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My Baby Girl and our Little Wedding

By WintermuteX

Tags: Mg, inc, ped, teen, rom, preg

Content: Father/Daughter, Incest, Pedophilia, Teen, Romance, Wedding, Pregnancy

God she was lovely. The long blonde hair streamed like a golden river down to her hips and pooled on the bed. And that smile: wide, enchanting, beaming with honest affection. It tugged my heart like a hook - that peculiar ache of longing known to any man who has been so desperately in love. There was no mystery why she had been so successful at modelling. Those blue eyes could reach out and capture the soul of any man, a youthful, innocent gaze that could pierce every defense effortlessly, make you sit up, stare back, jaw slack until the sunny grin had hopelessly infected you and you couldn't help but smile back.

Quickly I tapped the button to send the message to the encrypted part of my phone, where it was irretrievable without a password. I had learned to be a lot more careful, thankfully. My friend Nick had been invaluable in helping me set up some basic precautions to keep the correspondence between me and my daughter safe. It would be a disaster to be caught with compromising video of a 14-year-old girl on my phone. But Shae's message would be safe until later, when I could take time to watch it in the privacy of the hotel. I could barely wait. I knew the little pink camisole wrapped around her in the thumbnail of the video wouldn't stay on long.

Taking a deep breath, I climb the rustic steps of flagstone, passing flowering bushes of pink and yellow blossoms until I reached the top. Just in front of the building, a marble statue of the virgin stood over a humble fountain that burbled happily in the morning air. The chapel was perfect: a simple, rustic, 1-story structure with a peaked roof and steeple, residing humbly amidst the trees and flowerbeds overgrown with wild profusions of colorful blooms. Sunlight beamed through the windows on the sides of the sanctuary when I entered, casting oblique rectangles of light over the altar and wooden pews. Shae would love it. I hoped the man I came to meet was just as fitting - everything hinged on him.

Maybe I could have just found and bribed the right legal clerks to take care of the paperwork, but I wanted more for Shae. Not just paperwork. No more skulking around for us. Like every little girl, Shae dreamed of a perfect wedding with flowers and a dress, and she deserved to have one out in the open. That meant a ceremony, a church, a priest and friends to witness our union. Otherwise it was just more hiding of the truth, and we were both tired of that.

I stopped in the center of the hall, feeling the polished wood of the pew back with my fingers. Only the faint chirping of the birds broke the silence of the little building. The place exuded age and a dignified atmosphere of quiet comfort. It felt...right, but I still needed to be cautious. We had been let down too many times already.

Finally I spied the side corridor. I followed it around a bend and along the outside wall to the back of the building, where it ended at a spartan office with the gray-haired pastor seated behind a wooden desk.

"Mr. Watts, is it?" He looked up with mild surprise, then stood to greet me. "It is so nice to meet you. I am Dom Estevão" He was an elderly gentleman with balding grey hair. We shook hands and he gestured for me to take a seat.

"Please forgive me. I became caught up in studying again." He gestured at the haphazard pile of notes and open books. "I find it happens more and more at my age. But never mind. Now if I recall, you mentioned over the phone that you wished to be married. Is that right?"

He observed my nod before continuing.

"Wonderful!" He leaned back in his chair, grinning and steepling his fingers. "In 40 years of service I have found that there is nothing I enjoy more than marrying couples. Is your fiancé here today?"

"She's back in America. I'm trying to find out if this is the right place for us. I've been told you're a man of very...expansive understanding."

"I see." He nodded with a disarming, fatherly smile. "I suppose there are some matters about which I care little for other people's opinions. But your fiancé, Mr. Watts. Can you tell me about her?"

I screwed up my courage and pulled out the little 2x2 of Shae from my wallet and passed it across the desk.

He smiled warmly at the picture. "Hmmm, a very beautiful girl indeed. Wonderful smile. She looks quite young, young enough to be your daughter."

"She *is* my daughter."

I let that hang in the air for a moment. There was nothing to do but put it out there. He'd either accept it or chase me out of the church. If I were lucky, he wouldn't call the police.

The pastor stared down at the picture of Shae for several moments before responding.

"Hmm, I think I see." He handed the picture back to me and scratched his stubbled chin, thinking.

"Do you see those portraits?" he asked.

He nodded at a trio of faded portraits that depicted a pretty girl with a wide smile somewhere around the age of 18, and again around 30 and 40.

"She's lovely," I said. "Who is she?"

"My sister. We were...well, very close growing up. VERY close."

I nodded and he continued. "Sadly, she passed away a few years ago. The flowers outside were her purview. I try to keep them watered."

"They're gorgeous," I replied. "All those pinks and blues and yellows - they were all I could see when coming up the steps. I think she'd be proud."

"Probably." His morose look had turned to a slow smile as he stared at the portraits on the walls. "We shared...well, more than any two people have a right to share in this world. She meant everything to me."

The awkward silence hung in the air between us.

"She's special to me too," I finally whispered. "More than I can say."

"Tell me about her."

I had seen too many faces tight with anger as they told me I had a bad sense of humor, or snarling with rage as they called for the police. Looking at the old pastor's wistful expression, I saw none of that, just a kindness and a willingness to help. Before I knew it, the kindly grey-haired had me talking up a storm. It was a relief, after having to be guarded for so long, and my baby girl was my favorite subject anyway. Her hobbies, her life, her schooling, her modelling job - his questions seemed innocuous at first, but eventually I saw how they were targeted to find out what kind of relationship we had, whether I could be a good husband to her as well as a father. More pictures came out of my wallet, and I eventually pulled up the rest on my phone. Maybe I was a sap at heart, but I treasured every moment I had captured with her. I had several shots of her as a toddler, and more as she grew and blossomed into a healthy young girl of five years, six, then seven. That was when we had begun our relationship, when she had first had her Daddy's cock stuffed inside her and found out how much she enjoyed it. Everything indecent was locked away on the phone, so I wasn't worried about that. I showed him the shots of her swim competitions, her horseback riding lessons, the candid pic of her grinning like a fiend, happy and bubbling after the success of her first modelling shoot years ago. An entire album was dedicated to our vacation in France that we had taken the year before last. I almost couldn't stop. Shae was the warm center of my life. Eventually I came to talk about our problems, and spilled the whole story of what I had spent the last year doing. The hardest year of my life, but one by one the pieces had slipped into place, and everything was lined up.

"Ah. I see. So I'm the last piece of the puzzle," he said, when I finally came to the end.

"Yes," I nodded. "I know where we'll live. I have the connections. I have money saved and everything ready for a clean start. Maybe I could have done things differently, but, well... I need the best for her. We need to say we won't hide things anymore. And that starts with this." I gestured around me. "I know it's what she wants. What we both want."

"Well then." He nodded to himself, staring at the portraits on the wall, deep in thought. Finally he turned to me.

"Alright, I'll do it. I'll be happy to marry you. I know a few things about having a love that the world can't accept.

"Th-thank you." I hadn't realized the tension winding my chest until it suddenly let up.

"Just one condition," he said, holding up a finger. "I always insist on talking to both the groom and the bride first. So I'd like to meet her and get to know her, in private."

"That's just fine," I said, relieved. I had been scared he might ask for something difficult. "You'll love her. Will any of the paperwork be a problem?" I asked.

"What? Oh, no." He chuckled. "We have very honest officials here. Once bribed, they stay bribed. They won't ask any nosey questions."

I breathed a sigh of relief. After so long, there was finally a way open for me and my daughter. I let Estevão chatter as he led me back to the sanctuary, feeling like I was floating in a dream. The cozy chapel would look beautiful decorated with the blue and white Hydrangeas she wanted. Sunlight would flash through the stained glass, catching in her golden hair. She would smile at me from the just up there, at the altar, and my heart would melt as it had so many times before. We would take each other's hands, a father and his daughter, and the pledges we had made to each other in private would be made in public, the two of us no longer willing to be afraid.

The hand on my shoulder broke my reverie. I think he understood. It's not every day a father realizes he'll finally be able to marry his daughter. Somewhere, far away, I mumbled a heartfelt thanks, and let Dom Estevão lead me out.

At the top of the steps, I stopped and turned around. My phone clicked as I snapped a photo of the little chapel with its bubbling fountain and vibrant flowerbeds. Here is where it would happen, I thought. Here is where we'd make a new beginning.

I was more certain with each day. I had already met several families with very young wives that made me feel more confident that nobody would really mind me and Shae. This nation was such a melting pot of different customs: traditional or non-traditional, polygamies, promised marriages, family-arranged marriages, or plain western-style courtship. Some families had strong traditions of marrying off their daughters as young as 12, with dowries or without, as they pleased. The laws were permissive and nobody seemed overly interested in telling everyone else that they were doing it wrong. It was the best I could hope for.

The minutes ticked past like agony as I thought. I paced. I flopped into the desk chair. I got up. I paced again, checking my watch and turning and pacing and looking at the laptop time and time again to check that there was no missed call notification blinking from the corner. Turn and walk and pace and check my watch again and flop into the chair with a groan. Only 5 minutes past. Her bus was probably just late. Shae would just be getting out of school but it was the middle of the night for me. Every night we did this. Every night the minutes dragged on into an eternity as I waited for her to get home and call me on the computer.

Our connections were completely encrypted. This private channel between me and my daughter was one of the best things Nicholas had ever done for me. I wondered what I had done in a past life to be so lucky to snag him as a friend. The wealthy head of Shae's modelling agency had been invaluable in helping me and Shae figure out how to uproot our lives and disappear into the world with no trail and a minimum of fuss. Even he didn't know where I was or where we were headed. It was for the best, he had assured me.

And of course, he had looked after Shae for me, checking in on her every day, having her stay in his mansion instead of our empty house two days out of every seven. No father can help but worry incessantly about his daughter when she's home alone. Groceries, shopping, homework, doctor appointments - Nick helped her with everything that I couldn't do while I was out of the country. Well, almost everything. Some things a father has to do for his daughter in person.

The burbling sound terminated with a loud plink almost instantly as my computer answered the call, and the grinning face of my baby girl popped up on the screen.


I almost fell over diving into the desk chair.

"Shae! Honey it's so good to see you." I leaned forward reflexively, as if I could kiss her through the screen. God she looked so good. Her backpack had been dumped messily onto the bed and she was pulling back her long hair to tie with a scrunchy. The white blouse and red tartan skirt of her schoolgirl uniform practically hugged her body. I was sure I had bought her a higher size this year, but knowing Shae she was probably wearing the tighter clothes from last year to show off. I wasn't complaining.

My eyeballs insisted on completing their eager roam over her 14-year-old body before I took a closer look at her face. Damn, was that redness around her eyes? She had been crying again. I felt a tightness growing in my chest. The shine of my daughter's smile was as happy as ever, but I could see the strain lurking behind it. A father could always tell.

"Sweetie is everything ok?"

"It's fine." She flipped her hair to settle it, the long golden locks catching fire in the sun from the window. She fixed me with her best pretty smile and smoothed her skirts on the bed. My heart skipped a beat. God she was gorgeous. Luscious cheeks, smoothly rounded shoulders, perfect lips, an adorable package brimming with youthful exuberance. The sort of beauty that had inspired poets and musicians throughout all of history. Sadly I had no talent for either.

"Honey. You don't have to tell me everything. I won't make you. But remember our promise? We said we wouldn't try to hide things from each other." I realized my fingers were inching along the bezel of the laptop, as if I could reach through the screen and take her hand, hug her, make everything alright.

"Yeah, it's...well I mean..." She looked away and swallowed, then looked back. "I just miss you Daddy. Sure Nick's here some of the time when I get home. But it's not the same." A lingering sniff. She must have cried when she got home. Shae hadn't ever really been on her own, not really. She was a sensitive girl. This had been hard on her.

It had been hard on me too. Long flights. Airports. Hotel rooms. Talking to as many people as I could during the day, getting a feel for the area, then laying awake at night in bed in the hotel room with a hole in my chest, alone, missing the warm, comforting presence of my daughter next to me. Strange ceilings. Strange beds. A few times I had woken up in a panic with a vague, icy fear gripping my heart, and reached over to find her missing. Those were the worst. I had never been able to get back to sleep after that. I needed her laugh. I needed her touch. Mornings were hard, eating alone. Usually I cooked for Shae. Our routine had been comfortable, pleasant. Now my breakfasts tasted lifeless, like cardboard. Nothing was right without Shae.

"I miss you too baby girl. More than I can say." A lump grew in my throat. If I dwelled on it any more *I* might break down and start crying. "It's just a little while longer. I know it's rough. We'll hang in there though. We've been through worse."

"I know." She clenched her hands nervously in the lap of her tartan skirt. Her smile was tight, but genuine. "I know Daddy."

Shae would have been a remarkable beauty on the strength of her delicate face or her hair alone, but it was that smile that reached out and captured my heart with such effortless grace. It was like the sun coming out from behind a cloud, dazzling, earnest, full of a kind of unadulterated affection so rare in the world. All my fears and uncertainty evaporated, and I felt myself smiling back. She had that effect on me. I didn't know what I'd do if that smile ever disappeared. It had become a part of me, as essential an organ for existence as my own heart.

"Was school ok today? Any problems with your homework?"

"Homework's ok. School is...well it kind of sucked." She huffed in annoyance. "Some of the girls in homeroom are pretty bitchy. They talk, since my belly is showing a bit. They think I'm getting fat. It's fine though. Don't worry Daddy. It's just girl stuff."

Two months, as best we could figure it. That was the last time I had come home to be with Shae. We had been trying for almost a year since throwing her pills away. I guess it wasn't much of a surprise that my 14-year-old daughter had ended up pregnant after that week. I think I had spent more time with my cock buried in her tight little pussy than actually outside of it. But her pregnancy made what I was doing here all the more urgent. I needed to get us out of the country before the results of our relationship became obvious to everyone.

"Any more sickness?" I asked. "What did the doctor say yesterday?"

Nick's wealth afforded him more than a few special connections, and he had access to a doctor that was known for his discretion. Nick had taken Shae to her appointment again yesterday, as he did every 2 weeks, at my insistence.

"He just upped the dosage of my pills," Shae said. "I'll take 3 every morning now. It's helping I guess. I felt fine this morning."

