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Monstrum: Submission - Part 2

By WintermuteX

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Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Sexual Slavery, Young Girls, Incest, Lesbian, Magic/Fantasy, Gore, Violence, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

Allie squinted against the glare, her eyes burning painfully as she scanned the path ahead for threats. The trail snaked along dusty slopes before passing out of sight over the hill. Nothing. Just more dust, swirling up from the dry ground in brief spirals.

Sweat beaded her forehead and dripped into her eyes. She wiped away the sting. Sometimes a skimpy mage's uniform had advantages. The summer days were marked by a sweltering sun that beat down mercilessly and baked the sere land around Rockford, but the breeze passing over her skin made it tolerable. It would have been a lot worse if she were wearing the cotton clothes common to peasants, or armor. Leather stunk when you sweated in it all day.

"We'll rest when we get to the other side," Allie said. Katy nodded, sitting in front of her sister in the saddle, her naked back pressed up against Allie's chest. Katy had the reins, guiding the tired horse as it plodded up the hill. She was getting a lot better, Allie had to admit. She didn't veer to the side in a canter anymore, and didn't annoy poor Cedric as much by overusing the reins to steer. Her little sister was sweating just as much as she was in the heat, but Allie didn't mind. Her arms hung loosely around her sister's stomach, gliding on the slick skin with the motion of the horse's gait. Katy was solid, tangible, a warm comfort in Allie's arms, the last good thing she had in the world.

They had long since sold Katy's pony for food, scraping by with meager meals and supplies as they took turns riding the aging chestnut on the long road out to the hill country. Rockford was their last lead, the last place Allie could hope to find more information about the woman in white who seemed connected to the monsters somehow. The nuns at the temple would know something. They would have seen something. Allie was sure of it. She hugged her sister tighter against her stomach for comfort. The House of Anzer was well-connected, and a noblewoman always caused gossip wherever they went. Someone would know something. They had to.

She scanned the trail again, driven by paranoid habit. The pines had given way to mesquite and scattered stands of bushes and yucca as they approached the dry region. Her wards were in place, as many as she had the strength to maintain: Org and Ettu, Fiendfoxes, Vile Buzzards. They were the most common out here and her magic would warn her if any of those creatures came close, but wards conflicted with each other and were difficult to maintain. Running two was much more than twice as hard as running one, and having three was well beyond the ability of most mages. Even Allie struggled with four. The nature of the magic involved was always specific, and each ward would only detect one kind of monster. But there was a lot more to fear out here: Arachma could be lurking in the trees or tunnels under their feet. Crags lived in the solid rock, mouths camouflaged until they could snare an unsuspecting girl with whip-like tongues and pull her inside. Goliaths and Minotaurum and Yeta could be disastrous if they caught you in the open. Allie scrutinized each bush, each rock, each crack in the ground. Wards made stupid mages overconfident. There was no substitute for your own eyes and ears.

She tasted the iron tang on the breeze even before they saw the bodies in the clearing ahead. Blood and steel and death. She nudged her sister, and Katy pulled the reins to halt Cedric. The girls dismounted and Allie surveyed the area warily, staff gripped tightly in her hands.

"Stay behind me." Allie approached the open area cautiously, Katy trailing behind, leading the horse by the reins. The armored bodies were scattered about, still, arms and legs splayed at awkward angles. Allie counted twelve soldiers, a full complement. The ground was a chaos of bootprints, speckled with dried blood and discarded weapons, some snapped into pieces. Something had taken them by surprise. Not a war party, or the bodies would have been hacked apart by conventional blades. Instead the men's necks were twisted, limbs broken as if they had been choked and thrown.

A trail of blood led out of the clearing until it reached a line of thickets. Whatever it was, something had survived. No matter. They couldn't stay here. It was too dangerous. Allie felt the power thrumming under her fingertips, but she still didn't want to face whatever had done this if it decided to come back.

"Hey! Allie!" Katy was bent over a crumpled body. Allie hurried over. The soldier was a young man, a boy rather, probably no more than 18, with curly black hair and a leather breastplate. Twin trails of dried blood ran from his nose.

"He's still alive Allie," Katy said. "But he's hurt." The soldier groaned, eyes fluttering, trying lamely to twist from his side onto his back.

Allie surveyed him with a suspicious stare. "Leave him."

"But Allie-"

"Come on. We can't stay here." She grabbed her sister's wrist.

"Maybe we can help-"

"I said LEAVE HIM." Allie whirled around, knuckles whitening on her staff in anger. She would make Katy listen. She would drag her to the horse. She would truss her up and tie her onto the saddle if she had to. She would do whatever she had to to keep her sister safe.

Katy stood there, a wounded expression on her face, shoulders shaking and green eyes filling with tears. The anger died as swiftly as it had come, replaced by pangs of guilt that gnawed their way up her chest. Red welts ringed her little sister's wrist when she let go.

Allie hated herself, hated the angry spike of bitterness that had wedged itself deep inside her. Her instincts screamed at her to flee, telling her that the threat could still be lurking nearby, that no one could be trusted, that it wasn't safe to linger in the wild. She never would have left someone behind before, back when people called her Alinayah with respect instead of derision.

"Kat I'm sorry." She rubbed her sister's shoulders, trying to calm the tears. "Of course we'll help him. Here, let's get him on his back."

Allie pulled off the helmet, revealing a handsome face with dark eyes and a tangle of black curls. He was much heavier than he looked, wide-shouldered and muscular. The girls pushed until he thumped onto his back with a pained grunt. Allie got her knife from the saddlebags and cut away the bloodied tabard that covered his chestpiece, then loosened the buckles underneath until she could pull the studded breastplate off.

"Uhhhh, ummmhhhgggh". The soldier groaned wordlessly, then his eyes flew open in shock when Allie touched the ragged wound on his chest.

"AGH, GERROF ME!" The boy swung a fist clumsily and scrambled backwards, legs kicking the dirt until he bumped into a rock. His eyes bulged with fright as he took in the battlefield, the blood, his dead comrades and the two half-naked little girls who had been hovering over him.

"Oh....oh." Comprehension dawned slowly on his face.

"Calm down, Let me see this." Allie said.

"Don't touch me!" The boy winced and he batted Allie's hand away reflexively when she touched the gash.

"Don't be stupid", Allie admonished him. "We can help." She briefly contemplated holding him down with bands of air, but that would just cause more problems than it solved.

The boy stuttered, hand clutched over his chest protectively. He looked down and seemed to realize for the first time that his armor was gone and he was wounded. He fingered the gunks of dried blood in a daze.

"Ah well, I guess..." he mumbled. Allie crouched down again before the idiot could protest any more, fingering the purple bruises that blossomed in a dozen places on his chest and the bloody gouge that curved under his pectoral.

"Lucky. It missed your heart and glanced off your ribcage," Allie said. "Does this hurt?"

He winced when she pressed on the end of the wound. "A bit...but not too bad."

"Didn't even nick a rib. You'll live. The scar will be huge though." She traced the line of torn flesh. "I don't have anything to clean it with, or a needle and thread, but I can heal you. Hold still."

She had barely reached out for the web of invisible strands when the soldier pushed her away and staggered to his feet.

"No!. I'm fine!" He doubled over coughing and spit out a hunk of something ghastly. "See, fine. Feel better already. It'll heal by itself I'm sure."

He withered under the Allie's piercing frown. "I mean, I appreciate it and all, very nice you see, always did like Mages, how you rip nature apart and float on air and bring the dead back to life and all. Just wonderful, it is." He ceased babbling long enough to devolve into another paroxysm.

"Great stuff all told. Magic." He wheezed. "Topplin' walls, pullin' fire down from the sky. Saw a mage make a cow explode from half a mile away. Burst it like a rott'n meat pie she did. Grand." He flashed an unconvincing smile. "Jus'n sometime a man want to keep his body true, ya understand. Let nature run the natural course. Not that magic be unnatural, no ma'am. Nothin' like so. Marvelous, ya see. And Mages too, quite right. An honorable profession. Still, sometimes a man feel he ought to let the gods toss the coin in their own right rather than rush'n things along overmuch." He was staring at Allie nervously.

Allie threw her hands up helplessly. Superstition, the refuge of imbeciles and simpletons and bumbling hicks from squalid dirt farms at the edge of the kingdom. He was probably all three.

"Fine, whatever. Bleed all over, I don't care," Allie fumed as she prepared a tirade, but Katy stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

"What's your name?" Katy asked the boy.

"My name, little g- uh, miss mage, sir, ma'am. It's Jarret." He kept staring at Allie, as if mesmerized by the sweaty half-naked girl.

Katy smiled in that disarming way she always had. "That's a good name. The gods must have smiled on it today. Don't worry. My sister Allie can keep us safe. It's too bad about your friends though. What happened to them?"

"Oh, well, ya see..." Jarret looked around at the twisted bodies. "We was stationed at Rockford, holdin' off the Yeta and their nasty little Minotaurum friends. Good stone walls, fine and high. Plenty of men. Plenty of nice women too. The appreciative sort. Easy duty." He blushed in sudden embarrassment when he looked back at Allie. "Was grand right up until the Arachma came up outta the wells. Never seen so many of the bastards in me life. Dries up in summer, this place does. Probably let them tunnel wherever they pleased."

He filled in the awkward pause with another coughing fit, then went on. "Anyhow, they hit us from behind and then the Yeta came through the walls. Probably not much left now. Except the women, and the girls. You know what they do to them. Saw them hold a sweet little thing down in the street and..."

He shooked his head to dispel the vision. "We got out. Barely. Figured we'd make for the motte past the river, report to the colonel. Only, well, they hit us on the road."

Allie tried to keep her head clear, tried not to focus on what the girls were experiencing right now. Picked up by furry Yeta hands and stuffed with their colossal pricks, webbed and held tight as man-sized spiders curled their legs around them, probed and threaded their cunts with needle-like organs that swelled up and filled their wombs with syrupy fluid ripe with the thousands of eggs that would grow in their belly. Bouncing, twisting, struggling until the rising tide of pleasure boiled their flesh into a frenzy and swept everything else away-

No. Allie slammed the door shut and threw the iron bolts and kicked the cravings back into the dark abyss where they belonged. It was becoming harder and harder, like plugging the holes in a dam with her fingers, the waters behind swelling with dark appetites that lurked in their depths. They beckoned, begged, drew her inexorably in bit by bit, tantalizing with their proximity. They were just over the hill, the fulfillment of her need, a pounding cock in her pussy and warm cum dribbling down her throat, every cell of her body vibrating as they drowned in an ocean of ecstasy.

Someone pulled her hand worriedly. Allie looked down, and found twin anchors in the green eyes of her little sister.

She rubbed her forehead, trying to collect herself. She just had to hold it together a little longer. If she couldn't find the lady in white, couldn't stop the monsters, then she'd take Katy as far away as she could, far enough to be safe. And after that, well, after that it didn't matter what happened to her.

"Do you know the temple, the one up on the bluff?" She asked. "Did they take that too?"

"Well um...last I saw, them Arachma, they was packin' up some of the girls and hauling them inside. Quite a few actually. I didn't see any of the nuns come out. Seemed to be covering it with webs too, by the time we was headin' up the road."

She wanted to scream. She wanted to blast something with lightning. Instead she just sat down on a rock and held her head in her hands.

"I'm right sorry miss. Wish'n we coulda done more." Jarret frowned nervously and picked at his belt loops.

"Allie it's ok." Her sister's tiny arms wrapped around her shoulders and pull her into a hug. "Hang in there. Take a deep breath. You'll feel better," Katy whispered.

Allie took a deep breath. Then another, and let it out. She did feel better. Sometimes she wasn't sure if it was her little sister's magic or just her ineffable cheery disposition, but being close to Katy always helped calm the storms that raged inside her.

"Thanks Kat." Allie hugged her back, burying her nose in the brown hair and inhaling the odors of her little sister's body. Sweat and dirt, sure - they hadn't bathed in a week - but also the familiar scent of the little girl she had shared so much with growing up.

