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My Baby Girl and Our First Date

By WintermuteX

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My Baby Girl and Her First Time

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Content: Pedophilia, Incest, Romance, Seduction

It was late and I was tired from work, but I could never say no to my daughter.

"I like that one Daddy. It's pretty, click on her!" My daughter pointed, smudging the screen.

I obliged, clicking through to a page with the description and dimensions. It was in her size. The model was gorgeous, with a sweep of dark hair spilling down over the front of the dress. I could just imagine my little baby girl in that seductive pose, standing with her hand on her hip, sexy smile lighting up her face as she looked at me.

"It's perfect baby. I love it."

She squealed and hopped up to kiss me on the cheek before dashing out of my study to get ready for bed. I kept clicking to confirm the purchase, then leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes. The dress really *was* perfect. Expensive too, but my budget usually went out the window when Shae's birthday rolled around anyway. It was worth it. Shae had wanted me to help her pick out this dress for weeks and I couldn't wait to see my little angel put it on for me before I ripped it off and ravished her.

Ever since introducing my daughter to the joy of sex last year, she had been insatiable. Fucking my little girl on a daily basis had revitalized my sex drive like a wonder pill. I never knew a 7-year-old girl, her hymen freshly broken by her Daddy, could be such an animal. Every time I showed her how to do something new, she wanted to do it all the time, everywhere. We had screwed in the shower, in the kitchen, next to the pool, all over the house in almost every position imaginable. Last week I had bent her over in the morning next to the front door and railed her from behind in her school uniform until the bus arrived for her private school. I finished up inside her while the bus honked, then wiped her up and bundled her out the door. That had earned me an angry call from the vice principal, claiming that Shae was "not prompt for the bus in the morning." I managed not to laugh while assuring him it wouldn't happen again.

When I had first shown her a porno, she was fascinated by the flimsy lingerie the women were wearing, demanding to know where she could get some and if she could wear it to school and if it was as cold as it looked. I had to gently explain against the flurry of questions that it was just for the time when boys and girls were having sex, and stressed that she should never wear it outside. She was probably just careless enough to try it if I didn't pound that into her. Searching on the internet didn't yield much, but after a bit of questioning to some of my importer friends and colleagues in the business, I located a European clothing outlet that specialized in "Petite Attire, Exotics, and Lingerie" with a dizzying collection of clothing in small sizes that would fit a 7-year-old. They only sold to private accounts, so I called in a few favors and secured one, which also granted me access to their private website. They had ample HD photo collections of every piece of clothing they sold, all modeled by some very small and young-looking girls.

It was like a paradise for Shae. We shopped together for babydolls, teddies, chemises, camisoles, nighties and negligees, and a mountain of ordinary outfits that were cut and flared perfectly to show off the small curves of her body. Her wardrobe space had doubled, so I bought a new rack and organizers. It tripled, and I had to relocate some things to the hall closet. I didn't mind. Watching her try on different outfits was a pleasure, although if I was in sight she would incessantly demand my opinion on every aspect of the fabric and cut and whether it made her hips look okay or made her butt look fat and if she should combine it with the other belt and go with the blue or white panties. I just smiled and nodded. Shae was very picky.

I realized I was dozing off in the dim light. I got up and switched off the lamp, then went to our bedroom. Running water and clumsy splashing from the bathroom signified Shae was in the middle of brushing her teeth. The cool air felt good on my skin as I stripped naked and pulled back the covers.

When she was a little girl, Shae was always creeping into my bed. She would say she had a nightmare, or couldn't sleep, or would get me up pretending to need a glass of water, and then crawl under the warm blankets. Sometimes I just woke up in the mornings and found her body wrapped around my arm, smiling contentedly in her pajamas as she slept. She had her own room of course, and on her 5th birthday I insisted she use it, saying she was a big girl and she should sleep in her own bed.

A 5-year-old girl has a flair for drama better than any Hollywood actor, but I stood firm. Besides, I needed some private time to myself alone at night. Of course, now that I was cramming my dick into my daughter every night, there was no point in having separate rooms, and she slept in Daddy's bed every night now. She always said she liked my bed better anyway: the mattress was "fluffier" somehow.

I tried to relax on the sheets. The contract for the expansion of routes into Ecuador and around Puerto Ayora was coming along, but slowly. I had worked late, then had even more work to do when I got home. An overseas customer had emailed me about an issue, and I had been glued to my laptop in my study until the sun went down, while Shae was stuck doing homework. I hadn't had the chance to be with my little girl at all today, and I was wound up with tension.

The water stopped and the bathroom light clicked off. Shae came into the bedroom wearing the new babydoll she had picked out last week.

"Hi Daddy," she smiled. "How do you like it?"

My daughter was a vision of loveliness. She spun in a slow twirl, and the loose powder-blue fabric rippled in a tantalizing arc, showing off her 7-year-old body. The light cloth was slightly transparent, edged with tiny ruffles, showing off just enough of her little nipples and creamy skin without being too filmy. The strapless top hugged her flat chest with a hanging fold and the rest spilled down her sides before dividing in the center and flaring widely at the hips.

The foolish grin plastered on my face must have given me away because she just laughed and hopped on the bed and suddenly I had a squirming, laughing little intruder under the blankets with me. She tried to invade my half of the bed, thinking she could pin down my arm, so I retaliated by rolling over and yanking on her leg. She yelped and tried to wiggle away, but I had the weight advantage and held her down against the mattress, then used the inner sheet to wrap up her legs so she couldn't move.

"Hey no fair Daddy!" she giggled helplessly. "Oof, you're heavy." She reached out to grab the pillow and swung it ineffectually at my head.

"Blarrrgh!" I pretended to be stunned and collapsed dramatically on my back. She hopped up and sat on me, raising her hands over her head in victory. "Aha! I win! You're not so tough."

