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Monstrum: Pollination - Part 2

By WintermuteX

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Tags: Mg, gg+, bd, best, bi, inc, lesbian, magic, nc, oral, ped, preg, rape, reluc, viol

Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Sexual Slavery, Young Girls, Catgirls, Lesbian, Magic/Fantasy, Violence, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

Why did the ground have to have so many rocks in it? Fera turned over in the bedroll, feeling the aches in her legs. Her sleep had been uneasy, filled with fear and vivid dreams of massive horse cocks plundering the cunts of little girls.

A shaft of orange light pierced her eyelids. She huffed and pulled the flap over her head, protesting the rising sun, but the hard ground was already overcoming her desire to stay curled up in the toasty bedding. Finally she gave up and kicked the cloth in frustration, then rolled over onto her back again, looking up at a purpling sky brightening with rays of amber.

The kettle was already set on the tripod over the fire. Jacqueline brewed tea every morning from a special pouch filled with green leaves that Fera didn't recognize. Where was she? Fera sat up and yawned, causing the sheepskin fabric of the bedroll to fall away from her naked chest. The campsite was empty, save for Meredith dozing contentedly on the grass next to her picket. Fera pulled on the crumbling skirt and the tattered cloak that barely covered her breasts, then cupped her hands and puffed warm breath into them to fight the morning chill. Dawn was crashing over the sharp edge of the cliffside by their camp, and Fera walked up towards it, finally spotting the youthful silhouette of a slender girl standing by the edge and facing the sun with her staff outstretched in a meditative gesture.

She really was pretty, Fera thought, crouching down and watching as the girl spun her weapon in slow motion, scattering sunbeams around the long length. The diaphanous cloth hung from her hips to her ankles, curling gracefully with the motions of her body, and gleaming metal and gemstones flashed like meteors in the golden light. The pleasing outline of Jacqueline's body brimmed with a youthful, beckoning vitality.

They had spooned up tightly together the night before, by mutual agreement. Fera certainly hadn't wanted to be alone, after watching the Centaurum ram their thick pricks into a struggling girl almost her own age, and the hands that had wrapped around her belly had seemed equally grateful for her presence. Jacqueline had been silent, brooding as they set up camp and doffed their clothing for bed. The tension of her body pressing against Fera's backside had been plain. But her grip finally slackened, and the warm breath on Fera's ear had slowed as the girl had drifted off to sleep behind her.

She seemed better this morning, Fera thought, admiring the graceful poise of the mage dancing through a martial routine with the obvious benefit of long practice. Her staff twisted and curled into a backwards grasp in one arm, the palm of the other stretched forward, and the sheer cloth floated with the curve of her hips as she pivoted the other way, twisting on the toe of one foot with an arm above her, then rebalancing in a defensive posture with her staff held diagonally in front of her and the weight of her shoulder braced for a frontal blow. Like water, she shifted again, lithe hips pivoting in a sublime dance. Her hand slashed the air and the other followed with an open-palm strike like a cobra lashing out, then she rebalanced back to a neutral posture. The mild breeze fluttered in the cloth of her skirt and caught in her blonde hair, swirling it off her bare shoulders and out behind her in a wild stream. Fera could see the tiny flashes sparkling in the air around the mage, could feel the primal tingling in the rise of her fur. Not just physical practice, but magical too. The girl wove them together, the atmosphere vibrating with the invisible currents of force she wove effortlessly around her.

It was an entrancing sight. Fera wanted to keep watching, but guilt prickled her tail. She hadn't been invited, and the thought of being thumped by magic again if she accidentally startled the mage didn't appeal to her. She could get breakfast started at least. Fera turned back to the clearing. Maybe she could ask Jacqueline to show her that dance again later. The thought made her blush.

She was searching through the saddlebags for their food when something caught her eye: a heavy tome had spilled halfway out of the top of Jacqueline's personal pack. Fera bent closer, and pulled the massive book out so she could see it.


The title was etched heavily into the dark cover like a prophecy of doom. Fera could barely lift the thing. It seemed to have thousands upon thousands of pages, and it pulled at her hands as if imbued with its own sense of weight. A complicated pattern of overlapping metal plates resembling beast scales edged the front and back covers.

Was this about the monsters? Maybe if she could learn more about them, she wouldn't keep making so many dumb mistakes. The embarrassment of the Squick still stuck with her. She traced a finger along the severe metal of one of the catches, and it seemed to snap open by itself.

No. She pushed the book away and turned to the other bags. Rummaging about through a mage's belongings would just bring trouble. She didn't want to get held in the air or have her fur set on fire again. But the book lingered in the corner of her eyes, a tantalizing mystery, even as she tried to ignore it and find something for breakfast. Surely it wouldn't hurt to take a tiny peek, right? If it was so dangerous Jacqueline wouldn't have just left it lying around. Fera paused her rummaging, tail lashing back and forth indecisively, until her curiosity got the better of her.

