WintermuteX Stories

My Baby Girl and our Baby Girl

By WintermuteX

Tags: MGg, inc, pedo, preg

Content: Father/Mother/Daughter, Incest, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

"No waaaaaaay! Hahaha, grooooooss!"

Mia ducked down beneath the edge of the bed and scampered into the hallway, squealing girlishly with her long brown hair trailing behind her. Shae and I laughed, watching her go.

"She'll come around." Shae grinned up at me from between my legs, then opened her lips and wrapped them delicately around my cock again. Blue eyes fixed me with a piercing, horny gaze as my oldest daughter slowly slid the moistened shaft into her mouth.


The long rumble in her throat translated into a delightful buzz on the tip of my prick, sending a shiver of hot pleasure racing up my spine. Shae was a natural, an unparalleled cocksucker, and her smoldering expression as her Daddy's rigid member trembled between her cheeks sent another flash racing up from my crotch.

Raw sunlight flooded our bedroom through the blinds, spilling over my daughter's naked form as she bent over me on the bed. She was gorgeous, her slender body a landscape of pure loveliness and flawless skin crowned by the lustrous golden hair that dangled down and brushed my legs. Her arched back and curving thighs could have been lifted straight from the lines of some Greek statue, molded to depict a virgin's perfect form. My baby girl was no virgin though - not since I had first fucked her when she was 7. Every year she had grown more beautiful in my sight, and every year I had seen her love for me grow, reflected in the sapphire gaze that so effortlessly held me spellbound. Her eyes were locked on mine, shining in the sunlight, watching me hungrily and reading my slackening jaw and growing moan to see just how far along her Daddy was.

And I was close already. Even after all these years, it took only the barest touch of my little girl to coax that raging fire into my cock. She saw it in the shudder of my lip, reading my arousal like an open book, and gently pulled up in a slow, slippery slide until my bulging prick finally popped out from between her lips.

She was heaving with excitement herself as she sat up and moved to straddle me. I caught her wink and the subtle gesture of her head, and pretended that I didn't notice the tiny head peeking into the open door of our bedroom, brown eyes as wide as saucers and fixed on the lewd point where her parent's crotches were now touching. Mia could see everything; she was welcome to. We had long ago resolved to keep not even the smallest secrets from our daughter. She would never have any reason to be shy, or ashamed, or fearful in the slightest of the things that went on in the bedroom. She slept with us because she wanted to, and her 7-year-old mind had become increasingly fascinated by the things that Mommy and Daddy did to show their love to one another. Shae and I shared a knowing grin, knowing that we were performing for a curious audience again. She sat up and moved her legs to straddle me, sitting with my slippery cock nestled against the warm cleft of her cunt. I could feel her bare bottom wiggling against my thighs in anticipation. I reached down and filled my hands with those delicious buttcheeks, squeezing, encouraging the slow motion that rubbed our genitals together as my eyes traveled the sensual wonderland of my daughter's naked body. Slender, petite, with small breasts and a curving hourglass figure every bit as tight as before she had had our two children, Shae's beauty captured my focus and left me spellbound as it always had. 22 now, and she had barely changed over the years, retaining the small, girlish body and lithe figure she had had even as a child. Her hips were a little more round, her shoulders and chest fuller, and her butt had developed an extra handful of squeezable delight as she became a woman. It was that bump though, that drew my eyes. That growing bulge in my daughter's pregnant belly was the most erotic part of her, a perfect mound of flawless skin that proved how much she loved me and how fully she had given herself to me.

Shae rose up, slowly, and reached down to position me at the base of her slit. She hovered there for a moment, the sticky warmth of her tunnel brushing my glans, looking down at me tenderly. If there was one thing the years of being married to my daughter had taught me, it wash how fucking horny she was when she was pregnant. I kept up, somehow, as she roused me every morning, stroking or sucking me to hardness and then climbing on top of me for a good-morning fuck.

Tight, slippery friction engulfed my cock as my daughter slowly impaled herself on the rigid flesh. Sticky heat throbbed in time with our racing heartbeats, the loving pulse of our bodies reverberating where we connected. Shae's pussy shuddered with delight as I entered her, her muscles clamping tight and massaging her Daddy's manhood as it slowly penetrated to her depths. She loved this part, I knew, loved the moment when her Daddy's hard cock parted the folds of her labia and slipped inside her. Welcoming moisture lubricated the slow slide of my daughter's body as she lowered herself, taking each inch into her pussy with a fresh shudder of pleasure.

Our thighs touched again as she bottomed out. Shae groaned, an airy, girlish sound, and she began to rock, grinding on her father's hard rod, relishing the firm length that was nestled all the way up against her womb. I squeezed her hips and let out a rush of air, savoring the familiar sight: the trembling jaw, the stiffening nipples, the sudden arch of her neck as she threw her head back with the lustrous golden shine of her hair cascading around her shoulders. I had seen it all a thousand times, and it never paled. We had made love more times than I could count, and I knew I'd never tire of that sweet moment when my little girl felt that first rush of pleasure from my cock. Her body twitched and her fingers clenched, relishing it, before she finally sagged forward and curled her fingers in my chest hair, opening her eyes again to beam down at me.

I felt that familiar ache in my heart, that yearning, desperate passion I felt whenever she smiled at me like that. In the car, at home, across the dinner table, or in bed with her naked body pressed up against me - always the same smile, intimate, warm, as bright as the sunlight from the window that haloed her in crowning glory. It never failed to catch the breath in my throat. Even as a girl her beauty had been stunning, catapulting her into a lucrative modelling career, but to me she had always possessed a magnificence impossible to describe. Not just because I saw her through the lens of a proud father, who had raised her from an infant, and not just through the eyes of her husband, the pair of us married 7 years ago in defiance of how the world would judge us. It was her eyes, deeply blue and shining with love whenever she looked at me. And it was her smile, so quick to her face and perpetually brimming with a genuine and unbridled affection that couldn't help but bubble over and infect whatever hapless target she trained it on with a giddy joyfulness. That grin was turned on me now, a warm beacon drowning my senses and filling me with a feverish warmth that coaxed a fresh rush of blood into my turgid prick.

Shae hovered over me like a sensual angel, grinding slightly, a ravenous look on her face. Her pussy massaged me like liquid velvet, squeezing tightly with incestuous glee. The flawless skin of her hips was damp with sweat as it brushed up and down under my fingers. I could feel the tension building in her muscles - taut pleasure ramping up as her father's cock moved inside her. She loved it, couldn't get enough of it - still, though we had been married for years and been making love far longer than that.

Her sudden rush of breath signaled her swelling passion. She stopped grinding and tilted back, raising herself up. I groaned as my slippery shaft withdrew a few inches, tinged red and glistening with her juices. Shae hovered at the apex of my manhood for a teasing moment, her eyes fixed on mine, and then she thrust herself down again.

"Oh-OH!" She squeaked and shuddered, arms trembling, as if the sudden penetration had sent a shock of pleasure throughout her body. She savored the feeling for a moment, her eyes fluttering,before raising up and shoving herself down again onto my meaty length.

My fingers dug into her hips as I held on for the ride. Shae wanted to do all the work, so I was going to hang on and enjoy it. Her mouth twisted and her body squirmed with pleasure as she raised and thrust herself down again, fucking her father with abandon. Maybe she was particularly horny this morning. Maybe she wanted to give a good show for her daughter, show her how much fun fucking could be. Whatever the reason, she was squealing and bouncing with even more vigor than usual. I relished the sight, taking in the jiggle of her slight breasts, the erotic curve of her pregnant belly and the arc of her neck as she threw her head back, enthralled by the pistoning pleasure of her Daddy's manhood digging at the deepest recesses of her cunt.

Three sets of labored breathing washed the bedroom. Shae and I panted our love for each other in a heavy tempo of gasps and groans, accompanied by the barely audible panting from our daughter as she peeked from the open door. I kept an eye on her in my peripheral vision, seeing the heavy flush of embarrassed excitement on her face.

Shae jerked and twitched, gasping as she bounced ferociously, and I realized she was on the brink already. She twisted and her moaning grew to a garbled cry, then she thrust down savagely and tensed up like a lightning bolt had struck her body. I held her steady, hands tight around her waist, riding the spasming waves of her pussy as it clamped down and convulsed wildly around my cock. My daughter came loudly, her orgasm sudden and fierce, her back arched and her head shaking wildly in the throes of her ferocious climax.

"Da...Da...Dad...Daddy!" She squeaked each word out through twitching lips before finally pitching forward onto my chest, still shuddering, her fingers gripping my chest so hard that she was pulling out the hair. I wrapped my arms around her back and held her tightly to me, enjoying the lingering jerks in her hips. Hot breath washed my face. Her lips caressed my cheek. The racing pulse of her heartbeat thudded against my chest. How many times had I held my little girl in my arms like this? Naked, the pair of us shuddering together, sweat lubricating the slow slide of our bodies. My little girl. Not so little anymore, but still small, with a slender, delicate frame that nestled against my chest like she had been born to rest against it. I inhaled and relished the scents of peach shampoo and sweat and fresh sex that wafted from her body.

She trembled in my arms for a few moments longer, riding the ebbing wave of her orgasm, then went still.

"Daddy..." She cooed in my ear, and I felt her unseen smile, so utterly familiar to me. "I love you Daddy."

"Love you baby girl." I let my hands drift down her back and squeeze the delightful slopes of her butt.

"You didn't cum yet?" She whispered.

"Just a little more sweetie." Our motions had dwindled to a languid rhythm, but I was close. Just watching my daughter squeal her way through an orgasm was practically enough to get me off.

"She's still watching," I whispered in Shae's ear.

"Hmmmmmm." The sultry moan rumbled against my neck. "She's curious. Every 7-year-old girl is curious. And curious girls like to watch. I told you."

The brown eyes still peeked from the shadow of the doorway like a peeping cat.

"Let's give her a nice ending to our show, shall we?"

Shae grinned fiendishly at her own suggestion as she pushed herself up again. My straining prick was still buried tightly in her cunt.

With an erotic arch of her back, Shae began grinding against me. Her breasts jiggled just in front of me, and I felt the slide of her pregnant belly against mine. Working her hips, gasping, my oldest daughter humped herself against me, her motions growing quicker.

I reached up and squeezed her tits - small, pleasing handfuls, warm in my fingers. Shae's pelvis worked against mine, and the rhythmic thrill of pleasure in my crotch swelled up as my cock throbbed in her sticky heat.

My fingers clenched, pinching her nipples. Shae squealed, her body jerking from the touch, and the lurch sent me tumbling over the edge. White heat spurted from my loins like a volcano. Shae's hair was tumbling around me, rippling in the golden morning light. I felt her breath hot on my cheek. My hips jerked and spasmed, bucking up into her with liquid passion spurting out of me like a river.

Hazy bliss fogged my senses. I drifted on the currents of euphoria, riding my climax with my daughter shivering against me. A murmur of passion tumbled from her lips and trickled into my ear - wordless whispers of passion from my little girl to the Daddy she loved more than anything.

I opened my eyes. Shae was beaming down at me like a dream, sunlight cascading down her hair. Those little eyes at the doorway had disappeared with a muted squeak as we stopped.

Shae kissed me, passionately, then moved her hips to pull off me. Our genitals stuck together for one blissfully sticky instant, then I popped out. Shae rolled over next to me, breathing heavily, then sat up.

