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Monstrum: Pollination - Part 1

By WintermuteX

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Tags: Mg, gg+, bd, best, bi, inc, lesbian, magic, nc, oral, ped, preg, rape, reluc, viol

Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Sexual Slavery, Young Girls, Catgirls, Lesbian, Magic/Fantasy, Violence, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

"Eeeeeere pussy! Ey puss puss! C'mere!"

The filthy soldier reached out and yanked Fera's arm, clumsily trying to pull her into his lap. She kept her drinks steady and didn't slosh them, giving an ingratiating smile even as she wiggled out of his drunken grip.

"Your earss...sho pretty." Grubby fingers pawed at her delicate ears, squeezing them painfully and making them flatten involuntarily. Fera managed to jerk away from the man, but a hand went up under the back of her skirt as she turned away and grabbed her tail by the root.

"How you get sho...furry!" The slob hiccuped and almost fell off his stool. "Ye gotsh hair like that all over eh? A little pusshy wit hair aaaall over it eh?" He laughed drunkenly at his own wit before letting her go.

Fera forced herself to smile again before setting the mugs of ale down onto the table - huge steins, full of the watered-down piss that passed for ale in Stephan's bar. Her fingers were just big enough to get two in each hand if she held the handles close together. She was lucky she hadn't spilled any on the man, but then again, the half-dozen soldiers at the table might not have even noticed. They already reeked of saddles and sweat and horse dung, their boisterous laughing mixing with the general din of the raucous tavern.

She gripped the edges of her skirt and smoothed them down over her hips for the hundredth time that night as she walked back to the kitchen. It was far too small. Her own skirts had always been divided in the back for her tail, with a little tie to keep it tight - a typical Felis garment. Those clothes were long gone though, along with everything else she had owned when she came to the Randy Jackal. The city hadn't been kind. Stephan had given her a rumpled skirt and a loose top that barely hung down over her breasts when she started working here, along with sandals and a comfortable collar. She had drawn the line at the bell though. She should have been grateful, she supposed, that she could finally trade up from the tattered scraps she had shown up in to the waitress' clothing, however skimpy. Stephan had been skeptical that the 12-year-old catgirl that showed up at the doorstep of his bar one morning would be good for much of anything, but once she had given him a taste of her skills he had been a lot more enthusiastic. The interview had been pleasant enough - she really did like humans, even if they could be rough, and Stephan had seemed like a nice enough man at first.

She realized her tail was lashing, and tried to stop it, to relax so her tail didn't stiffen and raise the skirt in the back. More fun for the customers, probably. That's why Stephan wouldn't give her a more appropriate skirt. He had grumbled and used money as an excuse when she asked, but she knew the real reason. The long, furry tail that marked the Felis race was rooted in the fur at the base of her back, just above her buttcheeks. It was uncomfortable to wear a human's skirt below her tail, and if she wore the waist above it, well, that just left a nice invitation for someone to sneak a hand in and cup the skin of her butt or feel her pussy.

Not that she usually minded. Her race's reputation for promiscuity was well-earned, and she usually liked to return such offers in kind, especially if the guy was cute. Tonight was different though - tension had been slowly climbing in the city of New Kithria for weeks. All she had to do was prick up her ears any night of the week and listen to the rumors milling about the tavern. The city guardsmen whispered to each other over their beer, talking in hushed tones: things moving about the countryside, big things, evil things. Some farmer's daughters and wives had disappeared. Sluts, the guardsmen assured each other, probably run off with their lovers, but some of the more ominous gossip whispered another word: Monsters.

Grub, the fat cook, shoved a plate of chicken and greens at her through the window, and another with biscuits and muddy gravy. He never really talked, never said a word to anyone. Least of all Fera. Sullen, grumpy, irritable - Grub was a uniquely sour blend of all three, but even he seemed more tense than usual. She had sucked his cock one slow evening a week back, hoping it would improve his mood, but surliness seemed a baked-in part of the cook's disposition.

Taking a deep breath, Fera pushed back through the doors to the main room. The city had closed its gates today and announced a curfew, and tonight everyone seemed just a bit on edge. Fera didn't know anything about monsters. They were some problem far away in the central and southern regions of Teleria. Nothing ever happened up here in the rural hills of the northern reaches. She had seen a lone Org'reh once, from far away. She had told some soldiers and they dispatched it and that had been the end of it. Monsters didn't seem like anything to make a big fuss over.

Maybe it was something else, Fera thought, as she brought the plates to two of the tavern's regulars at a small table. Young men, boys really, good-looking, apprentices at a smithy judging by their biceps. They always came in twice a week to watch Dalia, the flirty little girl who sang and danced and played some human instrument with five strings that Fera didn't know. That girl was a delight, slender and pretty and always smiling with a wide-eyed expression of innocence even as she sang songs pregnant with sexual hints and double entendre for the men who came in. Fera had bedded her her first week in the tavern and found the little 13-year-old was still a shy virgin. She relished showing her the thrills she could have with her own body.

But Fera hadn't seen Dalia all week, and the two boys were gloomy, missing their usual entertainment. A pair of guards had come by yesterday and asked Stephan a few questions, but he didn't know any more than they did. Fera's sensitive ears had picked up one of the men muttering about "squelches" as they walked away, but she didn't know what they were. Hopefully not a gang. Fera was quite fond of the little human girl and didn't want to see her caught up in anything dangerous.

The boys nodded to her and tucked into their food without much cheer. Maybe she could give them a discount, cheer them up the right way. She'd ask Marcus. Apprentices didn't usually have much coin. Usually the offers went the other way: a few coppers for a quick show, silver for touching and a quick wank, gold for a man to get every piece of Fera to himself in the back room for half an hour. Stephan kept it all and only paid her a paltry stipend every week. She didn't mind that either, really. She hadn't come to the human lands to make money.

"Pssst," Fera arched her hips to the side and leaned against the table to get their attention. "You boys keep looking so down," she purred, "and I might just have to do something about it." She coaxed the nearest boy's hand onto the furry patch of her hip and wiggled just slightly, encouraging him to have a feel where the silky hair tapered off to the smooth skin of her belly and chest. "I hate to see such handsome guys looking so glum. Breaks my heart." She bit her lip and let her ears droop sadly. "But if you need anything to feel better, anything at all..." She leaned down, letting the loose top drape forward just enough to give a slight view of her budding little girl breasts and the wispy fuzz nestled in her cleavage. "You boys just let me know."

They smiled and assured her they would. Fera loved that smile. Men were easy to please, and she loved doing it. She might end up doing it a lot tonight, she thought, as she turned around and surveyed the tables, seeing who needed what. All men tonight: guards and soldiers and craftsmen, spending their pitiful earnings to drink away their worries. Her eyes caught the muted fear in their faces, her nose smelled the surging hormones rushing just beneath the surface: nervous and horny, not a great combination for a crowd. Dalia would have soothed them, lulled them with song and given them some kind of outlet for their passions, even if it was just jerking off in the back alley. The brothels must be closed from the curfew.

She whisked out more plates from the kitchen, platters of cheese and bread and sausage, duck, chicken, carrots, sandwiches of pulled beef with spicy sauce. Grub may have been sour but his food never was. She spun between the busy tables, taking advantage of her small size, sometimes giving the reaching hands a taste of flesh and fur, sometimes twirling away teasingly with catlike grace. The pork kebabs almost went flying when a hulking veteran with scars and bulging muscles suddenly pushed his chair back and reached across the table to grab his companion, yelling angrily at some insult. Fera shifted and ducked, spinning deftly to steady the plate of food before sliding it onto the customer's table and going back for more drinks.

These man drank like horses. Their table was already slick with spilled beer when Fera pulled a pitcher off her tray and slid it in front of the same half-dozen men who had bothered her earlier - meat-headed lumps, all tattoos and rude gestures and muscled chests bare between the dirty leather harnesses they wore to hold all their knives. They were even louder now, if that were possible, one pair shouting over the results of a dice roll and another aggressively arguing about whether it was better to have a girl in her pussy or in her ass. The man who had grabbed her earlier was apparently a dogged champion of the latter.

"Leaving sso soon?" One of the quieter soldiers at the head of the table suddenly jerked Fera's arm. She yelped and almost dropped the tray of pitchers she was carrying over her head. He pulled her close, wrapping an arm around her waist and holding her tail with another, fondling the little catgirl's curves. "But we have sso many interesting thingss to discuss."

Fera couldn't push him away while holding a tray in the air. The sallow man was even worse up close, a pale-skinned brute that talked with a faint lisp that made him sound like a snake and smelled as if he had slept in a pig's stable every night for a month. An officer, the obvious leader of these misfits.

"We took a little bet misss, on whether you have human hair down there like a good little girl, or fur like an animal. There's ssome disagreement, you ssee, as to which one you are."

"Stop it." Fera struggled against the iron grip. "You know I'm Felis. I'm not an animal."

"Ooooh?" A rapacious grin oozed along the man's face, and his tongue slithered out to lick her ear. It was divided at the end, as if it had been cut with a knife. "Well boyss? Our sskinny little kitty says she iss no beast. Sshall we do an insspection to find out?"

The men forgot their arguments and cheered lustily, raising their glasses up in the air. Their leader wasted no time, running his fingers over her body, feeling the smooth flesh of her thighs, her bottom, her belly, then exploring the patches of fur on her hips and tracing them upward as they curled onto her back and tapered away to a fuzzy apex at the bottom of her spine.

"Stop it. Let me go!" Fera tried to twist, keeping the tray from spilling, but she was off-balance and had no leverage with the way he was holding her.

"Sso nice...." The man ran his fingers along the hem of her skirt and up the furry patch at the small of her back. "I knew a little girl your age who kept ssaying the same thing once. Soldiering iss grand work, ain't it boys?" The men laughed and jeered. "Farmer's daughterss can be so grateful for our protection. Even if they don't realize it at the time."

Tears began to form in the corners of Fera's eyes. Her tail was stiff, bristling, and her ears had curled flat and stiff against her head. These men were awful, and it wasn't just the smell. She wouldn't have done anything for them even if they had paid properly.

"Her mum weren't so grateful," sneered one of the men. "Made a right racket out in the barn."

"Aye she did," laughed another. "So much noise from that woman, 'til we put something in her mouth to make it stop."

The pair guffawed and high-fived each other. Fera gasped when the man fondling her pushed her loose top up and grabbed at the tiny lumps of her little girl breasts.

"Ssmooth and soft. No fur here." The man squeezed her chest painfully, then bent to lick it, leaving slug-like trails of saliva on her skin before catching an erect nipple and pinching it with his teeth. "Hey boyss, she's as good as the real thing."

Crying, Fera tried to twist around and get his hand off her tail, but he squeezed tight and twisted it. She shrieked. Pulling a Felis' tail was incredibly painful. He let up as soon as she slumped and stopped struggling. Where was Stephan? Where was Grub? They should be stopping this. The men at the other tables weren't going to interfere with six muscled mercenaries fondling a waitress. They just enjoyed the show.

"One lasst thing to check, little kitten." Dirty fingers dove under her skirt and rubbed up against her bare pussy lips. Fera stiffened at the touch, then cried out when when a stubby digit thrust up into her pussy.

The tray toppled, dumping its pitchers. Glass shattered everywhere as they hit the floor, the wooden disc slamming onto the edge of the table and spinning wildly as it followed. The man let her go abruptly as angry footsteps shook the floorboards and the door of the kitchen flew open.

"Fera! What the FUCK!" Stephan barked angrily at her as she backed up and cowered in the corner, shaking and crying. He took in the puddles of alcohol and the shattered glass bits littering the floor.

"Did you drop something again you little cunt?!" Rage smoldered just under the surface of the olive-skinned man. "What did I tell you Fera?"

"They were hurting me!" She sobbed. Stephan was a huge man, and he pulled his equally huge apron off over his head and threw it down in frustration.

"Fera I don't give a FUCK what is happening to you as long as you don't break the dishes!"

The patrons looked on, indifferent, as the muscled man seethed at the crying catgirl huddling in the corner.

"Did she get any on you?" Stephan asked the men at the table. The officer swept his hand wide, showing their drenched table and damp clothing.

"It went on the floor!" Fera protested. "They've been spilling beer on themselves all night."

