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Monstrum: Camabahlam - Part 6

By WintermuteX

Contributions by Clark & Lily

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Tags: Mg+, bd, best, magic, nc, oral, anal, ped, preg, rape, reluc, viol

Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Sexual Slavery, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Violence, Death, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

Sparks burst from the crackling fire, soaring upwards like errant fireflies. Fernanda stared into the blazing fireplace from her seat on the couch, a large cup of sweetmilk in her hands.

She raised it to her lips and took a deep gulp. She felt as if she had been drinking it nonstop all day. She had an excuse though. It helped dull the painful memories and the surging horniness, along with the dreadful anticipation of tonight. Breast milk, from girls her own age or younger, pregnant with vile monster spawn. She tried not to think of it as she raised the cup again and gulped until it was empty.

The names wouldn't stop turning over in her head: Anabella, Shayla, Tatiana, and now Nina. She had taken to reciting them to herself, something to try to center her, to keep her focused on the sacrifices and the importance of what they were trying to do here. Anabella, lost to the feathered lizard beasts. Shayla, a victim of her own temper. Tatiana, a willing victim to her own curiosity. And now...Nina.

She'd get them all back. She swore it for the thousandth time. None of them would want to go, of course, but Fernanda would hogtie them and drag them kicking and screaming all the way back home if she had to. The price though...that was something she didn't want to think about. It was the logical choice, of course: one life sacrificed for the many, but the thought still left her feeling like she wanted to throw up.

"It's the solstice today, and the full moon," said Isabella, coming from the kitchen with three more cups of milk. She handed one to Fernanda and another to Emily, who had emerged from her alcove yawning sleepily with mussed hair.

"Hmm, big day. Major party. All the pretty girls are invited, said Emily sarcastically. "And hey look! No goddess!"

Emily took a deep drink from her cup, then sighed, a rim of milk leaving a glossy white smear on her upper lip.

"Maybe she'll show up tonight," murmured Fernanda. "Fashionably late, you know."

Emily scoffed to show what she thought of that idea. Even Isabella smirked.

"There will probably be a comet or something, and they'll get all excited and think it's their stupid Goddess," said Isabella. "I'll bet Tatiana would know if something like that was going to happen. Believing a deity will give you some sign is like a self-fulfilling prophecy anyway."

"They seem pretty confident..." Fernanda didn't know why the thought filled her with a distant terror. They were right, of course. It was stupid.

"Well, they're morons," snarled Emily, dropping onto the cushioned divan next to the couch. "Big, dumb, stupid monsters with only one thing on their mind."

"No doubt," agreed Isabella. "Although we might want to keep that thought to ourselves for tonight at least."

Anabella. Shayla. Tatiana. Nina. Fernanda turned the names over in her mind like a mantra, unable to stop. And one more name to add to the list.

"Hey we don't actually have to GO to the little fuckfest ritual tonight, do we?" asked Isabella.

"What?" Fernanda was startled out of her stupor by the question. " No we don't. It's not like we need to impress the King anymore. In fact, I want you to stay here when we go to meet the prince, Isabella."

"WHAT?!" Isabella stood suddenly, eyes flashing angrily. "Are you SERIOUS Fernanda? Fucking WHY?"

"You know the last of the men disappeared last night. We have no more guards. Someone needs to look after this place. Make sure the Camabahlam don't come in and try to poison our food, or something."

Isabella scoffed to show what she thought of that.

"Is Emily at least coming with you? Or are you just going to wander around alone all night until some other Camabahlam whacks you on the head and stuffs his cock in you again?"

"Emi and I will go." Fernanda looked over at her friend, trying to summon a disarming smile. Emily smiled back innocently.

"Well that's just great," huffed Isabella. "What am I supposed to do while you're meeting with Xihuatinalihuatl or whatever his name is?"

"Maybe try to satisfy yourself," said Fernanda primly. "Use both fingers. You might like it, and you probably wouldn't be so huffy all the time."

"You're one to talk Fernanda!" Isabella scowled.

"Just trying to help," she sniffed. "You're crankier than an old cow in heat sometimes."

"And about as pretty," whispered Emily.

Both girls looked at each other broke into hysterical giggles. Isabella threw her hands in the air and stomped off to her alcove. Fernanda sat back and laughed. She actually felt better. It was the first time she had even managed a smile since they lost Nina. Emily always found a way to cheer her up somehow.

They talked for a while, then found things to busy themselves with until nightfall. Fernanda was dutifully trying to write a letter, updating the Magisterium on their progress, but could barely manage more than a few words at a time. It all seemed so inexplicable. They'd never believe her, she thought. They wouldn't be interested in the reasons she had failed. If she went home without brokering a peace they'd strip her of her rank and boot her out of the academy in disgrace. If they did that at least she could go home. Live in peace with magic forgotten, for a little time anyway, until the Monstrum came and burned her village and raped her with her mother and all her sisters.

She realized she had been staring out the window for what felt like hours. The city was lively, festive, lavishly decorated and filled with beating drums and celebrating Camabahlam with their slaves. No costumes this time though. Their revelry seemed a little more dignified and somber, if one could apply those terms to all the raucous public fucking of little girls that seemed to be going on. Fernanda wasn't looking forward to going out, but twilight was already falling. Prince Xihuitl would be waiting.

With a groan she got up and retrieved her staff. She didn't have a uniform to arrange anymore - no short skirt to try to arrange so it hid her cunt better, no sheer top that gave little more than a nod to covering her breasts. In fact, being naked with so many other girls on the streets, she probably wouldn't have drawn an eye if not for her staff and the fact nobody was raping her.

"Ready?" Emily asked, pulling the sheet to Fernanda's private room. Fernanda eyed her - how ludicrous it was to actually wish for a mage uniform now, to want even the flimsy and revealing dreamcloth that performed so poorly at hiding her private parts. She had hated the archmage uniform despite how beautiful it had been. Now it felt like armor against the debauchery of the city. Armor she no longer had.

"I'm ready." Fernanda moved her staff in a slow motion, feeling the lure of her magic. Not forming it into a spell, but just taking comfort in its power. She wasn't helpless, she told herself. Despite all that had happened.

"Hopefully we won't have any trouble," she murmured.

"It'll be ok," smiled Emily. "If there's one person that can protect us it's you, Fernanda."

Fernanda gave her a sickly smile.

"We should try to avoid being noticed any more than we have to," she Fernanda. Emily nodded. They both knew there wasn't much point in stealth spells with so many monsters filling the streets. As soon as one noticed them they'd be all the more conspicuous, and the crowds were so tight that that was practically inevitable.

Both girls moved out to the common area. Isabella was nowhere to be seen - sulking in her alcove, no doubt. Fernanda led the way out through the open stone doorway of the building and right into the crowds.

She had known what to expect, and yet she was still disgusted - and hugely aroused, in fact, though she did her best to ignore that. Monsters and young girls fornicated freely everywhere. Some girls were willing, most were not. Chasing the latter seemed to be a frequent game for the Camabahlam. They'd let the girls get a little ways ahead, let them think they might actually escape, then pounce on them like a cat on its prey, tearing off their clothes, enjoying their screams as they positioned their huge cocks and rammed them straight into the cunts of the struggling girls. The idols scattered everywhere were lavished with huge bundles of offerings - meats, fruits, flowers, trade goods, shiny coins and gems, and other, more obscene things. As Fernanda and Emily passed one idol, they watched a little girl younger than both of them squatting over the overflowing golden bowl and straining to expel a huge load of gooey sperm from her pussy. Freshly fucked, and gifting the seed inside her to the horrible deity that she worshipped. Disgusting. Fernanda sniffed and turned away, but Emily just gawked.

Emily was still clothed, relatively speaking, and she had her Tlaquani. Fernanda had neither. She thought that might present a problem, but they moved so quickly through the crowds that none of the Camabahlam moved to stop them. They were so engaged in their little rape games that stopping a naked girl with another girl who had diplomatic immunity was probably just a waste of time. They passed a pair of girls that looked 5 and 6 and so alike that they were probably sisters. Their necks were bound with tight metal collars and chained together. They looked like they were freshly plundered from some nearby village, still in their original clothes although the Camabahlam had shredded those with their claws.

They looked to be the property of the two Camabahlam that were currently raping them. The pair of monsters bent the sobbing girls down onto their hands and knees, facing each other, and lined up their massive pricks from behind. The girls squealed and struggled hopelessly, and all it seemed to do was amuse the Camabahlam and make them even more erect. Their poor little cunts were no match for the monstrously engorged phalluses, but the Camabahlam were certainly trying with gusto, seeming to make a game of who could get the head of their cock in first. They butted at rumps of the girls, pushing them together, but the chain was so short that the girls had to alternate, back and forth, one pushing while the other pulled in erotic tandem. The Camabahlam slapped their tiny asses and growled, and the girls sniffled as they kissed each other, following orders. They knew the drill by now.

The girls passed out of sight, only to be replaced by more, and yet more. Rape on every corner, in every building. Girls locked in pillories to be used as playthings by the general public. Greasy rivers of amber cum leaked out of their gaping pussies and down their legs as they slumped, exhausted.

Fernanda and Emily moved quickly. The sun had set and the last light of dusk was almost gone. It was the time that she had agreed to meet with Xihuitl to seal the deal. Funny, she didn't feel so bad about it anymore. For some reason she was almost looking forward to it. She pondered that thought, turning it over in her head, but couldn't make heads nor tails of it. It didn't matter. After tonight it would be done. Everything would be accomplished, and she could finally go home.

The moon had risen, gleaming white and full by the time they climbed the steps to the little veranda that abutted the prince's palace. The light cut the world into silvery images traced by stark shadows. Fernanda stopped to look out over the city. Stone terraces decorated with elaborate carvings loomed everywhere - snakes and birds and all manner of creatures in ritual depictions. The statues. The idols. Vine-covered ziggurats and twisting avenues and jungle foliage interspersed throughout. She breathed the night air. It felt lively, vibrant with the moans and screams of pleasure. What was it about this place? She hated it with all her soul, yet somehow it had grown on her. She wanted so badly to leave, yet something was calling her. Reaching out. It felt like it was just around the corner, a revelation that would bring everything into focus for her at last. She had spent all her time here in failure and confusion, but somehow clarity seemed ready to pour down onto her like one of the frequent rainstorms.