"Good, that's great sweetie." Regret tinged my words. I needed to be there. I needed to be with her. My baby girl was finally pregnant and I wasn't even in the same country. I couldn't have risked dragging her all over the world with me though. I had been to eight separate countries so far this year. Soon, if everything managed to work out. Soon I'd be able to hold her in my arms, to feel the little bump of our love growing in her belly.

An expectant silence stretched between us, and then Shae finally stood up with a grin, her head rising above the level of the camera. She slid down the elastic hem of her skirt and then pulled up the white blouse of her school uniform, exposing her belly.

Shae was a skinny girl, so the brief swell of her two-month bulge was visible. She rubbed a hand over it affectionately. The sight sent a powerful surge of emotion through me, as it did each time. My lovely girl, my precious daughter, her belly growing with new life. We had had a tough time the last two years. I had failed to realize how much she had wanted this, how much I had wanted it too. The evidence of our love was tangible in the growing mound right there in front of me.

Shae pushed her belly closer, filling the webcam's field of view.

"Well Daddy?" Her fingers traced a gentle circle around her navel. "How is it? Does it make me look sexy?"

"Everything makes you look sexy," I groaned. An aching growth had been slowly tenting my underwear since our call had started. It was impossible to look at my baby girl and not get hard. She giggled at the compliment and sat back down on the bed, leaving her blouse untucked.

"I have some good news of my own." I tapped a few buttons to send her the collection of photos. "I took these today. Have a look. The last few are a surprise."

Shae reached for the mouse and began to click, scrolling through the photos of the town I had taken. It wasn't quite the city we were used to, but it was decently sized. It had enough people to offer everything we needed, but few enough that we could live in relative privacy.

"Sweet." She slowed when she got to the photos of the country market. I had taken extra, knowing she would love them. Fresh fruit and vegetables were piled in baskets. Other stands offered baked goods and a wide variety of sundries. Fresh meat and fish. Attractive jewelry hawked by olive-skinned native women. I had lingered at the clothing stalls for so long, taking pictures, that the proprietor, an elderly woman with a bright smile and a lined face named Mary, had eventually struck up a conversation with me. We had hit it off, especially once I showed her pictures of Shae. A few of the photos were shots of me and Mary grinning into the camera.

"Whoa, these are cool." I knew Shae was lingering on the photos of the clothing for sale in the stall. Her eye for fashion was implacable. There was the typical assortment of pants, shirts, blouses, and dresses you might find anywhere, but selections of native clothing were blended in. Sarongs and saris, and plenty of other things I couldn't identify. Clothing was my daughter's area of expertise, not mine.

"Like it?" I asked.

"I love it. I mean it's not the mall, but it's pretty."

"There's a mall in the city nearby but it's farther away. This area I'm looking at is closer to the country. Keep going."

She clicked through the pictures, and I heard her breath catch.

"Oh wow. Daddy this is..."

She was looking at the chapel. It was a relatively simple building, but the brilliant flowers lent the austere atmosphere a welcoming air and an almost overwhelming vibrance.

"It's perfect," she whispered, her voice heavy with awe.

"I thought so too." I gave her a moment to take it in and look at the other photos before popping the question.

"Well, how about it? Do you want to get married here? Could you live here? The people are nice. I talked to a lot of families and we wouldn't be the only couple with a big age difference. The priest is up for it. He wants to meet with you first. I think you'll like him."

My heart skipped a beat waiting for her answer. If she didn't approve, it would be back to the drawing board, flying off to another place to find out if it would be welcoming enough that we wouldn't have to hide our unorthodox relationship. It had to be somewhere we both liked, somewhere safe above all else. None of the places I'd been to had lived up to our hopes so far.

"Yes," she said finally. "I think this is it Daddy. It's beautiful. And if you say we won't have to hide anything anymore," her face wrinkled as she said it, "then let's do it.

I wanted to dance. I spread my arms reflexively before remembering that an entire ocean of distance separated us and I couldn't hug her. I settled for gripping the desk instead.

"Great! Shae, I think this is it. That house in the photos, I'm going to the bank here tomorrow and try to get the financing for it. It's not as big as the house we have there but it's on the beach and it has a deck. Our immigration and licensing paperwork might be tricky but I know who I can talk to and how much it will cost to get them to look the other way. It'll take a couple weeks but I can get everything set up here before I fly back."

She smiled but didn't respond at first. Immigration. Loans. Marriage license. Bribes. She trusted me to take care of those things. She was only interested in the last thing I had said.

"When?" she asked.

"I'm not sure exactly. A couple weeks honey, maybe less." I swallowed crooked, seeing the disappointment in her eyes.

"Just think: if this is the one, I won't have to be away anymore. At all. No more trips and coming home just once a month."

"I know." Her smile was still marred by disappointment, but it was genuine. "Sorry Daddy. I know this is probably even harder on you than it is on me. I feel kind of selfish, but...I've just missed you so much. I want you to come home. I want you here."

"I miss you too baby girl," I croaked. "This is for us."

"Yeah. I know you're the one doing all the work. All the airports and flying around. Taxis and hotels and all those boring government people you have to talk to about immigration. Staying up in the middle of the night to talk to me. It sounds hard. You don't even have anyone there to ruin your dinner or suck your cock at night.

I grinned. Shae was almost as bad at cooking as she was good at swallowing her Daddy's prick. Olympic-level skills. Seeing my reaction, she ran her tongue along her lips in a sultry gesture.

I winced from the involuntarily flex of my cock in my pants. She laughed. My daughter could make my prick dance like I was a marionette.

"Wait here Daddy." She stood up. "It'll just be like, a minute. I promise."

I nodded. It's not like I was going anywhere, I thought, as I watched her slip away to the bathroom. A minute was more like 10 minutes in Shae Time, so I sipped my coffee and waited patiently, idly stroking a finger along the bulge in my underwear. I had jerked off to the video she had sent me earlier of course, but it was just to tide me over. She wanted to give me a show in the same way she did when I was home. This encrypted connection was a godsend.

She finally emerged, wearing a lacy pink camisole and powder-blue panties. Her hair was brushed to a shine and she had some tiny Hello Kitty clips holding it back. She plopped down again on the edge of the bed, smiling at me, then fiddled with her phone for a moment.

I laid back in the chair, hand resting on my bulge. This was going to be good. Shae had cued some music to the room's speaker system, a rising electric chord signalling the buildup to the start of the song. She got up and faced away from the camera, butt thrust back and to the side, hands resting on her hips.

"I...know a place...where the grass is really greener."

Katy Perry burst through the speakers with a thumping beat, and Shae's bottom began twitching in time. My girl could move her hips like nothing else. She began a slow sway, still facing away, rolling her hips in a wider rhythm while shaking her little asscheeks. She began clapping in time with the song, then shot a sultry look over her shoulder at the camera when the chorus started. I couldn't tell if she had adapted this dance from somewhere or made it up from nothing. She was getting really good.

She bunny-hopped to the side, presenting her slender profile to the camera as the song picked up. Right arm out, left arm out, hip shake, hip shake, arms back and swaying in a circle. I pulled down my underwear and my cock sprang out, aching from the demonstration onscreen. Shae flashed me a grin as the song picked up the pace, arching her feet to skip lightly on her toes, hair swaying in time with the thumping beat, rolling her shoulders and causing one of the camisole's spaghetti straps to fall down her arm.

Now it was getting good. I wrapped my fist around my prick and began to rub the slippery precum over the head. My 14-year-old daughter bobbed and danced and swayed onscreen, losing herself in the rhythm, her camisole dipping slightly lower with each motion until a nipple slipped into view. God bless Katy Perry, I thought, for giving every sexy teenage girl an excuse to sway and thrust. Shae planted her hands on her hips and pumped her pelvis forward in a jerking motion, sensing my thoughts, twitching seductively in time with Katy's electronic vibe.

"Cal-Eh-Forn-Ya girls, we're unforgettable. Day-see dukes, bikiiiiinis on top."

Shae yanked the pink cami up over her head in one smooth motion, and tossed it aside, then spun around, swinging her arms and hair in perfect harmony, clapping to the song's fresh chorus. My cock swelled like a angry cobra in my hand, a hungry serpent stiffened by the mouthwatering view of my daughter's naked chest. Smooth, perfectly tanned, topped by a faint pair of gentle mounds. Her teenage tits had just enough substance to jiggle ever so slightly as she danced. I fisted my throbbing meat, wishing I was there, fondling my baby girl's little nipples, squeezing her hips, tracing the delicious globes of that perfect little rump.

The song reached a crescendo, and Shae escalated with a fresh series of side-to-side kicks with spins in between, shaking her bottom seductively, giving me an eyeful of every inch of her perfect 14-year-old body. The afternoon light from the window played like a golden river over her tanned skin and sparkled on the subtle bits of glitter she had brushed into her hair. My cock purpled with rushing blood until I thought it would explode. She was so beautiful - a pristine, luscious vision of girlish vitality and slender curves that drew and fixed the eye with mesmerizing grace. A nymph, an angel, a sculpted work of feminine art that had wandered from some sexual paradise into my life. I panted uncontrollably, fingers rippling over the taut flesh of my aching manhood, yearning, spellbound by the tantalizing twists of my little girl's body. She spun away from the camera and thrust her butt out, then hooked her panties in her thumbs and gyrated her perfect little butt as she pulled them down in time with the song's beat.

That lovely sight of my baby girl's rear end almost sent me into overdrive. No matter how many times I saw it, massaged it, spread it and pushed my prick into her pussy or her puckering little butthole from behind, I could never tire of it. Shae smacked it with a double-handed slap and then dug her fingers in, squishy flesh pushing between her fingers as she fixed me with a lecherous look over her shoulder.

The song climaxed just as I did. My fingers tightened, and my balls clenched as if squeezed in a vice as a roaring torrent suddenly fountained upwards and roared out of my cock, splashing against the desk. I jerked in the chair, muscles rebelling, driven into a chaotic frenzy of ecstatic waves that crackled through my nerves like a wildfire. Shae's face grew larger in the camera as she leaned in closer to see her Daddy cum for her, licking her lips unconsciously. So beautiful. Her face expanded in my vision until it was all I could see - that childlike grin of carnal delight, blue eyes glittering with passionate energy. She watched my prick intently, following the jumping organ as cum spewed from the end. She preferred her Daddy's cum inside her, but her eager expression said this was the next best thing. My body spasmed for a few moments longer, white globs spurting wildly, then the torrent began to ebb. I held my wilting organ in a white-knuckled grip, twitching, drifting blissfully.

"Jeez Daddy," she giggled. "You kind of made a mess."

I groaned. I had. Shae had swept me away and I had forgotten to even grab a kleenex.

"Too bad I'm not there to clean you up." Shae tittered at her own wit. "How do you even get along without me?"

"I don't," I muttered. Things were still foggy, my brain locked up from the thundering culmination of cumming for my daughter.

"Well, just save some for when you get back, alright?" Shae licked her lips again suggestively. "I'd better get ready. Nick and Sophie will be here soon to pick me up."

Right. She spent every weekend at his place. Sophie was a couple years Shae's junior, but the girls got along great. Shae could be such a handful that I was glad that she had a friend to keep her company and someone trustworthy to look after her when I wasn't there.

"Seeya Daddy." Shae backed up from the camera, making sure to give me an excellent full-frontal view to remember her by.

"Later baby," I said. My cock twitched in my hand, giving its own farewell. Shae smirked and blew me a kiss, then reached for the mouse. The screen went blank.

After cleaning up, I tumbled into the hotel room bed, utterly exhausted. I'd sleep a few hours, then have to get up and start the day. More running around. I felt drained of more than just cum. The stress of the past year had worn me down terribly. I'd never have survived without these clandestine rendezvous with Shae every night

I rolled over restlessly. The bed was lumpy and uncomfortable, and my feet were freezing. Such an unfamiliar feeling. Funny, how I missed the little things. Normally I'd have Shae's thighs pressed right up against me, keeping me warm, her bottom the perfect little holder for my frustrated cock. It had only been a few minutes and I already missed her. I pulled the other pillow down and wrapped my arms around it. A little better. The best I could do. Just two more weeks, until I could see her in person, talk to her, touch her again. Every cell in my body ached for it.

The taxi dropped me off at the end of the long driveway. I tipped the driver and then picked up my suitcases and headed up the pavement, the setting sun glaring in my eyes.

It felt surreal, coming home after being gone so long, and knowing how quickly we would leave again. I gazed up at the two-story house as I walked. We had lived here for a few years. I had bought it to give me and my daughter some more privacy and room to grow, and for a while, it had been wonderful. Evenings to ourselves, barbecuing, watching movies and sitting in the hot tub together, and making love wherever we pleased. In the end, it hadn't been enough. We had realized we both needed more than we would ever have been able to get here.

I had already signed the deed over to Nick. He had lawyers that would take care of it, and the anonymous bank account into which he could drop any money from the sale was only known to the two of us. He could have kept it, as far as I was concerned - payment for how he had helped Shae and I do something we had barely allowed ourselves to dream of. The resources and advice he had offered when he realized the kind of trouble we were having had been indispensable. He wasn't a stranger to those sorts of problems. Wealthy, and a shrewd businessman, he nevertheless had quite a soft spot for little girls himself, and acting as the head of Shae's modelling agency had given him plenty of opportunities to pursue his prurient interests. I hadn't realized at first that his professional demeanor hid a surprisingly kind-hearted nature, and he had proved trustworthy in a way that few wealthy people could have lived up to.

Not even he knew where we were going though. Nobody did. I had made arrangements for the house, the car, cashed out my investments and tied up all the loose ends. Everything had been set in motion. My briefcases held the documents needed to get Shae and I into our new country and gain citizenship under our new names. Loan papers. Fake passports. A license to marry. It had been exhausting.

And here I was, staring up the long driveway, anticipation clouding my thoughts. My little girl was waiting. My sweet, sexy daughter. My pace quickened despite my weariness. My flight had been moved up. She wasn't expecting me. Maybe she'd be doing the dishes, wearing that fuzzy little blue apron and nothing else. Or in the shower. Or sleeping in our bed, her school skirt bunched up around her waist.