I rested in the bed, luxuriating in the warmth of the sun as Shae went to the bathroom. I heard the water running. What a beautiful morning, I mused. A lovely daybreak and a morning fuck with my little girl. Funny. I still thought of her that way, and always would. It was the way she looked at me, eyes shining with devotion, that said that she would always be mine.

I looked over at the open door of the bathroom. Shae hadn't come out. I groaned and rolled over on the sheets, then got up to check on her.

There she was, standing naked in front of the mirror, inspecting her body. Her hands rested on the smooth skin of her belly, slowly massaging.

I stepped up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, letting my hands cover hers. She leaned back into me gratefully. Our hands moved slowly, in small circles, feeling the heat of her belly together.

"12 weeks now," she said, her voice soft. I nuzzled her ear, inhaling her scent. My lovely girl, with our baby growing in her belly.

"Want me to measure?" I asked. She nodded, still staring into the mirror. I grabbed the cloth tape measure from the counter and spooled it around her waist.

"Another inch," I said. Shae beamed proudly. She had given me our first daughter at 14, and even then as a girl her motherly smile had seemed to shine with an inner light. Having a second child hadn't dampened it in the slightest. I rested my chin on her head and my hands on her hips, massaging up and down. Her body was still slender and tight, almost nubile, with a perfectly trimmed pussy that still glistened with the leavings of our love.

"Hmmm, that's such a good look on you," I murmured.

"You say that every day." She swatted my hand with a smile.

"It's true."

"See if you'll say that when I'm so heavy I can barely stand up."

"Oh I will." We were swaying together, our hips moving. My flaccid prick was lodged up against the crack of her ass. "I've seen it twice before. It's glorious."

Shae snorted. "Glorious like a beached whale. Remember how big I got with Mia?"

"Well, you were a lot littler then," I said.

"Yes...yes I was." Her hands squeezed mine, an affirmation of love. "Only 14. I wanted to have your baby so bad Daddy."

I remembered. It had nearly torn us apart. A painful memory, but it had laid the foundation for the rest of our relationship.

"And I'm glad you did," I said. "It was worth it. Every moment."

We rocked side to side, our bodies moving together with my arms wrapped around her, reflecting in silence.

"Ok Daddy," she said, straightening up. "Let me take a shower before breakfast at least."

"You don't want to go again?" I was nuzzling her ear again, touching it with the tip of my tongue."

"Good grief." She swatted me playfully again and broke my grip. "I'm all sweaty. Go find your daughter. I'll only be a few minutes."

I relented, giving her a final pat on the ass as I left. The morning sun felt so refreshing as it flooded through the blinds into our bedroom. I found my boxers and pulled them on along with a t-shirt, then went down the hallway.

No sign of Mia. The little scamp liked to hide whenever she thought we were looking for her. I shrugged to myself, then stepped out onto the deck. Seagulls cried out over the blue gulf of the ocean, dark shapes against the rising sun. I leaned on the railing, enjoying the fresh air swirling around me and the vast expanse of purplish clouds and orange sky that stretched out to the horizon. A myriad of tiny boats moved almost imperceptibly on the water. I watched their lazy progress in the morning light.

After a few minutes, the smell of cooking pancakes began to waft from the door. I turned and went back in. The table was already set, with Mia having appeared in a chair as if by magic and Isabelle burbling happily in the highchair next to her.

"Morning, tiger," I said. "Sleep well?"

Mia yawned as if she had just gotten up.

"You guys are noisy," she said, pretending to grouse.

"Sorry we woke you up sweetie. You know how frisky your mom gets in the mornings."

Mia shrugged as if disinterested, but I smirked to myself thinking of those lurking eyes in the doorway. It was far from the first time she had watched us. She had dressed in just her purple cotton panties and the pink shirt that said "Daddy's Girl" on it. The shirt had been Shae's once, when she was about 12. It was much too big for Mia. The long sleeves almost hid her hands and the neckline drooped over her bare shoulder. She had dug the shirt out of storage when playing in the garage one day, and Shae and I didn't have the heart to tell her no.

"Who's hungry?" Shae appeared from the kitchen doorway, bearing a plate with a large stack of pancakes.

"Meeeeee!" Mia held up her plate, bouncing on the chair. Shae grinned and began heaping pancakes onto it.

"We have strawberries too. I picked them up yesterday." Shae circled the table and began to pile pancakes onto my plate. Not burnt this time, thank goodness. Shae was perhaps slightly better at cooking now than she was when she was a girl, but I still did most of it. She liked to make breakfast though.

"Sounds delicious." I brushed a hand thankfully across Shae's bottom. She had slipped on panties and a sheer morning gown, eschewing her bra. She was as averse to wearing heavy clothing around the house as she had ever been.

"Gweeeeeeee!" Isabelle shrieked, the toddler suddenly clapping her hands together happily. Shae smiled as she sat down next to the highchair. Unlike Mia's brown hair and eyes, Isabelle looked like a spitting image of her mother. One year old, with golden hair, and her blue eyes were already as deep as Shae's.

The dining room filled with the mealy sounds of us eagerly scarfing our pancakes. Shae alternated between feeding Isabelle her pancakes and eating them herself. For a few minutes, our house - normally so noisy - was almost quiet. Mia had toppled a huge spoonful of strawberries onto her stack of pancakes and then drowned them in syrup and was now ripping off huge chunks and stuffing them in her mouth.

This was what I loved: watching my three beautiful girls, all of them smiling happily as we ate around the table as a family. Idyllic, almost. We had our problems too but getting along as a family wasn't one of them.

"I'm done!" Mia jumped up abruptly from her chair. "Daddy, can you come play outside with me?"

"I have stuff to do today baby," I said.

"Like what?" Mia pouted.

"Well I gotta work on your mom's car again. It still has that problem starting."

"Can I watch?

"Why would you want to watch?"

Mia shrugged nonchalantly. "I like to watch."

Shae and I shared a smirk. Mia came over and leaned dramatically on me so I couldn't finish my last pancake.

"Come ooooon. Please Daddy?"

"Mia, you're on my arm."

"Uh huh. I'm not letting you get up until you promise."

"Oh you're not, huh?" I gave the girl a mock scowl.

"Nope. I want to go to the woods. Please?" Her pleading smile was perfectly calculated for maximum adorableness.

She had latched on to me like a leech. I shifted in the chair and stood up, hefting her off the floor. Mia swung from my outstretched arm, screeching with laughter, holding on with both hands.

"Man, I just have so much to do today," I said with mock seriousness. I stepped towards the living room, letting the girl dangle from me as she laughed with delight. I turned in a circle, swinging her around, enjoying her squeal. She liked to wrestle, liked how strong her Daddy was. My bicep was flexed taut from holding her up, but she was still light enough to do this.

"It's too bad there's a fungus shaped like a little girl growing on my arm," I said. Mia howled with laughter as I shook her, trying to dislodge her. Somehow she managed to hang on.

I looked down at her. "Look, if I promise, will you stop acting like a monkey?"

Mia nodded up at me, panting, her eyes hopeful.

"Ok, I'll go with you."

"Thanks Daddy!" Mia let me go and slammed my waist with a hug then disappeared like lightning, galloping down the hallway to her room to get ready.

"Mia," Shae called, "don't forget to put your plate in the sink."

Hearing nothing, she craned her neck to look in the family room.

"She's already gone," I laughed. I went and sat by Shae, who was cleaning up after feeding Isabelle.

"That girl is an animal," Shae muttered. "At least Isabelle doesn't run around like a chicken with her head cut off."

"Not for a few more years at least," I agreed.

Shae wiped Isabelle's lips a final time, then touched the girl's nose. "Who's my lazy little girl? You are!" Isabelle squealed with delight and reached out her hands for mommy. Shae stood up and hoisted Isabelle out of the chair, resting the toddler's head back on her shoulder.

"You two have fun," she said. "Don't let her get all dirty like last time."

I laughed and gave Shae a kiss, then collected an armful of dishes and silverware and headed for the kitchen to wash up.

Sunlight filtered down through the treetops overhead in slanting beams, bringing golden warmth. The relentless chatter of birds surrounded us. I looked up. The morning sun had promised a beautiful day, but I spotted some gathering clouds ready to change that.

"Daddy, look!"

Mia was crouched by a stagnant pool next to the creek, peering down into it. Brown smudges from the muddy ground had rubbed onto her sneakers.

"What is it sweetie?" I asked, picking my way over a fallen log to reach her. She had skipped ahead through the woods as we followed the meandering water upstream. I could never get her to just walk. She always darted back and forth, a bundle of girlish energy.

"There's a froggie." Mia pointed into the pool. I crouched next to her and rested a hand on her back. A lazy bullfrog crouched half in and half out of the still water.

"There's probably more than one," I said. "Look, see?"

I pointed to the deeper water of the pool, where a few more frogs were barely visible in the murky depths.

"A whole froggie family," Mia giggled. Her hands darted down and closed on the frog before it could hop away.

"Careful sweetie." I rubbed her back. "Be gentle. You don't want to hurt him by accident."

"I'll be careful." Mia peeked through her fingers into her cupped hands. Mud squished between her fingers.

"He's so cute," she said, grinning innocently. "Can I keep him?"

"Sorry hon. We have to let him go back to his family."

Mia held the frog a moment longer, then nodded. She opened her hands and the slippery creature leaped back into the water and disappeared as if offended.

"Bye froggies," Mia said. She wiped her hands on her dress, and I groaned internally. I had promised Shae I wouldn't let her get too dirty, but there were already other patches of mud on her blue summer dress. Mia stood up, the dress falling to her knees and the frogs already forgotten.

She darted off with a squeal again, and I followed with a chuckle. It was impossible to match the boundless energy of a 7 year old. Mia skipped and hopped and clambered over rocks recklessly, bursting with enthusiasm. She loved it when we walked in the woods like this. Shae and I had forbidden her from playing here if one of us wasn't with her. She had begged all morning, and I finally relented and said I would go with her.

Luckily the house was only a few minutes away. This was an easy trip, one we had done several times before. It never seemed to get old for Mia though. She loved being outdoors with her Daddy.

"Don't go ahead too far sweetie," I called.

"Kay." Mia hopped across some small holes in the forest floor as if she were a frog herself, then grabbed a low-hanging branch overhead and kicked her feet playfully before dropping back to the mud.

"Daddy what kind of tree is that?" Mia pointed at a nearby trunk.

"That's an oak tree," I said.

"What about that one?" she asked.

"Um, that's a poplar...I think."

She nodded and resumed her mad scramble. She always did this, peppering me with questions about everything we saw and soaking in the answers like a sponge. Plants. Animals. People. Cars. Her attention flitted about like a nervous bird. As far as she was concerned, her Daddy knew everything. Sometimes she seemed to take a special delight in trying to stump me.

I treasured these days spent with my daughter, and could never help comparing her to Shae when she had been that age. Mia had warm brown hair where Shae's was blond, but she had the same squealing boundless vigor. Her playful streak was a bit like her mom's, but Mia was just as likely to swing to mock seriousness.

"Are there fish in there Daddy?" Mia had paused by the shore of the creek.

"Hmm, maybe very small ones. I think it's mostly bugs, maybe some snakes."

"I don't like snakes," she proclaimed, with all the gravity a 7-year-old could muster.

"Well, your mother doesn't like them either," I chuckled. "But they have a right to get along too. They don't hurt anybody and just want to live their lives in peace. Like the frogs."

