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Monstrum: Jacqueline

By WintermuteX

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Tags: best, nc, magic, Mg, oral, ped, preg, viol

Content: Monster Rape, Sexual Slavery, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Violence, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

Previous Story: Monstrum: Pollination


Jacqueline barely caught the catgirl's terrified expression as Fera fled into the woods. Two Corpsum Gorillas slammed into the underbrush in pursuit, leaving the third still straddling Jacqueline as she struggled on the ground. Maybe Fera would get away. Maybe she'd bring help.

The thought was battered away as the engorged rod of gorilla meat slammed to the hilt in her pussy. She shrieked, her mind whirling. Her staff. Had to get her staff. The pounding tempo banging at her pelvis brought a dizzy rush of pleasure that made it hard to think. There. The length of white ash was on the ground just beyond her reach.

Her eyes focused, and reality crashed home. Her staff was broken. The Rapewolf had bitten it into two right before they...before they...

The thick meat banged in and she shrieked again, her cries filling the forest clearing. The hulking, huffing gorilla creature bent over her and fondled her flat chest with its forward pair of hands, using its other two hands to hold her hips as it slammed its cock into her little pussy in powerful thrusts.

Jacqueline writhed in the dirt, her train of thought breaking to pieces before the mounting wave of ecstasy that fountained in her gut. Blissful waves of pleasure rose from the pumping prick sliding against her pussy walls and banging up against her cervix. Gods, this monster was so BIG! A full hands-breadth of knobby, diseased-looking flesh jutted from the squirming mass of flesh at the massive creature's groin. The 12-year-old had studied every variety of monster cock in great detail, of course. Corpsum phalluses were flexible protuberances of substantial length and girth, capable of erection throughout sustained sessions of intercourse. Anywhere from half to full-hand in girth and upwards of 10 hands in length. Ejaculate volume varies widely. Typical tier 1 Conversion effects. Somehow the facts in the Monstrum Factorum failed to capture the virile reality pounding home in her aching cunt.

Her shriek rose to a scream as yet another orgasm washed over her. Her muscles stiffened and then spasmed, her body betraying her again as a storm of gooey pleasure obliterated her senses and replaced them with a tempest of rushing bliss. Her head spun. Hot fluid spurted up into her belly, the tumescent gorilla cock stuffed in her tiny cunt fountaining out a flood of grey semen that shot straight up into her womb. No. Gods no. Not in her pussy. Anywhere but there. The thoughts had barely coalesced before the shock of her climax ripped them away again. First the Rapewolves, now this. The Corpsum would never let her go.

Reality returned slowly. Jacqueline's arms felt raw. They had scrabbled relentlessly against the dirt, finding no purchase as the powerful blasts had jolted her pelvis. The Corpsum slid out of her, leaving her hairless pussy gaping wide open in the air. Was he done? A confused feeling of regret lingered in Jacqueline's hazy consciousness.

Hairy hands wrapped her arms and thighs. The forest floor spun away beneath her as the Corpsum slung her over its shoulder like a sack of meat. The other two were returning, without their prize. The catgirl had eluded them. Jacqueline felt some tiny mote of victory underneath her defeat.

She coughed up salty fluid as she was carried along none too gently. They had cum in every hole the 12-year-old girl had. The gorilla semen left a musky, potent taste in her mouth that tingled on her tongue. She knew what that feeling was, what it would do to her. She had seen its effects on countless girls. Conversion. She had never expected to feel it herself. Desperation warred with panic in her mind. How could she possibly escape without her magic? You just had to be the fucking hero, didn't you Jacqueline, she screamed at herself. Now she was in this mess. She ruthlessly crushed the tiny doubt in the back of her head, the little voice of surrender. Other girls became juicy little monster sluts, eagerly offering all their holes to be used by their masters. Not her. She was a battlemage! An exemplar. Head and shoulders above all the other little girls that wielded the magic of the cosmos against their enemies.

Now she was finally caught, and with her friend Allie captured by Org, there was nobody left to stop the spread of the monsters, nobody who could strike at the heart, who could root out the people helping them. Jacqueline hung her head in despair.

Rough hair brushed her stomach and cold morning air flowed over her exposed pussy and back. Where were they taking her? She kicked and struggled as she was carried, her instincts refusing to submit, but the heavy creature held her on its shoulder effortlessly.

Her nose bobbed in a carpet of greasy chest hair. The lanky stuff smelled of sweat and animal filth. She turned her head to avoid it and watched the forest flow by upside down. Eventually, crude huts came into view. Twigs and bamboo and bone. Jacqueline caught flashes, twisting her head as she could. This was the Corpsum village. This was where the grotesque ape monsters made their home. More of the creatures dotted the village everywhere. A few poking hands brushed her backside, squeezing her rump and poking at her dripping pussy, but the one carrying her brushed the others away. She was his.

They entered one of the huts and Jacqueline was flopped down onto a grass mat. She curled up defensively, groaning. She had never felt so naked, so vulnerable. Her battlemage uniform had been little more than skimpy dreamcloth, the translucent garb doing almost nothing to hide the flat chest and hairless pussy lips of a 12-year-old girl, but it was all she had had. Only tatters remained, gossamer cloth with ripped edges around her shoulders and hips, the allocite braces stripped away and the delicate chains yanked apart and dangling loose.

There was another girl, she realized, on the mat next to her. Young. Jacqueline tried to focus through the tears in her eyes. A hand reached out and took her own.

10 years old probably. The girl lounged comfortably on the grass mat, naked, and grossly pregnant. Her belly absolutely swelled, the skin taut and straining. A few tattered scraps were all that remained of the simple dress she had once worn. A necklace of bones and teeth draped loosely around her neck and across her flat chest.

"Hi. I'm Alyssa." The girl wore a friendly grin as she squeezed Jacqueline's hand.

"J-Jacqueline," she stuttered, the tears coming again to her eyes. She wanted to cry. She wanted to scream. She wanted to sink into the earth and vanish from existence. She couldn't tear her gaze from the tiny girl's pregnant belly. Here was her future: monster semen quickening inside her and growing into more of the creatures. Her body transformed into a willing breeder.

"Shhhh, it's ok Jacqueline." Alyssa seemed almost motherly as she wiped a tear from Jacqueline's cheek. "There's nothing to be afraid of. Master will take good care of you. Are you hungry? It's feeding time."

The Corpsum had been fiddling with its club on the far side of the hut after dropping its newest girl off, but now it stomped over to where the two girls were huddled together. Four hairy hands reached out, squeezing the butts and hips of their prepubescent bodies, brushing their flat chests, thumbing the tiny nipples so much smaller than his own fingers. Alyssa rolled over onto her back with some difficulty, the paunch of her belly sagging. Jacqueline could see the horny glaze in her eyes. Alyssa opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, as if obedient to an unspoken request.

The gorilla turned to her, its erect cock quivering in the air. Jacqueline couldn't hide her revulsion. The lower belly and groin of the creature was a disgusting mass of twisted, writhing flesh, all rooted around the jutting phallus of sickly-looking fuckmeat. Alyssa regarded the ruinous body of her master with a warm expression, and opened her mouth even wider.

Engorged gorilla cock touched Alyssa's lips, then pushed past. Her jaw seemed to stretch. Jacqueline winced. The horse-sized cock shoved all the way inside the little girl's mouth until it butted the back of her throat. Alyssa's cheeks puffed slightly as she worked her mouth in a gentle massage on her master's tumescent monster prick. Lust and desire were plain on her face. Jacqueline's shock grew as the little girl suckled the thick monster meat, and the Corpsum began a thrusting motion that forced the massive organ even farther into Alyssa's throat. A visible bulge worked up and down the girl's neck.

The 10-year-old was an expert cocksucker, apparently. In no time his cock swelled up and began to buck, and Jacqueline could see Alyssa swallowing the powerful blasts of semen shooting into her throat. It went on and on, the little girl swallowing dozens of times to help the thick flood of batter down into her stomach where it would nourish her. Her nostrils puffed wildly. Her cheeks and tongue worked eagerly. The Corpsum finally pulled out, levelling the final splatters of white semen at the girl's face and breasts. Alyssa moved to wipe it up, rubbing her cheeks and chest and licking her fingers with gusto.

"Want some?"

Nothing but genuine care was on the girl's face as she brought a glob of semen up near Jacqueline's mouth. Jacqueline pushed the finger away in fright and scuttled back on her mat until her back was up against the wall of the hut.

Done with Alyssa, the Corpsum advanced on her. Its thick cock was still erect and lashed back and forth in the air like a promise as it walked. Jacqueline huddled in fear and tried to scoot away, but she was already against the wall. Thick hands reached down and Jacqueline screamed as she felt herself lifted and turned over. A hand on the back of her head squished her face to the floor, and others pulled her butt in the air and spread her legs. Jacqueline could imagine the disgusting cock lining up with her pelvis, and she felt the stiff point of meat at the end graze her pussy lips an instant before the whole rod of flesh rammed inside her.

It was like a log ramming your backside. The jolt arched her spine, but she was held down so firmly that her body has nowhere to go. The creature pulled back and slammed in roughly again, making Jacqueline feel as if she were being split apart. The 12-year-old hunched on the floor, her tiny frame providing only the most pitiful resistance to the massive hulk impaling her from behind.

Rock-hard flesh pounded in. Her pelvis jolted forward. Out again, her cunt sucking at the retreating flesh as if pleading for it not to go, and back in. The thrusting tempo in her crotch heated up to a firestorm of twisting pleasure. Another slam. Bulging flesh. Tension curled her hands into fists and her nipples stiffened in the air She prayed the creature wouldn't snap her in two. Hairy palms squeezed her hips, holding her in place as the bucking rhythm increased. Pulsing meat pummelled the little girl pussy with gusto, straining the tiny tunnel to its limit. Jacqueline's world broke apart on the thrusting end of the mammoth stick of meat.

She couldn't help herself. The frothing currents overwhelmed her. She felt herself panting, sweating, grunting as the pleasure of pistoning gorilla meat swelled up like a chorus. She pushed back, hips wiggling and moving in time. Arousal lit her nerves on fire. She had been a virgin before she met Fera. Nobody had ever made her feel like that. Why hadn't anyone told her sex was so good? But the heavy creature straddling her and fucking her senseless was a monster! Her tears warred with the mounting swirls of pleasure in her brain. She'd be fucked, and fucked again, endlessly, monster cum soaking into her, changing her, fertilizing her with monster babies. The thought was a revolting nightmare, and yet Jacqueline felt alive for the first time, as if the cock stuffing itself deep in her tiny cunt had awakened something hidden inside her.

She shook her head. What was she thinking? She had to get away, had to escape, before this thing came inside her again! But the four hands locked on her body brooked no argument. The Corpsum was a behemoth of hulking muscles and distended flesh, and she was just a 12-year-old girl. A kitten under a bull. Hopeless.

The vast hand was wrapped around her skull, rubbing her face against the bamboo floor. Her own breath washed back and heated her face. Her blood boiled like magma. A sudden tightness flexed against the strained walls of her pussy, stretching them even wider, and she felt the first hot blast erupt from the monster cock stuffed inside her and slam up against her cervix. The beast didn't let up. It hammered its rigid meat into Jacqueline's pelvis with increased fervor as it came, banging her helpless body on the floor like a ragdoll. She felt the grunting thrusts force the fluid up inside her, revolting seed that spewed up into the tight cavity of her womb and flooded it to the breaking point. Convulsions raced up from her crotch, jerking her muscles helplessly, and a wild rush rocketed up her arched spine to detonate in her brain, a roaring beat that tore away the outside world from all her senses and replaced it with an endless thunderbolt of orgasmic energy.