I flexed my raging prick against her buttcheeks, enjoying the feel of my scantily-clad daughter's body straddling my stomach. "Oh no baby girl, you got me," I laughed. "So mean, using a pillow to beat up a poor guy only four times your size. Not sure how you got so strong."

"Must be all those vitamins you put in me." She smirked.

I nodded. "Mmmm hmmm. Mmmm hmmm. That must be it. Or...OR..." I was tickling her legs, building up to a finale. "Maybe this was all...just...a...TRAP!"

I grabbed her wrists and swung the little girl to the sheets, rolling over on top of her. She shrieked and squirmed, wrinkling the fabric of the babydoll into a wad, but I wrapped my arms around her and held her in place until she conceded defeat.

My daughter's body was pinned under me in an enticing ball of sweet-smelling skin and curves. I fondled her shoulders and ran my hand across the flat chest, burying my nose in her golden hair and smelling the strawberry aroma of her shampoo. My hands rubbed the fabric along the slim waist, then dove underneath, rubbing my baby girl's tummy and curving hips. She moaned, not playing anymore, as her Daddy felt her up under the covers. She was such a tiny thing. My cock was an eager rod of firm flesh poking at her bottoms.

Questing fingers found the lacy straps on her hips and I pulled my daughter's panties down. She kicked them off. My fingers traced up her thighs to the sweet spot between her legs, finding hairless lips. A wordless murmur worked from my baby girl's mouth as I gently rubbed my fingers on her slit, massaging it up and down, feeling wetness building there. My other hand squeezed the smooth globes of her asscheeks, enjoying the lovely firmness of my daughter's flesh. She was melting in my hands. Her legs jerked when I found her little red nub and poked it.

"Daddy..." she gasped, looking up at me, eyes shining. My hand was slick.

I pulled her up into a sitting position on my belly. Panting, fingers curling in my chest hair, her blue eyes looked down at me, nervous and expectant. Shae was rapidly becoming the biggest cocktease in the world, but sometimes she was still a little shy in bed. I could feel the tension in her thighs as she held them against me.

Sides and hips were an hourglass of warm skin under my hands. I roamed them up and down, enjoying the gentle sweep of my daughter's petite frame, trying to massage the tension out of her muscles. Her nipples hid under the light folds of the babydoll fabric, and I reached up to find them, feeling them grow hard under my fingers as I gently twisted and tickled the little nubs. My cock felt like it was going to burst, resting against her butt. I had to get inside her.

My hands pushed her arms upwards and with a swift motion I pulled the blue garment over her head and threw it to the side, revealing the full glory of my baby girl's naked body. Golden hair spilled on my chest as she bent down, and I buried her mouth with a long kiss, lips pressing desperately together, hands stroking the rolling slopes of her backside. I loved my daughter, fully, passionately. She was the light that guided my existence, and I wanted to share everything with her.

Our kiss broke as she came up for air. "Daddy..." she moaned, biting her lip. Her tension was gone. She was squeezing her butt against me. She was ready.

I helped lift her up with one hand, and used the other to grab my shaft, maneuvering to my daughter's slick little hole. The head bulged obscenely as it pressed against the swelling cunt lips, showing the absurdity of trying to fit such a large object into such a tiny space. I had been working on this with Shae, slowly training her week after week to take me farther into her pussy and mouth. I never forced things, not wanting to hurt my baby girl, but Shae was a devoted student. I had been able to fit the head and about an inch of the shaft in, barely, when I first began fucking my daughter. Now, I squeezed just the tip of my prick in and let her hands fold over mine, fingers twining together, letting her control things. We hadn't needed lube for a while, once my fingers figured out the right places to rub to make my girl wet enough for me. She groaned as she sank, taking an inch of her Daddy's cock inside her, and then another, muscles quivering.

The feeling of my daughter's warm pussy wrapping around my length was heaven. A 7-year-old girl was so tight! Slippery walls gripped my prick like a vise, and she exhaled, eyes closed, spreading her legs wider and taking another inch inside.

"Dad-Daddy," she panted, swallowing crookedly between breaths. "It's pretty big-ooooh, hurts a tiny bit." She flopped her chin down, sending golden locks spilling forward, and rested her hands on my chest.

"It's ok sweetie." I rubbed her thighs encouragingly. "Go slow. Remember to sit forward and relax below your tummy, like we did last time. You feel so good baby girl."

She nodded, determination on her face. She would do anything for me, anything to make her Daddy happy. Muscles spasmed in her pussy, massaging me up and down. Christ, she had me on the edge already, about to come, about to fill my baby girl up with cum for the first time tonight. I reached under her butt, helping her rise and fall in slow motions, each stroke drawing out into low, rumbling moans in her throat. Cunt lips glided over the slick wetness on my bulging prick. A little faster now, working the top of my shaft into my daughter's slit, accelerating the girl into a light bouncing rhythm.

I looked past her at the bedroom mirror. The slim, arching back of a little girl was working up and down, bobbing with an increasing urgency on the massive prick of her father that was pressed between her legs. My baby girl, moans climbing up the frequencies into passionate grunts as I penetrated her. She was sliding further and further down, working a few more inches of my shaft into her body, the nadir of each thrust bringing the swelling pussy lips almost to the base of my shaft. I could feel the heat coming from her crotch each time I bottomed out. Pride brought a flush to my face: this was the farthest she had ever been able to take me.