"Beggin' yer pardon sirs, uh, ma'ams," Jarret interrupted. "But if'n yer not fixin to move down to Rockford and squish some monsters, and I don't rightly recommend that ya do, might I be suggestin' that you come up to the motte with me. The colonel would fall all over hisself to have a mage. Ours were all reassigned, or back there" - he nodded down the slopes - "and I think it would be right good for morel, uh, morals, whatever you call em, if they could feel safer with a mage to help guard the place."

"We can do that, can't we Allie?" Katy flashed her a hopeful grin. "They'll probably be so happy to see you that they'll throw a feast."

Allie sighed inwardly. Greeting Feasts hadn't been on the menu for a long time, but she was quite certain the men would be very happy to see her. Her little sister too. She knew how to fend off soldiers though. It was a better idea than laying down to die in this gods-forsaken clearing.

"Fine. You won't be able to walk though, Jarret. Even with a staff you'll be too slow. We'll put you on the horse."

"Right appreciate it ma'am," Jarret smiled. "I think your sister's right. Was a blessing for you to come along at just the right time."

She helped him with the stirrup until he was able to vault up and settle on the saddle, trying in vain to hide the wince when Cedric began to walk. He would have to get stitches sooner or later. She led the aging chestnut by the reins back past the fork in the dusty trail, following Jarret's direction when he pointed to the path that led north to the river.

The sun burned a hole in the blue sky overhead, baking the cracked earth until the air shimmered in waves over the road ahead. It widened and turned to loose gravel, rocks burning like angry coals underfoot, poking through the soft material of the girl's slippers. Allie's feet hurt, and the sweltering heat was beginning to make her dizzy. She took a swig from their waterskin and passed it around, then mentally checked her wards again. She could have cooled them all with magic, but only at the cost of maintaining some of her wards. Such spells were difficult to maintain for long anyway and she would stand out like a beacon to any other magic users. Better to be safe than comfortable.

She dropped back slightly, shielding her eyes from the sun as she scanned the ridges on either side for enemies. Katy fell behind Cedric to walk beside her.

"So what do you think?" Katy whispered.

"What do I think about what?"

"You know..." Katy gestured with her head at Jarret.

"No Kat, I don't know."

Katy huffed, annoyed at the apparent thickness of her big sister.

"You know, I mean come on. Admit it. He's kind of cute. "

Allie rolled her eyes. Jarret was watching the horizon, hunched in pain, letting Cedric guide himself down the path.

"Uh huh, sure," she said dryly, then jumped when Katy poked her in the arm.

"Come on Allie. Didn't you see how he looked at you?"

"I remember him yelling at me not to touch him."

"And then he was nervous as hell and tripped over every third word whenever he talked to you. You're kind of blind sometimes. Just look."

Ok. She looked. Sure, he had that sort of muscular look, biceps curving nicely from the heavy work of his profession. A square jaw, stubbled just the right amount, curly black hair that bounced around his neck in time with the horse's gait. That was sorta alright. And she had always loved blue eyes. But still..."

He looked back, and her mind almost froze in self-conscious panic. She was sweaty, probably filthy. She hadn't brushed her hair in gods knew how long. All she had to cover herself were the flimsy scraps that hung loosely over her nipples and pussy. She was used to being looked at, even leered at. She knew how to please a man no matter which hole he wanted to use - her father had taught his daughters early. But she felt the flush rising in her throat, despite the heat. He looked away.

"Ok, yeah, I guess he's kind of cute."

"Told you. Don't act so high and mighty. You're not superhuman. You keep pushing and you'll push yourself too hard and forget who you are. I mean, you're 14. Remember how Kara acted when she was 14?"

Allie smiled. She remembered. Kara thought she was way too sophisticated for her little sisters when she was Allie's age. She chased a new boy practically every week, so Allie and Katy had rubbed the hem of her summer dress with meat sauce and collared the randiest dogs from the kennel in town. They let them loose near the village shops right as she was chatting with her latest crush, and the sight of her fleeing down the cobbled street with five dogs all trying to nip her dress off and hump her legs was the highlight of the entire summer. Kara hadn't spoken to them for months after that.

"Ok Kat, point taken."

"Hey I'm just saying Allie. Think about it. Besides, it might, you know, help."

They walked in silence for a moment before Katy chimed in again. "Because he is pretty cute. He has nice earlobes."

Allie gaped as her sister walked back up front near the horse. He had nice EARLOBES? Katy made absolutely no sense sometimes.

The trail snaked around the dry hillsides, leading them on a meandering circuit through the intersection of three hills. Allie passed time by counting the puffs of dust that bloomed under Cedric's hooves. Shield your eyes, scan the horizon. Wards intact. One-two-three-four, one-two-three-four, quartets of brown mushrooms that dissolved in the breeze. At least the horse could still walk. He was old. Scan the horizon. Check your wards. Listen. One-two-three-four. Scan. Raise the earth for protection, there, if attacked. Discs of air on the flat hillside if anyone crested the horizon. Lightning for distant attackers, fire for close. Get Katy between you and the horse. One-two-three-four. Don't forget to watch the sky.

They walked in monotonous silence for miles. Allie's alert routine was a habit she performed without thinking, behavior ingrained so deep at this point she would probably never be able to get it out. Some parts of the Mage's training were still excellent, at least. Her brain surveyed and categorized, mentally preparing for the ambush that lurked at every turn in the road, under every bush, plotting contingencies and scrutinizing each circumstance for any advantage, no matter how tiny. It was a large part of why her company had survived so many ambushes, back when she had a company. She taught them how to be prepared and they looked up to her. Idiots.

Katy looked back at her lingering in the rear, probably thinking she was brooding. She was though. Her sister was right: Allie pushed herself too hard. Her Mother and Father had been left behind long ago. They hadn't seen Kara in years. Allie should have done more. Maybe she could have kept things together if she were stronger, if she had trained harder, but she knew that wasn't fair. She couldn't fix the past. It wouldn't happen to Katy though, Allie wouldn't let it.

And so she drove herself like an animal from dawn to dusk. She bought or stole their provisions or paid in other ways. She fought when they had to, but mostly she ran. She taught her sister magic and how to protect herself with a weapon and and made sure she ate, and bathed, and exercised well so she could be faster than most things that would chase a little girl. And that was the whole of her life, the spur that took every waking moment. 14. Her birthday had passed a month back. She should be chasing boys like Kara had, and helping on the farm, and spending the summer days climbing trees and swimming and running through the wide fields around her hometown until she flopped onto the grass and picked wildflowers while looking at the clouds. That's what a girl should be doing, not plodding along a withered trail in tired desperation, trying to save the world.

Katy took her hand and walked beside her wordlessly. Just Kat, being Kat, always sensing the perfect time when comfort was needed. Allie squeezed her hand appreciatively.

So maybe she could let go, just a little. Jarret was a bumpkin, but maybe he'd agree to come with them. He did seem pretty nice, in a fumbling way. She wouldn't mind. Maybe they could talk about where they grew up, or anything, anything other than soldiering stories involving more monsters. The thought was nice, the first nice one she had had in a long time, a little crack of light that defied the gloom and worry in her mind. She'd stitch up his chest if he didn't like magic, and then he'd see she wasn't so scary. He'd come with them. They only had two bedrolls but maybe they could find another one, or share...

"Hey Allie." She jumped. Distracted, she hadn't been scanning, hadn't been watching the road. They had come to a wide overlook and Katy was walking up to peer out over the gorge that meandered down out of the hills to join the river. The rock opened up on this side, giving them a wide view of the valley that stretched from the river on the north side to the outskirts of Rockford in the south.

The girls surveyed the land as Jarret got off the horse to let him rest. Scrub gave way to bands of brown and green grass that stretched down to the flatland, and hawks wheeled over the lower slopes, using the last of the evening light to find mice for their dinner.

"We should keep going, get as low as we can until we lose the light, or find some shelter," Allie said. "I don't want to camp up here. It's too open."

"Yeah. We should let Cedric rest too. He's tired."

The elderly horse did seem to be drooping a bit, as if the weight of his passenger had been a bit too much for him.

"It's not much farther to the river. We could reach the motte by noon tomorrow." Allie wanted nothing more than to rest, but she knew from experience that that might be hard in a crowded barracks full of horny soldiers. She shielded her eyes against the dying radiance in the west, peering towards the river, trying to spot the fort. Maybe the village would offer an inn where they could sleep in peace.

Katy shouldered her in the ribs. She was looking south. "Allie."


"Wasn't Rockford attacked?"

"Yeah. Yeta and Arachma," Allie said. "Probably more."

"I don't see any smoke."

Allie swung her gaze to the south, trying to squint hard enough to make out the distant town. She didn't see smoke either. Yeta loved to burn things. Come to think of it, she didn't see any carrion birds either.

The horrifying realization burst into her head at the same instant a purple tentacle snaked past her like lightning and coiled around her throat.

She tried to roll as she was yanked backwards, forcing her panicked limbs to obey. Tentacles raced like quicksilver, reaching out to wrap themselves around her wrists, her ankles, her waist. She struggled and was pulled off balance, scraping her knees on the gravel as she fell. More loops snaked around her throat, pulling tight. She heard Katy screaming, distantly, as if far away down a tunnel, the shriek rising until it was a ringing in her own ears as the squirming tentacles began to crush her throat.

It all happened in an instant, before her brain unfroze and her body dumped adrenaline in her veins. Her staff. She pulled, and it pulled back. The tentacles tugged, trying to tear it away. She reached for the magic, something raw that she could release with shaping it with motion. Grasping purple limbs looped her arm and wrist, jerking them backwards painfully, punishing her until her hand popped open and her arm was yanked cruelly behind her back. Snapping noises signalled the end of her staff.

She had a backup. She walled off the roaring fear and hysteria into the back of her mind, like she had been trained. There were only so many tentacles, and now most were occupied with her right arm. She flexed her left, breaking free of the tenuous grip and ripped her stilleto from its sheath. A few quick slashes drew blood from the purple bonds on her thigh, spilling milky white ichor onto her bare skin, and they loosened. She struggled frantically, trying to free her left side.

More tentacles wrapped themselves all around her and flexed with power, pulling her up into the air as she struggled. The crushing grip was cutting off her air, and her legs kicked wildly, trying to find leverage. A slippery tentacle coiled up around her chin, gliding over her cheek and hovered curiously at her open mouth. Ribbed on the shaft, small nodules bristling near the bottom and topped with a long glans like an elongated phallus, it brushed her lips in an almost tender gesture, spreading bits of goo around her mouth, before jamming itself savagely into her mouth and plugging her throat.

She tried to scream, but she had no breath. The squirming thing vibrated in her mouth, pushing forward, rubbery flesh digging into her throat. She gagged, both hands pounding reflexively at the cords stealing her air, her weapon forgotten.

Panic broke out of the neat little dam she had created. She arched her neck and struggled harder, but that just let the invader in her throat dive a little deeper. She kicked, muscles bulging in her thighs as she pulled against her restraints. She kicked again. That one connected with something, and for a brief moment the grip on her loosened.

Too little. The tentacles tightened their grip again, wrapping firmly around her wrists and ankles, holding her aloft until she finally ran out of strength and went limp.

Stupid! Stupid stupid stupid! Allie railed and screamed in her mind. A Doppleganger. Rare, but all the more dangerous. Shapeshifters, charmers, perfect infiltrators of human settlements. They could take the form of anyone, and act the part with unerring precision. There was no wound. It was just part of the illusion, calculated to snare. A Doppleganger couldn't really be hurt by swords.

Her vision was going black when the tentacle in her throat finally pulled out and the others relaxed around her throat. She sucked air, senses returning and bringing pain with them. Muffled crying, off to the side. Katy.

She slumped in her bonds and sobbed with grief. To be caught, so easily, so stupidly. Dopplegangers were cautious. They didn't take many chances and were rarely caught. Not much was known about them. The wildest rumors said they weren't monsters, but men that had been turned somehow. Others said they were the children of demons that had taken human women. Peasants would believe any sort of claptrap. Slowly, the tentacles turned her around, limbs bound behind her like a hog tied for slaughter.

