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Monstrum: Camabahlam - Part 1

By WintermuteX

Contributions by Clark & Lily

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Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Sexual Slavery, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Violence, Death, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

"But why were WE picked, out of all the mages at the academy?"

Fernanda pondered Emily's question for a moment, turning this way and that and primping her hair as she watched her reflection in the mirror. Emily huffed and blew a strand of hair out of her face as she watched Fernanda.

"I don't know," Fernanda replied with a sigh. "But it's not for us to question. When the Magisterium orders a mage to go, she goes."

The mirror was ornate, jeweled, a marker of the kind of extravagant opulence so prevalent at the academy. The kingdom spared no expense when it came to lavishing splendor upon its mages. Fernanda stopped turning and took a long look at her reflection: perfect. Not a hair out of place. The beautiful and elaborate Archmage uniform was made of rippling white dreamcloth, almost sheer, and small chains and clasps of the delicate golden metal allocite. It hugged her 13-year-old body tightly at her hips and bust, accentuating her girlish figure and concealing very little of her trim body.

"It's beautiful," said Emily with a slightly jealous expression. "Even prettier than the battlemage dress."

Fernanda swished the overlapping pleats of scanty dreamcloth that passed for a skirt and saw the distaste on her face reflected back at her from the mirror. The dreamcloth was so thin that she could pretty much see right through it. Her small pink nipples were faintly visible under the small strips of cloth that ran over her breasts, and the skirt was ludicrously short. It was unbalanced - longer on the left side, hanging to her thigh, and shorter on the right where it was decorated with an eye-popping array of brilliant gemstones and allocite filigree. The cloth was open at the hip and held with a polished clasp, showing off a generous portion of her hip and thigh - an eye-pleasing sweep of girlish curves that was certain to draw the eyes of every man she passed.

"I guess," Fernanda murmured. She was always ambivalent about the uniforms of the mages. On the one hand, they were shockingly beautiful, like something a princess would wear, studded everywhere with the brilliant gems that were cut to better hold magical energy, and made from the most expensive materials imaginable - dreamcloth could only be made by a magical process that took accomplished mages to perform, and allocite was alloyed from gold and silver and other valuable materials. Only skilled smiths could even think about working the metal. What she was wearing alone could have bought an entire farm just like the one she had grown up on back at home.

On the other hand, the uniforms were always outrageously revealing. Sure, the high cost ensured that there wasn't much of the material to go around to clothe every little girl that practiced magic at the academy, but as Fernanda smoothed the cloth over her left hip and checked the mirror she realized that her right buttcheek was mostly exposed, and if she moved wrong it produced a perfect flash of her little hairless pussy. All mage uniforms did that, it seemed. The gauzy cloth certainly did nothing to protect in battle, and no matter the rank it was always cut to accentuate the girl's figure and offer up tiny flashes of her private parts to the inevitable grins and leering stares of any men that happened to be around.

"When I was little," Fernanda said, "I always thought the tales of how revealing the mage uniforms were must have been exaggerated. I thought that right up until I met Yvette."

"Yvette?" Emily asked distractedly. She was staring blankly out of the tower window, daydreaming like she often did.

"A battlemage. She came to my village to recruit. She was 12." Fernanda remembered it like it had been yesterday. "There were so many soldiers with her, and they always gave her this hungry look whenever they thought she wasn't watching. I remember thinking she was so young..."

"If she was a battlemage at that age she must have had a lot of experience," Emily ventured.

"She did. She told me the tales: her deployments, how she had been there at the fall of Vetrecia. And she looked like something out of a storybook, with all that shimmering dreamcloth. But mostly she wanted to talk about how every girl had a duty to the kingdom. To be tested for magic, to serve with her mind and her magic and her body if she had the gift."

"It was the same for me, when I was recruited," Emily said, curling a lock of dirty-blond hair around her finger. "They were gathering girls at the streetcorner in Worthingham. We were only in town for the market but Momma insisted I get tested."

Fernanda nodded. Recruitment was so important. There were fewer mages than ever now, and the kingdom was always on the lookout for fresh blood that carried the spark of magic. The art had been dying out of humanity for who knew how long - such that the gift could now only manifest in young girls somewhere between 6 and 18 years of age - so every new recruit was a cause for celebration.

"Would what you do if you went back home, Emi?"' Fernanda asked, eyeing Emily's reflection in the mirror as the other girl stood behind her looking out the window again. "If you could, I mean?"

Emily stood silent, staring out at the countryside through the window with those startling turquoise eyes. She was 9, and had studied a year so far at the academy. This would be her first real assignment, but her gift was powerful and she had mastered the arts of defensive spells so quickly that even the highest lords in the Magisterium had taken note. She was nearly a savant, and Fernanda couldn't think of anyone she'd rather have with her on this mission. Emily was smart, curious, and had proven herself capable. At first Fernanda had thought the girl was intolerably naive, but she had come to realize that Emily's sheltered upbringing in an affluent family had made her that way. Emily hadn't known much about real life before she came here, but the grueling schedule of study and practice at the academy had so far failed to wipe out the younger girl's stubbornly optimistic streak. When Fernanda met her during her training the two girls had become fast friends.

"We had horses on my farm..." Emily began, still staring wistfully out of the narrow window. "Daddy bred them. I liked to watch them when they were running out in the fields or eating in the barn. When it was mating season Daddy never let me watch them. He said it wasn't appropriate for me."

Emily made a face and Fernanda managed to keep her smirk from becoming outright laughter. The girl was so innocent sometimes.

"Anyway," Emily went on, "Teeg was always my favorite. He's black with a white stripe on his nose. If I begged Luke, he would go riding with me early in the mornings. There were some cliffs near our farm and riding while looking out over the valley always made me so happy. Luke liked to ride a mare and we'd always go for miles and miles and then have to turn around and come back to do the chores for the day. If we ever came back late Daddy would whoop us, but I didn't mind."

Emily let out a long breath and let the lock of hair drop from her hand.

"Some days I think I want to go home and ride Teeg more than anything. Just forget all about magic, about the Monstrum. Just him and me wandering in the fields with Luke looking after us. That's what I'd do if I could go back."

She finally turned, fixing Fernanda with a longing frown.

"But we can't, can we?"

"No..." Fernanda admitted with a sigh.

"It's too important. We have to fight, or the Monstrum will take over everything."

Fernanda nodded. Although the royalty made grand proclamations regularly to the populace of Teleria about the kingdom's impending and inevitable victory over the encroaching Monstrum hordes, the war had been going poorly for years. Key encounters had turned to disasters. Many soldiers had been lost. Mages had been taken. The human forces were dwindling as towns and fortresses were overrun and turned into strongholds of the enemy.

And each of those strongholds only solidified the Monstrum foothold in Teleria, because after beating the armed men and the soldiers, they took the human women for themselves. Fernanda gave a slight shudder, thinking about it. The Monstrum species were uncountable - new ones were being discovered and meticulously documented all the time - but they all shared one common trait: they took human women to breed, often of any age. The animalistic species like the Rapewolves and the Ursa simply raped their victims until they were pregnant, but the more intelligent species like the Centaurum and the Org-reh bred and enslaved and even traded their prey for other slaves more desirable to them. The Org-reh in particular were notorious for their desire for little human girls under 12, and their treatment was often brutal.

Fernanda knew all about it: she had thought the academy was just to study magic, but she had learned more here than she had ever wanted to know. She could recite every word of her Monstrum Factorum - the tactical manual that every single mage kept with them at all times. Inside its magical pages was every known fact that the scholars had ever discovered about the Monstrum, no matter how revolting: battle tactics, physical characteristics, breeding practices (always lavishly illustrated), explicit descriptions of rapacious behavior, gestational periods, genital characteristics, and of course the irreversible changes brought on the Conversion effect inherent in the seed of every Monstrum race. The effects were always unique to each race, but exposure to Monstrum cum invariably made the recipient a more suitable and desirable mate for that species of Monstrum to breed with in some way.

Fernanda swished the white skirt a final time, thinking. She had learned so well and practiced so hard that she had just been promoted to Archmage at the young age of 13. No girl had ever been promoted so young. She had been a ranking member of the Magi Librorum for a year, spending her time contributing to the scholarly study of the vile Monstrum species. This new uniform of an Archmage - an intricate wrap of gossamer ivory cloth and gleaming gems that would make any other girl jealous - was a major step up from the uniform worn by the Librorum. That silky dress of green dreamcloth had been a bit more perfunctory, if still quite revealing. The art of dying the magical dreamcloth from its natural blue to different colors was still new, but the academy had put it to great use already to help distinguish the ranks of magic-using girls that served here.

"I can't believe they're sending us so far away," Emily mused, staring out of the window again. "It's a long trip across the Crescent Sea."

"That just shows how important this mission is. It's more important than anything we've done so far for the kingdom." Fernanda stared at Emily, hoping her friend could appreciate the gravity of their task.

"Remember that the queen herself tasked the mages with this request. The previous missions had all been men from the court - professional diplomats. Apparently, they all succumbed in some way, some disappearing and others joining the Camabahlam outright. They expect us to do better."

"They're so scary." Emily shuddered and her frown twitched nervously at the corners. "Monstrum are supposed to stay in the wilderness, not take over entire kingdoms. The Toltec Empire fell to them over 10 years ago. Why is it so important that we go now?"

"The Maesters say if we don't win this war here in Teleria, we may end up just like them. We don't know what happened to all the humans there. Presumably they've been enslaved, with the girls serving as...well, you know. We need to find out. We need to see how the humans there survive being ruled by Monstrum. Maybe it will reveal some insight, some kind of clue."

Emily was clutching her twin pendants through the sheer silk of her uniform's top - two delicate allocite necklaces from which hung a tiny jewelled tiara and a silvery heart. Her brother had made them for her.

"It's too bad Luke can't come with us..." she muttered absently. Fernanda frowned at her. Emily's older brother had been looking after the girl since she was a toddler - even coming to the capitol so he could apprentice here and stay close to her. Emily was a mage now, and should not need anyone's help, but maybe it was natural to want to reach out for the people that had watched over you for so long.

"We'll have 7 mages and 20 soldiers total," said Fernanda, walking over and draping an arm over her friend's shoulders. "We'll be as safe as we can be. Nothing can happen to us while we're so well defended, Emi."

Emily nodded, still staring out the window. Outside, the bustling markets and streets of the capitol swirled with people going about their business. Traders, smiths, farmers, clerks, laborers. Simple people. People who trusted mages like them to keep the Monstrum far away. If only they knew...

"You're lucky they let you wear those," Fernanda said, nodding down at where Emily's hand was clutched between her flat breasts.

"They won't disintegrate!" Emily bristled. "They're pure allocite and gems."

"I know, I know," Fernanda said, patting Emily's shoulder. "Luke was very generous to make those for you."

"I still don't know how he managed it. He must have pulled in some kind of favor. I wonder what it was..."

Fernanda nodded. Luke had apprenticed as a arcanosmith so he could stay near the academy and look after Emily, and he had turned out to be fairly skilled. The working of allocite and the magical synthesis that produced dreamcloth were so important because they were the only materials that wouldn't break down into dust when directly exposed to the channeling of magical energy. If a girl wore normal cotton clothes while wielding magic, they would tatter and fall to pieces in minutes. Metal and leather fared only slightly better. Gemstones were impervious though, and if cut in a certain way could hold a small charge of magical energy. The inevitable cost of all the expensive materials meant it was ruinously expensive to properly clothe a mage, so the academy's instructors were quite strict about proper attire.

"We leave early tomorrow. Make sure you've brushed up on your Monstrum Factorum so you're fresh on anything we might encounter on the journey. With your talents we'll be mainly relying on you for the wards and defenses."

"I know Fernanda, I know. I'll be ready."