Pulling out the heavy thing and holding it steady in her lap, she pulled at the remaining metal snaps that kept the book closed, and opened it. Lustrous gilt of gold and silver decorated the inside of the heavy cover, metal embossed with intricate textures of hundreds of bestial features that intertwined and flowed together seamlessly in a grand design: serpent scales, furry hides, chitinous shells, feral bodies of brutish muscles and slavering jaws that snaked together into one long composite of artfully explicit horror. Smooth human skin seemed embedded in the abstract margins of all the monstrous forms, the tiny bodies of little girls bearing rapturous expressions and bent in lewd positions. Fera gaped. She had never seen any craftwork so fine in her life. The humans could make anything. The whole piece was a seamless display connected to the metal corners that protected the cover of the book, and it almost seemed to writhe with a hidden power that she found vaguely unsettling.

Quickly she turned the inner cover to the first page. It was inlaid with a complicated, arcane pattern studded with brilliant gemstones - diamonds and rubies and sapphires cut and placed in geometric precision among the intersections of the sparkling ellipses. The gems seemed to roil with an inner smoke that lurked just beyond the edges of perception. More magic, probably. The convoluted curves drew her eye to the center of the piece, where there was an inscription.



Hopefully it wasn't a curse or something. Her fingers traced the opulent design in awe, then pulled at the corner of the page. It resisted, as if the parchment were made of something so much heavier than paper. It wasn't stuck, it just...there. The paper lifted and she turned to the next page.


Dark lettering with angular, threatening lines filled the gaps around a flowing, abstract illustration that filled her with a faint sense of dread, as if someone far off had whispered something horrible. Her ears flattened involuntarily and her fingertips slowly traced the ink of the sinister words in the center of the page. They conjured a faint menace, drawing her gaze and holding it in the same way it seemed to do to the forms on the page all around it. Humans? Beasts? Straining together in bondage? It all seemed to flow from one piece to the next, dancing on the edge of something concrete and terrifying without resolving into form. Her eyeballs slid along the lines as if powerless to grasp the whole of the oppressive depiction.

Feeling slightly dizzy, she turned the page again. More black lettering, around a maelstrom that rested in the geometric center of a composite of complicated, asymmetric designs. The next page illustrated the workings of some 6-pointed device whose shape she could barely comprehend, and the next was a circle with lines radiating inwards from 5 points, overlaid everywhere on the page with a profusion of arcane symbols and patterns that seemed to connect together with some kind of mad, internal logic that made her mind itch even as she looked at it.

Frustrated, she stuck her fingers in the sheaf of pages and opened the book to a random place in the middle. Here, at last, was something she could read.

"The Chiropede is a long, segmented arthropod morphologically similar to the common centipede, with a body composed of a succession of identical segments ranging from 6 to 12 feet long on the average adult. Chiropedes grow additional segments over their lifetime, starting with 3 segments when they enter adolescence and begin their sexually predatory phase, to potentially dozens of bodily segments in their mature phase. Adolescence begins when the creature reaches the size of a bull, and full-grown Chiropedes have been known to span dozens of bodily segments, each longer than the height of a man. The largest known adult Chiropede was estimated at 55 segments and over 300 feet long. It was spotted near the lost city of Gerond, where it destroyed 6 mixed-unit companies and took 14 mages for prey before being forced to retreat underground."

Fera turned the page and was greeted by a full-page illustration of the massive creature in action, its long body tracing a sinuous curve up the slope of a hill, weathering fireballs and lightning bolts hurled from tiny forms at the summit. She had never heard of such a creature or anything like it. Her village preferred to stay isolated from the outside world. She peered closely at the picture: the vibrant colors almost seemed to ripple with a subtle movement. There seemed to be girls stuck to the Chiropede all along its belly, mouths open as if they were howling. The scene was so vivid that Fera could practically hear the scuttling sounds of the monster - the work of a master artist, or perhaps the page itself was magic.

Feeling even more disturbed, she turned to the next page and found a detailed diagram of the Chiropede body. The shape of the reddish-orange segments reminded her of a long spine, if the spine was fleshy and had belonged to a giant.

"Although it has a head segment armed with three sets of fearsome mandibles, attacking this portion of the body does little good. A Chiropede has no eyes, no mouth, and no digestive system. It absorbs nutrients from its prey through the special regions on each segment's underbelly, and its brain is fully distributed throughout the complicated nervous system of its segmented body. A destroyed head will grow back within a month, and severing the body simply results in two Chiropedes of lesser size.

"The chitinous shell that covers the bodily segments is impervious to normal weaponry. The hide of an adult Chiropede can even deflect a ballista bolt. In contrast, the underbelly of the creature is both unprotected and highly variegated. Hundreds of small blue tentacles extrude from the perimeter of the shell near the underbelly, and these dexterous limbs serve equally well for locomotion, combat, intercourse, and reproduction. Close combat with a Chiropede is highly discouraged, as it can dispatch an attacker with ease using its tentacles or simply by crushing them. If cornered, a Chiropede's body can be destroyed by disintegration magic, but their surprising agility and rapid burrowing ability make this difficult. Chiropedes are aggressive but retreat underground when faced with threatening force, only standing their ground if confronted in their lair. However, each attempt to pursue a creature to its home has ended in total disaster and the loss of all mages involved. There are currently no known effective tactics to fight Chiropedes - coordinated distraction and rapid evacuation are the recommended alternatives for mages in the field."

