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Monstrum Factorum: Beholder

By Clark & Lily

Tags: Mg, bd, best, inc, magic, nc, ped, rape, reluc, viol

Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

The Monopticus Decaberrationus, commonly known as the Beholder, is an aberration of nature from a bygone age. Full of hatred, ego, greed and wanton lust, Beholders dismiss all other beings as beneath themselves. Only in women and young girls do these monstrosities see value as beauteous possessions and as mates to be bred for all eternity. Beholders are solitary, inherently antisocial and xenophobic. Their hatred and distrust of each other is even greater than their contempt for other beings. Beholders will attack and drive off or kill any other Beholder it encounters, and this hostility eventually extends even to its own offspring. Although it may suffer the presence of its progeny for a time, once the son begins to manifest its magical powers it will be perceived as an intolerable threat to the senior Beholder's dominion, and be driven off or killed. Even though Beholders are virtually immortal, the combination of their long gestational period and the centuries it takes for one to reach maturity means that adult Beholders are blessedly rare. A Beholder's spheroid body is eight feet in diameter when fully grown. What can be called its face, or the front of its whole body, is dominated by a large bulging eye sitting above a grinning toothsome maw. Its long abrasive prehensile tongue slathering as it leers at its prey. The abomination’s bloated body writhes with ten, four foot long, eye stalks that turn to follow its prey. Despite the frail appearance of the eye stalks, they possess inhuman strength, and are more than capable of crushing a human. The physical appearance between Beholders can vary wildly. While one Beholder has a leathery hide and wriggling tentacle like eye stalks, another might have chitinous plates, and multi jointed eye stalks that look like a crab's legs. A Beholder prefers to fight at a distance, using its greatest weapons: its eyes. Each of the stalks is capable of shooting forth a magical ray with a single effect, while the large central eye is capable of emitting an anti-magic field against anything that falls in its gaze. The ten different types of eye rays that Beholders possess are:

Charm: Dominates the will of the victim, causing them to become enamored with the beholder

Paralysis: Locks a person's muscles in rigor mortis for as long as the eye is upon them

Fear: Causes overwhelming panic and terror in the victim

Slow: Slows the movement of a person to half their normal speed

Enervation: Drains the victim of energy, leaving them weak and helplessly fatigued

Telekinesis: Moves a victim or object with magical force, according to the Beholder's will

Sleep: Causes unconsciousness in a victim for up to an entire day

Petrification: Transmutes the flesh of living creatures into stone, and back to flesh at the Beholder's choosing

Disintegration: A magical cone that annihilates all matter it comes in contact with

Death: Instantly stops the heart of its victim

{Illustration of a Beholder laying waste to a legion of soldiers, as the mage auxillary is being captured and raped by Lesser Beholders.}

The antimagic field emitted by a Beholder's central eye makes them nearly impossible to fight with magi. The best way to fight a Beholder would be with a wheel mounted scorpion or ballista. Using the artillery to maim the central eye, and disabling their antimagic field. However scoring a sound hit would be a difficult proposition, further exacerbated by the difficulty of getting said artillery into the Beholder's lair to be in a place to be used against said Beholder. Archers using composite longbows with steel shafted arrows would be the next best method of attack. However this would require an open field of battle, so the arrows can be rained down on the Beholder. The next best method of attack would be a shield wall with heavy crossbows, and longspear men in reserve. This method would be the most effective in a Beholder's lair. However all the Beholder would need to do to counter it is use the upper tiers to move behind the formation and attack from the rear or from above. The only surefire way to defeat a Beholder would be to use all of the above methods. Plus three or more groups of a dozen mages each, positioned in the formation, so that at least one of the groups of mages will be outside of the Beholder's antimagic field at all times. And make sure the battle takes place on a field of your choosing. The mages not being affected by the antimagic field should concentrate on countering the Beholder's eye rays, while the soldiers concentrate on taking out the central eye. Once the antimagic field has been disabled, the mages can bring the full force of their power against the Beholder. Even then, if the Beholder is supported by his servants, it could very easily go in his favor.

