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Monstrum: Pollination - Part 3

By WintermuteX

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Tags: Mg, gg+, bd, best, bi, inc, lesbian, magic, nc, oral, ped, preg, rape, reluc, viol

Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Sexual Slavery, Young Girls, Catgirls, Lesbian, Magic/Fantasy, Violence, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

It was dark and warm and the world writhed against her body. Fera looked around in a panic. Squirming tentacle-like vines of different colors and sizes filled her vision, moving on their own power. Green and blue and purplish-pink, they all reached for her and curled around her waist, displacing the small green flowered vines that had dragged her in. They pulled her by the waist deeper into the hole, ignoring her screams and wrapping her feet when she kicked frantically. All over her body the greedy things twisted eagerly, squeezing her hips and thighs, curling around her tiny breasts and tickling her nipples with their tips. They were everywhere. They curled in her hair and fur, leaving trails of slippery goop. She could feel them brushing up against her pussy, seeking the wet warmth they found there, and others tapping at her backdoor tentatively, making her sphincter shudder. It was a nightmare. She opened her mouth to scream again, and a thick green-blue tentacle jammed itself between her lips and wiggled straight down her throat like a worm.

Coughing around the girth and trying to breath through her nose, Fera felt herself dragged deeper. She was in a pockmarked cavity of criss-crossing holes, and only a few thin rays of sunlight managed to filter down through the porous Earth to illuminate her surroundings. There were more vines twisting around her. Fera could make out hundreds of them, all rooted in some unseen source below: some thin, some fat, different colors, some leafy and others tipped with bulging phallic tips that dripped fluid. They all explored their new prize as she struggled helplessly.

She had read this in the pages of the Monstrum Factorum: Venoma Vines, one of the sections she had skimmed. The little girl struggled but all it seemed to do was excite the tentacles all around her. A delicate white coil tickling her nose glistened with runny liquid, excreting a floral-smelling fluid that filled her sinuses with a heady buzz. The eager things explored every inch of the 12-year-old catgirl's slender body - over her furry hips and thighs, squiggling into the tiny gap of her navel, brushing her ears and snaking through her fur and hair and coiling around her neck to rub sticky sludge on her cheeks. Her throat vibrated with the motion of the thrusting tentacle in her mouth. It pounded eagerly into her throat, desperately gaining a couple inches into the warm tunnel, and sat there twisting energetically in her esophagus. Slime built to a frothing mucus in her mouth and dribbled down her lips. Fera began to choke.

With a popping sound, the thrusting tentacle in her mouth pulled out. Fera coughed and gasped to catch her breath. She was immediately pulled onto her back, and a brownish tentacle like a fleshy, animated tree branch loomed in her face. The end split open in an X, and a collection of tiny blue tendrils smaller than her fingers squeezed out. Fera shook her head from side to side in horror, but more of the brown things were already working all over her body, sliding along the smooth skin as if seeking the right places, tendrils snaking out and tickling every tiny crevice of the little girl's body.

She could catch a glimpse of it now, in the pit beneath her: the beating core of this floral nightmare. A great, fleshy, bulb of leaf-like veins, it pulsed slowly like a heart, silently guiding its many limbs in exploration of Fera's naked body. It was mostly buried in the earth, a monstrous seed with deep, rapacious roots.

The tiny blue tendrils covered her skin all over, setting it abuzz with a fiery tingle. She shrieked and kicked. She tried to slap. She squirmed and twisted like an acrobatic cat, but the tentacles were everywhere. They seemed to enjoy her pitiful struggles, giving her just enough slack just break free a single wrist or foot, then coiling around it again. It was playing with her.

Abruptly she was flipped over onto her back. A single faint shaft of light penetrated the darkness from high above her. She reached for it instinctively, but the tentacles jerked her wrists behind her and went to work. They writhed at her pussy, exploring the little folds of the girl's tiny cunt, enjoying how her legs jerked with each tickle of the shy red bud at the top. Fera couldn't help herself. She gushed wet juices from the stimulation, from the squeezing and rubbing over every curving inch of her body. It dripped down her crack to her asscheeks. The tiny tendrils stuck to her skin, and she saw they had very tiny barbs on them that helped them dig in as she struggled. It didn't hurt, it just brought more of that tingling itch wherever they touched.

Her screams filled the writhing space, dying away before they could reach the indifferent light far above. The smell was overpowering. Scented pheromones radiated in the claustrophobic air, exciting her inflamed body, bringing a flush to her neck and chest and more juices dripping from her cunt. Tentacles coiled around her skull, squirming against her face, brushing her nose and leaving behind pungent sludge redolent with the aroma of raw sexual desire. They rubbed her neck, caressed her back, tickled her anus teasingly, sending her senses into overdrive. Twisting limbs, blocking her sight, wiggling on every inch of her body, tickling her nipples, stimulating her cunt, potent floral taste gumming in her mouth and sinuses, the sloshing sounds of wet goop, of her own dwindling struggles - they all mixed with the terror racing in her veins, short-circuiting her brain with a single primal bestial urge. Her pussy lips flushed and quivered with reluctant arousal.

The tentacle vines sensed that the little girl was ready. Between the gaps of the squirming vines she saw a vile purple appendage hovering at the brink of her wet slit, a phallic mass of engorged flesh extruding from the end, bristling with fleshy ridges and convolutions like a throbbing fist. The sensation of warm goop followed the slow path it traced down the crack of her pussy lips, sludge exciting a tingling fervor wherever it touched and bringing a helpless moan to her lips. Teasingly, it arrived at the sweet tunnel at the bottom, pulsing as if pleased, as if to kiss the delicate labia it was slowly spreading open.

Fera shrieked and thrashed, caterwauling as tears filled her vision and leaked down her cheeks to mix with the deposits of warm sludge. A little girl could only take so much. Raped by wolves, raped by gorillas, the ceaseless beat of powerful monster cocks raping her around the clock and driving her to howling ecstasy again and again. Monsters had always seemed some far away thing, a threat that powerful people like the mages would handily dispatch if the creatures so much as showed their faces. Fantasy. Easily dismissed. But Fera knew what Jacqueline was going through even now, had picked up enough from that evil tome she carried to know the thrusting fate of monster cocks she now delighted in. Reality. Horsecocks in little girls. Spiders webbing and raping women and girls of all ages, filling them with eggs. Trolls and Org and Ettu, muscled bodies overpowering the frail teams of vulnerable girls supposedly sent to stop them, then slamming bestial cocks into every hole of their supple bodies until the rush from orgasm to orgasm became the whole of their existence, a prison turned to paradise.

Not her. The pitiful mewling sounds she made as the purple plant cock rubbed her hairless slit were her last protest, a final cry from deep in her soul. She wanted that pulsing meat between her legs so bad. No, she would rather die. She wanted the bliss she had felt from the wolf cum erupting inside her, the Corpsum spitroasting her at both ends. She cried, thinking of the poor little girl's stomach bulging from the rod of horseflesh moving inside it. Bliss on the end of a bucking horsecock. Spittle ran down her chin and she begged, to fuck her, to let her go, to release her into pleasure before the dichotomy tore her mind apart.

The purple phallus squiggled against her tunnel and shoved inside in a rush. Fera shrieked and curled her legs back in midair at the sudden intrusion. Wiggling its slimy way inch by inch into her cunt, the filthy thing massaged her pussy walls with an ecstatic rhythm that sent toe-curling waves of pleasure up from her crotch. Goop from its slimy surface pooled at her pussy lips as it slipped farther in, the mucus collecting on her genitals and dripping in a rivulet down her naked asscrack to drop into the darkness. The purple tentacle reached the narrow bend where a girl was most sensitive, then slipped back and thrust in again, beginning a bucking motion that rocked her body. The hundreds of other tentacles lifted her pelvis up higher in midair, over her head.

Waves of warm pleasure pounded up from the thrusting intruder and washed over Fera's battered mind. Her hips bucked and her pelvis jolted in midair, the purple plantcock slamming its entire length in and fucking the tiny catgirl like a ragdoll. Her squeals and gasps were swallowed by the walls of squirming tentacles in the tight space. Thrusting, pounding, electrifying ecstasy crested into a rising current that swept her last vestige of mental stability away.

White heat stoked into a mounting volcano in her belly that finally erupted in a crackling shockwave. Her muscles seized, her arms jerked and legs kicked, she screamed as the most wild and primal orgasm of her life struck her brain like a lightning bolt. With a final slam, the tentacled vine slammed home in her cunt, blunted end plastering against her cervix and the meaty girth squeezing her trembling pussy walls until she was sure they would burst. It was getting bigger, growing somehow. The squirts of her own juices seemed to seep into the folds of the thing, empowering it to grow even larger inside her. Warm, oily liquid shot up into her womb, filling it to the brim and then backflowing to seep out of her plugged pussy where it trickled down the crack of her butt and collected in the fur at the base of her spine.

The tentacles struggled to still her thrashing limbs, coiling tighter around her arms and legs, gripping the skin so wet with their own secreted goop. Finally the surging climax began to wane, the bonfire blaze burning out into a dull crackle radiating out from her genitals. Fera hung suspended in midair, her young body spent, head hanging upside down and face plastered with warm excretions and the saliva from her own frenzied cries.

A sinuous, flowery stalk of white with a dripping, bulging stamen snaked in front of Fera's face. She stared at it in astonishment. The phallic extension was ridged all over with dripping nodules that leaked ichorous fluid and made the firm surface gleam in the pale light, and a multitude of smaller, thinner strands bristled in the air around the base. It seemed almost delicate, a plantlike filament you would expect to find inside a cluster of tightly-curled rose petals. The white, gooey girth brushed up against Fera's cheek like a kiss and she felt the firm desire of the engorged plant flesh. Instantly, the aroma sparked a wildfire in her brain, a blinding blaze of animal passions that blotted out everything but the frenzied, horny desire to be fucked, to have that dripping ivory pole rammed inside her anywhere at all.

It was overwhelming. The tip nuzzled gently against her nose, spreading sludge around her nostrils, and the fire in her brain doubled, then trebled, a roaring inferno that consumed her every thought.

"Please!" She begged, panting wildly, scarcely able to catch her breath.

"Fuck me, please, get inside me." Her own voice buzzed with such intensity that she scarcely recognized it. The pale vine with the brilliant white phallus protruding from the end was the most beautiful, most powerful thing she had ever seen. She stuck out her tongue and managed to catch a dollop of the wondrous goo on the tip. It melted like zesty cream and energized her tongue with a wild tingling.