Fera was not prepared for what she found on the next page, and nearly dropped the book.

"The tentacled appendages are capable of restraint and penetration of captured girls, which they perform with wild enthusiasm. The fleshy cavity in the center of each segment's underbelly is large enough to hold the body of a human girl, and the moist skin constricts around its prey and excretes an enzyme that adheres to the girl's back, bonding her tightly to the creature. So ensnared, a girl is unreachable unless the body can be rolled over to reach the space."

The side-view showed a struggling prepubescent girl, no more than 10 and naked as the day she was born, encased in the segment of the monster's body, facing downward with her back and legs stuck to the yellowing flesh by a sticky layer of mucus. Fera read on, mouth gaping in horror.

"Once its prey is properly suspended, the tentacles begin to rape the girl, coiling around struggling limbs to hold them tight and penetrating her mouth, vagina, and anus, ejaculating indiscriminately both inside the girl and out. This ancillary semen is rich in aphrodisiac enzymes that drastically heighten the sexual experience of the girl, and begins the tier 1 Conversion effects within a day. Additional treatment comes from the region of bumpy deposits in the center of the cavity, typically located behind the adhered girl's neck. These bumps engorge during sexual activity and excrete a viscous green syrup that seeps into the girl's skin, allowing rapid effect by direct delivery to the brainstem. After a day, a captured girl's orgasmic experiences increase by at least an order of magnitude. There is some scholarly debate as to whether it is the tentacle semen or the excreted fluid that begins the tier 1 conversion, or some combination of both. Conclusive evidence remains elusive as Chiropede anatomy has proven difficult to study.

The cutaway showed the prepubescent girl writhing in the midst of what could have been pain or ecstasy, with one of the blue tentacles, engorged with excitement and topped with a penile glans leaking drips of purple fluid, worming its way along the lower tract of her colon. The footnote described how a girl's anus seemed to be favored by the Chiropede for its accommodation of lengthy penetration.

"Although a Chiropede begins the rape of its prey immediately, proper insemination and impregnation is a prolonged process. Nutrients and hormones delivered through the secretions of the underbelly effect the first stages of this transformation, which takes approximately one week. The body temperature in the uterus raises by three degrees, and the cervix and ovaries expand. Once it has collected enough prey from its rampage, the Chiropede returns to its lair and focuses all its efforts on impregnation. After a girl's womb is prepared, the main phallus of that segment, which usually stays retracted into the flesh at the rear of the cavity, emerges and penetrates the vagina, causing rapid, extended orgasms of the prey for hours until the ejaculation of the primary semen is complete."

The next diagram depicted a thick, rigid rod of gooey nubs worming its way up the little girl's pussy while she shrieked with obvious joy. Three tiny tendrils had crept from the end of the monstrous organ, slipping tentatively through the hole of her cervix and depositing a foul-looking film of black-brown fluid inside.

"The Chiropede's normal activity halts during its impregnation phase, as extended penetration seems to be a biological necessity of the process. Once the womb is filled with the arthropod's semen, the bulbous nubs secrete a resin that gradually hardens in the vaginal canal over the course of hours. The phallus is slowly withdrawn, leaving layers of its deposits behind until the vagina is thoroughly plugged and its seed is sealed safely inside the girl's womb. Gestation takes approximately 4 weeks, with rape and deposits of ample amounts of secondary semen continuing in the girl's other available orifices during this time.

"When a girl enters labor, she is finally released from the Chiropede's segment and affixed to the walls or floor of its lair with more hardened resin, with her legs spread open for birth and all orifices exposed. Enzymes released during labor break down the plug in the vaginal canal. Birth takes place rapidly, always resulting in the delivery of one larval Chiropede. The grub-like offspring feeds at its mothers exposed holes, using a flexible proboscis to consume the deposits of secondary semen that have been fermented and heated in the mother's body. This nutritional function suggests the secondary semen may not be semen at all, despite its ejaculatory source and the apparent presence of sperm, but there is little academic consensus. Research continues in this area.

"The pheromonal presence of its newborn young in the lair stimulates the parent Chiropede, triggering the growth of additional segments over the following days. This means a Chiropede's length is a direct reflection of how many girls it has impregnated with its young. Girls who have already given birth need no additional preparation and can be immediately inseminated again. The Chiropede usually performs this task and then takes its new brood out to train it and find new prey for capture. Little else is known about this process due to the difficulty of exploring Chiropede lairs."

The remaining diagrams defied belief. Fera squeezed her eyes shut and flipped far ahead in the book. It was more of the same. Monsters and vile creatures of every shape and size, ready to pounce on little human girls and stuff them with as many different kinds of bulging cocks as the imagination could conceive. How many chapters were in this tome? Hundreds? It seemed to hold far more pages than even its voluminous size would suggest. More magic, probably. Floating things that lurked in the sewers: Squelches, it called them. Flying creatures, Wyverns, Manticores, giant Buzzards, horse and bull-creatures, slugs and plants and insects and other things that lurked in the earth, behemoths and two-headed giants and even the horrible spider creatures called Arachma. Fera hated spiders, but she couldn't resist a quick peep: the picture of the girl with her belly rendered translucent by the arist to reveal the thousands of small eggs swelling inside was too much. She slammed the book shut.

