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Monstrum: Camabahlam - Part 5

By WintermuteX

Contributions by Clark & Lily

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Tags: Mg+, bd, best, magic, nc, oral, anal, ped, preg, rape, reluc, viol

Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Sexual Slavery, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Violence, Death, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

Fernanda looked out from the alcove where she and Nina were hidden in darkness, staring at the idol at the corner of the street. Its leering topaz eyes glinted with reflected torchlight, vertical slits shimmering with serpentlike malevolence. They seemed to be watching her. They all seemed to be watching her, whispering to her as she passed them day and night on her business. Not words, but a raw hunger, a language of insatiable appetite that radiated from those eyes. Evil and animal, from the idols that depicted the serpent form. Lustful and treacherous, from that of the beautiful girl with the abominable clit phallus. And whenever she visited the temples and witnessed the idols where both forms were raping a young girl - the "true form" as the Camabahlam insisted on calling it - she felt both of their gazes combined with the third, the fear and pain of the frightened eyes of the girl being raped, a terror turning to reluctant pleasure, her body betraying her to the violent ecstasy being forced upon her. The whispers were always loudest then, a triune cry of hissing and howling and tearful panting that lingered just out of conscious reach - an insidious and wordless perception that fell across her mind like a shadow, buzzing with appetite, with the need for domination and subjugation, with the ripe and overpowering pleasure of both raping and being raped.

"Is that who you are?" she whispered, feeling that familiar gaze upon her again, hearing the whispers that lurked just beyond her strained hearing.

"Is that what you want? To rape everything?"

The serpent eyes gleamed, giving no answer. Fernanda hadn't expected one.

"Did you say something?" asked Nina, hidden next to her.

"No, no..." whispered Fernanda back. "Nothing." Still, she felt the hungry pulse in her crotch, throbbing with her heartbeat. An angry, horny buzz demanding to be sated. She felt that so often these days, and her masturbation had grown to deal with it. Every chance she could, actually. It had become worse since the last temple ceremony, the one where she had helped and participated in the rape of so many little girls like herself. It was like something had taken root, after that. Fernanda had never been so turned on as she had been that night, grinding her cunt into the crying mouths of girl after girl on the unholy altar, orgasming endlessly. Her sex drive had been utterly insatiable ever since.

"I think he's not coming," whispered Nina, with a worried frown.

"Of course he's coming! He's not so stupid as to back out now, not with what we know. We could betray him. No, don't worry. He'll show up."

Fernanda could feel rather than see Nina's frown in the darkness. She shared the concern, though she couldn't show it. This was to be their third meeting, each one having taken place in secret. Night had long fallen and the moon had risen and he was over an hour late now.

Both mages stood up straighter when they heard the swish of leather and the shuffling of large feline forms approaching. Camabahlam, three of them: two burly guards, and between them a handsome and imposing beast of streaked black and violet fur. Xihuitl.

"Finally!" hissed Fernanda irritably, as the monsters entered the shroud of darkness in the alcove at the side of the street. "You've kept us waiting all this time. We nearly left."

"It couldn't be helped," said Xihuitl smoothly, his panther muzzle forming the human words flawlessly with his characteristic rumbling voice. "My father's banquet went long. He had 30 new virgins to rape."

Fernanda regarded the massive creature with disgust. He towered over her, of course - she was used to that by now. A padded leather plate crossed his upper chest, leaving his muscled belly bare, and he wore vambraces and greaves of the same solid leather. A large broadsword with a jewelled hilt was belted at his hip. He held himself regally, looking every bit the part of a prince - albeit a prince of a pretend Monstrum kingdom whose culture revolved around raping girls, Fernanda had to remind herself - and as he looked down at Fernanda his three tails flicked like a cat that hadn't yet decided if it had found a rival or prey. His expression had a small amount of respect, at least.

"King Tlaloc still refuses to see us. It has been weeks. Did you have any luck convincing him?"

Xihuitl shook his head. "No. He is as stubborn as he is strong. He will not entertain you again, unless you're struggling on the end of his cock."

"We have no choice then. We must move against him!" Fernanda insisted. "Are your forces prepared?"

Xihuitl eyed her warily. "You know, I could have you stripped of your Tlaquani, flogged in the square, held in the pillories and raped by every Monstrum and beast in the city, then banished to the sewers to live out your miserable lives as Quentzani for your treachery against the Camabahlam."

"And I could turn you over to your father," Fernanda said. "Our magic can reproduce every meeting you've had with us for him to witness, every word. He would kill you."

"He would try," grinned Xihuitl. "Maybe he would succeed. It seems we should continue trusting each other, for now."

Fernanda shuddered. Trusting a Monstrum? Never. She would use the prince to get what she wanted, then throw him away.

"Have you accepted my terms?" asked the prince, his eyes flashing in the dark like a cat, eyeing Fernanda warily.

"I...yes, I have." Fernanda gulped hoped the darkness hid her expression, and she tried her best to suppress the sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. She had no other choice. This was the only way left to them.

"Wonderful." The prince's muzzle pulled back in a hungry grin that showed his teeth. "I am...looking forward to it."

Fernanda nodded, silently praying that he would have the sense not to say anything else in front of Nina. Fernanda wanted to keep as few people as possible in on their conspiracy, but she didn't feel safe meeting Xihuitl alone, so she had allowed Nina to go with her to these meetings. At least with two of them neither could be captured so easily.

"When will you strike?" asked Fernanda.

"When the time is right. A few more days. Be patient, little mage..."

"My patience is running out. You will keep your end of the bargain, Xihuitl. The return of my mages: Shayla, Tatiana, and even Anabella. I don't care if you have to kill the beasts that have taken her to mate."

"Yes, yes, of course." The prince waved his hand as if it was of no consequence. "Just a few minor blasphemies. The Goddess can't be watching all the time."

