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My Baby Girl and our French Vacation - Part 2

By WintermuteX

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Content: Pedophilia, Incest, Romance, Blowjob, Anal

"Ooooof." I heaved the last suitcase up onto the pile of luggage on the baggage cart. "Did we really need all these suitcases?"

Shae looked at the pile of suitcases, then at me, then back at the pile of suitcases. She made a show of scrutinizing each of them one by one, as if giving it a lot of thought.


I groaned. Was that 8 suitcases we had? No, 9. I had picked up an extra to hold the gifts we had bought during our trip. The baggage boy was grinning like a fiend, holding the bar of the cart, anticipating the tip he would receive for such a massive haul.

Orléans had been delightful. The bed and breakfast we stayed at had been just outside the city, on the verge of the countryside, and we spent our 2 days alternating back and forth between them. I had got Shae an expensive camera - she always wanted one - and we had taken turns using it. The picture of my baby girl bending down to pick a handful of wildflowers in a field outside a vineyard, breeze rustling her summer dress and country hat, was the new background for my phone. I planned to frame it when we got home.

Shae seemed excited, even bubbly, as we validated our tickets and sat down to chat on a bench at the train platform. She had picked a pink dress for today with straps and elaborate stitching around the chest, with a flower of pink cloth fixed just above her hip. Delicate layers of ruffled satin cascaded down to her knees, and a layer of delicate white petticoats peeped out from just under the edge of the bulky skirts. Her long golden hair was pulled back into two girlish pigtails that hung to to the middle of her back. She looked like a princess. A hyper princess, firing off questions about Paris faster than I could answer them.

She had been ecstatic three months ago when Nicholas, the head of her agency, had called us into his office and said that they had a slot available for the girl's modelling show during Paris Fashion Week. It was smaller, of course, following after the main events that showcased women's fashion trends, but it was still a major opportunity for her. A slew of designers would be exhibiting their own clothing lines for girls under 16. Select Petites was steady work, but its risqué nature meant it catered to a smaller number of more discreet clientele.

We didn't have to wait for the train long. The silver engine breezed past us, a bullet on a sleepy gray morning. Shae's pink skirts swished and settled as the train came to a stop in front of us. We boarded and quickly found our seats.

I had sprung for the best. Well, second-best, once I saw the cabin prices. Our accommodations consisted of a relatively roomy area bordered on the side and back by an L-shaped couch that extended up to the window. It looked comfortable. Everything was polished walnut, gleaming darkly from the window light, and the high backs divided our space from the aisle and from the other identical areas in the car. A large, flat-panel television was embedded in the flat wall in front of the couch, and an expensive-looking table bearing a stylish lamp occupied the far corner.

Shae plopped herself down next to the window on the auburn couch, bouncing slightly. "How long is it again?"

"Only a couple of hours," I said, placing our carry-on bags on the table and dropping onto the cushion beside her. "We're almost there."

"Good," she said, smoothing her skirts.I stretched my legs out and sighed. Ahh, this was perfect. Plenty of legroom. We were in for a comfortable trip. I dropped an arm over my little girl's shoulders and gave her a brief hug.

"You excited?"

She nodded against my shoulder and snuggled up against me, using her Daddy like a pillow as she always did. Staticy French burst suddenly from the PA, announcing our transit time, then repeating in English. Our heads nodded as the seat gave a sudden lurch, and the pastoral scene outside began to slide slowly past.

I stretched again, chasing the aches from my legs, and gave a sigh of relief. A horseback ride in the country had seemed like such a great idea. Just me and my baby girl, on our rented horse, following the half-dozen other riders on a lazy trot along a wooded trail. Shae had been thrilled, and before long her plump little bottom rubbing against my crotch as we bounced along was giving me a thrill too. A painful one. I had to smile and bear it, since Shae was too small to be put on a horse alone for her first ride. She thought it was hilarious. Enduring my little girl's teasing just made it worse for my cock, but by the time we finished the ride we were both equally sore.

So we had gone to bed early, spooning together and forgoing our usual goodnight fuck - which was probably why Shae's hands were nervously gripping her dress as we watched the countryside scroll past, creasing the pink satin and smoothing it out again repeatedly. She was an open book sometimes. Shae could barely stand to go more than 24 hours without her Daddy's stiff rod crammed into at least one of her holes. It made her antsy.

I stroked her bare shoulder with my hand, letting my fingers dip lower each minute until I was running them along the inside edge of the back of her dress. Payback for yesterday. I'd let her stew for a little bit while her pussy itched.

Farmhouses flowed past outside the window, and cows and fields edged with barns and granaries, all set before the backdrop of rolling green hills. The warm, rustic views of the French countryside passed us slowly by as we relaxed.

"Maybe there's something on TV," Shae muttered, leaning forward suddenly and pulling the remote control out of its holder. I suppressed my grin. She was just looking for a distraction. The TV flicked on and Shae pushed the channel button impatiently, flicking through a mixture of commercials and old movies, all in French, and settling on what looked like an utterly ridiculous soap opera.

"Est-il allé? Sommes-nous seuls, ma colombe?" The gorgeous woman lounged on a soft-looking bed, wearing a tight blouse whose single fastened button looked about to burst from the pressure of her tits.

The young, sandy-haired Casanova pushed the door closed and locked it behind him, then turned around wearing a lurid smile.

"Il est fait, mi amour. Votre mari va mourir ce soir."

The woman sagged with relief, a paragon of over-acting. "Maintenant, nous pouvons être ensemble!"

"I can't tell what they're saying," Shae scoffed, " but even *I* know it's incredibly corny."

"They're exchanging cake recipes," I said, then grunted when Shae elbowed me in the stomach.

"Ok ok, he's offed the woman's husband somehow. But I'm not sure if he stopped to oil his chest muscles before or AFTER he did that."

The handsome youth crawled onto the bed, oiled muscles gleaming in the light, and the lovers embraced and kissed passionately. Shae's skirts twitched. I knew that tic, that subtle jerk of her left thigh when my baby girl was desperately horny. As reliable as a clock. A light touch from the young man, and the woman's blouse burst open, revealing a pair of stunning breasts. The camera panned to show their shadows as they fell back onto the bed, then went to commercial.

Muttering, Shae slapped the power button violently, then flopped back against my shoulder and arched her neck to look up at me with pleading eyes.

"Daddy..." Her hand crept slowly down the front of my jeans and rubbed inquisitively. "Can we?"

I poked my head up and peered over the dividers at the other sections. Just an older couple near the front, dozing together while watching a show in German, and a young man with headphones, alone and reading a book. The car was nearly empty, but it was much too open. I didn't like it.

"Jeez, honey, I don't think so," I murmured. The young man got up and walked down the aisle past our section, hunting for the bathroom. "Not here."

Shae squirmed her shoulders in frustration and thumped her head against my chest again. "Oh come on...there's no way I can make it two hours and then all the way to the hotel Daddy. That's like forever."

"Hmmm..." I opened one of the built-in drawers and pawed inside, looking for an idea - and found it.

"Here." I held the blanket out and flapped it to unfold it. It was soft and thick, like a large quilt. "Lie down like you're going to sleep. Close your eyes too." I pulled a pillow out too. Might as well hide the raging erection I was already nursing. I plopped the pillow in my lap and let Shae rest her head on it, then draped the blanket over us. It was big enough that it bunched up around my shoulder and covered all of my little girl's body before spilling off the couch to the floor. Perfect. To anybody walking by, we'd look like a perfectly innocent father and daughter, dozing together comfortably on the train.

Grinning up at me, Shae closed her eyes and pretended to sleep as my hand snaked down her side under the blanket, brushing the satin dress, and crept under the edge of her skirt. Shivers rippled under my fingers as they stroked the smooth flesh of her thigh. After a few hungry squeezes, I searched upwards, rising up and brushing the moist cleft between her legs.

"You know," I muttered with mock grumpiness, "I think you have an entire suitcase full of panties."

"They're just for show." Her face split into an impish smile, while keeping her eyes tightly closed.

Rustling came from under the blanket as I pushed her skirt up, moving the fabric out of the way. The pressing feeling of my daughter's head on my lap wasn't helping the bruised feeling in my growing cock. It didn't seem fair sometimes, being a father and always having to deal with the pain of your cock twisting itself into a pretzel in your underwear every time your daughter brushed up against you or gave you a quick feel of her chest or pussy. Maybe Shae was right; no underwear was the way to go.

She spasmed and pressed against my leg, sucking in a sudden breath at her Daddy's practiced touch on her pussy. Tiny swelling lips slipped around my fingertip, gripping it hungrily as I slid down her channel to the quivering hole at the bottom, practically heaving with moisture. My daughter was a sex fiend, demanding the constant attention of her Daddy's cock night and day. I could barely keep up sometimes, and she had had me all to herself on this vacation. A sudden flick of my thumb and her back arched again, her whimper dwindling to a low groan of pleasure as I put pressure on her clit and rubbed greasy circles around her dripping hole.

Fingers circled my wrist under the blankets, pulling it, urging me on. She kept her eyes closed, but her smile had been replaced with a small o, cheeks puffing and nostrils flaring slightly. All I could see of my daughter was her head resting on the pillow, but the muted expression of growing bliss and the eager vibration of her little body against my arm were stoking my own insides to a slow boil. The hungry tip of my cock nuzzled the underside of my daughter's neck, rubbing with the slow rhythm of the train.

I circled one last time and plunged a finger into the slippery little tunnel, earning a slight jerk of her hips. Warm friction squeezed my finger, caressing it lovingly, welcoming me in. Another tickle of her clit, and I added a second finger, stuffing it into the tight channel beside the first. Her hand tightened into an iron shackle, holding her Daddy's fingers inside, as faint spasms circled my flexing digits.

"Da...Daddy..." Her eyes were slits. I rubbed her hair gently and pretended to look out the window. Just an innocent father and his young daughter. The tightening tract of the inside of my daughter's cunt was a familiar map. My fingers hunted upwards, stroking gently until they found her favorite spot.

"Hnnnnnk!" Her head snapped to the side, gasping, tongue flexing against her bottom lip. The sudden clamp of her pussy couldn't ward me off. I rubbed slow, gentle circles, orbiting the growing heat building inside her and enjoying the slight buck of her hips each time I crossed over it, building the thrum of her engine into a pounding roar speeding her towards orgasm. Her hair fell in her face as she turned her head. I pushed it clear, watching her expression. Shae was beautiful, enthusiastic, an utterly selfless lover both inside the bedroom and out. It was never routine, with her, no matter how many times I rubbed the head of my prick around the rim of her open mouth and then pushed inside to leave a salty deposit in her throat, or rubbed her behind with lube and tapped the back gate until I felt her sphincter quiver and part, or just pulled off all her clothes and smelled and tasted all the juicy parts of her before pushing her down and sliding my aching cock into her cute little pussy. Every delightful hole on my daughter always sucked me in excitedly like it had been made to accept her Daddy alone. The burgeoning tempo of my little girl's intimate excitement flowed through her cunt to my fingers, a primal connection transmitting the buzz of her approaching climax.