"I had the same reaction at first. Most girls do."

Fera whirled around in surprise, tail tucked between her legs. Jacqueline was crouched by the fire, crushing tea leaves and dumping them into the open kettle. How had she come back without Fera hearing her? More magic, probably.

"Alinayah taught me to do that." Jacqueline gestured with her head in the direction of the cliff. "It harmonizes the body and mind with the magical currents that suffuse the world. Lets us condense and weave faster, easier, smoothes out the sudden flux. It's like exercise. It's funny, but our instructors never taught us about that."

"Oh." Fera's ears were wilting. So much for hoping she hadn't been noticed.

"It's ok." Jacqueline smiled reassuringly at her. "Here." She held out her hand, and Fera handed over the heavy tome.

"There's an appendix. The Felis are in here." Jacqueline paged all the way to the end, then handed the book back. "Take a look."

Fera read it. It was all wrong. Felis didn't live in trees. They didn't avoid running water. The descriptions of their society and mannerisms were mostly fiction. And where had humans got the ridiculous notion that Felis liked catswort so much?

"Well?" A sly smile seemed to be edging the corners of Jacqueline's mouth.

"It uh...leaves a few things out," Fera said.

Jacqueline laughed richly. "It's bunk isn't it?"

"Yeah." Fera handed the book back.

"Thought so. There's no way it would be up to date. The Factorum is...old. Older than Teleria."

Fera gestured timidly at the menacing black tome. "Is this what they teach you in mage school?"

"Yeah. Every mage at the academy is issued one. We have to learn every word in it." A wry gesture decorated Jacqueline's face as she stirred the kettle. "The ones we can understand anyway."

"What do the inscriptions mean?"

Jacqueline sighed and tapped her wooden spoon on the metal rim of the kettle to dry it.

"Most of them, we don't really know. The old mages would have known, the ones from Aen Sielle. We've forgotten so much."

Fera pondered that as she dumped a few links of sausage in the pan and Jacqueline poured tea into the two little tin cups. It wasn't much of a breakfast, but she felt a lot better afterwards as she helped clean up and pack. The endless pages of little girls being stuffed with monster cocks had been banished to the back of her mind.

After striking their camp and getting everything back into the saddlebags, Jacqueline mounted up on Meredith first, and held out a hand for Fera.

"Come on." The mage beckoned her hand impatiently. Fera shrank back reflexively at the horse's annoyed snort, thinking she might kick or bolt. But that was silly. Meredith was a lamb. Horses just never liked her smell much. She planted a foot in the stirrup and let Jacqueline haul her up into the rear of the saddle.

The rocky path led the girls down a wide hillside into a dry valley of bushes and scrub, the orange flames of sunrise ahead of them finally paling to a lustrous blue. Fera held on lightly to her friend, hands on the soft skin of the girl's hips above the golden metal braces. Jacqueline kicked the horse to a trot when they finally reached the level ground of the valley, so Fera locked her fingers together in front of the slender girl. The smooth tummy brushed her hands with the motion of the horse.

Scattered trees gave way to sere bushes and scrub as the girls followed the widening valley through a long curve. The river had dried up in the summer heat, dying to just a few scattered puddles and long stretches of cracked dirt. Meredith plodded on as the sun rose overhead. Once, Jacqueline turned their course, moving them away from a cliffside of loose rocks.

"Crags over there," she muttered. "Good thing I have wards. They all have girls already, but no point in taking chances."

"What's a Crag?" Fera hadn't seen that one on the pages of the Monstrum Factorum.

"Basically, they're just a mouth and a stomach. They etch the rock away as they grow, burrowing deep and leaving just the mouth on the surface, camouflaged. They have these long tongues, and if a girl gets near they snatch them up and pull them inside." Jacqueline stiffened as she went on. "Then they rape you. The stomach inside has all these tentacles, and they hold you tight and just go to work in every hole you have. They feed you, and your body fluids feeds them."

Fera sat uncomfortably when her friend paused, ears wilting.

"I had to root out some crags once. Not much point, really. After a while they're like one shared body with the girls they've eaten. Symbiotes that feed each other. Once we got a girl out a week after she was taken - just a little village girl who had taken the wrong way home."

"She said it was ecstasy," the mage went on, smelling equal parts upset and aroused. "All her clothes had dissolved away, and every inch of her body was covered with this sticky gook like saliva. There was a major fuss. She wouldn't eat, kept begging for cock all the time, would orgasm every time anyone touched her. She was only 8. Everyone blamed us because we couldn't do anything about it. In the end she ran away again, into the mountains, looking for another Crag."

"Oh." Fera squeezed her arms around her friend, trying to comfort her. "I'm sure you did everything you could."

"Thing is, I'm not even sure she was wrong," Jacqueline muttered quietly. "She's probably as happy as she can be."

The conversation lapsed into silence. Fera looked over at the cliffside as they passed. Hidden monsters, just over there, each one raping a little girl continuously in their underground bodies, feeding on her pleasure. Not even Fera's sensitive ears could hear them.

