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My Baby Girl and Her First Time

By WintermuteX

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Content: Pedophilia, Incest, Young Girls, Romance, Seduction


I turned just in time to see my grinning daughter halt her mad dash across the sand and lob a squirming crab at my face before shrieking and running off again. Laughing, I nudged the little guy off the towel with my toe. Shae was tearing across the sand towards the surf, arms flailing like a lunatic, loose golden hair steaming behind her. If I hadn't been so comfortable I would have chased her.

The beach had been a good idea. Being an executive of a global logistics company was stressful sometimes, but it did give me a flexible schedule and it was nice to just cut loose and take a few weeks to relax and recharge. There weren't usually many people here on this stretch of sand, and today I had seen only a few strolling couples and another family farther down past the docks. Shae was squatting at the surf again, probably harrying another crustacean. I smiled.

My baby girl has been the light of my life since the day she was born. Her mother took off around a year after her birth, saying she had had enough of diapers and didn't want anything more to do with me or the baby. She disappeared with her jet-setting millionaire boyfriend and I hadn't heard from her since. This left me numb for a while, empty and angry as I struggled alone, but I decided to focus on raising my little girl right. The challenge of bringing up a daughter by myself was daunting, but after years of blood and sweat, and no small amount of time off from work, I was able to enjoy the sight of my beautiful 7-year-old girl dashing across the sand, screeching gleefully as she scattered flocks of sea gulls.

"Hey don't get sunburned Daddy! Don't you know anything, silly?"

I had been daydreaming again. I pulled the magazine off of my face, where it had been comfortably blocking the sun. Shae had grabbed the thick tube of tanning lotion in her hands and was greedily squeezing it all over her arms and face. She dropped it carelessly and began rubbing the goop furiously over her arms.

"That's too much honey. You only need a little. Here, lie down on your towel and I'll show you how to rub it in." I said.

She huffed and flopped down on her belly on her pink-and-yellow striped towel that was laid out next to mine on the sand. Squeezing some lotion from the tube, I kneeled down next to her.

"Here sweetie, I'll put some on your arms and back." She nodded and gazed out at the ocean, legs kicking idly. I began gently massaging the lotion into my daughter's arms, rubbing it into her smooth coppery skin. My hyperactive girl was in great shape, and it showed in her athletic frame. Somehow, Shae had begun developing some curvaceous features, and I admired her smooth skin, and perky little butt as I massaged her back. She was going to be a real knockout when she grew up.

I squirted more lotion onto my hands and then started on her neck, gently rubbing it in an inch at a time. "It tickles Daddy!" she said as she dropped her head onto the towel and looked back at me. My baby girl's deep blue eyes and golden hair were going nicely with the tan she was getting from so much time at the beach. I rubbed more lotion into her shoulders. She giggled. "Feels nice."

It did feel nice. I kept working my hands down my daughter's smooth back. Her little pink bikini two-piece had a fairly revealing top and an adorable skirt frill around the bottom. She had seen it in a magazine a week earlier and promptly announced that she had to have it for our beach trip. Shae had an obsession for clothing, and I hadn't had the heart to say no. Now I was glad I hadn't. It had been a surprise to find it was available in a size so small.

Shae sighed as I worked my hands over her skin. "Hey Daddy?"

"Yeah sweetie."

"You remember the Survival Island show?" she asked.

I nodded. The silly reality show had captivated my daughter since it first aired. A troop of ditzy teenage boys and slutty girls had been dropped onto a desert island and challenged to survive by their meager wits, apparently unassisted by the camera crews that followed them everywhere. Drama, romance, arguments, and betrayals kept them constantly at each other's throats.

"Well Ellie, she finally managed to steal Mark away from Susan." Mark was a muscular hunk, Shae's favorite. "He finally came over to her side of the island, and they went to the beach too. She got a massage from him and it seemed fun. Can you give me a massage like that Daddy?"

I paused for a moment. "Well, sure sweetie, if you want."

She surprised me when she reached back and yanked the tie on the bikini, pulling the strings to the side and giving me unfettered access to her entire back all the way down to her pink bottoms. Her head rested on the towel and she wiggled her butt for me. "Ok Daddy, I'm ready."