I was surprised when she pushed against my wrist, pulling me out, but she just wanted a better angle. She flipped onto her side under the blanket, yanking her skirt up to her waist and bending her legs, giving me better access. The lips of her crotch pulsed around my slippery fingers as I entered again. Trickles of fluid ran down my palm, and I caught one with my thumb and greased a path over the short jump to her anus, lubricating a moist ring and then poking the twitching hole at the center suggestively.

Her thighs clamped tight and the gripping storm inside my little girl finally burst into a cyclone of sparking convulsions around my rubbing fingers. Brows twitching, eyes fluttering, she tried to keep quiet on my lap, but a moan escaped through the corner of her lips. I kept my hand on her head, steadying her, the fingers of the other locked tight against her shaking pelvis. A father should always keep his daughter safe and happy in his arms, I thought, looking down with adoration at her twitching expression as the orgasm roared through her body.

The young man walked by again, returned to his seat, barely sparing a glance at the drowsy tourist and his daughter. I could feel the pulsing waves receding in my daughter's body, the tide of pleasure finally ebbing until she lay completely still, blanket shifting slightly with her heavy breathing. Another lock of hair had fallen into her eyes when she turned, but a loving stroke of my finger on her forehead cleared it from her flushed face.

"Hmmmmmmm," Shae's grin was back. She stirred and rubbed my thigh affectionately under the blanket. "That was a nice nap Daddy. I had a dream about you."

"I'll bet you did, honey." I resumed petting her hair as she drowsed under the blanket. Up the aisle, the far door of the car opened, and a woman attendant, in uniform, walked down the car, briefly assessing us with the other passengers as if counting in her head. She nodded to herself then disappeared through the back door to the next car.

Shae turned and sat up on the seat, messing with her skirt then stretching her arms over her head with a yawn. The crisp rays of the morning sun flooding through the window outlined her in gold, but she almost seemed to glow with her own inner light: that healthy, gratified gleam of a little girl who has just been thoroughly satisfied by a man inside her. She let the blanket fall back down to the floor.

"Thanks Daddy." She gave me a peck on the cheek. "I can probably last long enough to get to the hotel now. Maybe."

It was my turn to roll my eyes for once. Shae laughed and slapped my shoulder, but then noticed the bulging erection tenting my pants, holding the pillow up at a lopsided angle.

"Oh, er, sorry Daddy. I thought you would still be kind of hurting from the horses yesterday. You said you were sore."

"I AM sore. But you know the effect you have on me, baby girl."

She giggled. "Yeah. Well...want me to take care of it for you? I could get under the blanket."

Oh sure. Just a man with a girl-shaped blanket kneeling in front of him, bobbing up and down on his crotch. Yeah, that would work great. Shae laughed at my expression.

"Ok, sorry." She patted my arm and rested her head on my shoulder again. "I'll make it up to you when we get to the hotel."

"Sure," I muttered, but now I wasn't sure if *I* was going to make it to the hotel. The sweet smell of my little girl was a drug, the innocent, flowery smell of her new dress mixing with the heavy scent of her sex, bare, just waiting for me under the skirt, still dripping probably, sated for now but still yearning for the main course of her Daddy's thick cock slamming inside.

"That was such a nice trip yesterday." Shae was rubbing my arm idly as she gazed out the window at the passing landscape. "I loved the horses. They're so pretty. We should do it again sometime Daddy, but we should go alone."

I rumbled an approval. I knew why she wanted to go alone. It was a good idea.

"Actually for the first hour I was wondering if you were going to cum on my butt. I didn't know horses were so BOUNCY."

"There's a lot of motion," I agreed.

"Yeah, like a ton. I didn't know we'd be on a horse together."

I looked down and thought I saw the subtle sparkle in her eyes of a clever idea taking shape.

"It was nice though, feeling you against me. I loved it when you let me use the reins."

"You did great. We could take some classes together, if you want. Get even better."

"That would be nice..." She trailed off for a moment.

"I kept pushing my butt against you, but I felt kind of sorry near the end," she confessed. "When you told me it was hurting."

She suddenly stood up and plopped herself right on my lap, skirt and all.

"It's just that I REALLY like it, when I can feel that you're hard." She wiggled her hips, exploring the tent of my crotch with her bottom. "Because I'm thinking about you, and I KNOW you're thinking about me."

Was it actually possible for a man's penis to explode like a rocket and burst through his pants? I was about to find out, if my daughter kept wiggling like that. I put my hands on her hips and tried to steady her.

"The whole day, Daddy." She had turned her head to whisper at me. "Going up and down with your cock poking me. I thought about it the entire day. That's why I kept rubbing you so hard." Her voice turned breathless, hips pushing back and forth in dry thrusts on my lap. "If we go out on horses again I don't want to wait the entire day. It felt so good."

Her skirt rustled as she began to bounce lightly, bare bottom slapping my lap underneath in a familiar cadence. "Come on Daddy," she whispered. "Be my horsey."

Fuck. I looked around the car. Nothing had changed. Fuck it all. I had to have my baby girl, had to get my dick out and fit it into her tight little hole right here. I'd lose my mind otherwise. Slouching down in the seat slightly, I fumbled under the fabric of the skirt, finding my belt buckle and pulling my pants open so my starving prick could slap up against my little girl's bare bottom. Why not? Shae was such a small girl that she didn't look out of place on my lap, and with the way she looked today, people would probably think she was only 9 or 10. The perfect age to be riding on Daddy's lap, with a fat cock buried snugly in her pussy. It had worked for us before.

If ramming your fingers into your sexy daughter's cunt is heaven, the feeling of her pussy lips sliding open around your cock and welcoming you with moist suction is a paradise indescribable. Shae rose up a few inches, and my meat found her tunnel like a magnet and slipped inside with a whisper. Rocking my head back against the cushioned seat, I savored the exquisite sensation of my baby girl's insides again, gripping enthusiastically at the invading girth.

With a few subtle jerks of my pelvis, I worked her into a gentle bouncing rhythm, then ran my hands up the sides of her dress from her hips to the flat buds of her chest and squeezed them through the dress with desperate ardor. She was my only love, my little girl. I'd push my cock into her anytime she wanted, let her feel the rigid proof of her Daddy's complete devotion every time I saw the request in her eyes. Shae leaned forward slightly, giving me more room to stroke, a better angle to push the head of my prick even deeper into her hole. Was it passion on her face? Hunger? Trembling pleasure? I had to know. I reached for her chin and coaxed her head back so we could look at each other as we shared our connection. Glazed eyes, mouth slightly open, throat flushed red from the heavy rush of blood that her Daddy's pounding cock was exciting in her veins. God I loved her.

I let her chin go and pushed her farther forward again, driven by crazed desire. Grabbing each of her pigtails by the root with a fist, I yanked her head back and used the leverage to pound a mounting tempo of solid thrusts into her bubbling pussy. Maybe the old people were deaf. Maybe the kid with the headphones would keep them on, wouldn't hear the whimpering moans of the little girl getting fucked in the corner of the train car. I used one hand to push her skirt up to her waist. The twin globes of my daughter's buttcheeks bounced like jelly as I slapped my pelvis against her rear end with each desperate stroke into her sucking tunnel.

I saw the array of reflected sunlight slide across the ceiling of the car at the same time I heard a faint "K-shunk" from far behind me. Lightning-fast, I pulled my daughter's skirt down with one hand, and yanked her back by the neck with the other so she was sitting upright. Just a sweaty tourist with his innocent young daughter sitting on his lap, both of them breathing heavily for no particular reason. I looked back. Oh shit. The attendant had returned pushing a cart of food and drinks. Shae straightened her dress and smoothed her skirt nonchalantly.

"Look honey, cows!" I pointed out the window at a herd of fictional bovines and pretended that we were sitting by the window so we could both watch the sights. The woman stopped her cart in the aisle next to our space.

"I think that's a strawberry field. And I think that's a windmill! You see it?" My voice almost cracked from the rippling motions of my daughter's cunt circling around my prick inside her.

"Bonjour!" The woman bubbled cheerfully at us. "Food or drink, Monsieur? We have fruit and sandwiches, choice of turkey or ham." She waved her hand over the lines of neatly-wrapped food on the cart. "Juices, bière. Wines too, if you prefer."

"Oh, ah, nothing for me. Thank you." I tried not to shiver as my engorged cock thrummed happily in the tight confines of my baby girl's pussy under the skirt.

"For you, Mademoiselle?" the woman asked.

"No thank you ma'am." Shae sat primly on my lap, giving no clue that her Daddy's bulging cock was stuffed inside her.

The woman pulled a water bottle from the bottom level of her cart. "Here, take some water sweetie. Gratis. You look flushed."

The gripping walls of her pussy twisted and squeezed my prick as Shae reached out to take the bottle.

"Thanks. I do feel kind of...funny. It must be the motion. "

"Ah, the train, it does this sometimes. You will feel better." Her cheerful smile lingered on us for a moment, as if we reminded her of something.

"Au revoir!" She waved finally and pushed her cart up the aisle. I held my little girl steady at the hips while the attendant checked with the other passengers. They shook their heads, and she left with her cart through the front door of the car.

My relieved sigh washed over the back of Shae's neck. "That was close."

"Don't worry Daddy." Shae dropped the water into a holder that was out of sight by the window, then arched her back against my stomach encouragingly.

I ducked my hands under her skirt again to massage her butt. "Well baby girl, let's get your little ass in motion."

She giggled and leaned forward as I hiked her skirt up to her waist again. What a lovely sight: my daughter's bare bottom and dripping pussy stretched wide around the wide girth of my cock. I used the angle to push another few inches into the lovely tunnel, watching the lips of her cunt flare out even wider, then pulled back and began a light bucking motion on the seat, exulting in the feeling of shoving my hungry dick up into my little girl's hole

"Mmmmph!" Shae squeaked and leaned forward farther as I slammed against her pelvis. Twisting pulses of loving warmth coiled around my shaft each time I pushed up inside my daughter, then faded to shivering tingles when I stroked out to do it again. The sight of my 12-year-old daughter bouncing happily on my cock goaded me into a feral hunger. I slammed inside her as deep as I could go and held tight as I reached forward to pull the straps of her pink dress down over her bare shoulders. The satin cloth slipped midway down her bare back with a rustle, and I rubbed my hands up the stretch of smooth flesh before curling around under her arms and finding the poking nipples like tiny buttons on her chest.

