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Monstrum Factorum: Camabahlam

By Clark & Lily

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Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

The Homopanthis-sapian, or Camabahlam are a species of Monstrum not known in our lands. What little that is known of them comes from the Toltec Empire, whose merchant fleets once plied our ports with exotic goods from across the ocean, and from a single ill advised diplomatic envoy. Before contact with them was lost, the Toltec Magisterium openly shared all their knowledge of the Monstrum. Thanks to this open exchange of information we know considerably more about various species of Monstrum that are either rare or unknown in our own lands, with the Camabahlam easily being the greatest potential threat. The name means death jaguar, a malevolent counterpart to the Bahlam or Balam, a mythical creature, who are benevolent in nature. It wasn't until after a live Camabahlam was brought to our shores for experimentation, that they were believed to by anything more than myths. At first glance the Camabahlam look like a giant jaguar, a spotted member of the panthis family. They stand at 45 inches at the shoulder, are 8 feet long from the snout to the base of the tails and on average weigh in excess of 900 lbs. The Camabahlam have broad muscular chests, and modified hip and shoulder joints to allow them to walk in either a quadrupedal or bipedal gait. Their fore paws are a large clawed hand with an opposable thumb. The Camabahlam have three muscular prehensile tails each about 8 feet in length. These tails are used to capture prospective mates and to restrain their mate during coitus.

{Cross sectional diagram of the Camabahlam, with every organ, muscle and bone labeled. A subheading lists the Camabahlam’s phylum, class, order, family, genus and species.}

Camabahlam hunt alone or in small packs of a dozen individuals or less. They prefer ambush tactics against numerically inferior foes. In combat they favor a wide bladed two handed sword with a flat blunt tip, but also make use of gauntlets armed with claws or blades. When hunting mates they make use of bolas and nets. When confronted with mages, the Camabahlam use blowguns that shoot darts laced with a poison made from the concentration of their own toxins and a paralytic that is secreted by the skin of a certain tree frog. The poison befuddles the mind and causes temporary paralysis, as well as giving the victim a hardy push towards Camabahlam Conversion.

{ Illustration of a Camabahlam cutting four soldiers in two with a single swing of his sword. An unconscious mage is clutched in the coils of his triple tails.}

Camabahlam have a single large penis that retracts into a sheath. It is three feet long at full erection, gradually tapering to a point from the middle of its length, with a girth of six inches at its midsection and covered with fleshy spines. These spines are of considerable interest to mages, because it is the spines where the Camabahlam conversion toxins are stored and administered to their victims. Each spine is a muscle able to be moved independently from each other. Within each spine is a gland which produces and stores the conversion toxins. At the tip of each spine is a tiny boney needle that, when the spine is flexed, will rapidly extend from the tip, and inject the Camabahlam’s victim with the toxins. The Camabahlam’s cum is completely free of conversion toxins - a rare trait among the Monstrum species. Though free of toxins, their cum production is still very abundant. A normal ejaculation yields anywhere from eighty to one hundred thirty ounces of cum. The Camabahlam’s cum is more viscous than that of a human's, and is amber hued with a musky scent and taste.

{ Illustration of a Camabahlam fucking a thirteen year old girl's throat with a magnified cross section of her throat to show the spines injecting their toxins as a gallon of jiz fills her stomach. The girl's stomach is bulging and excess cum is spraying from her nose.}

The Camabahlam Conversion toxins, like many other Monstrum toxins, radically increase the arousal and libido of the victim. These toxins also increase the strength and elasticity of the vaginal walls to increase the size of insertions the victim can take. Furthermore they greatly increase the fertility, production of breastmilk and secretion of vaginal mucus of the victim. Girls as young as three have been discovered to be fertile and pregnant with Camabahlam kittens. Furthermore women who have passed menopause can be made fertile and bear children after sufficient exposure to the Conversion toxins. The increase in vaginal mucus causes girls and women to squirt girl cum during orgasm with surprising force. The amount increases as full Conversion approaches, with female ejaculations in excess of 40 ounces after full Conversion has been reached. There is also a noticeable reversal of the ravages of age as well as a substantial increase in longevity in conversion victims. A girl or woman who has suffered full Camabahlam Conversion can expect to live into their two hundreds and will remain fertile into their one hundred eighties. Even then the ravages of age are greatly diminished, and the woman will remain youthful in appearance until the final ten years of life. A woman who is no longer able to bear kittens for her Camabahlam master becomes a priestesses of Xochiquetzal, and is revered by the Camabahlam as a holy mother. When the end of their unnaturally long lives finally come to an end, these holy mothers are mummified by the other priestesses of Xochiquetzal, and entombed in the vast catacombs beneath the temple.