An eager buzz bolstered my steps. Too many sleepless nights. Too many lonely days. I was almost there. I passed the Audi, dirty from the rain where I had left it in the driveway. My heavy pace matched the thumping in my chest. The house loomed over me. The front door was just ahead.

I heard a rapid thudding from inside, then the front door slammed open, rebounding off the backstop, and a yellow-gold blur of squealing teenager rocketed out of the doorway. She pounded down the driveway like a torpedo in a loose yellow dress that matched her hair, both streaming out wildly behind her.


Her yell dopplered up until I wondered if my eardrums would shatter,, then the thought was broken when 95 pounds of gleefully crying teenager crashed into me with open arms. I had dropped my suitcases and jacket at the last second and swept my baby girl up off the ground, holding her as we spun around on the pavement before I set her down. She crushed me in a mad bear hug the moment her feet touched the ground.

"GOD Daddy I missed you SO much even though we talk every night and Nick's been so nice and so has Sophie but I just missed you all the time and school sucked 'cause they keep saying I'm not paying attention and I try but I can't because I kept thinking about when you were getting home and-"

Words tumbled out like a runaway freight train. Shae squeezed me and pounded away with her relentless verbal assault, bubbling over, smiling and babbling and sniffling and hiccuping until she began to trip over her sentences in hysterical happiness. My 14-year-old baby girl was still light enough for me to swing her in the air, but the iron shackles of her arms wrapped my waist in a vise of unbreakable strength and her mouth ran roughshod over my own sputtered greetings. There was nothing else for it. I bent and kissed her on the mouth, silencing the avalanche, hugging her back and tasting the sweet thrills of my daughter that I had missed so much - the delicious warmth of her mouth, the ripe firmness of her bottom as I squeezed it through the dress, the breezy hair brushing my cheek and the shivering moan and arching neck of her Daddy's touch as I reached for all her soft places with a ravenous appetite. Her tongue pushed back against mine and her dress rustled in the breeze as I cupped her body to me. Every wonderful sensation of my little 14-year-old girl's body was intimately familiar to me, except for one: her belly swelled under the thin fabric of the dress with a barely-perceptible bulge.

I hooked an arm behind her knees and swept her off her feet. She laughed as her world tilted. The breeze was picking up, flapping her yellow dress and sending her golden hair soaring out behind her. I kissed her again, savoring the moist warmth of her lips. Nothing could have been sweeter.

Her fingers clenched the fabric of my shirt as I carried her inside and kicked the door shut. I set her down and dug my hands under the skirt of her dress, feeling my way upwards over the delicious landscape, kneading her thighs, pinching her butt, raising the dress so I could massage the smooth field of her back. Shae swayed against me, her own fingers digging at my chest. She was panting, bouncing on her toes. Her shaky fingers reached for the line of buttons on my shirt and clumsily pulled. I yanked my tie off and helped her.

I was surprised when she shoved me back against the wall and reached for my collar again. 95 pounds of horny teenage girl can exert quite a force. She yanked, pulling my head down, and kissed me savagely. Her lips gushed against mine, sloppy, tongue flicking warm saliva between us. I could feel her heart racing. Fingers spread themselves over my pectorals, spreading the hair, squeezing hungrily. She leaned against me with all her weight.

I held her tight, squeezing, stealing her breath, then pushed back. We danced away from the wall, and I guided our momentum down the hallway. Shae was out of control, panting like an animal, fingers scrabbling at my belt like she didn't know what to do with it. A flush of red arousal was creeping up her neck. She gave up on the belt and simply grabbed my crotch, squeezing the firm bulge desperately, like a starving woman finding food at last. I let it poke her in the belly, let her feel the strength, the rigid proof of her Daddy's excitement. Blood thundered through its tingling length, my manhood swelling to bursting as I slipped my fingertips down my daughter's shoulders and arms, delighting in the smooth texture and the tingle of sensual energy that seemed to electrify her skin. She squeezed, hard, painfully, and I planted my fingers under her chin and forced her to look up at me, then smothered her in another kiss.

"MmmmmmmmMMPH!" The low sound quickly mounted in a high-pitched moan in her throat. She planted her hands on my chest and shoved, pushing me a step backwards. My butt thumped against the end table and the vase rocked for a moment before toppling over and falling onto the carpet. Shae used the space to cross her arms and grab the sides of her dress, then yanked it over her head savagely and threw it behind her, desperate to be rid of it. Before I knew it she had slammed against me again, renewing her attack, naked chest writhing against mine.

Fuck. I didn't know if I could make it. Blood rushed in my cock and thundered in my ears. We were halfway down the hallway. Our bedroom door stood open at the end. I reached behind her and spread my hands, luxuriating in the feeling of cotton panties stretched over the perfect globes of her little butt. Shae squirmed in my arms and I managed to maneuver her a few steps farther, using my hands planted on her butt to guide her like a rudder. Her lips left a sloppy trail of saliva on my chest.

A sharp pain made me wince: she had bit my nipple. Not too bad, but my horny daughter was almost out of control - a tigress off her leash. I needed to get her in bed and get my cock stuffed in her quick before she got even crazier.

We made it the rest of the way down the hallway with the only other damage being the thumped bookcase and the line of pictures knocked off the wall. We had barely entered the doorway when Shae grabbed my hand and yanked me over to the bed, then practically jumped up on it. I followed right after, wrestling her onto her back and then straddling my half-naked daughter. She was grinning like a maniac.

No teasing. She might explode. I lifted her legs and yanked her panties up, then pulled them down her thighs and flung them across the room. Shae laughed and wiggled her feet, ecstatic. I gave myself a moment to feel her up again, squeezing her tits, running my hands down her naked hips, smelling the eager scent from the cleft between her legs. Nothing was more ravishing than the tender body of your teenage daughter naked between your legs. My cock throbbed in my pants, an armed missile ready for release. I attacked my belt, doing little better than Shae did, but finally I got the stubborn buckle off and awkwardly yanked my pants down and off.

Nothing more stood between my and my baby girl. She wiggled expectantly on the bed in front of me, then moaned when I spread her thighs and primed the head of my cock at her slit. She was dripping wet already, her cunt slippery with anticipation.

The familiar thrill of penetrating my little girl raced up my spine and surged into my brain - those tiny, slippery lips sliding apart and welcoming me into the tight embrace of straining flesh, beneath, the warm, squeezing pulses that wrapped my shivering cock and massaged it with delight - I savored every delicious instant, relishing the pleasures of my baby girl's body as my prick slowly slid inside her. A month was too long. A week. An hour. I never wanted to be apart from her again. Shae's eyes fluttered exultantly and her fingers clenched the bedding, a long groan of passionate fulfillment rumbling from her throat. She had missed me just as much. Her body trembled as her Daddy's cock slowly pushed inward.

One squeezing inch, then another, my daughter's cunt rippling like a tornado as our bodies united once again. Joined. Connected. I bottomed out, pubic hairs tickling her skin, aching prick stuffed in my daughter's cunt where it belonged. Our hearts raced together in torrid rhythm, bodies linked by the wild pulses of pleasure from our groins. A loving father. A passionate daughter. No connection was more beautiful. No bond had ever linked a man and a woman together more perfectly than the peerless passion that flowed like a circuit between me and my baby girl. I stared into her eyes, losing myself in a blue abyss.

Groaning in anticipation, Shae raised her arms over her head on the bedding. Her Daddy was inside her. Her Daddy was fucking her. Her Daddy's thick prick was buried to the hilt in her tiny trembling cunt. Excitement danced like blue fire in her eyes, quivering on the cusp of fulfillment of the taboo dream of every little girl. Do it, that expression screamed. Take me. Fuck me silly. Her lips mouthed the words silently.

Delicious sucking warmth pulled at me as I reared back, then thrust forward into my daughter. Again, aching fleshing dragging against slippery suction. Moist pressure squeezed euphorically on my cock. I began a steady bucking rhythm, stoking the heat to a boil of incestuous desire. The waves of pleasure travelled visibly up my daughter's naked body, her hips shaking, her pregnant belly twitching, the flesh of her barely budding tits jiggling with tantalizing ripples.

Rapture etched my daughter's face. An angel, that's what she looked like - arms stretched above her, naked, fragile, exulting in the private paradise of her father's cock inside her. I thrust in harder, impaling that vision of sweet innocence. My little girl. My lovely daughter. The squealing, writhing, horny little focus of my existence. My body pumped away like a runaway train, slamming the full length of my throbbing prick inside her. I ached for her, burned for her, every cell on fire with an all-consuming lust for the precious girl who trusted me more than anything. I needed her desperately, needed her smell, her taste, the wiggling beat of her butt slapping against my pelvis. Nothing would keep us apart again, I vowed. Our motions graduated to a pumping crescendo, my swelling cock railing the tiny little pussy, her pelvis pushed up off the bed by each forceful slam. Her legs wrapped around me, ankles kicking in the air behind my hips.

A last desperate moan escaped my daughter's lips as I pounded her with all the force of my pent-up desire. Her eyes rolled up as as shockwave exploded between us, limbs twisting, hips writhing, bodies slamming together with a final grunting note. Flesh clamped like a sucking vice around my cock, spasming wildly. White heat exploded from my clenching balls, racing up and out of my cock, spewing into the sealed depths of my baby girl. Shae screeched and clutched me even tighter. Five sharp points dug into both sides of my torso, the pain quickly lost in the wild storm that ripped through and shattered my senses. I foundered in the boiling heat, the squeezing ecstasy, lost between the wild heaving winds of my daughter's breath against my neck and the quaking of her naked chest under me. We surged together in that tempest, one body, conjoined in the chaotic bliss of our shared orgasm, a wreck of tangled, shaking limbs and clutching fingers.

I floated with my daughter in a cloudy sheen of bliss, shot through with the lighting flashes of each sensation: the liquid passion pumping from my cock like a firehose, gushing into my pregnant daughter's depths and flooding it again with the proof of my love for her, the legs squeezed tightly around me, urging me deeper, twitching with every fresh spurt, the sweat of our bodies rubbing together, pale imitation of the moist conjugation of our genitals. Nothing else existed. Just us, just her sweet breath, just her embrace, just the delicious suction as her pussy milked the last drops of semen from my cock. We drifted together in a placid cocoon, the eye of the storm with the vortex of our shared orgasm thundering around us.

Hazy perceptions began to leak through. Satin sheets. The rustle of hair. The slow rise and fall of shared breath, a lapping rhythm on the calming sea of post-coital euphoria. I had crumbled gracelessly onto my daughter, burying her beneath me, hands clutching her tiny tits and cock stuffed between her legs. Her gratified breath tickled my neck. She loved this part, I knew - feeling buried beneath me, speared by my manhood, weight pinning her to the bed. A tiny nose nuzzled the underside of my chin, followed by the warmth of a wet kiss.

"Daddy…" The pair of syllables washed heavy against my ear. Shae stirred under me.

"I missed you so much," she cooed, her breath tickling my earlobe. The naked body of my 14-year-old daughter hummed with satisfaction beneath me, her fingers seeking out and twining tightly with mine. I was still panting, wordless. She had stolen my breath, stolen my thoughts, stolen every bubbling drop of passion that had burned in my loins. And yet my wilting manhood, still sealed tightly in the sweet passage of her cunt, was already beginning to swell again. Nothing turned me on and kept me going like my baby girl. Nothing stoked the flames in my gut to a raging inferno like the press of her pregnant belly, like the pleasing squish of her breasts in my hands, like the tender kisses she was planting against my neck. I was getting hard again already.

"I missed you too Shae," I panted. "Every hour. Every minute." My cock had missed her too. It was growing inside her, firming to a velvet rod of turgid meat, declaring its own longings. A father's love. A Daddy's desire. Two months was much too long for a father to go without stuffing his prick into the little girl he loved. It surged up like a balloon, recovering rapidly from its first reunion with the slippery tunnel it had spent so much time in.

I let her up, hands errantly fondling each delightful curve that presented itself as Shae rolled over and thrust her butt in the air. Sticky white fluid coated the delicate pair of pussy lips that presented itself, but the greedy look on my little girl's face was demanding: she wanted more, and I was happy to give it to her. I rewarded the pleasing little wiggle of her hips with a wet smack, then lined up my rapidly-hardening cock at the entrance to my daughter's sloppy twat.

Even coated with a liberal application of her daddy's sperm, Shae's pussy was as tight as drum. I squeezed until the head of my prick popped inside. Shae clutched the pillow and loosed a mewling little moan deep into the fabric. No matter how many times her Daddy's cock slipped inside her, that tiny little squeak always dripped with genuine excitement and the sudden flush of girlish arousal. I pumped my manhood farther in, grunting deliriously. We were made for each other. My prick fit my daughter's pussy like a snug little glove. Her butt filled my hands with twin globes of squishy perfection. Her cunt rippled with delight, urging me inwards to the steamy depths where my child was already growing in her womb.

That child. Our child. Nothing had hammered home my daughter's love for me as the day she insisted we try for one. Nothing had cemented our love together more thoroughly than when we got the happy news. She had given everything to me, had changed my life for the better more times than any man deserved. Shae looked back at me now, wondering why I had paused with my cock only snuggled halfway into her pussy.

Her smile said everything. She knew me too well. I had missed that grin, that moan, that infatuating, pleading look that came to her like a second nature. My dreams had stirred with those things every night that I had been away. She was everything to me. Beautiful. Sexy. Sweet-hearted. A stray bit of sunlight that had tumbled into my life and warmed it with golden love.

I pushed forward, slowly, the aching tip of my cock tunneling between my daughter's pussy muscles. I had to show her. I had to let her know. I needed her to see herself as I saw her: the slender, naked, wiggling little girl with the angel smile and the pregnant belly.

I leaned down over her, resting my arms aside hers, letting her feel the heat of my chest on her back.

"I love you baby girl." My pelvis punctuated the sentence with a slow slip of another inch of bulging cockmeat inside her. "You mean more to me than I know how to say. You're Daddy's special little girl." Another inch of turgid manhood pushed between her quivering lips. I used my nose to brush the hair from her ear and let the words wash her earlobe. "We'll never have to be apart again."

Shae's head was turned against the bedding. Our cheeks were almost touching. I stared down into that blue pool, seeing it glisten with moisture, and the crooked smile tightened into a grimace as I forced the last inch of my bulging prick inside her and my balls swung loose against her thighs.

