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My Baby Girl and the Field Trip

By WintermuteX

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Content: Pedophilia, Incest, Romance, Seduction, Public Sex, Schoolgirls

"Well how about THIS one?"

Shae held the pink t-shirt up to her chest. I studied the thin fabric, comparing it to the green one with the open shoulders. It was an overshirt, just a little too thin to cover up what was beneath it. Both shirts were pretty revealing, but that seemed to be all that department stores would stock for young girls these days. I wasn't complaining.

"Does it go with the skirt?" my daughter asked. "Or does the green one go better?"

"Honey, you know you're asking the wrong person-"

"PICK!" she commanded. I surrendered with a meek gesture toward the pink one, and she nodded to herself knowingly. "Thought so."

The green shirt went back on the rack. The pink one went on my arm, the latest layer of the growing mountain of clothing my 11-year-old daughter was picking out for herself. I pondered which of my credit cards would be able to bear the burden of the growing mound of designer garments - the Silver maybe. No wait, Shae had maxed it out on the online Victoria's Secret Pink store. It would have to be the Commandant again. The gold card's magnetic strip was almost worn away from its constant use in my daughter's endless quest for more clothes. I thought I could hear it creaking already as it rattled through the card reader, but it was just my arms, creaking under the weight of all the short skirts and dresses.

"Honey, this is a bit much." I protested. "I can barely stand."

Shae squinted her eyes and surveyed me imperiously from her four-foot height, my head almost hidden behind a mountain of fabric. "Hmm, I guess it might be hard to carry. Ok Daddy you can wait here. I'll look at the rest of the tops."

I groaned and sank gratefully onto the nearby bench. Hopefully she'd come back with less than a dozen this time. Pushing the clothes into a heap next to me, I watched Shae skip cheerfully between the clothing racks. It was still early, but my feet welcomed the break after the market and the long stroll along the boardwalk. I didn't really mind. Saturdays were our day together: Daddy-daughter day, as she insisted on calling it. Expensive, but I could afford it, and worth every penny for the time I could spend with my lovely little girl, unfettered by the demanding job that kept me occupied the rest of the week. Really, all Shae had to do if she wanted something was flip back her golden hair and bat her eyelashes and her Daddy would buy her the moon. I was a sucker. A happy one.

The upscale store was tidy, with tasteful decor, but there weren't many shoppers around. A bored girl with a slack expression chomped gum at the jewelry counter at the far end of the department, ignoring all customers with equal disdain. Leaning back on the hard plastic, arm resting on the pile of clothes, I took in the scattered shoppers: women, girls, mothers and their daughters browsing the store listlessly, some fixing me with a bemused expression when they came near. I worked up a friendly smile for a woman pushing a stroller down my lane, trying to assure her that, no, I wasn't a pervert, and yes, I DID belong in the little girl's clothing department. It must have come out ghastly because she turned a corner hurriedly and disappeared. I sighed. It wasn't my fault the only seats were here in the girl's section. Damn uncomfortable seats too. I shifted my back on the plastic, trying to find the least painful position. Shae had vanished at the far end of the swimsuits and was nowhere to be seen.

The fluorescent lights droned together in a low buzz. I leaned against the heap of clothing under my arm, listening to the murmur of the light bustle of the store, idly fingering the silky cloth between my fingers. Hard on the wallet, but easy on the mind. I couldn't wait to see Shae try these on for me. Is this skirt ok Daddy? How does it look with this belt? I was her muse, her sounding board for a world of fashion I knew nothing about, enjoying the ride as my daughter stripped naked in front of me and trialled each new shirt, each pair of panties, posing in a long succession of increasingly skimpy outfits to see which met with her Daddy's approval. I always tried to last as long as I could, giving honest feedback right up to the point where I couldn't take it anymore and bent her over so I could stuff my cock into her pretty little pussy.

The familiar sunny smile dawned on her face when she saw me, framed by adorable dimples. Love sparkled in the blue depths of her eyes, the breathtaking blend of affection and excitement I knew so well. It sent a shiver up my chest. She raised her arms and pulled her shirt over her head, revealing her flat chest of smooth skin and the pair of tender bumps where her growing breasts were just beginning to swell. My cock bulged with a hungry vigor, pointing up at her. Smiling dreamily at me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and straddled my lap, laughing in wordless joy as she rose up and positioned her Daddy's pulsing shaft at the head of the moist slit that gaped between her legs. Slowly, her slippery folds spread open around the rigid bulb, cupping the rim of her Daddy's cock in a hungry embrace as I pushed inside her.

"Mr Watts?"

My knee rapped against the side of the bench and exploded in pain as I jerked awake. A girl was smiling cheerfully down at me. I rubbed my eyes and blinked, the intoxicating silhouette of my daughter fading away. This girl was taller, her dark hair braided and topped with a fashionable hat. The short nose accented her wide grin so that she looked like a chipmunk. I knew her.

"Hi Claire." I stretched my leg tentatively, feeling the threads of pain spidering out from my kneecap. "Out shopping for new clothes today?"

"Yeah! Mom told me I could get whatever I want for my birthday today. WHATEVER I want."

"Within reason", her mother chirped beside her.

Amy was a living example of the sort of effortless beauty one rarely sees outside of fashion magazines. An elegant green dress wrapped her flawless body in a tantalizing spiral from the long legs up to the pair of high, luscious tits. In danger of staring, I forced my eyes higher, up the graceful neck to the captivating smile beaming from a face sculpted of equal parts beauty and elegance. She must have had her hair done: silky black ringlets spilled over her shoulders, bouncing merrily, and silver earrings flashed from the depths.

My mouth opened and closed like a fish, useless, as I struggled against my drowsy stupor. If Claire's mother had noticed the bulge in my pants, she was too polite to say anything.

"Shae abandoned you here, didn't she?" Amy chuckled. Even her laughter was disarming. She swept a critical eye over the parcels at my feet and the stack of dresses under my arm. "I hear the store sweeps up all the leftover husbands and fathers at the end of the day and puts them in a home."

"No fear of that. I'll probably be a mummified corpse by the time she gets back."

"Easier to make off with your wallet then," Amy quipped.

"Maybe, but how would she get a ride home?"

We laughed together. Amy was a peach, almost as good a friend to Shae as her daughter.

"Come on Mom!" Claire huffed. "I want to look at the swimsuits."

Shae emerged from the clothing racks like an explorer returning from the deep jungle, with 3 more dresses folded over her arm.

"Hi Mrs. Fontaine! Hi Claire!" She dashed over to greet her friend without waiting for a response from Amy, the girls bubbling with excitement as they compared their prizes.

"Look at this skirt!" Shae swished the purple garment eagerly in the air, making the pleats rustle. "It's perfect. You should get one too!"

"I might. Hey let me see that shirt!" Claire snatched it off my daughter's arm and flapped it out to its full length. "This is so great! Where did you get this? I want one too!" She held up the frilly blouse, admiring the girlish ruffles along the neckline and down the row of buttons in the front. "I didn't know they carried stuff like this. Check it out!"

Claire held the shirt up to Shae's chest, admiring the thin white fabric. "Wow, this'll be so cool in summer." She stepped behind Shae and held the blouse up to my little girl's shoulders for demonstration. "Hey Mr. Watts. Wouldn't Shae look good in this?"

I nodded, lascivious thoughts already crawling through my head. It was thin enough to see through. Shae would probably wear it open in the front as she lounged by the pool, listening to music. I could see it already. The firm sensation in my pants thickened to concrete, and I tried not to wince.

"When I was a girl, I would have loved to be able to afford all those clothes," Amy mused, watching Shae hold up a dress to show her friend. "Dad only let me get one thing a month - we really couldn't afford any more."

"When it comes to Shae," I confessed sheepishly, "what Daddy's Little Girl wants, she tends to get. Luckily I have the credit cards to handle it.

"Mmmhmm, that's how it goes," agreed Amy. "Lucky kids. Claire is the same way with her Dad. They're inseparable sometimes. I had to veto Joe from coming or he would have bought Claire the entire store. Whenever he picks her up from school she usually insists that he take her shopping. They stay out for hours. Oh that reminds me: did you sign the slip for the girl's field trip?"