He looked up, out of the alcove, peering at the moon. In scarcely a week it would be full, and time for the Camabahlam to have another of their beastly rape rituals.

"The solstice is nearly here," he observed. "This is the holiest time, when Xochiquetzal walks among us in the flesh."

"Yes yes, I'm sure it will be a grand party. Let me guess: you're planning to rape some screaming little girls, yes?"

He snapped his gaze down to her, frowning. "It is nothing so droll as that, you pathetic little human. Do your gods never come down to dwell among you?"

"They're busy being gods and doing god stuff," said Fernanda testily. "Anyway, just make sure you do this right. If you succeed, the throne and your father's cities and lands and slaves will all be yours."

The prince grinned, his fangs white in the inky darkness. He eyed Fernanda with a glint in his eyes.

"But if you betray us, we will burn you and your city to ashes," Fernanda warned, brandishing her staff menacingly.

Now the prince frowned. His tails lashed with annoyance.

"You should take caution, archmage. I may be your last ally here, and when you are surrounded by enemies, who will you turn to?"

"We are the Magi Imperium. We need no help," sniffed Fernanda.

"So you say." The prince seemed amused. "Our business here is done then. Take care, little mage. The city is dangerous at night. I would hate to see anything happen to you."

"We can handle ourselves!" Fernanda bristled. She hated how Xihuitl teased them, mocked them subtly. He pretended to respect their power but Monstrum like him only truly appreciated strength when it was being used to blast their hides. Fernanda couldn't wait for the day when she could flay the muscular flesh from his bones with whips of magical air.

The prince just nodded and grinned, a devious smile edged with barely-hidden contempt, before turning with his guards and departing. Fernanda breathed a sigh of relief. She realized she had been holding her breath.

"Fernanda, will he really return our sisters?" Nina asked her as they turned to leave themselves, slipping out of the alcove and into the shadows lining the edge of the street.

"I think so. I think he'd give us anything to have our help in overthrowing the king," Fernanda said.

"And all we have to do is promise not to oppose him?"

Fernanda felt that sick feeling in her stomach again, and ignored it.

"Yes," she said. "That's all. He doesn't want us to try to take advantage of the chaos. In return, he'll help us. He's agreed to all our terms of peace."

"Even the ones about virgins?" Nina asked.

"Almost all of them," Fernanda admitted. "He still wants tribute."

"I guess it can't be helped," sighed Nina, slinking along with her as they passed through a gate and into a wider street leading back to their quarters. "Sacrifices."

"Yes," agreed Fernanda, looking up at the sky, at the moon which grew more pregnant with each passing night. "Sacrifices..."

They walked on for a time, skulking in the shadows to hide from the few Camabahlam that they passed. Fernanda had trouble dismissing thoughts of the meeting from her mind. All she had done so far in Xochtecquinicha had been to further their mission, to achieve the peace that Teleria needed with the Camabahlam. A full-scale war averted, so they could focus on the other Monstrum encroaching on their kingdom. What was one more sacrifice in the face of that?

Her mind was distracted, stamping out that tiny little protest of guilt that kept nattering in the back of her head. She turned the street corner with Nina, entering a wide avenue, then stopped short when she spotted the group of Camabahlam in front of her.

They were armed and armored, weapons out, and they saw her immediately. Fernanda froze in fear. They couldn't be seen out here, but it was too late. The Cambahlam were already moving towards the pair of girls, a menacing look in their eyes. Fernanda's grip on her staff tightened.

"What do we do?!" hissed Nina in her ear, her frightened look mirroring Fernanda's own. The guards didn't seem to be in a hurry. They were spreading out in a half-circle to surround them.

Fernanda looked around quickly, and spotted an alley just behind them.

"In here!" she whispered, tugging a sheer red streamer of Nina's uniform. Both girls turned and bolted into the alley. it was dark, with the high walls cutting off the moonlight and no torches to be seen. Wish a swish of her staff, Fernanda summoned a small orb of light that buzzed around her head like a fly. The girls ran as fast as they could, following the alley as it narrowed and turned, then split and turned again. The space ran behind the high walls of the towering compounds that sprawled on the terraces of the city. It smelled of garbage and offal, and both girls held their hands to their noses as they ran.

"We can portal through a wall," Fernanda said, gasping.

"That would just put us inside some Cambahlam home," Nina panted. "But I'm good with climbing spells."

They stopped. Fernanda craned her neck, looking up. If they climbed the wall, it would put them far up on the terrace above them. The pursuing Camabahlam would never find them. She could hear the shuffle of their footsteps closing from behind.

"Do it!" Fernanda said. Nina stared her cast, closing her eyes and concentrating on the delicate spells. Fernanda felt the power condense around Nina, drawn from the invisible wellspring of the cosmos. The A'sham on the end of Nina's staff brightened, shining, and Nina raised her hand to unleash the spell.

Fernanda spotted the gleam of cat eyes in the darkness an instant before some unseen object hurtled out of the black and slammed into Nina. The girl went down, choking and clawing at the bola that had wrapped itself around her neck.

Fernanda whirled and cast, unleashing a devastating blast of air at the spot where she had spotted the eyes. She heard something howl with pain. She was drawing power for another spell when a black, bestial form five times her size suddenly pounced on her out of nowhere, bowling her over and pinning her to the ground.

"Yessss!" hissed a voice with malign hunger. Fernanda's head was ringing. She had hit it on the stone. She could barely feel the Camabahlam hovering over her, his muzzle inches from her face. She struggled instinctively, but the heavy press of his massive body against her was overwhelming. Where was her staff? She shook her head to clear the stars, and spotted it: out of reach, just a few feet away.

Huge hands pulled her up by her shoulders and slammed her back into the stone. Fernanda yelped in pain, then had the wind knocked out of her when a powerful slap whipped her head to the side. The beast on top of her was howling with glee. A red haze of pain covered her vision, but Fernanda managed to make him out.

