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Monstrum Tribute: The Abyss - Part 2

By Clark & Lilly

Tags: ffg, tent/fg, g, rape, nc, con, bd, preg, ped, bi, les, toy, size, magic, demons, caution.

Content: Demon Rape, Young Girl, Male Demons, Female Demons, Herm{Futa} Demons, Bisexual, Lesbian, Magic/Fantasy, Light Violence, Light Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy/Birth, Extreme Insertion

Sarah didn't know how long she had been running. Her legs burned in protest, but she couldn't stop. She could never stop running. Running away from the horde of imps, and their insatiable dark lusts. Running away from Mother Mistress. The beautiful yet monstrous demon queen. Running away from herself. From the dark and forbidden thoughts dancing in her mind.

Sarah's legs burned and cramped. Her bare feet scraped, cut, and bleeding from the jagged rocks littering the ravine floor. Finally the ravine opened upon a broad valley. Her mage training kicking in, Sarah turned down the valley wall. Hugging the hills and cliff faces of the mountains she had just escaped. Stay out of the open. Keep your eyes open for danger.

The only thing was, Sarah didn't know what to look for. Would there even be any of the creatures and monsters she knew about? She had seen glimpses of demons as she ran. None payed her much attention.

A great frog-like creature, the size of a house, had watched her from its perch atop a spire of rock towering over the ravine. Sarah watched it with apprehension as she ran by. Taking in as many details about the demon as she could. Its massive body was like a frog's but instead of legs it had a mess of tentacles coming out of the bottom of its body. Sarah counted at least twenty of them, about sixty feet in length. Luckily, Sarah thought, the ravine floor was over two hundred feet from the lowest reaching of its tentacles. From its head sprouted eight eyes, four on either side. Each moving independently of the others. Two rows of horns running down its back completed the beast.

Sarah ran as fast as she could. She didn't want to find out what this demon would do to her, but all the brute could muster for her presence was to croak like the frog it resembled.

At one point a small winged demon, the size of a robin, flew up to her from its perch upon a blue crystalline growth, and landed on her shoulder. Looking like a fairy from hell, which Sarah decided it indeed was. The little thing stroked himself as it whispered dark and twisted things into her ear. With a swat of her hand she sent it flying. Sarah then picked up the pace. Not waiting to see what the demon fairy would do next.

A few other times Sarah had glimpsed horns or claws or scales. She simply changed directions and ran faster.

With no Sun, moon, or stars Sarah had no way to tell time. She had no idea how long she had been running. She had no clue how far she had gone. She had no way of telling where she was. She had no knowledge of where she could go.

"Okay" Sarah spoke out loud to herself. "I need to get my bearings. See the lay of the land."

With that thought Sarah stopped, and surveyed her surroundings in more detail. The mouth of the ravine was about a mile behind her. To her left the foothills rolled up into the mountain. Before her the margin between the hills and the valley floor stretched on into the distance. To her right the broad valley revealed itself to contain gently rolling hills. If it wasn't for their barren boulder strewn nature, they might have been lovely.

Movement from the valley grabbed Sarah's immediate attention. Quickly she ran into a nearby boulder pile. Hiding in the crags it created. Watching the valley before her.

Slowly a great form emerged from one of the many gullies created by the valley's rolling hills. Sarah blinked her eyes. Trying to comprehend what she saw. In many ways it looked like a man. However it stood at over thirty feet tall. Its hairless body was a sickly gray hue. The face was featureless other than its dark eyes. Its androgynous body possessing no genitalia at all. If it wasn't for the demon's clothing Sarah would have considered it harmless. Its body was wrapped in a series of belts and straps supporting phalluses carved from stone. The straps placed so that the stone dildos were paired, pointing at each other. This simple arrangement used to support the demon's garb of little girls. Each girl with their pussy or ass impaled on one stone prick with the other stuffed down their throats. With each step the stone pricks fucking in and out of the little girls bodies.

With horrified fascination Sarah looked on. Trying to count just how many little girls suffered at the hands of this monstrosity. The creature's shirt alone was made of over four dozen girls, with the random imp girl thrown in for good measure. The belly of its shirt was composed of a dozen little girls layed out horizontally for flexibility. The girls were all small ranging between two and four years of age. While its chest was covered by half a dozen six year olds held vertically in place. Spitroasted by stone cocks. The oldest girls were strapped to the things arms and legs. Even then they couldn't have been older than ten.

