WintermuteX Stories

Monstrum Tribute: The Abyss - Part 3

By Clark & Lilly

Tags: ffg, tent/fg, g, rape, nc, con, bd, preg, ped, bi, les, toy, size, magic, demons, caution.

Content: Demon Rape, Young Girl, Male Demons, Female Demons, Herm{Futa} Demons, Bisexual, Lesbian, Magic/Fantasy, Light Violence, Light Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy/Birth, Extreme Insertion


Sarah's head was spinning, her whispered name still echoing in her mind. She looked about her, but couldn't make anything out through the thick haze that clouded her vision, with the exception of a dull orange light which slowly spun before her eyes. Where was she? How did she get here? She tried to move, but her limbs wouldn't respond. She could feel them pulled behind her. Her ankles and wrists were bound together, and pulled tight behind her back. Sarah's shoulders and hips ached with the strain. On her chest Sarah’s nipples throbbed with hedonistic agony. She looked down at her chest. Through the blur she could make out chains. Her nipple rings had chains attached to them - thick, heavy chains pulling away from her chest. Pulling towards the orange light. Realization dawned on Sarah in a flash. She was suspended from the ceiling by her nipples. Her hands and feet bound together behind her. Most likely bound to the floor beneath her. As she spun slowly from her chains. She tried to think, to remember. Then a gravelly voice intruded upon her ears.

“The Subject is very interesting: she appears to be a warlock with mage training, which in itself seems to be a contradiction. Furthermore the subject appears to have received the boon of the succubus. Formerly thought to be impossible for a warlock to receive. Another curious item is the lack of runes anywhere on her body. Which she should have from the rites she clearly has performed. I should also note that all three of her wombs are pregnant. The first two appear to hold the seed of a cock wyrm. While the third is more noteworthy. If simply because no test has shown what impregnated her. Her familiar is also pregnant with succubus triplets. Which is odd in not only the multiple offspring, but the fact that the warlock lacks a phallus. Which is needed to have impregnated her familiar in the first place.”

Sarah heard, but didn't understand what the voice was talking about. Then a smoky feminine voice spoke.

“No runes? That shouldn't be possible. Did you check for runes written in fade ink?”

“Not needed. With the sheer amount of arcane power coursing through her, even fade ink runes would be glowing brighter than a star.” Spoke the gravelly voice.

“And this is because of the relic around her neck? What more have you discovered about it?” Asked the smoky voice.

“It's a powersink of some kind. Prevents the natural discharge of magical energy from her body. Whether it be purposely drawn in, or simply the natural absorption of ambient energies. A mage would be rendered powerless by wearing it. Since the way they cast spells is simply the amplified, and focused natural discharge of absorbed energies. A warlock, however, would be able to store all the energies they absorb without worrying about it dissipating over time. They could build up so much power that they could become unstoppable.” Spoke gravel.

“By the dark powers… can you remove it?” Smoky asked her voice dripping with desire.

“So far no, but attempts continue.” Gravel spoke again in his unchanging calm tone.

“Inform me as soon as you do. Lower her back into the solution, and increase the concentration to five percent.” Smoky's voice seemed to be growing more distant.

“That's ten times the concentration of the run off.”

“Yes it is. We should see far more dramatic effects much faster this way.”

“It shall be done.”

Sarah felt water raise up her arms and legs. Soon her body was covered. Leaving her face just above the surface. Unimaginable pain lanced through her body. Her collar burned as glacial spikes lanced from the collar through Sarah's body. Her body twitched in agonizing pleasure. Blissful pain electrified her nipples as Sarah writhed against her chains. Arcane torrents hummed in her ears. They were force feeding her magical energy. Why? How? Who?

And where was her Blaze? Sarah's thoughts lost focus. The world about her spun out of control. Color exploded before her eyes. Orgasmic lightning curled her toes. Then darkness overcame Sarah's mind as she slipped into unconsciousness. Sweet all consuming oblivion of the soul. True Darkness.

Sarah and Blaze climbed over boulders as they followed the stream to its source, while Cuntthia lounged upon Blaze’s left horn. The trio had been following the stream back into the mountains for miles. They stopped far more frequently than needed. Spending long hours engaged in kinky sex. Bathing in the magical waters of a stream so out of place in the Abyss.

The banks of the stream began to host patches of a dull blue grass. Its blades were sharp as razors, and it cut Sarah's feet open when she tried to walk through a clump of it. However Sarah still couldn't hide her joy at finding a plant growing in this barren hell.

“Blaze! You could have warned me that this grass is as sharp as razors.” Sarah sat on a rock while cleaning her cut feet in the stream.

“I didn't know. I've never actually seen grass like that before.” Blaze sat down next to Sarah. She felt bound to the young mage for some reason. An emotion she had difficulty quantifying. “But here, if it makes you feel better… Bad Grass!”

Blaze held out her left hand, as a spout of flame erupted from her out turned palm. As the flames leapt upon the grass, the grass suddenly erupted from the ground. Extending to over six feet long, from the mere six inches it had been. The grass twisted as if looking for the source of the attack. Gleaming black blades with a metallic glint, formed a tornado about the clump of grass. Twisting towards the imp and girl sitting mere feet away.

Sarah, acting on impulse, raised her hand. A simple spell coming to her mind. Then, with the idea of the spell formed, she realised she didn't have a focus, and even if she did the collar would prevent her from casting forth the spell. ‘To die at the hands of grass… uhg.’ Sarah lamented. ‘Wait in the Abyss you can't die. Only have your soul scattered to slowly reform. Uhg… this was going to hurt.’ She burned the idea of the spell in her mind. A simple skill all mages learned in order to cancel a prepared spell without it backfiring. The collar warmed about her neck. A sweeping blade of air cut out from her hand. Slicing the maelstrom of metal grass even with the ground. The metal grass blades clattered harmlessly to the ground. Sarah’s head spun. She stared in shock at her outstretched hand.

“What in the Hells…” Sarah slumped to the ground unconscious.

“My Sarah…”

“Yes Master…” Sarah muttered. Her mind foggy.

“The subject continues to slip in and out of consciousness. The increase in the concentration of the solution seems to have put the subject into an amplified state of constant orgasm. New effects from the runoff have yet to physically manifest. The latest test on the solution shows that the subject has absorbed enough of the mana to reduce the concentration down to less than a tenth of a percent.” It took a few moments for Sarah to realise that the gravelly voice wasn't her own thoughts.

“Hmm… any theories why she developed adaptations out there while only exposed to the runoff of our facility, but here, at much higher concentrations, she does not?” Smoky voice again. Must be in charge by the way she talks.

“Many factors are different. Outside, the subject was under constant threat. This could influence how or if the subject’s body would adapt. Furthermore the subject was actively invoking warlock incantations. I theorize that the working of warlock incantations acts as a catalyst for the adaptations.” Gravel seemed analytical, almost distant.

“Physical and emotional trauma first. I don't want her learning more about what she is capable of doing unless I have no other choice.” Smoky seemed anxious. “Any change on her collar?”


“Why can't you just cut her out if it?”

“We've tried cutting the collar…”

“Not the collar. Her.” Sarah's eyes popped open. She needed to think. She needed to escape. She needed to kill. Where fear would have been in the past only rage remained.

“The collar is bound to the subject. Magically as well as physically. Such action would only scatter the subject and the collar. From what I have observed once the relic is bound it can't be unbound. My efforts would be better spent on trying to duplicate the relic, than remove it.” Gravel was definitely the more rational of the two.

“Do what you must, but I better see progress. Now where are those useless sons of mine?... Damn it. She's coming to. Keep the concentration high enough that she stays out.” Smoky was a big problem, but not the biggest. Before Sarah could think further on this she felt energy pour into her. Her mind went blank as orgasms consumed her.


“Sarah… Sarah. Wake up.” Sarah felt a sting upon her cheek. She sat up looking around. Blaze was kneeling beside her, Cuntthia hovering over the decapitated blade grass.

Blaze held Sarah's cheeks looking her in the eyes. Their noses almost touching. “Sarah… what in the ass fucking devils was that?”

“I don't know. How long was I out?” Sarah put her hands on Blaze’s.

“Just long enough for me to tell you to wake up, and Cuntthia to slap you.”

“Liar,” hollered Cuntthia, not stopping her investigations of the grass. “She is the one that slapped you, not me.”

“Fine… I was worried.” Blaze hung her head, pressing her forehead to Sarah's. “I… I don't know what came over me.”

“I'm fine… I think. So does anyone have any idea what happened.”

“I do… “ Cuntthia said with hand raised. “I assumed the two of you already knew, but you're both kinda clueless aren't you.”

“Watch it butt-plug.” Blaze had an annoyed look now. Sarah had fallen so far that she simply started to accept that she knew nothing of the Abyss.

“Well to start with, I have never seen anything like this blade grass before. I think it's made of shadow iron.” Cuntthia seemed to be distracted.

“Please stay on topic.” Sarah decided her upbringing wasn't all for naught. Civility had its uses.

“Just saying this much shadow iron is valuable.” Cuntthia said as she pushed one of the blades with her little foot. “Anyways, Sarah used an invocation to cast a blade of air. Thus cutting down some really nasty grass. Lastly Blaze is worried because a familiar shares a kinship with their warlock.”

“What… Sarah isn't a warlock. She's a mage. A mage with no magic because of that thing around her neck.”

“She does too have magic. A ton of it at that. Look I know other demons don't think much of caligulians, but we can see magic the way you see color. I can see the magical bond linking you two, and I can see that Sarah is pulling in all kinds of energies from around us. Though she isn't releasing them over time. I think that is what the collar does. You can gather energy, but you can't release it. Warlocks don't cast spells the same way as mages. I know, I have met many of both. Caligulians often trade with warlocks. Mostly raped the mages, they taste so yummy.”

“Trade with warlocks! What could they want from fuck sluts?” Blaze snapped.

“Information. Sharing Abyssal gossip is any Caligulian's third favorite thing.” Cuntthia poured as much sarcasm into her voice as she could.

“Really, and what are the first two then?” Came Blaze’s reply. “Fucking and raping little mages?”

“Yes, just like imps.” Cuntthia said with pride.

“Will you two be silent for a moment.” Sarah's snap pulled both of their attention from their bickering. “Okay… if I'm a warlock, how did I become one?”

“How should I know? You’re the one that performed the rites.” Cuntthia said.

“I haven't performed any rites that I am aware of performing.” Sarah's confusion only grew with each question.

“Ah… Mother Mistress may have a hand in it.” Blaze mumbled.

“Of course. That mad demon queen seems to love fucking with me as much as she loved fucking me.” Sarah threw her arms in the air, as she paced in a circle.

“Well she is also called the Warlock Queen, and is the mistress of the Dark Master.” Cuntthia said.

“Of course she is. Arrgh…” Sarah didn't know what to think. Her mind was trying to process everything. Put the pieces together. See the picture that they made. Only problem was that none of it made sense. “One psychotic bitch tosses me into the Abyss. My powers locked away. Then another psychotic bitch rapes me for a year. Then gives me a new way to use my powers, but doesn't so much as tell me. Let alone teach me how to use them. Urgh… So here I am building up all kinds of power, but not a clue how to use it.”

“I know how you can find out.” Blaze said as she sat on a boulder watching Sarah rant.

“How?” Sarah was far more eager to learn about the warlock’s powers than anything ever before. After all as a warlock she might be able to take revenge. Revenge on the mages for all they did to her. Giving her hope. Teaching her useless knowledge. Calling her a hero. When all along they were sending her out to be some creatures cock sock.

Blaze was shocked by Sarah's intensity, and quickly responded. “There are tomes. Volumes written by warlocks that are used to teach new warlocks.”


“I don't know.”

“Then what use are they?... Sorry… I'm stressed, and nothing makes any sense. Urgh…” Sarah sat upon the boulder in front of Blaze.

“Um Sarah…” Blaze’s eyes were wide with shock. “Look at your feet.”

Sarah looked at her feet wondering what Blaze was going on about. She then stared in shock herself. All of the cuts and bruises upon her feet were gone. Healed completely. Furthermore short inch long spikes jutted from her heels. Looking like some kind of demonic natural high heel.

“Neat!” Cuntthia exclaimed. “How did you get those?”