Jarret smiled at her, a different Jarret, with pointed teeth and eyes gleaming red with cruelty and lust. She should have left him. She should have killed him. Stupid! A Doppleganger's shapeshift was nearly perfect, but never totally so. She should have checked his spine before letting him up. The virulent patches of blackened flesh pockmarked with purple nodules on his back would have given away his true nature. Those had burst from his body and grown into the mass of long writhing tentacles that held the little girl captive. Another thing she missed, how heavy he was to roll over, how tired Cedric had been. A Doppleganger's body had much more mass than their size would indicate.

"Well now, isn't it a blessing that you happened along at ...just...the...right...time." The deep, inhuman voice mocked her in sing-song fashion. "I figured I would wait until you were asleep, but this works too." Allie sagged in her bonds, sobbing hysterically, her strength sapped now that the adrenaline was ebbing away.

"I have heard that you in particular have a great deal of...spirit. I can see it is true." A slippery tentacle caressed her cheek and nose, tasting her tears, the leaky nubs on the underside leaving a trail of goo like a slug. "Although I must say that I am a bit disappointed that you have not...entirely lived up to your reputation."

The creature who called himself Jarret held her closer, letting his fetid breath wash over her face. The tentacles glided slowly, teasingly up her thighs, letting her feel the slow advance, savoring how her muscles quivered with fear. Two poked up under the flimsy blue scrap that was her only protection, questing for the warm center of the little girl.

Dry lips pulled into a leering grin that showed off double rows of needle-like teeth. He was slipping, becoming more his true form as he explored his prize. They couldn't hold their false shape when aroused. Catching them in the act was practically the only way to root out a Doppleganger. They would mark girls, seduce them with their uncanny charm, and then possess them completely. The effect was devastating. A girl became a thrall under total control of her master, ready to pass secrets, arrange accidents, open the city gates for the enemy.

"There is a bounty on your head. Did you know that, Alinayah?" A fingertip traced slowly down her cheek, pointed nail scraping the flesh in a line down her chin and across her jugular. The tentacles dug eagerly under the cloth flaps hanging over her breasts, coiling around the tiny mounds and tickling the nipples at the center. "I can see why. You are remarkable." Questing flesh rubbed over her pussy lips, coating them with slippery juices that mixed with the fluids leaking out from the cleft between. Allie couldn't help herself. A burning heat was rising in her stomach. She struggled again, trying to yank an arm free, to gouge out his eyes. It was useless.

Jarret dismissed her efforts with a snicker. "I do so love human girls. So soft and sweet, so warm and juicy inside." He bent down, brushing his head close to hers, inhaling her scent with a ravenous expression. Allie flinched, turning her head away. A long, forked tongue snaked out and licked her face with perverse slowness, leaving a trail of slobber up her cheek to her ear. "So light and colorful, like a summer flower, beaded with fresh dew." The words were a revolting contrast to the squirming tentacles on her breasts, the bulging tips that circled the entrance of her pussy like snakes. A third oozed its way over her hip and down between the cleft of her buttcheeks, poking at her back door.

"Normally, I would have some fun with you, maybe make you my own. But the bounty is much higher if you are...unspoiled. " He snickered with inhuman menace.

"Your sister though, well..." he forced her to look to the side, where he had the tiny girl trussed like a chicken, shackled tightly with violet tendrils, as she lay face down weeping into the dirt. "For your sister, there is no such restriction."

Allie screamed and struggled with murderous rage, but the coils tightened around her throat, crushing her windpipe until the blackness creeping in from the edge of her vision was complete.

Hazy sensations filtered through: the muted creaking of a wagon, her body swaying from side to side. Yelling and voices, slapping sounds, a girl weeping softly. They happened in another world, to faceless people far outside the walls of the lightless space where she rested. Water, clammy on her back, sensations of movement. Tiny perceptions flickered past like embers from a fire, fading swiftly into the dark. A warm broth poured itself down her throat, and she drifted, inert, mind frozen like a stone entombed deep beneath the earth. No cares, no worry or fear or pain, just an abyss of immutable silence where she slumbered dreamlessly.

Consciousness returned in slow waves, drawing back the curtain of fog like a receding tide. She was on something soft, and voices echoed indistinctly from far away. She turned her head, and something rattled. Jumbled thoughts struggled and slipped past each other, mired in a soup of confusion stirred with flickering light.

Her arms and legs weighed a thousand pounds, shaking feebly as if she were a babe that had never used them before. She stretched aching muscles, feeling the chilly surface next to her, then rolled over. Cobwebs clogged her mind, but she battered them away and forced the room to take shape: stone walls and floor, flickering torches casting writhing shadows in the corners, metal bars running from floor to ceiling, open in the middle. A dungeon. No, a cell. A slave pen. Muffled moans and panting mixed with hungry grunts echoed down the wide corridor outside the door. A few dying rays of sunlight filtered in from a small slit near the ceiling.

Her muscles refused to obey, so she settled for small motions. Her hand crept up her chest until she felt the cold band of iron around her neck. The touch sent fear worming its way up her spine like a glacier, but she suppressed it. Breathe. The collar was locked tight, secured with a heavy chain in the back that trailed across the dirty mat. Breathe. She didn't have her staff. Her weapons. She spun through her options, coming up blank. Breathe. She flexed her arms, encouraging the blood to flow in her veins, and found the heavy shackles on her wrists as well, connected with short chains to the band around her neck. Groaning, she pushed herself upright.

The dizziness spun her right down onto the mat again, throat sputtering with something between a sob and a groan.

"Allie!" Metal links clanked on the stone as Katy bent over her sister.

"Kaaa, Kaat..." Allie slurred. Fear twisted her guts like a knife as she lay helplessly. Tearstains streaked the expression of muted terror on her sister's face.

"Allie, oh gods..." Katy hugged her, sobbing against her shoulder. Her collar and chains matched Allie's, the restraints a preposterous sight on such a tiny girl.

Katy helped her sit up and lean against the wall, holding her big sister until the room stopped spinning. The girls rested on a lumpy brown mat, dirty but soft. Allie traced the heavy links of her sister's chain as they scraped across the ground, finding where they ended at a rusted iron loop fixed to the wall. Her own chain was much shorter, anchored in the wall behind her. The air reeked of dreadful memories, sour with sweat, like the odor of a dirty whorehouse. Katy finally let her go, kneeling back on the bedding and wiping the tears from her eyes.

Katy wasn't in her mage uniform. Neither was she, Allie realized. They both wore delicate white garments composed of a sheer half-top, edged with lace on the bottom, that reached down just past their nipples. Tubes of filmy cloth wrapped their upper arms and legs, so thin they were nearly transparent. Sinuous belts of gold metal hugged their waists, fixed at the hips with pleated flaps of shimmering fabric that scarcely hung to their upper thighs. The rest of their bodies were bare, the scanty garments existing only to frame the nude flesh of the girls with titillating suggestion, beckoning the eye to the flat chests and stomach, the rounded bottoms, the vulnerable clefts between their legs. Allie recognized the clothing, and her stomach crawled with a sickening dread.

"Gods Allie, I thought you wouldn't wake up. You were out for a long time. They...they kept you asleep the whole way here."

Katy's arms were shaking as she crouched on the mat. Allie wondered how long it had been, what her sister had been through while she slept. She leaned forward to steady Katy's arms, and almost choked as the chilly collar squeezed her neck and the iron chain pulled taut with a clank.

"How wonderful. You are awake."

A massive shadow filled the opening between the bars. He ducked his head to come inside and then straightened, head brushing the ceiling as he stood to his full height, dominating the space. Torchlight illuminated the heavy chest and naked frame, the hulking muscles that moved with raw power under mottled skin as he crossed the cell. Pointed canines gleamed from the edges of a predatory grin as he leered at the girls cowering on the floor.

"The Kaf is crude. It robs new slaves of their strength, always a disappointment, but it does make transport easy. I'm pleased to see you are recovering, Alinayah. A conscious slave is all the sweeter."

"Uragh." Allie hissed the name like a curse. "Release us now, and I'll consider giving you a head start before tearing this fortress to rubble" She jerked the chain disdainfully, trying to sound brave around the pit of ice in her vitals.

Uragh laughed mockingly, the baleful sound bouncing off the walls in rumbling tones deep even for an Org.

"There it is, that defiant spirit, that vibrance. It is why I went to such pains to acquire you, Alinayah." He towered over them in the cell, a naked, malevolent shadow that grinned rapaciously as he drank in the sight of the girl's exposed bodies. "A slave with such a vigorous will becomes even more ardent when properly trained, when she learns obedience." The massive girth between his legs stiffened as he leered, rising like a tree trunk. Katy whimpered and buried her head in Allie's arms.

"I told you you'd be back, Alinayah. I have waited eagerly for this moment, to have you and your sister delivered into my hands." Uragh was strutting as he boasted. "We've moved up in the world, you see. Once we advanced North and flushed the humans out of this keep, we had our pick of the entire region. No other warleader has had such a bountiful harvest of flesh as we have from from the human towns nearby.

"Now the other clans, they come to me for their slaves, for the finest little girl pussy that can be acquired." He gestured at their flimsy coverings. "I clothe my slaves well. I train them well. I breed them well. A human girl, clean and eager and with the proper skills, fetches a high price. None of the other Org-dev'a take such pains to ensure the quality of their girls"

Katy was sobbing quietly, crushed against her sister. Uragh's gazed trailed down her naked back, lingering on the little girl's buttocks. His cock surged higher, pointing out in front of him.

"Little Alinayah, once the champion of Teleria's forces, the old queen returned, who won a hundred battles and slew a thousand Org. You, I would never put in with the common goods. Those clothes mark you as my personal stock."

He bent down, sneering, erection waving like a flagpole between his legs. "Mine to have, you and your little sister, to possess, to train, to use your bodies and all your delightful little holes as I wish." His hand snaked out to her ear, fingering the golden earring, and Allie realized Katy had one too. "This marks you as my property. My right as warleader gives me first claim to your wombs."

He pushed close to stare into Allie's eyes, close enough for the reeking breath to wash over her face. Katy yelped and cowered away from the mat.

"And I will take it. You will scream and squeal on the pleasure of my cock, like all the girls before you, and your belly will swell to bursting with my seed."

She kicked out at his face, connecting with the jaw. It was like kicking a boulder. The backhand whipped her head to the side, leaving her face and neck burning.

"Spirit! I do so enjoy it." Thick fingers curled in her hair and yanked her back upright. "The resistance, the pride, slowly draining away as the pleasure overtakes you." Something warm and firm slapped her in the face. "It is my favorite part of training a new slave."

The stars cleared from her eyes and Allie stared down the length of a tremendous Org cock larger than her arm, twisting with engorged veins, spiky nubs bristling backwards from the imposing head. The shaft was pierced with four small silver rings on the bottom.

The hand twisted in her hair pulled her forward, and the glans poked demandingly at her mouth. A musky smell filled her nostrils, making them tingle with a warm thrill, as beads of fluid dripped from the end and coated her lips. Her brain buzzed and she could almost taste the salty batter on her tongue again.

She snapped her head to the side and coughed, shutting her eyes tightly. It couldn't end like this. Katy, in front of her, watching as she was defiled, as her body betrayed her on the fountaining waves of pleasure and spewing fluid. The intoxicating vision filled her brain with fog, and she salivated with hunger for the bulging meat to be crammed inside her. She smashed the urge to pieces, and anger surged in her gut. She'd rip him apart. She'd tear off his cock off and stuff it in his mouth until he choked to death. She'd get Katy out of here. She'd do...something!

"Burn in the Nine Hells!" Allie spat. The hand jerked her skull violently, wrenching her neck in a painful twist. Eager flesh bumped her lips again. His cock was as big as her arm, his hand as big as her head. He could force anything, but he seemed to be enjoying his game, waiting for her gates to open willingly.

"Ah, Alinayah, you spoiled little cunt. I will have to teach you what your mouth will be used for from now on. You will learn to behave. If you do not, well, I will have to devote all my time to you, and I will give your little brat of a sister to my soldiers for more...thorough training."

Allie sobbed as her heart broke. She slumped against the wall, eyes filling with tears, but the iron fist pulled her back up again and the turgid cock slapped her face painfully.

She opened her mouth, inviting the phallus inside. Uragh pushed, stuffing the mammoth head into her warmth until he bumped up against the back. He was gigantic! The knobby glans filled her entire mouth, crushing her tongue against its underside and stretching her jaw to its limit.