Screaming, from far away. Her screams, the primal wail of a 12-year-old girl battered senseless in the storm of her own climax. Hot slime spewed inside her, endless streams of wild gorilla cum emptying into her belly. It seemed endless. Her jerking hips and thrusting pelvis worked ceaselessly, welcoming every blast, shaking with delight. Sweat dripped in her eyes. Her tongue tasted dirt, hanging out of her mouth. Her own spittle and snot rubbed from the floor back onto her face. The creature was slowing now, it's pace slacking as the rushing fountain of semen beginning to taper off, but the working meat kept Jacqueline at a crescendo, her body taut, glistening all over with sweat and twitching with ecstasy.

Her orgasm finally began to recede, leaving the girl a heaving wreck on the floor. Jacqueline floated in a pool of post-coital bliss so complete that she barely felt the enormous rod of flesh slowly pull out of her. Warmth dripped down her thighs and pooled on the floor. How could one creature produce so much semen? It defied belief. She blinked, hazy, looking down between her legs, her mind stuck on that one thought. So much semen, dribbling out of her battered pussy. She had watched her father put a tap on a cask of syrup once, for a party. Back when she was a girl. Back before she was a mage. She remembered the slow tide of brown fluid, had marvelled at how it kept coming. Grey sludge oozed in milky waves down her thighs from the overflowing vat of her aching cunt. She stared, transfixed.

He was done with them, she realized. He had already left, having fed and fucked his mates to screaming satisfaction. Jacqueline rolled clumsily onto her side on the grass mat, her muscles refusing to obey. They were locked, stiff, held so long in one position as her master did as he pleased with her.

The warm tide from her cunt began to ebb, all the excess fluid drained out and drying in a sticky layer on her legs. Alyssa was lying back comfortably on her own mat, asleep already. Jacqueline studied the smile on the younger girl's face, unable to order her own thoughts. Globs of cum were in Alyssa's hair. It had dried on her chin and crusted in her eyelashes. Sticky deposits glistened from the sweep of her flat chest. So much cum. And after filling Alyssa's belly and leaving the excess on her body, that pounding cock had delivered an even larger helping to Jacqueline. She knew what it was doing inside her even now. Her womb had been stuffed to the brim with the monster's baby batter. The vast amount pooling beneath her was just the runoff. If she concentrated, she could just feel the faint tingling in the lips of her cunt, in the quivering walls of her pussy, and deeper. It was working its slow changes on her body, firming up her cunt so it could take more abuse, making it able to stretch more, lengthening her vaginal canal so more of the monster meat could be stuffed inside her. It was like a dream. She had studied it for so long, observed the process in other girls. It hadn't seemed real. Just dry facts on the pages of the Monstrum Factorum she had so studiously memorized. She didn't need to recall the diagrams to see the end result: Alyssa was right in front of her, the naked, pregnant 10-year-old smiling in her sleep, her belly swelling obscenely.

Jacqueline turned away and curled up on the mat. She had to get away, or that was how she would end up. Just another pregnant little girl, begging for cock around the clock, craving semen in every tight little hole she had and rejoicing when her stomach began to bulge.

Her master would probably be back soon. No, not her master. She shook her head, angry at herself. The Corpsum. She couldn't escape, couldn't fight back. Without her magic she was helpless, just a wiggling little piece of fuckmeat for him to fuck and flood with cum. But she had to find some way. Maybe she could fashion a new staff. Maybe she could sneak out and escape like Fera had. The open door beckoned, but she knew she wouldn't make it two steps out of the village. Maybe the mages would show up and rescue her.

Hopeless. Jacqueline shifted again on the grass mat. She was exhausted. Her eyes were dry, unable to produce any more tears. Nowhere to go, and he'd be back soon. Back to hold her down, back to stuff the revolting rod of monster meat inside her again. She tried to ignore the tingling from down below, tried not to think of herself kneeling obediently like Alyssa had, her mouth open and tongue out, an eager little gorilla slut begging for a helping of cum in her mouth.

Jacqueline licked her lips unconsciously as she drifted off to sleep.

"Miss Jacqueline. Would you read the chapter aloud for the class please?"

"Yes Mr. Mondain," Jacqueline said, standing up from her desk.

The other girls looked at her jealously. The year 3 and 4 girls. They didn't like it that a mere 10-year-old could upstage them. Jacqueline couldn't help that she had a good memory. She could retain everything she read in the Monstrum Factorum - the heavy volume that all the girl mages were instructed from - even if she just skimmed it. She was barely into her first year at the academy but the instructors all seemed to like to call on her first.

"Yeta are muscled behemoths with lanky white and grey fur that stand anywhere from 8 feet to 12 feet in height," she recited from memory. "Their stamina and ferocity is commensurate with their substantial height. A full grown Yeta can weigh as much as 100 stones and presents a mortal threat to any mage patrol it encounters. Traditionally equipped soldiers are insufficient to deal with the threat of a single Yeta without siege equipment."

Jacqueline could see Tenna out of the corner of her eye, glaring at her from her desk by the wall. Pretty, petite, and popular, Tenna hated Jacqueline with a passion. She had been Mr. Mondain's favorite student before Jacqueline joined the class. And if Tenna didn't like a girl, all the other popular girls in class followed her lead.

Jacqueline had never been popular. She was used to the cold shoulder. It didn't bother her much. At least she had made one friend: Alinayah, a girl a couple years her senior, had helped Jacqueline with a spell she had had trouble deciphering. Alinayah was smart, and she was the only girl that had treated Jacqueline with any sort of kindness at the mage academy. Jacqueline looked over and saw Allie at her desk by the window, chewing on a fingernail and staring absently out the window as she often did during class.

Jacqueline cleared her throat and went on.

"Yeta soldiers prefer to fight with a heavy weapon, such as a club, in each hand. Their wide swings can mow down a row of soldiers in a matter of seconds." The words were so clear to her, as if she had just read them a moment ago. The chapter on Yeta had been last night's homework. She had studied hard, committing even the frightening illustrations to memory.

"An interlocked shield line with spearmen behind is the preferred method of withstanding a Yeta attack, but such a formation will still eventually crumble without magical support. Fire is an effective method of assault, as Air spells that push and crush can do little against the robust hide of a Yeta. If their fur is set aflame, a Yeta will abandon its attack and panic. Spells that attempt physical damage and restraint are next to useless to finish the creatures. Transmuting the ground they stand on to quicksand is the only method that has had some success in hampering their movements."

"Very good Jacqueline. Come up here please." He beckoned her to his desk at the front of the class.

She walked up to where he sat and stood at attention just as she had been taught: legs together, arms clasped behind her back, chest thrust slightly out. The master of magical studies eyed her with an unsettling grin before addressing the class.

"Take note girls: you should all endeavor to study as hard as Jacqueline has. Perfect knowledge of your Monstrum enemies is essential to your survival and victory. Teleria is counting on you, and you know what happens to the girls that fail."

They knew. A brief shudder passed among the class.

"Please continue Jacqueline." Mr. Mondain waved casually and then leaned back in his chair. He looked like he was hard. His gaze travelled up and down her profile, lingering in turn on the 10-year-old's flat chest and tight little butt. She squirmed uncomfortably. She had been shocked when she saw the first-year initiate's uniform they had provided - the frail strands of blue dreamcloth hung loose, barely covering her nipples and pussy, and the links of golden allocite that held the wispy garment together were so light it seemed as if a stiff breeze might blow the whole thing off her body. The bejeweled tiara and the gemstones that flashed from the bindings were gorgeous, but the uniform left her shoulders bare, and her stomach, and her legs - pretty much everything. And the flap that hung behind her hips was much too short to cover anything than the upper part of her butt.

Maybe she should be used to the stares by now. Soldiers leered at her exposed body. So did the instructors, and the commanders. Every man that worked with the mages, really. Perhaps it couldn't be helped. If a mage wore normal clothing, it would simply disintegrate from the magical flux of her casting. Dreamcloth and allocite were magically manufactured materials, dreadfully difficult to create but immune to the effect, as the gemstones naturally were.

She tried to ignore his eyeballs crawling over her body as she faced the class and continued the lecture.

"Yeta slaving habits are fairly typical. They abduct women and girls of any age, but prefer to keep younger human girls for breeding and trade the older ones away. Once a girl is taken, she is bred around the clock in slave pens similar to those of Org'reh and Centaurum."

She stopped short, hoping that would be enough. She didn't want to think about the rest.

"Jacqueline, I believe you've left a few things out. Please instruct the class on the rest of the chapter."

She sighed and continued.

"The Yeta phallus extends from a sheath in their groin, and can stretch over two feet long when fully erect. When not fighting each other in contests of strength, Yeta pursue intercourse with as many girls as possible. Their stamina means they rarely tire and can ejaculate as often as they like. Their sexual ministrations can go on for days. Orgies involving multiple Yeta and girls are common."

"Their semen, please." Mr. Mondain looked impatient.

"Yeta ejaculate can exceed the yield of a standard milk cow and has a thicker consistency than human semen. Conversion effects upon contact with the body are rapid."

Jacqueline tried to focus on the facts, tried not to think about the many diagrams in the Factorum that so intimately demonstrated every detail of how a Yeta would capture and rape a little girl. But it was hopeless. The images danced in her head as she recited the words.

"Toughening and lengthening of the vaginal canal take place within a week, hardening the girl to better withstand the casual violence of Yeta mating. Similar processes occur in the anus, mouth, and throat. Upon completion, a vagina may accommodate upwards of 30 centimeters of Yeta cock. Fertility rapidly follows as the latter Conversion effect. Girls as young as 6 have been impregnated with Yeta younglings."

Sometimes it was a curse to have a near-perfect memory. The last diagrams in the chapter had been anatomical cutaways showing young girls stuffed with thick Yeta pricks, their pussies split wide open and bellies distended in the latter stages of pregnancy. Jacqueline closed her eyes as she finished, as if that would make the vision go away.

"Wonderful. That's very good Jacqueline. Very good indeed." Mr. Mondain's eyes crawled up her legs again and over her hips. He licked his lips. There was no doubt that Jacqueline's exposed body and her description of the monster's rapacious habits had stirred serious arousal in his pants.

"That will be all for today," he said, addressing the class. "Remember to study the chapter on Corpsum Gorillas. The test *will* include the finer details of semen composition, gestation periods, and penile firmness coefficients. And practice your fertilization diagrams as well. I won't accept shoddy illustrations. If I ask for an anatomically correct picture of Centaurum intercourse again, it had better be detailed. You are dismissed."

The girls quickly gathered their things and began to file out of class. Jacqueline made a move towards her own desk, but Mr. Mondain stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

"Please stay a moment after class, Jacqueline. I would like to give you a more...personal test."

She blushed and nodded. The tent in his trousers made his intentions quite clear. The last of the girls left, Tenna flashing Jacqueline a hateful look as she departed. Mr. Mondain dropped back into his chair with a grin and waved his hand.

"Come here. Let's give you an inspection."