{Illustration of a priestess of Xochiquetzal. She looks to be a young woman in her twenties or early thirties. She wears a feathered headdress consisting of a crown of violet feathers and a host of other feathers in all colors of the spectrum trailing down her back to a tail of deep red feathers at the end. Her breasts are bare, her nipples pierced with gold set jewels. A belt of gold and gems supports a crotchless loincloth. In her hands are the holy symbols of Xochiquetzal, a scepter that looks like a gold dildo with a handle, and a flail of gold studded leather straps. An inscription at the bottom of the illustration reads, "The priestess wears little so she is not hindered while performing rites. The holy symbols she holds also serve as tools for the performing of many of the ceremonies and rituals of Xochiquetzal's cult.}

Camabahlam shun anal sex and will not bugger their victims. This is extremely odd since experiments have shown that their conversion toxins are absorbed twice as quickly into the bloodstream via the intestinal lining as compared to the vaginal lining. However this is rendered moot by the fact that the primary means of administration of the conversation toxins is via the needles in the Camabahlam’s penile spines. These needles inject the toxins directly into the bloodstream, thus no absorption of the toxins through the mucous membranes is needed. A girl or woman who has been fully converted by the toxins eagerly participates in coitus with their Camabahlam mate. The victims lactate almost continually, and require frequent milking if they do not have a nursing young. The Camabahlam consider this milk a delicacy, and relish its flavor. Furthermore this milk is laced with Camabahlam Conversion toxins, which the girl or woman now produces in their mammary gland with their milk. This fact was only learned after the ill-fated attempt to establish an embassy with the Camabahlam. Camabahlam young are born in litters of two to six kittens, with two being most common. The gestation of a pregnancy is five months long and the birthing is relatively easy despite the size of the kittens. This is due to the increased elasticity of the birth canal due to the conversion toxins. At birth the kittens weigh an average of 25 lbs. The kittens grow quickly, reaching adolescence in five years and adulthood in eight years. However before a Camabahlam is accepted as an adult by the rest of the community, he must go through a rite of passage that culminates with his first abduction and rape of a young girl. While experimenting on a captured Camabahlam, the Magisterium discovered that when mated with a Felis girl, the mate gives birth to much larger litters of four to twelve kittens. Furthermore half of the kittens were Felis instead of Camabahlam. It is theorized that the two species share a common ancestor, and because of this are able to produce both genders of young when bred together. However this does not seem to satiate the Camabahlam’s lust for rape. Thus it is fortuitous that the Felis and Camabahlam live a great distance from each other. Camabahlam have a rich and highly religious culture. An individual Camabahlam’s social standing is completely dictated by the number of girls and women he has captured. Though a Camabahlam is happy to share his women, only he is permitted to father children with them. This means that the Camabahlam who captures the most girls and women will father the most kittens. Since part of the rite of passage into adulthood is the capture of a mate, most Camabahlam have at least one mate. The Camabahlam worship the hermaphroditic goddess Xochiquetzal, whose unholy rites are centered around the ritualistic rape of young girls, especially virgins. Due to their heathen religion, the Camabahlam do not rape their victims immediately after capture. Instead they wait to rape the girl as an offering to Xochiquetzal upon one of her altars. Idols of Xochiquetzal depict her as a tall lilith young woman with a large penis instead of a clitoris, or as a serpentine feathered dragon with exposed breasts, vagina and an enormous penis in lieu of a clitoris. An idol of Xochiquetzal that reached our ports depicts both of her forms engaged in coitus with herself.