Mia seemed to accept this, looking down at a green patch of algae running along the side of the creek before scampering ahead. I trailed behind, enjoying the last of the sun's fading warmth on my face. The clouds were moving in, dark and ominous.

Around the bend of the creek, a small rock face was blocking the path.

"Here sweetie, I'll help you up." I snaked my fingers together, making a step for Mia. Mud squished from her shoes onto my fingers as I boosted her.

I looked up, watching Mia scramble the rest of the way. Shae would probably kill me with how much mud was getting on her. The skirt of her dress billowed open, and I caught a flash of purple cotton panties between her legs. Something in me gave a little shiver. My little girl was growing up, growing out, becoming plump in some alluring places. She was slender like Shae, almost the same build. I'd have to be a dead man not to notice how my daughter was beginning to flower.

"Ok baby girl. I'm coming up." The rock barrier was only about 8 feet high, with easy handholds. I hauled myself up, feeling clumsy compared to my daughter.

The forest floor was elevated here, giving us a nice view of the surrounding trees. Mia stood with me as we admired the view.

"You know you're going to be 8 tomorrow, squirt." I tousled her hair. "You're growing up so fast. It was 8 years ago when you were born. Happiest day of my life. You were a pretty baby."

"Is mommy going to have the new baby soon?" she asked.

"Not for a while," I said.

"Oh." Mia seemed to think about this for a moment as the silence of the woods settled in the still air around us, broken only by the occasional chirping of birds.

"Can I have a baby too? Like mommy?" She was looking up at me. Her expression was ernest, innocent as only a little girl's can be.

"Someday, sweetie." I rubbed her shoulders affectionately. "Someday, but that's for when you're more grown up. I don't want you worrying about things like that at your age.

"Didn't you first try making babies with mommy when she was 7 too?"

For once, there was no trace of impish subterfuge in her expression. Just honest curiosity. Mia liked to try to ask leading questions when she wanted something, or to prove something to the stupid grownups, but now she was serious.

"That's a bit different, honey. Girls don't have babies that young. We were together a lot, but we didn't think about babies until much later.

I stiffened my hand on her shoulder and touched her mouth to silence her reply, then pointed down the sloping ridge with my finger. Mia's eyes followed, seeing the trio of deer that had emerged into a grassy patch of wildflowers.

"Oooooooh they're so cuuuute!" She whispered into my fingers.

The buck and his doe strode through the grass, unconcerned, bending to crop some bushes. Behind them trailed a little fawn, stepping tentatively with his little black nose raised in the air and snuffling.

"Hold still, so they don't run away.

"They're just like us," Mia whispered, considering the animals. "Mommy and Daddy and a baby."

She pointed at the doe. "Is she his daughter too?"

Well, probably not, sweetie. They're unrelated. They probably met in the forest one day and it was love at first sight.

"Oh." The word was tinged with disappointment. "So they're not quite like us."

I always tried to step carefully here. Mia was just beginning to understand the ramifications of the marriage that Shae and I had, and how untraditional the love that our family shared was.

"No, they're not. You know most people don't marry their own family members. We talked about this. It makes people upset. We live out here because the few people who know leave us alone to live in peace, just like the frogs and the snakes.

"Daddy, if most people don't do it, why did you marry Mommy then?

I collected myself with a deep breath, and crouched down next to her to take her hands in mine - a father trying to guide his daughter.

"Because we loved each other. And I don't mean the simple way that people usually feel their families. We...we connected. Fully. We fell head-over-heels in love. Eventually we realized that we loved each other so much that we wanted to be married.

Mia chewed this over, gazing at the peaceful huddle of the deer in the open patch. Something spooked them, and they pranced out of sight into the undergrowth. I took Mia's hand and we walked quietly for once, her trailing along deep in thought.

"I love you Daddy," she said suddenly.

"And I love you, sugarpie." Her body was warm on my clammy arms as I bent and hugged her, patting her wavy hair. She stared at me with a serious expression, her eyes brown and innocent and sparkling with light reflected from the the moving water.

"Do you love me like you love Mommy?

There it was: the goal of her questions. I took her in with my eyes, the lovely girlish body and the light blue dress. She reminded me so much of Shae at her age, so sweet-hearted and eager to please. I didn't know what to say to her.

I was still mulling over my reply when the quiet murmur of the forest was interrupted by a crack of thunder. Rain began pouring down abruptly, running off the canopy of vegetation and soaking the ground.

"Damn," I muttered, standing up. The rain collected rapidly into sloshing rivulets of mud. I took Mia's hand and guided her along with me, back the way we had came. So much for the sun. I wiped my face and flung away the dripping water.

We were soaked by the time we got back. My shirt was damp and sticky, and Mia looked like she had been blasted with a hose. The rain hadn't helped the mud much. I had Mia wait on the rug by the back door while I fetched a pair of towels.

"Ok, hold still Mia," I said, crouching down next to her.

I wiped her hair first, getting the worst of it, then turned her around. Wet droplets shone on her face. I rubbed them away, then tweaked her nose to earn a giggle.

The blue dress was plastered to her body, soaked, bare skin visible through the clinging fabric. Her tiny pink nipples poked at the fabric, making little tents.

Mia just looked at me, smiling sweetly. I cleared my throat and wiped her arms. It wasn't like I didn't see my daughter naked all the time, as free as we were around the house, but there was something enchantingly erotic in the way the little dress hugged her dripping body.

"Let's get this off you," I murmured, ignoring the stirring heat in my pants. Mia raised her arms over her head, grinning, and I took a deep breath and pulled the hem all the way up, past her arms, collecting the dress like a soggy rag in my hands.

Damn. She really was beautiful. Every bit as alluring as her mother. I rubbed her flat chest with the towel, drying the skin in slow strokes, then turned her around and wiped her back and legs. The pink panties clung tightly to her buttocks.

"Thanks Daddy," she said. Her hair was still slick around her shoulders.

"Ok squirt go change your underwear." I slapped her butt and she squealed, then scampered off down the hallway.

The rain had let up just as we got back. That figured. I peeled off my own shirt and went looking for Shae, eventually seeing her through the window of the bedroom. She was strolling in the garden with Isabelle in her arms. She must have just stepped out to check the plants after the downpour.

Even with the remote location of our house, we had high privacy walls around the garden area. Shae liked to tan out there, and we liked making love outdoors too. Shae had taken a small interest in gardening, to my surprise, and the walls were hidden by creeping vines and wooden planters bursting with profusions of colorful blooms. She strolled along slowly, pausing by a tall sunflower to let Isabelle reach out her chubby toddler hands to touch it.

Fortune had been kind to us in the end. I still had steady work in the shipping industry, though I stayed low-key to avoid meeting anyone I knew in our past life. Shae had been earning a fair bit of money doing custom tailoring when she had a break from being a mom. She was still passionate about fashion, and was friends with the owners of virtually every clothing store in town.

Contentment had come to our lives, at long last, after the fearful years of trying to hide our relationship and the struggle of having to leave everything behind and get married in a foreign place. I sighed with satisfaction as I watched Shae's lips move, talking to our child and laughing. The breeze rippled her white summer dress in gentle strokes. Her smile was happy and genuine, and the sight of her filled my heart with warmth.

I pulled on some dry clothes, then left the bedroom to walk in the garden with my daughters.

Sweat beaded my heaving chest as I thrust relentlessly. Shae was squirming, twitching against the covers with her pregnant belly hanging down and her butt thrust in the air as I slammed into her from behind.

The grunting sounds of our passion filled the bedroom. I squeezed Shae's hips even tighter, digging my fingers in and rocking with the motions of her pelvis. She felt so amazing with her pussy wrapped lovingly around my cock. Slippery. Tight. Wet and full of delicious squeezing heat. It cradled my bulging cock, seeming to suck it in, an invitation to push deeper into my daughter's cunt.

"F-fuck me daddy. Hnnnng, god, fuck me!"

The words tumbled out as if banged loose before she devolved in breathy gasps again. Her fingers were rigid, clenched tightly into the pillow on either side of her head. The sweep of her naked backside stretched out before me, back arching with pleasure. She was so beautiful wrapped around Daddy's dick like this. I guided our motions with one hand, pistoning into the sticky tunnel, and let the other brush her back. Soft hair, a golden cascade bouncing around her shoulders. Smooth skin. The hot flush of our lovemaking burning under my touch. I ran my hand up and down her back, feeling my little girl twitch, then squeezed her ass.

Shae squealed, on the brink of her climax. I upped the pace, grunting like an animal and slamming my prick in like a jackhammer. God she felt good - still the same lustful, passionate girl I had drilled throughout her childhood. She fit me perfectly. She felt so right, like my baby girl's cunt had been formed specifically for me, a snug tunnel quivering with need for her father's manhood. Her slender body flexed as she groaned, an erotic angel bringing squeezing heaven to my aching prick.

The walls of her pussy trembled with the mounting earthquake of her pleasure. My cock surged hungrily, glistening with her juices as I rammed it in and out. My daughter. My baby girl. My little angel, grown to adulthood now but her heart perpetually filled with childlike enthusiasm. She grunted, losing control, burying her face in the pillow and screaming. I barrelled in a final time like a battering ram, cock smashing against the gate of her womb.

Hot liquid raced up from my clenching balls and fountained into my daughter's body, a tide of heady euphoria thrumming from my cock to my head to her spasming cunt like a live circuit.


Shae's long cry as she climaxed on my cock leaked out of the pillow, background music to the clamor of my own orgasm washing over me. Muscles rigid, hot flesh throbbing, I held on to her hips like a drowning man, buried inside her and relishing the velvet walls that clenched me so tightly.

The dizzy haze of my slowly tapering orgasm fogged everything. I pitched forward, feeling Shae underneath me, then beside me as we rolled over together. The sheets were a tangled mess around us like a shipwreck after a storm. My groan rumbled from a far off place, heavy with bliss, satisfaction, the delightful post-coital feeling of my own daughter's body drawn up against me with my cum seeping from her slit. I opened my eyes.

"Hmmmm." Shae was beaming at me, her face so close to mine that I could feel her heated breath on my lips.

"Daddy..." she whispered, her words as pregnant as her belly. She planted a wet kiss on my forehead. I was still reeling, eyes glazed from our shared orgasm.

"You know," she murmured, snuggling her shoulder even closer, "you sure know how to fuck a girl."

"Lots of practice," I muttered. My hand slid down her side and over her hip, feeling the supple curves. "And you know nobody gets me as hard as you do."

She trailed a single finger down my chest, running it across my pecs and through the curling hairs.

"You know, if we had a dollar for every time you've cum inside me, we'd be rich."

"Millionaires," I agreed. She giggled pleasantly as we cuddled, then planted a kiss on my lips.

"I love you Daddy," she said.

"Love you too baby," I murmured.

"" Her voice was an annoyed tease.

"Baby girl," I corrected myself.

"That's right. I'm your Baby Girl and don't forget it. Never stop calling me that." She fixed me with a sultry smile. "You know how much I love it".

Some things would never change. She had filled my life with love and offered herself to me completely. She had given me two children already, precious gifts that had transformed my outlook on the world. But still, I'd always be her Daddy and she's always be my little Baby Girl.

The questing finger moved between us, drawing down over my belly, coming to my groin. Her hand wrapped around my flaccid organ, slick with our shared love.

"Ready to go again?" she purred.