“How should I know? Nothing in this place makes any sense or reason.” Sarah felt overwhelmed with questions.

“Well you have been standing and pacing in the stream, and we already know it has magical properties. So maybe it is from that.” Blaze said.

Sarah grabbed Blaze and kissed her. “That's the best idea yet. Also kinda what we are already doing. If the stream’s magic is responsible, then all we need to do is find the source. At least then something might make sense. Now let's get moving.”

Cuntthia picked up one of the cut blades of grass. Looking at it in desire. “We may want to take some time to gather up the grass blades. I really do think they are made if shadow iron.”

“What's shadow iron?” Sarah asked. “And why do you find it so alluring? “

Blaze gripped one of Sarah's nipple rings pulling gently. “This is. So is your collar. It is a really rare metal. Warlocks can make it from common iron somehow. It's also found naturally in the Abyss, or it has been since the Dark Master arrived. The stuff's nearly indestructible once forged. The amount in that clump of blade grass, I guess we're calling it, is enough to set you up in a citadel of your own.”

“A citadel filled with your pick of fuck slaves.” Cuntthia added.

“As nice as that sounds, there's a big problem. How are we going to carry it? That is a lot of metal, and we're not exactly powerful beasts of burden.” Sarah's lips spoke what she knew to be true, but she yearned for the luxury the shadow iron could buy. She also was getting sick of being on the receiving end of things. “As far as we know we are the only ones to know about this place. So let's stash it in the boulders, and come back for it later.”

It took them longer than they thought, but soon they had it all moved to a crag in a boulder pile. With that done they continued upstream. The mystery of the magical waters to solve. As they traveled upstream Sarah noted that the grass was getting more and more common. Soon it was an unbroken margin along the stream bed.

“I don't think we need to worry about going back.” Blaze looked around with a touch of worry. “There would appear to be plenty more.”

“Let's do our best not to disturb it.” Sarah replied. “I'm not sure if I can pull off another spell, and I, for one, have no desire to become confetti.”

“Where did this grass come from?” Cuntthia wondered aloud.

“So neither of you have seen anything like this before?” Sarah suspected that the magical taint in the stream had something to do with it. They had passed a few small tributaries along their way. The grass didn't grow around them. They also didn't have the taint.

“No, never. Which means it's either new, or a demon lord has gone to a lot of trouble to keep it hidden.” Blaze didn't much care for the latter.

Sarah thought for a moment. “Most likely new. Otherwise we would have run into some form of security. Infact I think the taint in the water might have something to do with it.”

“Well that’s a terrifying thought.” Cuntthia blurted out. “We’ve only spent as much time bathing in that stream as we’ve spent walking along it.”

Sarah looked down at her new heel accessories. “Yeah I have my suspicions about how much this stream has affected my body.”

“Mortal’s bodies are easily changed. It's part of why we find you so much fun.” Blaze mused.

“Ha ha ha.” Sarah's tone dripped sarcasm.

“She's still right Sarah. When mortals come here still alive… the Abyss changes them. Legend says caligulians were once fairies from a mortal world.” Cuntthia said as she plopped down on Sarah's shoulder.

“Except fairies aren't mortal beings. They're fey creatures that live on the mortal plane.” Blaze was all too eager to show off her knowledge. “A better example would be the succubus, omnibus and incubus. Because they were humans once.”

“So it's true that they are formed from the souls of dead prostitutes?” Sarah was surprised that something she learned about the Abyss was true.

“That's a laugh. No. They were living humans. Foolish wizards and their slaves come to the Abyss to study the inhabitants.” Blaze corrected. “Then they became inhabitants of the Abyss themselves. It takes eons, but all mortals that come to the Abyss become demons. It's why there are so many kinds of demons.”

“So I'm becoming a succubus!” Sarah wasn't as bothered by this thought as she should have been.

“Eventually… but it's just as likely you will become something else. Most mages sent to the Abyss just end up as eager little fuck puppets.” Blaze loved eager little fuck puppets. “There was this cult of Lagomore warlocks that liked to toss toddlers down here.” Blaze snorted as she thought about her last encounter with fuck bunnies. “Those little fuck bunnies are sex fiends now. Stalking the wastes. Hunting for cock and pussy. Then swarming it when they find it.”

“First what are Lagomore? And fuck bunnies!?” Sarah wondered if Blaze was just making it up.

“Lagomores are a mortal people that have rabbit like features.” Cuntthia explained. “And fuck bunnies are actually called Lepus, but they get called fuck bunnies for a reason.”

“Yeah, because they're cock hungry little toddler bunny sluts.” Blaze finished.

“Do I want to know what else they do?” Sarah was very curious about these Lepus. They sounded like something she could use for some self pleasuring. Sarah briefly wondered when she stopped questioning her dark thoughts, but the wonder quickly changed to what it would be like to fist a lepus.

“Well after they fuck all the cock they can take, they drag little cunts into their burrows. Where they then fuck them with their ovipositors. They take turns, running a fuck train on the girls. Till the whole warren has fucked them silly.” Blaze was all too eager to explain as she giggled at the horrible things the Lepus do to little girls. “Lepus wombs can't carry young, so they implant their fertilized eggs into the wombs of girls they capture. Then each girl gets to give birth to a few hundred Lepus.”

“A simple no would have sufficed.” Sarah was starting to get horny. She thought of stopping for a fuck break, but a sharp bend in the stream put all thoughts of a fuck break to the back of her mind. She stopped in her tracks as she completed the bend. Looking before her in disappointment. A blank wall of rock greeted them. The stream gurgled from a crack in the stone edifice.

“Well that's inconvenient.” Blaze’s giggling stopped when she laid eyes upon the wall.

It was Cuntthia’s voice that brought their attention away from the cliff face. “Sarah, Blaze… a little help here.”

“Sarah, My Mistress… Awaken.”

Sarah could hear the crack of the whip. Feel the burning lines of pleasure as it lashed at her skin. The wet slapping of moist flesh echoed in her ears. The hardness thrusting into her depths. Sometimes it would just be one. Other times all her holes would be filled with hot hard meat. All three of her vaginas and her ass would be pumped full of cock. Sadly nothing anywhere near as filling as the cock wyrm. Still she could feel her body responding. Her hips arching into the thrusting cocks. Her chest twisting towards the lashing whip. Her nipple rings pulling with each thrust and twist. Her swollen belly full of demonic young spasming in orgasmic bliss. Sarah's mind reeled, trying to remember. It seemed as if this beautiful torment had gone on for ages. Her body spasmed as four cocks thrust into her depths. All three of her vaginas and her ass were being fucked by foot and a half long manhoods. Not enough… she needed more. Another cock forced its way down her throat. Still not enough, but closer. Then she feels it. The first contraction kicked throughout her body. Dimly she heard a voice calling for the pleasure to stop. No don’t stop. She needed to be fucked. She needed to have as many cocks shoved in her as she could get. Even while she gave birth to her demonic spawn. No. Especially while she gave birth to her demonic spawn.

“You sent for me, Thair’osh.” Ah... smoky voice again.

“As you instructed. The subject has gone into labor.” Well now Sarah had a name for gravel… Thair’osh, what kind of name is Thair’osh.

Another contraction ripped through Sarah's body. She moaned in ecstasy. Such sweet delicious agony. Sarah wished her hands were free. Then she could give her nipple chains a good yank. Though she did find that if she thrashed in just the right way, she could get her nipples to really pull at the chains.

“She does seem to be enjoying herself. What is the concentration of the solution? Sarah could hear smoky licking her lips. She strove to open her eyes. Just to get a glimpse of her captors. Dim orange light blurred her vision. Only shadows of shapes greeted her eyes. Thair’osh was big. Maybe seven feet tall, maybe more. Broad shoulders rippling muscles, and possibly wore a robe. Smokey was very shapely. Large breasts, slim waist, but below the waist. Something was very wrong. Too much movement. Too much mass.

“The solution is up to twenty three percent concentration. Any less and the subject begins to become coherent.” Thair’osh’s voice was oddly soothing to Sarah.

“That's… incredible. How is she even still alive? The last time we tried high exposure the subject expired at nineteen percent.” Smoky voice moved back and forth. She was pacing as she spoke. There was too much movement.

“Exploded would be a more accurate description. Ever since that test none of the Abaddon or Fomoraig will volunteer for testing.” Thair’osh had a touch of annoyance to his voice. That's good. Sarah could play on their grievances. That is, if the time to do so ever came. “And I'm not sure. It is possible that the relic is allowing the subject to endure higher levels of energy.”

Sarah found a nice rhythm. Rocking her body with the contractions. Thus pulling her nipples deliciously.

“Speaking of the relic, have you managed to replicate it yet?” Smoky made strange motions as she moved about the room. Sarah wanted to see more, but the contractions were getting closer and closer together.

“I believe so, a test is in order to ensure it functions properly.” Hmm this could be interesting. Thair’osh made another collar.

“I will send a volunteer down to you as soon as we finish here.” Was smoky rubbing herself as she watched? “Mmm… she does seem to be enjoying this.”

Sarah tried harder than ever to get a good look at smoky, but her vision was too blurred by the birthing. Then it happened. Contractions stronger the all the others wracked her body. Sarah moaned in orgasmic bliss as she felt the first cock wyrm push out of her. She couldn't see her baby. She wanted to see how beautiful it is. It was thick and long. She could feel it spreading her open as she birthed the abomination. She pushed and orgasmed. Then pushed and orgasmed again and again. Wishing that it would last forever, but all too soon the cock wyrm was born. Luckily there were more. The next set of contractions came with two of them being born from separate vaginas at the same time. Sarah came so hard with each push that she squirted like a fountain with each orgasm. Her juices spraying all over the room, and, if Smoky’s reaction was any indication, all over her as well. She jumped back at first, but then ran her fingers through the girl cum on her chest before licking them clean.

Sarah orgasmed again and again. Each orgasm rippling through her as she pushed a new monstrosity into existence. Some were bigger than others. Some were smaller. Sarah strained to look at them as she pushed them from her womb. However all she could see were the nipple chains holding her up, and her swollen pregnant belly slowly reducing in size.

“Now that was entertaining.” Smoky licked her fingers as she watched Sarah finish birthing the abominations. “I noticed the size of the cock wyrm young was abnormally large. Furthermore she gave birth to several cunt drakes. I wasn’t aware that could happen.”

“It is indeed rare, but still possible. Also yes the cock wyrms are much larger than normal. Typical size at birth is one inch diameter, and six feet in length. The subject’s cock wyrm young where an average of two inches in diameter, and twelve feet in length. With the largest being three inches in diameter, and twenty four feet in length.” Thair’osh spoke in his analytical gravelly tone. “In total the subject gave birth to thirteen cock wyrms and three cunt drakes.”

“Impressive sized brood. I wonder, hmm…” Smoky was rubbing her groin as she thought. “We should separate the cock wyrms and the cunt drakes. Otherwise we will be overrun by a swarm of the abominations.”

“Shall I perform runoff experiments with the new subjects as well?” Asked Thair’osh.

“Yes let's see if the increase in size continues.” Smoky was really going at her groin now. “She bore such superior cock wyrm young. I wonder if that would remain true with other varieties of demons. When will she be ovulating again?”

“The subject is in a constant state of ovulation. The subject can be re-impregnated as soon as you desire.” Answered Thair’osh.

“Now is as good a time as any then.” With that smoky walked out on a catwalk to Sarah as she twisted in the mana. Sarah noticed that she was being lifted from the solution. She looked down at her young swimming in the mana. Like a great blue soup of coiling serpents, the cock wyrms swam in the mana pool below her.

“Do you enjoy the sight of your young? Does it make you happy to know that you brought such abominations into existence?” Sarah looked up into Smoky’s face for the first time. Her face was pale. Her lips a deep red. Her hair as black as pitch. Her ample exposed breasts were capped with large red nipples. Her narrow waist led to flaring hips, and a spider-like cephalothorax and abdomen. She had six legs extending from her cephalothorax. Each multi segmented like a spider's leg, but full, firm and disturbingly womanly in shape. Smoky’s vaginal slit was swollen open with arousal. Exposing her vagina, clit, and retractable phallus. Sarah licked her lips. This was going to be fun.