Jacqueline stood in front of him in the proper stance, staring straight ahead. His hands rested on her shoulders, squeezing slightly, then moved down. She tried to stay quiet, to stay disciplined and keep her poise from breaking, but a slight squeak escaped her lips when his fingers ducked under the hanging scrap of blue dreamcloth against her chest and seized her nipples.

"Hmm, very nice Jacqueline. You are an excellent student." His fingers twisted the sensitive nipples, earning another reluctant squeak, then trailed down her bare belly and circled her navel.

"Have you mastered your first circle spells yet?" he asked, pulling her closer and rubbing her hips.

"Yes sir. Alinayah helped me with a couple."

"Very good, very good. You know, Monstrum knowledge is just as important as magical ability."

"Yes sir." Jacqueline didn't pretend to know why studying pictures of slavish creatures raping girls her own age was so essential, but it seemed best not to argue.

Questing fingers ducked under the loose cloth that covered her hips, fondling her curves, then moving down and squeezing her buttcheeks. Jacqueline couldn't help but gasp. The sudden feeling of so many fingers grasping her intimate parts weakened her knees and she put her hands out as she wobbled forward, her disciplined stance broken.

"Knowledge under pressure is essential." Mr. Mondain grinned expansively as he fondled the 10-year-old girl, pulling her even closer, kneading her butt, letting the jutting erection in his trousers poke her in the stomach.

"You never know when a fact will come in handy, or under what circumstances. Your magic and competence could even be tested under duress."

A reluctant groan rumbled in Jacqueline's throat. Mr. Mondain's hands continued their work, rubbing her sides up and down, tweaking her nipples, diving under her loose clothing whenever they pleased.

"A bloatfly will first attempt to fuck you in the mouth." He touched a finger to her lips, then gently pushed the tip inside. "They prefer the easiest moist cavity that can be accessed. Would you like that?"

She shook her head slightly, then moaned again, sagging against him as a low flush of pleasure began to bubble up from her crotch. Her muscles tightened and she began to instinctively suck on the finger in her mouth.

"If you keep your calm," he said, pushing the finger further inside, "you may remember how vulnerable they are to wind spells. Now, a Squick may choose your anus to nest in when it first attaches."

She shrieked around the finger in her mouth as another digit reached behind and pushed in past her sphincter. Mr. Mondain smiled lasciviously at her, enjoying how the girl wiggled on his fingers.

"Remember that a *thorough* inspection is the only proper way to guard against infestation." He emphasized the word "thorough" with a sudden push that sunk his finger up to the second knuckle. Jacqueline felt her butt tighten and squeeze, bearing down reflexively on the intruder. She sagged against him, hands on his chest, eyes fluttering. The instructors did this sometimes. It was part of getting a good grade.

"Even if you find a nice big monster cock stuffed in here" - he transferred his other finger from her mouth down to her crotch - "you should keep your grip on your staff and your mind. Let me show you."

The stubby digits ducked under the dreamcloth flap and trailed lightly over her pussy lips, feeling the moisture that speckled them. Jacqueline's heart raced helplessly as another coil of pleasure swirled in her gut, sparking from the teasing contact of her teacher's fingers on her cunt. Her chest was heaving and her vision blurred.

Her senses sharpened to an icy point as a finger thrust up roughly inside her. Her muscles all stiffened as one and her head jerked back as she let out a cry. A single spasm pulsed in her groin, massaging the finger, and then clamped against it, enveloping it in sucking warmth. It felt so good. She needed to go to her next class but she also didn't want him to stop. The throbbing finger sunk further, pushing apart her pussy walls and feeling them push back.

Mr. Mondain's grin was fiendish. He worked both fingers inside the little 10-year-old girl that swayed against him, enjoying her girlish squeal. The expression on his face said he had a new favorite student.

Jacqueline swallowed between panting breaths. She wondered if Mr. Mondain was going to take her virginity. She had fooled around before, of course. Her brothers had started putting their cocks in her mouth when she was 5 and her Dad had liked to cum on her face when he was in the mood each morning, but she had never gone all the way. She wondered if it felt as good as everyone always said.

The sudden pulling sensation left her deflated. She felt her asshole pucker and her pussy quiver, demanding the return of something stiff to fill them.

"Good girl, very good." His palm pressed against her scalp, pushing her down. "It's important that you train correctly. Now, show me how you perform under pressure."

She dropped to her knees. Mr. Mondain unbuckled his pants and his cock sprang out and slapped her in the face. He was as hard as a rock, wielding an 8-inch organ with a purpling head that was already leaking fluid. Jacqueline cocked her head and stuck her tongue out, licking a taste from the salty tip.

"There you go. Just like that Jacqueline..." Mr. Mondain's hand guided her head forward. "Now, I'll ask you some questions, and I want you to hold up the number of fingers that correspond to the answer." He grinned as he flexed the pointed cock primed at her mouth.

"First..." The engorged meat began to slide between her lips. "...tell me how many little girls..." Fat flesh puffed her cheeks out and flattened her tongue in her mouth. " Ettu can fuck at once?"

A good mage always knew the answer. Jacqueline held up two fingers. Mr. Mondain peppered her with more questions, his voice becoming more distracted as she began to work her tongue around the tumescent girth in her mouth. Maybe the other girls didn't like her, but she couldn't help that she had such a good memory. The thrusting prick began to pick up pace, slapping her head back and forth, bucking against the back of her throat. She'd study hard, even if it meant she was the teacher's pet, and she'd learn to be powerful and smart like Alinayah so she could use her magic to protect her family.

The firm flesh rammed itself into her mouth and held steady, plugging her throat. Jacqueline closed her eyes and breathed through her nose as the first blast of hot liquid splashed against her tonsils. Her pussy quivered under her fingers as her own orgasm began to wash through her. So many girls on the pages of the Monstrum Factorum, so many naked little bodies, supine, bent over, held aloft, each impaled on a fat monster cock that bulged as it flushed her insides with white goop. Some mages ended up that way, but she never would, she vowed. She worked her lips and tongue and sucked for all she was worth, choking down each rich dollop of cum that spewed into her throat. She'd be a good student, she'd learn magic better than anybody, and she'd beat back the monsters and keep the world safe.

It was why she had come to the academy, after all. She might have been just a little girl, but it was her duty.

Her eyes snapped open. Her mouth was stretched painfully around a throbbing rod of foul-smelling meat. A tangle of ruined, gaping flesh slapped towards her face, like something had been disemboweled and the guts hurriedly pushed back inside to heal. The splashes of cum squirting into her throat from her dream were real, the Corpsum prick buried deep and spewing a geyser of semen down into her stomach. Her head had been forced back against the wall, pinned by the swelling cock in her mouth.

Hot breath washed her face as the monstrous gorilla bent and squeezed her flat breasts. The torrent in her throat dried to a trickle and the fist-sized meat pulled out. Her jaw ached as it was released. She coughed. The smell of rich, pungent semen filled her sinuses, and a tingling sensation lined her mouth and throat where the creature's seed had made contact.

More hands grasped her, all 4 of them, squeezing her hips and shoulders, trailing across her flat tummy, poking at her bottom. The Corpsum hovered over her, its erect prick still waving in the air an inch from her nose. Jacqueline sucked in a ragged breath and coughed again.

A bellyfull of cum to match her pussy. Jacqueline despaired, reality crashing in again. Captured. Monsters fucking her in every hole. The tingling inevitability of Conversion. No! Not her! Still dazed from her dream, she kicked out. She'd fight! The monsters wouldn't take her like they had taken Allie! She wouldn't end up some grubby little cum-spattered slut in a slave pen somewhere. She was a mage!

The Corpsum seemed amused by the struggling of the little 12-year-old girl in its grasp, as if she could overwhelm his hundreds of pounds of bulk by sheer will. It flipped her over and pushed her down effortlessly. His slave had been properly fed. Now it was time for fun.

A sob ripped from her throat when she felt the rigid girth line up. The big hairy hands locked her hips in place, their grip like iron. Maybe if she had studied harder, if she had just been a better mage, she wouldn't have been caught so stupidly by Rapewolves, wouldn't be here writhing on this bamboo floor while a half-ton gorilla monster primed its erect cock at her aching pussy. Fera. At least Fera had gotten away. But with the monsters spreading everywhere, how long would it be before they caught up to her or her village?

The thought was battered away as the mammoth organ slammed home, driving Jacqueline's tiny body forward. She yelped, her pussy quivering at the sudden invasion. Her body wasn't built to accommodate such a massive cock inside it, but the monster semen was slowly working away, changing her. Even now her pussy, strained to the breaking point, quivered and rippled its velvet massage on the bestial cock stuffed so tightly inside. Jacqueline had ridden plenty of stallions in her life. She had always had a little girl's curiosity about what it felt like for a mare to have something so big pushed inside her. Now she knew.

The Corpsum pulled back and thrust again, jolting Jacqueline's pelvis. Another slam, and her head jerked against the floor. Another. Revulsion and shame rose up inside her. Just another little girl pussy for the monsters to fuck. That's all she was. Two years ago she had been all wide-eyed innocence, a model student who studied her spells and sucked her teacher's cock for grades. What an idiot. Her inevitable fate had been lavishly illustrated on every page of the Monstrum Factorum.

The creature pounded away, and a raw itch of arousal began to coil in her gut. Part of her wanted to scream, to resist, but the swelling pleasure couldn't be denied. Each jerk sent a shockwave through her body, compressing her ribcage, forcing out a frantic squeak each time the turgid fuckmeat slammed home. It felt so good. She had always wondered why the girls in those diagrams seemed to be shrieking in pleasure.

No! She slammed her fists down on the floor, tears filling her eyes. The Corpsum ignored her struggles. The low chorus rose to a crescendo, her orgasm building as surely as a boulder rolling downhill. Back and forth. In and out. Her pussy screamed. Her thighs twitched until the muscles threatened to tear themselves apart. Her tiny body was jerked in a savage rhythm, impaled on the powerful rod of her master.

She dropped her head to the floor and looked down between her legs. The squat, hairy thighs of the Corpsum were visible, as was the glistening rod of meat. Its full length was visible each time he pulled back, a twisted spire of flesh that seemed to bulge with a majestic potency. She realized she was panting, watching it plough into her cunt. Fuck. Fuck. Her mind reeled. A monster cock inside her, the worst nightmare of any mage. Fuck me. Fuck me! The words came out garbled, her mind careening between horrified panic and the flood of raw arousal rising up inside her.

The 12-year-old's naked body twisted wildly on the floor, speared by the tumescent girth of her master. Jacqueline felt the exhalations of fetid gorilla breath onto her back, felt his palms tightening their grip on her hips and the mighty organ swelling up inside her cunt until it felt like it would burst. Her fingernails dug into the floor. Her vision blurred. The part of her that railed in horror at her reality was swept away. The pounding force stopped as the gorilla cock slammed in to the hilt and stayed there. Searing fluid spurted deep into her gut, white magma that ignited a hurricane of pleasure to race upward from her groin. Her muscles revolted and her bones shattered like jelly. Jacqueline was toppled overboard into a storm of wild ecstasy as the violent climax overwhelmed her.

A tempest carried her aloft, carnal forces twisting her this way and that. Thunderous waves radiated up from the potent meat stuffed in her gut. Distantly she felt herself shriek and twist and jerk spastically, held in place only by the firm hands on her hips. Jacqueline tumbled through the most powerful orgasm she had ever had, every muscle clenching with white heat. It burned away the core of the little girl and left a shattered sea of pleasure where her consciousness had been, a pure, unadulterated fog of blissful oblivion.