Emily turned to look her in the eyes at last. Fernanda could see the apprehension in her frown and the fear in her eyes; she was scared. This mission was more important and more dangerous than anything she had tackled so far.

"It'll be alright. I know you. There are none better." Fernanda leaned forward and embraced her friend in a tight hug, feeling Emi's arms wrap around her own waist. The sheer cloth of their uniforms rustled together lightly. "We'll look after each other, ok? If we're watching each other's backs no Monstrum will ever touch us."

Emily pulled back and finally managed to return Fernanda's smile, her grin reflecting a small measure of that cheerful nature that was usually so prominent.

"Thanks Fernanda. I wouldn't go if anyone else was protecting us but you."

Fernanda nodded and smiled before turning away.

"I need to get ready myself. I have a final briefing with the Maesters. Lots to do, lots to do..."

"Have fun." Emily giggled behind her as Fernanda grabbed her staff and turned to pull the heavy oaken door open, then strode swiftly out of the room.

Fernanda cursed the high-heeled slippers of her uniform as she jogged down the stone steps. She didn't have a briefing with the Maesters. She had already taken care of that this morning. Her spells were prepared. Her Monstrum studies had been memorized. She had everything she needed all ready.

She had hoped Emily hadn't noticed how she blushed when Emily mentioned Luke. She had been waiting all day and now her blood was hot and her heart was pounding. Emily was such an innocent girl - it wasn't unusual for things to go on between brother and sister in Teleria, but Fernanda was pretty sure Emily was still a virgin. She seemed to have a bit of a crush on her brother, but she wasn't fucking him.

That privilege was for Fernanda alone.

She yanked open another heavy door at the back of the academy grounds and entered a dim space, pulling the door shut behind her. She looked around, taking in the disused stable. It was clean, but smelled faintly of hay and musk. White light shone in slanting beams from between the closed shutters, with motes of dust dancing gayly inside them.

"Luke?" she called out. "Were you able to get away?"

A dark form moved silently from the shadows at the far end. Fernanda gripped her staff alertly, ready to conjure magic at the slightest provocation just as her training had taught her, but the grinning shadow came forward and resolved into the smiling boy that she loved so much.

"Luke!" She darted forward and slammed into him, wrapping her arms to embrace him tightly. "Oh thank the gods. I was worried I wouldn't be able to see you before I left. If the Maesters wouldn't let me go, or if you couldn't make it..."

"Master Jethia is deep in his cups," Luke laughed. "I made sure to leave the wine out where he would be tempted. He'll sleep all afternoon. I won't be missed."

Fernanda clapped her hands onto his cheeks and kissed him, burying her lips against the warmth of his. He returned the gesture passionately, and their lips brushed and writhed and parted briefly to explore each other with tentative tongues. Fernanda felt her heart beat even faster, pounding against the inside of her ribs like a smith's hammer.

"You always know how to make a guy feel welcome, Brighteyes," Luke said with a grin when they finally parted. Fernanda giggled. He called her that because of the unusual steel-blue color of her eyes, a sharp contrast to his dark ones. She took a moment just to gaze at him, to take him in: the curly mop of brown hair that always hung so carelessly down his forehead gave him a faintly roguish look that matched his mischievous grin so well. His ears were too big, but Fernanda had grown to like them. He was 13, the same age as her, and when Fernanda had met him after Emily had introduced them 6 months ago the attraction had been immediate and powerful. She felt drawn to him like a magnet.

It was too bad they had to sneak around like this, but Luke would probably be expelled from his apprenticeship if his prudish master found out, and she would be dressed down by her instructors for diverting time from her other duties. She hated it, but they both took every opportunity they could to be together as covertly as possible.

Which was why she felt that sinking dread in the pit of her stomach, knowing she wouldn't be able to see him for the next 8 months or so. She didn't know if she would be able to bear it - that cute little impish grin that he wore so casually always managed to brighten her day. He was so handsome too. It always felt like a frog was in her throat when he looked at her like he was now, eyes travelling appreciatively up and down her body like she was the most gorgeous object he had ever laid eyes on.

"That marvelous," he said, as if out of breath. "That's the Archmage uniform?"

Fernanda nodded, shivering slightly as his hand reached out to touch the allocite chain at her hip, fingertips brushing over the delicate metal links and then touching her bare hip.

"Amazing." His eyes seemed enchanted, even hungry, gawking at the faintly exposed buds of her nipples through the sheer cloth. Fernanda could see the swelling growth in the front of his pants She suppressed her giggle. Guys were so predictable, but sweet too. She liked it when he looked at her. She liked it when he touched her like that. She liked it when he did everything to her.

Fernanda swallowed and managed to regain her breath. "Look, we don't have a lot of time," she said. "The bells for evening training could toll any minute."

"Oh." Luke wilted slightly, disappointed. "Can't you stay for at least a little bit?"

Fernanda nodded and gripped her staff, then held it up aloft as Luke took a step back. She felt the familiar rush of power, the rippling thrill as the fabric of the cosmos came alive and formed an energetic current around her. The eddies tickled her skin in an invisible vortex. She took hold of the magic, began to form it with the power of her will like a potter shaping clay. A sweet shudder suffused her, as if light and life and all the beauty of the god's creation had become a living thing inside her skin, filling her up. The magic was glorious - sometimes she forgot how she had ever lived without it. It was sweetly seductive, so much so that an untrained girl could lose herself in it entirely.

Fernanda was anything but untrained. She staved off the seductive temptation to dive even deeper into the current and finished forming what she needed. A small purple sphere grew in front of her, growing slowly. Fernanda's staff moved over its surface, filling it with more power, urging it to grow. It wasn't a difficult spell for her, and it took only a few seconds. Just before releasing it, she pulled on one of the threads in a particular way and respun it back into the weave of the spell.

The sphere burst out like an explosion, filling the room with purple light. Sparkling clusters of light flowed through the air like tiny stars caught in a vast whirlpool. Pink and purple hues shimmered just at the boundary of the spell that enclosed the room. The stable pens and the equipment were still faintly visible, like shadows, but the smells had been replaced with a sweet fragrance of flowers and the city sounds were gone. Only a faint, comforting hum of energy filled the room

Luke looked around, gawking. "What...what spell is this?" he asked.

"Time slow," Fernanda shrugged, preening slightly. "We use it to slow Monstrum down. But I made an alteration. We're actually sped up compared to everything else now. Nobody will be able to hear us or bother us."

"It's so beautiful," Luke murmured, staring at the pink-purple currents. "And warm and being in the womb." He turned to grin at her. "I didn't know you were so romantic."

Fernanda stepped close to him and pulled his hands close, encouraging his touch. She wanted her last time with Luke to be special, to give them something both to remember. She felt his hands come up, brushing her sides. She felt his lips come close, his breath on her face, and shivered despite the comforting warmth of the room.

Their kiss passed in a blur, hands working feverishly. Before Fernanda knew it he was laid back on the stable floor with her on top of him, his hands touching her chest. She pulled harshly at the loose straps of her top and pulled it down to her waist, exposing herself, then arched her head back when she felt his hands close on her tiny breasts. She didn't have much to show off yet at 13 but Luke seemed to like her just as she was, just as she liked him perfectly. She bent to kiss him again, moaning under his grip as his fingers squeezed. She moved down and grabbed the hem of his pants and yanked, then did the same for his undergarment. His sweet little boy penis flopped out, hungry and hard, waving in the air uncertainly. Fernanda wrapped her fingers around it.

She felt the first shudder pass through him when she bent and took it into her mouth. Luke's fingers twined in her hair and his breathy voice begged her not to stop. She sucked down another inch, working the taut flesh lovingly with her tongue. She liked how he smelled, liked how he tasted - salty and with an earthen tang of sweat from working hard in the forge. The turgid cockmeat swelled happily in her mouth, growing even harder as her head bobbed up and down, her lips a tight ring of suction sliding over the warm, rigid velvet and leaving a sheen of saliva on the throbbing shaft.

She looked up to see how he was doing, and an erotic thrill raced from her head to her nethers when she saw him with his head back and eyes closed, exulting in the pleasure she was giving him. He might not last much longer, and the fire growing in her crotch was too much for her to bear.

Luke's cock popped out of her mouth with a wet sucking sound, a gooey runner of saliva strung from her lips to the tip. She ran her hands hungrily up and down the shaft a few times, feeling the slippery coat of juices she had given it, then clamored up higher until her waist was touching his. Luke raised himself up to kiss her, and she returned it with enthusiasm, welcoming his tongue into the sloppy mess of her mouth. Her bare breasts rubbed the coarse wool of his work shirt, sparking heat in her nipples like flint against steel. She shuddered and gulped, feverish with desire, with the yearning need for the pulsing shaft of rigid flesh she could feel sliding against her bare cunt under her skirt.

He leaned back farther as she pushed herself up, positioning her slick pussy just above the hungry spear of his little boycock. No need to bother with panties - they were not standard issue with any mage uniform. She was panting, tongue hanging out when the first contact of his glans against the tight lips of her cunny sent an arc of pleasure racing out from her crotch like a bolt of lightning.

"Eeeep!" She squeaked. She couldn't help it. She was so wound up. Luke grinned at her, massaging her shoulders, urging her on. She wanted him inside her so badly. Slowly she began to ease down, feeling the tip of his tiny swelling cock begin to push her bare little cuntlips aside and squeeze into the gap between. Her heart pounded, her breath raced. She gave a final determined shove of her hips and felt him pop in, the hard flesh sinking an inch inside of her.

"Aaayaaugh!" Her bleating moan carried in the small room. It was a good thing the spell blocked sound too. Luke had always told her she made too much noise but she just couldn't help it. It had almost got them caught once - by Emily of all people. THAT would have taken some explaining, but Fernanda had managed to conceal them both at the last moment.

Nobody would catch them here though, in their little isolated bubble of time. Fernanda's thighs began to shake slightly, ecstatic with delight as she felt Luke's cock slide inside her. His hands were on her ass, squeezing gleefully, pushing her down and impaling her little girl cunt on his prick. She was panting, dizzy already from the delicious feeling of a cock in her tight little cunt. She had only done it with one other man before she had met him - a handsome 20-something farmhand that her father had employed for a few summers. She had been a naive little girl of 8 when he first came to her bed in the dark of night and put his cock into her little cunt. She had never imagined anything could have felt so good, and after that she followed him around and eagerly learned everything he had to teach her. Her father had eventually found out and run him off, but she was grateful that she could use what she knew to make Luke happy now.

Slowly, she began bouncing, moving her hips up and down to slide Luke's bulging cock in and out. His hands came to her hips, then went up to her flat breasts to tweak her nipples. She squeaked again and increased the pace, feeling the lightning burst of pleasure racing up from where they were connected. The heavy pulsing of the thick, hot flesh stroking into her pussy was sending her crotch into overdrive, muscles pulsing, clamping at the intruding shaft and caressing it with wet, loving pressure. Their pace began to match her rapid breathing, Fernanda bouncing her body up and down rapidly, moaning, her hands over Luke's where he was squeezing her naked chest. She loved it. She loved him, loved his boyish good looks, loved the way he touched her, loved how his little cock managed to swell up so big and excited whenever he was inside her. It was racing now, pounding away like a steam piston, his balls ramming up against her ass with audible thwacks.

Pleasure burst in her head like fireworks and she fell forward with a desperate shout, but she felt his arms wrap around her and hold her steady. Her hips were still moving, instinctively, slamming down to meet his motions, grinding, her crotch squeezing and pulsing madly with the delicious friction. Luke's cock was slamming in and out in heavy, inexorable motions, pounding her 13-year-old pussy like an anvil. Fernanda saw stars. She felt him convulsing under her, felt the final violent slam of his cock up into her and its quivering excitement as it thrummed inside her cunt. Just before she threw her head back and succumbed, she remembered to reach out with her power, find the little thread of her spell that she had left, and pull on it.