They left the monsters behind them and rode on for hours. The sun had long passed its apex and they had entered a smoother region of long, dried grass that waved in the wind by the time Fera spoke up again.

"Hey Jacqueline? What did you do when you were little?" Maybe a change of subject would do them good. Something that didn't involve monster cocks penetrating young girls.

"Horses." Fera could see Jacqueline's grin at the corner of her mouth. "My family had a lot of horses. We trained them. I've had Meredith since I was little." She reached out to pat the docile mare at the top of the shaggy mane. "I rode her everywhere all the time. Dad used to say he couldn't tell where the horse ended and his little girl began."

"That's sweet," Fera giggled. "Sounds like fun, riding everywhere like this all the time."

"Like this? Oh no Fera. Not like this." Jacqueline snapped the reins and beat her thighs against Meredith's flanks violently. "Like THIS!"

Fera's shriek was lost to the wind as the horse bolted into a gallop. Wind howled against her face and blew her hair out behind her, making her ears tuck against her head with fright. She held on to Jacqueline for dear life, the girl laughing madly, snapping the reins to urge the horse even faster, stomach hitching against fera's hands. Her mirth mixed with the crashing tempo of hoof beats that drowned everything else out of Fera's hearing. Twin streamers of white gossamer fluttered out behind them from Jacqueline's hips, the sheer cloth of her uniform billowing in the rushing air and brushing lightly against Fera's legs. Rocks and bushes flashed by underneath the blur of hooves. Fera felt queasy. She pulled her grip even tighter against the crazy girl's stomach.

The headlong rush carried the girls out of the widened valley mouth into a flat grassland of wildflowers and humming insects. They streaked across the green earth, hooves thundering into the open sky like an endless rolling beat of wild freedom. Twin flanks of hot horseflesh pounded endlessly against Fera's thighs and slapped up against her pussy in a heady tempo. Summer heat pounded down on them in merciless tyranny, coaxing sweat to bead on their skin and rub together in a slick sheen where they made contact. The spiky scents of the wild countryside carried on the breeze and filled Fera's nose, but so did the intriguing aroma of excited exertion from the girl in front of her. Jacqueline smelled...enticing.

"Phew!" Jacqueline finally let the pace falter, Meredith slowing to a loping walk. "Gods I miss that. You miss it too, don't you girl." She patted the sweaty mare affectionately. "Don't worry I won't push you too hard. You can rest."

Jacqueline led them to a small pond surrounded by healthy patches of tall grass. Fera's arms and fingers had stiffened into a terrified rigor around Jacqueline's stomach. She forced them to relax. Jacqueline giggled at her discomfort as Fera dismounted.

"What you've never galloped like that before?" Jacqueline laughed, amusement shining in her eyes. She stroked Meredith on the neck and let her bend to slop water noisily from the pond.

"Not...uh...not like that." Fera tried to keep her tail from twitching with annoyance. She felt like she wanted to lie down on the springy grass. She settled for sitting instead.

"Meredith doesn't even go all that fast anymore," Jacqueline grinned, plopping onto the grass beside her. "She's getting older. Now, get us on a REAL racing horse, a nice stallion in his prime, and I'll show you how fast we can go."

"No thanks." Fera finally gave up and flopped onto her back. A puffy cloud was sitting all alone in the sky, deepening from orange to purple with the fading sun.

Jacqueline laughed again and patted her leg before getting up to get some food from their bags. The girls munched on jerky and the last of their bread while Meredith snacked on the grass, the buzzing of cicadas rising to greet the evening with a sleepy rhythm.

"Why did you leave your village Fera?" Jacqueline asked, leaning back next to her and resting on her hands. "Felis are pretty uncommon in humans lands."

"Well..." Fera pushed aside her caution with a deliberate effort. She could trust Jacqueline. She was sure of it.

"You really don't know anything about Felis do you?"

"Just what's in the Monstrum Factorum," the mage smirked. "So, nothing."

Fera took a deep breath. "When we turn 10 summers, or whenever the elders say we can, a Felis leaves the village and goes to human lands. We're catgirls, after all. Girls."

Jacqueline nodded at her as Fera went on.

"So we leave and we find a nice human man, if we can, and we don't come back until we're pregnant with a litter. Most humans are pretty happy to fuck a 10-year-old. We're usually fertile by then, but we don't catch easily compared to humans. So we do it a lot."

"Hmm." A faint blush crept up Jacqueline's cheeks. "That does explain some of the Felis...reputation."

Fera laughed at Jacqueline's innocent expression. "Almost. Actually compared to human girls, we love to fuck. And the bit about how little it takes us to cum is true. We can go 3 or 4 times while a guy is getting off once. And even if we know we're already pregnant, it's pretty common to stick around. Human guys are nice." She smiled, thinking back to all her experiences. "Well, usually. Not people like Stephan."

"How did you even end up there?"

"Well, even he was nice at first," Fera said. "Plus, it had been two years and I had nothing at that point, and he gave me a place to stay when I came to the city." She sighed. "I had met this really nice boy a few months before. He was a stablehand. We spent...a lot of time in the stables."