The purple meat in her cunt had pulled back to the entrance of her tunnel. The thousands of little blue tendrils on her back were a writhing blanket, burrowing under her skin. Her senses were locked in overdrive. She wanted it, needed it beyond anything she had ever known. She opened her mouth to beg again, to plead, desperate with ravenous desire for that lovely white rod with its dripping nodules, but it slammed home in her mouth as soon as she opened it, plugging her cries.

If the tiny sample of white goo had been pure delight, having the beautiful source in her mouth was an unrestrained paradise. Her sinuses were set ablaze with ardent fire. Her brain sizzled in her skull. Sparks flew across her vision. The white sludge seemed to seep into the soft tissue of her mouth and short-circuit her brain, locking it into a violent pulsing pleasure that matched the drumbeat of the thrusting white girth in her mouth and the plantcock between her legs. Dimly, she felt a tiny poke, and realized another tentacle was poking at her twitching sphincter. After a tentative exploration, it wiggled its way inside like a snake. Fera's shrieks caught on the muffling meat in her mouth, which swelled up and battered the tiny hole of her throat in the back. Both ends of the girl jerked in rhythm, tumescent plant phalluses slamming her skull and pelvis in a crazed bucking rhythm. White heat built up until the sudden tickling feeling of the warm intruder snaking up the end of her digestive tract sent her over the edge and it exploded like a nova in her brain.

Maelstroms of ecstasy ripped through the naked catgirl's mind without end. Felis weren't shy. A kitten was helped by her sisters from the moment she became curious about anything sexual, and she knew every way a little girl could give pleasure to another. Being introduced to the feel of a human cock inside her had been like discovering another rapturous world entirely. But nothing, not the fingers of her sisters, not the substantial manhood of the dark-skinned human she had met in Perna, not Brutus' pounding red dogcock or the Rapewolf's prick or the Corpsum's knobby meat had flooded her with the gale of animal passion that battered her consciousness and smashed it like glass.

Fera's mind whirled in a euphoric tornado, passing from orgasm to orgasm, each one barely beginning to taper before the white muck in her mouth filled her brain with lightning haze and the pounding cocks in all 3 of her holes set her off again. They switched. They took turns. They were endless. She was flipped over, held upright, held upside down with blood pooling in her head, bent and twisted into every conceivable position like a doll, and still the endless flood of tentacles drilled into the little catgirl's naked body with wild abandon. Fluids covered every inch of the 12-year-old's supple skin, trickling up or down her belly as she was twisted, syrupy sludge dripping off her butt or thighs. Time curled up and ceased to exist. Notions of the outside world blew away on the climactic storms like smoke. Fera lived and died on the pumping meridian that separated each orgasm from the next, begging wordlessly if a tentacled vine left her cunt or anus even briefly, holding her mouth wide open with her tongue stuck out if nothing was filling it.

Spurting nodules left sluglike trails of florid semen as they rubbed. Fleshy plant cocks spewed potent juices into every hole of her body, an endless flood from the dripping ends of her lover's fingers. She knew he was down there, could feel him, a buried, pulsing core of rapacious desire for her. The little blue tendrils from the brown tentacles had burrowed into her neck and back, crept under the skin everywhere, painlessly. She didn't need her eyes to see anymore, didn't need her ears to hear. Everything she needed was given to her by her lover, her master. His cum fed her, watered her, nourished her completely when the tentacles slipped into her throat and dumped their fluid into her stomach. Just one of his many gifts, and how she loved him for them. Everything she had to give, everything she was, was for him. Every slippery vine-like tentacle stuffed in her orifices was another pounding love letter delivered on the orgasmic tip of fleshy fuckmeat. She could even feel his heartbeat, or what passed for it, pulsing through her body and overriding her own.

Vaguely, she remembered how unhappy she had been, how many times the stray little catgirl had been wrung out and held down and fucked senseless by a cruel world. No more. All she needed was here in this dank crevice, safe and moist and happy with all of her lover's fluids watering her body.

He was preparing her, and she loved him for it. How many weeks had it been? Pointless musings. Another orgasm flooded through her from the fat red tentacle pounding away at her cunt, and she felt the tingling itch deep inside of it doing its job so well.

They were together now. There was no way to tell where the blue tendrils left off and the little naked girl began. One body, connected, two pieces of a whole. His pleasure was hers was his, an endless feedback loop of euphoria aligned with a single purpose. She could feel the thrusting fuckmeat from both sides, both the trembling waves of delightful friction in her cunt and the erect flesh pounding against it. Every connected nerve of their shared body flashed with the lightning pleasure of their endless, shared climax.

The gushing juice from her pussy fed him, fed them both, and his fluids were slowly working their purpose deep inside her. It was almost time. Another hot rush of dark fluid spurted up inside in her womb. The red tentacle throbbed and pulsed then finally went limp and slipped from her cunt, flesh still quivering with excitement. Fera loved it, loved him and every one of the plantcocks he used on her. She knew them all, knew them so well, better than her own body. The purple one slithered up and coiled around her neck, then nuzzled her lips. She gave it a loving kiss. The cum from this one built elasticity of her muscles wherever it touched. It had worked tirelessly to widen her pussy for what was to come.

A virulent green-blue tentacle wormed in and pushed at her mouth. She opened wide to invite it in. This was how he fed her. A ring of testicle-like bladders around the protruding base held her master's liquid gifts. She puffed her cheeks and worked her mouth, eagerly sucking on the erect pole until the swelling flesh slammed her skull back violently, pressing against the back of her throat, and erupted into a geyser of honeyed fluids that filled her mouth and poured down her throat like a waterfall. Delicious. The virile seed of her master brought a flowery, earthy taste underscored with the salty tang of semen. Her head was held back, throat arched, visibly swallowing, until each sack spent itself and all that was left was a ring of wrinkly, deflated pouches. Finally it slipped out of her mouth, leaving a mouthful of tar-like slime behind. Fera licked her lips, trying not to spill a drop of his gift.

The fat red tentacle had been in her pussy more and more lately, and she had no need to wonder why. When it slammed up against her cervix and was on the verge of cumming, a multitude of little tendrils would emerge, coated with itchy liquid. The goop treated the flesh of her cervix, loosening and widening it, and the flood of dark semen that gushed in shortly afterwards bathed her womb in special fluid, black batter that seeped up her Fallopian tubes and sought out her ovaries. The tentacles held her upside down, hours at a time, letting her insides soak, slowly transmuting the little girl's barely-mature reproductive organs to a better purpose: to bear his young. Fera rejoiced when the itchy sensations brought each new wave of orgasms, knowing the heat in her belly was the sign of her old parts dying away. Her ability to have Felis children, she didn't need it anymore. All Fera wanted was to bear her master's seed, to have her body be plowed, sowed, then reaped.

Twisting sensations in her colon sent shivers down her thighs. The virulent orange tentacle, buried deep in her anus, always probing her insides. Through it, her master sampled her body, testing its health, its progress, making sure she was ok. He loved her so much. She felt his hot rush of passion through the network of blue filaments threaded so tightly into her skin. The brown tentacles, opening at their ends to expose the dozens of deep blue tendrils like tiny worms - they had done their job quickly. Burrowing under her skin, they released pheromones and hormones, taking away her pain even as they coiled around her nervous system and joined with her.

And her favorite: the white one, a bulging rod of fleshy plant matter with stubby nodules all along its immense girth. Its secretions were her aphrodisiac, a mind-shattering elixir that swept everything away before the wave of raw animal passion. The tentacle oozed across her wet belly. Was it going to fuck her? The heat in her body felt...different today, more complete, a blazing fever ready to burn itself out. Something was different.

Fera squirmed and mewled with glee when the tentacles pulled her body farther down into the crevice. So many weeks of ecstatically drinking her master's semen, of cumming on his many pounding cocks, of feeling each kind of fluid working its slow change on his body - finally she was ready! The intensity of her master's love increased a thousandfold, fed into her body in lightning flashes from the connecting nerves. She was pulled down into the tight space where he lurked, and finally, cat eyes gleaming in the darkness, she was able to behold the exposed part of his true body.

The fleshy curve protruded from the earth, a hemisphere of diseased, sickly-looking flesh and roots, like an orchid bulb crossed with a rotting heart. He was so beautiful. The powerful florid stench filled her sinuses with ravenous buzzing. She was so close. She was so ready! His baby, she wanted it so badly, yearned for the feeling of life swelling up inside her like nothing else. Since the day she had left her village, that had been all that she desired. And now, her mate was going to give it to her.

Her body was drawn right up to the veiny, throbbing flesh. Its heartbeat pulsed in time with her own. She tried to reach out, to embrace him, show him how much she loved him for finally showing her the vulnerable core of himself, but the tentacles tightened and pulled her arms and legs behind her back, trussing the girl up tightly. From a dank crack in the core, a clear, gelatinous tentacle slithered out like an eel. This was his most precious gift. He would plant his seed in her, and it would flower and grow into the offspring she had yearned for.

The slimy appendage oozed closer, coiling up her leg, leaving slug-like runners of mucus in its wake. Fera's brain buzzed with anticipation of the ecstasy her master was about to give her. Her pussy itched, raw, throbbing inside, an aching torment that she couldn't reach with her hands trussed behind her back. A pair of brown tentacles around her thighs coiled tighter and their ends crept right up to the edges of her hairless pussy lips. They parted on the ends, petals bending open like blooming flowers, and tiny hosts of blue tendrils wormed out. They wiggled and pulled her pussy lips wide open, then sunk into the soft flesh at the edges. Lightning flickers shocked Fera's pelvis, muscles jolting in thready twinges of pain that dulled immediately and were replaced by a growing beat of passion. She wiggled. She squirmed. Her ears and tail froze in rigid shock and she cried out from the depths of this dank hole beneath the earth, writhing in need.

It was touching her lips now, the clear tip rubbing syrupy sludge over the heated surface of her genitals. So many ways to drive her to a passionate frenzy, so many wonderful tentacles to burrow deep into her holes and show how much he loved her, and this was his most special. The tip poked between her lips, testing her warmth, and then slipped into her tunnel.

Wild bursts of passion exploded in her body. The tentacle buried itself inside, then pulled out, slamming eagerly in again. Her pussy was held wide open by the burrowing blue tendrils, helping the fat, clear appendage fit into the gap between the 12-year-old's legs. Fera's squeal was cut off as a tentacle forced itself into her mouth and burrowed into her throat, and her colon vibrated with the excited squiggling of her anal companion.