Straddling my baby girl's legs on the towel, I resumed rubbing the lotion on the smooth stretch of her back. She really was amazing. Her petite body stretched curvaceously all the way down to the domes of her sweet little buttcheeks, which pushed up against my swim shorts. I finished her backside and shifted forward to rub more up and down the sides of her body, hands sliding in long strokes from shoulders to hips, working the oily cream into her skin. She was resting her head on her hands, eyes closed, the bikini top loose under her chest. My baby girl's nipples were only an inch from my reaching fingers, and with each motion I moved farther down, hoping to feel the little nubs under my fingers. She squirmed lightly under my ministrations.

"You have to do my butt too Daddy! Like Mark did."

I hesitated. My daughter's perfect little body was having an effect on me. Straddling my little angel's pert buns as I rubbed lotion onto every inch of her had caused a stirring in my loins. A firm pressure tented my shorts, poking downward against her tiny pink bottoms, pushing into the sweet space between her buttcheeks.

I looked around. No pedestrians. The family had packed up and left. Nobody was in sight. It was just me and my baby girl alone on the beach. "Ok honey. I'll just do a little on your butt, ok?" I gave a yank to pull down the frilly skirted panties.

If I thought my 7-year-old daughter's ass looked amazing in the swimsuit, it was even better out of it. I squirted more lotion and began rubbing it over her sweet cheeks, all around her hips, and then moved inward. I filled both of my hands with my baby girl's bum, working the lotion into her skin, squeezing them together and apart again. She had the cutest little butthole, and just beneath it was a delicate, perfect little slit, free of hair. I put more lotion on the insides of her cheeks, slowly rubbing with my finger, circling her pretty little hole, and tapping it a couple times with my index finger. My girl had closed her eyes and was breathing harder, but she jiggled her butt for me again, inviting me to continue.

More lotion lower down, slowly, gently tracing my fingers around the outsides of her vagina, watching the skin ripple and flush. I couldn't believe how perfect her tiny little pussy was. Hairless and smooth with puffy pink lips, it begged to be rubbed and pinched. I was rock hard inside my shorts and had begun sweating. My dick strained painfully against the fabric, begging to be released. I worked both hands around my little girl's privates, squeezing them, making her labia puff out toward me. Shae had buried her head in the towel and arched her back slightly with a tiny moan. A searching finger had found my little girl's red nub in between her lips, hiding like a jewel.

A whistle, from down the beach. A family had emerged from the rocks burdened with lawnchairs and coolers. The dad was whistling at the kids who were screaming as they tore down the sand towards the water.

"I think that's enough baby. Your butt won't get sunburned." I swallowed, trying to catch my breath, then quickly pulled her bikini bottoms back into place and tied her bikini string.

"Ok Daddy, that felt nice. Hey let's go swimming!" she yelped, leaping to her feet. I looked around for the bulkiest towel we had, something to hide the raging steel rod in my pants. "Uh, that's ok baby. Daddy's going to sit here for a bit. You go on ahead." My words were a starter pistol and she tore off again, laughing and splashing as she hit the water.

We got back to our rental house baked by the sun and covered in sand, mostly because my baby girl's efforts to build a sand castle quickly devolved into a game of throw-as-much-sand-as-you-can-everywhere. My dick had strained against my shorts all afternoon, thinking about my daughter's perfect little snatch.

I paused at the bathroom door. "I'm going to take a shower sweetie!" I yelled down the hall.

"Nuh-uh Daddy, me first!" she yelled as she came running. Her hair was tangled, her bikini was crooked, she had lost a sandal somehow, her bottoms were askew, and she had sand all over her legs and tummy. She looked like a dirty angel, hands on her hips and pouting at me.

"Ok sweetie. Well there's only one shower here. How about we shower together?"

"Oh like when I was a kid? Yeah Daddy, I missed it when we stopped doing that."

I swallowed nervously as I opened the bathroom door, allowing her to run in to the large walk-in shower and turn on the water. I came in and shut the sliding door. She fiddled with the knobs and warm water began streaming down over us. My sweet baby girl looked up at me with her deep blue eyes, like pools I could lose myself in.

"Wash me Daddy," she said.

I put my hands on her shoulders, gently massaging them, caressing her smooth face.

