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Monstrum Factorum: Shadow Gremlin

By Clark & Lily

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Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

The Umbria Lemur-sapien or Shadow Gremlin is a diminutive hominid Monstrum species. These short and hairless Monstrum are thought to be demonic in origin. This theory is supported by the Shadow Gremlin's deep connection to the Veil of Shadows, the plane where they build their lairs. Though small in size, Shadow Gremlins are one of the more disturbing Monstrum species due to their need for girls of extreme youth to use for reproduction. Their habit of taking toddler and infant girls right from under their parents' watchful eyes has earned the beasts the nickname of "Baby Snatchers".

Shadow Gremlins are short and gangly bipedal creatures, standing between three and four feet in height. They have hairless oily jet-black hides, and sunken red glowing eyes. Shadow Gremlins have two pairs of long arms terminating in clawed hands that drag upon the ground as they walk. Their face is dog-like, with a short muzzle, forward-facing sunken eyes, and a long nose. They have large bat-like ears that swivel to track sounds rather like a feline. Their teeth and nails are also jet-black in color, giving no contrast to their gaunt bodies.

{Anatomical cross section diagram of a Shadow Gremlin with its bones, muscles, and organs labeled. A subheading lists the Shadow Gremlin's phylum, class, order, family, genus and species.}

Despite their size, Shadow Gremlins are exceptionally strong. The typical individual is as strong as a large grown man. However, their true strength lies in their ability to manipulate shadows to vanish from sight, form illusions, and to even teleport short distances. When a Shadow Gremlin is in darkness he is able to become completely invisible, seeming to simply melt into the shadows. Furthermore they can cloak their form in shadows creating a visual illusion. These illusions will not hold up under physical inspection, but are sufficient to fool the unwary eye. The Shadow Gremlin's ability to teleport is not fully understood. What is known is that they can only teleport from shadow to shadow, and that physical barriers such as walls, doors and windows still block their movement. The maximum distances they can teleport is not known, but a Shadow Gremlin has never been observed teleporting more than a few dozen yards.

Shadow Gremlins are intelligent, and are particularly adept at learning languages. In fact, due to the structure of their vocal cords, Shadow Gremlins can mimic sounds perfectly, including the voices of individual people. This ability is chiefly used to lure prey into their clutches without a struggle. Despite their aptitude with linguistics, Shadow Gremlins have no language of their own. Instead they will speak whatever tongue is commonly used in the locale of their lair.

Shadow Gremlins exhibit no social order. They live in chaos with no leadership or organization. Though they cohabitate in large colonies, called warrens, no one Shadow Gremlin is in charge of another within the warren. Though each individual will hoard silver, gold and gems to himself, Shadow Gremlins do not shirk when it comes to sharing the spoils of the hunt, be it man-flesh to eat or little girls to rape.

{Illustration of a Shadow Gremlin reticently counting gold coins while looking furtively over his shoulder at a little toddler being raped by three other Shadow Gremlins.}

The reproductive habits of Shadow Gremlins are unusual in that they are unable to breed with girls older than four or five years of age. Though most Monstrum species are able to reproduce with girls far younger than what should be normal, this inability to reproduce with older girls and women is unique to Shadow Gremlins. The underlying reason for this dependency for reproduction is hotly debated. However, no theory has yet been proven sound when put under scrutiny. Because of this, Shadow Gremlins maintain a steady trade with other Monstrum species, especially Beholders, with whom they trade off girls too old for their needs for girls young enough to bear their young.

The Shadow Gremlin's genitalia are of particular interest for several reasons. The first is because of the substantial size of their penis as compared to the size of their body. Though miniscule when compared to the girth of the Org-reh or Minotaurum, for a three foot tall creature to have a penis that is twelve to eighteen inches long and two inches thick is astounding. Added to the four testicles of three inches in diameter, contained within their scrotum, Shadow Gremlins are remarkably well endowed. The Shadow Gremlin's penis is primarily made of smooth muscles able to flex and relax much like the esophagus. The rippling motion this creates along the shaft of the penis allows for the phallus to burrow into an orifice without the thrusting of the Shadow Gremlin's hips. When combined with the quarter inch long studs covering the shaft that flex to aid in the movement of the penis, a Shadow Gremlin can rapidly thrust his penis in and out of an orifice without moving his hips. Lastly, the Shadow Gremlin's glans is long and pointed to allow penetration into the cervix, and has a crown of hooks ringing the base of the glans to prevent the removal of their penis from their victim's cervix until they have finished ejaculation. Thanks to their quadruplet set of testicles, Shadow Gremlins produce an average of twenty ounces of cum during ejaculation. Furthermore, they can ejaculate up to once every twenty minutes with no decrease in the amount of cum per ejaculation. Samples of their cum, taken from captured Shadow Gremlin subjects, have been described as having a licorice-like odor and flavor by test subjects.