“I am Madame Xandrea, and you are a guest in my dungeon.” Xandrea held Sarah's head up by her hair as she spoke to her. “I do hope you are enjoying your stay. I know I am.” Xandrea licked Sarah's face, before she pulled her head down to her groin. Shoving the girl’s face to her cunt.

Sarah lapped eagerly at the futanari demons slit. Smiling as she felt Xandrea’s phallus extend from her body. Running gently across Sarah's chin. Slowly rubbing down the outside of her throat. Till finally the tip laid to rest between Sarah's nipples. Sarah was slightly disappointed that it wasn't bigger. Sarah lapped at the base of the shaft as she ate out Xandrea’s cunt. Then, as Xandrea pulled back, Sarah ran her tongue along the underside of her girl cock. Sarah swirled her tongue around the tip of her cock. Savoring the two inch thick girth. Wishing it was even thicker.

Xandrea moaned as Sarah worked her cock over. It would be so easy to just pump it into the girl's throat, and blow her load deep into her gullet. But not today. Xandrea had other plans for her demon seed. She twirled the girl around. Then without preamble, she slammed home into Sarah's middle vagina. Xandrea moaned as her thirteen inches sunk to the hilt. The girl was elastic, but still tight. Sarah's vagina squeezed her girl cock so wonderfully. Sarah thrust her hips as hard as she could. The girl twisted against her nipple chains to slam herself onto Xandrea’s girl cock.

Xandrea moaned in shock. She was supposed to be fucking the girl, not the other way around. She tried to compose herself. Then thrust back at the girl's gyrating hips. “Mmm… you’re an eager little slut. Did you thrust this eagerly for the cock wyrm too?”

“Harder.” Sarah's voice was intense.

“Harder? You fucked the great big cock wyrm harder then did you.” Xandrea said in a sing song mocking tone.

“No. You.. fuck me.. harder.” Sarah's eyes glowed with lust. “What kind of rapist spider demon bitch are you? Fuck me harder.”

Xandrea was shocked. She had raped many little girls. For most of them, she wasn't the first, but never before had one complained that they weren't being raped hard enough. The girl fucked back at her harder and harder. Xandrea’s girl cock pumping in and out. Pushing in through her cervix and into her unnaturally fertile womb. Too much friction. The girl’s vagina seemed to ripple along her shaft. Squeezing her girl cock. Burning pleasure engulfing her hardness. Pushing Xandrea closer to cuming. Closer to pumping Sarah full of her fertile futanari sperm. She was raping the girl, so why did she feel like the one being raped. With that thought Xandrea went to pull out of the girl. She was overwhelmed. Something just wasn't right.

The sharp click of snapping metal links echoed in the dungeon. Sarah wrapped her now free arms and legs around Xandrea. Her claws extending from her fingertips. “Mmm… No no no no no... “ Sarah cooed into Xandrea’s ear. “You are going to stay right here, and fuck me properly.” With that Sarah thrust herself violently on Xandea’s girl cock. Harder and harder… Xandrea couldn't even find the breath to scream past all her moaning. This wasn't right. She was supposed to be raping the girl. Not her getting raped by the girl. It was too much. She was too close. She couldn't hold it back… even if she wanted.

Xandrea screamed as her spunk rushed up her girl cock. Spurting deep into Sarah's womb. Sarah moaned like a whore in heat as Xandrea filled her womb. This is what she craved. Her body thrashed in orgasm. This is what she needed. She could feel it. She could feel Xabdrea’s cum bathing her fresh eggs. She could feel them start to grow in one of her wombs. She let Xandrea go as she spun on her nipple chains. A hollow laugh issued from her lips.

“Aw… that is what I needed. Mmm, what's wrong spider girlie? Did mean little Sarah make you cum?” Sarah laughed more as she saw the look on Xandrea’s face. It was the best part. Confusion, loathing, lust, and fear warred for dominance. Xandrea backed away. What in the Hells did she have in her dungeon? And that laugh. She knew that laugh. Where had she heard that laugh before?

“What the Fuck, Thair’osh! Dump this thing back into the pool, and keep her at the brink. I don't want this bitch waking up again. And how the fuck did she break her chains?” Xandrea was yelling. A feeble attempt to regain her composure. She stormed off, as Sarah was lowered back into the mana pool. Laughing that hollow laugh.

“I think I broke your boss Thair’osh. It's okay. You can serve me instead. Think of all the fun we can have…” Sarah's voice slowly quieted as she was lowered back into the pool of mana. Thair’osh was at a loss. Those chains had been made of shadow iron, and this little girl snapped them like they had been made of tin foil. One thing was certain to Thair’osh. Xandrea was no longer in control. Before he had feared her power. Now he looked upon his master with scorn.

“... A little help.” Cuntthia’s plea broke the pair out of their dismay at having run into a dead end. They turned to the caligulian, to see her laying upon her back on a bare stretch of ground. The little demon’s legs spread, as she held her gravid belly.

“Oh!” Both Blaze and Sarah rushed over to help Cuntthia. The little demon shuddered in orgasm as the first of her offspring was pushed into the Abyss. The little caligulian, though fully developed, was only two inches long. Luckily Blaze knew what to do, as she pushed Sarah to her back and rubbed her clit. Then once the girl's juices were flowing, Blaze brought the newborn demon to Sarah's pussy to drink of her nectar.

Sarah moaned as she felt the little mouth kiss and lick her labia. Soon it was joined by another, then another. Sarah propped herself up on her elbows, as she looked down at the tiny demons nursing at her pussy. Cuntthia had finished birthing her six little young. All of them now fed at Sarah's cunt, and, much to Sarah's astonishment, were quickly growing. Soon the smallest was almost six inches tall. Cuntthia looked at them smiling. Blaze’s eyes stared in astonishment.

“Just let them feed till they've had their fill.” Cuntthia idly played with herself while watching her young feast on girl cunt.

“They're Futanari. I didn't know caligulians could be futas.” Said Blaze as she too began playing with her cunt.

“Normally we can't. It must be the stream. I love it. My babes are the first of a new breed.” Cuntthia beamed as she diddled herself. “I'm going to fuck all of them.” Blaze couldn't take any more. She snatched up Cuntthia, and jammed the little demon’s cunt to her mouth. Tongue fucking the foot tall caligulian. Her tongue pushing so deep into Cuntthia, that it was battering her cervix. Cuntthia couldn't wait to have her babies fuck her pregnant. Then have them fuck each other pregnant.

Sarah watched in amazement as the six little demons continued to feast on her cunt. Becoming less little with every passing minute. Soon they were thrusting their arms into her vaginas. Fucking her with their little limbs. Deeper and deeper the now eight inch tall demons pushed into Sarah. The tiny futas paired off. Two each for Sarah's vaginas. Soon Sarah had a randy pair thrusting their whole bodies into all of her vaginas. Sarah moaend as she threw her head back. Her fingers pulling at her nipples. Her back arching. Then she felt warmth envelope her clit. Looking down she saw Cuntthia fucking her clit. Blaze then lifted her ass. The imp then started to tongue fuck her well used sphincter. Blaze’s tongue jamming six inches into her rectum. The demon pixies thrashed and gyrated inside Sarah's vaginas. Sarah gasped and moaned. So much… what were those little demons up to in her cunt. Sarah's back arched as she yanked her nipple rings. Her body jerking in orgasmic spasms. Her juices sprayed from her cunt with such force that it shot out the little futa demons. Whom were still entangled fucking each other.

Cuntthia came hard as she saw her babies fucking. This was perfection. She slid down Sarah's cunt then beckoned to her futa daughters. Soon Cuntthia was at the middle of her own demonic incestuous gangbang. When not fucking their mother, the futa sisters would fuck each other. As one buried her girl cock in one of mommy's holes another would fuck her from behind. Not caring if it was her sister’s ass or cunt she fucked. The little demon fairy orgy made all the messier by the half inch pool of Sarah's cum that they were fucking in.

Seeing that Blaze hadn't cum yet, Sarah grabbed the imps hips. Pulling her violet cunt to her lips. Tongue probing as she pushed her face into the imp cunt. Harder and harder Sarah pushed her face into Blaze’s cunt. Then with a moan of success, Sarah's head popped into the imp’s cunt. The girl's tongue lapping at the imp’s cervix. Blaze was thrashing in ecstasy as orgasm after orgasm rocked through her body. Gallons of imp cum spraying out of her cunt around Sarah's head. Sarah doing her best to drink it all. Then with a loud pop Blaze’s orgasms pushed Sarah's head from her cunt. Spraying imp cum all over the mage's body. Sarah took one more lap at blazes cunt. Starting at the imps anus and ending at her clit. Then looking at the huge cum sticky mess that they all were, burst into a fit of giggles.

“Not quite as good as the cock wyrm, but I had fun.” Sarah said with a beaming smile. She licked her lips as she watched Cuntthia’s futanari daughters still going at it. All of them now a foot tall, just like their mother. “I think we should call them the Fututorumi.”

“Those whom fuck?” Blaze looked at Sarah quizzically. “Hitting it right on the nose are we?”

“You speak arcanum?” Sarah knew that Blaze was very knowledgeable, but this still shocked her.

“Yeah, it shares its origins with the same language as Abyssal. That and warlocks use it in their rites.” Blaze did love flaunting her knowledge.

“I should have thought of that.” Sarah said. “So, Cuntthia, what do you think of the name?”

“I love it.” Cuntthia was busy dipping her fingers into her cum filled pussy. Then licking them clean. “This is as good a place as any to build a hive.”

“You might want to do that further away from the blade grass.” Blaze said as she got up, and jumped into the stream. “Come on Sarah. We can bathe while they build. Maybe you can eat my ass too.” Blaze gave a saucy smirk to Sarah.

Sarah licked her lips involuntarily. Why did she ever resist all the fun the Abyss had to offer? She slipped into the steam and waded over to Blaze. Then pushing the imp to her hands and knees, spread her violet butt cheeks, and dove in. Licking all around Blaze’s sphincter. Fucking her tongue as deep as she could into the imp’s ass. Her one regret was that it wasn't full of cum.

The Fututorumi had built a hive. Though the hive looked nothing like the blue crystalline homes of the caligulians. These looked like little palaces of amethyst plastered to the sides of the ravine. Complete with balconies, spires, and minarets. These homes were far larger than what they needed. For Cuntthia and her six children where all pregnant. Even Sarah's own cock wyrm baby bump was showing.

To help pass the time while not having orgies, Sarah practiced her strange warlock powers. She soon learned how to wield them at will. The biggest obstacle she had to overcome was the habit of trying to direct her spells after casting. Instead she learned how to cast new spells to alter her spell still in motion. Sarah was most intrigued by how little energy it took to cast the spells. It made the mages seem needlessly wasteful with their power. She then fine tuned her abilities by carving a home into the cliff face, and diverting a rivlet from the enchanted stream. Thus giving her and Blaze a comfortable home with running water. Her favorite accomplishment was the creation of a large bath that could be filled or drained via a plug on the bottom.

Sarah reclined on the stone bench carved into the wall. Blaze sat with her, their legs entwined. Blaze laid back to look up into Sarah's face. “I know that pout. You're bored.”

“No, not bored.” Sarah fidgeted on the bench. “Just wishing for a seat not as hard as stone. I would kill for some kind of fur or cushion.”

“I just use your hair. It's so silky and soft.” Blaze nuzzled into Sarah's hair as she spoke. “And comes down past your ankles.”

“I still don't have enough hair to make a cushion.” Sarah really missed the comforts of her family's estate.

“Well we have only explored a small area around here. There isn't much out in the wilds, but we may still find something.” Blaze said as she started to untangle herself from Sarah.

“I've been meaning to ask about that. At the academy I was taught that the Abyss was a crowded war zone.” Sarah stretched as she stood up.

“Large parts of it are, but we are deep in the Abyssal Wilds. The closest city is Czernobog’s Palace. Which is maybe a hundred miles back the way we came. You could see it from the basin where my clan found you.” Blaze told Sarah.

“You've mentioned Czernobog before. What is he like?” Sarah started to brush her hair out with her fingers. Then decided to try something new. She formed the spell in her mind then burned it. Sarah was overjoyed to see her hair go from unmanageable tangles to smooth wavy brunette locks in a heartbeat. “Ah… that is much better.”