Most disturbing, however, was its crown. A circlet of stone topped with seven stone phalluses sat upon the demon's brow. Each phallus had a shaft two inches thick and ten inches long. The mushroom shaped heads were much larger at six inches around. Sarah could see this because, mercifully, only four of the phalluses had occupants. None of which could have been older than two or three.

As Sarah watched this nightmare stride out of the valley, she saw a number of male and herm imps climbing about the beasts living garb. Fucking any hole not filled with a stone dildo. At one point a heavily gravid imp bitch on its chest quivered as she gave birth to a trio of implings. The imps crawling upon the thing quickly grabbed the newborn imps. Helping the male and herm fuck their own mother. While dragging the female to the beast's head. Where they shoved the poor little one foot tall bitch onto one of the free dildos upon the crown.

Sarah felt sickened from both what she witnessed, and from the dampness between her legs. Seemingly out of boredom, the demon sat upon its heels. Randomly snatched an ebony skinned toddler from its armor. Then began to brutally finger fuck the poor three year-old. Its massive middle digit pounding in and out to the second knuckle.

Odd spasms, which Sarah could only assume to be laughter, shook the beast. The girl screaming in pain. Only to follow the scream in a pleasure filled moan. The imps gathering around to watch. A pair of them holding some sort of bag.

Suddenly the ebony toddler arched her back. Her head thrashing side to side. The beast withdraw its finger. Letting buckets of girl cum spill forth into the bag held by the imps. Once the girl was finished, the demon returned her to its armor without ceremony. Eliciting more screams and moans from the abused three year-old. While the imps tied the now sealed bag of girl cum to the giant demon's belt. The great beast then stood, and walked along the valley headlands. Following the foothills in the same direction Sarah had been going.

"Okay" Sarah said out loud, "not going that direction."

"Good thinking. Vog'Lith would have a hell of a good time with you."

Sarah jumped as she wheeled around, only to see a violet imp lounging on a boulder within her sheltering pile. One of the imp's legs swinging back and forth, as she idly stroked her cunt. The imp's violet hair hung down to her shoulders. Gently tossing side to side about her foot long pointed ears, from her masturbation. Her dark horns reminded Sarah of the bighorn sheep of her home. The imp's cute face was set in a look of lust. Her long pink tongue running over her pouty deep violet lips. The imp's glowing violet eyes pulling attention from her bare breasts capped with large dark violet nipples. Her hairless demonic labia dripping juices as she strummed her prominent clit with her black clawlike nailed fingers. Sarah felt her mouth water as she watched the imp play with herself. The things she could do with those fingers. This thought caused the mage to mentally kick herself.

"Vog'Lith would love to get its hands on the property of Mother Mistress." Finished the imp.

Sarah locking her eyes on the imp and slowly backed away. "Stay away… What do you want from my… why are you following me?" Sarah almost yelled, but visions of that thing finding her quited her voice. Her tone fueled by her anger at herself.

"First off, No. Secondly, I want to shove your head up my cunt, and have you tongue fuck my cervix. Lastly because I was ordered to by Mother Mistress." Said the imp as she licked her fingers clean. "By the way, I'm Blaze."

"I know who you are." Sarah said, eyeing the imp warily. "You're the insane bitch that… that… body fucked me." Did she keep the longing from her voice? Sarah was losing herself, or was she finding her true self.

"Mmm, yeah… Such fun times." Blaze giggled with a whimsical look in her eyes. "Now how should we do this, do you want to do me first or should we go at it at the same time?"

"Not going to happen." Sarah said flatly...Hmm tongue fuck cervix… No, don't think like them. Don't enjoy it. Don't let the conversion effects influence your actions. "Your imp conversion toxins are not going to control me."

Blaze fell backwards, holding her stomach in laughter. "Demons don't have toxins that affect the mind, you silly little mage. Just the body. So," Blaze said instantly recovering from her fit of giggles. Giggles that made the imps breasts bounce in such a delicious way. "Are we going to fuck or what? I know you needed it. I can smell it from here." The imp said as she batted her violet eyes.

"No!" Sarah did yell this time. No mind conversion effects? That could not be true. Why else would she be thinking these thoughts. Remembering herself, Sarah looked about sheepishly. Good, that behemoth was out of sight. Why did she feel disappointed?