"You!" she gasped, barely able to draw breath.

"That's right, you filthy little bitch," hissed the Camabahlam, the same one who had been stripped and publicly humiliated by the King for the incident in the jungle. He looked unusual without the customary headdress of feathers all Camabahlam wore.

"Your man Matthias told me where to find you. Seems we both had a score to settle!"

He reared back and slapped her again, then jerked her up by the shoulders when she slumped.

Because of you, I lost everything!" He slapped her a third time. Fernanda shrieked with pain, feeling like her head was being pounded on an anvil.

"My station! My honor!" He hit her again with each word, punching her neck, ramming an elbow into her stomach then slamming her bodily back against the stone again. Fernanda gagged and retched. The pain was blinding. There were more Camabahlam, surrounding her. Nina was struggling, screeching, pinned by bestial shapes just a few feet away.

"Now, now I will have you, little Archslut." His slavering muzzle was less than an inch from her lips. She could feel his hot, reeking breath washing over her. His hands caressed her cheeks, a gently mocking touch, as if to soothe the pounding pain all over Fernanda's body. The sleek fur brushed her neck as his hand moved down, slowly, stroking her soft skin before finally snagging two fingers under the sheer white cloth of her top.

With a mighty heave he ripped it open, exposing Fernanda's scanty breasts. Fernanda tried to push him away, but it was like trying to move a mountain. He was so big, looming over her like a bull. His hands were all over her now, fondling her naked chest, her hips, all her curves as he hissed with delight.

"The first feather in my new headdress will be a violet one," he sneered. "I will rape you until your little cunt bleeds, until you howl for mercy. And then I will give you to my beasts, so they may satisfy themselves inside you. I can't wait to see how your pretty little archmage pussy handles the twisted cock of a Yungir.

He reached up and ripped the Tlaquani off her head, flinging it into the darkness. The other Camabahlam were crowding around, leering at the half-naked girl, breath bated with anticipation of the impending gangrape.

Fernanda shuddered, and a reluctant moan escaped her throbbing throat when she felt the raspy tongue of the Camabahlam captain slide across her breasts. The warm, wet trail of saliva tingled on her skin. His muzzle worked across her chest, licking, sucking at her tiny nipples until they stiffened. The sound of ripping cloth accompanied her sudden gasps as he shredded her sheer uniform. The delicate cloth tore easily. Fernanda could hear the same happening to Nina, the poor girl struggling impotently against the 900 pound beasts crouched over her. Scraps of shredded white and red cloth flew everywhere. Furry paws caressed them both, sliding over their skin, fondling the succulent curves and sweet flesh of the wiggling, helpless little girls.

Fernanda's body lurched on the stone when her skirt was ripped away with a powerful yank. She moaned and shook her head. This couldn't be happening. It was impossible. The hungry rush of desperate horniness that lurked just beneath the surface was surging up, fueling her moans with a sudden burning desire, making her legs shake as they were pulled wide apart. She felt something heavy slap against her navel and looked down, eyes widening in shock. The Captain's massive 3-foot cock was rubbing her belly, the little spines scraping her skin. The black flesh was throbbing, erect, the glans almost pulsing with hungry need. Fernanda whimpered pitifully. Not now. Not like this. If she could just get her staff...She struggled but it was hopelessly out of reach.

The Captain moved his cock down, rubbing it against her tiny pussy and getting it slick with her trickling juices. Fernanda felt a sudden flash of pleasure, a shuddering rising like a cresting wave from her crotch and travelling up her belly to her head. She moaned again. Tiny bumps brushed her sensitive pussy lips as the engorged organ sawed up and down her slit. The Camabahlam's grin was fiendish, with a hateful grin, clearly savoring his impending rape of the one who had cost him so much. Fernanda whimpered and tried to pull her thighs together, and his slap came out of nowhere, ringing her head like a gong and leaving stars in her eyes.

She was so dazed she almost didn't feel the tremendous organ lining up, the jet-black glans of pointed flesh resting snug against her tiny channel. Screams of denial echoed in her head. It was the worst nightmare for any mage: raped by a Monstrum, pounded to a shrieking climax repeatedly until her womb was flooded with cum, soaking into her soft tissues and changing her, molding her to a new form. This couldn't be happening. It couldn't! She was the archmage! She howled and slapped fitfully, trying to get away, but the Camabahlam ignored her feeble struggle and locked her thighs in his powerful grip, holding her pelvis up off the ground.

The sudden thrust of massive, bristling cockmeat into her 13-year-old cunt drove a scream from her throat. He was so big! The massive organ throbbed like a tree trunk with a pulse. Her pussy quivered in agony, stretched to the limit. Nina's scream next to her echoed her own. Through fluttering eyes Fernanda could see her friend, held down on the ground just as she was with her hips in the air and her crotch impaled by the jutting shaft of black flesh. The Camabahlam holding her down were thoroughly enjoying the sounds she was making, fondling her and fisting their own massive cocks as they waited their turn.

"How does it feel, little mage," hissed the Cambahlam captain, his fetid breath an inch from her face. "Is Huatl's cock the best your pretty little pussy has ever felt?" He ground against her, flexing the shaft of his bestial organ to tease her.

"Please..." begged Fernanda, sobbing. "Take it out. Please..." Tears had soaked her cheeks, and the sudden slap set them on fire again.

"An ichpoyectli does not speak in such a way to her master," he snarled.

"I can...I can reward you." Fernanda gulped, lips quivering, tasting the salty tang of blood. "I'm the Archmage. I can make you powerful." Her pleading tone was desperate. "I can conjure you gold, gems...anything you like! Just let me have my staff...please..."

She reached for it instinctively. It was so close, a gleaming length of white ashwood just a finger's length out of reach. All her power, all her strength, lying there so close. Her eyes blurred with tears, fingers straining, reaching for salvation. A single fingertip whispered over the warm wood.