Fire exploded in her crotch. She felt the molten gush of hot fluid rushing inside of her, Luke's cum squirting up into her and flooding her insides, filling up her young womb with his seed. The world seemed to slow down as if they were encased in molasses. Her orgasm exploded in her brain in slow motion, a tsunami that swept her away and tossed her into the stratosphere where stars erupted into shimmering gales of pure ecstasy, flashing storms that hurled her about, a hurricane of frothing, gushing euphoria that battered her consciousness with thundering peals of overwhelming pleasure. Distantly, she felt her body convulsing, felt Luke's hands on her hips squeezing so hard that she thought he might tear her skin off. His cock was erupting in an endless torrent of semen, vibrating against her cunt walls and unleashing spurt after spurt of thick baby batter to flood her insides with gooey happiness. It went on and on, Fernanda losing herself in the pleasure, Luke shaking under her, his boy cock erupting in what seemed an eternal torrent of semen. Every time she felt herself fall for an instant, the storm rose up again, dozens of times, hundreds, each fresh hurricane buffeting her this way and that, an unending and merciless ecstasy that she thought would never end.

It did end, eventually. Fernanda felt the last dregs of paradise wash away slowly like a receding tide. She felt like she had spent years falling from the tallest mountain, or higher - the heavens where the Gods made their seat. Her body's uncontrollable shudders gradually calmed, and her senses returned - the warm hum of the time spell, the desperate panting of them both, hot breaths washing against each other's necks.

"What...what..." Luke sounded dazed, uncomprehending. "Fernanda what WAS that?"

"Oh just a little thing," she murmured dismissively. "I found the technique in one of the restricted tomes that only Archmages can read."

"That...was part of the spell?" His eyes were fluttering. He had gone limp, as though all the vital energy had been drained out of him. In a way, it had.

"I wove in an adjustment. Just for you." She cuddled her head against his chest, feeling his heartbeat dwindle from a racing thunder back to normal.

"If you leave part of the time curvature malleable, you can...pull on it, let's say. Get the curve right and time stretches out. Get it perfect, and it begins to repeat."

"So when we came..." he muttered, trying to follow the magical reasoning.

"It began to repeat, kind of. It's called a transfinite temporal recurrence. It goes on and on. It doesn't last forever though. Good thing we came together." She giggled.

"I felt like I was cumming for a year. For ages," he murmured. "Gods above. It's a wonder I'm not dead."

"Did I overdo it?" Fernanda asked, looking up at him and blinking her eyes with coy innocence.

He laughed and pulled her closer for a kiss.

"Gods NO, that was amazing Fernanda. Just maybe warn a guy next time, ok?"

They laughed together and kissed again before resting against each other in a warm cuddle. Fernanda could feel his cum dripping out of pussy and forming a messy, warm puddle underneath them. He had probably put more cum in her just now than a normal guy could produce in a year.

"I wanted to give you something know, so you'd remember me." She touched his lip with her finger, enjoying the delight she saw in his eyes.

"I could never forget you Fernanda. No matter how long it takes for you to come back, I'll still be waiting right here, for you."

That was what she wanted to hear. His smile was adorable, fixed on her face as he patted her hair, as if smitten. She had a sudden realization, so blindingly obvious that she had no idea why she hadn't realized it before.

He loved her.

He hadn't said it, yet, but there it was. Fernanda had just began to ponder whether she felt the same way, whether she should say it, when the comforting hum that surrounded them began to die out.

"Oh dregs, the spell is failing," Luke muttered.

"I have to get back. They'll be expecting me." Fernanda sat back on her butt and began to try to get her uniform back on. It was all tangled in disarray.

"Wait." Luke touched her arm to still it. "Before you go, I...I have something for you. It's not a spell that makes you cum forever, but I wanted to give you something too, so you don't forget me.

He rolled over and reached for a small alcove near the stable wall, and pulled out a little bag of soft auburn cloth.

"Here," he said uncertainly. "It''s for you. I hope you like it." He rubbed his hands nervously after handing over the bag.

Fernanda flashed him a comforting smile. He could be so unsure of himself sometimes. Of course she'd like it. She pulled the little drawstrings on the bag to loosen them and shook it upside down.

A jewelled bauble fell into her upturned hand. A hair brooch, she realized, looking at it more closely. The gem looked like a ruby, and it had been masterfully cut to resemble a budding rose sprouting from a swell of emerald leaves.

"Oh, sweet gods. Luke...this is beautiful."

"The clip is an allocite-delenium alloy. They've just starting using the mix in some mage uniforms. It's not pure allocite but it's easier to make and will last decades. The way the gems are cut, it can't be ensorcelled, but it's just supposed to look pretty anyway."

Luke was babbling nervously, looking down, away from her gaze.

"Master Jethia helped me with some of the harder parts. I told him it was for Emily otherwise he probably would have beat me and told me not to waste my time on girls. But anyway, it's sturdy, it should last if you get in battle, and uh....well I know it's not part of a mage uniform and they can be real sticklers about that"

She had been smiling at him, watching him nervously flounder, but now she couldn't take it anymore. She reached up and touched his chin, forcing him to look at her, then bent forward to give him a deep kiss.

"It's perfect," she breathed, her breath hot on his lips after they parted. "I love it. Nobody's ever given me anything so nice Luke. I'll wear it forever. Nobody can stop me anyway, now that I'm an Archmage."

He grinned with relief, a spirited, boyish grin full of equal measures of gratitude and happiness and apprehension. He knew she was leaving tomorrow. They both knew. It would be months before they saw each other again, if ever.

The uncomfortable silence stretched on between them. Fernanda could feel the distance already, somehow. She wanted to kiss him again. She wanted to fuck him again. Just as she opened her mouth to say something, the bells began to ring in the distance.

"Drat," she said, hopping to her feet with her tangled uniform loose around her. "I have to go. Help me?"

Luke helped her get the many delicate pieces of her uniform in place. The skirt took some adjusting to get the clasp balanced against her bare hip again. Finally she was covered, or at least what passed for covered where little magical girls were concerned. She reached up and fixed the brooch in her hair.

"How do I look?" She gave Luke a grin and a spin, pivoting nimbly on the high-heeled slipper before coming to a stop facing him.

"Like an angel," he said, eyes travelling hungrily up and down her slender body. "But you're're leaking."

Fernanda looked down. Warm cum was oozing down her thighs.

"Oh, right," she said. She waved her staff and the cum vanished.

"There's some on your uniform, there."

He gestured at her sheer white armlet. She raised it to her mouth and licked the gooey wad seductively, keeping her eyes on Luke as she did it. Semen cleaned off of dreamcloth surprisingly easily, and never stained it.

Luke laughed as he watched her. She knew what he was thinking. She wanted to hug him, but the bells were ringing in the distance. She was late already and would probably be disciplined.

"Send me a letter or two, ok?" Luke's expression was forlorn, but distantly hopeful.

"I will. I uh...have to go. I'm late." She waved goodbye and then abruptly turned and pulled the heavy door open. She tried to keep the tears from her eyes as she walked briskly down the corridors, returning to the main compound of the academy. Archmages were not expected to cry. They were the strongest, the brightest, the most talented - in control of any situation, masters of tactics and lore and diplomacy with unrivalled magical power. Fernanda reminded herself of this as she took a deep breath and steadied herself.

Finally a sly smile crept back onto her face as she remembered that she was wearing not just one but two of Luke's parting gifts. Everyone would be able to see the hair brooch, but what they wouldn't see was the copious globs of cum she had left dripping down her legs. It was easier to conceal things with magic than to outright destroy them anyway, and the pleasing warmth on her thighs during the evening lecture would be a comfort. The instructors and the other girls would see the new Archmage, Fernanda Oaxaca, beautiful and powerful, a shining star and pinnacle of magical achievement at the academy. They wouldn't see the horny little 13-year-old girl with semen leaking down her legs from a slutty romp in the stable with her boyfriend.

And that was just fine with her. She'd stand up and be the puppet they expected. She had passed all their tests and trials to become Archmage and now she would lead their little delegation across the Crescent Sea. They didn't know too much about the Camabahlam, but they couldn't be all that formidable in the face of seven of the academy's most talented mages and an entire squad of elite soldiers. She would go and study them and intimidate them and eke out whatever terms of peace Teleria felt were necessary to keep the Monstrum race out of the way. Any if any of them got in the way, well, seven high-ranked mages working together was enough to reduce a city to a smoking crater. They didn't stand a chance.

But all the while, she would be thinking and dreaming about finishing as quickly as possible, about getting back here in one piece, and then finally settling down and telling Luke how much she loved him. They'd marry. She'd have his kids. She'd finish her service as a mage and they could buy a farm from all the money he made as an arcanosmith.

A perfect life. Everything would fall in place for her, right after this mission. Fernanda grasped her staff and took a deep breath, smoothing the gossamer top that didn't quite hide her nipples, straightening the pathetic little skirt that teased glimpses of her hairless cunt, and strode into the main hall.

"Gawwwwd it's so HOT!"

Emily stopped to swat at yet another bug on her arm. Her pale skin was covered with sweat from the beating sun and the jungle heat, and her hair was wet and dripping wetly. Her light blue uniform had turned sheer like she had just been dunked in a river. She was soaked. They all were.

"How much longer is it to Zo...Zochi city?" she asked.

"Xochtecquinicha," Fernanda corrected her. "'Make sure you get it right. You don't want to mess that up in front of the king. And it's still several hours away."

"Uh huh, uh huh, right. Big Mr. King Monstrum who probably rapes 100 little girls like me each day. A real stickler for grammar. Wouldn't want to offend his delicate sensibilities," Emily scoffed.

"We're official ambassadors on a diplomatic mission, and we will act the part. Teleria and the queen are counting on us to succeed."

Fernanda raised her arm to wipe sweat from her forehead. The sheer white dreamcloth of her uniform was soaked through, even more transparent than usual. She pushed aside another another huge green leaf as she led the column of soliders and mages through the steamy jungle.

It had been like a sauna ever since they landed on these shores. The actual journey by ship had been uneventful, other than Nina and a few other mages briefly suffering from seasickness until Emily figured out to how to ward it off. Hopefully that would be the worst peril they encountered on this journey. Fernanda stretched her head back and looked straight up at the trunks soaring to the jungle canopy far above them. You would think all that foliage would block some of the heat from the sun, but if anything it seemed to trap it.

Emily was grousing. The heat had made all of them cranky.

"So why can't I ward us against the heat like I did yesterday?" she asked.

"We're forbidden from using magic inside the borders of Camabahlam territory." Fernanda was heaving from the oppressive heat. Runners of sweat were trickling down from her chest to run out onto her bare belly. But she had been through worse. It's not like a little heat was going to beat them.

"But how would they even know?" Emily asked, suddenly skipping ahead. "I could POOF, get rid of all this gooey sweat and make it like a brisk spring day, and then you could FAWWW with your big fire spells and clear out all these damned leaves and vines in the way and then Nina could SHOOOSH and summon us those spectral horses she knows how to make and we could ride allll the way to Zocky Tocky Monstrum Town. You know. Subtle."

Fernanda smiled in spite of herself. Emily had a way of doing this, of suddenly bursting into an incorrigible cheerfulness just when everyone around her was starting to feel grumpy. It never failed to lift people's spirits. And the girl was 9, after all. Fernanda decided not to dress her down for a joke designed to make them all feel better, but she still needed them all to stay alert, to focus.

"Halt," she said, stopping at the head of the column. She waved her arms to get all of their party to huddle around her - 7 little girls and 20 seasoned soldiers, all experienced with mixed-unit tactics. They were all professionals. They knew what they were doing. Supposedly.

"We're not on the ship anymore. We're in enemy territory. Monstrum could be lying in wait for us even now. There are more than Camabahlam in this jungle, as you know." She turned to Emily. "Are your wards in place?"