The nerves of her quaking pussy walls slammed into overdrive, driven by the gale of pleasure emanating from the blue tendrils sunk in her flesh. Pounding excitement slammed home in her pussy, her lover enjoying her body to its utmost. The clear tentacle swelled up, engorging and stretching her battered pussy to its limit. Fera drifted between waves of overwhelming orgasm like wreckage in a storm. Nothing in her short life could have prepared her for the violent hurricane of euphoria that smashed against her consciousness. It welled up, and she managed to force her tearful eyes open to witness the precious moment.

Pussy held wide open, the writhing clear tentacle buried itself as deeply inside her as possible. A walnut-sized lump of ovoid flesh squeezed into the clear tunnel in the center of the tentacle: a seed, pressed down by gelatinous contractions, worming its way closer until the swelling lump reached her pussy lips. It was big, too big, but the clear walls squeezed visibly and by some miracle the lump passed her pussy lips and popped into the spasming cyclone of her pussy.

His seed was finally inside her. Fera would have screamed with joy, if she could have remembered how. Instead, she was swept helplessly along by the current of her endless climax. The lump moved unbearably slowly inside her, gaining an inch, then another. Her pelvis felt like it would burst from the pressure. The fist-sized intruder finally reached her core, pressing up against her cervix, and with a final rush that catapulted her brain into the stratosphere of a wild orgasm, the firm sensation thrust up into her womb beyond where she could feel it.

Pleasure cut her consciousness to ribbons, body twisting in the grip of the tentacles, mouth, anus, and pussy alternating with ecstatic detonations of climactic bliss. Fera drifted in a paradise, body aflame with the overwhelming wash of hormones from her lover's careful preparation. It lasted forever, endless. Coiling rolls of flesh squeezed her all over, goopy fluids rubbed between her thighs, on her chest and lips, dribbling down her neck, her tingling buttocks, dripping into the darkness below where her lover lay. Time ceased to exist. Her master fucked his pregnant little toy to sweet oblivion, orgasms echoing through the fused nerves, rebounding, amplified through the primal connection of their bodies.

Tears welled in her eyes. It was every dream she ever had, all come true on the pounding ends of thrusting tentacles jerking in every hole in her body. His seed was inside her, his precious gift, the child she had sought for so long. Already she could feel the heat in her body, could imagine the swell of her belly as it grew inside her. Fera had never even thought of a son, expecting that she would bear a Felis daughter like her race always did, but now that warm life grew inside her, she could hardly conceive of anything else. Fera was finally going to be a Mommy.

Cool air flooded her skin for the first time in an eternity. A dim instinct flickered through Fera's brain, and she moaned, ears twitching as the shards of her shattered consciousness began to reassemble.

Leafy softness on her back. Something sticky. She was covered in it. She rolled over with a groan, and the plants stuck to her. She brushed them away and sat up.

Shafts of light beamed down from the forest canopy far above. She was on a bed of soil, hidden by the tangled undergrowth of vines and bushes. Holding her head against the dizziness, Fera got to her feet, then stumbled to the side against a trunk.

She was naked with a thick, gooey syrup spreading in the space between her thighs. No, it was everywhere. It covered her skin in a slick sheen and glossed her fur to a shine. Her lover's juice. Where was he? Already she missed him, her heart aching desperately. She looked around. No way to tell where he was, but her lingering mental connection told her all she needed to know. Looking down, she gently kneaded her belly, feeling the lump inside. Pregnant, at last. Fera would miss her lover terribly, but he had given her what she needed to be happy. Her son would grow rapidly inside her until the day came for his birth. Feeling her cunt gingerly with her fingers, Fera felt a thick growth inside, a membrane stretched across her tunnel like a hymen. Her lover had sealed her up, plugging her womb to keep their baby safe. So thoughtful. No other cocks would be able to invade her space and threaten the child growing inside.

But without her master's fluid filling her stomach, she'd need food and water, to keep herself and her baby strong. Picking a direction and setting out, she came to the edge of the forest by midday and looked out over a valley: Jehth'a, the Southern border. This valley meandered until it widened around the river farther North. Fera knew it, knew she could find her way from here.

She began walking. Her mind was a green daze, with only disjointed memories of the past month. Flowery growths, thrusting into her, fleshy tentacles. Her lover, his absence a dull ache in her heart. A dim echo of something lurked in the back of her mind, something she should have done, but it didn't seem important now. She dismissed the thought. Now that she was pregnant, her mandate was to return to her village. The seed growing inside of her was the one thing she was sure of.

There were itchy holes all over her body, like large pores in her skin, but they seemed to be closing already. She walked until midday, finding a burbling stream and a bush of purple berries. The cold water washed away the slime from her naked skin, and she rinsed her fur and groomed until she was clean. Clean, but still naked, yet the chill couldn't touch the heat deep inside her belly. She rested a hand on her stomach: was it bigger already? It felt like it. A tiny quiver vibrated under her touch. A kick? Already? The thrill of excitement raced through her body, knowing that the life in her womb was strong and healthy.

Two days passed, as Fera followed the stream up the valley, crossing where it forked with the river and eventually finding the winding path that scaled up into the hills. Two days, with dew freezing to her fur as she walked through the icy night air, shivering, aching, with a strange hunger spurring her on, one that she suspected had nothing to do with her actual stomach. The terrain under her feet turned familiar. She had run through this wilderness so many times as a kitten, following scents along the forest paths and climbing trees with her friends.

Almost there. Her breath misted in front of her as the morning sun dipped below the horizon, taking the warmth of the day with it. Her feet were scratched and stung by the rocks. Her ears and tail drooped miserably, and she rubbed warmth desperately into the fur on her arms. One foot in front of the other, automatic, her dim mind hazy with fatigue and a growing delirium as the path stretched on for miles.

"Fera!" The surprised yelp came from above. A lithe, feline shape twisted gracefully off the branch, swung her body around another on the way down, and landed gracefully on her feet in front of Fera, skirt and long shawl flaring out in the air.

"Cif..Cif..." Fera mumbled. Incoherent. Cold. Hungry. Her baby. They all jumbled up in her head and then were washed away as a flood of darkness overtook her.

The clean wooden ceiling overhead seemed to defy reality after countless days spent in darkness looking up at the faint light filtering through the cracks in the forest floor. Fera blinked uncomprehendingly, then sat up. The cool satin sheet slipped down her chest and pooled on the bed, revealing her modestly swollen breasts and the enormous paunch of her belly. It all came back in a rush: the long, aching march through the forest, fingers and toes threatening to freeze off, being found by Ciffa before collapsing numb in her arms, vague recollections of her sisters bringing her to her own house and laying her in bed before departing with a promise to send Serena around to check on her the next day.

She spotted the bowl of soup on the little round endtable by her bed and tested it with a finger: cold. So Serena hadn't come by yet to check on her. It was still early, judging by the pale light beaming through the slats of the shutters. The midwife had a motherly approach to everyone in the village. At 30 years of age, she had seen most of them delivered as kittens, and treated everyone equally with a kind but slightly patronizing demeanor as though she couldn't help but always see them as the mewling babes they had been.

Ignoring the soup, she rolled herself over on the bed with some difficulty and got her feet on the floor. She didn't feel hungry. Her body hummed with an oozing feeling of satiation, as though the life swelling in her belly provided some kind of subtle sustenance. She could feel it, feel him, growing silently deep inside when she placed her hands on the obscene curve of her stomach. He would be huge, compared to the tiny girl kittens the Felis normally bore. The enormous bulge almost tripled her size around the waist - an ungainly burden on the slender frame of the 12-year-old catgirl. Gingerly, she hefted herself to her feet. She didn't mind. Her baby boy would be big and healthy - and she had a feeling he would have an appetite to match.

Fera managed to pull on a loose smock and pad out to the tiny front room of her modest house just in time to hear the rapping on the front door. She turned to answer it, slowly, holding her belly with one hand, but found Serena already letting herself in.

"Fera! So good to see you child. Sit! Sit." The older Felis was a luscious maroon-furred beauty with long hair and a motherly smile. "Come now. A girl in your condition shouldn't be walking about so."

Fera obliged the woman's imperious gestures and sat down slowly into her chair. It did feel good to sit, to take the weight off. She leaned back and looked out the window while Serena fussed about the small room, tail twitching, setting a pot to boil and unloading a basket of food and sundries onto the table.

Fera's house was little more than a sturdy hut - cozy, but barely big enough for 2. Felis didn't believe in building large. It was nestled on a huge root at the base of one of the enormous great-trees that filled the forests of Fera's homelands. They were sacred, these ancient trees. A dozen spans around their massive trunks, with profusions of deep roots that dug into the earth and stretched for miles. Felis loved their trees, but they certainly didn't live in them like some humans thought.

The sight of the familiar forest floor outside her window filled Fera with calm satisfaction. She would have preferred to stay with her lover, but it was still good to be home. Serena bustled about, wiping away some of the dust of Fera's long absence from the counter before she finished unloading. After hanging a few fresh herbs to dry from the ceiling, she turned her attention to Fera.

"Now then! Let's have a look at you girl." She beckoned Fera to lean back farther and pull up her smock, then kneeled in front of her to take a look at her belly.

"My my," she whistled impressively. "This is quite an...expansive condition you have got yourself into my dear. Did you have any trouble with the men outside?" The older woman smiled knowingly, almost lecherously.

"I" Fera didn't know where she could have possibly begun, and she felt she didn't want to talk anyway, about the many men she had met, about Stephan, about the dog, about being gangraped in an alley and...and Jacqueline. Serena was absorbed in feeling her belly and missed the flash of emotion on her face.

"Shame. The trouble you can get into with men is half the fun." Serena's smile was coy. "You DID manage to have plenty of fun, right? Meet plenty of men? A little girl your age, 12, well, the world outside should be your plaything."

"Y-yes." Fera nodded slowly.

"Six times. That's how many times I've been out, you know. And six wonderful kittens to show for it." Serena ran a hand affectionately over the mass of Fera's belly. "I was never this big though. I don't think I've ever seen anyone THIS big, Fera. You'll probably have twins, or triplets - I have an herb that can help us tell. It must have been quite a man who put these inside you - either that or you've been fooling around with a horse."

Fera almost choked, but she managed a crooked smile when Serana looked up.

"Oh, never mind Fera. Silly me, forgetting how shy you little girls can be about such things." Serana's ears drooped apologetically. "Sorry. Let's have a listen."