"eeeEK-" she slapped a hand over her mouth, capturing her cry as I twisted and pinched the little nubs. My daughter's body was sensitive everywhere, but her nipples were like a pair of magic knobs that I could twist at almost any time to amplify her pleasure to the level I wanted. She was moaning into her hands now, and when I broke the lock on her pussy and started a heavy thrusting motion again, she arched forward until her head was resting against the polished surface in front of us, just above the TV, hands grasping at the smooth surface for a handhold as her Daddy pumped inside her.

Fuck, did she want to ride horses again? Did that make her horny? I'd be a horse for my daughter, if that's what she wanted. I grabbed her arms above the elbows, jerking them back, and slammed forward again, smushing her face against the wood. Holding her in place with my hands on her arms and my cock in her pussy, I ramped up to the thick, rapid motions we had felt in the saddle yesterday. The shivers racing down my baby girl's back transferred into a desperate wiggling of her hips with her limited range of motion, pushing back to meet me with each thrust. Rustling noises and squeaks filled our little space, though I wasn't sure if the latter came from the couch or my horny daughter.

On the ceiling, I could see the lights reflected in the metallic surface of the door behind us, moving slightly with the motion of the train. I could see the front door of the car, and the tops of the heads of the other passengers. Nobody was looking. Nothing would interrupt us. The mounting pressure building deep in my baby girl's frothing pussy finally burst forth into a hurricane of electric spasms that jerked the muscles of her cunt in lunatic rhythm, and yanked her arms against my grip. I held on as she convulsed in orgasm. Every part of her was for me, given freely, from her lips and mouth to her flat chest with the tiny nipples that flushed red with desire when I touched her, to the quaking lips and walls of her pussy that wrapped my meaty organ with a pumping thrill when I shoved forward one last time and buried it inside her. We were made for each other, loved each other with a force beyond words, bound by the overwhelming primal connection between a father and his daughter as they pounded together in carnal bliss.

I shoved forward one last time with a wet slapping sound. The frothing roar finally erupted in my balls and rocketed up my throbbing cock, the payload of fiery semen spewing out into my little girl's cunt, filling her with her Daddy's loving seed. Another spurt followed, another, an endless stream of milky jets surging up into her womb and collecting into a slippery flow that squeezed into the tortured space between between my engorged prick and the walls of my daughter's pussy. Shae jerked in my arms and I jerked back, the pair of us connected by the crashing waves of mutual orgasm that resonated together where we connected inside her body.

The front door of the car slid open. My hands pushed desperately, senses foggy, trying to pull Shae's dress up and get the straps over her shoulders. Her arms didn't seem to want to cooperate, her mind still lost in thready climax from the force of her Daddy's pounding passion. I got them up somehow, pulled her upright, kept her from sagging against me. The pair of us sat there, chests heaving, twitching slightly in lingering passion as the crush of our orgasms melted away into a hazy contentment.

"Feeling a little better now mademoiselle?" The attendant beamed at us from the aisle, pushing her cart.

"Oh, yes I do maam." Shae was sitting upright on my lap, her pink dress and skirts perfectly arranged, a picture of innocent youth. "I feel a lot better now."

A glob of saliva dripped onto the front of the TV from the polished wood above it and slid slowly down the dark surface. The woman didn't notice.

"You still seem a bit flushed. Maybe you were dehydrated."

Faint ripples caressed my prick with gratified squeezes as it softened in my little girl's cunt. Shae gave no sign she had been doing anything but looking out the window.

"Yeah, that was probably it." Her thighs clenched against me under her skirt. "I think all the fluid helped."

"Merveilleux. Here, I have éclair au chocolaté. From the kitchen, fresh." The woman handed over a pastry on a napkin for each of us.

"Ahhh, you two remind me of my daughter, my husband." She leaned casually on her cart. "They are always together. In Beauvais. I go home at the end of the week."

"Sounds like you miss them," I said.

"Bien sûr!" She laughed. "Yes, it will be good to be home." She gave a friendly wave before leaving, and pushed her cart out the back door of the car.

My flaccid prick slipped out of my baby girl's wet hole when Shae stood up. I pulled my pants up and buckled them as she straightened her skirts and then sat back down beside me.

"Hmmmm," she purred, resting her head against my shoulder again. "Do you feel better now Daddy?"

"Much better." I kissed her on top of her head.

She bent to pick up the blanket from the floor. "I feel kind of sleepy now. I'm going to sleep until we get there."

I pulled out the water bottle and shook it. "Don't forget to hydrate. You need your energy."

She laughed and took a swig, then passed it back to me so I could do the same. We munched on our eclairs until they were gone, then I wrapped the bulk of the blanket around her chest and shoulders and let the rest trail over my lap. Shae sighed in contentment and leaned against me. The wide sweep of the Loire Valley was passing us by outside, and we watched the flowing green landscape in comfortable silence.

A sudden buzz came from my pocket. I pulled out my phone and saw a text from an unknown number.

"Shae. Sweetie." I nudged her and she stirred against my shoulder. "Look at this."

We read it together.

Dad going 2 change jobs. Lots of time together now. Took ur advice and never seen him happier. Hope u both will visit if in France again.

Je t'embrasse, Love, Hiro and Satomi XOXOXO

PS Shae ur skirt advice was gr8 he ♥ it

A picture was attached. Suki was holding her phone at arm's length, grinning, with her dad's arm casually slung around her shoulders and a smile on his face as he looked down at her. He was a handsome man, with asian features and dark hair and a kind face lightly creased with lines of worry. They looked like a happy couple. Maybe it was just the angle of the sun but I thought I saw something in her eyes, that gleam of fulfillment I had seen in my daughter's so often.

"Oh cool." Shae took the phone from me and held it close to stare at the picture. "He seems nice, right? They look good together. He's lucky." She handed the phone back.

"They both are," I said, putting the phone away.

I sat in contemplation, staring out the window with my daughter as she snuggled against my shoulder. Suki and her Dad. I wondered what the future held for them, where they would be if we came back to France in a few years and took up her offer to visit. A dull drowsiness began to wash over me, lulling me with the rhythmic rumblings of the train. We were going through a long curve that was snaking around a lake between the hills.

"Hey Daddy?" Shae mumbled sleepily against me.

"What is it baby girl?"

She took a long time to answer. I thought she might have fallen asleep. I was about to drop off myself.

"It's ok. Never mind." She patted my arm under the blanket and went quiet.

We eventually passed out of the hills into a long, sloping region of open fields, bright with green grass and wildflowers. Shae was fast asleep on my shoulder. I managed to work my book out of our bag without disturbing her and got some reading in as the train rattled on.


I looked up. A male attendant greeted us from the aisle.

"We are almost at Paris, Monsieur. May I get you anything before we arrive?"

I looked around, then glanced down at my sleeping daughter's face buried against my shoulder, stray hairs lining her face.

"Non merci," I said. "I have everything I need."

"Wow, that's big." Shae tilted her head back, squinting against the sun, trying to see the top of the massive convention center.

"Yeah, but I'm pretty sure all the shows are on the main floor. What do your directions say?"

She looked down at her phone, reading the email from her agency again.

The shuttle driver had picked us up from the hotel and navigated us through downtown Paris with terrifying speed and ruthless efficiency, almost flattening a man on a bicycle before depositing us in front of the massive gleaming building where Shae's fashion show would be held. Today was just prep, rehearsals and briefings on everything she would need to know. Tomorrow was the real deal.

"West entrance, it says. The one with the gray doors." She pointed to the side. "They'll have our names."

A surly security guard looked up our information, jabbing at his keyboard with a sour expression and finally issuing us badges and pointing at a stairway. We climbed it, and Shae's mouth dropped progressively, in small degrees, each time we passed another gorgeous woman in the hallway until it was nearly hanging open. Professionals, real models, career women whose beauty and experience were their livelihood. I squeezed my daughter's hand as we walked, hoping she wouldn't be too intimidated.

"Bonjour!" A woman with black-rimmed glasses and red lipstick, wielding a clipboard and a no-nonsense expression, corralled us expertly as soon as we turned a corner into a larger area.

"Watts?" she queried, then looked at our badges and nodded to herself before we could answer. She scratched a check on the paper on her clipboard. "Wonderful." She peered at us both, scrutinizing me with a severe expression, and I suddenly felt very small.

"And you must be Shae." The woman smiled and bent down to get a good look at my daughter, her demeanor softening. "How are you today? I'm Jackie."

"Hi. I'm good. Nice to meet you." Shae smiled back.

"Good, that's good." Jackie had managed a flawless transition from authoritarian to welcoming. "I'll be your coach today Shae. That means I'll be showing you around, what you'll be wearing, and helping you practice. Have you ever done one of these before?"

Shae shook her head. "No, but my agency trained me on most of it."

"Excellent. That's just fine, Shae. I'll show you to the girl's section where you can get ready. There are a lot of women around here, getting ready for their show tomorrow too, but don't let them bother you. Most of them got started just like you did."

"Ok." Shae seemed a lot more at ease. She took Jackie's hand when it was offered.

"Shae's orientation will take a few hours," she said, turning to me, all business again. "There's a waiting area past the door with the green border back in the the hallway behind you. It has seats, television, and refreshments if you want. Feel free to look around, but please stay out of the roped-off areas."

"Alright," I said.

"We'll call you, when Shae is ready. Please stay near the convention center. The security guards can answer any of your questions." She looked down at my daughter next to her, holding her hand. "You ready Shae?"

"Yeah, I'm ready." She took a deep breath, then waved at me. "See you in a few hours Daddy."

Almost everything was roped off, it turned out. Feeling restless, I went back to the main hallway that curved around the outside edge of the building and paced. I hoped it was going ok, that there weren't any problems. This was a big deal for her, it was what she had worked for the last few years, doing catalogs and swimsuits to build out her portfolio and sometimes some racier bits that earned more money. I turned around and paced the other way. She wasn't all that used to doing things without me around. It made her nervous sometimes. During her first photo shoot with Select Petites she had been upset when she thought that I had left, but she had calmed down when she realized I was right there. Still, she was 12 now. She had learned to do more things alone. I turned again, going back the way I had come. I was proud of her. I wanted her to be happy doing whatever she wanted to do, and this seemed to be it.