Breath on her hands. Her own. A vast throbbing, both painful and exhilarating. It pulsed in her cunt like a receding storm. She was surprised to feel a hand clasped in her own. She had squeezed it until the knuckles were white. She looked over and saw Alyssa lying next to her, the pregnant girl smiling comfortingly.

For a moment she thought her guts were being pulled out through her pelvis, but it was just her master's prick pulling out, leaving a gaping feeling of emptiness behind. Jacqueline sagged onto the floor, still hazy.

" felt so..." Jacqueline fumbled the words. They slipped away before her reeling mind could grasp them. Revolting. Horrifying. That was what she had expected from a monster's pounding cock. Not such...such overpowering pleasure.

"Feels good doesn't it?" Alyssa giggled. The 10-year-old lay on her side next to Jacqueline, her pregnant belly sprawled in front of her. A generous helping of cum dribbled from her pussy lips onto her thighs.

The Corpsum grunted in satisfaction. It gave both girls a squeeze on their bottoms before turning and leaving the hut. Funny. It seemed almost...affectionate.

"How..." Jacqueline shook her head. It was surreal. She had spent months rescuing girls just like Alyssa. Just like...herself now. Girls kidnapped and fucked by monsters and impregnated to bear even more of the creatures to terrorize the world. Sometimes they hadn't wanted to come back. She hadn't understood. She hadn't even really listened. Now her perspective had shifted.

"How long have you...have you been here?" Jacqueline eyed the younger girl's pregnant belly. The vast paunch of skin was almost obscene.

"Oh, I'm not sure." Alyssa smiled. "Maybe a year?" She wrapped both arms around her belly and held it while she shifted onto her back.

"Are you from a village? Did the Corpsum attack it?"

Alyssa shook her head. "It was the Org'reh. They got me and my little sister and most of the other women in the village too." Alyssa spoke matter-of-factly, as though this didn't bother her.

"They kept me and her together for a little bit," she went on. "My master liked to make us watch each other. I held my sister's hands as he reamed her for hours at a time. She did the same for me. "

Jacqueline stared in shock.

" watched your he..."

"Yeah. Gods, it was so much fun. I mean we were scared at first, but our master kept us fed and the chains kept us from running away like idiots." Alyssa touched her slit, rubbing the gooey mess of semen gently over her pussy lips. "Do you have a sister Jacqueline?"

"I um...yeah, but I haven't seen her in a long time. What happened to yours?"

Alyssa began to frig herself, dipping her fingers into the sloppy mess of her genitals. Her breathing came in accelerated puffs.

"He needed to sell one of us. Janah was already pregnant, so he sold me to the Corpsum." Her fingers glided over her slippery cunt and then dived inside again. "I kind of miss her. She's probably had his baby by now. That would mean he's fucking her again..."

Her fingers accelerated, sliding urgently into her own cunt, her thumb pressing lightly against her clit hidden under the gooey white mess.

"Watching his cock go into was amazing," Alyssa panted. "Her little pussy lips spread wide open around his cock with every thrust. Jacqueline if you see your sister again, you should try eating cum out of her cunt. It's the best thing ever."

"Uh...I uh...I'll keep that in mind." Jacqueline watched in awe as Alyssa masturbated herself to an orgasm in front of her. The little girl's pregnant belly quivered like an enormous mass of gelatin as her climax swept through her body. Alyssa finally relaxed back on her grass mat, panting.

"Our master here is nice though, don't worry. He's a bit rough when he's fucking but you get used to it. You'll probably have a baby growing in you soon." Alyssa rubbed a hand over her own belly affectionately. "I think my boy's almost due now. I can't wait."

"Not me," she muttered. "No way. I'm getting out of here. Haven't you tried to run?"

"Run?" Alyssa stared at her uncomprehendingly. "Why? We get fed and fucked and that's all you need. Our master takes care of us. Other girls have told me some of the slave markets aren't quite so nice. Why would you run? It's great here. Don't you *want* to have babies?"

Jacqueline closed her mouth. It had been hanging open again in shock. There didn't seem to be much to say to that line of reasoning, so instead she crawled over to the doorway of the hut - her legs still felt a bit too wobbly to walk - and looked outside.

A dozen or so huts of similar construction - bamboo and tree limbs and wattles - lined the uneven circumference of a small clearing. Corpsum Gorillas were scattered among them, sitting or standing or hanging comfortably in the tree branches from their many hands. Jacqueline counted at least 20 before giving up. Even more had come into the village while she watched, their arms full of firewood and scavenged fruits. A slave girl her own age was kneeling on the ground on the far side of the village, naked and dirty, with a woven leather collar around her neck. Her master worked nearby, butchering a rabbit on a tree stump with a flint axe. The girl appeared to be waiting for something. A few other slaves were visible, just as unperturbed about their predicament.

"Damn, way too many," she muttered. She wouldn't make it 10 feet before one of those apes reached out and grabbed her. And who knew how many more were in the forest? They would be impossible to avoid, and she could never have outrun the burly creatures on their own ground anyway. Running was out.

Instead she sat, her legs dangling out the ledge of the open doorway. The Corpsum didn't seem to mind. Her own master didn't seem to be around. No, not her master. She mentally smacked herself. The horrific monster who was raping her whenever he pleased. She felt his cum trickling out of her pussy and pooling on the bamboo beneath her. The tingling feeling had receded into the background, but she knew the seed was working deep inside her still, accelerating the growth of her uterus and ovaries, making them fertile to the potent Corpsum sperm. It was only a matter of time before she looked like Alyssa.

A disturbance. On the other side of the clearing. Jacqueline stood up and watched as a group of Minotaurum entered the village, dragging handcarts behind them the size of wagons. They seemed to be conversing with the Corpsum who gathered around. Half of the wagons were piled high with sundries, but the other half had large cages attached to their frames, and inside each were half a dozen dirty, destitute, and very naked girls.

Slavers. They had come to trade. Jacqueline realized her hands had tightened into fists and forced them to relax. Acting rashly wouldn't get her anywhere. She'd have to think.

She wished she still had her staff. She wished she still had access to the magic that had made her such a force to be feared on the battlefield. Without that, she was just a weak, helpless 12-year-old girl. She'd have to get by without it. She'd have to use her head.

Nonchalantly, Jacqueline hopped down out of the hut and began to stroll across the village. The Corpsum didn't seem to care. It seemed she could do what she liked as long as she didn't make trouble or try to leave. She passed near the wagons, peering at the Minotaurum. The monsters ignored her, conversing with some of the Corpsum in a guttural language. They were terrifying specimens: massive bull-creatures with black fur and pointed horns that stood upright to a height of 10 feet or more. Their chests bulged with an imposing mass of muscles, and each of them had a golden ring pierced through their noses. They counted out a few coins with their hands - five-fingered like a human, albeit with massive digits and covered everywhere with black fur - and seemed to be arguing with one of the Corpsum over their prices. Their feet were cloven hooves, like a bull, and other than the barest concession of the tiny loincloths over their genitals, they were entirely naked.

Jacqueline sauntered by them, pretending that she was on a casual stroll even as her heart beat like a wardrum in her chest. The creatures paid her no mind, absorbed as they were in their dealings. Jacqueline came up on the slave wagons and peered into the cages.

The girls stared back, some with apathy, but a few with a look of wild desperation still in their eyes. They were all ages; Jacqueline counted a pair of twins huddled together that couldn't have been older than 8, a few girls her own age, and some older girls that looked about in their mid teens. The other cage seemed to have women in it, human females in their 20s and 30s. Every one was as naked as the day she was born, and their bodies were splattered with dried mud that had splashed on them during their journey in the wagons. Jacqueline knew from her studies that unlike Org, Minotaurum took no frivolities with their slaves. Org would dress their favorite slaves in silk and fineries if the fancy struck them, but to Minotaurum, slaves were fuckmeat and nothing more.

These poor girls. They had cum all over them - in their hair, squirted on their chests, drying on their thighs. One girl had fresh globs of white goo still glistening on her chin. The minotaurum looked like bulls and their ejaculations matched their size. Some of these girls might have been purchased at a slaver's market, but the others, the ones who still regarded Jacqueline with a kind of mute hope, those had probably been taken from nearby villages. The monster cum hadn't had enough time to work its Conversion on them. Jacqueline peered closer, then reeled back in shock.


She clapped a hand to her mouth and ducked next to the wagon so she couldn't be seen. Hopefully nobody had heard her. The skinny girl huddled miserably in the corner of the cage with her hands wrapped around her legs didn't respond at first.

"Parah! Pssst! Hey!"

The tiny girl's long hair was stringy and wet, and her head was resting on her knees, facing away. The girls had been rained on, though it had done almost nothing to wash the filth from their naked bodies. Jacqueline's heart broke. Parah had been a carefree 7-year-old with lustrous blonde hair and a perpetual grin, but the girl who slowly turned her head to look at Jacqueline with listless eyes was a skinny, dirty, shell of her former self.

"J-Jacqueline?" Something stirred in Parah's gaze as she came to herself. "Is that you?"

Jacqueline held a finger up to her lips, then peered over the wagon's edge to make sure nobody had heard them. The Minotaurum were snuffling irritably as they negotiated with the Corpsum. They had a girl with them, a teenager a few years older than Jacqueline. Her hands were bound with leather strips and she stared down meekly at the ground, her shoulders slumped and her posture servile.

Jacqueline ducked down again. "It's me," she whispered. A spark of life stirred in Parah's eyes as she scrambled across the wagon to where Jacqueline lurked. She reached a hand desperately through the wooden bars of the cage, and Jacqueline grabbed it.

"I knew you'd come. I *knew* it. There were so many monsters Jacqueline. They came in the night and they...they..." Tears formed in the corners of her eyes. "Something kicked in the door. Everyone was screaming. Something pulled Mom out of the house. Something big. I ran but they grabbed me and..."

"Shh, it's ok Parah. It'll be ok." Jacqueline did her best to comfort Parah as the little girl burst into tears. She wished she could reach right through the cage and hug her. She should have been there for her. She had made a promise, to protect Parah no matter what happened, and now the girl was an underfed little fucktoy for slavish bull monsters ten times her size. The images had haunted Jacqueline's dreams for the few nights she had been travelling with Fera. Parah bent over and lashed to a log, a grunting creature ramming its mammoth cock into her from behind. Parah on her knees, mouth open, thick blasts of semen battering her face. Her 7-year-old pussy split wide open around the colossal girth of thrusting bovine meat, shrieking as her tiny body was shoved back and forth, a pitiful little cocksleeve writhing for the pleasure of her masters. Jacqueline's heart wrenched in her chest as she considered the depth of her failure. Parah wept hysterically in front of her. The girl had been through all that and more, but there was hope. Semen had been dumped in every tight hole the little girl had, but she wasn't fully converted yet.

"I knew you'd come back. I knew the mages wouldn't leave us out here. Mages always come to kill the monsters." Parah's crooked grin bordered on hysterical. The fact that Jacqueline was just as naked as Parah didn't seem to register with the desperate girl. "Are you going to use Fire to kill them? Or are you just going to blow them up? How many mages came with you?"

Jacqueline made a hushing motion with her hands. Parah's frantic questions were getting a bit too loud.

"Just listen, Parah. I'm going to get you out of here, ok? I'm not sure how yet."