"Ok honey, turn around."

She did so and I moved my shaking hands towards the tie of her bikini. I was rock-hard again, my dick pushing against the fabric of my swim shorts, sticking out like a gun. It felt like it was going to break the material, and it was pointed firmly at my daughter. Slowly I pulled the string of her top, gently untying it, until it came loose and dropped to the shower floor, then I leaned down to her bottoms. A gentle pull on the ruffles pulled them down to the floor, revealing those sweet cheeks that had been haunting my thoughts. She turned around to smile at me.

I could barely believe how sexy my little 7-year-old girl was. She bit her lip in an adorable expression, embarrassed at her nakedness. My eyes flowed from her smooth, delicate shoulders down the swell of her chest to her tiny pink nipples, sticking out pertly and begging to be pinched. Sweetly curved hips framed a perfectly smooth patch of tummy, and led my eyes down to her precious slit.

"Ok honey, let's get clean." I gulped.

"Wait Daddy, don't you know you're supposed to take off your clothes in the shower?" she giggled, eyeing the bulge of my stiff prick.

"Oh...yeah. Why don't you do that sweetie?"

Tiny hands grabbed the edge of my shorts and gave them a tug, pulling it down over my raging erection. She goggled at the sight when my erect cock bounced out, flapping right at her eye-level.

"It's silly! Daddy what is it?" she gasped, using the tip of her finger to bob it up and down.

"Well, it's, it's what Daddies get when they're very happy sweetie."

"So you're happy? What's making you so happy Daddy?" she asked.

"Well honey, you are." My cock strained uncomfortably as it pointed at my daughter's face. "Being here with you is making Daddy VERY happy."

She smiled up at me with that brilliant, gorgeous smile that for years had bought her a free pass to almost any toy or privilege she wanted. I was never able to refuse my daughter when she had looked at me like that, grinning like the happiest princess out of a fairy tale. Taking a seat on the bench, I grabbed the soap while my baby girl's eyes watched my cock waving back and forth, rivulets of water rolling down it and streaming off the tip. With my sexy little girl in front of me, looking like the picture of innocence, I could barely resist grabbing it and giving it the attention it needed.

The soap became a sudsy lather, and I pulled my baby girl closer. I used the water to get the sand off her face and neck and soaped up her delicate arms. Her eyes seemed glued to my raging prick, which jerked in the air with my movements. I soaped up her shoulders and armpits, gently massaging them with my hands, enjoying the feel of the smooth skin. Her pink nipples poked out, flush, tiny nubs on her white chest. I couldn't resist. I pinched them, gently, and my little girl moaned. I flicked and twisted, squeezed and pulled, my fingers closing over the sexy nubbins. Shae squealed in delight.

"Agh, D-Daddy, that feels so good." she gasped, as I felt her up under the warm streaming water

I moved lower, getting the sand off her hips and legs, and cupping her cute little buttcheeks with my hands as I rubbed and massaged them. Her hands were on my chest as I played with her ass, squeezing her cheeks and pulling them apart. The soap was forgotten. My questing hands ran over my baby girl's hips, her butt, and up and down her sleek legs, wiping them clean. I increased the pressure, using my left hand to tickle and pinch her nipples while my right hand dove to her slit. My sexy little daughter had me in overdrive and my cock threatened to explode from the pressure. I rubbed her delicate cunt, finding the tiny little clit I had seen earlier, and pinched it. She yelped and pressed against me, and I grabbed her rump to pull her in close.

"I love that you're happy Daddy." she said, panting, looking down at the taut prick resting against her belly. "You've always been there to take care of me and protect me. You told me how Momma left and I know you always took the time off work for me to help me with everything. I love you Daddy." She rested the tip of her finger curiously on the head of my cock and rubbed it on the oozing precum there. "I want to always make you happy Daddy."

The feel of my little girl's finger on my prick was electrifying. I wrapped my fist around the base of my cock as it pressed against my baby's flat little tummy. "You can sweetie. You can make me happy. Go on and touch it."

With probing fingers she wrapped both hands around the head of my prick, squeezing it and causing more precum to ooze out. She looked up at me, uncertain, and I gently guided her fingers up and down the wet length of my dick, from the tip down to my fist, feeling it strain under the gentle pressure. "Yeah...oh, baby girl, just like that. Keep moving them up and down, gently."