“Damn that's a nice trick.” Blaze was envious of her warlock’s growing abilities. “But yeah, the Lord of Debauchery. I've never even been to his palace. Though I have heard the stories. I would love to see his throne.”

“His throne. That is what you think of first.” Sarah giggled.

“Well no other demon lord has one quite like it. He sits upon a living throne of six hundred sixty six little six year-old girls. A massive little girl orgy in the shape of the demon lord's throne.” Blaze licked her lips as she thought about such a sight. “Then there is Czernobog himself. Whom is reported to possess just as many cocks. Don't ask me how that works.”

“Holy fuck!” Sarah squirted a little at the thought. “We definitely need to visit. However in the meantime we have other concerns. Such as what kind of things would we find around the wilds?”

“Thoadies of course. Many kinds of beasts, some with the kind of furs you would be interested in. Like hellcats, many types of them have luxurious coats. Behemoth often roam this area as well. All though we won't see any big ones in these mountains.” Blaze said.

“Behemoth?” Sarah was eager to learn.

“Big, has six legs, built like a mountain with a mess of horns and tusks. To top it off they're destructive and untameable.” Blaze explained. “Before coming to this layer, my clan ran into another imp clan that served a behemah. They built a city on the thing's back. That battle nearly broke my clan.”

“Built a city on its back? How big are behemoth?” Sarah worked at braiding her hair to keep it from dragging on the ground.

“They range from the size of elephants to the size of mountains.” Blaze helped Sarah with her hair. “We should really cut your hair.”

“I like my hair…” Sarah admitted to herself that it would make things easier. “What is an elephant?”

“Um big herd animals from the mortal plane. They're supposed to be over ten feet at the shoulder, have tusks, and some kinda tentacle on their face that they use to grab things. I've never seen one myself either.” Blaze finally finished Sarah's braid. “There… all done. Sarah if your hair grows any longer even braided it will drag on the ground.”

“Okay we can take care of my hair after we explore for a bit, and an elephant sounds like some kind of demon. Are you sure they're just animals?” With that done the pair set out to explore.

“You should see some of the odd critters that have managed to wander into the Abyss from the mortal plane. I once saw this one thing. It looked like a beaver duck hybrid, and I've heard of stranger things.” Blaze was walking beside Sarah as they explored. “I wonder how many live long enough to become demonic beasts. It would explain why there are so many kinds of demons.”

“How many kinds of demons are there?” Sarah decided to loop around the mountain that the tainted steam flowed from. So she lead Blaze up out of the ravine. Following the foot of the mountain.

“Don't know. No one knows. Warlocks have tried documenting all of us, but they decided that there were potentially an unlimited number of species of demons.” Blaze noticed the direction Sarah was leading. “Are we just going to loop around this peak then?”

“To start with, yes.” Sarah wanted to get a good idea of the surrounding area. “I wish I had some parchment and ink… or something. Then I could draw out a map of the region.”

“It wouldn't do you any good.” Blaze replied. “As soon as you're finished some catastrophic event would occur. Changing the whole landscape. It's why no maps of the Abyss exist.”

“Well that's one idea out the window.” Sarah wasn't that shocked to find that out. “So how do demons find their way in the Abyss?”

“Mostly we just know. Can't really explain it.” Blaze thought for a bit. “The witch lights help as well. At least on this layer. If you watch them you will notice that they are moving in one direction. They radiate out from the hub, or center of the plane.”

“But the abyss is infinite. How do you know it's the center?” Sarah was very curious about this subject.

“Hmm… Never really thought about it before. I guess it just feels like the center to us. Maybe because it is where the planar energies coalesce.” Blaze was puzzled. How did they know it was the center? “I know that it's at the hub that the River Styx flows. Connecting all the layers of the Abyss to each other.”

“The River Styx is real then? I would love to see the headwaters.” Sarah thought of the dark yet enchanting sights the river would hold.

“No you wouldn't. The headwaters are guarded by the Kerberosians, and they don't let anyone or anything leave.” Blaze spoke the word Kerberosians as if the word was taboo.

“What in the hells are Kerberosians?” Sarah had never even heard legends that spoke of such a creature.

“I don't know. Nobody knows. All any demon, devil or fiend knows is that they guard the River Styx.” Blaze seemed uneasy talking about the subject. “They are just fine with things entering the hells and Abyss, but nothing travels back up the River Styx without facing the Kerberosians.”

“Wait… you can leave the Abyss via the River Styx?” This could be good news.

“It stands to reason that one could, if you can get past the Kerberosians. Which you can't. No one can. The furthest anyone can travel on the River Styx is from one end of the hells to the other.” Blaze exclaimed.

“Wow… sounds like these Kerberosian demons are dangerous.” As Sarah spoke she saw what looked like a little used trail.

“They're not demons, or fiends even. They're something else. Legend says that they are older than the Abyss itself.” Blaze too saw the trail. “That trail over there, it might lead to some kind of outpost.”

“Outpost? Why would demons have an outpost?” Other demons meant the possibility of trade. Sarah wondered if she could get ahold of some books by or about warlocks.

“For catching girls that have been tossed into the Abyss. Happens way more often than you would think. It makes me think there are far more mortal worlds than anyone thinks.” Blaze wondered what demons made this trail. It was in disuse, but large.

“How many mortal worlds are there then? I figured out that the Monstrum had come from other worlds, but I never suspected that there would be humans on them.” Sarah was proud of the fact that she alone of her people had solved the riddle of the Monstrum’s origin.

“There aren't humans on most worlds.” Blaze said as she watched Sarah examine tracks on the trail. “Humans are only one of many mortal species. Granted they are common, but there are millions of mortal worlds. With millions of different peoples.”

“Oh… wow… that is a lot.” Sarah felt very small right now.

“I know. I've only encountered a few of them myself.” Blaze didn't like the look of the tracks. They were recent, and going both directions over top each other multiple times.

“If we follow this trail we shouldn't be on the trail when we do. It may not be used often, but when it is used it is traveled en masse.” Sarah said, echoing Blaze’s thoughts. “I know of a few other mortal species such as the Felis. What kinds have you met?”

“Well other than humans and Lagomore, I've met; Alcyoni, their arms are feathered wings; Aelfe, other than their long pointy ears they look human; Vucari, they have fur and pointed ears; Dweorg, a short stocky people; Hauflin, they're very human-like, other than the fact that they're half as tall; Vexx, silver skin, silver hair, and leathery wings; Nephalem, though they're technically demi gods not mortals; Niavka, they are all female, I don't know how that works, they have green hair and brown skin; Or’chash, big, green skin, dark hair and the males have tusks. I've met others, but I don't know what they are called.”

“What are Nephalem?” Sarah said as she looked for a good way to parallel the trail.

“They claim that they're the pure form of humanity. Claiming that all other peoples are lesser beings.” Blaze said as she followed Sarah.

“Huh?” Sarah realised that till recently she had felt the same about other species. The fact that there was a race of people that looked down on her simply because of her species was somewhat humbling. “Never really expected it to be the other way around. Not the best way to make friends if you think about it.”

“Hate to break it to you, but most species look down on humans. Hell humans on most worlds live as slaves.” Blaze said with a smirk. “Maybe that's why they so often become warlocks.”

“Sounds more like you love breaking it to me.” Sarah was starting to feel very insignificant. “So warlocks fight for the common man then? That kinda sounds ridiculous.”

“Hells no. Warlocks fight for themselves. They can get along with each other, but a warlock doesn't see themselves as human or Or’chash. They see themselves as warlocks.” Blaze enjoyed teaching Sarah how ignorant of the greater world she was. “Of course, like the Nephalem, if you're not a warlock then you're inferior.”

“Isn't it the same with demons as well?” Sarah said as she tried to keep track of the trail off to their right. “In the end we are all alike in our egotism. I know that I thought as much till Mother Mistress taught me the one truth.”

“No, demons don't care who or what you are.” Blaze replied. “Power is the only thing that matters in our eyes.”

Sarah's laugh rang hollow between the hillocks hemming in the trail. “That is the truth Mother Mistress taught me. There is only power. Either you have it, and you rape. Or you don't have it, and you are raped. I, for one, am tired of being raped.”

“Wow… that's a very demonic ideology.” Blaze began to wonder just how much Sarah had changed.

“You said it yourself. All who enter the Abyss become demons.” Sarah had stopped and faced Blaze as she spoke.

But the mind is usually the last to change, Blaze thought. She wondered just how demonic Sarah's ideology was before entering the Abyss. Could she have been this krater-ocratic before she was cast into the Abyss, or was this because she embraced the demonic changes that had already afflicted her?

“Granted it isn't that big of a shift from what I believed before.” Sarah said, thus answering Blaze’s unasked question.

“You never really speak much of your life before the Abyss. How come?” Blaze wondered about the mortal realm. Every mortal she had spoken to in the past has told wildly different stories of their homes.

“That's because it's gone. My family's estate was burned to the ground by Centaurum almost a year before I ended up here. My father died trying to hold the estate. My mother and little sister were both at the manor in town when it was sacked, and I was cast down here. They're Org fuck toys by now.” Sarah spoke without emotion. She seemed unmoved by her past. Blaze suspected this was not the truth, but felt it best not to push the subject. Not yet at least. With how quickly Sarah was descending down the path of depravity, it wouldn't be long before Blaze could coax the information from the girl with ease.

“Look,” Blaze said while pointing before them, “there is a hillock beside the trail. If we climb it we could get a look further ahead.”

“Good thinking. Come on.” Sarah's line of thought changed at this idea. She rushed ahead with Blaze at her side. Completely forgetting how horny she was getting while thinking of her mother and little sister getting gangraped by Org. She felt pangs of jealousy… towards the Org.

As they reached the top of the hill, they creeped among the boulders and scree. The trail swung wide around the hillock. Then wound a few hundred yards, through bleak boulder strewn terrain, to a level clearing. The clearing was dominated by a palisade of blackened demon bones encircling a large camp. Within the camp Sarah could see many tents haphazardly arranged, and large figures moving about. There looked to be an entrance on the palisade near where the trail entered the clearing. A pair of tall red demons with wicked black horns stood on guard, flanking the open gate.

“Damnit!” Blaze exclaimed. “Abaddon.”

“What are Abaddon?” Sarah asked, keeping her voice low.

“Homicidal lunatics.” Replied Blaze. “No one sends Abaddon to gathering outposts. This has the smell of a raiding party, but whose?”

“So don't let the red guys see us then.” Sarah said with a touch of sarcasm. “How tough are Abaddon? Do they have any weaknesses?”

“Varies on the Abaddon. Their greatest weakness is also their greatest strength. They love fighting, and they are good at it. The only thing they love more than fighting is killing. When not fighting and killing someone else, they are busy fucking each other. Once they tire of sex, they will start fighting and killing each other. That's the only thing keeping their population in check.” Blaze whispered. “Unlike most demons, the Abaddon don't need mortal girls to reproduce.”

“They sound like real charming demons.” Sarah laid the sarcasm on thick.

“What worries me though is the fact that the two we can see are tolerating guard duty.” Blaze continued.

“That bad?” Sarah was fairly certain by Blaze’s description that no Abaddon would accept guard duty with good grace.

“It takes a warlock or demon lord that really scares them to get them to behave.” This set Blaze on edge. The last time she had seen Abaddon this obedient it was near the hub at Luxium. The only thing keeping them dumur was the Dark Master’s will.

“Any advice on fighting them?” Sarah wasn't in the mood to test her new abilities on such a formidable foe, but knowing how to fight the Abaddon seemed like a good idea. Just in case that is.

“They have a natural affinity to hell fire, and are immune to its touch. Thus fire magic is useless against them.” Blaze lamented. “So… I'm of no help if it comes to a fight.”

“So that leaves my best options to be lightning, earth, or frost magic.” Sarah considered what strategy to use. “Hmm… look! There is another gate on the other side of the camp. It's closed… why isn't the gate facing us closed?” Sarah looked about, then she saw what she was looking for in the camp. “Shit! Get down.” Sarah hissed as she pulled Blaze down with her.

“What is it?” Blaze had been looking at the far side of the clearing. She noted a trail on the other side leading down out of the mountains, into the neighboring hills.

