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Monstrum: Camabahlam - part 4

By WintermuteX

Contributions by Clark & Lily

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Tags: Mg+, bd, best, magic, nc, oral, anal, ped, preg, rape, reluc, viol

Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Sexual Slavery, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Violence, Death, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

Fernanda waved her hand to ward off the pungent smoke, coughing slightly. The seedy tavern was dark, with an oppressive beat of thumping drums that made her teeth rattle. The patrons seemed to like it though, and there were plenty of them: Camabahlam of course, with muscular, furry bodies of dark fur, reclining like lazy cats in the many chairs, but also many others: Org-reh, with their distinctive grey-green mottled hides; a pair of Gaolers, hulking, ogreish things with skin like rock; a Grelleth with its frightening skull-like visage holding a Shadow Imp by a chain leash. Fernanda had no idea the things could be pets. Slith scampered to and fro, the diminutive lizard-like slaves threading amongst the customers and waitresses in frantic bids to keep the place clean enough so they didn't get whipped - clean by Monstrum standards, anyway. A Camabahlam was smoking a hookah in the corner with a hooded figure that Fernanda had a frightening suspicion was a warlock - practitioners of unspeakably evil magic, and mortal enemies of mages. Fernanda had been afraid he might instigate some trouble, but he seemed content to smoke and watch from afar like a malevolent spectre. As monstrously powerful as warlocks were rumored to be, he probably knew better than to tangle with an entire group of mages.

The foreign quarter of the city was a boisterous place. Fernanda's nervousness had been growing ever since they entered it, but they had faithfully followed the information they had so far and it had led them here, to this menacing underground lair of drink and debauchery. Fernanda wasn't sure what it was called; the faded wooden sign had just had crude pictures of a cock and a drink on it. Funny though it was, Fernanda felt a little better that Captain Stendar was with them. Any of the mages sitting at the table with her could have set the place ablaze or crushed any Monstrum in it like a bug, but the captain's tall presence and glowering stare at anything that drew near was something of a comfort.

Boisterous guffaws broke out from the table next to them. The Felis waitress laughed politely with the Monstrum sitting at the table, and gave them a flirty smile, turning and letting one smack her on the ass before she moved over to Fernanda's table.

"Hi sweeties!" she purred, her tail flicking flirtatiously. Fernanda took her in with a glance. She hadn't had the opportunity to meet many Felis, since the species of catgirls were staunch isolationists and kept mostly to themselves. Their reputation for promiscuity was very well known, and as Fernanda let her eyes roam from the delicate, fuzzy ears down past the scanty top to the slender hips and the ludicrously short skirt, she found that she could believe it. She looked like she could have been 13 or 14 - though it could be quite hard to say with Felis - and immensely pretty. The captain's jaw was hanging open, his eyes crawling with fascination all over the furry patches on the girl's body. Fernanda kicked him under the table.

"Funny to see a man here!" the girl chirped, preening under his gaze and giving a sultry smile. "Are the rest of you girls waiting for your masters?"

"No. We're uh...we're here alone."

The Felis took a closer look, seeing the crowns of feathers on their heads. "Oh! You're those mage ambassadors from Teleria! How cool!"

"That's right!" piped up Emily. "We're here on orders from our queen."

"I went to Teleria once," gushed the Felis. "It was so pretty! I got to meet a mage too. She cast some spell that put fireworks over the whole city for hours!"

"I'm sure it was grand," said Fernanda primly, "but we're here on official business."

"Oh, of course. How silly of me!" The girl's perky smile didn't falter for an instant.

"Can I get you anything?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'll have a Pretty Pink Pussy," Emily said.

"Emily!" hissed Fernanda with annoyance.

"What?!" Emily pointed at her menu with a wounded look on her face. "It says it has strawberries!"

"We're not here to drink! Just bring us water and a carafe of milk."

Emily put on her best puppy face and Fernanda sighed.

"And a Pussy, please," she grumbled.

"You got it!" The catgirl whirled around, departing with a flip of her furry tail. Fernanda wondered how deliberate it was that her tail made the little skirt ride up in the back. The girl's ass probably got slapped more times in a night than those drums.

"I don't like this," muttered the captain, looking around warily. "It isn't safe. We should leave."

"Do you want to find your men or not?" Fernanda hissed. "This is the best lead we have."

She could see how his fists tightened on the table when she mentioned them. Matthias and Berenar had been the first, but others had disappeared too. He wanted to find them, all right. He wanted to pay them back for their desertion.

The music was swelling. The drums were deepening. Some kind of entertainment was beginning onstage. Slith moved about putting dimmers on the wall sconces, plunging the room even deeper into shadow even as the light on the stage brightened. A young girl emerged from the darkness at the back of the stage, lightly dressed in silks and veils, to the hollers and catcalls of most of the patrons. Fernanda and the other mages watched despite themselves. The girl was Fernanda's age and strikingly beautiful, possessed of an almost enchanting grace in her movements as she began to dance in light swirls on the stage. Her hanging armclothes trailed behind her movements, sheer ribbons that sparkled in the light. The intricate braid of her hair swung as she twirled on her toes, arms flung out, face upturned to the light and body soaring like the flight of a delicate bird.

The crowd of monsters went wild, clapping and banging their cups on the tables and snarling ravenously. The girl danced like a porcelain angel, an alluring display of youthful innocence amidst the filth and grime of the ugly tavern and its denizens. As she danced, parts of her uniform began to slip away, sheer ribbons of her skirt and top fluttering briefly in the air, revealing more and more of her perfectly-toned body to the pleased cheers of the crowd. They were on the edges of their seats, tongues hanging out ravenously, fully absorbed in the intimate show.

"Not even Org-reh train their girls to dance like that," Nina whispered. "Have you ever seen anything like it?"

"I think I recognize it," murmured Tatiana. "It's a Toltec dance, rare, sometimes performed by a girl on her wedding day for her husband. It's supposedly a very personal performance."

"So they stole that too," snarled Isabella. "Figures."

"Not without their own little twist on it, it seems," muttered the captain. "I heard some of the beasts talking earlier. She won't make it through the dance without something raping her, and it's just a matter of who or what. See? They're taking bets."

It seemed he was right. Fernanda spotted money changing hands surreptitiously. Others were arguing openly and loudly with each other. One Camabahlam seemed quite sure that the show would star a Rapewolf, but the pair of Org-reh he shared the table with both laughed at him, offering their own suggestions of Varanasi or Yungir.

Something stirred in the shadows behind the girl. The crowd waited with baited breath as she danced on, her clothing slipping slowly away, seemingly oblivious to the hulking form lurking in the darkness. The girls all gasped when it emerged into the light: a tremendous Monstrum with massive bull horns and snout, easily 12 feet tall, upright, with its naked body bulging tightly with muscles between patches of coarse fur. It looked down at the girl from behind, and gave a loud snuff that jolted the golden ring protruding from its nostrils.

"Minotaurum!" breathed Fernanda. Disgusting creatures. She had only ever encountered them twice. They were outrageously strong and almost impossible to kill. The standard advice from the Factorum was to avoid them at any cost.

"Mo-kein! Mo-kein! Mo-kein!" chanted the crowd, cheering. They seemed delighted by the creature's appearance.

"Must be a local favorite," muttered the captain, watching as the girl turned and gave a look of shock followed by a shriek. The Minotaurum bent and wrapped a fist around the girl's waist like a huge vise, lifting her off her feet and up to the bull-like snout where he blew her long hair back with a powerful snuffle. She screamed and struggled pitifully, her barely-clothed body wiggling like a helpless doll in the huge fist. A large, gooey tongue slathered its way out of the Minotaurum's mouth and the creature drew it up along the girl's torso to her face, smearing her in pungent slime as she batted at him with her hands.

"They probably told her if she danced well that she could go back to her family," muttered the captain, watching the grotesque show unfold. "Filthy beasts. They can never be trusted."

Fernanda tried to contain her bile as the inevitable violation played out onstage. The creature quickly divested his struggling victim of the remaining scraps of her dance uniform, and then held her aloft over the massive spear of its erect penis. At least the crowd was focused on the stage now and had stopped giving them suspicious looks. Human beings walking around free and unenslaved must have seemed outrageous to them, but they recognized the King's protection when they saw it.

The little Felis girl danced up with a cheery smile and a round tray holding their drinks. The party sat stiff and uncomfortable, trying to ignore the cries of the girl on the stage as the beast's huge hands forced her tiny body down onto the massive, bullish prick. The spear-like glans split the tiny pussy like magic and the girl's hips shook wildly as the turgid shaft began to work its way in inch by inch.