"Fine then. Suit yourself." Blaze pouted. "I'll just entertain myself." With that the imp reached into her violet cunt, and withdrew a female version of the demon fairy Sarah had seen earlier. The demon fairy was far taller than the one Sarah had batted aside. Standing at about a foot tall. She had pale skin, black hair and bat like wings, and red-irised eyes. Her small breasts were large on her tiny frame. Her hide hips went to a slim waist. Her bulging stomach revealed her to be heavily pregnant. Her arms and bat wings were trussed up behind her back, and her legs were bound at the knees and ankles. From the violet shade of the bindings, Sarah figured Blaze had used strands of her own hair.

"Unhand me you common mongrel. I am queen. I…" The little demon squealed.

"No," Blaze interrupted, "you were queen. Now you're my dildo. So you better start working your tongue in there, or I'm shoving you up my ass." With that said, Blaze leaned back as she casually pumped the demon fairy in and out of her cunt. With a content sigh, Blaze looked back at Sarah. "You know mage, you're not making my job any easier. Running right by a thoady. Then through a hive of caligulians. Uhg. I thought the thoady would nab you for sure."

"Thoady?" Sarah was at a loss. What was a thoady? Why did this imp care what happened to her? Why couldn't she tear her eyes away from Blaze fucking herself with that demon fairy?

"You know, Thoadies… you really don't know do you. Did we gang rape you right out of the portal or something?" Sarah just glared at Blaze as she spoke. "Oh, wow. No wonder you were so much fun. Well, this little bitch is a caligulian." She emphasized by fucking the little demon into herself harder. "Formerly the queen of that hive you ran through. Now I am naming her Cuntthia, my new favorite dildo. As for a thoady or a cephalothoad, that is the giant building sized thing with tentacles sitting on top of that tall bluff. I was waiting for it to snatch you up. Luckily for you, he was full."

"I was well out of his tentacles' reach, and how did you know he was full?" The mage's curiosity pushing aside her fear.

"Their tentacles are simply for moving around. Its tongue is what you need to watch out for. Cephalothoads will gobble up anything with a pussy too. Even other demons." Blaze lectured the young mage.

"Oh… what does the thoady do to them?" Morbid fascination taking over Sarah's mind.

"They eat vaginal mucus, or girl cum as I prefer to call it. Doesn't matter what kind. Mortal girl cum; demon girl cum; angel girl cum. If it has a pussy, then they can eat its cum." Blaze pinched her nipples with her free hand while explaining this to Sarah. Whom was absent mindedly rubbing her own clit. "The females are born almost full grown, and only have two two stomachs. So they can only hold two girls at a time. Once they have two girls, the females are fairly harmless. Unless they're part of a male's harem. The males are the same size as females at birth, but grow larger every time they breed. The larger they get, the more stomachs they have. Once swallowed, the girl is stuffed with tentacles. One for the mouth to feed the girl. Two for her nose for air. One for her ass for solid waste. One for her urethra for liquid waste. Lastly one to fuck her vagina to feed the cephalothoad. Once each stomach is occupied, the male will croak to call back its harem to breed. Each female then lays two eggs. Which she implants into two of the male's girls. The girls in the male then carry and give birth to the cephalothoad young. Which weigh about 20 stones at birth. All while being fucked nonstop to keep the thoady fed." Sarah came as Blaze finished her description of the cephalothoad. With Blaze finishing herself just after.

Sarah blushed with shame as she realized what she had done. How did that make her so horny, that she rubbed her clit to orgasm. Blaze just smiled her twisted little smile at the mage. Sarah gulped. She couldn't believe what she was doing, but she spoke anyways. "What about caligulians?"

"These little bitches live in hives. Like most demons, they need the cum of little mortal girls to breed. So the queen of the hive is just the biggest and strongest of the females. See they capture a little girl. Truss her up. Then build a hive of blue crystal around her. The queen hoarding all the little girl cum to herself, so she is the only one that can breed." Blaze lectured while waving Cuntthia around.

"But yeah you left me in quite the hot spot back there. You swatted the hive's most popular stud, and by the time the swarm came looking, you were out of sight. I wasn't. Imps and caligulians don't get along to start with. We like to raid their hives for little girl pussy. So yeah… one imp with an angry swarm of caligulians. Not a pretty picture."