"I must say," said a hissing, feline voice from behind her. "Even though your mage's uniform was quite enticing, you look even more...delectable, like this."

Fernanda turned. The prince had practically snuck up on them from the open door of the palace. Camabahlam were very quiet on their paws when they wanted to be. Who knew how long he had stood there admiring her butt?

"I'm done with pleasantries," Fernanda grumbled. "Are your men ready to move?"

"Of course, great Archmage." The prince's bow was deeply mocking. "We have only the price to settle."

"Price?" asked Emily, confused.

Fernanda stood in silence, staring at the prince. He stared back, a smile twitching under the purple fur at the corners of his muzzle.

"I thought it was all settled, Fernanda." Said Emily. "You didn't mention anything about a price."

Fernanda turned to look at her good friend. The girl had a look of fright growing on her face.

"It's you, isn't it?" whispered Emily.

Fernanda said nothing. Instead she raised her staff and condensed energy from the ether in an instant, and unleashed it at Emily.

The blast knocked the 9-year-old girl backwards into the air, sending her sailing into the twisted trunk of a tree. She smashed against it and fell to the ground, groaning and coughing.

"Fernanda!" Emily managed to gasp once she sucked in enough air.

Fernanda was walking slowly towards her. Emily was recovering fast and managed to leap to her feet. Fernanda hadn't hit her hard enough to hurt. She didn't want to hurt her friend. Any more than necessary at least.

Emily's eyes were saucers of terror, gleaming white in the moonlight. She saw Fernanda advancing, the prince looming behind her with a ravenous grin. She swung her own staff quickly, and shouted as she unleashed the power for a spell straight at Fernanda.

Nothing happened. Emily gawked. Fernanda blasted her again, knocking her over, this time with shards of air that shredded her delicate dreamcloth clothing. The girl gasped, reeling on the ground, her flat chest exposed.

Fernanda stopped, looking down at Emily. "Your magic won't work. If you look carefully, you'll see why."

Emily shook her head, trying to regain her senses. Hearing the words, she looked at her staff, then pulled it up to peer closely. Her eyes went wide again as she saw the hairline crack in the A'sham jewel that served as the staff's focus.

"I disabled it before we left," said Fernanda.

"Wh-...Why?" whispered Emily. She looked up at Fernanda, tears beginning to run down her cheeks. Emily had always been a cheery girl, with a bright smile for everyone, but now her face was contorted with the pain and horror of betrayal.

Fernanda shrugged. "You're the price. Xihuitl wanted to fuck you since the moment he met you. He says he'll make you his First, a princess over his kingdom."

" can't!" Emily fell to her hands and knees. Fernanda bent to rest a hand on her shoulder.

"If I don't, everything we've sacrificed so far will be for nothing," she said. Emily hung her head, weeping freely.

"From the moment I saw you, I knew I would have you," said Xihuitl, stepping forward. "You will be my First Ichpoyectli, the pleasure of my eyes. You will be the first to service me when I am in need, the first to bear my cubs. I will take your virginity and then you will feel my cock in you night and day. You will pleasure me well, in every way, and you will instruct my other ichpoyectli as well. If you please me, I will raise you high."

"As your little fuck toy," said Emily, with a quivering voice so low that Fernanda almost missed it.

She leaped to her feet and turned to sprint away. The frail tatters of her clothing streamed behind her like silver hairs in the moonlight. The prince laughed, sunk to all fours, and leaped after her. He soared through the air for a moment, then landed straight on the girl's back, bowling her over. Emily screamed and struggled, but the prince laughed as he pinned her like a cat snagging a running hare. Fernanda watched impassively, her own dwindling voice at the horror of her own actions being slowly overpowered by the other, the desperate, strangling horniness surging inside of her. She felt her pussy flush, watching her friend overpowered. She thought the prince would simply rape Emily there but instead he picked her up and slung her over his shoulders.

"It is the holy night," he said, sneering at Fernanda as he turned. "I will take her at the temple."

"What?" Fernanda was shocked. She thought he would just rape her, not subject her to that...vile ritual.

Prince Xihuitl leered at her. "You will come with me and witness it, as promised." Fernanda stood stock still for a moment, clutching the staff she had used to betray her friend, before finally nodding.

Emily kicked and screamed, sobbing and pounding the prince's back in vain. Her cries for help simply mixed with the collective chorus of squeals and grunts and shouts of the city as Fernanda followed the prince through the streets to the temple. Looking back, she saw several of the prince's guards following them, probably to ensure she didn't try to back out of her side of the bargain. Not that she was intending that. She had done it, now she just had to more. Then her mission would be over.

The prince seemed to be enjoying his new prize as she wiggled against him. He slapped her bottom soundly, laughing as the party ascended the long, diagonal steps. Fernanda followed behind, wondering just how hot the growing horniness inside her would grow. It roiled like a pot about to burst, like a volcano on the verge of eruption. She could feel her passion dripping down her legs already. Hunger raged inside and she licked her lips without realizing it.

The ritual was in full swing. The wide space of the temple mount was absolutely packed. Thousands of Camabahlam. Thousands of girls. They must have emptied every single cage and pillory in the city. Girl after girl was being picked from the huge crowd of those waiting, led forward unwillingly, then held down on the altars and raped as they shrieked. The wails rose to the darkness of the night sky like a hymn sung over the enraged throbbing of the drums. The priestesses were everywhere, participating, whipping the girls that resisted the most until they collapsed in orgasm, violating others with their dildo staffs or just grinding their exposed cunts with relish into the faces of the little girls being raped. Savage. Erotic. Barbaric. Fernanda felt her heart beat faster.

They all recognized the prince. They led him to the central altar, seeing the squealing little girl he had brought to the sacrifice. He pushed Emily down onto her back on the altar, seeming to enjoy her screams. He doffed his loincloth, letting his massively erect cock flop out into the cool air - thick and hard, engorged with his lust and the tiny spines bristling as if hungry for little girl pussy. Emily's eyes went wide, seeing his oversized feline prick pointing straight at her, nearly 4 feet long, almost as long a she was tall and as thick as her thigh. Emily opened her mouth and screeched.

He smacked her, hard, knocking her head against the stone. Fernanda winced, but the act brought a flare of pleasure in her cunt that she couldn't deny. Despite herself, a finger began to creep down her navel and slide against her clit, evoking a heavy throb of passion.

The prince laughed as he slapped his outrageously large cock onto her belly, enjoying the sight of slimy precum dribbling onto the small girl's flat chest. Xihuitl loomed over the little 9-year-old, ready to rape her and make her his own. Emily looked stunned, but she was recovering. Xihuitl wrapped his fist around the base of his organ to steady it, then pushed it against Emily's bare cunt.

The thunderclap smashed into Fernanda, nearly knocking her over. The sun had exploded a few feet away, blinding her. She covered her eyes and hollered. Crackling sounds like fireworks exploded nearby, the sound lingering in the air among other shrieks and screams. A horrible smell of sulfur and offal filled her nostrils. Fernanda had to act fast; she knew what had happened. Emily's uniform hadn't been wholly destroyed, and she was still wearing some of the gems that decorated it. Gems that had been ensorcelled, and probably triggered by the act of a Monstrum cock touching her cunt. It was exactly the kind of spell Emily would set up, with her affinity for defensive magic.

Fernanda swirled her staff, casting blind. First she dispelled the light, taking only a second. She blinked against the lurid afterimages in her sight. Then she unravelled the lingering burning energy in the air. It had already scorched several Camabahlam, setting parts of their fur alight. Next she stirred a sudden breeze to pull away the stench. Much better.

The Camabahlam were shouting. The priestesses were screaming in rage. The ritual had been disrupted. The unceasing act of rape had finally ceased, if just for a moment. Emily was gone. She had slipped away and sprinted the hell out of there the moment her spell went off. Fernanda moved her staff and cast again - there. Emily was fleeing away from the temple. Fernanda could feel her heart beating in terror.

She reached out with her magic - a difficult thing to do on an unseen target, but she was the Archmage after all. The strongest. Her energy brushed against Emily, and Fernanda gave a small twist. She could feel Emily trip and fall to the ground. She swished her staff, and the girl's hands were wrenched behind her and bound with air. She could feel the girl's screams, the drumming of her feet. Fernanda lifted her up on a cushion of air just as her friend had done for her, and pulled her back the way she had come, back up the temple steps, until she flew into view, a half-naked 9-year-old with the shredded strips of her white gossamer uniform floating behind her. The assembled Camabahlam gasped with a sound somewhere between fright and awe. Fernanda wondered if the priestesses would strike her down for this, but none of them were moving.

"Fernanda!" screeched Emily as she hovered back to the altar. "Please! Don't do this! They've made you crazy!" She struggled uselessly, the bonds of air that held her as tight as steel.

"Shut up, Emi", muttered Fernanda, moving her staff to wad up a gag of air and stuff it into the girl's mouth. She had had enough. Emily's howls dwindled to muffled moans of fear as Fernanda plopped her right back onto the altar. Fernanda waved an impatient hand at the collected audience, urging them to continue.

"Sacrilege!" yelled the prince, his purple face somehow even darker with rage. He stomped up to Fernanda. "Magic! In the Goddess' holy place, on the eve of her incarnation!"

"You're lucky she didn't shred your cock with her magic!" snarled Fernanda. "Did you think a mage would be an easy catch?"

"It was YOUR job to disarm her!"

Fernanda looked over at Emily's form, cowering on the altar.

"Well, she's disarmed now. Don't go back on our deal Xihuitl, or I'll tell the King of your crimes.

He backed down a bit, as much as a towering, enraged panther monster with a bristling, engorged cock could back down. His gaze went to the priestesses, who were waiting warily with their weapons out.

One by one, they nodded. It seemed they wanted matters to proceed. Fernanda was almost disappointed. If they wanted to flay her again until she blacked out from the orgasms she wouldn't have complained.

"So are you going to fuck her or what?" Fernanda gestured impatiently at Emily.

Xihuitl smiled at her lasciviously. "You will fulfill your promise with your own hands. No more tricks." He said.

"Fine!" Fernanda followed the prince back to the central altar, where his guards were effortlessly holding a struggling Emily down on the rock tableau. Fernanda waved them aside.

Emily's eyes didn't seem like they could get any bigger or more frightened, seeing Fernanda crouching over her. Fernanda pushed Emily's tiny body back against the rock, then gripped her thighs tightly as she spread the girl's legs apart.