I moaned. My cute, sexy little girl, water running down all over her adorable naked body and her hands wrapped around me, was pushing me over the edge. Leaking precum greased the length of my dick as she squeezed and rubbed, exploring her Daddy's manhood. My tight prick bulged with pleasure as she moved her fingers up and down the shaft, warm flesh pulsing in her hands. I guided her hands with my own, showing her the rhythm and suddenly my cock tightened, my balls clenched, and I convulsed as a raging flood of cum spurted out, landing all over my baby girl's hands, her tummy, her hair and face. I reached forward and held her to me with an iron grip as I convulsed, emptying my seed all over her 7-year-old body.

"Oh sweetie, oh b-baby girl, that's ...amazing...oh honey yes, that's g-great." I stroked my darling daughter's wet hair as she looked up at me, stray globs of my cum on her chin and cheek. "You've made me feel so good sweetie. I love you baby girl." I planted a kiss on her forehead and she beamed a smile at me, elated that she had made her Daddy happy.

Dinner was reheated hotdogs and leftover pasta salad. The beachhouse we had rented came with private grounds, hidden by hedges, and a gorgeous view of the water. The setting sun flooded the evening with orange light and I had left the sliding glass door open to let a warm breeze in. After I washed my cum off my daughter and we finished the shower, I had brushed her hair and laid out some clothes for her. Instead, she decided to pad around the warm house without putting any clothes on. I didn't object. The view of my baby girl's ass in the golden evening sun as she walked around the dinner table was a sight worth dying for. She seemed amused by the new lax rules, giggling whenever she caught me glancing at her. She even tested the limits by dropping a little bit of ketchup on her chest at dinner, and then just pouting at me until I cleaned it up. I ran my finger across her sexy front, picking up the ketchup, as she grinned up at me. I pinched her nipples and she gasped, not expecting that. My adorable girl was such a tease. I planted another kiss on her forehead before cleaning up the table.

"Movie time sweetie!" I bellowed, as I plopped on the big blue couch with the blanket in the living room. It was dark and she had said she wanted to watch some silly rom-com on the TV that night. Not quite my thing, but I would do anything for my little girl. I had been musing how far I wanted to take things. I had always been much too busy to have any relationships since Shae's mother had left, and usually just took care of myself. Having a lovelife was something I had mostly given up on, instead choosing to bury myself in the responsibility of raising my daughter. But the sexy appeal of my little girl was awakening some long-buried needs in me. All I had ever wanted was to make her happy, and it seemed she wanted to return the favor.

"Ok Daddy! Comiiiiing." my daughter yelled from down the hall. She padded into the living room a moment later wearing her purple pajamas, much to my surprise. She must have gotten cold.

Planting her hands on her hips, she looked around the darkened living room, illuminated only by the large flatscreen television. "You took the best seat Daddy! I wanted the couch!"

"Well, too bad, sugar. I was here first and it's not big enough for the both of us." I replied. "Sit on one of those chairs."

She stomped her foot. "You took the blanket too! It's cold! Well it's not too small if I sit on you Daddy!"

And with that, she leaped up on the couch, almost knocking the wind out of me, straddling me as she held her hands up in victory. "Hah! You think you know everything."

I laughed. I could never stay mad at my girl, especially when she thought she was showing me up. "Fine fine, you win, you can stay up here. I'll put the blanket over us."

I moved to shift around and make room but my baby girl flopped forward instead, resting her head on my chest and stretching her legs over mine. "There. See. You're warm."

I threw the blanket over us as my daughter cuddled on top of me, and we watched the movie. It was some boring flick in which Owen Wilson had been paid to fumble out witless lines and look handsome and not much else. As the movie lurched through its tedious plot, I rested my hands on my daughter. I had only been in some boxer shorts and a loose t-shirt when she commenced her aerial assault. Her body squirmed against me as I rubbed my hands on her back. Lovely, golden hair still smelled like strawberries from the shampoo and her pajama top was loose, drooping down over her shoulder.