Hunched over her, I began a gentle thrusting motion, rocking her against the bedding. My angel. My little girl. I let her feel my love in the in the press of our thighs, in the slow pulsing heartbeat of my straining manhood in her cunt. My thumb brushed her hair against her cheek, collecting the errant tear from her eye on the tip.

"You're so beautiful. I need you, Shae." I murmured the words with all of the passion that a loving father could ever feel for his daughter. "I can't live without you. I love you."

I cemented my words with a sudden thrust, obliterating her reply. It came out as a moaned gurgle, her fingers tightening suddenly around my wrist. I knew my daughter, inside and out. I knew that yearning of tenderness in her eyes, knew how to satisfy and push past it. I slowly built up our pace, letting her feel the friction of our passion, the turgid warmth of her Daddy's desire straining inside her. My cock slipped in and out of my daughter's pussy, gaining speed, racing along a thrilling track moist with her growing excitement.

Each time her mouth parted to say something, I pushed a bit harder, transmuting each profession of love to alternating moans and squeaks. My fingers dived and found her nipples, delicate peaks stiffened against the bedsheet. Shae's passion rose to a frenzy as I pinched and twisted them mercilessly. I knew she loved me, my pace said. My little girl tried to profess her love back to me, and each time I battered the words away with another jolt. She gave up, letting her mouth hang open, panting helplessly against the sheets. I built to a wild bucking rhythm that signalled my lust with each slap of my pelvis against her rear end. It was a language all our own, communicated in wordless moans and trembling motion: your Daddy loves you. Your Daddy needs you. Your Daddy is going to fuck you senseless. The message beat against my daughter's pussy like a storm.

Muscles tightened. Thighs jerked. I felt the climax rise like a cresting wave in my daughter's body. Her mouth opened and closed against the sheet, panting like an animal, leaving a small trail of saliva. I was rocking her fiercely, our crotches slamming together with wet slapping sounds, the blinding pulse of our connection mounting to a tempest of throbbing passion. I grabbed Shae's wrists and jerked them back, hard, lifting her head off the bed. She cried out, the brief pain swept up by the storm of pleasure flooding her body. Growling, I slammed into her cunt, a runaway beast driven by incestual lust, hauling on her arms with each hammerblow into her spasming tunnel. Our crotches slammed together, drums beating the final crescendo of our love as our shared orgasm ripped through us. I heard Shae's shriek mix with my own bestial howl, felt the hurricane of quaking muscles gripping and squeezing my cock with lunatic joy as my daughter came wildly. I let myself go and felt the storm sweep me over the precipice. Lightning ecstasy raced through my body, erupting at the base of my crotch and sending a white geyser of molten love rocketing out of my cock. Searing warmth flooded the tight space, gushing against the closed gate of my daughter's womb in ball-clenching spurts that jerked my body like a marionette. Distantly, I felt her trembling beneath me, the frail, sweaty surface of her naked back quaking against my chest. My fingers had dug into her bucking hips and we rode the fury of the storm together, tethered by my white-knuckled grip and the solid connection of my spurting cock inside her.

Throbbing heat engulfed me, and I drifted in an ocean of hazy static and fractured senses. A sweaty touch. Fingers curling. Toes digging against my leg, affectionately. Hair against my lips. I had crumbled onto Shae again like an landslide. She cooed with delight, buried by the mountain of her Daddy's spent passion.

I could have stayed there forever, connected to my daughter, our bodies conjoined and minds floating on calming waves exchanging happy sighs, but eventually I felt myself soften, and slipped out with a slight motion. I hit the sheets like I was a sack of jelly, feeling as if all my bones had been sucked out through my crotch. Immediately the warm sensation of a happy little girl was snuggling against me, pushing me onto my side, her naked back rubbing my chest and wiggling sensually like I was some giant pillow she had to push back into shape.

It was as easy as a hand fitting a glove, as natural as a turtle with his shell. Shae pushed herself against me until she was comfortable, then pulled my hands tight against her belly. Her head rested perfectly in the crook of my neck. Her legs twined flawlessly with mine. I planted a kiss on the top of her head and marvelled again at how effortlessly our bodies fit together. My dwindling manhood found a slippery holster between the cleft of her buttcheeks.

We lay there, together, luxuriating in the familiar comfort of each other and the bedsheets on which we had spent so many nights twisted in love. Our racing heartbeats waned, and Shae's breathing receded to a comfortable murmur as she dropped off to a doze in my arms. Her smile was happy, full and contented, satisfied by the welcome-home dicking her Daddy had just given her. I brushed a stray hair from her cheek and watched her drift off, no less enchanted by the sight than when I had read her stories to make her sleep when she was a little girl. It was like finding part of myself. I was complete again. The brush of her hair against my chest, the curl of her toes against my leg, the squeeze of her bottom against my crotch - every happy sensation of Shae combined to fill up that hole that had been gnawing at my heart for the last year.

Gentle silence covered us like a blanket. I let my head rest on the pillow and watched the evening shadows march across the wall. The sawtooth edges of the streetlight shining through the blinds were old, bitter friends. Funny, this was the same wall I had stared at for so many sleepless nights over a year ago, wondering whether Shae still loved me. I eventually realized she had never stopped. We had turned things around eventually, and I regretted the stupid things I had let come between us.

The long trip lingered as an exhausted ache in my muscles, but sleep was elusive. The packing, the uncomfortable flights, the layovers, endless phone calls, the taxi rides - they had all worn me down to a nub physically and mentally, yet somehow when I saw Shae flying down the driveway towards me, it had all melted away like mist. Nothing invigorates a proud father like the sight of his lovely baby girl after a long trip. Nothing could have compared to the adoration swelling in my heart and the cock swelling in my pants from the moment I laid eyes on her again in the driveway. Every shred of weariness had been chased away and replaced with the thrill of her taste, with the heat of her touch, with *her*, a wild, carefree spirit of girlish delight that inflamed every sense with effortless grace. She had attacked me like a tornado, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

She would be all over me again when she woke up. 14 year old girls can be insatiable. But for now, I was content to let the fatigue wash through me. It had been too long since I had slept - really slept instead of just fitfully drowsing, my mind heavy with fevered trepidation that something was off, that something dear to me was missing. Shae's steady breathing exuded her own peace, as if content that some grave injustice had finally been put right. It had been hard on her too. That slight redness around her eyes was real. It hadn't just been from the glare of the webcam. But that contented, just-fucked smile on her sleeping face was a counterpoint of hope for me. Hope that our big plunge wasn't a mistake. Hope that the life we were trying to make together could finally be realized. I spared a hand from where it had been clutching her tiny breast and ran a fingertip across her cheek. I'd do anything to keep her from crying ever again.

She stirred from the slight tickle, and snuggled even tighter to me in her sleep, gripping my other arm like a vise. I had missed her so much it hurt. I reached down under the rumpled covers and rested my free hand on the tiny bump of her belly. There wasn't a day that had gone by that I hadn't worried myself sick about this. I shouldn't have. The doctor said she was just fine. Nick said she had been doing well, despite the beginning of a little sickness each morning. It was just that, of all the gifts I had ever given my daughter, this was the one that mattered most, to both of us.

I left my hand there, on the warmth of her pregnant belly, left my face an inch from hers, feeling her breath, until sleep finally smothered me.

Airports. Immigration. Passports. Paperwork. Registration. Citizenship. I greased the skids of the bureaucratic boondoggle with generous donations from my savings and a silent prayer to whoever was listening, and it worked. The administrators I had bribed proved true to their word, and after a final stamp from a bleary-eyed secretary huddled behind a nondescript counter, we were official in the eyes of our new home. Shae hugged me furiously after we left the courthouse. It had only taken 5 days.

Our rental home was cramped and spartan. We lived among a sea of boxes, the closely-packed confines of our former lives. It was only for a couple weeks, until the sale of our new house was complete. Shae wasn't accustomed to living in such spare circumstances, but she suffered it with more grace and patience than you would expect from a 14-year-old girl. This was just a stepping-stone, we knew.

We kept ourselves busy, trying to plan ahead. Shae met with Dom Estevão and absolutely adored him. He was like a kindly grandfather that she had never had, she said. Estevão himself had seemed surprised and thoughtful when I spoke to him after he had met with Shae alone. I'm not sure what his expectations had been, but Shae seemed to have turned them on their head. We had both trusted the man with everything now. He knew enough that he could probably get me thrown in prison if he chose, but now he seemed almost eager to marry us. It was a relief, one more factor sliding into place for us.

I got a call that the sale of the house was almost done, and Shae and I finally settled on having the wedding a few days after that. Just a simple ceremony and some vows - that was all we had planned on, since we had no other family or friends here, but there was one more surprise in store for us: I took Shae to the market I had shown her the pictures of, and we met the same woman at the clothier stall that I had met before. Mary. She recognized me, and before I knew it she and my daughter were chatting like they had known each other all their lives. Shae wanted to know every detail of the clothes Mary was selling, and the elderly woman was happy to oblige. Kindred spirits, it seemed, both of them with a critical eye for fashion and clothing despite their vastly differing backgrounds. Mary had lived here her whole life. Shae had never met anyone like the swarthy woman, and I think Mary was just as amused to meet a westernized white girl who actually listened when she talked about how to stitch a hemline.

My attention wandered as the girls talked, but suddenly snapped back when I heard Mary bring up the topic of marriage.

"I was just about your age, you know." Mary was leaning on her elbows on the open counter of the stall, a whimsical look on her wrinkled face. "Still just a girl. Siva swept me off my feet. We married less than a year later."

"How sweet," Shae giggled. "That's so fast. You must have known."

"I did." Mary smiled as she recalled her younger years. "It took my family a lot of time to come around, but they eventually did. My parents were stubborn, but Siva was a good husband. He eventually won them over. What about you Shae? Do you think you'll get married soon?"

"We're already planning on it." Shae patted my arm affectionately. "Just a couple more weeks."

My spine turned to ice. I had shown Mary nearly every picture of Shae that I had the first time I met her, clearly introducing her as my daughter. I'm sure she would have remembered. I searched the old woman's smile, looking for signs of shock. She must have known. She had steered Shae to this topic. Had she set this up? Shae was wearing a loose, flowing shirt, but I hadn't missed the quick glance Mary had directed at my daughter's belly earlier.

Mary didn't skip a beat. Her smile was fixed, genuine.

"Siva was older than me too," she said, "but we made it work. I'm so happy for you." She regarded Shae with a fond expression.

"Well now, would the two of you like to have dinner at my house tomorrow?" She gestured vaguely towards a hilltop of houses in the distance. "I can make the fish masala I made for all my daughters when they were engaged. It's a family recipe. My own mother taught it to me."

Shae spared a moment for my quick nod before agreeing. "Sure!" she bubbled. "We'd love to."

I took out my phone and wrote down Mary's directions as she rattled them off, trying to stave off a rising feeling of panic. Could we trust this woman? It was why we had upended our lives, to come someplace where we didn't have to be afraid, but it still made me nervous. The papers I had had so carefully forged and authenticated didn't even list us as blood relatives. I took a long look at Mary, but didn't see any trace of deception in her gentle smile.

I tamped down my anxiety and let my attention wander again as the girls nattered on. I'd have to get used to it. A new country, new friends for us both. It would be hard to know who to trust, but this was just the beginning.

Mary's home was a cozy affair, profusely decorated in an Indian style. I met and shook hands with Siva, her husband, and Sahdia, their friend, before we were ushered in and sat cross-legged on cushions around an oblong table of walnut that rose a mere foot above the carpet. Dinner was fantastic. Mary produced bowl after bowl of spicy rice, biryani, and fish masala all mixed with a dizzying variety of stewed vegetables. Shae couldn't help but gawk at everything. She had had no cross-cultural experiences whatsoever. Her bemusement ended though, when Mary turned the conversation again to fashion. Shae had let slip that she had actually modelled at a show in Paris 2 years ago, and both women had verbally pounced on her, demanding every minor detail of the entire experience.

I smiled as I watched them talk, watched the two older women pound Shae with eager questions and fawn over the answers while Shae alternated between blushing and preening. She wasn't a boastful girl. She seemed flattered that the women thought so much of the modest beginnings of her modelling career - the career she had given up, along with everything else, to come here with me. Shae had made plenty of her own experiments with clothing alterations, but she had never had a chance to really pick the brain of a professional tailor. After she finished recounting the time we spent in Paris, she had just as many questions for them about seamlines and stitching and needlework and other concepts far over my head.

Sahdia seemed almost Mary's twin, though the two apparently weren't related. Friends since girlhood, apparently. Sahdia's complexion was darker, her face slightly less wrinkled, and her hair a cool shade of amber that contrasted with Mary's dark curls. Her expression was just as enthusiastic as the others as the topic shifted to the pros and cons of local dresses versus traditional native dresses.

Feeling a bit of the fifth wheel, I just drank my tea in silence, watching them talk. Shae grinned widely, clearly enjoying being able to talk about her interests with real professionals. A fast friendship was growing before my eyes. Good. Shae would need every friend she could get. She had left all the ones she had ever known back where we came from.

A throat cleared from behind me. I turned, and saw Siva, offering me a cigarette and gesturing with his head to step into the other room. I accepted the offering, even though I didn't smoke, and followed. Best to give the girls some girl's time.

Bookcases lined the walls of the dim study, which opened through a pair of sliding doors on the far end to a modest balcony. I followed Siva through, and leaned on the railing with him, enjoying the breeze and listening to the cicadas perform their buzzing song from the surrounding countryside.

Siva was a diminutive man of long, serene silences. We both enjoyed the night air for a time, saying nothing, until he finally broke the ice.

"She quite beautiful," he said, his words thickly accented. He pulled out a long-stemmed pipe of a design I'd never seen before, and rested the bowl on the railing as he began packing it. "Your daughter. Shae. Yes?"

He didn't seem very confident with his English and his inflection left the query ambiguous, so I just nodded politely.

"The most beautiful girl I know," I murmured, gazing out into the darkness of the trees.

"Reminds me. Of Mary, yes. When little." He smiled and took an experimental draw of his pipe. Smoke puffed from the bowl encouragingly. "Always has so much energy. She did. A fire there is, in little girls."