"Of course, Archmage" Emily said, with a small and slightly mocking salute. "Venoma Vines, Slither Snakes, Corpsum Gorillas, Vile Buzzards, Arachma. We don't know enough about Camabahlam to have developed a ward yet. That's one of the things I'm going to-"

"Right, very good Emily." Fernanda cut her off. "As you were all briefed, we must stick to magic that is purely invisible, since we are ostensibly forbidden from using any at all. We can't afford to be observed violating our agreement so early. Now, Captain Stendar." She beckoned him forward. "How are your men dealing with the heat?"

"Just fine, Archmage," the captain sneered, chewing on some kind of tobacco. "My men can deal with it. If you dainty little squips are feelin' the need to take a break and maybe doff some of them silly scraps you call uniforms so you can cool off and let us rub your feet, well, we'd be right up for that."

His lecherous smirk was unmistakable. Scattered laughs came from the men. Fernanda didn't like how the captain was practically eye-fucking all of them with a leering gaze that crawled up and down their exposed bodies, but she chose to ignore his disrespect. It used to be that no soldier would dare talk that way to a mage, much less an Archmage, but discipline seemed to have fallen by the wayside in much of the military.

"Thank you captain, no. When we need you to rub our feet and powder our bottoms we'll let you know. Now, let's resume. Nina, Tatiana, Emily, Shayla, I want all of you up here with me. We will review what we know of the Camabahlam as we march."

The column got moving again at her gesture. She knew that most soldiers, no matter how professional, resented being ordered around by little girls, but they'd just have to deal with it. She'd keep the captain in line, and he'd keep the soldiers in line.

"Tatiana," Fernanda said, addressing the girl in the vibrant emerald uniform of the Librorum. "Can you refresh us on the general information about this region that the Librorum has gathered so far?"

"Yes Archmage," Tatiana said briskly. Fernanda liked the girl. She was 12, a year younger than Fernanda, but her service with the Magi Librorum had been exemplary. She was very serious-minded, intelligent, and relentlessly curious about everything. She had already made several contributions of her own to the Monstrum Factorum based on her studies. If there was anyone to know some obscure but useful fact about a topic, it was Tatiana. "A generation ago," Tatiana lectured, "the Camabahlam were merely an indigent threat to the Toltec empire, the human kingdom that spanned most of these lands on this side of the Crescent Sea. Toltec traders came to Teleria frequently to exchange goods and ideas, and all we know of the Monstrum species that infest these lands - including Camabahlam - come from the Toltec Magisterium before they were overcome.

"The Toltec enjoyed a rich history and culture," she went on, pushing a huge jungle leaf out of her way as they walked. "Their empire was prosperous. I believe even your name, Archmage, has Toltec roots."

"That's right," Fernanda said. "Both my given name and my family name are Toltec. My grandparents immigrated to Teleria from here after they were married."

"Trading and intermarriage used to be common," Tatiana continued, "but almost all contact was cut off abruptly. The traders stopped coming. All correspondence went unanswered. Scout ships failed to return from these shores. Even the Toltec Magisterium had gone dark. This all occurred in the space of half a year.

"The Camabahlam, it was reasoned, had rose up and overthrown the Toltec and enslaved the human populace. We're not sure what it was that enabled the Camabahlam to conquer and consolidate so much land so rapidly. Surprisingly for Monstrum, they have a culture and society of their own, including a sadistic goddess named Xochiquetzal that they worship and revere absolutely."

"The Goddess of Rape," Nina murmured.

"What was that?" Fernanda asked, turning her head to look at the battlemage. Nina was 14, and astounding to look at. The scanty red uniform of the battlemage hugged her supple body tightly, and the golden-blonde cascade of curly hair that spilled down her back made her look like a princess from a fairy tale. Her most shocking feature was her eyes though: the left was dark, but the right was a pale blue.

"Oh just tales carried by sailors," Nina said, her staff gripped tightly as her unusual eyes scanned the jungle alertly. "She's some sort of being that revels in defilement, in rape and subjugation. 'The Obscene Trinity. The Goddess Who Rapes Herself. The Hallowed Hermaphrodite.' I don't know why she's called those things, but if you get enough drinks into a sailor who has been here in the last 10 years, he'll tell you tales of her dark power."

"Myths and superstition," Fernanda said, waving her hand dismissively. "Let's stick to scholarly information that we can verify."

Nina shrugged and went back to scanning the jungle with her mismatched eyes. She was always calm, unflappable. Cool under pressure. Her unusual eyes tended to unbalance anyone she faced. Perfectly suited for a battlemage.

"Little is known of Camabahlam anatomy, and even less of their Conversion effects." Tatiana resumed without skipping a beat, her droning, metronomic voice reciting what she knew as if reading from a book.

"They revere their goddess in temple rituals, though we have no accounts of these at all and don't know what they involve. The conditions of the human slaves in their empire is also unknown, though being Monstrum, we can pretty well speculate how the girls and women are treated."

"Indeed," Fernanda muttered. She wondered what the humans here had suffered, if they were rounded up and stuffed into cattle pens like the Org-reh, with only the choicest young girls selected to be bred like pigs and the rest traded away for coin to buy even more young girls.

"Just remember, we're not here on a rescue mission. We're diplomats. We will not interfere with their ways, we will only observe and document." The whizzing sound of a bug slashed by her ear and she clapped at the back of her neck instinctively. That was the only part worse than the heat here: the bugs.

"It's unusual for Monstrum to have any kind of society, much less a king," she said. "We must all be on our best behavior to present a unified and empowered representation of Teleria. Tatiana, will you please continue?"

She slapped at her neck again. Another whizzing bug. Maybe nobody would notice if she used magic to keep them away. She heard the rustling of branches behind her as if someone had tripped. Where was Tatiana? She turned her head to look back.

Tatiana was crumpled on the ground, her staff fallen from her hands. Anabella was wearing a look of surprise on her face. She plucked some object from her neck that Fernanda couldn't see, then slumped to the ground herself.

"Alert!" Nina screamed. Instantly a force field sprang into existence around them.

"We're under attack!" Emily shrieked, pointing. Shadowy figures were slinking rapidly through the brush. Their dark forms made them difficult to spot. Ringing sounds of metal came from behind her as the soldiers drew their swords and began to form a battle formation to protect the mages.

"Nina! Left flank! Emily, right!" Fernanda screeched, readying her own staff. The ripples of magic came effortlessly, an invisible vibrating hum in the air around her. Fernanda swung her staff, condensing power from those currents into the A'sham gem that was ensconced in filigree at the end of the ebonwood shaft. The beasts were staying concealed in the trees, attacking with their darts. Fernanda spotted a suspicious shadow and whirled to unleash her power, sending a small fireball whizzing into the jungle. The shadow leaped nimbly to the side like an animal, and the fireball detonated on a tree trunk behind it with a wave of heat like a blast furnace.

Emily had protected the right flank with her shields: a signature bank of interlocking hexagons, each a separate thread of spell, all woven together to reinforce and support each other. They glimmered a faint yellow in the air, impenetrable. An enormous dark beast darted out of the foliage and slashed at one of the shapes with a huge sword, snarling. His weapon merely bounced off. The other mages had organized in an instant, arranging themselves back-to-back, facing outwards from the center of the column. Staffs swung and the air veritably boiled with magical energy as shimmers of power were drawn in and condensed and released as fireballs and waves of force and tremors that tore through the ground.

Shouts came from behind them. Fernanda whirled. A troupe of the beasts had revealed themselves and charged the soldiers, wielding wide-bladed swords with blunted tips. They had dark fur and a feline gait. They swung their weapons expertly and disemboweled two of the men. The victims went down screaming.

Emily turned to look, her attention faltering for just an instant. Fernanda saw something whirl through the air - two balls attached by a string. A bola. It soared through a tiny crack in the shields and smacked Emily straight in the throat. She went down like a sack of bricks, choking loudly. Fernanda turned to look to the other side. Nina was down. Fernanda could see the feathered dart sticking out of the smooth skin at the back of her neck.

"Regroup!" Fernanda screamed, backing up to where her last two mages were. "Steel tortoise formation! Shayla, Kinetic shields! Isabella I need a fire wall!"

Fernanda ducked under a whizzing projectile and slammed back with a purple sphere, hurling it at the nearby beast. It tried to leap to the side but caught the edge of the sphere and froze motionless in midair

"Camabahlam!" Someone was shouting. "Camabahlam!"

Fernanda shook her head, trying to clear it. A boom shattered the atmosphere of the clearing, the blast blowing the huge jungle leaves aside and cracking the trunk of a tree, causing it to fall where it would block one of their flanks. Good thinking. Was it the Camabahlam? The firewall was obscuring their view. She tried to peer through the smoke. Yes...yes it could be. She prepared a spell.

"I am Fernanda Oaxaca, Archmage of the Telerian Magisterium!" Her voice rang out in the clearing like the thundering voice of a god, almost ear-shatteringly loud.

"We are here on a peaceful mission to the Camabahlam. Stop your attack immediately!"

Amazingly, it seemed to work. Snarling calls rang out in a strange language and the beasts darted away and leaped over obstacles like giant cats, seemingly just as comfortable on 2 legs as 4, disappearing into the cover of the foliage. Fernanda raced out and helped Emily remove the choking bola from around her neck. The girl had dropped her staff and her face was almost purple, so Fernanda used her own magic to slash the cord with a knife of air. Emily immediately began heaving and sucking in air as color began to return to her face.


The voice was loud, but not magically amplified. It was guttural and animalistic, as if spoken with the muzzle of a beast.

"Forgive us, Archmage," the voice hissed. "We were not informed of your arrival. Trespassers often visit our lands, and we are tasked with guarding our borders for the glory of King Tlaloc."

A creature emerged from the jungle - a Camabahlam, the first one she had got a clear look at. The Monstrum resembled a panther that walked upright like a man, incredibly muscular and tall, slinking out of the jungle with a feline grace. Although the lead Camabahlam was walking comfortably on his hind legs, Fernanda could see more behind him waiting on all 4 limbs.

"Emily, rouse the other mages, Expel whatever poisons were in those darts." Emily nodded and moved off just as Shayla hurried up from the column of soldiers.

"Dead," Shayla hissed. "Both men. We couldn't save them."

"Acceptable losses, under the circumstances," the Camabahlam sneered, its voice thick with bestial inflection. "You are lucky your entire party is not in chains, little conetl. Choquilia ono?"

Fernanda heard snarling laughter from the Camabahlam's companions still lurking in the jungle. He seemed emboldened by their support.

"Lay down your weapons and submit," he snarled. "Nahuatia oaxi! When you are ichpoyectli we will be gentle. Maybe." More laughter. The lead Camabahlam was lashing his tails aggressively - 3 of them, Fernanda realized, thick and agile and looking very strong.

"How about we burn you asslicking monsters to cinders and reduce your stupid little city to a smoking ruin?" Shayla snarled, clutching her staff. She was seething with rage, fury burning in her eyes like coals. Fernanda had suspected the fiery 12-year-old had been sleeping with one of the soldiers. Now she knew for sure. Poor girl. This was no time for lashing out though. Fernanda raised her hand in front of Shalya to ward her off, then turned to address the Camabahlam.

"You will speak to us only in the human language," Fernanda insisted, standing straight and tall in front of the muscular creature three times her size. "You will deliver us to King Tlaloc, where we will inform him of your assault and misconduct against a lawful delegation from another kingdom."