"Yes. I'll be going as one of the chaperones."

Her eyes shone with amusement. "Reeeeeally. Now somehow I didn't picture you as someone who would enjoy herding a bunch of schoolgirls around a zoo. I volunteered for one of those once, then decided to never do it again."

"Well I'm mostly going for Shae," I laughed.

"Oh good. Joe's going too, for Claire, so at least there will be a couple of men there that know how to handle a busful of screaming preteen girls."

I grinned innocently.

"Anyway," she continued, "would you do me a favor and keep an eye on Claire too? She can be, well, a real handful sometimes."

"Of course. Don't worry about a thing," I assured her.

Shae's animated conversation with Claire was spilling over.

"I don't really like this store much," Claire groused. "They always have the stupidest shirts, like these." She slid the thin tops disdainfully along the rack.

"This is the bargain rack dummy! Here, I'll show you where the good ones are."

Shae moved off with her friend. I trailed behind the girlish chatter at a polite distance, stepping carefully to hide my bulge and talking with Amy, clothing slung over my arms like a servant. Shopping wasn't really my thing - I would have preferred to relax and watch the ballgame instead, but there was no way I'd ever disappointment my daughter on her favorite day of the week. Work claimed me the rest of the time and I had to push back a lot just to get a dedicated day off, but it was true what I said: when it came to Shae, Daddy's Little Girl always got what she wanted.

"Oh these are so cute. I like the little ruffles. You think they'll fit?"

Shae held up a matching bra and panty set. I mumbled something approving, glancing around nervously at the rows of girlish underwear. Rack after rack of skimpy underclothes stared back at me in the quiet store: panties, bras, shifts in cotton and silk and every kind of inviting color, teddies, camisoles, sleepwear, and not a few pieces of translucent lingerie in petite sizes, some of which had found their way onto the stack on my baby girl's arm. They'd all look good on her. They'd all look good coming off her. A bored salesgirl was stocking a table nearby, ignoring us, and I prayed she hadn't noticed the erection bulging in the pants of the grown man next to the girl's dressing room. If Shae held up one more tiny bikini top and asked if it would make her chest look good I was going to blow a gasket.

"Ok I'm going to try these on. Wait here Daddy." Shae bounced on her tiptoes to give me a peck on the cheek, grinning from ear to ear, then pulled the pile of clothing off my arm. There was almost nothing she liked more than trying on new clothes. Usually we ordered online, able to find the sexier things in smaller sizes that Shae liked, but sometimes she liked to raid department stores too. This way she could try them on first.

"I'll be right back." She walked a few steps into the corridor and then whirled around, stabbing her finger at me.

"And no peeking!"

I stared at her incredulously and Shae giggled before disappearing. My cock had been rock-hard all morning, aching to slide into my baby girl's cunt. Shae lived to tease me, always trying to coax a subtle reaction from her Daddy whenever we were in public. Leaning against my arm with a loose shirt, brushing her hand against my crotch and making it seem like an accident, or just bending over to look at something, giving me a little peep under her short skirt. My little girl could reduce me to an aching, panting wreck with just a few seemingly innocent slips, and she knew it. It was a game for her, to see how horny she could get her Daddy before I gave in. Sometimes I was able to make it home, slamming the door behind us before sweeping my daughter off her feet, carrying her to bed as she laughed, but other times...

I hovered near a table stacked high with shorts, trying to hide my erection and look inconspicuous. The stocking girl had moved off. No benches here, dammit. And why was the damn store so hot? My cock rubbed painfully against the fabric of my jeans, demanding release, hungering mindlessly for the slippery tunnel of my little girl's pussy. Maybe we could skip lunch and go straight to the movie after this, somewhere dark, with isolated seats in the back where her little fingers could be put to good use. I leaned back against the wall and rested my head, frustrated.

"Hey Daddy?" I almost didn't hear her at first. "Daddy!"

I walked over to the open hallway. "What is it sweetie?"

"Can you come in here Daddy? This zipper is stuck."

Fuck. Sweat trickled down my neck as I looked around. There didn't seem to be any cameras nearby. I peeked into the hall of the dressing rooms and didn't see any there either. Hesitantly, I tiptoed inside

The dressing rooms were lavish, with warm lighting and dividers of faux-wood. A faint floral scent hung in the clean hallway. Swinging doors inset with closely-spaced slats of tilted wood hid the interiors, with a half-foot of open space beneath them. I angled my head as I tiptoed along the carpet, trying to see if there were any feet visible under the doors. Nothing. It was quiet.

"In here Daddy." I followed Shae's voice and pushed open the door at the end of the hall, where I found her in the little yellow summer dress she had picked. Her arm was arched awkwardly over her shoulder, fingering the zipper in the back.

God she was lovely, with perfect legs turned peach from her summer tan and a slender body hugged tightly by the yellow cloth. The dress was simple, with spaghetti straps and a short skirt rimmed with light embroidery that was accented by the loose ribbon tie on the back, but it was perfectly cut to hug her around the stomach and emphasize the curve of her hips. Her raised arms had pulled the skirt up over her rump, giving a nice view of her tight little asscheeks.

Shae dropped her arms after a few moments, pretending she wasn't giving me time to get a good eyeful. "It's pretty nice isn't it? I like how it fits."

"It's gorgeous, baby girl." I wasn't kidding. The contours of my 11-year-old daughter's slender body coaxed a fresh surge of hot blood into my cock, making it roil under the tent of my jeans like magma under the surface of a volcano. I sidestepped and shifted things to try to redirect it down my legs.

Smiling knowingly, Shae turned around to give me a view of the front, then twirled gracefully, skirt flaring out wide. "It's light too. I really like it. Can you help me with the zipper?" She turned around again and pointed at the back of her neck.

I gripped the white nub between my fingers and pulled it down. The dress parted in a vertical line, tiny plastic teeth dividing with barely a whisper, revealing the creamy flesh of my daughter's bare back.

"Ah that's better." Shae turned around and rolled her shoulders to loosen the straps.

I knew that mischievous smile. "The zipper wasn't really stuck was it?"

Shae rolled her eyes at me and then pulled the dress up over her head, showing the full glory of her naked body - rounded hips and a trim tummy, a tiny slit peeping from the hairless lips between her legs, smooth stomach stretching up to a chest just barely beginning to bud with the tiny mounds of her breasts. My daughter had always been irresistible, a sexy nymph of perfect proportions that I had enjoyed every part of since I first introduced her to sex at the age of 7.

"Ok, it wasn't stuck." She smoothed out the dress and hung it on the hangar. "But I NEED your opinion on something."

I sat on the big fuzzy bench that ran along the wall of the dressing room, desperately trying to buy some space for my tortured prick. It jerked eagerly on its own in my pants, a coiling viper ready to spit, as I watched my naked daughter take a blue dress from one of the pegs. I hadn't heard anyone in the other booths, and there were no cameras in the girl's dressing room. It seemed like we were alone.

"Ok so you saw the yellow one. Now tell me if I should get that one or this blue one."

She pulled the bright blue dress down over her head and then smoothed it in place, flapping the skirt out to its full length. It was a brilliant color, eye-catching without being gaudy, looser than the yellow one, hanging around her hips instead of hugging. The skirt was a double section, the first seam around her stomach and the cloth flaring out past the second seam around her thighs, ending with a stitched pattern of vibrant shapes around the fringe that vaguely suggested a latin american flavor.

Shae grabbed the hem with both hands and swirled it back and forth, wiggling her hips and teasing me with a smile. "Well? Blue or yellow?"

My cock was a throbbing pain in my jeans, straining against the fabric until I thought the seams would burst.

"I can't decide, baby girl," I panted.

She rolled her eyes and gave a long-suffering sigh. "Jeez, you're useless sometimes Daddy. But it's ok, I know how we can fix this."

