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Monstrum Tribute: The Abyss - Part 1

By Clark & Lilly

A tribute to WintermuteX, Thank you for all the horrifying monsters fucking little girls.

Sarah, the 11 year-old foolish mage from Monstrum: Filly, has just been cast into the depths of the Abyss. So little is known of the Abyss, but Sarah knows one thing for certain. The fiends of the Abyss will find her, and have their way with her.

Special Thanks To: WintermuteX, for inspiring this deviant little tale. And SapphicJen, for Crystal’s Closet.

Tags: Fm+f+h+g, m+f+h+g, Ffg, bd, bi, les, demons, magic, nc, oral, anal, ped, preg, rape, caution

Content: Demon Rape, Young Girl, Male Demons, Female Demons, Herm{Futa} Demons, Bisexual, Lesbian, Magic/Fantasy, Light Violence, Light Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy/Birth, Extreme Insertion

The shimmering of the portal closed just as fast as she had been shoved through. Sarah rolled and tumbled over scree for some distance before she came to a stop. Her face resting on rocks and dust. Her body covered in cuts and bruises. Her long brown hair tangled and matted with dirt and blood. The little eleven year old’s mage clothes were gone. Her soft pale skin left completely exposed, without even the meager modesty afforded by the near bits of metal and cloth that were a mages only cloths. Sarah crawled to her knees. Sobbing gently as she pressed her hands to her face to staunch the flow from her bloody nose. She had lost everything. Her home, sacked by monsters. Her love, killed and eaten by the beasts. Her mother and little sister... gods... her mother and sister must be monster fuck puppets by now. She shivered at the thought of her mother and poor little sister being raped by those animals. Herself, she had lost herself. Denied the mercy of death. Cast, still a living soul, into the depths of the Abyss. So little is known of the Abyss, but what little knowledge she did have was not reassuring. An infinite circle even time is subjective in the Abyss, but how that worked no one knows. Every attempt to study the Abyss had resulted in disaster. Entire classes of Mages lost. Pulled into the Abyss never to be seen or heard from again. There were rumors, however, of a cult of Men that worshiped the fiends, and through dark and profane rituals gained powers beyond mortal dreams. Validity of such tales has never been found.

With these thoughts in mind Sarah blinked her eyes. Wiping tears and blood from her face. Her blurry vision clearing to behold the world around her. Her first sight was of the sky. Dancing green, blue and purple witch lights twisted in a starless black void. Here and there cataclysmic storms would rage across the twisting sky. Sending rending whirlwinds to rip at the rocks beneath. Dismal blue and black rock towered in jagged mountains. Like the claws of some great beast rending at the sky in it’s final death throws. In the distance she could see twisting towers and minarets of some massive palace. The compound’s walls twisting among the jagged mountains for miles. Any further detail lost in the distance. Looking about her immediate surroundings, Sarah found herself to be in a bowl like valley a few hundred yards in diameter. Boulders and scree covered the valley floor. Giving ample nooks and crannies for things to hide. From one such nook she first saw them. Dimly glowing eyes. About a dozen pairs at first, but soon more pairs of eyes appeared from other nooks and shadows. Green learing eyes. Cold blue blinking orbs. Violet lust filled eyes. Red malignant orbs. Then slowly they emerged from their hiding places to creep upon her.

Imps, one of the few species of fiends known to exist, but already Sarah could see that her knowledge of Imps was wholly inadequate. For her training taught her that all imps were male, but thanks to their nakedness she could clearly see that Imps had at least three distinct genders. The imps stand at an average of three feet in height. Not counting their long pointed ears. Which extend a foot beyond the tops of their heads. Curled and twisting horns of innumerable sizes and styles framed tousled hair of infinite colors and length, crowned the imps heads. Their skin seemed to come in all colors, but tends towards dark and dusky. Their glowing eyes following suit only being bright and luminous. Their fingers and toes ended in sharp claw like nails, and a four foot prehensile tail came from the small of their backs. Said tails would end in tips of a large variety. Some spades, others hearts, diamonds or clubs. Others still had wicked curved spikes running down their length, or were covered in studs. The males, Sarah could plainly see, hard thick cocks just over a foot in length. The long glans had backward pointing spines around its crown. Their long two inch thick shafts bristled with different patterns of studs feelers hooks and thorns. No two imps seemingly bearing the same pattern, but as Sarah would learn an imp’s cock was the best way to tell who their sire was. Their balls hanging between their legs looked like a pair of massive unhusked chestnuts, covered in bristling spikes. The female imps bore a pair of orange sized firm bouncing breasts. Capped with massive hard nipples over an inch in diameter. With each bounce of their step their nipples would leak a spray of blue white milk from their tips. Their pussies, swollen open with arousal, filled with feelers and hooks for anything that chances to invade the demonic cunt. Then there were the hermaphrodites. Whom resembled the females with the exception of the imp cock and balls between their legs.

