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Monstrum Tribute: The Fall of Midland - Part 2

By Chrissy

Thank you to WintermuteX for their stories and the inspiration. You have created a great world to write in.

Content: Monster Rape, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Gore, Death, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

Chapter 1: The Main Room

The girl could no longer remember her human name.

It always seemed to be in her brain, but just out of reach. As if she tried hard, she would be able to find it. But she didn’t want to try hard, so she didn’t

Her master called her Number Four. So now her name was Number Four.

She had no idea how long she had been with her master. If she thought hard, she might have been able to guess. But, again, she didn’t want to think too hard.

She just accepted that she now lived at her master’s home and would always live at her master’s home. She had heard of other girls leaving. Being sold or sent away. Or given to other Monstrum.

But those were the bad girls! Number Five had been a bad girl and now she served master’s pets, instead of master.

Number Four was a good girl. That wouldn’t happen to her.

Number Four turned the corner from the kitchen and pushed the rolling wooden food cart down the hallway. She was bringing pork legs to Master. Master was hungry. He was always hungry.

The other girls didn’t have to fetch master his food, but Number Four did. It was fine, she liked serving her master.

As she pushed the cart past a large room on her right, she heard other girls having sex. Forgetting what she was supposed to be doing, Number Four stopped to watch.

Inside an Org-reh soldier was lying on his back in a big solid bed.

On top of the soldier, a girl that Number Four guessed was about seven, bounced up and down on the soldier’s large erect prick. The girl was facing away from the big soldier. Number Four could see a huge smile on the child’s face as she fucked her owner’s cock in and out of her gaping cunt. The girl’s nipples were hard in arousal as her tiny body worked its way up and down the 15 inches of Org-reh meat inside of her.

The girl opened her eyes and looked out the doorway at Number Four. She smiled even wider at seeing that she had an audience. The little girl began to wiggle her hips as her wet pussy slid up and down the soldier’s stiff cock. Her little chest heaved as she put more effort into it. Number Four watched as the girl sat backwards and slammed her butt down to send the Org-reh prick so deep into her that her little body shook with the impact.

Number Four heard more fucking. She leaned forward to look further into the room.

On the opposite bed the girl’s twin was happily working her hands up and down another massive Org-reh soldier. His Monstrum dick waving in the air as she worked.

Number Four saw them just in time to see the soldier’s cock erupt and cover the happy girl’s face with a load of thick monster cum. The young girl stuck out her tongue and began to clean her owner’s cock with it.

Number Four felt jealous of these girls. Master didn’t fuck her enough. At least she thought so. She wanted to ask him to do it more but was worried her master would think she was a bad girl and send her away.

Or worse, send her to live with Number Five and the girl’s new mates in the stables.

The first twin came with an explosive shout. She quivered at the end of her owner’s prick. The Monstrum was growling and thrusting up into the child as he came as well. Number Four looked carefully but didn't see any sperm come shooting out from between the girl's legs.

She didn’t expect to see any. If this girl could take the entire Org-reh cock in her pussy, then she was likely Converted enough for her body to accept and absorb the gallons of cum her lover would leave inside of her.

Number Four’s cunt was soaking wet and running down between her legs. Without realizing it, she ran her left hand between her thighs and touched herself. A shiver went through her.

Number Four wondered if this girl had been pregnant before. Number Four was hoping master would make her pregnant soon. Wife Number One was pregnant from Master right now.

Number Four wanted that, but so far it had not happened for her.

The girl who had been riding the soldier slid off his cock and then turned around to clean him with her tongue. Number Four watched the girl sucking the wonderful Monstrum cum off the cock and felt envious.

When her master didn’t fuck her every day, Number Four got very horny and unhappy. Her cunt would leak her juices. She would have to curl up on her bed and shove her fingers inside herself. Now, as she watched the other girl cleaning up her own master, Number Four thought about asking if she could join in and have some for herself.

“Shouldn’t you be getting that food to the commander?” one of the soldiers asked, “Before it gets cold?”

Number Four realized she had been standing there watching for a long time, lost in her thoughts. She turned back to her heavy cart and pushed it down the hallway as fast as she could go without spilling the food off it.

She took several turns, weaving her way through her master’s home, before finally arriving in his main room. She pushed the cart down the center of the chamber and towards her master as he sat in his big chair.

Wife Number One and wife Number Three were with him now. Number Four felt another flash of jealousy.

Number One, his favorite, was impaled on their master’s cock and working her way up and down it slowly. Her pregnant belly jiggling as she moved. Number Three was on her knees in front of the chair, licking master’s swollen ball sack.

Number Four pushed the heavy cart around the thick red rug that ran half the length of the room and rolled it up next to master’s seat. Wife Number One looked down on her and gave her a nasty look. Number Four got along well with Number Two and Number Three, but Number One hated all the others. She resented not getting all of master’s attention.

“About time you got back,” Master said, his deep voice rumbling, “I thought you got lost. What took you so long?”

Number Four looked down at her feet. She didn’t dare lie.

“I am sorry, Master. I was… I got distracted.”

“By what?” the massive Org-reh said, picking up one of the pig legs from the cart and taking a bite.

“I saw… I saw some of your soldiers with their… girls. I stopped to watch.”

“HA!” her Master said, his laugh booming through the room, “So you got horny in your little cunt and decided to watch, is that it?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Am I not fucking you enough?” he asked, a touch of anger in his voice.

It made Number Four feel a shot of fear.

“No, Master. Number Four… Number Four was just… I just wanted to watch.”

“Fine. At least the food isn’t cold,” he said, taking another bite and drinking some ale from a nearby flagon.

Number One was still staring at her. Hatred in her eyes. No doubt she had been hoping to see Number Four punished.

“Well, don’t just stand there staring like an idiot. Get down there and help her lick my balls.”

Number Four’s heart soared! She dropped to her knees immediately and crawled under the chair to join Number Three in between their master’s knees.

She smiled at Number Three, who smiled back, and then they both went to work on master’s heavy sack with their tongues as Number One continued to fuck him with her pregnant body.

“Commander Fang!” came an Org-reh voice from the other side of the room as footsteps came running in.

“What?” Master bellowed as the footsteps came closer, “I am busy right now!”

Number Four’s mouth was sufficiently big now that she could fit most of one of master’s balls inside of it. She sucked at it with her lips and ran her tongue in circles around on his skin.

“A human army, sir. The Centarum found them forty miles south on the main road. Heading this way.”

“And did those arrogant horse whores destroy it?”

“No, sir. They say it is too large for them to handle alone. At least three thousand troops and many mages. They saw at least forty mages.”

“Forty mages aren’t many. I don’t fear those little girls and their magic sticks. Neither should you.”

“Yes, sir, Commander Fang. What would you like to do?”

Master came right at that moment. His balls contracting and trembling as he sent a load of Monstrum cum up into Number One’s enlarged cunt. Number Four watched closely, seeing wife Number One shaking as her body experienced an incredible orgasm on the end of their master’s cock.

When master was finished, he lifted Number One off him and sat her down on her feet.

“You two,” he said, addressing the girls between his legs, “Clean me off.”

The two young girls rose off their knees and began to clean the delectable cum off their owner’s softening prick.

“Do we know if they are planning to attack the city directly or try to surround us and starve us out?” Fang asked the other Org-reh.

“With three thousand troops, Commander Fang, they would be best to attack directly. Encircling the city would leave their lines far too thin.”

Above her, her master steepled his fingers under his chin and sighed.

“Best not to wait. Contact the Centarum and send a runner to fetch the Arachma from inside the valley. We will join with them and fall on this pathetic human army while they are spread out along the road. We have five hundred of us and over five hundred of our Heyna in the area, correct?”

Number Four worked her way up and down master’s shaft. Licking and sucking at his tight skin as she cleaned his cum off. She didn’t want to miss a droplet. Not only would it be a waste, but he might punish her for being a bad girl.

She wasn’t a bad girl.

“Yes, Commander. And I am told the Centarum have four hundred troops and the Arachma have been breeding like mad with the human stock they took when we captured the town. There are likely hundreds more of them than when we sacked the city.”

“Good. More than enough to defeat this army. We leave eighty of our own and twice that number of Heyna behind to guard the city in case this is a trick. Tell the Centarum and Arachma that we will meet them in three days at the town of Geere and then, together we will attack them.”

“The humans will have scouts out, sir.”

“Yes, but we will move through the forest next to the main road. We will move so fast their scouts won’t be able to report back and warn them. Now go, prepare our troops to move out in the morning for Geere.”

“Yes, Commander.”

Number Four, her job complete, turned to watch the soldiers leave the throne room.

Master was going away. Would he take her with him or leave her behind? She would miss him terribly if he left her behind!

Master sighed as he got to his feet.

“Number Two will come with us. Number Three and Number Four, you will stay here and help Number One with the children when they are born.”

“Yes, Master,” all three girls said at once.

“Number One and Number Three, come with me to my chambers. I want to fuck you some more. Number Four, I want you to go to the stables and check on Number Five. See how well she is adjusting to her new friends. Then report back.”

“Yes, Master.”

Number Four took off at a run towards the stables. She passed the armory and the kitchens, before exiting through the west side entrance and arriving at the yard outside.

Some of master’s Org-reh soldiers were drilling in the yard and several other Org-reh, heavily armed and armored, were looking on. The Org-reh normally clothed themselves in little girls when fighting. Making their human opponents have to kill their own kind to battle the monsters. But some Org-reh in Midland had taken to wearing real armor when it suited them.

Number Four entered the stables and was immediately confronted by the old human woman who served as the stable master for the Heyna pack.

“What are you doing here little one?” the woman asked.

“Master sent me. He wanted me to check on Number Five and see how she is adjusting.”

“She is in with the biggest one in the stable at the end of the hall. Don’t do anything stupid like open the door. Just take the stool next to the stall and stand on that to look in.”