Jacqueline failed to suppress her giggle. "What was he like?"

"Oh, really sweet," Fera said. "Brown hair and eyes. He had these crazy muscles from pitching hay all the time. He always brought me flowers that he picked from the fields whenever we met. And cream. I told him I liked it once, as a joke. Then it just became too funny to stop."

"What happened to him?"

"He wanted to go to New Kithria to apprentice to a leatherworker. So we did. He was knifed on the first day for his coinpurse."

"Jeez." Jacqueline turned to look down at her. "Fera I'm so sorry."

"Yeah I...I miss him." She felt tears come to her eyes suddenly. She hadn't thought about Pieter in days. He had been the one, she was so sure. She wanted to have his kittens so badly. And then, just like that, he was gone.

"So you'll go back to your village once you're pregnant?" Jacqueline asked.

Fera wiped the moisture from her eyes. "Yeah. I'll go back to where there are more humans and keep trying, once I'm done helping you."

"I wouldn't mind seeing your village too," Jacqueline said, looking at the pond contemplatively." The other Felis probably know the area too. They could help."

Fera sat quietly, staring at the back of Jacqueline's head. There was a reason they usually didn't let anyone in, and the world was so much more dangerous than she had realized when she first left.

"Jacqueline...did you say people might be following you?"

"They might." The mage turned to look at Fera.

"Could monsters also be following you?"

Jacqueline shrugged. "They might be."

There was her fear. She had been stupid, to reveal so much, to trust someone she really didn't know very well at all.

"You'll bring monsters to our village. They'll take all my sisters and...and..." The words tumbled out, out of control. She felt herself crying but didn't know why. "They'll rape them all just like those...those Centaurum did to that woman, to those little girls."

"What?!" Jacqueline made a placating gesture, talking over Fera's panic. "No. NO, Fera. Stop. Don't worry. Nothing will happen to your village. Listen." She put a hand on Fera's knee. "I'll do everything I can, which is a lot. NO monsters will ever threaten it while I'm around. Remember what I did to those bandits in New Kithria?"

"Those monsters..." Fera gulped. "I kept dreaming about them last night...thinking about them getting loose in a Felis village, my sisters all bent over, just like that girl..." a frightened sob began in her throat. It had seemed so real. She thought she had pushed the vision away, but it had leaped back with sudden force. The lurid descriptions of all the rapacious beasts she had found on the pages of the Factorum had seeped deep into her imagination.

"Fera, listen." Jacqueline had rolled onto her side on the grass and squeezed Fera's thigh. "Do you know what I do? I kill monsters. I've killed at least a dozen Centaurum." She held up her polished white staff, the sapphire gleaming from a nest of filigree at the tip. She almost never seemed to put it down. "As long as I have this, nothing gets near us, and NOTHING will hurt your village. I promise. Ok?"

Still sniffling, Fera let the girl pull her into a hug. Maybe it was Jacqueline's confident grin, or the pleasant feeling of her smooth chest pressing up against her own, but she did start to feel a bit better. The pretty girl seemed like she could handle anything. She was a mage after all, invincible. Fera inhaled the scent of her friend as they embraced - she smelled of confidence and an inviting warmth

The sun had dipped below the jagged peaks in the distance. Eventually the girls broke their embrace in an awkward silence and began to set camp. Fera helped by picketing Meredith while Jacqueline cast spells to clear a firepit and lit it with a brief stream of flames from the end of her staff. They hung a pot for soup and another for tea and sat together on the bedroll by the fire, gnawing on their supply of jerky and mealy bread.

"Do you miss your sisters Fera?" Jacqueline had been staring into the flames with a morose look on her face.

"Yeah, a lot. How about you? Do you miss your family?"

The mage nodded. "Yeah. My mom and my dad. I haven't seen them in forever. Parah was all I had."

"Was she your sister?"

Jacqueline hesitated before answering, stirring the soup with a wooden spoon.

"No. She's someone else's sister. A girl I trained with from the academy. On our first patrol we were supposed to wipe out a nest of Chrysilae. Did you get to that chapter in the Factorum?"

Fera shook her head.

"Flying bugs. Kind of like wasps, or mosquitoes, but big. Big enough to pick up a girl. Four wings and segmented bodies and they make this awful noise when they're flying through the air that just gets inside you and vibrates in your teeth and makes you just incredibly horny. Most girls get wet immediately and can't even keep their hands off their cunts when a swarm of Chrysilae are near. It's pretty overpowering, which is why you need mages to block the sound. Well we were cutting through the brush of a forest to reach the cliffs where they were when we stumbled on a nest of Ursa. Bear-things. Hugely aggressive. We weren't expecting them at all."

Jacqueline stared into the fire as she talked, tense as she recalled the experience.

"They cut through the soldiers and charged the mages immediately. The three girls in front of me were bowled over and held down. The Ursa tore their uniforms off and started fucking them right there on the ground. I didn't know a 10-year-old's pussy could accommodate a 16-inch bearcock in it before that. Ursa are so hard to hurt and more were coming at us, and we were barely able to regroup and retreat with just the losses of 3 mages and 10 soldiers.