Aw hell. I was probably more nervous than she was. I noticed a large pair of double-doors held open on the side of the hall, and followed them down a ramp into the main area inside the center, ending at a section of rope across the floor. It was brightly lit, a massive, echoing room with rows of seats curving around the circular center. Crewmen were everywhere, running cables and tinkering with cameras mounted on gigantic mechanical arms. A few crawled in the framework high over the stage, doing something to the lights. A long catwalk jutted out from the stage into the center of the space. As I watched, a girl in a dark green skirt sauntered out, stepping lightly in a particular gait as she walked to the end of the catwalk, shifted her weight on her feet, then pivoted with a swish of her skirt and walked back to the stage. Another girl came out to do the same, but was called back at the edge of the stage. Something wrong with her high heels. Jackie and another woman were at the edge of the curtain, talking to the girls.

I leaned against the wall and watched for a bit, but didn't see Shae. This was going to take forever, I thought, and the butterflies in my stomach weren't helping. It wasn't like *I* was going to be up on the stage, but the sympathetic concern for my daughter couldn't be brushed away. I finally gave up and left, consigning myself to the waiting room. It wasn't all that bad, it turned out. The big room had a table set with pastries, and I had eaten almost half of some pie-like thing stuffed with fruits and a hard glaze before I realized it. Nervousness.

The French magazines were a bust. I gave up on them and had found a Liverpool game on the television, but it was going nowhere. I suffered through the boredom, and after an eternity my phone finally buzzed. After a quick confirmation from Jackie, I got up and met them back at the bend in the hallway.

"Hey Daddy!" Shae bounced exuberantly on her feet and then hugged me around the waist.

"Hey sweetie. How did it go?"

"Great!" She bubbled happily. "They have this fall fashion line of clothing. We tried out the outfits, took a few pictures to get an idea, and practiced our walks."

"She'll do great," Jackie said. "Shae is very talented. Here is the schedule lineup for tomorrow, Mr. Watts." She handed me a sheet of paper. The main women's show occupied most of the day, with the girl's show afterwards in the evening.

"Please be here 2 hours before the event," Jackie went on. "And of course, don't hesitate to call me for any reason." Jackie shook my hand, and Shae's, giving her a warm smile on top of it. "Have a good evening."

I took Shae's hand, and we left convention center and returned to the hotel.

This was a world of glitz and glamour I knew nothing about. Music pulsed through the darkened auditorium, underscored by the blinding staccato beat of hundreds of camera flashes coming from the main floor below me. Women stalked out onto the catwalk draped in a dizzying variety of fashions both mundane and exotic, hair flowing backward from the fans, pausing for a moment to give the cameras a good taste of all their gorgeous features before twirling and walking back.

Coats, scarves, dresses, loose blouses sewn in eye-catching asymmetric styles, a dozen variations of skirts divided at the hip on one side, and flowing to conservative pleats on the other - they all passed, one after the other, dancing out into the middle of the cameras on the body of another knockout supermodel, showcasing the designer's ideas and explorations of the frontiers of women's fashion for the fall season. I knew a few things about art, but the subtleties of the fashion world would always be beyond me. One woman wore a mockery of a raincoat, cut short, transparent except for the edges, as if it were the product of a tryst between a chemise and a rain smock. The ridiculous things were probably more a statement about the art than making anything that someone could wear, the designers of the world sending private messages that only someone in their industry could understand.

And then it was over. The last woman left the stage and the lights came up, slightly, just enough so people could move around more easily. Hundreds of cameramen wandered the floor like lost geese, every one tending to their own equipment. The teen and preteen show would be next. I had been waiting in painful expectation for hours after surrendering my daughter, fidgeting away in the private area reserved for family members. I couldn't exactly call it a VIP area, since I was the least important person in the entire building, but at least it was comfortable and had a good view.

I wondered what she was going to wear, what they were doing to prep her. Hair and makeup, obviously. Some practice walks, and photos of them wearing garments in various positions, varying the minor details until they found what worked best. Lights and mirrors and a camera flash and turn your head down slightly and smile this way and that and now sultry and now pouty and do it 50 more times from the top. She'd probably be fine. She WAS fine. Maybe she'd be the first one out. Maybe she'd be a surprise feature on the cover of a fashion magazine. Maybe she'd slip and fall off the catwalk. My leg jittered nervously as I sat, and I forced it to be still.

This really was the big leagues. It wasn't like Select Petites, her normal agency back in the states, where we could hang around in our private room with me sliding my cock into her right up until they called her for a shoot. It always seemed to help, with her. Shae was less nervous after she came on her Daddy's cock. I wondered for the thousandth time how she was doing right now.

The crew had finished whatever they were doing to set up the next show. The lights dimmed and music blared through the dark space, a pop song moving at a quicker pace than the music of the last show. I sat on the edge of my seat and leaned forward, forcing myself to breathe.

The curtain twitched and a girl came out, dark-haired and pretty, in a full ensemble of autumn browns and oranges complete with a scarf and stylish hat. She stalked down the long catwalk in eye-catching, impractical boots with a medium-length heel. Another girl followed, blonde, dressed for breezy weather in a shawl that hung down almost to her elbows and thinned in the back so the fabric could flow out behind her. Cameras strobed in the darkness, outlining the girls in flickering halos. Another girl emerged in an orange blouse and skirt. They ignored the blinding assault, reaching the end of their walk and smiling demurely before turning and strolling away with the distinctive hip-wiggling gait models used when showing off.

A carousel of fashion paraded before my eyes, girls sporting coats and pants, shirts and skirts in attractive styles. Draping fabric seemed to be in this year. Half the sleeves had wide cuffs or sewn additions on the lower arms hanging loosely. Another girl, 16, achingly pretty in a loose outfit of dark grey splashed with bright colors - she smiled teasingly, finger on her lips and showing her teeth, then spun and returned. I hadn't seen Shae yet.

There were a lot of them, I reminded myself. The main show had been 3 hours, this would be only 1. The styles switched, another designer showing off his particular brand. Colors this time, heavily accented, a different take on things. The girls blended together, all of them looking between 10 and 16, each trained to that particular walk and that particular posture and THERE SHE WAS!

I found myself standing suddenly, mouth open. I sat back down, embarrassed, hoping I hadn't actually shouted out loud. Shae was halfway down the catwalk already, wearing a casual outfit of hip-hugging jeans shorts and a white cropped top mostly covered by the short blouse of ruffled red fabric draped loosely over her shoulders. She looked amazing. Step, step, the loose cloth swishing, a perfectly calculated walk of grace and poise. The other girls disappeared. The world disappeared. She reached the end and shifted her weight, thrusting her hip out to show off the form-fitting shorts and light red fabric, smiling innocently in the bright light like an angel from heaven. The blouse was high in front and low to the waist in back, catching the air from the fans, occupying some fashionable middle ground between a shawl and a shirt. Pose, pivot, just enough to flare out the cloth behind her, step, step. My gaze followed her perfect bottom back to the stage, and that was it. 14 seconds on a catwalk. An instant. It felt like an eternity.

Realizing that I had been holding my breath, I forced myself to sit back on the seat, to unclench my fingers. She had been perfect. No flubs. The pictures would be fantastic. I'd get my hands on them somehow. Select Petites would probably get copies. If not, I'd buy every fashion magazine in Paris until I found them. Perfect, a natural, my little girl sauntering out and smiling for the bright lights like she had been born to do it. I wanted to hug her, to grab her and jump up and down with her in giddy delight, but I'd have to wait for the end. She'd be ecstatic right now. The stinging in my chest told me I was holding my breath again; I forced myself to stop. Maybe she'd come out again with something else. I watched eagerly for the rest of the show, but that was her only appearance.

Things became a bit of a hazy blur. I remembered hurrying from the private seat and ended up pacing by the giant sign that said "Arrêtez! Personnel seulement!", trying to get my scrambled thoughts in order. I was supposed to be back in the communal waiting room, but screw that. I wanted to see her the moment she came out of the private area into the hallway.

The rising squeal registered on my ears an instant before the purple blur rocketed out of the door and locked around my waist. I almost tumbled backwards. Shae, back in her normal clothes. She jumped up and down hysterically, eyes shining.

"Daddy did you SEE it? I knew you'd see it I was so afraid I'd MISS a step with those shoes but I walked just like Jackie showed and the freaking LIGHTS jeez there were so many Daddy they tell you not to blink but it's hard so I looked up at the seats and I couldn't see you but I KNEW you were there I could FEEL it so it was ok and then I did the little hold thing and walked back and those stupid SHOES hurt but it was cool Daddy did you see-"

I gave up trying to parse the verbal assault and just laughed with her, wrapping my hands under her shoulders and picking her up off the ground in a tight hug the way she loved. Her joy was infectious. Words were still bubbling crazily from her mouth like an unhinged fire hydrant. One final squeeze and I set her back down, seeing the tears of happiness collecting at the corners of her eyes.

"You did great, baby girl. Perfect." I cupped her cheeks with my hands, looking down at her. "I'm so proud of you."

Her arms locked around me again and she buried her head against my chest, sniffling gleeful tears. Shae was an emotional girl, and I loved that about her. You never had to dig to find out what made her happy. It was always right there, on the surface, a sunny joy that she shared freely with everyone. I stroked her hair until she finally calmed.

"Ok kitten," I laughed. "I want to hear all about it back at the hotel. Everything. Maybe at something less than lightspeed. Do you have all your stuff together?"

She looked up and nodded at me.

"Ok." I rested my hand on her shoulder. "Let's go."

I sat on the edge of the bed in the hotel room, inspecting the present I had hidden from Shae in my suitcase: a glossy, high-quality photo book of last year's modelling exhibition, a souvenir to remind her of what she had accomplished. The flowers she had picked from the field near Orléans were pressed behind the plastic on the inside of the front cover. She'd love it, if she ever got out of the shower. She had dragged one of her suitcases into the bathroom shortly after we got back and locked the door. Washing off all the makeup, I imagined. I dropped the book back into the gift box and replaced the cover, then left it on the bed, where it cast a long shadow over the white sheets from the cozy light of the bedside lamp.