{Cross sectional Illustration of an eighteen month old girl with a Shadow Gremlin raping her. His glans is firmly lodged in her womb as he spills his seed into her.}

As with most Monstrum, the Shadow Gremlin's mating ritual begins with the hunt for a mate. They are patient and meticulous, waiting for the most opportune moment to strike. This is frequently while the victim and her parents are asleep in the dead of night. Sometimes it is on lonely paths, or dark alleyways. They are even known to snatch their victims from private gardens during the middle of the day. Any time a girl of five or younger is left unattended she is at risk of being taken by a Shadow Gremlin. When the Shadow Gremlin finally strikes, they use their powers to conceal themselves in darkness, or to create illusions to lure their victim into a trap. By the time the girl is aware of the truth behind the illusions it is already too late.

Most of the knowledge gained about the Shadow Gremlin's hunting and mating habits was learned during an infestation in the town of Newburgh, one hundred years ago. At the time, Shadow Gremlins were completely unknown, so when young girls began to vanish from the safety of their own cribs, the local magi detachment was at a loss. High Mage Greta Kaelin, however, had an idea. Using her own three year old daughter Annaka as bait, she set a trap for the perpetrators. Thanks to being the daughter of a sixth generation mage, little Annaka already possessed enough arcane attunement that High Mage Greta was able to give her a sending crystal and receive all that her daughter perceived from the crystal's mate.

The Shadow Gremlin struck in the middle of the night when Annaka was presented with an illusion of her favorite toy - a stylized fluffy white rabbit knocking on her bedroom window. The rabbit beckoned the little girl to come play with him, and to follow him on an adventure. Little three year old Annaka took the bait and unlatched the window. When she grabbed the rabbit's offered hand, the illusion melted away to reveal the Shadow Gremlin's hideous visage. Annaka didn't even have time to scream before the Shadow Gremlin had violently shoved his oversized cock down the poor girl's throat. The Shadow Gremlin proceeded to orally rape Annaka right in her bed as he ripped her nightgown from her body and spanked her ass and pussy. These brutal acts were made all the easier due to the four hands and arms possessed by his species. The sending crystal had been attached to Annaka by her mother via an ear piercing, so it was not removed during the girl's rape. After spilling his cum down Annaka's throat, the Shadow Gremlin made sure to leave behind the girl's shredded nightgown, covered in a grotesque deposits of excess cum, on her bed to be discovered by her parents in the morning. However in Annaka's case, her mother, and the other two dozen magi in Newburgh were busy keeping tabs on her via the sending crystal. Thus High Mage Greta experienced her three year old daughter's rape firsthand as if it was she being raped as well.

The Shadow Gremlin made a quick escape with Annaka after her initial rape. He moved through the shadows at incredible speeds, with little Annaka restrained tightly in his arms and still bouncing on his cock. The magi followed as swiftly as they dared, and nearly lost the Shadow Gremlin when he slipped through to the Veil of Shadows. Panicking at the loss of their connection to Annaka's sending crystal due to the girl being on a different plane, High Mage Greta opened a gate to the Veil of Shadows to follow her daughter's kidnapper. This turned out to be a grave mistake. The Shadow Gremlins had known about the magi's trap the entire time, and had set a trap of their own. When High Mage Greta and the other magi entered the Veil of Shadows, they were promptly overwhelmed by a horde of Shadow Gremlins waiting in ambush. All that was left behind after the battle were scraps of torn clothing, shattered staffs, and High Mage Greta's sending crystal, which was retrieved and returned to the Magisterium. The Magisterium Arch Mage then attuned the sending crystal to allow it to receive from its mate on Annaka in the Veil of Shadows.