Of all the positions we had tried, this was my favorite: my daughter's flat stomach and chest looming above, pert nipples flexing under my fondling fingers, back arching as she bounced on my cock. The mirror showed the view from behind: long golden hair cascading over the flawless skin of my sweet little girl's backside as she threw her head back and rode her Daddy's prick to orgasm. Pulsing waves built in my crotch, collecting into a sweeping tide of animal passion. My hips bucked on their own, and I held her legs down as I thrust up inside her and felt the answering swell of warmth and wetness as we climaxed together. Jets of greasy cum flooded my daughter's pussy, jerking from my penis in powerful spurts that squished against her shuddering insides. Shaking arms quivered in tempo with a long shivering moan of "Daaaaaaaaaadddddddyyyyyyyyyy..." as Shae jolted in the throes of pleasure and then collapsed heaving against me.

I cuddled with the little girl resting on top of me for a few minutes, and then we rolled over, my dick slipping out of her with a wet sucking sound. Shae spooned up against me, back held against my chest, as I arranged the covers over us and then wrapped my arms around her. My nose buried itself in her hair. She smelled so good, like scented soap and sweat and sex and the warm odor of her Daddy's cum in her womb. I ran my hands over her. As usual, I was already hard again. My daughter's sexy body did that to me. I reached down between us, grabbing my prick and fitting the head to Shae's snug little hole. Her crotch was still slick, so I didn't have any problem sliding in again, and I began to stroke inside her pussy rhythmically, drawing my length out in slow motions and then stuffing it back in again. Shae clenched her fingers and mewed into the bedspread each time I bottomed out, and in a few short minutes I was steadying her hips and sending another load of cum into my daughter.

My hands played over her stomach in soft circles as we rested. Most nights we dozed off this way, with my dick plugging up my sperm in my daughter's belly so it didn't drip out and run everywhere. Sometimes I would wake up, find my half-hard prick still leaking sperm into Shae's tight snatch, and shove it in again until I shot a fresh deposit of sticky jizz into the 7-year-old's pussy. We'd usually stay this way until morning, because I had found that when you screw your daughter a few times a night, every night, it was easier just to leave your cum bottled up inside her. It beat washing the sheets every day, and she was usually dry enough by morning.

It was only a few more weeks to her birthday, and the weekend finally started tomorrow. If nothing unexpected happened at work, I'd be able to relax and catch the game and spend the rest of the time enjoying my daughter. My eyes closed as I fantasized. I'd get her breakfast in bed. She loves that. Then we could take a shower and wash each other, and afterwards I'd carry her in my arms up to the big couch in the loft next to the huge six-sided window. She could ride on top of me as a flood of sunlight illuminated her golden hair, angelic face, and the lovely pink nipples on her chest. Shae was already dozing, breathing in slow rhythm as my hands rested on her warm stomach.

With arms wrapped around my daughter and my cock buried inside her, I drifted off.

Home, finally. I hated contract negotiations and they had eaten up my entire day. I grabbed the mail and the brown box at the end of the driveway. The package was larger than I had expected - I guess the jewelry and all the extra accessories took up room too. My hands were full, but I managed to juggle the briefcase and jacket to my left hand, then fit the keys into the lock and step inside.

"Sweetie! You have-" I began, but a girl-shaped blur was already rocketing towards me. She yanked the package out of my hands and went flying back up the hallway with shrieking laughter, running into our room and slamming the door. I was left there with my hands out like an idiot. "Sweetie, you have a package," I mumbled, and set down my keys and briefcase.

I had a few hours to rest and get ready before our date. My hands loosened the knot of my tie as I plopped onto the couch with a groan and put my feet up. When I had told Shae that I wanted to do something really special for her 8th birthday, that I wanted to take her on a date so she knew what it was like, her face had lit up. The concept of a big date with her Daddy seemed to make her ecstatic. One of Shae's favorite movies was this silly rom-com where the characters ended up slow-dancing in an elegant ballroom, enjoying themselves until the two lady characters caught on that the man was trying to juggle a date with them both on the same night. My daughter loved it: she would rewind that scene over and over, fascinated by the beautiful dresses, the exotic hairstyles, the shining pearl necklaces with silver jewelry. I took the cue and booked us for an evening at a swanky restaurant ballroom downtown. Shae could dance, sort of, and I was rusty but not completely terrible. The dress was the key to the whole thing; luckily, it had been delivered on time.

I guessed the bedroom was firmly off-limits, but that was fine. I used the other bathroom to brush my teeth, comb my hair back, and shave off the 5 o'clock shadow, then changed my jacket and tie with the spares I kept in the hall closet. Under the panel behind the water heater was a thick envelope and a small box of white felt that I retrieved and hid in my lapels. My watch read 6:00. Still an hour to relax.

Manchester was one goal up on Liverpool and the teams looked like they were about to come to blows when I realized the sun was beginning to set. The limousine would be here any minute. Curious, I walked down the hallway to our bedroom. Still silent. I tried the door handle and found it locked.

"Sweetie?" I asked. "Everything ok?" I could hear the rustling inside.

My hand jiggled the handle uselessly. "Do you need any help? I could come in and help zip-"

"NO PEEKING!" she shrieked from inside. "I just have to get, there." More rustling. "I'm almost ready. Go away!"

I wandered back to the kitchen, chastened, and gazed out of the sliding glass door while I waited. The setting sun was spilling orange beams into the backyard, washing the world in hues of amber and deep blue, and the neighbor's tabby strutted confidently across the wooden fence, sniffing for squirrels. He stopped in a cozy spot and licked himself. I adjusted my suitjacket and tie, again, and checked myself in the hallway mirror. No problems. Cuffs ok, shoes good. The distinct swishing of fabric came from behind me.

Evening sunlight illuminated the vision of my lovely daughter in a golden glow, hair curled and perfectly woven around a sparkling jewelry headpiece, adorned in an elegant strapless deep-blue ballroom dress. It fit perfectly, wrapping around her torso, supported by a muted band of lighter blue just above the waist with a ruffled faux-corsage sewn in. The skirt was a complex affair of several layers, with rose-like decorations and ruffles cascading in an angular pattern, trailing very slightly.

