knew would be there. This clutch would be more Overseers. They directed the gatherers, the hunters, the diggers, coordinating their efforts locally. Perfect. The Hive's population had swelled. They had all the warriors, hunters, and workers they needed. The prey in their breeding chambers had increased tenfold. They no longer had to wait in ambush, picking off isolated humans from the surrounding towns, They had wholly captured one outlying village, then another, using the prey to grow their numbers even further. Food was plentiful, as the human males could be eaten and the forest that encroached on the abandoned human towns meant more wild game.

Their clever warriors had even captured the second-largest human town in the area. They sent a colossus - an enormous beetle-like Arachma, very difficult to conceive and grow - to distract their soldiers at the gate of the town while the real forces came up into the city through the sewers. The hunters captured the families in their homes, pinning them down with quick blasts of webbing, while the warriors attacked the soldiers inside the city from the rear and tore them to pieces. The humans had been delicious prey, mothers screaming in terror, holding their frightened children behind them as the Arachma battered down their doors. Peasants, mostly. Farmer's wives and daughters. The local Lady had been a treat. She had seemed unable to comprehend her peril right up until the moment the warriors climbed the wall of the keep and came in her window. One by one they had all been brought back to the Hive for breeding.

After that, two more human patrols had come: mixed forces of mages and mercenaries, desperate to root out their enemies. Both had fallen easily. They were undermanned, underequipped, malnourished, and incompetent. They had brought 6 mages with them, and 5 were now Kali's fellow Broodmothers. Their voices joined the chorus of the song that filled the Hive.

The music sang so much more clearly for her now that she wasn't surprised when the drones released her from the web after giving birth and delicately wrapped her in a soft cocoon. There were other songs in the distance, audible if you strained to listen, and she could hear a fresh one that had begun to the south. They moved her along a twisting network of tunnels, joined by dozens of hunters, workers, and royal warriors - an escort for their broodmother. They travelled southwards for days through the new tunnels the diggers had opened, until the song from the south was dominant in her head. Kali reached out, touching that invisible web, feeling it vibrate with the lively music of the Arachma in this hive. Drones were exploring the new tunnels, freshly opened by the diggers. Scouts were marking trails overland, finding the best places for food and water. Squads of hunters and warriors, fresh from the exhilarating surge of combat, were bringing in fresh catches of prey. Compared to her old Hive, the song here was faint, but it was growing.

Kali was released from her cocoon in a flat chamber with high walls. Fine webbing swept down from the ceiling in layers of a silky mesh and formed soft piles that covered the rocky floor. There were no other Broodmothers in her new royal chamber, and as the royal breeders affixed her in an alcove, Kali could finally hear the reason for their journey.

Through the senses of all the servants of the Hive, she was able to grasp the layout of the earth both above and below as the Arachma moved upon it. A canyon tapered off into a flat plain, disgorging a river that fed a large area of fertile farmland. It was bordered by a retreating forest of pine to the north, and a short bluff to the west. Kali didn't need her brood to fill in the rest of the picture; this place was already buried in her memories. She was beneath Anson, the small farming town where she grew up. The warriors had taken the town, slaughtering the men and raping every woman and girl there before dragging them back to the Hive.

She probed with her mind down into the breeding pits, and through the senses of her children there, found what she was looking for: Kari, her 16-year-old sister, arms and legs bound tight with webbing and her belly swelling with a large clutch of eggs. She must have been taken as prey months ago. She was partially converted already, and eagerly sucking the prick of a breeder for sustenance. Kali watched through the senses of the breeder as Kari greedily worked her mouth up and down, running her tongue along the squirming length of spider prick until it came in her throat. Satisfied, the breeder pulled its cock out with a large slurp and moved on.

Kali turned away from her sister and felt her way around the chamber. Everything seemed to be in order, but there was a nagging tickle of some long-forgotten part of herself in the back of her mind. The breeders were bringing in a fresh batch of prey, around a dozen wiggling cocoons held to their backs. She watched as they were pulled open. These girls had been freshly captured. Her attention was grabbed by a particular woman and a small girl that had tumbled out of two of the cocoons. Kali looked closer, An icy shock gripped her spine, and her heart clutched with a horror that she hadn't felt for a very long time.

The woman had been clad in linen pajamas, which now hung from her in torn, ragged strips. It was Kali's mother, Mari. Dried white fluid was all over her face, her arms, her legs. The warriors had already had fun with her. Her mother stumbled across the floor, crying incoherently, and grabbed the little girl, trying to shield her with her body.

Kasi had only been a toddler when Kali left to become a mage, but Kali recognized her 5-year-old sister. The girl was in a faded yellow summer dress, and she huddled in a whimpering puddle as her mother enveloped her. Her hair was twisted into dirty knots, but she seemed otherwise untouched.

Kali's thoughts scattered like birds. Her mind twisted into paralysis. A faint echo bounced in her head, long-buried, now smashing its way to the surface and screaming with defiance. She couldn't look away, she couldn't stop this, she couldn't do anything. The very last of her feeble strength, sealed away and forgotten under the ocean of euphoria, bubbled up like an angry volcano. Terror mixed with rage. Her arms pulled against the webbing as she screamed, unable to break the sensations the webs brought to her. The breeders advanced on Mari and Kasi, leaping on them with predatory swiftness. Mari was knocked away, stumbling aside to bang her arm on a rock, before being held to the ground under the rapacious Arachma. Its eight red eyes leered at her as she thrashed, and its sharp claws ripped at the tattered garments playfully. A slimy prick oozed out from under its abdomen and wriggled its way through the rent scraps of her underclothes to coat her pussy with goo. Mari shrieked and writhed, and the breeder lightened its grip, letting its prey struggle out from under it.