"How can she be so happy?" murmured Emily, watching their waitress whirl with catlike grace and dance away again. Fernanda just shook her head. The girl was probably raped several times a day and beaten if the customers were dissatisfied. She was no less a slave than the girl howling onstage to the cheers of the crowd. Fernanda tried not to think about it, about the madness of it all, but she couldn't entirely banish the wandering doubts that she had herself. Girls converted and enslaved by Monstrum always enjoyed some kind of sick happiness in their new lives. The Magisterium had never been able to explain it. They had never tried.

"I don't think I want this..." said Emily, pushing away the frothy, pink drink in the huge mug in front of her. Isabella, sitting next to her, rolled her eyes.

"Doesn't matter," said Nina, pointing. "They finally noticed us."

Fernanda followed the gesture to where a tall and massively imposing Monstrum was striding towards them from the gloom. Dual longswords hung from his hips and a sturdy leather tunic girded a thickly-scaled chest. The lizard-like tail and the muzzle became clearer as he approached - a Dragonelle. Quite a rare species, and rumored to possess an ancestry of pure dragon blood. The Magisterium knew almost nothing about them.

"You don't belong here," he hissed, drawing himself up in front of their table. He really did look nearly like a dragon in humanoid form. Fernanda gave Tatiana a warning look just as the girl opened her mouth - no doubt to bombard him with questions about his ancestry. Captain Stendar bristled next to her, sizing up the creature with a wary gaze. Fernanda laid a hand gently on his arm; they weren't here to fight.

"Pyurth. We're here to see him."

The creature hissed and spat. "He's busy." "He'll want to see us," said Fernanda, mustering as much confidence as she could.

"A filthy troupe of mongrel humans?" The beast's snarl was tight with menace. "Have you come to offer yourselves?" He let his reptilian gaze lustfully play over the girls, taking in their scanty, revealing uniforms.

"We're not on offer," said Fernanda, "but he'll want to listen to us anyway." She used a small trick, just a tiny little nudge requiring barely any magical power - something to sway his thinking.

The beast stood for a moment longer, sizing them up, thinking, then finally nodded reluctantly.

"Fine. Follow me. No tricks."

The girls slinked out of the booth one by one and followed the guard as he led them towards a dim hallway, with the captain bringing up the rear. Fernanda was grateful as the roar of the crowd and the girl's cries of surprised pleasure faded away when they turned a corner down a tight, wooden passageway. The walls and ceiling pressed in on all sides, tight and claustrophobic. Their guard could barely fit, with the ceiling brushing the frills on his head. Finally, they arrived at a dank door of rotting wood with white mold growing in stripes on the planks. The guard produced a ring of iron keys and fitted one to the lock, and the party followed as he swung the door open and entered.

The inside glowed with lamplight - cozy and almost warm. The room was generously sized and adorned with luxurious furniture: bookcases, exotic rugs, paintings, trophies on the walls, and an abundance of soft, silky couches and chairs. On the far side was a huge, pig-like Monstrum, grotesque and fat, sitting and dandling two very young and very naked girls on his legs.


"Ahhh, the mages. How very expected," he grunted. His porcine snout flexed as he grinned at them, fondling the nude girls with fat and piggish fingers. "I assume you managed to sweet-talk Veneuth there into interrupting my fun even after I told him to run you off. No magic at all, of course."

The creature's sneer was viciously sarcastic. Fernanda tried not to blanche. Pyurth was nude, and rubbing a gnarled, spiraling, oversized pig cock against one of the girls' privates as she tittered and giggled.

"It's alright - he's not very bright," the throaty creature grumbled. "I admit to being rather intrigued just what in the Abyss such rare and lovely little creatures like you are doing in my tavern."

He lifted the girl up by her hips and placed his cock tighter against her snatch, ready to penetrate her, as the other girl lounged against the fat rolls of his paunch and played with the rings in his nipples.

"Do you have to do that in front of us?" snarled captain Stendar suddenly. Fernanda turned and gave him a warning look.

"Speak with respect!" snapped Veneuth, who had been standing at attention next to the door. "Or I'll throw you out."

The captain shut his mouth and stood silently, visibly seething. Fernanda watched, standing tall and confident, as Pyurth pushed the little girl down onto the glans of his ugly cock and penetrated her. She shivered and moaned with erotic pleasure as the pig cock entered her tiny pussy.

"We're here to make a deal," Fernanda said, trying to talk over the girl's moaning.

"Veneuth's right," said Pyurth, flexing and bouncing the little girl up and down. "Give me one reason I shouldn't gut your man and have you thrown into the gutter - or worse."

"We could kill you in the blink of an eye," said Fernanda, "but you know that, and you wouldn't have invited us back here without protection. There are probably a dozen crossbow bolts trained on us right now, and who knows what else. But I'll give you a reason to listen."

Fernanda reached out with her magic. The room tensed and the air hummed. Veneuth laid a scaly hand on his sword, ready to draw, but Fernanda's spell was already done. Across the room, Pyurth jerked suddenly.

"Eeuuagh!" He lurched, the pink jiggles of fat shuddering. He pulled the girl harder down onto his cock and the twisting organ visibly swelled and began to throb. The tiny thing shrieked, orgasming hard from the sudden hammering of piggy prick against her cervix. The girl resting against his chest came too, her fingers plunged tightly into her own cunt. A thick, gooey river of cum suddenly gushed out from the tight seal of the piglike cock in the girl's little pussy, falling down and splattering into a copious puddle on the floor.

It went on for a full minute, Pyurth shaking and squealing with piglike cries as an endless flood of gooey cum filled up the girl's belly until she was bulging and the rest rushed out like a dam had burst. By the end, the slimy goop was dribbling in runners across the floor and pooling near the edges of the fine rugs.

Pyurth sagged back, spent, with both girls warbling happily against his fat chest, and began to laugh.

"I knew there was a reason I liked you mages!" he chortled. "Your little party is rather famous by now. A party of unfettered girls in Xochtecquinicha? Word spreads, you know. I heard how you howled when they whipped you in the market."

"You've been buying off my men!" snarled the captain, visibly enraged, unable to contain himself any longer.

Pyurth shrugged. "Sure. I deal in information. They had it."

"We'll buy back that information," said Fernanda. She reached down and began to pry a diamond from one of the clasps of her uniform. It came away with a bit of effort. She held it up - a shining jewel, masterfully cut, reflecting the warmth of the lamplight in white sparkles.

"I have enough gems," said Pyurth, unimpressed.

"Not like this. It has been magically charged with a spell that can hypnotize and make its subject compliant.

"Is that so?" Pyurth's flappy pig ears perked up.

Fernanda looked down at the gooey trailers of cum separating the party from where Pyurth was lounging. Yuck. She decided to toss the gem. Pyurth caught it in a hand and held it up to his beady eyes.

"How long?" he asked.

"A few hours," Fernanda shrugged. "Long enough. All you have to do is hold it up and will it to work. Don't try it on us though - it will backfire."

"Wouldn't dream of it." Pyurth grinned like a shark, then held out the gem in Veneuth's direction. The dragonelle suddenly snapped stiffly upright, his eyes glazing over.

"Have you thought of betraying me?" he asked, his tone suddenly far from jovial.

"Yes, Lord Pyurth. The two men have a plan. They have paid me to stand aside when the time comes."

Pyurth guffawed, his fat rolls jiggling again.

"Go down to the dungeon and strip naked, then shackle yourself. Use your own keys, then throw them out of reach."

"Yes, my Lord." Veneuth turned, his actions wooden and stiff like a puppet. He unbolted the door and left the room.

"What a fine evening this is turning out to be," chuckled Pyurth. "Very well. I'll give you what you want. At the end of the hallway outside that door is the waitress's quarters. Your men are in there. They took my brand for their protection, but now they are yours. Do whatever you like with them."

Fernanda nodded as Pyurth turned and lifted the other girl, ready to rape her as well. They left the room quickly, Fernanda letting the captain lead the way down the dark hallway with his sword drawn. At the end they were confronted by a narrow, dilapidated door, with lamplight shining through the cracks at the edges.

Stendar grasped the handle, holding his sword with his other hand, and looked at Fernanda. She gave him a nod, holding her staff in a tight grip. He turned the handle and smashed the door open with his weight, and Fernanda followed. In an instant, they were all through.

She was blinded by the light for just a moment, but it was long enough to hear grunting and a man's scream leaving the room along with the smashing of glass. She blinked and caught just a glimpse of the naked backside of a man fleeing through the opposite door. A lamp had been upended just next to it, leaving flaming oil spilling out on the floor. She doused the blaze with a spell. The other mages were spreading out, covering the other exits. The room was a dirty barracks with cots and worn furniture spread here and there. Stendar had leaped over the bedding of one and was menacing a naked man in the corner with his sword. He looked as if he had been fucking a little girl that couldn't have been more than 8. She tumbled out of bed and hit the ground, nude and crying, then fled for the door. They let her go.