"Yesssss," hissed the prince, lining his massive erection up between her thighs. He seemed even harder, watching Fernanda hold the little girl down. Fernanda's own heart was beating like a racehorse, sweat on her forehead. There was that massive black cock, throbbing, almost gleaming in the torchlight. The swollen glans brushed against Emily's hairless cuntlips as Xihuitl rubbed it up and down, his slitted cat eyes seething with desire. Emily squirmed against the thick head, letting out a soft moan through her gag.

The arousal roiling inside Fernanda had risen to a fever pitch, an intensity that made her chest heave and her legs quiver. She felt moisture budding in her own crotch as Emily struggled against her. Fernanda held her firm. Emi was such a small girl, even for a 9-year-old. She had no chance. Heart racing like thunder, Fernanda watched keenly as the Camabahlam prince pushed his enormous prick against the tiny, hairless pussy. He would probably just cum all over her, Fernanda thought, as she watched Emily's pale white lips strain to resist the four-foot long intruder but she was shocked when the huge black glans suddenly popped inside.

Emily gave a muffled shriek as she felt the gigantic phallus enter her body, tearing her little hole open. Her legs kicked and flailed uselessly against the Prince's shaft as her small back arched on the altar. A low growl rumbled in the prince's throat as he savored the feel of Emily's little girl pussy squeezing the head of his cock. Emily's cunt lips were taut around the impressive girth of black flesh, stretching obscenely. Fernanda could scarcely contain her own desire, sending one hand down to her own cunt, rubbing furiously against the moisture that had been building there. This sweet innocent little 9-year-old girl with the cheery heart, about to be raped, defiled. Her pussy, which had never known the touch of a human man, now straining wide as that thick black organ slid into her impossibly tight little spot. Her virginity ripped away not by any regular monster cock, but the bulging, tumescent phallus of a monster prince, soon to be king.

Fernanda wanted to see it. She needed to see it. She wanted to see Emily squirm, to make her pay. She had almost fucked it up, almost ruined everything. Every sacrifice, every tragedy they had endured. Her fingers raced along the gooey lips of her sex and slipped deeper inside, fingers grazing her quivering pussy walls. She hungered. They trembled sympathetically watching the massive cock go to work on her friend. She burned to satisfy the lust inside of her. The prince drew his pelvis back slightly and suddenly rammed forward.

Emily squealed so loud that the whole temple could hear it through the gag. The prince's cock had buried itself inside her, spreading the tiny pussy lips so wide that it looked like the girl might burst. Her little stomach bulged with the outline of the Prince's cock stuffed inside her. Small trickles of blood oozed out from her pussy lips, the shattered remains of her virginity. Fernanda smiled. Her first time with a monster cock. Now that feeling would be all she ever knew. No small, lame human dick, just the overwhelming pleasure of thick bestial pricks slamming home inside of her.

The prince reared back and rammed in again, his large panther body hunching, driving his powerful organ into the tiny girl. Fernanda let loose the gag with a thought so she could hear Emily's screams. The girl moaned and writhed like a worm as black cockmeat dug deeper inside her, swelling up from the tight pleasure of her rippling cunt. The sweet, juicy virgin tunnel of an innocent 9-year-old. Fernanda's last promise had been that she would subude Emily and hold her down if necessary. She hadn't expected to actually have to do it, or that she would enjoy it so much. Emily's bare chest was open to the air, her pert pink nipples hardening as her body betrayed itself to lust. The prince fondled her with his furry paws, touching her breasts, her hips, trailing a finger through the tears on her wet cheeks and smiling. He bent to lick the grief off her face with a raspy tongue, savoring the look of horror it brought to Emily's face. With a beckoning motion he gathered his retinue of guards closer. They were clearly enjoying the sight, their massive 3-foot cocks out and fists pistoning furiously on their shafts.

Xihuitl hissed with pleasure as he pulled back and drove even deeper into Emily, the girl's back arching as she tried fruitlessly to accommodate the whole length of the prince's member. She gibbered wordlessly, spittle on her lips. Fernanda looked down, amazed at how much of that black cock Emily could take. It shouldn't have been possible, but the girl was managing it, her pussy straining but somehow holding up while being plugged with the tremendous prick. The guards gathered closer and rubbed their own cocks on her chest, groping her as they pleased, sharp claws gliding menacingly over her skin and shredding the remains of her uniform effortlessly. The ritual was back in full swing, drums beating furiously, Emily's screams rising to the chorus of wails that rose to the night sky along with the smoke of the braziers.

The prince was picking up speed, ramming the thick black cock faster into Emily, jamming the jutting shaft further and further inside her. Emily's legs quivered and kicked. Her shrieks of denial alternated with aroused gasps as her virgin body felt sexual pleasure for the first time. It seemed to drive her crazy. She struggled on the altar like a girl gone mad.

"Hold her!" hissed the prince, without missing a beat. Fernanda didn't quite have the leverage on Emily's thighs with her hand stuffed in her own cunt, so she did the only thing she could think of: she stepped up on the altar on her knees, and lifted her leg to straddle the girl. Instantly the flash of pleasure intensified, feeling the powerful pistoning motion of Emily's hips against her thighs. Fernanda maneuvered herself so her cunt was above the howling girl's head, then lowered herself, grinding her dripping sex into Emily's face.

Her own cry of passion exploded in her throat. The thrusting body slapping her naked rump. The grunting male sounds of the prince. The forest of enormous black cocks all around her. Fernanda felt herself fall overboard as the swell of pleasure rose up and toppled what little self-control she had left. She pushed herself down and furiously smashed her cunt into Emily's face, lubricating her sizzling sex with tears. Emily tried to lash her head from side to side but Fernanda snagged a fist into her hair, holding her steady. Gibbering lips buzzed against her juicy cunt. The prince was ramming into the tiny girl, bucking her on the stone, her whole body jolting. Fernanda felt the heat and sweat of his heavy body just behind her, burning lust as he savored the treat of this little girl's first rape. The rampaging beat of his pistoning cock matched time with the thundering drums.

The swell of passion exploded inside her with a roar. Fernanda shrieked, feeling Emily contort beneath her as they came together. Liquid heat ran like a river inside the squirming girl as the prince emptied his seed in her. Both little girls howled in agonized ecstasy, voices twined together. Fernanda rode a wave of exalted euphoria, the passion burning in her cunt, in her limbs, howling like a gale in her head. It was as if all the pent-up pleasure she had been unable to satisfy had suddenly come to a head and exploded like a supernova in her crotch. Overwhelming. Exultant. The magnificent bliss of rape. Small wonder that the creatures worshipped it. The joy flooded her limbs with a throbbing power the likes of which she had never felt before, a ravenous appetite that could not be denied. Glorious. Fernanda was drowning in it, screaming, the climax so devastatingly powerful that it threatened to obliterate her mind.

The world faded into view. She nearly toppled from the altar with a groan, hearing the Camabahlam laughing at her. She shook her head. She had finally fallen to the side, lying naked next to Emily. Her cunt was a sopping ruin of juices, of saliva and tears and the rank fluids of sex. The prince was going again, railing the poor little girl's cunt like a thundering engine. The guards were crowded around, ready to enjoy their prince's new little rape slave. Their cocks rubbed against her flat chest, leaking amber precum onto her nipples. Emily shook her head, delirious, but a guard standing behind her head grabbed her hair and held her steady. She jerked again - with surprising strength - but the guard reached down to grab her silver necklaces that she always wore. With a twist, he tightened them, choking Emily until her face tinged blue and she stopped struggling. His bulging cock found her lips, ebony flesh pulsing with desire as it pushed between them. Emily moaned, subdued and struggling to breath as she felt a cock inside her at both ends for the first time.

Fernanda was still reeling, but she was shocked at how far Xihuitl's cock had sank into Emily. It looked like the tiny girl had over a foot and a half of thick black shaft inside of her! The girl was barely four feet tall! The forest of tiny spines were grazing the lips of her cunt, tiny prickles lashing the quivering flesh as they drummed in and out. Fernanda gaped at the shocking bulge that pushed out of the little girl's belly when the prince bottomed out with each thrust. Astonishing. How could such a small girl - let alone a virgin - fit over a foot of cockmeant at least 9 inches around inside her like that? It defied belief. It looked like he was pounding straight into her womb, ramming it up against her belly inside.

The little girl was practically lost in a sea of grunting, thrusting monster bodies. Her tiny pink skin quivered as she was spitroasted, the prince still reaming her puny little cunt while the guard worked his fat cock head further into her mouth and into her tight throat, stretching it grotesquely. The visible bulge worked up and down on Emily's neck, diving deeper, threatening to enter her stomach and bang against the other cock impaling her body. Fernanda had never seen anything so erotic, the two humongous black shafts disappearing into Emily's bulging little body, the girl's eyes wide with panic as her lungs strained for air against the swelling cockmeat plugging her throat. Emily's face began to turn a shade of blue again. Fernanda dug her fingers into her own crotch again, stirring the embers there. They broke into a flame with scarcely any coaxing at all, and she rubbed herself to another furious orgasm as she watched the monsters rape her friend, the prince pistoning furiously and emptying yet another load into her already overflowing womb while the guard in her throat shuddered in climax and filled her stomach. Emily's belly began to bulge from the internal pressure, and the guard slowly pulled his thick cock, spines and all, all the way out of her throat and mouth until he emerged with a wet pop from her lips. Emily gasped as her desperate lungs began to fill with air, her face returning to a natural pink color just before she gagged and retched up a tremendous splatter of gooey amber jizz. The globs trickled down her face and chin onto her flat chest before dribbling down onto the cold stone of the altar.

Blood. Sweat. Tears. The trickles of Emily's virgin leavings were almost washed away now by gushing fluids. The prince roared as he came in Emily yet again. The guards switched at her mouth, another fat prick the size of a small log ramming into the weeping girl's throat. Her body shone, glistening under the moonlight, a sticky mess of jizz. A fevered heat burned in Fernanda's crotch at the sight. She climbed on and hunkered down, digging her cunt against Emily's neck and sliding it against the bucking knot of the fat prick ramming its way down to her bulging stomach. Saliva and spittle and leaking cum greased the obscene slide, thrilling lubricant that tingled against Fernanda's pussy lips. She came again. And again, almost immediately. The twin orgasms whirled her brain into a dizzy delerium like a tornado. The burning appetite that lingered inside her didn't let her rest. It craved more, so Fernanda gave it more. Again and again she pushed Emily down, rubbing her cunt on the girl's face and neck while the guards were switching, letting it glide on the pistoning cock and frothing lips while they fucked her face. Glorious rape. An act of unholy beauty to which she finally surrendered, The Goddess' true form. It hadn't made sense to her until now. Now she finally understood. The serpent beast. The lustful girl. The weeping prey. Now the glory was clear to her. Now, she gave herself over to it fully.