{Scribbled into the margins: Idiots, only a warlock has hope of defeating a Beholder. Their antimagic field has no effect upon our powers.}

Beyond the Beholder's eye rays lies a very different and difficult to counteract ability, the Beholder's natural ability to float perfectly in the air. This perfect levitation gives a Beholder a degree of maneuverability unseen in other Monstrum species. Beholders have been observed moving as fast as 30 miles per hour, and can go from a stop to their top speed seemingly instantaneously. As fast as this may be, it is theorized that Beholders can move much faster with estimates ranging from 45 to over 100 miles per hour. Furthermore the Beholder can also change the direction of their movement just as quickly, be it up, down, side to side or even to completely reverse their movement. This ease of three dimensional movement causes Beholders to perceive vertical space as being equal to lateral space. Due to this perception of the space around them, Beholders will build upwards rather than outwards. This causes a Beholder lair to contain many rooms stacked on top of eachother that are connected by vertical shafts. Thus allowing a Beholder to freely move about his lair, while any invaders will find themselves at a disadvantage. Within a Beholder's domain he is as a god. Beneath him are his concubines, his followers, his slaves and his Lesser Beholder servitors. These smaller Beholders, are their master's own children, and will never grow to be larger than two or three feet in diameter. They look in all regards exactly like their father Beholder with the exception of their size and the fact they only have four, two foot long, eye stalks instead of ten. The Lesser Beholder's eye stalks each have the ability to utilize a weaker form of one of the rays possessed by a beholder, with the exception of the death ray. The rays each Lesser Beholder can use seem to be random, but they never possess two eye stalks of the same ray. Furthermore, the Lesser Beholder's central eye emits a much weaker anti-magic field, and in one out of eight, it instead emits an aura of lust. The Lesser Beholder also excretes a fog like cloud of the Beholder's Conversion toxins from an orifice on its underside. The origins of the Lesser Beholder have been hotly debated, however recent studies have revealed that the Lesser Beholder is in fact the female of the species. All Lesser Beholders are sterile, thus why the Beholders take the daughters of men as their concubines. The reason for this sterility is unknown, but it is believed to be caused by generations of incest. In a Beholder's mind, the ideal form of Beholder kind is seen in a mirror. This narcissistic view probably lead to Beholders choosing mates from their siblings and own children. Each Beholder selecting their mate by how closely their appearance matched their own. Over many generations this could have lead to the sterility of the female of the species, and pushed the male Beholders to find an alternate means of reproduction. The abominations found this means in the daughters of mortal man, who they now prey upon to propagate their species.

{A cross section anatomical diagram of a Beholder and a Lesser Beholder with each organ, bone and body part labeled. A subscript lists the Beholder's phylum, class, order, family, genus and species.}