I nodded in agreement.

"Marry you? Yes? She, your daughter, marry?" He seemed unsure of how to put the words together.

"Yes." I let out a deep breath. "We're going to be married in two weeks."

He puffed his pipe contentedly, gazing up at the sky bright with stars. These were the most words he had said all night. I'd take silence over yelling and threats to call the police any day.

"We had it. Mary, me." He puffed contentedly, still staring upwards. "Raabta. People they say awful when we marry. Would kill us. Bad family. Bad ages. She was little."

He sent a series of black rings wisping from the bowl, rising slowly to rejoin the canopy of night.

"You seem to have pulled through," I said.

"Oh yes! Did pull. Many pulling." He smiled, but his expression remained distant, remembering. A burst of girlish laughter came from inside the house, Shae and the women continuing to hit it off.

"Dinner. She say you come. Now I know." He held up a finger to me, as if to ask for a moment. "Why is. I show."

He disappeared into the study and re-emerged after a minute with a heavy volume bound by thick leather covers. He plopped it onto the railing in front of us and opened it.

"Sana," he said, tapping the faded photograph of a young, dark-skinned girl looking resplendent in her bridal dress. "Our one daughter. Er...first. Mary go crazy happy."

There were more photos, Mary posing with her daughter, grinning rapturously. A white hairclip and pressed flower were laminated into the pages of the album. Siva turned the page and pointed to another.

"Prisha," he said. "Mary crazy happen again." The photographs captured priceless moments of time of the girl ready for her wedding day, and the happiness of her mother. Siva turned the page and pointed to yet another.

"Adah," he said. "She last. Ten years ago."

"You've had three daughters?" I asked. "They're all married now?"

Siva nodded. "Mary so happy, but no more daughters. She see your daughter I think, say can be crazy happy again." He closed the album and began puffing on his pipe thoughtfully again.

I guess I could see that. Mary, obsessed with weddings, the chance to live a last one vicariously through my own daughter. I looked back into the house, seeing the women working together to clean up in the kitchen, still chatting merrily.

It could work. Shae had a dress. She had picked out what she wanted and I made sure she got it, but it would need alterations to fit her belly and slim the rest down for her tiny build. It was another piece of our plans, but I would in no way be able to help with it. Shae was the one with the skill for that - I had none. But Mary, Mary could help.

And maybe more. Shae had never had anyone like a mother figure in her life. Her own mother had simply left shortly after she was born, leaving me with no small amount of bitterness. I had filled that role as best I could - and made more than a few mistakes on the way - but Shae had always deserved someone that she could really relate to in that way.

Leaning on the rail, I looked back through the sliding glass door, all the way to the kitchen, where Shae was working with the women on the dishes. She laughed along with them, talking eagerly, and I watched Mary give an affectionate pat on my daughter's shoulder. Shae grinned and said something. She looked happy - happier than she had in a long time. I watched her, mesmerized, as Siva smoked in silence, until she finally caught me looking and flashed me her signature grin.

Maybe this would be what she needed, I thought, smiling back. I had been so wary for so long, as disappointment after disappointment had blocked our way. Now, finally, I dared to allow myself to hope that this could be the start of something better.

The days passed in a hazy dream. I worked to move boxes and furniture from the rental into the new place. We had barely unpacked anything, and more was arriving all the time. A lot of the furniture I had simply sold instead of moving, since it was cheaper to buy more locally. The bed was a major effort: a king-sized four-poster of lavishly carved wood and an inviting aura of softness. I had assembled it, sweating in the heat with my shirt off, while my daughter hung around, grinning and pretending to direct me. She liked to watch me work.

Before I knew it, the day was almost here. I dropped Shae off at Mary's house the morning before, where she was welcomed with open arms by both Mary and Sahdia. I was new to this, and I didn't quite get it at the time, but all three had insisted, and had folded their arms and glared murderously at me when I first questioned the plan. The house felt empty when I got back. I busied myself trying to get things ready for when we both returned, and finally tumbled into the new bed long after the sun set.

I tossed and turned. My stomach felt like a swarm of bees. I'm not sure how I slept, but at some point I woke up with all the blankets kicked off and facing the other way in bed. It was too big with just me in it. The house was silent, empty. I couldn't stand it. I yearned for shae. But I knew I'd see her in the morning. She'd be at the chapel, waiting for me.

A dull fog greeted me outside the windows in the morning, but it quickly faded from the golden sunlight peeping over the hills as I dressed. The suit fit ok. That was something, at least. Pants. Shoes. Tie. Cufflinks. I dressed mechanically, sluggish brain refusing to work. Today. It was today. Just a matter of hours. We had waited so long. Everything was in place, but it still felt like a dream. The drive to the church passed quickly and I met with Father Estevão in the back.

Few things are as exhausting as waiting on your wedding day. I kept popping open the velvet boxes that contained the rings, nervously checking they were still there. Estevão chatted with me, but I was poor company, distracted and nervous. My fingernails dwindled to nubs as I chewed them without realizing it. Hours passed. I knew when the women arrived because Estevão went to greet them, but I stayed in his office. As much as I wanted to go see her, I knew she'd never forgive me if I ruined the surprise before the wedding.

The ticking of the clock was interminable. I kept checking myself in the mirror, seeing my fidgeting reflection, fussing with my hair. Estevão had been gone a long time. Maybe there was a problem. Something would go wrong. Something *always* went wrong. Maybe the sanctuary wasn't ready. Maybe there was a problem with her dress. I rocked nervously in the seat until Estevão finally returned and assured me everything was on track.

When it was time, he led me to my place at the front of the sanctuary. Sadiah and Siva were seated in the pews, both smiling. Mary was probably still helping Shae. Our witnesses. Only 3, but it was enough. They didn't judge us. They knew who we were, father and daughter. If they had had any doubts, I think they had been dispelled when they saw how we acted when we were together.

As if on a hidden cue, recorded music began to play. I waited, hands folded, chest bursting, hoping that my knees weren't actually shaking. A dizzy nausea twirled my insides. Estevão stood calmly behind his podium, as cool as a cucumber. Easy for him. The room hung on the edge of a thread, hushed, expectant, flooded with the sunlight that beamed through the windows. The double doors swung silently open at the far end, and my daughter appeared, shining a radiant white.

Shae was gorgeous. Her golden hair had been pinned up into an elaborate arrangement, allowing her earrings to shine in the light of the church as she walked. A circlet of small flowers ringed her head, and an open veil cascaded down to her shoulders. The flowers matched her bouquet, a flamboyant collection of reds and pinks and violets that stood out sharply against her white dress. I had seen the pictures, but she had threatened me with dire consequences if I made any attempt to see her in the dress beforehand. I had earned a bonk on the nose and a slammed door when she first tried it on. Now I could plainly see how much work she and Mary had done on it.

The dress was a full-length white satin gown embroidered and layered all over with decorative lace. The satin material under the lace seemed to catch and reflect the light, giving the whole dress a faintly shimmering appearance. The top hugged her chest tightly, clinging to her curves, and showed off her shoulders and graceful neckline. At her hips, the skirt flared out widely with multiple layers of petticoats, and a small train of layered, translucent material stretched behind her as she walked. The dress hugged her all over in just the right places, accentuating her feminine curves, but I could see that they had made some alterations to the belly. It had been let out slightly to give some room to her pregnant midriff.

I wondered again how I was so fortunate to have this precious girl in my life. As my daughter walked slowly down the aisle, her eyes rose, shining like jewels, to meet mine, and she grinned blissfully. I had had the pleasure of seeing so many beautiful things in my life, but as I stood there at that altar, I realized I had never seen anything so captivating as my baby girl's smile as she walked slowly down to the aisle to me. I had seen Shae smile so many times, and it was always a heart-warming experience, like a flower had suddenly bloomed or the sun had come up. She smiled at me when I got her gifts. She smiled at me when I stepped in the front door at the end of a weary day. She smiled when I pushed her nightgown up at night and levelled my erect prick against her pussy lips.

And somehow, it was as if every one of those happy moments had led here to this, to the beaming grin on my daughter's face, to the joy that almost seemed to shine from her. It was if every dream had come true for her, and she radiated a pure elation that looked so right, so natural on her that it was as if she had come alive for the first time.

My heart seemed to slow down and stop, halting time around me. Deep, blue eyes, shining with love - Shae fixed them on me, and I lost myself. This was what she had always wanted. Every girl is a princess in her heart, looking to be swept away by the love of her prince, and I read the wonder in her face, the fantasies she had barely let herself dream coming true around her. Her Daddy waited just ahead. Her Daddy was ready to marry her. Her Daddy loved her more than anything. Sure, every little girl loved her Daddy, but very few fathers were lucky enough to experience the perfect devotion of such a sweet-hearted and intimate girl that gave every part of herself so freely.

In the eternity between her steps, something went cold inside me. Who was I to deserve such love, such a pure devotion from my daughter? A father looks at the little girl he loves and thinks no man could be good enough, and I could barely count the ways I fell short. I'd let her down again, someday, like I once had. Shae was everything to me, but I knew I could never live up to the worship in those eyes. I wanted to cower, to hide, to admit I was just a wretch and a pervert, a man who fucked his daughter and wasn't worthy of the trust she had given me. Pathetic, that's what I was. Stricken, I froze, the sudden fear locking my muscles into rigor mortis. She was even closer, coming in small, measured steps with the music. She deserved so much better than what I could give her.

Maybe it happens to everyone. The terrified rush had barely settled in my bones when she stepped up to the altar, and I reached out to take her gloved hand in my own. Her warm fingers made contact and just like that, my doubts were banished, my cares thrown to the wind. She chose me, her smile said, she wanted me, flaws and all.

"Hey." I mouthed the word with a silent grin, a sudden flush creeping up my neck. She was radiant, peering at me from behind the veil as if transfixed. Just as nervous as I was. She swallowed crooked and mouthed the word back, and for a second it looked like she might cry. But that smile on her face was unassailable.

Her other hand reached out and I took it, and we took position in front of Father Stephan, holding hands and facing each other. I realized my heart must have started beating again at some point, because it was thumping furiously. The shifting sun had filled the space she was in with a golden sunbeam, lighting up her hair and dress with a brilliant luster. My lovely little baby girl, whom I had loved and held, and protected and provided for and fucked silly on countless occasions and finally impregnated, just kept beaming that ecstatic smile at me as the priest went through the rites. I felt a heady rush as I ran my eyes up and down my daughter's ravishing little body. My sweet little girl, pregnant with her daddy's baby, growing belly showing under her white wedding dress, waiting to commit her life to me. If there had been any possible way, I would have fucked her right there on the altar, ripping the dress off - no, leaving the dress on, and burying my cock into my wedding-day daughter's pregnant belly. My collar itched and I gulped as I scratched my neck. I must have a huge erection. Did I? Could anyone see it? God these pants are way too tight. I should have had Shae let them out. And these shoes are murdering my feet. I adjusted my tie and swallowed again. What was I doing? There wasn't enough air in this church. I felt like I couldn't breath. My tie was too tight. I swallowed and adjusted it again.

And Shae, my 14-year-old daughter, she just stood there, hands in mine, listening to the priest drone on and smiling up at me with a rapturous expression. Moisture beaded in the corners of her eyes. Those eyes. Deep blue, like sapphires. How many times had I stared into them, held spellbound by the sweetly genuine affection that sparkled there? They drew me in again, effortlessly, a father snared by the beauty of his daughter, a lover enthralled in the whirlpool currents of the girl so precious to me. My breath caught and the tightness in my chest matched my aching throb from below. Shae was as open as a girl could be. She never held back, never dissembled, never gave anything less than all of herself, and I saw that commitment in her unwavering grin. As she looked up at me, her father, her Daddy that she had grown so very close to, there wasn't a trace of doubt in her gaze.

I think something like a wedding occurred at this point. Luckily, I didn't pass out, asphyxiated by my own tie. Father Estevão gave his pronouncement to the church, voice ringing out with words I could barely grasp. Shae had captured my focus like a magnet, beautiful beyond words, with curled golden locks resting on her shoulders and flawless makeup giving a healthy rose hue on her cheeks. Subtle sparkles edged the gossamer white veil. Every hair was in place. Even with her talents and help from the women, it must have taken her hours to achieve a look so immaculate.

Someone asked me something.

"I do," I said.

The same voice again.

"I do," Shae said. Tears rimmed her eyes.

The rest of the church had dwindled away from my senses, irrelevant. The sweet, beaming smile of my daughter was a siren call that enveloped my world. She had to nudge me when it came time for the rings.

As if in a dream, I slipped the band on her finger. The diamond in the middle was encircled by brilliant blue sapphires to match her eyes, the insets finely filigreed with gold. Mine was a plain band - it was what I had wanted, but she ordered it inscribed inside, a special message of love to her Daddy. There was some sort of declaration from Father Stephan, his voice ringing loud enough to fill the church. My hands felt numb, holding hers.

Before I could even bend down, my baby girl suddenly squealed and jumped and embraced me, yanking me down by my lapels and kissing me with wild abandon. I let loose the tension I didn't realize had been building up and surrendered to the warm, sweet taste of my own daughter against my mouth. I had kissed my daughter countless times, in public and private and in the throes of passion, but Shae squeezed me with such enthusiasm that it was like every time had just been practice for this one that she valued above all others. Her arms and lips were wrapped so tightly that I thought she might never let go. The knot in my pants twisted even tighter, and I barely remembered not to grab her ass or reach under her dress.

We broke with a gasp. I felt dazed as we turned to face the church. Shae hung on my arm, bouncing with exuberance. No longer just a Daddy and his daughter, but a husband and wife. We had done it. I felt like I had been dropped out of an airplane. Sadiah and Mary were clapping, the latter stopping only to wipe tears from her eyes. Siva shook my hand with a smile. We were walking. My brain had trouble processing it. We had done it. Actually done it. The aisle passed under my feet. The world had been against us but now Shae and I had something nobody could ever take from us. Mary embraced Shae like a daughter while Sadiah wrapped her arms around me, still sniffling into her hanky, then they switched.