Her body jolted and her breath was knocked out of her as the Camabahlam pulled her up and slammed her against the ground. Fernanda gasped, the breath knocked out of her again, then panicked when she felt his hands around her throat.

"Do you think I'm stupid?" he growled, a low, feline rumble of menace resounding in his throat. His fingers tightened, choking her. Fernanda clawed desperately, but she might as well have been clawing at bands of steel. They tightened even further, and Fernanda reeled as her air was cut off. Her mind whirled in terror, arms wheeling out of control, slapping wildly. Gurgling sounds came from her mouth. She could feel spittle foaming on her lips, and a white haze began to cover her vision.

The monster rammed its cock into her with an explosive thrust just as his fingers let up, tinging the sudden rush of breath into her lungs with a powerful flash of pain and pleasure. Fernanda gagged, trying to draw air into ragged lungs. The Camabahlam was slamming rapidly into her, digging its monstrous cock deeper inch by inch. Crazed, gibbering sounds came from her lips. He was so massive, and each thrust was like the thunder of a horse, a powerful blast of muscular force that drove each breath from her burning lungs an instant after she managed to inhale. Fernanda lost herself in each explosive thrust, muscles quaking and seizing. Luke had always made love to her gently, but this was beyond anything she had ever experienced, the huge cock plowing into her tunnel with savage, relentless power, his hips beating against hers like a hurricane. His hands held her down, kneaded her flat chest, gripped her hips, and twisted her like a toy as he forced his cock farther and farther inside. Fernanda panted. She gasped. She howled with fear and joy, her cries mixing with Nina's from a few feet away. The Camabahlam didn't try to silence them. They relished the screams, pistoning into the pussies of the two frail little human girls with hurricane force.

Fernanda felt warm flesh on her rocking chest. Thick, black cocks. Other Camabahlam, rubbing their cocks on her skin as they jerked off onto her. They fisted the massive things over her jerking body until they erupted into creamy torrents of thick jizz that splattered her breasts with warmth. Fernanda's neck ached, her pelvis shook with agony from the beating it was taking, but they didn't let up. Flecks of snot and spittle coated her lips from her agonized sobs. The furry paws groped her, fists curling in her hair. One wrenched her head up, and a big black glans rubbed her nose for an instant before a tidal wave of amber goop erupted on her face like a volcano. Salty, dripping batter mixed with the taste of her tears.

Painful pricks were grazing her pussy like sparks of lightning, and Fernanda reeled in shock. He had fit most of the way inside her! The three-foot cock of the average Camabahlam had that thick midsection where most of the barbs were, and she could feel those tiny prickling points rubbing over her pussy lips. How could he have fit over a foot of that massive black prick inside her?! Fernanda could feel the staggering length of the thing buried so deeply inside her that it was pounding her womb to a crumpled heap against her belly. Insanity. Something like that...was only possible with Conversion. Fernanda lost the thought, drowned by the battering ram of jolting, frothing pleasure that plugged relentlessly into her body. Each huge thrust sent spurts of ecstasy rocketing up from her crotch like a geyser, raw bolts of sexual energy that overpowered her young body and turned her into a raving, squealing heap of jerking limbs. Her neck arched. Her back came off the ground. Gasps of fountaining delight stole her breath as those rasping barbs sawed against her genitals. How could it feel so good? She had thought those spines would hurt, but it was ecstasy! Instinctively, she felt herself pushing back, thrusting her hips to embrace each slam of monster prick inside her. The pleasure conquered her mind, driving out all other thoughts. She screamed with elation. Wailing. Jerking. Thrusting. Tiny body twisting to embrace the torrid pleasure of her rape as deeply as she could. She welcomed it, subsumed, buried under a rising flood of raw, pulsing energy, the same energy that had fueled her sexual cravings for the last weeks. It blinded her like the sun, filled her ears like a gale, boiling, overflowing, then erupted into a devastating climax more powerful than anything she could have ever conceived.

Burning heat obliterated her, a hurricane of tidal forces twisting her body and ripping it apart. Fernanda soared in an exultant fog, all sense of the world obliterated save for the throbbing, pulsing, warmth of the massive cock buried inside her like a spear. Distantly she felt the warm torrent of cum flooding her insides with the heat of a forge, knowing it was filling her womb, filling her up, vile monster cum defiling her irreversibly, possessing her even as the seed sought to take root. She welcomed it, embraced it, hoping in that moment for the evil spawn to catch inside her and fill her belly. From deep in the depths of her agonized euphoria, Fernanda howled to the night sky, the Camabahlam's cock sunk to the hilt inside of her.

The world crashed down even as she crumpled to the stone, spent, beaten, the pain in her neck and hips returning with an ugly, purple throbbing in her head. Sharp needle pricks grazed her cunt and she cried out as the Cambahlam withdrew. There was cum on her lips, in her mouth. She was choking on it. It was all over her. Between fluttering eyes she saw Nina on the stone next to her, her uniform torn to pieces and thick, amber goo dripping in disgusting gobs all over her exposed body. The girl coughed, expelling a mouthful of oozing, creamy batter from shivering lips.

Fernanda wondered why they had stopped. What were they waiting for? She hadn't expected a moment's reprieve once the Camabahlam got their hands on them and their cocks in them. There must be at least a dozen of them. She struggled to make the world stop spinning, to reorient herself from her shattering climax. Eventually, the screams and the sound of fighting managed to penetrate her consciousness. Steel on steel rang in the alleyway, along with the sounds of men.

Fernanda managed to turn her head. The alley had turned into a deadly melee, with the Cambahlam clashing with a frenzied squad of armed humans. Their guards. And at their head: Captain Stendar, facing off against no less than three massive Camabahlam. Their huge swords swung in deadly arcs, but the Captain sidestepped two and parried the third, his sword ringing like a bell from the powerful blow. With a deadly twist, he spun inside the reach of the blade and brought his own sword across in a swing that disemboweled one of the monsters.