Fernanda cast her magic, but the fleeing man was already lost in the crowded street outside. She couldn't discern him well enough from all the Monstrum.

"Guess Matthias got away," said Stendar in a low, menacing tone. "Too bad for you Berenar. I really wanted to take two heads today."

Berenar cowered in the corner, naked and pathetic with his cock wilting in fear. He held up his hands.

"No! Don't kill me! Listen, I can help you!"

Stendar touched the blade of his sword to the man's neck, pinning him against the wall.

"You sold us out once, to that disgusting pig monster. You told him everything about us, right? All in return for a bed and a little bit of girl pussy?" Stendar swept his hand around the filthy room.

"He said we could join his guards," muttered Berenar, scarcely daring to swallow lest the blade bite deeper into his flesh. "Said we could work the tavern and have all the girls we wanted..."

"You pig!" shouted Emily, brandishing her staff with a look of fury. "You're a traitor!" Fernanda warded her away with a hand.

"And what do we do with traitors?" said Stendar, leaning in, glaring down at Berenar. The man shivered with fear.

"D-don't, don't kill me, please! I can tell you things! Pyurth deals in secrets from all over the city!"

"What could you POSSIBLY tell us that would be of any use?" Fernanda asked scornfully.

Berenar looked around at them all with wild eyes and gulped. A trickle of blood ran down his neck from the captain's sword. Fernanda touched a hand to Stendar's shoulder, and felt him ease up slightly.

"I-I've heard a lot of things...Xihuitl, the prince, I mean. He's planning something. A lot of things, actually."

"And?" Fernanda prompted

"Well - let's just say he's not quite so willing to let his father die of old age as he might let on. I don't think King Tlaloc will be on the throne much longer."

Fernanda stood staring down at the man, feeling the fury inside. He had been entrusted to keep them safe, and he had turned on them and betrayed that trust at the first opportunity. It was unforgivable. She wanted to punish him, but she didn't think she could. The academy hadn't trained her to kill men. Stendar would do it in a heartbeat if she gave the command, but suddenly a better idea occurred to her.

"Eeek!" Berenar's body lifted off the ground, hovering, and flipped over by itself.

"There," murmured Fernanda. She pointed her staff at the brand that had been seared into the man's skin just above the back of his hip. Carefully, she wove healing magic, knitting the skin together, making it grow again, pulling together the living strands of flesh into their complicated weave until the burn scar had disappeared entirely.

"What are you doing? You can't!" Berenar struggled in midair. He could feel the tingling of her magic on his body.

"We aren't going to kill him?" asked Stendar, his disappointment plain.

"This is better," Fernanda said. "Let him make his way on his own, without his master. How far do you think he'll get, a human man alone in this city with no protection?"

"You can't do this!" shrieked Berenar. Fernanda just shrugged, and lifted him up then dropped him on his feet by the open doorway leading to the alley.

"Consider it a mercy. Your life has been spared. Now, get out of here!"

She used air to swat his rump, and he jumped and then took off running through the doorway, naked and sobbing.

"Hmmph. You know, you're quite surprising sometimes, Archmage." Stendar was resting his sword on his shoulder, regarding her with a newfound respect. Nina and Emily looked in awe, but Isabella was scowling.

"We should have killed him," she said.

"We're not going to do any more killing," said Fernanda, her jaw firm. "Not if we can help it. This is a mission of peace."

"Whatever you say, Fernanda." Isabella's shrug was more contemptuous than respectful.

"Come on," said Fernanda, dropping a hand on Emily's shoulder. The girl smiled back at her. Outside, the faint roar of the tavern crowd had reached a fever pitch.

"We got what we wanted," she said, taking in the reeking room with its soiled cots and moldy walls. "I don't want to stay here a second longer. Let's go."

Fernanda pivoted on her heel and stalked out of the room, leaving the rest of the party to follow her.

"The solstice is a just a month from now," said Emily, sitting down on the bench next to Fernanda. "If we were back home they'd be celebrating with feasts and dancing."

Emily was holding a breaded wrap in each hand, and Fernanda accepted one when Emily held it out. She sniffed it. Some kind of pastry. She took a bite, tasting sweetness on the outside and a zesty spice of vegetables and shredded meat inside. Delicious. She eyed it with suspicion. Emily was tearing into her food with her typical zeal.

"You know, I think if they wanted to poison us or drug us, they could have done it a long time ago," said Emily, frowning at her friend and chewing hungrily. Fernanda sighed. Her expression must have looked grim. Worry seemed to have robbed her appetite and stolen her energy. She hadn't been sleeping well.

"Sorry," Fernanda said, trying to muster a little bit of cheer into her smile for the sake of her friend. She didn't understand how Emily could be so bubbly sometimes, given their circumstances. Maybe it was just the innocent enthusiasm of a 9-year-old.

Emily finished and licked her fingers. Fernanda held out her wrap, whole but for the single bite taken out of it. Emily looked from it to her face and back again, then took the food and ate it like she was still ravenous.

"You should eat more, Fernanda. And sleep." Emily paused to take another bite, stuffing her cheeks with food like a squirrel. "It isn't healthy, to drive yourself from dawn to dusk like this."

"I've slept enough," said Fernanda, peering down from their perch on the high terrace to where the festivities were going on below. Her nights were uneasy, filled with dreams of violence and rape. Of grunting, moaning little girls with their bodies contorted into impossible positions as they were violated by thrusting cocks. Sometimes the Serpent or the Girl were there, sometimes it was Fernanda alone, witnessing the rapes or performing them herself. She had no idea her imagination was so depraved before coming here.

Emily was watching her, brushing the last of the crumbs from her fingers.

"I've been having them too," she said cautiously.

Fernanda turned. "Bad dreams?"

Emily nodded. "I never remember them. I always wake up sweating feeling like something has been...chasing me. Almost like it wants to eat me, but worse."

Fernanda held a hand to her head. The constant menace and fear of being raped was getting to all of them. How much longer could they endure here? Isabella was growing more hostile each day, lashing out at whoever was nearest. Nina was becoming distant, withdrawn. She moped about in pensive preoccupation, sometimes frowning or smiling suddenly to herself when she thought noone was watching. Only Tatiana seemed relatively unaffected, but Fernanda suspected that there was a lot more to that girl than she let on. If she was feeling the strain, she was hiding it well, soldiering along and adding to their meticulous volume of notes on a daily basis

Both girls peered down into the square from their spot on the high stone terrace. Their friends and families may have been throwing parties back home but the Camabahlam had cooked up their own celebrations. It had been going on for three days now, with no end in sight. Drums. Feasting. Carnal displays that would make even the loosest street whore blush back home. Today, there was a particular kind of pageantry on display: Camabahlam warriors striding about, heavily decorated with feathers and beads, with some even having faux wings that resembled their goddess sewn into their fur. When they raised their arms the feathers spread like the form of a flying serpent that Fernanda had seen so many times on the city's idols.

The girls with them were dressed just as astonishingly. They wore small masks of soft feathers on their faces and their bodies were painted with a myriad of swirling designs and depictions of animals. No two were alike. Fernanda had seen body paint before though, and she might have dismissed the whole business as unremarkable if most of the girls weren't also wearing strap-on phalluses of some smooth, pink material - just as if their clits had grown to the size of a man's organ.

More pagan traditions. Fernanda sighed. The Camabahlam's devotion to their deity of Rape seemed to be absolute, as was the adoration and worship of the very girls that were the target of that rape. The ichpoyectli and the other female slaves all seemed to be enjoying themselves thoroughly, embracing the festival and fornicating freely in plain view of everyone. Many of the Camabahlam had been unable to hold back, bending little girls over whatever was nearest and ramming their tight cunts, or standing while they had their cocks sucked. Threesomes seemed to be the most popular activity. Many other girls were on their hands and knees in various places, shackled tightly to the ground at their wrists and ankles, each impaled like meat on a spit between a thrusting Camabahlam cock and the smooth, pistoning shaft of another little girl's strap-on clit-cock. Fresh girls from the Camabahlam's latest raids, probably. Not converted. Fernanda had grown numb to their tears and wailing.

"King Tlaloc has turned us away every day this week. He won't see us. He says his terms are final," said Emily, looking at Fernanda with a sideways glance to gauge her reaction.

"Then we have to find another way," Fernanda sighed.

Emily nodded and looked around, making sure nobody was eavesdropping on them. They were alone on the terrace.

"Do you think he was lying? Is the prince really planning something?"

Fernanda stroked her chin. Berenar had seemed sincere enough.

"I think it was the truth. Xihuitl - you saw how he looked when his father talked about growing old, right?"