Parah nodded furiously, her hands gripping the wooden bars of her cage. Jacqueline looked around. The butcher's station was at this end of the village. The Corpsum that was working there had disappeared, but the slave girl was still waiting obediently on her knees.

Jacqueline slinked over, weaving in and out of the thicker vegetation at the edge of the village. Most of the Corpsum were watching the traders in the clearing. A small selection of flint tools hung from leather loops on a stand near the butchering stump. Jacqueline moved up to it slowly, then found a knife and slipped it out of its loop with barely a rustle.

The slave girl looked over, spotting Jacqueline lurking near the tools. Jacqueline froze. The two girls stared at each other in silence. She was pretty, perhaps 16, with short, dark hair. Her eyes scanned Jacqueline up and down, spotting the knife she was hiding with her left hand.

Jacqueline waited with baited breath. The slave girl looked away, gazing across the clearing in the direction her master had gone, as if nothing had happened.

Heart thumping like thunder, Jacqueline crept back to the wagon. The back end was partially hidden by the jungle fronds that grew everywhere around the village. The door at the rear of the cage was secured with a wooden crossbar held in place by tough leather straps. Jacqueline got to work, sawing crosswise at the lashing with the edge of the flint blade. After a minute, the leather began to fray. Jacqueline pushed the blade harder, sweat beading on her forehead and dripping down her naked chest.

The leather strap split apart. Jacqueline pulled on the rest of it to unravel it, then lifted the heavy wooden bar off its catch and let it thump to the dirt. The door to the cage opened freely.

Parah practically leaped out, then slammed against Jacqueline, wrapping her in a bearhug and sobbing.

"I knew it. I KNEW it. I knew you'd come back for me." Parah blubbered with her head buried against Jacqueline's naked stomach. Jacqueline hugged her and tried to quiet her down. More girls were slipping quietly out of the cage, gazing in silent awe at the girl who had set them free. A few still sat apathetically, their desire to escape having long since vanished.

"Jac?" Parah was wiping her eyes and sniffling. She seemed transformed from the passive girl she had been a few minutes ago. Hope had returned to her eyes.

"Jac, where's your mage uniform? And your staff?"

"Listen Parah." Jacqueline kneeled down next so she was at head level, and took Parah's hands in her own.

"You have to run. Run as hard and as fast as you can. You hear me? You run until your legs burn and your arms feel like they're going to fall off and then you keep running. Find a river and follow it downstream. Don't listen to anything you hear behind you."

"Jacqueline?" Fresh tears bloomed at the corners of the girl's eyes. "Aren't you coming with me?"

"I can't Parah. I'm sorry. It's the only way you can...get away." Jacqueline's eyes stung as her own tears dripped down her cheeks. She had let Parah down, let everyone down who had counted on her. Maybe this one thing, this final act of defiance could help make up for all her failures. She gave the naked 7-year-old one last hug and then pushed her away.

"Run!" she whispered furiously, flinging her hands at Parah and the half-dozen other girls. "Run!"

They ran, disappearing into the jungle. Jacqueline's heart broke. She knew she'd probably never see Parah again.

She shook herself. No time. The girls hadn't exactly been quiet. A Minotaurum was already strolling over to investigate what all the rustling was about. It was too bad she couldn't have opened the other wagons, but they weren't hidden by the fronds like this one was. She whirled around, then sprinted past the wagon and into the clearing like the abyss itself was at her heels.

"HEY!" She shrieked, flapping her arms as she ran. "HEEEEEEEEEY!" A distraction. It was all she could do. Just enough to keep the monsters busy, anything at all to occupy them while the girls got a head start.

A few Corpsum moved forward lazily to seize her. She ducked under their grasp and sprinted in the opposite direction. The Minotaurum traders stared at her wearing bovine expressions of astonishment, not sure what to make of the screaming, naked human girl barrelling down on them.

Jacqueline threw the knife with all her might. It bounced pathetically off the pectoral of the closest Minotaurum. She bent and grabbed a rock and hurled it at the one next to him. The creature reared back with an angry huff when it bounced off his snout.

The chase was on. Jacqueline whooped and tore through the village, knocking over everything she could. The basket of fruits went flying. A curing stand toppled over backwards. A Corpsum loomed up in front of her, snarling with ape-like rage, and made a grab. Jacqueline twisted to the side and managed to evade all 4 of the reaching hands.

More were closing in, cutting off her retreat. She ducked around the side of a hut, saw a Corpsum coming her way, then twirled and went around the other way, tricking the stupid creature. She had always been a fast runner, even without her magic to aid her. She used her size and her speed to her advantage to evade the lumbering monsters, clambering up a slope at the edge of the clearing and then running along the lip. A Corpsum lunged out of the forest at her, grabbing her thigh, but the angle was wrong, and she barely managed to twist out of his grip. From up here she could see the frenzy had thrown the whole village into shambles. Corpsum Gorillas ran through the clearing, trying to cut her off. Slaves peeked timidly out of their huts, wondering what had so disturbed their masters. A thrill beat in her heart as she ran farther along the jutting lip of rock.

The ledge curled around and lead back down to the center of the clearing. Her space was running out. More of the white-haired monstrosities were coming up towards her, shambling with that odd gait that used their back pair of hands to assist their legs.

Out of options, she jumped, landing on the slanted bamboo roof of the hut beneath her with a roll. She was surrounded on all sides, Corpsum closing in. But she would make a fight of it. Without her magic, she was just a skinny 12-year-old girl, but she was no monster's willing fucktoy. Her heart thumped wildly in her chest, and she tried to ignore the growing itch in her pussy. So close, all those reaching hands, grabbing at her naked body. She leaped to the side, slamming onto another roof and then losing her footing. A Corpsum was waiting beneath her, but she kicked it in the face as she fell. The creature howled in pain and grabbed. Hairy hands closed around her thighs, but she twisted free. Another Corpsum hanging on the roof, looming above her, a menacing silhouette with a jutting rod of meat between its legs. She ducked under the hands, feeling the grubby fingers graze her back, and ran.

Her arm wrenched painfully and the world soared away beneath her. She screamed and struggled as she was lifted up, and the frightening visage of an angry bull came face to face with her. It snorted in irritation, blowing her hair back and making the golden ring through its nose jump. She had seen the creatures break a battle line single-handedly, had watched them gore soldiers with those massive pointed horns that loomed near her shoulders. A thousand pounds of muscled destruction, they were even more terrifying up close.

The slanted eyes narrowed, regarding her curiously. Jacqueline gave up and slumped, hanging by her arm from the creature's fist. Its chest heaved with exertion. It snorted again, then drew in a breath, inhaling the scent of the little girl it had caught. With her head hanging, she could see all the way down the creature's body to its legs - and the massive cock between them. The monster's loincloth had been pushed up by his erection and draped over the colossal organ like a tablecloth, with a vein bulging visibly under the fabric, running top to bottom. Jacqueline felt the growing heat in her pussy, the rush from the chase, an unwilling excitement that stirred as the Minotaurum used its other hand to feel her hips and squeeze her chest. She was so tiny compared to those massive hands, like a porcelain doll handled by a giant. They could have broken her, snapped her like a toy, but instead they gently manhandled her in midair, fingers the size of her arm caressing her stomach, her thighs, grasping her buttcheeks, fondling the delightful landscape of the 12-year-old girl's naked body.

Ground and sky switched places and a rush of dizziness passed over her. A smooth wood surface pressed up suddenly against her back. The beast had laid her on the log in the center of the clearing, the one with its bark stripped. She heard the crack of a mallet and saw the other Minotaurum working to drive pitons into the wood near her hands and ankles on each side.

She was caught. She would be punished. The thought stirred a faint echo of arousal and coaxed a dewy line of moisture to her cunt lips. The Minotaurum held her in place as they tied a leather strap around each wrist and lashed them to the pitons, then did the same to her ankles. She was bound belly-up on top of the massive log, her spine slightly arched, looking up at the sky.

Run Parah, she thought. Hopefully she had bought the girl enough time. The Corpsum around her seemed content to let the Minotaurum have the first go at her in whatever way they pleased. She looked down to see the huge creature lining up its thick cock at her pussy. It was a massive, gleaming edifice, black as night, bulging proudly in the air. The blunted tip pressed between her legs, seeking the crack of her pussy, an almost comical contrast between the engorged organ of black velvet and the tiny hairless slit that couldn't possibly accommodate it.

Had this creature fucked Parah, just like this? A shiver raced up Jacqueline's spine, thinking of it. Had this mammoth phallus rammed itself into the little 7-year-old and filled her with bull spunk? Had she moaned as the monster spewed its semen inside her? Gasped? Shrieked? Wiggled her hips with delight?

A heated lust began to radiate up from Jacqueline's groin. If she hadn't let Parah down the girl would never have gone through that. Maybe Jacqueline deserved this, deserved to feel the fate that her failure had consigned others to. Maybe that big black cock thrusting inside her was her fate all along. Drips of precum rubbed a slippery trail up and down her pussy lips, the creature basking in the feel of the 12-year-old girl's genitals. Jacqueline's thighs twitched with excitement. Rapewolves had fucked her silly, filling her with generous helpings of doggy sperm. Gorillas with grotesque, moldering bodies had had their way with her, slamming her puny body to screaming ecstasy and flooding her with seed. Looking down and seeing a monster cock shoving its way into her cunt and raping her senseless was a familiar sight.

What was one more? Jacqueline jerked her pelvis and mewled pitifully, overcome by the rising heat. The majestic girth teased her a moment longer before the creature reared back and thrust inside. A scream of wild pleasure tore out of Jacqueline's throat. The feeling of gut-splitting fullness swelled up in her pelvis and rippled waves of pleasure up her stomach. Heavy hands wrapped around her hips. The monster held her steady against the log as it pulled back and rammed in again. The powerful girth stretched her pussy lips wide apart like elastic and barreled into the moist tunnel inside. A vibrating swell rose up in her pussy walls, the throbbing heartbeat of the invading meat transferring to the moist flesh that wrapped it so tightly. Jacqueline's head slapped back against the wood with the next jolt. She shrieked again as the current in her crotch built up to a roaring rush of heat, wild, spasming, enveloping her whole body.

Frantic gasps were forced out of her with every pump. She looked down again, past her erect nipples thrusting proudly in the air, admiring the tremendous shaft of bestial flesh pounding between her legs. Monster and girl, conjoined in rapacious pleasure. She had studied the concept for years, prepared to marshal the forces of the cosmos to fight it, and the ripping, thrusting force slamming into her was a reminder of how powerless she had been to do anything about it. Her shame twisted in on itself and became a rising ecstasy, a blissful surety of her fated position on the business end of a potent monster prick. Just a little girl, skinny and ineffectual, moaning and writhing in her role as cum receptacle for the virile beasts who overpowered her.

The thoughts floated on the surface of a heady passion that had reached a boiling point. Jacqueline twisted and writhed, hands jerking into fists and pulling at her straps, moaning like a bitch in heat. The Minotaurum cock plunged ever more rapidly into her, slamming her pussy open with each thrust like a hammerblow, banging up against her cervix at the end. This was her role, her mind screamed. This was her fate. This was what she deserved. Tied naked and shrieking to a log in the woods, her body accepting the powerful dominance of a throbbing monster cock, rutting like a beast. An animal. A surge of energy burst upward from the thrashing organ in her cunt and she screamed again as her orgasm overtook her.