Leaving the woman behind, Number Four ran down the long stable house past several closed and barred half-doors. She knew that each stable contained one of master’s personal Heynas.

The Heyna were dog-like beasts and, much like the pig-like Yungir, served as companions for the Org-reh. Unlike the Yungir, which Number Four had only heard about but never seen, the Heyna were very intelligent. The Org-reh used them as scouts to lead their troops and deployed them on missions of their own.

Standing up to five feet tall, and nearly seven feet long, with thick heavy fur and bright red eyes that seemed to glow in the dark, the Heyna were terrifying. Bred for speed and ferocity, as well as their intellect, the beasts were terrible foes to face. Many a human battle group had been lured into traps and destroyed by Heyna packs.

Heyna were even smart enough to capture humans. Number Four had been one of the captives taken by a Heyna patrol when the city fell. She considered herself lucky that she hadn’t ended up being one of their breeders.

Heyna cock were considered to be small, at least in length, compared to the animal itself. But they were very thick and had a huge knot at the base that would bind the girl to her canine master. The Heyna were known for their incessant fucking and could often breed girls for days on end until the bitch was too exhausted to even move.

Reaching the last stable, Number Four took the stool next to it and set it down in front of the door. Then she stood on the wooden stool and looked inside.

Number Five, who had recently turned six years old, was underneath her mate and being bred hard by the Heyna above her. They were both facing away from Number Four. She could clearly see the Heyna’s thick red dog prick spearing the child’s straining cunt as the beast fucked her. The girl was moaning in pleasure as the beast took her from above.

The child was shaking beneath the beast as it rammed its prick in and out of her tiny body with tremendous force. Number Four could see how the cock was splitting the girl open. It was forcing her pussy lips so far apart that they could barely be seen around the beast’s engorged prick. A puddle of thick white cum pooled on the floor below the couple.

Number Four was about to turn and leave, when she realized her own cunt was still wet. She reached between her legs and felt her juices collecting on her lips.

Master said to check on Number Five and come back. But he didn’t say I couldn’t watch for a few minutes, Number Four thought. I wouldn’t be a bad girl if I just watched.

She put one hand on the stable door to hold herself steady, then slipped her other hand between her thin legs. She felt the wetness of her cunt seeping between her fingers as she slid her whole fist inside of herself and began to move it in and out slowly.

As she fist fucked herself, Number Four watched the tiny girl in the stable getting bred by the big beast. Its cock thrust into the girl as her pussy clenched tight around it. The Heyna’s knot pushing against the girl’s hole but wasn’t in just yet.

Number Four had seen Heyna mating before. She knew that, just like other Monstrum, Heyna cum would eventually bring changes to the girl’s anatomy. Those changes would make it far easier for the animal to fit its entire length, and knot, inside the child. This was called the Conversion.

Number Five had already gone through some changes, thanks to her time with their master, but not enough to fit the Heyna’s thick knot inside. The Heyna’s cum would make new changes now.

Then the girl would soon be pregnant with Heyna pups.

The girl was writhing on the straw floor and moaning in pleasure as the hairy beast took her from behind. Number Four fucked herself as the watched the nightmare creature pounding at the little girl. Her arousal grew as she listened to the six year old grunt and groan while she was violated in her tiny twat. The combined juices of the Heyna and the girl ran down between them as the beast plowed into her.

Suddenly the girl wailed, long and loud, as an orgasm slammed into her young body. It sent her shaking and flailing around underneath her animal lover. The beast didn’t care. It continued to fuck the bitch as hard as it could.

Number Four thought again how much she herself wanted to get pregnant, but not from a Heyna. They were terrible beasts. She only wanted to be pregnant from her master!

Inside the stable she heard the animal growling and it stopped thrusting. A stream of Heyna cum began to leak from the tiny girl’s hole and run down her leg as it twitched from the girl’s own orgasm.

Number Five began to scream in ecstasy as a second climax rocketed through her and sent her little body quivering with pleasure.

Number Four stared at the rivulet of cum running down the girl’s leg. It looked delicious, even if it was from a Heyna. She was tempted to open the door and go inside. Just to have a little taste.

That thought pushed Number Four too far. Her cunt clenched around her fist. Her muscles contracting and holding it in place. Her eyes went white as the climax wiped her mind away.

Sweet pleasure. Pure. Wonderful.

Number Four let out a long slow sigh of joy as the orgasm slipped up her spine and sent warm feelings throughout her. Fucking herself wasn’t as good as getting fucked by her master, but it would do for now.

Inside the stable, the Heyna dismounted the child. It walked away into one of the corners of the room and lay down to clean itself. That made Number Four mad! An owner should not have to clean himself! The thing that used to be a girl should do it for him!

Instead, the girl-thing was lying down on its side, resting.

“Stop that!” Number Four said, leaning further into the stable, “Don’t let him do that! That is your job Number Five!”

The young girl, lying in the hay, raised her head and looked up at Number Four leaning into the room.

“Heather?” the young girl asked, “Heather, you have to help me. It’s Anny.”

That sent Number Four further into a rage!

“NO! Not Heather! Number Four! Only Number Four! And you are a bad girl! A girl-thing! Good only for Heyna! I don’t ever want to see you again!”

Number Four got down from the stool and began to walk away as she heard the girl inside the stable scream at her for help.

“HEATHER! It is Anny! HELP ME!”

For a second, just a second, Number Four’s memories surfaced. Recollections of a family. Of a mother, a father, and a brother named Martin. Memories of two sisters, one named Anny.

Memories of being Heather.

But Number Four pushed all that away.

“Not Heather,” she said quietly as she walked down the hall past the other stables, “Number Four. Number Four. Number Four is a good girl.”

Then she took off at a run to go and tell her Master what she had seen. Maybe he would be happy with her report and fuck her just like she needed so badly.

Chapter 2: The House

Heather’s father and older brother left shortly after the warning bells began. She watched as her father strapped on his old worn armor and buckled his sword around his belt. Her brother had almost outgrown the leather armor their mother had made him, but he put it on anyway. Then he fitted his quiver of arrows over his neck and shoulder.

Heather’s father kissed her, her older sister Kati, her little sister Anny, and their mother Carole on their cheeks and left with her brother, Martin, in tow.

That was two hours ago, and they had not returned.

As the girls and their mother huddled in the root cellar, they could hear the muffled screams and shouting from above them. Two candles burned on opposite sides of the damp and musty room. There were two doors in the cellar. One to the outside and one back into the house.

“Mamma, are we going to be alright?” Anny asked for the fourth time in the last thirty minutes.

The six year old girl was going back and forth between moments of near excitement, bouncing around their shelter wildly, and fits of crying.

“We will be fine. Kati is with us, and your father and brother will be back soon.”

“Kati will protect us. Won’t you Kati?” Anny said, turning to her oldest sister.

“I will little one. I will,” the Kati lied.

In truth, Heather knew, Kati couldn’t protect them any more than she herself could. Once a mage of the Academy, Kati’s magic had faded as she had aged and now her older sister couldn’t even light a candle with her powers. She no longer had a staff or her scanty uniform, the markings of a mage.

“Fire!” a muffled yell came from behind the door leading outside.

“Fire! Fire!” another voice cried from further away.

“Momma, is there fire? Are we on fire?”

Their mother didn’t answer. Instead, she scooped the little girl up in her arms and hugged her to her chest.

Heather, at nine years old, thought she would like a hug as well, but didn’t ask. She was terrified of what was happening, but she was also supposed to be a big girl. She was to be married next year, though her parents hadn’t picked out her husband yet.

She was thinking about which boy from town she would like best when she noticed something.

“The bells have stopped,” she said.

“They did,” Kati replied, “Maybe that means the attack is over. Mom, do you think?”

“Maybe sweetheart. We will have to wait and see. Be strong girls. Your dad will be very proud of you when he gets back. We love all our strong girls.”

The sat in silence for a while as Anny slept in her mother’s arms. But then, after ten minutes or so, Anny spoke up again.

Outside the door they could still hear occasional screaming and the crashing of things they couldn’t identify.

“Momma, I smell smoke.”

Heather looked up at the door that led into the house to see that there was a bright red light coming through between the wooden slats and small puffs of smoke were accompanying it.

“Mom, she’s right,” Heather said, close to tears now, “The house is on fire.”

Their mother stared at the wooden door and said nothing.

“Mom… Mom…” Heather said again.

“I see it sweetheart. I see it. Girls let’s all get up and get ready to go. We are going to go up into the street,” the older woman said calmly.

“But Momma,” Anny whined, “I don’t want to. There are monsters out there!”

“I know sweetie,” their mother said, comforting the girl, “But we can’t stay here. Don’t worry, Kati will protect us. And we have the spear.”

Their mother stood up and took the spear, ancient and rusted, that their father had left behind and hefted it in her hand.

Smoke was pouring through the doorway now and it was getting difficult to take a breath.

“Kati, hold this spear while I unlock the door. Girls, when we get on the street, hold each other’s hands. Don’t let go. Do you all understand?”

The three girls nodded to their mother.

“Here we go. Stay close and hold hands.”

Their mother unlocked the door to the street and slowly raised it up to reveal the moonlit sky above. The sounds of screaming, most of it far away, now unmuffled by the door, grew somewhat louder. The chill of the night air poured in and mixed with the incoming smoke.

“Hand me the spear Kati. Heather, you take Anny. Kati, you are last,” their mother said, and then gripped Heather’s hand tightly.

Heather took her little sister’s hand then watched as Kati took the other. Then their mother led the group up the stairs and onto the street.

Just as they reached the cobblestones, Heather felt a blast of heat and turned to see that they had left just in time. The fire was engulfing their house and had broken through the other door into the cellar. The house next door, belonging to the Andereson’s, was on fire as well. In fact, as Heather looked around, she saw that most of their small neighborhood was either on fire or already burned down.

She looked up at the night sky. It was lit from below by the burning city. To her eyes, it looked as if the entire town of Midland was on fire.