"We wanted to go back and free them, but our captain ordered us to continue. He said if we were stupid enough to get ambushed like that, we deserved to get raped by bear monsters. 'Little cunts needed a good dicking anyway. Might keep the rest in line,' he laughed. Plus, the mission was more important. The Chrysilae nest threatened the whole region, and we couldn't afford to get caught in another blunder.

The soup was ready. Fera spooned it into a pair of bowls and handed one to Jacqueline.

"Thanks. So we all had studied Chrysilae. They have 2 sets of 6 limbs on their undersides in addition to their normal legs, and they grab a girl by wrapping these around her and holding her tight against their thorax as they fly away. The base of their abdomen has a complicated bug-like phallus instead of a stinger, and they have three red bulbs that hold fluid at the base of their cock and more embedded like nodules along their abdomen. They fuck their girl as they fly and cum inside them, and orifices on the length of their cock harvest the girl's pussy juice when she orgasms, sucking it back into their bodies and storing it in the sacs. The hive is a big construction usually made in a dry concavity in a cliffside, with hexagonal cells filled with this blue crystallized resin. Each cell has a girl embedded inside it with her pussy exposed to the outside, so they can fly around and have fun as they impregnate each one. A new girl is held up against an existing cell and raped by her Chrysilae for days, which drinks her pussy juice and uses it to excrete more of the blue resin to hold her in place. Once she's firmly affixed, she's just another cell in the hive.

"So we knew everything about them, right? We were prepared. We had spells to melt the resin and get the girls out and then burn their fucking bug hive to ashes. Except what we didn't know is how damn smart they were. Val was maintaining the spell that kept their sound muffled while the rest of us tore into the swarm, but one of the fuckers divebombed her and knocked her off her feet. She lost control of the spell for just an instant, and that...*buzzing* broke right through. Gods I've never felt something"

Jacqueline swallowed awkwardly and looked down at her soup, then set the bowl down.

"Val was rolling around with her mage's skirt pulled up, fingering herself, when one flew down and wrapped all those bug legs around her like a cage. I saw it stuff its big bug cock into her pussy and then fly off with her. Tess was on her knees, pulling her clothes off and rubbing herself all over and moaning. Another one got her. Shallan tried to fight back, but when she pointed her staff at the one landing on top of her it just grabbed it with its mandibles and crunched it in two. It seemed to enjoy pushing her down and listening to her scream.

"The rest of us got away, somehow," Jacqueline said. "But the hive had 20 new cells filled with little girls by the time we left. I had promised Val that if anything happened to her, I would take care of Parah. Once I left the Order I went and found her."

An uncomfortable silence stretched over the camp. Fera didn't know what to say. The poor mage seemed so vulnerable, just a tiny 12-year-old in a skimpy patchwork of gossamer cloth that did almost nothing to hide the nakedness of her petite body. Not much to wield the forces of the cosmos against armies of monstrous beasts slavering to rape her silly.

"So much for that." Jacqueline shrugged nonchalantly, but Fera saw the moisture forming in the corners of her eyes. "Parah was only 6. She's probably wiggling on a trio of Minotaurum cocks right now with her little belly growing with pregnancy. Minotaurum like to make good use of all a girl's holes."

"Jacqueline! Come on. Here." Fera pulled the girl into a hug just as her friend had done for her earlier, squeezing Jacqueline's shoulders as her chest hitched with a strangled sob. Her confident scent was gone, replaced by a shy vulnerability. This was the real Jacqueline, soft-hearted and vulnerable once her superficial in-charge demeanor finally dropped.

"Ok." Jacqueline sniffed one last time and wiped the tears from her eyes as their hug broke. "I'm ok. Thanks Fera."

Fera gave her a crooked smile. Jacqueline was so cute, her nose and cheeks flushed red in the firelight. She wanted to pull her back into an embrace, hold the girl in her arms and help soothe the weight of the world on her shoulders.

"It's just...burning one bug hive isn't going to do anything. Purging one Arachma nest doesn't help anymore. It used to, when there weren't so many monsters. Now with most of the South overrun, there are so many little girls eagerly breeding more monsters that we're more helpless than ever. That's why I have to find a way to stop them all. That's why your help is so important Fera."

"How many different kinds of monsters are there?" Fera asked.

Jacqueline shrugged. "Nobody knows. We've identified thousands already, and are discovering more all the time."

"And they come from the South?"

"No, no..." Jacqueline scrubbed the last of the tears from her face. "Southern Teleria is just where we first saw them. We don't know how they get here, but monsters come from the Abyss. It's a dimension of infinitely intertwined layers. We don't know anything about it."

"Well," she corrected herself with a sly grin, "MOST mages don't know anything about it. I stole a book from that woman Sheila d'Anzer. It was ancient, probably from Aen Sielle, and a lot of it was muddled. The foundational magic in the book was starting to break down, and the few bits I could read were almost maddeningly vague. It kept praising something it called the Consumation. But I managed to pick up a few things from it: Org-reh and Ettu are from a place called Utgard. And there was another chapter about a plane called Antenora, and it said that Dopplegangers and Grelleth could be found there. It made it sound like those places didn't really exist though, like they were just abstractions. I think whoever wrote it was nuts."