I couldn't believe how beautiful and sexy my baby girl was turning out to be. From the blue eyes and blond hair to her curvy little hips and round butt, she was gorgeous. I rubbed my hands into the small of her back as she moved up and down with my breathing. "Mmm Daddy, feels good." she murmured, as she shifted her legs to straddle my crotch. My hands began to roam under the blanket, exploring all the gentle curves of my daughter, rubbing her arms, massaging her back, feeling the sweet swell of her hips and then reaching under the soft fabric of her pajama bottoms to grab and stroke her little buttcheeks. My cock started to grow as I felt up my sexy daughter, reaching up to press against her crotch.

"Daddy, you're happy again." she giggled, while still pretending to be engrossed in the movie.

"Of course I am sweetie. Having you close to me makes me happy."

She looked at me curiously. "So do all Daddies get happy like that?" she asked.

"Er, yes honey." I stammered. "All boys do."

She had raised herself up a bit on my stomach, and my hand snaked under her pajama top to rub her chest and tummy. "What about girls? Do they feel happy like that?"

"Well, kind of like that. It's a little different for girls. But yeah, they can feel very happy too." I had located a nipple. I gently pinched and rolled it as my other hand rubbed her butt.

"Can you make me feel happy like that Daddy?"

I paused. My fingers stopped rubbing. My raging erection was sticking into the nether regions of my daughter's pajamas. I could feel her, flushed and sweating, as she lay on top of her Daddy, the man she trusted most in the world. What exactly was I going to do here? I couldn't think of anyone or anything I wanted more than my sweet sexy little baby girl pressed up against me, but how far would we take this? I gazed into her eyes, blue discs of sexual innocence, and she grinned at me happily, showing off the gorgeous smile that could always get her Daddy to do anything she wanted.

"Yeah baby. I can make you feel happy too."

Slowly, I pulled her head to mine. She closed her eyes and reached out with her lips, and I didn't kiss her with a platonic father's peck, but rather a deep, lustful embrace. My arms ran around her back and squeezed her body close as I embraced her. The little mouth pressed against mine, tongue reaching out, eager but uncertain, as she explored her first kiss with her Daddy. I sucked her lips and flicked her tongue, and she returned the gestures with enthusiasm, squirming on top of me and gently biting my lip. With small gasps, we explored each other's mouths with a new urgency.

"Ok sweetie, sit up for a second."

She sat up, pushing back the blanket and straddling my crotch, looking like a young sexual goddess in the flickering light of the TV. Her chest heaved with deep, nervous breaths and her hair was mussed where I had been running my fingers through it. I reached up slowly to the first button on the front of her pajamas, gently popping it without breaking eye contact. I did the same for the second and third, and then pulled her top open, revealing my daughter's sweet chest and lovely tummy. My hands went naturally to her nipples, attacking them again, with more energy than before. I twisted the gentle pink buds back and forth as she moaned, rolling them, pinching and flicking. She squirmed her legs as her Daddy gave her the attention she had begged for. My rough hands ran up and down her smooth sides, caressing her shoulders and massaging her neck before pulling her back down to lie against my chest.

A slight grip and a yank from me pulled down my baby girl's pajama bottoms under the blanket. I kissed her again as my left hand went to work rubbing her asscheeks and my right hand went for her little slit. I wasn't just exploring my daughter's body anymore. Now I was pushing it, squeezing and working my fingers, letting her build up under the pressure of my hands. She was breathing hard into me and had begun moaning "Daddy" over and over. The delicate pussy worked up and down under my fingers, eliciting an electrifying shudder each time I passed over her little clit. She was breathing heavily and squirming on me, grabbing at my loose t-shirt, as I kissed her shoulder and ear.

My left hand circled her asshole as my right continued to work my daughter's pussy, rubbing up and down, inserting the tip of my finger into her unbelievably tiny hole. I squeezed my girl's hips and held her down against my hand, grinding her into it, and she gave a small shriek.

"Ahhh! Oh...god Daddy, don't stop, please!" she gasped in my ear. "That's making me feel so good, so happy Daddy oh I love you keep doing that, don't stop Daddy!"

