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My Baby Girl and the Modelling Gig

By WintermuteX

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Content: Pedophilia, Incest, Romance, Seduction

"Nooooooooo don't touch me!" my 9-year-old daughter shrieked, tearing down the hallway in her bikini with arms flailing. She vaulted into our room and slammed the door with a crash that rattled the pictures on the wall.

"Shae? Shae?" I jogged down the hallway, wearing only my workshorts, dripping wet and panting with exertion. I tried the door handle. Locked. Damnit, that girl was really in trouble now.

Muttering, I opened the hall closet and felt up on the inside edge of the door sill, finding the key taped there. She wasn't going to get away with this. I stomped back down the hallway, fit the key to the lock and opened the bedroom door.

Nothing. No daughter. The room was empty. Just sunlight streaming in the window and a mysterious daughter-sized lump under the covers on the bed. How peculiar.

I stalked over to the window, talking to myself loudly. "Damn, I guess she got away. What a slippery little fox." Muted giggling came from under the covers.

"Can't get any peace," I grumbled. "There I am, just minding my own business, trimming my own hedges in my own backyard, and suddenly some evil little trickster that just happens to look like my daughter sprays me with a garden hose." The bedding shivered in hysterics.

"Of course, my own daughter is too pure and innocent to do such a thing. It must be her evil twin," I continued, monologuing like a villain. "I thought I had caught her in the kitchen. I knew her weakness. She was vulnerable to my powers: she was ticklish. Ticklish everywhere." Laughter choked in spurts from under the sheets.

"I'll bet she's still in here." I turned to survey the room. "Hmm, yes. She couldn't have escaped so easily."

I made a lot of noise as I padded across the bedroom floor to the closet. "Is HERE?" I threw back the closet door. The lumpy bedding chortled madly.

"Nope. Just a lot of panties and cute dresses. This must be her evil lair. What about...HERE!" The dresser doors swung wide.

"Nothing. This is a truly cunning individual. She has thrown me off her trail wholly, escaping into the-"

I jumped onto the bed and pulled the covers. Girlish arms and legs exploded everywhere as Shae squealed with laughter and tried to vault by me. I pounced and pinned her to the bedding.

"Aaaahhaaha no FAIR Daddy! You're too big!" she wrestled frantically.

"Fair? Fair is being able to do yardwork in peace on the weekend without someone shooting water up your nose!" I yelled, straddling my daughter's kicking legs.

She guffawed. "You were just TRIMMING for like 2 WHOLE HOURS. Snip, snip, snip. Boring!"

"Your evil justifications can't save you now, fiend!" I attacked, aiming for her stomach below the bikini top, drumming my fingers lightly on the skin just beneath her ribs.

Shae howled with laughter and writhed under me, trying to push my hands away. I gave her just enough leeway to think she could struggle to her knees, and then dived again, sending her into frantic spasms.

"Nooooo heheh nooooo ahaha STOP!" My daughter buried her face in her knees and curled up like a pillbug, body going rigid. "Immph nut feerrrrr!"

"Oh, it's like that is it?" No response. "You're going to curl up into a ball forever so I can't tickle you?" Her head worked in a tiny nod. "Well I guess I could roll you along the road to school like a tire. Might be a little weird in class though." She was shaking with laughter. "AND we're still going to get milkshakes later, but I guess I'd have to roll you onto a chair and stick a big straw in here." I poked her ear. "Or maybe I could take you to the bowling alley and throw you down the lane. My lucky little girl bowling ball."

She remained locked in spherical position. Stalemate.

"Or I could do this." I brushed the skin at the back of her neck just above the shoulder blades. She yelped as if electrocuted and tumbled off the bed, giggling crazily. I grabbed her and wrestled her playfully onto my lap.

The hose had left me dripping with water and Shae was still greasy with tanning oil. She squirmed like a rabid seal in my grip and the little blue-and-white striped bikini top came off as she struggled, revealing her naked, slippery chest. I shoved her onto her back on the bed and rolled on top of her. Arms and legs pushed halfheartedly at mine, no longer trying to get away.

My half-naked daughter looked down at my body poised above her, fingers curling in my chest hair. "Maybe I just wanted some attention Daddy. It gets kind of boring tanning all day you know, watching you mow the lawn, weed the garden, trim the bushes for houuuuuurs."

I let my hands run in smooth strokes up and down Shae's smooth chest, massaging her tanned flesh and pinching the little pink nipples. My cock was a firm rod bulging against my shorts, poking down at my daughter's bikini bottoms.

"Attention!" I yelped. "We went out for breakfast." She nodded, agreeing. "We went shopping this morning." Another nod. "And then we went to the Farmer's Market and you got that bracelet you wanted." She shrugged. "Then you made me rub oil all over you for 15 minutes because you kept saying I missed a spot!" She giggled maniacally. "What other attention do you need?"

"Oh, you know..." she grinned impishly, then reached down to her hip and tugged loose the drawstring of her bikini bottom.

I buried her in a kiss under me, enjoying the feel of my daughter's luscious body rubbing against mine. The summer had darkened her skin, leaving creamy tan lines around her flat breasts and pussy. My chest pressed against her, squishing her down into the bedding as our tongues worked eagerly, swapping saliva. She was such a tiny thing, all rounded shoulders and curvy hips and smelling of sweat and dripping arousal. Crushed under me, she wiggled her hips until I broke our kiss and she gasped breathlessly.

"Jeez Daddy," Shae coughed. "You're squeezing me like a pillow." She chuckled when she caught her breath. "Oh, is this my punishment? You're going to hold me down and kiss me until I can't breathe?"