Kali shut her eyes but the scene wouldn't go away. She wasn't using her eyes. The song of the Hive couldn't be unheard. Another breeder was toying with Kasi, leaping on her and ripping small portions from her yellow dress before letting her run for a bit. Her stockings and shoes had already been torn to pieces. A sharp claw clipped her just above the shoulder, ripping the strap of the dress. The yellow front fell down, flapping haphazardly as the hysterical girl ran in circles. Another stab pulled away part of the skirt and her panties, exposing the little 5-year-old's tiny snatch. The breeders chittered to each other excitedly as they enjoyed their game.

Mari had got to her feet, howling with rage. The sight of the looming spider playing with her daughter, teasingly ripping her clothes off bit by bit, drove her into a hysterical rage. Crying, mother and daughter ran for each other over the rocky floor, loose garments flapping.

The breeders leaped onto the backs of both their victims, slamming them to the stone mere feet from each other and pinning them in place. Mother and daughter reached out their arms for each other, crying as they grasped frantically, unable to reach each other.

The breeders weren't playing anymore. They ripped the remaining clothing from the woman and the little girl. Mari jerked in pain when the thick shaft of the breeder suddenly slammed into her, driving her face down to the floor. Kasi squirmed on the stone, trying to wiggle out from the iron grip of the Arachma's claws. It bent over the 5-year-old's tiny body, erect flesh pressed against the girl's pussy, holding her still so it could line up.

The Arachma's prick lefty a gooey trail as it felt for the tiny hole. A 5-year-old's pussy could be difficulty to get into, but the Arachma breeder was up to the task. The dextrous appendage flexed, becoming longer and narrower at the end, thinning to a needle-like point. The probing tip found the opening between the bare pussy lips, and it penetrated the screaming girl with an eager thrust, cramming the slender shaft up into her tight slit.

Eyes tightly closed, Kali watched the breeders rape her mother and sister. New prey always got a lot of attention. Her mother was on her hands and knees, being pushed back and forth by the powerful thrusts of the giant spider above her, breasts flapping. Her eyes bulged with horror, locked on the sight of the enormous spider form that had mounted her daughter in front of her, bouncing abdomen working a thin shaft into the little 5-year-old's snatch. Transfixed, she was unable to look away as the prick visibly thrusting into her little girl suddenly bulged and sent a torrent of spider spunk fountaining into her. Kasi balled her fists and pounded them on the rock as her pain mixed with pleasure, the girl's first orgasm roaring through her tiny body. Splatters of cum, overflowing from the lack of space in the tiny pussy, dripped down her legs in sticky globs.

Mari spasmed suddenly and came just after her daughter when the breeder slammed forward with a powerful thrust. Thick jets of goo shot up into her belly, depositing the thousands of tiny eggs in its semen into her womb. The breeders rolled the mother and daughter onto their backs and began to take them two at a time as they laid next to each other. Claws and chitinous bodies held their terrified prey in place as they were penetrated again and again. Kasi had already taken a load of spider cum in her mouth, and was choking and gagging instead of swallowing it.

Kali felt every detail of the glorious nightmare through the senses of her brood. It was perfect order. They would serve the hive. She wanted to rip her arms off and run away screaming. Her family would bear clutches for the glory of the hive. It was better to kill them. Far away, inside herself, a fractured psyche screamed and railed impotently. Her thoughts clashed and ran in circles, unable to cope with the duality.

A royal breeder slipped up the web and loomed in front of her, watching her distress and agitation. Its eight legs twitched inquisitively, tapping the strands as it chittered. From its abdomen, the thick, ribbed cock was already emerging, eager to mate with its Broodmother.

Her mind cracked down the middle like a mirror. Kali went numb. Some piece of her fell away, and her boiling rage died instantly. She smiled. Soon her mother and sister would be howling in the throes of repeated orgasms, shuddering to climax as they bounced on the end of Arachma cocks and took the eggs into their wombs. They would find the joy it was to serve the Hive, as she did. Their screams were just part of the music, a warm background to the song of perfection as each creature took its place. Maybe they could become Broodmothers someday, like she was, and share in the highest pleasures.

She was the first broodmother in this hive and she needed to lay a strong clutch quickly. Kali lay back and relaxed, opening up as the breeder mounted her and began bobbing up and down, thrusting its prick into her slippery pussy. She let her mind go, enjoying the pleasure. Something had been bothering her, but she couldn't remember what.

Somewhere up above her had been the town known as Anson, but now it was merely part of the Hive. She was the broodmother of this hive now, and could feel her multitude of children running back and forth through the tunnels and along the surface of the earth. Distantly, she could hear the songs of other hives in the distance and feel the unique vibrations of their own Broodmothers.

With a final thrust, the royal breeder came inside her, shooting a splash of the sticky cum up into her womb. Another was already waiting to do the same. Between climaxes, Kali mused over the nearby towns of Borush and Thopperton. They hadn't been taken yet. This entire land was fertile, filled with women and girls for the breeders. She would lay her eggs, and the Hive would grow, and very soon, nothing would be able to stand against them.

The next breeder mounted her, shoving its pointed prick up into her cunt, and she came.