{ Illustration of an idol of Xochiquetzal. The woman form has her clit-cock cock shoved into the dragon's cunt, and the dragon form has her clit-cock shoved into the woman's cunt. The two forms are intertwined together as they pull each other's nipples. The dragon form has her tongue shoved into the woman's mouth as they kiss.}

Due to their highly cultured society, it was once believed that peace could be negotiated with the Camabahlam. The disastrous diplomatic envoy, lead by Archmage Fernanda Oaxaca, granted a unique look into the complexities of Camabahlam society. Archmage Fernanda maintained a steady exchange of letters with the Magisterium, and what follows are excerpts of note from her letters.

"When our envoy reached the Camabahlam capital of Xochtecquinicha I was immediately impressed with the scale of the city. The pyramid temple to their heathen goddess could be seen from miles away. The surrounding countryside is dotted with plowed fields and pastureland. However the Camabahlam do not work it. They lounge upon the terraces of extravagant stone manors with their women, while slaves work the fields. The Camabahlam looked at our party hungrily. I am certain that if it were not for the decorations declaring our mission and granting us diplomatic immunity, they would have pounced on us in an instant. The six colored feathers in our hair seemed odd at first, but I am glad for them now.

{Fold out, four page, Illustration of the Xochtecquinicha cityscape. The foreground is littered with stone terraced manors with carved pillars. Many Camabahlam lounge upon the terraces with their mates. Some of the women and girls are engaged in lesbian acts with each other, while the rest are engaged in a wide variety of sex acts with their Camabahlam masters.}

"We were met at the foot of the temple by their leader, King Tlaloc. He is a grizzled Camabahlam with grey whiskers and grey on the tufts of his ears. He wears a great headdress of colorful feathers, mostly of violet and blue, however tails of green and yellow feathers cascaded down his back. He was accompanied by a grand display of pageantry. A thousand Camabahlam warriors, and his many wives were gathered around him. His wives’ naked bodies were decorated with gold and jewels. Many were heavily pregnant, some nursed Camabahlam kittens at their breasts and a few nursed human children. When I inquired about the human infants, I was informed that they breed their slaves with their wives to replenish the ranks of their slaves and to breed new wives for their pleasure. Apparently all wealthy Camabahlam engage in this practice.

"To honor the arrival of our envoy, King Tlaloc ordered a great offering to be made to the goddess Xochiquetzal, and we to be the honored guests of the ceremony. We were lead to the top of the great pyramid temple where an open court sat in the middle of four temples, one for each compass point. Each temple bore a pair of altars up a flight of stairs facing the inner court. At the foot of the stair sat another altar. With one last altar situated in the center of the courtyard. All thirteen of these altars were each carved from a single large stone to resemble their goddess, Xochiquetzal, in her two forms raping a young girl. They are truly a disturbing sight to behold.

{ Illustration of an altar to Xochiquetzal. A lilith young woman kneels upon the left, her massive clit-cock rammed down the throat of a little girl on her hands and knees. On the right is a female serpentine feathered dragon fucking the girl's pussy with her clit-cock. The back of the girl acts as the table of the altar, where sacrifices are bound and raped.}

"My fellow magi were given cushions to lounge upon while they watched the ceremony. I however, as the ambassador, was expected to assist in the ceremony. Fearing reprisal if I refused, I agreed, despite knowing what is written about the Camabahlam’s rituals. What I and my fellow magi witnessed put our assumed knowledge to shame. Over the course of the next three days we witnessed, and I participated in, the rape of nearly four thousand virgin girls. The youngest girl couldn't have been older than one year old, and the oldest was eighteen. I do not know if I will ever be able to forgive myself for my participation in this sick ritual.

"I stood before the altar in the center courtyard, waiting as each new girl was brought to have her virginity sacrificed to Xochiquetzal. The naked girls were laid upon the altar back to back with the carved stone victim of Xochiquetzal. Two priestesses of Xochiquetzal would flank me, chanted prayers to their dark goddess while I would straddle the girl's face and hold her ankles apart. The Camabahlam that owned the poor girl would then rape her. I could see the spines on their unholy cocks wriggle as they raped each girl in turn. Thrusting brutally into the girls vagina, no matter the poor girl's age, be she one or eighteen. When I asked the priestesses how such small girls could take such large penises, she told me they had been being given doses of the Conversion toxins for the last few weeks in preparation for the ritual. That way their first cock could fill them completely. I must confess, this knowledge did less to horrify me than the number of times I orgasmed as an offering was forced to eat me out while I helped in her rape.