"Sheesh." I twitched at her touch. "Give a guy a few minutes at least."

"Uh-uh. We haven't done it all day. You've got make it up to me.

"Slavedriver," I chuckled.

"Daddy's got to keep his little girl happy," she whispered, hot breath washing my face.

The gentle fingers coaxed a distant thrill in the spent flesh of my cock. Shae twisted on the bed, bringing her face to my groin. Her tongue snaked out, licking my glans, tasting the slick remnants of our passion.

I should have been used to this by now. She sometimes got like this when pregnant, going even more wild than usual, attacking me with total sexual abandon. Crazed hormones made her demanding, and every dripping gift I spewed inside her just seemed to ratchet up her excitement. There wasn't much I could do other than hold on for the ride and enjoy it.

The feeling of moist lips slithered around my cock, caressing it. I groaned and buried my fingers in her long hair. God she was good. Nobody could suck cock like my daughter. She was a natural. The tentative suction of her mouth slowly enveloping me began to stir a new heat in my crotch.

The light from the lamp was low, but I couldn't miss the flicker of motion in the doorframe. Tiny eyes peeked in, enthralled, watching our activities. We had all settled in for a movie after Shae put the baby down, and we had left Mia fast asleep on the couch when it was over. Maybe we really were noisy. The curious girl couldn't help herself - she had to know if Daddy and Mommy were doing that thing in the bedroom again.

My daughter's expert tongue had coaxed my cock to a mounting revival. I groaned, flexing with the pleasure. Shae hummed against me, vibrations bringing me to a turgid readiness. Gleaming brown eyes watched Shae's bobbing head from the door with timid fascination.

My cock grew stiff and erect under my daughter's expert hands. She gently nudged me and I rolled onto my back. Shae sat up. Wetness glistened on her pussy lips as she moved to straddle me.

We paused momentarily, my throbbing prick lined up and waiting at the gate of my daughter's cunt as we both savored the imminent thrill of our incestuous act - father and daughter, committed, wedded, ready to cleave the sticky love of our genitals together. I'd never get tired of fucking her, and she'd always be my sweet little girl in my eyes.

My cock spread the moist pussy lips and pushed in. The feeling of velvet heat engulfed me. I groaned and flopped my head back into the pillow. Shae's thighs lowered, quivering, until my erect prick was buried to the hilt inside her.

"Mmmmmph." Shae had long ago perfected that adorable expression, the needy one where she bit her lip. It was reserved for me only - a sultry stare full of begging desire, a hunger for what only I could give her. She stared down at me, grinding her hips, moving my cock inside her, then threw her head back in an exalted gasp.

Beautiful. My breath caught in my throat. Her hair shimmered golden in the lamplight. Her breasts swayed slightly, nipples stiff. Her skin was smooth as satin. Shae groaned, back arching, an erotic portrait of swelling pleasure as I touched the need inside her. Fingers squeezing her thighs and cock buried inside her, I moved my hips with her motions, keeping our grinding rhythm going.

We swayed together, interlocked, connected in more ways than one. The pulse of sticky heat wrapping my cock began to quiver rapturously. Shae's fingers brushed over my chest, curling in my chest hairs, as her hips flexed into longer motions, letting my cock slide in and out. Her movements gained momentum, going from grinding to fucking. Long, sensuous slides of my daughter's gripping cunt mounted into a roaring heat in my crotch.

Shae was bouncing rapidly now, her hips raising up and slamming down, as if desperate to be impaled by my prick, to drive it ever deeper into her tunnel. Her body flexed, twitching with pleasure, and I could see the pulses trembling in her arms like breaking waves. She was close.

My hips bucked, moving with her, banging my prick upwards with each motion and drawing a squeaky gasp from each thrust. Shae hovered for a moment, teetering on the edge of her climax, her body eagerly bouncing up and down, hair flying, fingers clenched as she rode her Daddy wildly on the bed. She slammed down a final time, burying me inside her, and convulsed as her orgasm swept over her.

Seeing my baby girl writhing on the pleasure of my manhood sent me soaring to a sudden climax too. Her pussy muscles spasmed around me, massaging my cock as it bulged even tighter inside her. My own neck arched against the pillow, a breathy moan of passion escaping my throat as my own orgasm rose up like a storm. My balls clenched and my dick tightened and I felt the lightning jets of hot love race up and squirt out into the tight confines of my daughter's insides. Hips jerking together, we filled the bedroom with our cries, holding nothing back.

The torrent of gooey heat spat like a firehose, spewing semen in my little girl's cunt. The flowing passion moved inside of us. I could picture my cum racing out, finding the gate into Shae's pregnant belly closed, and filling up her tunnel with squishy fluid. Her pussy muscles raced, as if desperate to soak it in.

Our bodies stayed locked together in rigor for a moment longer, then Shae collapsed forward onto me with a long groan. Her hair spilled over her shoulders and brushed my chest.

"Hmmmm," Shae murmured, head resting against my pecs with a satisfied smile on her face. We cuddled in languid motions, hands running over each other's bodies. I wondered if she had had enough now, if she could ever get enough. Her appetite for her Daddy's cock was insatiable.

Eventually she lifted up with a groan, and we popped apart. My flaccid prick slapped wetly against my thigh. Shae rolled over and cuddled up next to me the way she liked to, and I wrapped an arm around her shoulder. We held each other as our racing heartbeats began to fade together.

Mia appeared in the doorway in her shirt and panties, rubbing her eyes as if freshly woken from a deep sleep.

"Mommy? Daddy?"

"Hey there sweetie," Shae said, her voice sounding like she was half asleep already. She beckoned our daughter into the bedroom.

"I fell asleep on the couch," Mia proclaimed.

"We know, tiger," Shae laughed. "Come on up and go to bed with us."

Mia crawled up onto the bed as I worked to disentangle the sheets. She squirmed her way between us, her t-shirt brushing our bare bodies. She looked down when she felt the slick juices of her mother's thighs.

"Mommy? You're wet again."

"That's because Daddy gave me a special treat." Shae kissed Mia's forehead and then brushed it tenderly with her fingertips. "Here, want to feel the baby?" She moved Mia's hand to rest against the bump of her belly. Mia smiled back at her mother, and I was struck by how similar both of their grins were.

"I don't feel her. She's not kicking," Mia said.

"Well maybe it's because she's sleeping now, like you should be doing, honey."

I pulled the sheets up over all three of us. Mia liked to fall asleep between us a lot, her tiny body bracketed by the warm presence of both her parents. Shae caressed Mia's head, humming softly.


Shae opened her eyes again, wearing a patient smile.

"Daddy says I can't have a baby yet," Mia said, her face scrunched as if telling on me.

"You're too young Mia," Shae said. "Just wait a little bit sweetie."

"But I want to have a baby in my belly like you do." Mia's frown was pleading. She wanted so much to be just like Mommy.

"Girls can't have babies until they're a little older, around 12 or 13," Shae said. "You're still little. You don't need to be thinking about having babies yet."

"Oooooh." Mia's disappointment was palpable, as if her teenage years were unfathomably far away.

"It's ok. Just go to sleep, angel." Shae's fingertips brushed lightly through Mia's hair where it trailed on the pillow.

We began to drift off again, our breathing slowing in the silence of the room. Shae and Mia were pressed up against me intimately, a pair of warm delights in the bed.

"Mommy? Can I make pancakes tomorrow?"

"Hmmmm." Shae stirred slightly, her eyes fluttering. "Sure baby. Sure. Your dad can help you."

"No! I want to make them just like you make them, the way you always make them for Daddy," Mia insisted.

"Ok, ok," Shae laughed, relenting. Mia smiled, delighted that she had found some way to be like Mommy at last.

I fumbled with my hands and turned off the lamp. Darkness covered us, but it was cozy under the covers with the three of us pressed up against each other. I listened to the breathing of both my daughters as it slowed and wondered about those gleaming eyes, Mia watching us make love. She adored her mother, and wanted to be like her so bad and do everything she did. Everything.

She reminded me so much of Shae at that age. Innocent, extroverted, and with an unrelenting love that she shared freely. A little more serious, more precocious, but with the same underlying warmth of character.

I cupped my little girl's face in the darkness. Asleep already, nestled between us. Her lithe body was cuddled up against me, and even though I had just cum in Shae twice, the feel of Mia's nipples grazing my chest and her thighs resting against mine coaxed a warm thrill down below. Memories rose up in my drifting mind, of Shae when she was 7, when we first made love in the rented beachhouse. It seemed a lifetime ago, but it was where it had all started.

Sleep overtook me like a creeping fog, turning to warm dreams of my daughters, and the unfettered love we shared together.

"Happy birthday sweetie!"

Shae grinned like a lunatic and raised the camera just as Mia pulled open the top on her gift box. The shutter snapped. Mia dipped her hands in, a look of awe on her face as she felt the fabric.

"Come on honey, pull it out so we can see it."

Following her mother's encouragement, Mia pulled the dress out of the box and fluffed it in the air. Brilliant white, with a small bit of lace around the neckline, edged with blue ruffles. It had a rural, country-girl flair. Shae had made it herself, working on it for weeks.

"It's so pretty Mommy," Mia said, her mouth hanging open. She seemed overawed by the gift, still holding it up delicately with her fingers as though it were too precious to touch.

"Let's try it on," Shae enthused, clearly relishing the chance to dress her daughter in her own handiwork. She helped Mia pull up the little green t-shirt, leaving the tiny girl topless, then dropped the dress over Mia's upthrust arms.

The fabric rustled and Mia's head popped through the top. She smoothed the dress with Shae's help and looked down in amazement. The skirt was very short - barely covering the little girl's panties, and the top hugged her slim waist tightly. Shae's measurements were never wrong, I knew; she wanted her little girl to have a short skirt.

Mia lifted the hem of the skirt and glided her fingers over the edge, feeling the silky ruffles. She looked thrilled.

"It's so nice. Thank you mommy!" Mia embraced her mother, smiling warmly, her delight almost palpable.

Mia had gotten virtually everything for her birthday, tearing through the stack of presents with glee. A spoiled child, but Shae and I could scarcely hold back sometimes. We had saved the most personal gifts for last.

"There's one more present sweetie," Shae said, placing a jewelry box on the table. The polished cherrywood seemed to gleam invitingly in the light. I glanced at Shae. This was a gift I hadn't seen, but I could swear I had seen the box somewhere before. She must have come up with this one herself.

Mia fingered the little brass clasp, amazed, then slowly pulled the box open. Inside was black velvet cradling a silver pendant with a blue sapphire, strung with a delicate chain.

"This is a grown-up gift honey," Shae said, reaching in and pulling out the necklace. Mia stared slack-jawed and amazed. I recognized the pendant: it was the same one I had given Shae on her 8th birthday. I hadn't seen it in years. I didn't know she still had it. She must have dug it up from storage somehow.

Mia stood still, overawed, enamored with the beautiful pendant as Shae draped it around her throat and hooked the clasp in the back.

"Daddy got this for me when I was exactly as old as you are now," Shae said, smiling. "He got it to show how much he loved me. Now I want you to have it."

Mia's fingers touched the silver tentatively, and she looked up, eyes brimming.

"Thank you mommy. I'll take extra-special care of it." Mia jumped up to hug her mother again, and Shae wrapped her arms around her daughter, squeezing happily. The grin that Shae leveled at me was almost conspiratorial

"Sweeeeeeee!" Isabelle whooped from her high chair, as if afraid of being forgotten. Shae laughed and rubbed the toddler's head, then wiped away the small trickle of spittle on Isabelle's lips.

