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Monstrum Factorum: Eye Lord

By Clark & Lily

Tags: Mg, bd, best, inc, magic, nc, ped, rape, reluc, viol

Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

There are accounts of exceptionally powerful Beholders swearing warlock oaths and performing their profane rites. These beings of ultimate power reportedly dominate entire cities, kingdoms and even planets. There is little evidence today that such beings are anything other than myth and legend. The most damning evidence against the existence of Eye Lords is the suggestion that they are warlocks. Warlocks simply aren't real. They are a fictionalized boogeyman created by the fears of ignorant peasants, used to explain dark, secret and horrible events that they do not understand. Why the common folk feel the need to invent a fear, when the very real Monstrum threaten humanity's very existence, is ridiculous. There do exist Beholders that are noticeably more powerful than their seemingly invincible cousins, but they are simply members of a subspecies of the Monopticus Decaberrationus, nothing more. The most recent example of this subspecies is the Beholder named Yoth'Mulrg. His lair was discovered hidden beneath the ancient city of Lævidra. Unfortunately this was not before Yoth'Mulrg had managed to infiltrate and corrupt the city state's government. Lævidra is now deep within Monstrum territory. However before official communications were lost with the city state, Yoth'Mulrg had crushed all opposition to his reign, and took the Lævidrain queen, Kseniya Zima, to be his wife, officially crowning himself king of Lævidra. All further knowledge about Yoth'Mulrg, and the fate of Lævidra, was gained by the Archmagi Karina Devenfort. Who crossed leagues of Monstrum territory, and infiltrated the city. By using a pair of sending crystals, Archmagi Karina was able to provide the Magisterium regular reports about conditions in Lævidra. However after three months of regular communication from Archmagi Karina, her reports stopped abruptly. The Magisterium can only assume she was discovered, and is now a member of Yoth'Mulrg's harem. The most notable difference in the Eye Lord as compared to the common Beholder, is their size. The Eye Lord grows to an average of twelve feet in diameter instead of eight feet, and their eye stalks are six feet long instead of four feet. However more curious than the greater size of the Eye Lord, is the extra tentacle penis on each of their eye stocks. This extra genitalia brings an interesting twist to the Eye Lord's mating habits, as it means the girl will be vaginaly, analy and orally raped for months or even years on end, without respite. The city sits at the borders of territory controlled by various Monstrum species. Most notably the Org-reh, Minotaurum and Centaurum. Despite the proximity of these aggressive Monstrum, Lævidra is peaceful. Their fields filled with growing crops. Their pastures filled with livestock. Over it all, Yoth'Mulrg rulers from a towering spire built at the city's heart, where the palace once stood. Queen Kseniya still manages the day to day affairs of Lævidra. Though Queen Kseniya was 23 when Yoth'Mulrg forced her to marry him, she now appears as a twelve year old, seven years pregnant with her husband's brood. The populace seems completely accustomed to the sight of their very pregnant queen lounging naked upon her golden throne as young slave girls pleasure her. In fact such sights of debauchery are the new norm for Lævidra, and are common sight everywhere throughout the city. Most startling of all are the very people of Lævidra. The populace suffers not from age or disease, and all are comly of appearance. Furthermore though only twenty years have passed since Yoth'Mulrg's conquest of the city state, the city's size has doubled. Most of this increase in population was due to the swelling of the city's young girls. When Archmagi Karina investigated the reason behind this, what she found was most unsettling. Within the heart of Lævidra the Lævidra Magisterium had been changed from a place of learning for magi, to what the Lævidrains call a girl farm. This crime against humanity is a facility used to breed girls. Archmagi Karina learned that after the city's fall, the families of Lævidra were forced to present their children before Yoth'Mulrg. However thanks to the effects from Yoth'Mulrg's Conversion toxins, the people did so eagerly. After Yoth'Mulrg selected the most beautiful girls to join his harem, often taking both mother and daughter, he selected the next most beautiful girls and the most handsome boys to start his girl farm. Both boys and girls were subjected to high exposure to his Conversion toxins. After the girls had succumbed to total Conversion, Yoth'Mulrg selectively bred them with choice males. The results were not much different from the Magisterium's experiment upon girls rescued from normal Beholders. Girls as young as three were able to conceive, with short gestation periods and large multiple births, with three to nine children per birth. Add to the fact that only one out of nine of the children born are male, the past twenty years have lead to a massive increase in Lævidra's female population. The Lævidrain girls born on the girl farm do not enjoy a normal life. Born suffering from the effects of full Conversion to Beholder Conversion toxins, the girls crave sexual physical activity from birth. For the first few years this is provided by their own mothers and sisters upon the girl farm. By the time they are three years of age however, they start being bred by the men working the girl farm. Once they reach six years of age, the girls are presented to Yoth'Mulrg. He then chooses a few of his favorites to add to his harem, a few to become permanent breeders upon the girl farm, a few to hand out as gifts to his loyal servants, and the rest of the girls go to the agora to be sold at the girl markets. The boys born upon the girl farm, work the farm, breeding their own mothers, sisters and daughters, from the time they are ten till they turn eighteen. On their eighteenth birthday, the now young men are given a gift of three little six year old girls, often their own daughters, to be their personal pets, and those who have sired the largest number of daughters are given the opportunity to stay on at the girl farm for as long as they like. The rest begin training as soldiers for Yoth'Mulrg's army. Thanks to the tirelessly efforts of Archmagi Karina, we know that these men are not free of changes to their bodies due to exposure to Yoth'Mulrg's Conversion toxins. She was easily able to seduce a young soldier born upon the girl farm. The young soldier gladly brought Archmagi Karina to his barracks, where he shared her with his entire century. For the next three weeks Archmagi Karina was gangraped by the one hundred young men. The entire event was sent back to the Magisterium via her sending crystal, and recorded upon memory gems, so it could be preserved for posterity. Any mage wishing to observe the event can find a copy of the memory gem at their local Magisterium library. Be reminded that use of a memory gem lets a mage view the event from the point of view of Archmagi Karina, including physical sensations. Thanks to the enchantments upon memory gems the whole event can be viewed in as little as seven hours, instead of two weeks. The first physical change noted upon the men is their stature. Without exception, they are tall, standing between six and a half to seven feet tall, and broad of shoulder with heavy muscling of their frames. Secondly the men are all handsome, possessing masculine perfection. Lastly, instead of normal male genitalia, the men have a three foot long, three inch thick tentacle penis, that resembles a Beholder's blasphemous genitalia, and apple sized testicles hanging in their scrotum. Not long before her disappearance, Archmagi Karina discovered that, not only was she pregnant from her gangrape, the cum of these men contained Beholder Conversion toxins.