"I know you'll take good care of her." Mary beamed at me. It meant so much, hearing the blessing from someone who didn't judge us, who finally understood. We bid farewell to our guests, and pushed past the double doors of the chapel. No reception, no big party for us. Those three were the only ones we trusted enough to attend. It was enough. Shae hung on my arm like a weight as we descended the steps. The car was right in front where I had left it. I pulled open the passenger door and helped Shae as she gathered the skirts of her dress and got seated, then she looked up at me again with that happy smile, tinged with satisfaction now and just a hint of familiar lust.

My daughter. My wife. She knew me so well that she could command me with a glance. I reached down and pulled her into a passionate kiss, this time letting a hand dig down under the soft fabric of her dress, feeling her thigh. My heart strained to bursting. She had given me everything, had stood up and told the world that she loved me and swore the vows that bound us together, had risked everything with me just for the chance to live openly and without shame or deception.

We broke our kiss reluctantly. I helped shut the door and got in the driver's side. Shae rested back against her seat with a contented sigh, hands on her belly. Her wide smile never faltered as I drove us along the gravel path away from the church.

The evening sun had streaked the sky with orange and purple by the time we got back to the house. I held Shae's hand as she got out of the car, then stopped her at the door of the house.

"Here. Let me." She gulped in surprise when I bent down and scooped her up, dress and all. She was as light as always, but the veil and the train of her dress proved bulky. I turned sideways and carried her through the door, enjoying the sparkle of delight in her eyes, then managed to kick it shut behind me.

I had carried my little girl to bed more times than I could count, carrying her when she was sleepy, when she was horny, or when she was being plain lazy and wanted to see if she could get me to do it. I loved it and she knew it. But all those times seemed like mere shadows, just practice compared to this moment when I walked down the hall holding my daughter in my arms, the white fabric of her bridal dress rustling and trailing from my arms. An expression of princess-like joy was on her face, and I recognized the twitching undercurrent of horniness just beneath. I entered the bedroom, and laid my bride down gently on the bed.

She grinned up at me expectantly, and a fresh surge of blood raced to my crotch. She looked utterly ravishing in that dress of white lace and satin, with the delicate veil spilling down over her hair in the back. I got on my hands and knees on the bed and loomed over her, taking every piece of her in - the pristinely curled hair, the sweet, honest smile, the smooth skin under the lace shoulders of her dress. God I loved her.

"You know..." She reached up and trailed a finger down my chest. "You're going to have to help me get out of this dress. It's a 2-person job."

I laughed. "I can barely wait baby. But let me get out of this tie first." I pretended to struggle to loosen the knot. "Damn thing's been strangling me for hours."

"Ok." Her pouty expression was perfect.

"Be right back sweetie." I walked over and entered the bathroom. My tie came off easily - I didn't really need the mirror - and I dropped it, then stepped past the shower to the cabinets, out of Shae's line of sight. I fished around behind them with my hand, and found what I was looking for. I had put a ring on my daughter's hand today, but I had one more gift to give her. I had been worried it wouldn't be ready before the wedding, but it had been finished at the last moment.

Shae had kicked off her slippers when I returned, and was wiggling her toes in the white tights. "Oh my god Daddy, you have no idea how much it hurt to stand in those slippers. They're like 2 sizes too small."

"Ouch. Sounds painful." I stood before her, holding the package behind my back. Shae was looking down, staring at her hand where the jewelled band circled her finger. She fingered it delicately, as if in awe.

"We really did it," she whispered, twisting the ring on her finger. "Daddy. We're really married."

"Yeah Shae. We did it. Together." My heart clenched as I looked down at her, watching her study the ring with a look of belated astonishment. We had planned for over a year, and I still could barely believe it myself. I had married my daughter.

Shae looked up at me at last, finally realizing I was holding something. I brought it out from behind my back: a small cardboard box, colored a lavish, shimmering red, tied with an elegant bow.

"Husband and wife now," I said. "Here. I wanted to show you what that means to me."

She stared up at me, mouth open, surprised. I had to bend and put the box into her hands. She looked down at it as if bewildered.

"It's so pretty." She slid a finger over the satin bow. It gleamed in the evening light.

"Open it," I urged.

Slowly, she pulled the loose end of the bow, and it came undone. Brushing it away, she lifted the lid of the box. The inside was filled with black tissue paper. She parted it, and saw the silver pendant gleaming from the depths.

She swallowed, twice, betraying the lump in her throat. I pulled it out of the case and slipped the slender chain around her neck, hooking the fastener in the back. The jeweller had done a marvellous job - plating and lengthening the chain so it shone like new and fit perfectly around my daughter's neck again. The pendant balanced perfectly in the small between her breasts, the sapphire catching flickers of light from the window into blue sparkles that matched the color of her eyes. It had been an onyx, when I first got the necklace for her years ago. She had been amazed, her 7-year-old face filled with wonder at the intricate setting around the gem when I first fastened it around her neck. Now it was reworked, with a simpler setting, more slim and elegant. She fingered the gem delicately, as if afraid she might break it, then turned the pendant around. The back was embossed with the stylized figures of a man and a woman embracing intimately, both of them looking down at the space that swirled between them with the abstract suggestion of a tiny form wrapped in swaddling.

"I...its..." She fingered the delicate curves of the work, blinking rapidly, neck clenching nervously as she swallowed again. Her mouth shut, and opened again, useless, unable to bring any words past the sudden hitching of her chest. It didn't matter. I knew what they were. The layers of her dress rustled as I wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her to my chest, feeling her silky hair rub on my cheek, the warmth of her curving stomach pressed against mine, and the damp trail her tears left on my shirt.

"It's beautiful. It's so beautiful Daddy." She sniffled as she clutched my lapels. I knew she would like it but the gift seemed to have blindsided her. She pulled back, rubbing her eyes and nose, and grabbed the pendant to look at the back again. A man and a woman, together, new life growing between them.

"Thank you." She swallowed and managed to get herself under control. "It's perfect. I didn't...didn't realize you had something like this, just waiting..."

"It almost wasn't ready in time," I said. "The silverwork took a while." I folded her hand in mine. "It's a reminder Shae, of where we're going together, of what we'll make together."

She let the pendant drop into the tiny cleft between her budding breasts. She could wear it close to her heart. She was shivering.

"Daddy...", she said, then paused, as if unable to find the right words.

"What is it sweetie?" I asked, sitting down on the bed next to her.

"It's so nice. This is the nicest thing you've ever got me. I feel I don't even deserve it. We're married. I can barely believe it. It feels like a dream, like I'm going to wake up and find out it hasn't even happened, that's it's not real and the last year never happened and we're still mad at each other."

She was trembling, her chest heaving as though she had run a race. She clutched the pendant as if desperate for some kind of focus to keep her grounded. I had to put the brakes on before she started crying.

I pulled her hand to my chest. "Shhhh. I'm right here Shae. It's not a dream, and I'm not letting you go."

I moved her hand over to feel the ring on her finger. "This is real." I moved it to her belly. "This is real. I'm here and we're really married now, and I love you. Forget about the last year. I'm never going to be away like that again."

I coaxed her head onto my shoulder, and patted her veil as she sniffled. Her hand was clenching my thigh, as if afraid I might suddenly disappear. The insecurities she had developed when we were having a hard time were getting better. But all signs showed that being a teenager had so far been pretty hard for her. I would have to be there for her, both as a husband and a father. The best I could possibly be.

Shae calmed as I slowly rocked her, her distress melting under her Daddy's touch. We sat on the edge of the bed for a while, holding each other. My erection was still thundering in my pants, threatening to rip the fabric apart. It was impossible to feel my daughter's body pressed against me and NOT get hard, but I'd hold her as long as she wanted, comfort her as long as she needed. Anything for my baby girl.

"Ok." She scrubbed her eyes and abruptly stood up, her dress rustling. "Thanks Daddy. I'm ok." She turned to face me as I sat on the bed, and the smile on her face was genuine. I reached out to pull her closer, and she leaned into me.

"It's just so hard to believe," she murmured.

"Believe it," I said. I let my hands roam over her dress, tracing the lace on her arms and roaming the satin slopes of her hips, squeezing to feel the soft flesh beneath. Nothing calmed Shae like her Daddy's sure touch. Nothing grounded her like a good fuck from her Daddy's cock.

Sure enough, Shae began to melt in my arms. I let my fingers roam farther, squeezing her chest, rubbing her butt, feeling the graceful swell of my daughter's sexy curves under the voluminous fabric. A low moan left my little girl's lips as she swayed against me, closing her eyes. My fingers built a slow swell of pleasure in my daughter's body, massaging her intimate places through the dress and tracing the occasional finger over her pregnant tummy. She arched her back and moaned louder before opening her eyes again and reaching down to kiss me.

Her heavy breath, heated with arousal, brushed my lips in the brief moment before her lips pressed against mine. I pressed back, enjoying the yielding softness of her kiss, savoring her taste as our mouths parted and our tongues conducted a slippery duel.

Our lips parted. She grinned at me mischievously as she sank to her knees between my legs. I sighed and rested back on my hands as my little girl's fingers popped the button on my slacks and pulled down the zipper. An angry bulge confronted her, my cock straining against my underwear like an overstressed tent. She touched a finger to it, teasingly, giggling when she felt the sudden jump of flesh underneath.

I raised my hips and let her finish the job, her tiny fingers yanking my slacks down past my knees and then going hungrily for the cotton hem of my underwear. My cock sprang free, aching from the tension, pointing at my daughter's face like a throbbing missile. She wrapped it gently with both hands, sliding her fingertips along the taut flesh, evoking flickers of racing pleasure that collected into a low moan in my throat.

Slight pressure. Sudden moisture. The wonderful slippery feeling of a 14-year-old girl's mouth engulfed me. I had been hard for so long that I almost came right there, but I clenched my hands into fists and managed to hold off as Shae sank three inches of my prick into her mouth. Her tongue wormed and wiggled underneath the slab of meat, coating it with saliva before she slowly pulled back. Shae was a magnificent cocksucker. She had learned a lot from the porn we liked to watch together, but the innate talent of knowing how to please a pulsing girth of flesh in your mouth was all hers. She squeezed her lips in a rhythm as she slid down the length, tight like an embouchure, then slackening, massaging her father's hungry prick with a look of rapt devotion on her face.

My glans emerged from her mouth with a wet pop, flushed almost purple with surging energy. Shae reached out and slid her tongue ever so gently over its surface, tasting every aching millimeter of her Daddy's prick. My thighs jerked and I tried to hold off, to keep the mounting currents from erupting into a white volcano in her face. I wanted to enjoy this - the exquisite sight of my daughter in her wedding-day bridal dress, on her knees and practically worshipping my prick with her mouth was something to be savored.

With the top half of my cock thoroughly moistened, Shae began to nuzzle it, gliding the tip along her lips, kissing the side of the shaft, leaving glistening trails on her cheeks. Her fingers wrapped the head and she held it up, licking up the underside in slow, loving motions, her eyes fixed upward on my face, watching for the sure signs of her Daddy's pleasure in my trembling lips and panting breath. Not that she really needed to - Shae could do everything right with her eyes closed if she wanted - but the sight of her father stiffening with delight as she worked her lips and tongue always seemed to enthrall her.

"Shae, oh my sweet little girl," I panted, losing myself in those blue eyes bobbing their devoted rhythm. "Baby girl, that's so good." I planted a hand on the back of her head, fingers sinking against the fabric of the veil, and coaxed her forward. She took me inside again, squeezing and sucking and wiggling her tongue in crazy thrills around my shaft. I felt the tip butt up against her throat in the back, and all at once I knew she was going to try it. We had only attempted it twice; deep throat was understandably hard for a 14-year-old. The sudden forceful squeeze vibrating against my glans spoke of my daughter's sudden determination. I had given her a gift, she wanted to give me one too.

"Only if you can, sweetie," I panted. I didn't want her to choke. She nodded from her constrained position, mouth impaled on my rod.

A slippery vice squeezed the head of my prick, spasming wildly. My daughter's throat. She forced herself forward, jamming more of her Daddy's prick into her mouth. I felt the straining tunnel give way ever so slightly, and the taut meat began to slide inside. She did go slow, working in small fractions of an inch, struggling to suppress her gag reflex and go even deeper. The throbbing reached a wild crescendo in my tool, and I tightened my fingers in her hair, letting her know I was on the brink. I had barely given warning when my balls clenched and sent a sudden geyser erupting from the end of my prick. Semen spewed into my little girl's throat. Muscles worked wildly as she swallowed, spiraling around my swelling girth and evoking even more flashes of pleasure that raced upwards. My thighs and arms jerked. My chest seized. My vision blurred as my orgasm washed over me, chaotic lightning flashing through my brain and along my nerves. My senses dwindled to a needle point, focused on the squeezing, sucking tunnel wrapped around my prick and the upward gaze of my little girl as she swallowed rapidly, pulling each fresh deposit of cum rapidly into her stomach.

She didn't choke, despite the overwhelming flood that splattered violently into her throat. Steady suction milked the straining, spewing girth of her Daddy's cock until it tapered off into a few laggard spurts and went still. I shuddered as the overwhelming rush ebbed, and the frantic spasms ringing my wilting prick suddenly slackened as I popped out of her throat and she pulled off.

She coughed several times, wiping her lips on the back of her hand, before recovering.

"That was ok, right?" she asked, a hopeful look on her face.

"Better than ok. Christ, baby girl." I could barely pant out the words. I felt like my guts had been strained out through my crotch. "That was amazing." I smoothed her veil and patted her head with both hands, trying to get my bearings.

She stood up in front of me, beaming. Shae took special pride in every one of her sexual accomplishments: her first time taking my entire cock in her when she was 8, her first anal when she was 10, her first time giving me a bj in public that same year, hiding under a restaurant table. Now her first deep throat. It's too bad they didn't give trophies to little girls for these things.

"Come here you," I grinned lasciviously, grabbing her hips and pulling her to me. She squeaked in surprise. I could already feel the slow revival building in my crotch. I stood up suddenly, then lifted her off her feet and swung her around, dropping her on the edge of the bed where I had just been. She bounced once, laughing, and I kicked my pants the rest of the way off.