“Momma, pick me up,” Anny whined.

“I can’t right now dear. I have to hold the spear. Hold my hand. Stay close.”

“Where are we going to go?” Heather asked.

Their mother stopped for a moment, bathed in the light of the nearby house fires, and thought.

“We will go to your aunt’s. It’s close to the Northern gate. We will be safe there.”

“That’s a long way away Mom,” Kati said, “Can you think of any place closer?”

“No, your aunt’s is the best place. Keep holding hands girls and follow me.”

The four of them set off, heading on a northerly path through the fire-lit streets, as Midland descended into chaos.

Groups of soldiers ran past, heading south or west. Other groups of their fellow citizens, many in bedclothes and carrying their children, ran past them, also headed north like the family was.

Eventually the girls and their mother reached Market Road, one of the main streets in Midland. Market Road ran through the entire city, diagonally, from the northwest section of town down to the main market in the southeast.

They joined a large group of people walking quickly away from the center of town.

Heather turned to look back down Market Road towards the south. She was right. The entire city seemed to be in flames.

As they walked among the crowd, she heard people talking.

“The Monstrum breached the Southern and Eastern gates,” man said.

“No,” another replied, “Southern and Western. The Eastern and Northern gates are holding. That is why we are heading north.”

The oil-fed lamps on the street flickered for a moment, and then burned bright again.

“The Northern gate has to be held,” an old woman with a cane said, “or we are walking right towards them! Does anyone know for sure which gates are down?”

“We saw the southern fall,” someone said.

“What do they want? Does anyone know why the Monstrum even attack us?”

The discussion continued but Heather didn’t pay any more attention.

“Momma, can we stop for a minute? I’m tired,” Anny whined again.

“Not just yet, sweetie. A few more minutes.”

The girl’s aunt lived off Market Road on a side street that cut northeast. When they reached it, their mother led them off the main road and down the dark side street. As soon as they left Market Road the sounds of other people faded behind them.

When they reached their aunt’s house, their mother crouched down across the street and motioned for the girls to do the same.

“Stay here. I am going to go check. She is likely in their root cellar. Wait here until I come back.”

Carole let go of Heather’s hand and slipped across the packed dirt road and out of sight. “Kati, can you pick me up?” Anny asked.

“Not now Anny. Just stay quiet and wait for Mom to come back.”

Minutes dragged on into what seemed like an hour, before Heather saw her mother’s dark form slip from the house and crossed the street to them. In the dim moonlight, Heather could see her mother’s face. The woman was pale and sickly looking.

“They aren’t home,” Carole said, looking down at her daughters.

“Should we go in and wait?” Kati asked, but their mother shook her head firmly.

“No. No. We push on. We will go to the gate.”

She saw something in there, Heather realized. Mom saw something inside that she doesn’t want us to see. Otherwise, she would take us in.

“Take my hand, Heather. Everyone takes a hand. Here we go.”

The family slipped along the wall of the street and then, at the next cross street, turned north once again. The city was quiet here. No other people around. No fires burning. Nothing moved.

The girls and their mother walked quietly, hugging the buildings on the left side of the street, and made their way north. Suddenly a loud roar split the night very close by.

All four of the family turned to the left in time to see the Org-reh, its face a mask of delight, running right at them.

Little girls, most of them looking to be alive and naked, were lashed to its body like armor and they banged against the beast’s skin as it bore down on Carole and the family.

“Going to get you!” the creature yelled and slammed the tree trunk club in its right hand down onto the ground, directly at them.

The family screamed and broke away in different directions, their hands losing touch, as the club whistled through the air again and crashed into the pavement right where Heather had stood a second before.

“RUN GIRLS! RUN!” Carole screamed as she dropped the spear to grab little Anny.

The Org-reh swung the club again and nearly took Kati’s head off as Heather looked behind her to make sure that her older sister was still with them.

The Monstrum stood between Kati and the others, bellowing loudly, and looking back and forth between the mother and her two daughters on one side, and Kati on the other.

Strapped around its body, the naked little girls it wore screamed for help in plaintive voices.

It took a moment for the creature to decide, but it turned toward Heather, Anny, and Carole and took a step.

“RUN!” Carole screamed again, grabbed Heather’s hand, and then took off down the street at a dead run. Heather followed as best she could, the Org-reh pursuing them as they ran.

“Mom, it’s still behind us!” Heather yelled, as they turned onto a small side street and continued to flee, “And we lost Kati!”

“I know baby, I know! We will find her again! We just have to get away first!”

The three of them turned back onto Market Road with the Org-reh on their heels. The Monstrum wasn’t catching up, but it wasn’t losing ground either. Then Heather felt her mother turn and yank her hard to the left, nearly losing her hand in the process.

The girl followed her mother across the wide street and down a narrow alley that was littered with trash and other vile stuff that squished under foot. When they were halfway down the alley, Heather heard the Org-reh bellowing in frustration.

The beast was unable to get down the narrow alleyway. It was trying to squeeze in between the buildings but couldn’t fit. It bellowed again and then pulled itself back out and took off in a run to its right.

The alley smelled foul. Shit and piss, mixed with rotting food was all around them.

“Stop… stop here… stop here,” Carole said and the three of them came to rest in the middle of the disgusting alley.

Their mother put Anny onto her feet and then bent over to rest her hands on her hips.

“We lost Kati, Momma. We lost her.”

“I know… I know, baby,” her mother said, placing her hand on the girl’s head, “She will be Ok. She is a mage. She can take care of herself.”

“But we lost her. How will we find her?”

“She knows where we are going,” Heather replied, “She will meet us at the gate. I bet she is already on her way there.”

Heather took the little girl in her arms and hugged her. She was just about to say something else when the Org-reh appeared at the other end of the alleyway and looked in at them.

“Mom?” Heather asked, still a little out of breath as the Org-reh once again tried to squeeze into the alley to reach them.

“It's ok, Heather. It can’t get in here.”

Anny put her head between Heather’s breasts as the monster bellowed and slammed its club down in frustration. After a moment, breathing heavily, the Monstrum spoke.

“You got away. Not for long. We will get you later. There’s no escape now. We will get you later.”

Then it turned and lumbered off out of sight.

“What now Momma?” Anny asked as she took her head out of Heather’s chest, “What do we do now? You lost the spear. We lost Kati. And it stinks in here.”

“It’s fine, baby. Let momma rest a minute. Then we will get out of here and head towards the gate. Kati will meet us there. We are just going to wait a bit to make sure the monster is gone.”

The girls and their mother crouched in the filthy alley for several minutes, before the older woman took both of their hands and led them out towards the street. She stopped at the edge of the alley, then stuck her head out and looked both ways.

“It’s gone. Let’s go.”

Leaving the horrible hiding spot behind, Carole and the girls turned north along the now empty Market Road. They stayed in the shadows of the buildings on the right side. Occasionally Anny would ask a question, but Carole shushed her.

They went this way for five blocks and soon Heather could see a growing darkness ahead of them where no stars shone. The stone wall around the city, she thought, it has to be the wall. We are coming up to it. Then we turn right and head to the gate. Gods, please let Kati be there. Please let her be there.

When they reached the end of Market Road, Carole came to a stop and the girls knelt beside her. Market Road dead ended into Gates Road, a wide street that ran around the entire city and connected all the gates.

“Girls, this is where it gets really dangerous. We must go this way, or I worry we will get lost. But as we get closer to the gate, there will probably be fighting.”

“Mom, are you sure we should go to the gate?” Heather asked, “We could hide. The militia and the soldiers will win. They have mages with them. Then we can come out in a day or two.”

“No, sweetie. We have to go. The other people said the Northern Gate was being held. That is where your father and brother were stationed. If we can get there, we can find them and get out of the city.”

“And find Kati?” Anny asked.

“And find Kati. We will find her,” Carole said with a smile, “Ready to go?”

Anny and Heather nodded.

“Be quiet. Very quiet. And stay close to me.”

They all took each other’s hand, stepped around the corner onto Gate Road, and right into the path of a patrol of four-legged Monstrum that were coming around the other corner down the street.

“Back,” Carole hissed, “Back against the building!”

But it was too late.

The lead monster let out a growl and the five creatures charged at the girls with unbelievable speed. Carole turned and tried to lead the girls around the corner, but she barely made it four steps before the beasts were on them.

The first one took Carole off her feet and sent her flying face first onto the road. The second grabbed little Anny in its jaws. It lifted her into the air, her legs still running in place. A third crashed into Heather and knocked her onto her back next to her mother. She slammed the back of her head into the dirt and her vision swam in front of her eyes.

When Heather’s vision cleared, she was face-to-face with a snarling creature. She knew immediately from the tales she had heard of the Monstrum that it was a Heyna. Its hot breath washed over her face, carrying the stink of death, as it sniffed at the girl and drool ran from its mouth.

I’m dead, Heather thought. We are all dead. I hope Kati got away.

But the creature didn’t eat her. Instead, it placed one of its giant paws gently on her stomach and then began to sniff its way down her body as she watched, wide-eyed in terror.

“Momma?” came Anny’s voice from her right.

Heather looked over to see the girl, crouched on her hands and knees, beneath one of the giant animals as it sniffed her. Heather took a close look, in the glow provided by the oil-fed streetlamps nearby, at the beast looming over her younger sister.

The Heyna standing above her was at least seven feet long and stood five feet high. It resembled a dog, with a pinched face, and jaws that extended out and downwards. Two large teeth, tusks almost, grew up from its lower jaw and poked out of its mouth. She couldn’t tell what color the creature was, but its eyes were a brilliant deep red that seemed to glow.

The Heyna was covered in thick short-bristled fur, where its armor didn’t conceal it. The armor itself was covered in dried blood, but Heather didn’t see any wounds on the beast.

Heather had never read the Monstrum Factorum, so she knew nothing about the beasts beyond their names and what they were supposed to look like. She looked back at the one standing over her as it removed its paw from her stomach.