Laughing, I sat back on my haunches and gazed down at my 9-year-old daughter on the bed. Her face glowed with an expectant smile, naked chest heaving with excited breaths.

"No baby girl, this is your punishment."

I reached down and yanked the loose bikini bottoms, throwing them to the side, then grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. The cute little slit between her thighs was already wet with excitement, lips swelling slightly from having her Daddy run his hands all over her body.

I bent down and examined my daughter's cunt. Perfectly hairless, puffy lips spread under my fingers, revealing the dewy pink flesh inside, and I began to massage the slippery channel up and down. She spread her legs wider and moaned, raising arms over her head on the sheets. A little girl's pussy isn't very big, but my tongue knew the right spots to go. I started near the edges of her lips and moved in, licking upwards in slow strokes until I reached her clit. Juices coated my lips and chin and I worked the little girl's flesh, working upwards until my tongue was tapping on the little bud of her clit. Her hips bucked against me in erratic rhythm and I kept licking, driving my baby girl towards orgasm.

"Daddy..." Shae was groaning repeatedly. Her eyes were closed, back arching off the bed each time her muscles clenched, chewing on her lip with hungry passion. I switched back to my hands, rubbing the little pussy and getting my fingers slick before squeezing one into her tight channel and sinking it up to the first knuckle.

"OoooohhOOOOhhOhhh!" my daughter lurched, hands flying down with a gasp to her crotch. I let her fingers take over her own clit as I rubbed her pussy lips with my thumb and squeezed my finger in farther, adding another one into the slippery tunnel. Her breathing raced in a rising tempo of gasps until reaching a frantic crescendo, and she convulsed, thighs swinging together and hips rolling on the bed. I kept up the pressure, fingers working in and out.

"EeeeeeeeeEEEEE DAAAAAADDDY!" she shrieked, one hand still flicking her clit while the other grabbed the sheet and clenched it with white knuckles. I held her steady, gripping her thigh, fingers buried inside the spasming pussy as she rode the tidal wave of pleasure, until finally she relaxed and exhaled in a shuddering rush.

There are few things as beautiful as watching my sweet little girl convulse in orgasm under my fingers. She practically glowed, face and stomach flushing red, head lolling in slow motions and she rolled onto her side and luxuriated like a cat in the sun. Her hand found mine, fingers intertwining tightly, sticky wetness carrying between our palms.

My Khaki shorts were threatening to burst. I stood up and kicked them off. "Hey Daddy I have an idea," she announced with a sassy grin, eyeing my dangling cock as I stood above her. "If you take your thingy and put it in me and rub it around a lot we might both like it."

I laughed and slapped her ass in agreement, admiring my daughter's jiggle. "Roll over baby girl."

Shae flopped over onto her stomach bonelessly. Head buried against the sheets and ass thrust up into the air, my little girl looked back at me, blue eyes gleaming with feral hunger.

Golden hair glowed in the sunlight as it spilled over her shoulders and scattered over the pleasant arch of her back. I grabbed her buttcheeks and squeezed, the soft flesh like putty under my hands. She looked so beautiful, naked body illuminated in the warm light of the window, holding herself up, vulnerable and trusting as she waited for her Daddy to enter her. My cock was an iron rod in my hands as I grabbed the base and lined it up with daughter's tiny hole.

I held her gaze with mine as I pushed forward, feeling the little body shuddering under me. The slippery hole was achingly tight, but once the head was inside and my daughter's pussy lips were gripping my shaft, the clenching muscles pulled me in, my cock burying itself once again in my daughter's warm pussy where it belonged.

I held her there for a moment, hands on her waist to keep her steady as she shivered in a wordless moan, before pulling back and gently thrusting in again. Warmth and wetness wrapped my prick in pulsing pleasure. I rocked back again, feeling my daughter's little cunt lips glide up and down the thick meat thrusting into her. "Da...Daddeeee-oh," Shae gulped, the word cut off as bottomed out again with another push. My baby girl was a moaner. Panting encouragement let me know I was doing everything right as I plunged in again, increasing the pressure. Muscles spasmed and squeezed inside, caressing the bulging flesh that I was cramming into her. Shae buried her head into the pillow, tiny squeals escaping with each forward slam of the cock in her pussy. Flesh reddened under the rigid grip of my fingers on her hips as I bobbed her up and down, pumping forcefully into the tiny cunt, working each inch inside until a final hammering thrust of my hips buried me up to the base and my balls slapped against her thighs.

Being balls-deep in my baby girl was heaven. Red, animal waves of passion raced upwards from my taut shaft, colliding, exploding in fireworks of ecstasy. The quiver in her thighs let me know Shae was on the brink of orgasm already. I reared back and fucked my daughter like an animal, pounding my cock into the little 9-year-old's tiny pussy in frenzied rhythm and pushing her bodily down into the bed.

"eeeeEEEEEEEE DADDY!" she shrieked, head leaving the fabric as she arched her neck back, grabbing the pillow with desperate fists. Her cunt tightened and locked around my prick with wild, racing spasms as she came. I slammed in and stayed there, feeling the cum thunder out of my balls and up into my baby girl's womb in a tidal wave of sticky love, muscles rigid with my own orgasm, locked to my daughter's body in throbbing rapture.

Air raced out of my lungs, finally, held for what seemed like an eternity after I finished pumping sperm into my little girl. The limp body under me was trembling, riding out the bliss of her climax, face crushed up against the headboard where I had driven her in the final moments. I bent down, parting her hair, kissing the sweaty skin of her shoulders, the back of her neck, smelling the sweet aroma of my little girl after sex. She cooed and wiggled contentedly under me.