Finally, she toppled to the side again, exhausted. How many times had she orgasmed? She had lost count. The Camabahlam needed no rest and in turn gave Emily no rest either. Fernanda watched with glazed eyes as the prince maneuvered Emily into a new position, standing upright over the altar with Emily's weight supported fully by the cock impaled in her little pussy. She looked like a hog on a spit, her limbs dangling freely and her tiny body dwarfed by the prince's massive frame of fur and muscle. Xihuitl clamped his paws around her waist and began to work her whole body up and down, back and forth, growling as he forced every possible inch of his 4-foot cock into her cunt, stretching her insides to the very limit. Emily's stomach, already bulging from the ocean of semen inside, swelled tighter with the outline of his massive cock, the glans imprinting itself angrily with every powerful thrust of his arms. His feline expression twisted with carnal lust as though he could never tire of the thrill of rape. He heaved and grunted, powerful muscles locked tightly as he emptied another bucket of cum inside the girl. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Xihuitl willed his erect member down. Emily, who was still suspended in the air by the wilting cock, slid off with a loud splattering pop and fell back on the cold stone.

Emily slid slowly down the altar, lubricated by a sludgy coating of jizz and juices until she finally toppled into a pile on the ground, utterly exhausted. Every square inch of her was covered with cum. It oozed off her skin and congealed into a sopping, sticky puddle around her. She rolled and began coughing, expelling a relentless tide of spunk from her overflowing belly all over her filthy chest.

"I've finally decided on a punishment for your crime," said the prince, arms crossed as he looked down at her. Emily could only sputter incoherently, flopping like a seal in a puddle.

"Your magic is an abomination, and your practice of it here on our holy night is unforgivable. I was going to give you to the Tecuanitzli to be their beast-mate, but you have pleased me just enough that I will pardon you."

He crouched down, gripping the girl's chin and yanking her face up to look into his eyes.

"You will be my house Quentzani," he said, wearing a cruel smile. "Your disgrace will be complete, and there will be none in my house beneath you. You will service me and my guests and the beasts of the house every waking hour."

Emily tried to pull her head away, a last, futile act of defiance, but the prince yanked her back by the chin with a growl. She looked up at him, frozen in fright.

"A Quentzani is never given the honor of the Puyluatni. You will be denied the Yachitli, and without it, your fear will never be taken from you. All your nights and days will be as tonight. Your body will suit us but your mind shall never be opened. The Goddess will welcome your screams for the rest of your life."

He let her head drop. Emily cowered in the puddle of cum, sobbing.

"I don't understand..." Emily croaked, her throat raw from being grazed by the Camabahlam's spiny cocks.

"Conversion," murmured Fernanda, getting to her feet. She understood at last. How could they have missed it?

Xihuitl turned to face her. "Your human word is inadequate," he said with a frown. "Puyluatni is close to your word 'glorified'."

Fernanda nodded. They would deny Emily a full conversion. Deny her the blissful oblivion and acceptance of her fate as breeding stock. By keeping her mind intact, her rape truly would never end.

"You have kept your end of the bargain," said Xihuitl. "That's more than I expected. Humans are deceitful to the core. But you, Archmage - you are more like us than you care to admit."

"Think what you like," said Fernanda testily. "Now, do your part."

"Indeed." The prince nodded regally. "The order is already given. My men are on the move. Your mages will be returned to you by dawn...if you still want them by then, of course."

"Just do it!" snapped Fernanda. She tired of this creature's insinuations. "But tell me one thing first: you said Emi wouldn't be able to drink the sweetmilk now, but she has already been drinking it for two months. Why stop now?"

"A girl must drink for a year, and also couple frequently." he said. "Right now she has had just enough milk for her body to be able to please us properly, but without more, her coupling will never grace her with cubs, nor the blissful pleasure that comes from the act."

Fernanda nodded. The last piece of the puzzle. No wonder their research into the Cambahlam conversion effects had gone nowhere. They had never considered multiple components.

A priestess approached, and whispered in the prince's ear. He nodded, and turned to face them all again.

"When a Quentzani is condemned, we disgrace her in front of the Goddess," he said. Emily shook her head, still not understanding, but the prince paid no attention. He leaned down and grabbed her arm, dragging her bodily along the stone to the highest of the four ziggurats that lined the temple space - the home of the priestesses. A smear of cum and dribbling juices trailed behind the girl like a slug. When they reached the steps, he climbed, dragging her behind him, not caring as she struggled to find her footing. Fernanda followed out of morbid fascination. The night sky was wide open up here, with the moon looming so close it looked like it might fall on them. The drums throbbed a steady heartbeat from the city below. The prince dropped Emily in a sticky heap at the foot of the altar.

Several Cambahlam had come with them, along with the prince and his guards. Four priestesses flanked them all at the four cardinal points of the compass, chanting, while two more yanked Emily up off the ground and chained her to the two idols on either side of the altar.

"Glorious Xochiquetzal," murmured the priestesses, droning hypnotically. "Matron of Rape. Devourer of Virgins. Purveyor of the Holy Lust. Breathe on us tonight, and witness this lowly one's defilement, that you might be satisfied."

Fascinating, Tatiana might have said. Emily was shackled at her wrists, two chains of equal distance connecting her to the idols. There was exactly enough slack in the chains for her to kneel on the stone in front of the altar with her arms held out wide, and no more. She was slumped as much as she was able, still weeping, seemingly unable to comprehend her fate.

Three Cambahlam approached Emily, their dark, furry bodies naked in the torchlight except for their headdresses which swayed with long trains of feathers. Temple servants, it seemed. They took station all around Emily, one lifting her up to slide on his back beneath her, another kneeling just behind and straddling the first, and a third standing. Emily tried to cringe away, but the chains forced her to stay put. All she could do was shriek as she felt the hard cocks bump against her pussy and ass, and another slap her face.

"The gutter carries our leavings away," chanted the priestesses. "Our offal and seed. The gutters of your altars carry the holy fluids. In this gutter we rape the Quentzani, that she knows her station: she is waste, unfit to bask in your glory. Yet by your decree she will serve, with no holy place on her body respected."

"What are you doing?!" Emily screamed weakly, struggling in vain. "Ouch! Stop it! No, no not there, don't put that there! That doesn't go there! Eeeeeeek!"

As one the Camabahlam thrust home, impaling the girl in all her orifices at once. Emily shrieked as the air was driven out of her in a violent thrust. Fernanda watched, entranced. This was why the Camabahlam didn't normally do anal, she thought. Some kind of divine decree, except for the disgraced of course. Fernanda wasn't quite sure what was so holy about a little girl's butthole. The Camabahlam were strange beyond imagining, yet somehow she felt she understood them a lot better after tonight.

Her deal was complete, yet Fernanda stayed, watching as the Camabahlam violated Emily. Thick black cocks festooned with pointy spines rammed themselves in and out of the tiny girl. Her pale skin gleamed under the moonlight with sweat and sticky cum, smooth skin moving in an almost graceful rhythm as the bulging cocks bounced her from below and the standing Camabahlam's hand thrust her down onto his cock over and over. In out and, inch after inch of engorged cockmeat slamming into the pitiful 9-year-old. Her body looked like a doll, a trophy overshadowed by the huge bodies of the monsters engulfing her. The prince and his guards just watched, apparently not part of the ritual defilement, but more than one of them had their paws flashing up and down their mighty pricks, growling and then emptying cum out onto the altar stones.

Emily shuddered. She writhed. She struggled with agonized motions against the restraining chains and the impaling cocks thrusting into her body. Up and down her body went, slammed by heavy paws guiding her hips, touching her flat breasts, enjoying every little girlish curve of their tiny little cocksleeve. Fernanda wondered what it must be like. She couldn't imagine it. Those monstrous girths of black, veiny flesh, throbbing, thrusting, splitting your pussy wide open and stretching your throat. Piping hot cum spewing into every hole. And in her asshole, gods above. Fernanda shuddered. Those tiny spines scraping the sensitive flesh. It must be agony. Fernanda let her fingers creep down and she began to frig herself openly. The first three Camabahlam finished and were replaced by more. Emily's naked body swayed in a lunatic motion, driven by the forces from below and above. Bouncing, flexing, screams muffled. She shook in orgasm. Cum leaked from her lips and her cunt, and a fresh splatter expelled with a wet pop from her asshole every time a massive prick pulled out. The girl bulged from all the cum they had spewed into her, and still it went on. Fernanda dug her fingers deeper, panting, and came almost immediately. Every once in a while, Emily's eyes seemed to focus, and they found Fernanda, shining with a desperate question that she couldn't speak. Fernanda didn't care. She found she didn't feel guilty at all. It felt like everything was in its perfect place. Everything exactly as it should be.

At least two dozen Camabahlam had emptied their cum in one of Emily's holes by now. The flowing puddle underneath her was vast, a frothy lake of cum fed by the tributaries spewing out of her holes. Emily coughed, and sucked in a ragged breath.

She collapsed into the muck with a splat when the priestesses released her chains. One pulled her dripping face out of the semen stew just long enough to snap an iron shackle around her neck, then handed the other end of the chain to the prince with a bow. He jerked it expectantly. Fernanda watched impassively as they led Emily away like a dog, the little girl sobbing in despair as cum ran from all her gaping holes.

Their dwelling was silent and mostly dark when Fernanda stepped in, save for the low-burning fire in the hearth of the common room. Fernanda flopped onto the cushioned couch directly in front of it and stretched, trying to work the kinks out of her muscles. She had cum dozens of times tonight, locked in an almost nonstop sexual marathon. Even now her pussy was still throbbing, but it seemed sated. The lust had burned itself out, for now, but Fernanda could feel it lurking, like a serpent in its den. Biding its time, ready to pounce again the moment it spotted weakness.