Paris shimmered in the darkness before me when I went out onto the little porch, an ordered constellation of twinkling lights that stretched from the hotel all the way to the jagged skyline of downtown on the horizon. Taking a deep breath of the fresh air, I pulled off my tie and loosened my jacket. Much better. I had a lot to be thankful for. I had a brilliant, beautiful, talented girl that loved me, and a job that paid enough money that I could afford to take her anywhere she wanted. Shae's words had been lingering in the back of my head too. What if things had gone differently for us? I'd have loved Shae no matter what, but I might have missed out on the intimate bond with my daughter that was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Maybe I wouldn't have encouraged her as much, wouldn't have pushed her to get swimming and piano lessons and nurtured her love for clothing. Maybe we wouldn't be here right now, sharing a hotel room after the biggest success of her life. I didn't want to think about that. Suki was a wonderful girl, earnest, kind-hearted - happier now, I was sure, than before the day when Shae had waved at her and then opened up to her. A chance passing, but how would Suki's life have gone if she hadn't met my daughter? The generosity of Shae's heart seemed to spill over into everyone around her. I looked up at the few stars that could be seen in the Paris sky, and wondered about fate.

The persistent hiss of the shower had finally stopped. I went back inside. Our penthouse suite was classy, and incredibly expensive: a large, open space with 2 beds by default, even though we were only using one, and a slightly lowered area with a couch and a big TV in it. The whole place was wired for surround sound, as we found out when we watched a movie last night, and a complicated array of buttons and switches by the kitchen in the corner controlled everything else from the AC to the lights.

I pulled my tie the rest of the way off, then flopped onto my back on the bed. I hadn't had to do anything today, but I felt drained all the same. A white rectangle opened on the ceiling, the light from the bathroom as Shae came out. She had wrapped the big lavender towel around herself and blow-dried her hair so it hung loose behind her, shining. She greeted me with a smile.

"Hey sweetie." I sat up on the corner of the bed. "I got you a little something."

"Oh Daddy," she laughed. "You're always getting me something. I should get you something for once."

"You'll like this," I promised, tapping the box on the lid. She walked over to me and sat down sideways on my lap. I put the eggshell-colored box into her hands and let her open it.

"Oh this, wow, this is nice." She lifted the book and fingered the embossed floral design on the cover, then opened it. Her breath caught in her throat.

"I thought you threw these away. They had gone dry." Her voice was thin.

"I kept the best ones and sealed the plastic. They should be good for years. Here, look." I turned the page for her. An outrageously gorgeous teenager in a flowing red dress was walking down a catwalk with a pouty smirk. The glossy page shone in the light from the lamp.

"It's last year's," I said. "Obviously the one from your show this year isn't out yet, but I placed an order with the printer."

She turned the page again. More teenage models, captured in moments of flawless beauty by the cameras.

"It's so cool." Shae rubbed a finger on the glossy surface, then closed the book and hugged it tightly against her chest. "Thank you Daddy. It's really sweet." She was smiling but she almost seemed embarrassed somehow.

"Hey you deserve it." I rubbed her shoulders as she sat on my lap. "You did really great today. And not just because you looked good for the cameras. You were brave. You came all the way here, and when the time came you got out on that catwalk all by yourself in front of everyone. That's something you should be really proud of. You did it, Shae."

"Yeah." She smiled weakly, blushing. "I actually was kind of scared Daddy. But..."

She dropped her gaze, struggling to find the words, then hopped off my lap and placed the book gingerly on the dresser. She was upset.

"Honey?" I wondered if I had said the wrong thing. She waited a moment before turning around, tears shining faintly in the corners of her eyes.

"Daddy I...I wanted to thank you," she said.

"It's ok-"

"No. Stop." She shushed me with a finger on my lips. "Let me finish."

My daughter swallowed, hands clenching her towel self-consciously, gaze wandering the floor in apprehensive circles. She looked back up at me.

"I didn't know how to say it earlier because I was too excited, but...I know the agency check doesn't really cover the plane tickets and hotels. I know your boss yelled at you over the time off for this trip." Damn, I wondered how she had found out about that.

"But you still worked everything out," she went on, picking up speed. "You helped me come all the way here, and now I've done something I thought I could only ever dream of doing."

Words tumbled rapidly from her mouth, as if my baby girl thought she'd lose her nerve if she stopped.

"Back on my first photo shoot, I remember how scared I was, how I wanted to get out from the bright lights and go home. But you were there and you talked to me and...I knew it was alright. You were there and I wasn't alone. You were always there for me, encouraging me, even kicking me in the butt to do better. I guess I needed it sometimes. It was something I could always count on."

Her cheeks were burning. "Remember that time I was so frustrated in chemistry class? I hid my papers and faked my grade so you wouldn't find out. I was so scared that you'd yell at me, tell me how bad of a daughter I was being. It made me sick. I puked at school and they sent me home and called you, and I laid on the bed all afternoon hating myself. When I heard your car in the driveway, I wished I was dead.

A sudden choke caught her next words, and she swallowed and tried again.

"But you weren't mad. You didn't yell at me or ground me, you just listened and hugged me and I was crying and..."

The tears spilled over as she poured her heart in my hands. I remembered how upset she had been that day, but I hadn't realized how deeply it ran.

Wiping her tears, she took a deep breath and started again. "You helped me with my homework and it was alright. Somehow you could always make it alright. You helped me jog with you in the park on weekends after I flunked out of track. You signed up for that school play with me just so I wouldn't be nervous. When that magazine rejected me you wrote them an angry letter saying the other model looked like a horse's butt. It was great. I still have a copy. I kept it in my backpack so I could read it at school when I felt bad."

She paused to inhale after this avalanche, trembling in front of me. My tongue stuck uselessly to the back of my throat.

"God I'm silly." She scrubbed her face with the heels of her hands, cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "Look, what I'm trying to say Daddy is thank you for helping me. Tonight, and all the other times. It felt so great today on that catwalk, and you're nice to say I did it on my own, but I know I couldn't have come all this way without you always being there. I really was scared for a minute before they sent me out, REALLY scared, but I thought of all those things that you were always doing for me, and I knew you would want me to go. It was like you were right there next to me again, telling me that you believed in me, that I could do it. You've always been doing things like that to help me, and I want to give you a present, for once, something to show you how much I appreciate it."

"Of...of course honey." I forced the words past the strangling clench in my throat. "Nothing matters more to me than you, Shae. I'll always be here for you, no matter what, because you're my daughter and I love you." The tears were infectious.

"I love you too Daddy." She crushed me in a bearhug and I returned the favor, heart thumping in my chest as I wrapped my arms around the teary girl. The only thing I had ever wanted was to make my baby girl happy. She was everything to me, the warm center of my life. The slender arms squeezed me with surprising strength until my lungs strained for air and my ribs threatened to crack. Finally she let me go.

"Ok just...wait here alright?" She brushed fingers through her hair to straighten it and swallowed. "Um, it may take a few minutes." Her eyes peered around the room, spotted her expensive camera that we had left on the table. It was full of pictures from our trip. "Here, use this." She put it in my lap.

I nodded, confused. Shae reached down to turn off the bedside lamp, then crossed to the window so she could pull the curtain closed, shutting out the light of the city and plunging us into darkness except for the light from the bathroom. Finding the TV remote, she used it to switch the sound system to music. Fast-paced electropop thumped out of the speakers. She padded across the room to the light switches, flicking them until she found the one that controlled the line of track lights that ran down the center of the room to the bed. White circles shined on the carpet in a row of fuzzy spotlights. She nodded to herself, as if this was perfect, then disappeared into the bathroom and shut the door.

I tried to relax as I sat on the edge of the bed in the darkness, listening to the energetic beat of the music, breath hot with anticipation. She didn't keep me waiting long. The door opened and a girl's silhouette slipped out, entering the row of lights at the end. Striding confidently, hips thrusting side to side in sensual rhythm, Shae paced up the makeshift catwalk in time with the beat, wearing the white blouse and blue tube skirt she had worn on the first day of our vacation. The shirt was pulled tight and tied in a knot on the side so it revealed her bare belly, the rest of the thin fabric clinging to her chest and outlining her perfect form. She had pinned the skirt so that it hung short, barely to her upper thighs, teasing with a faint promise of the view between her legs.

Reaching the end of the row of lights, she struck a pose, tilting her head coyly when she shifted her weight from one leg to the other. A perfect smile, a model's practiced pose - I chuckled with delight and raised the camera to my eye. The flash burst once, then again, and then she twirled to give me a glimpse of her butt peeping out from under the edge of the tight skirt, shining pale in the lights as she strolled back to the imaginary stage. She disappeared again.

This was getting interesting. A hungry mound was already pushing at the fabric of my pants, straining for the luscious form of my daughter that was on display. After a minute she emerged from the darkness again, in a different outfit: a tiny draped crop-top and matching skirt, both white, stitched with a pattern of black diamonds on the bottom edges. The hanging V of the draped cloth flapped slightly, pointing to her navel, as she walked down the line of lights, hips swaying seductively. A pause at the end, hand on her hips, then a small pivot, shifting her weight, enticing grin accented by the brief view of her teeth - smiling for the camera, for me. I snapped a few shots of each sexy pose, then she twirled and shot me a flirtatious glance back over her bare shoulder, arm slowly rising at an angle to let her hair cascade down over it. I framed and captured it, immortalizing the perfect beaming smile and suggestive look of my daughter, then leaned forward eagerly for a bonus squeeze of her butt. She pranced off before I could connect, her hips swaying with each stride on the way back, taunting me.

Hopefully the fabric of my pants was strong enough to weather the bulging stress I was putting on it. I shifted, trying to get more comfortable, wiping sweat off my forehead as the music changed to another upbeat track. It was her deep black dress this time, thin fabric a shimmer of onyx in the light when she reappeared. She walked a bit more slowly, pausing to pull the hem of the skirt to the side and let it drop with a smile of girlish innocence, improvising a little from the tightly-disciplined cadence of the professional catwalk. I raised the camera to my eye and stood up to catch her from multiple angles. She halted gracefully at the end, weight shifting to let the skirt swish the silky fabric of the dress over her hips with an irresistible rustle, head back at an angle and mouth slightly open in a provocative gaze. The camera flashed several times as I moved about, getting into the fun of it, illuminating the sexy pose of my daughter's body. Turning again, she pushed out her rear and bent slightly, pulling the skirt to the side to give me a view of her lovely butt up to the hips and the tender treat between her legs. The skirt fell tantalizingly, fold by fold, from her fingers, and she turned to give me a profile shot of the dress hugging her slim body before shifting into a light twirl and walking back through the lights.

I was practically salivating now. I longed to rub those shoulders, to grip those round little hips wiggling under the fabric and reach down to squeeze the juicy little butt waiting under the skirt as she walked away. The alluring silhouette disappeared at the end of the track and I sat down to catch my breath. I wondered if she was going to go through her whole wardrobe. I'd break long before that. All those suitcases...