{Illustration of Archmagi Karina being gangraped by the one hundred soldiers.}

The girls given as gifts to the men serving Yoth'Mulrg, become sex slaves. They perform an debauchery their owner desires with an eagerness that is unnerving. This oftentimes leads to the little slave girls becoming pregnant, thus adding further to the number of little girls born in Lævidra. Much like the girls born on the girl farm, the daughters of these slave girls are presented to Yoth'Mulrg upon their sixth birthday. Yoth'Mulrg will perchance select a few favorites for his harem, and the rest of the little girls become the property of their mother's owner. Many of these girls find their way to the girl markets, where they are sold on the auction block. The girl markets are a new addition to Lævidra's agora, and they are easily the busiest district in the entire city. A bulk of the girls born upon the girl farm end up here, where they are sold or traded. Drawn by the lure of young girls that won't age past their sixteenth birthday, the girl market is flooded with intelligent Monstrum of all stripes. Org-reh are especially interested in the girl market. They will often bring their girls and women who have aged past seventeen to trade them for younger girls at a rate of three eighteen year olds for one six year old. These teens and women are quickly whisked away to Yoth'Mulrg to decide their fates. The managers of the girl farm are constantly trolling the market, looking for exotic stock. Because of this the Lævidrain girl farm is breeding over a dozen races of mankind, as well as elves, felis, halflings and pixies. There were also several representatives of females belonging to previously undocumented species. Unfortunately Archmagi Karina was unable to gather more information about these unknown species.

{Illustrations of 37 different girls of various races and species, ranging in age from three to sixteen years old, each being gangbanged. Each Illustration fills most of a full page with the rest of the page filled with as much information about the girl's race and species, as is known, filling up the rest of the page.}

Under the rule of the Eye Lord, the famous Lævidrain Amphitheatre is still in use. However instead of actors performing the latest drama, the Amphitheatre puts on regular shows of rape and debauchery. These shows each last an average of three hours, with a one hour break between each show, for a total of eight shows on an average day. The actors guild has been replaced by the P.R.G. or Performance Rape Guild. Interestingly the former members of the actors guild now compose the leadership of the Performance Rape Guild. Instead of calling themselves actors, they now use the title masters or mistresses. The membership of the P.R.G. are in fact the victims of these self proclaimed masters and mistresses. They seek out imports at the girl markets, looking for young girls who have not been afflicted by Monstrum Conversion toxins. These poor girls are then subjected to whatever form of sadistic sexual torture the masters and mistresses can conceive. Once broken by the sadism the girls are resold at the girl markets as bdsm slaves. These shows are widely popular among the people of Lævidra, with Yoth'Mulrg himself a regular patron of the Amphitheatre.

{Illustration of a production of the Lævidrain Amphitheatre, featuring a ten year old oriental girl having her vagina flogged by her mistress.}

Unfortunately, not long after Archmagi Karina finished documenting the Amphitheatre, her daily communications via the sending crystals stopped. No further attempts to investigate Lævidra have been made. The risk is seen as too high, and the potential benefits to low. Subsequent attempts to glean Archmagi Karina’s surroundings from the sending crystals resulted in visions of orgies of young girls being raped in various ways. Including one which appeared to by a younger version of Archmagi Karina being raped by a pair of triple cocked eye stalks. Due to growing concerns that Yoth'Mulrg could use the sending crystal, it was determined to be compromised, and was promptly locked away in a secure vault in the Magisterium.

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