“A caravan. My guess is you're correct about this being a raiding camp.” Sarah whispered as quietly as she could. “Looks like they send raids out into those hills or beyond. Then once they have enough loot, they load it up and take it back to their main base of operations.”

“So that's why the trail we were following was infrequently traveled, but heavily traveled when it was used.” Blaze looked through some gaps in the boulder pile that composed their cover. The first cart of the caravan had just exited the camp. The large two wheeled cart was being pulled by a pair of A’peri. Blaze shuddered at the sight of the tusked boar like beasts. The carnivorous beasts of burden were known to eat imps.

The first cart was piled high with loot. Demon skin bound chests stacked like cords of firewood. A six foot tall golden idol of a long forgotten goddess of madness. Alongside piles of demon skins and hides. With grisly trophies of horns and tusks. Chained to the back of the cart were three lines of young girls of many species. Sarah did a quick count and figured there were about forty girls. They ranged in age from two to twenty. Flanking the lines of girls where a dozen riders. Seven foot tall goat headed demons that Blaze called Fomoraig mounted upon A’peri, and armed with spears and whips. The whips were put to use on the lines of girls seemingly for the sport of inflicting pain. For the whip was applied to the quick and the slow in equal measure.

Twenty more similarly loaded carts followed the first. The Fomoraig drivers pushing their draft A’peri forward with cruel lashes of barbed whips. Some carts had Succubi and Omnibi chained to them. One had over a hundred female imps chained to it. The imps crowded the cart trying to stay out of reach of the slathering jaws of the A’peri pulling the cart behind them. Neither Sarah nor Blaze noticed it at first, but they soon realized that all the imps were monochromatic.

Following the last cart was a great beast fully twenty feet tall at the shoulder. Its six legs shackled with heavy chains held tight by the forty some riders about it. A’peri squealed in fright as the beast thrashed its head side to side. From Blaze’s description, Sarah recognized the beast as a Behemah. As the duo watched the caravan drive past, one of the riders moved too close to the Behemah. The beast impaled the Fomorach upon one of his myriad of horns. While stomping heavily upon the A’peri. Squishing the five thousand pound demonic beast into a pile of unrecognizable meat. With a flick of its neck, the Behemah sent the dead Fomorach flying off his horns. The corpse landed with a sickening crunch in a twisted heap upon the ground some hundred yards from the trail.

“Wow… that thing is a force of nature.” Sarah stared in awe at the Behemah.

“That… is just a baby Behemah. I've seen Behemoth the size of mountains.” Blaze said as she too looked on the treasure caravan. “They're insane if they think they can control that thing.”

“My condolences to the mother.” Sarah had trouble grasping the concept of a creature larger than a geographical feature.

“What?” Blaze said in mild confusion. “Oh… no they're only about 200 pounds at birth, and I think it's hilarious to watch those little girls push out Behemoth newborn.”

“Fuck. Are you really saying that they mate with mortal girls?” Sarah's voice dripped with arousal.

“Oh yeah…” Blaze replied with a smirk.

“Mmm…” Sarah licked her lips as she thought about herself kneeling on all fours for a Behemah. Sarah shook her head to break her reprieve then continued. “I think this may be more than just a simple raiding camp. Judging by the demons we have seen so far and the size of the camp, I'm guessing that there are around four or five thousand demons in that camp. That is an army.”

“Not in the Abyss. Down here anything less than a few hundred thousand is nothing.” Blaze said while hiding her admiration for how well Sarah appraised the camp. “Nah this is just a raiding camp, but it's one in a network of camps. Someone is running quite the operation.”

“I keep forgetting that I need to increase the scale I use here.” Sarah couldn't even imagine such armies clashing. “How do you know it's part of a network?”

“Look down the path on the other side of the clearing.” Blaze said as she pointed. “The trail splits in several different directions, and in the hills beyond, there… there… and there, you can see other camps. I'm guessing there are about a dozen or so camps scattered through the hills. This looks like the main camp where they gather all the loot before taking it to their home. Which is most likely where that caravan is headed.”

“The caravan headed to the mountain.” Sarah thought aloud. “The mountain from which our mysterious magic stream originates…”

“We need to find where their home is located.” Blaze had a worrying suspicion about what they would find.

“If not for any other reason, so we don't find it by accident.” Sarah said with concern. “Whom do you think these demons serve?”

“Most likely a warlock, or warlock turned demon lord. Most other demons aren't this organized.” Blaze replied. “Should we tail the caravan?”

“No, if we follow them we could find ourselves catching up with them, or run into the troops returning to the camp.” Sarah thought about their options as she spoke. “Are there many warlocks in the Abyss then?”

“More than plenty. Some are very powerful.” Seeing Sarah's incredulous look Blaze continued. “Most warlocks in the Abyss are overconfident apprentices that tried to usurp their masters. As punishment they get cast into the Abyss. Sometimes those underlings succeed, and it is the former master that is banished. The most terrifying, however, are the warlocks that knowingly choose to come to the Abyss to further their quest for power.”

“You think it's a warlock of the last kind don't you?” Sarah said following Blaze’s line of thought.

“Yes.” Blaze stated. “Only such a warlock would be able to inspire such fear into the Abaddon, so as to tolerate guard duty.”

“Well that's disadvantageous, but we need to know where they are based.” Sarah said hesitantly. “Besides, this might solve our little mystery.”

“I agree. Warlocks are well known to perform all manner of strange and profane experiments.” Blaze wasn't eager to follow them. Even though she knew it needed to be done. “But we should be cautious.”

“Without a doubt.” Was Sarah's reply. “If I was this warlock, I would have sentries on the ridges watching the trail.”

“If so it's a miracle we haven't been seen yet.” Blaze said as she scanned the ridges flanking the trail. She realized that they were some distance away, and it would take time for anyone on them to get to the trail. “Unless they have seen us…”

“Shit!” Sarah saw a black horn duck behind a boulder at the foot of the hillock. She grabbed Blaze’s hand, and quickly cast an invisibility spell. She just hoped that she had adapted the spell correctly. Sarah was very satisfied to see Blaze and herself vanish from her sight. With a sigh of relief she began guiding Blaze away. Blaze simply kept quiet and held her hand as they crept away. Which was none too soon.

The clop of a hoof jerked their attention to where they had been hiding. Crouched upon the boulder pile was a goat headed Fomorach. A wicked bow grasped in his hand. An arrow nocked and ready. Just beyond the pile where a half dozen more as well as a single Abaddon. They were mounted upon A’peri. Sarah looked at the fiendish horrors with fascination. She noted that though the A’peri looked very boar like, it did not have hooves. Instead the A’peri had well padded paws, equipped with sharp claws. Thus explaining how the riders had managed to get so close unnoticed. The other Fomoraig were armed with long spears and shields. The Abaddon carried a wicked great sword. The black metal gleamed in the witchlight. Sarah and Blaze slowly moved away. Terrified to make a sound.

The Fomorach crouched upon the pile searched about the boulders. His eyes scouring the rocks. Then one of the mounted Fomoraig spoke. “Do you see any sign of them?”

“No. The ground is too hard, and they have left no spore.” Replied the Fomorach with the bow.

“Well you had better find them Kaster.” Growled the Abaddon. “Or instead of saiting my lust in their cunts, I’ll be saiting my thirst with your blood.”

“Try it Grix.” Hissed the Fomorach with the bow, whom Sarah decided must be Kaster, as he turned his bow upon the Abaddon. “And even if you do manage to cut me down, the mistress will have you in the tanks faster than you can curse her name. You do remember what happened to her last experiment. I’ve heard the slaves still can't scrub the stains off the walls.”

Grix just growled in response. His eyes glaring hatefully at Kaster. His hand loosening the grip upon his sheathed sword.

Kaster then turned his back upon Grix. “I smell magic.” he said as he ran his hand over the very spot where Sarah had been crouched just moments before. “Signal the camp for a Mage Hunter.”

At his orders one of the mounted Fomoraig waved his spear. Then he made some hand signals. The response from the camp was quick. Three riders came galloping out the gate towards their location almost instantly. Sarah quickly decided that now was no time to teary, so she tightened her grip on Blaze’s hand. Then the pair withdrew from the hillock as quickly as possible. Once the pair were far enough away from the searchers, they broke into a run.

“That was too close.” Hissed Blaze.

“Shut up and keep running. We haven't escaped yet.” Sarah had seen too many close calls to think they had gotten away already.

Deciding that following the trail was ill advised. Sarah and Blaze headed for the nearest ridge. Then hiked across to the next mountain. The plan was to circle it before heading back to their camp. After which they both agreed should be abandoned. After hiking for several hours a glance behind put a stop to their plans. Winding their way up the mountain side were eleven riders. Still too far off to see much more detail, but the pair knew it must be Kaster’s party plus the Mage Hunter.

“Damn. Do you think they're tracking us via my invisibility spell?” Sarah said as she watched the approaching riders.

“Too late to matter now.” Blaze replied. “I think we are going to have to deal with them before we can continue.”

“Agreed. We should try and set a trap for them.” Sarah then pointed to a break in a ridge up ahead. “There. We draw them into the ravine. Then I can bring it down on top of them.”

“That is kinda on the obvious side…” Blaze said as they approached the ravine.

“I know… but it's all I could think of at the moment.” Sarah said regretfully. “We still have some time before they get here. I'll try to think of a better plan before they arrive.”

“Well just don't forget to tell me what that plan is beforehand okay.” Sarcasm poured from Blaze’s lips as she spoke.

“No faith in your mistress.” Sarah replied.

“I did, but then she presented a lame ass plan that was going to get us both killed.” Blaze jabbed back at Sarah.

“When we get out of this you are so getting a spanking.” Sarah was getting a little irate while thinking of a plan.

“Mmm…” Blaze cooed. “Is that a promise?”

“Of course my dear.” Sarah spoke huskily. “Now stop distracting me.”

Kaster ran his fingertips over the strange tracks in the dirt. It was the first physical sign of their prey’s passing. The first set looked like imp tracks. Small footprint with claw prints from the forward role of the toe while running. The second set however was not so easy to identify. The toes and ball of the foot were well formed, but the rest of the foot was absent with the exception of a small round point where the heel should be. This worried him. No mortal or demon Kaster knew of had such a footprint.

“What do you see Kaster?” Spoke a female Fomorach. She sat upon an armored A’peri. Her face was very beautiful. With high cheeks and full red lips. She had sideburns of fur framing her face. With goat ears and horns adding to her demonic appearance. Her heavily lashed almond shaped eyes were the color of copper. Her long blood red hair swept down her back, and would have dragged upon the ground if it wasn't for the two large gold beads which the hair was split between. These beads in turn were kept aloft by two small naked girls that sat behind the Fomorach. The fur of the Fomorach’s goat like legs, which began at mid thigh, mirrored the color of her hair. The demoness wore a girdle of braided gold supporting a leather loin cloth. From her buxom breasts hung a pair of gold nipple rings. These rings were the first link of a pair of gold chains. The ends of which attached to the clit rings of the girls which held her hair. Closer inspection would reveal that the large gold beads binding the Fomorach’s long red hair, were also bound to the girls via a pair of short chains attached to nipple rings.

The two girls looked to be about five years old. Neither of the pair were human. The girl on the left was an Aelfe. Her long pointed ears poked out of her golden hair by a good three inches. Her long hair was pulled back into a braid down to the small girl’s knees. Her bright emerald eyes shone in the dancing witch lights in the sky. She has been a plaything for demons so long that she can no longer remember her name. The girl on the right was an Or’chash. Her green skin contrasting with the cream colored skin of her companion. Her blue black hair matched the Aelfe’s in style. Her icy blue eyes were downcast in submission. She was born and raised to be an offering to the Abyss. She was never given a name, but she would answer to Cunt Licker or Cock Sock.

“The tracks, Étaín, they are not what I was expecting.” Kaster said as he remounted his A’peri.

“How so?” Étaín spoke gently as she looked about for the far too faint rifts in the arcane currents left by a mage. This one, however, was easy to track. She seemed to be a glutton for magic. She left a giant void in the ambient magic wherever she went.

“Two sets of tracks. No surprise there. One set of tracks looks like imp tracks, and the other… I've never seen anything quite like it.” Kaster ran his hand through his goatee as he spoke. “She walks on the toe and ball of her foot, with just a round hole where the heel should be.”