"Ok tiger, go put this stuff in your room," I said, gesturing to the other presents. So much wrapping paper. Mia gathered the stuff in her arms, beaming, and I began to wad up the scraps of paper to clean up.

Isabelle squealed again, and Shae stood up to get some food for her from the kitchen. Isabelle didn't make much noise, but she could screech like an air horn when she was hungry. The little tyke ate enough for 3 kids, I swore.

Mia returned from her room and helped me gather up the trash without having to be asked. Even at 7 she was a very responsible girl. We tossed the last of it into a garbage bag just as Shae sat down again with a bowl of mashed potatoes. She dipped the spoon in and waved her hand around, making dramatic airplane noises. Isabelle followed her mother's hand with her eyes, enthralled. The spoonful of food made a sudden divebomb and plopped its payload into Isabelle's mouth. The kid gurgled with a sour look before remembering that she liked to eat and began to chew.

I watched them together, warmth in my chest. These were the moments I treasured the most. The early years had been tough, but Shae learned fast with my guidance and had turned out to be an extraordinary mother. The love she had for her little girls could scarcely be contained. It shone from her face with pride. Pride, at our two healthy girls. Pride at our family. Pride in what we had risked so much to try to build together.

I was daydreaming, leaning back in the chair and watching them across the table, when Mia plucked at my shirtsleeve.

"So Daddy, when can we go?"

"Go? Where we going hon?"

My perplexed expression seemed to incense her.

"You promised!" Mia said, her face transforming into a dramatic pout.

"You said you'd take her out on the boat today for her birthday and let her do some of the lines," Shae reminded me. Oh. That was right. Somehow it had slipped my mind. I looked out the window to gauge the weather: sunny with scattered clouds, pretty good for sailing.

Mia was tugging at me anxiously as if she was going to rip off my sleeve.

"Ok honey. How about going right now? Never a better time and the day looks perfect."

"YAAAAAAAAAY!" Mia squealed exuberantly, hugging me frantically, then prancing around the table with excitement.

"You going to come too, Baby Girl?" I asked Shae. She smiled at me and shook her head.

"Gotta feed this little devil again. I swear that she's a mutant and her whole body is all stomach. Eat and poop. Nothing else. Mia didn't eat like this.

"Maybe," I chuckled. Shae had left unsaid how often she got seasick when we went out on our boating trips. She didn't come very often.

"Just the two of us tiger," I said. Mia squealed with glee.

"Go get ready and get your stuff for sailing. Remember how I showed you?"

"Yes Daddy!" Mia ceased her prancing and darted away like a lightning bolt.

I sighed and got up, gathering my things as well then meeting Mia at the back door. Our house was on a small cliffside above the water, but we followed the narrow switchback that meandered down to the beach with Mia skipping ahead of me. She really did look great in that dress, like a model girl posing for a photographer in a field of flowers. It carried an air of country innocence, but the way the skirt bounced on her bottom and flashed her panties caused a stirring feeling in my pants. My little girl had grown sexy without me even realizing it. She was slim, like her mother, already having shed the baby fat, and her hips and her bottom had developed pleasing curves that drew my eye like a magnet. 8 years old, and she was already a knockout.

Our boat was waiting for us near the end of the pier. Mia skipped ahead of me confidently, feet clomping on the boards. Shae had braided her hair before we left, since I didn't want her loose hair catching on anything on the boat. She had sturdy tennis shoes and her little backpack with supplies in it. She looked ready, with a serious look on her face.

Mia vaulted onto the deck of the boat when we got near. It was just a modest cruising yacht, with a 38-foot hull, a tiny cabin, and a single mast with 2 sails. Not too amazing compared with some of the luxury yachts we sometimes spotted out on the water with us, but it was one of the best purchases I had ever made. I liked to go out frequently with Mia, and Shae if she felt up to it, to spend a peaceful day out on the ocean waves.

Mia was learning fast, too. She helped me get set up, undoing the hitches, pulling where I told her to and holding ropes in place. We got the sails unfurled easily, and I cast the moor lines to set us free then took a hand at the motor to lead us out.

Wide-open sky and water greeted us, blowing a cool breeze into our faces that tempered the heat of the sun. After a few minutes I set the jib, turned off the motor, and let the wind carry us on. The ocean was gorgeous - calm waves and clear air all the way to the horizon. I tacked a few times to take us away from some other yachts, and let the pleasant solitude wash over us.

Mia was on the deck up front, letting the spray of the water splash on her. She loved this. It let her feel like Daddy's Big Girl, to be able to go out with Daddy and help him with the boat. She had been growing up so fast. It seemed like only yesterday she had been a toddler, crawling around and getting into so much trouble that it nearly drove Shae mad. Now she had grown old enough to take a much keener interest in what Shae and I did in the bedroom. She knew her mommy was also her sister - we were always honest and open with her, about everything - but to her that was just normal. Sex was such an integral part of our lives that we had resolved not to try to hide it. We never wanted our daughters to be ashamed or scared of their sexuality, or anyone's. We answered any questions she had, patiently, openly. Now her curiosity had grown far beyond mere questions.

The hours passed in lazy conversation. Mia peppered me with questions like she always did - What kind of boat is that over there? Which fish live here? What does it look like down on the bottom of the water? - and I answered her as best I could, chuckling. Eventually she ran dry and stood on the deck staring out over the water. The sail was set tight, so I went up and stood behind her, resting my hands on her shoulders.

"Daddy?" She asked, craning her head to look up at me. "Do you love Mommy?"

"What kind of question is that?" I laughed. "You know how much we love each other."

"Did you always love each other?"

"I've always loved her from the moment she was born. Every Daddy loves his daughter."

She contemplated this, staring over the water again.

"But you loved her more when you started having sex? When she was my age?"

The motion of the boat rocked us from side to side as we stood. I massaged her shoulders gently with my hands, trying to frame an answer.

"It was the start of something for us," I said. "I didn't even know it at the time. Maybe you could say we began loving each other in more ways than one. We grew so close. We shared everything."

She leaned back into me, her braid brushing my belly as she stared towards the horizon. That was what she wanted, I knew. To share everything. It was in her nature, just like her mother's.

"Did you know there was a point where I wasn't sure if your mom loved me anymore?"

"Really?" she asked, looking up at me again. I nodded.

"Yes, for a little while. But it was because we were stupid and didn't talk to each other like we should have." I tried to dampen the matter to something an 8-year-old could understand better. "So we assumed things that were wrong, did things that hurt each other without realizing it. But that's all in the past sweetie. After we figured it out, well, that was when we decided to have you."

"Oh," she said, lapsing into silence to ponder this. I let the wind carry us on, standing contentedly with my daughter pressed against me. She loved her Daddy. She wanted to be like Mommy. Those motives had driven her questions the last couple of days. I wondered where this would end up. I loved her dearly - as much as her mother. How much farther would our love go?

I spotted stormclouds gathering on the horizon, driven before the rising wind. It seemed the pleasant weather wasn't going to hold.

"Daddy? Can I do the sail this time?" Mia gave me her most adorable and supplicating smile - the one that always worked - and I remembered my promise to let her do some of the work this time.

"Ok Baby Girl," I said. I showed her again how to release the jib sheet and pull on it so the jib sail could turn us away from the storm and point us back toward the coast. She listened carefully and did it just like I had showed her. Smart girl. She was quickly becoming a natural. I knew I'd have to let her do more and more, or endure the full brunt of those puppy-dog pleading eyes that she used so effectively.

Driving wind filled the sails, and the boat rocked to the side as it tacked sharply. It was picking up awfully fast, and the wind was choppy, gusting fitfully. I wondered if we would make it back before we got rained on. It wouldn't have been the first time. The little cabin was comfortable enough to ride it out if we needed to.

With the jib set, I double-checked everything else from fore to aft - hitches tight, everything in place. Mia had gone to stand up front at the bow, shielding her eyes and squinting against the glare of the fading sun. I didn't really like how far up she was. The toes of her tennis shoes were hanging over the side.

I was just heading up the deck to tell her to put on her lifejacket when a sudden gust of wind rocked the boat. I heard a crunch and a snap, and a flash of metal as a hitch broke loose. The jib pole swung inward suddenly and smashed into Mia's head from behind. With horror, I watched as my daughter's body went right over the side.

A tiny voice in the back of my mind pleaded for calm, but it was drowned in the cacophony of panic. There was no stopping the adrenaline that dumped into my veins, the instinct that propelled me in a long stride across the deck, the icy fear as I gripped the rail and peered out over the dark water with my breath stuck in my throat.

A slow drizzle of foam marked the spot where she had gone under. It had only been a few seconds. My eyes darted back and forth, until I spotted her dress wafting just under the surface of the water. Her arms were moving. I waited, resisting the urge to immediately hurl myself straight into the water after her, counting each second like an eternity in my head. If she had hit her I stilled the raw panic in my gut. If she didn't come up again in a few seconds I would go in.

Mia's head broke the surface with a large splash. She gasped heavily, treading water, the white trail of her dress drifting around her in the water.

I reached down and seized her wrist and hauled her bodily out of the water, all the force of my fatherly terror driving my biceps as I lifted her up over the rail. She coughed, nose drizzling, spitting water as she knelt on the deck.

"Mia!" I hugged her madly, my heart still thumping. "Are you hurt baby? Talk to me. Did you hit your head? Are you ok?"

She coughed again and shook her head as I battered her with questions.

"I'm fine Daddy, I'm fine. Ouch!"

It was only then that I realized I had been squeezing her like a pillow. I let go. Probably the only thing that hurt was her crazed Daddy crushing her with a hug. She had been swimming practically since she could walk. Living next to the ocean, I had made damn sure that she knew how, and I had timed her treading water until I was satisfied before I ever took her out on the ocean. Shae was already an expert swimmer, and I was looking forward to also teaching Isabelle also in a few years.

My heart was still pumping, but my panic was waning. She was fine. A few seconds is a lifetime for the imagination to conjure every horrible scenario when you see someone you love have an accident. I hugged Mia tightly as she crouched on the deck, arms around her wet little body.

She was completely soaked through. The dress was translucent and stuck to her skin everywhere. I realized her teeth were chattering. Between the water and the icy bite of the the wind she was freezing.

I lifted her up and carried her to the cabin to give her what little shelter the boat had. I set her on the side bench and began to rub her arms.

"D-daddy I'm c-c-cold..." she said.

"We'll get you warmed up baby, don't worry."

I filled a mug with water and heated it in the microwave, then dumped some hot cocoa mixture in it. Stirring the drink, I crouched down by Mia again and handed it to her.

"Here, drink this."

She glugged the drink greedily and handed the cup back. That would help a little, but her little body was shaking on the bench. She was cold all the way through and still soaking. I pulled away some of the hair plastered to her face.

"We need to get these clothes off sweetie," I said. "Stand up for me."

She got to her feet shakily, and I grabbed her dress and pulled it up over her arms. She stood topless in front of me, her skin speckled with droplets. Two perfect little pink nipples adorned her flat chest, so lovely and innocent. I swallowed, feeling a sudden stir as I undressed my daughter. I reached for her panties and pulled them down and let her step out of them.