" sorry I guess." Sarah said sheepishly. Why did she feel so bad. It isn't her fault. Besides the things this imp did to her. And why won't her cunt stop dripping. "What did you do? I mean you clearly won."

With a laugh Blaze continued "Fuck yeah I won. Those stupid caligulians weren't expecting a monochrome. So I called up a fireball and blasted the hive open, like an org fucking a toddler. Snatched the queen off of her clit fuck session with the hive girl, and ran like hell. Mmm they had such a hot little seven year-old redhead. Had the slut curled up in a ball eating her own cunt. Ha ha, wish I could have snagged that yummy little thing too. Then I could have some real fun."

"Why didn't they chase you?" Though Sarah was glad that they didn't. "And what's a monochrome?"

"I'm a monochrome. Hair, eyes, skin all violet. Even my horns and claws are just a really dark violet. I have more powers than other imps, but I'm not going to be having implings any time soon." Blaze answered as she idly licked her own juices off of the protesting caligulian. "And they didn't give chase because the bitches were too busy fighting over who the new queen would be. I bet the studs are gang fucking the losers while betting on which bitch will win. No loyalty among the caligulians. The bitches all hate the queen, and the studs are only loyal to whomever controls the girl cum." Blaze sighs as she continues. "Not like us imps. We share our girl cunts. That's why there are so many of us." She then turns to Sarah with a lustful smile. "So, mage, do you want to take me up on that fuck now. I can do a lot better job than your fingers."

Sarah, blushing pulls her hands from her pussy. "No… and stop calling me mage."

"Okay, okay… sheesh. What should I call you then. I didn't catch it at the orgy." Blaze smirks.

"My name's Sarah. Sarah Forthtown, Arcanum Eximpli, Mage of the Second Order." Sarah said without thinking.

Blaze laughed as Sarah finished. "Hate to break it to you Sarah, but you're now Sarah Forthtown, Mother Mistress's fuck bitch, Mage of getting fucked by demon cocks."

"Humph… no need to be so rude." Sarah pouted.

"Do you have any idea how many imp cocks have fucked you since you got here? Thousands, little mage. You're more used then a village whore locked in the stocks. Although you have been quite the boon for my horde. Our numbers increased three fold thanks to your cum. We found a dozen other girls wandering the area. We were even turning that basin into a citadel. All we needed to do is tame some cunt drakes and we would be the most powerful imp clan on this layer of the Abyss."

"Well I'm not going back if that's what you're here for." Sarah said with as much defiance the eleven year-old could muster. Looking around she finally decided she should climb the foothill to get a better view of the surrounding area. So turning on her heel Sarah set off at a brisk walk. Her hair swishing across her buttocks.

Blaze quickly tied Cuntthia to the belt about her waist. Which is the only piece of clothing an imp wears. Then set out after Sarah. "Hey, wait up." she called after Sarah. "I don't care where you go, but I do have to follow you. A job that would be made much easier if you don't run headlong into a nest of fiends."

"What, so you're here to help me now?" Said Sarah, turning a questioning look to Blaze as the climbed the hill.

"Fuck No. If Vog'Lith had grabbed you I would have sat back and watched laughing my ass off." Blaze retorted.

"What of your duty to Mother Mistress?" Sarah couldn't hide the scorn in her voice as she said the words.

"Yeah sure, after Vog'Lith got bored fisting you, I would be obligated to tell her, but I doubt she would hurry to your rescue." Blaze said while imagining Sarah screaming with the giants fist shoved all the way into the mage's cunt.

"So what's this Vog'Lith guy's deal then?" Sarah asked.

"It wasn't always the pathetic thing it is now." Blaze spoke softly as they hiked up the hill. "Once Vog'Lith was a powerful futanari demon lord. She had armies of demons at her beck and call. She had a harem of little girls to choose from for her splendid clothing. She ruled half of this layer of the Abyss. With her rival Czernobog ruling the other half. Their armies warred in an eternal conflict for dominance. Then the Dark Master came. He made them both an offer. Serve Him and He would grow their power a thousand fold. Czernobog accepted. Vog'Lith refused. She fought against the Dark Master, so He sent Mother Mistress to make an example of Vog'Lith. Mother Mistress ripped Vog'Lith asunder. Taking her cock; her cunt; her anus; even taking her mouth, ears and nose. Now Vog'Lith is a shell of its former self. Furthermore, now Czernobog rules not only this layer of the Abyss, but the six above and the six below as well."