Beholders use their disintegration eye ray to carve out their lairs from solid rock deep in the earth. Their lairs are a network of twisting labyrinthine tunnels connecting large spacious chambers, sprawling out, up and down. The network of tunnels and chambers can easily be divided into three tiers, the upper tier, the middle tier and the lower tier. The lower tier houses the dungeons and storerooms. The middle tier is home to a grand audience chamber, and housing for the Beholder's more mundane servants. The upper tier houses the Beholder's treasuries, bedchambers, harems and other private chambers. Beholders will build multiple entrances to their lairs. At least two of the entrances will open on to the middle tier, and are easily accessible by foot. However there is always another entry into the upper tunnels of their lair, that can only be reached by flight. Great vertical shafts connect the various tiers of tunnels, while only some of the chambers of the upper tiers are connected by more easily traversed tunnels, or stairs. The Beholder's treasury is always built into the highest shaft, with no way up other than flight or climbing the walls. As a Beholder's wealth grows they will carve out new tiers to their treasure hoards. Moving their bedchambers and most precious possessions into the highest chambers, while less valuable treasures are placed upon lower tiers. The deepest recesses of the Beholder's lair are used as dungeons. It is here that a Beholder's servants bring the women and girls to prepare them for their master, and the men and boys captured by the beholder, who are then repeatedly dominated by the charming magic of the Beholder's eye stalks until their will is broken, after which they serve as keepers of the Beholder's lair until they fall out of favor and are eaten. Such slaves labor endlessly to keep the creature's lair immaculately clean, and tend to any needs of their master's concubines. Invading a Beholder's lair is a dangerous endeavor. The paths in are riddled with traps and pitfalls. Their favorite trap is a simple silent alarm, that alerts the Beholder to the presence of intruders without the intruders’ knowledge. While the most common traps are various types of pits. Many tunnels will have false floors that drop unsuspecting victims into pits, or shafts that lead to cells in the dungeons. Other traps found in Beholder lairs include: Spinning blades of magic that pass harmlessly through females; Gouts of elemental magic that only trigger upon men not beholden by the beholder; Clouds of noxious gases, and many others. Another insidious trap utilized by Beholders is the tentacle pit. These are simple pit traps of varying depths with animate tentacles lining the walls. These tentacles appear to be an extension of the Beholder's will, powered by their magics. Women or girls unlucky enough to wander to close to the mouths of these pits, are plucked off their feet and dragged into the pit, where the tentacles rape them while they are dangled over the depths of the pit. After the invasion into the Beholder's lair has been squashed, Lesser Beholders will take the unlucky victim to the Beholder's dungeons. Men and soldiers are simply pulled into the pits and dropped to a horrific death in the dark depths of the Beholder's lair. Beholders make these pits by first drilling out the shaft with their disintegration eye ray, then rubbing their bodies upon the walls to coat them in their slimy secretions. Afterwards the Beholder imbues the slime with dark magics. This oily slim quickly grows to a fleshy covering on the walls of the pit trap, and in time long tentacles grow from the walls as well. Despite the risks, the lure of treasure as drawn many a foolhardy adventurer to attempt to burgle a Beholder's treasury. None have ever returned from such ill begotten quests. The fools end up stocking the Beholder's larder, swelling the ranks of his slaves or, in the case of the increasingly common female adventurers, adding to his harem. Beholder society is dominated by paranoia and mutual distrust. When circumstances force adult Beholders to interact with each other, they do so with proxies or messengers. These exchanges typically end with the Beholders trying to kill one another. However thanks to this the Magisterium has been able to gather many examples of the Beholder's written language. The Beholder language, Aspicientis, has been described as sounding like a rhinoceros masticating a badger. The language is rich with single word adjectives that would require a sentence to describe in other tongues. It has sixty seven different words for rape, each describing a slightly different form of violating the female body. Yet the language only has one word that refers to consensual coitus, which is a synonym for their word for boring or dull. The written language is a hieroglyphic language. The symbols used are all depictions of nude girls and women, often in lewd poses or being violated in some way.

{A diagram of the Aspicientis hieroglyphs, the symbols name and the symbols associated sound.}

A Beholder needs little sleep, and when they do sleep, only their central eye closes. Its eye stocks remain open and alert as they keep watch on their most valued possessions, which they keep hoarded about their bedchambers.

{Illustration of a Beholder sleeping upon a large round bed of silks with an ebony frame carved like young women in the pre-kapotasana pose, eating each others’ vaginas in a daisy chain. Three young nude girls, draped in jewelry, share the bed with the beholder.}

Beholders are magic vores, meaning they subsist by consuming magical energy. However Beholders also relish the taste of meat. Powerful Beholders are even known to have kitchens where extravagant dishes of meat are prepared for their enjoyment by the finest chefs they can kidnap. Such chefs live a precarious life, for if a Beholder is displeased by his meal, the chef can find himself added to the menu. Though oftentimes a woman will serve as the Beholder's chef. She will live a charmed life, free from the ravages of age, and the despair of being mated by her master so long as she continues to please him. If and when she raises her master’s displeasure, her fate is most terrible. A Beholder will punish his former chef by having her age reverted to as young as he can achieve, an apparent age of three. Then the girl, formerly woman, is welded into an iron restraint that holds her in a Bakasana pose. She then becomes a living candelabra, with her vagina and anus used in lue of candle holders. The lairs of old Beholders are kept well lit by such edifices of debauchery.