Sighing, I slipped my softening prick out of her channel and cuddled up beside the naked girl. Bright sunlight streamed in the window and flooded a golden square on the bed where we rested, naked bodies wrapped around each other, exchanging kisses and muted sighs.

My hands came to rest on my daughter's tummy, rubbing the tender skin, knowing my cum was drying inside. Screwing my baby girl was a dizzying ride that overwhelmed my senses. She was so wonderful, so precious to me, effortlessly capturing my total attention every time she tried. She was everything to me, a bright, joyful presence that lit up my world. I pulled the sheets over us both and wrapped my arms around her. Shae's breathing was a hot rush against my neck, naked chest pressed against mine, our messy crotches touching under the bedding. She was already dozing. I pet her head gently, running fingers through long golden hair heated by the sunlight.

The chores could wait. I had got too caught up in doing them and forgot I had promised to spend the day with Shae. The lazy afternoon sun was leaving my eyelids heavy too, and I began to drift off. Tomorrow we would be busy, since I had to get groceries and then get the car into the shop to fix the squeaky brakes. We also had an appointment in the afternoon, a gig that Shae's modelling school had set up, her first referral to an outside agency. She had been bubbling about it for weeks, but I thought that privately she was nervous.

Well, tomorrow would take care of itself. My hand traveled in one last affectionate rub down my daughter's back before I surrendered to sleep.

The agency was a modern affair of glass and inviting faux mahogany, accented with sweeping lines of patterned chrome. The receptionist greeted us politely and gestured us to sit in the large couches that lined the waiting room. I sank into the deep cushions as Shae peered furtively around the room like an eager bird.

It only took a few minutes for him to arrive: a handsome, middle-aged man with curling sandy hair and a tailored suit waved at us. "Hello! Glad to see you both. I'm Nicholas Deshal, but I *insist* you call me Nick." He shook my hand and thrust a business card at me. It was thick stock with an illustrated background of a flowing garment in pink pastel. "Select Petites" was printed in bold lettering.

"And you must be Shae." He took her hand in his. "I saw your headshots of course. May I say, you are even more lovely in person," he said, bowing and kissing her hand in an exaggerated gesture. Shae stared up slack-jawed at him, then giggled madly. It was a corny gesture. but Nick had a certain affable charm that made it work. "Well," he grinned, "come on back to my office and we'll get started.

Modern art made no sense. I stared bemused as we passed the hanging sculpture of rods and wood, following Nick down the tiled hallways. The entire agency was sleekly decorated, paintings and sculptures and polished mahogany walls proudly declaring the artistic nature of the building in not-so-subtle tones. We passed another sculpture when the hallway turned, a twisting array of suspended arching surfaces intertwined in complicated fashion. The stainless steel, gleaming in soft light, faintly suggested a surrealistic impression of feminine curves, but that was about all I could get out of it.

"Hi Nick!" A shrill little girl in a swimsuit darted out of a side door marked "Private" and clamped her arms violently around Nick's waist, staring up at him adoringly. "When did you get back from your trip? How was it huh? Are you going to be at my shoot today? Huh? Are you? Don't forget that you said you would!" Her words tumbled out rapidly, tripping over each other with excitement.

Nick smiled as he looked down at the little girl. "Of course I am sweetie. You know I never miss them. It's in a couple hours isn't it?"

The little girl nodded. She was about Shae's age, extremely pretty, with short brown hair and a tiny nose, clad in a dark green one-piece swimsuit that was open on the back and hugged her body revealingly. Nick's hand rubbed her shoulder in a very familiar gesture.

"Okaaaaay!" she squealed. "Ok you said you'd be there so don't forget Nick!" She squeezed his waist again and ran back where she came from.

"That's Susie," he said, apparently unruffled by the drive-by hugging. "She's one of our younger models. Winning smile, the photographers love to work with her." He straightened his suit slightly. "A little bit energetic, but a real sweetheart."

"We work primarily with female models between 6 and 15," he said as we continued down the hallway. "We do business with clients from all over the world, who value us for the quality of our work. Ah, here we are. Come in please."

At least Nick's office was more muted than the rest of the building. Pleasant lamplight shone cheerily on polished wood, giving the impression of a modern study. A fancy dress adorned a mannequin in one corner, and there was only one sculpture: a porous stone figurine, a woman, arms raised above her head in rapture, long gown flowing in an unseen wind. Extremely feminine: Diana, perhaps.

Nick took a seat behind his desk as we sat opposite. He passed over an enormous binder of glossy photographs.

"We focus on industry-leading quality photography services," he said, delivering a well-rehearsed spiel. "Our models are hand-picked from the finest in the world and specialize in custom and discrete compositions for private clients.

I was picking through the demo book, Shae watching from next to my shoulder. Gorgeous young girls in fancy dresses, summerwear, accessorized outfits, tight-fitting swimsuits. Tasteful. Artistic. Very young. I tapped my finger on the binder, thinking.

Nick went on. "Our photography is done on a custom basis for each client - usually fashion magazines, swimsuit catalogs, and smaller department stores - and our clients are handpicked as much as our models are." He nodded at Shae.

The back third of the book featured girls in a variety of suggestive clothing. Tube tops, bras and panties, revealing sleepwear, and collections of filmy lingerie. My eyes halted on the seductive smile of a young girl, laying on a bed in an evocative pose wearing a purple babydoll that bordered on transparent. I looked up.

"Ah yes." Nick cleared his throat. "Many of our clients are in the market for more alluring and exotic sets, but find them difficult to acquire in sufficient quality. That's where we come in. We retain models with specific skills that specialize in attractive demonstration of clothing for the young girl and pre-teen market. He shifted in his seat. "Not every model is cut out for such...intimate compositions. That's why our contracts are offered individually, with no long-term commitments. You can pick the work you want. One job, one session, and if you decide you want more work, we have it." He looked from me to Shae and back, judging our reactions. "The privacy and discretion of our models is a top priority for us," Nick said, accenting his point with a finger in the air. "We want you to be as comfortable as possible."