Heat flooded into her, viscous white soup filling her belly until she thought she would burst. She had barely come down from her climax when the next Minotaurum took his place and thrust inside. Her ankles and wrists all jerked against their bonds at once. She howled lightning pleasure as the bucking force slammed home inside her and thrust her over the edge again to twist aimlessly on the currents of a violent ecstasy. Punishment. What she deserved. The thoughts were obliterated when another creamy helping of bull semen shot like a geyser up into her womb. Jacqueline whipped her head and thrashed as she was tossed from one climax to the next.

They were all going to take a turn. A hand wrapped around her neck to hold her still and a rod of salty bull meat filled her mouth. She licked and sucked eagerly, coaxing the swelling girth even larger, swallowing the hot splashes that came out as if she were famished. Mewling sounds escaped her mouth in the moments when it wasn't filled, begging, pleading for more. She felt cum splatter on her chest, on her tummy. Hot globs criss crossed her face and got in her nose. Warmth dripped freely down her legs. The taste of her passion changed and she realized the Corpsum had picked up where the Minotaurum left off. Ramming motions bucked her body back and forth, her senses spinning like a compass that had lost its axis. The pounding cock in her cunt was replaced with another, and another. The tingling batter spewed in her mouth and she swallowed it and begged for more. Jacqueline lost herself in the storming tempo of thrusting meat and quaking muscles.

The sky had gone dark, day giving way at last to night. Jacqueline moaned around the engorged shaft in her mouth and swallowed the deposits that spurted out, then mewled regretfully when it pulled out. Were they done? She struggled to transform the hazy fog of pleasure into thoughts. Her body wasn't being pushed. Her cunt gaped open in the night air, aching with a soggy, regretful desire. Something unlashed her feet and hands and picked her up. Jacqueline's arms and legs sagged like a ragdoll, all the strength gone out of them. She was being carried on her master's shoulder. The sound of crickets faded as she was carried into a hut and laid gently on a grass mat. Alyssa was there next to her, already sleeping.

Jacqueline laid there, muscles aching, the tacky feeling of dried cum on every inch of her body. Her jaw had been strained to the limit. Her stomach sloshed with buckets of oozing greyish spunk. Her pussy and asshole puckered and gaped open, trickling creamy fluid and echoing a dull feeling of emptiness after being stuffed to the brim by an endless procession of thrusting meat. It had gone on and on, cock after cock ramming in and spewing fresh deposits of salty passion while her body jerked and writhed from the unbroken tempest of climactic bliss that churned in her gut. She tried to piece together her shattered thoughts - something she had done, something good, worthwhile. Maybe it was taking so many cocks inside her, pleasing her masters with her body so many times. That must have been it. She rolled over with a contented groan and sleep overwhelmed her.

The rattle of the chain clashed with the vivid sounds of the forest. Birds called to each other overhead, then fled in a flurry of wings as large creatures came near. Jacqueline plodded ahead, sweating slightly from the afternoon sun, keeping pace with the girls in front of and behind her. The length of chain connected all the girls in a line as they walked, attached to metal loops in their iron collars. The company of Corpsum Gorillas walked with them on either side, some shuffling on the ground in their broken gait, others swinging through the trees overhead with a rustling of branches.

Alyssa was just ahead of her, her newborn wrapped securely in the sling of leather that stretched around her neck. She was nursing him as they walked, smiling, cooing with pride. The pale-haired gorilla infant suckled intently at the 10-year-old's breasts, holding the teat with one pair of hands while the other pair played finger games with his mother.

Jacqueline felt a slight tinge of jealousy. The baby was *so* cute. Alyssa's innately cheerful demeanor had redoubled once she became a mother. She held him, played with him, fed him whenever he was hungry, sung soft lullabies to lull him to sleep in her arms. The monstrous child her master had given her had renewed her life with a bright focus, and she had happily abandoned herself to the duty of motherhood.

It would be her turn soon. Jacqueline rubbed a hand over the growing bump on her belly. Her master had fucked her regularly, dumping heaps of gorilla sperm into her pussy week after week until the bulge began to show. Despite the heat of the day, the thought of the baby growing inside her made her shiver. He was growing so fast. In just a few short months she'd have a baby gorilla of her own suckling at her breasts, the miniatured ape muzzle chewing greedily on her nipples while her master spread her legs and fucked her and spewed fresh torrents of cum up into her little girl pussy, impregnating her yet again. She couldn't wait. Jacqueline ached to bear his babies, to take his sperm in her cunt and feel the life growing inside, her body a factory for an ever-growing brood of monster spawn.

Heavy grunts ran through the group of Corpsum. Their foraging sacks were almost half full. It had been a fruitful morning. Their hand motions guided the line of naked girls to a halt, and Jacqueline knelt obediently on the ground with the rest of the slaves. Lunch time. Jacqueline cocked her head back and stuck her tongue out, waiting.

They hadn't needed to chain her up for a while. She had been a good girl for months, eager to please her master. Some of the other slaves were still new though, so the Corpsum had linked them all in a line just to ensure none of the girls could run off. Jacqueline had only dim memories of her own disobedience - some pointless, fruitless rebellion before she settled down and enjoyed the bestial cock pounding her pussy day and night. The new girls were like that, upset, sometimes weeping, trying to run off. Idiots. Didn't they realize how lucky they were?

The malodorous rod of sweaty meat that shoved in her face wasn't her master's; he was back at the village. She didn't mind though. All the Corpsum took as many turns as they liked in her mouth or her puckering asshole, and now that she was pregnant from her master, no part of the little girl was off limits. She stretched her jaw wider, straining the muscles just as she had been taught to do when it was feeding time. The knobby, veiny girth jutted from a tangled ruin of fleshy viscera in the creature's abdomen. Once she had thought the Corpsum among the most hideous of Monstrum that the Abyss could offer - mangled guts hanging from their crotches and bellies, eyeless patches of wrinkled flesh where their eyes should have been, two abominable pairs of arms extending at odd angles from their torso.

The salty glans touched her tongue, exciting a tingling shiver in her mouth. The Corpsum pushed its knobby, bulbous cock slowly inside. She loved it, loved every bit of it. Thick. Heavy. Smelling of fetid animal odor and the musky leavings of the little girls pussies that it had been stuffed into. Heaven. A fleshy, thrusting paradise that eclipsed the miserable existence she had known as a mage. Always fighting. Always running. And for what? The Monstrum had caught up to her anyway. Somehow, she always knew that they would.

Moans and slapping sounds came from her left and right. Each gorilla had taken position in front of a slave girl and shoved its prick into their waiting mouths. Two of the new girls had resisted, and they both found a fist in their hair, yanking them forward and forcing their lips wide open around bulging girths of taut flesh. Not Jacqueline. She had learned to be a good girl. She accepted the meaty gorilla phallus into her mouth eagerly, working her cheeks and squirming her tongue along it base. The heavy organ filled her mouth and thumped against the back of her throat. Salty. Full. Glorious. She reached up and squeezed the nipples on her naked chest, enjoying the shudder it provoked.

A pair of hands cupped the back of her head. Another pair rested on her shoulders, rocking her body back and forth,. The slippery cock slid in and out of the little girl's straining mouth, cramming her jaw to the breaking point and then leaving a lingering tingle of desire when it retreated. Jacqueline dropped a hand to her cunt and felt the moist heat burning there, then slipped a finger inside. A wild thrill washed up from her groin, clashing with the thrusting waves of friction coming from her mouth and turning into a swirl of delight where they met.

The heat swelled up into a bonfire. An orgasm was already beginning to blossom in her gut. This was what she lived for. Her years on the farm, raising and riding horses, two years of intense training as a mage, the combat patrols that had seen her promoted swiftly through the ranks - they all paled compared to the blinding pleasure of the pumping meat in her mouth. She had discarded it all, and regretted nothing. 13 years old now, and Jacqueline had already found her paradise. This was where she belonged. A grubby naked little slave slut, kneeling on the ground, taking a fat monster cock in her hungry mouth. Her fingers dug deeper into the moist suction of her pussy, reaching for the desperate itch that burned inside. Her other hand dropped to her belly, feeling the pregnant swell. This. This was what every girl like her deserved. She wondered why she had never realized it before she was captured. Brutish, bulging, thrusting monster cocks in her pussy, in her mouth, in her twitching asshole. That was what she craved, the raw edge of desire that encompassed her existence. To be used, bent over, held, fucked like the breeding sow that she was. Her body a canvas for splatters of bestial semen, her fertile womb a vessel for countless sperm that sought her eggs and grew into warm, monstrous life inside her.

The bucking motion beat faster, rising to a steady tempo, then a crescendo. Jacqueline's skull thumped and her vision swam from the slapping force. The pointed glans dug at the back of her throat and burst inside with a last powerful thrust, cutting off her air. Tears streamed in her eyes. She knew the grotesque bulge was visible in her neck, the Corpsum's cock swelling up and pushing her elastic muscles aside to make way. It made her proud that she could do this, that the endless monster cum had changed her body so she could please with her throat as well as her mouth. A final powerful thrust slammed the hardened prick in to the hilt and sent her reeling into a climax. The smell of sweaty viscera filled her sinuses and her throat clenched in ecstasy as the first jet of gorilla semen spurted down her throat like white magma. She sucked. She wiggled her tongue. She worked her cheeks and quelled her gag reflex and swallowed like mad to pull each pumping spurt of delicious ape cum into her stomach as quickly as possible even as her lungs burned and her vision began to blacken. Warmth soothed her belly, the copious cascade of thick liquid filling her stomach to overflowing with nutritious seed.

Salty warmth lingered in her mouth when the grotesque organ suddenly withdrew. Jacqueline fell forward onto her hands when the Corpsum let her go, coughing and heaving, sucking air through her aching windpipe. So delicious, so potent, virile and replete with a revolting, musky animal odor that made it all the more alluring. Jacqueline swallowed every glob hungrily, then sought out each glistening drop on her lips and chin and licked her fingers clean. Her orgasm faded away, draining through the last quivers of her muscles and leaving a syrupy feel of contentment inside.

She rested back on her haunches, feeling her belly. A pleasing warmth bubbled in her stomach. The food her masters had given her would nourish her body which would in turn nourish her baby. Semen in her mouth, semen in her pussy, one deposit feeding the life of the other. Jacqueline wondered how it was she came to be so lucky. She had cursed the gods when she felt the first Rapewolf cock slam its way into her little girl pussy, but now she had come to realize how generous they were. Every girl should be so blessed.

The chain shackled to her collar went taut, pulling her to her feet. The Corpsum were herding the girls onward, out of the clearing. Feeding time was over. Jacqueline ran her hands over her naked chest and hips as they walked, collecting sweat then flicking it off. Just a few more hours, and the foraging sacks would be full and they could head back to the village. A latent itch burned in Jacqueline's pussy. She had been a good girl. Her master would give her pussy a nice fucking like she deserved.

She lost herself in the daydream as the party headed up along the ridge into an area of taller trees and sparse foliage. Her master's twisted, bulbous cock slamming into her pussy and spewing a torrent of white heat into her pregnant belly, his prick stuffed into her tiny 12-year-old asshole, crammed into her mouth and bulging in her throat. She eagerly offered up any dripping hole he wanted to use. Nothing drove her as wild as looking down and seeing her pregnant belly swaying while feeling the driving fullness of that hungry prick pounding away inside her.

