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Monstrum Factorum: Lurking Horror

Credit Clark & Lily

Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

The Eunice Ingestus, or the "Lurking Horror" as it is known colloquially, is an aquatic annelid species with insectoid properties and a segmented, wormish body. Specimens are born a few centimeters in length in their nymph phase and eventually progress to adolescent forms 6 to 9 inches in diameter and up to 10 feet long. When the worm is ready to transform to an adult, it enters a pupal stage. During this time, the creature is sessile for one week until its growth is complete. Afterwards, the worm emerges in its adult form, with a larger body of more complex segments and a highly developed set of internal organs. Adult worms can reach over 30 feet in length, with no effective maximum limit.

The predatory threat posed by Lurking Horrors varies depending on the stage of growth. In its nypmh form, the juvenile Lurking Horrors lie in wait in vast swarms in soft ground, preferring swamps and bogs. When prey reaches the center of the swarm the worms attack, using their surprising mobility to swiftly scale whatever unfortunate creature has wandered into their midst. Though they seem to prefer humans, and especially young girls, the worms will also attack other hominid species such as Felis. The worms secrete a fast-acting venom that paralyzes and subdues their prey. If the creature is male the horrors then burrow in and devour the creature from the inside out, but if the victim is female, the swarm of worms begin a different form of feeding behavior. In either case, the effect of the venom produces an exquisite sexual euphoria in addition to the paralysis.

When a swarm of nymphs has captured a girl, they rapidly invade all of her orifices, wiggling into her mouth, pussy, and anus while excreting ever-higher levels of intoxicating venom. The aphrodisiac effect of the secretion is highly intense, and the girl experiences constant climaxes of increasing intensity as more worms wiggle their way inside her.

Victims at this stage are typically overwhelmed, their minds gripped by constant orgasms, their bodies thrashing from pleasure as their bloated bellies wiggle from the writhing mass of worms in their wombs and digestive tracts. The worms feed on the fluidic secretions of the girl, devouring her saliva, her tears, her digestive fluid, and especially her vaginal fluids, which are produced in great supply by the intense sexual experience. The Eunice nymph requires the secretions of a young girl to grow to their adolescent stage, and once they have absorbed enough they leave the swarm and become solitary.

An adolescent Horror employs a similar behavior to a trapdoor spider, lurking in a hidden crevice until a young girl enters their reach. At this stage, a worm can be far more selective in its choice of prey, and they become difficult to detect and root out, as they will decline to strike unless a girl is alone and helpless. Once they do, they employ the phallus at the end of their tail to rape the girl senseless. Using their substantial strength instead of paralyzing venom to hold their prey in place, the worm engages in a sexual frenzy, neither resting nor relenting as it seeks to bring its mate to orgasm as often as possible. This it does with superb skill, as the girl is subjected to an intense climactic encounter from which very few recover.

The worm continues to feed on the girl's vaginal secretions for several days. It seems unable to draw any strength from the girl's other fluids in this form, so it focuses its energy solely on raping its victim as often and thoroughly as possible. When the worm has absorbed enough fluid and grown large enough, it is ready to enter its adult form. It releases its victim - the only time a girl has any realistic chance of escaping a horror - and burrows into the ground to enter its pupal stage.

Once eclosion occurs, the worm emerges in its final and most dangerous form. Boasting considerably more size and strength than it did in adolescence, an adult Lurking Horror can feed on whatever it desires, able to pull even a fully-grown horse down into its den to be devoured. Worms rarely show themselves in this stage, preferring to burrow and lurk in moist cracks between the earth, leaving only a small area open to the air through which it can pull in prey. Adult horrors present terrible threats to merchants, travellers, even entire companies of soldiers. Whatever it pulls in to devour though, it spares the girls, using its newly-developed system of sexual organs to terrifying purpose.