My girl moaned as her breathing intensified and she began bucking her hips. My fingers plunged deeper, going up to the first knuckle as I rubbed her sweet little pussy and bobbed her clit with my thumb. My baby girl shuddered on top of me, clenching my shoulders, as I thrust my fingers into her cunt. Her hole was so tiny I didn't know how deep I could get my fingers in there. Second knuckle now, her Daddy's big fingers filling up her pussy, and making her pant with pleasure. I worked them in and out of her wet slit, rubbing in and around the little hole, squeezing and pushing.

Her whole body suddenly bucked against me, and I grabbed her butt to steady her and shoved two fingers up inside my daughter as far as I could. "Eeeeeaahhhh yesss DAAAAAADDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!" she squealed as all her muscles tightened. I held her to me in a suffocating iron grip and kissed her shoulder as she convulsed in orgasm. My sexy little girl jerked on top of me and gasped out labored breaths as she squeezed my sides with her legs. The walls of her pussy clenched wildly on my fingers, pulsing in frantic rhythm. Finally she collapsed onto my chest, spent. Patting and squeezing her rump, I slowly pulled my sticky fingers from her pussy. Her crotch was wet with juices and I could feel the rapid race of her heartbeat through her chest. She opened her eyes and looked into mine with a glazed look somewhere between fear and ecstasy.

"Shhh, it's ok honey!" I soothed as I stroked her hair. "That's what it's like when a Daddy makes his baby girl feel happy." Her legs were still trembling as she rested her head on my shoulder, gasping heavily.

She seemed to recover as her orgasm subsided, sitting up slightly and grabbing my hand, wrapping her tiny fingers around mine. "Daddy, that's the best I've ever felt! I didn't know being happy with you could feel this good."

She was wiggling the rest of her body to get comfortable. My urgent motions as I drove my baby girl to orgasm had freed my rock-hard cock from my boxers. It stood proudly in the air, pressed up against her wet behind. She flexed back against it.

"Hah, feels like you're happy again Daddy. Do you want me to make you feel like you did in the shower?"

The full length of the supple 7-year-old girl pressed against me was irresistible. Her nipples tickled my chest as her chest heaved with excited breathing, and my tight prick felt like it was going to explode as it rubbed against her wet crotch. She was perfect, amazing, and I loved her more than anyone I had ever known. I knew then that I would do anything to make her as happy, to fulfill her every need as thoroughly as I could.

"I've got a better idea. There's a way a Daddy and daughter can both make each other happy at the same time. It's even better than what we just did." Her eyes widened in amazement. I threw the blanket off of us, revealing our sweating bodies in the dull blue light of the TV.

"Just lay back on the couch baby girl" She did as I asked and I got up and went to a nearby cabinet. The landlord had apparently anticipated a lot of sexual activity from his renters, and he had left a locked cabinet with lubricants, condoms, and equipment like dildos and handcuffs to use. I got out a small tube of lube and returned to the couch.

My sweet, naked, little girl lay there on her back, white skin illuminated in the flaring light of the television, still panting from her orgasm. The field of her beautiful flat chest was broken by the two tiny pink points of her nipples, hard and pointing to the air. Her face was flushed red with excitement and the pretty wet slit lay open and inviting, just waiting for her Daddy to come. She looked up at me with a smile and mouthed my favorite word.

I pulled off my t-shirt and threw it away. It was time to take what my sweet angel offered. I pulled down my boxers and kicked them aside. Nothing more would stand between me and my daughter. My taut penis waved proudly in the air, drawing my daughter's eyes. I got down on my knees in front of the couch and pulled my baby girl bodily towards me, spreading her legs, getting her tiny pussy level with my raging cock.

"We'll use some of this lube sweetie. You're such a small little girl I'm not sure how much can fit, but this will help." She nodded uncertainly.

After lubing up my dick and my girl's pussy, I bent forward to embrace her. We kissed passionately, as I shoved my tongue in my daughter's waiting mouth. Every part of my little girl excited me - her perky nipples, her delicate shoulders, even her sexy stomach which I kissed my way down gently until I reached her pussy. I spread her lips and looked at her tiny, waiting hole. A 7-year-old girl just does not have much room for anything, but with the lube I thought I could at least get a little bit inside her.