She crossed her arms and rubbed them again, naked and shivering. I grabbed a towel and started at the top, drying her hair. Her little braid drooped down miserably. It was still dripping water. Mia leaned into me as I rubbed her down, getting my shirt completely soaked too.

Hair, dry. Face. Ears. Neck. Shoulders. I wiped it all clean, my blood running hot with fading adrenaline. Or maybe it was the feeling of a cute little preteen girl's naked body rubbing against me. So sexy and cute, even as she shivered vulnerably. I rubbed her chest dry, taking maybe slightly longer than I needed to. She really was gorgeous, my little girl. Her little pink nipples were puckered in the chilly air. I brushed them again even though they were dry.

Hugging her to me, I patted down her back. She was drying out, but still shaking, teeth chattering uncontrollably. She wasn't getting any warmer. The damp has transferred from her skin to my shirt, and now the clammy fabric was rubbing against her again.

Well that wasn't going to help. I stopped just long enough to pull off my shirt, and my shorts for good measure, then let her lean against my shoulder as I ran the towel down her legs. She seemed to like that, melting into the warmth of my arms. Maybe my body heat would help.

Trying to ignore the growing erection in my pants, I dried her bum, relishing how the plump little cheeks squished under my hands. I was going to get every nook and cranny. Every inch of this little girl. I felt responsible. Mia trusted me but I had let us grow careless. I chased down every droplet, as if I could wash away my guilt with the water.

My trembling hands came to her crotch, the cute little pair of puffy lips so smooth and hairless and pristine, a delicate slit just barely peeping from between her legs. I worked the towel slowly, patting her private place dry, and she leaned into me harder and groaned. There was no mistaking that sound - the lilt of a little girl quivering on the edge of arousal. I knew it so very well.

Finally dry, I pulled out a blanket and we sat down on the deck together with her leaning back against my chest, my arms around her chest for warmth and the blanket wrapped around us. It was helping. The shakes were slower now, her teeth finally stilled. She still felt like an ice cube, but the heat of my body's excitement was seeping slowly into her skin. I wondered how it was that I hadn't noticed how lovely she had grown. It had crept up on me somehow. A perfect little tummy, trim, marked by an adorable belly button. Slim thighs, curving hips. My fingers explored on their own, unable to help themselves as they traced the smooth skin of her thighs, the sweet little tummy, then rose to the flat field of her chest where the two tiny peaks of her nipples jutted like pink gumdrops.

Mia squeaked when I touched them - just a tiny, tentative brush, but she jerked as if electrified. Shae had been almost unbearably sensitive in her nipples her whole life; it took almost nothing to get her started when I touched them. Just the tiniest pinch, a gentle flick or two, and she'd turn around and jump on me like a rabbit in heat. Was our daughter the same?

We sat together for a while longer, our bodies pressed against each other until her cold skin finally thawed. She groaned approvingly whenever my fingertips caressed her little nubs. Her breath slowly accelerated to excited panting as I worked them. My little 8-year-old girl was massively turned on, and the jutting shaft of flesh digging against her bare bottom made it obvious how much her Daddy was enjoying this too. Mia knew exactly what it meant when Daddy was stiff like this.

She suddenly jumped in my arms, startled, and her hands flew to her bare neck.

"Oh no!"' she squealed. "I lost it!"

"Lost what?"

"Mommy's pendant! The one she gave me. It must have come off in the water!"

She leaped up, still naked as a jaybird, and dashed out to the deck to peer over the edge.

"It's gone, sweetie," I said, coming up behind her and laying a hand on her shoulder.

"It can't be! She got it from you, and she gave it to m-me, 'cause we were the same age...the same...she g-gave it to me..."

She was breaking down, crying. I crouched and hugged her.

"Shhh, it's alright baby girl. It's alright. Don't worry."

"B-but it was special. And I lost the water..." her words tumbled out between sniffles, her head drooping with despair. "And I got her dress all wet. She'll b-be so mad."

"No she won't," I said, cupping her chin and making her look at me. "Listen, Mia. She won't be mad. I'm not mad. It's just a necklace. A thing. It wasn't the necklace itself that was so special to your mom, it was what it meant to her when I gave it to her. That's what she treasured. That's what she wanted to share with you."

"Are...are you sure?" Mia was staring at me, eyes glistening hopefully.

"I know your mom well enough to be sure," I chuckled. "She's going to be freaked that you hit your head, and grateful that you're alright. Don't worry about the necklace or the dress."

I hugged her again, arms around her naked body, comforting her as she calmed down.

"It's alright sweetheart. Go lay down with the blanket again. I need to get the boat back in. Ok?"

Mia nodded and went to curl up in the little cabin. We had been drifting aimlessly as we dried out, and the air temperature had dropped rapidly as the dark clouds had closed in. I didn't like the menacing feeling of the wind, but I set the sails and let them catch it. The sheets billowed tightly and caught hungry air. The boat tacked hard, water splashing, as I brought us around and headed back to shore.

"Oh my god! What happened?!"

Shae had dropped the dish she was cleaning back into the sudsy sink and rushed out of the kitchen when we came in the back door. I was carrying Mia in my arms, her naked body cocooned in the blanket.

"Mia, talk to me sweetie. Are you hurt? Did you break something?" Shae was cupping Mia's head, fussing over her like a frightened animal.

"Mommy, mommy stop. It's ok." Mia squirmed as her mother pawed her, looking for broken bones. "I just hit my head a little and fell in the water and got wet. It's fine."

"Just a small accident," I said, to Shae's relieved expression. "Bad wind. Hitch came loose. Probably a rusted bolt. I'm going to strip everything on the boat and check it all. Not going to happen again."

"Baby, you two gave me such a scare." Shae clutched us both in a ragged hug. "With the clouds coming in I expected you back an hour ago."

Mia was squirming. I let her down. She seemed to wilt as she hugged the blanket around her shoulders.

"Mommy uh I...I lost your necklace. And I got the new dress all wet. I'm sorry." She looked miserable.

"Probably came off in the water," I added.

"Oh don't worry about that sweetie. It's alright." Shae crouched and hugged Mia, then caressed her head. "I'm just glad you're ok. We'll get the dress washed up good as new. Now let's get you a bath, honey. You smell like seaweed."

Shae gave me a hug and a kiss just for me, then helped Mia shed the blanket and led the naked girl to the bathroom. I watched them go. The adrenaline had drained on the way back and left me feeling like a shell, but my mind still buzzed, stimulated by the intimate contact with my 8-year-old daughter. My fingers twitched, thinking of how good it felt to touch her hips, to run them along the firm globes of her ass, to brush the little pink tips and feel the quaking of her body.

I shook my head to clear it. What a day. I probably stank too, I figured, so I stripped down and stepped into the other bathroom, burying myself under the flow of a hot shower.

"Oh I think the bruise will be gone in a day or 2," Shae said. "It's tiny. She must not have been hit very hard."

"Not very," I admitted. "Just enough to tip her off the deck I think."

"She's had worse tumbles trying to do handstands in the yard."

"And when I first got her the bike," I agreed. It wasn't Mia's first spill. Kids got into all kinds of trouble. It was part of growing up.

Shae was tracing a finger down my bare chest, facing me as we lay together in bed. It was late. Mia had got cake for her birthday, then ice cream, then she had insisted I play with her outside until the sun began to set. Shae had put Isabelle to sleep and afterwards we had watched two of Mia's favorite movies back-to-back, huddled together on the couch and eating popcorn. Her bedtime had passed hours ago but we had ignored it. Spoiled kid.

"I'll bet you two had so much fun cuddling together out there," Shae giggled.

"I was just warming her up," I mumbled. "The girl was ice cold."

"Mmm hmm. Well that's what she said in the bath, cuddling. 'I got to cuddle with Daddy,' she said. Like it was a birthday present. I'll bet you two kept each other plenty warm."

I laughed, and reached around to squeeze Shae's butt. She flashed me a wicked grin. No surprise there. She wholeheartedly approved of all forms of daddy/daughter quality time.

"I'd be lying if I said I hadn't noticed how much she's been growing up," I admitted. "It's hard to hold back."

"Oooh," Shae cooed mockingly, writhing against me. "Your little 8-year-old daughter's body all wet and pressed against you. So slippery. A shame you had to take all her clothes off. It must have been sooo hard on you."

I dug a finger into the ticklish spot on her hip and earned a screech of laughter. Her legs kicked, and I rolled over on top of her, trying to pin her with my weight. She shrieked, giggling and squirming.

We wrestled together playfully until I got her turned over, face-down on the pillow with me on top of her.

"I've thought about it," I said, bending my head to whisper hoarsely in her ear. "It turned out pretty good the first time."

"Mmmm hmmm." Shae wiggled her bare butt up against my groin teasingly. "You put your cock in my teeny tiny little 7-year-old pussy and I loved it."

Shae's words burned with sultry passion. She loved talking dirty like this. It made her crazy, wound her up like a spring until she could release all that pent-up energy.

"Did you know I almost thought there was something wrong with you when I first saw your cock?" Shae said. "It didn't seem like a person should have something that big just hanging off of them."

"Well luckily I gave you a series of very personal anatomy lessons to educate you," I laughed.

Shae squirmed under me until she was upright. Slippery sweat lubricated the motion of our bodies.

"I didn't know what one looked like, or how much fun they were,"' Shae panted. "But Mia knows. She's seen you naked almost every day of her life, and watched us fucking I don't know how many times."

Her hand had crept down in the space between us, reaching my groin and fondling my growing erection as it rubbed against her pregnant stomach.

"I've been thinking about it too," Shae confessed. "This thing, my daddy's big wonderful cock, sliding into my little girl and squeezing a big helping of baby juice inside. God, the thought makes me so wet."

Shae's voice was hoarse with lust, on the verge of meltdown. Her breath practically dripped hormones. The horniness when she was pregnant was overwhelming.

"I can see it pushing in," she murmured. "Just barely fitting, her little pussy lips stretched to their limit."

Her words and her fingers had coaxed a predictable erection out of me. She gripped my shaft to slide my glans along her slit.

"Remember how you had to go slow with me at first? My poor little cunt couldn't handle it."

"I remember," I said. "I was always a bit scared that I would hurt you if I went too deep."

"See? You always cared about me first. Just like you care about her."

"She's so much like you were," I chuckled.

"Pfft, she's nothing like me! She's always such a serious girl. I was playful. Carefree. Catty." Shae hissed and swiped her fingernails like cat claws.

"Like a cat in heat maybe," I said, bending to nibble her ear. Shae's skin was practically sizzling, her breasts pressed up against my chest and her thighs rubbing mine. Everything about my daughter was intensely erotic: her squeezably soft buttcheeks, her perfect thighs, the little baby bulge of her belly and the succulent mounds of her small breasts. Our breaths grew hot as I found each area, relishing them. Shae groaned underneath me, neck arching with pleasure.

I was ready for her to spread her legs and beg me to enter her but instead she swallowed and seemed to cool off. She rolled out from under me, her body slick and her pussy dripping, and we rested facing each other on the bed again.

"Don't want to go at it?" I asked. "You're feeling ok, right?" It was incredibly rare for Shae to ever turn down sex.

"Oh I'm fine. Just fine," she simpered, wearing a devilish smile. She didn't say anything more though. I wondered what hormone-crazed thoughts were lurking behind that grin.

"Mommy? Daddy? Do you guys want any more cake? I could bring you some."