The beast gave an agonized feline screech before falling to its knees and toppling. A few Camabahlam were down, but the rest were rallying and bringing the fight to the men. There was no battle line, only pure chaos. Men slashed at the backs of engaged Camabahlam only to be cut down themselves from behind. Screams and death gurgles filled the alley, and blood began to run thick on the stones. Fernanda could scarcely move, aching, nearly paralyzed with fear. Her staff... where was it? Everywhere she looked was pandemonium. Two muscular Cambahlam had cornered a soldier in front of her, one smashing the sword from the man's grip with a two-handed blow, and the other moving in an instant after to lop the man's arm from his torso. He screamed and went down, blood spurting. The men seemed to be losing. What chance did they have against creatures three times their size? The Cambahlam fought like animals, switching between two-footed and four-footed stances as they pleased to gain the advantage. One pounced on a man and ripped out his throat on the ground, then raised his bloody maw in a howl of victory only to have his face caved in by a human mace. The soldier's victory was short-lived, as a bola rocketed out of the darkness and wrapped itself around his throat, sending him to the ground like a sack of bricks.

Groaning, Fernanda crawled on the ground, getting closer to Nina. The girl was still coughing and retching, having taken a beating just as bad as Fernanda's. She hacked and managed to draw ragged breath, meeting Fernanda's eyes before looking past her and widening in shock.

Fernanda saw the blasts of orange light as she turned. Tiny specks of orange light darted from the end of the alley like lunatic fireflies, seeking and then darting in to explode against Cambahlam flesh in tiny fireballs. The beasts screeched in agony, their fur set alight. The other mages! They seemed to be turning the tide. One Cambahlam turned to run, and was messily cut in half by an invisible blade of air. His body flopped to the stone, wet viscera spilling out.

The Cambahlam were breaking. Fernanda and Nina held each other, weeping. The men were almost upon them. As the girls looked, Captain Stendar hacked his way through two more Cambahlam, blood trailing from the trough in his blade.

"Archmage!" he shouted, panting, then his eyes turned to Nina in shock. Fernanda saw it there in an instant: alarm, hysteria, that crazed look of shock when one realizes that a loved one has been hurt. He darted closer to Nina, blade dropping, and opened his mouth to speak.

Blood rushed out. Nina screamed. The Captain stood rigid in shock as the blade erupted from his heart. The disgraced Camabahlam captain was among the few Camabahlam remaining, and he had struck from behind. His face wore an expression of savage glee as he twisted the blade, savoring Stendar's pained gurgles. Nina's scream went on like the wail of a banshee even as she turned, grabbed her staff, then rolled on the ground to point it at the creature.

900 pounds of muscular panther monster erupted like an exploding melon. Fernanda felt thick splatters of hot blood slap against her naked, cum-soaked body. The world went red, and she shrieked herself as she wiped sopping puddles of blood and guts from her eyes. When she could see again she realized that the Camabahlam had fled and all the humans - the remaining guards and Isabella and Emily - were frozen in horror. Nina was crouched over Captain Stendar, cradling his head in blood-soaked hands and sobbing.

"Marius, Marius please talk to me..." she wept, rocking back and forth. She reached down to touch his cheek, tears dripping. The captain had died with a surprised expression on his face.

"" Nina's voice was pleading, desperate. "I can't fix this. Tell me you love me again, please Marius. Just once more...just one last time. Please..."

He didn't respond. His dead eyes stared up at the black emptiness of the night sky. Tenderly, Nina closed his mouth, then his eyes, and laid him down onto the cold stone. Fernanda and the men and the other mages look on, aghast, as the little girl, her uniform torn and shredded, covered in cum and dripping blood, crouched over the captain and sobbed, shoulders slumped, utterly broken.

"When you didn't return after your meeting, the captain immediately went looking for you," whispered the lieutenant, his expression still edged with disbelief. "I can't...I can't believe he's dead."

Fernanda nodded. She and the Captain may not have got along very well, but she couldn't deny he was devoted to his duty. She looked around their quarters. The room was silent. Everyone still seemed to be in shock. Isabella was staring into the fire in the hearth. Emily emerged from Nina's alcove and began to tiptoe across the room to Fernanda.

"Well, you're in command now, Sergeant," Fernanda said, then sighed. Six men. That was all they had left now. Six men and 4 girls, and all that Fernanda had left to give her hope for their mission was the Prince's guarantee.

The lieutenant saluted her, then departed to stand guard for the night with the remaining men. He had doffed his coat and wrapped Nina with it after the fight then picked her up, and another soldier had done the same for Fernanda, and with Emily's spells of concealment and silence they had somehow managed to get back to their quarters without causing any more diplomatic incidents.

"How is she?" asked Fernanda, when Emily reached her.

"I cast a spell of sleeping," Emily shrugged. "It was the only way."

"It'll have to do," said Fernanda. She looked out the window that overlooked the terrace, its intricate carvings and gardens hidden by the cover of night. The city was still sleeping, their crime undiscovered. Only the occasional moans and orgasmic cries of girls being raped in the nearby dwellings marred the night's silence.

"What are we going to do?" asked Emily with a worried frown. "If the King finds out he'll either make us slaves or kill us."

"We'll have to act before that," said Fernanda. "The Prince is nearly ready."

"They'll know it was us," said Emily. "It's not like there are many other things in the city that can make a rape monster explode from the inside out."

"Then we need to be ready for anything."

Fernanda sighed. She had thought she might feel a little better after bathing, but it was as if she could still feel the cum and the guts all over her, like a macabre dress to replace the uniform that the Cambahlam had ripped to pieces. Emily was eyeing her naked body now, illuminated by the flickering firelight, probably trying to make sure she hadn't missed any bruises after healing Fernanda.

"Too bad we didn't bring any extra dreamcloth," she said.