Fernanda gripped her staff until her knuckles turned white, trying to appear confident. It could all fall apart right here, but she couldn't afford to show an inch of weakness. The Camabahlam stared back with glittering yellow eyes, slit vertically like a cat's. He was clad in very light garb, armorless, with a bare muscular chest that rippled with power. His hands were covered by spiked gauntlets, and a pair of bolas and a net hung from a leather belt at his waist. A vibrant headdress of colorful feathers cascaded down his back nearly to his thighs - spectacularly long, considering the beast's 8-foot height. The scanty loincloth was his only other covering, and from Fernanda's peripheral vision she could see that the leather barely covered what must have been a very generous set of straining genitals.

"As you wish, cihuatlitzcuintli," the Camabahlam said, with a mocking bow. "We will escort you to Xochtecquinicha. You will stay in close formation and use no magic. Do not deviate from the path or your bodies will be forfeit."

He looked down at Fernanda's sheer coverings and licked his furry lips, plainly indicating how much we would enjoy such an outcome. Fernanda had to suppress her shudder. The other creatures turned and hid themselves in the foliage, leaving their leader alone, but Fernanda knew they were still there - watching them hungrily as if they were prey to be devoured. Formidable opponents. If her mages had been a little slower in battle, all the men would be dead and they would all be being raped by the nightmarish brutes right now.

Fernanda rounded them up and gave the orders. "Get the soldiers to bury the bodies. We won't burn them here. And do it quickly! Tend to any other wounds with bandages. We will try not to offend our hosts with any more magic.

The mages and the men rushed to carry out her orders. It would have been much quicker if they were permitted to use their magic to move the earth, but Fernanda would not risk another incident. In a short time it was done, and the column assembled behind her.

"Fascinating," Tatiana said, wobbling up, still unsteady on her feet. She eyeballed the lead Camabahlam, who was flicking his tails as he waited impatiently for the humans to carry out their business. "What prime specimens. A dual bipedal/quadrupedal species. Enhanced musculature. Highly proficient in battle." She gazed critically at the Camabahlam with a look almost bordering on admiration. "See how he wears almost nothing. Speed and stealth must be their favored tactics."

"Aren't we just learning so much already," Fernanda muttered, annoyed.

"The triple tail is a unique anatomical feature - they likely provide a robust means of balance, and I'm pretty sure I saw one use his tails to hold a soldier immobile as he eviscerated him."

"Lovely..." Fernanda said. She didn't like how Tatiana was looking at the beast.

"They must possess sufficient strength to immobilize a mage as well, holding her steady as it prepares to violate her. Non-lethal darts, bolas, and nets confirm hunt-and-capture behavior targeted at young girls. They took us unaware and could have slaughtered us, but they chose to subdue as many mages as they could before beginning a direct assault."

"Hey." Fernanda snapped her fingers in front of Tatiana's eyes. The girl turned to look at her, blinking in surprise.

"They will rape you and enslave you and force you to have their babies. They're Monstrum. They have only one desire in this world. Don't let your guard down for an instant, no matter how fascinating they are.

"Of...of course, Archmage." Tatiana gave a small bow. She was brilliant, but always so infuriatingly formal and clinical. It made her a perfect scholar though.

The final march to the city was uneventful, if no less uncomfortable. The heat poured down on the party until Fernanda wished she could strip naked. Sweat ran into her eyes as she squinted at the cruel sun overhead. Tatiana was walking beside her, taking notes in her Factorum, seemingly impervious to the heat.

"Prehensile tails...4 feet in length. Swords...blunt. Aggressive tactics." The girl muttered as she walked, oblivious. "Fernanda, what do you suppose the headdresses represent?"

"I have no idea," Fernanda admitted. The Camabahlam leading them seemed to wear his with pride, a dizzying cascade of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and even a few purple feathers trailing at the end like the plumage of some vainglorious bird.

"There's no Toltec cultural equivalent," she said after thinking for a moment.

"An original aspect of their society? Something not simply stolen from their captors? Fascinating." Tatiana's pen began to scratch furiously. Fernanda could see the detailed sketch of the headdress coming to life under the girl's talented hand.

After some time, their Camabahlam guide finally stopped and whirled abruptly. Fernanda noted how his tails allowed him to keep his balance even with the rapid pivot.

"We are nearing the gates," he said. "You will stay close to us. Touch nothing, but let your eyes feast on the glory of Xochtecquinicha and the works of the divine Xochiquetzal."

Four more Camabahlam had emerged from the jungle as if to an unseen cue, with long swords sheathed on their backs and treading completely silently with their cat-like paws. They stood towering over the mages, broad and muscular, wearing looks of disdain and menace before fanning out to each corner of the column. As one, they began moving, herding the humans like sheep.

Fernanda refused to be cowed. The creatures were 8 to 9 feet tall on average and had to be at least 900 pounds, with their massive, panther-like physiques bulging with muscles. She wondered how long they could run. As long as necessary to capture any human foolish enough to try to flee them, she figured. She kept a tight grip on her staff with both hands, reminding herself repeatedly that she was the archmage, that their power was more than enough to overcome their enemies, that it was they that were in control of the situation. Her confidence lasted right up until the moment they turned a leafy corner and passed through an arch of bronze emblazoned with snake-like images with gemstones for eyes.

The city was massive! Fernanda gaped like a first-year cadet fresh from her farm for the first time. A furry hand grabbed her shoulder and roughly pushed her to keep her moving, and she struggled to regain her composure. All about her were stone terraces, finely carved and tiered into multiple levels, some with pools of fresh running water and others sporting luxurious hanging gardens. Towering ziggurats and opulent dwellings of carved stone adorned the peaks of the terraces, surrounded by luxurious porticos filled with soft-looking divans and low tables. The main boulevard was no less lavishly decorated with jeweled lampstands and standing idols and statues. It bustled with foot traffic all down its length, which ran razor-straight into the heart of the city towards a grand palace that rose in the distance.

"It''s..." Nina gasped, her breath stolen.

"Beautiful," Emily said, her turquoise eyes wide open and shining. Fernanda felt no less stunned herself. The Camabahlam may have stolen the city from the Toltec, but she was amazed that the Monstrum had preserved its beauty so completely. To either side, market stalls were set far back at the feet of the stone terraces, with merchants hawking their wares. Fruits. Meats. Jewelry. Weapons. Tools and outfitting equipment. Most of the vendors and citizens seemed to be Camabahlam, but Fernanda spotted a plethora of different Monstrum races as she scanned the crowd: a few Org-reh, a troupe of brutish-looking Ettu with their twin heads rising far above the crowd, even a Minotaurum with a scarlet ribbon tied around one horn. No Centaurum thankfully. Fernanda hated the horse-men most of all, though she had never fought one.

All the other mages seemed similarly impressed. They must have looked ridiculous, a dishevelled troupe of barely-clothed human girls standing at the gate in sheer, sweat-soaked coverings while gawking at their surroundings. The Camabahlam guards stood vainly with their arms crossed, letting them soak it in.

"The glory of divine Xochiquetzal built this city," their guide said with a grand sweep of his arm. "Feast your eyes on her splendor."

"Funny, I thought the Toltec built it," Shayla said with a quiet snarl. Fernanda hushed her.

"It's very um...grand, but we're not here for sightseeing. Please take us to King Tlaloc."

Their guide gave a mocking bow and pivoted again. Fernanda moved to follow him and the rest of the mages followed her, with the soldiers bringing up the rear.

Grand buildings and splendid spires of carved stone lined the main avenue. The party marched in close formation until they had moved further along to where the dwellings were more plentiful. These seemed to be more personal property. With many Camabahlam moving in and out of them and seemingly taking their leisure however they pleased: lazing about in the sun, practicing with weapons, dipping their feet in the running water, and...

Fernanda stopped short and Emily practically bumped into her from behind. Her eyes were glued on the home just to their left: a large portico with lavishly carved limestone columns was open to the street, and a group of girls her own age and younger lounged inside. They were covered with scanty garments of fine silk, sheer - even more so than her own uniform - and wore various rings and anklets of rich gemstones. Exotic veils covered their mouths, and each had makeup and hair arranged so beautifully that they looked like princesses.

The loveliness wasn't why she had stopped though. It was the fact that a Camabahlam had a little girl that couldn't have been older than 8 bent over against a divan with her little silk skirt pulled up to her waist as he licked her cunt enthusiastically with a long raspy tongue.

And she wasn't the only one. One Camabahlam was leaning back on an overstuffed pillow while a slender little preteen sucked on his mammoth cock. More Camabahlam moved about, picking girls out of the harem as they pleased. One picked up a tiny little girl like she weighed nothing - she couldn't have been more than 6 - and plopped her down on a divan before bending to grope and ravish her. Another instructed a girl to bend over on her cushion as he lined up a massive erection with her behind. A gorgeous young teenager was perched on a reclined Cambahlam in a sixty-nine position, tonguing the tremendous shaft of massive flesh while the beast slathered its tongue between her legs, while just behind her two more girls that looked Emily's age were sloppily licking each other's tiny pussies.

A guttural curse and another shove got them moving again. Fernanda swallowed the frog in her throat and tried to shut out the sounds of girlish moaning and orgasms coming from the orgy at the manor. Of course, they had expected this, and Fernanda had certainly seen worse. She had seen lines of girls tied up like pigs in Org'reh breeding stables and drinking from the semen troughs. She had seen girls younger than 10 squealing and struggling as Centaurum split their tiny cunts wide open with powerful slams of erect horsecock. She had overseen the destruction of an Arachma nest and the subsequent study of the pregnant broodmothers giving birth to their legions of vile spiderling babies - the Librorum had been quite excited to have live specimens delivered for study. These girls looked very well-treated by comparison. They were even enjoying themselves quite a bit, judging by the sounds drifting down to the open street. But, of course they would be. Conversion did that to a girl. The quasi-magical toxic properties of Monstrum semen always involved some factor that increased pleasure dramatically for the girl. The Camabahlam were apparently no different.

Just another datapoint. Something for the Factorum entry. Fernanda walled away her revulsion and kept walking, trying to stick to purely clinical observations. Something had seemed odd about the penises of the Camabahlam she had observed. It was hard to see from this distance, but they almost seemed to...bristle. There must be some unusual feature of their anatomy. But she wasn't about to duck to take a look under the loincloth of their guards, and she certainly wasn't in the mood for a firsthand demonstration of the thing in action.

Emily turned to whisper in Fernanda's ear. "Well we know where the girls are...what about the older women and the men?"

"They serve the glory of Xochiquetzal in their own way," said their guide abruptly, still staring ahead as they marched. The panther-like ears buried under his headdress apparently granted superior hearing.

"The elderly women clean and serve in the city. The human men live and work in the fields, so they do not profane the Holy City with their presence."

And they probably allowed a few of their human slaves to breed so they could get more girls, Fernanda thought. It wasn't uncommon among the Monstrum races. With a few rare exceptions, Monstrum races could only conceive more male young like themselves when they raped humans.

They began to pass more buildings of all kinds as they travelled down the cobbled road to where the gleaming palace waited. Fernanda would have preferred not to look, but this was the whole point of their mission. She saw the elderly slaves the Camabahlam had mentioned - aged women with greying hair mopping and washing and cleaning both the indoor and outdoor surfaces. More young girls, clad in veils and silks and sheer gossamer robes that hung open in the front, with 9 in every 10 engaged in some kind of sex act with their masters - some on open porticos and terraces, others in public on the street. The Camabahlam cock was substantial, she noted, probably 3-4 feet in length, matching the oversized frame of their massive bodies. She still couldn't get a closer look at one though. The beasts certainly seemed to have no modesty: raping their slaves was an activity they seemed to engage in as easily as breathing.