"Shut up Fera," Stephan snarled. "I've had it. You're going to get up there," he pointed at the little stage where Dalia sometimes performed, "and you're going to do one of two things to make this up to the customers you've offended: you're going to get on your hands and knees and put your little ass in the air and let each one of them decide what to do with it...or I'm going to let Brutus out again."

Fera slumped in the corner, sniffling. Stephan was getting meaner. He used to just tie her up for the night and do what he wanted when she screwed up, but this thing with the dog was new. He had taken a liking to finding ways to degrade her.

"Well? Which is it?" He stomped over and grabbed her hair in a fist and yanked her upright. "Time to pick Fera."

She couldn't get the words out. Fear locked her throat up tight, eyes rolling wildly from the leering solders to all the other customers in the tavern: a tall man with a bandolier of throwing knives, a hunter wearing a tunic made of pelts, a short, slender figure sitting alone at the corner table with a hooded cloak that seemed to have rotted away in peculiar patches, a wizened farmer with gnarled hands and a dispirited slump to his posture - none of them would move to help her. They listened with varying levels of interest for her choice. The party that had been throwing dice in the corner was waiting, their game now forgotten.

"HEY!" Stephan turned to survey his tavern, jerking Fera back and forth by her hair. "Who should fuck her? The men or the dog?"

Shouting broke out instantly, men hooting and calling over one another, but the chaos eventually coalesced to a beating stomp and the cry of one word.

"DOG! DOG! DOG! DOG!" The patrons shouted it in perfect tempo then devolved into cheering as Stephan pulled her up by her arm and dragged her over to the stage. Fera slumped onto the floorboards when he let her go, sobbing. Stephan unbuckled his belt and pulled it out of the loops of his pants, then bent down to wrap it under Fera's throat and pulled her head up with it, buckling the other end to a supporting bar at knee-height near the middle of the stage. Then he pulled two leather ties from a shelf of supplies by the wall, and used them to lash her wrists to the bar on either side. Fera wept as Stephan left and she waited on her knees, her body in profile on the little stage with the loose wrap of her top hanging down. Her budding breasts and exposed pussy were on display for the crowd. It wasn't even necessary for Stephan to pull her skirt up. Bending over meant her tail just made it ride all the way up anyway.

It took a minute for Stephan to get the dog from the alley. Fera slumped, trying to keep the belt from twisting around her throat. She could feel everyone's eyes on her body. A Felis, a curiosity. Curling tail, fuzzy ears poking from her hair, sleek fur on her hips and above her rump, but everywhere else with the smooth, tight little body of a 12-year-old girl. What would her pussy feel like? Was she as slutty as her race's reputation said? Did Felis really orgasm much more easily than human women? She could hear their murmurs, feel the eager gazes on her bare skin. They may not have allowed this for a human girl, but a catgirl, well, that they could have fun with.

The door to the kitchen thumped open as Stephan returned, leading an enormous black mastiff by a heavy chain. Stephan liked to joke that there was a bit of monster in the dog, explaining the canine's hulking musculature and unsettling gaze, but Stephan was usually full of shit about everything. Fera twisted her head as much as she could, meeting the piercing gaze of those beady eyes as he was led over, straining hungrily against the chain attached to his spiked collar once he saw the girl tied up and on her knees. A thick shadow jutted from his loins, bobbing eagerly

"Ok!" Stephan called to the room as he stepped on the stage, waving it to silence. "For as long as Brutus here is having fun in this worthless little cunt, drinks are free!" The tavern erupted in wild cheers, men stomping the wooden floor and sloshing their drinks.

"Bottom-shelf and ales only. Mixed-liqueurs at half," he went on, words already drowned out by the crowd. More patrons had come in, filling the tavern to standing-room only. Stephan was grinning ear to ear as he bent and unhooked the chain from Brutus' collar. Business had been bad recently and Dalia hadn't been in tonight, but he'd have no end of customers after this show.

Fera braced herself, trying to get in a good position so she could breathe around the belt circling her neck. She heard the chain jingling and the sound of Stephan giving the big dog a slap on the rump, and then the belt slammed tight against her throat as her body was jerked by the three hundred stones of horny animal mounting her from behind.

Fera was tiny even by Felis standards. Her body bent under the sudden jolt, and she tried to keep her head up and the pressure off her neck as the heavy weight crushed her back and the hot, panting breath washed her cheek. The pad of an enormous, slobbering tongue worked clumsily on the side of her neck and against her ear, leaving gooey trails of fetid saliva.

It was a good thing he was so big that she could fit right under him, she thought. If he tried to put his paws against her back he would scratch it up terribly. Still, Brutus was not a gentle animal. He thumped his pelvis against her bottom in anticipation, and seized her hair in his jaws to jerk her head from side to side like she was a caught rabbit, straining the belt against her throat.

Her eyes shut tight, watering, unable to breath. She weathered the seconds as the massive beast bumped her thighs into the position he wanted and maneuvered her with the muscled legs squeezing her torso. Finally he was satisfied, having lined his bitch up at just the right angle, and he let up on her hair. Fera coughed and inhaled a ragged breath. This was just his foreplay. She could feel the tip of the slimy organ trailing on her thighs, and then moving up to nestle against her pussy as Brutus reared back.

The powerful thrust slammed her forward again, stealing her breath with shock. Brutus pushed in, roughly, sinking several inches of enormous dogcock inside, splitting her with a force that tensed every muscle in her body with fright. Her hands clenched reflexively and strained against the leather. Another slam from behind cemented the big organ further inside her cunt, and the huge beast began a frenzied pounding motion, pelvis slamming into her bottom like iron, pushing it forward. Fera struggled as the dog's excited blows jackhammered her from behind, arching her back until she thought it would snap, strangling her against the belt lashed around the bar behind her neck.

Fera fought for air, fought the haziness clouding her vision and the throbbing heat radiating from below. She twisted her wrists, trying to reach the belt around her neck, to push a finger between the straining leather and her throat. Hopeless. Brutus didn't like her struggles. He clamped his thighs tight against her torso and ducked his head against the side of her face, filling her nose with the odor of fetid dog breath. A wall of slobber gushed against Fera's face, trickling down her cheeks and chin. Teeth pricked against her ears, the threat of the powerful jaws clearly implied. She tried to stop fighting, and managed to arch her head back far enough that the pressure let up and air rushed into her throat.

With a final, powerful thump, the dog rammed the length of his cock into her little pussy up to the bulging knot, and held stiff, enjoying her insides. Fera shrieked, quivering as her pussy stretched around the massive invader. She was used to having men inside her, even having Stephan inside her, but Brutus was another matter entirely. The beast was enormous! She had seen him more than once, erect and dripping where he was chained up guarding the alley or the stable, watching the other dogs in the roadway. The red, veiny flesh was as long as her arm and the knot was bigger than her fist. She doubted she could have got her fingers all the way around any part of that pulsing doggy meat. If anything, she had underestimated it. Her pussy had split around the tremendous girth and was throbbing with dull pain and the revolting, mounting excitement of the male parts moving around inside her cunt.

A deep growl rumbled in the canine throat on the back of her head, vibrating her skull. Brutus liked his little kitty bitch. Drool was pooling on the back of her neck from the slavering creature and running around her neck. The hungry prick squeezed against her pussy walls, and a thrill of pleasure raced up Fera's spine. Brutus pulled out slightly, and pushed again, a slow rhythm into the little catgirl's cunt, enjoying the sensation. Howls and catcalls came from the tavern floor, men drinking and cheering on the dog, making jokes about how dogs and cats do mix after all as the beast violated the little girl on stage.

Beating pulses of pleasure thumped through Fera's pussy, waves of rippling animal delight radiating from the storm of thumping doggy cock in her cunt. Brutus was going faster now, accelerating the pace, thick meat sliding roughly against her pussy lips as the shaft of turgid flesh railed in and out. Fera squeezed, tightening her thighs, feeling her pussy walls tremble around the veiny flesh. He felt so good. Horny flashes thundered into a mounting storm in her crotch, with a peal of pink lightning every time the huge knot of the mighty organ bumped up against her pussy.

Fera could feel herself panting, hear them both panting hungrily in time, a growing tempo of moans and growls as the huge dog and the tiny catgirl raced together towards orgasm. She bucked back against him, urging him deeper. Juices were flowing down her legs, she realized, her own excited fluids and the precum of the dog slipping out around the pumping motions. Brutus built up to a rabid beat, fucking her with abandon, pounding her pussy with erect doggy cock until Fera felt a shriek rip from her throat. Something happened, a brief pain and an unfamiliar slippery flash that arced to her brain and electrified every cell with the roar of sudden orgasm.

A howl sounded in her ear, deafening, oppressive, Brutus thundering through his own orgasm. The cheering sounds of the tavern dwindled in the tempest of Fera's ecstasy, shuddering in the violent throes of passion with her doggy lover buried inside her. She could feel every inch, every twisting vein of the bulging flesh inside her as it swelled and locked and erupted with a thick flood of scalding doggy juice that flooded the tiny space of her pussy and roared up into her womb, filling her until she felt like she would burst from the pressure.

Fera hung there from the bar, euphoric, breathing raggedly around the belt on her neck with her hands dangling limply against the lashings, a spent form under the powerful body of the dog on top of her. A dog. She had fucked a dog. The shame of it warred with the dwindling feeling of satisfaction. What would her sisters say if they could see her now?

Still, it hadn't been half bad, making love to an animal. The heat from the goo squishing inside her seemed to radiate out, a syrupy coating of pleasure that oozed through the muscles in her belly and legs. She might even do it again, she managed to admit. But not with everyone watching like this. Another twitch of Brutus's legs sent sparks of pleasure bouncing through the stuffed muscles of her pelvis. She had never felt so full. Painfully full, in fact. Her realization gave way to sudden panic.

She jerked her hands before she remembered she was tied up, trying to feel behind her. She wiggled her hips instead, confirming her horror.

"Stephan!" She sputtered, spotting him grinning at her as he leaned against the corner of the stage. "Get him off me!"

"Already? But it was such a good show, Fera." He leered at her as he walked over and bent down, inspecting the spot where the dog was connected to the little girl.

"Yup." He stood up again. "Looks like you might be there for a while. Maybe you'll think twice about breaking the dishes next time."

Fera slumped again. The bulging fist of the dog's knot stuck inside her was apparent now. She was trapped, locked to the horny canine, his prick keeping the copious deposit of warm doggy sperm stopped up inside his bitch where it belonged.

"'Ey, fill 'er up! More free drinks!" Some of the men laughed, thumping their empty mugs on the table. Stephan whirled around.

"He's finished. It's back to regular price now."

"Wot?!" The filthy man squawked and spit. "'e ain't done yet!" He pointed at Fera and Brutus. "Still havin' fun wit' that little cunt 'e is!"

Fera shut out the argument about whether her being locked to the big dog technically meant he was "done" fucking her or not, but she couldn't lock away the sensations of the mammoth prick jammed so tightly into her pussy. Brutus kept shifting, moving his legs, and each twitch sent another thrill rippling through her body. He was so big that each tiny movement pulled at her hips and burst into flaring pleasure that spun around the strained walls of her cunt in wild spasms. Heavy panting roiled in her ear, the the long tongue dangled happily just to the side of her vision, dripping with slobber.

More patrons had come in, she sensed, filling the room to the brim, everyone wanting a look at the spectacle of a kitten fucked silly by one of the biggest and proudest specimens that doggy-kind had to offer. It all happened far away for Fera. The tiny jerks were mounting into a growing tide that swept her along and washed out everything but the enormous shaft of meat pushing at her pussy walls. Her fingers tightened into fists, her head jerked against the thick leather of the belt, and she shrieked another mewling cry into air as another orgasm crashed through her quivering body and exploded in her brain, obliterating the noisy room, the rows of cheering patrons, and leaving only the tight sensations choking her neck and throbbing against her cervix in the depths of her tortured cunt.

Fera wasn't sure how many more times she came from the doggy dick crammed inside her. The minutes dragged into hours, and patrons came and went as the night deepened outside. More cum had flooded into her several times, the warm, gooey movement an unmistakable pleasure. Dog slobber coated her back, her neck, running copiously down the sides of her face until the musky fluid dribbled along her lips and dripped off her chin.