She planted both hands on the strained skin of Fera's belly and pressed her ear down to it. Fera knew she would hear the heartbeat inside. She could feel the rhythm of her baby's life pulsing along with her own, a vigorous, florid essence that sometimes left a salty tang on the back of her tongue.

"Hmm, I only hear one heartbeat, but the Tanarine will tell us for sure. Now then. Any pains? Any swelling in your feet?"

Fera talked with the woman and listened when she explained which herbs to take for pains and which for sleep, and which she should take every day to ensure a strong kitten and an easy birth. Useless, probably, but the midwife knew her herbs well, so Fera pretended to listen patiently. Her baby was already healthy and strong. He didn't need any lesser plants, didn't need Felis medicine, didn't need anything other than the warm womb of his mother's body to nurse him. Finally, the older woman was satisfied that Fera was in good health and had everything she needed.

"Ok dear. Get some rest. Stay off your feet. I mean it." Serana embraced Fera and then stood up to leave. "I'll check in on you at the same time tomorrow."

Fera doffed her clothes and crawled back into bed after the woman left. She felt hot, as though a fever was running through her veins, but she knew she wasn't sick. A faint quivering of anticipation burned deep inside. Her baby was almost here, almost ready to bloom, and she was ready for him.

The crash of thunder ripped Fera out of her sleep. Her hands flew to her belly, chasing the fading streak of pain from deep inside. The inky blackness outside the window flickered with fitful flashes of lightning, followed quickly by more peals of thunder. Her swollen belly quivered under her hands, and suddenly another contraction tore painfully through her pelvis.

She threw back the sheets. Her dreams had been filled with ravenous hunger: sweet, tender little bodies, bound tightly, struggling, slippery holes filled with pounding flesh. The vision had engrossed her mind, a rapturous landscape of every girl from her village caught up in a writhing web of tentacled ecstasy. Her baby's hunger was boiling over into her brain even now, a flaring ache that pulsed in time with the fresh contraction tearing at her belly.

Grimacing, she brushed aside the sheet that cordoned off her tiny sleeping area and staggered out, naked, an arm cupped around her massive belly. Faint stirrings writhed beneath the surface of its straining flesh, her baby trembling in anticipation of his new life. The next flare of pain blinded her, and she swooned against the table, gasping, toppling a dish to shatter on the floor. The pain subsided quickly, followed by a mounting echo of swollen pleasure from deep in her gut, a heady rush of raw sexual bliss like being fucked for the first time by the biggest cock she could imagine. The darkness of the window was in front of her when her vision cleared. Clouds swirled above the treetops as the storm raged far overhead, illuminated by brilliant flashes that brought more thunder booming down on her. The pounding tempo from the sky matched the ache that flared out from her groin and throbbed in her veins. The taste of iron and blood lingered on the back of her tongue.

Her eyes scanned the room. There. She let the pain pass, then strode across the room. Her fingers trembled as she pulled the bolt open and flung open the iron hatch.

This had been her cellar when she moved in, and still would have been, if the earth had held. But the shifting growth of the great-tree's roots over time had punctured the space and eroded the soil until the hatch simply opened into a dark cavity underneath her house. She peered down, slitted eyes adjusting quickly to the darkness. A network of large roots could be seen descending into the gloom several feet down.

Soil. That was what she needed. Fresh earth to birth and plant her baby. Holding her stomach gingerly, she sat on the lip of the hatch and felt tentatively with her feet until they found purchase on the largest of the roots. More of them were below, a tangled network of earthy-smelling tendrils that twisted chaotically, leaving gaps between them. Fera stepped down to another root. The crevices yawned open beneath her, descending further into the darkness. The ground had entirely eroded during the year she had been gone, leaving just the roots winding through empty space.

With catlike balance she slid and shimmied down the rough surfaces, squeezing herself and her belly through the narrow gaps, pausing with each contraction. They were still far apart, but getting closer every minute. She had to hurry. Fera brushed aside a web of tiny, brittle tendrils and slithered around a trunk-like protrusion, burrowing farther into the earth. She must be over a dozen feet down, she figured. Looking up, only the faintest flickers of light from the lamp in her house were visible, but Fera's eyes didn't need help to see in the dark.

Another contraction. She paused, hugging a thick root, gasping as her stomach twisted itself inside out. So close now. The twisted cavity smelled of dank moss and loam. She reached out and touched soil. Rich, moist. Perfect. The damp surface was like a cool balm on her back as she lay down. The spasms wrung her muscles and then were quickly drowned by a rush of swelling pleasure from her cunt. Fera gasped and held her belly. She could feel her pussy flushed and gaping wide open in the darkness.

Fera panted and gasped in the darkness of the pit, tail curling tightly with each fresh contraction. They were coming so much faster! Clenching muscles strained themselves to breaking and then exploded with pleasure as her first orgasm washed through her. How many days had she spent with her lover in a hole just like this, that beautiful monster that had raped her endlessly, fucking her tiny, screaming, 12-year-old boy to the heights of mind-shattering ecstasy again and again. Slippery tentacles, holding her tight as she struggled and writhed, preparing her, bathing her insides with the special juices needed to transform her and make her womb suitable for sowing his seed.

And now his gift trembled eagerly in her belly. Fera howled when her stomach twisted and she finally felt something shift. Like a hard pit, the mass inside began to slide, slowly, agonizingly, an inch of squeezing pain at a time. She bore down with all her might, grunting through the waves of pain, then collapsed back on the earth when they subsided, chest heaving, tears filling her eyes and gasping pitifully as heady rushes of pleasure racked her body and pushed her to sudden climax. She had helped midwife before - all the girls helped in some way, when a new kitten was due, so she had expected pain, but she had never imagined her birth would be such ecstasy, that the sweet monstrous seed planted in her body would wash her in orgasm after orgasm as it slid slowly down her vaginal canal. It was like being fucked for the first time again, like being stretched beyond her limit. He was so big inside her, like a monstrous horse, stretching her quivering little cunt to its absolute limit. Another pang, another spasm, another tiny shift, and a gush of pleasure. Fera's mind whirled between twin storms of pain and rapture. Maybe this was what that tender little 8-year-old had felt, as her miniscule pussy was impaled on Centaurum horsecock for the first time: a pounding euphoria that swept everything away, a straining fullness beyond description.

The contractions were so close together now. Each blinding squeeze brought a ripping pain that was rapidly overwhelmed by an eruption of ecstasy. Fera orgasmed again, hard, naked body writhing in the dirt, squealing with catlike passion as she bore down. He was moving. The mass was slowly pushing down her birth canal.

"Hnnnnnnnggggh!" She squeezed until it felt like her muscles would burst, every fiber straining to the limit. Abruptly it let up and she rested back on the soil, panting for air. Just a few more. Her baby was almost here. The next contraction came suddenly, her body clenching wildly, and with a final push she felt the hard mass rush out followed by a well of dark fluids.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggh!" Fera's cry dwindled to a long groan of satisfaction. The pain was already subsiding. She felt around gently in the dark, arms coating with sticky fluid, until she found her son. He was a shriveled, fleshy mass the size of a grapefruit, pulsing feebly in her hands. She cooed and wiped away the fluids, feeling the tiny bristles all over the walnut-like skin that had caused such an itch inside her. They already seemed to be falling off.

"Oh baby, sweet baby," she cuddled the thing to her naked breasts. Rounded like an egg, it had a pair of delicate lips running along one side which were already parting. A trio of tiny tentacles poked their way out, probing the new world and brushing up against Fera's skin until they found the erect nubs of her nipples. She laughed with delight. Such a good boy. Just out of the womb and he already knew what to do. The perfect seed. She brought him up for a kiss. The gooey flesh was already drying out on its own, but enough was left to leave dripping runners of slime on Fera's lips. Such an angel.

A flicker of stray light from far above caught crossed his body as she held him up, and a little squall of protest came from inside the tiny creature's parted lips. Quickly, she pulled him to her chest and wrapped him in her arms to protect him. No light, at least not yet. The core of her newborn child was a fragile thing. She would need to plant him right away. The soft soil of the pit was ideal. But first, first she had to feed him. The adorable baby tentacles coiling on her flat breasts didn't drink milk. They needed a different kind of fluid from her.

Leaning back and getting comfortable on the dirt, Fera lowered her baby and pressed him up against her aching crotch. The little plant-like nugget seemed to grow excited, its pulse visibly accelerating as it reached out to probe its mother's vagina. Tiny tentacles slipped gooey trails over her flushing pussy lips, and Fera jerked when one found her clit. The gentle touch of her son brought arousal gushing into her groin and thighs. She was still sore, but the pain had faded rapidly. She spread her legs wider to welcome him in.

"Come on baby," she panted. "Come get what you need." The little lips on the side of the bulb opened slightly wider, a few more inches of the vulnerable tentacles slipping out to probe the warm tunnel it had found. It was a moment special beyond words. The first time her son had touched her, the first time he would make love to her, the first time he would fuck her and drink her juices.

She had read the entry for Venoma Vines in the Monstrum Factorum, but now she knew more firsthand than would ever be in the book. Connected to her lover for weeks by the millions of tiny connections in her brainstem and spine, he had sung sweet melodies to her even as he plundered her body. Pussy juice: that was what her lover had craved, what her baby boy needed to thrive. Little girl pussy juice, the sweet floods of nectar from a naked little prepubescent body writhing in ecstasy. The younger the better. She could feel his need like her own.

Instinct guided the probing appendages, and they slithered in and squirmed up into the channel with a rapidity that brought a gasp to Fera's mouth. He was hungry. She cupped him close with her hands, and he didn't disappoint her. The rubbing digits massaged her inflamed pussy walls, stoking waves of pleasure that rushed up her aching belly to her chest. The seed gave a tiny squall of pleasure, and the phallic ends of his limbs began to grow. He was getting stiff for mommy. She was so proud that she could make his first time special.

Slowly, instinctively, a pair of the wormlike vines slithered out of her pussy and wrapped themselves around her thighs, getting a grip, positioning him up against her cunt with a brown tentacle poised at the entrance. It was swelling even larger, hungry for its mother's cunt, for the pleasure and nourishing liquid it would find inside. The sore feeling in Fera's cunt was already being replaced by a pounding ache of urgency.

Mewling cries escaped her throat when her child first pushed up inside her, probing the moist tunnel it had emerged from minutes earlier. Her ears and nipples stiffened, both bristling in the air. Her baby boy, the lovely child that she had longed for, clung tightly to her crotch with tentacles gripping her thighs fiercely as the fleshy prick pushed farther inside.