Her eyes went wide as they were drawn between the Monstrum’s legs to see its cock, large and thick, growing beneath it. Heather was a virgin, but she knew what a prick looked like. She had even seen normal dogs fucking in the streets and she understood what sex was.

“Momma?” Anny said again, “Help me, Momma.”

When their mother didn’t respond, Heather looked to her left and saw that Carole was laying on the ground with her eyes closed. There was a trickle of blood from her nose. She was breathing, Heather could see the rise and fall of her chest, but she was unconscious.

“Heather, what happened to Momma? Did she get eaten?”

Heather looked back up at the Heyna standing over her. It was staring right back at her. She swallowed, and then found her voice.

“Momma is fine, Anny. She is just asleep. Let her sleep.”

“Heather, are they going to eat us?”

Heather didn’t know how to respond to that. Her eyes were once again drawn down between the Heyna’s legs to see its cock dangling there. It didn’t seem to be growing any more, but it was huge already.

She risked a look over at her sister to see that the Heyna above her also had its cock extended from its body and was rubbing it against her little sister’s backside. The little girl’s dress had ridden up and it looked like the beast’s prick was touching bare skin.

“I don’t think so, Anny. I don’t think so.”

“Then what are they going to do Heather? It is doing something funny on my butt. It feels weird and… burning.”

Heather risked looking around a little more, turning her body slightly.

Her mother, Anny, and she each had a Heyna standing above them. Two more of the beasts were circling the group and growling lightly at the others.

Heather looked back up at the beast above her, its red eyes glowing as it returned the look.

Nothing, not beast or human, moved for several seconds.

“Heather, it’s biting me,” Anny said.

Heather looked over to see her little sister, still on her hands and knees, being lifted off the ground by the Heyna. It had her dress in its mouth and was pulling her to her feet. When Anny was standing on her own, the beast gave a growl, but didn’t move any further.

“It’s going to eat me now,” Anny cried, breaking into tears.

“No sweetie, it isn’t,” Heather heard her mother say, “It isn’t going to eat you. It just wants you to stand up.”

She looked over to find the older woman's eyes were open now, and she was lying on her back looking up at her own Heyna above her.

Heather felt her dress being pulled, surprisingly lightly, and looked up to see her Heyna had her clothing in its mouth and was pulling her towards her feet.

It does want me to stand, she thought. It’s intelligent enough to understand how we walk.

As the creature pulled at her, Heather had no choice but to rise to her feet and stand. Next to her, their mother did the same.

Soon all three of the family were on their feet.

“What now, Momma? They eat us now?” the little girl asked.

“I don’t think so, Anny.”

Heather watched as her Heyna slipped between her and her mother and walked behind her. Then she felt the beast rest its head on her ass and give her a push.

She saw the same thing happen to her mother and sister.

“Girls, they want us to walk. So, walk. Slowly. Don’t try to run or anything. Just walk slowly.”

“Ok, Momma,” Anny said.

“Heather, do you hear me?”

“Yes, mom. Yes.”

With the Heynas behind them pushing them on gently, the girl’s and their mother walked out into the center of Gate Road. The two smaller Heyna circled the group and began to walk in front of them as the other Heynas behind kept pace behind them.

The group of beasts and their humans started to walk along the street, the oil lamps lighting the way, towards the Northern Gate.

Chapter 3: The Gate

As they got closer to the Northern Gate, Heather saw more fires and more destruction. She also saw bodies.

Piles of corpses, most of them men, though there was the occasional woman, lined the street on both sides. At one point she saw a small body dressed in the uniform of a mage, allocite and dreamcloth, lying against a building with its sightless eyes open. A large arrow jutted from the mage’s chest and blood dribbled down from the wound.

Soon they were joined by another pack of Heyna, also five strong. The new Heyna encircled a group of four girls and an older woman. The woman walked with a limp and there was blood running down her left leg. One of the Heynas kept nudging the woman to walk faster.

As the other Heyna pack came near, the two groups joined. They melded together easily, so that four of the Heyna walked in front and six behind as the five other humans joined Heather and her family. No one spoke.

Several minutes passed in silence before the wounded woman fell to the ground with a loud grunt. The entire group stopped for a moment and one of the girls bent down to help the woman back up. Instead, a Heyna knocked the girl away with its body and then tore the woman’s throat out with its teeth.

The four girls screamed and began to cry. Heather felt sick. The woman’s body lay in the street, blood fountaining from the ruins of her throat, as her life left her eyes.

The group of humans stood still, all afraid to move, as the four girls, and little Anny, bawled their eyes out. Then, as if by some unspoken agreement, the Heyna began to move again and pushed the humans forward.

The piles of corpses got bigger and more numerous the more they walked. Soon Heather noticed that most of the men were wearing armor or had weapons. Soldiers and guardsmen. Militia too. I wonder if dad and Martin are in one of these piles.

She closed her eyes and tried to put that thought out of her mind.

With the Heyna both leading and following the seven females, the group walked past building after building that was either still on fire or completely burnt out.

The city wall, made of strong white stone, loomed on their left. Heather had once thought the wall made Midland safe. Now she knew it had been an illusion.


“Shush, not now Anny,” their mother said.

“But where are we going?”

One of the trailing Heyna sped up next to Anny and nipped at her face. When she pulled away and squealed in fear, the animal did it again.

“Momma! It wants to eat me!”

The Heyna nipped at Anny again, this time drawing little blood from her forehead. Carole slipped by the big creature, picked her daughter up in her arms, and kept walking in stride.

“Shush baby, no talking,” she said and covered the five year old’s mouth.

Anny didn’t say anything else.

As they passed a side street on their left, Heather saw something that shocked her beyond what she had already seen.

Two Org-reh were standing on the street corner, their cocks out and erect, each with a human girl impaled on the ends of their pricks.

The Org-reh on the right was holding his captive by the waist and thrusting himself forward to penetrate the girl. Heather saw that his cock was huge and at least half of it was buried inside the child. As she watched, inch after inch for Org-reh dick slid up into the young girl.

The other Org-reh had his girl’s legs in its hands and was in the process of stuffing her cunt while it spread her legs to each side. The girl, who looked to be unconscious, dangled limply from the end of the large beast’s prick.

The skin of both girls shone in the light of the lamps. Clumps of something matted their hair.

Suddenly the unconscious girl woke up and began to shriek in pleasure. Her little body twitched and writhed on the end of the beast’s prick. In the light of the streetlamps Heather could see what looked like delight and pure joy on the girl’s face.

The girl, her orgasm overwhelming her, collapsed and her arms and legs dangled below her. The other girl began to scream as an orgasm ripped through her and sent her into a frenzy of twitching motion. She wailed, long and undulating, into the night.

It sent chills through Heather.

“Momma,” Anny said softly, “What are they doing to those girls?”

Carole hushed her and the group kept walking. But Heather was thinking, as she was sure all of them were, about what she had just seen.

Is that going to happen to me, she thought? Is that what the Monstrum came here for? Kati would know. She would know what is happening. I wish I had asked her more questions about the Monstrum.

The girls walked, their escorts before and behind, along Gate Road as the sun began to come up. The piles of corpses were larger now and made up entirely of armed and armored men. Blood and gore covered the cobblestone road and Heather could feel her sandals getting sticky as she walked.

Finally, they were approaching the gate.

Heather had been to the gates many times. Everyone had. The enormous metal and wood constructions were fascinating adventures for the younger kids to visit and marvel at. Now as they got closer, Heather could see that things around the Northern gate had changed.

Normally, as two main roads, Gate and Center, met in front of the gate, there was a wide circular space, nearly five hundred yards around, that was left open. Usually, it was filled with traders or restaurants and food vendors. It was a gathering place where the people of Midland could mingle with visitors from other cities and the local farmers.

Of course, as Monstrum had gotten closer and other nearby cities and towns fell, there were fewer and fewer visitors.

Now, as their group approached the gate, Heather could see that the space had been converted. Fencing, with barbed wire, had been placed in the space where the gate used to stand to block any exit.

More fences, enclosing three separate pens, were scattered around the area. In each of the pens she could see women and girls, all naked and huddled together in clumps.

There were no men to be seen.

Heather saw many Org-reh, their height making them stand out, lumbering about the area. Several of them were looking into the pens and laughing at the captives inside.

She saw what she thought were Panders, bear-like creatures that walked on two legs, building another pen with wood and wire next to a burned down watch tower.

Nearby, several lizard-looking creatures, that she suspected might be Chama, were watching the Panders and the Org-reh. Other Chama walked in and around the pens patrolling the area.

When they were close enough to the first pen, an Org-reh spotted their group and approached.

“Look at what you brought us. Some more treats,” the Org-reh said as the Heyna around the seven females all sat down at once. The Org-reh reached over and patted one of the Heyna on the head and it barked in response.

The Org-reh walked into the middle of the group and looked at the girls and the woman closely.

The Org-reh pulled a book and large pencil from a bag at its side. The giant creature opened the book and began to write while it talked to itself.

“Seven females. One older, likely past breeding age. Five younger, likely all fertile or close to it. One very young, not yet fertile.”

It moved to close the book and then paused. It pointed at Heather and Anny.

“Are you two sisters?”

Heather didn’t move, but Anny nodded and answered. She gripped her mother’s hand.

“Yes,” the girl said in a soft voice.

“Good. Very good,” the Org-reh made a note in its book.

When it was done speaking it closed the book and turned to the lizard creatures nearby.

“This one,” it said pointing to Carole, “In that pen over there. Naked.”

One of the lizards grabbed the older woman and yanked Anny from her grasp. It dropped the little girl to the ground and then began to haul Heather’s mother away. Carole and Anny both screamed and reached out to each other, but the lizard kept dragging the woman as if she weighed nothing. Anny sat on the ground screaming and began to throw a fit.

“This noisy one,” the Org-reh said, indicating Anny, “To pen number two. Naked as well.”