"Oh…" Sarah felt as if she had more questions then she did before. Why did they teach mages to want to know everything? Even to seek out the most horrible of details.

Sarah and Blaze continued to the summit of the foothill, each quiet in their thoughts. Cuntthia grumbling and complaining as she swung from Blaze's belt. Till finally even the little caligulian fell silent.

"What's a cunt drake?" Sarah asked out of the blue.

"Wait what?"

"What's a cunt drake?" Sarah repeated. "You mentioned them earlier. So what are they?"

"They're giant cunts with wings." Sarah stopped in her tracks turning to Blaze. Her face full of disbelief as the imp continued. "No Joke. They are a cunt about three feet long with wings, and a tail."

"How in the Hells did something like that come to be?" Sarah said stifling a laugh at the thought of such a thing.

"It is said they are cursed mortal women who sought the boon of the Dark Master, and were found unworthy." Blaze replied.

"Boon of the Dark Master?"

"They wanted to become warlocks."

"Oh...So warlocks are real then." Sarah began to look back at her mage training. How inadequate it was. Hearsay and superstition seemed to have more use than her training. It was almost like they were being sent out to be taken by the monstrum. Which, Sarah realized, made sense considering Sheila's own involvement with the monstrum. "Then this Dark Master… who is he?"

"What do they teach you in that mage academy? Do they just say ‘This is an Org cock. Its bigger than you are. Now go fuck it.'" Blaze mocked the mage.

"They might as well, with all the good the training they do give us serves." Sarah returned. Her heart and mind swirling with new thoughts. Foremost among them, spite for the order of mages. She wondered how many of the teachers knew. How many of her trainers laughed at what they were doing. These new dark thoughts began to twist her mind.

"Wow. I was just being sarcastic. At any rate the Dark Master, the Master of Shadow, The Warlock, and so on and so forth, is the supreme ruler of the Abyss. Well most of it. Many of the upper layers continue to resist Him, but they slowly fall one by one. He made the first warlocks from mortal men and women, and He is Mother Mistress's master."

"So he's in charge. Good to know." With that Sarah once again began the hike up the foothill. "So how does time work here? In the academy I was taught it was like a disk or wheel. That all events were happening simultaneously. That there is no past or present. Only an all encompassing now. Yet here I am, and time seems to move linearly."

Blaze thought for a time before answering. "Both are correct to a degree. Greater demons walk about time as easily as we walk about this hillside. Us lesser beings, however, experience time as a linear series of events. Thus if a demon lord changes the past, for us it has already happened. Though in truth time is more of a shared illusion of the mind in the Abyss. Especial for mortals. They never age beyond the age they were when they first entered the Abyss."

"So I will always be an eleven year-old girl then." Sarah said with a mixture of elation and disappointment. "Damn, I was looking forward to having breasts. Although these nipples are a nice start."

"Yes, but there are other ways your body can be changed." Blaze replied.

"I kinda figured that out when you body fucked me." Did she just say that fondly? Sarah felt her mind spinning. The mage academy had been a lie. Of that Sarah was certain. Then there was Blaze. This twisted little imp had shown her more honesty than the whole of her previous life. She was a cute little thing too. Where in the hells did that thought come from.

"Imps change mortals the least. All we did is make you elastic, so we could have fun with you. I highly doubt your three brood long fuck session with Mother Mistress left you unchanged."

"She did tell me that our babies would be beautiful." Sarah stopped, and looked around. This was close enough to the top of the foothill. She looked about the area. Looking for what, she didn't know. In the distance she could see the top of the ravine she had ran down earlier. The thoady sitting upon his bluff. His deep croak still audible, even at this distance. Further along she saw blue crystalline structures upon the further ravine wall. Sarah realized that those were caligulian hives. Sarah turned to her right and looked down into the valley between the foothill and the mountain. There was a small stream twisting its way down the narrow valley. Water! At this sight Sarah noted for the first time she was neither hungry, nor thirsty. Though she also noted that she was filthy. Sweat, grime and cum clung to her body, and matted her hair.