Fernanda nodded. Too bad they hadn't brought more of everything. More clothing. More supplies. More guards to go native or be killed in the streets and more supposedly competent little girls to be raped by the enemy. Too bad. She felt weak on her feet suddenly and plopped heavily into a chair before she fell over.

"Hey, it's ok Fernanda," said Emily, sitting beside her with a worried frown. Fernanda buried her face in her hands. It was too much. It was all coming apart.

"If it's any comfort, I didn't know they had a relationship either," said Emily, putting an arm around Fernanda's shoulder. "They hid it really well."

"Not that well," said Isabella from the couch, still staring hypnotically into the fire. "You guys just aren't very observant. Did you really think nothing would happen between them after she saved his life? They were practically in love."

"Well maybe you could have told us," snapped Emily. Isabella just shrugged.

Fernanda took a deep breath, trying not to cry.

"It wouldn't have mattered, Emi," she said. "Nothing would have changed."

"You know," said Emily, her tone suddenly cheery as though she would dispel the gloomy mood of the room with sheer force of will, "I'm thinking that with the Cambahlam gearing up for their big rape party on the solstice, they might not even investigate this. I mean, their goddess is pretty much the guest of honor, right? They've got to be busy getting everything all nice and tidy for her!"

Emily laughed sarcastically. She might be right, since this was apparently the most important event for the Camabahlam in last hundred years, but Fernanda didn't feel cheered up much.

"The great Xochiquetzal, Goddess of Rape, Defiler of Worlds..." murmured Fernanda, staring into the fire. The flames seemed to flicker ominously.

"Hey!" said Emily, nudging her shoulder. "You don't actually BELIEVE that nonsense about her coming in the flesh, right?"

"What?" asked Fernanda, feeling dazed. "Oh, no, of course not! Ridiculous." She snorted, trying to sound convincing.

"Good, because if you did, I might wonder if you had taken too many knocks to the head tonight."

Fernanda resisted, but she couldn't help but crack a smile. Emily was irreverent. Emily was ridiculous. Emily was...Emily. The younger girl saw Fernanda's reluctant smile and broke into a wide grin herself.

"Want something to drink?" she asked, standing up abruptly.

"Yeah," Fernanda said.

"Great." Emily walked toward the small kitchen area where they put the fresh food that the Cambahlam brought them every day. "We have breastmilk, breastmilk, and breastmilk. One exciting flavor. And if you don't like that one, I could try to squeeze you up some myself."

Fernanda finally broke out in a laugh. Emily could always do that to her. The girl was cheery to a fault. Fernanda had been beaten and raped senseless tonight but somehow Emily still knew how to make her smile. It made that sick little feeling in the pit of her stomach come back, but Fernanda pushed it down ruthlessly and ignored it.

"Here," said Emily, returning and handing Fernanda one of those odd chalice cups. She had one for herself too.

"Didn't get me any?" asked Isabella with a pout.

"What am I, a milkmaid? Get it yourself."

Isabella scoffed but got up to do just that. Fernanda looked down into the frothy beverage. Its musky smell was familiar to them all by now. She raised the cup and took a gulp. The sweet flavor gushed down her throat and settled into a tingling warmth in her belly. It was delicious to a fault, but something about it raised a strangely nervous feeling in the back of her head. Something she had thought of tonight while...while it was happening. But a lot of it was a blur. She couldn't remember. It probably wasn't important anyway, she told herself.

"So..." said Emily, sitting next to her and gulping from her own cup.

"So..." agreed Fernanda.

"Do you...think you might be pregnant?"

"We don't know their fertility coefficient or conception rates," sighed Fernanda. Probably no use beating around the bush. A Monstrum had cum inside her tonight.

"If Tatiana were here she'd want to study you. More data, she would say."

"Yeah. If she were here."

"We're getting her back, right? We're getting all of them back?"

Fernanda raised her cup and was surprised to find it empty. She had drank it all already. The light, heady feeling was giving her a gentle buzz. She felt relaxed for the first time all day.

"Yes," she said, exhaling heavily. "We're getting all of them back. Anabella. Shayla. Tatiana. The prince promised. Don't worry, Emily. I'm not leaving this city without every girl we came with."

She almost winced, but managed to keep a straight face. She couldn't look at Emily as she said it thought, but she knew the girl was smiling.

"Good. I always knew you'd be the one to get us through, Fernanda. Nobody else is as strong as you are. You'd never leave anybody behind."

Fernanda managed a smile, feeling ghastly. She had to push down her guilt at the lie, but she told herself it was for the greater good.

"Right. Nobody left behind," she agreed. "Like I said, we're all in this together."

"Well, she's gone," said Isabella, emerging from Nina's alcove.

"What?! What do you mean gone?" asked Fernanda, jumping to her feet.

"Gone. Away. To somewhere. That isn't here." Isabella crossed her arms with annoyance. "I went to check on her, and she's gone."

"Bloody hells!" cursed Fernanda. "She must have negated your magic, Emily."

"I guess...I guess she could have been faking it," admitted Emily, looking sheepish.

"There's no time. We'll track her." Fernanda grabbed her staff and cast the spell in a panic. Immediately, she could feel Nina's heartbeat. Moving away from them, but not very quickly.

"Should I get the men?" asked Emily, taking a step towards the door.

"No! I mean...just no." The thought of all those men slaughtered tonight still haunted her. It was her fault. She should have been able to protect them all. Instead she had fallen into a trap.

"Leave them be. Cast a spell of distraction so they don't think to check on us. We'll leave from the balcony."

Emily shrugged and did as she was ordered. Isabella grabbed her staff too and followed them both out into the humid chill of the night.

"Ready?" Fernanda asked. They both nodded.

She cast spells of speed and jumping on them all, and let Emily do the same for her concealment spells. Once they were prepared, they leaped off the balcony one-by-one to land on the stone walkway overlooking the terrace.