Emily looked thoughtful, thinking back to that day.

"He looked eager for it," she said.

"Yes. More than eager. I think there's something there we can exploit. We'll reach out. We'll stoke his ambition. Maybe we can coax him to move all the sooner if he knows we'll support him."

Fernanda couldn't help but grin at the thought of Tlaloc lying bleeding on the ground.

"And if we helped him, we'd have someone on the throne that owed us a debt," Emily said. "This could really work, Fernanda."

It seemed promising. She'd have to feel out the King's son, test the waters so to speak, before obliquely suggesting that they knew what he was up to. But how long would that take? Time was wearing on her.

Fernanda turned to look at the other mages. Her and Emily had spent a while watching the monsters' grotesque festival. Nina and Tatiana were talking together near a hanging garden not far away.

"Where's Isabella?" Fernanda asked suddenly. The girl had been here a few minutes ago. Now she didn't see her anywhere.

"Hmmm. Maybe she went for a walk," suggested Emily.

"Nobody is supposed to be alone." She beckoned the other two mages over to her. "Did you see Isabella leave?"

"No." The two girls looked at each other. "She was with us but I thought she came over to watch the party with you guys," said Nina.

"Go back to our quarters. We'll look around." The sudden annoyance had irked her. Isabella knew better than to go off alone. She beckoned Emily to follow and they set off down the length of the terrace.

The walkways of these terraces were always paved with dark, flat stones. Fernanda and Emily passed elaborate carvings on the walls in between hanging vines. Almost nobody else was up here except for a few Camabahlam and their slaves. Farther on, the terrace opened up into a small craftsman's market, but the foot traffic in this direction was minimal. The pair of girls passed between a pair of Jaguar statues and across a short bridge that spanned a small canal of running water before finally spying Isabella off in the distance.

"What's she doing?" asked Emily curiously. Fernanda pushed her to the side behind some vines and the pair peeked around the corner.

Isabella was standing and talking to a lone Camabahlam. The creature had three leather straps of a harness crossing its broad, muscular chest, and a relatively short headdress. Various tools hung from his belt. As they watched, the beast said something and Isabella actually laughed.

" she flirting with him?" asked Emily, aghast. Fernanda stared: it sure looked like it. Isabella was standing up straight, smiling up at the beast's gaze. She didn't seem to mind the hungry expression it wore as it took in the gauzy and exotic uniform that hugged her hips and criss-crossed her flat breasts with dreamcloth just one shade shy of transparent. Isabella smiled and said something in return, and the Camabahlam gave a guttural chuckle.

She was going to put a stop to this. Fernanda stalked out from their hiding place and approached the pair.

"Isabella!" she barked. The pair turned to consider her. "We're going back to our quarters. Come on."

"Isabella looked from the Cambahlam to her and back again, as if wondering if she dared defy an order from her Archmage. Fernanda solved her dilemma by grabbing her by the shoulder and forcing her away from the beast.

"Ow! Ok stop it Fernanda. I'm going, I'm going..." Isabella shrugged off her grip, looking peevish as she always did.

"Just what the hell did you think you were doing?" Fernanda hissed.

"What? We were just talking. He was nice."

"Nice? NICE?!" Fernanda seethed, wondering if she should smack the girl on the head. "These creatures are not NICE. They are Monstrum!"

"Oh Xichuali isn't so bad," said Isabella with a dismissive wave of her hand. "He's a mason. He carves some of the idols."

"I don't care!" shouted Fernanda, whirling around to face Isabella, stopping the girl in her tracks. "We're supposed to be gathering information, not having polite little chats with these rape monsters!"

Isabella rolled her eyes. "Well, I actually DID gather some information, Fernanda, if you would just listen for once."

Fernanda hesitated, her expression tight, before finally gesturing them all to walk again.

"Fine. Tell us what you found out. Hopefully something new."

"We were talking about the festival," said Isabella. "It's in honor of their Goddess - no surprise there - and it goes on all the way through the solstice."

"We knew that," said Fernanda, annoyed.

"What we didn't know is that they expect Xochiquetzal to actually show up at the end."

"WHAT?!" Fernanda stopped dead in her tracks again, jaw dropping open. "Impossible!"

Isabella shrugged. "Probably. But they're pretty convinced that something will happen. Supposedly she shows up every hundred years. Up until now they've been living on the islands and in the jungles. This is the first time their deity will see them living in a society in a city.

Fernanda fumed. Ridiculous, idiotic superstition. It would make her job harder. The Camabahlam would be even more reckless and aggressive if they expected their disgusting Goddess to show up in the flesh and do who-knew-what for them. This was a complication they didn't need.

"Maybe we should stick around," said Emily tentatively.

"Not like we have a choice," muttered Fernanda.

"I mean, if something happens, we'll have the chance to expose it as a sham. It might throw their society into chaos. Xochiquetzal can't possibly exist, right? But they're expecting something.

Emily had some good ideas sometimes. Fernanda rubbed her chin, thinking.

"Even better," she said, "we might turn it to our advantage more directly. What if their Goddess showed up and told them to make peace with Teleria and let us all go?"

"You can't possibly be serious Fernanda," said Isabella scornfully.

"I am. Listen. We have more combined magical talent than most in the Magisterium. With the right spells, we could do it undetected. Maybe project a big image of their Goddess at the temple and make it talk, or something."

"Pretty risky," said Isabella, but Fernanda could tell she liked how devious it was.

"If it comes to that, what other choice would we have?" she asked. The girls finally nodded in agreement.

They had climbed the steep steps back to their dwelling and pulled the drape aside to enter. Nina and Tatiana were there. Now all five of them were back together. Five, out of their original seven. Fernanda still felt pangs of guilt.

"Listen," Fernanda said, addressing them all. "I think we're losing sight of something here. We've lived among these...beasts for too long." She gave a pointed look at Isabella. "They're not our friends, they're our enemies. They're MONSTRUM for god's sake. We've been trained to slaughter their kind."

The girls nodded together absently. Of course. It was the mission of all mages - to fight Monstrum and drive them out of the world.

"They would rape us and enslave us in a heartbeat if we didn't have diplomatic immunity. They even rape toddlers for god's sake. We're going to get a reminder of just what it is these brutes mean to do to us. It's the full moon tonight. They'll be having their ceremonies. We'll all attend. I want us to be sure, SURE" - she held up a finger, interrupting their protests - "that you all don't forget that the Camabahlam are animals, beyond redemption."

They looked shocked and sullen. Fernanda stared them all down in turn, then turned and went to her room, pulling aside the sheet and entering. She tumbled into her bed. She wasn't tired, but what she didn't want to admit was that watching the festival activities had turned her on like nothing else. Her cunt was still flushed and tingling. She traced a finger down and began rubbing slowly, thinking about it. Those poor girls, shackled down, raped at each end by a terrifying panther creature and a girl her own age. She couldn't get their howls out of her mind, nor the gleeful expressions of the rapists as their prey struggled and then submitted and orgasmed repeatedly. All the prisoners succumbed in the end to the Conversion effects. The mages hadn't had much of a chance to study Camabahlam semen past their initial examinations. Tatiana had had trouble actually detecting the Conversion elements in the goo they had gathered, so analyzing it had been impossible so far. She'd have to talk with them about it. Understanding the Camabahlam Conversion was key to their mission.

The thought slipped from her mind, replaced with musings on what they would see tonight. The itchy swell of pleasure in her crotch grew as the scene played out in her imagination. Three hundred virgin girls, pulled up the steep steps to the Ziggurats, raped en masse under the blazing silver light of the moon. The screams from the thirteen altars would rise to the night sky, pleasing the Goddess. Cum and blood and tears would ooze down and collect into puddles on the hard stone. Little girls shrieking, struggling, wiggling as they were penetrated. Thick black beast cocks spreading tiny pussies wide open, pistoning deep inside. The inevitable rush of each girl's orgasm as sticky hot jizz spewed up into their wombs. Hopefully the sight would remind them all of what they were fighting against, why they needed to resist.

Fernanda came on her own fingers, her moaning muffled by her other hand. Gods, that burning feeling was coming more often now, unquenchable urges that she could barely resist. She masturbated three or four times a day now, trying to hide it from the other girls. Delaying made the feeling worse and worse until she finally broke down and sought satisfaction.

Fernanda rubbed her own tiny breasts in languid fashion. Seeing Isabella's flirting had surprised and infuriated her, but maybe it shouldn't have. Maybe they should pretend to get chummy with the Camabahlam. Tonight would help. Everyone would think their delegation was there to honor and worship Xochiquetzal. The other mages hadn't been at the last ceremony. Now they would see the horror with their own eyes.

Why did that thought excite her?