Mia stood in the doorway in her green nightgown, the sheer garment hanging to her knees. It was the kind you were supposed to wear more clothes under, but of course we didn't do that in this family.

"Oh I think we're good sweetie," Shae said brightly. "We're still pretty full from dinner. You tired? Want to come to bed? Don't worry I'll put the cake and the other stuff away in the morning."

Shae beckoned Mia from the doorway, encouraging the girl to hop up on the bed with us. Mia squirmed right up between us like usual, like a hotdog squished between the buns of her parents.

"Been a long day for you kiddo," Shae smiled, brushing Mia's hair with her fingers. "You tired?

"Not really." Mia huffed some of Shae's long hair out of her face, then turned on her side as Shae prompted her with a touch. The girl snuggled back up against her naked mother, and Shae's arms folded around her lovingly.

"You know, I'm really proud of you sweetie. We both are." Shae caressed her daughter's face tenderly. "Daddy and I love you very much."

"Thanks mommy. I'm still sorry I lost your present."

"It's ok honey." Shae's arms squeezed her little girl with affection. "There will always be other presents. There's only one of you."

I was drifting and just beginning to wonder if that smoldering look Shae was giving me meant what I thought it meant, when she bent to whisper in her daughter's ear.

"Speaking of presents, are you ready for Daddy to give you your last birthday present?

My glazed eyes flew open and my cock stiffened again like concrete.

"Another present?" Mia turned her head to look up at Shae.

"Yeah Baby Girl. This one is very special, and it's already unwrapped for you."

Mia caught the drift and looked down at my erect cock. Daddy's penis pressing against her was a familiar feeling since we so often slept naked together, but now she was eyeing it with a keen interest.

I wondered why I felt any surprise. The approving twinkle in Shae's eyes whenever Mia and I did anything that might be considered intimate wasn't exactly a mystery. She liked it when we showered together. She liked it when Mia sat on my lap. She liked it whenever I dressed our daughter and sent her off to the school bus with a slap on the ass. She practically burned with the desire to share the joy of incest with her daughter. I guess my stupid brain had just considered it to be something farther down the line, always next year. But no. Shae knew exactly when she wanted her Daddy and her daughter to enter a sexual relationship: right at the same age she had.

"Daddy?" Mia's eyes were glistening with conflicting emotions. Desire. Apprehension. They looked up at me, soulful, deep brown wells of the girl's uncertainty and budding passion.

I shifted slightly on the bed, facing her, letting my rigid cock slide along her thighs unthreateningly. She had felt it before, but this would be the first time she grasped that Daddy was hard in bed for her, instead of just for Mommy.

I rested a hand on Mia's shoulder and slid it gently down her arm, trying to assure her with my warmest smile. Mia's trust in me was unflinching, rooted in her certainty of the infallibility of her Daddy. It was every bit as strong as her mother's had been at that age. She knew Daddy would never hurt her. She knew Mommy wanted to share everything with her. She wasn't afraid.

"Did you like what we did on the boat today Mia?" I asked.

She nodded, swallowing nervously. "Yeah Daddy. It felt really good. Not even the hot chocolate made me feel that warm."

"Which place felt the best, sweetie?" Shae asked, her arms still clasped around her daughter as they spooned together.

"I guess...I think it's when you touch me on my chest Daddy. I like that.

"That's Mommy's favorite spot too." Shae's sensual whisper into her daughter's ear spawned a shiver in the little girl's body.

"Daddy likes touching you too baby girl," Shae said. She moved her arms and grabbed Mia's wrist gently, moving her hand to mine. "Show him where you want him to touch you."

Mia pulled at my hand, drawing it to her. My fingers brushed the soft fabric of her nightgown, rubbing my prepubescent daughter's chest. Mia stiffened slightly, then relaxed as I massaged her. She moaned softly, her body feeling the flash of excitement.

My hands dug more hungrily, squeezing the promising mounds of her flat breasts, rubbing her hips and feeling the silky glide of satin. Ducking under the hem of her gown, my fingers buried themselves in the soft flesh of her buttcheek, giving it a delicious squeeze. Mia responded, warbling with pleasure. Her eyes fluttered. I slipped the hand on her ass all the way up inside her gown, rubbing her bare back from the inside. She began to squirm, relishing the rising heat of her first erotic feelings with her father.

Shae was planting kisses all along her daughter's ear. Mia quivered at the touch. The rush of stimulation from both her parents was stoking the unfamiliar feeling of arousal inside her 8-year-old body. The act of sex had never been a mystery to her, but sex itself was a playground of joy that she was just discovering the entrance to.

I ratcheted up the pace, hands gliding hungrily. A quick nipple pinch earned a surprised squeak from Mia, and I played with them delightedly, feeling her tiny little child buds. So much like her mother - a familiar instrument that my fingers already knew how to play. Tremors built in the muscles of Mia's neck, growing until her head was shaking, and she arched her head back suddenly to give her first involuntary moan of pleasure.

Her breathing was coming fast now, her chest heaving. I could feel her racing heartbeat. Shae ducked and locked Mia's lips in a passionate kiss, pushing her down against the bedding with the pressure. A second moan worked its way out of Mia's arched neck, muted and swallowed like a feast by Shae's working lips.

They broke with a gasp. "Ok baby," Shae said, looking nearly as worked up as the little girl pressed against her. "Here, roll over a bit with Mommy, onto your back. Just like that." Shae rolled with Mia then scooted back to lean against the headboard, pulling Mia up to rest back against her stomach. Her hands dipped and pulled the flimsy nightgown all the way up and over Mia's arms, then tossed it away.

It was the most seductive thing I had ever seen. Both my daughters lay sprawled naked before me, legs spread, Mia resting back with her long brown hair pooling on Shae's pregnant stomach. Shae was giving a comforting massage to the little girl's shoulders, whispering to her, telling her to open her legs a bit more, that Daddy was about to give her her present.

I scooted up on my knees, my cock lashing angry and red in the air until the waving tip found its perch against Mia's sweet little pussy lips. Funny, I had almost forgotten how cute an 8-year-old's cunt was, how pristine and hairless, an adorable slit that exuded innocence. Mia was still moving against her mother with heaving breaths, her body excited beyond the limits she had known. The motion slid my cock along the slippery cleft, friction spurring a shower of anticipatory pleasure that rumbled in my groin. My cock twitched against my girl's snatch, waiting, eager, tingling with delight.

"How you doing Mia?" Shae asked "You ready sweetie?

Mia gulped and swallowed, then gasped and nodded up at her mother. She was ready. Ready for the Daddy she loved and trusted so much to push his manhood up into her little virgin pussy, ready to squeal with pleasure as Daddy fucked her, ready to be like Mommy in every way that she could be. I could see it burning in her eyes, the lust to join us, to share completely in the love that Mommy and Daddy shared with each other so often.

"Listen, honey. There's a little bit of hurt the first time," Shae said, smoothing her daughter's hair. "That's just how it is. Then it starts to feel really good. Don't worry. Daddy's very gentle so he'll go slow. Remember to keep your legs open and just relax. We're right here with you sweetie."

Mia nodded nervously, undeterred. She was panting, naked body twitching and her bald little slit quivering against my flesh. Shae wiped a sheen of sweat from the girl's forehead and nodded to me, the go-ahead for the consummation of our incestuous triangle.

The bare cunt lips spread open slowly, welcoming me as I pushed my glans slowly in, then squeezed my shaft tightly as I popped inside. The first feelings of my little girl's insides almost overwhelmed me - tight heat, wet and gripping, the snug confines of an 8-year-old girl's pussy such a familiar and delicious sensation to me. Mia gulped, feeling her body stretched for the first time by her Daddy. A red flush was creeping up her neck. I held my tip there, just inside her gate, savoring the exquisite feeling of my daughter's trembling pussy as I took her innocence.

I sank in a bit farther now, stopping when Mia jerked.

"Eeek!" Her legs twitched instinctively, but she kept them open. Shae was rubbing her head affectionately, comforting her, whispering words of encouragement. The slippery grasp of Mia's pussy walls massaged me with electric shudders, her body adjusting, getting used to the feeling of a man sinking his cock into her cunt.

"That's good Baby Girl. Just relax for me a bit. Just like that." I rubbed Mia's hips as she got acclimated to the modest length I had shoved in her. I could feel her barrier already, my tip lodged against it and pressing it to its limit.

Shae wrapped her fingers around her daughter's hand and planted another kiss on her head. Mia was ready. Her brown eyes stared up at me, glistening with infatuation for her Daddy and the desire for me to go farther, to show her how much more we could love each other.

My hips jerked forward. One firm shove, and I was in. Mia bucked against her mother, brief surprise filling her eyes but fading quickly. Just a small flash of pain, soon to be buried under the mounting swell of pleasure from having her father's cock inside her. I let her rest a moment, cock lodged tightly between her bare cuntlips and enjoying the juicy warmth of her tunnel. She looked so tiny under me - just a child, with a child's body, pure and unsullied until now. I savored the sight of the thick rod of flesh that connected us, my turgid cock stuffed into the almost unbearably tight little hole between those puffy cunt lips.

We rocked back and forth, all three of us, moving just a tiny bit and feeling the flow of the rhythm, letting it swell and grow. I began to slide my prick gently in and out, one slow inch at a time, feeling the thrill of Mia's pussy walls clutching so enthusiastically. She was moaning, her eyes fluttering, already about to lose herself in the rising tide of new feelings that threatened to overwhelm her. Mommy's lips, kissing her forehead. Daddy's cock, pushing up inside her, touching the deepest place that she had never knew existed and igniting a passion that blazed up inside her like a bonfire. I watched her face, etching the memory in my mind - the taut expression of excitement on my daughter's face as I made love to her for the very first time

So delicate. So tight. Squeezing ecstasy rippled in my daughter's cunt. I held Mia's hips as I worked my cock in small, gentle thrusts. I could sense her forcing her trembling muscles to relax, spreading her legs as wide as they could go and shuddering with panting gasps. It hurt a little, sure, the sudden rip and then the tense fullness of being stretched so hard, but the lust I could see boiling on her face was drowning it out.

"You feel absolutely amazing, baby girl," I said, squeezing her hips and smiling at her glazed expression. "Daddy loves it. I'm going to go a little deeper now sweetie. Remember you can say if it hurts too bad."

Mia nodded, her lips tight. I sunk in, pushing another throbbing inch of my manhood into my daughter's virgin cunt. God, she really was so small. I was almost at the end. My cockhead sunk in slightly more with each thrust, digging between the narrow pussy walls, nudging open the deepest confines inside the girl.

"M-mommy." Mia's head was shaking against her mother's stomach, words squeezing out between heavy gasps. "Did it feel...did it feel good like this when...unnngh, uuuuuuugh...when you and Daddy...f-first did it."

"It sure did baby," Shae murmured in her ear. "Just a little bit of hurt at first and then it gets better and better. Next time will feel even more amazing too. There are so many fun things you can do with Mommy and Daddy in bed. We want to share them all with you. Daddy's going to have his cock inside you so much from now on."

Mia nodded, face flushed red with happiness. This was all that she had wanted, all that she yearned for - to be on equal footing with the family she loved in every way, not left out, but sharing in what we gave each other.