She had just shuddered her way through another climax and was purring in a happy idle when she felt the sudden pop of Brutus' deflating knot slipping out of her pussy. Her agonized cunt muscles finally relaxed and the strained lips of her pussy gripped the slippery red flesh as it slowly withdrew. She heard footsteps and then the bonds around her wrists and neck finally let go. She collapsed onto the wooden floor.

Coughing, rubbing the bruises on her throat, she looked down, trying to figure out if her belly was really swelling as much as it had felt like from the gallons of dog sperm that had been poured into her and sealed up tight. She could feel the mess oozing out of her genitals, running down her butt and legs into a sopping puddle on the stage. Brutus had flooded her with enough cum to birth a thousand pups. Stephan had chained his collar again and was leading him away, the big dog thumping his tail happily against the table legs. He had enjoyed his bitch thoroughly.

Her crotch was sore. Her thighs were sore. Her back was sore. Black dog fur was tangled with her own on her hips and back. She got to her feet slowly, muscles aching in protest, and tried to straighten the ragged skirt and the meager wrap over her breasts. Thick, white batter was running down her legs, but she ignored it. It seemed all of the patrons had already left. The streetlamps burned a line of lurid orange spots in the inky darkness of the street outside the window. It was past closing time. Stephan had left her tied up all night.

"Fera!" Stephan barked at her as he came back into the common room. "Grub's already cleaned up in the kitchen, so wipe the tables and sweep up. And try not to get dog cum all over the floor, for god's sake."

Fera nodded meekly, and tried not to shrink as he stalked over and looked down at her. "Once you're done, get the delivery from Stone's. Then come up to bed." Stephan surveyed her for a minute, scornful gaze creeping from the head to the toes of the little girl's body from his overpowering height. He gripped her chin in his big hand and forced her to look up. Almost an armsbreadth higher, twice her weight or more - Stephan was a massive man. Not fat, just...big, as if the gods had fashioned an oversized frame by accident and piled on muscle until it was close enough to a human shape. He was big everywhere.

"And don't wash before you come up," he finished, letting her chin drop and then turning and stomping into the back hallway with the stairs that led up to the tiny room they shared together.

Fera shuddered as he left. She was much too sore for his usual attention, but saying no wasn't an option. Maybe she could get him to let her off with just a blowjob, she thought, as she wiped the tables and swept the floor. Hopefully he wouldn't tie her up again. If she dropped another tray, who knew what he would do to her next?

She finished cleaning and left through the backdoor in the kitchen, emerging into the dark alley behind the Randy Jackal. An owl hooted invisibly from the rooftops above. Brutus would be sleeping in his doghouse near the stable at the far end. She went the other way, turning left down another narrow passage. Stone, the butcher who supplied them, had a hand-cart of packed meat on ice ready for them every night. Fera was usually the one to get it, and the sacks from the grocer, bringing them all back so they had food stocked in the kitchen for the next day.

There were no lamps in the alley, but Fera didn't need them. To anyone watching, the catgirl's eyes would have gleamed brightly in the darkness. The night hid nothing from her, not the rotting wood and crumbling plaster of the dilapidated buildings or the piles of rancid trash scattered everywhere. A huge Rattus perched on one such pile as she approached, the feral rodent as large as her head and hunched over as it bared its teeth menacingly. She hissed at it and it scampered off into the darkness.

The aching and itching from her pussy thwarted her attempts to ignore them. A thin runner of dog semen was trickling out and winding its way down her leg as she walked. She still felt a bit lightheaded, hazy from the stream of constant orgasms from the thick doggy cock that had been plugged inside her all evening. Brutus had overwhelmed her senses for hours, the heavy panting in her ears washing out the sounds of the tavern, the puddles of drool trickling slowly down her neck and cheeks and mixing with her own saliva. Every minute detail of his hefty dog prick had been imprinted on her, she mused. That's what having a dog locked to you did. She could almost still feel the thrilling curve of his bulging sausage pressing against her pussy walls, feel the beat of the veins that ran just under the surface and the tiny flaring red tip at the end that had tickled her cervix repeatedly.

She shook her head, chasing away the fevered memories, and tried to pay attention to her surroundings. Her twitching ears couldn't help but pick up the nighttime activities in the buildings around her: humans moving about, talking, sometimes shouting and arguing or making love. Not much escaped a Felis' senses. She desperately wished she could turn off her nose though, that she could ignore the fetid bouquet of offal and rotting trash that lingered in the stagnant air of the alley with an almost palpable oiliness.

The aroma clogged her nose so badly that she didn't smell the scent of human until she had walked out into the alley crossing and saw him sitting on a barrel, blocking her way and calmly picking his teeth with his dagger. More humans were leaning on the walls down the other exits, and another stepped out of a doorway behind her when she turned around.

"Oh" Fera shrunk as the men casually advanced, hemming her in. "Can you me the direction to the uh...quarter barracks? My friend's a captain there. He'll be mad if I'm late to meet with him."

They had come close enough that the frail moonlight illuminated their faces: the men from the bar, the party that had treated her so rudely. The one that had been grabbing her was the one standing directly in her path, leering down at her.

"You have no friendss tonight, little pussy." He strolled casually forward, towering over her, letting her see the double row of sharp knives sheathed in the leather harness that crossed his naked chest. Fera cowered back in fear. He was brandishing the knife he had been using to pick his teeth, playing with it, making sure she could see the fine edge in the moonlight.

"Let me go!" She turned and bumped face-first into the belly of the man behind her. He grabbed her hair and wrist, fingers gripping like iron shackles, and jerked them painfully behind her back. He turned her back around.

"Tssk, tssk, tssk," the man clicked. "Animalss like you don't get to give orders. You owe us ssomething, little kitty." He bent down in front of her face. The foul breath of sour eggs and beer made Fera turn her head in disgust.

"Watching that dog fuck you was a grand sshow, but you still need to make things up to uss. Personally." The lascivious grin spreading on his face revealed double rows of blackened teeth. "Garth and Rashad have some disagreement about whether a catgirl'ss best place is her pussy or her asshole. Be a good little pet and help them decide."

She kicked at his face and tried to run. The cruel grip on her hair yanked her back bodily, then jerked her head tight and wrenched her arm painfully behind her back. She struggled, head pulled back and chin in the air, but it was like pushing against a tree trunk.

"Fuck!" The snake-like man hocked and spit blood. "You little cunt." He put the knife to her exposed throat. "Just for that, we're going to give you a little sshave before we're done." He tapped the knife against her hip. "Ssee if you're nice and pink under that fur. Then we'll shave this too." He traced the blade along the edge of her scalp and sliced away a lock of stray hair. "But first..."

Fera heard the sounds of unbuckling as the unyielding hands forced her down onto her knees in the muck. A thick shaft of unwashed meat slapped her in the face, and she coughed from the stench - the man was waving a short, fat little knob of grimy flesh against her nose and lips. It had to have been years since he bathed. Maybe never.

His fist wrenched her hair back, making her look up at his lecherous gaze. "Come on puss puss," he teased, sliding the oily glans around her lips. "Be a good little pussy." Fera tried to hold back the tears. This was the bottom of the barrel for her. Men had been so nice to her when she first travelled into human lands. She had never met one, so everything about them had been a pleasant surprise. The nice little farmboy with the brown hair had taken her virginity in a barn, and his father had also come around quickly after that. She had enjoyed the pleasant days earning her keep on the farm and trying to get what she came for during the nights. The farmer's blind wife had eventually caught on and chased her away with a broom, screaming, but it was ok. She had met a new man almost every night as she travelled the villages: some polite, some shy, but all with their own unique and delicious flavor. She wanted what they had to give. The widowed mayor had been extra kind to her, showing her how to ride his horses, laughing and encouraging her even as she held the beast's mane in a terrified grip. It had been exhilarating. She stayed with him for weeks.

But the city was different. It was the first time she had tasted cruelty. She couldn't just love and be loved. The hardening prick slapped her in the face again, demanding her attention, and she shut her eyes against the tears and opened her mouth.

The taste was as bad as the smell. Her ears flattened and her throat twitched as the turgid flesh pushed in, and she tried not to wretch. He was huge, much too big to fit comfortably in her mouth, but if she could just get him off maybe he would leave her alone. She went to work with her tongue, slipping it around and under the glans, tapping against the little hole at the end, stretching her jaw to the limit and sucking at the warm meat until the heady aroma filled her sinuses and began to fog her brain with lusty fumes. Fingers jerked in her hair, and she complied, bobbing up and down on the fat shaft, working it past her tongue, cheeks hollow as she lavished hungry suction on the turgid prick.

"Ey boyss this little pussy's got a mouth on her," the man jeered. The men belted out filthy laughter, and she felt more hands travelling the periphery of her body, rubbing her thighs, darting under the little hanging scrap of her top for a quick squeeze of her breasts. They were waiting their turn though. The snake man was pushing harder now, panting with delight as the little 12-year-old catgirl bobbed on his dick in the dirty alley. He was swelling up, pulling harder on her hair, the lumpy end of his tool flaring to an engorged mushroom. Fera surrendered control and let him yank her head eagerly, lips gliding over the sloppy juices that coated his shaft, jabbing the fat cock farther and farther into the warmth of her mouth until it butted up against the tiny tunnel of her throat. She could smell his precum now, the salty tang finally overriding the putrid taste that lingered on her tongue. She embraced it, lost herself in it, in the enticing sensation of male potency dripping inside her.

Her fingers dropped from his thighs and ducked under her skirt, seeking the inflamed slit. Wild sparks surged up when she ran her fingers along the lips of her dripping crotch, sizzling like lit fireworks in the thumping, pounding tempo of the hot prick ramming into her mouth and jolting her skull with each violent slam. The snake man fucked her mouth with wild abandon, carrying Fera along in the crashing waves until the bulging tip thrust forward and buried itself in her throat and the savory meat swelled to its apex. Molten pleasure gushed out, a scalding syrup that ignited her brain with wild explosions as her climax surged through her body. Tail straight and stiff, ears quivering, she kept her head impaled on the fiery prick as it erupted, swallowing desperately, trying not to cough from the curling pubic hairs tickling her nose and chin, or the itching sensation of waves of semen squirting down her bruised throat and trickling into her belly.

The thick taste and full sensation ended abruptly, and cold night air flooded her esophagus as the snake man jerked her head back and wrenched her head upward to look at him.

"What a good little pussy you are." He sneered. Fera swallowed crookedly, trying to catch her breath. "Sswallowed it all. Better than most farmer's daughterss at least." He shoved her back onto her heels. "All yours boys."

Several pairs of hands grabbed her everywhere at once. Fera shrieked, but a mighty slap rang her head like a bell and made her vision double for an instant. She was being lifted up, pulled apart. No, just her clothes. Stray semen bubbled from her lips and she coughed again, dizzy, trying to clear her aching throat.

A hand pulled at the dirty rag of her hanging top, easily yanking it off, and another pair swooped in to clutch at her breasts. Her skirt was thicker, but the men made short work of it with their knives. She cried out again, but they turned her over and ignored her. As stupid as it was, the skirt was the only thing that had really been hers in years. Her old clothes and purse had been stolen long ago. She didn't have time to dwell on it though, as she was dumped on something soft and her legs were pulled clumsily apart.

Filthy fingers wiped the tears from her eyes. She opened them. The soldiers had found a sheepskin tarp in the alley and she was sprawled over one of the men who was laying on his back. He leered fiendishly at her and grabbed at her ears, feeling the soft fur, then trailed down to grab the small mounds of her undeveloped chest. She could feel his erect prick already sliding against her bare slit.

Another set of fingers curled in her hair and jerked her head upwards, to be greeted by another bulging erection pointing like a log at her nose. It tapped her lips and slammed in, without waiting, the snap of her neck bringing tears to her eyes again. The cock slithering against her privates lined up at her tunnel and thrust in just as rudely. They were both so big! The muscles around her holes ached painfully, the 12-year-old mouth and cunt split wide open around the men's pricks. Fera was jostled back and forth violently, her tiny form struggling uselessly against the powerful men.

An unfamiliar sensation poked brazenly at her bottom, and Fera had only a brief moment to realize what was happening before a third cock shoved itself right into her ass. She screamed, the sound a pitiful meow around the heavy meat in her mouth, as her anal virginity was ripped away.