The drums thundered with the syncopating chanting of the priestesses. The full moon blazed down like the sun, bathing the temple mount in eerie silver light and harsh shadows. There were so many girls. Fernanda leaned forward, eager in spite of herself. A pair of priestesses were dragging a small girl Emily's age to the central altar - the first of many. The girl cried and wept, dragging her feet, and the women simply hauled her by her arms like a sack of potatoes before grabbing her and throwing her onto the altar.

"Please..." cried the little girl, tears glittering on her face in the moonlight. Her nude flesh was entrancing, white like milk and glowing from the soft light. The Camabahlam in front of the little girl towered over her, its thick cock bulging like a black pillar pointed straight at her.

The girl shrieked and struggled when she saw the massive organ. She twisted and almost broke free of their grip, but the Camabahlam smacked her hard across the face, dashing her back against the hard stone of the altar. She yelped and landed on her stomach, and the priestesses moved to hold her down in that position and spread her legs, her pert little bottom open and exposed to the monster.

A scream. The howl of virginity taken, innocence lost. Sacrificed, there on the altar of Rape. Fernanda realized she had been licking her lips and stopped. Other girls were being led forward. Dragged, really, in spite of their terror. Soon all thirteen altars were occupied, and the unholy ritual of defilement being played out on the cruel stone beds was in full swing.

"Fernanda..." said Emily, whispering in her ear. Fernanda jumped and turned. She had almost forgotten the other mages were there.

"Do we really have to watch this?" Emily's face was wrinkled with distaste as she gestured. "There are so many..."

Fernanda stared at her. It annoyed her when Emily questioned her. She was the Archmage. It was her decision.

"Yes, you have to watch. We will all watch," she said with finality, turning to eye them all. They nodded reluctantly.

The itch was growing hotter, burning, searing shudders in her pussy. Fernanda watched the ritual of mass rape while the fire grew inside of her. She reached down a surreptitious hand under her skirt, feeling the slick arousal coating the lips of her cunt.

It wouldn't do to keep them ignorant any longer. Let them watch. Let them see. The Camabahlam were beyond monstrous. Their goddess drove them to acts so vile they were beyond human comprehension. As she watched, girl after girl was pulled or thrown onto the altars, bawling in the brief moments before the priestesses held her down and the Camabahlam raped them. Time after time, on their stomachs or backs or however they fell, tiny hairless pussies split wide by thick shafts of wrinkled black flesh. The Camabahlam really took their time too, letting the girl wail as she felt the harsh spines scratching her insides. Fernanda wondered if they caused bleeding and that accelerated the Conversion process once the Camabahlam actually ejaculated inside them. Usually the toxins were soaked up well enough by the mucous membranes, but if they entered the bloodstream maybe it was quicker. It was a theory worth investigating.

She thought to mention it to Tatiana and turned, but the girl was sitting still like a statue in shock, her mouth open, and look of fascinated horror on her face. For once, she was taking no notes. Knowing her though, she was committing every detail to her infallible memory.

On and on it went, the ritual lasting well into the night without exhausting the seemingly endless supply of girls. Each girl was different, each rape the same. Howls and struggling, panting, jerking, gasping as pain turned to pleasure. Most seemed to be virgins, if not all. Almost none looked to be in their teenage years. The Camabahlam really liked them young, just like the Org-reh did. They were a discriminating species. Deep down, Fernanda had to admit that she had developed a certain kind of perverse respect for the wretched creatures. They were strong and determined, zealous, even fanatical. This was their city and their culture. Maybe she shouldn't worry so much about how many girls they raped on their altars. After all, after a little while, the girls would like it. Hell, they would eagerly drop to their knees to suck their master's spiny cocks or bend over to have their tiny bodies pistoned hard by the massive throbbing pricks. Funny, she had told the mages to attend to see how abominable they were, and now she had found she had almost developed a certain grudging respect for them. Maybe it wasn't so inconceivable that Isabella had flirted with one...

"How do they know which one gets to rape her?" asked Emily, her voice low and trembling.

"It's whichever one captured her," said Fernanda. They save the first rape of some of them for the ceremony, to please Xochiquetzal, before they are made ichpoyectli and the Camabahlam gets his feathers. See? Look."

Fernanda pointed her finger to the center altar, where a woman and three young girls - clearly her daughters - were wailing and holding each other as they were bodily dragged along. The Camabahlam who had captured them was already there, naked with his thick cock jutting out proudly and licking his muzzle with a hungry look in his cat eyes as he eyeballed the family. The girls broke down when they saw him, and it took multiple priestesses to restrain them all.

He started with the mother. She was young enough, and quite fair, with rich blond hair that fell around her shoulders in golden waves. He pushed her back on the altar and lined up, then penetrated her hard. She screeched, and her daughters cried out with eyes bulging wide as they watched the thick cock piston into their mother's cunt. He finished with her quickly, and the eldest daughter was brought forth, a girl that looked no older than 10. She was thrown against the altar and bent over, butt in the air, smooth, creamy flesh glowing in the moonlight. She howled when the cock went in. The Camabahlam warrior banged zestily, smacking her little body cruelly against the stone, cock splitting her tiny cunt wide open. The squishy rippling of the spiny cock moving in and out was a melody cutting through the girl's tight gasps. In short order she was cumming and so was he. She dropped to the stone moaning, amber cum flooding out of her pussy, and the priestesses grabbed the two younger girls and pulled them forward.

He looked at the pair of them as they were thrown on the altar, as if deciding which one pleased him most. They huddled in front of him, hugging each other in fear, cowering in the face of that monstrous black prick which had raped their mother and sister and was still powerfully erect and dripping with their juices. The larger girl looked about seven and the younger couldn't have been more than four years old. He began with the larger girl, holding her down around the waist with a huge paw and thrusting his mammoth organ straight into her virginal little twat. She shrieked. The girls clung to each other tighter, their wails rising to the merciless darkness of the night sky. When he was finished with the larger, he began with the smaller.

Fernanda hadn't seen them try one so young before. The girl was barely bigger than a toddler! But it was almost as if magic was in the air as the huge prick, larger than the girl's arm, was forced inside her cunt while she screamed and writhed in her sister's grip. Inch by inch, the blasphemous cock entered the shuddering little girl, stretching her pathetically tiny pussy to its limit and beyond. Fernanda's eyes bulged, watching. The massive thing was squeezed so tightly that the girl's body practically seemed to vibrate with his pulse. When he bottomed out, he stood up slightly, holding the tiny girl's weight with his cock alone, a pathetic little cocksleeve as he raised his arms and roared glory to Xochiquetzal.

When he was finished with his new ichpoyectli, the priestesses gave him an orange feather for the mother, a green for the eldest daughter - apparently their inspection had revealed she wasn't a virgin - and two blue feathers for the pair of younger daughters.

Fernanda had stroked her own cunt to a sizzling peak as she watched the rape. She looked around surreptitiously, and was shocked to discover that the other mages had their hands under their skirts too. Tatiana was digging deeply with her left hand under her green skirt and fondling herself with her right while moaning slightly. The look of glazed fascination on her eyes was unmistakable. Isabella was behind her, doing the same, leering at the perverse ceremony playing out before them. Nina wasn't even trying to hide it. Only Emily wasn't openly masturbating. The girl had averted her eyes from the scene, merely pretending to watch the pagan rite with a sour look on her face. She apparently hadn't noticed the heavy gasps of the other girls. Naive to a fault.

At the altar to the left, a slim little redhead of twelve years was squealing as she bucked back against a thick Camabahlam cock, and at the right an eight-year-old with raven hair was being roundly fucked so hard that the altar was moving slightly. The erotic flush in Fernanda's pussy deepened, but she couldn't get the thought of the family that had been raped together out of her head. She managed to lean forward, and tap a sitting Camabahlam with her free hand.

"The mother and the three girls..." she asked. "How did they come to be here?"

"They were captured near the Eastern reaches of the jungle in a raiding party sent by our King," he said.

What happened to them after they were captured but before they were taken here?" she asked.

The Camabahlam seemed only too happy to answer. "Those who are to be sacrified are kept in the temple, in a place for those who are to be given to the Goddess. They are fed only the sweet-milk for a month, to cleanse their human spirits. The priestesses bathe and clean them and dress their naked bodies in perfumes before bringing them here, that they might please.

"Oh. Thanks." Fernanda sat back on her bench, resuming the slow stroke of her cuntlips. Something about that seemed off, like a tiny clue hiding just out of sight, but the fever burning in her brain was keeping her from seeing it. She dismissed the thought.

In its place came another idea. She stood up abruptly, grabbing her staff with wet fingers and letting her skirt drop.

"Fernanda?" asked Emily.