Shae was barely listening to the pitch. She had grabbed the binder and was flipping through it eagerly, entranced.

I looked at Nick. "It's a very interesting opportunity. Can you give us a few minutes to discuss it?"

"Of course, of course." Nick checked his watch. "I have to check on something anyway. How about I come back in 10 minutes with some coffee?" he asked. I nodded my agreement, and Nick left us alone.

"Look at this one!" Shae gushed, pointing at one of the photos. An attractive teenager with lustrous black hair smiled demurely in a yellow summer dress, hand resting on her curvy hip. "She's pretty. Oh these are nice too." Two younger girls in orange two-piece swimsuits featured in playful poses against a beach background, expressions frozen in joyful laughter.

"They're very nice," I agreed. The work *was* professional, very high-quality, much better than you would find in an average clothing catalog. "But what do you think? Do you want to work here? We probably won't have time for both this and the other jobs." Shae had done a little bit of off-and-on work contracted directly through Alamendro, her modelling school, but they weren't for clothing. They were more in the realm of generic and stock photography, like when a girl was needed to play the part of the daughter in a "typical family having fun" type of portrait.

She flipped a few more pages lazily, nodding. "Yeah, I want to do it. Those other jobs were boring. Well, not boring. I mean they were sorta fun, but this is soooo much cooler."

I pointed at one of the girls in a skimpy swimsuit. "Are these the kind of clothes you want to model?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said. "I could do those."

I flipped to the back, and pointed to a lavish dark-haired teenager wearing a warm smile and a bright red bra and panty set. "How about these?"

Shae grinned. "I could definitely do those. Some of these are pretty much what I wear at home anyway Daddy."

I tapped her leg in warning and looked around nervously. Good thing we were still alone. My daughter could be indiscreet sometimes.

I let her keep looking at the binder. She was very excited, that much was obvious. Her other work, amateur shoots really, hadn't engaged her nearly this much. Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised at her eagerness: Shae was only 9 years old, but she had an exhibitionist streak a mile wide. She had stripped for me at home several times, teasing me with suggestive outfits before peeling them off piece by piece. She loved to be looked at, but up until now it had always been just me looking at her.

Nick returned in short order, bearing a holder with three drinks: coffee for me and him, and a sweet chocolate mocha for Shae.

"Ahhh, there we are," he sighed, sipping the steaming beverage. "I have a weakness for coffee. I don't think I'd be able to get out of bed in the morning without it. Now then, what do you think? Do you want to sign on with Select Petites?"

Shae and I looked at each other. She nodded, eagerness gleaming in her eyes.

"Yes, we'll do it," I said.

"Wonderful!" Nick fetched a small pile of papers and straightened them with his hands. "This entire afternoon is our open trial session for new models. We can get started right away. We'll shoot a few short sessions, Shae, whatever you are comfortable with, so we can evaluate where you are and where your skills might best fit in." My daughter nodded. "Oh and there's one fringe benefit I forgot to mention," Nick continued, "something not a lot of other places do. When a client asks us to produce a set with an outfit, they frequently send up to a dozen copies. This means we have extras. Usually, after a set, you have the opportunity to take the outfit home for yourself if you like."

I wondered if Nick could read minds. He seemed to be gauging my daughter's reaction: eyes sparkling eagerly and a lunatic grin plastered on her face. There was probably nothing that could have compelled Shae as strongly as the prospect of beautiful designer clothing for free. "I thought you might like that," he said slyly. Now, I just have a few things for you to sign.

"Oh honey, this hair is just GOR-geous!" The flamboyant man worked his fingers through the strands, separating and styling my daughter's hair in sections. "Like some girls, you know, they're just dirty bottle blondes. They don't have 'it', honey. You know what I mean." Shae giggled girlishly as the man in the black turtleneck combed and brushed and worked magic with mousse, teasing the long hair into an attractive design. "But this is the real thing, honey. It's like gold. Keep doing what you're doing, sweetie. A few tiny split ends on this side" - he attacked these with the brush - "but you can't help that much."

I read magazines and watched from the couch of the small dressing room as Ricky got my daughter ready. He never seemed to stop talking. Hair and makeup were handled with expert precision as Shae sat in the chair in front of the brightly-lit mirror, transforming through slow stages into a vision of unblemished beauty. They chattered vigorously, Shae finding at last someone she could talk to about makeup and fashion and the fine art of toenail painting.

Given a choice from a rack of several outfits, Shae had picked a purple bikini, and Ricky had arrived shortly afterwards to get her ready. She looked amazing already, like any of the pretty girls in the photographs, the subtle makeup encouraging a healthy glow in her face.

"Shae, we're ready for you." Finally. Shae waved goodbye to Ricky and a young man with a clipboard led us down the narrow hallway to an open studio.

"Hello there Shae, Mr. Watts." Nick nodded genially. "Allow me to introduce Mark, our photographer, and Brendan, our studio director." Young men both, cameras hanging from their necks. I shook their hands. "Usually these last about 20 minutes," Nick said to me, guiding me to the darkened edge of the studio while the staff talked with Shae. "We have couches and magazines, and there's a coffeepot and snacks right over there." He nodded towards a counter. "Bathroom is down that hallway. If you need anything at all, just let us know."

I made myself comfortable on the couch. A small lamp was nearby, but reading more magazines was hardly my idea of entertainment, so I just looked around the room and watched Shae.