The top was designed perfectly to the measurements we had sent, fitting her flat chest and slim waist while suggesting more, and the ensemble was complemented by a pair of short white gloves and hanging sapphire earrings that flashed from her ears. The gems were small but real - part of why the outfit had cost so very much.

She was smiling demurely, hands clasped at her waist, nervous grin and captivating blue eyes looking up at me for approval.

I closed my mouth and swallowed, sending my eyes on another rewarding trip up and down the entrancing landscape of my daughter.

"Sweetie it's... it's amazing. You look like Daddy's Little Princess."

Her tension broke and she giggled, bouncing up and down slightly, sending the skirt into a swooshing motion on the tile. Deep blue eyes matched the dress perfectly, accented by the piled golden hairdo. Where in the world had she learned to do her makeup and hair like that? The few times I had tried to help her with those things when she was younger, it hadn't turned out very well. I didn't have the touch. But Shae was always determined when it came to fashion, using books and videos on makeup to find out whatever she wanted. She didn't need my help with those things. She must have spent the weeks leading up to this researching some different styles, and it had paid off: my baby girl looked fabulous.

I knelt and took her gloved hand, leaning down to kiss it with mock formality. "Bonsoir, mon chérie," I said in my best snooty French voice. "Danse avec moi?"

Laughing, she slapped at me. "Stop it, dummy."

"Maybe I'm a dummy but I know how much work you put into this. You really look great honey." She blushed as I rubbed her bare shoulder. "There's something missing though." I pointed at her bare neckline.

"Oh," she looked down with a frown. "I mean, I could get the green one, or maybe try that black choker, if you want. I'll go get it."

I was bluffing. I knew she didn't have anything she could wear with a blue dress. With teasing slowness I reached into my lapel and pulled out the felt box with the rounded corners, and held it out so she could open it.

"Ohmygosh it's so pretty!" she yelped, pulling out the sparkling silver chain and holding it up. "Wow this is great! Oh Daddy it's..." she paused, seeing the worked shape at the end. "Perfect." She looked up and whispered, "Thank you."

My hands went behind her neck, hooking the clasp of the necklace together. It draped gracefully, spread across her bare chest like a silvered river of tiny links. The bottom was worked into elegant braided spirals, flowing down to a hollow centerpiece studded with small onyx and shaped like a heart.

I could hear the limo honking outside, and stretched out my hand. "Come on baby girl. Let's go on our date."

The ride through the city afforded two dazzling views: the purple sunset behind the city skyline, and my gorgeous little girl in her sparkling blue dress. This limousine company was noted for its professional courtesy, and the driver had my instructions that my daughter and I valued our privacy and didn't want to be disturbed under any circumstances. I tipped him very well to make sure he understood and then put the dividing window up just after we set out. It had been a long day and I hadn't fucked my little girl since breakfast, so I was feeling a bit antsy. I wanted this date night to go great for her, but my cock was already straining against my suitpants just from looking at her in that amazing dress. I had to satisfy myself with rubbing her bare shoulders. She looked up at me before snuggling up to my arm and gazing out the window again. I smelled her hair and looked down her top, trying to see her nipples. Damn. It was no good. I would have to keep it in my pants, at least for a little while.

It was lucky that my job paid so well that I could afford to do something lavish like this for my baby girl. The executive level of a highly-profitable global logistics company had perks but it also had drawbacks. I could work from home a lot and made a substantial amount of money, but we had also moved twice in the past several years. I didn't like interrupting my girl's schooling, and worked with a private tutor on both occasions to ensure she didn't fall behind. Shae also hadn't had many chances to make friends. She seemed content to stay with her Daddy most of the time, but a girl should still socialize a bit. She had a lot of energy and I wanted her to take up some more activities, like a swim class, for example. Sure, I used up some of her energy by filling her with my cock repeatedly at, damnit. No good having that line of thought right now. I adjusted the pants around my crotch again, trying to relieve the discomfort.

Our ride pulled up to the curb in a smooth arc. The restaurant was a fancy Italian affair: glass doors, valets, 50 dollar plates, incomprehensible menus, and a wine list as long as my arm. Inviting lights blazed on the patio, illuminating the rustic garden atmosphere and reflecting off the fountains. The attached dancehall resembled an arching cathedral. I got out of the limousine, and then offered my hand to Shae, who took it with a titter and swished her way out onto the curb. Sure, she had probably only seen this in a movie, but I was going to make my daughter smile by playing the part of the perfect gentleman, at least until I could get her home and stuff my cock inside her.

Holding my little girl's hand in mine, we walked in. A snooty maître d' with a thin mustache confirmed our reservations and then showed us to our seats with an offensive deference. I held the chair out for Shae like she was royalty, then took my seat and looked around while we waited for the garçon.

Stucco walls and flowering vines glimmered in cozy orange candlelight. Our table was tucked in a snug alcove with a tiled mural, and gave a good view of the main floor of the restaurant. It was filled to the brim with handsome men in suits and lovely women in elegant, sparkling evening dresses - the sort of place you might find celebrities rubbing shoulders with their agents. A party of three couples near us poured wine into a circle of glasses and raised them in a toast. I glanced at Shae, who was looking around, starstruck. I had never taken her to a place so nice before. Usually our outings were pretty low key, especially when she was younger and I was working more. She was mostly examining the women - women with expensive dresses, curving breasts, professional hair and ample makeup. The ladies at the near table laughed cloyingly, pretending to be charmed by the wit of their husbands. I wonder if she didn't feel just a little bit intimidated.

I reached across the table to take her hand in mine. "Hey, you look great sweetie. I think you're the best-looking woman here."

She blushed fiercely and buried her face in the menu as though she were fluent in Italian, a doubtful prospect since she was holding it upside down. I pretended to read the wine list, wondering how I could make her more comfortable. Damn, I needed to get more comfortable. My cock was still aching in my pants, bulging every time I looked at my sexy daughter in that dress.