"I know how we can get back Shayla, and maybe Isabella" Fernanda said. "I just have to please the Goddess."

"What?" Emily was clearly confused, her mouth agape. Fernanda waved her hand dismissively. The other mages were already moaning, on the verge of their own climaxes. They paid no attention. Fernanda strode forward, straight into the heart of the debauchery. It seemed so clear to her. Appease their wretched deity, then plead with the King for the return of her girls. It might work. It would work. She would do whatever it took for the return of her mages. She didn't know why she hadn't thought of it before.

A priestess moved to bar her way, hissing a warning. Fernanda stopped.

"I want to participate. I want, in the ceremony."

"Only priestesses may serve!" the woman said, scandalized.

"Well, I'm a mage. That's...kind of the same thing."

The woman gaped at her. She wasn't buying it.

"Look, maybe I'm new to your ways, but let me prove myself," she urged. "I've had a lot of chances to study your culture, but I can't really understand it unless I experience it for myself."

The priestess hesitated, considering, and then finally nodded.

"Very well." She led Fernanda by the hand to the central altar. A small girl Fernanda's own age was struggling there, her pussy impaled on the business end of a Camabahlam's 3-foot cock.

The girl looked up at her, tears in her eyes. Pleading. Desperate. The priestesses had been holding her because she was still struggling in fright.

Fernanda pushed them aside and leaned on the girl's legs, holding them wide open. The girl wailed, her eyes full of betrayal as she looked at Fernanda. The Camabahlam resumed, slamming his huge organ straight into the girl's tiny pussy. He seemed to be enjoying himself. The girl was very pretty, with wavy blonde hair tied into a tail and hanging to her waist. Her skin shone like milk under the moonlight, and her pink nipples were flush and erect with unwilling pleasure as she was fucked. Her wails and screams joined the chorus of all the other girls. The Camabahlam hissed and grunted, enjoying how she wiggled and struggled in helpless subjugation, her cunt spread wide open around the huge girth of his cock. He drove into her harder and deeper, spearing her body, enjoying each yelp of pain and pleasure that was forced out of her with every hammering thrust.

The hot passion swelled in Fernanda's crotch. She was turned on beyond belief. It was like that burning heat had found its focus here, in the defilement of this little girl on an unholy altar. The girl was thrashing hysterically, out of control, and Fernanda didn't have enough weight to control her just by the legs. She'd have to try something else. The Camabahlam would be displeased if the girl wiggled so far away that his rhythm was broken.

Fernanda crawled up onto the stone altar. Its cold, pockmarked surface scraped her bare legs. She inched forward on her knees and then moved to straddle the girl.

"Aaawwwwww! Noooooo! Pleeeeeeasssse! Ahh, help me!" cried the girl. Fernanda pushed the girl's shoulders back to the stone and moved up until she was over her head. The girl's eyes widened as they looked up Fernanda's skirt and saw her bare cunt. Fernanda clamped her legs together to hold the girl's thrashing head still, then let herself down, grinding her cunt into the girl's face.

The heat roared as the girl's mouth touched her sizzling sex. She could feel the little thing sputtering, trying to move away, but she kept her head steady.

"Stop!" Hissed Fernanda! "Just enjoy it! There's no getting away."

The girl wailed, not listening. Fernanda shrugged, and pushed harder. The girl's lips and tongue and chin thrashed wildly and wetly on Fernanda's crotch, and Fernanda pushed a finger down to rub her clit. It must have been quite a sight for the other Camabahlam: the naked little thing wiggling on the stone with a huge black cock pounding her so hard that his balls slapped her ass and her head buried deep underneath another girl's sheer skirt.

The violent rubbing of her crotch had Fernanda panting. She pushed down harder, smashing her pussy lips onto the girl's face. She could feel the sizzling tears, the reluctant tongue slipping between her pussy lips as the girl tried to push her away. Her struggles stoked the fire inside Fernanda. She ground her crotch cruelly, rubbing her own flat beasts through her uniform, head back and exulting in the feeling. The poor girl's virginity, stolen here by rapacious beasts, a plunging cock battering her insides, and now Fernanda's eager swelling cunt slathering juices all over her face. Fernanda came wildly just as the girl beneath her did, the pair thrashing together, thick spurts of amber cum filling the girl's insides just as squirting pussy juice filled her crying mouth. Fernanda cried out, a guttural squeal of burning passion, the heat inside her blazing like a bonfire.

The girl was pulled off the altar and replaced with another, a green-eyed little 8-year-old. Fernanda did the same to her. Then a tottering like blue-eyed 6-year-old. Fernanda helped rape her gleefully, cumming yet again on the struggling waif's face. On and on it went. Fernanda panted and seethed with glee in the moments between her orgasms. It was like being tossed on a fiery ocean of ecstasy. A violent 12-year-old that thrashed crazily. Fernanda turned around and leaned her whole weight on the girl's arms as she face-fucked her in concert with the Camabahlam. She liked that even better. When the next offering came, Fernanda 69'd her, pushing back to grind her cunt in the girl's face while licking the girl's clit inches from the pounding piston of black cock smashing at the girl's cunt.

She had lost count of the victims. She had lost count of her orgasms. Dozens. Fernanda gibbered crazily, spittle dribbling messily down her chin. Her thighs and crotch were gooey swamps that she eagerly squeezed around each new girl's head like a vice. Let them feel her pleasure. Let them embrace their rapes. Let the Camabahlam watch and see. The Archmage, giving glory to the goddess through each new depravation. Fernanda didn't care. The rapes would happen anyway. She was just trying to get what she needed.

At long last the ritual was over. Every single girl had been raped. Every one defiled and her young body flooded with gooey cum. Fernanda rested on the altar, delirious from the pleasure. Eventually she groaned and got off, and found her mages still watching, eyes fixed on her and hands buried under their skirts as they kneeled on the stone. They looked ashamed, disheveled and embarrassed. It was obvious they ahd cum while watching her. Fernanda blushed. She made a silent motion and they set off back to their quarters.

Everything had been silent since they returned. A dark, somber mood had descended over their quarters, and Fernanda sat deep in thought out on her private veranda, looking out over the twinkling lights of the city. All those girls, lined up and led to their own ritual deflowering like cattle. Fernanda could almost see them that way now. She had orgasmed countless times, holding each squirming girl down and grinding her cunt into their faces as the Camabahlam penetrated them with their spiny cocks. On and on it had gone, the drums beating like a primal rhythm, blood thundering in her ears, pussy throbbing with ecstasy. Maybe now the Camabahlam would take her seriously, would think she was really embracing their culture. The cries of each girl still echoed in her head like a beautiful chorus, blending together in a song of worship for their disgusting deity.

"Is that what you wanted, you sick fuck?" murmured Fernanda, getting up and leaning over the railing of the patio. "Is that how a god gets off?" Her fingers clenched the pocked stone tightly with anger, with exhilaration. The thrill of the ritual was still simmering in the clenched walls of her pussy. Fernanda had never experienced anything so exciting, so raw. She wondered what had become of her, what had become of them all. The other mages, openly masturbating instead of stopping her. Tonight had been the antithesis of everything she had worked for as a mage, and yet Fernanda knew she would do it again in a heartbeat. She had never felt so aroused, so alive - like the violent thrashing energy of each girl had taken on a life of its own on that altar, a dark wine of terror and pleasure that Fernanda and all the others had drunken deeply of, the intoxicating ecstasy taking hold of them completely.

The Camabahlam had their mass rape rituals every full moon. She would begin attending them all. They all would. And if any of the mages gave her attitude about it, they might find themselves next on the altar.

Fernanda took pause. She knew the thought should shock her, but somehow it rested comfortably in her mind. She shrugged, dismissing her concerns. All that mattered was their mission. Nobody could get in the way of that.

She heard the clomp of his boots before the clearing of this throat. She turned, and saw Captain Stendar standing at attention just outside the open stone doorway.

"Yes Captain?"

"That bookish little girl," he said, "what's her name - Tatiana. She said she was going to observe the city from the landing nearby. That was an hour ago. When I sent my men to retrieve her, they found no sign of her.

"Have we another runaway?" sighed Fernanda.

"It's one of YOUR mages this time," groused the Captain. "Nobody saw her leave."

"Then I guess it's up to the mages to find her," Fernanda said with a sniff. "Bring Emily and Nina. We'll search together."

"Without an escort?" Captain Stendar was aghast.

"It's hard to go anywhere covertly with your men clattering about with their boots and swords. We don't want to wake the whole city. Don't worry Captain." Fernanda hefted her staff to remind him. "Our magic is a better protection than anything you can offer."

He stood stiffly, anger turning his lip, but finally nodded and turned to get the other girls. They gathered wordlessly in the common room, Emily and Nina looking pensive and Isabella as surly as usual. Fernanda gave a quick explanation and then led them out onto the avenues of steep staircases that ran up and down the terraces.