Slammed crazily from 3 directions, her body jerked around erratically until the men established a rhythm with the little catgirl, thrusting in her mouth, slamming into her pussy, cramming dry into the spasming hole of her anus. Dizzy waves rocked her from every direction, a pounding storm that battered and capsized the girl into a roiling sea of fiery pleasure radiating from every hole in her body. The Felis' capacity for pleasure was no myth. It took very little for Fera to cum, and even the pain of human pricks raping her in every hole could drive her to the edge.

She screamed again, the sound hopelessly muffled. Her fingers curled into fists. Her legs shook frantically. The pounding cycle pulled her upwards as the soldier underneath thrust into her pussy, the bare shaft in her asshole slapping forward an instant later and impaling her on the pistoning cock in her mouth, which slapped her back to do it again. The three storms fed each other and mounted into a wild hurricane of lust in her belly that drove everything before it. She pushed back. She slammed down on the thick cock. She stretched her jaw as wide as it could go to welcome the delicious prick in her mouth. Even the pain in her twitching ass was overpowered by the raw current of blinding ecstasy that fountained up and shattered her senses into a spinning constellation of bliss. Thick, pounding cocks slammed into the tiny girl everywhere, and every muscle and cell in her body seized up with blinding rapture as her orgasm bounced like a shooting star through her body, trapped between the trio of orifices being so thoroughly filled.

Heavy delirium swirled her brain like soup. Cum, on her tongue, in her throat. On her face. She could feel it in her pussy, feel it leaking from her puckered sphincter and down her legs. She licked her lips and pooled the taste in her mouth, mewling, a kitten dabbing up her cream. Rough hands shoved her face to the wet ground, and reality slammed in on the tapering tail of her orgasm as she suddenly remembered where she was.

Fera cried into the slimy muck of the alley. She wanted them to stop. It wasn't supposed to be like this, when a Felis walked her Journey. Her skin and fur were covered in muddy filth and the splattered deposits of cum from the men around her. More hands probed in, followed by pushing cocks, thrusting into her body as she wept. Just a worthless little catgirl, a nobody, a stray, a furry little cunt to be raped in an alley and discarded. That was all she was to these humans.

"Eeey little pushy pushy," the drunken breath of another of the soldiers swirled against her neck. "Yer little pushy feel so good...hic!" He was on top of her, thrusting away, drooling depredations in her ear. "You like human cock better than doggy cock? Do you, little pushy?" He punctuated his questions with a pair of forceful slams against her bottom. "Say it. Say you like human cock in yer pushy..."

His fist curled in her hair and pulled her face up from the mud.

"I...I like...," she sobbed. Maybe they'd let her go if she said it. "I like human cock."

He pushed her face down and ground it in sludge, then pulled her back up.

"Where do you like it?"

" my...pussy," she cried.

She could feel his cock swelling up, on the verge of eruption, squeezing the slippery walls of her tiny pussy painfully. Why were they all so big? Her cunt throbbed from the abuse it had suffered. Everything did.

"Let her go."

Fera almost didn't hear the quiet, girlish voice over the sounds of excited grunting and her own weeping. Wood tapped on wood, getting the men's attention.

"I said, let her go."

As one, the entire grouped looked over disbelievingly at the small, hooded figure standing defiantly in the moonlight of the alley.

"The fuck?" Snake-man snarled. "Bugger off you little sshit."

The figure shrugged calmly, as if it had expected this outcome. Fera's ears twitched nervously, the man on top of her having halted with his cock thrust deep inside. With the one eye not pressed into the dirt, she could see the stranger pull out a short staff from behind their back. Something glittered at the end.

"GET EM!" Snake-man shrieked. The whirling sound of a sling above Fera was followed by a rock shooting straight out at the figure. It smashed against a barrier that crackled with purple light just a few feet in front of the diminutive figure. Fera saw the staff twirl in slender hands, and her eyes went white as a bolt of lightning crackled out from the end and hurtled into the air above Fera. She heard a meaty thump and the sound of a body crashing into rotting barrels, and smelled the tinge of cooked flesh.

"FUCK!" The heavy hand on Fera's head lifted as the man on top of her pulled out and toppled back onto his butt. "A MAGE!" Someone screamed. "Fucking KILL HER!"

A trio of shadowed forms charged the tiny figure, who stood defiantly holding her staff in front of her. Fera coughed out a mouthful of mud and watched as a flourish of the staff left a cylinder of twirling discs of fog spinning in the air. One of the men ran headlong into it, and screamed as wild sprays of blood arced out where the razor-sharp rings of compressed air met his flesh. Purple light coalesced in an instant, illuminating the face of the hooded figure, and Fera gasped: it was just a girl, her own age. The light lanced out, twisting and curling unnaturally as though dipping into the coiled reaches of spaces hidden from mortal eyes. It enveloped the second man and his body froze in mid-jump with his club held over his head. The purple aura suffused his skin, making it shine with an unearthly glow.

The third slashed wildly with his dagger, and the girl ducked and spun away. He turned, lightning fast, and jumped at her again, grabbing at the edge of the flimsy cloak, barely catching it. Unable to use her staff in such close quarters, she jerked and tried to roll away, but the long reach of the man's backhand caught her on the cheek and she lost her footing. She twisted around and slammed into a stack of loose pallets as she fell.

Trying to banish the taste of cum and filth from her mouth and the aching in her muscles, Fera crawled to her hands and knees. Had to help, had to do something. Had to get away. She didn't know what was going on. She looked up and saw one of the last two men raising a shortbow and pointing it at the slumped figure of the girl.

"LOOK OUT!" She shrieked, tail stiffening with fright.

"Aaaagh!" The girl rolled at the last second, but screamed anyway. Fera could see a bright line of blood across her bare shoulder. The rotting cloak was disintegrating even further. The girl rolled to her feet and smashed the man in the stomach with her staff, then grabbed his hair when he doubled over and drew the dagger in wide smile across his throat. His scream came out gargled as blood poured down his bare chest.

She wasted no time. A sweep of her staff, and a green shimmer filled the air of the alley, illuminating the struggle. Fera felt the fur on her ears and her hips tingle with unknown power, like they sometimes did when walking on a rich carpet. A unheard vibration thrummed through the atmosphere, as if reality itself was drawing back for a massive blow. She gawked as the girl slowly floated into the air, a look of fury on her face as she trailed the edge of her staff in a complicated pattern. The green deepened to blue, then purple, then a malevolent crimson that lit the twisting smile on the floating mage's face with deadly menace.

One of the remaining men shrieked and ran, throwing down his club and running like the Abyss itself was at his heels.

"Get her!" The snake-man grabbed the shoulder of his last remaining underling and shoved him forward. "There's a bounty on mages! The monsters will pay us enough for a year's drink!"

White motes began to flicker in the air, wisps of crackling power that flared around the girl as her spell mounted. Her clothing was coming apart - the burlap cloak divided in chaotic lines and fell away in pieces, revealing the young girl's shining figure. The man looked uncertainly at her, then steeled his courage and charged. With a gesture of her staff, the motes flared brightly and slammed together into three balls of blinding energy that shot forward. Fera shielded her eyes. The man's head simply ceased to exist as it collided with one of the white orbs, the shadow of his body slumping to the ground with a cauterized wound where his neck used to be. The other orb smashed into the purple field holding the frozen soldier, fracturing into a multitude of blinding white swirls that crackled and darted haphazardly in the air before dissipating. Fera squeezed her sensitive eyes shut against the light, and heard the body fall to the ground, unmoving. Heat burned her face and she smelled burning fur. Her tail was smoking. She twisted around in the mud and grabbed it with both hands, mewling with fear, just in time to see the snake-man fleeing down the alley in terror. The last orb followed close behind, seeking his head, filling the air with a painful shriek as it closed in. She saw his silhouette dive to the side at the last moment, and then shut her eyes against the blinding blast as the magic collided with a plaster wall at the corner of the alley.

Fera lay curled on the dirt, tail wrapped protectively around her and shaking in terror until she heard light footsteps next to her and felt a small hand on her shoulder.

"It's ok. They're gone." The young girl's voice was a soothing whisper. "But we have to go. We can't stay here."

The sounds of a crackling blaze and yelling men from the street reached her ears. Fera opened her eyes and saw that the building at the corner of the alley was ablaze, orange flames curling up the wall and licking at the eaves.

"I didn't actually mean to do that." The girl nodded toward the mounting blaze. "But it's hard to control sometimes. We can't stay here. We need to go before the guards arrive."

Fera stared up in awe. The girl was beautiful. Slender, petite, with a lustrous sheen of blonde hair spilling down just past her shoulders. Her bare skin glimmered in the orange firelight. She was almost naked, wearing only a fascinating uniform of skimpy white cloth fixed to adornments of bejewelled golden metal. Fera had never seen anything so marvelous. Translucent white fabric draped almost to her feet from the metallic braces on her hips, and the same cloth wrapped her lower arms and legs and stretched over her flat breasts and crotch, doing almost nothing to conceal them. The pair of pink nipples under the cloth would have been visible even to those without Fera's immaculate vision, as would the bare pink lips of her pussy peeking shyly between her legs. The cloak seemed to have rotted away by itself. Only a tattered ring of brown cloth was left on the girl's shoulders, and even that looked like it might dissolve into the air at any moment.

"What...was that..." Fera looked back and forth between the fire and the girl, stuttering. "Wh-who...are you?"

"Come on." The girl yanked Fera's wrist impatiently, urging her to her feet. "I'll be in a lot of trouble if we stay here. Mages aren't supposed to kill people." She looked around at the bloody corpses in the alley and muttered. " if that mattered now."

She had to get back, Fera thought dizzily, as she got to her feet. Stephan would wonder where she was. But... She shook her head. No, she could never go back to the Randy Jackal. Being fucked by Brutus would be paradise compared to what those men would do if they came back. Meekly, she let the mage lead her by the hand and out onto the darkened street. The night cloaked them both, hiding the body of the little mage girl and her own nakedness from the few men still on the streets. Cum was still trickling down Fera's thighs and out of her asshole as they walked, and she couldn't get the smell of blood out of her nose. More deposits of semen had dried to a gunky mess on the fur around her tail. It hurt to walk, but she kept going, following the mage, trying to wipe away the tears that brimmed in the corners of her eyes.

"I'm Jacqueline," the girl finally said, answering Fera's unasked question as they sat on opposite sides of the fire in the center of their campsite. "Mage of the 5th Order." She smirked. "Well, mage-errant now, I guess."

"Oh." The word hung stupidly in the air as Fera looked back and forth from the cross-legged girl to the chestnut mare cropping grass at the edge of the firelight. "I'm Fera."

The girl had led them out of the city, making a magical hole in the air that somehow had led to an open meadow filled with starlight. Fera had seen the dark skyline of the city in the distance a couple miles away. A hidden path had led them through the trees to the mage's campsite. Nervousness flattened her ears and curled her tail up close to her body as Fera looked around at the shadowed clearing.

"Fera..." Jacqueline was leaning forward, stirring the bubbling stew in the iron pot that hung over the fire. "That's an interesting name. I've never known any Felis."

"Is your shoulder ok?" Fera asked timidly.

Jacqueline stretched it tenderly., trying to feel how bad the gash on the back was.

"It'll be ok. I'm stupid with healing magic. Everyone else at the academy could do it but me. I made it stop bleeding at least. It might take a while to heal."

Silence lingered in the clearing. Fera sat on her butt and wrapped her arms around her legs, then curled her tail in tightly when the horse's chomping teeth started to wander closer to where she sat.

"You can stop being afraid of Meredith." Jacqueline nodded at the placid horse. "She's as docile as a sheep. Wouldn't hurt anybody. You can trust her."

"Oh it's just..." Fera wrinkled her nose. "Horses never smell right. I'm sure she's nice. A man taught me how to ride them, so, they're not so bad now." She threw a nervous glance to the side, but the mild beast kept chewing the grass, ignoring her.

Jacqueline tapped the spoon against the iron rim and set it down, looking at Fera.

"You can trust me too."

Fera wasn't so sure. She didn't know anything about the human world, about politics, wars, soldiers, kingdoms, magic. All of that had existed far, far away from the forest village where she grew up.

"You don't believe me," Jacqueline said, flatly.

"No no" Fera sputtered. "I do, it's just, um, you use magic? I don't know anything about magic."

Jacqueline nodded sagely.

"I saw you back at the tavern. You were watching me. Why didn't you help me earlier?" Fera asked.