On the table in front of the couch were half a dozen wide-brimmed cups, empty. The sweetmilk. Harvested from pregnant little girls' breasts. The Camabahlam must have been laughing at them the whole time, thought Fernanda. But how could they have known? Even after the prince had filled in the blanks for her, Fernanda could hardly believe it. A conversion effect with multiple components? A girl had to drink the milk, and also be exposed to semen for the full effect. She had never heard of anything like it. With other Monstrum, their semen alone was enough. A girl taken by rapewolves changed to be able to conceive pups and gain an almost endless stamina, enough to satisfy her horny lupine mates. Org-reh made their victims fertile and tough, able to conceive frequently and survive the rough treatment of their pussies. Centaurum mates grew to be able to fit the huge length of the mighty horsecocks inside them and relish the taste of the thick batter of horse cum all over them. The Magisterium had never been able to understand the underlying principle of Conversion, no matter how much they had studied. Was it purely physical? Purely magical? Something else? She knew scholars back at the academy that would have fallen all over themselves in excitement to learn these facts about the Camabahlam.

Gods, she had been so stupid. Watching Tatiana being raped, along with Nina, and still not figuring it out. She had seen how their pussies could fit the huge Camabahlam cocks. It hadn't made sense at the time. Emily had taken the bulk of a massive cock nearly as big as a horse's. Quite a feat for a little 9-year-old girl. Fernanda should have connected the dots. Now she wondered if it mattered, if she even cared anymore. It was hard to care, hard to see anything past that surging rush of horny desire roiling in her gut.

Fernanda touched her staff then reached out and coaxed the fire to life again. Flames began to spread, licking the logs with hues of orange and blue. In no time the blaze was roaring again, crackling hotly and spewing sparks up into the chimney. The passion inside her seemed to come to life with it. All her orgasms still echoed in her head as if she was still locked in their chorus of pleasure. Watching Emily's rape. Participating in it. Helping the big brutes thrust their fat cocks into the tiny squealing girl and then grinding her own cunt into Emily's face to rub it in. Fernanda shivered. She didn't feel the slightest bit guilty. Raping Emily had been the most ecstatic experience of her life. Even now the hunger seethed in her cunt, the walls of her pussy beginning to twitch by themselves. She wanted to do it again. The girl was surely still being raped, her naked body still trembling in agonized pleasure. It had been the price for the Prince's deal, but she hadn't imagined she'd enjoy paying it so much.

She shook her head. What was wrong with her? She had got what she wanted, and now she felt like she didn't care. Were they really going to leave this place? After all that had happened? Fernanda could barely entertain the thought. She wanted to stay. She wanted to rape more little girls. No wonder the Camabahlam approached the act with such zeal. Was this how they felt? How all Monstrum felt? She was just a 13-year-old girl, but if she looked in a mirror would she see a monster looking back at her? She had come so far, sinned so much. There was no going back, was there? The Magisterium would throw her in prison, maybe execute her. An Archmage sacrificing her own mages for rape on a Monstrum altar? The knowledge would throw the kingdom into chaos. The common folk relied on faith that the mages and the army could keep them safe from the horrors that stalked the land. No. It would never be allowed to get out. She would never be allowed to come back.

Fernanda reached up and touched her wavy brown hair, feeling the soft metal brooch, the last link to the normalcy she had known. She slipped it off and looked at it. Golden tines capped by a ruby blossom nestled delicately amongst emerald leaves, and the tiny line of blue gemstones like falling dew. Masterfully cut. It was worth more than the farm she had grown up on. She held it in her fist for a moment, eyes closed, before hurtling it into the fire.

The sparkling jewelry vanished into the flames. Fernanda turned them up hotter until they were a roiling inferno, the flames licking dangerously at the edges of the hearth. The heat was sweltering, but she didn't move. It was over. How could she ever face Luke again, knowing she had offered up his own sister as a rape slave for monsters? That she had even helped them take her virginity and then cum dozens of times on the crying girl's face? What point was there in even going back? There would be nothing for her. Nothing at all. She had succeeded in her mission, and lost everything in doing so.

"Back so soon?" Isabella had stepped into the common room from her alcove. "You were gone for hours. I was starting to think maybe things had gone wrong, maybe the prince was having his fill of you both."

Isabella's eyes were slightly glassy, and she was touching the wall as if for balance, her gaze locked warily on Fernanda standing in front of the roaring fireplace.

"Just how much milk have you had?" asked Fernanda suspiciously. Isabella almost looked drunk.

"All of it." Isabella hiccuped. "Might as well enjoy it, if we're getting out of here for good." She swayed against the wall for balance for a moment, pinning Fernanda with a sour look.

"You drank all the Yachitli?" Fernanda asked.

"Yachitli? Really Fernanda? Can't you call it milk like a normal person? I'd hate to think you've gone native."

Fernanda ignored her and crossed the room, collapsing exhaustedly onto a divan. Isabella had always been a special brand of impudent. Both her and her sister had been in trouble seemingly nonstop at the academy. It was only their exceptional skill that had kept the Maesters from throwing them both out for good. That had been the common thread among all the mages sent for this delegation - they had all been completely exceptional and talented. Now look at all the good it had done them.

"Did you get the others?" Isabella asked, looking pointedly at the doorway. "Anabella?"

"The prince will bring them at dawn," sighed Fernanda. "Don't worry. He's a little busy right now orchestrating a rebellion."

Isabella stood quietly. Fernanda began to feel uncomfortable, feeling the girl's eyes on her.

"Where's Emily?", Isabella asked in a low voice.

Fernanda shrugged, as if she didn't know.

"Didn't she go with you? Where is she?"

"She...stayed behind," said Fernanda, unable to look away from the fire.

Crackling pops punctuated the strained silence. Fernanda could feel Isabella staring at her. It made her skin feel tight.

"She'll be fine," said Fernanda hastily. "Everything's been taken care of."

"You're lying," said Isabella, her voice almost a whisper.

"Watch your tongue!" snarled Fernanda, suddenly furious. "She's gone, ok? It doesn't matter."

"Where is she?" asked Isabella again, slowly.

"Why would you care? You hate her. Look, you're getting your sister back. It's just what you wanted. The two of you, cracking jokes together again just like you always did. She might be pregnant and slightly obsessed with cravings for those lizard cocks by now, but we can't help that."

"You traded her...didn't you?" said Isabella, her words slow and deliberate and hard like iron. "You gave her to the prince so he'd give you what you wanted. Is that it? You made Emily pay the price that you wouldn't pay yourself?"

Fernanda sat in silence, a choking feeling her throat. It was true. Her own friend. What had she done?

"You fucking monster!" screamed Isabella suddenly. "How could you do that?!"

"Shut up!" shouted Fernanda, leaping to her feet. Isabella's face was red with fury, and Fernanda realized with a start that the girl had a white-knuckled first curled around her staff.

"You whore!" Isabella shouted.

"Shut up!"

"You fucking bitch! I never in a thousand years imagined you could do something like that!"

"Shut up!" screeched Fernanda. Somehow her own staff was in her hands. Instinct. "I had no choice!"

"You betrayed your only friend!"


"That girl was the only one who stuck up for you! The rest of us always thought you were an idiot!"

"Be quiet!" Fernanda felt fury blossoming inside, a red passion coupled tightly with the sudden rush of horny arousal that swelled suddenly in her crotch.

"It had to be done! It was the only way! This was my decision!" Fernanda stalked up to Isabella, screaming into her face.

"Fuck your decisions!" Isabella railed. "They've all just been one disaster after another!"

"Enough! I'm the Archmage! Submit to my authority!" Fernanda shouted, holding her staff threateningly.

"Eat pig shit Fernanda!" Isabella screeched. "How could you make a decision like that!?"

"Because I'm the Archmage! Our mission had to succeed!" Fernanda took a deep breath, trying to stem the rising red tide inside of her.

"Listen! You're right, Emily was a sacrifice! That's the entire point of the Magisterium! It's the duty of every mage to serve and to sacrifice! They teach us that on day one. And then we spend the next 4 years learning why! Think, Isabella! How many little girls just like us have been taken by the Monstrum? How many little breeding sluts are panting away in the Org-reh rape pens? How many Broodmothers birthing their spiderlings in their disgusting spider dens sealed beneath the Earth? How many little village girls have wandered off, only to be eaten by Crags and raped in their stomachs? How many dragged off by Vile Buzzards, taken back to their nests screaming? There are fucking thousands of Monstrum species Isabella! They're all unique but they all want the same thing. Little girl pussy! Centaurum! Minotaurum! Beholders! Night hags! Dopplegangers! Carrion crawlers! Sewer Squelches! There are more every day! They're endless!"

Fernanda took a deep breath. Isabella was seething, facing her from inches away with fury in her eyes.

"Think of all those little girls, Isabella. Telerian. Bridonian. Canthian. And the humanoid races too! Felis are an endangered species now! The common folk don't know how bad it is, but we do. If things go on like this there won't be any Teleria in twenty years. No more human kingdoms at all. Monstrum will own the world, and we'll just be breeding stock! Is that what you want? Teleria can't fight the Camabahlam with its own borders already overrun! We needed this! Or else every single little girl will eventually end up a rape toy writhing on the end of some Monstrum cock!"

A long silence stretched out, with only the furious crackle of the fire underscoring the seething looks for fury both girls were exchanging.

"What is one girl, against all that?" asked Fernanda in a quiet voice.

For a moment, Fernanda thought it might work. Isabella was abrasive, but never stupid. She had to understand. She had to see. One little girl getting railed by a train of Cambahlam cocks, weighed against everything they had come here for.

"You're crazy..." whispered Isabella.

"No," said Fernanda.

"It's this place. You've gone nuts!" Fury was returning to Isabella's face.

Fernanda stood her ground, staring the other girl down.

"We've all seen it! You're practically one of them now! Mumbling at the idols. Making us go to those temple ceremonies! And you were pumping your fingers into your cunt at every single one!"

"So were you!" countered Fernanda. Isabella blushed.

"Admit it!" she screamed. "You all got just as horny as I did! Watching them rape all those girls, one after another, on and on!"

"No..." mumbled Isabella. "Not like you. Never like you Fernanda! Because we didn't betray one of our own out of cowardice!"

Fernanda's grip tightened further on her staff. Isabella was shrieking at her in a rage. The little cunt. Who was she to question? She didn't have the weight on her that Fernanda did. She couldn't be allowed to compromise what they had achieved here, Fernanda thought. Not when they were so close.