The stage was a small platform of shiny laminate wood, elevated about a foot and drenched in bright lights, with a powder-blue panel for a back. Director's chairs, wheeled tables, and mounted lights were scattered in a semicircle around it. The rest of the studio was in darkness. Mark was sitting on his haunches, talking quietly to Shae, while Brendan fussed with a long white panel near the stage that seemed designed to soften and reflect the light. Nick was sitting in one of the chairs, tapping something into his phone.

Shae burst out laughing and then blushed. Mark seemed to have put her at ease. He gestured the girl onto the stage as the men fiddled with their cameras.

I had to admit, my baby girl looked good in that bikini. Light flooded every inch of her body, showing off the smooth skin, highlighting the curves of her shoulders and waist. She squinted against the lights as the men shouted a few more directions and started up some light pop music for energy.

I had seen my daughter pucker and pose, pout and posture and preen for me dozens of times, but Shae was laying it on thick now. The men coaxed her with general directions, letting her turn to the side and arch her back, then face front with hands on hips and flood them with an inviting smile. She cut loose, moving her body from pose into pose, letting the shutters click rapidly each time. She bent forward and smiled seductively, then arched her back, twirling to her side and sending inviting looks with her hand on her shoulder, then flipped around to show off her backside, thrusting her butt out prominently, and letting the men get shots of her looking back over her shoulder while biting her lip suggestively.

I wondered if the photographers were enjoying this as much as I was. My daughter stood on the stage, showing off her trim little 9-year-old body, accenting her feminine curves with every pose, giving eyefuls of her hips and her cute little butt for the cameras. Damnit, it was too hot in this studio. I shouldn't have worn this jacket. I flapped the fabric, trying to cool myself. Shae's poses drew encouraging remarks. The little purple bikini was thin and didn't hide much. Shae posed in a three-quarter turn and arched her head back, hair spilling like a golden river on her back. Fuck, I had peeled my daughter's clothes off so many times before stuffing my cock in her that it was all I could think about. I wanted to pull the little knot of her bikini top, see her naked chest and run my hands over it. Shae pivoted, butt thrust out and hand on hip, turned to look backwards with a beguiling smirk. The men snapped eagerly, rotating their cameras to get different shots.

I made a furious mental note to wear baggy pants next time. My cock was straining at the suit pants, threatening to burst a seam. I shifted on the couch, and shifted again. It was impossible for me to look at my daughter's sexy body and NOT get hard. I might as well have tried to fly by flapping my arms. But it wouldn't be good at all if Shae finished and I had to come up front with a bulging erection tenting my pants and say "good job sweetie".

I closed my eyes and tried to get myself under control. Think cold showers, old ladies, dying puppies. Anything but the sweet curves of my baby girl. Maybe a magazine would help. I pawed at the stack in the dark, and came back with a lingerie magazine. Trying again, I netted gold: Fly Fishing Monthly.

I was several pages into a coma-inducing article about dwindling trout populations in the Dakotas before my prick finally surrendered. I looked up to see how Shae was doing.

She was still posing, but seemed slightly upset. Mark was standing near the stage, giving quiet directions, while Brendan snapped scattered shots. She worked around to a frontal pose, arms held behind her, but didn't seem able to muster a smile. Mark shook his head. I went up to see what was the matter.

"Ok that's good guys." Nick saw me approaching. "Good job Shae. Let's take 5 and we'll try a few more after that, ok?"

He took me aside in a brief whisper. "Shae seems a little upset. We got a lot of good shots at the start, but something is bothering her. Can you see what you can do?"

I nodded. Nick and the staff busied themselves with their equipment as Shae came to the edge of the stage. I held my hand out for her so she could hop down.

"Good job sweetie," I beamed down at her. "You looked great up there."

"Yeah..." Shae seemed distracted. "I guess so."

I looked around the studio. "Maybe you should take a break and sit down for a minute. It looks tough up there." I guided her back to the couch and let her sink onto the fluffy cushions.

"Are you ok sweetie?" I asked, massaging her arms lightly. "You were doing really good. Is it fun?"

"Oh, yeah. I mean, it's fun..." Shae trailed off. I knew my daughter, and she had all of her telltale signs of anxiety: twirling hair in her fingers, a slight jitter in her arms, lips tightly closed.

"But?" I prompted.

"Well, I mean there are all these lights. You have to look into them without squinting and you can't see much of anything. It was ok at first."

"Are you nervous?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess...I'm nervous. I did good in my classes. I can put on any pose they want. But it's scary. I kept wondering if my top was on straight, or my hair was ok. It's hard to see anything but the lights. I could hear them, but it was like everybody had left and I was just standing there. So uh...I was looking around for you Daddy, but I couldn't see you." Shae looked down, ashamed. "And I started thinking you had left. Then they told me to do it different, to smile more, and I tried but..."

My fingers rubbed the skin of her arms gently as I tried to think of the right thing to say.

"You know what? You're right," I declared. "It's way too scary up there. I'd be pretty intimidated too, with all those lights and people telling me what to do. I can't blame you." Shae was looking down at her feet with a frown. "Luckily," I went on, "I have a solution."

"Uh, you do?" she asked.

"Sure honey. I'll put on the bikini and go up there and they can take pictures of me for the rest of the day."

She snorted, but I detected the faintest trace of a grin beginning at the corner of her mouth.

"I mean, I'm not sure if they would like my hairy chest. Or maybe they would. Maybe they could sell the photos to 'Hairy Men in Bikinis Monthly'. I hear they pay well."

The grin was working its way inwards from the corners of her mouth.