{Illustration of little three year old girl being used as a candelabra, with a pair of four inch thick candles shoved into both her anus and vagina. The device holding her looks like a standard rod iron candelabra, except the arms cradle and restrain the girl instead of holding candles.}

Beholders seem to show no preference in the age of the girls or woman they abduct for their harems. Even newborn babes and old crones find themselves being plucked away by a Beholder or his servants. Any girl or woman deemed too homely or too old for the Beholder's exacting tastes is subjected to dark magics to sculpt her flesh and make her pleasing to the eye. A process that, due to the horrid screams of the victims, must be beyond excruciatingly painful. When a Beholder takes a girl into his harem, she is first seen to by his Lesser Beholder servitors. These loathsome creatures slather the girl or woman with their tongues, bathing the victim in their saliva, and performing cunnilingus on them. Since the saliva of both Beholders and Lesser Beholders is laced in high concentrations of Conversion toxins, this causes a noticeable progression towards total Conversion, especially in older victims. In a matter of days an elderly woman will experience sufficient age regression that they will appear as a young woman in their prime. Further age regression, though taking much longer, will occur. The Beholder can somehow select the age at which the regression stops. It is still a mystery how the Beholder does this, but it is believed to be the results of hormones combined with dark magics. Because of this, a Beholder's harem is filled with beautiful prepubescent girls, typically six to twelve years of age, the typical preferred age range of a beholder. In addition to the age regression effects, the toxins increase the victim's libido, tactile sensitivity, as well as the tensile strength and elasticity of the vaginal walls, colon and esophagus.

{Full page illustrations of an elderly woman's age regression to the physical age of a six year old. Each image depicts the woman being orally molested by several Lesser Beholders, and is tagged with the number of days she has been raped plus the apparent physical age her body has reached. The images start with day one at 60 years in age, progressing through various intervals till day 700 with an apparent age of six.}