"Garlic bread with oil to start. Fried crab legs in butter, Pinot Noir. My daughter will have the shrimp linguine and sparkling juice please. Roasted tomato salad with olives for us both."

"Very good sir." The waiter nodded, then departed as swiftly as he had come.

It took a bit of prodding, but finally I managed to get Shae talking. Once it had a little bit of momentum, my daughter's mouth was a perpetual motion machine that could run on its own power forever. We talked about school, and the new teachers she had this year, new movies and music her friends had told her about. I had always loved talking to my daughter. She was quick-witted and possessed a hidden talent for observation of small details. Back when she was younger, about 6, we would sit on the deck of our old house and talk for hours. My job was a constant source of amusement to her; involving, not moving things from place to place myself, but ensuring that a lot of other people could do so. It was hopelessly abstract to a young girl. I tried to keep my mind and my eyeballs on safe subjects, but they kept returning to the chest of my lovely daughter, sitting there wrapped in her captivating blue dress that somehow managed to hug her 7-year-old body in a remarkable amount of right places. My dick was still straining against my pants and it seemed that would be my fate all night, at least until I could get my baby girl alone and plug it into her tight pussy where it belonged. Shae caught on, and now I was the uncomfortable one, as she kept teasing me with sultry looks and caresses from her slippered foot under the table. I jumped when she suddenly tapped me after I thought she had stopped, banging my knee against the table painfully. She laughed gleefully; the height of humor for a little girl.

Dinner went swiftly. I enjoyed the wine while Shae swirled linguine with her fork and slurped it gracelessly. Candlelight rippled off the fountains, lighting up my daughter's golden hair in shimmering waves. Specks of cream sauce on her chin were the only things that dispelled the illusion of a beguiling princess. She chatted happily while I sipped and smiled, relishing the sight of my sexy daughter enjoying herself.

The somber background music swelled into tantalizing melody as we finished the meal, signifying the invitation to the dancing. I stood up and offered my arm formally to my little vixen in the blue dress. "Shall we?"

The ballroom was brightly lit, light flashing down from cheery chandeliers into a baroque hall of sculpted marble and high arches. A small band on the platform at the far end maintained a lively tempo driven by dueling flute and cello, sending the dancers on the floor into twirling patterns. I held Shae's gloved hand in mine as we stepped onto the tile.

Shae had seen slow-dancing on TV when she was 5, was fascinated, and promptly demanded I teach her. I did my best, letting her stand on my feet as I showed her how to hold hands, move yourself around with your partner, follow their lead with your feet. She thought it was stupid, until I twirled her, spinning the little girl out to the length of my arm, and then back in again. After that one breathless spiral, she was hooked, and we had practiced from time to time, achieving just enough skill that we could probably survive in an actual dance without tripping over each other and making fools of ourselves. Maybe. Tonight we would find out.

We clasped hands and wrapped arms around each other's backs. I drove slowly, letting Shae get the feeling of the footwork. She caught on quickly, and we joined the rest of the room in swaying motion, her dress rustling in rhythm with the dance and fluttering in joyful arcs each time I twirled her about. The band played a few more fast songs and then switched to a slow measure. The pleasant scent of strawberries wafted from her hair as she held her head crushed against my chest. I still had a raging erection from watching my daughter flex in motion and move her hips all night, but at least it was pressed up against her stomach.

The band was between songs when a gorgeous woman wrapped tightly in a dark red evening gown broke off from a nearby party and approached me. A rose was fixed in her hair and she smiled alluringly at me with flawless white teeth.

"Hi. I'm Kathy." She smelled faintly of flowers. "I was wondering if you would care to share the next few dances with me." She was attractive, with a brilliant smile and black hair hanging in ringlets around a face of flawless skin. The warm grin betrayed a slight hint of nervousness.

"That's very flattering, but won't your boyfriend be mad?" I nodded back towards her party.

"Boyfriend?" She looked over her shoulder, giving me the chance to admire her slender neck and the deep cut of the cleavage of her dress. "Oh, no, that's my brother. He keeps telling me to get out more, to take more chances." She looked back at me, slightly embarrassed. "Dancing is a bit outside of my normal routine."

For a brief moment I almost forgot myself and said yes, sealing my doom, but Shae's hand was squeezing mine.

I tried on my best disarming smile. "If you had asked me any other time, it would have been my pleasure to dance with someone so lovely, but tonight," I nodded downward, "tonight I am dedicated just to one special girl."

"I see." She looked down at my daughter, not condescendingly, not even unkindly, but from across the long gap of many years of experience that transform a young girl into a woman in the full flower of her beauty. "Well, you're very lucky honey. Have a pleasant evening." She nodded cordially to us both.

The piled strings of the violins rushed us into the next song, saxophone and bass plodding behind. Shae was tense, barely moving her feet, hands wrapped around my wrists like handcuffs.

"Why didn't you dance with her Daddy?" She seemed upset.

"Because I'm here for you sweetie. You don't dance with other people on your date."

"But you wanted to dance with her. You would have if I wasn't here."

I tried to step carefully. She was frowning uncertainly up at me.

"Well, maybe I would dance with pretty women like that if I didn't have you, but that's like saying you'd date that boy with the glasses at school if you didn't have me."

She made a face. "Ew. I'd never date Kevin. He always smells like chemistry class."

"We don't have to worry about anyone else here," I said. "We don't need to care what they think. This date is just for you and me. Even if we're not the best dressed or the best dancers, that doesn't matter as long as we enjoy it and enjoy each other. That's what a date is."

Shae was relaxing in my arms. "She was really pretty, wasn't she?"

"Maybe, but it looks like she's already found someone else to dance with her. And to me, you're always the prettiest girl in the room."