"I can't pose like you can, but I can make kissy faces. They're just as good. See?" I puckered my lips grotesquely like a fish. "I bet they'll like it. Seeeee?" I bent my face close to hers, teasing her with sucking noises until finally my daughter laughed and pushed me away. "Ok Daddy stop. Sheesh. Gross..." But it was worth it, because now a smile was on her face and her arm had lost that little quiver of nervousness.

I took a careful look around. Nobody was near us in the darkened area. My hands folded over hers on her lap. "Honey, do you remember when you did that little dance you gave me at home?" She nodded. Shae liked to repeat the dances she saw in music videos, relentlessly practicing until she got it right. I'd already resolved to get her into dance classes, as soon as we could find the time. "That was from the Shakira video wasn't it?"

"Uh huh." Shae nodded. I knew it was one of her favorites.

"And you told me to sit down and No Touching until the end, remember?" She nodded again.

"You weren't very shy then. In fact, you're a pretty confident girl. Remember how that dance went?" Shae smiled. She remembered.

My daughter had told me she had wanted to try out a dance, then started the song on her computer. What she really wanted was to cocktease me into insanity. I was stuck to the chair, forbidden by little girl law from moving an inch, as she twirled and swayed her hips, thrusting her pelvis and losing bits of clothing one by one. She had actually put together a little costume not too far off from the video, and then shed each piece, losing the fluffy cuffs, the scarf, the armbands, the shirt, the belt, the skirt and leggings, and finally the bra and panties until she was naked. It had been a monumental effort to keep my cock under control and wait until the end of the song before I bent her over on the bed and fucked her brains out.

"Well honey, it's just a thought, but maybe if you think back to how confident you felt during that dance, you'll feel confident up there too."

"Yeah maybe but..." Shae looked up at me in the darkness. "I'm confident when you're around Daddy, but I can't even see you back here."

"Oh." I paused in surprise. "Well, we can fix that." I squeezed her arms encouragingly.

I led her back to the stage, a reassuring hand on her back.

"Hi Shae. Feel like doing a few more?" Nick asked, flashing his handsome smile. Shae nodded and looked up at me.

"I'll just sit up here in one of those chairs Nick," I said. "Things might go smoother if she can see me."

"Totally fine," he said.

Shae strode onto the stage and gave it her all, posturing in graceful motions and smiling warmly like an angel. She kept her eyes on the cameras, as she had been taught, but every once in a while, her gaze flicked over to me for a moment, sitting off to the side in the little director's chair, watching her, and her sunny smile brightened with confidence. She could do anything, if her Daddy was watching.

"We'll do one more a little later, maybe in half an hour," Nick told me, twisting the knob and opening the door. "Two good shoots will give Shae an excellent starting point in our client portfolio." He led me and Shae inside the comfortable room.

"This is another amenity that we make available for our clients," he said, sweeping an arm out expansively. "Especially with younger models, who often show up with their parents, we find it much more desirable to offer private space at the agency for downtime between shoots. That way, they don't have to sit around bored, potentially for hours, or leave the building and come back. Our models and their family can rest here, and be refreshed when we call for them, giving us more flexibility in scheduling. We have several of these rooms. There are also showers in the bathrooms down the hall."

The outer area was functional, serving as a dressing room with a makeup counter, with the rest of the space occupied by several long racks of clothes jam-packed with outfits. The decor was artsy and comfortable, just like the rest of the agency. A short hall led to a smaller room with wood-paneled walls, a comfortable-looking bed and chair, a mini-fridge, and a flat-panel television. I was impressed.

"You're welcome to nap or watch TV or do whatever you like," Nick explained, showing me around as Shae dove into the clothing racks. He pointed to the speaker by the door. "When one of our studios opens up we can just buzz down to see if you're ready instead of sending people running all over the place. It works out very well."

"The doors lock, of course," he explained. "We want our models to be comfortable. Privacy is a top priority for us. Privacy...and discretion." He nodded briefly before leaving us alone.

"Look at this Daddy!" My daughter emerged from the dense jungle of clothing racks like a mole tunneling out of the ground, holding a slate grey dress. "Look, it's so pretty! This skirt is great." She held it up to her front. "Oh, it's too big though. Bummer. But this red one, ohmygosh it's perfect!" She wandered gleefully among the dresses and shirts like she had found heaven.

I locked the outer door and got us some water bottles from the fridge, wondering just how much had been lurking behind Nick's final knowing nod. Offering a bottle to Shae, I reclined against the makeup counter while she slurped noisily.

"You did great honey. I'm proud of you," I said. I really was. With just a little bit of encouragement, Shae had handled a tough situation with confidence, applying what she had learned in the last year. Her classes had clearly paid off.

"Thanks Daddy," she smiled, wiping her wet mouth with the back of her arm. "I really liked it, once I got over being scared. I want to keep doing it."

"Well that's good," I laughed, "since you have another one in half an hour.

I fingered a camera on the counter, sleek black with a long lens extension, left sitting in the messy array of tools and makeup supplies. "I'll bet the pictures turn out great. You looked amazing up there." I smirked. "I was getting kind of uncomfortable in the back, watching you strut around."

"Oh really?" Shae preened visibly. "Which pose did you like best? Was it this one?" She turned three quarters away from me, thrusting her butt out and planting a hand on her hip, looking back at me while her hair spilled down her back. "Or was it this one?" She arched a leg, toes pointing down to the floor and hand resting on her thigh, a sultry glance escaping from the side of her downturned head.