Another Chama picked up the screaming Anny and walked her towards another fenced-in area nearby. Heather, desperate not to be alone and to keep her family together, moved to stop the creature.

Instead, she felt a large hand close around her waist and she was lifted into the air by the Org-reh.

“No, no. That isn’t going to happen. You are going someplace else.”

The Org-reh pulled her close and sniffed her.

“Very pretty. Maybe I will get lucky and get to choose you for my very own,” it said, smiling at her, before setting her back down on her feet among the other girls left behind.

“These five,” the Org-reh said, sweeping its hand over Heather and the other girls, “Go to pen three. Get them naked first.”

Heather stood still, tears in her eyes, as one of the Chama cut her clothes from her young body. She used her hands to cover her breasts and bare hairless snatch, but still felt exposed in a way she couldn’t ever imagine being.

“Good, now take them to the third pen,” the Org-reh said.

The Chama that had stripped her naked grabbed Heather by the hair and began to half walk, half drag her towards the nearest wire-enclosed pen. The other four girls were treated the same way. When they got to a door in the pen, another Chama opened it. Heather and the four girls were thrown inside. Then the gate was locked behind them.

Heather, naked and cold, got to her feet and looked around her.

There were at least forty other girls in the pen, all around her age. The youngest could maybe be nine like her, and the oldest, one of the girls she was brought in with, was probably twelve or thirteen.

They are separating us by age. The Org-reh talked about fertility. And those girls… the ones I saw being… fucked… Gods, will that happen to me?

“Sit down! All of you!” a passing Org-reh said, running his hand along the wire enclosure, “Or I will come in there and punish every one of you!”

Heather wrapped her arms around herself, as much for comfort as for warmth in the cold morning air. Then she walked over to one of the wire walls and sat down next to another girl. As she sat down, Heather noticed the girl was wearing the torn remains of a mage uniform around her waist.

“You are a mage?”

The girl looked over at Heather and nodded.

“What’s your name?”


“I’m Heather.”

“Hello, Heather.”

“Serai, can you do something? Can you get us out of here?” Heather asked.

The other girl cast her eyes downward and pulled her knees up to her chin.

“No. They broke my staff and took the gems from my ears. I don’t have anything to cast with.”

Heather thought for a moment that the girl might continue talking, but she didn’t.

“What is going to happen to us?” a girl nearby asked, “You’re a mage. You must know what is going on.”

Serai pulled her legs closer to her chest but didn’t answer.

“You have to tell us. You’re a mage. You must tell us!” another girl said.

Serai closed her eyes and gave a long deep sigh.

“We are going to be bred.”

A murmur of panic and confusion ran through the assembled girls as several of them repeated what Serai had said.

“Bred?” the first girl asked, “Like animals?”

Serai, her eyes still closed, leaned her head back against the fence behind her.

“The Monstrum are all male. They don’t have any way to reproduce naturally. So, they take girls. They breed us. Make new Monstrum.”

Another murmur went through the crowd of girls as Serai continued.

“We will be chosen by Monstrum. Taken to… wherever they live and bred.”

“They can do that… I mean... with us?”

“They can,” the mage said, “Their semen contains things that change our bodies. Alters us to accept their… cocks. Then it changes our organs. Inside us. Makes us fertile and able to bear their children.”

Several of the girls began to cry. Heather, thinking back to what she saw of the Org-reh raping the two girls, began to feel faint.

Gods, it will happen to me!

“Some of us will be chosen by Org-reh. That won’t be so bad. They treat their girls well. For the most part. If the girls behave. Some of us will be chosen by Chama or Pander or maybe even Centarum if they come into the city. Or maybe the Org-reh will trade us to another race for land or food.”

Now nearly all the girls were crying. Tears streamed down their faces as they listened.

“Those will be the fortunate ones. Some of us will be given to the pets. The Heyna or the Yungir. They will be bred as well, but not treated very nicely at all. Just like the pets of pets. Breeding stock.”

Heather would have vomited if there was anything in her stomach. She couldn’t believe her ears. The girls selected by the Org-reh would be the lucky ones?

“You can’t be serious!” a girl on the other side of the pen yelled, “It isn’t possible! You are lying!”

Serai continued, her voice carrying a tone of finality.

“We will be bred for years and years, until we are no longer fertile for them. Usually that happens around age eighteen. After that, if you are lucky, they will keep you around as slaves to work and clean for them.”

“And if we aren’t lucky?” Heather asked.

“Given to another race of Monstrum. Or sold off for some other use. Or eaten.”

Heather did burst into tears now as the mage gave another sigh.

“Pray for Org-reh,” the girl said, and then she curled up and closed her eyes, leaving all the other girls crying and afraid.

Heather said a quick prayer for her mother and little sister.

Chapter 4: Selection

By the time the sun was at midday, Heather was thirsty and hungry. They all were. But no one said anything. They sat silently as the camp built up around them.

More Heyna arrived with women and girls as captives. Soon her pen was nearly full of girls.

Some Rapewolves came running into the camp briefly. The Org-reh in the area chased the wolves off, but not before Heather got a good look. She could see that each wolf had a girl somehow attached to their bodies. They appeared to be mating with the girls as they ran.

The Chama continued to patrol the area while other Org-reh came and left. Some of the Org-reh stopped to look in the pens, but most gave the girls a passing glance and then left.

Soon the space where the roads met was as noisy and busy as if it were a normal day in the city. Except with the Monstrum in charge.

Some of the girls, exhausted and traumatized, tried to sleep. But Heather couldn’t. Instead, she watched all the activity carefully. Thinking that maybe, just maybe, there might be a way out.

Hours slipped past and her hunger and thirst grew.

Finally, at what she guessed was around three in the afternoon, a procession arrived.

A mass of Org-reh, at least fifty of them, came up the road, screaming and cheering as they went. Heather and the other girls got up to watch them walk past.

At their head was a large Org-reh, taller than all the rest, carrying a pike in one hand. As he passed, Heather could see a man’s head mounted on the end of the weapon.

The big Org-reh walked to the center of the area and raised the pike above his head.

“All hail the human general Harlen Rotra!” the Org-reh screamed, waving the head on the pike up and down with one hand while pointing at it with the other, “The good general was nice enough to give us this city and we thank him for it!”

The assembled Org-reh cheered in celebration.

“FANG! FANG! FANG!” they cheered.

The Pander stopped building a fourth pen to watch, but the patrolling Chama kept their eyes on the humans the entire time. Nearby, twenty Heyna sat watching as well.

Soon many wagons arrived, pulled by cows into the area, and barrels of ale were broken open. The Org-reh celebration started. Toasts were made and the cheering continued.

As the party reached a climax, Fang walked to the center of his troops and raised his hands into the sky.

“FANG! FANG! FANG! FANG!” the chant began again.

The large Org-reh smiled and gestured for quiet. The Org-reh troops around him fell silent.

“It is almost time for, the selection!” Fang yelled, and another roar went through the crowd, “But first, I think our little friends, who brought us these gifts, deserve a treat. For the Heyna!”

“The Heyna! The Heyna! The Heyna!” another chant broke out.

Fang let it go on for a few seconds and then raised his hands again.

“Now, thanks to our brothers who have done the sorting, we have a ready stock of humans for our little friends. We have twenty Heyna here, but space for twelve slaves! Bring us twelve of them!” he said, pointing at the enclosure that held the older women.

A group of Org-reh broke away from the pack and ran over to the first pen.

“The stocks!” Fang yelled.

Heather watched as three groups of Panders walked nearby bearing stocks on their shoulders. When the Pander set the contraptions down in front of the pens, Heather could see they were not ordinary stocks, like a prisoner would be put in for punishment.

These stocks were much closer to the ground and didn’t just lock in the person’s arms and head but part of the upper body as well. There were twelve total spots, in sets of four.

As Heather tried to figure out how the weird stocks worked, she saw a commotion from the first pen. Org-reh came from that direction carrying twelve screaming women over their shoulders or dragging them along by their hair. All the women were older, in their 20s and 30s, and all of them were naked. The Org-reh approached the stocks and began to lock the screaming women into the wooden contraptions.

Heather saw her mother was the fourth woman. The women were locked in, their heads facing the girl’s cage and their naked back ends exposed to the open air.

“What is going to happen to them?” one of the girls in Heather’s pen asked, “Mage, what is going to happen?”

Serai, with her head in her hands, didn’t look up.

“Their first breeding. With the Heyna. The first of many upon many.”

“Mom… oh Gods!” Heather exclaimed, looking at her mother in the stocks.

“Bring the Heyna!” Fang called out and the crowd around him roared its approval.

The Heyna had already seen the women loaded into the stocks and knew what that meant for them. The twenty of them walked slowly across the yard and behind the women, who couldn’t see what was happening.

Heather didn’t have to do the math and the Heyna didn’t either. There weren’t enough women for all of them. The creatures began to nip at each other and fight, some rolling around and scratching at each other, for the pleasure of the first breeding with the human women.

“I shouldn’t watch this,” Heather mumbled, but couldn’t look away.

Shortly the fighting was resolved and twelve of the strongest Heyna padded forward towards the stocks holding the women.

Several of the creatures, including the one that picked Carole, began to lick their victims. Long pink tongues swiping along the women’s backsides and wetting their cunts and assholes.

Heather saw Carole stiffen as she felt the animal’s tongue on her body and then her mother began to struggle against her bonds, but there was nowhere to go. Heather was close enough that she could see the Heyna’s cocks begin to extend from their bodies. Five of the Heyna didn’t bother using their tongues and instead jumped and began to thrust their cocks, looking for a hole to use.

“This is horrid…” a girl said somewhere nearby, “This is truly evil! I won’t do it! I won’t! I will die first!”

“You are exactly right,” Serai said, turning her face away from the display, “You will die first. Breed or die.”

The five Heyna who elected to breed first had found their holes quickly and had begun to fuck their humans. The women screamed and begged for help.