All this Sarah’s mind noted in an instant. The analytical portion of her mind, honed from her mage training, quickly taking in the imps’ threat. She reached out with her mind to gather power for a spell. Unspeakable pain arched through her skull. A dull chill surrounded her neck. The collar! How could she have forgotten. She fell forward catching herself with her left hand, while her right went to the collar about her neck. The black metal was so very cold to her fingertips. Why did Sheila do this the her? Why was Sheila helping the monsters?

Dark laughter broker her thoughts from her musings. Sarah looked all about her slowly standing to her feet. To her left imps climbed over stones leering at her. To her right more imps crept around a giant jut of rock clawing at the sky. Behind her more imps surrounded her. In front of her, a nearly solid wall of imps greeted her sight. Hundreds if not thousands of imps moved towards her. Oh so slowly. Lustful smiles full of malice.

"Well..well...well... Looky what we have here." An imp’s voice mocked from the crowd.

"A poor little mage, all scuffed and roughed up." Rang another.

"Why not use your magic to escape." A peal of mad laughter followed this remark.

"She can’t. No staff. No magic." One said flatly.

"Ahhh..", another imp almost cried, "but I like it when they have their staffs."

"Yeah, it is so much fun to fuck mages with their staffs. Shove that long hard wood all the way up into their little girl wombs." Sickening laughter filled the little valley as Sarah looked side to side. Trying to see who was talking. Trying to find a way out.

"I don’t think she could use her magic with her staff." Said the imp closest in front of her. "That pretty little collar of hers absorbs her power. She can’t even touch it, let alone use it."

"Does it matter. Mage magic is useless here."

"Yeah lets fuck her already. It's not like it would be her first time. I can smell it from here."

"Naughty, naughty little girl." Imps laughed with glee.

"Virgins only get fucked one at a time... to start. Naughty little girls get two or three."

Sarah tried to run, but imps jumped on her from all sides. Slick glans of imp cocks and hot dripping imp pussy covered her body. Soon she felt a pair of imp pricks battering at her anus, as a pair of imp cocks split open her small vagina. She screamed in agony as she felt like she was being ripped into pieces. Only to have an imp cunt shoved into her face. A clawed hand squeezing her nose shut. "Lick it like you want it, or I have my friends fuck their cocks up your nose." Sarah’s eyes shot wide with fear at the thought as she dove her tongue into the little imp cunt. A spicy flavor filled her mouth. Her tongue massaged by the feelers in the imp cunt. Moaning as the pair of imp cocks finally pushed into her anus. One pushing into her to the base as the other would pull out. Her hands held out to the side as imps jammed her fingers into their waiting pussies. Even her feet were being fucked by imps. Looking around her in terror, she saw that when imps couldn’t get to her to fuck they simply fucked eachother instead. Waiting for one of her tormentors to finish, so they could take their place at her violated body. She lapped at the imp pussy pressed to her mouth with the abandon of the damned. Hoping beyond hope that she wouldn’t carry out her threat. She soon felt the cunt spasm as the imp began to fuck her face in orgasm. A gallon of imp girl spunk sprayed into her mouth. Sarah swallowed as fast as she could. Terrified that she would drown on girl jizz. The imp let go of her nose then patted her cheek. "There, there little mage cunt... I lied. Come one boys!"

Sarah screamed into the cunt at her mouth as a pair of imp cocks pressed against her nostrils. Not even have their glans could get into her nose, but they didn’t care as the cunt on her face stroked them as they fucked her nose. Soon more cocks were pressed to her ears and eyes. Blotting out her sight and muffling her hearing. With no sense of time, Sarah’s world blended together. The only rhythm, the fucking of cocks and cunts upon and in her body. Again and again Sarah felt cum being blasted into her body. As cocks were replaced by cunts, and cunts replaced by cocks. Pain and pleasure wracked her helpless form with the agony of never ending orgasms. The chemicals in the imp cum slowly absorbing into her body. Much to her dismay no one knew what conversion effects imps had on their victims’ bodies.