"All of them," I beamed. Watching my daughter up close was summoning another uncomfortable bulge in my pants. My suit was really not built to accommodate raging hard-ons. Shae kept teasing me, demanding a score for each pose. The purple bikini didn't leave much to the imagination, showing off the creamy skin of her flat tummy and the graceful sweep of her hips. Her body was a pleasing hourglass, curves emphasized by the changing posture. How had she learned to ripple her hair over her shoulder so provocatively like that? Or bend her head and look up at me with an expression equal parts innocence and pleading? I used my hands to rearrange the fabric of my crotch, again, trying to find room for the inevitable result of my little girl's tantalizing exhibition.

"Hey I have an idea!" She grabbed the bulky camera and shoved it in my hands. "I can try on these outfits and you can take pictures of me. We can do our own photo shoot!"

"Sweetie I have no idea how to use one of these things," I said apologetically, holding the camera awkwardly in front of me.

Shae rolled her eyes like I was the biggest moron that had ever existed. "Ok well you don't have to ACTUALLY take pictures Daddy. Just like, pretend, ok?"

She darted into the racks like a startled deer when I nodded. My fingers cleared the random clutter off the small boombox on the counter and hit play, sending bubblegum pop music surging into the room as I waited. I could follow Shae's progress by the small disturbances in the tightly-packed clothing, like she was walking through a cornfield. Two purple scraps were hefted carelessly on top of the racks as she changed.

"Sexy, so sexy, dem boys so vex me, girls they wanna hex me," sang the speakers in thumping rhythm. Shae danced her way into the open, wearing a slim green dress with delicate straps and a wide skirt. She posed for me as I hefted the camera, giggling and smiling in a girlish posture, then bending over and blowing a kiss at the camera. I worked my finger on one of the buttons, laughing, pretending the shutter was snicking rapidly.

Hips arched under the tight-fitting fabric of the dress, swaying with delicious rhythm, showcasing my daughter's curves as she swept from pose to pose, filling with small bits of dancing when the beat picked up. She twirled around, sending the skirt flaring, and then stopped, thrusting out her butt and flipping the skirt with her hands. No panties, just the sweet flesh of my daughter's tight ass. She pranced forward and twirled again to face me as the song swelled to a climax, suddenly snapping her skirt up in the air, flashing me with a view of her little hairless pussy before pivoting seamlessly back into the wall of clothing.

I laughed and clapped, and the next song was just starting when she came out in a thin white belly shirt, black leggings stretching up above her knees, and a ridiculously short pleated skirt. She posed with arms raised high like a ballerina, head resting against her arm with a warm smile. The top hugged her like a second skin, showing off every inch of her smooth chest, perky nipples poking against the fabric, leaving her sexy tummy bare. The skirt barely hung low enough to cover my little girl's slit, and she used that to great effect, practicing suggestive postures that left her bent over, giving me short peeps of her precious hairless lips and sweet little asshole.

I hooted and shouted suggestions like I was a photographer, holding the camera to my eyes, until she danced back into the racks. I undid my belt and tugged at my collar, sweating. It was too damn hot in here. The music cut to a commercial.

"Hey Daddy!" my daughter yelled from somewhere in the field of clothing. "Whoa, this is great! And it fits. You're going to like this."

Shae emerged, a sexy bikini of bubblegum pink wrapped around her. The bottoms had a frill of cute ruffles around the edge. It was the same swimsuit Shae had been wearing on our vacation 2 years ago when I first took her virginity.

Giggling, Shae spun a full circle in front of me. "Remember this Daddy?"

"I sure do," I gulped. The girlish bikini my daughter had been wearing when I first rubbed my fingers over her slippery little pussy was burned into my memory. "They just happened to have this?"

She shrugged. "That entire rack is all swimsuits. They have practically everything." She turned around and planted her butt against my crotch, feeling the steel rod of flesh poking up at her. "You were rubbing suntan oil on me, remember?" My hands went to her bottoms, fondling the skin through the fabric. "I didn't want you to stop," she said, twisting her neck to look up at me with with a naughty smile. "It felt really good having your fingers down there, but I didn't know why."

My hands dived into the fabric, squeezing the taut globes of my daughter's behind back and forth. She was sending me over the edge, seeing her in that swimsuit again. I bent my head down next to hers, smelling the sweet aroma of my little girl, brushing her ear with my lips, spilling heavy breaths onto her neck as my fingers dived deeper into her bottoms.

Abruptly, I swung my daughter off her legs, lifting the squealing girl and carrying her in my arms. Standing up straight was agony, my prick pointing out directly in front of me, straining to be free. Shae laughed and kissed my neck, legs kicking playfully as I carried her down the hall. The little room was small but cozy, with comfortable white sheets on the bed. I kicked the door closed and smacked the lock with my elbow, then tumbled the little girl into a heap on the sheets.

My tie flew off practically by itself and I worked on my cuffs. Shae smirked at me from the bed, rolling onto her side and planting an elbow on the bed, fingers of her other hand tapping impatiently on the sheets while she waited for her Daddy to make love to her. Heart racing in my chest until I thought it would explode, I shed jacket and shirt, then stepped out of my shoes and pushed down my pants, kicking the whole mess aside. Shae squealed with mock surprise when I jumped on the bed with her, as though my 9-year-old daughter didn't realize that teasing her Daddy with a sexy show would get her vigorously fucked.

We wrestled playfully for a moment before I shoved her arms down onto the bed and straddled the girl, bending down to kiss her neck and ears, fingers tracing wild paths over the smooth skin of her chest before gliding under her top and coming to rest on the little nubs. A few gentle pinches and twists brought a gasp to my daughter's mouth which I promptly buried with my own, kissing her madly into the sheets, letting our tongues meet and duel. The tip of my prick, finding freedom at last, was poking from the flap of my boxers, grazing her stomach lightly as we moved in rhythm. My hand went behind her and pulled the tie of her pink bikini, yanking the top off, and the other did the same for her bottoms. The cloth disappeared under us, forgotten. Arms and legs fumbled against each other's bodies, fingers twining and curling into tangled hair, and I left a trail of kisses down the slender neck to her chest and took a tiny nipple in my teeth.