The coy look smoldering in her eyes belied the giggle as my daughter brushed her fingers over the swelling bulge of my crotch and reached for the zipper, pulling it down with a teasing wink and then fishing inside. Aching flesh snapped out like a spring released from tension.

"Mmmmmmmmmm" Shae slipped her fingers around the taut shaft, absently licking her lips as she felt the velvet iron of her Daddy's excitement thrumming under her fingertips. I curled my fingers into the fabric of the bench, trying not to groan as my teasing daughter rubbed a bead of precum in a circle around the head of my cock.

"Ok..." she trailed off, distracted, fingering the hefty length of her Daddy's meat in her hands. I had stuffed my cock into my baby girl's body more times than I could count, but there was always something that seemed a bit magic about it to her, how a little girl's body could stretch around her Daddy's loving shaft, gripping it with moist suction and pulling the enormous organ deep inside to accept the steaming proof of his love. Mouth, pussy, ass - she loved having me in any of them. It was a bit harder when we started out - a 7-year-old's pussy was tight beyond belief, but over the years we had worked up to doing everything we wanted to do, everything a loving daughter and her Daddy could possibly do together.

"Ok." She had gathered her breath and started again. "I'm going to rate this a 7." She tapped the head gently, making it bob. "Now, stay there."

She turned her back to me and assumed a sassy stance, hand on her hip. I groaned from the pressure and rested my head back against the wall, fighting with all my willpower to keep my hands off my cock - I knew what was coming.

Shae twitched her legs in a brief intro, then swayed her hips in a circle and began to pump them from side to side in time with a silent rhythm, slender legs locking at the peak of each gyration, guiding her shapely little bottom along a sinuous path that captured my eyes. I knew the routine - she had worked on this one for dance class last year, but her instructor had told her it was too risque for a girl. If only they knew. She must have been waiting to try it out on me again.

The blood slowly drained from my face, gushing down to my crotch to course through the veins of bulging flesh that hungered for my daughter. Shae twirled to face me and gyrated her hips, flapping the hem of her dress in time with her movements, then twirled around again to spear me with a coquettish look over her shoulder before thrusting her little bottom out in a wide arc and pulling the hem up to flare in a circle around her waist, giving me a nice peep at her perfect butt and the sweet little cleft lurking between her legs.

I wiped away the trickle of sweat from my forehead as Shae spun through her last turn, dress curling around her body in a silky rustle before it stilled. She beamed at me, that happy sunshine smile that dominated her face whenever she knew she was making her Daddy happy.

She raised a finger just as I opened my mouth. "Don't say anything. It'll ruin the test." She bent down and wrapped her fingers around my straining girth, sliding them along the shaft in a gentle pumping motion and then squeezing me near the base.

"Not bad Daddy. I think this is an 8. Let's try the yellow one now."

I sagged against the panelled wall, breathing heavily. Not that I was about to interrupt my little girl's strange brand of science, but the brief dance had pushed me to the edge. 30 seconds was barely the intro to one of her dance routines - I'd seen them all and loved every one - but I wondered if I would be able to sit through another round of titillation without erupting.

Shae pulled the blue dress up over her head, giving me a gorgeous view of her naked backside. My baby girl was a goddess, fit and trim, perfectly curved from her rounded shoulders down to the sexy slopes of her waist and hips and the tight little globes of her bottom. Track and dance kept her in shape and her modelling school had taught her how to look good in any pose with seeming effortlessness. I don't think she had ever really needed the help. Feeling my eyes on her rump, she looked over her shoulder and smiled at me. Shae loved to be looked at, especially by her Daddy, and my heart couldn't help but light up every time that captivating grin split my baby girl's face.

Her smile disappeared under yellow fabric as she dropped the dress over her head. Two arms and a head poked out the top and pulled it down until it fit snugly over her body. I helped her zip up in back, then she pulled her hair out over the collar and flapped it loose behind her back, the long, straight strands dangling to her waist in a golden river.

"It's good, right?" She held her arms out and gave me a slow turnaround. Shae didn't opt for yellow very often, but the summer dress was a lovely shade of sunflower with pale white highlights that managed to compliment her hair instead of drowning it out. The embroidery and puffy ribbon tie at the back of the waist gave it a distinctly feminine air, and the material seemed very light. I nodded in approval, and my bobbing cock nodded in the air with me.

Striking a demure pose like she was at a photoshoot, Shae flashed me her best innocent-little-princess smile, hands clasped behind her back and chest thrust out. It was just the prelude. She began to sway slightly from side to side, moving casually, building the motion into a slow rhythm of rolling shoulders and hips that stirred the dress into silky motions.

I knew she had got this one from a music video - some Disney Channel star who played a 13-year-old girl character but was actually over 21 - but Shae had put her own touches on it. She rocked from side to side, thrusting her hips, then spread her arms and spun gayly on the ball of her foot, flowing into a graceful gait in quarter-time: back and forth, hand on hip, head to shoulder, trailing a finger up the side of her waist, then switching her weight to the other leg with a half-step and repeating a variation on the other side. It wasn't originally a sexy dance, but my baby girl could make anything sexy. She caught the hem of her dress with her finger, pulling it up to give me a view of her naked hip when her finger rose, then rolled her arms in a flourish as she spun to switch sides, making one of the spaghetti straps fall down her bare shoulder. She rolled her head farther forward on the next turn, flipping her hair to the front and fixing me with a provocative smirk with one eye, hair covering the other half of her face.

Pulsing blood jackhammered the walls of my prick as my daughter spun through the final part of the dance. She pulled loose the bowtie of the ribbon in the back, and the lower part of her skirt flared wide on the next pass, flashing a lovely view of her thighs and butt. The material WAS light. The bow doubled as a cinch around the waist. It was thin too, almost sheer, dancing right up to the edge of propriety and toeing the line. I wasn't sure if the dark spots on Shae's chest were her nipples or just my overstimulated imagination. You were probably supposed to wear a shirt under it, but I knew Shae would scorn any such idea. I couldn't even get her to wear underwear half the time. She said it always got in the way.

I wondered if it was truly possible for a man's prick to explode from being too erect. I was about to find out. Shae laughed at my harried expression when she finally stopped.

"Ok let's see how this dress did." My baby girl's fingers wrapped around my prick again, and I felt the flickering rumbles of a thousand earthquakes sparking to life under the engorged flesh where her fingers touched

"Hmmmmmm. HMMMMMMMmmmmm." Shae muttered in mock seriousness as she squeezed my prick, as if she were judging an Olympic event. "I think this is a 10 Daddy."

"You're damn right it's a 10," I whispered hoarsely. The desperation in my voice finally cracked her serious veneer, and we laughed together as I pulled her towards me to sit on my lap.

I knew I should be quiet in the women's dressing room, but who could manage that with a giggling 11-year-old squirming on their lap? Shae spread her legs so she could lean against me, then kissed my neck, still tittering, her breath washing over my skin. My hands snaked desperately under the skirt and grabbed her butt, fingers digging into the soft flesh and rolling them in circles, then lightly tickling the hole between them. Shae pitched forward against me and made a noise halfway between a snort and a gasp, her typical exclamation whenever her Daddy ventured near her backdoor. Heat radiated like a furnace against my crotch, my baby girl's privates swelling with moisture and excitement, lips sliding against the underside of my cock and coating it with dew from the tiny channel between them.

Fucking your horny daughter in public is an exquisite pleasure. We had been doing it more and more. Shae was an enthusiastic lover in any situation, but she had gone wild once she figured out that she didn't have to be home to have her Daddy's cock stuffed in her. Restaurants, movies, a soccer game, twice at the gym and even at the public pool. She loved it, loved pretending that everything was normal even as her Daddy thrust his prick inside her and filled her with semen until she was dripping. She'd tease me endlessly, getting me hard and keeping me that way until we could find some way to fuck in plain view. My daughter was turning out to be a bit of a risk-taker, but I was more worried; people wouldn't react kindly if they discovered a grown man with his erect prick crammed inside an 11-year-old girl, even if she was his daughter.