Jacqueline rubbed her chin and stared into the fire for a moment, her staff held flat over her crossed legs.

"Things aren't quite like they once were," she said. "I can't act with impunity. Plus I can't afford to be seen by a lot of people who would remember a mage throwing magic around. What I'm doing is too important. I can't risk any stories getting back to me. I took a big risk killing those men."

"Oh..." Fera muttered, no wiser after Jacqueline's explanation. "Why help me at all then?"

"You're from the Jehth'a region, aren't you?" Jacqueline was staring at Fera with a piercing expression.

"How do you know that name?" Fera asked. She had never expected a human to know the Felis term for the range of mountains that wrapped the forests near Fera's home.

"Books, mage have lots of books." Jacqueline waved her hand dismissively. "It took a lot of reading. It's not important. I've been moving around a lot, and when I heard there was a Felis at the nearby tavern, I came to see for myself." She paused. "I knew the Felis reputation, but I didn't expect you to be putting on such a show."

Fera blushed fiercely. "I didn't want to! It was Stephan, he...he made me do a lot of things..."

Jacqueline waved her to silence. "It's ok. It doesn't matter. I heard some of the men talking and did a check: there was no Monstrum blood in that dog. You're safe."

Fera wasn't sure why that mattered. She wrapped her arms around her legs even tighter, hunkering down, ashamed.

"I saw your fur when he tied you up," the mage went on. "That's how I knew where you were from. Cream-and-orange coloring is only from the mountains in the Northwest."

Fera nodded. Another thing she hadn't expected a human to know. How did this mage know so much?

"So why me?"

Jacqueline had stopped stirring. She removed the pot from the hanger and carefully poured the stew into two wooden bowls, then handed one to Fera.

"Because you know the mountains. The forest. I need you to help me find something. There's some ruins there, an old...temple." Jacqueline paused as if trying to find a word that fit. "I think there's a Je'lai there."

"A what?" Fera looked down at her stew, poking with her spoon. Potatoes and beef and carrots and some kind of crushed herb she didn't know. It was the best thing she had smelled in a week.

Jacqueline took a mouthful of stew, thinking. The silent pause stretched on for several moments.

"That bitch thought she got them all," she muttered. "But I think there's one more, one only the Felis knew about."

She looked up at Fera's questioning gaze.

"Nevermind," Jacqueline said. "Just know that it's something we can use to help stop the monsters and get the mages back." She looked down at her stew, and if not for Fera's sensitive ears, she would have missed the low murmur: "The ones that want to come back anyway."

Fera didn't understand any of this. She didn't want to be part of any grand salvation. All of that was way over her head, and the thought of mages tromping around her home forests, casting spells and setting things on fire made her more than uncomfortable.

"Your village is there, isn't it? The books were unclear about some things. Tell me about it."

"Well it's, I mean, it's our village. It's near a river. Me and my sisters live there." Fera tried to keep things vague, not sure how much she wished to divulge. Humans weren't welcome in the peaceful Felis villages. They brought too much trouble. "We fish and we grow vegetables. The girls all help each other."

"The girls...all girls?"

"What?" It took Fera a moment to understand the question. "Oh, yes. There aren't any Felis males." The sight of her first human male had been a strange experience, but she had quickly discovered how much she liked them.

"Funny, I thought for sure that would be one of the things the books got wrong," Jacqueline mused. Both girls had finished their stew. Fera didn't really want to say any more, or explain why she left, but Jacqueline apparently wasn't in the mood to prod.

"Ok." The girl gathered the bowls. "We'll set out tomorrow. We won't be able to use portals. I don't know the area well enough. So we'll ride on Meredith."

Portals - those must be the holes in the air, Fera thought. She watched Jacqueline cast some kind of spell with her staff, then spread out the bedroll.

"I uh...I only have one." Jacqueline seemed embarrassed. "We'll have to sleep in it together."

Fera wasn't about to complain. It beat curling up on the tiny rug by the hearth like she did when Stephan was mad at her, and the chill of the night air was beginning to creep under her fur. Jacqueline tucked herself in but left the side open, waving Fera in.

"Come on."

Fera crawled inside and let the girl spoon up to her naked backside. Light cloth brushed the skin of her back, and the cold metal bits of the uniform quickly warmed between their bodies. She pulled the drawstrings, sealing her side of the bedroll tight.

It was toastier than she expected, wrapped inside the thick cloth. Jacqueline's slender legs bumped up against her own, and her smooth stomach pressed against Fera's back. A hand brushed Fera's hip and settled, fingers rustling the silky fur. Humans were always fascinated by her fur. Her tail twitched slightly, wrapped in the warmth between them, tip brushing between the skin of both sets of legs.

Their breathing slowed as the fire ran down to a dull smolder. A dog, all those men, fucking her and stuffing their cocks in all her holes. Fera could still feel their milky deposits in her pussy and asshole, still taste the musky cum on her tongue. Why did they have to be so cruel? All she wanted was someone to love her enough to give her what she had came for. The steady breathing of Jacqueline pressed up against her was a comfort, at least. Even though she wasn't sure who she could trust, she still found she liked the girl - and not just for the pleasing curves of her hips and her naked belly and the way the breeze made the silky white cloth whisper against her flat chest. There was something hidden about her, a shyness that she tried to cover up with a brusque demeanor. Fera decided she would help her, even if it meant taking her to Felis lands.

It was a big world for a 12-year-old catgirl. She had to trust someone. The fire crackled and petered out to embers as she drifted off to sleep.

"Here. It's a good thing I carry extras."

Jacqueline pulled a tattered skirt and another burlap cloak from her saddlebags and shook them out. They were in poor shape. The front had fallen away from the cloak just beneath the chest, suffering from the same sort of decay Fera had seen working last night, and the skirt was a skimpy affair of sheer cloth, barely long enough to cover a girl's pussy. It had been rent on the sides and in the back, as if by claws, and had several greasy stains as if fluid had been spurted all over it.

"Uh, thanks," Fera murmured, taking the garments. Better than being naked, at least. The cloak covered the top halves of her breasts, but the skirt dangled uselessly, ripped cloth blowing in the wind and showing off the fur of her thighs and the pink treasure between the catgirl's legs every time a large gust came along.

She helped Jacqueline pack the last of the camp supplies and then the girls mounted Meredith and set out. The sun had appeared briefly at dawn to flood the world with orange, then disappeared behind a gathering layer of dolorous clouds just as quickly. Fera had sat stiff and nervous on the saddle, with Jacqueline behind her, until she realized that she didn't really have to do anything. The girl was clearly an expert with horses.

They passed over a line of hills westward and then down into a valley crossing, fording the river at the bottom, following a muddy road for a time and then branching off once it started to gather traffic.

"We need to avoid being seen," Jacqueline said. "Stay away from settlements. She has spies everywhere."

"That probably the safest thing," Fera agreed.

"'s not safe at all," the girl muttered. "There are monsters everywhere. Stay close to me, Fera. Your ears and nose are better than mine. You'll pick up things my magic doesn't know to look for."

Fera nodded, though she still didn't know what the big deal was about monsters. Jacqueline could probably blow anything apart the instant it threatened them.

The wild trail they were following delved into a forest. Fera looked up at the leafy trees and listened to the chattering birds as Meredith walked the narrow path, hooves beating a rhythm of sucking noises in the mud. Fera's ear twitched by itself, then twitched again when another drop hit it. Damnit, not rain. She HATED rain. She pulled the hood of the cloak over her head. A rushing noise was growing in the distance.

"We'll stop at the village for food and to refill our water," Jacqueline said. "I know people here. It's safe." The girls trotted down a slowly-curving slope and rounded the edge of a thicket.

The village was a burned husk nestled against a crook in the river. Fera felt Jacqueline stiffen behind her as she brought the horse to a halt. The sounds of the rushing river and wildlife rang out gayly, as if in defiance of the ruined buildings.

Jacqueline hopped off, gripping her staff tightly. Fera followed.

"I was just through here three months ago. They were fine." Her voice was tight with strain as she advanced. The doors and windows had been smashed open, the thatched roofs set ablaze and burned to ash.

"What happened?" Fera asked, guiding Meredith by the reins up behind the mage. Tracks had been dug in the mud, leading from the doorways of the houses. Scattered bits of clothing were strewn about, pulled off in a struggle and left to be buried by the rain.

Ignoring the question, Jacqueline moved about slowly, eyes searching the ground. She stopped near the the intersection of muddy grooves and bent down to pull a stuffed bear out of the muck. It was ragged, the brown fur heavily worn where it wasn't covered by the mud. A child's toy.

"Oh Parah," she sniffed, hugging the bear tightly. Sticky mud rubbed off onto her bare stomach and the gossamer cloth of her top. "I'm so sorry."

Fera's ears wilted as she stood there, holding the reins, the little girl weeping quietly in front of her. She looked so vulnerable, a slender figure with a red gash running across one of her slumped shoulders, bare body shivering from the chilly air that her strange, skimpy uniform did nothing to keep out. Falling droplets began to beat a light splatter around them, and rivulets of moisture trickled from her blond hair and down her bare back.

"Hey, Jacqueline." Fera let Meredith's reins dangle, and walked up to put an arm around the girl. "Shhh, come on." The girl's thin body seemed to weigh nothing as Fera pulled her into a hug, letting Jacqueline sag against her breasts, weeping.

"I's just..." the mage stuttered. "I should have been here. I made a promise, and now..." she looked up at Fera as if seeking absolution. Redness lined her eyes. This wasn't an all-powerful champion wielding the ineffable powers of the universe, it was just a little girl who had suffered one knock too many. The rain was coming down stronger now, flowing down the sides of Fera's cloak. Droplets slowly soaked the translucent gossamer of Jacqueline's top, turning it transparent, putting the tender slopes of the young girl's budding breasts on display. She shivered in Fera's arms as the rain trickled down her bare body, her own magic having burned away what little protection she had.

"It'll be ok." Fera patted the girl and hummed quietly, a lullaby used in her village to soothe kittens. After a minute Jacqueline stopping crying and collected herself.

"Ok." Jacqueline wiped the tears and raindrops on her face, smearing them to a sheen. "I'm ok Fera." She sniffed a few more times as their hug broke.

"Thanks..." Jacqueline looked down and busied herself straightening the white cloth of her uniform, for all the good it did her. The damp had soaked them through. Fera took a long look at the girl's pink nipples and the tiny mounds of her breasts, and the hairless slit peeping out between her legs. Jacqueline really was beautiful, trim and athletic, with a slight bounciness in the right areas, and narrow hips that still curved enticingly. Fera could see her cheeks burning. The girl was embarrassed. Humans were put out by the oddest things.

"There's a cave near here," Jacqueline said, looking up again. "Used to be a bear den. Then some...other things moved in. But it's empty now." She raised her hand and pointed across the village. "It's about half a mile past the creek."

Fera nodded and followed Jacqueline as the little girl guided the horse by the reins. The slats of the simple wooden bridge had been battered and torn up, but the lazy water barely came up past her feet. The girls forded and trudged down a narrow trail, arriving at a darkened cave mouth just as the rain quit.

"Here. I'll set this up if you get the sausage." Jacqueline pulled out the iron tripod and the pot and set them next to the crumbling firepit. With a swift motion of her staff, the tripod sat itself upright on the rock and split its own legs wide open. Jacqueline lifted the tip of her staff and the pot levitated in the air and dropped itself neatly on the hook. A final twirl brought the white ash to life with a sudden blaze of licking orange flames.

"Yuck, this rain," Fera muttered, after handing Jacqueline the sausage. "I hate it." It had infiltrated her cloak and left the fur on her hips uncomfortably damp. She rubbed both sides back and forth rapidly, then brought her hands up to her mouth to lick them off. Much better. She pulled back the hood and rubbed her wrists over her ears to dry them out too.

Jacqueline seemed amused by her grooming. "Here, I'll show you something better," she said. The mage made a gentle circling motion with the tip of her staff, as if stirring the air, and then thrust the tip skyward. Motes of flowering pink light shot out the end and gently floated down, covering the girls in a dome of sparkling warmth that smelled like roses on a summer day. Fera felt her fur dry out and puff up immediately. The chill left her bones. Jacqueline's uniform dried and primped itself as if freshly laundered, and the mud on her stomach caked up and fell off on its own, leaving her sparkling clean.