The music shifted to the next track, something a little slower, working a more romantic theme around the rousing beat. I checked the camera, hoping I wouldn't run out of space, and my breath caught when I looked back up. A vision of loveliness strode towards me, Shae wearing her purple teddy, one of the many special things we had packed to enjoy on the trip. It wrapped her 12-year-old frame like a present, riding high on the hips, complimenting the high heels to enhance the perfection of my baby girl's slender, supple legs. The silky cloth dipped between her growing breasts and was transparent below the chest, stitched with a mesmerizing pattern of lacy swirls. Shae smiled as her hips wiggled their way up to the end of the lights, then she paused in a seductive pose, chest thrust out slightly, giving me a lovely eyeful of her body as she slowly trailed a finger up her hip and bit her lip with beguiling suggestion.

I almost couldn't take it, couldn't help myself in the face of my sexy daughter putting herself on display in front of me, but somehow I managed, flash bursting like lightning as I got several shots of her enticing posture and lovely legs as she departed, heels striking the carpet. Lingerie doesn't take much time to put on, so she reappeared almost immediately, wrapped in her chemise of deep blue satin; one of my favorites, and she knew how much I loved it. It rippled like water over the curves of her body as she walked toward me, tight around the chest and stomach, loose and flowing around the hips. I had fucked my daughter in it dozens of times, pulling the little straps down and pushing it to her waist so I could rub her chest as I pounded inside her.

Her pose came with a little bonus this time: she flexed her back and let one of the loose straps slip down her shoulder as if by accident, just far enough for the garment to slip and show off a perky nipple on her chest. I snapped furiously, panting, shifting to try to ease the aching discomfort of my crotch tying itself into knots. She turned and arched her hip at the end of the pose, letting the satin whisper up the curving slopes of her bottom, giving a brief peek before she walked back into the darkness.

A powerful, thrumming vibration was beating in my veins, every hormone in my body pouring into my blood and electrified into frantic action by my little girl's private fashion show. Shae knew how to work her Daddy up. It was an art, for her, to stoke the burning passion in my gut until it raged out of control and set every cell in my body ablaze with pulsing lust. I shivered as I sat on the bed. What was taking so long? It had been minutes. Don't build me up and keep me waiting, baby girl. I dropped the camera onto the bedding in frustration and sat, combing my fingers through my hair.

She appeared suddenly, a ghost in the darkness, and I saw what had taken so long. Shae had donned a delicate piece of exquisite white lingerie. It hung on her 12-year-old body in complicated folds, stunning, a revealing garment of surpassing elegance. The top hugged her chest loosely, translucent, divided in front and tied with two satin ribbons at the top, the rest parting in a graceful curve that framed her bare stomach and bellybutton. The cloth spread out into a series of ruffles at the bottom, stitched into a web of complicated layers that hugged her hips and flared out elegantly like the gossamer shadow of a skirt.

I sat transfixed, the camera forgotten, as my daughter did her slow catwalk through each puddle of light, coming closer until she slipped into her pose in front of me. The whole garment had a supernal grace. As Shae shifted her weight from one leg to another, it would slip and settle again with a languid luxuriousness, rippling silk guiding the eyes on a natural course up and down my daughter's feminine curves. This was what she had bought in Marseille. Worth every penny. I wondered what she had said to the girl in the shop to let her buy it.

With a twist and a thrust of her hip, Shae gave me a view of the backside, looking over her shoulder and reaching her hand up to cup her hair with an inviting look that nearly shattered my cock like glass on the spot. The fabric opened into a diamond on the back, showing off the smooth skin of my daughter's back all the way down to the beginning of the sweet little cleft between her buttcheecks.

"Do you like it?" She turned to face me and took a step closer. A small pair of pearl studs peeped from her earlobes, and the tiny chain of a silver necklace arced around her throat. Faint sparkles of glitter reflected from deep in her hair and a few strategic spots around her face, flashing in the pale light. She had gone all-out, put everything into this. The spotlight on the ceiling made her look like a sexual goddess descending in a beam of white moonlight.

"It''s..." I closed my stupid mouth and tried again. "It's gorgeous baby girl. You look like a piece of heaven." I rubbed a hand up her arm. "You've never looked more beautiful."

The warm smile that blossomed on her face flushed another horny surge through the blood pumping in my veins. No father could see his daughter in this and turn away, could resist the urge to bend her over and pound a cock into her until she screamed with satisfaction. I squeezed her hands in mine and let them drop, and she must have seen the uncontrolled desperation in my eyes when I looked up again, because she cupped my cheek lovingly and bent down to kiss me on the lips.

My lips pushed back, hungrily, surging with need, opening slightly to sample the warm taste of my daughter's mouth. We broke after a moment, and Shae dropped to her knees in front of me without another word, and reached out to unbuckle my pants. A tortured moan escaped from my throat when she pulled open the fabric and fished my raging manhood out from my underwear with her tiny fingers.

" it baby girl." My hand twitched as it rested on her head. My little girl's mouth was right there, small, delicate, hovering just in front of her Daddy's massive erection. Blue eyes flicked up, meeting my gaze, and she licked a slow, teasing stroke up the underside of my glans, collecting a little pool of precum on her tongue.

I had never really had to teach Shae how to suck her Daddy's cock. It came to her as a natural talent, an instinctive consequence of her natural affection for me. She watched to see what drove me wild, then did more of it, and did it with a bursting enthusiasm that was almost exhausting. My daughter loved my cock. She loved it in her mouth. She loved it in her ass. She loved it in her pussy, as she frequently reminded me. When her Daddy's thick rod was out, it was like it become the focus of her whole existence. I saw the small details on her face yet again, the flaring nostrils, getting the scent, the working cheeks and the swallow afterwards, sampling the salty taste. Shae licked her way down my cock and back up it, then rubbed the glans lovingly around her lips, coating it with gooey saliva, filling her senses with the taste, the smell, the feel of warm velvet over the iron proof of her Daddy's need for her.

With sudden determination, she lined me up and pushed me into her mouth, flooding my aching flesh with flashes of pleasure from the cupping warmth of her cheeks and tongue. My fingers seized in her hair. Spots danced in my vision. I tried to relax, but another heavy push of her mouth down my shaft sparked a discharge of lightning that raced up my nerves and made all my muscles jerk. My aching tip bumped the back of her throat, and she pulled back and began an enthusiastic rhythm, bobbing her head in the dim light and pounding the engorged flesh into her mouth with hungry vigor. Moist suction caressed me, slippery juice sloshing against my flesh and then dribbling down the underside to drip onto the fingers that were wrapped around my base. My loving daughter, my baby girl, thrust me in and out of her throat with lips wrapped tightly around the engorged flesh until the arcing spasms of ecstasy in my genitals suddenly exploded into a rapture of sucking bliss that swept me away.

A blinding white sheet suffocated the rest of the room, narrowing my vision to the bouncing head impaled on my manhood. Fibers wrapped around my fingers, my baby girl's hair. I think I had pulled her down as far as she could go. Gentle flesh wrapped the frenzied vibrations of my prick, soothing it, encouraging the liquid fury racing up from my balls. I erupted in her mouth, feeling a tremendous blast of semen crash against the gate of her throat with the force of a jet engine. Another blast followed, and another, a continuous gush that rapidly overflowed her throat and backwashed into her mouth until her cheeks bulged from the pressure.

The kicking jolts of energy finally tapered off and flared out in my gut, unlocking my rigid muscles one by one as it drained. Sagging forward, I looked down at my baby girl. My fist was still curled in her hair, holding her down on my cock with an iron grip. I let go.

My long cock slipped out of her mouth inch by inch until it finally bobbed free. Jesus, I was still hard. Shae coughed into her hands, twice, swallowing frantically before looking up at me.

"Sorry hon. I went blank there for a second."

"It's ok," she warbled through pressed lips. "Look."

She opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out, like she was at the doctor's office. A huge glob of white cum was seeping down her tongue, and there were dribbles around her chin where other drops had escaped. She closed and swallowed again.

"I don't think you've ever put so much in my mouth," she said, wiping her chin with her arm. "You really liked the present."

"Baby I LOVED the present," I panted.

"Good." She fingered the tip of my erect prick, making it bounce. "Because it's not over yet." She stood up.

She had grown to know my body just as much as I knew hers, I thought. She always knew exactly how much to wind up her Daddy for whatever she wanted. She had only sucked me to take the edge off, so I didn't cum early for whatever was next.

She tapped a button on the remote on the table, silencing the music, then pushed a hand against my shoulder, and I scooted back farther onto the bed until I was laying down, my pants still hanging open. Shae crawled up, the dim light illuminating the bedding and shining through the transparent layers of the lingerie, and scooted forward until she was kneeling over my thighs. I jerked slightly when she bent down and grabbed me again, her tongue darting out eagerly for a lick of my idling cock, then kissing it lovingly on the head. A sparkle was in her eyes when she looked at me again, shadowed by the horny urges of sexual desire for her Daddy plain on her face.

Her hands went higher, exploring, rubbing over my suit jacket, fingering the buttons. I reached up to help her but she stopped me with a gesture. She wanted to do everything, wanted me to just enjoy the ride. I flopped my head back. The bed creaked slightly as Shae scooted forward again and rested on my pelvis, my prick slapping up against a sopping wet channel underneath the frilled skirt.

The sweet caress of her steamy lips slipped back and forth on the underside of my prick in small motions, my baby girl moving her hips as she went to work on my buttons. She popped the 3 studs on my jacket and pulled it open, then went to work on my shirt. One by one, the long line of buttons slipped free under her fingers, a slow tease trailing down my chest, her gaze never leaving mine until the last one popped loose below my navel. Trickles of warm juice leaked around my cock and dripped unseen into my pubic hair under the layered ruffles. I gripped the thighs pressed around my hips to steady the shudders that raced up my back. Every inch of my little girl was heaven, every touch a pleasure: the brushing of her fingers, the warmth of her thighs, the trickles of hot fluid seeping from her cunt in hungry anticipation of her Daddy inside her. There was no part of her that wasn't soft, or smooth, or bouncy, or just deliciously wet for me whenever I needed it.

Keeping me pinned with her eyes, she pulled my shirt wide open, breathing heavily and rumbling with approval as she ran her hands all the way up my naked chest to my throat. The heated, slippery sensation left my prick as she bent down to kiss my stomach, tenderly, eyes raised to meet my gaze as her lips hopped a slow course of gentle smooches up my belly. She took her time, breathing heavily, savoring the taste of my skin and leaving a circle of saliva with each press of her lips, the dangling silver chain of her necklace tickling my hairs as she moved to my chest. She lingered on the muscles there, enjoying herself, before moving up my neck and finally pressing her lips hungrily against my gasping mouth, pushing my head down into the bedding. My toes curled and my hands lifted up instinctively from her thighs to her bare butt, squeezing the firm globes as my daughter pushed her weight into the hungry kiss on my lips. Her tongue snaked in, we met, dueled briefly, leaving the aftertaste of salty batter tingling on my tastebuds. My own cum, fresh from my little girl's mouth.