"She was last seen over there," said Fernanda, pointing to the platform just across the way that overlooked the bend in the terrace. She looked around to make sure nobody else was near, then swished her staff to cast a quick locating spell. There. She could feel Tatiana's heartbeat, slightly elevated, farther along the way and slightly down from where they were.

"Let's go," she said, leading them in that direction. The city sprawled around them, sleeping in the darkness like a sated beast. They descended a couple flights and walked for about 10 minutes, passing a series of still pools, before coming to the stone gate of a large compound. The metal bars were closed, and a quartet of menacing Camabahlam guards flanked the entrance on both sides, eyeing them from afar.

"Maybe they'll let us in if we ask nicely," murmured Isabella sarcastically. "We could say we're here for a party, with us as the entertainment."

"Hush." Fernanda looked around, and spotted an open area where the path led back into a smaller alleyway on the side of the manor. They entered single-file, following Fernanda, the solid stone of the terrace on one side and the high stone wall of the compound on the other.

"This is as close as we can get," said Fernanda. She could feel Tatiana nearby, just beyond the wall. She didn't seem in any great distress.

"We can't just barge in," said Emily, frowning. Fernanda caught her gaze and the girls stared at each other for a moment, sharing the same thought. Fernanda nodded, and Emily swirled her staff in the air for a few seconds, condensing enough energy to shroud them all with spells of silence and cloaking. Fernanda let her do it, knowing Emily's defensive magic was superior to everyone else's. When the girl was done, Fernanda layered another spell expertly on top of their existing enchantment.

"Ready?" she asked, watching the girls nod in turn. She went first, turning to the wall and crouching down, then vaulting straight up into the air with a powerful leap. Her sheer uniform swished and fluttered around her, the sound muted and the cool night breeze brushing her skin as she soared through the apex of her jump and landed on top of the wall, twenty feet up.

Fernanda crouched and peered over the edge as the other girls jumped up behind her, magical grace guiding their movements to soft landings. She could see Tatiana from here - barely. The girl was with some Camabahlam, but she couldn't make out anything more with the jungle leaves blocking the view. The space beneath them was dark and clear of Camabahlam - some kind of flowering garden. Fernanda jumped down and landed like a silent cat on the grass, barely registering the soft swishes as the other girls followed. Tatiana was just ahead. Keeping low, she crept forward, staying in the darkness even as she approached the lighted courtyard near the center of the garden. A planter of leafy vegetables stood like a sentinel at the edge of the light. The girls all ducked behind it, then peered carefully over one by one.

Tatiana was reclining on a pillowed bench between two burly Camabahlam. They seemed quite at ease with each other, talking quietly. The girl didn't seem like she had been captured. Her staff was leaning against a lamp nearby. Fernanda cast a quick spell so they could all listen in.

"-called dreamcloth," said Tatiana. "It's not woven, but rather extruded from a silk compound onto which a fine mesh of magic is overlaid. Over time, the silk begins to adhere to the magical weave and take its shape. It's a rudimentary spellform, really, but it still takes a talented mage to pull it off."

"Interesting," rumbled one of the Camabahlam, rubbing the filmy emerald-colored material with one hand. He had his other arm around the girl comfortably, with Tatiana leaning into him. His fingers brushed the girl's nipples teasingly as he leered at her chest, barely concealed by the scandalous uniform.

"I believe the Toltec mages used something similar," he said. "I was hoping I could learn the technique, but if it requires magic I don't believe I'll ever be able to master it. Too bad. The king would reward me handsomely if I could clothe his ichpoyectli in garments so beautiful. What do you think, Hiutlani?"

The other Camabahalm had nestled on Tatiana's other side, fingers lightly tracing her hips. Tatiana turned her head to face him, her tiny body ludicrously small as it was bracketed between the pair of 900-pound beasts.

"I think I would need a closer look, brother," said Hiutlani, peering down at her "I'd need to really examine the weave, from close up."

Tatiana hesitated, looking up at him, then sat up straight on the bench. She reached behind her, undoing a few allocite clasps, and the top of her uniform came loose. She pulled it off, exposing herself, and then handed it to the Cambahlam.

"Hmm, I see," muttered Hiutlani, holding the garment close to his eye to scrutinize it. "The weave is very fine Metztli, and almost...impossibly complex.

Tatiana nodded, leaning back again, accepting the furry paws of Metztli with a giggle as he fondled her flat breasts.

"It's so good to finally meet other scholars," Tatiana sighed. "We thought the Camabahlam were all warriors. We had no idea you had tradesmen and apothecaries and everything needed to run a city."

"Once, we truly were all warriors," said Hiutlani. "But the Goddess has uplifted us. Now we do many things."

"But still, every single Camabahlam must complete their military service," said Metztli. "Whether they want to be a warrior their whole lives is their choice. We both spent many years fighting the Toltec."

He gestured to his own headdress, a modest affair that ran down nearly to his waist.

"Being a warrior is our highest honor, and allows the privilege of taking ichpoyectli in battle. I raped many Toltec women and girls. Now they are my ichpoyectli and have given me 30 cubs in all."

"Orange for a woman, yellow for a teenager..." murmured Tatiana. "Such a fascinating tradition."

"You would be a green or blue feather, if not for your magic," said Hiutlani, caressing her hip from the other side. "But a mage is a violet feather. Neither of us has ever gained such a high honor."

"Hmmm...accolades for raping little girls." Tatiana sighed with pleasure as Metzli fondled her, a flush growing in her neck and her nipples beginning to stiffen. "How perverse. We study every Monstrum species we encounter, but the Camabahlam are truly unique."

Tatiana squeaked when Metzli suddenly ducked flicked a tongue against her bare nipple. It was obvious she was extremely aroused, her chest heaving.

"Look what they're doing to her!" hissed Emily at Fernanda's shoulder. "Let's go kick their asses and rescue her!"

Fernanda clapped a hand over Emily's mouth and pulled her further down into the bushes.

"Hush! They'll hear us!"

"But we have to do something!" said Emily, her voice muffled.

"Don't be stupid! We're trespassing, and look at all the guards!"

Fernanda pointed them out: at least 4 armed Camabahlam keeping watch at the edges of the garden, and a dozen more patrolling the wall overhead. House guards, apparently.

"Like you said, we can't just barge in," said Nina. "Tatiana got herself into this, she'll have to get herself out."

Fernanda nodded in agreement as Emily's expression went sour. Silently, they peered over the bushes again.

Hiutlani had removed his loincloth and was guiding Tatiana's tiny hand to his massive barbed cock. The girl was breathing heavily, with glistening saliva on her breasts. She touched a tentative finger to the glans of the massive organ.

"I've sketched a number of them so far," Tatiana said, almost whispering, "but never touched one." She ran a single finger down the bulbous head to the throbbing shaft of black skin to where the spines began. Hiutlani grinned lasciviously at her, letting the little girl satisfy her curiosity.

"Warm. Approximate length 38 inches. Expected ejaculate: 315cc." Tatiana recited what she knew in a husky, mesmerized voice. "We still lack data on conception rates and gestational periods. May I...may I taste it? For science, of course."

"Of course," said Hiutlani with a leer. Tatiana ducked her head to the massive organ, eyes pinned to the throbbing girth, then opened her mouth and touched her tongue to the glans. She made a surprised face, then began licking enthusiastically, sliding her tongue up and down the fist-sized head of the massive organ.

Hiutlani groaned, leaning farther back in the divan. His fingers curled into a fist in Tatiana's hair, guiding her in a bobbing motion as she moved down the girth of his waving prick until she reached the area where the bushy spines began.

"Oh!" said Tatiana, with a startled expression, when her tongue finally touched them. "They're not really sharp like I thought." She pulled back slightly, a gooey runner of salvia dangling from her lips, and touched the spines that festooned the thick midsection of the Camabahlam's cock.

"Mmmm," rumbled Hiutlani, his eyes fluttering and the muscles of his powerful body shaking with a slight tremor.

"It's where we feel the greatest pleasure," said Metzli from the other side. "When an ichpoyectli has grown accustomed enough to us for us to fit even those inside, that is what we enjoy most."

"An erogenous zone," murmured Tatiana, gently fondling the fleshy spines. Hiutlani was clearly enjoying himself, his cock managing to swell even larger under the little girl's touch. "How fascinating."

"They make the ichpoyectli wiggle, and they are unwilling to pull away when we rape them," said Metzli.

"Not unlike male felines of lesser species," said Tatiana. "There are many parallels between your anatomy and those of Jaguars and Lions."

"Yes," hissed Metzli, his furry muzzle practically whispering in her ear. "We will show you."