Heather focused on her mother. The Heyna who had her was larger than most of the others. A scar ran diagonally across its face, leaving one eye white and dead. It’s one good eye shown with a fierce red light.

The animal gave Heather’s mom a last long lick and then mounted the woman and slammed its cock forward into her.

From her angle, all Heather could see was her mother’s face. Carole’s expression went from panicked to shock and intense pain. The beast drove forward, hard, and buried what was between its legs into the woman.

Then it began to fuck her.

The Org-reh roared as twelve of their pets began to breed the women while other Heyna waited their turns.

“Which one comes first?” Fang yelled, “My money is on the biggest one!”

The Org-reh began to trade gold coins around, setting bets on the action happening in front of them.

Carole was crying now and shaking in the stocks as the beast gave her no mercy. It thrust forward, battering the 27 year old mother of four, and sending her head thrashing from side to side as the woman tried to deal with the pain.

“Oh mom, no…” Heather moaned, it was all she could say.

The Monstrum pet increased its speed, pounding the human bitch below it with its thrusting backside.

Then her mother’s eyes found Heather at the edge of the crowded pen. The woman was shaking and banging around in the stocks as the animal pumped its cock in and out her cock.

Her mother was suffering, Heather could tell. Her eyes pleaded with her daughter to do something, anything, but Heather was useless. All she could do was stand behind the fence, hands gripping the wire, and watch.

The rape went on for what seemed to be forever. The creatures used the women’s bodies for pleasure as their families watched.

Soon her mother’s expression began to change.

It switched, slowly, from what looked like pain to something adjacent to pleasure. Her screams changed as well. They became sharp groaning sounds.

The other women, one by one, began to do the same. Faces and voices of pain and humiliation, became sounds and expressions of confusion and desire.

“It is starting!” one of the Org-reh yelled as it watched the proceeding closely, “It is starting!”

Heather watched as her mother started to moan aloud in place of her screaming. Carole began to wiggle her body around and drool started to come from her lips.

“What is happening now, mage?” someone asked, and Heather turned back to look at Serai, expecting some sort of Earth-shattering answer.

She got one.

“The Conversion. It is starting. As the compounds sink in, the feelings change from pain to pleasure. At least temporarily, at first. The same will happen to you.”

Heather turned back to see her mother writhing in the stocks again, but this time from an explosive orgasm that sent the woman’s eyes rolling up into her head and her body shuddering in pleasure.

Soon the other women began to experience the same thing. A chorus of orgasmic moans floated from the stocks towards the girls who were watching the mating.

The beasts themselves started to bark and howl as they began to come and fill the women beneath them with their foul Monstrum sperm. The largest one with the dead eye, a frightful beast that dwarfed Heather’s poor mother, was the first to go.

Carole’s face was a mask of surprise as she, Heather imagined, felt the beast’s prick unleash a load of cum into her body.

The Org-reh cheered and began to exchange gold once again as the Heyna began to finish their ghastly task.

“I’ve won!” Fang shouted, his hands full of coins, “Praise to Fang!”

“Praise to Fang! Praise to Fang! Praise to Fang!”

When all twelve of the Heyna were done, the creatures dismounted their partners. The eight Heynas that had been forced to wait, replaced the others at the stocks and soon eight of the women, including Heather’s mother, were screaming in pain once again.

“Time for the selection!” Fang roared and the crowd, in a frenzy by this point, followed his enthusiasm.

“Fang! Fang! Fang!”

One of the Org-reh stepped away from the others and removed its book from its pocket. It was the one who checked them into the cages.

“Commander Fang has first choice!” the Org-reh screamed, “How many shall he choose?”

Fang appeared to hesitate and then thrust his hands in the air and screamed “I will choose three today!”

The crowd responded by chanting “Three! Three! Three!”

Commander Fang, hearing the chant, smiled a broad smile.

“Commander, where will you start?” The Org-reh with the book asked, “At the first pen?”

It pointed to the fenced area where the older women were being held.

“Never!” Fang said, laughing, “Too old! Let the Heyna have them all! I want young meat! Take me to the youngest ones!”

Fang disappeared and many of the soldiers walked towards cage number two. Several of the remaining Org-reh started making bets on the Heyna, some of whom were now mounting a woman for a second time.

Heather’s mom was one of those, though her head hung down and her body jiggled limply with each thrust indicating she was likely passed out.

Suddenly four Org-reh appeared at the front of Heather’s cage and began to sneer at the girls inside. All the girls backed away from the front of the pen. They rushed to huddle at the back of the cage.

But Heather stood her ground.

“I want the little mage,” one of them said, “I’ve never had a mage before.”

“I’ll take the little one with the long blonde hair,” another of the Org-reh said, pointing at a small girl with waist-length hair who, upon hearing this, tried to burrow deeper into the pile of girls.

“Fools. You want one with spirit,” the third Org-reh said, leaning down to face Heather, “I’ll take this one for my new wife. She will make an excellent breeder.”

His breath smelled of rotten meat and four-week-old eggs. Heather tried to meet his eyes, but her gaze wilted under her horrific stare.

“Yes,” the Org-reh said again, “Definitely this one. Look at its teats. Very nice.”

The four Org-reh began to talk about what they were going to do with their choices, openly telling the captured girls what their future would hold. Heather continued to watch her mother. Carole was awake again now and screaming in what sounded like pleasure once more as a third Heyna took her.

Fang and his lieutenants came walking back into sight and strolled over to Heather’s cage. Heather saw that the giant Org-reh was carrying her sister Anny.

“Point out which one,” Fang said to the bookkeeper as they arrived at the cage, “Point out the sister.”

Heather, panicking, tried to slip back into the back of the cell, but the Org-reh pointed her out.

“That one, Commander. With the red hair and large breasts.”

Heather froze in her spot. There was no hope, and she knew it.

“Good. She is pretty. I will take this one,” he said, shaking a crying Anny on his shoulder, “Her sister and… the pretty little mage.”

“But I was going to take the mage!” one of the Org-reh yelled, only to have Fang round on him with a back hand and send the soldier to his knees.

“Another word,” Fang growled, “And you will have none. It is my choice, and I want these three. Wash those two older ones and then bring them to my new home.”

The Org-reh commander turned, still holding Anny over his shoulder, and walked away. As he turned, Anny caught sight of her sister.

“HEATHER! HELP ME!” the young girl cried, her arms outstretched trying to reach into the cage, “HELP HEATHER!”

Fang laughed over his shoulder and gave Anny’s bottom a smack.

“Come little one, let’s see what I can do with you while I wait for your sister to be delivered.”

The Org-reh commander walked off towards the center of town as a Chama entered Heather’s cage and grabbed her in their arms.

She tried to fight them, pulling away, but it was no use. The Monstrum’s hands were like a vise. Another Chama picked up Serai, who didn’t put up any fight, and the two girls were dragged from the cage and led away.

Chapter 5: Becoming Number Four

Searai and Heather were taken to a nearby public square with a large well in the center. The Monstrum had another detention center there, with three more pens packed with girls and women.

Barrels had been set up near the well where several other girls were washing themselves with soap and cold water as their Org-reh owners watched from nearby. Their Chama guards dumped Heather and Serai in front of the barrels and then poked each of them with the butts of their spears.

“Wash. Clean,” one of the Chama said.

Heather lost it. Her brain, exhausted and filled with panic, went wild. She decided to fight.

“No,” Heather replied, only to have the Chama poke her with the point of the spear, this time in the thigh, which drew a little blood from the wound.

Serai, in contrast, rolled to her feet, stripped off the remains of her mage garb, and began to clean herself.

“You might as well do what they say,” the mage said with resignation in her voice, “They will make it worse on you if you fight. They might even take you away from Fang.”

“I DON’T WANT TO BE OWNED BY FANG!” Heather screamed up at the girl.

Serai leaned down and smacked her, sending a jolt through her head. The mage knelt and took Heather’s face in her hands.

“Fang is better than any other alternative. He is a commander. His wives probably live in relative luxury. You want a Heyna? A Rapewolf? Or a Yungir?”

“What is a Yungir?” Heather said, clutching her cheek.

“A pig. The Org-reh keep them as pets along with the Heyna. They are hundreds of pounds. Covered in thick sharp hair and they live in shit. Their girls… their girls live with them. Wallowing in filth and mud all the while being bred like sows. You want to be a sow? A fuck hole for the nastiest creature the Org-reh have?”

The momentary urge to fight vanished. Heather shook her head.

“Then get up and get cleaned. You don’t know how lucky you are. There are probably already Squelches in the sewers. They might give you to them. Do you want to spend the rest of your short life being fucked by a beast that lives in shit?!”

The mage’s words sunk in quickly.

I don’t want to be given to the Heyna, Heather though. Not like mom. Nor do I want to be given to a Squelch, whatever that is. And if I go with Fang, at least I will be with Anny. Maybe I can protect her somehow.

The Chama guard gave her a harder poke with its spear, this time in her chest, and drew forth a rivulet of blood over her right breast.

“Up! Clean!” the thing said.

Serai’s words, and her mother’s screams, ringing in her ears, Heather got to her feet and began to wash with the cold water and soap.

When both girls were clean, the Chama led them through the square and towards a wagon pulled by two cows. The Chama lifted each girl in carefully.

“Cows?” Heather asked.

“Chama keep cows. They raise them like pets. Horses don’t like the smell of Chama. According to the Factorum at least.”

Once the girls were inside the wagon, a Chama picked up the reins and the cows began to walk. The cart moved slowly. Heather and Serai rode past burned out buildings and the destruction of Midland.

Burnt out stores and houses lined the streets, many of them still smoldering. A child’s body, charred and twisted, lay on the street in front of a collapsed building.

“They set the fires to drive the humans inside out,” Serai said absently, “They don’t care if the fire spreads or any of us burn.”

Several of the Chama laughed at that.

“Ok to burn some. Always more humans,” one of them said, and then they began to talk in their lizard language.