But in the end there was nothing so depraved I wouldn't do it when Shae begged me to. The sweet smell and feel of my baby girl rubbing against me was a wave that washed away all my rational objections. I nudged her forehead and she tilted her head back so I could bury her lips in a long kiss, pressing against the vulnerable little lips as they parted and tasting the nectar inside as our tongues darted to meet each other. Twin jets of hot air blasted my cheek, Shae breathing heavily through her nose as we kissed. She was moving against me on her own, and a long, low moan was beginning to rumble in her throat.

If I pushed my dick into my little girl's pussy right now it would detonate. I had to back off. My hands burrowed under her dress again, moving up from her butt, rubbing the smooth skin of her back. I needed to dial her up a bit higher so she could cum too. Silky yellow fabric rustled as my little girl wiggled under her Daddy's expert touch, hands moving under her clothing like hungry ferrets seeking the sweet spots of her body.

My daughter was a well-oiled engine purring against my body, lubrication dripping in anticipation of our connection. The pounding heart in her chest and the rushing gasps against my skin were her gauges, broadcasting the mounting desire of her body to her loving Daddy through intimate vibrations. I balanced on the brink, staving off orgasm, and focused everything on the trembling little girl in my hands.

Shae arched her spine and swayed against me when I brushed her navel above the clit, the shudder that started in her chest rippling down through her stomach and crotch until her thighs were shaking against mine. She loved that. I knew my daughter like my own body, knew every delicious inch of her both inside and out. I left one hand rubbing feverish circles at her hip and pushed up with the other to her nipples. Her skin flexed and tensed under my fingers, spasming from the pleasure of her Daddy's attention. I tickled her right nipple, flicking the little bead and feeling it harden before giving it a gentle twist. A slight jerk of her shoulder, and she broke our kiss and pushed her head against my chest, nibbling lightly at my shirt with her eyes closed. Shae was an open book to me, a map I could navigate effortlessly. Brushing her sides under her armpits, squeezing the skin and thumbing her nipples in tandem, I felt her flex against me, harder this time. We fit together, a perfect compliment, Daddy and daughter conjoined in blissful union. I pulled the dress up into a bunch above her waist to get more room and gripped her hips with my palms. She was still such a tiny girl, short and thin and half my weight, but there was nothing about her that wasn't perfect. Pushing and pulling, I moved her hips, working her pelvis into a rhythm that brushed my cock in a long slide against the tiny folds of her little girl pussy, letting it feel the rigid proof of my love. Shae responded with a shaky gasp, hands rubbing up my forearms and then wrapping around my chest.

There is no connection more loving, more intimate than that of a father for his loving daughter. Years ago Shae had given everything to me, and I had done the same for her, holding nothing back. I pushed up her hips to prove it again, gripping my cock at the base and angling it up into her slippery furrow. Her delicate lips parted around my glans, like the arms of a lover, and I held still with my meat poised at the entrance of her pussy. How could a father do less than give his daughter everything he had to give? Shae looked down and angled forward into position, ready to accept her Daddy's loving cock. The telltale muscle in her throat quivered in anticipation, then she looked up into my eyes, and I saw the wordless message in her gaze. She was ready.

Gripping heat engulfed me as I slipped my prick inside my daughter, coming in gentle pulses of warm waves that rippled in the walls of her channel. Shae bit her lip in tension. I pushed forward a bit farther, testing the give of her little pussy, but she suddenly dropped her head against my chest with a gasp, her long hair hiding her face. I stopped. My baby girl would never be anything but a tight fuck. I had been very careful when she was 7, helping her along and not going too quick or too deep for her to handle. Over time she learned to relax and fit more of her Daddy's dick inside her. It had been a special day for us both when I was able to fit all 8 inches into her, but I still made it a point to go slow and careful. Even an 11-year-old needs a bit of time to adjust to a man's firm cock inside her.

Holding my hand on her back, dick quivering like a tuning fork, I waited for her breathing to steady. It did. I pushed farther, working in gentle thrusts into my baby girl's pussy. As familiar as my daughter's body was, I'd never tire of it, never get bored of rubbing all her delightful private places and then pushing my leaking prick into whichever hole seemed the most fun and leaving a load of her Daddy's sperm inside. Shae wiggled against me, hips jerking side-to-side, as she tried to work me deeper in, and I let my fingers roam free to explore the beautiful landscape of my baby girl, cupping the back of her neck and squeezing their way down her back and chest, playing with her nipples, gliding across her flat tummy and the adorable divot of her belly button before slipping their perverted way into the creases of her nether regions.

The milking, squeezing, sucking sensation ringed my bulging cock, coaxing it farther into my daughter's body. My senses focused to laser points, enjoying the feel of the little girl's cunt, reading every little step of my daughter's mounting excitement: the tightly closed eyes, pursed lips and hunched shoulders, the sudden exhalation and arching neck when I finally neared the bottom of her tunnel. An 11-year-old girl shuddering her way to a thundering orgasm on your cock is heaven for the senses, and I almost missed hearing the footsteps in the hallway.

I clamped my mouth shut mid-gasp, almost biting my tongue, and listened carefully. Two women were talking - no, it sounded like a woman and a girl, coming closer. A cold spike of fear began to form in my vitals. These doors didn't lock. We were in the last room, but if someone looked under the door they'd see a man's feet with his pants around his ankles.

Step, step, brush, creak, step. The girls laughed about something. I gripped the back of Shae's head and held her tightly to my chest. Anxiety warred with the heavenly massage of my baby girl's cunt. I didn't dare even shush her, for fear of being heard. Shae wiggled slightly against me, caught up in the pleasure of her Daddy's meat bumping her cervix, unaware of anything else. She squeaked when I held her tighter, and I froze.

The door opened. My heart leapt into my mouth. No, it was just the sound of the door next to us, creaking on its hinges. Rumbling sparks tumbled in a holding pattern in my gut, my body hovering at the brink of climax.

"As IF!" a girl shrieked with laughter. "No way Mom. That's stupid."

"It's not stupid. You're 12 now honey, not so little anymore. I was your age when I did it. It's a really big decision, but we both think it would be ok if you want it."

"Well uh...ok. I mean, I'll think about it."

"Good. Now start trying on these panties. I don't know why you picked 4 packages of them."

I'd have recognized that charming voice anywhere: Amy. Shit. That would mean the girl was Claire. It sounded like her.

Shae was mewling slightly, head buried against my chest, lost in her own world. She couldn't understand why her Daddy had stopped thrusting. I covered her mouth and kissed her on the ear to comfort her, and began a slow stroke into her pussy again to keep her going. My daughter was not a girl who liked to stop on the brink of orgasm.

"These are cute. I like the pawprints." I could hear rustling clothes and the snapping sound of cotton against bare skin, Claire apparently playing with the straps of the panties.

"Very cute. You should get those," Amy said.

"Do you think he'll like them?"

Rich laughter. "Honey you know he isn't picky. But if you want something special you could try something like these."

"Oh they're all so...lacey. Don't they get cold?"

"Usually you wear them if you have someone to warm you up." A silence passed - I imagined Amy looking at herself in the mirror.

"Men tend to like these." She sounded pleased.

"Can I get some?" Claire sounded hopeful.

"They don't usually make lace panties in a girl's size 12. Maybe we can find something though."

"Ok." More rustling fabric. I increased my pace, moving from longer strokes into Shae's pussy to shorter, faster ones. She mumbled against my chest in satisfaction, and I prayed the slight sound of slapping flesh wasn't audible.

"These pink ones will go with the bra. Hey Mom...if I did, would I get fat?"

"Hard to say sweetie. It depends on the woman, but you're so skinny I don't think you'd have any problem losing weight afterwards. You'll be pretty obvious after the third month. It's worth it though."

"I don't know. Seems boring going without sex."

"You don't have to go without sex, honey."

"Wait, Dad can still cum in me even after I'm pregnant?"

My ears perked up. Way up. Amy and Claire and her father? I had had no idea.