"That's better." Jacqueline put her staff down on the rock, then looked over at Fera and promptly burst out laughing.

"What?" Fera looked down, saw the fur on her hips puffed out wildly. She patted her head, found the same around her ears. She licked her palms and tried to flatten it down, but the fur sprang back as if irrevocably coiffured.

"Sorry," Jacqueline giggled, holding her hand to her mouth. "Too much Air woven in the spell maybe. I didn't even think about that."

"No problem," Fera laughed, trying to slick the fur back at least a little. Jacqueline was cute when she laughed. "I guess we need the cheese and bread too huh?" She turned around and bent over to the saddlebags to get them out.

Jacqueline shrieked with laughter again behind her. Fera could feel her tail bristling, every strand puffed out to maximum volume by the magic. She brought the food over to the fire, as if innocent of the bushy fox tail twitching in her wake.

Jacqueline was smart as well as cute, Fera thought, as the girls chatted together while they ate. She expounded endlessly on the subject of horses: their care, training, how to break and saddle and ride them at the particular gait you wanted. It had been her passion, apparently, ever since she was a little girl. Humans sent their daughters away early, apparently. Jacqueline had tested for magic at 10 and been bundled off and put through a year of intense training and another year of field work before being promoted to a full mage. Hopelessly rushed, Fera gathered from Jacqueline's tones. Not enough time to train the girls properly before sending them out.

"Why didn't they reassign you?" Fera asked, when Jacqueline finished talking about her last patrol

"Dunno. But it wouldn't have mattered. We didn't have enough girls left for a squad. So I left and came out here." She picked up her staffed and used it to conjure a colored fog on the surface of the stone. "Take a look."

The fog thickened and separated itself into different colors. A map of Teleria. Fera had seen one, once. The slopes of the craggy mountains of the far north tapered off into the long ridges and valleys of the northwest that finally emptied out into forestland. Jehth'a, or at least that's what the Felis called it. A dot flared deep in the green forest. The human kingdom of Bridonia was farther south and west, accessible only through the high passes of the mountains that separated the two nations.

"It's somewhere around there, I'm sure of it," Jacqueline said, twisting her staff and letting the fog dissipate. "If we keep off the highways we won't be noticed. It's dangerous though. Monsters. Lots of them."

"I'm sure we'll be fine," Fera smiled comfortingly. "I saw what you did to those men."

Jacqueline gave her a brief, quizzical look, before shaking her head slightly. "Look, just stay near me when we're out there ok? Don't wander off. And don't touch anything weird."

Fera nodded her assent.

"I have to scout and see if we can keep following this creek," Jacqueline huffed. "But it takes a lot of magical energy to do that. I hope it doesn't get us noticed."

"Oh!" Fera's ears pricked up eagerly. "I can do that."

"What?" Jacqueline looked at her incredulously.

"Just leave it to me!" Fera jumped to her feet and hustled out of the cave mouth. Meredith stopped cropping the grass just long enough to fix the catgirl with a questioning look.

The trees here were tall, and thick, but not too thick. The wild growth was bursting with branches. Just right. Jacqueline followed her out of the cave, mystified as Fera stripped off her cloak and the tattered skirt. Naked was the way to go. She looked around and spied exactly what she needed.

She broke into a jog and then leaped up onto the fallen log, digging her nails in for balance, then effortlessly dancing higher up the steep ramp of decaying wood.

"What?!" Jacqueline burst into laughter again, watching Fera climb. "How do you do that?"

"Oh, you mean humans can't do this?" Fera had bustled up the leaning wood and jumped onto the cracked top where the trunk had broken off. She spun with catlike grace, balancing on her tiptoes 15 feet off the ground.

"Hey if you fell, would you land on your feet?" Jacqueline giggled from below her.

"No dummy." Fera turned, using her tail for balance, and leaped deftly onto one of the lower limbs of the big trees. "That's just a myth," she shouted down.

The other girl's reply was lost in the rustling branches as Fera climbed higher, hopping gracefully from limb to limb and landing in a balanced crouch poised on the balls of her feet each time. Fera loved climbing trees. All Felis did. The younger kittens sometimes climbed too high and were afraid to come down, but that's what adults were for.

She reached the top in no time at all and looked northwest. The curling snake of the creek widened out into a river before eventually running into a lake many miles on. The clouds were parting too. At least it wouldn't rain on them anymore.

"Well?" Jacqueline asked, her arms crossed and a sly grin on her face when Fera jumped down from the last branch.

"It keeps going northwest. There's a lake too. I saw the smoke of a town, but we could avoid it."

"Great." Jacqueline's eyes travelled up and down Fera's naked body, and a flush filled her cheeks. "I guess you're uh...pretty useful. Here." She handed the clothes back to Fera.

After striking their meager camp, the girls set out, riding Meredith slowly through the forest trails. Fera's nose filled with sharp scents of every kind of wildlife, and her ears pricked from the constant buzz of insects and the chatter of calling birds. Jacqueline seemed tense, scanning the trees around them constantly. The stream meandered slightly and then straightened, widening out before cutting through an area of higher ground on both sides. They climbed with it and kept following. Warm sunbeams had managed to cut through the curtain of grey clouds, toppling down to dapple the forest floor with golden light.

Miles passed under the horse's hooves as they trailed out to the lake region and skirted the human settlement, entering the deeper forest on the far side. A shadow began to grow behind them as the afternoon wore on, and Fera was just beginning to think how pleasant a trip this would be when Jacqueline suddenly yanked the reins and drew them up short.

"There's something up ahead," she muttered. Her magic had probably told her. Fera sniffed the air, catching the faintest whiff of a foul odor. The girls dismounted and crept ahead until they reached a fallen log on the ground, then peeked over it into the clearing ahead.

Sets of pitons had been driven into the bark of an enormous fallen tree trunk in the center of the clearing. The ground around it was clear, and scuffed with activity. Leather strips several hands long dangled from some of the pitons.

"Do you smell anything?"

Fera sniffed the air. "Yeah, it's gross. It smells like...well I don't know what it smells like. Just gross." The dirty animal scent was some repugnant mix of sweat and offal and salty fluids. Not quite like any animal she had ever smelled. Sharp, powerful, virile.

"They're long gone by now." Fera wasn't sure which of them Jacqueline was trying to reassure. Holding her staff in a tight grip, the mage pushed the leafy ferns out of the way and strode into the light.

"Are these...hoofmarks?" Fera stared with amazement at the enormous peaked prints stamped into the dirt everywhere.

"Definitely." Jacqueline was studying the enormous log. "Minotaurum. It fits their behavior. They were having a party."

"A what?" Fera walked up and stood next to the other girl, looking at the huge cylinder of wood. The bark had been stripped on the upper half, leaving a smooth surface. Pairs of pitons had been driven into each side at intervals.

"They had...girls." She looked at the long length of the log. "Lots of girls."

"They tied them up, on their bellies or backs," she went on, seeing Fera's uncomprehending look. "Leather thongs on the wrists and ankles. Then they fucked them. Minotaurum love to fuck. They probably took as many women as they could from the villages before moving on. They're not picky either. Anything with a pussy. Parah was probably here."

"Oh." Fera could see the grooves worn in the wood, the strands of hair dug into the grains. She could picture it: a long line of girls and women, naked but for the dangling shreds of their ruined clothing, lashed on their bellies and their backs on the curved surface of the log, a row of fuckmeat for the beasts. Fera had never seen a monster, but her imagination filled in the blanks.

A gooey rope of thickening grey sludge stretched across the surface of the wood to her side. She stepped over and peered at it. Something sticky, hardening. Been here a little while. She rolled her finger through it, collecting a pearl of tacky gunk on the end, and sniffed it curiously. Salty, foul, but underscored by a powerfully inviting aroma of bestial tang. She stuck her tongue out to taste it.

"The fuck are you DOING?!" Jacqueline grabbed her by the wrist and yanked her hand away. Fera's skirt made a tearing sound as the other girl bent and ripped off one of the loose scraps that hung by a thread, then clamped it savagely over the sticky finger, wiping the goop off and throwing it against the log. An elbow in her chest made Fera topple backward, and a fiery blaze of orange suddenly roared in front of her, baking her skin with intense heat.

Fera squinted against the glare. Jacqueline's silhouette stalked down the length of the wood, a gout of brilliant flame pouring from the end of her staff and incinerating the surface of the log. Pockets of sap crackled and exploded wildly as the angry girl played the flames back and forth, covering every inch of the surface with flame.

"I told you not to touch anything!" Jacqueline stood over Fera's sprawled form, the furious look on her face made all the more intense by the spreading flames in the background.

"I'm sorry!" Fera coughed from the smoke and sat up. It was just cum, wasn't it? She didn't know why Jacqueline was so mad.

"Listen, don't touch ANYTHING else strange unless I tell you to. Got it? Promise me."

"Ok, I promise." Fera let the other girl help her up, and they both turned to look at the blazing pyre that filled the length of the clearing.

"This is probably going to get somebody's attention," Jacqueline murmured.

"We should go," agreed Fera.

The girls dipped back into the forest and mounted up on Meredith, then galloped away from the monster camp.

"Hmmm," Jacqueline mused, peering further into the gap of the narrow pass that knifed into the rock between the hills. "This might work."

"You really don't think we can climb it?"

"Not if we want to keep Meredith." The girl pointed up at the high ridgeline, where a trio of raptors wheeled lazily in the clear sky. "If you didn't see any other path up there from the tree, then this is it."

Fera shrugged and pulled Meredith's reins, following Jacqueline into the narrow space. The sky dwindled to a narrow crack overhead, and the passage angled back and forth in razor edges. Jacqueline crept forward in front of them, staff held in both hands, alert for any signs of trouble. A slight buzz rippled through Fera's fur, the latent hum of magical energy brimming nearby. She was becoming more sensitive to it. Probably just from being near a mage all the time.

A sudden hiss drew her up short. Jacqueline kicked at the pile of fallen rocks that blocked their path in frustration.

"Damn, we'll have to go around." A ruined path of scree angled away in a different direction. As they followed it, they began to notice deep gouges in the rock.

"Is that...?"

"Magic," Jacqueline nodded. "Probably rooted out some Crags here, or something worse."

Holes began to appear in the scattered rock surfaces as they went on, large enough to climb into. The path widened into a larger area, and Fera gaped when she saw how the rockface had been obliterated on one side.

"Figures," Jacqueline said. "They dug the whole nest right out of the rock right here. Went straight for the heart. Smart."

Fera peered into the gaping wound in the mountain. Something explosive had cut straight through for dozens of meters, opening into a peculiar round chamber with a central pillar. Smooth teardrops of stone hung from the sides of the gap as if frozen in the act of melting. The excellent vision of her cat-eyes showed her the interior of the exposed hollow: alcoves had been dug into the walls at the base of the room, and patches of some kind of tightly-woven white fiber spilled down like soft curtains from near the ceiling, collecting into silky piles on the floor. Most of it had been burned away though, and a large part of the room was a shattered wreck of rubble and blackened soot.

"What is it?" Fera asked.

"Arachma nest. That's the queen's chamber. They kept the Broodmothers of the hive there."

"What's an Arachma? Are they still here?"

Jacqueline motioned her on, and they continued walking. "They're spider creatures, as big as a tiger, and the fact that they haven't caught us yet means they're long gone. They can't reproduce on their own, so they take girls, and, well, they fuck them and lay eggs in them."

Fera gawked. Jacqueline was pulling her leg. The path began to slope down again on the other side of the mountain, and the grim look on the girl's face eventually convinced Fera that she was deadly serious. Spider monsters fucking humans? Laying eggs in them? Breeding with them? Fera didn't think she had ever heard of anything so horrible. She tried to picture it: that chamber with its soft sheets of webbing spilling down, naked little girls fixed in the alcoves by bonds of silk around their arms and legs, bellies pregnant with the young of the dozens of enormous spider creatures that crawled everywhere fucking them day and night. She shook her head, trying to dismiss the vision and the taste of sour bile growing in her mouth. What if such creatures ever found her village? The thought was too horrible to entertain.

"Looks like we'll have to go through," Jacqueline muttered, when the path turned and sunk into a crevasse in the earth. "Here, let me hold the reins."