"Eeeeummmphhh!" Her breath rose to a wordless catlike squeal at the first pump. The bristling seed pushed her legs for leverage, pulling its cock out, then shoving it back inside. Not even an hour old, and already he could fuck Mommy like a pro. Fera's hands alternated between cuddling the throbbing baby at her crotch and brushing her own stomach and tiny breasts, feeling the slippery fluids of birth on her deflated belly. Passion roiled through her body, steaming into bubbling waves that came out as desperate panting. Thump, thump, her baby picked up a rhythm, slapping the tiny cock inside her, clearly enjoying the squeezing warmth of the body that had given it life. Wiggling her hips, arching her back, Fera cried out and bucked her hips. She couldn't help it. The brown tube was swelling up massively inside her, feeding on the juice flowing from her pussy walls. Already her baby was pumping harder, fucking her cunt with a hungry vigor as it harvested her fluid.

Beating passion rose up and crested into wild explosions of pleasure in Fera as her climax raced through her body. The cock throbbed even tighter inside of her. The fleshy lump of her son slapped up against her pelvis with abandon, making a high-pitched squeal of delight that was almost inaudible. Ecstasy writhed in her gut and her muscles clamped around the wormlike tentacle as it thrust inward and finally buried itself deep against the aching gate of her womb. She felt the greasy fluid sputter from the end and shoot up inside her, bringing the sensations of syrupy warmth and pleasing fullness inside. Shuddering with pleasure, her baby shot his seed right back into the body that had birthed him, filling her womb with liquid joy.

Fera lolled helplessly when her orgasm finally receded. She caressed the wrinkled flesh locked against her crotch, cooing happily. Her sisters had always told her that being a Mom was wonderful, but she had never expected such bliss, such passionate fulfilment of motherhood. Her baby was so adorable, quivering against her pussy like that.

"Are you done sweetie?" She rubbed his skin in the darkness, feeling fleshy contractions under the surface. Had he fed enough? He'd need lots of her pussy juice to keep growing, but he seemed sated now. She reached down to see if she could gently pull him off. She had to kiss him, had to taste the liquid oozing from his tentacles and dripping from his cock. Every mother longed for the feeling of her newborn against her lips and breasts.

A tentacle slapped her hand away angrily when she pulled. The nervous quivering vibrated upwards, telling her that he was happy where he was, with his little baby cock stuffed in his mother. She let him be and laid exhausted on the uneven soil, mind still reeling from the pain and pleasure of her childbirth and subsequent copulation.

Twice more her baby began to pound away in her cunt, humping madly until more warm fluid spurted up inside her. Fera thrashed her way through the multiple climaxes. Her baby's cum seeped out of her pussy in sticky globs, congealing into a viscous sludge of dark fluid that stuck between her buttcheeks and formed a goopy puddle underneath her rear. Hazy daydreams filled Fera's head between bouts of pleasure: she was already prepared, her womb and ovaries primed for planting. How soon could her baby give her a baby? His instincts worked perfectly, fucking the first cunt it met with abandon. Was he fertile yet? Was the semen pooling inside her womb already impregnating her again? The thrill buzzed in her stomach. The Monstrum Factorum hadn't mentioned how long it took Venoma Vines to mature, but her instincts told her they grew fast.

With a shudder, her baby boy's cock slipped from her pussy. It was larger than when it had gone in - he was larger. He had slurped the juice from her cunt and grown rapidly, but now he needed rest. The wiggling vines loosened around her thighs, and she sat up and picked him up to cuddle against her flat breasts, murmuring a lullaby. The dirt here in the pit was soft - a bastion of rich Earth for her child to flourish in. She dug deeper into the brown surface, scooping soil with one hand and holding her child with the other. Eventually she had carved out a head-sized indentation, and she laid her baby gently inside it. A perfect fit. She covered him partly with loose soil, leaving the lipped opening exposed. Tentacles wrapped lovingly around her fingers and wrists, slack and sleepy.

Fera curled up in the dirt next to the mound. Her naked 12-year-old body was covered all over with dirt and vile filth, her fur was a haphazard mess of tangles and gunky deposits. Her pussy ached raw and her waist and crotch were a mess of drying bodily fluids, caked on as if she had been splattered with a hose.

And she had never been happier. Fera had her baby at last.

Thirst. It pulsed from a blinding headache. Desperate. Ravenous. The shock lurched her awake. Her throat felt parched, drier than it had ever been.

From the tiny amount of light visible overhead, she could see that her baby had sunk deep into the soil next to her. He had grown even more - over a dozen tentacles emerged from the gap, most as big as her arm. They quested along the dirt floor, touching her body in intimate places, and she felt rather than heard the mournful plea of his appetite.

She sat up and got on her knees, straddling the dank crevice, and pulled her pussy lips wide apart.

"Come on baby," she panted, her body already heating with desire. "Have a drink."

Her baby boy proved an even more passionate lover than before, massaging her body to the brink of climax before digging eagerly into her cunt. He was strong now, too. The mass of tentacles wrapped her wrists and yanked them behind her, arching her back and drawing a squeal of pleasure. A slippery appendage wrapped around her neck and cinched tight, choking her breath and yanking her head to the floor, thrusting her pussy into the air. Strong. She was so proud. Fluids gushed from her crotch and the thrusting tentacles eagerly soaked them up like a sponge, but as she came down from her third orgasm and the tentacles drooped limply to the floor, exhausted, she realized it wasn't enough.

Her baby needed more. More cunt juice from little girls. She was a good mother, but her tiny body could only provide so much. A growing plant needed ample watering. She'd have to find him more nourishment. She had to provide for her child above all else.

She kissed the wiggling ends of his slippery brown tentacles and licked the ends clean, enjoying the tasty mix of his salty goop blended with juices from her own insides. It was the taste of a mother and her son's love for each other. Once he was clean, she crawled slowly upwards through the thick system of roots until she could wiggle up out of the hatch and into the main room of her house. Morning sun had flooded the forest outside the window. It was a perfect day.

Fera felt alive, happy, buzzing with satisfaction and horny energy and with more purpose than she had had in years. The hunger still burned in the back of her mind though, sizzling in her nerve endings, communicated through her intimate bond to her wonderful baby boy. Feeling wobbly, she looked down at herself.

This wouldn't do. As much as she would have loved to walk into broad daylight with the juicy evidence of her son's birth and passion on her, it wouldn't do at all. Red and yellow fluid had coated her thighs and caked in her fur, and dark semen dripped from her pussy. Her breasts and deflated belly were caked with the syrupy sludge that her baby had been covered with when he came out.

Regretfully, she went to the little shower in the back of the house and pulled the lever. Cold water cascaded down, and Fera washed her skin and groomed her fur to a neat shine. Crusted cum ringed her ears so she washed it away, and she pulled her tail around to squeeze the grime from it. She felt better when she was done, fresh and clean and ready to be defiled again, but as much as she longed to go down and make love to her baby, she resisted. Instead she rummaged through her closet and picked a dress of brown fabric and sewn leather. She pulled it on over her head and smoothed it over her hips. The top hung loose on one side, leaving a shoulder bare, and the front had a wide cutout that showed off her bare midriff.

She flourished the skirt as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her pregnancy hadn't had the slightest effect on her belly - it was just as trim and tight as it had always been, and the dress still looked amazing on her. Maybe her baby would like see her in it, or maybe he would just enjoy ripping it off of her before wrapping his limbs around his Mommy and...

Her pussy itched fiercely again, but she ignored it. Had to find him something to drink. Something succulent. Something tender and young. The appetite burned its reminder in the back of her mind.

The cool breeze brushed her skirt and thighs when she left the house. A pathway of carved steps led down the wide, curving root to the forest floor and a lip that overlooked the clearing of her village. Morning had cloaked the forest with scattered mist and a fresh sense of renewal, and brilliant orange rays peeked through striations of purple clouds in the East. A dozen small houses circled a small field of flowers and a clear pond in the center of the clearing, and a handful of scattered cottages peeked from the bases of the other great-trees around the perimeter of the village. Each dwelling was nestled comfortably between the trees and vegetation, as if they had grown as part of the forest. Cozy lamplight beamed from the windows and smoke drifted lazily from the chimneys of each. The stirring sounds of activity had barely begun to fill the air as the Felis girls woke and began their day.

The secluded race of catgirls rarely lived more than a few dozen in the same place, preferring peaceful lives over the bustle of cities like the humans had. There were 18 other girls here. Fera knew them all. 18 fresh little pussies, bursting with delicious juices for her baby. She licked her lips unconsciously.

The dry thirst drove her on. Fera picked a short trail that curled around the edge that ringed the clearing. Her sisters would grow to love her baby, she was sure, would learn to love the thrill of his engorged tentacles thrusting home in their cunt just like she did. They might need a little...convincing at first, but she didn't have much time. Her baby's thirst itched in the back of her brain, a ravenous buzz creeping up to break her train of thought. He needed to be watered so badly.


Fera's ears flattened in fright and she shrieked as a bush shook and jumped at her. Tiny claws latched onto her leg and the hellion creature chomped the fleshy part of her thigh in a mock bite.


The little catgirl laughed uproariously, arms and legs still clamped around Fera's thigh.

"Rawwwwwww! I got you Fera! I'm a monster!" The tiny girl growled menacingly and pretended to gnaw Fera's leg before laughing at herself and finally letting go.

At 6 years old, Lily still had just enough kitten in her to be maddeningly precocious. Her fingernails hadn't quite rounded out yet, and her tail still had a youthful bushiness. Fera remembered the little scamp's antics with fondness. Lily was a year older now, but she was just as Fera remembered: blonde hair and blue eyes with long lashes, and rounded, impish cheeks. She lolled on the springy grass, still giggling at her prank, morning dew slicking her skin to a shine.

"Ok Lily," Fera laughed, hands upraised. "You got me. And just what kind of monster are you supposed to be?"

"I uh...I don't know. A giant! Or something." Lily hissed playfully and swatted the air. She didn't really know any more about monsters than the other Felis did, which was essentially nothing at all.

"Scary. You're awful small for a giant though." Fera eyeballed the girl wickedly. "You know I heard that sometimes monsters...bite...BACK!"

The tiny girl shrieked with laughter when Fera pounced on her. The two girls wrestled playfully on the grass, Lily wiggling like an eel and doing her best to worm out of Fera's grip. She almost succeeded, her skin becoming slick with dew, but Fera managed a solid grab on her shawl. The loose cotton garment hanging from the tiny girl's shoulders was the barest concession to the morning chill. It was a cheery shade of red, edges stitched with a fringe of white threads, but it did little to cover the girl, who was otherwise bare from the waist up. Felis eschewed heavy clothing. Their fur usually kept them warm enough. Fera got her arms wrapped around the struggling girl and hugged her tight as she sat up on the grass.