A deafening explosion and a scream ripped her out of her reverie. One of the trees near the front of the line began to tip, flames licking at its base. With a splintering crack the trunk came crashing down to the forest floor. Her chain jerked her neck forward, and then backward. The other girls were panicking. Rushing forward, she forced Alyssa down behind a rock. The girl crouched in terrified shock, her gorilla infant crying against her chest.

"What is it?!" Alyssa sobbed the question as she practically curled up her naked body to protect her babe. Jacqueline peeked up over the rock, and saw more explosions booming against the trees. Malevolent red flashes outlined the shapes of her masters as they ducked behind cover and swung through branches to get up into the trees.

The quiver of potential in the air was like the embrace of an old friend long since forgotten. A thrill rose in her chest. Heat. Life. Vibrance. A power she knew intimately well.

"Magic," she breathed. "There are mages out there."

Another boom echoed across the clearing. A shimmering sphere of translucent green energy popped into existence, hovering in the air and clipping into the trunk of a nearby tree. A disintegration spell. The tree leaned to the side with a groan, large cracks rapidly spidering up the trunk from the ball of deathly energy, before finally tipping over and crashing down to the forest floor.

She could see them now: a coordinated line of young girls on a mound just beyond the clearing, wielding staffs that they twirled about in complicated motions, shaping the magical energy that shimmered in the air. Slender, beautiful, their hair wafted slowly through the air on invisible currents of energy, deadly concentration on their faces. Their battle line was impeccable. Flankers maintained a barrier of air in front of them, warding off the swinging fists and fury of the Corpsum that charged them. The mages in the center struck out with fire and lightning that poured from the ends of their outstretched staves, while auxiliaries in the rear summoned spells to hamper the monsters' movements and decimate their numbers.

It was like a fog had been lifted. Jacqueline peered over the rock, frozen with awe at the reality of her discarded memories come to life. The familiar thrumming in her blood was as sweet as she remembered it. Magic. Power, vibrating around her, coalescing under her fingertips and swirled into form by the motions of her staff like a potter shaping their clay. This had been her world. The girls twirled and spun, the frail gossamer of their dreamcloth uniforms trailing behind their motions as they wove death around them. Sunlight sparkled through the hazy shimmer of raw magic, reflected off the gemstones set among the thin golden braces of the girls' scanty garments. Rubies, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds - the thin braces of golden allocite were bejeweled with a queen's wealth.

Jacqueline watched the familiar, deadly dance. Each girl moved with a practiced grace, flowing from form to form. None could have been older than 13. The light dreamcloth strips barely covered their flat breasts, leaving their arms and tummies bare, and the flaps that hung like loose skirts from the golden allocite chains around their waists did little to obscure the hairless pink slits between their legs. The Corpsum charged again, racing up the mound, jumping down out of the trees. Snarling hands reached out for the tender bodies of the little girls on display, and were rebuffed by barriers of unbreakable air and gouts of flame and lightning that set their white fur aflame. Apelike screams filled the air.

Jacqueline didn't realize that she was sneaking closer until the chain pulled taut against her neck. Damn. Alyssa was still curled up behind the rock, immobile. The fight was mesmerizing. It was a full company of mages - a dozen girls - holding their own against the rampaging forms of monstrous gorillas 10 times their size. Where were the soldiers? A mixed-company unit would have men to hold the line, but the girls seemed to be doing well enough on their own. The one holding point in the middle of the line was a battle mage, she saw, wearing an ephemeral uniform of white dreamcloth and allocite that looked identical to how Jacqueline's had looked before the Rapewolf had ripped it off of her. The girl twirled her white staff and pointed, and a blue field wavered into existence in front of her, slowing the charge of the trio of Corpsum caught within it. She followed up with a shockwave that smashed into the monsters like a giant's fist, hurtling them back against the trees.

How had the mages found them? Jacqueline's astonishment was slowly turning to dread in her belly. Was it Fera? Or Parah? She didn't think the catgirl would have gone back to human lands. It must have been Parah. The girl must have made it out of the forest, the naked 7-year-old running until she found civilization, miraculously unsnared by the ravenous creatures that stalked the countryside hunting for little girl pussy. Jacqueline still didn't know why she had done what she did. Parah would have been happy here. Jacqueline had loved the girl like she was her own sister. They could have been together again, swapping girlish stories, comparing their pregnant bellies, bent over and fucked together as a pair.

She rocked forward slightly as the tension on her neck let up. The chain had snapped - no, it had been sliced. She sensed the energy of the razor-sharp blade of air that had cut it. One of the mages had spared a spell to free the slaves. Alyssa didn't even notice, still huddled against the back of the big rock, cradling her gorilla babe against her chest and weeping. A few of the girls turned and ran, the new ones, the ones that hadn't yet submitted to their masters properly.

Jacqueline crept closer to the fight until she was hidden just behind a tree at the perimeter. Her masters were being beaten back, unable to penetrate the magical defenses. A few had slumped against the ground and weren't getting up. The rest continued their assault, charging the slope of the mound and battering the barriers with their fists, screaming in fury, while others climbed trees and swung themselves out towards the group of girls. Despite their coordination, the mages seemed to be barely holding on. Their motions were coming slower, their arms tiring, bodies becoming exhausted from channeling the magical currents. The girl in the middle of the line had evoked a purple barrier overhead, a slightly-curved dome centered on her upthrust staff. As Jacqueline watched, one of the Corpsum, a massive brute even by the huge standards of the Monstrum species, swung out from a tree branch overhead with one pair of its hands, the other pair wielding the trunk of a fallen tree like a club. It came down like an avalanche, smashing the weapon dead into the center of the purple barrier. The battle mage sagged under the blow, stunned, her tiny body barely able to counter the crippling force of the behemoth falling from above even with the aid of her magic. The Corpsum kept its grip somehow instead of sliding off the barrier and rained blows down as it snarled with rage. The girl's body shook as each smash of the club sparked a small purple explosion of energy where it hit the barrier. Cracks spidered out where her feet were being driven into the earth. The other mages were too busy, too distracted. They swung their staffs and desperately wove spells to drive their enemies back.

Muscles bulging with fury, the Corpsum raised its club high over its head and brought it down again with an earth-shattering smash. The wood exploded into pieces. The tiny girl staggered and went to her knees. One arm was still held above her, shaking, holding her staff, but the purple barrier flickered, briefly, magic struggling to maintain its form, and then disappeared.

The battle line collapsed. The girls screamed and scattered away from the Corpsum that had landed in their midst. Rearing up, the beast howled and beat its chest, then snatched up the nearest girl - a blonde 10-year-old - and hoisted her by her leg. She shrieked as she was lifted upside-down in the air. Its hairy hands reached out and yanked the staff from her hands, then crushed it in a fist. The loose flaps of the girl's uniform fell upwards, revealing a pair of delicate pink nipples on a flat chest and a tiny slit blushing the slightest bit red between her legs.

The Corpsum leered at her and licked its lips, but it was bowled to the side a moment later as the mages struck out with a fist of air. The girl fell onto her head. It was too late though. The critical distraction had given the Corpsum on the left side of the mound a chance to batter their way through the barrier of air. A trio of creatures pounced onto the line of little girls, bowling them over.

The sight sent a thrill up Jacqueline's spine. Corpsum came from everywhere. One grabbed a tender-looking brunette, easily batting the staff from her hand, and then pushed her onto her back on the ground. Four hairy palms reached out and ripped the frail uniform to pieces, then eagerly squeezed the tender flesh underneath. The girl screamed in the face of the gorilla's eyeless visage as it bent down over her. Two more of the creatures closed in on the mage next to her, a slender, dark-haired wisp of a girl that couldn't have been a day over 9. She held her staff in front of her defensively, her spells forgotten, backing away instinctively. They snatched her easily and peeled the dainty cloth of her skimpy uniform apart like it was nothing, exposing her naked body. Wiggling in their grip, she shrieked when she looked down and saw the massive pair of erections waving in the air. Twisting and howling with fear, the girl was held in midair by the grasping hands all over her body. Two mammoth rods of flesh lined up, one poised at the pathetic slit of her cunt and the other pressing against her asshole. With a mighty thrust, the pair of Corpsum shoved the girl downward, impaling her on both of their cocks at once.

A mage was bent over a nearby log, her uniform in tatters, and the Corpsum behind her held her down as it lined up and thrust its pulsing girth into her pussy. Another Corpsum was crouched over a girl who writhed on the ground, enjoying her struggle as it used a single finger to snake under the delicate bits of cloth and allocite and pop them off one by one. A kneeling girl's cries were cut off as a hefty prick shoved its way into her mouth. Jacqueline watched with enthralled fascination. A scene that had filled her nightmares back when she had been a mage, and then one night it had suddenly become her frenetic, pumping reality. Monsters overpowering the paltry resistance of a mage, crushing her staff, shredding the filmy attire and savoring the naked girlflesh revealed underneath before slamming their pricks home into her puny cunt. It played out before her as she watched, transfixed. A few slaves had escaped, sure, but her Corpsum masters would have a fresh bounty of little girl pussy to fuck, and the twitching, screaming mages just beginning to feel the pleasure of monster cocks pounding away inside them would soon be a company of little breeders, mouths and pussies gaping open, eager to please, their pregnant bellies swelling with gorilla children.

A violent boom pounded the air of the clearing. Jacqueline hunkered down behind her tree, eyes tightly shut, until the air stopped rushing in her ears. It wasn't over yet. About half of the mages had regrouped on the other side of the clearing, she saw. They fought in a circle with their backs to each other. The battlemage had recovered, it seemed, and had rallied the other girls. She fought furiously, eyes blazing with red fury as she spun her staff, enraged by the sight of the other mages being openly raped in front of her.

Sweeping her staff in a wide arc, the girl slammed 4 charging Corpsum to the side like leaves. A sudden jerk and thrust, and a detonation shook the clearing as more Corpsum went flying away. This girl was strong, Jacqueline realized. Maybe strong enough to turn the whole battle by herself, if left alone. The other mages seemed to have redoubled their efforts to keep the monsters away from her, using barriers and slowing fields to distract and divert the remaining monsters.

Jacqueline crouched down behind the tree, feeling very small. The forces being slung about by the mages could tear a little girl apart. But she couldn't just do nothing. Even though some mages were down, her masters might still be overmatched by the battlemage. What would she do if the mages succeeded in "rescuing" her? She rested a hand on the bump of her belly. They wouldn't take her back, that was for sure, not that she had the slightest desire to ever go back. All she wanted was to have her baby, to take more steaming helpings of sperm in her pussy and have even more babies, as many as possible. She had to do something.

She looked around. There. A Corpsum was pounding away into a grunting, sweaty girl who lay on her back on the ground. Her staff lay nearby, forgotten, but intact. Jacqueline crept over and picked it up.

Just a trickle of sweetness at first. Like flexing a forgotten muscle. Jacqueline reached out through the staff, the A'sham ensconced on the end focusing her efforts. The trickle became a gush, then a torrent. Jacqueline pulled harder, and a sudden wash of magical energy erupted inside her. It was like coming alive again. The vast surging current of primal energy ignited her senses and sent her mind soaring. Magic. Raw energy, the life essence of the cosmos itself. She hung on as the flood threatened to overwhelm her.