Amy's laughter was as sweet as ever. "Of course hon. Sometimes you might not want to, but Dad can top you up any time you want. Pregnant sex can actually be pretty wild. He likes it a lot. You should have seen what we did when I was pregnant with you."

"Jeez, I can barely believe what you guys do now. When are you going to let me try that?"

"When you're a bit older sweetie. Now, does that dress fit right?"

My brain buzzed. Little Claire, Shae's 12-year-old friend, panting and thrashing as she came on the business end of her Daddy's cock. Joseph was a handsome man, though slightly mousey. He worked for an engineering firm or something like that. My own dick vibrated sympathetically with the vision, stiffening in a final burst as I felt my balls clench and a thick geyser of molten ecstasy rocketed upwards, riding a lightning bolt of primal energy that electrified every cell of the aching shaft sliding along my little girl's pussy walls. I pushed Shae down roughly, slamming her pelvis against mine, and surrendered to the hurricane of jerking muscles as I sent a greasy fountain of baby juice up into my own little girl's womb.

Pussy muscles rippled frantically around the hot splashes of her Daddy's cum, and I felt Shae's legs and stomach tense up as she thundered into her own orgasm. We bucked together, making a rubbing noise against the bench, and Shae yelped briefly before I could clamp my hand over her mouth and hold her down. Our bodies carried each other along, the heat of our shared pleasure blossoming in the sweaty space between our bare navels. It wasn't until I had emptied a dozen jets of hot batter into my baby girl and my testicles were wilting like a pair of old raisins that I could calm the giddy maelstrom in my brain and pay attention to my surroundings.

"Is someone there?" Amy sounded upset, listening in the silence as I shrank onto the bench and tried to keep Shae from making a peep. She'd burst in any second, wearing only the panties she had been trying on, and see me with my half-hard prick still leaking sperm into my 11-year-old daughter. Fuck. She might even approve, but only a few people knew about my relationship with Shae, and I trusted them with my life. Nobody else could know. Too risky. Much too risky. We could lose everything.

"Come on sweetie." I heard Amy rush Claire along. Their door swung open and I heard footsteps pad down the hallway.

I waited several minutes, languishing in the gooey feel of my daughter's tunnel as my prick softened and finally slid out.

"Mmmmmm, love you Daddy." Shae gave me a sloppy kiss before lazily crawling off my lap.

"Jesus. They almost caught us Shae."

She shrugged. "They'd have been cool with it."

"No...yes, I mean, that's not the point." The fear was fading away. Now I had to extricate my cum-soaked daughter and myself from the girl's dressing room. Shae's nonchalance was worrying, but we could talk later.

Shae slipped out of the dress and put it back on the hangar, then changed back into her own clothes.

"Well Daddy," she yawned, stretching her arms like a lazy cat. "Should I get the yellow dress? You seemed to like it a little better."

"Um..." I eyeballed the two garments, hanging side-by-side on hangers. "Get them both."

"Yay! Thanks Daddy!" My daughter grabbed me in a hug and gave me a big smooch on the cheek. I knew it was what she had planned anyway. Never underestimate the cunning of motivated little girls.

"You should probably go first hon. Uh...just whistle when it's clear. Make sure there aren't any of those salesgirls around."

"Ok Daddy." She grabbed the dresses and the other clothes and folded them together. "I can whistle. You sure you don't want something else, like a crow sound? I could be like: 'caw-Caw!'"

"Uh, no."

"I could shout a code phrase. 'The Raven Flies at Midnight.' How about that?"

"A whistle will be fine, sweetie."

Shae smirked and gave me a final kiss before leaving. I buckled my pants and made a vain attempt to tidy myself up, tucking my shirt in and scrubbing fingers through my hair until it was slightly less of a disaster. Hopefully I didn't look too much like I had just fucked a little girl in the dressing room.

I heard the whistling of a few bars of a tune, and peeked out. Coast was clear. I hurried out, trying to look nonchalant, and met Shae by the rack of panties.

God, she looked better than ever, every hair in place and a cheery smile on her face as she greeted me. I don't know how they do it, but little girls always look amazing when they have that fresh just-fucked glow emanating from them, as if the satisfaction of a big cock and the semen dripping out of their vaginas has helped orient them towards their own special purpose in the universe. Shae took my arm, beaming, and we went to the register.

2 dresses, 5 panties, 3 tops, 4 pants, 5 skirts, 3 bras, a swimsuit, a pair of sandals, 2 pairs of shoes - my eyes widened in disbelief as the total mounted on the register. My baby girl had expensive habits. I had to admit though, as I handed over my card and she smiled up at me with her shining blue eyes, that I usually enjoyed what she wore just as much as she did. She was worth every penny.

The girl chomped her gum as she rang us out. Luckily, she didn't notice the wad of cum on the skirt of the yellow dress as she folded and bagged it.

The last vestiges of sunlight were leaking out of the sky when we finally got home. Sighing happily, I brought the car to a stop in the garage. Daddy-daughter day had been a smashing success. After the shopping, we had gone to the carnival, and Shae had shrieked crazily as we tried every ride, then grabbed my arm like a vise when the first corpse leapt out at her in the haunted house. We gorged on cotton candy and dizzied ourselves on the tilt-a-whirl. Afterwards, it was ice cream, then a movie, then the park, and finally dinner. It was no wonder my baby girl had fallen asleep on the front seat on the ride home. The back was filled with our spoils: bags of clothing, some DVDs, a doggy bag from dinner, and a ridiculously large teddy bear from the carnival shooting gallery. I had "won" it by finally buying it outright from the grinning carnie after gallantly wasting a hundred dollars in the rigged game. It was worth it. Shae had squealed with joy when he handed it over the counter to her.

I picked up my snoring daughter and carried her upstairs to bed, then unloaded the rest of our goods. Our days out were thoroughly enjoyable and getting better every time. I could take off work and spend an entire day with my lovely daughter, driving out to the beach, dining in fine restaurants, or just hanging around the pool at home and making love. I loved Shae and loved to make her happy, and few things made her as happy as quality time spent with her Daddy.

I was catching up on the last part of the game that I had recorded when my boss texted me. Our Chinese clients wanted an update and a fresh translation of the contract we were negotiating. Business never slept. I switched off the TV and got to work. Trade and shipping agreements were endless wells of banal technical details: port space leases, fleet maintenance, route negotiation, international legal disputes, scheduling agreements, sometimes even contracts for mercenary protection in rougher waters. My laptop had all the files I needed to prepare each request. I sifted the information and typed documents until my fingers ached and my spine creaked as I finally leaned back against the big couch in the den hours later, resting my eyes from the glare of the monitor.

A light came on in the hallway and I heard a rustling.

"Hey Daddyyyyy," Shae yawned sleepily, stretching her arms in the doorway. "You're working. Come to bed."

She was wearing my favorite nightgown - the loose-fitting pink one that came down to her legs. It was just slightly translucent, suggesting a shapely form underneath without giving away anything concrete, but the light from the hallway behind her shone through it, outlining my daughter's girlish figure. Her nipples poked visibly at the fabric.

I checked the clock. It was after 2. I had lost track of time totally.

"Hey honey. Couldn't sleep?"

Her feet padded softly over the carpet, and she sat on the couch and flopped sideways onto my lap. I stroked her back and smelled the strawberry scent of her golden hair as she rested her head on my thigh.

"Hmmm, I woke up and you weren't there Daddy. You're always working."

"Hey now sweetie, I'm not ALWAYS working you know." My laptop beeped to announce another email, some urgent request that couldn't wait. I ignored it and lowered my hand to rub her bum, feeling its fleshy softness through the thin fabric of the nightgown. My little girl would have been expecting her goodnight fuck. I tried to make sure she never went to bed alone, but I had been distracted.

"Did you have a good time today?"

"Yeah! It was great Daddy. That crazy whirly ride was the best. I thought I was going to be sick when it started but then it went waaaaaay up on the rail and turned over and you could see for everything for miles." She turned onto her back on my lap and reached her arms up, pantomiming the swirling motions. "Then when we got off you said you were going to win that teddy bear for me. You looked so serious! You're pretty silly sometimes Daddy, but I like it." She dropped her arms onto her chest and gazed up at me with blue eyes heavy with drowsiness.