The first images received were of High Mage Greta and her daughter Annaka being simultaneously raped by dozens of Shadow Gremlins. Annaka's belly was already swollen with her first Shadow Gremlin child. However, both mother and daughter were still lashing out at the Monstrum despite their bondage. This fighting did them little good and only seemed to earn them more harsh treatment. The Shadow Gremlins delighted in overwhelming them repeatedly, spanking and slapping them violently, then raping one of the pair's ass or cunt before forcing the other to lick it clean.

It became increasingly apparent that they had broken High Mage Greta after she began to hysterically beg the Shadow Gremlins to stop raping her. The Shadow Gremlins would agree to stop raping her so long as she would tongue fuck her daughter's ass while they orally and vaginally raped Annaka. High Mage Greta agreed to these terms the first time they were offered. Soon the Shadow Gremlins had her violating her daughter in every perverse way imaginable just to gain a short respite from her own rape.

{ Illustration of High Magi Greta fist fucking her daughter's ass and pussy while forcing Annaka to drink her urine.}

Thanks to High Magi Greta's failure, the Magisterium was able to learn intimate details of how the Shadow Gremlin's Conversion toxins affect the body of both a teenage girl and a toddler. The most noteworthy effects were first seen in three year old Annaka. Only a month after her abduction, she was already pregnant with twin Shadow Gremlin sons. She gave birth only two months later. Considering the three month gestation period for Shadow Gremlins, this means she was impregnated during the first few nights after abduction. High Mage Greta however, despite being naturally fertile, remained free of the burden of bearing the Shadow Gremlin's young.

By the second month of their captivity, both mother and daughter began to lactate from their mammaries. Despite this drastic change, Annaka only exhibited a minor increase in her breast size, from flat to tiny handfuls of swollen flesh that leaked milk profusely. Her nipples,on the other hand, had grown to be a full half inch in diameter, and equally as long. During this same period, Greta succumbed to the respite offered by her rapists and began aiding in her daughter's violation. This allowed the Magisterium to observe the limits of vaginal and anal insertions on three year old Annaka. Despite being fisted with both hands simultaneously by her mother in one orifice or the other, Annaka suffered no permanent damage to her colon or vaginal walls. This impressive feat is bolstered once one remembers that High Mage Greta's nickname in Academia was "Man-Hands Greta". Though both subject's anal and vaginal elasticity had dramatically increased, there was no noticeable increase in libido or pleasure. One Magisterium Archmage even passed out from the pain she endured via the sending crystals while observing one of this fist fuck sessions.

After the birth of Annaka's twins, the two Shadow Gremlin newborns fell upon their own mother, raping the little three year old while suckling from her teets. During this time the other Shadow Gremlins would brutally rape Greta until she consented to commit ever more depraved sexual acts upon her daughter. Soon High Magi Greta was violating Annaka without even the promise of a respite from her rape. The mage had been so abused that she never again complained while the Shadow Gremlins raped her as she aided in the rape of Annaka.

After two years, and Annaka giving birth to thirteen Shadow Gremlin children, Greta and Annaka finally began to exhibit the culmination of mental effects from the Conversion toxins. Even before the one year mark, both mother and daughter had ceased to beg their rapists to stop. They were content to scream and moan in the pain and pleasure of the forced orgasms inflicted upon their bodies. However, on the two year anniversary, their cries of pain began to diminish and be replaced by cries of pleasure. It wasn't long after that Annaka began to verbally beg her mother to fist her various holes. Both mother and daughter began to beg the Shadow Gremlins to “fuck them harder” while they engaged in various acts of lesbian incest. This is also when the observing Archmagi began to note a lack of physical aging in Greta and Annaka. Though Annaka continued to increase in mental acuity - mostly in the breadth of her sexual vocabulary as she begged to be violated in different ways - neither of the pair had aged physically.

After spending ten years observing Greta and Annaka, the Magisterium officially recognized the halting of age progression as an effect of Shadow Gremlin Conversion toxins. Furthermore the Shadow Gremlins began to administer a potion of some sort to Greta that began to revert her age. By the thirteenth year of their captivity, mother and daughter shared the same apparent age of three year old girls, despite Greta being twenty seven and Annaka sixteen by this time. During this process, Greta began bearing Shadow Gremlin young once she had regressed past the appearance of a five year old, thus confirming the theory that Shadow Gremlins required a girl of five years or younger to reproduce. The brewing of alchemical concoctions to cause age regression has not been witnessed in any other warren of Shadow Gremlins and is thought to be a unique invention of the Shadow Gremlins that captured former High Mage Greta and her daughter Annaka.