Uragh began to thrust, working a few inches of the colossal phallus into her mouth. The fleshy studs on the backside of the corona snagged at her lips as he pulled out and slammed home again. The force snapped Allie's skull backwards with each jolt, and only the cruel fist locked in her hair held her in place, while his other hand roamed her body.

It was happening again. The memories she had buried were bursting out of the cracks in an angry flood. Allie on the ground, then hefted aloft in mammoth hands. Uragh played with her stomach, massaging her skin and fingering the tiny navel. Snarling voices surrounding her. Uragh moved higher, sausage-like fingers pinching the nipples greedily. Allie gasped in shock, feeling her back arch, and an involuntary gasp escaped her throat. Hands all over her, dozens, probing every delicate part of her body, pushing into the little girl's orifices, testing their wetness and willingness. Fear and shock and sudden pleasure fused between past and present, surging into a cascade of energy that lanced from her head to her crotch. Sudden pain, an unrelenting intrusion as the soldiers took her in each spot a girl could offer. The energy oscillated back and forth, her body bursting with the sudden memory of the pleasure of her first rape.

Her jaw creaked under the strain. The head of Uragh's dick was a swelling knob in her in her mouth, filling her cheeks with each thrust. A new slave would have broken from having such a prick hammering her throat, but this wasn't the first monster meat that had stuffed its way down her passage. Her lips stretched painfully around the girth, widening in reluctant welcome. Pressure squeezed her moist flesh, making it bend instead of break, the sloppy cavity widening and elongating under the incessant demand. Uragh squeezed a few more inches inside, and the mushroom head popped as it plugged her throat and pushed farther in.

She swallowed, nostrils flaring desperately for air. The mammoth organ in her mouth flattened her tongue and forced waves of sloppy juices down her throat with each thrust. The powerful musk of monster cock filled her nose and sinuses, an indescribable odor of metallic sweat and dripping male potency that fogged her senses with pink haze. Another inch squeezed past her lips, pushing the muscles of her throat aside. She wiggled her tongue, experimentally, trying to gain some room where it was stuffed under the pulsing meat, and the girth rasped an animal flavor across her tastebuds. The huge vein on the underside cuddled her tongue like a sliding serpent. She wiggled more, twisting her tongue to run along the bumpy edge each time he pulled back, hunting begrudgingly for another taste.

Her head bucked back and forth, the fist in her hair jerking with an urgent tempo. Saliva sloshed her tightened cheeks in waves. She gulped and sucked the fluid down so she wouldn't choke, urging the powerful girth deeper in. Spiky nubs scraped the bend of her throat and the silver piercings rumbled on her lower lip like a stallion's hoofbeats. Juices ripe with salty tang squished in the tunnel of her mouth, dribbling over her lips and landing in splatters on her sheer top. She sucked harder, desperate to lap it up, swallowing the seasoning eagerly. It was like nectar, setting each cell of her body humming where it splashed on her insides.

Uragh jerked her forward suddenly, cramming his cock past the remaining resistance in her throat. The spiky mushroom pressed into the depths of her tunnel, cutting off her air. Tears filled her vision. The backwards nubs tickled the flesh behind her tongue. She tried to open wider, letting the muscles of her throat slacken around the bulging intruder. She welcomed it in, a starving girl finding food at last, satiation for an appetite she had forgotten she had. Her brain locked into overdrive, spinning out of control from the taste and the wild motion, raging with needy hunger, gorging on the feast in her mouth.

Almost a foot of hungry flesh was inside her. Uragh's violent motions had squeezed the powerful organ farther and farther until she felt the bulge moving deep in the tract of her throat. Through one teary eye she saw her sister watching with grotesque fascination, gaping at the twitching bulge rocking visibly up and down her sister's neck. Uragh's palms squeezed the back of her head, forcing a few final thrusts before slamming in to the hilt and holding her there, nose buried in a forest of curling pubic hair. Her jaw spasmed as the engorged cock bulged tighter and fountained sticky cum into her twitching tunnel. She shuddered and tried to cry out, nerve endings blazing as the hot batter coated her throat and drained into her belly, flesh tingling with carnal remembrance where the semen made contact.

Eyes squeezed shut, head locked under the wide palm that curled around her head, the pumping fluid finally overflowed. She struggled, then gagged and coughed when Uragh finally pulled the plug from her esophagus and let her slide off.

Allie heaved, seeing stars, pussy flushing red and nipples poking like diamonds in the cool air of the cell. She wanted him back inside, needed him, the delicious taste and swelling firmness pressed into her body. She bent forward again, mouth open, running the dribbling cock along her cheek in a wordless plea.

He pushed her away. "You humans are so weak. You built your little kingdoms in this world, thinking you were the pinnacle of nature, that you were invincible." Uragh's cock hadn't deflated in the slightest after leaving its load in Allie's throat. It bristled menacingly in the torchlight, gleaming wet with fluid. "So delicious, yet so fragile, your only purpose to serve us with your bodies."

Allie slumped back against the wall, still coughing. Her throat burned. Her insides raged like a bonfire.

Uragh advanced on Katy, who cowered against the wall at the limit of her chain. "Supple, fresh, like lambs for the taking." He leered at the 9-year-old's flat chest and budding nipples, tantalizing flesh burnished orange with sweat in the torchlight. "Fertile vessels yearning for the strong hand of a master to ripen with a proper harvest." He bent and grabbed her arm, fingers rustling over the slave clothing and diving underneath, groping her chest and bare pussy as she struggled. "They need only to be awakened, to remember the true purpose written in their blood." The 10-foot beast manhandled the frightened girl, pulling her close and exploring every crevice and curve of her naked body with animal excitement. Grotesque shadows flickered on the cell wall, a hulking silhouette of flexing muscles crouched over a feeble bundle of squirming limbs, jutting phallus pointed down at her like a promise.

Allie shrieked and pulled against her shackles, enraged by the Org enjoying her sister's body, the massive hands caressing her neck and belly, squeezing her hips delightedly and trailing a lewd finger from the delicate navel down to the little girl's exposed pussy and ass. It came away wet. Katy whimpered helplessly, chest heaving and eyes wide with trepidation, a tiny doll in the creature's grip.

He pushed Katy down on her face on the mat and forced her ass in the air, the naked globes shining in the torchlight like an offering to the rigid domination brushing her backside. Massive fingers wrapped her head, holding it in place as Uragh slapped his erect cock against her upthrust bottom, teasing the little girl, wearing a ravenous grin as she struggled pitifully in his grip.

"I do so love the training. There is no better joy, don't you think Alinayah?" He rubbed his engorged head along Katy's tiny slit, greasing it with the remains of Allie's juices. "To plunge your cock into the soft meat of a little human girl, to watch her scream and wiggle and bounce, to fill her belly with cum until it ripens."

Her wrists bruised from the unyielding iron, Allie watched as Uragh grabbed Katy's hips and thrust forward powerfully, jolting her pelvis, his massive organ battering the slippery gate like a tree trunk at a keyhole. Her eyes locked on the veiny prick butting at the lips of a pussy a quarter of its size, silver rings lashing back and forth underneath, the backwards-facing nubs flushing purple with blood. She licked her lips. Hot flashes steamed their way up to her chest, leaving a tingling wake coiling in her belly. Push. Push. Pussy lips splitting slightly around the head, miniscule progress. Her eyes snapped side-to-side, following each eager thrust, fixed on the point where Uragh was entering her sister. She had seen horses mate, jerking stallions ramming heedlessly with their pelvis until they buried the wide head of their massive cocks into their mates. The bristling pole humped against her little sister's moist slit with the same determination.

Muted sobs came from where Katy's mouth was muffled against the mat, hair covering her face as she was held down by the wide palm that encompassed her head. Uragh pushed harder, testicles jerking in the air as he bucked at the little pelvis. The tiny pussy lips split and stretched obscenely around the girth, straining visibly as they gripped the cockhead with wet suction, and then closed around it with a wet snap as Uragh slammed inside.

Arousal gushed in a hot spring in her belly and Allie was swept along, helpless against the powerful lust that burned in her belly as she watched her sister's rape. Uragh's cock quivered as he savored the breach, and Allie's pussy muscles vibrated in sympathetic current, juices chasing the hot flashes down her thighs. She closed her eyes, but the image burned itself like a brand onto the back of her eyelids. She had seen it before: in the Org-reh section of Monstrum Factorum, the largest chapter of the book, bursting with every loathsome scrap of knowledge that humanity possessed about the monstrous race. The breeding section was immense. Allie had studied it every night - Org were so common that questions about them were on nearly every test. Fact sheets, gestation periods, genetic factors, Conversion effects, phallic physiology, and of course, diagrams.

Dozens of them, meticulously detailed and richly illuminated - the scribes did their work too well. Little girls held in every conceivable position by muscular bipeds the size of a horse, stuffing them with their erect pricks. Cutaways, showing the elastic expansion of the vagina and displacement of the lower abdomen to accommodate their masters. Allie remembered the last one in the chapter: a tiny girl with her head held to the ground in a massive fist, ass in the air, connected to the green behemoth behind her by a colossal phallus the size of her arm. Brown hair, angelic face, mouth twisted in an ambiguous shriek of pain or pleasure. Allie had always thought the girl looked just like Katy. Just a dry diagram, to be studied so she could answer the next question about maximal ejaculate volume or muscle mass distribution in an Org-reh penis.

Now it was here, in front of her, the squishing, drooling, moaning reality of the pages of Monstrum Factorum, made real for her little sister just as it had been for her. Uragh bucked gleefully, pressing his massive invader deeper into Katy's hole until the fist-sized glans disappeared past the sucking labia. Katy struggled in the iron grip, wiggling her hips, and then hollered when the backwards nubs snagged on her strained pussy lips.

Allie shuddered, feeling the turgid meat as if it was inside her instead of her sister. It was just like it had been for her, passed between the horny Org soldiers, pussy on fire as it was stuffed with one bulging cock after another. Only the first one hurt, then the flood of semen gushing inside her set her muscles tingling, loosening them and coaxing a rush of blood through her flesh that rippled with burning hunger. Her pussy split wider, the semen soaking her insides, changing her body, making it elastic so it could stretch around the colossal pricks more easily. She reached for her cunt, needing relief, but the chains were just too short.

"" Katy's hand fumbled across the mat and grabbed Allie's wrist. Her head was squished against the floor, teary eyes peering out between scattered strands of hair, looking up at her sister with an expression that jerked into a grimace each time Uragh slammed his pelvis against her bottom and bent her back into a curve. Words squeaked out between each powerful thrust. "'s too...too big...Allie!"

She twined her fingers with Kat's. It was all she could do. Her chest and neck burned hot, flush with desire, nipples erect and cunt pulsing as she guided her sister through her submission. A dwindling voice in her brain shouted that she should be disgusted, but it was lost in the storm of arousal that crackled through her nerve endings as she watched Katy learn her place under new master.

Uragh clasped his meaty hands on Katy's hips to steady her and roared with pleasure. His cock thrummed visibly as jets of sticky gooped surged inside it and spewed into the tiny girl impaled on the end, backflowing and spilling onto the stone floor in gooey splatters. Katy howled, face twisted with rapture, and Allie teetered on the brink of her own climax from the sight. She could almost feel the waves of sperm flooding her own insides, memories recalling the ecstasy of boiling syrup sloshing up into her belly in powerful jets. They had taken her so many times, just as they were now taking her sister, cum seeping into her flesh to make it more suitable, more pleasurable, more receptive to the power and size of her master's cocks.

Fluid gushed down the little girl's legs when Uragh's cock popped out. He pulled her up roughly by the arms and shoved her towards Allie. Katy stumbled, coughing as she landed on her hands and knees on top of her sister. The iron chains pulled taut as Allie hugged her, feeling her little sister's shaking muscles, the heaving chest pressed against her own, spittle running off her sister's chin and dripping onto her chest.

"What a lovely slut your sister is." Uragh stood above them, engorged penis still erect and dripping with fluid from the end. "With training, she'll be a snug little hole for me to fit my cock into. But she's still young and tender, Alinayah. I could only fit the tip inside. Perhaps you can show her how it's done."