The wagon rolled towards the center of town and crossed High Street, which was the last major street before the main square. Heather’s house was four streets down. She looked that way but saw only destruction.

“You should know what to expect,” Serai said, speaking for the first time in several minutes, “From Fang.”

Heather turned to the girl and waited for her to speak again. I don’t want to know what she is going to tell me, but I need to know it.

“First, he is going to rape you. It is going to hurt. Very badly. He will start with any hole he chooses. Your ass. Your mouth. Your cunt. You should expect him to use them all with regularity.”

“But the size of him. I saw how big they are,“ Heather said, thinking of the Org-reh’s cocks she had seen.

“He will make it fit, at first. He will get his cock inside of you as deep as he can so that the Conversion can start. His secretions, mucus from his cock, will start to change you almost immediately. As soon as it touches your skin. His cum will speed up the process and continue it.”

“The Conversion?”

“Alterations to your body. Like I told you before. Your cunt will toughen and lengthen. So will your ass and throat. Your mouth will widen as your jaw adapts. Your organs, inside, will move so that he can penetrate you fully. Your entire body will… change to serve him. You will even begin to feel pleasure as he fucks you. Some women who have been rescued say there is nothing else in life like being fucked by a Monstrum.”

Heathers shivered, but not from the cold air. She wrapped her arms around herself anyway.

“You are probably already fertile for a human man, but the Conversion will make you fertile to Monstrum semen. Soon, if you are lucky, you will become pregnant.”

“Lucky? You keep saying that as well.”

“Lucky. I’ve heard that Org-reh sometimes eat the infertile girls.”

“Eat?” Heather squeaked.

“There will be mental changes as well. You… we… will soon come to enjoy and then crave sex with him. We will begin to worship him. Love him. We will truly be his faithful slaves as the Conversion takes our minds.”

“And you know this? How?”

“All mages know it. The Academy teaches us all about it. They just don’t tell the peasants. They don’t want to create panic.”

The mage fell silent.

The Chama kept pace next to the cart as it rolled into the main square and turned towards the mayor’s residence.

“You are just going to accept this?” Heather asked.

“Yes,” the mage replied after a few moments, “You can’t fight them. I realize that now. And, as I said, there are far worse alternatives. Give in Heather. Make a decision to give in.”

The Chama brought the cart to a stop in front of the mayor’s castle-like house and pulled the two girls off. Taking their arms, the green lizard Monstrum guided Heather and the mage up the long front steps and into the house.

Inside, three Org-reh guards were waiting.

“These are the new girls for the commander?” one of the Org-reh asked.

“Yes. Wives. Fang,” the reptilian guard answered and tossed Heather at their feet.

The Org-reh lifted Heather, surprisingly gently, to her feet.

“She’s been hurt,” the Org-reh said, pointing to the bloody spot above Heather’s breast.

“Fought. Had to teach.”

“Had to?”

The Org-reh pulled its sword from its belt and struck the Chama’s head off in one clean blow. The other Chama backed away, their spears at the ready.

“Run or die,” the Org-reh said.

The remaining Chama fled out the door behind them, leaving Heather and Serai with three Org-reh.

“Take them to the commander’s bed chamber,” the lead Org-reh said and walked away.

Minutes later Serai and Heather were thrust through the doors of Fang’s new bedroom and thrown onto the large bed that dominated it.

“Stay here. Do not try to escape. You don’t want to make the commander angry,” one of the Org-reh said, before he closed the door behind him.

Serai lay back on the bed and stretched out.

“A bed. I haven’t lain in a bed in months! Maybe we will be fortunate, and Fang will give us our own beds. Maybe even our own rooms!”

Heather watched the mage curl up and then, to her amazement, fall asleep immediately. Leaving the sleeping girl behind, Heather got up and went to one of the large windows that looked out onto the main square.

“What will become of us?” Heather asked her reflection, “What will become of mom? Anny? Me?”

Her reflection didn’t answer.

“At least maybe Kati made it out.”

She stood at the window for at least an hour, watching the remaining black smoke from the burning city continue to rise into the sky.

Unexpectedly the door behind them opened and Anny was pushed inside. Heather turned and ran to her little sister.

The little girl, naked, took two steps, and then fell to her knees on the thick red rug that covered the floor.

“Help?” the tiny five year old said before falling forward and landing face first with a thump.

“Anny!” Heather said, picking the girl up off the rug and holding her to her chest.

Anny was covered in something sticky, that was slowly drying and flaking off. There was blood around her mouth and between her legs. Her eyes were unfocused as she stared at nothing.

“Anny! Anny!” Heather said, shaking the girl, “Wake up!”

“Time for you to go, little mage,” an Org-reh said from the hallway.

Serai hopped off the bed and moved towards the door. The mage looked at Anny and Heather as she passed.

“She will be fine. Just in shock. Had a little fucking and probably swallowed some of Fang’s cum. Nothing we all won’t be used to soon enough.”

The door closed behind the mage, leaving Heather alone with her unconscious sister. Heather was still shocked by how quickly the mage was acclimating to their situation.

Heather picked up Anny and put her on the bed and then climbed up next to her.

“Anny, can you hear me?” Heather asked, but the little girl didn’t reply. Instead, she closed her eyes and seemed to fall asleep.

“Sleep, sweetie,” Heather said, stroking the girl’s hair and then picking ribbons of dried flaky semen off her sister to drop them to the floor, “Sleep for me.”

What felt like hours later, with Anny still asleep, the door opened, and Serai stumbled in. She too was covered in rapidly drying cum and looked dazed.

The mage walked, unsteadily, over to the bed and lay down next to Anny. There was some blood around her lips and a line of it running between her legs and down one thigh.

“That was worse than I expected,” Serai muttered, “Your turn now, I am afraid. Try and make him happy. Give up and give in. It will go easier that way.”

Heather looked from the mage, and towards the door, to see an Org-reh guard waiting for her.

Knowing that there was no choice, Heather slid off the bed, leaving the mage and her little sister behind, and walked out the door. The guard closed it behind her.

“Follow me.”

Heather walked behind the guard as it turned a corner and began to stroll casually down a long hallway. Eventually Heather and her escort came to two open double doors. The guard stood to one side and motioned her to go through.

Heather, summoning all her courage, walked through the doors and into what had become Commander Fang’s main room.

His Org-reh lieutenants lounged about the place, many of them with human girls attending them.

To her left, Heather saw a youthful girl, likely Anny’s age, impaled on an Org-reh’s prick. The child was wailing as the massive beast slowly pulled her down onto its huge cock. Her skin was shiny from a load of cum that was covering her entire body.

To her right Heather saw a girl named Yevette that she had gone to school with. Yvette was bent over on all fours and had two Org-reh using her, one in her mouth and one in her cunt. Heather saw the Yvette was shaking and moaning through an orgasm as the beasts fucked her.

Heather turned away and stared straight ahead. Determined not to see anything else. From all around her the sounds of monsters and former maidens engaged in debaucheries met her ears, but she ignored it. Instead, she took careful steps forward and walked closer to her own fate.

Fang was sitting in a large chair at the far end of the room. His cock, shockingly large, jutted up from between his legs as he watched Heather approach.

When she was eight feet away from him, he made a motion for her to stop.

“She is hurt,” the massive Org-reh said, pointing at the wound on Heather’s chest, “She wasn’t hurt earlier. Who hurt my new bride?”

An Org-reh sitting nearby, its own cock being serviced by one of the girl’s Heather recognized from the cage, spoke up.

“One of the Chama did it,” the Org-reh said casually, “It said she fought.”

Fang adjusted himself and leaned forward towards the other Org-reh.

“And what happened to this Chama?”

“I killed the damn thing.”

Fang’s smiled and laughed.

“Good. An extra wife for you. Pick one out of the pens later tonight.”

“Thank you, commander.”

Fang turned back to look at Heather. His large, ribbed cock was waving at her.

“What is your name, little one?”

“Heather,” she managed to say.

“Pretty name. But not any longer. You will be Number Four.”

“Number Four?”

“Number Four. Your little sister is Number Five, so you should be happy to be one up from her. Don’t you think? You should thank me for such an honor.”

Heather didn’t know what to do, so she just stood there.

The smile slowly faded from Fang’s face. He got to his feet and took several steps closer to her. He stopped with his large cock just inches from Heather’s face. She could see it glistened in the light.

“I said, you should thank me. Say thank you, master.”

“Thank… thank you. Master.”

“Good. You will soon learn your place Number Four. And the lessons will begin now. Come over here and sit down on master’s knee.”

Fang turned back to the chair, sat down, and patted his left knee.

Heather paused, for just a second, and then obeyed. Give up and give in, she thought, just like Serai said.

Do I have any other choice?

“This one has some spirit,” Fang said as she approached, “I like spirit. I like breaking it.”

The assembled Org-reh around the room laughed at that.

Heather, with Fang’s help, climbed up onto the large Org-reh’s lap, her legs dangling off the sides of his thighs. His cock was rubbing against the outside of her left thigh. She felt something thick and wet that ran off his cock sliding onto her skin and leaving a tingling feeling.

His hands began to caress her.

One slipped under her left arm and began to paw roughly at her breasts. This drew a gasp from the nine year old. His other hand slipped between her legs, spreading them apart, and fingered her tiny slit.

She shivered in revulsion, as her heart began to pound harder.

I can fight, or I can give in. Maybe, just maybe if I give in, I can find a way to escape. And I can take Anny with me. But, if I fight, then Serai is probably right. Fang will hurt me.

Or worse.

Heather made her decision. She gave in.

“Have you ever had anything in here Number Four?” he asked as he stroked her cunt.

Heather shook her head.

“Say: No, master. Don’t just shake your head.”

“No, master.”

She didn’t like being so openly on display for all the other monsters to see. The assembled mob, and their new girls, had stopped their activities and were closely watching Fang and Heather.

Fang’s large green finger continued to explore between her legs. His other hand began to gently twist and pull at her nipples. Despite the circumstances, she felt her body respond.