{ Illustration of Archmage Fernanda Oaxaca helping in the ceremony. Long lines of bound naked girls are being lead up the steps of the temple to the altars. The Archmage is naked but for a crown of trailing feathers, and is seated straddling a nine year old girl's face as she holds the girl's legs apart for the Camabahlam warrior raping the girl. Priestesses of Xochiquetzal stand to either side of Archmage Fernanda, offering prayers to the goddess of rape.}

"After each girl's first rape was over, the priestesses would present the offending Camabahlam with a blue feather, which he would add to his headdress. I discovered that the feathers are of great significance to the Camabahlam, for each feather a Camabahlam wears is awarded by the capture of a girl. A red feather is for the capture of a woman past the age of childbearing. An orange feather is for a woman still able to bear children. A yellow feather is for a teenage girl. A green feather is for a preteen girl. A blue feather, such as the ones awarded during the ritual, is for a virgin younger than thirty. A violet feather is only awarded for the capture of a mage. This made me look at King Tlaloc's headdress in a new light.

"At one point a Camabahlam warrior brought twin eight year old sisters to the altar. The girls took one look at me and knew I was not under the influence of the Camabahlam’s Conversion toxins. They begged and pleaded with me to help them. I just held them down one at a time as the Camabahlam warrior rammed his huge spined cock into their little pussies. I could help myself as I ground my cunt on their faces. I would even twist their dark nipples when their tongues would stop flicking into my depths. I came twice on each of their faces. Once both of the twins were thoroughly raped, the Camabahlam warrior had them sixty-nine to eat his cum from each other's pussies. "After the Camabahlamian heathen ritual was concluded a grand feast was hosted in our honor. Great platters of exotic dishes filled the feast's tables, and jugs of sweet milk born by young girls was served as the only drink. The sweet and musky flavor of the milk resulted in it becoming an immediate favorite of myself and the rest of the envoy. When meats were presented to us we hesitated. King Tlaloc laughed at our hesitation before explaining that we needn't fret over what meats were being served. This is because the Camabahlam view consumption of human flesh as an abomination, so too the eating of the flesh from any truly intelligent being. They hold species that consume the flesh of intelligent beings in contempt. He then went on to add that if he had his way species such as the Org-reh would be completely wiped out. This bodes well for our diplomatic mission.

Archmage Fernanda Oaxaca,
Ambassador to the Camabahlam"

"It is the tenth day of negotiations, and they have gone nowhere. King Tlaloc is willing to be at peace with us, but at an unacceptable price. In exchange for continued peace, he demands a annual tribute of one thousand virginal girls between the ages of two and eighteen. In response to my revulsion to such a demand, King Tlaloc informed me that this is the same price paid by the various Toltec city states. Those who do not pay the absurd tribute are subjected to raids that are far more costly than the demanded one thousand virgins. When I expressed disbelief, King Tlaloc simply took me to the northern gates. Apparently there are enough Toltec city states within the Toltec Empire that a tribute arrives in Xochtecquinicha once every five days. I stood flabbergasted as I watched Toltec warriors leading line after line of young girls in chains through the gates. The oldest girl among the offering was only ten, while the youngest was merely two years old. I quickly realized that there were far too few girls and women in Xochtecquinicha to account for these frequent offerings, and asked King Tlaloc what fate awaited these girls. He explained that a few would be added to his own harem, others would be given to various powerful Camabahlam leaders, however any that showed even the slightest aptitude for the arcane would be given to Xochiquetzal for her to rape and breed. Of course, this shocked me more than the mass rape of thousands of virgins. Xochiquetzal is a real being that visits the temple every summer solstice from her home plane of Ænor. This eldritch being posing as a goddess bears further investigation. For this reason I intend to drag out the negotiations until the solstice.