She was silent for a minute as we swayed back and forth. "So you're not going to dance with anyone else?"

I shook my head. "No honey. We'll dance with each other, until we get tired, or our toes hurt from stepping on each other's feet, or they stop playing music and kick our butts out." She sighed and rested her head against my stomach, mollified.

We swayed with the music, and we stretched to arm's length twice before I twisted Shae in a double loop, sending the blue skirt flying. Her reaction had surprised me a little bit, but I reminded myself she didn't have any experience with these things. Maybe she thought I would have gone off and left her alone on the dance floor as soon as a prettier girl came along. I loved to do things to make Shae smile, but presents and dresses weren't enough: I still had to guide my little girl in understanding how to deal with new experiences. It was another reason this date was important. Shae loved to dress up and was confident about her appearance in private; I wanted her to have the self-esteem to be confident in public too.

We tucked and shimmied through a few more songs, lights dimming in the hall as the music slowed to a romantic duo of bass and saxophone. I was sweating against the pleasing feel of my daughter's body snuggled up against me, my prick tucked achingly against my leg. I had to keep reminding myself not to fondle her or run my hands down into the back of her dress. She was so cute, head held against my stomach, eyes closed, wearing a warm smile of contentment. I didn't want to break that image, but my legs were getting tired. I tapped her on the shoulder and led her out of the hall.

Aching legs sighed gratefully as I took my seat back at our table. Shae didn't look tired: she was practically glowing. She probably would have danced all night if she could. I handed her the dessert menu.

"Hey look Daddy, they take fudge and bake it in fudge and then put fudge on it!" I looked at the menu. That was indeed the description of the triple-fudge cake. I ordered a big piece for us to share with a side of ice cream, and more wine.

Dessert was survival of the fittest. My daughter made a game of spearing each piece of cake with her fork just as I was reaching for it, stuffing her mouth with fudge and chewing noisily. I let her have most of the slice. She had grown a lot more comfortable as the night went on and really seemed to be enjoying herself. I was glad: I wanted this to be her special night, something to remember. I had one more trick up my sleeve too, or more specifically, in my lapel. I reached inside.

"Sweetie, I have some more gifts for you at home, but I wanted to give you this one now. Go ahead and open it.

She paused mid-chew and stared at the envelope curiously. It was sturdy white professional stock with a glossy finish that shimmered in the light and a tasteful logo of light grey that looked like a woman's head with hair unrolling in the wind. Plain, bold lettering addressed the contents to me and to my daughter by name.

She pulled the ribbon that tied it shut and began to read the letter inside. I counted seconds in my head until the explosion. 5...4...3...2...1

She jumped up and shrieked with excitement, drawing the stares of a few nearby tables.

"Daddy! It's Andramelo!"

I nodded. Shae and I had talked about modelling. She wanted to try it. I said maybe.

"They accepted me!" she squealed.

I had written to a few schools and asked about their programs, submitting some simple headshots that Shae had made along with some candid photos.

"Their next junior class starts in two weeks and they want you in it," I said. Andramelo was a combination school and agency. They'd teach Shae about posture, poses, and techniques, helping her build a starting portfolio and find suitable gigs for her talent.

She yelped wordlessly and hugged me, little arms squeezing until I thought she would snap me in two. We kissed and I tried to make it look chaste. I couldn't shove my tongue in my daughter in a restaurant, people might ask questions.

Of course, this meant I would have to give up my weekends. Both days I would be driving her to modelling school. No more barbecuing and watching the game; maybe I could Tivo it. It was worth it though, to see that ecstatic look on my daughter's face. I'd never seen her so happy, bubbling with enthusiasm as she read me the letter out loud for the fourth time.

I felt a bit lightheaded from the wine by the time the check came, but I was almost positive the massive total was a real number written on the bill and not a hallucination. Sighing, I spun my card and scrawled a signature.

Outside, full night had descended and the downtown city was lit up like a constellation. Our limo was already waiting, but I paused a moment so we could look at the river and I could point out some of the larger buildings for my girl. With the driver holding the door open, my daughter hopped into the limo and plopped herself inelegantly on the seat, bouncing up and down. I followed, sans bouncing, and our driver shut us inside.

Finally I could loosen my tie and jacket. It had been a great night. Shae was glued to the window, watching the restaurant pull away from us.

"Did you have fun sweetie?" I asked.

"Yeah Daddy. It was great!" She hugged my arm. "Can we do it again sometime? Please?"

I laughed. "Of course baby, we will. But my crab legs were awful. I think we'll try something Asian next time."

I put my arm around her and she rested her head on my chest. My fingers explored on their own, tracing the skin of her neck and working their way down, rubbing her shoulders and back and poking inside her dress. I had to keep them in safe areas all night, but not anymore. I pulled on my pant legs and kept shifting, trying to get comfortable.

"You seemed pretty tense most of the night Daddy." She looked down at my crotch, where my erection swelled visibly against the fabric.

"Yeah, well, you've been keeping me pretty excited all night baby girl." I replied. "I wasn't kidding when I said that dress made you look amazing."

"You should have said something! I knew you were hard, but I could have helped you." She frowned at me.

"Well, ah, we have to be careful in public honey. We can't do things like we do at home. We have to be cautious. Remember our talk?"

We rode in silence for a while, staring out at the city lights, my daughter cuddled up under my shoulder and resting a gloved hand on my chest.

"You didn't have to do all this," she said quietly.

I was surprised. "I wanted to give you something special for your birthday, sweetie."

"Yeah but...I mean, I know some of the older girls at school. They get to go on dates. Jenny's boyfriend took her out, but they went to some taco place. Not dancing."

She was speaking slowly, hand smoothing her dress over her hips in nervous strokes. "I mean I really liked this but...I'm not sure what I did to deserve it."