Conflicting shudders of horror and desire wracked Allie's chest as she stroked Katy's hair, her sister snivelling as she lay on top of her. The 9-year-old was a quaking mess of sweat and slippery fluids. Allie hugged her and kissed her forehead, relishing the churning ebb of her sister's post-coital excitement from her first monster cock. Revulsion warred with desire as her fingers slipped over the gooey landscape of Katy's bottom.

A thrill swept suddenly down her legs when Uragh got on his knees and pulled her legs wide apart to enjoy the sight of the pretty pair of little genitals stacked together. She could feel Katy trembling in her arms, knew the pungent seed left inside her was seeping into her body, making it tingle on contact. The pain would be already be gone, battered aches replaced with pleasure as her vagina began the slow transformation to fit her master's mammoth need. Another experience they would share as sisters, as they had shared so many others. Somehow, it seemed fitting that she held Katy naked in her arms as she had so many times before, comforting her, guiding her sister lovingly through the rapids of pleasure as Katy had so often done for her. Allie felt the warm fluid leaking out of her sister's cunt and down onto hers, sizzling on her skin.

A bulging tip of molten flesh pressed at her gate, making her gasp involuntarily. Her hug tightened around her sister, holding the warm girl like an anchor.

"See how your resistance melts away." Uragh sneered down at her. "Gone like dew in the morning sun, revealing your true desires beneath. You threatened to kill me once Alinayah. Do you still desire that?"

Allie shook her head.

"What do you desire?"

"I...I..." Allie shook from head to toe. The teasing bulge pressed lightly against her swollen pussy lips, oozing with sopping fluids. She craved it, needed it. Uragh pulled back.

"No!" Allie panted wildly. "Please..." Warm currents buzzed in her body, thirsty for the plug that would close the circuit. She squeezed her eyes shut. The curse for her master died stillborn on her lips. Blood thundered in her head and flushed pink on the lips of her sex, heart pumping with a greater need. "Put it in. Fuck me. Fuck me...Master!"

The firm flesh squeezed her hole, teasing for a moment, and then slammed roughly inside. Allie's legs jerked and she screamed. Uragh wasn't gentle - he shoved forward in wild thrusts with the full strength of his body, forcing her pussy to split apart around him. She felt the bulbous head first, generously lubricated with a cocktail of her saliva and her sister's juices mixed with the double helping of cum he had already given them. It cleared the way, thumping in violently, backward nubs prickling as they snagged her labia. The walls of her cunt, overstimulated to the point of madness, felt every minute feature of the wide shaft that followed: the ridges of firm flesh, the protrusions of purple veins running just beneath the skin, the tiny silver rings that pierced the underside near the base. Gods, he was enormous! The slippery 18-inch battering ram was big even by the standards of his race - it blasted past her gate and thundered into her tunnel with irresistible force until it bottomed out with a visible bulge in her belly.

Her body scraped on the mat as Uragh began long thrusts of the massive organ, leering down at his pets, slapping against the bottoms of both girls with each grunting pump. Katy squeaked from each blow to her rump and hugged her sister tighter. Toes curling, begging incoherently, Allie lost herself in the driving blizzard of delirium as Uragh's mammoth cock began to piston violently.

"Do you remember the girls with you when you were captured?" Uragh mocked her with his words as he savaged her cunt. "Do you recall their joy, how their little bodies squirmed and wiggled and finally begged as the Org filled their bellies with seed? Once they tasted, their bodies remembered. Just as you and your sister are both remembering."

Uragh pounded away, grunting with pleasure as he enjoyed the little girl's cunt. His massive frame loomed over her, blocking the torchlight, dwarfing her tiny body so that she felt like little more than a sleeve of purring flesh wrapped around his gargantuan organ. The mat scratched painful ribbons on her back and only the cold stone wall at her back kept Allie from being driven backwards by the sheer force.

"You tasted it once, Alinayah. The bliss in service, in purpose, in your body and mind finding where they belonged at last." Allie's head banged back and forth dizzily, words stirred into boiling pleasure in her brain. "Your body remembered, even if you did not. It remembered how to open up, how to accept the strength of its master." It had. Her cunt had spread wide around the obscene organ, eagerly sucking it up into the elastic space until it penetrated her to the belly, buzzing with white-hot satisfaction like a she had found a missing piece of herself.

Howling gales of ecstasy fountained from the driving force in her crotch. The gargantuan prick pistoned bolts of molten lightning up her spine to crackle in blinding sheets in her brain. Dangling in the storm, on the razor edge of orgasm, something held her back - a tiny voice in the hurricane, screaming against it.

Uragh's hand held the chain attached to Katy's iron collar. He jerked it back, yanking her head up off Allie's chest to face level. Her eyes were glazed over with pleasure, Allie saw, mirroring her own, lost in bliss as their master had his way with them. She was so cute, so sweet, spittle on the little girl's chin as she looked up at her big sister. Allie kissed her, lips pressing hungrily and then opening her mouth to sample Katy's familiar taste. Their heads beat back and forth in rocking motion. She locked lips with her sister, and Allie gathered the last traces of the white juice in her mouth and pushed them lovingly into Katy's with her tongue. Katy sucked them in, letting the cum melt like butter on her tongue before swallowing, accepting her sister's gift.

The kiss broke with a gasp as the iron collar jerked Katy's head back. Uragh held the little girl's head arched backwards for a moment, then pressed it down onto Allie's chest. Katy licked at the liquid deposits on Allie's skin, then kissed her older sister's nipples and began to suckle hungrily.

"Your order is a farce." Uragh was bucking harder, swelling up even bigger inside Allie, on the cusp of his own orgasm. "Your fate is ordained in your blood, sealed by the very magic that quickens inside you." He leaned down to breath the doom in Allie's face. "All my soldiers know is the pleasure of the smooth insides of your pretty little pussies. They know nothing of the big picture. The joining of our worlds is the Grand Consumation. Have you not wondered at the complements of our bodies? You humans are the bride, the womb, the offering.

The plunging meat inside Allie swelled up until she thought she would burst. Uragh slammed forward and ground his pelvis against the two little girls he straddled, an artery pulsing wildly against the clenched muscles in his neck. That same heartbeat throbbed against her insides like a drum, blood racing through the engorged veins of his penis, thrumming with the primal power of her master's body as it possessed her and completed her. Her pelvis bucked frantically and her neck and spine arched in explosions of white ecstasy and she howled in thundering orgasm, a leaf driven on a storm of pleasure shot through with the scalding lightning of semen that spurted from the rigid cock inside her. Potent batter flooded the squeezing walls of her pussy, gushing through the pinhole of her cervix into her fertile womb until it overflowed with dripping heat. She heard her own screams as if far off in a gale, felt the pricks of blood seeping under her fingernails where she dug them into her little sister's back, and yielded to the pounding force of her master as it hurled her over a cliff into a maelstrom of blissful oblivion.

Warmth, driving away the chill from her naked limbs, spreading out from where it smoldered deep in her belly. Flesh against her lips, murmuring. A moaning against her chest. Allie drifted into slow possession of her body, embracing the languid satisfaction that bubbled from deep inside. She was kissing Katy on the forehead, arms locked around her warbling sister like the iron shackles that bound them. Her body tingled with satisfaction of her latent need.

Enormous hands gripped her bottom, squeezing lightly, fingers playing in the sticky crevasses. Uragh's grin seemed sated for the moment, but a ravenous appetite still gleamed from the depths of his eyes. Allie felt his thick cock poking against her leg - still erect of course. Org only went down when they wanted. Her master was probably looking forward to enjoying them all night.

Chain links rattled as Allie moved her hands, trying to part the tangle of dark hair around Katy's face. Her sister's head was buried between her nipples, eyes squeezed tightly shut. Ten red welts in the shape of crescents formed a constellation across her shoulderblades.

"Gak-eg tor ma negverrta noh Uragh-reh."

The Org-reh guard stood in the open entrance to their cell, holding a lantern. He looked hesitant.

Uragh stood and looked over his shoulder murderously. "Gak. Terme vrat-geh?"

The guard shrugged. "Many. At least a thousand. Thrahn human tova."

The hand flashed like lightning and the guard toppled backwards, blood flying from his nose and landing in a splatter on the wall.

"Fuck! Dev Gak et na negvertre!" Uragh's fists clenched angrily. He ignored his guard and stared at the wall, seething visibly. Allie tried not to make a peep. He was terrifying, a thousand pounds of restrained fury, torchlight dancing in the sheen of sweat that covered his muscular body, erect cock protruding in rapacious threat.

He turned to them again and bent, cupping Allie's chin tenderly. She tried not to cower. "Urgent matters pull me away, Alinayah." He ran a hand down Katy's sweaty, naked back. "Forgive me Katrina. I must leave your training unfinished for now. However, you both have pleased me. You shall serve me tomorrow in the main hall. We will have an esteemed guest."

Uragh and his guard left them, dwindling down the gloomy corridor and barking angrily in their black speech until they turned a corner. Allie lay slumped back against the wall, drained, holding her sister, both of them breathing together in the quiet. The delicate slave clothes were soggy with fluid, and a drying crust of sticky cum cooled between their bellies and crotches.

Allie stroked Katy's hair, using the calming motion to keep hold on the last threads of her sanity. The stone wall was cold against her shoulders. Stroke. Silky strands a cool river between her fingers. Stroke. There wasn't much other activity in the pens at the black of night. The occasional footsteps and clatter of chains, panting that rose to muffled shrieking, echoing on the stone walls as the other slaves had their turns with their hungry masters. It's ok Kat. I'll protect you. She shut her eyes, tearing up as she battled the shame. Stroke, pulling out the gummy knots where she found them.

She yearned for her master to return and fuck them again. She thirsted for it, boiling with an appetite that consumed her whole body. She screamed at it, railed at it, flailed helplessly in her mind. He had made her beg. No, she had done that on her own. She had sucked down everything he had to give, and loved it. All her promises to her little sister, washed away by the thrusting, drooling, spewing flood of thick Org cum into both their pussies. She hugged her sister tighter. She had failed. She wanted to die. She wanted another thick cock plugged into her so she could float away on a current of bliss. Maybe Uragh was right.

"Allie, don't cry." Katy brushed her eyelids, wiping away the salty tears. "You know I can't stand to see you cry."

"Kat I...I'm..." her throat tied itself into a knot as she looked down at the green pools of her sister's eyes. She would have died inside if she had seen the slightest hint of resentment, but it was just Kat, her gaze filled with love for her sister as it always had been.

Katy patted her chest. "Just rest Allie." She did. The shame melted away, as if banished. If the only way out was surrender, she'd be there holding her sister's hand up until the end came. At least she had prepared for it.

The girls drowsed for a while. Allie wasn't sure how long they laid in the cell, naked bodies pressed against each other for warmth, pussies tingling from the gifts left inside them. It was night, with no trace of sun leaking in the slit near the ceiling.

"Allie." She started as Katy tapped her on the shoulder shoulder. "Come on."

Cold air swished across Allie's naked chest as Katy climbed off. "Kat?"

Katy sat on her knees and scraped flakes of dried semen off her stomach. "Come on, wake up."

Allie realized she had been sleeping. She felt ok. Just fine, in fact. The sickening guilt that had been warring inside her was dead. Katy stood up, and Allie realized she didn't hear the telltale clinking of chain.

"What did you do?"

"I made you sleep. But you've gotta get up Allie. It's time to go."

The cell had no door, but they couldn't have left even if they weren't chained. Normally, a slave girl could wander an Org camp freely, to be fucked by whichever Org or beast was nearest, but their earrings marked them as personal property. Org soldiers had no property. They would be recognized and returned immediately, then punished.

"Go...we can't go. Katy what are you doing?" Her sister bent down and grabbed the chains connected to Allie's wrist shackles in a fist, and the chain leading to the wall in another. Ozone tinged Allie's nostrils an instant before a blinding flash jolted the metal.

The spots cleared from her vision, and Allie gaped. The chains of her shackles were melted clear through, ends glowing white hot and swiftly fading as they cooled. Katy's palms glowed like fire from a forge.