"Ok ok!" Lily hollered, finally giving in. She rested back against Fera's stomach in surrender, ears twitching. "You got me Fera."

"I sure did," Fera purred, stroking the girl's braided hair. Lily's auburn and white fur matched her mother's coloring. The little girl rested in Fera's arms, breathing heavily with her shawl bunched up around her shoulders, and Fera felt the light brush of a pair of tiny nipples on her wrists.

"You were gone for a whole year Fera." Lily twisted her head around to look up at her. "I missed you so much, but you're finally back now. Juna came back this summer too. Her belly was soooo big. Hey aren't you going to have a baby now too?" The girl twisted and eyed Fera's belly with curiosity. "Oh, did you already have her?"

"Yeah I did sweetie." Fera wondered why she hadn't thought of her belly earlier. Everyone knew she had been pregnant coming in. Everyone would know about her birth as soon as they saw her.

"Ohhhhhh can I see her?!" Lily arched her back demandingly, looking up at Fera with a pleading expression. Fera couldn't help but laugh. Lily was so sweet, such a tender little morsel.

"Of course. She's uh...back at my house. Let's go."

Fera followed the skipping girl as they headed back up the path to her house. Thirst was drying out her lips, and she kept licking them compulsively, watching the young catgirl bounce along with seemingly endless energy. Lily had a lithe, supple body. Young Felis tended towards slender figures. The short skirt of pleated leather bounced on her plump little bottom, cloth divided in the back but tied around the feisty, twitching tail. Fera could already imagine the fleshy tentacles coiling around the little legs, squirming up her flat breasts, finding the moist, tender holes of the little girl. The fresh juices from her virgin pussy would provide ample nourishment, and the 6-year-old body would be a delicious treat. Only the best for her little boy.

"I'll bet she has brown fur! Right Fera?" Lily bounced up and down on her toes. Fera opened the door and the little girl dashed inside, hopping gayly. "No wait, black! Is it black fur Fera?" The little girl bubbled exuberantly as Fera led her to the open hatch.

"It's not black or brown, but he has all kinds of delightful colors." A thrill of anticipation swirled in Fera's gut as she placed both hands on Lily's shoulders. The little girl looked down at the dark hole under the house, then up at her in confusion, seeing the fervent hunger filling Fera's smile.

With a quick shove, Fera pushed the tiny girl into the open hatch. Lily hollered as she fell, then landed with a thump on the bed of tangled roots several feet down.

"Fera?!" Lily pushed herself up onto her hands and knees, crying, ears flattened and tail curled around her legs. "Fera? What?" She looked up, a pitiful, vulnerable form with a tiny streak of blood on her lip. Her shawl was askew, leaving the 6-year-old's chest bare. The roots weren't far down - Lily might have been able to jump to get out, but Fera knew that the girl would never escape her baby.

"What did I do Fera?!" The tiny girl cried pitifully, hiccuping. Fera's pussy was dripping, already imagining the thrilling feel of the tiny girl's tight cunt being plundered. A tentacle slithered slowly up from the network of roots like a snake, blending in with the vegetation, looking like an innocent vine, and coiled ever so delicately around the little girl's ankle. Lily looked down in confusion when it cinched tight, and Fera had only a moment to enjoy the shock and fear on the little girl's face before the tentacle yanked Lily off her feet and pulled her down into the roots screaming.

Fera dropped to her knees, a rush of excitement flooding her veins. She felt her baby reaching out, finding the tender morsel left for him and grabbing it ruthlessly. Lily screamed and struggled deep in the pit, trying to wiggle away from the rushing tentacles even as they coiled around her wrists and ankles and cinched them tight behind her. The mass writhed over her skin and dragged the tiny body deeper into the maze of roots.

Fera felt every pinch, every squeeze, every grab of the girl's tight little body in her head. Fleshy limbs pulled Lily's shawl up and then ripped it apart to reveal her naked chest while others dug up eagerly under the short skirt, finding and probing the delicate, prepubescent cleft and the fearful clenching hole between her buttcheeks. In seconds, the horny mass of tentacles had located every moist, twitching hole on the 6-year-old and as one they all thrust eagerly inside.

Raw pleasure coursed through Fera's nervous system. Her baby boy's first rape! She was so proud. And with such a cute, fuckable little girl too. She felt every sensation of the tender figure struggling in the darkness, sweating and yelling as tentacles pushed into her tiny pussy and jammed themselves into her asshole and squirmed into her throat, dulling the screams to a frantic moaning. Brief resistance barred the way just inside the hairless lips, but with a solid thrust they were through. Lily kicked wildly and arched her back as her virginity was ripped away.

"Oh my baby!" Fera shuddered, fingers digging under her dress and frigging wildly at her cunt. "Oh my sweet baby." She felt the invading limbs turn the girl over in midair and begin a pounding tempo into the sucking warmth of her terrified body. Lily struggled madly and then moaned in surprise around the fuckmeat in her mouth when the first waves of pleasure flooded up from her pussy. The little catgirl's first introduction to sex was the squirming mass of gooey flesh that nearly encased her tiny body, coiling around her tail and thighs, tips brushing her nipples and diving into the sweet clefts between her legs, bringing a flash flood of powerful new feelings to the 6-year-old body. She had no defense, physically or mentally. The helpless child writhed through mounting waves of adrenaline-soaked pleasure as the new fuck slave of her ravenous master, scanty clothing ripped away and shredded as quickly as her virginity, innocence pounded to pieces under throbbing cocklike tentacles that oozed excited sludge from the tips and left runners of gooey mucus on her smooth skin.

The first reluctant orgasm erupted quickly from the tempest of the girl's fear and excitement, washing over Lily and communicated to the baby Venoma and his mother through the drumbeat of spasming pussy muscles. Fera felt it in her cunt, felt her boy swelling up with pleasure inside and shooting a geyser of dark cum up into the tight pussy, felt her own climax rocketing to the heights on the backs of both before the shared detonations rocked her brain with lightning ecstasy.

Through the storm, she felt herself writhing on the floor, felt her tentacles slamming home and pouring ejaculate into her newest fucktoy, felt her virgin body stricken with the first orgasm of her young life. The crescendo of energy hummed a primal circuit through all 3 - both catgirls connected to and sharing the hungry pleasure of their monstrous lover. Her baby had only the bare brown tentacles of a newborn, but their ends were already bursting into sprouts of blue tendrils, worming their way into the skin of Lily's back and the soft flesh of her pussy and throat, nerve-ends crackling with the trio's shared pleasure. Through her racing orgasm Fera rejoiced at her growing family. Lily had always been close to her, almost like a daughter, following her around and delighting Fera with her antics as a kitten. Now their bodies shared the most intimate of familial connections, subservient little cum sluts to be raped by their master whenever he pleased.

The sucking quicksand of her orgasm finally dwindled and ebbed away. Her baby felt much better, his body sucking on the gushing nectar from the 6-year-old catgirl's warm pussy. Lily howled with euphoria in the brief moments between the tentacles taking turns in her mouth, the faint cries barely working their way up out of the pit. It was enough for now, but still too little. Her baby would need more, more juice than the body of the tiny 6-year-old she had brought could provide, and Fera knew just where to get it.

She hurried away from the house before the orgasmic storm swept her up again. Wild daisies grew in a line along the dirt path. Fera hurried along it, following the curving lip down towards the clearing until she reached a small flagstone path that led to the door of a simple 2-bedroom cottage. Smoke drifted from a chimney poking up through the thatched roof.

"Fera!" Milla's tail twitched with delight when she saw the guest at her door. She rubbed the dough from her hands onto her apron before wrapping the girl in a tight hug.

"I heard you had come back in a couple days ago. We missed you so much! We planned to visit you today, you know." She pulled back, smiling happily, then eyed Fera's stomach with a gasp.

"Did you have your baby already sweetie? So soon? You look a bit stiff. Are you sure you want to be wandering about?"

"It was yesterday. Yes, I'm a bit sore, but I'm fine. Serana cleared me." Fera faked her most friendly smile. "Do you want to come see?"

"Of course! Of course." Milla shucked her apron. She was wearing a plain skirt and a loose gray shirt, low on the sides, that showed off her ample breasts. Fera had never admitted it to her, but she slightly envied the woman. At 20, Milla had a pair of breasts and a killer body that any human man would have died for. Fera always felt just a little bit inadequate around those luscious bosoms.

"Just let me call Lily. She's around her somewhere." Milla made ready to holler for her daughter.

"No no. She's already met-uh, they're already acquainted." Fera hoped her smile didn't seem too ghastly. Faint echoes of the girl's pounding glee resounded in the back of her head.

"Oh, how wonderful!." Milla pulled the door closed behind her and followed Fera back up the path. "I'll bet your daughter is so adorable Fera. Did you decide what to name her yet? I've always been fond of Milly. It was my mother's name. Your kitten has black fur, doesn't she? I'll bet my best cookpot on it. You patched whites always have dark children. Never fails." The woman nattered on idly as they worked their way along the path.

"Oh I'll bet she's just the CUTEST thing!" Milly squealed, bouncing on her toes as she followed. "You should have seen Lily when she was born, Fera. All wet and pink and squalling like a demon child. But she's always had more energy than she knew what to do with-"

Milla's mouth ran away with her as it always did. Fera wondered if the woman would talk so eagerly with her throat plugged with pumping meat. The woman kept chattering as Fera led her inside and over to the hatch, then she halted in confusion.

"Oh, did you turn your cellar into a nursery? I suppose that would work if it were dry enough." Milla stepped up to the edge. "Fera? It's dark down there."

Milla peered into the gloom. A palpable wave of horror shook her body, tail bristling and ears furled as she took a step back. There was her daughter, held aloft in the pit by a bristling mass of vine-like tentacles, clothing hanging in tattered pieces, thrusting rods of engorged meat fucking the tiny naked girl in every warm hole she had. Lily's eyes bulged with tears as she tried to cry out around the squirming brown mass buried in her throat. The tip of a brown tentacle curling on her neck chose that moment to ejaculate, shooting a fresh spurt of gleaming dark fluid across the girl's face.