These dark powers have lead vain women to offer their own daughters to a Beholder in exchange for youth and beauty. These arrangements always end with the vain woman joining her daughters in the Beholder's harem, or meeting a more horrific fate. One such case is that of the Countess Adonna, who was counted the most beautiful woman of her day. In time, when age took its toll, the Countess Adonna tricked her daughters and granddaughters to follow her to the lair of a beholder. There, she traded her own flesh and blood to the Beholder for eternal youth. Afterwards, she developed a reputation for courting the most handsome of men, be they common or noble. Subsequently she gave birth to dozens of bastard children. Soon people took notice that any daughters she bore would vanish mysteriously after they turned six years old. When inquiries were made, her dark deeds were found out. Countess Adonna fled to her Beholder benefactor with her remaining children, sons and daughters both, for protection from the wrath of the law. According to the only survivor of the ill fated attempt to kill the Beholder and bring Countess Adonna to justice, her fate is most horrific. The soldier said they discovered the Countess being gangraped by her own sons she had brought to her master. Apparently the Beholder decreed that Countess Adonna would continue to give him beautiful daughters for him to enjoy. After the expedition failed, the way to the Beholder's lair was closed, and no other breach to his lair has ever been found. Thus in all likelihood Countess Adonna is still being raped and bred by her incestuously born sons to this very day. A cautionary tale of the contempt Beholders feel towards all other creatures. The oral gangrape by the Lesser Beholders can last only a few hours or as long as a few years. In the latter case, the victim is kept restrained in the lower reaches of the Beholder's lair. Her physical needs are cared for by the same Lesser Beholders that are raping her. They keep the victim bathed by spraying her with water stored in a cistern in the upper reaches of the lair, thus causing the water pressure to be so high, that the jet of water can be painful. The Lesser Beholders keep the victim fed via secretions from an orifice on their bodies, that studies have found to be the vaginas of the Lesser Beholders. These secretions are rich in nutrients, and Conversion toxins. Once a woman or girl has succumbed sufficiently to the Beholder's Conversion toxins, she is brought before the Beholder. The Beholder will then relentlessly tend to his newest concubine for several days. He will lavish her body with his tongue, bringing her to many orgasms by his oral administrations and further infecting her body with his Conversion toxins. Soon the girl will reciprocate this affection as the Conversion toxins affect her mind. She will orally pleasure her Beholder master, eagerly begging the Beholder to mate with her. This is when it is discovered that the Beholder's eye stalks are also its genitalia. Most horrible of all is the eye stalk's ability to detach itself from the Beholder's body to engage in the act of coitus with the victim. Further harrowing is the fact that the eye stalkis able to act independently of the beholder. Though the Beholder feels every thrust of his disembodied genitalia into the depths of his victims various orifices. The Beholder will regrow the lost appendage in a matter of days. Thus a Beholder is never long deprived of any of his powers. When a new eye stalk mates with a concubine, the eye stalk pulls loose from the main body of the beholder, revealing its grotesque form: a large pus colored sack over one foot around, that composes the body and testicles from which the top of the eye stalk sprouts. At the base of this pulsing body grow two pairs of giant crab like, or thick tentacle-esque, legs that the eye stock uses to move about, and attach to its victim. At the center of these legs is a gaping red orifice from which grow two retractable tentacle like penises. These blasphemous genitals are a full five feet long when fully elongated, and are tipped with a spear like glans, that is a full foot long and four inches thick at its widest point. The tentacle penises are able to ejaculate independently from each other, and will produce one liter of semen every ejaculation regardless of their frequency. The eye stalk will float and/or crawl to the Beholder's newest mate to begin coupling with the victim. First the eye stalk locks to the victim with its legs, positioning itself so that the orifice on its belly is directly atop the victims vagina. The two penises will probe her vagina and anus, slowly stretching her open, weeping a precum filled with the Beholder's Conversion toxins. Thus aiding in fortifying the victim’s orifices to withstand full penetration of the large penises’ enormous glans. Once the spear like glans gains penetration into the victim the eye stalk will begin to rape the girl relentlessly. Her vaginal rape is nonstop during this time. However her anus receives a brief respite four times a day when the tentacle penis changes to raping her throat to feed the girl its toxin filled cum, which is the only nutrients the girl receives during her rape. The eye stalk will continually rape the victim nonstop during the Conversion process. Full Conversion is slow, taking over three months to take effect. Interestingly full Conversion can only occur from exposure to the toxins in a Beholder's cum, otherwise only the initial Conversion effects and age regression will occur. The initial Conversion effects continue to amplify, greatly increasing the girth and depth of insertion the victim can take in her orifices. The effect of the heightened pleasure gained as the Conversion takes effect may be one of the most substantial ever observed in a Monstrum species. Before long the girl will be able to orgasm simply by deep throating the Beholder's penis. By the fourth week the girl's jaw is able to unhinge at will, thus allowing her to take the full girth of the Beholder's tentacle cock down her throat. By the ninth week, the front of her pelvis bone comes unfused, and her bones become flexible, allowing the hip to open up to allow larger penetrations into the girls vagina and anus. By the thirteenth week, her ovaries have mutated so that they will grow new eggs to replace eggs lost due to ovulation. Furthermore she will ovulate nine eggs per ovulation. By the fourteenth week, her eggs can now be fertilized by the Beholder's sperm, and she will remain in a heightened state of ovulation until a batch of eggs has been fertilized in her womb. This causes a girl that is not already pregnant to become extremely amorous. Such girls will beg their Beholder master to engage in coitus with them until they become pregnant. This however is not very different from when they are pregnant. Since a Beholder's concubines always seek his affections. Continued exposure to the Beholder's Conversion toxins will cause a gradual beautification of the girl. Her looks do not overtly change. However any flaws to her natural beauty will fade, until her face and body are perfect. These changes are more than just superficial. This was discovered while testing the ability of a girl suffering from full Beholder Conversion to bear human children, with men chosen for their homely appearance. Not only can they conceive human children, gestation for the pregnancy is only 26 weeks. Furthermore multiple births seems to be the norm, with three to nine children born per pregnancy, and only one in nine of the children born where male. These children grew up possessing perfect beauty, without a single flaw, deformity or birth defect. Furthermore the girls stopped aging at sixteen, and the boys stopped aging at twenty. It should be noted that repetition of this experiment is not only ill advised but banned. The fathers began suffering from strange compulsions, as well as any woman they engaged in coitus with after the experiment. By the time it was decided to put down the mothers, fathers, the children and the women, mostly whores, who had since slept with the men used as fathers, it was already too late. The men and whores broke the mothers and the children out of the laboratory, and the whole group fled deep into Monstrum territory. Their fate is unknown. However since their disappearance, rumors of a community of humans centered around the worship of a Beholder within Monstrum territory, have circulated among units of soldiers that have been on campaign behind Monstrum lines.