And there seemed to be no shortage of the slaves. Almost all of the girls were human, but here and there Fernanda spotted one of the cat-like Felis, girls with small frames and ears and tails that matched the furry patches on their bodies. A few Canthian girls too, their tiny, twisted horns and slanted eyes lending them an exotic air. Elven girls, supple and graceful in both light and dark skin tones. Even a pair of diminutive Lilith girls, rare indeed in these parts since their xenophobic homeland was so far away. The Camabahlam didn't play favorites, it seemed. Fernanda lost count of the amount of girls of all species that she saw bent over, on their backs, being railed and pounded by turgid cocks in their pussies and mouths, semen dripping on their thighs and chins and pregnant bellies heaving as their tiny bodies pistoned back and forth in erotic tandem with the aggressive thrusting of their bestial masters.

Their guards drew tight around their party as they passed through the bustling crowds of some kind of upscale marketplace, and in a short time they began to approach the palace steps. A line of warriors - a thousand or more facing each other in rigid formation - formed a corridor leading down the center of the boulevard to the steps. Fernanda let her head rock back to look upwards. The steps were quite high and very steep - made perhaps for the powerful Camabahlam legs instead of diminutive humans - and they stretched up over her head to the first of many gleaming terraces on which the vast palace complex rested. Its edifices glittered in the sun as if gilded with bronze or gold. Fernanda wondered if they would take a closer look, but as they drew closer to the foot of the massive steps she realized that an enormous party was already waiting to meet them, with an imposing, lavishly-dressed Camabahlam at their center. His arms were crossed and his visage proud and contemptuous as he waited for the human delegation to approach, and he was surrounded on all sides by naked girls of various ages.

"His Highness, the Consort of the Goddess, Ravager of the Toltec, may his reign be eternal - King Tlaloc!"

The cryer bowed and stepped aside, affording a clear view of the Camabahlam king. He stood a full foot above the others, an enormous brute of deep purple fur and black velvet skin that bulged with muscles everywhere on his powerful physique. Fernanda wondered idly if he could bend iron, or crush her skull in his hands. He certainly looked like he could. An astonishing headdress of colorful feathers trailed back from his head all the way to where it touched the ground and trailed onward for several feet, and his only other garment was a robe of yellow-gold, edged with intricate embroidery of reds and blacks in complicated patterns. A silvery grey hue edged his whiskers and the tufts of his ears.

They stopped in front of the king. The beast's muzzle pulled back in a menacing grin as he looked down at Fernanda from his towering height. Fernanda's grip tightened nervously on her staff, but she muted her fear and stepped forward to address him.

"Brave and noble King Tlaloc, whose renowned deeds spread to the corners of the world on the winds and whose kingdom is of uncountable measure: we bear greetings from the nation of Teleria."

He seemed amused. The coarseness of his fur and how it hung from his muzzle gave him an elderly look.

"How many slaves did you bring me. Are these them?" He gestured at the rest of the mages. "Their cunts look juicy enough. They will do."

"Er, no, great king." Fernanda clacked her staff nervously on the stone, as if to remind herself of her authority. "I am the leader of these mages - accomplished wielders of the arcane mysteries, trained in the arts by the Telerian Magisterium."

"Ahhhh yes, the magical girls." His amused grin seemed to deepen to a faint malevolence. "The Toltec had such girls as well. My warriors proved their mettle by besting them in battle at every turn, claiming them as ichpoyectli."

There was that word again; Fernanda didn't know what it meant. It hadn't been in her briefing.

"My thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth wives, in fact, were two such girls. Sisters." He grinned at Fernanda conspiratorially as if sharing a secret as he gestured at two particular purple feathers in his headdress. "They were both quite stubborn. They resisted fiercely, and cried when my seed entered their wombs. It made their subjugation all the sweeter. Now they beg me eagerly each night, and share pleasure with each other when my duties call me away."

The king turned and beckoned to two of the many young girls standing at attention around them. They came forth - a shy-looking 12-year-old with a bloated belly fat with pregnancy, and another a year older, holding a kitten of purple-velvet fur to her small breasts.

"Ichihuana and Texpiotli," the king said, introducing them. They stood, mostly naked, adorned with jeweled tiaras and anklets and scanty scraps of silk cloth that made no effort at all to hide their private areas. The pregnant girl was using a hand to support her huge belly, and the kitten at the other girl's breast mewed hungrily in between suckling the nipple and kneading gently at her bare skin with his tiny claws. She cooed and comforted the babe, smiling happily down at it.

With great effort, Fernanda suppressed her shudder. The king dismissed his wives with a wave. All of these girls must be his wives. At least 100 - all young, mostly human and in various skin colors, a few teenagers but most prepubescent and slender with flat breasts. Over half sported bellies in some stage of pregnancy. Fernanda made a mental note to inquire after the Camabahlam gestational period for their notes for the Factorum.

"We were accosted while travelling under your promise of safety, King Tlaloc. Two of my men were slain."

"I heard," the king said, his expression growing grim. "The commander will pay for this crime."

He beckoned to the side again, and his guards moved to seize the Camabahlam that had led the party and guided them here. The commander snarled in anger and struggled, but the guards wrestled him to the ground and shackled him right there before dragging him before the king.

"The delegation is seven strong," said the king. "They need seven Tlaquani. Eighty four of your feathers are forfeit."

The bound Camabahlam seethed visibly with rage, but didn't speak against his king. The guards moved to strip his headdress, plucking feathers of all colors from its length. When they were done only a few remained. The Camabahlam turned to look at Fernanda, his tails lashing angrily, and she could see hatred burning in his eyes as the guards led him away in disgrace.

Another gesture from the king, and seven of his wives came forward. Each attended to a mage, taking small green shoots and binding two feathers of each color into a woven crown of twelve and setting them on each mage's head. When the girls were done, Fernanda looked around and had to stifle her laugh. The mages looked like they were dressed for a springtime festival.

"None shall accost you when you wear the Tlaquani," the king assured them. "So long as you do not violate our laws or the sanctity of Xochiquetzal."

"Thank you, King Tlaloc," Fernanda said, forcing a polite smile to her face.

"Today is Tlaxcamitl. A celebration-time!" shouted King Tlaloc, spreading his arms wide "We will honor you with a feast when darkness blesses us." He waved his paw at the the crimson hemisphere of the sun settling behind the horizon.

"Truly the reputation of your greatness and generosity are well-earned, noble king," said Fernanda. The day was so far gone already. It would be dark in an hour.

"We are eager to begin negotiations, King Tlaloc, such that your kingdom and Teleria may benefit from mutual peace and trade."

Shayla, to her side, gave a scoff under her breath. Fernanda wanted to elbow her hard in the chest, but stayed still. The Camabahlam ears could hear anything.

"We shall see, little magical girl" the king said, eyeballing Fernanda's body through her sheer uniform and licking his muzzle absently. "We shall see."

The king dismissed them with a wave and the guards led them away.

"That went well," Tatiana said.

Fernanda nodded in agreement. "A good start. Hopefully the negotiations bear fruit."

"He seems like an arrogant piece of shit," groused Shayla.

"I can't believe he has soooo many wives," said Emily, craning her head in disbelief to take them in as they walked away. "Not even Org-reh chieftains have so many. And it looked like at least half of them were pregnant."

"Oh! That reminds me," said Tatiana, paging quickly through her Factorum with her pen held between two fingers. "We must determine the Camabahlam ejaculate volume and fertility coefficient. Secondary observations of consistency, color, and taste would be beneficial. If we can determine the average penetration depth they achieve during intercourse, I could begin a preliminary hypothesis on any morphological changes brought by their Conversion effects. Do you suppose the king would consent to let us watch-"

"Hush," said Fernanda, annoyed. Tatiana was a consummate scholar, but there was a time and place. She suspected that the Librorum instructors at the academy had trained her too well.

"Remember to be on your best behavior at this feast," she said, looking up at the darkening sky. Servants were already lighting sconces at the side of the wide roads. The foot traffic was much less now, and their guards had no trouble making a path for them. The other mages nodded as silence lapsed over the group.

A brooding feeling of apprehension had settled in the pit of Fernanda's stomach. Things had gone well so far, but there was bound to be trouble of some kind. Well, they could handle it. No force in the world could stand against seven alert and highly-trained mages. Thinking of the king's wives though, she felt a niggling little voice of doubt that she couldn't dismiss. They had been mages too. They must have been confident at some point that they could keep the Camabahlam in check. Those girls might even be distantly related to her. Third cousins or some such from before her family had emigrated. She had the sudden vision of her own self in their place, naked, her cunt dripping with gooey cum and her belly fat with Monstrum babies as a tiny purple kitten suckled at her engorged breasts.

It could be you, the little voice in her head whispered.

Fernanda shook her head and stomped the idea to pieces. She had a mission here. They wouldn't fail. They couldn't fail. All they had to do was stay on their guard and avoid distractions. She reached up to feel the little hair brooch Luke had given her, letting its touch ground her. She would succeed here and then she could go home and see him again.

Yes. Everything would go according to plan.

The entire delegation - soldiers and all - had been afforded seats of honor at a large stone table that hung low to the ground. Fernanda sat kneeling on her cushion, resting her hands on her thighs as she looked around. They were near the tops of the terraces, only a short way from where the walls that encircled the king's palace met the thick foliage of the jungle. The height gave them a wide, clear view of the city and of the revelry going on at the lower levels. Distant drums beat a thundering rhythm that rumbled in the night air like an inexorable threat. Darkness had long since fallen, and the only light was from the burning sconces all around the perimeter of the clearing which cast long shadows from the many Camabahlam moving about.

"These guys sure know how to party," said Emily with her typical irreverence as she bit into a haunch of meat almost as big as her head. Fernanda rolled her eyes. More Camabahlam servants were coming, bearing platters of meats and cheeses and such a multitude of spicy cooked dishes that it nearly made her head spin. One set down an enormous roasted boar on a platter right in front of them. The apple was still crammed tightly in the beast's mouth. Emily peered wide-eyed over the lump of meat she was gorging on, wearing an awed expression.

"I think that pig is bigger than I am," she said, chewing loudly.

"Good thing you don't have any meat on your bones, Emi," Fernanda retorted, "or they might cook you up for supper too."

Emily snorted and ripped another hunk of meat from the hauch with her teeth. Fernanda had always teased her about how skinny she was. The girl was just over four feet tall and couldn't have been over sixty pounds. No matter how much she ate she was always tiny. Emily belched and began stuffing her face with slices of some kind of spicy bread. She almost seemed to be having a good time. Fernanda sighed. So naive. She would have to remind Emily and the others again to be on their guard against the peril they were in.

"Actually," Tatiana said from where she was seated on the other side of the table, "their revulsion for the flesh of intelligent creatures is one of the few things we knew about them before coming here. They won't eat it, and look down on others that do."

"Great," snarled Shayla. "Well at least we know they won't eat us. Just rape us, beat us, enslave us, murder our men and fuck us until we're fucked in the head."

"Calm, Shayla," Fernanda said, making a placating gesture. The girl had been almost beside herself since the Camabahlam had killed the two soldiers. Fernanda didn't know what she would do if something happened to Luke. She'd be just as crazy, probably. She had to keep the girl from going off the rails and doing something rash though.

Nina was on the far side, next to Tatiana, talking with Isabella and Anabella, the twins. They were both 15, bright and talented and experienced - as all the mages selected for this expedition had been. They had been recruited relatively late, but they were probably both well on their way to becoming battlemages once their third year of training was complete.

"I think she's right," said Isabella, keeping her voice low so it didn't carry. "I don't think there will be any way to negotiate an agreement with the Camabahlam."

"Peace is our first priority," said Fernanda, "followed by trade, then tribute. The Camabahlam will undoubtedly want it.

"We can't send our own people to these...beasts," said Anabella, looking around uncomfortably.

"Right. I'm not intending to grant any leeway on the matter of tribute. I'm hoping King Tlaloc does not insist on it as term of peace."

Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of serving girls bearing platters of drinks. They were Fernanda's age - perhaps 13 or 14 - clad in wispy silk tops and pants that Fernanda could see right through. They seemed a bit different from the harem girls they had seen so far. They wore no jewelry, and had only rough sandals. They were pretty enough, but their hair and faces were not made up. A lower class of slave perhaps?