"This way!" said Fernanda, beckoning them in the direction where her spell lead.

Once again they set off through the stillness of sleeping Xochtecquinicha. The jungle foliage overhead blocked some of the stars, but most of the city was bathed in the silver glow of the moon. It was almost full, and it looked like it would coincide perfectly with the solstice. No wonder the Camabahlam were so excited. Fernanda loathed this city, with all of its vile, sleeping monsters. She wanted to burn it to the ground, to flay its residents and rape them as they had raped her. The thought brought back the itchy horniness in her crotch, which was a surprise. It had lain dormant since she had cum from the Camabahlam's huge cock inside her, but it seemed it never slept for long.

Skulking along the terraces and up and down the steep stairways felt almost familiar by now. They passed along a line of squat buildings dominated by a large ziggurat before emptying out onto a long avenue that twisted and turned like a snake. They were heading towards the main temple complex. Nina wasn't far, but she seemed to be heading that way too.

"Isabella, did you see Nina's staff in her room?"

"No," said Isabella. "She must have taken it."

Now Fernanda was even more worried. She hoped Nina wasn't going to go out for revenge and die in a blaze of glory. Fernanda needed her. She needed all of them.

They picked up the pace when she motioned them to hurry. There were virtually no Camabahlam out at this time. The city was as still as it ever was, only a few hours from sunrise. They hurried onward, and quickly arrived at the flight of wide, steep steps that ascended diagonally up the temple mount.

"She's up there. Not far now!" said Fernanda. The girls groaned, but followed her as they made their way up the steps. At least their magic made the ascent easy, whereas any other time might have left them panting for breath and exhausted by the time they got to the top. It was easy for the Camabahlam, but a lot harder for a trio of underaged human girls.

Finally they reached the top, arriving at the temple square where the rituals were usually held. The four ziggurats dominated the skyline in all four directions, silent and imposing, monuments to rape.

"It's her!" whispered Emily, clutching Fernanda's shoulder and pointing.

Indeed it was. Nina stood in the center of the open area, just in front of the main altar. She was naked as the day she was born, holding only her jewelled staff.

They proceeded slowly, cautiously. Fernanda had a bad feeling. At last they drew close.

"I didn't know if you'd come," said Nina without turning when they drew closer.

"Of course I came, Nina. We all did. We came for you."

Nina finally turned, frowning. Like Fernanda, she had been healed of her bruises, but the trauma on her troubled face was plain. Her unmatched eyes were wet with tears.

"Nina?" called Emily. "It's going to be ok, Nina. You scared us, walking off like that."

"Oh? Is it really going to be ok Emily?" her face turned to an ugly sneer. "I'm sure you can tell me how Ok it's all going to be. After all, you weren't raped tonight. You didn't watch someone you love die in front of you tonight.

Fernanda made a hushing motion with her hands before Emily could reply. The poor girl looked hurt, but Fernanda patted her shoulder.

"It's ok," she whispered. Just let me talk to her alone, ok?"

The girls nodded and stepped back. Fernanda turned.

"You weren't the only one hurt tonight Nina," she said. "But we're strong. We're mages. We've trained for worse than this."

She took a step forward. "Will you come back with us? Emily tried to make you sleep. I think it's a good idea. We both need to sleep a long time, to take time to heal."

Fernanda took another step forward, then stopped in shock when a white force field sprang into being in front of her.

"Not another step closer," said Nina dully.

Fernanda looked up, taking in the entire field. It extended into a huge dome that encompassed most of the open space of the temple area as well as the ziggurat in which the priestesses were supposedly trained.

"Nina? Talk to me." Fernanda tried to keep the alarm from her voice. "Nina what is this?"

For a minute Nina didn't answer. She just stared blankly into space, facing the direction of the priestess's ziggurat. With alarm, Fernanda noted that two priestesses had emerged from the open corridor that led inside, armed with their scourges and their phallic golden scepters. They stood on either side of the doorway, watching with alarmed expressions.

"It's all I can think about..." Nina finally said, in a whisper that could barely be heard over the hum of the magical field.

"What is?" asked Fernanda.

"You feel the same, don't you?" Nina finally turned to look at her. The dark circles under her eyes shone with tears. She had been crying nonstop since the murder of Captain Stendar.

"I...I don't know how awful you must feel," began Fernanda. "Truly I don't. But you're with friends, Nina. We all care about you. You have to go on."

Nina shook her head with frustration. "No...not that. Do you know what I was thinking about the whole time they were fucking me Fernanda?"

Fernanda shook her head.

"I...I was thinking that Marius had never fucked me so hard. Nothing had ever felt so good as when they pushed me down and...and rammed their cocks into me over and over. Nothing."

Fernanda stood silent, gaping.

"Even now it's all I can think of. It's the worst night of my life but I still can't think of anything else. He's dead and it hurts worse than anything, but all I can think of are having those big cocks inside me again. Feeling them pounding my pussy, my mouth. I...I'd do anything for that. I want it even more than I wanted him. I'm the worst person in the world."

Fernanda stuttered, unable to come up with any words to say. What could she do for her friend? She could barely admit it to herself, but even though they had beaten her cruelly, the pleasure she felt as she had been overpowered and raped had been the most potent experience of her life. Nina was right. Nothing could compare to that. Poor Luke certainly couldn't. He was just a boy, with a boy's cock, not a 900-pound rape panther with a cock as big as her arm. She shuddered, horrified at the thought. But she couldn't deny it either. Girls grew to love their own rape as a primary effect of Conversion. Why had it affected her so much when it was her first exposure?

With a start, Fernanda realized that Nina was weaving another spell. She swished her staff in delicate motions, guiding subtle currents into a fascinatingly complex weave that hung just over her head like a shining white crown. Spirit and Air and Mind, interlaced and threaded subtly with other elements in a dense, complex mesh almost impossible to follow with the eye. Fernanda had no idea what it was, but she had a horrible suspicion, a dread that grew in her heart as the spell grew in brilliance until it filled the open temple mount with pure light that cast stark shadows from the altars.