My little girl had me so wound up. All day long, just looking at her slender figure in her sexy little wedding dress, my stiffened cock constrained by chains of cotton. I suppose if I could have found some way to fuck my daughter during our wedding ceremony, I would have. I had just cum and it felt like I hadn't even spent the tiniest bit of horny energy that was pent up inside. Shae wiggled her hips teasingly, grinning. I had to get inside her. I had to fuck her. I couldn't wait any more.

"2-person job huh?" I asked.

She nodded and raised her arms above her head, wearing a look of mock innocence. "Looks like you've got your work cut out for you."

Her sleeves were tubes of lace that wrapped her forearms and attached to cloth rings around her middle fingers. I grabbed the left arm and rolled it down until it was slack, then slid it off. I did the same for the right arm, then tossed both frilly pieces of lace over my shoulder.

Her arms were bare. I ran my fingers along them, enjoying the squeezably smooth skin. What next? Her stockings. I knelt down and hiked the layers of the bulky skirt up just enough to find her garter clips. I snapped them loose and rolled down her stockings until I could pull them off.

Unwrapping my baby girl like a present was quickening the comeback down below. My cock slashed in the air as I stood up again, pointing at my daughter like its course had been set. I pulled the little pearled headband at the base of the veil and tossed it away. The cloth was so light that the whole thing fluttered to the carpet next to the bed. She stood up and turned around, gesturing to the zipper in back. I pulled it down to her waist, the satin garment parting to reveal the white shift underneath. Together we gathered up the outer layer of skirts and pulled the whole garment up over her head.

The dress joined the haphazard pile of clothing, and Shae stood before me in a simple white shift and garter belt. I helped her out of these, her teasing done once she caught sight of my prick pointed firmly in her direction. The chiffon whispered over her head and drifted to the floor, and my sweet daughter stood before me as naked as the day she was born, wearing only the silver pendant around her neck. No panties, of course. Why had I thought my daughter would even consider wearing panties to her own wedding?

Round shoulders. Slender hips. I let my hands explore them, rubbing and enjoying the soft skin. The landscape of my daughter's body would never get old to me. I grabbed her budding teenage breasts and squeezed, then tweaked her nipples with my fingers. Her hourglass figure was only slightly marred by the bulge of her belly, but that thrilling curve was the sexiest part of her. New life born of our incestuous passion grew inside her, proof of our devotion and commitment to each other.

We both scrambled up onto the bed, and Shae laid on her back with me hovering above her. I had to have her, had to taste every part of her. I roamed every thrilling curved and delicious mound on her body, massaging, fondling, fingers digging into her breasts, her butt, gliding over her hips and tickling her navel. My prick ached between my legs, but I was going to relish this, build her up slowly and hold her at the brink. The first cock inside my daughter on her wedding night was going to be special.

I pushed her legs apart, and ducked. The pair of tiny pink lips awaited me, speckled with moisture. I inhaled her scent, the aroma of my baby girl's pregnant cunt, then dipped my tongue to her clit. Shae jerked at the contact, and I cupped her thighs to keep her in place. My tongue rasped over the delicate little bud, eliciting a series of strained gasps. Shae was shaking against the pillow, chewing her lip nervously.

I licked and lapped, establishing a light rhythm of drawing my tongue slowly up her lips and then finishing with a flick of her clit before going down again. This always drove her wild, and it didn't fail this time either. Her gasps devolved into scattered moans that increased in volume each time I reached the red jewel at her apex. I put my fingers to use, sliding them along her slit, spreading the trickling juices all around.

Her hips thrust involuntarily. She was close. I backed off, just enough, enjoying her pleading groan as I slowed the pace. I kept a slow tickle going with my fingers as I rose up again, face trailing over her groin, over her pregnant belly, planting a trail of sloppy kisses as I went, spreading her own juices from my lips back onto her skin. I reached a nipple and gave it the tiniest nip. Shae jerked against me and squealed, the motor of her pleasure racing but not yet red-lined. Her nipples were still her most sensitive part, so I took it easy, teasing the nub with my tongue.

I kept her there, hovering, not letting her climax. Shae's sexual cues were so familiar to me I could read them without thinking about it. Her thighs quivering, just so, toes curling, but not too much. The rising flush on her neck. The gasping, wordless breaths. Her fingers curled into the hair on my head, following me as I kissed my way across her belly again, urging me downward again to her cunt. I resisted.

She pushed me away and rolled abruptly onto her belly, then thrust her butt into the air, looking back at me with her head on the sheets.

"Daddy." She slapped her butt, making it jiggle. "Fuck me. Come on." She slapped again and wiggled her hips. "Fuck me Daddy. Please!" Desperation cracked her voice.

Done with playing then. I never made my baby girl ask me twice. I dug my fingers into her hips and lined her up, pressing the head of my cock against her dripping slit. Shae liked to tease me endlessly, bringing me to the razor edge of arousal and keeping me there as long as she could, but she folded quickly when the tables were turned.

My stiffened girth was primed against my daughter's pussy. I pushed forward, my glans parting the delicate lips, then venturing inside. Shae whimpered, trembling with delight as her Daddy entered her. I pushed farther, stuffing an inch of raw manhood into the heaving 14-year-old pussy, and another right after. God, my daughter was so tight. Not so tight that I couldn't fit though. Her cunt opened up just enough, as if welcoming her father's cock back home where it belonged. I gave her a few seconds to catch her breath, then with one forceful thrust of my pelvis, crammed another couple inches inside.


Her eyes glistened as she looked back at me, biting her lip. That single word was replete with meaning in the private language we shared between us. Eagerness. Desire. I read them in the quivering of her chin and the twisting passion of her lips. Energy surged down the aching shaft of my cock, swelling it until I thought I would burst.

I slammed forward, driving her into the pillow. She squeaked into it and clenched the fabric, wrinkling it between her fingers. My daughter. My bride. I pulled back and thrust into her again, squeezing into the slippery vice of her cunt. My 14-year-old baby girl. The product of the thick cock I was slamming into her even now. I loved her. I needed her. My pelvis jerked back and banged forward, slapping against her little bottom. Again. Shockwaves rippled along the girlish curve of her butt.


The word was a warbling plea, trailing off into a moan deep in the pillow. I slammed in again, arching her back, crushing her up against the headboard. My daughter. My slut. My sweet little cunt who flirted and teased and dance for her Daddy's cock and licked and sucked and fucked me with a wild, boundless energy. She was pushing back, meeting my powerful slams with her hips. A single eye peered out from the depths where the tangle of golden hair spilled over the pillow. Looking back, seeing the powerful form of her Daddy looming behind her, railing his thick prick into her little body. Even buried against the white fabric of the overstuffed pillow, that look was unmistakable. Do it. Fuck me, it said. Take all that I have. She squeaked again when I upped the pace, a white-knuckled grip on her hips. My cock slid in and out of the slippery track, squeezing my daughter's cuntlips aside and barreling in until I banged up against her cervix. Slapping sounds filled the bedroom, the heavy cadence of our love joining with our urgent groans as we pounded together in incestuous union.

"Da-...Daddy! Daaaaddy!"

The gasping squeal came out as if the pressure of my pumping prick had forced it out of her. Shae buried her head in the pillow as the bed rocked with our motions. She was up against the headboard, her tiny body trapped between its solid frame and the pounding urgency of her father's implacable need. My lover. My wife. My everything. Her pregnant belly swayed beneath her, rolling with the frantic motion of our bodies. Her thighs were shaking, her feet beginning to kick. I dug my fingers in even harder and slammed my prick into my daughter's little cunt as hard as I ever had. A furious passion roiled inside me, driving me on with unyielding thrusts, throbbing fuckmeat slamming into my little girl's tiny slit and driving her into the mattress. My grunting built to a low rumble, an animal growl in my throat. Shae. My little fuckslut. My baby girl. The mother of my child. I leaned forward and let my weight press down against her, squeezing the struggling little body half my size. My hands wrapped around her torso with a crushing grip, fingertips finding the delicate nubs of her nipples.

The wordless shrieks of my daughter's pleasure filled the room. She twisted and writhed fiercely in my grip, wiggling her hips, arching her back, thighs quaking against mine as her orgasm ripped through her. Maybe I was being too rough, but I couldn't help myself, couldn't hold back as I drove my turgid prick into my 14-year-old daughter's pregnant body one last time and held tight, muscles snapping violently, an explosion of ecstasy thundering in my brain as a geyser of fluid raced up from my balls and rocketed out of the end of my cock. The greasy flood spewed into the tight space, splashing against the twitching walls of her cunt and filling the slippery crevice to overflowing.

I couldn't tell where I ended and Shae began. Our bodies heaved together, rubbing slippery sweat, pushing, writhing, a gasping, howling duo of conjoined animal lust. My cock throbbed as I gushed more cum into my daughter's body. My arms had wrapped her chest. My weight was grinding her into the sheets. She was such a tiny girl, so delicate, but she pushed back in a lustful frenzy, howling with the ecstasy of having her Daddy's prick buried inside her and fountaining cum up against the sealed gate of her womb. Hair was in my face. Sweaty, sweet-smelling, golden strands ripe with peach shampoo. I found her ear and nipped it. Fingers curled into mine. My little girl, so lovely, so enchantingly beautiful, her body wiggling with pleasure in a perfect convex arch against mine. Her pussy walls twitched and spasmed against my prick in a blinding tide of pleasure, desperate to milk every last drop of her Daddy's cum from my throbbing tool.

I held Shae tight as we drifted in a calming ocean, a timeless bliss of satin sheets and slippery friction. Panting breaths raced hot on our skin. I loved my daughter beyond words, beyond even the pounding frenzy of our love, loved her in a way I could never adequately express. Her body vibrated against me with carnal shivers, fading quivers spiraling through the tight walls of her pussy. My hands traced blindly over the curves of her flesh, finding her tiny breasts, her hips, the swell of her pregnant belly. Here. I spread my palm and let the warmth flow into my fingers. The perfect capstone of our love, the proof of how much Shae loved me back - it was there, just beneath the skin, the vulnerable heartbeat of what we had risked so much to create together.

My muscles finally went slack as my orgasm receded, and Shae wiggled herself some room underneath me. I had been holding her in a vicelike grip against the bedding. We rolled slightly onto our sides, bodies still locked together as one, my stubborn prick stuffed into my baby girl like an unyielding lock. I was still hard, and my tool pulsed with the desire to go another round.

"Jeez Daddy." Her sly smile was revealed as she blew hair out of her face. "I don't think you've ever fucked me so hard."

"I got a little carried away baby," I said, grinning as I helped tame her tangle of hair. "You know how you make me get. Besides, I wanted your wedding night to be memorable."

She giggled and slapped my arm, then snuggled back into me, forcing the last inch of my prick back into her snatch. I was already back to full strength, cock stretched tight with blood and aching to slide against those slippery walls.

"You're ok, right?" I asked, suddenly concerned. It had always been a fear of mine, especially when she was younger. Shae had been 7 years old when I first stuffed my prick inside her, and she was a small girl. Slender, even delicate. A small part of me had always been afraid that I would go to fast, push too hard, that I might break her. I'd never forgive myself if that happened. And she was pregnant after all...

"A little sore. I'm fine." She huffed the last strand of hair out of her face, then looked up at me and laughed at my worried expression.

"It's ok!" She giggled and then puckered for a kiss, and I obliged.

"I'm 14 now, you know. You can fuck me harder Daddy." The wiggle of her hips conveyed her enthusiasm for this idea. "I kind of like it like that sometimes. When you're going so hard it's kind of...well, like an avalanche and I'm just along for the ride." She reached up to kiss me again.

My lips squeezed against hers with a mounting urgency. My baby girl. My wife. Everything about her was wonderful. She liked to dance, and model clothing, and sew, and she liked to suck her Daddy's cock and have it in her pussy and butt and be pregnant with his child. And she liked it rough sometimes. Now I knew.

"God you're hard again already!" She laughed with mock exasperation as we broke our kiss. "Aren't married girls supposed to get a break sometimes?"

"Nope." I flexed against her, rubbing the strained meat against her slippery walls. "Looks like you've got your work cut out for you."

Her snort turned into another giggle.

"Here, I want to try something."

Shae wiggled like an eel, slipping out of my arms. My cock popped out of her warm tunnel with a slurp and an almost audible sigh. She got up and crossed the room, a trickle of cum leaking from her pussy and beginning to wind down her leg. I rolled over onto my other side to follow her with my eyes. Was there anything lovelier in life than the sight of a naked 14-year-old with a gob of fresh semen dribbling from her sweet little hole? I couldn't think of anything. Her pert little bottom bounced as she walked, and even as mussed as it was, her hair swayed with perfect curling elegance, golden locks spilling free against her back. Her chest was developing a bit, beginning to grow from the lovely flatness of a prepubescent little girl, helped along by her budding pregnancy. I liked her flat, but found I liked her with a bit of squeeze just as much. It was impossible not to like anything about her. Round hips, graceful shoulders, delicate little feet...fuck. My cock bounced in the air by itself, pointing at her.

Bits of white dress were strewn all around the floor. She stepped delicately between them, then stopped. With a smirk at me over her shoulder, she bent down and gathered a few pieces into her arms.

"Ok wait here." She crossed the room to the bathroom door, then stood looking at my cock bobbing in the air with a mixed expression of amusement and pity. "I'll be right back Daddy. It'll be fast, I promise." Then she disappeared into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

I rolled onto my back and groaned. Men and women had very different definitions of fast where the bathroom was concerned. My prick stood as stiff as a flagpole, pointing at the ceiling almost mournfully as if it were a neglected animal. I stroked it a few times, swirling my daughter's residual juices around the tip. The bed looked like a hurricane had hit it, with half the pillows strewn across the floor amidst all of our clothing, and the remaining ones crumpled where Shae had crushed them.

She really didn't keep me waiting long. The door opened after a few minutes and she walked slowly out. She had brushed her hair, returning it to order and imbuing it with a lustrous shine as if by magic. It was held back by the pearled headpiece and the little flower hairclips, and delicate spills of sheer white fabric cascaded from the top to down behind her shoulders. Her veil.

"Well?" She fixed me with a dimpled grin and then spun slowly, the frail fabric rippling tantalizingly around her shoulders.

"Beautiful," I murmured, sitting on the edge of the bed. "I wish I had my camera. You looked so amazing in your dress today baby girl. I know you put some work into it too."