I raised her chin with my hands so she'd look at my eyes. "You don't have to do anything to deserve it. You just have to be you. That's what it means to love each other. Sometimes you go above and beyond, do everything to make each other happy. We can go someplace more low-key next time, or dancing again if you want, or we could go to that taco place and crash Jenny's date."

That made her giggle. Her fingers were running along my belt and over the bulging tent in my pants.

"You know Daddy, we're not really in public anymore." She grinned at me mischievously and batted her eyelashes.

"You're awfully forward for a 7-year-old girl." I replied.

Her eyes rolled in their sockets. "I'm 8 now, Daddy."

Touché. I laughed. "Oh right." My breathing was already heavy from having my baby girl's body pressed up against me. The backseat of the limo was soundproof. The divider between us and the driver was thick solid plastic, nothing that could be seen through. The windows were heavily tinted outside, blocking even the dome light in the backseat. I couldn't wait any longer.

I pulled my little girl close into an embrace, kissing her passionately on the mouth. My fingers ran over her shoulders and down her sides, feeling her up through her dress. Shae was rubbing my pants at the crotch, feeling the firm length of her Daddy's prize as I stripped off my tie and jacket. I gasped and kiss her again, urgently. I wanted my daughter. I wanted her right here and now. She had teased me all evening with her bare shoulders and sexy dress and her little hips that swayed and wiggled as she danced. I couldn't take it any more.

"Daddy, lay back." She leaned over me and pressed her hand into my chest, guiding me back down onto the seat. Her hands reached to undo my belt and buckle, and then slowly pulled the zipper down. My cock sprang out like an iron rod, finally free of its painful confinement. She took it in her tiny hands and looked up at me.

"You've been so good to me Daddy. I love you so much. Let me do something special for you tonight too," she said, then stretched her mouth wide and buried my cock in her throat.

My baby girl was a pretty good cocksucker. She bobbed her lovely head up and down on my prick with slurping noises, running hands up and down my shaft with each stroke. Shae's throat was almost as tight as her little pussy, and she could do some amazing things with her tongue. She ran it all over the head of my penis, licking and wetting it with saliva before bobbing up and down again. I just lay back and looked at my daughter, her beautiful golden hair all done up, necklace and earrings dangling as she glided up and down on her Daddy's manhood, sucking it like a lollipop. She would cram it into her mouth, going as deep as she could and working her tongue around the shaft, before returning to gently sucking the head. I put my hand on my baby girl's head, encouraging her to go deeper. Fuck, I wouldn't last much longer. My daughter's mouth on my dick made the bulging erection I had all night beg for release.

She squeezed with her mouth and then popped off the end, letting it bob like a flagpole. Tiny fingers wrapped around the slick shaft, gliding up and down, alternating with long licks up and down my length. We liked to watch pornos together for fun and my little girl had picked up a lot of techniques very quickly. Her talent for observation, put to good use.

She bobbed up and down a few more times before my muscles clenched and I pressed her head down on my dick, cramming the full girth into her mouth. Flesh bulged and cum surged up from my balls in a wild thunder, spurting into my daughter's throat as I spasmed. I held my little girl's head down until I emptied my load, then released her.

She came up coughing and swallowed. "Wow Daddy, you didn't last long. You must have been really excited."

"Yeah baby." My eyes felt glazed. "You really know how to use your mouth." I gasped, as I lay on my back, petting her mussed hair.

"Hey Daddy," Shae grinned impishly," want to see something funny?" She laid back on the seat and hefted her skirts, parting the fabric and the little petticoats underneath. No panties. Her sweet little slit gleamed like buried treasure.

"I was pretty sure you'd want to do me in this dress, so I made sure to keep my pussy open for you. Do you want to fuck me in here, Daddy?"

I couldn't believe my daughter. She was insatiable! This tiny, sexy little girl, now a mere 8 years old, never tired of her Daddy stuffing her holes constantly every single day. I was hard again already from looking at her, dolled up like a fairy-tale princess, leaning back while she reached under her skirt and held her pussy lips open for me, inviting me inside. I couldn't say a word. Skirt fabric rustled as I got up and loomed over her on the seat. I reached behind her with both hands, finding the zipper for her dress and sliding it down to her waist, exposing the lovely white chest and tiny pink nipples. I bent down to them like a man starving, biting and pinching as she gasped under me. I sucked on one little nubbin, and then switched to the other, grasping it lightly in my teeth before sucking on it again. My baby girl squeaked like a mouse under me. She was almost hypersensitive in her nipples, and loved it when I played rough with them. I kissed a trail down her sexy little tummy to her belly button, running my hands up and down her sides, letting my fingers explore all the exposed flesh of my lovely daughter. Lights panned from the window over milky, flawless skin as our car moved on the highway. My hands went back up and I pushed her arms above her head, then buried her mouth in mine, cutting off her gasps. I met her tongue and we swapped saliva, lips writhing.

I worked at the knot on my tie with eager fingers, pulling it off. "Get on your hands and knees." My jacket came off next and I loosened my pants. "I'm going to fuck your brains out baby girl."

She flipped herself over with some effort, dress swishing about her, until she was crouching on the seat with her butt thrust in the air, looking out the window. The smooth arch of her back was revealed in between the rhythmic shadows from passing lights. I pushed up the bulky skirt, diving into the fabric and trying to find my daughter's tiny little slit. Slick wetness marked the spot, sticking to my fingers, and I rubbed her little vagina up and down until she was purring before sinking one, then two fingers into my daughter.

She shuddered and bucked. "Oh, D-Daddy, yes! That feels so good," she gasped. "Come on, put it in me!" My baby girl's begging was almost a whimper.