She felt herself getting wet between her legs. As wet as she got when she would lie in her bed alone at night and think of the cute baker’s body down the street.

When Fang pushed hard against her lips and thrust that exploring finger inside of her, Heather moaned loudly and spread her legs even more.

“Well, maybe she doesn’t have that much spirit after all, Commander. It looks like she is already enjoying herself.”

“It does appear that way,” Fang said, “But that is alright. I like my wives to enjoy themselves.”

The Org-reh began to move his finger in and out of Heather’s virgin pussy, pushing in a little deeper every time and wiggling it around to flex and stretch her. Heather felt her hips squirming against him. She groaned as the good feelings from her crotch began to flow through her.

I am giving in, she thought. Giving in and giving up. She groaned again as Fang’s finger pushed deep inside of her silken walls. Her cunt pulled at him. Holding him inside.

“Listen to it moan. I broke this one fast,” Fang said laughing as the rest of the crowd joined in.

Fang pulled the finger from inside her, drawing a small sigh from Heather's mouth.

“Time to please me, little one. You see that thing between my legs?”

Heather swallowed hard and looked at the giant Org-reh cock standing up next to her. It was long and thick. Bigger than any she had imagined ever seeing. The fluids on it made it shine.

“Yes, master.”

“Touch it.”

Tentatively at first, Heather reached her little hands out and grasped the Org-reh’s hard cock. It was warm to the touch and slick within her grasp. Without being asked, the child began to move her hands up and down the organ, feeling the muscles underneath his skin.

Fang moaned, as the human’s hands caressed him.

“Now put your mouth on it.”

Heather felt her cunt leaking down between their legs. She leaned forward, her body shifting, and took a long experimental lick of the beast’s cock.

It tasted of… something. Something she couldn’t place. Almost like the taste of herself between her own legs but mixed with salt and the smell of sweat. And her skin, where she touched it with her mouth and hands, tingled.

“Do you taste your sister on me? She was riding me not too long ago. So was your friend, the mage. Now, show me how much you love your new master.”

Heather felt her mind slip as she made the final decision to accept her fate. There was really no choice, after all.

She began to lick and suck inexpertly at the giant’s cock. The thin layer of slime covering him, the secretions of his body, began to sink into her skin and she felt a slight burning sensation in both of her hands and on her tongue.

It excited her. Thrilled her. Made her heart thud in her chest.

Her hands roamed up and down Fang’s erect cock and she pleasured him with her tongue.

Licking up and down his shaft, Heather was experiencing sex for the first time with a creature from beyond her nightmares. Fang began to shift his weight up and down, running his cock through her tiny human hands.

He leaned in again to whisper in her ear.

“Now, get onto your feet, pull it towards you, and put your mouth on it. Put it in your mouth.”

Heather, her body aflame, rushed to obey.

She slid off the Org-reh’s leg, leaving a trail of her juices behind, and stood up. Grasping his prick in her hands, she pulled it towards her and plunged her mouth onto it.

She couldn’t get it inside. The head of his dick was too big and too wide to fit inside her jaws.

She whined softly in frustration.

“Just lick at it then. Rub it and lick at it. Show me how much you love your new master,” Fang said, patting her on the head.

Heather’s instincts took over and her mind faded away.

She began to lick the head of the Org-reh’s prick, sliding her tongue round and round the bulging organ. Tasting his excretions, mixed with that of Serai’s and her sister before her. Her hands flew up and down him. Jacking off the Monstrum. Fang was strong. His muscle thick and powerful inside his cock.

She kissed and licked at him. Tasting him. Savoring him.

He came without warning her. One second, she was kissing his tip and the next a gallon of gooey sperm was spraying her in the face and sliding down her throat.

It tasted of sour milk and the hot steam of strange flesh.

Fang grabbed Heather and held her in place as his cock spurted streams of thick Monstrum cum onto her face and upper body.

“AH!” Heather squealed within his grasp; her enjoyment having vanished now. She pounded at him with her fists, desperate to make him let her go.

“Look at her wiggle and fight!” one of the other Org-reh said, “She does have some spirit after all!”

“She does… she does…” Fang responded, gripping her tighter.

When the flow of his semen stopped, Heather was left sputtering and choking, covered in his cum. It dripped from her hair, her eyelids, and ran down her face. She had swallowed a lot of it.

She could feel it sitting warmly inside her stomach.

She sputtered, sending some of his cum running down her body with a load of drool.

“Spit? You spit out your master’s seed? Bad girl!”

Heather was lifted into the air and a massive hand landed hard on her bottom.

“AHHA!” she screamed as her ass exploded in pain, “NO STOP!”

Another blow landed, shaking her body like a toy, and then another.

She began to cry, the pain from her bottom exceeding the good feelings her upper body was enjoying.

“Oh, just fuck her and get it over with,” one of the Org-reh yelled.

“Good idea,” Fang replied.

She was covered in so much cum that she could barely see, but she felt the creature shift her in its grip, take her legs in each hand, and then pull her against the head of its cock.

Just as she Heather had witnessed the rape of the two young girls by the Org-reh in the street, so too was the nine year old about to experience it herself.

She felt the head of his prick line up with her lips and push them apart.

“Oh, Gods!” Heather cried out as she felt the concentrated pressure against her virgin hole.

“Your gods have nothing to do with it,” said Fang, laughing.

“Her sister was easier, believe it or not,” Fang said, jabbing painfully at her cunt with his cock, “Despite being so much smaller. But I will get it in!”

Fang’s hands changed positions, one gripping her waist now and the other around her shoulders.

He thrust up, pulling her back at the same time, and she felt the tip of his head pushing her pink sleek walls apart.

“NOOOOOO!” Heather screamed as the Org-reh Commander’s cock head pushed her flesh apart and sank inside of her, her pussy still wet with arousal.

“Yes!” the commander, her new Master, replied, as he began to shove even more of his prick into the little girl.

He thrust. Pushed. Drove himself forward.

It felt like someone was trying to push their leg up into her cunt! She was writhing around, her body flailing impotently, as the Monstrum below her sank inch after inch of his dick into her still wet gash.

Slowly, agonizingly so, Heather was pulled down onto the creature’s fat hard cock. Every inch felt like it took a million years. The young girl looked down below at her body and saw that her tiny lips were stretched around him grotesquely.

When he finally stopped, she was speared by him and dangled in his grasp.

“How much did you get inside her the first time, Fang?” a nearby lieutenant yelled.

“Half, “Fang replied.

Heather just moaned and prayed for it to end.

“Now time to fuck her,” the other Org-reh replied.

“Yes, it is.”

Fang gripped her even tighter, and she felt his prick begin to withdraw. Her cunt sucked at it, pulled at it, not willing to let it go from inside her. As he pulled back, Heather was mumbling incoherently. Her brain taking in nothing but pain and close to breaking.

He stopped with his head almost out and then drove forward once again to impale her with his meat.

“Gods!” she screamed again, feeling him running back up inside of her and stretching her apart.

“She is so tight, I can’t hold on much longer,” Fang said with a laugh.

“Then give it to her, sir. Loosen her up for next time.”

Fang pulled her back as he pushed forward and eight inches of Org-reh cock rammed its way inside of the little child.

He began to fuck her hard and fast. Thrust up into the girl as he pulled her steadily downward. Her body shook in his grasp. The force of his pounding shaking her tits and rattling her head around.

Heather’s thoughts were tumbling and twisting. She could feel her mind slipping away as her humiliation and degradation piled on top of each other.

Then the pain, so searing that it felt like she was tearing in half, changed like magic. From agony to ecstasy in a split second.

Heather’s eyes flew wide open as the climax roared through her tiny body and sent her into a new plane of existence. Every nerve ending thundered, and her muscles went wild as unbelievable pleasure sped through her and sent her mind tumbling.

Saliva and the remains of his cum exploded from her mouth as she screamed in pleasure on the tip of his cock. Heather’s body shook and twisted in his grasp as she rode her first ever climax to its peak and down again.

“Well, I think she enjoyed that,” Fang growled to a room full of laughter in return.

As Heather’s pleasure slowly plateaued, the monster began to fuck her once again. Driving himself in and out of her with increasing speed.

When he came, shoving a second load into the girl for the day, and setting off her second orgasm, cum blasted back out of her cunt and ran down his legs onto the floor below.

Heather felt like her brain was exploding from her skull. The pleasure was so intense, so complete, that her entire body experienced it as if she was on fire. Her muscles shook uncontrollably and her tongue flew out of her mouth to waggle in the air.

“Gods…” she moaned as her pathetic human body came down from her second Monstrum-induced orgasm.

Done with her now, Fang released her from his hands and let Heather slide off his cock and onto the floor below.

Her cunt was on fire from the pleasure, the pain, and the semen seeping into her.

It is going to change me now, she thought absently, change me into something else. Just like it will change little Anny.

“Clean up this mess, Number Four. Before I send you back to your room.”

“Mess?” Heather asked, her brain a jumble of confusion, as her head rose to look at her new master.

He raised his leg and showed her the cum coating it.

“Clean. My cock, my legs, and… my floor. Get it all.”

As the show ended the rest of the Org-reh in the room resumed fucking their own girls. Sounds of soft pleasure, sighs of satisfaction from the little human children, began to rise once again.

Heather began to clean up the Monstrum cum that had fallen from her cunt and mouth when Fang had fucked her.

She was just about finished when she heard footsteps approaching.

“My master, is this one of my new sisters?”

“Yes, Number One. Please greet Number Four.”

The footsteps stopped next to her head and the girl once known as Heather looked up to see another girl sneering down at her. Heather’s face and body were covered in Monstrum cum.

The girl was beautiful. Long blonde hair. Blue eyes. And the loveliest round face Number Four had ever looked upon.

“Hello, Number Four,” the girl said, her newly pregnant belly beginning to show, “I am Number One. Welcome to the family.”

The End