I pushed the laptop away. So much for getting anything else done. I probably did work too much. I relished every moment I could spend with my lovely daughter. Shae was a beautiful girl inside and out, with a sunny disposition and a heart of gold - smart, caring, sexy, and she loved me madly. I rubbed my baby girl's shoulders and stroked her hair in silence as she rested on my lap, both of us enjoying the quiet warmth of each other's touch. My job brought in lots of money, but it kept me away from my baby girl far too much.

The delicate straps of her nightgown were already hanging off her shoulders. I pushed it down past the faint outlines of her breasts and squeezed the budding mounds and perky nipples. Shae giggled and curled her toes on the couch, stretching and then melting under my touch. I worked a hand up her leg teasingly, then pushed the hem of her nightgown up to her belly so I could run a finger over her delicate pussy lips. Wet, of course, and my cock was already bulging in my pants, as it always did whenever my daughter pressed up against me. I had cum inside her twice more after the store today: when she sucked me off during the movie and when the ferris wheel stopped with us at the top, and my dick was still eager for another feel of the insides of her 11-year-old pussy. With a determined heave, I picked her up and carried her to our bed. Daddy-daughter day wasn't quite over yet.

The raucous noise of shouting kids pounded the walls of the bus. It was just me and Joseph and the two teachers on the bus, along with the bus driver. Five adults, to herd the thirty odd screaming girls filling the seats. I had taken a seat at the very back, nominal supervisor of the rear end of this rolling madhouse. The girls pushed and pulled, jockeying and bargaining to sit next to their friends, and a paper airplane launched anonymously, soaring into a brief flight before spiraling down to the floor.

The bus was shabby, with some missing paint and enough dings and scratches that it looked like it had been through a war. Any softness the seats had held had long since worn away, leaving just the uncomfortable feel of the metal frame inside. Open bolt holes gaped in the floor where fixtures had been removed, and I noted that the mirrors that allowed the driver to get a good view of the whole bus were missing. The private girl's school I sent Shae to had good equipment, but they borrowed their busses from the district. The vehicle rocked slightly as kids kept clamoring on, a flood of identical preteen girls in white blouses and swishing tartan skirts that hung to their knees. Shae was with me on the rear seat, and a shy, freckled girl around 7 sat across from us, rubbing her thighs as she gazed out the window, but most of the kids seemed to want to be nearer to the front and had seated themselves accordingly. Sandy, Shae's talkative friend, had joined Claire on the seat in front of us, sitting sideways so she could chat with Shae and all the other girls.

The intercom crackled. "We'll be leaving in one minute," announced the driver from the front of the bus. "Please quiet down and take your seats." He was a weary-looking man with a rumpled uniform, and he didn't look like he cared in the slightest if anyone took their seats or quieted down. The yelling and laughing remained at ear-shattering volume, so he busied himself with his log.

"Thanks for coming Daddy," Shae said. She had finally stopped talking with Sandy and was bouncing with nervous energy on the seat. "I know you had to take off work to do this but I'm glad you came." She rested her hand on my leg and gave me her best heart-melting smile.

"Of course sweetie." I gave her a brief hug and rubbed her shoulder. "We haven't been to the zoo in a long time. This'll be fun."

"Hey Daddy, you don't mind if I sit on your lap do you? This seat is super uncomfortable."

My reply that she was too old for that died stillborn in my throat as she plopped her butt right on top of me, wiggling her hips to get comfortable. Her red tartan skirt spread out over my lap, pleats spilling over the sides of my jeans.

The bus left the parking lot with a grinding of gears and got up to speed. I was glad we were relatively isolated at the back, because the vibration of the vehicle and the pressure of my 11-year-old daughter's bottom in my lap was having an effect. I could feel my prick getting hard, jutting into a hungry tent under my pants that poked up excitedly into her soft nether regions. Shae could definitely feel it, but she just kept talking to Sandy as if her Daddy's hungry dick wasn't growing and throbbing against her crotch. I pretended to look out the window.

"Uh, huh. You know you suuuuure talk about David a lot," Sandy teased, sitting backwards on the seat in front of us. "Maybe you want him to be your BOOOOYfriend!"

"Do not!" Shae laughed. "He's just my lab partner, and a total dweeb. Besides, I told you that I have a boyfriend. You keep bringing David up, maybe you're the one who likes him. You should write him a love letter. 'Dear David. I love watching you in gym class. You're a hunk. Please notice me.'"

"Yup that's Sandy," laughed Claire from the seat beside her. "John, then Alex, then David. You should just pick one."

"Shut up Claire," Sandy snorted. "You think you know everything just because you're in 8th grade." She turned back to Shae. "You always say you have a boyfriend, except he doesn't go to our school and we've never met him. I'll bet you've never even written a love letter, much less had a boyfriend."

Shae just smiled, wiggling her hips where her friend couldn't see, feeling my cock rubbing against her crotch. The girls nattered on.

Yellow sunlight flickered through the windows, filtering through the trees beside the highway. The roar of the engine made conversation harder, and the kids mostly had to yell to each other. Sandy and Claire were leaning forward, shouting at a friend several seats up. Shae had been watching the view from the window with me, when she leaned her head back and whispered in my ear, "Quick Daddy, put your cock in me".

I gulped. "Shae, we can't do this here."

"Sure we can Daddy. This long skirt is perfect. Once you're inside me, it will just look like I'm sitting on your lap."

I looked around furtively. The kids weren't paying attention. The little girl across from us was looking out the window. Nobody could see us.

I pressed my hands against my daughter's butt, lifting her slightly, then reached underneath to unbuckle my pants, freeing my prick to slap upwards against her warm butt. Feeling under her skirt to push her panties aside, I found myself rubbing bare pussy lips speckled with dew. She grinned back at me. No panties, again.

I had seen that hungry grin a thousand times, the burning desire sparkling deep in her eyes, begging, pleading, demanding the pleasure of her Daddy inside her, filling her up, completing her. A single horny look from my baby girl could command an inexorable force that boiled my insides until I could finally release my love into the tight confines of my daughter's body. I don't know how she did it, how she could enthrall me so fully with a single urgent word or glance - I just knew that when my little girl's expression said "Fuck Me", I did it.

My fingers fumbled twice before I could wrap them around my massive erection and line it up to my daughter's dripping hole. A shudder raced up my spine as my glans slid across her pussy lips and dipped between them, nestling comfortably at her entrance. Shae looked forward, cheeks twitching, as she wiggled her hips to adjust her pelvis, and I grabbed her hips under the skirt, steadying her body for penetration, and gently pressed her down.

Ohhhhhh god, did that feel good, having my baby girl's velvet pussy wrapped around my cock again. Shae sat perfectly upright with her hands resting on her knees, her only motion the gentle, imperceptible sinking into my lap as I struggled to squeeze the first couple inches of my prick into her tunnel. Moist flesh parted and slid over my cockhead, gripping it with delicious warmth, but then hit some resistance. Her pussy was just so tight, and being upright instead of on her back made it harder. I wished I had some lube to use like we did in the bedroom. Shae worked her hips back and forth slightly, deliberately relaxing and trying to spread her legs more, and she let out a muffled squeak as another inch of her Daddy's cock pushed inside her. Her slippery pussy walls massaged me under the skirt, spidering out into tendrils of electric pleasure that raced up and down my cock. Resting my hands on the waistband of her skirt, I tried to pretend nothing was out of the ordinary, that I didn't have my cock stuffed in my baby girl right here in front of all her friends and half the school.

The kids shouted and screamed, oblivious, while the teachers at the front of the bus tried in vain to keep some kind of order. A low groan rumbled involuntarily in my throat, swallowed by the cacophony, as the gripping suction of my daughter's pussy beckoned me farther into the tiny space, encouraging my aching prick with heated spasms. Surreptitiously, I reached under the coarse fabric of her skirt again, finding her soft bottom and squeezing, then smelling her hair as she leaned back against me. I could feel her heart racing under the blouse, her breath quickening, as her Daddy penetrated farther into tunnel, cramming another inch of engorged meat inside.