"Why else did you think I got sent to watch you, but that's not what I mean. Mother Mistress is an Omnibus Queen. The Dark Master's mistress, and first lieutenant. You don't come into contact with a demon of that kind of power unchanged. Even other demons get changed by that kind of power. In the three broods my horde had while she fucked you, over six hundred monochrome imps were born. I was the only one in the last twenty broods. Sarah… Sarah… Hey mage! Are you listening to me?"


"Yeah… I would make certain that it really is water before touching it." Blaze replied as she followed Sarah's gaze into the valley below.

"What else could it be… no forget I even said that. It could be a river of cum; or acid; or blood…" Sarah said as she looked at the stream.

"Or mucus; or bile; or urine; or saliva. The list goes on and on," the imp continued.

"I get it. Make sure it is water first." Sarah said as she started the trek into the valley.

"Even then, the waters of the Abyss are home to some nasty things. Things that imps don't like." Blaze said as she followed. "Like leviathans. They eat everything, and, unlike the little girls, imps get to go to their stomachs."

"You can see the bottom of the stream from here, Blaze. I highly doubt there is a leviathan hiding in it. Are all imps afraid of water?"

"With good reason. Too many big nasties like the deep places of the Abyss." Well this was a turn of behavior in the imp. Sarah could understand though. Blaze did know so much more about the Abyss then she did.

"Well I smell like a whore house, so if that is water I am taking a bath." Sarah declared.

"Then we go there." Blaze pointed to a little waterfall into a shallow slow moving pool. "It's an alcove, so we are less visible. The pool's not over a foot or two deep. And the waterfall will mask any splashing we might make."

"Fine then." Sarah said turning up the stream to the little waterfall. "Now to see if it is water."

The pair smelled the stream and falls trying to detect anything amiss. Then in a stroke of insight Blaze plucked Cuntthia from her belt, and held the caligulian head first into the falls. Then quickly pulled the sputtering and cursing demon back.

"Is it water?"

"Yes you bitch. Now let me go and I might consider sparing you from my wrath!" Screamed the tiny demon.

"Big words coming from a butt-plug." Mocked Blaze as she held Cuntthia to her face.

Sarah didn't wait any longer before she moved under the falls. The water was cold, but refreshing as it cascaded down her body. Sarah ran her fingers through her hair cleaning out the mats and clumps of dried cum. Her hair was so much longer than she was used too. She ran her hands over her titlits, feeling her new nipple girth and jewellery. So tempting to just give the rings a yank. To feel the buzz of pain and pleasure. She resisted as she slid her hands down her stomach. Down her thighs. Up her thighs. Across her mound.

"Mmm…" Blaze licked her lips as Sarah looked at her with hooded eyes. Sarah reached out and pulled the violet imp to her. Kissing Blaze in a fever of passion. Shoving her tongue into the imp's mouth. Only to feel Blazes tongue push into her own. Their bodies twined together as they pushed their clits and labia into each other. Hips pumping together. Slick squishing sounds ringing in the air. Sarah didn't know what had brought this on. She didn't care. All that mattered was the gyrating hips smashing into her own. Both girls quivered. Imp and human approaching climax. The waves of pleasure crested. Then came smashing down as the girls shook in orgasm. Gallons of imp and girl cum flowing from their cunts. Sarah fell back slowly into the water beneath the falls. Blaze held in her arms. Cold water spraying across their bodies. Blaze sucked one of Sarah's enlarged nipples into her mouth giving it a quick suck and kiss before standing.

"I told you that you needed it as bad as I did." Sarah smiled at Blaze's words. Sarah felt no shame. She wanted it, why shouldn't she take it?

Sarah and Blaze had finished bathing some time ago. Blaze lounged atop a claw of rock. Idly rubbing her body with Cuntthia. Watching Sarah lounge in the pool of water. The girl's hands luxuriously running over her body. Sarah stroked her cunt as she pulled on her giant nipple rings. A laugh catching in her throat.

"Blaze if a failed warlock woman becomes a cunt drake, what does a failed male warlock become? A dick dragon?"

"Close, a cock wyrm."

" what does a cock worm look like."

"It's wyrm not worm, and they… shit… you're about to find out."

"What!" Sarah shot up like a bolt of lightning, but she could only muster one word at what greeted her. "Fuck!"

Sarah found herself looking into the eye of a cock wyrm. Which as it turns out is just a giant disembodied cock. The glans must have been over seven inches across. The urethra slit must have been two inches long. Open and closing like the mouth it resembled. The shaft or body of the cock wyrm was over six inches thick, and its length simply twisted off into the distance.