{Picture of a group of men and women wearing nothing but hooded robes, open in the front, fornicating in a circle around a large round altar. Atop the altar are ten naked beautiful girls between the ages of three and nine being molested by a Beholder hovering above them. The girls all wear expressions of eager enjoyment from the Beholder's molestation. At the bottom of the page is the inscription: “Rendition of a ritual purportedly witnessed by the sixth legion, a mixed unit of 2000 soldiers and 120 magi, sent on campaign into the Solgrear Hills. Only the one soldier returned alive to recount the unit's defeat at the Beholder's powers, a private Wilkes. He was badly injured, and suffering from a fever. His amazing story could not be verified, and he died from gangrene a year after his return.”}

Even after the victim has completely succumbed to the Conversion toxins, with her ovaries mutated to allow her eggs to be fertilized by the Beholder's sperm, the front of her pelvis unfused to allow the full girth of the tentacle penis to penetrate into her womb, and her body pumped full of the Beholder's noxious orange cum, the rape does not stop. Nor does the rape stop after insemination, the eye stalk will rape the victim all day long, every day until the pregnancy is confirmed via magic by the beholder. Thanks to the effects of the Conversion toxins, girls as young as three years old can be impregnated by a Beholder after full Monstrum Conversion has taken effect. However, due to a Beholder's infertility, the girl's rape can last for months or even years before becoming pregnant. During this long rape, a Beholder will keep his mates in the lower tiers of his treasury. Those that he felt the need to sculpt are also kept on the lowest tier of the treasure, because their beauty was not natural. Women and girls of greater beauty are kept on higher tiers based on their beauty. Women and girls with an apparent age greater than the Beholder prefers will slowly revert to a more desired age. The Beholder will place his mates upon pedestals, and decorate the women and girls with jewelry to showcase his possessions during their rape. Thus creating his own personal art gallery of rape and defilement.

{Cross sectional diagram of a nine year old girl being raped by an eye stalk, with the tentacle penises gaining full penetration into her rectum and womb.}