With a sudden shock, Sarah feels her pussy emptied of imp cock. Blinking cum from her eye, she looks around to try and see what has sparked this change. Only to see a trio of imp bitches with their fists pressed to her violated cunt. A fresh scream rips from her lungs as three imp arms plunge into her abused hole. Pumping deeper and deeper into her cunt. Sarah’s mind reels with shock, and imps laugh with glee as the three arms push past their elbows. Sarah throws her head back overwhelmed with pain and, much to her eternal dismay, pleasure. Other imps hold her head up forcing her to watch her brutal fisting. Mad laughter as all the imps stop in their orgy to watch this new spectacle. Sarah watches with horror as her stomach bulges out with the imps inward thrusts. With their arms up to the shoulder in Sarah’s cunt, the two imps to the sides stopped fucking her. Instead they pulled their arms apart from each other. Stretching Sarah impossibly wide. As the middle imp shoved both arms deep into Sarah. With maniacal glee other imps picked up the middle one and began fucking her arms in and out of Sarah. She felt the imps hair and horns rub her labia and clit as they fucked the imp bitch into her like she was a giant dildo. "Is she ready?" Sarah heard one of the imps holding her open ask.

"Just about." replied the other.

"Well too bad for her then, because I’m going in new whether she’s ready or not." Roared the imp being used as a dildo.

"Ready?" Chanted the imps fucking her with the little bitch.




Sarah’s scream chokes in her throat as the pain lances through her body stealing her breath away. The imps rammed their friend into Sarah’s cunt. Her head pushing through her labia with a sicking pop. Deeper they push. The imps breast spray milk all over the place as they are squeezed into Sarah’s cunt. The poor eleven year old’s stomach growing as more of the imp is pushed into her womb. With another pop, the imps breast are in. Suddenly her hips snag on Sarah’s poor stretched labia, but with a great push the rest of the imps soon have her pushed in. Thighs, knees, calves, and feet disappearing into Sarah’s cunt in quick succession. Mind reeling in lighting pain, and thundering pleasure, Sarah looks down at her body. What she sees makes her blanch. Her stomach bulging impossibly huge. Like she was twelve months pregnant with twins. The imps laughter fills her ears as her belly wriggles with the movements of the imp inside her womb. With new gusto the imps begin her rape anew. Plunging arms and cocks into her cunt and ass. Sharp clawed hands pawing at her puffy little nipples. Pinching and pulling on the little nubs. A herm bitch starts rubbing her sloppy cunt all over her face and hair. "Hey" Sarah hears the herm say, "Let's give her a taste of what Blaze is feeling." Much laughter follows this statement as the herm bitch begins humping Sarah’s head in earnest. Not fully comprehending what the imps are saying, Sarah is shocked when she feels a warm dampness envelop the top of her head. Soon Sarah is moaning and screaming "" again and again. Ther herm’s cock and balls slapping her in the face as Sarah’s head is pushed deeper into the imp cunt. Soon her sight is cut off as the imp's clit rubs down Sarah’s nose. Popping into her mouth before Sarah’s head is completely enveloped by imp cunt. The herm’s labia massaging Sarah’s neck just above the black metal collar. Sarah opens her mouth to scream, only to have it filled with the imp’s vaginal mucus. The spicy imp girl spooge filling her. Making her head spin. Then with a sudden pop Sarah’s head is free again. She gasps and coughs as mad imp laughter surrounds her. A new pain and pleasure surges through the preteen’s body as she looks down to see her bulging belly flexing to the movements of the imp in her womb. Spasms rock her pussy, and shake her body, as she orgasms. Her vaginal canal flexing as she pushes the imp bitch out. Sarah quivers in ecstasy as she births the imp that had climbed into her womb. With mad laughter the imp bitch plops out of Sarah’s cunt, and to the waiting orgy of imps.

Sarah twitched in agonizing pleasure. Her mind unwilling accept what was happening to her. Her head reeling as she looked all around her. Everywhere were imps. Fucking eachother, and fucking her. Cocks, cunts and arms fucked her holes, as she was rocked from one orgasm to the next. Then with disappointing suddenness it all stopped. Sarah was so shocked by the lack of fucking, she barely noticed her disappointment. She made a pouty frown as she looked around her to see the cause. Her eyes, drawn to the fluid movement, beheld a demoness of unparalleled beauty.