“Interesting…” Étaín said as she looked at the track for herself. “It would seem our prey is more than a simple mage.”

Grix rode up beside Kaster. His interest peaked by his description of the footprint. “I've seen a demon that leaves spore such as this.”

“Fortuitous. What are we dealing with then?” Étaín said as she focused her attention upon the Abaddon.

“It was back during the uprising. I served under the command of Mother Mistress.” Grix spoke softly, as if he feared that Mother Mistress might hear him. “She herself left such footprints.”

“It was not the Mistress of Darkness that we saw hiding in the crags Grix.” Kaster sneered.

“I didn't say it was her, goat.” Grix spat in Kaster’s face.

“You imp spawn.” Kaster bellowed as he swung his fist into Grix’s stomach. With an umf Grix was thrown from his A’peri to land in the dirt. Grix drew his sword as he scrambled to his feet. Only to find himself staring at the tip of a nocked arrow pointed at his head. “Call me goat again, and it will cost you your pathetic life.”

“KASTER! GRIX! Cease this nonsense immediately.” Étaín yelled at the pair of squabbling demons. The two lowered their weapons with reluctance. Trading cold glares with each other. Étaín then sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. “Now… Grix, does Mother Mistress have any handmaidens?”

Grix turned to Étaín as he sheathed his sword. “Not that I have seen. However less is known of her than of the Dark Master Himself.”

“Hmmm…” Étaín was starting to worry that they were being drawn into a trap. “If this is a handmaiden of Mother Mistress, than we should expect her to be a trained warlock.”

“Why does her magic taste like a mage’s?” Kaster asked Étaín. “I know the difference between the two.”

“I do not know.” Étaín spoke in a dead tone to hide her unease. “We are clearly up against something new. Whatever they may be we can't let them escape. I don't need to tell you how upset the mistress would be should we return empty handed.”

Grix and Kaster quickly put their feud aside. Their mutual fear of their mistress more than enough to keep them on their best behavior. Étaín smiled in satisfaction. Such fights would normally end in bloodshed, and Étaín had a feeling that she was going to need every weapon at her disposal.

“The trail leads into that ravine.” Étaín said as she pointed to the narrow entrance.

“Well that's a trap.” Kaster said as he looked at the ravine. He knew this ravine well. He figured they could only ride three abreast the first two hundred yards. After that it became a labyrinth. Not a good place to chase prey, but it did have other entrances. “There are about a dozen ways into that labyrinth. We may want flying support.”

Étaín sat in thought for a few moments. Then with a plan formed out she started giving orders. “Grix signal the camp. Three flame bolts straight up. Kaster take three riders to the next closest entrance. I doubt they have gone deep into this maze. If we move quickly we can trap them near this entrance from both sides. Use nets, snares and bolas only. I want them alive. We move on them once the Erinyes arrive.” With that said the demons were quick to go about their tasks.

“Shit.” Sarah had happened to look up when she saw three bright flares rocket into the sky. “That's got to be a signal of some kind.”

“Yep.” Blaze said as she glanced up at the signal. “Looks like they won't come after us without reinforcements.”

“Well looks like we're going deeper into that maze up ahead after all.” Sarah said as she finished the task at hand. “Luckily these won't need us to do their job.”

“Well you can't tell that they're there, but spike pits?” Blaze looked at Sarah quizzically.

“Simple, effective and not something a mage would do.” Sarah said as she admired her work. She had used her magic to carve the three pits. The pits were twice as long as the A’peri, fifteen feet deep, and the full width of the ravine. Each set thirty yards apart from each other, and covered with a crust of earth thick enough to hold the weight of a person. An A’peri, on the other hand, would find itself impaled upon the vicious spikes.

“I don't think a demon would think of it either.” Blaze began pondering what such a trap would do to a charging A’peri. “It's just too mundane. Wish I could watch them charge into them.”

“You sound excited.” Sarah said as she started to go deeper into the maze.

“I do like violence.” Blaze said as she followed. “What?” Blaze continued in response to the look Sarah gave her. “Violence is almost as much fun as sex.”

Sarah shook her head, and gave a twisted smile. She had to admit to herself that she too wanted see the fruits of her labor. Something appealed to her about watching the demons run headlong into their gruesome deaths. “Mmm… maybe, but if we don't get moving chances are we will see more violence then we want.”

“I don't like the idea of going into that maze. We have no idea how much the ravine branches, and odds are they do.” Blaze spoke softly as the pair walked passed the first branch.

“I don’t like it either.” Sarah replied. “However it is our only chance to escape.”

Kaster could see the three bird like figures in the distance. The Erinyes would be here soon. He saw to his riding tackle. Kaster wanted to be ready. So far this prey had proved elusive. He had a feeling that once cornered they would become deadly. No demon wanted to go against the power of a warlock. Especially a demonic warlock. With that in mind Kaster opened a small jar filled with a clear viscous fluid. He shuddered at the memory of what he went through to get it. With great care Kaster dipped the tips of his arrows into the jar. Then wrapped the tips with a bit of silk. Once finished Kaster got his quiver ready, and was about to jump into his saddle when he looked up into the mouth of the ravine. Kaster froze in place as he stared into a pair of glowing blue violet eyes.

The pair had come around a blind turn about forty yards from Kaster and his men. The duo stood there looking at Kaster and his men frozen with shock. Kaster snapped out of his stupor. Quickly drawing an arrow, and taking aim at the warlock demoness’s fair right shoulder. He loosed the arrow with a smile. Fortune, it seemed, was his.

Sarah threw her arms forward as she called to the stone. Great spikes of stone shot forth from the earth. Each spike pointing towards Kaster and his men. More spikes kept forming. Creating a massive barrier between the two groups. In a flash, stone spikes shot up among Kaster’s party. Kaster jumped back with a great leap. Sending him hurdling over his mount and two comrades in an arching backflip. He got a glimpse of them as the earthen spikes shot up from the ground beneath their feet. Blood and viscera sprayed from their broken bodies.

Sarah screamed in pain and rage. She hadn't been as fast as Kaster. His arrow landed true, jutting from her right shoulder. She fell to her knees from the shock. With a growl of rage she tried to stand, but found her head spinning. Blaze held her steady, so she wouldn't fall.

Blaze turned to Kaster. Her face snarled in rage, as she tossed a dozen fireballs at the surviving Fomorach. Kaster had nocked another arrow, and was taking aim at Blaze when the first of the fireballs detonated nearby. Kaster was thrown from his feet by the force of the explosion. Bits of rock and scorched A’peri rained down about him. He let loose the arrow to protect his face with his hands from the raining debris.

Blaze screamed as she held her arm where the wild arrow had scraped her. She could feel it… Poison. No wonder Sarah continued to falter. Blaze quickly felt her own strength begin to ebb as she held her Mistress, and staggered away.

Kaster stood as he dusted himself off. His eyes scanning the devastation about him. A smile cracked his lips as he looked to the sky. His battle with the warlock hadn't gone unnoticed. It could have gone better, but Kaster felt it went fairly well with all things considered. After all, other than some singed fur, he was unharmed, and he had managed to hit the pair with those poisoned arrows. Before long they will succumb to the poison. Then they will be at his mercy.

He signalled the approaching Erinyes with a wave of his arm. Now time to pick up the hunt, and await Étaín and her forces. Kaster had no trouble finding the pair’s trail. The warlock was shuffling her feet. She must already be slowing from the poison. The Imp’s foot would turn as she walked. She was practically carrying her mistress. Kaster followed the tracks at a sedate pace. No need to catch up with them yet.

After far longer than Kaster was expecting them, Étaín’s party finally caught up with him. He looked at them in shock. Half of the riders were not present. Étaín must have understood Kaster’s expression. Because she was quick to explain before Kaster could even ask.

“She left traps.” Étaín kept her voice even. “We lost four riders to a trio of spike pits the little bitch left for us.”

“She ran right into me and mine while we were waiting for the signal.” Kaster replied. “You can't ride in or out that way anymore.”

“We heard the fighting.” Étaín said. “Was it as destructive as it sounded?”

“It is only by chance that I survived.” Kaster spoke gravely. “I did manage to tag both of them. Just grazed the Imp though.”

“They better not be damaged Kaster.” Étaín said angrily at the blatant disobedience to her orders.

“Relax… it was a clean hit to the shoulder.” Kaster said smoothly. “It's the poison that is slowing them down.”

“What poison?” Grix broke his silence since they had regrouped. Kaster lamented that he had been one of the survivors.

“Just a little something to make them fall asleep.” Kaster wasn't about to reveal the fact that he had Erinyes poison.

“Hold” Étaín said with her fist raised. “The Erinyes have spotted them. Looks like your poison did the trick Kaster. That gives you first pick.” The three Erinyes slowly circled in the air, like raptors above a feast.

Kaster smiled as he watched the Erinyes circle lower and lower. His luck was still holding strong. Grix ground his teeth. Looked like he was getting sloppy seconds again.

“Get up Sarah. We need to keep moving.” Blaze pulled on Sarah's arm trying to get her to move. She had collapsed pulling Blaze to the ground with her. Blaze stood up herself, but then quickly found herself back on the ground. Her vision blurred as she tried to crawl. Her mind screaming to run, but her body just wouldn't respond. A blood stained golden feather landed beside her. Blaze’s eyes widened in fear. She pushed herself up. On her hands and knees, Blaze grabbed Sarah's unwounded arm. Then Blaze crawled away, pulling Sarah behind her.

“Please wake up Sarah. We really don't want to be here.” Blaze moaned as she inched along the ravine floor. With a heavy thud Blaze felt herself pushed down into the dirt. Soft yet firm hands gripped her shoulders. Pushing her down. Blaze craned her neck to look above herself, but she already knew what she would see.

Leering above Blaze was a beautiful woman. Bronze hair cascading about her head. Golden feathered wings spread wide from her back. Glowing emerald eyes stared down into Blaze’s own violet eyes. A maniacal smile marred the otherwise gorgeous face. Dried blood stained the golden feathers. Erinyes, hatred and lust married in a single form. They despised mortality. Seeing mortals as a disease. The cure, or so they believe, being brutal torture. Worst of all, if an Erinyes wasn't serving the Dark Master, then they were rebelling against Him.

“What's the hurry little Imp?” The Erinyes laughed in Blaze’s face. “We haven't even had any fun yet.” The Erinyes ran her fingernails down Blaze’s spine as she spoke. Then she grabbed her wrists, and bound them together with strong cord. After being satisfied that the knot was tight she did the same to Blaze’s ankles. The Erinyes then pulled her ankles and wrists together. Binding Blaze with her arms and legs tied behind her back. For her part, Blaze struggled as hard as she could, but that only served to pump the poison through her veins faster. By the time the Erinyes was finished, Blaze had succumbed to the poison. Passing out as the Erinyes picked her up. The Erinyes then looked to Sarah. However the other two Erinyes had already finished trussing her up.

Kaster and Étaín rode onto the scene as the Erinyes were finishing. With satisfied smiles they quickly gave instructions to the rest of the demons. Then began the journey back to the camp. Kaster looked forward to his time with Sarah.

“My Sarah…”

Moans of anguish filled the air. Sarah slowly blinked her eyes open. Shaking the fog from her mind, Sarah looked about her to get her bearings. What she saw both filled her with dread, and made her unbelievably horny. She was laying on her side. Tied to a post by her wrists and ankles. Which were tied together behind her back. Blaze was beside her trussed up in a similar fashion. The backs of their heads pressed together. Before her was the inside of the bone wall of the raiding camp. Which, after seeing the wall up close, Sarah now realized was a living creature. However it was the other posts set around her that gripped Sarah's attention. Post being the only word Sarah could think of to describe them. The posts looked vaguely like a cactus made of flesh and bone. The two foot thick posts had numerous arms sprouting from its ten foot length. The first set of arms grew three feet up the post. Six pairs of three inch thick arms curving up and out from the post. Four feet above the first set of arms grow the second set. Similar in size and number. The pairs of arms grew one just above the other, so that the tips were only a few inches apart from each other. Upon many of the pairs of arms were mounted little girls of dozens of different species. Others had female Imps mounted upon them. Some had Succubi or other womanly or girlish demons mounted upon them. Others still were left empty. Each girl or demoness had the tip of one arm impaled up their asses. With the tip of the other arm filling their cunts. Their arms, legs and wings, if they had them, were bound behind their backs. Chains connected to nipple rings bound them to the posts. Some of them also had their mouths stretched open by ring gags. The girls ranged greatly in age. The youngest Sarah could see couldn't have been older than three, and the oldest looked to be over sixteen. However, considering how the body doesn't age in the Abyss, their real ages were impossible to guess. Though the girls and demonesses moaned, it was a dull tired sound. Not the cries of anguish that rang in Sarah's ears.