"You know what I think? I think you wanted to do it! I think you just wanted to see your little friend's virgin pussy fucked! That's it isn't it!"

Fernanda screamed. Her skin was burning. The horniness in her pussy was red fire. She had come so far. What was one more obstacle? She reached out and readied her magic.

Isabella struck first. The girl had always been lightning-quick. Her magic slashed out in an intangible form, an ephemeral current that would guide all nearby magical energy to her only, leaving none for Fernanda. Smart. If it had been a blow directed at her, Fernanda could have countered. Instead she opted for something more base.

Her staff flashed out and smashed Isabella directly in the face. She heard a small crunch and a light spray of blood went flying as the girl screamed and fell. The spell disappeared. The current was gone. Fernanda sucked in magical energy from the ether - a massive volume, as much as she could hold - and unleashed a crackling lance of blue power at Isabella's staff.

At the last second the bolt veered away. It smashed into a table instead, splintering it to rubble. Isabella was on her feet again, her nose bloody and broken. Her eyes were wild, full of hate and fear. Fernanda struck again, hoping to knock her off her feet, but Isabella reacted in an instant, whirling her staff to form a reflecting shield. The shimmering force bounced off the watery orange surface and hurtled right back at Fernanda. She felt it smash her in the chest like a falling log and the world turned upside down as she flew backward into the wall.

Fernanda coughed, her ears ringing. Shrieking pain lanced up and down her spine and her back screamed in agony. She was on her hands and knees, with stone dust all around her. Each cough sent wracking pain all throughout her chest. She fumbled, dazed, reaching for her staff. There. With a thought, she pulled in the magic, condensing it into the form she needed. Healing energy flowed through her and the pain disappeared in an instant.

She managed to get one foot under her, then the other, then stood up, swaying and leaning on her staff for support. She had gone through the wall into the other room, leaving a crumbling stone hole behind her. She could see Isabella through the hazy dust, already readying another spell. She had no time.

Her magic formed with a thought, the spell coming to her from long practice. She had used this to escape from some Centaurum once. They had thought their nets full of howling little girls already and hadn't bothered to try to capture her too. A bright light flashed, and when Fernanda blinked it away there were 5 more of her.

They all scattered, naked little girls holding magical staffs, each one a mirror image of her own form. Fernanda vaulted behind a divan. She felt Isabella finish her spell and unleash it, and a blast of power smashed through the opening in the wall and vaporized one of the images that was too slow to find cover.

"Damnit!" screamed Isabella. "I saw that! I can kill every single image you can conjure up Fernanda! I might even like it!"

Her next spell followed lightning quick. Fernanda felt herself choking, her throat clenching as the air was sucked out of the room. She staggered backwards, gagging, and barely managed a counterspell that restored the atmosphere in a small area around herself. She sucked the sudden air in with a ragged heave, and coughed fitfully.

Her mirror images were unaffected. They had taken up positions and were fighting, swirling their own staffs and unleashing spells and blasts of power at Isabella in the other room. Fernanda heard her screaming, trying to keep up. Isabella couldn't tell which of the spells were illusory and which were real. Bolts of power were deflected this way and that, smashing into the doors, the wall, blasting the furnishings into splinters. It sounded like a herd of bulls was rampaging through the dwelling.

Fernanda took a chance and peeked over the divan. Isabella was hidden, no doubt conjuring her counterattack. This was her chance. She drew in power and formed it into a snakelike lattice of brilliant turquoise currents. The energy shimmered as if alive, curling in the air. In a few moments it was done, and Fernanda made a swinging motion with her staff, hurtling it into the next room.


Isabella shrieked in surprise and pain. The rushing sounds of thousands of tiny needles of ice zipping every which way through the air filled the next room. They splintered and shattered against every surface, causing more destruction The hanging sheets they had put up were shredded in moments. The little clay flowerpots Nina had been cultivating smashed, dirt spilling out everywhere. Fernanda congratulated herself. It was the perfect spell to disrupt an aggressive mage. She could feel Isabella's shield of air slam into place around her, sealing her away from the piercing bites of the needles, but by that time Fernanda already had her next spell in place.

She could feel the coils of air suddenly tightening around Isabella. They slithered like invisible snakes, wrenching the struggling girl's arms behind her and holding her wrists like shackles. Isabella's frustrated scream rang through the dwelling. Fernanda smiled. Just like Emily. Little girls were so easy to dispatch sometimes. She stood up and dispelled her images, then strode into the next room with a confident smile on her face.

"Not so high and mighty now, are we?" she said smugly, looking down at Isabella. The girl was hogtied. She opened her mouth to speak but Fernanda forced a gag of air into it.

"Hmmm, what to do with you, what to do..." She paced, gloating. "Technically, you're guilty of treason. Attacking the Archmage...tch tch tch." Fernanda looked down, watching the girl struggle futilely. "If I brought you back home, they'd strip you of your rank and probably throw you in the Magisterium's prisons."

Fernanda found that she liked Isabella like this, the girl's wrists behind her back, tears leaking from her eyes as she groveled on the ground. It served her right. Her mouth was working, trying to say something.

"Maybe I should just leave you here, haul you before the King and let him decide what to do with you, hmmm? The new King, I mean. Tlaloc isn't going to live out the night."

Something seemed wrong. Isabella kept struggling, but something was missing. With a shock, Fernanda realized what it was. Her staff. The long shaft of hickory with its pink A'sham at the end was nowhere to be seen.

"You're not the only one good at that spell, Fernanda."

Fernanda turned in shock, seeing Isabella standing unrestrained just a few feet away. An illusion! She had just an instant for the thought to register before a powerful shockwave blasted her off her feet.

She countered in midair, sending a bolt of green power rocketing at the girl just before something smashed her in the head from behind. She fell to the ground, stunned. Shaking her head, she tried to stumble to her feet. The taste of blood was in her mouth.

"Fuck you Fernanda!" screamed Isabella. She sounded hurt. "You're not going to sell me out like you did Emily! I'll kill you first!"

With a start, Fernanda felt the spell being formed. Vast currents of energy reached out across the room. The fireplace! In an instant, they had gathered the flames into an angry ball of licking red flames that hovered in the air for a moment before hurtling at Fernanda.

She struck out blindly. A lash of power. The spell unravelled a mere instant before it reached her, exploding with a roar of heat and sound that blew Fernanda off her feet again. She rolled, clutching her head and moaning. The room was aflame. The sound of crackling fire came from all around her. She couldn't breathe. The roar of the heat felt like an oven.

Fernanda gathered all her power and expelled it in a mighty blast of air behind her. The wall shattered into a thousand flying fragments of stone, and Fernanda rolled through. The cool air was a balm on her skin after the oven inside. She coughed from the smoke, and drew in a ragged breath.

Their dwelling was an inferno, flames rising to the sky like an enormous pyre. Fernanda saw Isabella step out, her hair swirling in the heated currents and flames licking at her body. Her sheer white uniform had burned away, leaving only a few smoldering scraps, but she was unbothered by the flames. She had shielded herself.

Outside, a crowd of gawking Monstrum had gathered. Mostly Camabahlam, but other visitors to the city too. They watched the two little naked girls who faced each other holding jeweled staffs, the magic obvious from the glinting power in the gems that crowned each. In the distance, bells were ringing, an odd contrast to the thundering drums that had beat all day long.

Isabella didn't wait. She attacked again, summoning a spear of earth and mentally hurtling it at Fernanda like a lance thrown by a giant. Fernanda deflected it with a shield of force, and the projectile rocketed away to smash into a nearby building. It collapsed in a cloud of dust. The crowd backed off as they began to understand their peril.

Fernanda raised her staff, the gem shining like a star as she summoned every single mote of her entire power. Endless energy coursed into her, tingling, powerful, sweet like the breath of life itself - and something else. Like a lingering red poison that heated her blood, it filled her, bringing with it a fresh surge of horny lust. Fernanda barely resisted the urge to drop her staff and shove her fingers into her cunt right there. The feeling was that strong. Her pussy quivered, crying out. Needing to be stuffed, to be filled. Her clit throbbed with her racing heartbeat and her nipples pushed at the cold night air, painfully erect.

But Fernanda was nothing if not disciplined. Her urges didn't interrupt the flow of incoming power. Isabella had taken a moment to draw as much as she could too, swinging her staff as if stirring the air and screaming incoherently, eyes wild with fury. Both girls began to float, the ground dropping away, the air brimming with mighty swells of power whose currents pulled them aloft. Ten feet, twenty. Both girls drank in magical energy, consuming every bit that they could until their naked bodies shone like meteors in the night.

They reached maximum potential at the same time, and unleashed their power. The shockwave deafened Fernanda like thunder had exploded in her ears. Dueling blasts of force clashed between them. Fernanda screamed, hurtling raw magical energy at Isabella, not bothering to shape it into anything subtle. Isabella was doing the same. Fire and air and force smashed together and rent the night like the wrath of the gods. The faces of the crowds below them were upturned in awe, lit by the brilliant illumination of erupting energies.

Fernanda seized another river of power, tearing it violently from the weave and hurtling it at Isabella. The bitch managed to sunder it at the last instant, just before it would have ripped her to shreds. Fernanda screamed in frustration. They were evenly matched. Both girls were among the very best the academy had every trained. She pulled air into a shell as hard as steel to deflect Isabella's counterstroke, then recognized the skeins of power of her opponent's next spell and shifted the fundamental reality around herself just in the nick of time. The arc of lightning veered down before it reached her and smashed into the earth, grounded. The crowd fled below them, screaming.

The world around her was being ripped apart by violence, but Fernanda floated as if in a bubble, comforted by the magical hum flowing through her. It was awesome, overwhelming, yet it brought with it a stillness, like being at the eye of a hurricane. Drawing so much magic was dangerous; she risked incineration, or just burning the ability out of herself completely, but the temptation to draw more was seductive, irresistible. A mage had to be trained not to draw beyond her limits, lest her channeling cause a tremendous backlash, but the surging torrent of power beckoned to her, urging her to draw even more of that sweet life into herself, to consign herself to the oblivion of its power. As Fernanda wove the power and the storm raged around her, she struggled to resist subsuming herself in that energy.

"Do it," whispered a voice, sweet like a summer breeze. Thunder crackled inches away and force battered at her shields like a gale storm, but none of it touched her.