The demoness stood at about six feet tall thanks to the pair six inch long spikes that extend from her heels. A pair of black ribbed horns jut from her forehead just above the hairline. Curving back and up before sweeping foreword and ending in slightly upturned points. Thus adding a further two feet to her height. Large black dragon like wings extended from her back. The phalanges of which end in articulated claws. A six and a half foot long black prehensile tail tipped with a hand sized spade, extends from just above her ass. Her golden brown hair is confined by a crown of solidified shadow. A twisting lace work of shadow rising to three points, which curve back over her head. The center point stands over a foot long with the pair of side points about half as long. Thus holding all of the demoness’s hair out of her face. Causing the wavy locks to cascade down the demoness's back to her heels. The demoness’s youthful face is stunning, and though Sarah knows she has never seen the demoness before, she can’t shake a feeling of familiarity to her. Her large violet eyes seem to glow with power. Her luscious purple lips curled into a cruel leering smile. Drawing Sarah’s eyes down her long graceful neck to her perky grapefruit sized breasts, capped with puffy nipples as big as a chicken's egg. Said nipples are pierced through the areolas by nipple shields of a lacework of solidified shadow, which cup the breast while leaving the nipples fully exposed. Her smooth firm stomach gives way to her lovely flaring hips. Which curve down to long firm powerful legs. Her waist is girdled by more lacework of solidified shadow supporting a long yet narrow loin cloth of deep violet trimmed with living shadow. Her hairless vagina is otherwise bare. Which leaves her massive half inch clit to flash at onlookers. Completing her imposing figure are the red claw like nails of her hands and feet. Which, on the hands, can extend up to six inches in length.

"Blaze! What has occurred?" Shot the demoness at the group of imps around Sarah’s groin.

The little violet imp that had decided to play in Sarah’s womb, and fist her ovaries, stepped forward. Bowing deeply to the demoness. Making her little ass hole wink at Sarah. "Oh great Mother Mistress," as Blaze spoke these words all the other imps kneeled and bowed before the demoness. "We have found a yummy little mage. Fresh from the mortal realm, and were showing her the pains and pleasures of this, the six thousand nine hundred ninety sixth layer of the Abyss." Sarah started at this. Her training had taught her that the Abyss only had six hundred sixty six layers. Yet another thing that they had wrong about the Abyss.

Walking up to the preteen girl, the demoness shooed the imps off of Sarah. Consoling her in a mocking tone. "Oh did my sweet little imps play too rough with you, little girl? Did they rape all of your poor little girl holes? Even the ones you didn't know could be raped."

Sarah slowly pushes herself up to her knees. Her muscles groaning in protest. Looking into the demoness’s violet lust filled eyes, Sarah stutters as she begs "Pupupuplease help me...huhuhuhave mercy."

"Help! Mercy!" With lightning speed the demoness grabs Sarah by her face in the palm of one hand. Picking the girl up before slamming her back to the ground, knocking the wind from her lungs. Leaning over her. Her purple lips near Sarah's cum dribbling ears.

"There is no mercy, and the only help is that which you take yourself." She hisses into her ear before extending her tongue out over a foot to lick the cum out of Sarah's ear. She then stands dragging Sarah to kneel before her. "Now listen and listen well. Their are only two kinds of beings in all the universe. Those that rape, and those that are raped. You, are pathetic, and weak. Thus, you are raped. I am strong. Thus I rape. Now put that mouth of yours to work before I find other uses for it." The demoness then shoves Sarah's face into her cunt. Face fucking the poor girl. The demoness then reaches out with her clawed wings into the onlooking crowd of imps. Randomly snatching up an imp in each claw, one female, one herm. She then impales their imp cunts on her horns. The little bitches eagerly fucking nearly two feet of horn in and out of their cunts. As if on que a wild imp orgy breaks out. With Sarah, yet again, as the main attraction. The demoness using her tongue which extends to over six feet in length to lick all over Sarah's body while face fucking her. Sarah licks and slurps at the demoness's cunt. Fearful at what other uses the fiend might find for her mouth. She barely has time to note, that as she eats the sweet and spicy pussy before her, her tongue is flicking over three different openings to vaginal canals.