"OK!" Shrieked Sandy, spinning around from where she had been conspiring with the other girls in front of her. Shae squeaked and jumped slightly, sinking even deeper onto my buried prick. I tried to steady her at the hips without being obvious.

"No more secrets! You told me you have a boyfriend. You told Claire you have a boyfriend. You told Megan you have a boyfriend. But none of us have met him! You'd better tell us who it is or you'll get the liar treatment!" Sandy gripped the top of the seat as she sat backwards, leaning in to stare challengingly at Shae, who held absolutely still on my prick.

"It's not a lie, dork. He just doesn't go to our school."

"Oh? Does he go to that other one, Ridgeview?"

I kept pretending to look out the window, oblivious to the melodrama playing out on the seat in front of me.

"He doesn't go to Ridgeview. He's really smart and he's not in the lower grades, ok?"

"OOOOOOOoooh, is he an eighth-grader?" Sandy asked with mock gravity. Shae just shook her head. "A freshman? So he goes to Palmer? That's it isn't it?"

My daughter kept up her poker face as Sandy spun around again to the other seats, "Hey! Shae likes older guys! Shae likes older guys!" They all singsonged and laughed with the silly hysteria only young girls can manage. Slowy, I began to lower Shae down again, her wet cunt engulfing my dick inch by inch. I could feel her legs tighten and her arms shake as her cunt lips gripped the tense skin of my prick, sucking it inward and coating it with excited moisture. Gently, imperceptibly, I worked her back and forth, finally bottoming out in my daughter.

Shae played her part perfectly. I could feel her pussy going wild, muscles spasming back and forth, legs clenching and loosening in time with the spasms in her crotch, but her face remained stony, betraying nothing to her friends as her Daddy fucked her in front of them. Shae loved having her pussy filled in public, loved teasing me until I found some way to cram my cock in her without anybody noticing. This was the most exciting place I had ever fucked her though, right here on her school bus, in her sweet little schoolgirl uniform with the white blouse and red checked skirt, in front of all her friends and teachers. My cock swelled, burning with heated friction against her pussy walls, spreading it wide and filling her up.

That little freckled girl, the seven-year-old one on the seat across from us, was looking at us oddly. Shae gave no outward clue to the excitement going on between her legs, but I saw her give a slight wink to the little girl. Maybe another friend.

The bus turned off the highway onto the side roads, heading for the zoo. The concrete was in terrible shape, and the bus lurched ferociously up and down. Shae clamped her legs together in front, and I took the opportunity to bounce her up and down on my cock, working it in and out of my daughter's snatch, while being careful not to overdo our motions. I would push my prick into Shae with each heave of the bus, then gently hold her up, my hands under her skirt and supporting her bottom, letting her cunt lips glide over my shaft as I slowly pulled out, before the next hitch slammed me up into her again.

The girl was looking at us again, and Shae slyly reached down with her hand, pulling up her skirt at the side, revealing the throbbing stick of her Daddy's cock that was pushing up into her with each spasm of the bus. The girl's eyes went wide as saucers, her gaze fixed at the spot where we were connected, watching as my daughter's cunt lips glided visibly along the surface of my prick when I lifted her up, and disappeared when I thrust back inside. Shae was trembling, giving tight gasps, inaudible over the creaking vehicle, and a fresh flood of juices coated my prick, signalling her imminent climax. We were going through a shady spot covered with trees, filling the bus with darkness, and I took the opportunity to snake a hand up inside my daughter's blouse, rubbing and pinching her erect nipples, attacking her most sensitive spot with thirsty zeal. I wished I could kiss her, that I could wrap my hand around her throat and pull her head back against my shoulder, burying her lips under the pressing need of her Daddy's passion until she couldn't breath, but I focused on the humming tune of my baby girl's insides instead, cycling through her body in a silent current that swelled to a roar from the energy of her Daddy's pumping cock in her belly. I could feel it in her body as if it were my own, mounting into a rumbling orgasm, a buzzing heat that fed back into my own body through a thousand intimate signals: the fingers curling against my thighs, the bite of her lip to silence the yelp of a particularly powerful bounce, the fluttering mass of muscles reverberating wildly on the tightened drum of my cock like a symphony.

We were in sync, orgasms swelling up into a shared wave, consummating the perfect passion of the cherished bond that exists between every father and his daughter. Her back flexed against my chest, her hand fumbled for mine and our fingers locked, and we tumbled over the edge together, exploding into a wild bliss that lanced like lightning through the stiff coupling of our bodies. Nobody noticed our abrupt gasps, the shuddering jerks against the motions of the school bus of the man in the rear seat with his 11-year-old daughter on his lap, her skirt spread out and blouse bulging from the hand groping around inside it, both pretending to look out the window as they soared in a shared ecstasy that blossomed from their carnal connection. Nobody but the freckled girl in the next seat.

Juices gushed from Shae's pussy in a wave, dribbling down to pool on my testicles, and wild geysers of cum fountained in needle jets up into my daughter's spasming pussy. Our genitals traded liquid passion, drinking each other's fluids until the joyful haze of euphoria peaked and finally began to fade as our shared orgasm ebbed away.

We came out of the shadow of the trees and the bus was flooded with sunlight again. My cock was back in my pants. My daughter was sitting on my lap, shirt straightened, skirt tucked primly under her instead of spread out. Her pussy was flooded with a fresh load of her Daddy's cum, but there was no way of knowing that just from looking at her. The little girl looked at us in confusion, unsure of what she had seen. I pretended not to notice, but whispered in Shae's ear "Maybe invite her over sometime." She giggled at the thought. We both had a great time whenever she had friends over.

The kids departed the bus with the same murderous racket they had arrived with. Joseph found Claire and helped the pair of teachers organize and lead the girls to the entrance of the zoo. Shae and I were the last off. My daughter had straightened her skirt and looked the part of a pure, innocent schoolgirl, out for a day of learning, and not a pantyless sex fiend with a fresh load of her father's sperm swimming around inside her.

We managed to shepherd the kids along at a reasonable pace, with yelling, poking, arm-waving, and more yelling. The girls pointed and laughed at the crocodiles, the emus, the parrots and ostriches and little rhesus monkeys swinging from their branches. The zoo had adopted a safari theme for the summer, with special features for animals from jungles and the savanna. The giraffes munched on their leaves and regarded us as if we were boredom incarnate, and the zebras outright ignored us.

I kept a hand on Shae's shoulder in the crowd, and mentally tallied the girls again, trying to make sure we hadn't lost any. Sandy and another girl were chatting nearby, with a third reading something on her phone. Joseph and the two teachers were moving the kids ahead, onto the path to the aquarium. I beckoned the girls to move on. Joseph paused on the path ahead with Claire, squatting down next to to his daughter so they could read a plaque by the elephants.

There was something about them, something about the familiar way Joseph had his hand on his daughter's back that gave me pause. His fingers rubbed absently in the small of her back just above the skirt. Not too unusual, maybe, but as I watched, his finger hooked inside the waistband of her skirt for a quick feel, inching along the upper slopes of her butt. They were talking, pointing at something on the plaque and laughing together, then Joseph stood up and patted Claire on the shoulder before they moved off together. Just a normal father and his totally innocent daughter, enjoying the zoo. Shae and I brought up the rear.

The wide tunnel descended a flight of steps and then opened into a brilliant view of deep blue water awash with crawling crabs, starfish, fake coral, and a wealth of life in resplendent colors. Shae gaped, staring upward at the curved glass roof and watching with fascination as the porpoises swam through the shimmering expanse overhead, an expression of wonder on her face. I let her enjoy it, and looked around to find the girls. Sandy, her two friends, the frowning brunette who was always alone...where was Claire? I looked back and forth in the tunnel, but didn't see her. The other girls were with the teachers up ahead, already climbing the steps to leave the aquarium.