"Oooooh Daddy, don't...unnnngh," Shae words fumbled as she arched her neck and trailed off into a moan, unable to finish. The little pink nubs, flush and erect, were one of my baby girl's most sensitive parts. I worked one with gentle pinches and brushed the other with my lips before moving on, trying not to overdo it. A red flush colored my daughter's face and she gulped in between frantic breaths. Just right.

My tongue swirled down her tummy and circled her belly button, kissing the delicate little hole, earning a sputtering spasm from the ticklish minx. Her fingers curled tightly in my short hair, clamped with frantic need as her Daddy worked her body into passionate arousal. I ended up at the pretty little lips between her legs, already swelling. Questing fingers explored inside, rubbing up and down in smooth strokes before pulling the flesh aside and tickling the little jewel at the top.

Shae's thighs jerked abruptly and her hands clenched into fists in my hair as she convulsed with a shuddering cry. My baby girl had me so worked up I thought my cock would explode, but now she was as excited as I was, panting like an animal and teetering on the brink.

I sat back and practically tore off my shorts. This luscious little vixen squirming under me was making me crazy, sending my senses into overdrive. My aching cock pleaded to get inside my baby girl's pussy, now. I grabbed the base, pulling on her thigh with my other hand and lining up the tip to the wet slit with an animal urgency, then squeezed inside.

Warm pussy walls gripped my cock as I entered my daughter, forcing myself into the tight tunnel. She was thoroughly wet, coating me with a slick grease as I pulled back and shoved myself in again. Mewling noises worked their way out of my daughter's mouth with each urgent thrust, one arm held above her head and the other running frantic circles on her chest. We wouldn't last long. I could already feel the racing pulse squeezing my prick, pelvic muscles clamping in the rapid frenzy that meant she was about to cum. Plunging, slippery flesh worked on my rod, beating a penetrating tempo into the little girl's pussy, inches working inside her in tight progress until my prick was buried to the balls into my baby girl.

A red hurricane was beating in my brain, hurtling with animal lust as I hammered into the girl, pelvis banging against her thighs like a runaway train. I filled my eyes with the sight of my daughter's eyes fluttering and her tiny body wiggling in erotic overdrive as I filled her with my cock. Both hands planted on the sheets, bent over as I pistoned, face close to hers, I watched her cheeks and mouth twitch and distort in trembling orgasm.

"Daddy! Da-addy!" The word ripped itself from her mouth with each powerful motion. Light exploded in my brain as the thick flesh buried in my daughter bulged, planting itself inside her with a final slam and erupting with a flood of cum into her cunt. Balls clenched frantically, racing spurts of gooey seed flooding into my daughter, squishing against her slippery walls. My heart pulsed madly as I grasped her, blindly holding her body to me with an iron grip as each heap of sperm gushed into her in an ebbing torrent. We shuddered in lockstep, panting motions building thrilling waves of friction as our sweaty bodies rubbed against each other in the glow of our shared climax.

Slowly, like swimming to the glassy surface from the depths of an ocean, I caught my breath. My body was limp above my daughter, arms locked tightly around her, enveloping the petite frame. I raised my head and my lips found hers, pressing gently, feeling her pushing back with the intimate, trusting warmth of a lover who shared everything with me, holding nothing back. Languidly, we untangled, arms and legs unbinding from each other and the twisting sheets until we could sit up.

The room was a mess. My shirt and jacket were crumpled on the floor. My pants had ended up on the TV, and one of my shoes was missing. Somehow the wastebasket had been kicked over. The bed looked like a pack of wild bears had attacked it. And Shae, my sweet, gorgeous little girl, face still flush with the glow of orgasm and sticky cum on her legs as she sat on the bed in a daze, looked like a disheveled angel. I probably didn't look any better.

I'm not sure how, but somehow our clothing found its way correctly to the various spots they belonged on our bodies. I located my shoe behind the fridge after a brief hunt and wandered to the outer dressing room just in time to hear the speaker buzz.

"Hello Shae, Mr. Watts. How's it going?" Nick. Had it been a half hour already?

I pressed the talk button. "Hi Nick." I was shaking my head, trying to regain my senses. "Um, we're good. Just watching TV."

"Good, good. Listen, there's a holdup in the studio. Is it alright if we move Shae's second session out another half hour?"

"Oh, yeah that will be fine." I looked at my daughter, still a bit foggy, emerging from the bedroom with large streaks of my jizz on her thighs. "I think we'll use the time to take a shower," I said.

"Sounds good. We'll have Ricky come down to get Shae ready after that. I'm terribly sorry for the delay. Normally we keep things moving pretty well. There are towels in the small closet. Also, we always have a sandwich bar in the upper lobby if the snacks in the fridge won't cut it. Once Shae's picked the outfit she wants for the next shoot just give us a buzz."

"Ok, thanks Nick." The speaker clicked off.

I rested my back against the wall and let out a deep breath. I should probably tidy up the room before we went to the shower. No need to be too obvious. Shae had flopped into the makeup chair and sat dreamily.

"You have to pick an outfit for the next shoot," I said.

"Oh." She looked indecisively at the vast field of clothing on the racks. "What do you think I should wear Daddy?"

I didn't have to think hard about that. "You should wear the pink one."

"The pink one?" She looked at the racks in confusion.

"The pink one," I asserted.

My daughter looked up at me, then down at her bikini. "Oh, the pink one," she smiled.

I had the feeling I would like this gig every bit as much as Shae did.