Milla whirled around, hissing, just in time to catch Fera's shoulder in her chest. She tumbled backwards and disappeared into the hatch with a shriek. Grinning, Fera looked down into the hole. Milla had landed in a jumble on the wide rootbed, clothing in disarray. She tried to roll over and get up, but a pair of whiplike tentacles shot up from the dark cavities and circled her throat. Slapping at them and screaming, she kicked her legs, seeking purchase on the smooth root, but more tentacles snaked up and coiled around her ankles. They cinched tight and yanked the woman savagely, twisting her legs behind her so she couldn't move.

"FERA!" Milla's eyes looked up at her, rolling in terror as she choked. "Gods above, why?!" The coiling mass closed tight, cinching a solid hold on her arms. "It's a monst-" Her scream was muffled by the sudden invasion of a trio of hunting tentacles worming into her mouth. Their gleeful coiling was visible through the strained puff of her cheeks.

Fera watched as the tentacles made short work of Milla's top. They circled and squeezed the pair of luscious breasts and then went to work on the skirt. After ripping it to to tattered ribbons they dove for the pair of moist tunnels beneath and burrowed ravenously inside to suck up the juices.

In almost no time, the first powerful climax roared into her brain like a hurricane, Milla cumming from the ruthless cadence of pounding tentacles in her crotch and anus and mouth. Her baby knew how to make a woman cum, and he kept up the pace on the captive little 6-year-old at the same time. Fera could see her farther down, the tiny naked body twitching in his grip, eyes wide as she watched her mother fucked to screaming orgasm in front of her. Every struggle just urged the constricting tentacles to curl more tightly around her, made the thin blue tendrils at the back of her neck worm just a little bit deeper, carrying the beat of pulsing orgasm from mother to daughter and back again until both shuddered in shared climax, spasming pussies coaxing dual eruptions of geysers of dark fluid from the pumping flesh inside them.

Fera was carried along with them like a leaf over a waterfall, feeling her baby's pleasure mixing with her own through their bond, feeling the shuddering terror forced to ecstasy in his two little fucktoys as they were filled with monster cum. The shock overwhelmed her system and she screamed along with them, her system barely able to cope with 4 simultaneous orgasms.

Juices squished and slathered her baby's erect flesh, sweet nectar ripped from the bodies of the two captive catgirls. It was almost enough. The thirst was almost quenched. He was growing so fast. She purred as the euphoria melted away. A red tentacle had emerged from the darkness, then a white one, dripping with ivory fluids. He would have more as he grew, enough to take as many girls as he wanted, to treat their bodies with pleasure and gushing plant cum until they were mature enough to be planted with his seed. The new arrivals were already finding their home in the sopping holes of both moaning catgirls.

The satiation of his appetite was humming in her head when an unexpected knock came from the front door. Shit! She had almost forgot. This wouldn't be as easy. Thinking quickly, she grabbed a pan from the kitchen and dove for her bed, pulling up the covers and facing away from the door. With any luck, Serana would think she was just resting.

"Fera honey!" Serana called cheerfully as she let herself in. "How are you feeling?" She closed the door behind her and came up to Fera's bed. "Did you have any sickness last night? Any swelling?"

"A little," Fera lied. " I took your herbs in tea like you said and it helped a bit."

"Wonderful. Well, roll on over child and let's have a look at you."

Fera did, and Serana's eyes widened in surprise in the brief moment before Fera smashed the frying pan into her face.

"Aaaagh!" The older woman shrieked, clutching her face and backing up. This put her right next to the lip of the open hatch. Fera jumped out of the bed and shoved Serana further off balance. Arms whirling briefly, the woman hollered as she disappeared into the darkness.

Unseen limbs coiled around her ankles and wrists and yanked tight. Others snaked up under her dress and flexed powerfully, ripping it open. Tentacles sporting engorged phalluses sought her privates and rubbed gleefully against them, smearing dark fluid. Serana screamed, and Fera felt every vivid moment of her baby boy's pleasure as if it were her own body as he ravished his newest juicy little toy.

Serana's swift orgasm joined the chorus of the rest. It was barely fading as Fera left the house again, shutting the door behind her. What a beautiful day. The sun had risen in the sky and dispelled the fog of the valley.

Caila was closest. The bubbly 14-year-old embraced Fera with a hug when she showed up at her door, then followed eagerly at Fera's invitation to see her child. Her orange tail and ears twitched excitedly, then stiffened in confusion when Fera led her to the open hatch. Fera pushed her off balance and hoisted her skirt from behind to upend the girl into the pit. Another snack for her baby. Caila had only a moment to cry out in the darkness before a mass of squirming tentacles curled all over her body and pulled tight. The orgasm burned raw in her head and she swooned briefly against the frame of the door as she left her house. Each girl added to the pleasure. She felt every squeeze as the 14-year-old catgirl's skirt and blouse were torn asunder and her twitching holes were stuffed full of fuckmeat.

Caila's sister was a year older, but just as easy. Camma screamed when she saw her sister's naked body in the darkness in front of her, but in an instant her baby had grabbed her and was raping her right alongside her sister. He had so many tentacles now, dozens, and she knew the flowing juices from each fresh cunt were stimulating his body, causing him to grow more appendages: red, green, orange - all that he needed to prepare and plant his seed in all the girls in his grasp.

Jasna, Noko, Buxy, she found them each working in the village garden. She could barely keep her limbs from shaking as she led them up the path. The burning glow of pleasure thrummed in her veins, intensifying to climax when she led them inside to the hatch and half a dozen tentacles suddenly swarmed out of the void and yanked them all inside. He filled the space below now, a writhing mass of pleasure-giving phalluses pounding away at all the catgirl cunts.

Fera remembered everything Jacqueline had told her, everything she had seen on the pages of the Monstrum Factorum. "Fiat Violatum". The meaning of the ancient words had long passed from this world, but now she knew their truth. As her orgasms washed through her, she remembered how the promise had been written on every page: every sweet, tender little human girl taken, her clothing ripped off and her body ravaged by bulging monster cocks of every shape and size. Fera recalled each diagram vividly as she walked down the path yet again. She found Una playing in the village, and after leading her back, the little 11-year-old's black fur had only one moment to bristle in terror before the tentacles coiled around her neck and yanked her down to the orgy of violent rape.

Had it been that way for the humans who were taken? Fera could imagine it: a little girl of 8, walking home through the fields on a summer day, arms full of freshly-picked wildflowers and humming happily right up to the moment a Centaurum net was dropped over her. Dress ripped off and bulging horse cocks stuffed in every hole, cum spewing inside her body until her throat overflowed and her belly bulged with raw horse semen. Fera knew now how she had ended up as a spit-roated little horseslut lashed to a pole in a Centaurum camp.

And Parah, taken from her home by the beastly Minotaurum - probably writhing in the mud of a slave pen right now with her tight little cunt stuffed with throbbing bullcock bigger than her arms, shrieking with orgasmic pleasure, her pregnant belly swaying back and forth with each thrust. Lucky girl.

The twins were next. Kitta and Katti were overjoyed to see Fera again and eagerly came to see her baby. Brown tentacles leaped out of the pit and snatched them together. Fera had never liked them much, but the intense shiver in her muscles as their bodies were trussed and stripped and violated by her baby boy brought her to her knees. Her own pussy juice streamed down her legs. She wanted to throw herself down there, to be grabbed and fucked and raped senseless by her baby, but she still had more work to do.

Shanda was teaching her class of girls by the pond. They were all too eager to come. As they walked up the path, Shanda explained to the three girls that it would be a good lesson to see a newborn kitten. Their surprise was total when a handful of sludge-covered brown tentacles suddenly snaked out and snatched them. Fera slammed the door to the house and stood with her back to it to keep the other kids from escaping. They screamed and stumbled backwards, but there was nowhere to go, and in no time all four had been taken. Their terror and mounting lust joined the network of pleasure that coursed through all the girls and through her own veins, woven through with her baby's pleasure as he enjoyed his new treats.

How many little human girls were out there right now, thrashing with bliss on the business ends of virile monster cocks, just as the girls of her village were? The spider-like Arachma, spinning webs in the depths and dragging girls in to fill them with eggs. The brutish Org, using their legendary stamina to fuck every pretty little pussy of the girls they took around the clock until the bulge of Org babies could be seen in their bellies. Giant vultures, snatching girls for their nests. The huge beetles called Crithma, impregnating the naked, squirming bodies of little girls with their spawn. Squicks. Crags. Even demonic Fiends. The pages of the Factorum had seemed endless.

Just a few left now. The pleasure of the ongoing rape of all the girls beneath her house boiled in the back of Fera's brain, but she managed to compose herself. Warm rays beamed through the treetops from the afternoon sun, and Fera was surprised when she saw the remaining Felis already coming up the path to her house.

"Hi Pamona." Fera tried to silence the ecstatic twitching of her muscles as she gave the girl what she hoped was a friendly grin. Pamona was the village scout, the closest thing the village had to a guard, and she was armed.

"Fera." Pamona's chestnut-colored ears flattened slightly as she regarded Fera. "Are you...alright? Something odd is happening."

Fera eyed the dagger in its sheath. Pamona knew how to fight, certainly more than Fera did, and she could use her blade or the bow on her back with expert skill. The other two Felis, Semma and Ciffa, looked around warily, holding quarterstaves.

"Odd?" Fera's smile dripped with innocence. "What do you mean?"

"I mean there's nobody down on the village green. You're the first person we've found." The wariness was evident in Pamona's voice. "Semma saw Shanda coming up here with her girls, but they never came back down. That was two hours ago, and we haven't seen anyone since. Even Buxy is missing, and she practically never leaves the garden. Have you seen any of them?"

Pamona had never liked her, Fera knew. She used to pull Fera's tail and tease her when they had been kittens. Fera struggled to keep up her smile.

"Oh!" Semma, the calico-colored Felis on Pamona's right, suddenly noticed Fera's deflated appearance. "You had your kitten!"

"Yes," Fera nodded. "Shanda came to see her. I had her yesterday. Want to take a look?"

Pamona's eyes narrowed to slits, and for a moment Fera was certain she was going to draw her dagger, but Ciffa interjected.

"That's wonderful Fera! You were so BIG when I found you. And you never told me what happened to your clothes anyway. Was it an easy birth? You looked like you had enough space for triplets but maybe it was just a big girl." Ciffa tittered good-naturedly and Pamona seemed to relax slightly. Ciffa had always been the most cheerful girl in the village.

"Come see!" Fera waved the girls on and led them up the path. These were the last. Most of her village was already writhing in her baby's grasp. Fera could feel her connection to every one through the magical fibers of his body. Even the ones who still struggled were beginning to enjoy the rape.