Our kiss broke and I sat up so she could pull my shirt and jacket all the way off. Shae smirked, and wadded them up and threw them aside, leaving me naked from the waist up. Maybe it was fair. I had undressed her more times than I could count. She didn't get to return the favor very often. The white cloth of her lingerie was swaying slightly with the heaving of her chest, with the excitement of pulling off her Daddy's clothes, tasting me everywhere, preparing me like a ritual to enter her body. She went down to my shoes, unlaced them and pulled them off along with my socks, then she reached up for my pants and grasped the edges with both hands, and yanked. I wiggled to help her, and the dark suit pants slid down my legs with my underwear inside them, leaving me naked on the bed, straddled by my eager daughter.

Amazing, I thought for the hundredth time. She was stunning. The dim track lights left the space all around the bed in darkness except for the one path to the bathroom, closing the bed off into a world of its own and washing us in a flood of pale white that edged my baby girl's hair in a bright shine, highlighting every stray hair, every drop of anxious sweat on her face. The white lingerie shifted as she moved, rippling, emphasizing every pleasing curve of her girlish body. I could see the dots of her nipples under the translucent cloth, see them press up erect against the thin fabric every time she leaned backwards.

She inched forward on my legs again, making my prick wave in the air until she was close enough that it thumped up against her crotch, then reached down to wrap her fingers around it and stroke me lightly, moving a loose fist up and down. Keeping the pressure on my cock with her hand, she bent forward to get close to my face.

"Thank you Daddy," she breathed hotly. "Thank you. I love you." Emotions twisted her face, as if my 12-year-old daughter had put every fiber of her being into the full weight behind those words.

"I love you too Shae." I reached up to wipe the tear at the corner of her eye. "More than anything." I reached up to pull her into a kiss, feeling her salty lips writh against mine, feeling her hand continue its slow pumping on my cock. I'd tell her again and again, every single time she wanted to hear it, and never get tired of those words in my mouth.

She leaned back and lifted herself up, then reached down to wrap her fingers around me, lining me up at her entrance. The lips of my daughter's slippery warmth pressed against my cock briefly, then spread out and welcomed her Daddy into their tight embrace.

The gripping warmth sent an electric thrill racing down my cock, blossoming into a wild surge of pleasure in my pelvis as I entered my daughter. Biting her lips, she lowered herself another couple inches, taking me inside, the bulging shaft stretching her tunnel to its limit. Soft skin twitched under my fingers, muscles flexing in her thighs where they were wrapped around my waist. I kneaded them, encouraging her to go deeper. Love and lust mixed hungrily in her expression as she kept it locked to mine, sinking another inch, staring into my eyes with all the love and affection and pleading, aching need a daughter ever had for her father.

I loved her beyond words, far beyond the simple carnal joining of the incestuous union that bound us so closely. My daughter, my baby girl, the center of everything I treasured - our eyes locked as our bodies slipped together, sharing in the bond that carried every unvoiced feeling and thought in its warm center.

A brief whimper escaped her throat. She swallowed, pushing harder, accepting the brief discomfort, the massive presence of her Daddy's cock cramming into her deepest place. She had wound me up so much I was as hard as a rock, but there was determination on her face, underscored by the pleading desired to please her father, to make me happy and thank me with the best gift she knew how to give: herself.

As her gripping pussy lips slid down the last inch and buried themselves in my pubic hair, her neck arched backwards and she gave a tiny yelp. She struggled to settle her weight on my prick, eyes shut and muscles trembling, as pale light flooded her upturned face.

"Sweetie." I kept up the gentle massage on her thighs as the rippling warmth of her moist cunt shivered up and down my length. "Doing ok?"

She looked down and nodded with a crooked smile, tears forming at the corners of her eyes again. She had gone too fast, pushed her Daddy's cock just a bit too deep into her 12-year-old cunt before she was ready. Stress, I thought, or the tension of her desire to show me the depths of her gratitude.

Sitting for a moment, swallowing, she adjusted herself as she tried to relax deep inside, an entrancing vision, a girlish, angelic figure swathed in a moonbeam and the delicate film of her ephemeral garment as she straddled me. Sometimes Shae was excitable in bed, sometimes noisy or eager or playful or everything at once, but other times she made love with an emotional intensity and vulnerability that was almost overwhelming. Tonight she wanted something, needed something specific, an intimate validation from the person she loved and trusted most.

I reached up and pulled her gently by the shoulders, bringing her down against my chest and wrapping her in a tight hug. I didn't want her to go so fast that she hurt. Laying down would give her a couple inches of slack on my cock, at least. She was all sweetness and strawberry shampoo and a vulnerable, horny desire flexing against my chest.

"Always, Shae. I'll always love you." I whispered in her ear. "I'll never stop." I felt like she needed to hear it again, like my daughter had laid bare for me something she had kept in the deepest part of herself, something that desperately needed reassurance.

"I love you too Daddy. Thank you for everything." It seemed to satisfy her, as she rubbed gently against my chest, flexing my aching meat where it was buried inside her. I let her sit up again, and she rocked backwards, stuffing my last few inches inside her again like she couldn't bear to go without them.

Low moans rumbled in my daughter's throat as she began a light bouncing rhythm, pussy walls massaging my turgid flesh with rapturous squeezes as it moved in and out. She looked down at the spot where we connected, panting at the sight of her Daddy's manhood moving inside her. My own chest was heaving, fingers clutching the backs of her thighs and pushing up slightly on each bounce, the pair of us building into a passionate tempo of bucking motions.

I had taken my little girl in every position imaginable, lying and seated and standing, on the edge of the bed so I could eat her out, kneeling to suck me off or head down with her rear up for doggy style or if she wanted me to put it in her bottom for a change of pace. Every time was the best time, and it was true again as my daughter rode on top of me in the circle of light, impaling herself on her Daddy's jutting prick like it was everything she had ever wanted in the world. She raised up higher so she could work more of my length with each stroke, the silky cloth of the lingerie bouncing lightly against her skin. I let go of her thighs and reached up to yank loose the satin ties at the front, letting the garment spill open so I could see the sweet nipples dotting the smooth field of her prepubescent chest, budding erect from a pair of faint mounds just barely beginning to swell.

The rapid, hungry rhythm mounted to a crescendo echoing back and forth between our bodies. I reached up to twist and pinch her bare nipples, each eager little flick sparking a stroke of wild spasms that raced through the tight space of my little girl's pussy like they were magic buttons of pleasure. They vibrated with the feedback of the waves of cresting ecstasy in my daughter's body, and she shoved herself all the way down after a long stroke, burying me inside with a cry, locking me inside with clenching flesh. Pulsing lightning raced through her hips and thighs, squeezing my waist like a vice, her fingers scrabbling at my muscled chest for a grip and finally curling into fists in my chest hairs. An exhilarated wail ripped from her mouth, face twisting with ecstasy as she arched her head to the side and then threw it back, face to the ceiling, sparkles of light reflecting from the pearl studs in her ears. The sight of my daughter shuddering her way through a pounding orgasm on my cock, gasping helplessly with the translucent white cloth quaking all over her body, tipped me over the edge into the boiling whirlpool of my own orgasm. White-hot geysers flared in my clenching balls and a flood of raging semen rocketed upwards into the deep confines of my daughter's womb. I yanked her arms and pulled her to my chest. I had to feel her, to know her, to wrap iron arms around her and hold her tight as a tidal wave of sperm flooded into her body and overflowed with a jerking, squishing sensation. Sweat ran slick between us as we shuddered. Her nipples scratched my chest. The wild, primal current of pumping fluid in our crotches surged and flared and melted into a long dreamy bliss of satisfaction that floated down and covered us both like a heavy blanket.

The gasping bundle in my arms was the center around which my senses slowly recovered. My chest against hers, raising up and pushing into each other with our ragged breathing, odors of sweat and sex, silky cloth rubbing my sides and hips squeezing firm under my fingers. I couldn't think. I wanted to drift here, forever, my half-hard prick still dribbling sperm into my daughter's warm snatch.

"That's what it feels like," someone mumbled into my chest.

I tried to kick-start my sputtering brain. Shae was looking up at me, head resting on my chest.


"That's what it feels like," she repeated. "When you do it for me."

I must have blinked uncomprehendingly because she explained.

"You know, when you look at me Daddy, watch me, then tell me to sit back or turn over on the bed." She grinned dreamily as we floated. "It's like you always enjoy taking every single piece of clothing off me every time, and finding everything underneath, and kissing and rubbing every little thing before finally fucking me."

She rested her head on my chest again, hand lazily tracing the circumference of my pectoral. "For a little while it's like I'm the center of your universe. I love it," she confessed. "I wanted to show you what it was like, at least once."

"Oh." She WAS the center of my universe, whether we were making love at the time or not. "Thank you honey. This is the sweetest gift you've ever given me." I couldn't think of what else to say so I kissed her forehead appreciatively.

I couldn't deny how great it had felt having my daughter pull off all my clothes and ride me like a horse. The thought sent a pleasant surge up my cock, stiffening the meat buried in my little girl's pussy. I was getting hard again. Nothing kept me going like my little girl's sexy 12-year-old body.

I clenched her buttcheeks tight with both hands. "You've worked twice now baby girl. My turn on top." She smiled and we rolled over, and suddenly I was the one looming over her on my hands and knees on the bed. She stretched and bit her lip in that little smirk of anticipation, and I took in the delicious sight of my baby girl on her back, the silky lingerie spread open from chest to crotch. I buried her with a kiss, catching the sweet freshness of my little girl's taste still mixed with the lingering tang of my cum, then we broke with a gasp and now it was my turn to kiss my way slowly down her graceful neck to her chest.

I could have shoved my stiffening prick right back into her, but my baby girl was a treat to be savored. My fingers brushed her skin then attacked the twin nubs of pink like playthings, twisting them, earning a jerk and a little squeaky moan. I tasted the left one, then the right, comparing, wrapping my lips around each one in a brief suck that ended with a tiny pinch with my teeth. Shae wiggled under me, practically thrashing, moaning and breathing rapidly like she had just been running. Her nipples were almost unbearably sensitive. I moved down, massaging, smelling, rubbing every inch of my little girl's tummy, licking lightly around her navel then brushing her hips.