The girls went in, cautiously, Fera leading with her feline vision and Jacqueline following behind, a conjured orb of pale light orbiting lazily around her head. Meredith kept snorting and bobbing her head, following reluctantly as Jacqueline pulled her reins. The path sunk and twisted, joining with an underground stream that trickled from a deep crack in the rock. The scuffs of their footsteps died at the edge of the light, as if the silence resented their intrusion. Fera didn't like it. The cave smelled like something awful had made its den here for a long time and only recently moved out. Faint wisps of webbing trailed from the edges of the rocks, the remnants of snares set by the cave's past residents. She ducked around them and kept her eyes open, scanning the gloom, feeling like the stalactites of the oppressive ceiling were the teeth of massive jaws bearing down to crush them both. The current of water grew and deepened as more trickling streams leaked from the walls, and by the time the two girls turned a corner and saw the light far ahead, they were both shivering from the damp.

"God's rest," Jacqueline breathed in relief when they emerged into sunlight. The water spilled over a shelf of rocks at the edge of the cave mouth and into a peaceful pool surrounded by dense brush and cedar. Grass and wildflowers grew in a wild profusion all around, lining the banks and poking out from cracks in the rock, and streamers of ivy twisted through the undergrowth and trailed on the quiet surface of the pool.

"Beautiful," Fera murmured. It reminded her of a river near where she grew up - placid, calming, a quiet refuge of tranquility whenever she had wanted to shirk her chores and sneak off to be by herself. The bustling noises of forest animals sounded all around them, birds and insects and a company of frogs hiding under a rock overcropping. She looked up to see the trees. Ribbons of sunlight briefly flickered as a small pair of wings fluttered down and alighted directly on her nose. Light, delicate, brilliantly orange - Fera watched the butterfly flap lazily and then drift away as silently as it had come.

"We should rest here, refill our waterskins." Jacqueline led Meredith down onto the mossy banks, then pulled the set of leather skins from the saddlebags. Fera helped, and afterwards the girls sat on the bank with their toes resting in the water, enjoying a brief meal of cheese and nuts.

"Why did they make you become a mage when you were only 10?" Fera asked.

Jacqueline chewed thoughtfully for a moment. "How much do you know about what's going on in Teleria?"

"Nothing," Fera shrugged.

"They need mages. Every girl gets tested. Magical ability is manifest when we're young, and it usually tapers off in later teenage years." She swallowed and took a bite off the block of cheese. "We were winning...for a while. Soldiers poke the monsters with swords to keep them busy while we channel magic to blow them up. Simple. But there aren't enough of us now. Or enough soldiers. Nobody knows what happened to the queen. Most of the southern kingdom is in ruins and owned by monsters."

"What happened to all the mages?"

Jacqueline's sour expression made it look like she didn't want to answer. "I had a friend," she said finally. "Her name was Alinayah. She was strong. REALLY strong. Everyone thought she would win the war - that's how powerful she was. We trained together all the time and she taught me a lot. I actually didn't do very well in the academy. They kept telling me I had bad control." She snorted. "My control is just fine. They're idiots."

Fera wondered if that was right, remembering the burning building back in New Kithria.

"We were betrayed though. There's a woman, Sheila. She's helping the monsters, somehow. I don't know how. I think Allie knew, and that's why she...ended up where she did."

Fera kept silent, seeing the look of pain on the other girl's face.

"That's why I have to get this thing. I need to expose her, to make her pay."

"We will." Fera put her hand on Jacqueline's bare shoulder and smiled at her. "We'll keep going until we find it. Don't worry."

"Thanks." Jacqueline blushed slightly. "I guess I haven't had anyone to to in a while."

"You have a little something here." Fera pointed to the back of Jacqueline's arm.

"Oh." Jacqueline twisted her head to see the tangle of trailing silk. "Arachma gunk. We should wash."

The girls stood up, and Fera watched with interest as Jacqueline began to pull off her clothes. The armwraps of filmy white fabric had a thin band of jewelled golden metal lining the upper edge, and the lower half trailed past the wrist into a half-glove that covered the girl's palms and wrapped her middle three fingers. She pulled them off, revealing a pair of slender, well-toned arms. Golden metal edged the cloth of her top too, twisting into a filigree pattern that nestled around a large ruby between her breasts. The skirt was the most beautiful part though: a gold brace covered each hip, with a long panel of light, sheer cloth hanging loose almost to her ankles on each side. White fabric edged and stitched with threads of golden metal in vibrant patterns stretched between the braces like panties, except they hung down and did little to truly hide the little girl's vulnerable pussy. Sapphires capped the round studs where the braces connected to the more delicate undergarment.

"Does every mage wear a uniform so...beautiful?" Fera could scarcely imagine owning something so lovely, much lessing wearing it. Sure, it didn't cover up much of the girl's body, but she was used to that anyway. The delicate fabric and sparkling gemstones framed the nude flesh of Jacqueline's body like some kind of angelic raiment, pristine and untouched by the filth of the road.

"There are some differences," Jacqueline said. Fera tried to resist leering as Jacqueline pulled at a hidden snap that separated the metal of the hip braces from the panty part, allowing the bottom of the garment to pull free. "Different duties have different kinds of uniform, for one thing. This one is for a battle-mage. Also, they used to make dreamcloth in a blue color, but now they make it white. They say it's a faster process."

Jacqueline reached behind her and undid a snap, allowing her top to come loose. She pulled it off and dropped it on the silky pile, then stepped into the water nude. "Not like it matters though. The cloth is actually really tough, but nothing helps if a monster catches up to you. I think the soldiers just like to look at little girl pussy a lot."

Fera pulled the cloak up over her head and took off her own skirt, moving into the water too. It was as warm as the air was. Jacqueline had knelt and was cupping her hands to splash water on her face and pour it in her hair.

"I thought Felis didn't like water."

"Pffft, that's a myth," Fera snorted, kneeling beside the naked girl. She splashed her face and ducked her head under the surface, then began to wash the grime and sweat off of her breasts. "We just don't like RAIN." She rubbed fingers over her ears and through the fur on her hips, then reached behind her and grabbed her tail so she could scrub it. Both little girls ducked and poured and rinsed, rubbing their bodies, trying to pretend they weren't looking, comparing. Her own breasts were slightly bigger, Fera thought, which wasn't saying much. They were both only 12. Jacqueline was still mostly flat, her breasts having barely begun to bud on her chest, but the pair of pink nipples were standing just as stiff in the air as Fera's own. Fera wondered how it would feel to pinch them, if they were as tender as they looked. Jacqueline had dunked and surfaced, pulling fists down the length of her blonde hair to wring it out, and Fera caught the blue eyes flickering surreptitiously, taking in the details of her own body.

"This doesn't look so good." Fera tapped the angry cut that curved across the back of Jacqueline's shoulder. It was closing, but the skin looked to be swelling up painfully.

"It'll be ok. I can keep it from getting infected, I just can't really make it heal faster. It's not like a lightning bolt. You have to coax the body to stitch itself together. It's like weaving 10 rugs all at once. Pretty hard. Mom couldn't even teach me to knit a dishrag."

"Oh." Fera stood up and took a few steps toward the deeper end, wanting to get a full dunk to rinse everything off before she was done. The warm water felt delicious as it covered her, the mountain pool clear and fresh. She spotted a wiggling motion in the mud beneath her feet, and reached down to grab it.

"Hey, maybe this will help." She turned around, holding the slimy blue creature up in front of the other girl's face. "We sometimes use leeches in my village. They can help the swelling go down."

Jacqueline's terrified screech shattered the calm of the clearing. Wings flapped from above as the birds fled, startled. The mage fell over backwards with a horrified expression on her face, then rolled over in the shallow water, kicking desperately for footing as she tore for the shore and dove for her staff. Something invisible slammed Fera's hand, dropping the creature in the water, and she felt herself lifted into the air violently. A slashing motion of Jacqueline's staff suspended her above the pool, limbs locked in bonds of air tighter than steel, and she gaped in confusion as the girl twirled her staff in a frantic gesture and a bolt of blinding energy roared into the pool, electrifying the water with a sharp crackling sound that grew louder and louder until the pool bubbled and spurted in a turbulent boil. A sheet of steam wafted up, covering the air around Fera in white fog.

"What are you DOING?!" Jacqueline had pulled her through the air and dumped her on the shore none too gently. Fera cowered back against a tree trunk. "Are you trying to get us KILLED? Or WORSE?"

"I'm sorry!" Fera cried. Jacqueline was looming over her, as much as the naked, petite little girl could, staff held in front of her in both hands and fury blazing in her eyes. Her blonde hair floated around her head, as if drifting on invisible currents of energy.

"I didn't know you didn't like leeches! I'm sorry Jacqueline!" Fera quivered with fright, ears flattened against her head and tail wrapped protectively around her. She could almost feel the energy thrumming about them both, making the fur on her back stand on end, raw magic ready to roar out of that deadly staff and fry her like a piece of meat.

"Please don't kill me!" She shouted, curling up into a ball on the ground. Visions of what Jacqueline had done the men in New Kithria clawed at her mind.

"Oh jeez." Fera wept as she heard the girl kneel beside her. A hand stroked her hair, fingers curling over her ears comfortingly. "It's ok Fera. Calm down."

Something like a soothing breeze passed through her body, damping her panic like water on hot coals.

"Feel better?"

She sat up, found her chest had stopped hitching and her tears had dried up. The fear had dwindled to the back of her mind.

"Yeah." She looked up at Jacqueline.

"I slowed you down a bit. Now listen, before it wears off. That wasn't a leech. It was a Squick. I think I killed it, but I have to be sure. There could have been more. We need to examine each other. Stand up."

Fera did so, then jumped in shock when Jacqueline knelt in front of her and touched a finger to her pussy.

"The chemicals they excrete mean you don't even feel them until it's too late. Hold still." The little girl's fingers spread her labia and pushed gently inside, flexing against the walls of the tight passage. Fera moaned, tail flicking at the sudden intrusion. She didn't know what was going on, but having Jacqueline's fingers in her cunt felt even better than she had expected.

"Hmmmm." The warm digits arched again, feeling the space, lingering perhaps a bit longer than necessary before pulling out.

"Ok you're clean there. Turn around."

Fera's shock doubled when she did so and felt the other girl's hands spreading her butt. A licking noise preceded the sudden push into her rear end.

"Eeeeeek!" She stiffened, every hair bristling on her body as the finger penetrated her anus. She wasn't at all used to this, but the thrill of her friend exploring the space beyond the clenching ring of her sphincter sent a ripple of pleasure racing up her spine.

"Good. None got inside you." The pulling sensation left Fera feeling slightly deflated. She turned around again.

"You have to check me too. It's the only way to be sure." Jacqueline got up. "They're psionic too. They can make you ignore them. The bigger they are the worse it gets."

" want me to…" Fera gaped, but finally knelt at the other girl's angry gesture. A pair of puffy pink lips edged the tiny slit between Jacqueline's legs. Fera touched it, probing hesitantly. Jacqueline nodded down urgently at her, so she spread the lips, finding the little red bud hiding at the apex of the moist crevasse. So pretty, she thought, like parting the leaves of a shy flower about to bud. After rubbing her fingertips along the channel to slick them with moisture, she pushed inside.

The warm pulse of Jacqueline's insides greeted her, clamping around her fingers in a welcoming massage. She pushed farther. Nothing inside but her own fingers and a current of sweet, sucking warmth. Fingers brushed one of her ears, squeezing delicately. Jacqueline was breathing harder.

"Now the other end." The girl's reluctance was palpable as she pulled off and turned around, then looked back over her shoulder. "And uh...lick your finger or something. Please."

Fera frowned. What was she, a savage? She worked a mouthful of saliva and then slicked it over her finger before spreading the round globes of the little 12-year-old's butt. A tiny hole peeped from the middle, clenched tightly shut. Fera tapped it, feeling it pucker, spreading saliva on it before pushing gently inside.

The muscled ring squeezed down angrily, then relented as the girl relaxed. Fera pushed farther inside, exploring the tight space. She assumed that something wriggling inside would be obvious, but there was only the hot beat of Jacqueline's anus pushing back. She pulled her finger out again.

"Here." Jacqueline handed a waterskin to Fera and used another to wash her own hands. "Don't touch the pool. It will still be hot."

"We can't stay here," she went on "We can't even follow the water. Gods, we were lucky." She whistled and Meredith lumbered over, the placid horse totally unconcerned by the commotion. "If there's one, there will be more. I just hope there isn't a village downstream from here. If there is, we can't stop to help them. It takes forever to root out a Squick infestation. You have to check everyone."