Sarah turned her head to find the source of the agonizing moans, but her search was halted by hushed words from Blaze. “Stop moving and act like you're still out if it.” Sarah laid her head back down as Blaze continued. “They've been waiting for us to wake before they have their fun.”

As Sarah tried to relax, she realized that her shoulder had been healed. “Well they want us in good health at least.” Sarah whispered to Blaze.

“The Erinyes are notorious for keeping their victims in good health.” Blaze whispered back. “It lets them torture you more.”

“I was afraid that would be the case.” Sarah did her best to look around without drawing attention to herself. “I don't see any way out. Do you see anything?”

“Shhh... “ Blaze shushed Sarah. “They're coming.”

Sarah closed her eyes and lay still. Every muscle in her body just wanted to jump. It took all her effort to keep her body from twitching in frustration. She heard heavy footsteps approaching. She could feel hot breath on her naked flesh. She braced herself. A large hand caressed her bare shoulder. She kept her breathing even as she suppressed a shudder.

“Any change?” Spoke a feminine voice.

“No. They look to still be sleeping off the poison.” Sarah recognized Kaster’s voice. He was the one standing over her and Blaze. “That poison is stronger than I thought.”

“Well then stop brooding over them and join me.” Replied the woman. “The sisters have just finished training a new batch of slaves, and they are exquisite.”

“Étaín you do know how to make an argument.” Sarah could hear the twisted smile in Kaster’s voice.

Sarah suppressed a sigh of relief at the sound of Kaster’s retreating footsteps. Once his heavy footfalls faded into the distance Sarah allowed herself a brief respite from playing asleep, and shuddered.

“Okay… they're occupied now.” Blaze whispered to Sarah as two new cries of pain joined the symphony of anguish. “Can you use your magic to break free?”

“I don't know.” Sarah whispered in return. “I can't move my hands at all, and I need to to direct my spells.”

“Hold on.” Blaze shuffled some so she could get a look at Sarah's hands. “Hells… they put you in sorcerer’s cuffs.”

“Let me guess, manacles which immobilize every joint in the hand.” Sarah said as she saw the cuffs binding Blaze’s wrists and ankles behind the Imp’s back.

“Yep… we're fucked.” Blaze had held onto a sliver of hope that Sarah wouldn't need her hands, but, without the ability to direct her spells, Sarah was just as likely to kill them as well as their captors.

“Not yet.” Sarah had an idea. She gathered the spell in her mind. It was not without its risks, but it was the only thing that she could do. Pure arcane energy destroyed all matter. If she simply gathered enough in her hands, and let it run free, there was a chance she could destroy the cuffs. Of course she could also lose her hands. This, however, Sarah was more than willing to risk. Once Sarah had enough ready she held her breath as she let the arcane powers run wild.

The explosion was much larger than Sarah was expecting. The post that she and Blaze were chained to was simply gone. Sarah shook her head. Trying to make the deafening ringing stop. She had been tossed nearly thirty feet from where the post was formerly located. Pain lanced through her body. Blaze lay a few feet from her. She was groaning and cursing. Cursing was a good sign. Sarah tried to move. Her limbs wouldn't budge. Sarah twisted her body till she lay upon her front. A heavy weight pressed into the small of her back. As Sarah had her head jerked back by her hair. Forcing her to look up as far as her neck could go.

“That is the last straw.” Kaster growled at her. “Things could have been easy for you. Now… you won't even be able to remember your own name by the time we are done with you.” Kaster slammed Sarah's face into the ground, bloodying her nose. Then picked her up by her cuffs. Carrying her over to where the most pained of the moans that had awaken Sarah originated.

This gave Sarah a good look at the damage she had wrought. Many of the girls mounted upon the posts had been blasted off of the arms which had held them aloft. Now they were left to dangle by their nipple chains. Screaming bloody murder as they swayed to and fro. When demons went to remount them Étaín had yelled to leave them, and let them pay for the young warlock’s arrogance. When Sarah finally saw the source of the cries of agony she paled. There were dozens of girls. Each had either her ass or her pussy impaled on a monolith of a phallus. The phalluses were moulded after spined demonic cocks. Each one stood at ten feet tall, and had breadths that exceeded two feet in width. Not including the six to eight inch spines covering the stone phalluses. The stone glans which capped the monolith phalluses tapered to a rounded point. All of the girls had obscene amounts of stone cock impaled within their unfortunate orifices. The luckiest girl, a tween Aelfe, had only the two foot length of the glans shoved up her ass. This soon changed as the various demons went back to work. A pair of Abaddon bitches pulled her down. Forcing more of the monolith phallus into the poor girl’s ass. Eliciting such screams of torment that forced Sarah to shudder in both revulsion and lust.

“You might be wondering how we can impale so much cock up such little girls’ holes.” Étaín spoke as she walked beside Kaster. Blaze dangling from her chains in the Fomorach witch’s hands. Her toddler entourage following behind to hold her hair off the ground. “Especially without it bursting the little whores into pieces.”

“You're using Imp cum.” Sarah rolled her eyes. She had an Imp familiar. Was Étaín really so stupid to think she couldn't figure that out, or simply that narcissistic that she wanted to explain how anyways.

“Even Imp cum is insufficient for our purposes.” Étaín replied before continuing. “It is the main ingredient, but the two of you will find out soon enough.”

“But first I will claim my prize.” Kaster growled.

Hollow laughter rang above the tortured moans. Sarah twisted her head enough to look into Kaster’s face as her laughter stopped. “And what is to stop me from melting your bones.” As she spoke Sarah began gathering the power for another spell.

“This, young one.” Étaín stated as she traced a spiral onto Sarah's back. Sarah screamed as her spell backfired in her mind. Fire burned at every nerve in her body. Étaín clicked her tongue in a scalding fashion. “Mana burn hurts doesn't it. Warlocks long ago learned how to contain each other's power. You may have power young one, but you have less skill than an initiate.”

“You bitch!” Blaze yelled at Étaín. “Do you have any idea who we serve? Our Mistress will wipe you from the Abyss.”

“Foolish Imp.” Étaín spanked Blaze’s exposed cunt as hard as she could. For her part Blaze managed to stifle the yelp from the stinging bit of Étaín’s hand. “We know precisely who you serve. Which is why neither of you will ever leave.”

Sarah looked up at the sound of wet slapping flesh and smiled. Girls bound in a variety of positions were being fucked by demons. The crack of whips marked with sharp cries broke the hum of moans and slapping flesh. Such delicious tortures made Sarah dripping wet.

Sarah spied a trio of Erinyes whom were busy playing with a silver skinned teen Vexx. One of the Erinyes had the girl's face pressed to her ass, and, any time the poor Vexx wasn't tongue fucking her ass deeply enough, the other two Erinyes would beat her ass and cunt with switches. The poor Vexx’s ass and labia were crisscrossed with lines of stinging blue welts. Mute testament that the silver skinned beauty’s tongue wasn't long enough to go as deeply as the Erinyes desired.

Lust filled grunts pulled her eyes to a tiny Or’chash toddler being spit roasted by a pair of Fomoraig. Their thick eighteen inch demon cocks slammed in and out of the girls cunt and mouth. Tears dripped down her cheeks as she was fucked. Only to be replaced with demonic cum when the Fomorach fucking her throat filled her belly to bursting with jizim. The Fomoraig laughed with sadistic mirth as cum spewed from the girl's nose, and was even forced up and out her tear ducts.

Sarah's reprieve was interrupted when Kaster swung her down onto a smaller version of the phallus monoliths. This one was only six inches thick, and four feet tall. Sarah's ass split wide as her sphincter wrapped around the crown of the stone phallus. Sarah's moans of pleasure drew strange stares from all that heard them.

“Figures that her handmaiden would be a complete pain slut.” Étaín said as she pushed Blaze’s ass onto a similar stone phallus. Blaze for her part screamed out her pleasure as her ass was violated. “The familiar as well? This will be interesting.” Étaín rubbed Blaze’s clit as she spoke.

“Give us time...Uhh...we’ll make things...Uhh... very interesting...Uhh…” As Blaze spoke Étaín began shoving fingers into her sopping cunt. Soon her whole fist was pumping in and out of the little Imp’s hole.

Kaster didn't bother with any banter. He simply whipped out his two foot long demon cock, and slammed home into Sarah's dripping slit. Sarah moaned as Kaster’s cock hilted inside her. Her back arching as Kaster’s fucking rocked her ass on the phallic monolith. Sarah leaned into Kaster. Her tongue running up his chest, before she bit down on his peck. Shaking her head side to side playfully as her teeth bit down hard upon his flesh. Driving Kaster to slam his cock harder into Sarah's cunt. It was so tight. Yet her flesh yielded to his invading member. Her muscles rippling along his cock, as he rocked into her just right to hit all the right spots. Even a Succubus didn't have a cunt this perfect.

Sarah unlatched her teeth from Kaster’s peck as she moaned. “Mmm… You're no cock wyrm, but you know how to use it.” She eagerly thrust her hips as she spoke. “I'm keeping you. Mmm…Yes… Bathe my babies in your spunk.”

Kaster exploded in Sarah at her words. Her vaginal walls rippled in orgasm around his cock. A gallon of his tainted demon spunk pumped out of his balls, and into Sarah's first womb. The girl's stomach bulging from his spunk filling her. She purred in satisfaction. What in the Hells had they captured? Kaster had planned on filling her other two vaginas, but now his head reeled with confused thoughts. Kaster watched as Sarah's belly shrunk back down to her baby bump. Her body absorbing his cum. Her collar glowed faintly. The inaudible hum of power growing about the girl. Kaster withdrew his cock from Sarah's cunt. Making her moan in disappointment.

“Ahh… done so soon? I have two more wombs for you to fill.” Kaster stared in disbelief at this little warlock. Even Étaín stopped with her arm buried up to the elbow in Blaze’s snatch to stare at Sarah. “Maybe you can grab four friends, and then fuck all my holes.”

Kaster didn't know how to respond. She was their prisoner to rape as they pleased. Yet her only complaint was that she wasn't being raped enough. Kaster needed to clear his head, so without further fuss he turned and left. “You're not even going to have me clean your cock?” He could hear Sarah gripe as he walked away. Something was very wrong. On his way out of the Erinyes theater he saw Grix leaning against a barren post. His expression was out of place on him. He looked contemplative. Something Kaster had never seen an Abaddon do before now.

“She’s all yours Grix.” Kaster had no stomach for the normal spite he held for the Abaddon. Besides that girl had him troubled enough. He didn't need to add Grix’s odd behavior to his list. “She still has two fresh cunts.” Grix gave Kaster the strangest look at discovering the Fomorach hadn't used all of Sarah's holes. With a shrug Grix turned into the theater of tortures. Though he had every intention of looking this gift horse in the mouth.

After Grix was out of sight, Kaster turned to the gates towards the mountain. This strange warlock was a mystery he would solve. With great care Kaster wound his way beside the trail. Soon he would be where he had first spotted the pair. From there he could follow their tracks back to where they had come from. For if Mother Mistress had sent an agent to spy on them. Then the Dark Master must also know of the Madame’s machinations.

Étaín busied herself with enjoying the time she had with the newest acquisitions. Though unusual in their enjoyment of being raped, it wasn't unknown for demons to get off on such debauchery. Even with that in mind, Sarah and Blaze were a special case. They didn't just get off on being raped. They complained about not being raped hard enough. So like any twisted demonic rapist, Étaín was determined to give it her all.

Étaín had the pair moved so they were facing each other. Their nipples hooked together by their rings. Thus pressing their chins together whilst she sat in between their mouths. Blaze’s lips worked eagerly at Étaín’s dripping cunt. While Sarah's tongue dove into her ass. Each of them able to work their tongues a good six inches into her holes. Such was why Étaín always loved girls with demonic adaptations best. Her own pair of slave girls had tongues that could extend up to two feet. She had invested a fair amount of her share of the loot into altering the girls. Currently her little sluts had those long tongues working on the warlock and her familiar.