Sarah's mouth gaped in shock. So a cock wyrm is just a giant cock. Good to know. With that thought Sarah bolted, but she only gained a few feet of distance before the cock wyrm shot coils of giant cock meat about her. Pinning her in the shallow pool of cool water as the giant glans rubbed all over her face. Failing to find entry the cock head rubbed down her body. The urethra slit mouthing her egg sized nipples. Twirling against her belly button. Sliding down to her slit.

Sarah screamed as the cock wyrm rubbed up and down her cunt. Smearing precum all over her mound. Then it coiled up like a snake about to strike.


The cock wyrm rammed forward. Splitting Sarah's labia apart as it speared the eleven year-old on its girth. Foot after foot of cock wyrm pushed into Sarah. Till her stomach bulged more than when Blaze had body fucked her. Then with lightning speed, the cock wyrm thrust itself in and out of Sarah. With drawing till only the glans remained within Sarah's cunt. Then thrusting more than twenty feet of its length back into the poor abused girl.

Sarah's head spun. Her eyes spying Blaze perched upon the rocks above. Cuntthia's head and body being thrust in and out of the imp's cunt. Sarah's cunt throbbed with pleasure as she was pounded with a score of feet of cock wyrm. Pleasure! No it was pain. Sweet delicious pleasurable pain. Her cunt spasmed in constant orgasm. Her body thrashing in the coils of giant cock meat. Her hands gripping her huge nipple rings. Pulling on the cold metal as hard as she could.

Suddenly the cock wyrm thrashed inside her, and all about her. Massive gobs of sticky white cum sprayed into Sarah. Till she overflowed. Cum spraying from around her union with the cock wyrm. With its last throes of pleasure, the cock wyrm withdrew from Sarah's cunt. Sarah frowned in disappointment. It was going to stop. It was going to leave her.

No. She wasn't done. She wanted more. She would take it. She needed it. All of it. All of the pleasures. All of the pains. It was hers. All she had to do was take it.

Sarah grabbed the cock wyrm by the glans. Then brought its urethra slit to her mouth. She kissed and licked it. Pushing her tongue as deep into the cock wyrm's urethra as she could. She savored the mixture of her spicy sweetness with the cock wyrm's salty musk. Sarah moaned in ecstasy as the cock wyrm thrust futility against her lips. Sarah then felt a spongy hardness press against her tongue.

Sarah pulled back to behold a smaller cock pushing out of the cock wyrm's urethra. With depraved gusto, Sarah slid her lips around the two inch thick glans and shaft. She felt the glans push into her throat. So she swallowed as the invading shaft pushed deeper and deeper. Strange and bizarre sensations filled her body. The shaft pumping more and more into her eager lips. Then Sarah felt her anus spread wide as the glans pushed out of her sphincter.

"Sweet fucking hells. There's no way I'm missing out on this." Blaze could barely believe her own eyes, as she hopped down to Sarah's side. She pressed her ass against Sarah's. Their labia rubbing together pleasantly. Then spreading her own ass, coaxed the cock wyrm's member into her anus.

Blaze moaned as the cock wyrm, finding new hot yielding flesh, thrust into her ass. Deeper and deeper it pushed. Following the opposite path through the imp as it had followed through the mage. Till, at last, the smaller glans pushed out of Blaze's lips.

Sarah and Blaze stroked the member's shaft. Coaxing it further out of the imp's mouth. Guiding the glans to their joined labia. Moaning around the cock. Rubbing the glans between their cunts. Feeling yet more hot flesh, the cock thrust into one then the other. Soon three feet of cock thrust through the girls, and into their hot pussies. Each thrust alternating between them. Their eyes rolled back as they felt the full power of the wyrm throughout their whole bodies.

Orgasms came in never ending waves. Each one bigger than the last. Colors danced in their vision, as they saw the cock bulge with the load it would deliver. The shaft swelling to three inches thick as the hot cock wyrm spunk traveled down to its ultimate goal. The imp and mage moaning in bliss. Blasts of cum filling their cunts. The shaft withdrawing. Still spraying cum as it pulled back into Blaze's lips. The imp tried to hold it in her mouth, but there was just too much cum, as it sprayed out of her lips and nose. Finally the cock pulled out of Blaze's ass. Painting the fair skinned mage and violet imp in sticky white cum as it pulled back into Sarah's sphincter. Sarah thrashed in bliss as the glans worked its way back through her. Then it was Sarah's turn to spray cum out of her nose and lips, as the cock's glans pulled from her throat. When it finally popped free of Sarah's sucking lips, both girls dived upon the great cock's urethra slit. Licking greedily at the last of the cum dribbling out onto their waiting tongues.