The squeezing tightness was driving me to a crescendo. Mia's pussy walls jerked spastically, throbbing and tightening, clamping down on my prick as I thrust into the wet cleft between her legs. Our hips moved together. I upped the pace, pelvis slamming forward inexorably. I was at the bottom already. It was ok. She was just a girl. My precious little girl that I had sired and loved dearly for so long, fully open to me at last. I worked the length of my thrumming manhood into and out of my daughter, a pistoning shaft of erect desire that burned for the simmering heat in that wet hole. Mia devolved into a squealing wreck as I touched her deepest place, face red and eyes bulging, hair slick with sweat and wordless exhortations tumbling from her mouth.

Waves of heat were rising up inside me, boiling lava of the volcano about to blow in my groin. I was close. I let her thighs go and reached down to dig my fingers into her hips, lifting her pelvis up off the bed and slamming into it with raging force. Her tiny body jerked, driven back against her mother. The cries of her girlish pleasure were like a siren, spurring me on to a raging beat. My prick pistoned like an engine, slamming in, all caution thrown to the wind. The sight of her squirming and thrashing underneath me inflamed me with white fire. My daughter. My sweet little girl. My angel, her face twisted into a rictus of pleasure as she soared on the rising winds of pleasure from her Daddy's cock pounding away deep inside her.

Mia's shriek exploded like a geyser. Her body went wild, arms and legs flailing. Shae held her steady, caressing her daughter as the first orgasm of her young life carried her away. The intensity of it was like a vision: mother and daughter, locked together in a carnal embrace, sharing the sweetness of this most intimate of moments. The waves of pleasure rocking Mia's body were almost palpable - surging, overpowering, the explosion of a little girl's first climax detonating in her head.

I plunged over the edge with her. My hips thrust forward and with one final slam I plugged my girl's snug little hole with my cock, feeling it thrum like a violin string, a rising note of sticky pleasure that resonated and turned into a violent storm of gooey heat that rose up and erupted out of my cock. Gushing out in wild spurts, my seed filled up my little girl's womb for the very first time, semen squeezing through the pinhole of her cervix and flooding the cramped space. I jerked, muscles quaking, and spurted again and again, cum spewing into Mia in a seemingly endless torrent. It went on and on, my balls clenching, heart racing like it would burst, jet after jet of sticky love juice racing up and erupting like a firehose. The raging torrent of our shared climax carried us along, my baby girl's tiny body sliding against me, until heat rose up and I lost myself in the current.

Everything went black. I floated back to reality at a languid pace, like a diver returning from the deeps. Four hands brushed against my body. Distant, hazy. A brush of fingertips on my hip, a caress against my cheek, hot breath against my neck. I groaned, reeling, exalting in the sucking, sinking feeling of my spent cock inside someone. Mia. My little girl, now deflowered. I had collapsed forward, burying her beneath my chest with my head resting on Shae's belly.

A wet kiss planted itself on my neck. Shae. Mia wiggled against my chest. I could feel her heartbeat. My cock trembled, plugged inside her like a cork. I couldn't believe I had cum so hard. I had put so much baby batter inside her that it was a wonder her belly wasn't already bulging up just like her mother's.

I stirred with a groan, raising myself up on shaking arms. There was Mia, her hair a tangle against her mom's lower belly, smiling sweetly up at me like she was the happiest girl that had ever lived. That was the look I knew so well, the warm grin, the adoration radiating up from it like a furnace, the tangible contentment from loving her place in the world as Daddy's little girl. Happiness glistened in her eyes, knowing that from now on we could grow even closer together, sharing everything and holding nothing back.

The gentle touch of our bodies and fingertips sufficed for words. The loud panting of all three of us filled the room. I moved my pelvis, just a little, jerking Mia where she was connected so tightly to me. She squeaked a little, and I patted her hair, then pulled slowly back. My cock popped out of her slit with an audible slurp, and her body went completely limp like a marionette with its strings removed.

We cuddled up together, all three of us: my oldest daughter, pregnant with our baby, my second oldest, her little cunt slippery and dripping with the seed I had left there, and me, the father that had now guided both of them to a relationship that transcended normal filial bonds. We hugged each other, arms linked together, an aura of contentment filling the room where our grunts of passion had sounded moments ago.

I cupped Mia's chin, seeing the satisfaction shining in her eyes, and the glint of arousal and excitement with it - all the new feelings that burned in her young body. We shared a kiss, then Shae's lips found mine too. Two different tastes on my tongue: my wife, and our new lover. I felt the heat of their bodies like embers burning low, flaring as we ran hands over each other again, exploring, fingers moving on soft skin and coaxing happy sighs from each other. Our bodies brushed the bedding, dancing a slow rhythm against each other. Kissing. Tasting. Exploring. The slather of gooey semen still leaking from Mia's genitals was an intensely erotic sight.

How much more lucky could a man get? I had the chance to do it all again, forging the same bonds of love with Mia tha I had with Shae. We could both be there for her, guiding her sexual awakening, teaching her to share her passions freely the way we did. My hands rubbed hungrily over my youngest daughter's delicious curves, savoring all the joy that lay ahead for us. She was so beautiful, smiling radiantly, sandwiched between her parent's naked, sweaty bodies. Such lovely hips. Slender thighs. Adorable little pink nipples. Taut little tummy. My fevered imagination was already envisioning it beginning to swell. How long would it be until Mia was pregnant? Years down the road, sure, but I found I couldn't wait. I longed to see that belly growing tight and bulging just like her mother's, to see the joy on Shae's face when she learned that her baby was having her own baby. An intense feeling. I knew.

Four giggling hands urged me to lay back on the pillow and relax. I sighed deeply, content, thoughts wandering aimlessly. Tiny fingers brushed my flaccid cock, both girls hovering at my crotch. Shae's grin was infectious as she instructed her daughter in how to revive Daddy for another round. Mia beamed eagerly as she listened, radiant, full of happy affection and the desire to please.

A pair of slithering tongues stirred tingles of pleasure in my cock. Lips brushed my flesh, kissing it as I became taut. Gentle fingers and wet suction inflamed me until my prick stiffened to a rigid pole again, flushing red with vigor and anticipation.

Shae rolled over onto her hands and knees on the bed, and Mia quickly followed her mother's lead, imitating her as they both thrust their asses high in the air in front of me. It was beautiful - a succulent, full bottom on one side, and a smaller, perky one on the other. I squeezed them both, savoring the delicious contrast. Their bodies stiffened with pleasure as their Daddy touched them.

My cock and my fingers went to work, switching between them, trying to keep both of them purring equally. Shae was so tightly wound already that it hardly took anything for her to cum, and as she reeled on the bedding her eyes pleaded with me to see the sight of me finishing inside her daughter. I obliged, digging my fingers into the slender hips of the tiny girl, banging my pelvis against her rear with gusto as her tiny body shuddered and shrieked loudly with ecstasy. Another load of cum washed up in her tiny body, and she collapsed on the sheet when her waning orgasm finally let her go.

The bed seemed to float around me as my vision swam. I lay drained, spent again, with bodies brushing me on both sides. The happy years with Shae passed in a dreamy haze in front of my eyes. Her smile. Her open heart. Our fierce passion for each other. These things crowded out everything else. I thought of the day we discovered she was pregnant, and the joyous elation when Mia was born. Now Mia herself would be able to experience those things with us. And Isabelle? We'd never be any less open with her than we had been with Mia. Would she want to join us too once she was old enough to be curious? What else would our family share together? How much more would we grow? I looked ahead and the future seemed so bright. So full of the rich promise of the life I would share with all my girls. I could scarcely believe how far we had come.

I had barely regained my breath when their passion started burning again. The naked bodies of my daughters rubbed seductively against me, the shared arousal of my insatiable baby girls seeping into me and coaxing me to life again like magic. Following her mother's direction, Mia climbed up and straddled me, biting her lip with adorable uncertainty. Her expression was a plea of naked lust, and I gripped her hips to help her rise up, nestling my throbbing cock between those perfect little hairless lips again. She sank down slowly, eyes widening, a slow gasp forced from her throat until I was sunk to the limit inside her.

She looked down at me, those deep brown pools glistening with rapture and love. I nodded back, dug my fingers into her hips, and held on for the ride.


I left them lying together on the bed when we were done, Mia and Isabelle hugging each other as they drifted off to sleep with satisfied smiles and semen seeping from both of their pussies. Sometimes they kept me up all night, my randy girls, but they had been happy tonight with just a single fuck from their Daddy for each of them.

I passed rows of pictures as I padded down the hallway in my underwear - numerous, a dense collection of every framed memory our family had collected in our many years. There was the series of Shae, a long line of silver frames like jewels in a chain, one smiling portrait for each year of her life. Rows for Mia and Isabelle lined the opposite wall. We were running out of wall space. I'd have to make room somehow for our other children.

Sure, I was older now, but I didn't feel old. Age may have turned my hair to salt and pepper but I could still keep up with my girls. The years had been kind, and we had treasured every one of them together. The happy memories beamed at me from the chaotic profusion of mismatched frames as I walked, lost in reflection.

What had I done to deserve such happiness? All of my children had brought such a light into my life that I wondered idly if I had been divinely blessed. Such matters were a mystery to me, but a quote from one of my favorite authors came unbidden to my mind: "I don't know who's cranking; I'm pleased he doesn't stop." I shared the sentiment wholeheartedly.

My study was cozy, tightly-packed with clutter, but I kept the desk clean. This was Daddy's place, where I could relax by myself. I sat at the desk with a sigh and coaxed the computer out of hibernation. I didn't want to waste the chance to get more writing done tonight. The stories were precious to me, and I was ready to finish the last one.

Funny - I had put my first story about Shae on the internet just for a lark. I didn't expect anyone to read it. But, people had liked it, enough people that I went back and wrote from the beginning. Shae. The beachhouse. What we had started there and all the things it had led to. I found myself almost desperate to tell the world about her, about us. I had posted to newsgroups and websites for erotic stories, trying to capture the journey of our lives in brief moments.

Time passed unmarked as I wrote. My fingers clattered on the keyboard deep into the night, pouring out my memories onto the page. When I paused, my eyes drifted naturally to the framed photo on the desk of me and Shae, from when she had been very young. My smile in the picture seemed forced. How many long years had it been since I had found myself alone, raising an infant daughter with no help? Bitterness had festered inside me for a time. Shae saved me. She became the bright sun that marked and guided the days of my life. And she had only been the first. I hadn't yet realized then, as I held the smiling toddler on my lap in the photograph, that she was the seed of something amazing.

At last. I finished the last paragraph, ran it through the spellchecker, and then hit the upload button. My words always seemed to fall short of reality, but I had persevered anyway. Now it was finished. Now I had shown the shape of our lives. Our love had been taboo, and we had run more than once to keep it, scorned by the world. Most people had no understanding, no room for love in their hearts. They would have never accepted us. Maybe at least one person out there would read and understand.

I flopped back in my chair, eyes playing over the pictures that cluttered the walls in here just like the hallway. There was the one of her in the field in France. And another one, her resting in a chair by the window and looking out while holding her pregnant belly. Her walking in the garden holding our daughter. At the beach looking fantastic in her white bikini. A candid shot of her in her studio, bending by the sewing machine and working on bracelets and embroidery. So many. A multitude of moments.

We had begun as father and daughter, but from that had grown something so much more powerful. It encompassed us completely, a love that couldn't be quenched. She had given everything to me, and I had given the same to her. My devotion to her knew no limits. She owned it all. My mind. My heart. My body.

In the end, it was everything I had to give.

For you, Shae.

...I miss you terribly.