The minimum age of a girl that a Shadow Gremlin can impregnate has been observed to be a newborn babe. This was concluded when Archmagi observing Greta and Annaka witnessed a young teen, pregnant with a daughter, added to the Shadow Gremlin's lair. The Shadow Gremlins were witnessed manipulating the teen's pregnant belly in a strange fashion while raping the girl. When she finally gave birth to her daughter, three months after being abducted, her newborn daughter was already heavily pregnant with a Shadow Gremlin son. This newborn girl gave birth to her first Monstrum child mere hours after being born herself. Another similar incident bore witness to a girl being born with a pair of newborn Shadow Gremlins already raping her as they came out of the birth canal together. Apparently, the girl was impregnated and gave birth while still inside the womb, then her own Shadow Gremlin sons raped and impregnated her again before the trio were finally birthed by the girl's middle aged mother.

{ Illustration of a very pregnant woman being raped by Shadow Gremlins, with a cross section of her womb showing her unborn daughter being raped by a pair of Shadow Gremlins. The unborn girl's belly is already swollen with another pregnancy.}

After fifteen years of Greta and Annaka being constantly raped by their own Shadow Gremlin sons the Archmagi observing them finally witnessed the ultimate fate of any girl taken by the Shadow Gremlins. The mother and daughter began showing major physical changes from the Conversion toxins. First, their pupils began to glow red. Next, their arms and fingers lengthened by fifty percent, followed by a lengthening of their tongues to almost twelve times their previous length. The pair then began to exhibit the various abilities possessed by the Shadow Gremlin species, such as the ability to bend shadows to conceal themselves, form illusions, and perform teleportation between shadows. Lastly, they grew a second pair of arms below their natural arms.

The abominations that were formerly Greta and Annaka would spend their days fucking their various Shadow Gremlin sons and performing indescribable acts of depravity on the new girls captured by the warren. Their nights were spent joining their sons on the hunt outside the warren and aiding in the rape and abduction of new victims to be added to their warren's ever-growing number of breeding stock. It soon became evident that Greta was not only aware of the Magisterium's observations, but could also glean knowledge from the watching Archmagi by using the sending crystal to observe her back through the link. Greta and Annaka used their knowledge to abduct and rape the Archmage's mother and little sister while the Archmage was observing them. The Archmage, who will remain unnamed at her request, was forced to witness her own mother and two year old sister being raped from Annaka's point of view. The Archmage was left profoundly shaken by the experience and abandoned her position at the academy shortly thereafter.

It is now believed that the former High Mage Greta is the unofficial leader of that warren of Shadow Gremlins. Thus, to prevent sensitive information from falling into her hands, the sending crystal has been locked away in the vaults at the Magisterium. Copies of all of the observed experiences have been infused into an array of memory gems, which are available at most local Magisterium libraries. Any mage wishing to gain further information about the Shadow Gremlins is free to use the memory gems. However, care should be exercised since all experiences will be from the point of view of Annaka, including the vivid visual, auditory and physical sensations that she experienced.

{ Illustration of a blonde two year old girl being raped by the fully Monstrum Converted Annaka, and three Shadow Gremlins, while Greta forces her mother, also blonde, to watch, as she too is raped by Shadow Gremlins. Subheader at bottom of page reads “Illustration included in spite of formal protest filed by Archmage Sandra Davison.”}

The other missing magi were noticeably absent from all the sendings received during this time. However it was learned thanks to overheard conversations between the Shadow Gremlins, that the other magi had been traded to a “Master of Darkness” in exchange for a bounty of toddler and infant girls. Any further information regarding this Master of Darkness is still unknown, as is the magi's ultimate fate at the hands of this mysterious figure.

Cleansing a Shadow Gremlin warren is a difficult proposition. This is not because they are particularly hardy or difficult to kill. It is simply because Shadow Gremlins build their warrens in the Veil of Shadows. This alone necessitates the use of mages to open a way between our own plane of existence and the Veil of Shadows. This is further exacerbated by the differences in the topography of the Veil of Shadows and the material plane. Though the Veil of Shadows parallels our own plane, there are also many differences. Distances are frequently and unpredictably shorter or longer between both planes. Features of landmarks may be mirrored, or completely absent. Thusly, even if you locate where the warren would be on the material plane, it may be miles away once a way to the Veil of Shadows is opened. Considering the hostile nature of the Veil of Shadows, marching troops over miles of territory is a suicidal proposition.