The girls bowed and proffered their trays with ceremonious silence. Fernanda and the other mages each took a chalice. Inside each was a generous amount of gooey white liquid.

"Please tell me this isn't cum," said Nina, wrinkling her nose as she sniffed her cup.

"No, I don't think so." Tatiana dipped the tip of her finger into the liquid curiously and then stuck the finger in her mouth. "It's milk, though I couldn't possibly name the animal."

"Well, we should probably drink," said Fernanda. "We wouldn't want to insult our hosts." She took note of how the Camabahlam all around were watching their table with an almost malign interest. Even the king was glancing in their direction from atop his throne on the dais in the center.

Fernanda led the way, raising her chalice and taking a deep gulp. She was shocked. It was sweet and warm - quite fresh, it seemed - but also powerfully musky. The other mages followed her lead, gulping heavily from their own draughts.

Fernanda realized she had been unconsciously licking her lips, staring down at the now-empty chalice. She could scarcely admit it, but the milk was delicious. The other mages all seemed similarly amazed. More serving girls were circulating with drinks. It seemed to be all the Camabahlam drank, and they did so with gusto, upending the chalices to down the milk in a gulp and then wiping their muzzles to clean the gooey trickles of white that had leaked into their fur. Camabahlam servers were bringing even more dishes in now - sweets and jellies and curried vegetables of a kind Fernanda had never seen, and another round of young girls circulated bearing more chalices.

Fernanda took a second cup. Emily was already working on her third, slurping zestily in between slices of ham. It seemed the milk was a hit already. Fernanda had certainly not been expecting to dine so well while they were here. The gruff voices of the Camabahlam rose nearly to a fever pitch as the festivities seemed to kick into high gear.

Embers from the sconces danced wildly as they ascended to the night sky. The din of laughter and shouts and uproarious bestial laughter filled the feasting area. Even the drumbeats seemed to have increased in tempo. The mages chatted among themselves, and Fernanda realized she was almost enjoying herself. Maybe it was the soothing effect of the milk or the pounding pulse of the drums. The general air of celebration reminded her of the year-end feasts at the academy, where each graduating class was celebrated. Those were usually attended by the trainers and instructors and scholars and the Lords of the Magisterium though, not jubilant crowds of girl-raping monsters.

She was halfway through another cup of milk, listening to the twins recount a tale of the time they had fought Centaurum near Vecentia - barely escaping unscathed - when a loud crash came from the center of the terrace off to their left. Fernanda choked, panicking, and felt frantically for her staff. There, lying just next to her where she had left it. She coughed and tried to clear her vision, keeping a tight grip on the comforting ashwood shaft.

Angry shouts were rising from a group of Camabahlam. There was some kind of melee going on. Those on the edge of the scuffle were backing away, revealing two tall, angry Camabahlam facing each other in the center. Fernanda glanced to King Tlaloc. He was looking on, unconcerned.

One of the beasts screamed in rage, a challenge to the aggressor facing him. Both of the panther-like beasts had dropped to their haunches for balance, ready to pounce with their triple tails lashing angrily in the air. They both held out their right paws, and the onlookers helped them each don a heavy gauntlet with an array of sharp blades poking from the fingertips and jutting from the backs.

Ritual combat. Fernanda made another mental note for the Factorum. The Cambahlam were circling each other, eyes darting alertly, scanning for weakness. A serving girl was just nearby, weeping as one of the onlooking Camabahlam held her tightly by the shoulders. Was the fight over a serving girl? It wouldn't have surprised Fernanda. Maybe the harem girls were owned by specific Camabahlam while the lower slaves were fucktoys for whoever wanted them. It was a theory worth investigating. She pulled out her own Factorum and made a note. Tatiana was already furiously scribbling in hers, of course - a detailed picture of the gauntlets being used.

One of the Cambahlam darted forward, feinting, trying to bait his opponent then drawing back. The gambit failed. The two kept circling each other, tails flicking, until one took a wild slash and then darted in after it. They grappled, clawing at each other with their free paws and drawing blood, snarling with rage. The aggressor who had charged in was in a better position, and was able to coil his tails to reach the other beast's wrists. The extra strength from the powerful limbs enabled him to pull the other's arms open and reach in to choke his victim. The beasts hissed and screamed hatefully, spittle flying, and the losing Camabahlam began to gag. His paws raked at his opponent's chest, but eventually his defenses weakened and his opponent took the chance to rear back and gouge his gauntlet deep into the victim's neck.

The crowd cheer lustity as the wounded Cambahlam screamed and thrashed on the ground. The victor stood up, blood on his muzzle and furry arms, and raised his gauntlet in victory. The crowd cheered wildly, and cheered even louder when the Cambahlam wrenched the tiny girl by the arm, taking her where he pleased to enjoy his spoils. Fernanda watched as the loser crawled off, mewling pitifully and bleeding freely. Nobody stopped to help him.

"See?" seethed Shayla to her side. "They can't even exist at peace with themselves. What chance to we have? They're animals. Animals in body, animals in mind. We should bring all the might of the Magisterium to this country and exterminate them."

"Calm the fuck down Shayla," said Isabella, a girl Fernanda had never noted for her tact. "Just because they killed your main squeeze doesn't mean you should lose your mind. Why don't you find another soldier to fuck? With your reputation I'm sure any of them would like a chance at your little 12-year-old pussy."

Anabella couldn't barely stifle her giggle at her sister's jab. Fernanda winced. The twins had a mean streak sometimes, and their timing couldn't be worse. Shayla jumped to her feet, staff in hand and eyes blazing with fury. For a terrifying moment Fernanda feared she would lash out with magic, compromising their whole mission and probably throwing the feast into chaos, but at the last minute Shayla seemed to wrest some kind of control of herself back and whirled to stalk off into the darkness instead.

Fernanda relaxed her grip on her own staff. She didn't want any of them going off alone but maybe this was preferable. Shayla would be fine with a little time to cool down, and Fernanda would talk with the twins and ensure this didn't happen again. An awkward mood had grown around the table as the girls lapsed into uncomfortable silence.

A shrill whistle cut the noise of the feast, followed by the rapid, zesty beat of hand drums from the other side of the clearing. The crowd was cheering lustily. Fernanda craned her neck.

More young girls were emerging: belly dancers, clad in titillating garments of diaphanous materials and wearing a vivid profusion of colorful jewelry. Bracelets and golden anklets sparkled in the torchlight along with jeweled torcs and opulent tiaras woven into their breathtaking hair. The girls were outrageously gorgeous, ranging from eight years old up to perhaps fourteen. They spread out, swaying teasingly and dancing away nimbly from the eager squeezes of the laughing Camabahlam. A few of the girls approached their table, arms and bodies swaying with the beat. Fernanda couldn't help but feel a bit jealous: the girls were the prettiest she had ever seen, supple and trim with flawless bodies and a sensual grace that almost defied belief. One stopped in front of her: a girl slightly younger than Fernanda, with a tiny sheer top that did nothing to obscure her flat breasts and pert nipples, and a skirt embroidered on the edges with red tassles and small flat discs of golden metal that shimmered with reflected light. Long earrings flashed like meteors as she gyrated her hips, swinging her arms up high to show off the luscious curves of her body and then spinning around in an erotic twirl to move her ass in time with the beat.

Fernanda gulped, unable to keep her eyes from drifting to the tight little butt gyrating a few feet from her face. She could see the girl's pussy through the sheer cloth pretty easily, and there might have been some kind of diamond stud in her clit. She wasn't about to lean in for a closer look though. All around them the Cambahlam were cheering and laughing, exulting in the debauchery of the little girls on display.

The drums beat on like a pounding fever. Fernanda began to feel a bit lightheaded. She looked down at her cup - how many had this been? She had lost count. The other mages seemed to be similarly affected, with their eyes slightly glazed and their words beginning to slur. Great. An intoxicating effect. Alcoholic milk didn't seem like it should be a thing, but in these strange lands...who knew?

The drums stopped for a moment, then shifted to something new: a slowly mounting beat of syncopating energy supported with some kind of brash stringed instruments. The rest of the dancers had halted, giggling as they submitted to being fondled or dandled on the knees of the resting Cambahlam, but one mounted the steps of the dais and approached King Tlaloc's throne.

She was breathtaking. Fernanda was not sure she had ever seen a girl so beautiful. Her long blonde hair was lushly woven with gems and dangling clips. A small red veil covered her mouth and chin and elaborate makeup gave her eyes a subtly exotic look. The sheer cloth of her top was divided in front under her tiny breasts, and the back was open, revealing a slender backside that sloped enticingly down to a pareo skirt made of more of the translucent material. The mages watched with reluctant interest as the girl posed and began dancing for the king.

All eyes were fixed on the girl. She swayed with the growing beat, hips moving like water, arms swimming in the air sensually. Her technique was perfect, her art flawless, an entrancing flow of curving hips and tight belly and sweet little breasts just barely beginning to blossom. The king seemed suitably impressed, his grey whiskers twitching with arousal, and even before Emily nudged her Fernanda could see the growing tent under his loincloth.

The drums built to a crescendo as the girl danced through the final rhythms in impossible feats of flexibility. King Tlaloc was licking the lips of his muzzle, eyes fixed hungrily on the little girl's lithe body. When the beat finished and the girl stopped in a graceful pose, the assembled Camabahlam began cheering wildly.

Fernanda let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding. A hot flush had been building in her cheeks, and she felt an unexpected tingling from her nether regions. The other mages must have felt the same judging by their subtly embarrassed looks. The king raised his hand and the noise of the crowd died expectantly. He kept them in suspense for a moment, his hand open, then beckoned the girl towards him approvingly.

More cheers erupted, and the drums started up again, fueling the general revelry. Most of the Cambahlam turned their attention to the belly dancers in their midst, groping and fondling them, tearing off their clothes. Fernanda watched as one small girl had her skirt torn off and was forcibly bent over by a pair of burly Cambahlam. She was barely on the ground when their sturdy cocks were already sliding into her tiny pussy and open mouth. Another was kneeling, her top torn and hair mussed, mouth open with an eager look and waiting to receive the seed of the four Cambahlam jerking off over her. Girlish moaning began to thread through the raucous sounds of the feast.

"This is the perfect chance to observe the Cambahlam genitalia," said Tatiana excitedly, pulling out her Factorum again. Fernanda shook her head with resignation. The girl was right, of course. They needed to collect all the data they could to satisfy the exacting requirements of the Librorum scholars. She couldn't get a good look at the Camabahlam raping the dancers, so she focused her gaze on the king up on his dais.

King Tlaloc had pulled the girl onto his lap on the throne, divesting her of her scanty clothes like he was unwrapping a present. She was dwarfed by his size, and even his paws were nearly as big as her head. He lifted her up effortlessly by the hips, positioning her cunt over his massive cock, and then began to push her squirming little body down onto it.

This was the first time Fernanda had had a really good view of the Camabahlam penis. It seemed to emerge from a sheath, a feature consistent with their feline anatomy, and averaged over 3 feet long at full erection. King Tlaloc was nearly 4 feet by Fernanda's estimation - a particularly well-endowed male indeed. The girl winced as he penetrated her, the delicate folds of her little pussy being split wide open by the tremendous organ. No normal human girl could have possibly accommodated the enormous girth of such a mammoth sexual organ inside her, but the little dancer had undoubtedly been here long enough to have her body transformed to suit Cambahlam anatomy. It was up to Fernanda's party to find out the exact details of those effects.