An evocation, a powerful one. Allie wondered if she were dreaming, if her mind had finally cracked. Katy's magic rendered her incompetent with any translative material flows. The required webs ran entirely contrary to the nature of it - they crumbled under their own power as soon as they were formed. It was impossible.

"Ow." Katy shook her hands, as if they burned. The heat faded swiftly. "Ok don't look at me like that Allie. I felt kind of funny after he came in me. I could feel the Conversion, I studied it just like you did." She shrugged, then reached down and helped pull her big sister to her feet. "I felt pretty dizzy as he was fucking you, and then, I don't know. It feels like something clicked. I helped you sleep and then I felt like I could just reach back and yank this chain apart like it was a spider web, so I did."

Katy was peering hesitantly outside of their cell. "We can escape now," she whispered. "The guards are all gone. I know where they keep our staves too. I heard them talking about a storeroom when you were still drugged."

Allie stepped up behind her and looked out. Katy was right. There were no Org to be seen in the pens. Katy pulled her hand, and both girls crept out into the hall, sneaking quietly on bare feet.

They worked their way from room to room, peeking around corners and ducking into an alcove once when a guard passed them at an intersection. He shuffled along lazily in filthy rags and light leather, half asleep, picking his nose. They tiptoed out behind him, holding the transparent fabric of their divided skirts so they didn't rustle.

Allie sighed with relief once they were past, and tried to smooth the sheer cloth over her hips. Useless. Her pussy peeped out from the divide in front and the cold air of the keep swirled in the cleft of her behind. She and Katy might as well have been naked, bare privates showing through the cut of the open skirts, as if in invitation. She never thought she would long for the skimpy cover of her Mage uniform.

The corridors were all cobbled brick, dismal and moldy and lit by flickering braziers that oozed oily smoke. They went up a flight of steps and through an empty guard station, following the passage until it branched near a series of storage rooms.

"I think it's in here," Katy beckoned. Allie followed her into the center room and the girls looked around at the messy hodgepodge of broken sword racks and leaning armor stands.

"They said all the mage stuff is in the big storage room." Katy rummaged near a pallet of broken timber. She kicked a boot off the corner of a tarpaulin and pulled it to the side.

Crates, piled with the flimsy garb that constituted Mage uniforms. Most of it was torn, allocite bent and dreamcloth soiled with dirt or dried cum. Allie wondered how many mages had been brought here. Hundreds maybe, defeated in battle, scanty coverings offering no protection to the little girl's bodies as they were taken and raped and forced into every unthinkable vile act. She shivered, shaking her head to dispel the image.

"Here! Allie I found them!" The barrel was filled with dozens of polished staffs: oak, ash, birch, A'shams gleaming from their decorated ends in sparkles of purple, red, green, pink, yellow - more gems in more cuts and colors than she could count. Every mage's staff was unique, fashioned by themselves personally to best complement their abilities.

Allie found her own staff quickly, white birch with a ruby a'sham, and they dug into the barrel until they found Katy's small staff of polished-black oak with the emerald stud on the end. The smooth wood felt like a dream in Allie's hand, and a flimsy hope dared to whisper in her heart: they were outnumbered, outmuscled, surrounded in enemy territory by thousands of burly creatures ten times their size and strength, but maybe they stood a chance.

Neither of them had the foggiest idea how to get out. Using magic to find the way would alert every Org mage in the entire fortress and the enemy would have protected the keep against unauthorized portals and divinations anyway. The girls snuck back out to the hallway and Allie chose an arbitrary direction. They would have to get as far as they could without using magic. Allie had borrowed a dagger from the storeroom too, sheathing the cold blade inside the sleeve of transparent cloth on her arm. A properly cut throat wouldn't alert the enemy mages.

They skulked from room to room, backtracking once to avoid a pair of soldiers eating at a table and talking about human girls in very explicit terms. Most of the doors were locked and the rest were guarded, but they finally found another flight of steps and went up. Allie hoped they were at least near ground level. They passed through the bottom level of a small gallery with a ruined chandelier. Only a few ruined paintings still rotted in their hangings on the walls.

They neared the opposite door when an iron portcullis rattled down and crashed into the floor, blocking their exit. Another slammed into place behind them, cutting them off in the lower room.

Throaty laughter boomed from the railing above them. A wizened Org-reh, holding a towering staff, cackled viciously at the trapped girls. Allie stood in front of her little sister instinctively, brandishing her staff.

"How entertaining!" The org clapped mockingly. "I love a good game. Did you enjoy it, Master?"

Uragh stepped to the railing and glared down malevolently. "Yes. Well done Brex. When the sun rises tomorrow you may call yourself Brex-reh." The Org mage bowed deeply in appreciation.

"My business didn't take me as long as I thought it would, Alinayah. It's a good thing too. Very naughty of you, to s-"

Anger bubbled up in Allie like a geyser. She reached out to the primal currents of energy that flowed endlessly throughout the cosmos, ripping open their banks to spew into a violent conduit that ended at the end of her pointing staff. Enough raw energy to smash their atoms, to tear the fortress apart, to shatter the plenary surface of reality itself like glass - no mage could condense such a flow. Channeling was a desperate plan that would probably kill them all, but there was no other way out. With an infinitesimal mental touch, she unleashed the power.

A tiny puff of smoke wheezed from the end of her staff like a failed firecracker. Allie stared in shock. The ruby of her A'sham had a small edge sheared off, just enough to undermine the matrix it embodied. She had been duped.

Both Org laughed uproariously, bellowing laughter filling the room.

"Sweet little Alinayah, you should see the look on your face!" Uragh jeered. "Did you think we'd allo-"

Katy swung her staff and a tiny green fireball hurtled upwards and exploded in Uragh's face, leaving lightning that crackled persistently in the air in a wide sphere. He screamed and dove to the side. She followed immediately with another fireball at Brex. The mage recovered his composure just in time to counter. The green energy shattered harmlessly around him in waves of plasma, filling the air with an awful screech that rattled Allie's eardrums. The energy looped and crackled, reversing through a shimmering funnel in the air and thundered back where it came from in a wave of invisible force that blew the 9-year-old girl off her feet and slammed her into the wall.

"IDIOT!" Uragh was on his feet, flailing his arm to put out the green flame sizzling on his bicep. "You told me her staff was inert!"

"It is!" Brex protested. "I checked it myself, Master."

"Imbecile," Uragh muttered. "I'll deal with you later." He vaulted over the railing and landed on the stone floor below, cracks spidering out from the impact.

Allie backed up but Uragh was on her in an instant. His fist closed around her throat and he lifted her into the air like a toy.

"When my guards told me you were leaving the pens, I decided to let you taste hope one final time. Now I'm done with games." The fist squeezed around her throat. Allie reached across and grabbed at the dagger, but Uragh's backhand rung her skull like a gong. The world spun around her. She grappled helplessly at the fist around her throat.

Uragh pinched her earlobe and pulled out a tiny jewelled stud hidden behind it. "Did you really think we'd let you keep this? That we wouldn't notice?" Allie choked, trying to breath around the grip on her windpipe. The stud was her last resort, hidden away for a day she didn't allow herself to think about. She has enspelled it years ago, after the mages had rescued her from her first capture. Few mages could have cast the spell and even fewer could have divined its complicated workings: if she ever became fully Converted, mind wholly devoted to her Monstrum masters, it would stop her heart. She had wanted to make one for Katy too, but could never quite bring herself to do it.

He dropped her onto the floor roughly and she collapsed onto her side, wheezing. Brex had joined Uragh on the lower floor.

"What will you do with them Master?"

Uragh frowned at his scorched arm. "The punishments required for such disobedience would make them worthless as my property. I won't tolerate disobedient slaves."

"Can I have the small one?" Brex looked at where Katy was sprawled unconscious on the floor, slave clothing scorched and her open pussy gaping "There is something special about her." He licked his lips.

"No." Uragh shook his head. "No, I've decided. They're too dangerous. Give them to the Yungir. I think they'll make good sows."

Allie collapsed onto her stomach. Not that. Anything but that. She wanted to beg, to plead. She'd go back and suck cock and be a perfect little slut with all her holes if it kept her sister out of a Yungir pen. She opened her mouth but only a croak came out.

"Too bad, Alinayah." Uragh bent and pulled her head off the floor so she could look in his eyes. "I would have made you my queen, made you live up to your name. The princes of this world would have grown in your belly." He dropped her disdainfully. "Take them to the beast pens."

The Org soldier threw her like a sack of grain and she toppled down the muddy slope, sliding the last few feet in a sticky groove. Katy tumbled down just behind her.

Allie looked around the gloomy space. The pen was little more than a wide depression in the ground near the walls of the fortress, strewn with dirty hay and foul-smelling puddles. Her straining eyes could barely make out the line of low-roofed stables on the far side - and the hulking forms coming to meet them.

She scrabbled in the dirt and grabbed Katy's wrist in a panic, and ran - heart pumping with terror as eager snuffling sounds closed from behind, impossibly fast. A mighty blow pitched her forward, and she landed on her face in the muck.

In a flash the creature was on her, pushing her back onto the ground when she moved and planting an oversized snout against her bottom to get the little girl's scent. Allie felt twin blasts from the huge nostrils and the trail of slime they left on her pussy lips. The Yungir grunted in approval, four stubby legs surrounding her and a massive filthy belly pushing her head down into the dirt. Hairy flanks squeezed the backs of her thighs, forcing the little girl into a hunched position like she was a toy. Allie sobbed, tasting grimy soil on her tongue as the beast ground her into the dirt.

Yungir didn't do foreplay. She felt the organ line up and then ram inside her with a jolt that almost broke her spine. Grunting turned to pleased squeals above her as the monster pulled back and thrust again, burying even more of its 2-foot cock into the little girl's undersized pussy.

The pungent odor of the greasy belly filled Allie's nostrils until she thought she would gag. She turned her head on the ground, and saw her sister trying to stand, menacing an advancing creature with a trickle of green flame hovering in the air above her open palm. The Yungir ignored it, smashing the girl to the dirt with the force of its body and jumping on her, squeezing the little girl into a hunched position under its bulk until only a sliver of her body was visible under the bloated belly.

If dogs were a man's best friend, the Yungir were Org's. They kept the giant boars as hunting animals, as companions, as pack animals, as front-line berserkers in combat - for few could stand up to the reckless charge of an enraged Yungir - and of course, as fuck buddies. They tended to get the cast-offs, the women too old or ugly for their masters to care about, or just the girls that were too much trouble, like her and Katy. The muffled howls of her sister came from beneath the giant hog, which barked ecstatically as it visibly worked another inch of giant spiralling cock into her pussy. As big and muscular as a bull, with pale, stiff hairs and spotted skin, the creature dominated the tiny figure caught beneath it, holding her in place effortlessly as it snorted with enjoyment.

Allie heaved in shallow gasps, fighting the animal stench that crept into her nose. Her chest lurched each time another twist of flesh popped into her cunt. Like the backward protrusions of an Org's cock, the knobby corkscrew of a Yungir's prick made it practically impossible to pull out until the beast had come. It stuffed itself deeper into Allie's moist cunt, grunting approvingly, enjoying the yielding insides of its new mate, and began to pump vigorously into the little girl's snatch, spiral loops snapping rapidly against her cunt lips. Allie shrieked, digging her fingers into the mud, lightning flashes of pleasure sparking from her labia and exploding behind her eyes. Wild oscillations of bulging pig cock spiralled in her tunnel, her body twitching with the vibrations like a bowstring.

Org loved to bet on the games they played with their Yungir. Sometimes they would throw them a dozen girls and see which one they picked first. Or they'd lash a girl belly-up to the undersides of the beasts and let them race on a track, pricks buried in the girl's pussies, pistoning like mad as they hurtled around the course. Allie's imagination of what those girls felt paled beside the frenetic reality of a thousand pounds of horny, squealing boar slamming her cunt with waves of pleasure that fountained in a hot spray up into her belly. Her toes curled, muscles locking, the sour odor of beast buzzing in her sinuses. Coarse hair dragged on her back, slick with sweat. The Yungir's belly thrashed eagerly, kernels of fetid grime scraping her backside and collecting in the crack of her bottom. Her cunt spasmed wildly around the slimy meat swirling inside her, sucking it in like a whirlpool, convulsing under gliding ribs of pleasure. Braying in excitement, the Yungir bucked and fucked the little girl under him until the engorged meat swelled up so tightly that it locked itself into the flesh of her pussy walls. Held immobile at the depth of the last giant thrust, Allie felt a geyser of hot liquid erupt deep inside her and flood up into her womb.