Mother Mistress motions with her fingers to the crowd of imps. At her command two imp herms begin fucking their cunts on Sarah's nipples while jacking their cocks all over her face. The herms held against her chest by other imps fuck or fisting their ass holes. As their cunts fuck her nipples Sarah feels them swell and grow. Becoming more sensitive every passing moment. Till finally they are as big as Mother Mistress's nipples. The demoness's hands then grab Sarah's nipples. Claws extending. Then piercing through each of her nipples laterally. Sarah screams in pain into Mother Mistress's cunt at the searing fire in her nipples. Her scream rewarded with a spray of gallons of spicy demon cunt juice. Filling the preteens mouth faster than she can swallow. Spilling from her abused lips, to flow down her neck and chest. Drenching her body in demoness cunt cream. Soon the burning in her nipples is replaced with the cold feel of metal.

Mother Mistress tosses Sarah back, causing her to fall on her ass and elbows. Sarah looks down at her chest to see a pair of quarter inch thick rings of solid shadow three inches in diameter piercing her, now massive and puffy, areolas.

"Time for a change of pace" Mother Mistress says as her clawed wings pick Sarah up by her new nipple rings. Lifting her high into the air. Sarah's mouth opening in a piercing scream. Mother Mistress brings Sarah's abused cunt to her lips pushing her freakishly long tongue deep into her vagina. Through her cervix into her womb probing into her oviducts and into her ovum. Flooding Sarah with chemicals and dark magic. Changing her body. The hot tongue pushing in and out of her. The warm glow of pleasure in her cunt waring with the piercing pain in her nipples. Twisting together to form a wave of throbbing orgasms to rock through Sarah’s body. Her hands spasming and toes curling. Sarah’s back arches, as she thrusts her hips against Mother Mistress’s probing tongue. Her mind a blur. She sees the imp bitch known as Blaze climb her dangling legs. Then feels a smaller tongue probing at her ass. Sarah’s world melts away to a battle of pain and pleasure. Each throb sending her into a new orgasm. Then, without warning, Mother Mistress pushes Sarah's cunt away. Making her swing from her nipples held aloft by her clawed wings. Blaze laughing with glee as she clings to Sarah’s ass.

"There that should do the trick. One for me, and two for everything else." The demoness laughs as she brings Sarah's groin level with her own. In dismay Sarah looks down at what is going on, and to her horror sees the demoness's clit extending from her cunt. It's thickness growing as it snakes towards her own vagina. She watches in stunned silence as the now three inch thick tentacle clit fucks into her body. Each push in deeper then the proceeding withdrawal. Sarah's eyes roll into the back of her head as her back arches in constant orgasm. Pain and euphoric pleasure rampaging through her mind, and body. The weird witch lights that fill the dark morass that passes for a sky on this layer of the Abyss, dance upon her sweat and cum stained body. The little imp bitch blaze climbs atop the blissed out girl. Only to add more stimulus to the mix as she humps her little imp cunt against Sarah’s clit. Mother Mistress’s clit-tacle sliding between the imp’s ass cheeks as it hammers into Sarah’s used, abused and thoroughly altered cunt.

After a seeming eternity of pain and bliss, the fucking stopped as fast as it had started. The imps lolled nearby in small groups. Engaged in various acts of sex. Many of the females and herms had bulging stomachs, as if they were several months pregnant. Sarah sat up and looked around her brushing the hair out of her eyes. It was longer. Running her hands through her matted brown locks, she found it to have grown by at least a foot in length. Why would they make her hair grow, or did they? As one of the near by imps screamed in orgasm she turned her head. The imp screamed and squealed as she birthed a trio of implings. One male one female and one herm. Quickly other imps snatched up the perfectly formed implings and added them to the fuck fest. The truth dawned on her.

A dark laugh broke from the lips of Mother Mistress. "Enjoying the show, are we?" Seeing the confusion in her eyes Mother Mistress continued. "Oh don’t worry deary, I haven’t left you out of the fun." Then laying her hand on Sarah’s belly she whispered in her ear. "Our babies will be beautiful."

Disgust filled Sarah's mind, but not at what she saw or heard. She was filled with disgust from how aroused the sight made her. Rolling to her knees she bolted away as fast as she could. Running... away from the demoness. Running... away from the imp orgy. Running... away from herself.

The imps rose to make chase, but Mother Mistress stopped them with a wave of her arm. "Leave her. There are plenty of other nightmares undreamed of by her silly books waiting to play with her." Then turning to Blaze at her feet."Blaze, follow her. Keep an eye on her. She will one day crave your company. But let her run all she likes." Then as an afterthought Mother Mistress whispered. "Besides there is nowhere for her to run."

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