An adolescent horror has a phallus at its tail, but at adulthood it sheds this and instead endeavors to ingest living girls, pulling them inside its gaping maw and closeting her in the worm's moist interior. A girl so entrapt would soon suffocate but for the worm's internal system of differentiated tentacles that line the walls of this womb-like structure. These tentacles are grown for a purpose, and once a girl is ingested, the fluid of this cavity rapidly dissolves her clothing while the squiggling tentacles each find the girl's appropriate orifice. A tentacle with an internal canal holding an air supply plugs her nose. Her anus and urethra are similarly invaded by tentacles capable of bearing away her waste. Finally, phallus-like tentacles cram their way tightly into the girl's mouth and pussy. The struggling girl's screaming is cut off as she is fully subdued, and the cavity begins to fill with a mucus-like sludge that evokes astonishing feelings of sexual ecstasy wherever they touch the mucous membranes.

Once the girl's entrapment is complete, the Lurking Horror's interior tentacles unleash themselves upon the girl. A bevy of tertiary tentacles wash through the mucus to wiggle and slide all over her body while the tentacles in the girl's mouth and pussy thrash frenetically. Very few girls have ever been recovered from a slain horror after this stage, and the ones that were had been reduced to gibbering, mindless puppets, but secondary observation supports the conclusion that the girl experiences such an onslaught of intense sexual pleasure that higher thoughts are obliterated by a series of hysterical sexual climaxes of indescribable power that go on without end. With the victim reduced to this state of helpless euphoria, the worm's final goal of impregnation begins.

The tentacles in the girl's mouth and pussy emit identical streams of ejaculate. Analysis of this fluid - an exceedingly difficult biological specimen to obtain - shows that it has substantial nutritional properties. In addition, the semen that fills her womb ensures rapid impregnation with a large host of worm spawn. Ejaculations occur frequently, satisfying the girl's dietary needs with a slurry of salty worm semen even as her womb is flooded with its seed. The girl remains in the worm's interior for up to two weeks as the beast engages in its normal activites, raped every moment and lost in a hypersensate state of sexual bliss, until her pregnancy has developed to the point where the worm decides to expel her. Our best hypothesis for this phase holds that the tentacles feel the distension of the girl's pregnant belly and sense when she is ready for birth.

Expelled through the mouth again in a swilling flood of mucus and semen, the girl trembles in the worm's den, her shattered mind pleading to be eaten again, to experience the pleasure she has lost. The Horror guards its lair intensely during this time, attacking no prey and never revealing itself. The girl's labor usually proceeds shortly after expulsion, and she gives birth to roughly anywhere from 50 to 200 small worm spawn. Once this occurs, the father abandons the mother, and the Lurking Horror nymphs immediately begin their feeding behavior on their mother, devouring her tears and mucus and vaginal fluids, raping their mother and bringing her to the height of ecstasy again with their own aphrodisiac secretions.

Little has been known of this stage, as girls so expelled are left trapped in worm dens, with only small cracks leading to the surface, but recent discoveries have brought to light new information. The girl and her worm spawn engage in sexual activity, the spawn feeding, until one is large enough to reach adolescent stage. Once this occurs, it chases the rest of the swarm away to the surface, where they will lay in wait for their own prey. The mother and her chosen spawn then begin copulating nonstop, until the worm reaches its adult stage again and is ready to ingest, subdue, and inseminate its own mother. It is unknown how long this cycle of birth and intergenerational incest can occur. Further data is required, and once a live specimen is obtained we will begin study in a controlled environment with live girls to determine the answer.

Accounts of the discovery of various worm dens are varying and largely untrustworthy. Testimony that digging crews embedded with Mages have uncovered dens and slain the Horrors therein to discover girls that had been trapped for years or decades also cannot be confirmed. Sufficient evidence exists to confirm that an adult Horror can capture and ingest multiple girls, perhaps indefinitely, with the beasts growing in length by approximately 10 feet per victim to make room. One account puts the body of the largest Lurking Horror ever discovered at a shocking 150 feet, with a worm the size of a whale holding at least 15 girls inside it as it inseminated them all. This event was correlated with the disappearance of a large number of girls from a nearby orphanage months earlier, but further details have remained elusive.

The emergence of this relatively recent Monstrum species has been an event that has strained the Magisterium scholars as they rush to compile the new version of the this Factorum, but as always, research will continue.

Credit to: Clark & Lily