All of Fera's senses were on high alert when they reached her house. She opened the door and led them in, noting how their noses wrinkled slightly.

"It smells funny in here. Fera? Where's your kitten?" Ciffa was looking around as Pamona fingered her dagger. "In the bedroom?"

Three adult Felis. They could overpower her, if they saw it coming. She'd get one chance. A brown, leafy vine had crawled up the side of her kitchen, and she noted more near the wall of the little bedroom. They blended into the wood. She could feel the grainy texture, as if they were extensions of herself.

"Yeah." Fera put a friendly arm on the girl's shoulders and led her to the doorway of the bedroom. "In here."

Fera looked over to see Pamona walking over and glancing into the doorway of the open hatch. An eternity passed, captured in the smallest instant of time. Hissing, Pamona whirled and drew her dagger, her eyes drawn to hostile slits. Fera shoved Ciffa with all her might into the bedroom, and slammed the door shut behind her.

Twin screams erupted in the house. Ciffa's was cut short by a loud thump from the bedroom, and Fera knew the vines that extended throughout the house had reached out like lightning to snare her wrists and tighten around her throat. Semma ran for the front door shrieking. Fera pounced, and tackled the girl in the side.

"Fera!" Semma's voice was threaded with wild panic. "What the fuck?! Let me go!"

Fera turned just in time to see the slashing blade, and ducked. Pamona hissed angrily and slashed again, catching Fera in the shoulder as she rolled away. Fera screamed.

The house seemed to come alive. Brown vines nestled in the woodwork and tucked under furniture struck like a nest of snakes. Semma got to her feet and tugged at the door, but it wouldn't budge. The knob was held tight by vines on the outside. Her screams redoubled as the reaching limbs curled around her ankles and yanked, slamming her back to the floor, and a wide tentacle thrust quickly into her mouth, silencing her cries.

He was ANGRY! She could feel the rage coursing in her blood. Someone was hurting Mommy! Fera ducked and rolled, narrowly avoiding another cut. Pamona was quicker though. She pivoted on her backswing and leaped at Fera, and the girls crashed onto the table, sending the vase flying to shatter against the wall.

"I knew it!" Pamona's eyes were crazed as she slashed again. Fera felt a pain in her hip. "I knew you were hiding something! What did you do Fera?!"

The wild catwoman kicked herself to a steady position and raised her dagger for a stab. Fera had nowhere left to go. Suddenly, a pair of brown tentacles darted out and seized Pamona's wrist.

"Ahhh!" Pamona's arm was locked, but she reached out with her other and managed to seize the dagger from her restricted hand, then slashed blindly, carving a gash on a reaching tentacle from which clear fluid spurted.

HER BABY! An all-encompassing rage drove Fera into a frenzy. NOBODY hurt her baby! Heedless of the blade, she leaped at the woman, screaming. Straddling her chest, her hands found Pamona's neck and she squeezed, ignoring the woman's slapping motions against her face. More tentacles snaked out and coiled around Pamona's wrists, pulling her arms down snug against her sides. Fera saw red. How DARE this bitch touch her baby boy! Pamona gasped and choked as Fera's fingers tightened around her windpipe. From behind her, she heard a pounding noise crossing the floor as Semma was dragged across it and into the pit. She kept squeezing, driven by rage.

It wasn't until a tentacle reached up to brush Fera's cheek that she finally let up. He wasn't hurt badly. The slash would heal. Pamona's chest heaved and she coughed violently as her throat opened.

"FUCK her," Fera mumbled, stumbling back onto her butt, panting with exertion. "Fuck her, baby boy. Pound this little bitch's pussy until she screams."

The tentacles began to drag Pamona across the floor, her hands reaching out to try to stop, eyes rolling with fear. She heaved and coughed and writhed, and the tentacles tightened their grip and gave a final yank. Her limp tail trailing behind her was the last Fera saw of Pamona as she was pulled into the hatch.

Dizzily, Fera got up. Beneath the house, searching tentacles had ripped Semma's dress off and stuffed her pussy and mouth, and more were doing the same to Pamona right now. She could feel their horror, feel her baby's pleasure as he stuffed himself into their tight little holes. She opened the bedroom door and saw Ciffa struggling on the floor against the grip of 4 more brown tentacles.

"Fera!" Ciffa shrieked. "Why-" her cries were cut off as her wrists and ankles were finally cinched tight and drawn behind her, freeing up a squirming limb to circle her neck and then dart into her mouth.

"Shhhhhh, it's ok. It's my baby. You'll learn to love him." Ciffa shrunk with fear before Fera's smile. She WOULD learn to love it. They all would, even Pamona. Their mouths would be filled with the wiggling phallus-ends of her baby's tentacles, spewing dark, syrupy semen that tingled on the tongue and filled their bellies. Their pussies would be stuffed tight with rapturous fuckmeat, and their assholes would be spread wide open by the engorged orange tentacles that would twist through their insides. They would be raped ceaselessly, driven to the height of reluctant bliss until the climax so intimately shared through the connections of blue tendrils became the totality of their existence. Fera watched with glee as Ciffa was dragged across the floor and into the hatch.

"Momma's here baby." She stood above the hatch, gazing down at the writhing tentacles and the white patches where fur and naked girlflesh could be seen through the squirming mass. Such a handsome boy. So virile and potent. She was a good mother - she had given him everything he needed. Nothing would threaten him out here, and now he could grow huge. Maybe more Felis would come to visit, and fall into his grasp, joining their shared orgy. Maybe mages would come, if they heard there were monsters. The thought filled her with fear, but she knew her baby was strong and could deal with them, and they'd just be so many more little pussies for him to drink from.

She had found the baby she had always wanted, and from a place she had never expected. Jacqueline was a willing gorilla cumslut by now, sucking and fucking the mutated, bulbous organs of her Corpsum masters. Fera knew she would feel the same now, would know the liberating bliss of her sexual subjugation. Maybe she was already pregnant with their young. She'd be a proud mother, a good mother just like Fera.

All those poor little mages in their scanty clothing, juicy little rape morsels for the monsters they were supposed to fight. Did they even realize? Fera watched the violation of her friends eagerly, frigging her cunt with feverish glee. The seed her baby was giving them would grow in their bellies, spreading its rapacious gift to all the Felis until every woman and child had a pounding cock in their cunt and a Venoma baby growing in their belly.

Tentacles slithered up around her legs and thighs, coiled around her hips, grasped her chest and squeezed. Her baby loved the sweet feeling of his mommy's tender 12-year-old body. Had she ever been frightened of monsters? Once, perhaps. The thought of nightmare creatures rampaging through her village had filled her with dread, but that was before her awakening. She knew her place now: just a little fuckslut to be stuffed with monstrous cock as she wiggled and shrieked through orgasm after orgasm, her body a receptacle for the vile semen spewed inside her. All these Felis, all these tight little pussies, they were so lucky. They'd be prepared, just as she had been, until their wombs changed under the ministrations of his dark fluids, transformed to hold his seed. Their bellies would swell up with Venoma babies, and they would love every second of it.


The orgasmic wave receded slowly, the hazy murmur coating her brain gradually ebbing into a warm background. Her baby hadn't needed weeks. Mommy's womb was already ready to take his cum and have his children. Her belly was already swelling with a distinct bump.

Groaning, Fera forced her aching muscles to action and rolled over on the floor. She was in her own house. Dried crusts of dark semen coated her lips and genitals, and the rest of her naked body was host to layers of splattered fluids: brown tentacle sludge, her own aroused fluids, all the varied kinds of semen of her baby, dripping out of the cunts and mouths and anuses of her fellow Felis as they were raped around her over the course of weeks. Her fur was a gooey mess of snarls.

Gingerly, she put a hand to her stomach and felt the warm life inside. Her baby had given her a baby. The hatch still lay open in front of her, girlish sounds of grunting and moaning coming from the depths. But she knew: it was time to go. Every baby boy eventually grew up and had to strike out on his own. And as much as she wanted to go back down and keep making love to him, keep servicing him with her body and letting him fuck her and drink the little girl juices from her body, she knew she had to find a home for her new baby too. She reached down to feel her aching pussy and found the membrane inside that sealed her womb up tight. He was planted firmly inside, safe in the depths of her body.

Spurred by a vague sense of restlessness, Fera grabbed a spare dress and then left her house to go wash in the pool in the center of the village. Summer was in full swing, and the Felis houses were already starting to become overgrown, weeds and bushes encroaching on the walls. The Felis of this village didn't need them anymore. They had found a new home, new lives cycling from climax to climax on the thrusting ends of her baby boy's tentacles.

Fera scrubbed the accumulated passion from her body, then groomed her fur and donned her dress. There were more Felis villages. The nearest was in a forest past the long ridgeline that stretched west from the mountain overlooking her own village. Maybe a three-day walk. Tiring, traversing the mountain path, but she had done it before.

Feeling invigorated, Fera walked the path out of the village. Her baby would give babies to all the other Felis girls here, making them all proud mothers. Maybe they'd end up in other villages, or head to human lands. Anywhere they needed to find little girl pussy to feed their beloved children. Felis wouldn't have to go out and deal with human mating anymore. They could spread the pollination out to all the other catgirls, impregnating them with the Venoma seed and giving them new lives of happy ecstasy.

The humans all seemed scared of monsters, but what did they know? They'd call her baby a monster, a creature that snared girls and raped them until his semen had taken root in their wombs. She still loved him. She'd have more babies too, offering her body to them to be fucked and plundered for as long as they desired. A monster was a thick shaft of meat squeezing into your throat. A monster was a plunging cock in your pussy. A monster was the engrossing thrill of watching your belly swell with life, knowing you'd bear more monsters to go out and rape all the little girls of the world.

Round them all up, she thought, as she crested the hill and paused to survey the other side. Girls in chains, girls grunting and sweaty on the filthy floors of the slave pens. Girls snared in webs and nets and snatched into holes by lurking tentacles. It was inevitable. They'd all end up with their pussies stuffed and strained almost to breaking on the thousands of monster cocks that awaited them. Just like her and her village. Willing fuck slaves and eager breeders. What more could a girl ask for than a life of such pleasure?

She shielded her eyes from the afternoon sun. The path stretched wide and long in front of her, snaking its lazy way around the mountain slopes. Was it her imagination, or was something already stirring inside of her? She rested a hand on her belly. Soon, my baby boy. Soon I'll birth you and plant you and fuck you and bring you all the little girl pussy you can drink. With a smile on her face, Fera set off down the path.