Her howling matched the piggish squeals of pleasure as the Yungir emptied its seed into the little girl. Pinned under the belly, writhing in euphoria, Allie shuddered in the chaos of the most wild orgasm of her life. She had never had a beast inside her before, though she and Kara had nervously fingered one of their father's stallions during mating season when they were very little. The primal force thrust the little girl up against the limits of her senses and then smashed them like glass, letting in a storm of blinding energy that strobed in pink explosions in her brain. She bucked her pelvis wildly, screaming, shoving herself deeper onto the animal's prick. An ecstatic squeal rumbled through the jiggling belly and reverberated in her spine, and the Yungir filled her with another helping of ejaculate, squishing in her tight passage and flowing out and back down her legs in a greasy river. Allie throbbed under the creature, drifting on the eddies of her climax, when another wild spurt erupted like magma in her belly. Face squished against the mud, arms thrashing, squealing in bestial melody with her porcine partner, a dwindling remnant of coherence recalled from her Monstrum lectures that Yungir could cum dozens of times during a single copulation. The bursting tide of another orgasm swept the thought away in a driving blast of exhilaration. Juices bubbled out of both ends of the skewered girl, spittle frothing from her lips just like the milky syrup that squished out of her pussy where she was connected to the monster. She bucked and panted, rabid, a wild animal in heat, writhing in the dirt as her mate flooded her with another gushing deposit of pig sperm.

She coasted in heady warmth until the patter of stupefied whimpering and pig grunts brought the world into form again. She looked over to see Katy sprawled on the ground, fingers clutching reflexively as she panted in gratified squeaks. Belly jiggling, her Yungir had pulled out of her, leaving an obscene puddle of white slime dripping over every inch of her bottom. Her pelvis lurched and Allie was jerked bodily upwards for a moment before the boar cock slurped out of her pussy and she collapsed back onto the dirt.

More Yungir surrounded them, dozens, brushing their short snouts inquisitively over the naked bodies of the pair of little girls. Young and old, big and small, they had all come to meet their new sows. Coarse white hair bristled in the dim light of distant torches, and the painted designs on their flanks swirled in patterns of red and brown. The largest, a hulking behemoth with dozens of small iron rings pierced in the thick skin of its ear, bent down to lick at her pussy, sliding its long tongue around her thighs before guzzling a taste from her gaping slit. The Org marked their pets with a ring for each farrow they sired, to measure their fertility.

Allie's lay exhausted in the muck, strength leeched away, consumed in the inferno of her climaxes. Her guts felt deflated, like they had popped out with the bloated pig prick like a cork from a wine bottle. Aches zigzagged through her rebelling muscles when she tried to move, but the Yungir didn't need her cooperation. The big one flipped her onto her back with a hoof and straddled her, an erect spiral of flesh as long as her leg slapping down onto her stomach demandingly. She reached down with shaking arms and spread her pussy lips.

The patriarch took his time. Allie squirmed in the dirt and screamed with pleasure, body electrified by the pulsing flesh inside her. She had more room under this one's belly, and the wild thrusting jolted her pelvis off the ground, body speared on the rigid organ. She rested a hand on her navel, feeling her stomach bulge obscenely each time the lusty creature shoved forward, the massive boarcock threading her deep tunnel like she had been made for it. Liquid fire streaked up from the sizzling nerves of her pussy and built into a storm of continuous orgasms, violent climaxes splintering her consciousness and scattering the pieces into a tornado of ecstasy. The Yungir pulled out and another pushed into her pussy, plugging her body with the throbbing flesh it craved. Her sister's cries mingled with her own, rattling her eardrums until they rang in tune with the buzzing in her head. A Yungir was in her mouth, squeezing its colossal organ into her throat, and she opened wide to suck it down, relishing the thrill of the corkscrew meat slipping around her tongue, drilling into her throat until it reached her stomach and filling the reservoir with sizzling slop until she thought she would burst from the pressure.

Her pussy, her ass, her mouth, she offered them all up, pleading for them to be used by her animal masters. Gallons of boar sperm spewed into her womb and colon and coated her throat as they dripped down to slosh in her stomach like a tub of pungent batter. Muddy filth streaked her naked skin, the sheer slave clothing long since disintegrated from the friction. A distant recall tugged at her memory between orgasms. There was something, something she needed to do. Important. Another Yungir straddled her and she grasped the short hairs on his stomach to hold on. She bounced on the twisting phallus of her lover and came again, the back of her mind frantically trying to orient itself in the red fog. Escape. She could escape. Come back later for Katy. She grabbed the idea like a life preserver and hung on. A gush of fluids from her crotch came with the familiar feeling of deflation, followed immediately by the begging, twisting itch of horny desire to have another beast's dick inside her.

She rolled and pushed herself onto her hands and knees, wobbling uncertainly as she half-crawled in the muck. Her naked chest, streaked with pig hairs and mud, heaved frantically, gulping at the air during her brief reprieve. Forward, somehow. She didn't know what she was doing. Some primal impulse in the last bastion of her sanity urged her forward while every cell in her body clamored a libidinous roar for her to roll over and present herself submissively to her mates. Forward, another step. She rested a hand on a muddy bank half her height, wheezing as she caught her breath.

A Yungir slammed her forward onto the mound, grunting angrily. She felt the erect cock poking clumsily at her bottom, sliding across the goop on her buttocks until it rested in the valley between. Spasms rippled the circle of her sphincter, crater puckering around the jabbing tip just before the beast shoved its spiraling cock forward and penetrated her in the anus. Allie squealed as the jolt of pleasure rushed up her spine. The powerful beast held her struggling body against the soil and pistoned into her rear end, twisting meat threading the little girl's insides until a frothing river of boiling sperm flooded into the twisting tract of her colon. Rank juice bubbled from the gap like an underground spring when he pulled out, and more Yungir were waiting.

Her bruised pussy ached from the abuse even as it yearned for more. Her anus gaped wide from the creature's intrusions and her throat had been stretched so wide it felt like she had swallowed a fence post. All her tunnels tingled overwhelmingly with arousal, saturated with the potent white seed of the Yungir. She clawed at the mud and kicked. She couldn't escape. Her orgasm crested beneath her like a rising tsunami and Allie hung her head.

...and gave up. She had never felt more alive. The brushing belly on her back rasped back and forth and she pushed with her hands, rubbing up against it gleefully, all thoughts of anything but her mate obliterated. Pulsing waves rocked outward from the tip of the Yungir cock thrusting in her stomach, a tingling fire spreading in her limbs and chest that saturated every cell with trembling desire. Pussy spasming, heart pumping blood thick with animal excitement, nerve ends arcing with lightning that sent her muscles into wild spasms: her body locked in overload and her lungs fought for air, drowning in the undertow of carnal currents that swept her over a thundering waterfall to plummet into the wide abyss of her climax. Blackness crept in from the edges of her vision. Allie screamed with pleasure, releasing the primal need that she had kept locked deep inside herself for years, air ripping from her lungs until her throat burned itself raw.

Satisfaction settled deep in her breast as her orgasm faded and the dripping boar penis pulled out of her. Why had she ever wanted anything else? She lay spread-eagled on her back in the pen, waiting for her next lover, a gooey discharge trickling from her cunt into a white puddle on the ground. Katy was next to her, moaning wildly as a younger boar mounted her doggy style. Tears leaked clean paths through the dirt on her sister's face, the little girl crying in happiness from the wild frenzy of so many orgasms of her own. Allie reached out her hand, and the sisters twined fingers again, sharing the unspoken bond of love they had carried ever since they were little. Had she really tried to leave? This was all she had ever wanted, to share pleasure and happiness with her sister, unfettered, naked, and honest. The happiness painted on Katy's face as the giant boar slid its dick inside her was like a daybreak, and Allie realized how long it had been since she had seen that genuine, innocent bliss shining on her little sister's face.

This was the reality that she had denied: that she had been taken and loved it, that she spent every moment denying how much she wanted to be back here, that her anger was because of the paradise that she had tasted before it was cruelly ripped away. What was her life for, if not to find happiness for her and her sister? Following Kara around when she was little, playing in the wildflower fields with Katy, riding horses with her mother - simple experiences of a simple life that added up to happiness. Her father introduced her to sex on her 8th birthday, as he had with all his daughters, gently showing her the way to happiness with her own body. He had been a kind man, generous and wise and handsome. She had loved him, and her mother and sisters too. She had been happy.

A Yungir pushed its snout into her face and blew her dark hair back in a wave. She inhaled the spicy scent and planted a kiss on the rough skin. When had she forgotten that her happiness mattered? They said you lost your mind in conversion, but Allie saw clearly for the first time. She spread her legs, inviting her mate into the sticky mess between them, and he took her up on the offer. The giant cock slammed home, and Allie sighed in pleasure. This was where she and Katy belonged. Finally she could put down all the fighting, all the guilt and anger, drop the heavy weight of bitterness and misery that she had carried for so long. Here was her purpose. Here, she knew her position, knew where she and her sister belonged. She gasped when the slimy organ bucked against the end of her canal. Spreading her legs wider, she lovingly caressed the hairy stomach above her face. Soon, she'd be be able to accommodate him better. Her body would adjust until she was a perfect little pigfucker.

There were no more crushing decisions to make. She thought she had to save the world...why? What had the world ever given her? Pain and anger and violence. She had driven herself and her sister so hard, but they didn't have to run anymore. Allie hadn't lost herself, she had found herself, found what she needed drooling and humping in the dirt with a monster's cock stuffed inside her.

"Feeeeeeedin' time! Soooooey! Soooooey!"

Allie squinted against the dawn's rays. A fat org up on the embankment was ringing a bell on a post and others were emptying buckets of brown feed into a long wooden trough near the side of the pen. Katy rolled over and yawned next to her, then reached up to wipe the gummed blobs of cum off her eyelids. They had both slept a little, after the Yungir had their fill.

A boot stomped the ground next to her and Allie was yanked upwards by her arm. The Org grabbed Katy with his other hand and dragged them both across the pen with a no-nonsense frown on his face. The long trough had a few dozen wooden mounts spaced in intervals on both sides of it. They looked familiar to Katy, like something she had once seen on a horse breeder's farm for collecting semen from stallions, to assure buyers the stud was fertile before they made a purchase. Katy was grabbed away by another Org and Allie found herself pulled up and over a mount to lie on her stomach with her legs dangling in stirrups. The surface of the mount was fixed with shaped leather like a saddle. It wasn't uncomfortable, but her ass was thrust up in the air and she felt slightly dizzy from the blood pooling in her head.

The Org pulled her arms straight out and lashed her wrists to the truss on either side, then tied her ankles to the stirrups too. Other Org-reh had rounded up all the girls in the pen and done the same for them until they were packed neat and tight, a line of bound girlflesh waiting on both sides of the trough, heads and down and asses up with pussies on display. Katy was opposite Allie, facing her, their heads only a couple feet apart.

The handlers clapped their hands and loosed the Yungir they had collared, and the ground shook as the herd of beasts galloped across the dirt for their morning meal. The girl to Allie's side was wiggling in her bonds and muttering, face twisted with impatience. The Yungir snorted and vied playfully for position, but each found a station at the trough, sniffing their girl briefly before rising up to mount them and jab their slimy boar cocks into the tiny pussies. Allie watched a muscled swine with an orange pattern on its flank straddle her sister in front of her, penetrating her with lusty enthusiasm, and then bow its head to feed from the mush in the trough. A slimy poke at her cunt was all the warning Allie had before a the dirty belly scraped her back and a gnarled spiral of engorged porcine prick thrust like a hammerblow into her exhausted passage.