Once a way into a Shadow Gremlin warren has been opened, the actual cleansing is still hindered by the warren itself. Shadow Gremlin warrens are dark, twisting, labyrinthine tunnels that rarely exceed six feet in height. This may not be a hindrance to the average mage, but any support from soldiers will be at a major disadvantage. If rescuing the captives being held by the Shadow Gremlins isn't a priority, simply burning the warren out with fire is the simplest option. However this will only catch the slowest of the Monstrum. After a few successful attempts to clear out Shadow Gremlin warrens with this method, the Monstrum learned to build escape tunnels on the material plane that they can shift to when the warren is breached. Before cleansing the warren, these escape tunnels must be located and soldiers set at their exits to prevent the Shadow Gremlins from fleeing. This also allows for the greatest chance of rescuing any girls held by the Shadow Gremlins, since the creatures attempt to collect their mates before fleeing.

However, all this is still dependent on first locating the Shadow Gremlin's warren. Since they were first identified as a Monstrum species some one hundred years ago, only twenty warrens have been successfully located, and only three of these warrens have been cleared without heavy losses to the mage auxiliary assisting the soldiers in the cleansing. Furthermore, none of the warrens were completely exterminated. In every case it was estimated that more than half of the Shadow Gremlins were able to escape eradication. These conclusions were arrived at by counting the number of girls taken by the Shadow Gremlins versus the number of Monstrum that perished during the cleansing of the warren.

Girls rescued from Shadow Gremlins suffer greatly from the experience. They continue to mature mentally and sexually. Yet their physical age is capped at an apparent age of four or five years old. Those held in captivity for less than two years suffer from night terrors and shun physical contact with boys and men. Some, seeking an escape from the mental anguish they have endured, wander off into Monstrum territory. These lost souls seek oblivion of the mind by submitting to the very abominations that broke them in the first place, willingly succumbing to total Monstrum Conversion.

Girls that have been subjected to captivity by Shadow Gremlins for more than two years are afflicted with acute nymphomania. These poor girls are only content if they are constantly being fucked. In an initiative to boost troop morale, these girls are drafted as camp whores to give the soldiers a release from the stresses of the war effort, and to provide the girls with the physical affections they crave. Thanks to this policy, it has been discovered that these girls are still able to bear human children. Not only are the able to bear both male and female children regardless of their age, they are highly prone to multiple births, with twins, triplets and quadruplets being much more common than single child pregnancies. Their pregnancies are vastly shortened, lasting only four months. Their births come easily and the children are born healthy, exhibiting no evidence of Monstrum Conversion. Due to this, a few captains have suggested using these girls to replenish the shrinking male population.

Girls that have succumbed to full Conversion to the Shadow Gremlin's Conversion toxins are beyond help. The few that have been captured have only been contained by chaining them in the arcane prisons in the Magisterium. Experimentation has found that though they can be impregnated by a human male, the resulting pregnancies bore large broods of girls born already suffering from full Shadow Gremlin Conversion. These abominations were dubbed Shadow-girls. Before the experiments were halted, the smallest brood born consisted of thirteen Shadow-girls and the largest brood was of thirty-seven Shadow-girls. Fearing a plague of these inhuman girls, the Magisterium halted the experiments and ordered the destruction of all test subjects and their resulting offspring. However, before the order could be carried out, the test subjects and Shadow-girls escaped. During the escape they attacked the dormitory of the Academia, carrying off an entire class of mages in training. Nearly one hundred future magi were lost in this attack. A further five hundred infant and toddler girls were abducted from the surrounding city the same night, making it the second worst incident involving Shadow Gremlins. The worst loss is believed to have been organized by the former High Mage Greta herself, when the entire population of Newburgh vanished in a single night twenty years ago. Though no evidence exists that Shadow Gremlins were responsible, there is also no evidence of any other Monstrum species attacking the town either.

Though major losses to Shadow Gremlins are rare, they remain a menace to civilization to this day. They plague the nightmares of mothers everywhere, filling women with dread. Fortunately, with the rare exception of the aforementioned incidents, disappearances attributed to Shadow Gremlins are never concentrated in any one area, and are not frequent enough to threaten the population at large. Despite this fact, every mother still fears that when she looks to her daughter's bed come morning, all she will find are the cum-stained ruins of the girl's nightgown.

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