"Thanks Daddy." She crossed her arms behind her back, beaming at the compliment, and struck a pose. Angled head, flirty stance, demure smile. Naked but for a silver pendant, with an air of pure innocence from the bridal veil. I shuddered with desire.

"Hmmmm," she twisted her body slightly, rolling her shoulders in girlish motions. "You know, I was pretty nervous today Daddy."

"You weren't the only one," I said. "I don't think I took a breath the entire time. I thought I was going to pass out."

"Psssh, but you're like, an adult." She grinned playfully. "I'm just a girl."

"Doesn't matter," I murmured, distracted. The lovely sight of my naked daughter in her wedding-day veil had captured my senses. Seeing my hungry expression, Shae took a slow step forward, as if walking down the aisle.

I hummed the first few bars of the bridal chorus, enchanted, watching my daughter saunter towards me with slow, deliberate steps. One foot, then the other, a teasing grin edging the corners of her mouth.

"When I was waiting at the doors, before coming in, I kind of felt like I was going to throw up. I told Mary I was too scared." One foot, then the other, my daughter inching closer to me.

"And I don't even know why. It's not like you were going to leave me at the altar." Slightly closer now. Shae plodded slowly onward, looking at me, her face dwindling to a vulnerable expression.

"Never." I said. I beckoned her forward, hungry to feel her, to hold her.

"Mary had to practically push me in." Shae's grimace turned to a slow grin. "But once I was inside, once I *saw* you up there Daddy, I felt better. You looked just as nervous as me."

"I was," I said. Shae stepped into my grasp, standing in front of me. I ran my fingers slowly down her sides, over her hips, then squeezed her butt and pulled her closer.

"We did it, sweetie. We had to cross half the world to find a place we could, but we did it." I massaged her butt in slow circles. "We don't have to be afraid anymore."

Shae swallowed and nodded, and I saw relief in her blossoming smile. She bent down and laid her hands on my shoulders, then gently pressed her lips against mine, and I kissed my daughter back, feeling the uncertainty melt away from her grip. Her Daddy loved her. Her Daddy would always be there for her. Her hands went confidently behind my neck, fingers locking tight. A little girl needs stability, needs something she can count on, a father who will always stand by her. Shae pulled me closer, pulled on my neck like a drowning man finding a life preserver. She had her Daddy, and she knew for sure that I would always be there for her.

Our kiss broke, faces hovering an inch from each other, breath tickling each other's lips.

"Here, lie back," she said, pressing against my shoulders. I did as she asked, getting onto my back on the bed. Shae crawled up on her knees and straddled my legs, looking like an angel of innocence in her white veil. Her eyes filled with lust though, as she looked down at the stiff rod of meat jutting upwards. Her Daddy's cock, her favorite toy.

She ran her fingertips along the length, teasing me with slight strokes, rubbing the gooey leavings of our lovemaking into a slick shine. I knew that look so well. No 14-year-old girl looked at her Daddy's tool with such earnest desire as Shae did to me. Her hands pumped the velvet length, working the turgid flesh lovingly. She seemed fascinated by the male anatomy when she was horny, the flexible length drawing her eyes and holding them as it waved in the air.

She was ready. She was going to fuck me silly, her smile said. Carefully, she raised herself up and scooted forward, one hand still on my prick. The sheer fabric of her veil rustled slightly against her naked shoulders. She positioned herself and lined up her Daddy's raging hardon at the entrance to her 14-year-old pussy. Dew had speckled the tiny pink lips, I saw, in between the leavings of white sludge.

The delicate lips parted around the head of my prick, spreading to embrace it. Shae looked down, the forward folds of the veil spilling over her shoulders, to see where her Daddy's cock was primed at her entrance, ready to penetrate her. Slowly, she let herself down, sighing as the first inch of prick slithered in and disappeared inside her pussy, pausing with a tiny gasp, and then pushing again. I ran my hands along her thighs and hips, enjoying the slick bliss of my baby girl's cunt enveloping me. She wanted to do the work this time it seemed, and that was just fine with me.

Her eyes locked on mine as she forced another inch inside. I lay enchanted by the sight of my daughter hovering above me, her beautiful face framed by the sheer white veil, lovingly forcing her Daddy's prick further inside her. Hunger. Passion. A genuine affection slowly mounting into a growing storm of horniness on the horizon. That singular look in my daughter's eyes conveyed all of those things and more.

She slipped past the halfway mark, then pushed harder, hips quivering with a desperate urgency. She wanted me inside, needed me inside her, those tremors said. Needed the comfort and pleasure of her father's firm manhood impaling her, its strong touch guiding her safely through the currents of a little girl's pleasure. Another inch, hips flexing, glistening meat sliding between the tiny pink folds. She had gotten a lot better at taking me in quickly. We had always had to go slow, when she was younger.

"Mmmmm...mmmmmMMMM...MMPH!" Grunting, Shae bottomed out with every inch of my cock nestled tightly inside. She rested a moment, panting, hands resting on my belly and eyes glazed. Her body swayed back and forth, the train of her veil rustling lightly against her hair as she revelled in the fullness of her daddy's prick squeezing her pussy walls.

Heaven. My daughter hovered above me, a bridal beauty, her cunt hugging me with a delicious sucking warmth. She rocked forward and back, gently, grinding as though the turgid meat between her legs was an exquisite treat to be savored. The motion stoked a slow rush of rippling pleasure that radiated out from my crotch. God my daughter's pussy felt wonderful. I'd never get tired of it. Pretty pink lips on the outside, framing a moist tunnel of slippery sucking tightness and squeezing warmth that always felt like it was embracing me and urging me to push even more deeply inside her. She was only slightly less tight than when she was 7. I had barely been able to get it inside her when she was little, sometimes having to settle for just burying a couple inches into her tiny girl pussy before flooding it with her Daddy's cum. Now she could fit me inside her like a pro, like she had been born with the perfect fit for her Daddy's prick.

Her forward rocking translated to a rising motion, then a slow sinking back onto my glistening prick. Forward again, her hands curling in my chest hairs, her nipples stiff with excitement, then a gradual sinking as she exhaled heavily. I reached up to fondle her chest and feel the slight mounds growing there. Shae shivered and put her hands over mine, urging me to rub harder, to squeeze her budding little tits.

Her hips moved faster. Her pelvis began to buck. Inches of moistened cockmeat slipped from the impossibly tight little slit, then fed back inside when she came down. Shae's tempo increased until she was bouncing on top of me, pulling up against the sucking current until the head of my prick brushed her lips from behind, then slipping down again until my pubic hairs were tickling her clit. Up and down, the little 14-year-old girl worked her body on my prick, eyelids heavy and murmuring incoherently with pleasure, clearly relishing every glistening inch of her father's cock that she squeezed inside her. Her motions changed to a light bucking, our pelvises slapping together, and I reached up under her armpits to help her, guiding her weight, encouraging my daughter as she took what I had to give her. Shae bounced on top of me, her head nodding, the white gossamer of her veil swishing against her hair. Mewling noises came from her throat on each downstroke. I began to push up with my pelvis, giving her even more momentum, letting her glide upwards on the shaft of slippery friction and then crash down to the bottom again with another squeak.

Our bodies bounced together in perfect time, my daughter riding my cock like a horse, the symphony of our groaning bodies and slapping motions filling the room. I began to bang upward with a series of powerful jolts, pelvises crashing together, lifting her body in the air. Shae was twitching, her thighs beginning to jerk, losing the rhythm as her orgasm began to sweep through her. I took over, thrusting madly, keeping her bouncing and balancing her with my hands under her armpits. Her hands flew to her own chest and she grabbed her growing tits, squeezing her own nipples savagely. I could see it on her face, read it in the quivering of her body. I pounded my cock up into my daughter, bringing her to the brink of ecstasy.

"I...I love you...Daddy." Shae gulped out the words between bounces, looking down at me with eyes sparkling with adoration. Shae was an emotional girl in bed, but I could read her easily. Those magical three words expressed at the height of her pleasure said everything: her thanks for the work it took to move here, her pleasure in our growing baby, her gratitude at my commitment as her husband. And most of all, her unfaltering devotion to me, to the Daddy who loved her and provided everything for her.

"I girl." I panted in between bouncing slaps, feeling the wash of pleasure from each impact. Shae nodded and swallowed, and then as if it were the last thing she had needed to hear, her arms began to twitch and her neck jerked, and she cried out with a sudden squeal as her climax raced through her. The sight of my beautiful 14-year-old daughter thrashing in orgasm, wearing only the delicate white veil as she humped away eagerly on my cock, pushed me to the brink. With a final slam, I buried my prick inside her and let myself go.

A rushing red detonation of sheer pleasure suddenly flared in my brain, racing out into every fiber of my muscles and setting them ablaze. My body spasmed and I felt the familiar geyser of warm seed spew upwards and into the deep recesses of my little girl's body. Shae thumped against my chest. She had collapsed forward. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed tight, the pair of us rocking together through the storm that enveloped our conjoined body. Another blast of warm fluid, and she squealed against my neck, her hips moving seemingly of their own accord. Passion coiled around us, locking us together in a thrashing union of thrusting muscles and moaning desire. The bed seemed to up-end itself and dump us into a sea of hazy oblivion that covered our senses. We floated, aimless, locked together in bliss. Shae. My daughter. My wife. The words drifted through my consciousness, dull focal points that broke apart and sunk into the syrupy euphoria that covered everything. All I could feel was the warm bundle in my arms, her breath heavy against my chest, thighs twitching against mine. A rustling. Her veil, the brush of delicate fabric in my hands, curls of soft hair beneath. My little girl. The love of my life.

Reality returned in patches of hazy velvet, fragments of touch and sound, then smell and sight reluctantly reasserting themselves. A warm body pressed against me, the racing pulse of fading pleasure where we connected. Shae. Her moan of contentment. I'd know it anywhere. The scent of sweat and sex, and soft flesh between my fingers, like putty. Her naked bottom. I gave it a squeeze.

I could have laid there happy, forever, just drifting in sleepy bliss with my prick buried to the hilt in the little girl I loved more than anything. Time always seemed to stop after I fucked my baby girl. Shae rested happily on my chest, fingers curling in my hair, faint tremors from her climax fading away.

I found her grinning face among the tangled hair and kissed it. Beautiful. Nothing was more lovely than the flushed face of a freshly fucked 14-year-old girl. She broke our kiss and pulled herself up slightly, and my cock slipped out, falling against my thigh with a wet slap. She pulled the veil off and let it drop onto the bed, then we rolled wordlessly onto our sides and she snuggled back against me with a sigh.

I reached for the satin sheets and pulled them over us. Soft skin pressed against my chest, cushy globes against my crotch. Her legs sought and tangled with mine. I dipped my nose into her hair and planted a kiss near her ear. The warmth of a deep satisfaction was growing in me, and not just from the act of fucking my daughter and spewing my cum inside her. Few men were so lucky, I mused, to find a girl who loved them as madly as Shae loved me. She was already dozing in my arms, relaxed, a smile of utter contentment on her face. She had everything she had ever wanted, that smile said, right here with her Daddy's arms wrapped around her, with her Daddy's cock sliding against her buttcrack, with her Daddy's baby growing beneath the faint bulge of her belly.

I drifted off, watching that happy expression, fixing it in my mind until sleep rose up like a warm blanket and smothered us both.

I blinked in the darkness, seeing the pale rectangles of moonlight on the sheets. Shae was a warm body breathing against my neck. She had rolled over in the night. I carefully extricated my arms and legs, trying not to wake her, then got up and went to relieve myself.

After finishing, I turned off the light and stepped back into the bedroom. The ring on my finger was an unfamiliar chill. I twisted it idly in the darkness as I looked at the bed, seeing the lumpy contours of my daughter under the bedding. Her hair was a scattered tangle on the pillows, and the sheet rose and fell in subtle motions with her breathing.

I found my underwear somehow and pulled it on, then padded quietly over to the sliding glass door. A faint feeling of restlessness spurred me on. I pulled it open and stepped outside. The night air was warm, with only the slightest chill from the breeze. The deck was a lovely, private place with flowering vines climbing the walls and a beautiful view of the water. I sat on the wrought iron bench and watched the far-off lights of boats gliding over the water for a little while, then gazed up at the night sky.

The constellations were different here, with the Southern Cross and Centaurus dominating the sky. I looked at their unfamiliar shapes and pondered. Appropriate, really. Everything was different. Everything had changed. I thought of the friends I had left behind, the ties I had cut. I gave up my house, my job, everyone I knew to be with Shae. She had done no less: her friends in school were left behind, and so were all her modelling opportunities. We would make new ones. My career and some smart investments had made me wealthy; I had enough money in the bank to live comfortably without working for the next year if I wanted. Maybe I would do that. Shae would need help, with the baby, with schooling, with deciding who she wanted to be in this new life, and I wanted to be by her side every step of the way.

The sliding glass door opened, then shut. A white nightgown wrapped a slender vision of beauty. She walked over and sat down next to me, then silently rested her head on my shoulder. Her fingers were rubbing the silver pendant that dangled between her breasts. I nuzzled her hair, smelling the fading scents of shampoo and the perfume she had worn at the wedding. Since consummating our love when she was only 7, each year with Shae had been a joy, and each year I found that I loved her even more deeply. I had grown close to my daughter in ways I never thought possible. Funny, sexy, caring and smart beyond her years, she completed the essential pieces in me that I had always lacked, and I couldn't imagine desiring anyone else. We were partners in everything, and fit each other perfectly. Even knowing what it would cost, the things we would have to give up, we had agreed to marry and give up our comfortable life so we could face an uncertain future together. I put my hand on the bulge in the nightgown, feeling the warm life I had put in my daughter's womb, and her hand covered mine. We looked out at the ocean.

A pair of orange lights merged, then parted again, ships passing in the night. I put my arm around Shae's shoulder and pulled her closer, our shared heat warding off the faint chill of the ocean breeze. My baby girl, my wife. Soon she'd have a baby of her own. Soon everything would change again. It was alright though. We would face the future together as father and daughter, as husband and wife. Nothing would come between us ever again.

We watched the ocean and the night sky in silence, together.