The cacophony of mealy grunts and slopping sounds mixed with the moans and cries of the girls as the Yungir enjoyed their meal. Allie clenched her teeth, breathing hard through her nose as the mounting pressure in her pussy stoked the passion in her loins into a raging heat that spread through her pelvis and thighs like a bonfire. Katy came quickly, panting wildly, mouth working in sucking motions. Allie felt a thick flood of sperm gush into her vagina just as her own orgasm rolled over her like an avalanche. Her arms and legs thrashed against her lashings involuntarily, but she was thoroughly tied, a willing little sex toy trussed up for the pleasure of her animal masters.

The Yungir on top of her grunted, and another helping of steamy ejaculate squished into her pussy, squeezing the fluids of the first one out. They spilled out in gooey blobs, forced by the motions of the monster and his little girl where they were connected, and collected into a funnel that deposited the white goop in a metal bowl just below Allie's mouth: breakfast. She inhaled, savoring the sharp scent of her mate's liquid present, and bent down to lap it up.

Allie slurped the zesty seed eagerly, tongue darting like a kitten with a bowl of cream. The spunk was salty and sweet at the same time, thickened pudding that melted on her tongue. She shivered with pleasure when a third helping of semen welled inside her and flushed more juices down for her to enjoy.

She looked up at Katy, who had her own helping of sperm fresh from her vagina seeping into her bowl. Her sister was hesitating, looking down at the mess uncertainly. Allie jerked her head to get her attention, then nodded at the bowl encouragingly. Katy dipped, sniffing reluctantly at the white mound of gelatinous goop. It sparkled enticingly in the morning sunlight, jiggling from the thrusting motion of Katy's wooden mount. Allie gestured again, and smiled when Katy licked a dollop into her mouth. The Org had given Allie a head start, but her little sister wasn't as far along as she was, hadn't had as much time for the Conversion to work its proper changes on her body. The spunk probably still tasted a bit foul to her. But that was ok. Wasn't it a big sister's job to look out for her little sister? A bowl of piping hot boar cum had all the vitamins and minerals a growing girl needed. Allie would make sure her sister didn't go hungry.

A flash of ruddy light caught her eye on the far side of the pen. A woman was crossing on the causeway above the embankment, escorted by two burly men and a half-dozen Org-reh guards. She glistened in the dawn, a pearling silhouette of sublime beauty wrapped in a tight-fitting dress that showed off every curve of a luscious woman in her prime. The red star blinked again at her throat, a ruby in a silver necklace catching the morning rays into suspended flame. Black curls bounced lightly in an immaculate train of shining hair that reached almost to her ankles.

Allie gasped. 'Beautiful' was a pale, shrivelled word beside the warm reality of this goddess. The silver wristbands worked in the form of a slender dove stirred something deep in the clutter of Allie's mind. Hadn't she known this woman? There was something familiar about her.

As if sensing something amiss, the woman stopped, twisting with supernal grace as she looked around at the Org training yards and slave pens arrayed in a disorganized mess in front of the fortress walls. Her dress was open in the front and back, flawless skin glowing orange in the ruddy light. Delicate lace edged the plunging gap, hugging her skin tightly as it climbed up from the slender waist and over the outsides of her breasts, framing the luscious inner slopes of her chest like a work of art made flesh. The satin cloth of her hanging sleeves shifted as the woman raised a finger, circling as if testing the air, and her eyes tracked closer and locked on Allie as if by magic.

No, she had never met her. The woman's bearing and beauty were an experience impossible to forget. Had she been looking for her? The thought slipped from her grasp like an eel.

Her mate grunted and thrust forward again, bulging inside her and spewing yet another oozing deposit of ripe sperm into her womb. Allie moaned in arousal as the liquid splashed her insides, wrists quivering against the bonds that kept her tied to the mount.

The woman smirked down at Allie disdainfully and then turned away. A grubby little boarslut taking sperm at both ends for breakfast - that was probably all she saw. Allie shuddered and jerked against her bonds as another orgasm crashed through her body in breaking waves, and when she regained her senses and looked up, the woman was gone. Well, whatever it was didn't seem important anymore. She slurped up the rest of her breakfast, the spunk warming her throat and leaving a tingling sensation in its wake as it trickled into her belly, then waited passively to be untied.

The Org clapped a pair of iron shackles around Katy's wrists, and Allie beamed with pride. Her sister was finally bonded. Short iron chains with thick links ran from the shackles to the front legs of the Yungir that had taken an interest in her. Katy would have to crawl around with her mate, usually under him because of the short slack of the chains, available at all times to take her mate's cock in her pussy or anywhere he wanted to put it. It wasn't much trouble: Yungir showed surprising affection for their tiny mates when they developed a long-term interest in them. Usually they would fuck her around the clock for weeks even long after she was pregnant, until the time she was ready to have the litter. They became fiercely protective during this time, and the Org knew to leave them alone.

Allie's smile could barely contain her happiness for her little sister. Back in her old life she might have helped pick out a dress and a chapel and flowers for her sister's special occasion, but all that was unnecessary: all Katy needed was her mate. The beast that picked her was young and strong, and fairly handsome, with a firm snout and muscled legs and carriage. He'd give her a healthy litter, her first, and if a bounty of piglets wasn't already growing in the little 9-year-old's belly, they soon would be. Allie rubbed a hand over her own stomach, swollen obscenely as she neared her date.

The Yungir scratched its rump on a post and then rooted around on the stone floor of the stable. Katy rolled over on the hay next to her big sister. "I'm so proud of you Kat," Allie said, kissing her sister's hand. She was too. It was impossible not to be, when something so great happened to someone you love.

Katy giggled. "It doesn't take very long, does it?"

"No. Yungir gestation only takes a couple months. But they'll be...very active months."

"I don't mind." Katy grinned impishly. She laid a hand on Allie's pregnant belly, feeling the warmth of the life inside. "It doesn't hurt at the end, does it?"

Allie laid her hand over Katy's, moving with it as her sister rubbed the distended flesh. "It's uncomfortable, but pretty painless. By the time you're fertile to Yungir sperm, your body has already made most adaptations."

This would be Katy's first litter, and Allie was about to have her third. She remembered them fondly. Her first had been an open-field pregnancy shortly after joining the pen, catching from the constant ministrations of her masters in the yard. She had been so happy when she first ran a hand over her belly and felt a bump. It had grown steadily until finally her piglets came out a healthy pink, squealing with vigor. Her second had been a bond, to the elderly patriarch that had taken her the first night. He had sniffed around her and paid constant attention to her until on the third night the Org beastmaster came by and clapped irons on them both. Bonding was a fairly practical matter: it kept the Yungir from fighting over their favored mates. If they became possessive, it made sense to keep the girl from wandering away and possibly attracting the attention of a competitor. They took her shackles off once the Yungir lost interest, usually just before she was due to give birth.

It seemed appropriate that Katy took her first bond just as Allie finished her third. They both had something to celebrate. The beastmaster had freed her yesterday, and she already missed her mate: a strapping specimen of porcine virility, young and brimming with male juice, one of the births from her first litter. He had been the biggest even when he came out, with strong ears and a speckle of black spots on his hindquarters. He had always been energetic and precocious, and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy taking his mother as mate. A randy boy since the moment he came out, it wasn't the first time he had bent over the little girl that gave birth to him and shoved his massive boarcock into the womb where he came from.

"Maybe we can compare," Katy said, lying back on the hay and rubbing her own stomach thoughtfully. "I mean you look like a cherry about to burst. I never saw mom when she was pregnant but she can't have been as big as you are now."

"You'll be even bigger!" Allie laughed, grinning at the thought of the tiny 9-year-old's belly engorged with a litter of healthy young. "You might not even be able to stand up. Your body will be able to take it though. Just remember to eat double helpings of sperm in the week before and after."

"Well, I think I'll be too busy to stand up," Katy teased, and Allie laughed with her and hugged her.

Katy's Yungir had sniffed his way over to her, attracted by his mate sprawled out with her legs open and inviting. She reached up to scratch him under the ears, earning a series of pleased grunts, then scooted under him on her back. He wasted little time, straddling the tiny girl and lining up the spiral prick before poking the tip inside and then ramming it home.

Katy gasped and reached her arms over her head to clutch the ankles she was shackled to as the first powerful jolts scraped her back on the floor. Allie looked on, feeling a flush of arousal creep up her naked chest. Seeing the thick squiggle of flesh pounding into her little sister's pussy, twisting her face in rapture, was just as arousing as having the rigid meat thrusting into her own body. She leaned back to get comfortable on the hay with her large belly, and used the juices that had began to flow from her crack as she watched her sister get fucked to lubricate her hood and clit. So was so glad Katy could be here with her. That had always been her greatest fear, that she would lose her, and she had hung on so tight that she made her sister miserable. But Katy was happy now, naked joy painted on her face as she panted euphorically on the floor with her boar lover. Allie had wanted to protect her, but all she did was keep her away from the happiness she deserved.

Katy came wildly under her partner, and a flood of animal semen backwashed from her tiny pussy into a steaming pool on the floor. Wild flashes sparked under Allie's fingers at the sight, pleasure rippling from her fingers up into the walls of her cunt. She could almost see the process inside her little sister: millions of sperm, spewed in a frothing jet through her sister's cervix, swirling and swimming through the flood of pig juice in her uterus until they found the fertile girl's tiny egg and burrowed in hungrily, growing rapidly into a batch of pink piglets under the swelling mound of her tummy. Allie shuddered on her fingers and bit her lip as she slipped one inside, testing the waters of her pussy so oversensitive from her pregnancy. Katy was a healthy girl. How big would her brood be? 4 Yungir piglets? 5? Half a dozen? Allie couldn't wait.

The Yungir pulled out and sniffed Katy's bottom, then used its long tongue to lick her clean, washing her privates and then moving to the ticklish spots at her hips until she was squirming and laughing hysterically.

The Yungir rolled over onto the hay next to them, apparently satisfied, but Katy was still purring. She lied down next to him and rubbed his belly and crotch, making him grunt happily as her little fingers found the erogenous zones of the huge animal. Then she went to work on his cock, licking the tip and upper spirals before working it into her mouth, lips flapping wetly over each rib that slipped inside. Motes of shimmering magic flared around the shaft of meat and spread in a red glow from Katy's hands, the girl suffusing her animal partner with extra pleasure.

Moist, pulsing walls clamped her fingers like a vice, and Allie moaned as she came from the sight of her little sister sucking down the pink monster cock, head bobbing, greedy for the prize she would receive. She had resisted for so long, but she knew this was where they belonged, and she was relieved that they had found it instead of lingering in a squalid existence and then dying on the battlefield. Stuffed with boar cock around the clock, riding waves of euphoria from one intoxicating orgasm to another, submissive little sows with wombs bursting with more Yungir piglets for the fold - what else was there in life for a girl than to serve with her body and mind, embracing the rapture of life and sexual bliss that was her fate? She had been a fool - she resisted, had to be forced, and in the end all it did was keep her from what she really wanted. She thought of all the little girls out there in Teleria, in the whole world, the mages and the frightened village girls and every unwilling woman right up to the queen herself - they slaved in fear like she had, fleeing from the inevitable until the Org, the Rapewolves, the Venoma and Arachma and the Minotaurum and all the countless myriad of monsters from their nightmares finally caught up to them and stuffed giant thrusting cocks of every monstrous size and shape up into their cunts until their true nature awoke and their bodies bulged with the offspring that proved their destiny.

The slimy organ in Katy's mouth surged with energy, and her throat worked to swallow the mouthfuls of rich batter, massaging the Yungir's prick with glowing hands to coax every last drop of rich milk from it. Hey body shivered from head to toe, eyes shut tight and breath held for fear of choking on the sperm pouring into her stomach.

She popped off with a gasp, chest heaving. The Yungir's rope-like tail flicked in satisfaction, dragging in short sweeps across the stable floor.

Katy crawled between her lover and her sister. "Hey sis, got a present for you," she mumbled, grinning while trying to keep her lips closed. Allie beckoned her close, and the girls opened their mouths and kissed, Katy pushing the globs of warm spunk into her sister's mouth with her tongue and finishing with a playful twist of her big sister's nipples. Allie pushed some back, and they swapped and dueled as the fluid mixed with saliva in their mouths and frothed onto their lips, then dripped in waves of bubbling cream down their chins. The remaining globs melted in the steam of their mouth, and the girls collapsed onto the hay together and drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.