I lined up my raging erection with my baby girl's slit, rubbing and squeezing my head over the lips, spreading my precum and the lube all over. Just the head of my prick seemed massive compared to her teeny little gap, and when she looked down at it, I think she realized for the first time that her Daddy's Big Thing was going to go INSIDE of her. I pushed forward, spreading my daughter's lips, pressing the head of my prick inside.

I couldn't believe how tight my little baby girl was! Even with the lube, I wasn't sure I would be able to get in. I pressed forward and finally felt her little cunt lips snap over the head of my prick. I looked down at my sexy daughter, already shuddering from the sensation, and I couldn't believe it. I was shoving my dick into my own daughter! And I loved it! I had never fucked anything so sweet, so angelic, so sexy, as my little girl. I gave her a moment to adjust, her tiny pussy already quivering from such a large intrusion. I could feel her muscles rippling and gliding over the head of my prick, inviting it in to her sweet tunnel. Slowly, I tried to push in a bit more.

"Daah-aaaddy oooh it's BIG" she moaned, as her hands shivered and quested for mine. I took them in my own, interlocking her tiny little fingers with mine as I pushed my prick inside her, pressing forward into her virgin pussy.

"I know baby girl. This may hurt a bit the first time, but only the first time. After, you'll be able to take Daddy in like this and make us happy all the time."

She swallowed and nodded at me, and I think it's that nod that assured me, more than anything, that she loved me and trusted me and would do anything for me. Sure, it would hurt the first time, but her Daddy would protect her.

Holding her arms down with mine to stop her wiggling, I pressed forward again into her tight hole, splitting it wide. My daughter instinctively spread her legs even further. It was a struggle, but I managed to get about a third of my cock into my 7-year-old daughter before I stopped, and then just held there as she quivered. The muscles of her tiny pussy wrapped around my prick tightly, grasping and massaging it from all sides. Her chest heaved up and down, erect nipples swaying. I began moving back and forth, and she held her eyes closed as I invaded my daughter, thrusting forward, planting my prick in my daughter's belly. We didn't say anything now, communicating only in gasps and moans as I moved in and out of my daughter, getting her used to the motion of fucking her Daddy. She cooed and her petite body writhed under me in pleasure. I knew it was time. I drew back, almost slipping out of her hole, and with a major forward thrust, buried as much of my dick into her as I could, breaking through the resistance of her hymen and slamming her back into the couch cushions.

She shrieked. Her back arched. A small stream of drool dribbled from her mouth as her Daddy took her womanhood. Her hands grasped mine like I was a lifeline as her body went wild with new feelings. Her pussy spasmed, squeezing my prick from every direction. It strained and sucked, inviting even more of my massive cock in. I pulled back and and thrust in again, electrified by the sight of my sweet baby girl, my 7-year-old lover, writhing and gasping in waves of sexual pleasure as I buried my fat cock as deep into her tight little baby hole as I could manage.

"Daaah-oh, yeah...ooooo Dad yesssss into me Daddyyyy please do it I love it more pleassssss DADDY GOOOOOOOOOD YES"

Her toes curled, her head snapped back, and fingers gripped mine like iron as I felt a raging rushing torrent flood from my balls to my prick and thunder into my girl's pussy.


"Take it baby girl, you sexy little angel. Take your Daddy's cock inside you! UNNNNGHHH GOD YESSS!" my own roars matched hers.

My dick spasmed and my muscles jumped as I looked down as my baby girl, my thick cock squeezing into her pussy, as she writhed in orgasm, her Daddy's cum erupting into her pussy and womb. Jet after jet of my thick seed fountained into my daughter, filling her up, and I thrust several more times in ecstasy before I collapsed on top of her.

I'm not sure how long we lay on that couch, holding each other, kissing and running our hands over each other's bodies. The movie had ended and a Western had taken its place. Eventually my prick softened and slipped from my daughter, and I just held her as we basked in the afterglow of orgasm. I loved my little angel and she had given everything to me. She was the perfect girl and I couldn't imagine ever having anyone else. When she looked up at me, her deep blue eyes shining in the light of the TV, and gently whispered "I love you Daddy", my throat choked with emotion. I buried her mouth with mine and kissed her deeply as a lover, as someone who would always protect her and give her everything she needed, as a Daddy.