"Aahhha!" Her hands pushed reflexively at my head, squirming and laughing. Ticklish too, if you knew where and how, and a father always knew. "Agh! Ahaaahh!" I doubled down, making her legs kick.

"Sto!...St-Stop!" She was breathless now.

"What's that?" I asked with an innocent expression. "You want me to stop?"

She gave me a sour look that faded into a defeated grin. I didn't get to tease her nearly as much as she teased me. I licked down to just above her cute little pussy lips, admired how they flushed red with excitement, and gave her clit a brief flick.

She jerked up slightly, then collapsed back on the bedding. It didn't take much to excite my daughter, and I knew every trick to make her purr like a cat. I brushed my fingers over the slippery folds of her pussy, covered in moisture, a steady trickle of my semen leaking out from between them.

"Hey Daddy?" Her tone was melting butter. I looked up.

She flexed her hips and rolled over again, putting her head on the bed and thrusting her butt in the air, looking back at me. My seed dripped from her slit down onto her thighs. She reached back with one hand and grabbed a cheek, pulling it slightly to the side.

"You did my pussy and mouth. Can you do this tonight too?"

The tiny hole of her anus greeted me, an inch above her slit, already puckering with excitement.

I took one look at her wicked grin and burst out laughing. She wanted it all, wanted her Daddy to cum everywhere in her before she'd be satisfied. I left her purring on the bed and got the bottle of lube out of our suitcase. I didn't need the help to fit into my 12-year-old girl's pussy anymore, but her ass was another matter. Hopping back up onto the bed, I pulled the filmy skirt up over her hips and pushed the whole thing up past her waist into a bundle around her chest, then used the bottle to coat my fingers with goo. Shae pushed her head against the pillow and kept her butt in the air, holding both cheeks back with her hands, and I added a large dollop to the top of the crevice and began to work it gently around her tiny hole.

"Ok hon, remember how we practiced. Just take a deep breath and relax. I'll get you ready." She nodded and dropped her hands, clenching the edge of the bedspread instead.

I rested a fingertip against the quivering gap, feeling it twitch. I had held off for several years even after Shae had first seen anal sex in the pornos we liked to watch. If there was a place that I might still actually hurt her, it was here, and my daughter wasn't a porn star, no matter how many we had watched together. I was always very careful. A few gentle taps, and I felt her reflexes respond to the pressure. She was ready.

I went slow, ringing the gap before pushing gently but insistently, rotating my finger just a little bit in the lube until I felt her sphincter pop around the tip. Shae tensed up with a startled inhalation.

"Doing good baby girl." I felt the little muscle tremble around my finger, then submit. "Just breath." She nodded into the pillow.

The gripping ring loosened slightly as I pushed it into the space inside. My daughter's ass was a sweet heaven, clenching tightly and spasming around my intrusion. Shae flinched again, then relaxed visibly, shifting her head against the pillow and giving a whimpering moan. I used the bottle to add more lube and then pushed a second finger in beside the first.


Shae gasped, shoulders tightening. "I'm ok Daddy," she said, before I could ask. "Keep going."

I worked my fingers in and out slightly, gauging the waning resistance, adding another generous helping of lube and ensuring that the gooey fluid coated everything inside and out. The twitching was muted now, muscles accepting their position. Shae's breathing had steadied again.

Using my other hand, I added a huge gob of lube to my cock and spread it thoroughly with my fingers, leaving extra fluid at the tip. It throbbed in my hands, aching with hunger for the hole I had prepared. After signalling a reassuring squeeze on my daughter's butt and getting a nod in return, I lined up my erection at her anus, then gently slipped my fingers out and pushed my cock inside in one smooth motion.

"mmmaaAAAAGH!" Shae squealed into the pillow as the ring snapped over the head of my prick, squeezing angrily at first and then easing, like someone who has seen a stranger and realizes it is an old friend. Her head jolted and stilled. She looked back at me, eyes stinging with brief tears, watching her Daddy penetrate her behind.

The gooey rush of my daughter's tight ass pulsed up my prick in thready waves. I held steady and gave her a minute, resisting the urge to shove more inside, savoring the feel. Being in Shae's ass was different than being in her pussy or mouth, clenching instead of squeezing, sloppy from the lube, a restrained throbbing instead of the excited spasms of her pussy or the working cheeks of her mouth. I kept my hands on her hips, squeezing tightly, until she wiggled them, urging me to go in farther.

Slowly, gently, I pushed in another inch, burying the head firmly into her asshole, feeling the hum of her approaching orgasm like lightning under the surface. Shae trembled under me like glass about to shatter. I pulled out slightly, added more lube, and then pushed again, keeping a very gentle stroke, undemanding, fitting a good couple inches of my cock into my little girl's rear end. It was more than enough. Her own mounting excitement buzzed up through our rigid connection until we were panting together in time, thrusting slightly, the ringed lip of her anus gliding its way around the wide girth of my cock.

Her clenching fingers and wild cry into the pillow came at the same instant the storm burst into my head, sweeping us away in a wild current of seething passion, the conjoined climax of a father in intimate coupling with his loving daughter. Her round butt vibrated under my hands, wiggling ecstatically around the iron rod buried inside it. A frothing eruption rocketed up my cock, followed by a frantic series of spurting deposits that rapidly filled the space inside my daughter with a creamy flood of her father's seed and overflowed even farther into her depths. I held on, dizzy, fingers clamped over her lurching hips until the thundering explosion in my brain had ebbed to a dull sizzle.

The whiteout of my senses faded to a dull haze. Frantic, rushed breathing. Slippery sweat, warmth on my legs. A faint pulse of blinding ecstasy, receding to dusk. We were on the bed, somehow, Shae spooning up against me, nuzzling the arms I had wrapped around her. My softening prick was pressed up against the sticky mess of her crotch. My heart was still beating frantically, awash in the warm tide of a tapering orgasm that didn't seem to want to go away completely. I felt like I was still inside her, still pumping semen into my baby girl's tight holes while she shuddered and cried out.

My consciousness felt out the scattered ruins of my brain. She finally did it, I thought distantly. She finally broke me. They'd have to cart me away to a mental hospital, a catatonic vegetable mentally locked into the final overload of explosive joy from having every hole of his loving daughter wrapped around his cock in one night. My arms ached. My crotch ached. I couldn't move, my body drained of every mote of vital energy. Everything was a pink haze.

A small hand wrapped around my own, five squeezing fingers pulling me back to Earth. We stirred together, and clarity returned at last. The bedding was a wreck, twisted around into a nest that barely covered us. Tepid fluid was drying on my crotch. Shae yawned and snuggled closer to me one last time before drifting off into a blissful sleep with a satisfied smile on her face.

I dozed with her for a time, holding the warm bundle of my little girl in my arms, feeling her breathing steady and her muscles slacken. Sleep danced out of reach. I kept nodding off and then waking up again, restless thoughts swirling in my head. You could always make everything alright, she had said. You were always there for me. Those things went both ways. She had been so emotional tonight, more than I had ever seen, and something about it worried me.

Finally I got up, frustrated. Shae murmured and rolled over in bed when my arms left her. I switched off the track lights, plunging the room into darkness, then went to the window and peeled back the curtain, letting the gentle shimmer of the cityscape shine in.

I watched it for a while, leaning against the sill, naked. Lights from the skyscrapers blinked on and off, and others moved slowly along the glimmering rivers of the highways. An ocean of people, moving through their lives, trying, failing, picking themselves up, risking, and finding what they treasured in life and holding onto it. We leaned on the people we loved most in our lives, and they leaned on us in turn.

I looked back at the bed. Shae was a dark, shadowed form of bare skin and filmy white cloth lit in alternating bars by the uneven light, long hair scattered over the sheets in golden tangles. I didn't know what I would do without her. Really, I didn't. My brain seized up at the mere thought of it, refused to go any farther - and therein lay the deep, niggling core of worry that I had banished to the back of my mind but been unable to fully erase.

The wide darkness of the night sky was failing in the east, lightening slightly, almost imperceptibly. Satomi was out there, I thought, far to the south in Marseille with her father. I wondered why she went by Suki. I'd have to ask her. I had already resolved to visit them next year, if we could. Maybe they would still be in France, or maybe they would have moved back to Japan. We would visit, and I could see her again and meet her father and see how they were doing. Something about it spoke to my own need for answers, answers to a question I couldn't even identify. I needed to see them, and I wasn't sure why.

Finally I went back and lay down again beside my naked daughter. I didn't bother with the blanket - it was too hot anyway, and her backside was plenty warm beneath the silky lingerie. Slipping my arm around her was the most comforting thing in the world, and within minutes I drifted off.

"Service! C'est le service d'étage, Monsieur!"

I sat bolt upright, blinking. The door handle rattled and the door opened, and a maid began to pull her cart into the room.

"Oh!" Her face went red, embarrassed, at the sight of the naked man on the bed. I looked around, terrified. Shae had vanished.

"Je suis désolé!" She backed out of the door and shut it behind her, failing to notice how the covers next to me were shaking and giggling.

My heart began beating again. My lungs began working again. I hadn't put the stupid card up on the doorknob. Hopefully she just thought I was a drunk or a pervert who had a hooker last night. I wondered what she would have done if she had come in and seen a naked man with his arms wrapped around a 12-year-old girl in a scanty white garment with the front open and a mess of dried fluids on her legs. I wondered if she had noticed that an adult and a child were booked in this room, but the other bed was still pristine.

No point in wondering. I shook my head to dispel the sleepy fog. We hadn't got our wakeup call. It was late.

"Is it safe now Daddy?" Shae peeked her head out like a mole, grinning with sarcasm. I dove under the covers, chuckling maniacally as I pulled the sleepy girl out into the open, laughing and wiggling. We wrestled for a moment, until I got her arms pinned to her sides, then we collapsed back onto the bed.

"We didn't miss the plane did we?"

I looked over at the clock. It wasn't even noon.

"Nope. Still have several hours," I yawned.

She rolled over, brushing her naked body up against me. "Want to take a shower with me?"

I stared up at the ceiling. The brief terror had stirred my head again with the restless thoughts that had occupied me last night and swirled distressingly in my dreams. That close. Just a woman walking in at the wrong time. I rolled my head over and looked at my daughter grinning at me, her eyes full of sleepy mischief, probably planning to steal my clothes again. What would I do to keep her? In the end, what did I really want? I banished my reflections and reached over to rub her cheek in my hand, concluding that at that very moment, with her snuggled up against me, I couldn't think of anything I wanted more out of life than to share a shower and breakfast with my baby girl.

"Sounds great. Let's go."