"Draw it in. Draw all of it. It is yours by right." The voice was hissing now like a serpent, but its words were honey in her ears. It was right. She could see it now. The magic she had drawn in was tinged by that red power, that angry, ravenous undercurrent of desperate hunger. It beckoned her beyond anything she had ever done, whispered of things she had never conceived. Fernanda reached out for it, seizing it, twisting it into the form of a spell that she was quite sure had never been imagined before, much less cast. She sculpted that red energy into a powerfully complex weave beyond anything she had done in her life, and hurtled it right at Isabella.

The spell went right through Isabella's shields, right through all her defenses like an arrow to the heart. The girl's scream resounded like a peal of thunder in the night, skin glowing a lurid red from the malevolent energy, and then she dropped like a stone.

Fernanda let her bounce onto a cushion of air, then floated down to the ground herself. She lighted like a feather on the stone street. Isabella was writhing on the ground, naked, digging at her cunt with both hands, plunging both fingers into her pussy desperately.

"What...what-what did you DO to me?" shrieked Isabella, then contorted as a powerful orgasm rocked her body and sent her into a heaving chaos.

"Just a little adjustment," said Fernanda, staring down at her. The girl's staff lay on the ground, utterly forgotten. The naked girl was panting as if she had just run a race, her small breasts heaving and her slender 15-year-old body trembling on the stone as if fighting something inside.

"Funny, how the Spirit works. It's a complicated web." Fernanda crouched down next to Isabella, cupping her cheek and giving her a sinister smile as the girl writhed under her touch.

"Spirit connects us to magic, but its energy is also the touchstone for many other things. Sexual pleasure, for one thing. All I did was make a tiny switch - binding one thing to the other."

Isabella was barely listening. She howled incoherently, still orgasming. Four fingers were digging at her cunt from in front and with her other hand she reached behind her, ramming a finger up her own asshole. She rocked with ecstasy, legs kicking like a wild animal, back arched and head shaking.

"You were holding so much magic at the time that...well, let's just say that all that energy went into your own stimulation." Fernanda beamed down at the teenage girl with a look of amusement on her face. "Now you'll never be able to touch magic again without this happening. I'm actually not sure how long you'll stay like this. Maybe the rest of your life. You were holding a lot of power, after all."

Isabella shrieked, gibbering, spittle flying. Slick juices covered her hands, dribbling onto the cold stone street. She was squirting. She seemed to be echoing from one orgasm to the next with no breaks at all.

Fernanda stood up. The crowd of monsters had drawn closer now that the fight was over, murmuring, looks of awe on their faces.

"Well?" Fernanda asked them. She held her hand out over Isabella in an offering gesture.

"Who wants her?" she asked. "A fresh little 15-year-old pussy to rape. That's what you monsters crave, isn't it?"

Fernanda bent and rolled Isabella over like a quaking doll until her butt was in the air. The girl was masturbating furiously, fingers mercilessly ramming her own pussy and anus as she shuddered and howled in climax.

"Who wants to be the first?" Fernanda slapped the girl's bare ass in invitation. "Look at how much she wants it! Don't make her use her fingers, when you all could be using your fat cocks to plug all her tight little holes!"

"No!" screamed Isabella. "Aaaaaugggh, keep away! Keep them away from me! Eeeeeeeeuuuuuugh!" She shrieked as yet another orgasm rocked her young body.

Fernanda backed away as the monsters began to crowd around Isabella. The girl screamed as they pawed her naked body and pulled her legs wide apart. Soon she was lost in a sea of furry bodies. The Camabahlam loved their gangrape and likely every creature in the crowd would have a go at her. Fernanda spotted an Ettu and a pair of Minotaurum in the crowd too. Both species had some of the most massive cocks that any Monstrum could offer. But it was ok; Fernanda was sure Isabella could fit. Her snug little pussy would get the workout of a lifetime.

The fire was spreading. The city was in chaos. Fernanda walked, barely knowing where she was going. Camabahlam were fighting in the streets. Other buildings were burning, and she could hear explosions in the distance. Xihuitl's rebellion hadn't been as clean as they had hoped, apparently. No matter. Fernanda revelled in the shouting, in the carnage. Ichpoyectli were being pulled from their homes, their masters slaughtered in front of them, then raped in the street as they wept. Glorious. It was like music to Fernanda. She strode on, driven by whispers, by the sultry voice of a young girl and the silent hissing of a depraved serpent. The idols watched her as she passed, their eyes burning. The city had a strange red glow even where it wasn't burning. Fernanda looked up, and saw the full moon had turned crimson and swelled until it covered the sky. It looked almost close enough to touch.

Twice she fought, slaughtering Camabahlam who were foolish enough to challenge her. The blood and hot fury on her face sent the rest running. She moved through the streets with purpose now, her destination becoming clearer. Girls ran up to her half a dozen times, fleeing pursuing Camabahlam. Captured Icohpoyectli or fresh slave girls, each one terrified, begging Fernanda tearfully to save them. She laughed as she pushed them away. Once a trio of little 6-year-olds came rushing towards her. Huahuanti girls, still virgins. They had escaped from the market when the fighting spilled over there, apparently. They saw Fernanda's magic and clutched her legs, weeping. Terrified. They implored Fernanda to protect them, to save them from the Monsters. Fernanda bound them with chains of air and left them squalling, suspending in midair, pussies exposed and waiting for whoever came upon them first. She would have fucked them herself but she knew she needed to hurry. The moon was ripe now. It shone with the holy blood of rape. It was nearly time.

The temple mount looked so very different to her now. The ritual which had begun hours earlier was now at its climax. Despite the fighting in the city below, the priestesses were unwilling to stop. Nothing could interrupt the Camabahlam from their orgy of rape, it seemed. They were in a frenzy, raping each screaming girl thrown on the altars with zeal, sometimes two or three at a time. They snarled. They hissed and howled at the moon as they came with total abandon. There were so many girls waiting. A horde of them. Every single virgin that the city's slave pens could muster. Girls of every single age from toddlers on up. The priestesses pulled each one forward, held them down and laughed with pleasure as they were violated. The defiled girls screamed to the heavens, bodies railed by fat black cocks, amber cum spewed up into their wombs and all over their naked twisting bodies. Everywhere Fernanda looked was the sight of rape. The sound of rape. The smell of rape. It was glorious.

"I see now," she whispered to the central idol. All its eyes seemed to be upon her. The lustful girl with the clit grown to the size of a phallus. The feathered serpent, winged and fanged, body hunched and cock buried in its prey. The impaled girl, spitroasted between them both, body contorted in torrid violence, eternal tears flowing from her eyes.

What a fool she had been, to walk into the lion's den. In the face of the Goddess's glory, what was a little girl like herself? They had been so sure, so confident in the power of their own magic. And now look at them. Shayla. Tatiana. Nina. Anabella and her sister Isabella. Emily. Each one reduced to a grunting, rutting little slut, slavering for cock, desperate for the next engorged prick to enter one of her tight little holes and thunder away until she was filled with cum. No better than the girls being serially raped in front of her. What idiots.

Fernanda walked to the edge of the platform. The drop was slick and steeply angled, almost straight down. Behind her, the chorus of wailing girls rang out in sickly sweet melody. She was no different, no better. Her magic was nothing. She was nothing beside the power of the Goddess. She could see that now.

Fernanda held her staff up to her eyes. The slender length of burnished white ashwood seemed such a flimsy weapon. She had spent years using it to master her power. Now that was all behind her.

She cracked the staff over her knee and flung the pieces over the edge. They dropped into the flickering ocean of shadows and firelight from the city. Her future was no longer in her own hands. There was no going back.

"You will be my scion. My avatar," breathed the whispers.

"Yes," said Fernanda.

"You will be mine, and I will rape your body and soul eternally."

"Yes!" said Fernanda, her voice a hiss. She looked to the sky. The moon seemed to be a burning gate, shedding sinister red light over all the world. She could feel the force of it, the same force she had felt growing inside her - burning passion, all hunger and raging thirst, an unquenchable itch driven by a primal need for rape, for total defilement. The same ardor that beat in her loins like a drumbeat. The same power threaded in red veins of lust throughout the magic she had drawn.

"Why me?" she asked, turning to face the idols. Every one on the temple mount seemed to regard her with wicked glee, relishing the screams of the girls.

The Goddess chose not to answer. Fernanda looked down at her hand, turning it over with astonishment. Her skin was glowing. Her whole body. Everywhere. Fernanda knew if she could see herself her eyes would be shining a malignant red.

The ceremony seemed to have reached its height. The priestesses were bringing forth the very youngest girls. Girls barely larger than toddlers, tiny things that howled and wiggled, uncomprehending, their naked bodies so small and vulnerable. They priestesses pushed them down upon the altars, smiling as the babes cried out. They touched the little pussies, the sweet little hairless slits of youth and innocence, ravenous smiles on their faces for what was to come next. They brought forth the purple lotus flowers too, crushing them in their hands and pushing them into the girl's mouths. The poor things cried at the bitter taste, but Fernanda knew it would enhance their arousal and their pleasure beyond imagining.

"Use your magic," the voices whispered.

"I can't, I don't have my staff," said Fernanda.

"Use your magic," they insisted. Their eyes glittered in the torchlight, each one pinning Fernanda in place like a spear.

"How?" she asked, confused.

The Camabahlam were taking their places. The central altar held a single young girl, barely more than a babe. The Camabahlam looming over her slapped down the full length of his mighty prick on the tiny girl's body, a ponderous shaft of wrinkled purple skin pulsing with desperate hunger. It was three and a half feet long - as long as she was tall - but her shining eyes followed it with the curiosity of an innocent child.

Now Fernanda understood. In the glory of the Goddess's light, everything was made clear. The A'sham on her staff allowed her to draw on magic, but even without it her link to the arcane energies was still inside of her. It was part of her. Even if the magic was out of reach, her spirit's connection to it could never be discarded.

"My gift..." hissed the voices. "My seed. Growing inside you..."

Fernanda nodded. She knew now. Her magic had been tainted from the moment she had set foot on these shores. Just a tiny bit, at first. Not enough to be noticed. A drop of poison in a sea of power. Each time she had touched it she had taken in more, more of the Goddess, more of the desperate hunger that settled in her gut as an unquenchable horniness. The more magic she drew, the more of the Goddess's essence had been imparted to her. Now that essence was a bridge to the power, something far more enduring than the A'sham had ever been.