The cock wyrm, now completely sated, uncoiled from the girls. Slithering its great bulk away. Once free of the loops of the cock wyrm, Sarah and Blaze fell down upon each other. Licking the hot wyrm spunk from each others cunts. As Blaze lapped within Sarah's slit, she confirmed a suspicion. Mother Mistress had changed the young mage far more than she realised. For Blaze was busy lapping wyrm spunk and girl cum, not from one vaginal canal, but three.

The imp and girl cleaned each other's cunts, sharing many orgasms. Then once done, they licked each other's sphincters clean. Even Cuntthia got in on the action. Wriggling her bound body to and fro. Trying to lick nipples and clits.

Sarah sat upon her heels. Staring in wonder at the reflection of her spread labia. There they were. "Wow...there are three. So Mother Mistress did this to me."

"Yes, she most likely gave you three wombs as well." Replied Blaze as she washed the last of the wyrm cum from her shoulder length violet hair. "There is something not right about this water. It makes my skin tingle, but only where I washed off wyrm spunk."

"What… yeah… that… I love it. It's like being wrapped in his coils again. So I can get pregnant with three different children at a time then?"

"More like three different litters of children. Few demons only bear one young at a time. I wonder if they can be tamed?" Blaze looked at Sarah. What else had changed?

"Well Mother Mistress has taken care of one of them. You wonder if what can be tamed?" Sarah fingered her vaginas. She had vaginas. Three vaginas, each one able to bring her pleasure. Each one able to conceive.

"The cock wyrm probably filled the rest. Which is also what I want to tame." Blaze said as she flicked her buzzing clit. "There really is something not right with this water."

"Well we can try taming one from our broods." Mmm… Sarah couldn't wait to give birth to a swarm of cock wyrms. "I'm sure it's just the cold water on our flushed skin."

"Brood. Your brood at that. Monochrome imps are sterile. Well then again you do have two free wombs, so it could still be broods." Blaze looked at her belly with dissatisfaction.

"So you can't have implings or anything at all. That's so sad."

"Supposedly if bound as a familiar to a warlock, we can be impregnated by our master, but I don't know how it all works." Blaze said with interest. "Well other than the cocks go into the pussy. Sarah the water, it tastes sweet."

"What?" Sarah went over to the fall and opened her mouth to take in some water. Sarah's mind exploded in pleasure and pain. The collar around her neck grew so cold she couldn't stand it. "Argh… Fuck!"

"Sarah! Your collar it's… I don't know what it's doing. Looks like the opposite of glowing."

"Magic. The water is tainted with magic. Not just a little magic either." Sarah put her hand to her throat. The collar was so cold. "The collar, it absorbs magic. I don't know how it works, but it gets unbearably cold when I try to channel magic." Sarah moved her hand to her head. "Not to mention the pain that lances through my head. It would appear even coming in contact with magic is enough."

"But Abyssal magic is bitter and vile." Blaze said to Sarah.

"I know, I can smell it on the air here. This feels like magic from a mage. I wonder where it is coming from."

"Well let's go see then." With that Blaze and Sarah turned up stream. Each wondering what they would find.

Cuntthia rubbed feeling back into her arms and legs. After the threesome they had Blaze had let her go. The Imp was of the belief that Cuntthia wanted to stick around. She was right. These two were wild. She was having more fun than she ever imagined possible. She was even growing to like her new name. It had such a better ring to it than her old one. Who cares about being queen of some pathetic hive? She could feel the power in the girl. Building and building. Eventually it would burst. What would happen then Cuntthia didn't know, but she knew she wanted to be there to see it. Besides, her babies would be born soon. She would need the girl's cum to start a new brood. No longer a hive, but a swarm. At least as long as one of her children was male. She looked up and saw that the girl and her familiar were heading upstream. Cuntthia shook the cold water off her wings. Enjoying the buzz of the magical taint. She then took flight after the pair.

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