After the Beholder's seed has taken root in a girl's womb, she finally gains a respite from her rape, and is welcomed into the Beholder's private chambers. Here she joins the rest of the Beholder's harem living in luxury. Her days and nights will be filled with sapphic delights, as she mingles with the other concubines in an orgy of little girls in various states of pregnancy with their master's offspring. The Beholder will often join these orgies, lavishing his pregnant concubines with his affections. By this time, the girl will have no want nor desire to escape from the Beholder's power. The Conversion toxins having worked a most insidious change upon her psyche. Even if rescued, the girl will strive to find another beholder, to join his harem. Once accepted into the Beholder's harem, a girl's every want or need is seen to by an army of slaves. These slaves are among the Beholder's most trusted servants, and work tirelessly to please their master and his concubines. Their primary duty being the preparation and serving of the concubines’ meals. However the slaves perform any duty demanded of them. The gestation of a Beholder's brood takes about eight years, and for the first six years the Beholder's young grow little in size. Infact a girl won't even show until she is well into the sixth year of her pregnancy. However during the last two years of the pregnancy the girl's stomach will grow quickly with the size of her young. By the last six months of the pregnancy, she won't even be able to move about under her own strength. At this point she is given a sedan chair and four strapping slaves to carry her about the harem. Since her two primary needs, sustenance and pleasure, are brought to the pregnant concubine by slaves bearing platters of delicacies and by other more mobile horny concubines. This mostly entails carrying her to and from the baths and lavatory. The brood of a Beholder always consists of nine young, eight of which are Lesser Beholders and the other being the Beholder's son. The Lesser Beholders are eight to twelve inches in diameter at birth, and the Beholder is a full 24 to 36 inches in diameter at birth. If not for the effects of the Conversion toxins, giving birth to a Beholder's brood would be fatal to the victim. However the Conversion toxins allow the womb and stomach to stretch to hold the brood, as well as unfusing the front of the pelvis so the bone can stretch open to allow the birth of the Beholder's offspring. Once born, the offspring seek out a mage within their sire’s possession, so they can feed off of the ambient mana produced by a mage in orgasm.

{A set of cross sectional illustrations of a six year old girl in various states of pregnancy with a Beholder's brood from insemination to eight years, and giving birth to the brood.}