They dressed quickly. Jacqueline vaulted up onto Meredith and motioned for Fera to mount behind her. They galloped directly away from the stream, then turned West again, setting sun shining in their faces and hair streaming behind them. The land eventually rose up out of the vale and into an area of craggy grassland.

Jacqueline didn't relax until the water was miles behind them. She finally laid off the reins and let Meredith idle along at her own pace once the light began to fade. Was every mage in Teleria like this? Fera's arms were wrapped around the girl's bare stomach, and she could still feel the tension tight in her muscles. She hadn't actually seen anything threatening out here, but Jacqueline acted as if doom waited under every bush. The mage seemed more than a match for anything Fera could think of. Why did the monsters scare her so much?

They trailed along the hills for a while longer, then got off and walked. Jacqueline took the lead, clutching her staff, peering around into the dusk warily.

"We can't make camp out here. It's much too open. We have to keep going. You ok?"

Fera tried to stifle a yawn as she led the horse along. "Yup. I'll be fine." The deepening chill of the air was only partially blocked by the remains of the cloak she wore. At least she had fur. It kept her hips and her butt warm. She wondered how cold Jacqueline must be in that skimpy outfit that looked so beautiful and gave no protection at all from the elements or prying eyes. The idea that she was using magic to stay warm was dispelled when she noticed the girl shivering.

"Hey I think there's another rider out here," Fera said. Jacqueline halted and looked back at her. "Oh?"

Fera halted the horse and listened, ears twitching. "Yeah. Hoofbeats."

"How many?" asked the mage.

"Uh..." Fera strained to listen. "2 or 3."

"Which direction?"

Fera pointed up ahead.

"Shit!" Jacqueline looked around wildly. "I can't see far enough. Fera, where's something we can hide behind?"

"Um...up there?" Fera pointed at a scree-covered hillside edged by sharp rocks a few hundred feet away, then remembered that the girl couldn't see it.

"Ok, lead us up there. Quick! If I make any light they might see us."

The girls hustled over the ground as the sound of hoofbeats grew louder in the distance. Fera could see the bobbing dots of torches moving across the land, heading straight towards them.

"Here, this tree. Tie her reins!" Fera looped them around the trunk and tied them to a knob like Jacqueline wanted. The mage raised her staff, and an orb of inky blackness appeared around the horse's head.

"Can't let her smell anything or she'll freak out." Another gesture of her staff filled the air with shifting mist. "That'll hide her. Come on." The girls made their way up the rear side of the slope and peeked over. The three orange flames were plain in the darkness, coming closer at a headlong pace.

"Ok listen." Jacqueline turned and whispered in Fera's ear. "I can cloak us, kind of, but it's not perfect. They won't smell us or see us or hear us. But you have to stay close to me. And try not to move!"

Fera nodded meekly. Jacqueline waved her staff in the darkness, but Fera couldn't see any effect. Black, guttural speech rang out in the night from the approaching figures. Men on horses. No, Fera saw, as they drew closer. Not men at all!

The 10-foot beasts had the lower body of a muscled horse, but the torso and upper body of a man rose from the front of their bodies. Fera had never seen anything like them. Dim sounds of wailing and moaning seemed to come from underneath them. The gruesome details slowly began to reveal themselves to Fera's eyes as they came closer.

The creature in front had a pole slung over his shoulder, with a net at the far end. A human girl seemed to be trapped inside. She looked about 8 years old and was completely nude. A blazing orange torch was in his other hand, and the hilt of a long, curved sword poked from a leather sheath at his flank. Powerful muscles rippled under the dark horseflesh, and the bare skin of his human body was similarly fit, pectorals shining with sweat and curling with dark chest hairs. A pack was slung across his back.

The two other horse-men were similar in appearance, each bearing a torch and a large wooden crossbow, but they both carried something underneath their bodies. Fera looked closer trying to make it out. Several thick leather straps crossed over the horse's backs and trailed down under their bellies, securing a body of pink flesh tightly against their stomachs. Two girls. No, Fera corrected herself, a woman and a girl, judging by the lengths of the arms and legs she could see on the near sides. They were both restrained belly-up against the creature's undersides.

The glistening details became clear as the horse-men pulled up short beneath the vantage point where the girls watched from 15 feet off the ground. Fera's eyes bulged. The massive length and girth of the leader's horse-like cock dangled below him, a bobbing shadow in the torchlight, but the erect cocks of the other two were crammed tightly into the rear ends of the females they carried. The bucking motions of their pelvises slammed the powerful flesh into their asses, earning shrieks of pleasure from their human prisoners as they cantered along. Arms and legs strained tightly against their bonds, thrashing. The larger one, the woman, was wailing in the throes of orgasm from the massive horse dick inside her. Her captor ignored her. The creatures were moving to set up camp.

"Figures," Jacqueline muttered. "They'd make camp right here."

"What are they?" Fera whispered.

"Centaurum. Watch."

The powerful creatures moved quickly. One split logs and stoked a fire using powder from a pouch while the other two used axes to rapidly fell a pair of small trees about 10 feet apart and notch the stumps. They smoothed one of the trunks and laid it crosswise, mounting the ends in the notches and securing it with thick ropes. The beam stretched across the ground at belly-height. A hitching post.

The women flopped to the ground when released from the straps, crying out as the erect horsecocks slid out of them. A spew of white fluid flooded out of their gaping rectums like corks popped from a bottle. They lay on the ground, heaving and moaning, and Fera could see that the woman and girl were both very pregnant, bellies swelling like they were about to pop.

The 8-year-old struggled as her net was dropped to the ground. She pushed at the fibers and managed to pull it off, crying desperately. The Centaurum laughed at her. She looked around wildly, eyes glazed with fear, and took off running into the darkness. They let her go for a few moments, before the leader casually galloped after her and seized her off the ground by her hair, carrying the screaming girl back to camp.

She was lashed head-down to the hitching post after that, a leather thong securing her neck, arms pulled out and tied at the wrists. The other two humans swiftly followed, the whole troupe ending up as a line of pretty pussies in the firelight, just waiting to be used. The bellies hung obscenely from the pregnant woman and girl, and sloppy fluid still dripped from their assholes and ran down their legs. The little 8-year-old, by comparison, quivered visibly, the tiny slit of her prepubescent pussy undefiled.

Fera clamped a hand over her mouth as the Centaurum began their play, mounting the two other humans like mares and thrusting their erect horsecocks inside. The wide pricks bucked crazily at the small entrances, and then, impossibly, slipped inside, stretching the sphincters around the massive girths. The girls shrieked, bodies slammed forward against the log from the violent thrusts of their horse masters pushing into them. Their pregnant bellies flapped back and forth and spittle dripped from their mouths as moaning gave way to shrieks of pleasure and a wild frenzy of constant orgasms.

The small girl was a different matter. Her master bent down and caressed her backside, squeezing her butt and visibly enjoying how she quaked with fear. He stomped his horse legs on either side of her head, letting her turn just enough to see the powerful legs, and then teased her by dropping the thick cock onto her back and letting it trail down her skin, leaving a trail of pre-cum down her spine. Fera could smell it from here, a thick tang of wild mustang scent, powerful and untamed. The massive horse prick rubbed along her bottom, enjoying the pleading, the crying of the little girl as its firm promise glided lower. Finally it was positioned against the pathetic gap of the tiny pussy, a log against a keyhole.

The other women were already shrieking from their fifth orgasm by the time the horsecock began to press inside the little girl. Her master took it slow at first, threading a needle with patient determination. The flaring head of horse meat couldn't possibly fit into a little girl's pussy a tenth of its size. His urgency grew, pushing with short slams that rammed the girl's pelvis forward and made her head loll about. Grunting, pushing, lining up again with stiff determination and pressing in against the feeble cunt with powerful demand, he kept at it, upping the pace to a jackhammer thrust that rocked the log back and forth until the tiny girl screamed as her pussy split and the thick head of horse prick pushed inside her at last.

She'd never be able to dispel this vision. Fera squeezed her eyes shut, but all she could see behind her eyelids was the shadowed forms of nightmare stretched along the ground away from the firelight, three horse figures over a line of quaking bodies, connected by three massive rods of flesh. She shook her head and looked again. The Centaurum had finished with the pregnant woman and girl and were untying them, letting them collapse to the ground. The struggling girl was still resisting, her back arching from the blows of erect horsecock hammering into her tiny cunt.

One of the other Centaurum placed a bucket just under the point where the turgid flesh entered the girl before moving over to the fire to cook. The other circled around in front of her, letting his thick dangling cock push into her face, wet and dripping from splashing horse semen into the gaping anus of the other girl. She stared down the barrel of the massive organ, then shut her eyes and tried to look away, but he reached down to grab her hair and pulled her face back up, holding her in place. Slowly, impossibly, the pushing horsecock in her face did the same as the one in her pussy, pressing forward into her mouth, stretching her jaw to breaking and cramming itself inside.


Her cries muffled now, both Centaurum upped their play, pushing every inch of their long horsecocks as far as they could go into the tiny little 8-year-old underneath them, spitroasting her on the iron rods of erect horseflesh. Disbelief filled Fera's mind as she watched the girl's belly stretch and bulge visibly from the creature inside it, and her throat balloon out around the invader coming the other way. Panting and grunting wildly, the Centaurum thrust gleefully into the struggling fuckmeat of the little girl as she writhed under them. Twin mounds crept up the length of her belly and down the tract of her neck inch by pumping inch until the distended flesh met somewhere in the center of the little girl. Glistening shafts swelled with pleasure in the firelight as her body visibly inflated, as if every possible gap in her body had suddenly been flooded to its breaking point. The tiny form flailed against her bonds, muscles jerking wildly with pleasure. The taut stomach trembled like a drum stretched around the tumescent horsecock inside it and the silent shriek of ecstasy buzzed against the throbbing meat in her throat. The Centaurum held her tight, impaled, until their own orgasms finally receded and they pulled out. A torrent of grey-white semen spewed out of both ends of the girl, some catching in the bucket, the rest dribbling down her legs and chin into pools of sludge on the ground. She shook visibly, coughing and moaning, muscles clenching in her own climax from the pounding horsecocks that had left their gifts inside her body.

The other girl was resting comfortably in the woman's arms on the ground, the pair talking and laughing quietly. The woman reached down and massaged the massive bulge on the daughter's belly, swirling a stray deposit of horse cum around on the skin and smiling as she whispered in the girl's ear.

"Mother and daughter, probably," Jacqueline muttered. "She's probably so proud her baby is pregnant. So sweet, little Centaurum growing in both their bellies. The other girl will be pregnant before long. They usually start doing you in the ass when you're big enough to show."

"That's...that's what they do?" Fera whispered in shock.

"Oh yeah. Centaurum fuck almost anything with a wet hole, and they like little girl pussy best. 10 years old, 5 years old, it doesn't matter. You haven't seen anything until you've seen a pregnant little 5-year-old bending over in a slave stall, begging to have a horse's cock shoved inside her." Jacqueline shrugged as if this were typical in her line of work.

The leader picked up the bucket and placed it by the two pregnant humans reclining on the ground. They dipped their fingers into it eagerly, scooping up glistening handfuls of batter and slopping them into their mouths, swallowing eagerly like it was ambrosia. Goop dribbled from their chins and down their necks to ooze across the bulging breasts of the woman and the faintly swelling chest of her young daughter, rivulets of horse semen glistening in the firelight

"Can we save them?" Fera asked.

Jacqueline stared at her in disbelief. "No, idiot. They don't WANT to be saved. They live for horsecock now, live to be pregnant and bear foals. All they want now is big horsey dicks in every hole all the time." She pointed down at the girl hanging from her bonds. "Even that one. Sure, some part of her still struggles, but the Conversion is already doing its work. It's too late."

The firelight blurred past the tears filling her eyes. This was what was happening to humans? She had had no idea. No wonder Jacqueline seemed on knife-edge all the time. She moved up to scrub the tears from her face, and accidentally knocked a pebble with her elbow. It bounced over the edge and down the rocks. One of the Centaurum looked up.

Jacqueline yanked on her arm, and the girls crawled backwards and raced silently down the slope, mounting Meredith and disappearing into the night.

Part 2