Once again, the power roared under her fingertips. She reached out, condensing the potential in the air. Every mote of reality vibrated and sang to her. She could feel it all. She could feel the baby inside of her, the monstrous child growing in her womb. She could feel Alyssa and the other slaves. She could feel the monsters and the mages on the battlefield, struggling against each other, like she had felt so many times. She had been a battlemage. This was her element. To fight. She had been one of the best.

And what had it all been for? Her memory returned with infinite clarity. Learning about monsters. Fighting the monsters. Studying their breeding habits. Observing and memorizing and training day and night. What a sick joke. The academy had been a farce. Their training had been a sham. Thousands of pages of little girls being fucked by monsters in the Factorum. That was their destiny, their happy fate. The magic connected her once again to the vast spinning clockwork of the cosmos, and she saw at last, with fresh eyes.

The magic surged through her, demanding to be seized. It was raw potential itself. It commanded her to unleash, to act, to DO. Her mind spun out of control on the rocketing power. She barely hung on, barely controlled it. She had never held so much power. It collected in a maelstrom in her gut and radiated out in a wash of overwhelming sexual hunger that threatened to consume her. Her magic had never felt like this before. It was like it had thrown off fetters she never knew existed and been unleashed in its full potential as an endless geyser of animal passion.

Feeling like the world was moving in slow motion, she stood up. Power flared and vibrated in every cell of her body. The walls of her pussy spasmed around a ravenous itch. She barely resisted the urge to thrust her fingers inside her dripping slit. Instead she turned away from the Corpsum in front of her and the sweaty, weeping girl he was fucking. The mages huddled in a ring on the far side of the clearing. Skeins of power shimmered in the air around them, the networks of woven energy of their spells. Jacqueline could see them so clearly now. Spellforms couldn't be seen, they had always told her. Only felt. Mages wove their spells blind. What else had they taught her that had been a lie?

She felt herself walking toward the fight. Her body roiled on the brink of climax, brimming over with intensity. Flakes of iron were slowly streaming away from her neck as the iron collar dissolved, and she felt her long hair floating weightlessly behind her.

What a sight. The group of girls fought back to back - blondes, brunettes, even a redhead with freckles. Limber, exposed bodies twirled with the motions of their staves, smooth skin under translucent dreamcloth scraps that trailed in the air, granting tantalizing glimpses of tiny pink nipples and hairless pussies. The battlemage looked the oldest, around 14, and the youngest had to have been the redhead who scarcely looked a day over 10. Their youthful bodies gleamed in the sunlight and gems flashed from the clasps of their scanty uniforms.

What would they look like with their backs on the ground and their little pussies stuffed with bulging, thrusting cocks? Let's find out, she thought. Effortlessly, she drew on the power. Reality sublimated itself. The earth under the mages suddenly swelled up like a bubble in a boiling pot, then burst. Half of the girls stumbled backwards and the other half went flying. Jacqueline reached out, instinctively, and twisted something inside. A field sprung up around two of the girls that were sprawled on the ground. Their movements slowed visibly. Normally Jacqueline would have had to spin her staff to cast such a spell, using the movement of the A'sham to shape it, but now she saw how unnecessary that was. She held the staff still in a white-knuckled grip and tried to control the tempest of horny energy swirling in her crotch.

The girls got quickly to their feet and cast again, driving the Corpsum back with a wall of spinning razors of air. Jacqueline twisted something into a swirl. It was so simple now, as effortless as moving her own fingers. The fine control that had always seemed to elude her was now so trivial. Just a simple torsion and a tug, and the dirt underneath one of the mages instantly became mud. The girl fell into it up to her chest, arms and staff pinned in the sticky muck. She screamed.

The remaining mages saw her now. Their eyes went wide and their mouths dropped open, shocked at the betrayal by one of their own. But they quickly recovered and struck as one.

She felt the current an instant before the lightning struck, but an instant was all she needed. An avalanche could be diverted by a single pebble at the right place and time. She reached out and set that pebble in motion, and the lightning that shot out from the staff of one of the mages lanced away before reaching her and detonated against a tree trunk, setting it ablaze. Jacqueline countered with a pulse of power just as the spell began to backflow before dissipating. Glowing blue light shot back along the path of the bolt, slamming into the mage and sending her flying off her feet. The girl cartwheeled and landed in a roll on the ground, her staff flying away and a painless blue fire flickering at the edges of her garment, burning it away rapidly.

The tiny form tried to struggle to her feet, but then recoiled from the massive form looming above her. Horror blossomed on her face as the Corpsum's double pair of heavy hands reached out to grab her naked body. The surprised squeal joined the general sounds of battle as the monster's erect prick found the little girl's pussy and thrust rudely inside.

It was so easy. Her instructors had told her how a girl's will and body functioned as two halves of a catalyst that condensed magic from raw potential and wove it into form. Well, Jacqueline's body had changed. Her will had changed. and her MAGIC had changed utterly. She saw the form of the spell the other mage was casting now, like interlinked hexagons woven through each other. It reminded her of the patterns her mother had shown her when trying to teach her how to knit. Just a tiny application of pressure, *here*. The form collapsed. The other mage shrieked as her spell backfired, and the energy field meant to surround Jacqueline instead sprang into being around the mage, holding her in place.

Just the battlemage left now. The girl's eyes rolled in terror and she held her staff in front of her defensively as Jacqueline advanced. Corpsum had pounced on the other mages that Jacqueline had incapacitated. Their cries were like music as their clothing was ripped off and they were held down and penetrated. Little girl shrieks, their feelings turning to raw pleasure as they discovered the bliss of a monster cock slamming home inside them. The sounds sparked more flashes of pleasure in her cunt.

The girl was pretty, Jacqueline thought. 14 years old with raven hair tied loosely in the back. With those wide, innocent eyes and those slender hips she probably would have been a favorite of the instructors at the academy. Those eyes were large with shock and horror now as she backed away from the scene of dozens of apelike monsters raping her comrades and the unsettling intensity of the smiling rogue mage advancing on her. Fate, Jacqueline thought. This little girl would end up as another fucktoy squirming on the edge of pistoning monster prick until her belly bulged tight with young. She had studied the same things Jacqueline had, had memorized the size and shape of every possible monster cock that could be stuffed in her, had pored over the lavish diagrams of tiny girls like herself in the Monstrum Factorum, bent in every conceivable position as they were fucked and filled to the brim with semen. Had she seen the inevitability of her destiny, as Jacqueline had?

The battlemage's spell changed at the last instant. Jacqueline almost missed it. What was going to be a gout of flame reshaped itself into a wave of force that ripped the air apart as it roared towards Jacqueline. She transformed her own spell instantly, letting part of the form dissipate and recondensing to give it a new form. The matrix powering the incoming force fell apart under the counterspell and what blew over Jacqueline was little more than a stiff breeze. The girl was good, to be able to pull off such a trick. Maybe as good as Jacqueline had been.

But that was before. The magic that flooded through Jacqueline was like a new life, a lightning bolt that electrified the lips of her tiny cunt and reverberated with ecstasy all the way up to her womb, a potent humming vibration that throbbed wildly in time with her own heartbeat and that of the monstrous child inside of her.

Mute shock painted the girl's face, her jaw hanging open, caught in an instant of horrified realization that seemed to stretch on forever. She would have never seen a spell fall apart like that before. Corpsum were edging up around her, grunting eagerly, and the naked girl standing awash in magical energy in front of her was something beyond her experience. Jacqueline saw the battlemage's tough exterior that she had trained for crumble in on itself, leaving just the wide-eyed, vulnerable 14-year-old girl, scarcely clothed in meager strips of gauzy cloth, holding a feeble staff of wood in front of her as if it would protect her from the hulking array of closing monsters and the erect pricks pointed her way.

Jacqueline set a river of current in motion, flowing it up from the ground into the girl's staff. It flashed like lightning up to the tip, and the red jewel on the end, the A'sham, exploded in a blinding flash of light. The girl stared dumbly at the scorched ruin of the top of her staff, then turned her eyes to Jacqueline.

Terror? Acceptance? Time stretched out between them, the girls' shared look conveying more than a mountain of words ever could. Jacqueline could see the fear, the same feeling that had driven her own self on for the years she had been a mage. The other girl had danced a razor edge in countless battles just as Jacqueline had, slavering monsters and their dripping cocks always just one blow away from overpowering her tiny body and ripping off the sheer coverings that did such a poor job of concealing her private places. Now it was over. She had lost. The final expression of haunted desperation on the girl's face dwindled away to resignation, maybe even a kind of relief as hairy hands reached out for her.

Her body disappeared under thousands of pounds of hulking monstrosities. The Corpsum buried the girl. Jacqueline could hear her shrieking, could see the wispy gauze of her mage uniform torn to pieces and thrown in the air. Eager snarls filled the clearing, the gorillas savoring the naked flesh of their newest fucktoy, dozens of meaty hands running over the little girl's belly and thighs, feeling her hips, squeezing her bottom. The surprised yelp signalled her sudden penetration. The Corpsum were going to be rough. They were whipped to a frenzy, cocks bulging and flushed purple with the thrill of battle, ready to ravage their newest girl in every dripping hole she had and leave buckets of semen inside. Her squeals cut off as something entered her mouth.

Raw pleasure surged in Jacqueline's gut, pounding, thrusting energy beating in time with the defilement of the girls around her. She reached down to her cunt and thrust her fingers inside. The pleasure reached a crescendo and Jacqueline's knees went weak as an explosive orgasm flooded through her. Wild, raw, untamed peals of thunderous ecstasy raged in her cunt. She swayed on her feet, barely managing to keep her grip on the staff, to keep the magic flowing through her in a raging carnal current.

The power crackled under her fingertips, the magical energy no longer distinguishable from the twisting flood of pleasure washing her body. One and the same. Consummate powers conjoined at last. She reached out to caress it, to feel the bestial torrent that threatened to consume her. Doors were unlocking in her mind. Knowledge beyond mortal ken was laid bare to her. She knew what the inscriptions of the Factorum meant. She knew how magic worked, knew how much of what the academy had told her had been lies. The Je'lai. Sheila. The queen. It was all clear to her. The winds of the magic whispered their reality, and she knew all. She could rail uselessly against it, if she wanted to, fighting the inevitable. The idea hung like a leaf suspended on the wind. Or she could embrace it and do what was needed.

Her orgasm dwindled to a blissful equilibrium. Girls were strewn about the clearing around her, naked forms pistoning back and forth under grunting gorilla bodies. So much little girl pussy. The Corpsum were ignoring her as they bagged their new girls. Jacqueline watched impassively. Some of the cries from the tiny writhing bodies were already turning to shrieks of pleasure as twitching cocks spewed blasts of profane semen inside them. The monsters would thoroughly enjoy raping and impregnating their newest batch of girls, and the girls would revel in the paradise of their new roles as little monster sluts, pussies stretched around the knobby girths of their masters, mouths open to accept glistening seed in their stomachs, bellies swelling with the monstrous children they would bear. Bliss. Destiny. Soon this would be the fate of every little girl. How lucky they were.

Resolve filled Jacqueline, a final purpose looming inescapably before her. She reached out and twisted reality into a corkscrew, and a gate shimmered into existence in front of her. Leaves kicked up from the ground, following the breeze that blew inward toward it. A portal. Portals were hard. Most mages couldn't manage them, but she had barely had to do anything to conjure this one. She knew where she was going and how she would get there, and it was all effortless.

She gave one last glance backwards at the scene, unconcerned, then walked through the portal and let it collapse behind her.