Archmage Fernanda Oaxaca,
Ambassador to the Camabahlam"

"During our time among the Camabahlam, we have had many opportunities to observe their society. A point of great interest is the amount of power wielded by the priestesses. Though the Camabahlam are clearly the masters, they listen to and yield to the council of the priestesses. When King Tlaloc plans raids, he will bring a virgin girl no older than six to the priestesses. A ritual is than performed where the girl is placed upon the altar, and a priestess rapes the girl withther gold scepter. Two other priestesses would whip the girl with their flails upon her mound and breast buds. The ritual I observed lasted for three hours before the five year old girl screamed out a single word and passed out from the pain and orgasms. Though I couldn't tell what she screamed, apparently it was the name of a region under the control of a city state that had failed to pay tribute. The following raids returned with plentiful loot, slaves and fresh women and girls to be raped upon the altars of Xochiquetzal.

Archmage Fernanda Oaxaca,
Ambassador to the Camabahlam"

"I caught one of my fellow magi flirting with a Camabahlam warrior today. The negotiations have continued for two months now. Twice we have witnessed mass rapes of virgins, and I have participated in both to keep up relations with the Camabahlam. It would seem lesser rituals of mass rape occur every full moon, with only one thousand virginal girls being raped by the Camabahlam. How could Isabella flirt with the brutes that routinely rape toddlers? This is madness. To correct this and prevent it from escalating, I had all of the mages watch one of the daily sessions of mass rape at Xochiquetzal's temple. The ceremony we watched was simply a raiding party returning with their catch. Each warrior brought forward two or three girls or women to the altar, except for the last warrior. The last warrior had just completed his first hunt, and had been very successful. He had hand-captured a young mother and her three daughters, earning himself an orange feather for the mother, a green feather for the eldest daughter - a ten year old without her virginity - and two blue feathers for the virginal seven year old and three year old daughters. I thought watching one of these rape ceremonies would remind my fellow magi what the Camabahlam truly were. However by the time the last warrior was trying to get more than one inch of his blasphemous cock into the youngest of the daughters, we were all openly masturbating. I cannot fathom what has come over us.

Archmage Fernanda Oaxaca,
Ambassador to the Camabahlam"

"Dear gods, we were fools. The sweet milk that has been a staple of our food during our time in Xochtecquinicha is the breast milk from the Camabahlam’s women. I tested it, and it is laced with Camabahlam Conversion toxins straight from the women's breasts. They must start producing the toxins in their milk once full Conversion has occurred. I have ordered my fellow magi to abstain from the milk from now own, but we must leave soon. If we don't we are all doomed. There are only three more days till the summer solstice. We will stay long enough to see this heathen goddess, then we will leave.

Archmage Fernanda Oaxaca,
Ambassador to the Camabahlam"

This was the last letter we received from Archmage Fernanda for nearly two years. Then one day we received another letter.

"Glory to Xochiquetzal. I have seen her glorious light. Xochiquetzal shall rape all girls. Xochiquetzal shall rape all women. Xochiquetzal shall conquer all worlds. Xochiquetzal shall rule all of creation. I go with my goddess to Ænor as her concubine. I have given her two beautiful identical twin demigoddess daughters. They are perfect in every way. To celebrate their first birthday I helped my goddess rape our babies. I cannot wait till our next child is born. I hope it is another girl so I can grind my cunt on her face while my goddess, Xochiquetzal, rapes her baby cunt.

Concubine Fernanda Oaxaca,
Xochiquetzal's Fucktoy"

{Illustration of Archmage Fernanda Oaxaca aiding Xochiquetzal in the rape of a one year old girl while an identical sister cowers at their feet. The artist did his best to make the two girls look like the blending of Fernanda's and Xochiquetzal's features.}

This was the last, and most disturbing letter received from Archmage Fernanda Oaxaca. No hint regarding the fate of the other twenty magi sent with the envoy has ever been revealed. However it is safe to assume that they shared a similar fate to Archmage Fernanda Oaxaca. About six months later the bulk of the Toltec merchant fleet arrived in our ports loaded down with refugees. Apparently the Camabahlam had broken the peace and quickly overwhelmed the Toltec armies. With our own population heavily depleted by the Monstrum Wars, the refugees were quickly resettled throughout the empire.

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