For the first time, she reached out without her staff, feeling for her magic - and found it. It was roiling, seething, just out of reach. Laced with burning red energy and infused with hungry desire. Before, she had always simply opened herself up to it. Now, she had to stretch, had to rip it violently from the weave. To subdue it. To rape it and bend it to her will.

"My gift...of power," hissed the Goddess, so close it seemed she was whispering in Fernanda's ear. Fernanda held that surging energy in a mental grip, and knew exactly what she wanted to do with it.

Slowly, she began to form her spell. It was different, more difficult. The magic resisted her, but she overwhelmed it with violence. She hammered it into shape, the veins of energy seeming to scream with defiance in her mind. She had to bend it, to beat it, to rip it apart and possess it, but the spell began to form in front of her. A purple sphere. Her signature spell. The one that had bought her more stolen moments and got her out of more jams undetected than she could count.

More and more energy and power flowed into her spell in a wild flood, raging, almost uncontrollable. She held and shaped the spell to completion, moving her arms instinctively, feeling a ravenous burning sensation that inched up her arms, setting her nerves aflame. The same feeling burned like a bonfire in her cunt, and she dropped a hand to pleasure herself.

It was complete. An enormous purple sphere the size of a small building hovered directly above the temple, all the priestesses and Camabahlam and young girls looking up at it with mouths wide open. They didn't know where it had come from. For them, it was a sign from their Goddess. They weren't wrong. The priestesses recovered first and hastily screamed orders for the ritual to continue. Nothing would stop them from worshipping the Goddess in the face of this wonder. The Camabahlam obeyed and resumed railing the poor toddlers with their massive pricks, thick cockmeat pistoning in and out of their impossibly tiny pussies, the girls squealing and crying out and then wailing as their first orgasms ripped through their young bodies.

Fernanda held out a fist, the heartbeat of the spell's energy clenched inside, and then squeezed. Blinding light and a crack of thunder filled the sky. The temple crowd cried out. Every toddler on the temple mount had reached orgasm at the same moment that Fernanda unleashed her spell, at the very moment the purple light was unleashed on their bodies. Fernanda exulted. Relishing the moment as their cries reached their apex. This was no time slow, to extend their pleasure. No pale imitation of the spell's true power by a fumbling ignorant. Fernanda wondered why she had never seen it before, but now the mysteries of the arcane seemed wide open to her through the revelation of the Goddess. This was the penultimate expression of that magic, now given its true form. Now they were locked in time. All the babes. They had been touched by the magic of the goddess. They would never age. The effects of the purple lotus would never wane in their bodies. Their orgasms would never cease. They would forever be locked in their infantile forms, always craving, thirsting, squealing with their girlish cries a desperate call to be filled, to be fucked, to be defiled and have their tiny bodies flooded with load after load of sperm until their wombs overflowed and their smooth little bellies began to rise with the ponderous weight of their divine pregnancies. They were hallowed, sanctified, a permanent wailing display to the glory of the Goddess of Rape.

Fernanda raised her eyes to the bloody moon and howled along with them. Her eyes had been opened. She had thought Xochiquetzal some primitive myth, but now she saw the truth: the heavens had opened up and shown her the beautiful, glorious river of virgin blood in which the goddess kept her ravenous throne, forever contending together in her true forms: the supple young girl with her oversized clit-cock, the ferocious feathered serpent, the weeping prey suffering in her ecstasy - all coiled together in the heat of violence. Xochiquetzal. The Hallowed Hermaphrodite Who Raped the World.

And Fernanda would help. The Goddess dwelled in her now. She would be the holy messenger, the divine avatar who wrought Xochiquetzal's wrath on the world. Her whole body burned with an inner fire now, her skin glowing from underneath with a lurid yellow deepening to pink. She looked down to see that her clit had grown to an erect pole of turgid flesh bobbing in front of her, at least a foot long and throbbing angrily. Her fingers touched it delicately and stroked, and the orgasm washed over her immediately. Words couldn't describe how sensitive, how rapturous it felt. A boon from the goddess.

At last she took her eyes from the glorious moon to regard Xochtecquinicha. The city was spread out below her, and she could feel the rapes happening everywhere in it. The rebellion had grown out of control. Law and order had broken down and old grudges were being settled. Camabahlam were being murdered, their Ichpoyectli dragged into the streets by the victors then raped in they streets as they wept. Terrified girls that had loosed their bonds and sought to escape were being captured and raped by gangs of prowling soldiers. The cries of the victims sounded in the night in a glorious chorus. Fernanda exulted in it. She could feel it all through the Goddess's power. Thrusting monster cocks shoving into tiny pussies, violating them, filling them with amber sperm. Mouths forced open by bulging pricks, jaws straining to contain their girth. It was glorious. It was perfect. The Camabahlam had grown complacent, sitting in their cities and collecting tribute. They had grown fat with luxury. Now she was here to set them right. The Camabahlam numbers had been few the last time she had visited, broken into warring factions on the outskirts of the Toltec empire. That was before they united and overthrew their enemies. Now they were more numerous than ever. Now, nothing was beyond their grasp. A whole world lay open before them. They would march forth and pour on the human world like a plague, seizing the villages and cities and taking every human female for themselves. The other Monstrum would be driven out, unable to stand against the might of their armies. The spoils would flow like an endless river, here, to Xochtecquinicha. An endless horde of squealing little girls, dragged here in chains to be raped on her altars. No more would she have to settle for the occasional ceremony. The rapes would happen day and night, unceasingly. Cum and tears and virgin blood would flow in the temple gutters eternally, a feast of depravity, a testament to the Goddess's wicked glory. She would not rest while even a single human girl lived a life of innocence, undefiled on the holy altars. One by one, every girl would be taken, her clothes torn to pieces, her screaming body held down, twisting as fat monster cocks rammed inside her and ripped her virginity away and filled her belly with sperm. One by one, every human kingdom would fall before the might of Xochiquetzal.

And Fernanda knew just where to start.


"Maester Welles?"

The boy had stuck his head in the doorway of the dusty study cautiously, as if afraid that the irascible old man might order him flogged for the impertinence of interrupting him. He had been known to do that.

"What? Oh, yes, come in my boy. Come in." Maester Welles beckoned the lad inside with a hand. He was young, perhaps no more than 14. Too young. That always annoyed Welles, for some reason. It didn't seem right that young people should be able to live so carefree. But, no matter. The lad stood there nervously, taking in the dusty sandstone walls and the high ceiling with white light flooding in from the vertical slits of the windows. He looked like he had never seen so many books and scrolls in his life.

"Well, what is it? Out with it."

The lad fidgeted before producing a letter from the folds of his tunic.

"From the Librorum sir. They had a scribe produce a copy right away for you."

"A communique?" The Maester donned his spectacles then turned the letter over to read the heading. "From the pen of Archmage Fernanda Oaxaca, Ambassador to the Camabahlam." Hmmph, how surprising. We hadn't expected to hear any more from them." He put the letter on the stack of papers to the side of his desk then went back to the book he was reading.

"Sir? Aren't you going to read it sir?"

"Eh?" He stopped and looked up at the lad. The boy was fidgeting nervously. "Why?"

"Well uh...sir, it's just that uh...sir, well it's been months without any contact sir. From anyone in the delegation I mean."

"Yes yes...and?" Welles motioned impatiently for him to continue.

"You see sir, I have a friend that very much...needs to know what happened to them sir. They never returned from their mission to the Camabahlam lands."

"Of course not," he snorted. "We never really expected them to. We just needed to know how much of a threat the Cambahlam were, and their notes proved invaluable. The Camabahlam can keep the girls for all we care. If their little cunts weren't being raped by them it would just be Org-reh or Rapewolves or Centaurum."

Welles sat back in his chair and laughed, his fat belly jiggling under his robes. The thought seemed to amuse him greatly. The boy just stood there looking uncomfortable.

"Don't stop," said Welles.


Welles held up a hand and shook his head. The instruction wasn't for him. It was for the little 10-year-old under his desk, her head bobbing away on his prick. Just a little first-year mage, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when she had got to the academy a few months ago. Welles had taken her under his wing and her skills were improving rapidly now, both outside and inside the bedchamber. He leaned back again and sighed with pleasure.

"So, what's the big concern lad? Did your friend have a brother that went with them as their guard? Or was one of the little lasses his girlfriend? That's it, isn't it?"

The boy looked even more uncomfortable now. Welles laughed again.

"Listen, tell him to forget her. It's not wise to get too attached to a mage. Lots of them don't come back, you know."

"Yes sir. Um...the letter? Sir?"

"Hmmmph. Fine." Welles grabbed a letter-opener and slit the top of the envelope then pulled out the scrap of paper. The message was brief. Barely worth reading. What a waste of time. He unfolded it and began reading it silently to himself.

"Sir?" asked the boy after several uncomfortable minutes had passed. He had been hearing a slurping sound and was beginning to suspect that he wasn't alone in the room with the old man.

"Send...send for..." Welles' voice was a strangled wheeze.

"Maester? Are you alright sir? Should I sent for the healer?"

Welles shook his head, his face nearly read with apoplexy.

"Send for the Maesters," he finally managed to gasp.

"Yes sir. Erm...which Maesters sir?"

"All of them..." Welles drew in a ragged breath. "All of them!" He shouted. "The council! Get the whole bloody Magisterium! Fetch the damned Queen from her privy if you have to! I want everyone! Have them assemble in the grand council chambers!"

The boy stood stock still, his face as white as a sheet.

"Well?!" exploded Welles. "Why are you still here!?"

The boy disappeared in a flash. Welles sagged back in his chair with a groan, reading the letter again in disbelief.

" everything ok?" asked Liliana timidly. The girl's soulful brown eyes stared up at him from between his legs.

"Did I say you could stop?" he said gruffly. The girl shook her head and went back to work, tonguing his glans just the way he liked before taking his firm shaft in her mouth again.

"Gods Above and Below," murmured Welles, reading the letter for the third time. "This can't be real. It must be a prank."

He looked down at the tiny little girl bobbing her head obediently on his turgid cock.

"Well Liliana, it's good news for you at least. We might have to bump you up a few years. I think we're going to need you deployed in the field a lot sooner than we expected."

The little 10-year-old smiled just as Welles stiffened and came in her mouth.