"Nina? Nina, talk to me. Please?" Fernanda touched the force field. It was as solid as diamond, she knew. More so. Nina was an extremely adept battlemage, only a hair less strong than Fernanda herself. It would take time for Fernanda to batter down and unravel the field, even with the other girls helping her. She knew she didn't have the time.

"Don't do this!" Fernanda said, suddenly crying. She smashed her fists against the solid field, feeling the electrifying buzz. "Stop! Nina!"

She shouted and railed, but the girl simply ignored her. Fernanda knew what the spell was, now. She had to stop this. She had to think of something. She had only a few moments.

"We'll find another way! There's always another way...Nina!"

She collapsed against the hard surface of the field, tears flowing. She couldn't lose another friend. Not like this. The warm hum vibrated against her naked skin, a cruel comfort against what was about to happen.

"It's ok..."

Nina had finished her spell. It hovered in midair, a well of boundless energy ready to wreak its dreadful purpose. Nina finally turned her head to look at Fernanda.

"The girls here seem happy, don't they? It's ok. I'll be happy too."

"But they'll rape you!" Fernanda shrieked.

"Yes..." Another tear flowed down her cheek, but Nina gave Fernanda a warm smile, as if the girl had found solace at last.

"And I'll love it."

Nina unleashed her spell. It filled the air with a roar that rose to a rising scream for an instant before exploding like a white sun. Fernanda cried out and fell back, blinded. She couldn't see anything. She could hear Emily and Isabella shouting, but couldn't make them out. She blinked, trying to clear the stars from her eyes.

It had only taken a moment. Fernanda's heart wrenched. She pushed forward, expecting to feel the field, but fell flat on her face instead. The field was gone. Everything was silent. Fernanda looked up, and saw Nina walking calmly towards the pair of priestesses. They looked in awe, but they welcomed the girl with open arms. Their fury at the blasphemous display of magic seemed to die once Nina walked willingly into their clutches. Nina's look was one of confusion, as if she didn't know where she was, but their greeting seemed to comfort her. The priestesses turned, guiding the naked girl into the depths of the open doorway with a hand on each shoulder.

"Nooooooo!" Fernanda screamed and tried to get up. Her legs wouldn't obey. They kicked, hysterical. Her fist curled so tight around the length of her ashwood staff that it was painful. It shocked her back to reality. She finally got her feet under her, and swung her staff about, summoning her magic. Ready to unleash it. Ready to blast the whole temple to cinders. Ready to burn the city to the ground around her. The magic thrummed and swelled to bursting around her.

A small missle of shrieking girl tackled her in her midsection. Fernanda went down hard, the wind knocked out of her and the staff bouncing from her hand.

"Fernanda!" screamed Emily, scrambling to pin her. "Stop!"

"Let me go! That's an order!" Fernanda struggled with all her strength, gibbering, her whole world gone mad. Her magic had vanished when she dropped her staff. She needed it back! Damn this place! Damn these monsters! She would rend this city stone by stone or die trying!

Emily reared back and delivered a stinging slap to her cheek. Fernanda stopped struggling.

"Stop it! You can't help her! She's...she's already gone Fernanda."

Fernanda collapsed back against the stone, crying hysterically. It was too much. Her friends. The soldiers sworn to protect her. Plan after plan failing in front of her eyes. And underneath it all, that burning, visceral horny energy that roiled in her gut like a surging tempest, screaming in her pussy, making it quiver and gush. Being beaten and raped had sated it for a time, but it never truly slept. Too much.

Fernanda sobbed. She felt Emi's arms, hugging her, the girl crying with her. Seeing their friend magically lobotomize herself had pushed them all over the edge. Even the normally heartless Isabella was crouched next to them, weeping into her hands. What had it all been for? All their magic, all their training, and at the end of it all, they were just helpless little girls, pussies waiting to be pounced on by their enemies, raped, owned, possessed for the worth of their bodies and nothing else.

Emily finally let her up. Fernanda stood. In front of her lay scattered splinters of cherrywood and glinting gem fragments - the remains of Nina's staff, which had sundered with the release of her spell. Nothing else remained. The girl would start a new life, a depraved existence of devotion to the wicked Goddess of Rape, remembering nothing of her friends or the man she had loved. They would train her well, no doubt, whipping her to screaming orgasm day and night until they declared her worthy.

Fernanda started when the sight of the central idol caught her eye. It seemed to be staring at her. They all did. Every graven image on the temple mount, eyes glittering, laughing silently. The feathered serpent, the lustful girl, and their victim, crying, spitroasted between them. Naked, beaten, her back arched in loathsome pleasure. The carvings were so finely done that Fernanda could almost see her legs quivering, her arms shaking, throat distended as she was railed from front and behind. In the light of the nearly-full moon Fernanda could see the girl's face.

It looked like Nina.

Fernanda sagged against Emily, feeling too weak to stand. Emily and Isabella shared a look, then moved their staffs together to conjure spells. Fernanda suddenly felt as light as a feather, and rested back against the heavenly embrace of the intangible cushions of air. They swept her up like an invisible palanquin. She shut her eyes and tried to forget, shutting out the cruelty of the world even as the girls moved off and Fernanda's body drifted after them like a cloud. She felt calm, sleepy even - Emily was exceptionally talented at that spell. Maybe it was for the best. All Fernanda wanted to do right now was slip into the oblivion of sleep. It rose up like a warm ocean tide, enveloping her in peace, calming her mind and letting her rest at last.

The girls descended the long steps to the avenues at the base of the terraces, Fernanda's naked, sleeping body hovering as it followed like an obedient pet. The sun was rising and they began to pass Camabahlam and other monsters, eyeing them nervously.

Despite the blatant display of magic, none dared to stop them.

Part 6