"Oh," said Tatiana, smiling politely and withdrawing her hand. "I don't think so. I believe I have enough data now." She moved to rise and reach for her staff, but Metzli shoved her back down violently.

"Ouch! Stop it!" Tatiana struggled, but she was helpless in the grip of the two Camabahlam. They laughed at her efforts.

"This is forbidden!" Tatiana said haughtily. "My Tlaquani grants me diplomatic immunity!" She pointed to the crown of feathers on her head. "Your king will whip you and your ichpoyectli will be forfeit!"

The two Camabahlam grinned at each other, before Hiutlani rose and ripped the Tlaquani off her head and hurled it out into the darkness of the garden. It landed and rolled to a stop near Fernanda, who picked it up.

"What Tlaquani?" sneered Metzli. "I see nothing like that. Only a helpless little girl."

Tatiana cowered back on the divan, eyes rolling wildly with fear as her predicament became clear. They came to rest on her staff, and she rolled and made a grab for it.

She almost made it. A single finger would have granted her access to her magic, enough to rip apart the two monsters towering over her, but they grabbed her wrist and flung her back.

Tatiana howled as the beasts went to work, ripping off the rest of her uniform. The green sleeves of gossamer cloth tore easily, and the Camabahlam ripped her skirt down the middle, spilling bits of broken allocite clasps and chains across the stone patio with a clatter.

With a pair of hungry snarls, they flipped the helpless girl over and shoved her face-first into the pile of pillows until her butt was thrust in the air.

"You have been here for quite some time," hissed Metzli into her ear. "We have questions of our own. For example: just how many inches can Hiutlani here stuff in your pretty little pussy before you beg for mercy? Hmmm?"

"Let me go!" sobbed Tatiana, her voice muffled. "I won't be your slave!"

The Camabahlam laughed again, and Metzli kept her held down as Hiutlani slapped her perky little ass and lined up his massive cock at her cunt. The glans touched her pussy lips, and the organ flexed like a rippling behemoth, a preposterous organ bigger than the little girl's arm. It defied belief that such a huge penis could fit inside the pussy of such a little girl, but Fernanda knew somehow that it would. As they watched, all the girls gave a collective gasp as the monstrous cock stretched Tatiana's pussy obscenely wide, then finally popped in. Metzli yanked Tatiana's head out of the pillows, and then wasted no time in ramming his own cock straight into her mouth and down her throat.

Tatiana's squeals were muffled as her tiny body was bucked back and forth in the air between the pair of massive panther monsters. Fernanda winced, imaging those horrendous genital spines scratched at the tiny girl's mouth and her quivering pussy lips. Her screams were swallowed by the throbbing prick that Fernanda could see working in her throat. Her body shook and trembled, vicious thrusting cocks impaling her from both ends. The Camabahlam snarled again, gleefully, enjoying their lusty rape of the little girl who had fallen into their clutches so willingly.

"How does it feel?" taunted Metzli, banging lustily into her throat. "Will you document this in your little magical book?"

"Don't worry, you will have all the time you need to record our gestational period," sneered Hiutlani from behind her. "We share our ichpoyectli. My brother and I will rape you day and night until your belly grows fat with cubs. It doesn't matter to us whose seed catches in you.

Tatiana's tiny pink body struggled helplessly, pinned like a spitroast on the two fat, pistoning cocks of the standing Camabahlam. Her arms thrashed, unable to touch the ground. Her legs kicked. It didn't help. The brothers rammed her back and forth, faster and faster, the slick, juicy sounds of rape a melody against the muffled sounds of her screams. In almost no time they thrust forward together, hands on her shoulders and hips to hold her thrashing steady, her spine bent until it looked like she would snap as they emptied their cum inside of her.


She almost jumped when she felt Emily's hand on her shoulder.

"What do we do?!" The younger girl's eyes were wide with terror, watching her friend raped right in front of her.

Fernanda gripped her staff in one hand, and clenched the Tlaquani with the other. They could smash this whole place down, burn it to cinders, kill the two Camabahlam and rescue Tatiana. But then what? They'd never make it out of the city. The Camabahlam would crash down on them like a flood, and then they'd all end up like Tatiana. She could feel the anger of it boiling in her blood, the rage, and underneath it a pulsing, desperate horniness from watching the little girl, her mouth and cunt stuffed to breaking, helpless as she was raped to a hysterical wreck in front of her eyes.

"We-we have to go," she said, her voice a hoarse whisper.

"You can't be serious!" gawked Nina.

"You're going to let those bastards have ANOTHER one of us? Just like my sister?!" Isabella's face was red with fury.

"Be quiet! They'll hear us!" Fernanda peeked around the bush to make sure that hadn't happened already, but the two Camabahlam were still busy enjoying the rape of their newest little slave slut, and the other guards were too far off to have heard them.

"Tatiana did this to herself. We're returning to our quarters. That's an order!"

"Whatever you say, *Archmage*," sniffed Isabella.

Even with their spells, they weren't completely undetectable, especially to the sensitive eyes and ears of the monstrous Camabahlam. They crept back along the garden to the wall, taking care to stay quiet and hidden, and waited for the guards' patrols to lead them farther away before vaulting over the wall again.

Fernanda looked up to the inky sky as they walked back. The stars shone down on them, cruel and indifferent, caring nothing for their loss. All around them the city lurked in the darkness with quiet menace, edged by short calls of nighttime wildlife from the ever-present jungle. Anabella. Shayla. And now Tatiana. What was happening to them? It was all falling apart, and she was helpless to stop it. They arrived back at their quarters and parted in sullen silence, each of the girls retiring to their own small alcoves to sleep.

Fernanda fell into her bed. Her blood had been running hot ever since the temple ceremony. The memories of the rapes she had helped commit paraded in her fevered mind. The horniness hadn't gone away, even as many times as she had cum. She held the discarded Tlaquani in her hands, feeling the soft feathers. So many girls surrendered, violated on the thrusting ends of Camabahlam cocks. And now Tatiana. The king HAD to grant her request for the return of her mages the next time he saw them. If he ever saw them again. Fernanda had a sinking feeling that he wouldn't, that her sacrifice of Tatiana would be for nothing.

Her thoughts lingered on the little girl, even now being raped for sport. The Camabahlam possessed boundless energy. They never tired of rape. They really would rape her around the clock until she was pregnant. How long it would take until her 12-year-old body would catch depended on the Conversion effects, which they still knew practically nothing about. Tatiana had been their best chance at deciphering it, and now she would be getting a first-hand education. Camabahlam cocks shoved in her mouth and pussy all night and all day, her 12-year-old body wiggling, squealing, orgasming on the stiff pricks and their raspy spines, cum spewing deep inside her, flooding her womb, filling her stomach with sticky jizz until it leaked out of her mouth in a dripping river of gooey amber syrup.

Fernanda let her eyes close sleepily as she touched herself. Maybe Tatiana would be a good little harem whore. Maybe she'd even be happy. Most of the girls seemed to be, once they had been raped enough. Fernanda was breathing heavily, thinking of it. She realized she had been masturbating, holding the Tlaquani with one hand while frigging herself with the other, thinking about Tatiana. Maybe the Camabahlam would each earn a purple feather for themselves, the easiest catch they ever made. No wonder they didn't fear the mages. Fernanda dug deeper, sinking two fingers in to the second knuckle. Tatiana bent over, railed from behind. Her hips shaking. Howling as she shuddered through climax after climax, pregnant belly swaying.

That howling went on and on, an endless cry of orgasm. The tiny 12-year-old, sperm gushing out of every hole in the brief moments that they weren't plugged with fat, spiny cocks of throbbing black flesh. Fernanda moaned, and the dreamlike image shifted: a Camabahlam taking the pregnant little girl from the rear, and herself, in front, ramming the long, smooth abomination of her clit-cock deep into the girl's throat. She could feel Tatiana's moans, her shudders, the vibrations of the throat pure rumbles of ecstasy thrumming against the oversized and oversensitive shaft of her massive clit.

In her sleep, Fernanda came wildly, fingers plugged deep in her pussy, gasping and shuddering with delight. Sweat beaded her forehead and chest. Light burst like a supernova behind her eyes, a hot, swelling ecstasy that grew to encompass her entire consciousness. Panting, thrusting, primal pleasure, more powerful than any force she had ever felt, a raw hunger for domination spreading through it like red veins that throbbed with rapacious appetite. Gibbering sounds came from her mouth, but nobody was awake to hear them. Her body convulsed with violent tremors, shaking the bed for minutes. At last, it began to fade, and she collapsed, limp, and drifted right back into the hazy numbness of sleep. The glow of her skin cast a faint, ominous red light around the room.

Part 5