Cunt licker, the little green skin Or’chash, was busy probing Sarah's vaginas in an attempt to devour any of Kaster’s cum that may still be within. What her twisting tongue did find was multiple embryonic sacks. Just like a Succubus, the warlock’s wombs could hold more on the inside then the bulge on her belly would indicate. The first two vaginas her nimble tongue explored were filled with writhing, twisting cock wyrm spawn. Her tongue dueled with the growing cock wyrms as she fucked it in and out of the two cunts. The last womb wasn't as active. What ever was in there was still developing. So cunt licker satisfied her thirst probing the warlock’s cunt for all the cum she could drink.

The little Aelfe, meanwhile, was busy feasting on Imp cum. Her tongue flicking in and out of Blaze’s spicy snatch. Little moans escaped from between the Imp’s lips and Étaín pussy. The Aelfe’s tongue exploring Blaze’s depths. Étaín pulled her nipple rings. The exquisite pain mingling with the pleasure. Carrying Étaín to new heights of ecstasy. As she pulled harder on the chains it tugged at the little girl's clit rings at the other end of the chains. The hot little Or’chash and Aelfe squealed with delight at the pleasurable pain. Étaín gyrated her hips to the rhythm of the tongues of Sarah and Blaze. Each thrust or flick into her womb or colon driving her lust higher. Étaín’s moans reached a fevered pitch as her body quaked with her first orgasm. The first was followed by a second. Before the second orgasm had ended a third began crashing through her body. Étaín rode orgasm after orgasm. She barely even noticed when Blaze’s lips were replaced by a thick demon cock.

“Grix!” Étaín exclaimed as her eyes focused enough to see whose cock had shoved into her slit. “What in the Abyss are you doing?”

“Fucking you.” Grix growled as he rammed his cock in and out of Étaín. Wet slopping rang out as he bottomed out in the demoness’s hole again and again.

Étaín pushed on Grix’s chest. “Not here…” Her words hushed. “Not now…” Étaín cried out as another orgasm rippled through her body. Grix’s fucking pushing her ass harder against Sarah's mouth. Whom for her part didn't slow her tongue fucking of Étaín one bit.

Grix thrust faster and faster into Étaín. He could feel himself getting close. With one final thrust he ripped his three inch thick eighteen inch cock from Étaín’s cunt. Then, pushing her out of the way, Grix grabbed Sarah's hair. Pointing his cock head at her face, he let his load free. Shooting rope after rope of hot demon cum all over the little warlock’s face. Long strings of his cum dripped down to her chest as Grix painted her with cum.

Once his last rope of cum had fired, Grix pushed his still rigid spined cock to Sarah's mouth. Sarah opened wide. Her jaw stretching as Grix’s cock pushed through her lips. His massive glans ramming at her tonsils. Sarah swallowed as his cock battled to push down her throat. Slowly inch after inch of Grix’s spined demon cock pushed down Sarah's throat. Regaining her composure, Étaín joined the pair. Holding Sarah by her hair, thus freeing Grix’s hands, as she licked cum off of Sarah's face. All the while the little Aelfe and Or’chash girls took turns riding Blaze’s tongue.

With a twisted smile Grix pulled Étaín to his balls. Forcing her to lick and suck his ball sack as he fuck Sarah's face. Finely, with a triumphant grunt, Grix sheathed his eighteen inches in Sarah's throat. His balls slapping the girl's chin. As Étaín strove to suck on his testicles. After a few heart beats Grix pulled his cock from Sarah's throat. Till just his hot glans was nestled in her mouth. Then Grix rammed his cock back into her throat as hard as he could push. Sarah swallowed as his three inch thick cock pushed into her gut. Étaín moaned as she sucked Grix’s balls. Her hands gripping Sarah's hair to fuck her mouth on the hard demon cock.

Grix thrust faster and faster. Each time pulling his cock nearly completely from Sarah's lips. Before ramming it back down her gullet. Sarah worked her tongue. Swirling it around Grix’s glans whenever he withdrew. Then dragging it along his cock as he fucked her throat. After an eternity of Grix fucking Sarah's throat, his cock twitched as he came. Grix never slowed down as he throat fucked Sarah. His cum spraying from her lips on the withdrawal. Then pumping her belly full as he slapped her chin with his ball sack. Each thrust making his orgasm last longer. Forcing more ropes of cum to shoot from his cock. His demonic balls pumping more and more cum into her mouth. Étaín drank her fill of Grix’s seed as it ran down Sarah's chin.

Grix finally pulled his cock from Sarah's lips. Spewing the last of his seed on to Sarah's and Étaín’s faces. He then shifted his grip to Sarah's waist. Picking the girl up with ease. Her ass popping off of the stone phallus upon which she was mounted. Étaín helped him aim his cock at her ass. Spreading Sarah's ass cheeks, and even sneaking a few swipes of her tongue across Sarah's gaping rosebud. With a grunt Grix rammed his cock into Sarah's bowels. Sarah moaned as she orgasmed just from Grix’s entry into her depths. Her cries of “fucking rape me!” filling the air between her slutty moans and grunts. Grix obliged the little slut. Fucking her ass hard. Étaín busied herself with lapping at the union of Grix’s cock and Sarah's anus. Her hands pulling at her own nipples.

Sarah's cries of ecstasy had drawn a crowd. Numerous demons of many varieties gathered around. A pair of Fomoraig had grabbed up Blaze. Spit roasting the little Imp on their hard cocks. While a trio of Erinyes beat Blaze’s violet breasts with barb tipped lashes. Blaze just moaned and screamed on the large cock fucking her throat. As she rode wave after wave of orgasms.

An Erinyes had whispered into Grix’s ear. Then after a nod from the Abaddon, she proceeded to pull a thick six inch needle from her hair. Which looked to be home to dozens of such needles. The Erinyes then gripped Sarah's giant right nipple. Pulling it tight before pushing the needle clean through her nipple. Sarah screamed as her body twitched in ogasmic glory. The pain and pleasure twisting into a single overwhelming sensation. The Erinyes just smiled, and did the same with Sarah's left nipple.

“Enjoy it while you can.” Sarah hissed to the Erinyes. “When I get free I will do the same to you tenfold over.”

“Oh… does the little girl not care for Anđela’s administrations.” The Erinyes cooed into Sarah's ear. “By the time the maiden is done with you, you won't even be able to remember your own name. Let alone take vengeance on me.” With that said, Anđela pulled another needle from her hair. She then pulled on Sarah's clit to hold it still as she shoved the needle through Sarah's clit. Anđela then produced needle after needle. Which she pushed through Sarah's most tender bits. As Grix fucked her ass.

“You Bitch!” Sarah cried as Anđela threaded a needle through her labia. The pain only adding to her orgasms. “Tenfold Anđela… tenfold.” Anđela just laughed as she shoved another needle through Sarah's tender flesh. This one lancing through her vulva.

Grix leaned in as he fucked Sarah's ass. His teeth nipping at her ear as he whispered. “Endure. The Darkness comes.” Sarah's eyes widened at Grix’s words. Her mind pondering their implications. Soon, however, her thoughts were consumed with orgasmic bliss. As her orgasm began to subside, another wracked her body. The demons wouldn't let her catch her breath. Unrelenting pleasures assaulted her mind and body. Every twist of her large nipples. Every cock that violated her holes. Every pussy pressed to her lips. All of it swirled together. Until Sarah couldn't stand it any more. Pleasure and pain twisted into a single sensation. Simple all consuming mind numbing blissful agony.

“Nice try on sending Kaster to one of the other exits.” Grix spoke softly as he rolled a hand full of black leafs into a cigar. He sat leaning back against a boulder. As he watched Étaín standing on the ridge overlooking the trail to the keep.

“I suppose it was just bad luck that she choose that exit to that labyrinth.” Étaín was watching the latest wagon train make its way to the keep, and into the maiden’s hands. “I knew when I volunteered for this mission that I would be forced to hunt down other agents, but I doubt He will be happy losing this one.”

“Fate, not luck.” Grix said as he snapped his fingers. Causing a three inch flame to leap from his thumb. He quickly light his cigar before taking a long drag off of the thing.

“You're smoking too much devil weed, Grix.” Étaín said as she turned to face the Abaddon.

Grix puffed out a large smoke ring before speaking. “No such thing Étaín.”

With an irritated smile, Étaín walked over to Grix. Her hoofs clicking with ire as she walked. “Here.” She said before taking the offered cigar, and taking a drag off of it before handing it back to Grix. “How is it fate that the handmaiden of Mother Mistress gets grabbed by that mad woman?”

“Not a handmaiden.” Grix mumbled around his cigar.

“Hells… she isn't Their daughter, is she?” Étaín didn't even want to think about what would happen to her if that were the case.

Grix stood and walked to the ridge to take a look at the caravan as it wound its way to the keep. “Thank the Darkness no.” He said as he reached the edge. “I see they doubled the guard for her.”

“They had to. The first time they tried to move her she got free and melted half the guards.” Étaín said as she joined Grix. “So I assume you know what she is then.”

Grix stood in thought as he watched the single wagon being escorted by a full legion. Puffing rings of smoke as he chose his words. “It isn't what she is, but who that is important.”

Étaín turned to Grix. “Who is she?” her voice rang with concern.

“Who indeed…” Grix said as he ashed his cigar. Then he returned to the boulder which had been his seat.

“What the Hells Grix?” Étaín was loosing her patience as she thought of all the horrible things the Dark Master could, and would do to one that failed Him.

“Relax…” Grix said as he stretched back against the boulder.

“I'll relax when I know that I'm not getting crucified for this mess.” Étaín almost yelled. She had had enough of Grix’s mysterious ease.

“Everything is going according to His will.” Grix mumbled around his cigar.

Étaín took a deep breath as she tried to calm herself. “What of Kaster?” She said, looking for the fly in the ointment.

“What about him?” Grix said, completely unconcerned.

“He left to follow the warlock’s tracks to find where she had come from.” Étaín replied.

Grix laughed softly at Kaster’s actions. “This should be good.” He said with a chuckle. Then after blowing a few smoke rings he continued. “I wonder what Sarah has planned for him.”

“Who in the Hells is Sarah?” Étaín said. Grix had always been odd for an abaddon. Infinitely more concerned with the future than normal for his race. Étaín always attributed it to his service as Mother Mistress’s right-hand, but now he made no sense whatsoever.

Grix laughed softly as wisps of smoke issued from his lips. “She is.” He said with a gesture of his cigar to the heavily guarded caravan. Just in time for a massive explosion to rip out the side of the wagon, and engulf the hundred some Fomoriag riders beside the wagon. “Looks like she has broken another seal.” Grix added in response to the destruction.

Étaín didn't even spare a glance at the destruction below. The little warlock had broken Étaín’s own binding seal not long after the orgy had wound down. Anđela had suffered the brunt of Sarah's wrath. A six inch thick stone tentacle had lanced out of the ground, and rammed up the Erinyes’ s ass. All before erupting from Anđela’s lips. Then arching the demon backwards before it solidified once again. After the shock wore off, the horde of demons were quick to take advantage of Anđela’s reversal of fortunes. Grix had been first in a long train ran on the spit roasted Erinyes. Even her own sisters got in on the fun. However others were just as quick to deal with Sarah. Étaín and two other mage hunters had placed new binding seals on the warlock. Others simply tried to figure out how the spell even worked, so they could use it themselves. None of the gathered demons had any intention of releasing Anđela from her plight any time soon.

“How do you know her name?” Étaín’s confusion began to lessen as she pieced together the bits of information Grix had said.

“Because she told me when I first met her back during the Dark Master’s uprising.” Grix said as he puffed away.

“She has only been in the Abyss for a few years. How could you have met her… No!” Realization struck Étaín before she could finish her question.

“Precisely.” Grix spoke as he blow a large cloud of sweet smoke. Idyll watching the legion down below scrambling to reform their ranks. Giving a low chuckle as a lance of fire leapt from the cage. Cutting down another score of demons. “Xandrea has no idea what's coming.”

To be further defiled...