A squeal came from the girl's throat as the big tip popped inside of her. Fernanda leaned forward, trying to get an even closer look. The king's cock was thick in its middle - a staggering 9-inch circumference - and tapered toward a narrower point at the glans. It seemed to have some kind of fleshy penile spines like a tomcat, more dense near the fat midsection. The girl struggled and cried out as the widening cock gradually split her farther open, the king's inexorable hands pushing the girl down to be even more thoroughly impaled on his turgid meat. She had several inches inside her now, but still a very large portion of that imposing cock remained. Fernanda shuddered, but was unable to look away as inch after inch slowly disappeared into the girl's cunt. How much could this little thing take? It reminded Fernanda of horses being bred, except instead of a mare getting shafted by a throbbing cock bigger than Fernanda's arm, it was a tiny girl who shrieked in pain and writhed in pleasure with every inch that sunk inside of her.

Tatiana was drawing in her Factorum again - an quick ink sketch that captured the black velvet flesh and the pulsing veins and the intimidating spines of the Camabahlam genitalia. She seemed more than fascinated. Fernanda recalled that she had never been deployed to the field before. She had read about and studied every kind of monstrous genitalia, but never seen them in action before today. Fernanda didn't like the look of subtle excitement on her face or the way she was licking her lips.

"Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it," said Nina at her side, grabbing another cup of milk off a passing girl's tray and downing it in a gulp.

"What's that?" asked Fernanda, barely able to take her eyes off the spectacle of the girl crammed almost to the halfway mark on the king's colossal meat spear.

"I mean, just look at her." Nina gestured casually. "Look at all of them. Doesn't it look like it would rip you apart having something like that inside you? But somehow they can handle it."

"Conversion does do that," said Fernanda. "Sometimes they don't wait until it's taken effect you know. Centaurum probably have the biggest morphological changes, but they get busy trying to get horse dick inside you from day one. It probably hurts."

"Of course it would hurt," scowled Emily. "It's terrifying. I used to have bad dreams, after I first came to the academy. We had those Monstrum Anatomy classes where we had to know...and memorize every single detail. I remember one test even asked me for the average degree of curvature of an erect Ettu cock. Why do I need to know that?"

"It's not for us to question the Magisterium," murmured Fernanda. "They give instruction, we receive it."

"I would wake up at night, sweating," Emily went on, in a quiet voice. "Dreaming about things holding me down. Giant things, tearing off my clothes. And I couldn't move. Someone was always holding me down while it did its...thing."

"Big deal," scoffed Isabella. "Lots of girls get bad dreams about Monstrum. You're not special Emily. I'll bet you even liked it from time to time. Probably woke up with your bed and fingers a little wet."

Anabella giggled again. Those two could be vicious. Fernanda opened her mouth to reprimand them when a squeal got her attention.

King Tlaloc had forced the girl down as far as she could possibly go - almost half his length, and was holding onto her wrists with his massive paws as he pistoned up into her. His powerful muscles flexed rhythmically as he pounded the tiny girl like an avalanche, savoring her screams. Her cunt lips were stretched obscenely wide - wider than Fernanda's fist - and Fernanda could not imagine the excruciating sensation of those fleshy spines rasping against the girl's straining labia at that breakneck pace. She felt a sympathetic tingling in her crotch just thinking about it

The girl's face was locked in a rictus, her pain transformed into delirious pleasure, tongue hanging out and screeching until a series of powerful slams of Camabahlam cock knocked the breath right out of her. Her head lolled back and she would have collapsed had not the king's paws kept her steady, fucking her body like a twitching doll. Her hips jolted up and down, the torn remains of her skirt flailing in the air as she was hammered from below, and with a final mighty thrust the king buried his fat midsection and the bulk of his spines into her pussy. The girl went wild, arms shaking and gibbering. The itchy heat in Fernanda's crotch began to blossom as she watched, entranced.

The pair howled together as the crowd cheered them on, the girl's wailing climax lost admidst the ocean of beastial roars. Fernanda could actually see the king's cock visibly pulsing, spines flexing as he unloaded a gushing torrent of cum up into the girl's tiny belly. It almost seemed to bulge from the internal pressure. After a few moments a backwash of gooey cum with an amber hue began to splatter out from around the tight seal of the king's cock in her cunt, trickling down the flexing, pulsing flesh of his long girth. They collapsed together, the king laying back on his throne with the girl resting on his chest, supported by the weight of his still-erect cock stuffed in her body. Fernanda managed to tear her eyes away, breathing heavily, and was shocked: she had been rubbing her clit, and hadn't realized it. She pulled the offending finger up and looked at it in shock, then quickly looked to see if anyone had noticed. All of the mages had been watching and all had at least one hand suspiciously buried under their skirts.

"Time to go," she said, standing abruptly. She almost swooned, suddenly dizzy, but managed to regain her feet. They would have to be more careful with that milk. It had had an effect on her, but she wasn't sure how much of the feverish heat and mounting arousal she felt was from it or from the appalling carnal exhibition still going on all around them.

"Show us to our lodgings," she said to the nearest Camabahlam guard, taking care not to slur her words. All of the mages and soldiers in her party got up to follow. The straight surface of the terrace seemed to wobble slightly, refusing to cooperate as she and the other mages followed the guard down a path away from the feast. The sounds of revelry began to die down behind them as they entered an area of thick foliage and the path narrowed to cross a wooden bridge above a sharp ravine.

"I wonder how many of those girls used to be Toltec and how many were born here," Emily mused, her eyes a bit glazed.

"Even the older ones would have been babes when the Camabahlam took over. I think for most of them, this is the only life they've ever known," said Fernanda. Her head was pounding and she struggled to walk straight on the bridge. It was a bit rickety.

"Imagine growing up as...that," said Emily. "Just having sex all day long from as young as you can remember..."

"Doesn't seem so bad," muttered Nina. "Sure beats being an Org-reh or Centaurum fucktoy, that's for sure."

Emily made a face but walked on in silence. Fernanda shook her head, trying to clear her vision. The torches ahead were hazy and kept doubling as her eyes went out of focus.

A crack of wood preceded a sudden scream behind them. They all stopped short and whirled around, staffs clutched tightly in alarm. Fernanda reached out instinctively for her magic, but held it in check without giving it form. Luckily the other mages remembered their orders and stayed calm.

Whoever had screamed had gone over the side. The railing had broken in a spot. Isabella was kneeling at the edge along with one of the soldiers, looking down over the side and shrieking hysterically.

"She just stopped for a second! Just a second! She leaned on the railing and fell! She's down there Fernanda!"

The scream had been cut short not far beneath them. Anabella must have hit bottom. Fernanda looked but couldn't see anything in the thick leaves and darkness.

"What's down there?!" demanded Fernanda, whirling and confronting the Cambahlam guards. They were all smirking knowingly.

"Tecuanitzli!" they laughed. "Your girl is Tecuanitzli Icihuahuatzin now." They laughed even harder, looking down over the side and catcalling.

"Speak our words!" Fernanda screamed, stamping her foot. The motion made the bridge shudder, and the guards laughed even harder.

"You will be Icihuahuatzin too?" they jeered. "It will be a blessed week for them with so many."

"Explain," Fernanda said, trying to regain her calm. "Explain what is down there."

"The...beasts," one guard said. "The goddess' pets. Blessings of her true form."

"Get her out. Now," Fernanda ordered. The guards just laughed at her even harder. "Nobody can break the goddess' form," they said enigmatically.

"Great," Fernanda scowled. She tapped her foot, wondering what to do, when fresh screams came from the ravine below them.

"Anabellaaaaaa!" Isabella yelled down from the bridge. The screaming girl sounded like she was 15 or so feet below them. Strange bestial yelps were coming from the bottom too - excited and hungry snarls.

"Gods be damned!" cursed Fernanda under her breath. She would have to take a chance. She swung her staff, and a brilliant yellow light exploded over the ravine, shining like a tiny sun.

"Mehuaztlia!" the guards shouted in alarm, drawing their weapons. The ring of steel was matched as all of their own soldiers drew their weapons as well. Instantly the mages went back-to-back, staffs held ready, Fernanda could feel their combined power thrumming in the air like a hidden menace. Even drunk on weird monster milk, their training still paid off.

For a moment, the Cambahlam and the soldiers and mages faced each other in taut silence, each waiting for the other to make a move. Then one of the Cambahlam barked an order and the others sheated their weapons, scowling malevolently. Fernanda took the chance to look down at the bottom of the ravine, and saw Anabella.

Some pack of strange beasts had surrounded her, snapping their jaws. The girl was crawling along the ground pitifully and weeping hysterically. Her clothes were torn. Her staff was broken on the ground, though Fernanda couldn't tell whether from the fall or from the beasts. They were like nothing she had ever seen: some kind of creature that looked like a cross between a scaled lizard and a raptor, darting about nimbly on two hind legs. They had clawed hands and short, dextrous arms. Their appearance was almost dragon-like, but on the outside edges of their arms and all down their spines grew lines of feathers in bright colors - the same sort of feathers the mages were wearing in the crowns on their heads.

The creatures snapped repeatedly at Anabella with birdlike motions of their heads, driving her back against the wall of the ravine. Snivelling, the girl half-ran and half-crawled, terrified out of her mind, until she came up to solid rock. She whirled around and screamed again, and in that instant the pack pounced. Ripping sounds of cloth and excited lizard-like barking filled the ravine as they swarmed all over her, tearing her delicate uniform to pieces with their claws, then bowling her naked body over. Fernanda could barely make it out in the now-fading light, but she saw them force the girl onto her stomach and hold her down as a particularly large brute mounted her and shoved down firmly with its pelvis to penetrate her.

Anabella's screams echoed off the walls of the ravine. Her arms and legs were barely visible as the beast raped her. Her noise was abruptly muffled as if something had entered her mouth. Fernanda was panicking, trying to think of an option. They could attack the guards and try to rescue her, an abysmally bad course of action if ever she heard one. Even assuming they could fight on this stupid bridge without the Cambahlam simply knocking them over the sides, they'd have to kill all the guards, get down inside the ravine, kill the beasts, then somehow get out of the city with a probably disabled Anabella in tow.

"Get her out of there!" Fernanda insisted again, gesturing furiously. The guards laughed at her impotent threat.

"Tecuanitzli mate for life," said the head guard. "They go into the Metzuaitzli - the berserker-death - if their mates are taken."

"I don't care!" Fernanda insisted. "Get her out or the king will hear of your negligence!"

Fernanda didn't think the guards could laugh any harder. "We will report it ourselves!" said one guard. "King Tlaloc will be pleased at another Icihuahuatzin for the goddess-beasts. She should not have been so careless."

"It is a holy thing. A blessing," said another guard, gesturing towards the muffled thumping sounds of the rape going on down below. "When the mate of a human girl is taken, the act reveals the goddess' true form."

"What the fuck does that mean?!?" screamed Fernanda. She was furious, seeing red. The magic seethed around her, begging to be given form, to wipe away these impudent Camabahlam in fire and blood. They sensed her hostility and were already ready: bolas and nets in hand, and blowguns held to the lips of who knew how many others that waited unseen. And in the hands of the guards that waited near the edge of the bridge, more swords. They would not play softly for long.

"Show us to our lodgings," seethed Fernanda. "Immediately."

The Cambahlam guards sneered with their catlike muzzles and began to lead them away. Isabella had to be pulled away from the edge by Captain Stendar, hysterical, and forced to go with them. Fernanda led the way, angry and ashamed beyond measure, trying to breath around the clenching shame in her throat. One of her own. A mage under her care. Left to be raped and bred by vile, unholy creatures. Senseless. Stupid. She had been careless. It was her fault. Fernanda looked back at the column of mages following her in ashamed silence. Two men and a mage already, and she still wasn't sure where Shayla was. Unacceptable. She would have to do better. She WOULD do better. No more accidents.

Forcing her humiliation down, she followed the guards down the jungle path back to the wider streets of the city, leaving the faint cries of Anabella to dwindle behind them.

Part 2