I lined up my throbbing erection with her vagina and gently squeezed in. My prick found its home again in my daughter's pussy, sinking slowly into the wet channel as muscles wrapped and squeezed tightly with each inch I crammed into her. She was shaking now, arms quivering as she moaned my name. She felt wide open, and I pressed forward more, forcefully, shoving her body forward and planting her face against the window with a squeak. She put up her hands on the glass, and I rammed forward again, managing to get another half-inch inside. Her squeaking deepened into gasping moans.

I was close now, and I started gliding my fat prick in and out, watching my daughter's tiny pussy lips wrapped around it in a slideshow of streetlights. Every few thrusts I pushed a bit harder, earning another yelp from Shae, who was pinned firmly against the glass by my dick, panting like an animal. I was proud of my daughter. She had been able to take more and more of me in her lately. My dick was almost entirely buried inside her tonight. Maybe with a few more thrusts....

If any passing drivers could see in our tinted windows, they would have seen a little girl, face and hands smushed against the glass, dress pulled down and skirts flipped to her waist while a looming figure railed her repeatedly from behind. The thought was exciting. I looked out at the passing cars. Could any of them see me banging my sweet daughter? Could any of them look and appreciate how much my angel and I loved each other and the gifts we gave to each other?

The limo came to a stop. Another red light. A vehicle pulled up beside us, driven by an elderly gentleman wearing an even more elderly hat.

I pistoned in and out of my daughter, who cooed and slobbered against the window. Had I got another half inch into my girl's tiny pussy? My balls swung with each stroke, hairs just barely brushing up against her flesh. I don't think she had ever been able to open up this much for me before. She really was amazing. Her back arched hypnotically in pleasure and the silver heart necklace rattled against the door handle as I banged my pelvis into her rear over and over, gliding my prick into the little hole with grunting thrusts. Slippery strokes sent warm waves racing up my body, rebounding and building into an animal hunger. I slammed my dick forward and held it, banging my baby girl against the window and rattling the pane. The elderly man looked over at us.

Had he seen us? Could he see us? These windows were pretty much one-way, weren't they? My dick quivered expectantly in my little girl's vagina as I looked straight at the man.

He looked forward and drove off. Light was green. I smiled.

"Daddy...oh god PLEASE Daddy!" My little girl wasn't holding back anymore. "DAD, don't stop, keep- UNGH, keep GOING!" I slammed into my tiny little girl's pussy with a renewed vigor. "YESSS DON'T STOP D-D-DADDYYYYYY!" She devolved into a wordless squeal, banging back at me in a bucking rhythm. My cock swelled as her pussy muscles went wild, massaging it with a velvet grip, squeezing the head and shaft. I had slammed my last half-inch into my baby girl and my balls were slapping against her backside. I looked down at the lovely girl writhing and shuddering in ecstasy and grabbed her hips in an iron grip as I impaled her as deeply as I could in one last thrust. Cum fountained from my dick into my daughter, filling her tummy with a torrent of her Daddy's seed, planting it more deeply than I ever had before. Her pussy muscles gripped and sucked the full length of my shaft, sending electric shocks racing up my spine to my brain. My fingers arched and dug tightly into the flesh of her hips as my girl convulsed and mewed with pleasure, squirming against the window.

We collapsed together, panting for breath. I caressed her back, still locked inside her, the smooth sounds of the car's motion matching our breathing. "That was a great birthday present Daddy," she sighed, looking back at me and wiggling her butt. "I love you."

I slipped out of her pussy regretfully, already softening. "You gave me a present too baby." I said.

"I know. I got all of you inside me Daddy." She looked frazzled, hair smashed to the side, dress in total disarray, but she smiled happily, showing that familiar warm glow of satisfaction that seemed to shine from some place deep inside her with total honesty and innocence. I bent over and kissed my daughter's between the heaving breaths of our post-orgasm bliss. I was so proud of her.

I wonder if the driver realized how disheveled we had become when we exited the limo back at the house. My hair was mussed where Shae had run her fingers through it. The buttons of my suitjacket were misaligned and I think one flap was hanging out. My shoelaces were untied and I held my tie in my hand.

My baby girl looked even more worn: makeup smudged and her hair a messy catastrophe. Her dress wasn't all the way zipped up in back, and the top was askew, a tiny nipple about to peek over the edge. She walked down the path to our house in wobbly fashion as though something was hurting between her legs. I tipped the driver frantically and tried to get him out of there before he noticed anything. He tipped his cap and wished me a good evening, face revealing nothing, before getting back in and driving off. I was just turning back to the house when I remembered...

My daughter's hairs, they were everywhere. And we hadn't wiped off the seat, had we? I think she had drooled on the window too, as I was busy slamming my dick into her.

Oh well. The limo company's discretion would probably live up to its reputation. I had certainly paid them well enough. I walked up the pathway to the house, feeling a bit wobbly myself from the wine.

Inside, I pulled off and discarded articles of clothing haphazardly on my trek down the hall to our bedroom. Shae was already laid out on her back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. The dress that had started out the evening so lovely was crumpled and had a small rip near the bodice. I flopped onto the bed, staring up at the ceiling with her.

"This was my best birthday ever Daddy." Her hand wrapped around mine. "Thank you so much."

"No problem sweetie. I wanted it to be a special day for you. I'm glad you had fun." I kicked off my left shoe, then my right. I still had a few presents for her, like a glossy photobook of the Mercedes-Benz fashion show in Prague, and the new Katy Perry album that she couldn't quite admit that she wanted. I'd hide them around the house and let her find them tomorrow.

She kissed me on the cheek. "I'm really glad I was able to take your whole cock Daddy, but I'm kind of sore for sex tonight."

"Oh honey that's fine, you don't have to-" I started.

"So how about I just give you a blowjob instead?" I turned my head to the left to look at my daughter. She was grinning slyly, stray hairs falling over her face.

Insatiable. My little 8-year-old girl is insatiable.