I poked Shae and we kept moving, following the crowd up the steps and emerging into sunlight. Shae was beaming. I couldn't get her to admit it, but she loved porpoises. She had filled my DVR with nature channel documentaries about them, accidentally erasing the Manchester/Liverpool game I was saving. I had been crushed by her treason, but it's hard to stay mad at a girl who makes things up to you so enthusiastically.

Penguins flapped and dove in the icy enclosure to our left. The girls squealed in delight, and the volume only increased when they saw the seals. Shae hung on my arm, threatening to pull it out of its socket as she bounced up and down, pointing and shrieking with her friends. We moved on past the tiger exhibit, which was closed down for some reason, and a placid pair of drowsy bears hiding behind their rocks, but the lions were a hit, with 4 of them lounging in the noontime sun and soaking up the rays with obvious pleasure.

"They're so cute!" Shae squealed. "They're like giant kitty cats!" She laughed again and pointed as the nearest lion rolled onto her back and thrashed on the rock, scratching her back while she swatted playfully at the hanging branches. I watched my daughter with pleasure as she shouted and giggled. Shae was having the time of her life, hanging on my arm and laughing with delight at each exhibit, pointing at every animal as if she thought I wouldn't notice them otherwise. Maybe I wouldn't have. I was more interested in looking at her than at penned animals. Her girlish face was lit by the joyous smile, and she bounced on her toes with an energy that sent her skirt fluttering and caught the sunlight in the sparkling waterfall of her long golden hair. It was no wonder that she had more offers for modelling shoots than she could handle and that every photographer at her agency wanted to work with her. She was captivating - a gorgeous, entrancing beauty whose cheerful face and slender body brimmed with adolescent exuberance.

And she was making me as hard as a rock without even doing anything. I should have worn my loose boxers today. I shifted my weight between legs, trying to hide my adjustments, looking around guiltily. The kids were ignoring me. Sweat beaded on my forehead, and not just because the day was heating up. I wiped it away. God, what I wouldn't give to pull up that skirt hanging over her delicious rump and bend my daughter over a rail right here, feeding my hungry cock into her tight little cunt until she screamed. Shae didn't even have to tease me in public anymore. Her 11-year-old pussy was a drug I couldn't go without.

Distractions. I needed distractions. The girls lined the metal bar around the curving veranda that overlooked the lion pen. I counted them and came up short again. Maybe I should go back to the aquarium and look for Claire. Joseph was probably with his daughter - he wouldn't let anything happen to her, but I still felt a hint of worry. I was just about to suggest it to the teachers when I spotted the pair coming out of a side door near the bathrooms at the corner of the building.

When you look at a smiling little girl's face, there's happy, and then there's "happy". Claire wore that rapturous grin I had seen so often, the floating, blissful, dreamy delighted glow that radiated from Shae every single time her Daddy had just stuffed her with a rigid cock and left a salty present inside her. The door swung closed behind them, its heavy front emblazoned with the label "Family Bathroom."

They rejoined the crowd of girls, Joseph holding his daughter's hand as she giggled with a perky grin of just-fucked satisfaction on her face.

"DADDY!" Shae smacked my arm. "You're not LOOKING!"

Two lion cubs were wrestling savagely in the center of the pen. "They're so CUTE!" my daughter squealed. She stepped on the lower rung of the double bar and leaned forward for a better look at the pair. The kids gave a collective murmur as the cubs wrestled and chased each other, with the bigger one finally catching up and pinning his opponent to the dust, making mock bites at his victim's fuzzy ears. I shaded my eyes for a better look, but something caught my eye. Shae was leaning far forward, her skirt pulled up, almost high enough to expose her pussy. A thin trickle of gooey fluid was winding its way down her upper thigh.

Fuck. I pushed a kid aside and stood behind her, as if I just wanted a better look at the animals. Shae waved to the lions cheerfully, oblivious to the leaking gift I had left inside her. I couldn't pull her skirt back down, that would just be obvious. Instead I pushed forward, blocking the view of her bottom, risking a nervous glance to the side to see if anyone had noticed the sperm seeping out of my little girl's pussy. The cubs had everyone's attention.

"Oh my god they're ADORABLE!"

Claire hopped up and leaned forward on the bar next to Shae. The girls squealed as the cubs chased each other in circles, a matching pair of slim figures leaning forward eagerly. Claire's skirt was riding high too, exposing her shapely thighs, the hem fluttering in the breeze an inch below her sweet spot.

I looked around. Joseph was talking to one of the teachers. When I glanced back down, I thought I'd see the cotton band of Claire's panties hiding just below the rim of her skirt, but I saw something else: a tiny dribble of white syrup peeked out from under the checked cloth, slipping down the smooth slope of skin with agonizing slowness before detaching into a dripping glob that fell down and plopped on her bare leg just above her sock.

"Uh, sweetie, girls, don't lean so far forward." I tapped their shoulders, and they hauled back grudgingly and put their feet on the ground. Safe. I exhaled a sigh of relief, then choked when the explosion hit.

"DADDY DADDY!" Shae gesticulated wildly while Claire shrieked. "Hey look at that one! Hey Daddy look!" I was looking but she grabbed my arm anyway and pointed, jumping excitedly. A big male had emerged from the rocks, stalking out into the center of the pen and shaking his huge mane. He was impressive, a muscular, massive specimen, surveying the other animals and growling with confidence as he flicked his tail back and forth and watched the females basking in the sunlight.

He was more than just confident, I realized, as he padded over to one of the females and began to gently growl and nip her, prodding her to turn over. She lazily complied, then hunkered down as the male straddled her.

"Whoa, hey Daddy, what are they DOING?!"

I looked down at Shae. She couldn't possibly be serious. Mirth sparkled in her blue eyes. The male was prodding his mate with his massive pink organ, warming up as he sniffed the scruff of her neck.

"What's he doing to that girl lion Daddy?"

"Um, well um he..." I cleared my throat, looking around to see if there was any way out of this. The other adults were out of earshot but the kids were crowding around the lion pen with us.

"Come on Daddy, it looks like he's hurting her or something. What's he doing?"

Damnit Shae. The lions were grunting and growling now, the male thrusting from behind and clearly enjoying himself. The angle made it easy to see his erect cock pistoning into the willing female.

"Well, honey, it's like when Mommys and Daddys want to make a baby. The animals do it the same way."

"Oh, so they're making a baby lion? Is that how you do it?" My daughter was the picture of sweet ignorance.

I nodded sheepishly.

Claire joined in with a devilish smirk. "What's that big thing the boy lion has? He's putting it in the girl lion. What's that called?"

The other kids were giggling now, looking at me expectantly. The freckled girl from the bus was with us, staring at me and Shae with wide eyes.

"It's called a...a penis. It's part of how a mommy and a daddy can come together to make a baby." I looked around again, making sure none of the other adults were near.

"So he's using his penis to make a baby?" another girl asked. "Is that sex?"

"Yeah dummy," one of the older girls said, as if she were a fountain of knowledge at the age of 12. "The boy uses his penis and little babies come out and go into the girl and that's how you get babies."

"Is it true it really goes inside you?"

"Wouldn't that hurt?"

"No it's really soft so it wouldn't hurt."

"How would YOU know?"

"My sister told me you get babies from kissing a boy."

"No you don't you idiot!"

Why were only the younger girls around? Half of them were watching the lions in fascination and the other half were shouting over each other. Enough was enough. Shae's wicked smile was making me hard again and I couldn't afford to be seen with a suspicious bulge in my pants while talking to a group of little girls about penises and sex.

"Look kids, listen." I tried to quiet them down. "If you want to know about things like that you should ask your parents. Now come on and let's go look at the turtles." I made futile herding motions with my hands.

The lion pistoned frantically into his mate and then came inside her with a roar as the girls watched. I took Shae's hand and finally managed to lead them away. She had outmaneuvered me. She was too clever by half. I knew she'd laugh hysterically later, and then I would too, because I could never stay mad at her. My baby girl was the perfect tease, driving me wild and tying me into knots effortlessly, but she always made it up to me.