Once the victim has finished birthing the Beholder's young, the rape begins anew. The concubine is placed upon one of the many thrones lining the walls of the harem, and eagerly engages in coitus with the waiting eye stalk until she is impregnated once again. Because of the effects of the Conversion toxins, the victim will never age unless her Beholder master desires her to appear as an older girl. Thus this cycle of rape, sapphic debauchery and birth, continues indefinitely. Never will she know a normal life. A Beholder's victim is even denied the respite offered by death. Once, after a Beholder's lair had been scourged, a girl of apparent physical age of seven years old was rescued, who did not speak nor understand any known language, living or dead. After some time she learned the common tongue, and was interviewed. She claimed to be a magi, or mage, named Adallindis of the Rith’rex dragondom(kingdom?). When asked how she was taken by the Beholder she said that her Dragon(king?) traded her to her master, Gos’thmot, in exchange for an ancient text. Much of what she said was confusing, and little of it fit with current knowledge of ancient history. Unfortunately she soon vanished, and all attempts to recover her were fruitless. It is believed she left to find another Beholder to enslave her. Any mages a Beholder captures are immediately made into his concubines, even mages the Beholder feels the need to beautify by sculpting their flesh. This is because of the mage’s ability to channel arcane powers. An ability the Beholder takes advantage of to feed his need for magical energy. Due to the priceless materials used to manufacture a mage’s uniform, the Beholder will leave mages in their uniforms, and add her staff to his collection. However the Beholder will alter the uniforms so the girl’s privates are fully exposed. A Beholder will begin the rape and impregnation of a mage without delay. While being raped a mage is placed upon one of the large thrones within the Beholder's harem. Due to the lack of Monstrum Conversion before a mage’s rape begins, this often necessitates the restraint of the mage to keep them from fighting. This is facilitated by arm and leg cuffs plus a thick collar chaining the mage to the throne. The collar is of great scholarly interest, as it is a rare magical artifact that interferes with a mage's ability to channel and use magic. The collar itself is made of a black metal that more resembles deep darkness or shadow than a solid object. It is etched with blood red runes of unknown meaning and origin. Furthermore once clasped about a victim's neck, only the person who clasped it can remove the collar. Though only two such collars are in the possession of the Magisterium, Beholders seem to have all that they need. This leads to the belief that the Beholders still retain the knowledge of how to manufacture these artifacts. Once the mage has been properly restrained, the Beholder will begin raping her with his tongue. This oral molestation continues until the Beholder is satisfied. This often lasts for days, with the Beholder's concubines continuing the mage's oral rape while he is otherwise occupied. The concubines take sadistic glee in punishing the mage for attempting to defy their master. There are accounts of mages being raped with their own staffs as punishment. Once the mage is certain she cannot endure any more of the Beholder's and concubines’ attentions, her real rape begins. A Beholder releases a new eye stalk from his body for a mage's first rape. Why they always release a new eye stalk instead of using an eye stalk already free from their bodies is unknown, but it is theorized that a beholder loses sensation from his detached eye stocks over time. Thus Beholders use a new eye stalk for a mage's first rape to maximize their pleasure from the girls violation. Furthermore the initial rape by the eye stalk begins before the mental conversion effects have begun to take a hold upon the mage's mind. Added to the ferocity of the rape, a mage's screams are ear shattering. Many reports from failed expeditions into Beholder lairs are filled with detailed descriptions of how a mage's screams of agony slowly fade into moans of ecstasy over the course of a few weeks. By the time a mage is pregnant with the Beholder's young, she is a moaning mess, that groans in disappointment when her rape stops. The mage is then unchained from the rape throne, and joins the harem. Mage concubines hold greater status within the Beholder's harem. Each mage concubine receives several of the Beholder's other concubines as her personal servants. Furthermore a mage concubine is even allowed to have access to her staff, and is allowed to use her magics on her Beholder master's behalf. When a Beholder captures a girl of extreme youth her fate can vary greatly from the Beholder's other victims. Infants, if captured with their mother, are not separated from their mother. Instead they are kept with her so she can nurse them. However much of the time the infant girl will be forced to nurse from her mother's vagina instead of her teat. The infant will stay with her mother till she becomes a toddler, even after her mother becomes a concubine. The Beholders seem to delight in watching a daughter nurse from her mother's vagina as she is being bred by their eye stock. However this is nothing compared to the enjoyment Beholders derive from watching a mother having incestuous relations with her daughter. A mother and daughter willing to put on shows of incestuous debauchery for their Beholder master will never know the touch of his tentacle cocks. That is, until they fail to perform a desired debauchery for the Beholder. They will wish they had yielded to his depravity, as three eye stalks see that all of the mother and daughter's orifices are filled. If an infant girl is not captured at the same time as her mother, the infant is nursed by the Lesser Beholders, from their vaginas. Such high exposure to the Beholder's Conversion toxins on such young girls plays weird freaks on the development of the girl. The hip becomes fully hinged, allowing the girl to take enormous penetrations while still a baby. The mammary glands, while remaining small, become super productive, causing girls as young as two to develop small breast buds that constantly weep milk. The body becomes extremely durable and elastic, so much so that the girls become resistant to physical harm. The girls are further blessed with perfect features, making them absolutely beautiful even if their parents were homely. Lastly the girl’s body starts to produce Beholder Conversion toxins, that are found in unbelievable concentrations in their saliva, breast milk and vaginal mucus. The girl can somehow even consciously choose the age to which their body will age. Though studies of these victims seems to indicate that they can only change to a physical age between that of a three year old and a ten year old. For each year of apparent change it only takes one month for their bodies to morph. Though these girls seem perfect to bear the Beholder's young, they are rarely used for this purpose. Instead they perform many of the same tasks a Lesser Beholder would be assigned. They help in the rape of new acquisitions, and even lure victims into traps set by the beholder. There are even reports of these girls infiltrating communities, and contaminating the water supply with the Beholder's Conversion toxins. The full extent of these insidious beings' corruption is astounding. Though originally victims of the Beholders, they have become as dangerous as any Monstrum. Those of toddler age, and exceptional beauty meet a most horrible fate. A Beholder will showcase the toddler's natural beauty by having them clasped into golden frames that hold the little beauties in various poses for their amusement. Often these frames will also serve a more utilitarian purposes. Such an example is the great chandelier of the Beholder Aq’roth, an edifice of debauchery that consists of two score toddlers bent in lewd poses, and their vaginas being utilized as candle holders.

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