"If monsters come from the abyss, is that where magic comes from too?"

"Definitely not!" Jacqueline laughed. "No, magic doesn't COME from anywhere. It's not some separate piece of reality. It IS reality." Jacqueline waved her hands vaguely. "It's in everything, everywhere, behind everything. The instructors who taught us magical theory called it "the plenary complement of causality." It's an essential part of, well, everything." She shook her head in frustration. "It's hard to explain this to someone without any magical training."

"Try me." Fera's tail bristled slightly. She wasn't stupid.

"Well..." the mage paused, lips pursed in thought. "It's tempting to think of magic as its own thing all alone and independent, but that's not right at all. Think of your shadow on the ground on a sunny day. If the sun goes away, what happens to your shadow?"

"It would go away too," Fera replied.

"Right. So the light and the shadow are complements. They can only exist with each other. You couldn't have just a shadow in that situation, but no light, and you couldn't have light without also casting the shadow."

"I think I get it," Fera said. "Everywhere you go, there's magic."

"Wherever there's reality, there's magic," Jacqueline nodded. "It doesn't go away or get moved around or used up."

"I thought mages used up magic to cast spells."

"Think of it this way." Jacqueline waved her hands expansively. "Did you know there's water in the air all the time? Tons of it, everywhere, floating around in tiny bits too small to see. If enough bits get close enough together, they form a droplet which can move around and do things the bits could never do on their own. The nature of it hasn't changed, but the capability has. Enough droplets, and you get rain."

"That's what we do," Jacqueline went on. "We bring all the tiny bits of magical power together. We condense it, until there's enough substance to mold into the shape we want. That's the gift the gods left our world: an infinite sea of magic, luminous, suffusing everything and binding it all together.

The rising drone of crickets had added their noise to the crackling of the fire. Fera wrapped her arms around her legs and curled her tail up to ward off the chill. Overhead, stars twinkled in a calming sea. It was comforting, to think of a light and a power that lingered behind every stone, every blade of grass.

"Here, watch this."

Jacqueline waved her staff casually at the pool, tracing a delicate sheen of blue light that rippled from the gem at the end of her staff and then slowly faded in the air. A blue glimmer began to show from the depths of the water, rising into a pale brilliance that suddenly pulsed outward and caused a thousand flickering lights to ignite in the air. Fera gaped. The motes drifted gently in the air like tiny stars. One floated by her eyes and she peered at it, seeing the glimmering outline of an insect-like creature swimming deep in the pool of light.

"Arcmites," Jacqueline said.

"What are they?" Fera cupped her hands around one of the tiny flickers, catching it like a firefly. It pulsed warmly in her hands, vibrating with a silent buzz that tickled until she finally opened them again to let the creature drift out.

"I don't think anybody knows what they really are. They appear sometimes in the wake of large magical currents. Magic is like sunlight, illuminating everything. Mages are like mirrors. We can reflect it and shape it how we desire."

Jacqueline stood up and held out her staff. A dozen of the floating motes drifted down to rest on the gem at the tip, as if attracted to it.

"Other creatures, like these arcmites, are more like windows, letting the true nature of the magical reality shine through. Our world is swimming in magical beauty all the time, and most people don't even realize it. Magic is a binding force and a fabric that stretches through all the planes and everything that lives. The monsters too. They can wield it. It's as much a part of them as it is us. We don't know why. But humans have forgotten almost everything we used to know about magic. The old mages of Aen Sielle, they knew everything. We barely know scraps."

It was over Fera's head, but the passion on Jacqueline's face was infectious.

"What happened to them?" Fera asked.

"I don't know. Nobody knows. It was thousands of years ago. Maybe they uncovered something they couldn't handle. Personally, I think it was monsters. But we'll use magic to beat them. This time, we won't lose."

Determination on her face, Jacqueline punctuated this pronouncement with a thrust of her staff over her head. Light gleamed from the tip, then trailed in a ribbon through the air as the mage brought it down in a wide swish and then twirled around, streamers of diaphanous cloth flaring out into a helix around her legs. The dwindling fire suddenly went out by itself, filling the clearing with pale shadows, and the crickets died off abruptly.

After a silent moment, a blue light pulsed simultaneously from the pool, once, faintly, then again, and then a third time in a blue flash that briefly illuminated the whole camp. All at once, the mites began to glow fiercely, flickering in perfect time with each other, and Jacqueline circled her staff in the air in a final gesture that set them all in motion, swirling around the edges and roof of the campsite like a brilliant galaxy, picking up speed and scintillating through hues of pink and blue and purple.

Fera stood up, mouth hanging open. It was magnificent. A multitude of mites sailed the currents of an invisible whirlpool, covering the girl's camp in a dazzling canopy of graceful motion and color. This must be what the universe looked like to the gods, Fera thought. Infinite seas of lights, each one a star, a world, or many worlds, sailing through an ever-changing expanse of luminous beauty. She looked over at Jacqueline, saw her eyes uplifted with a delighted grin on her face, enjoying the sight just as much as Fera was. Flashing hues played against the 12-year-old girl's body, coloring her smooth skin and blonde hair, suffusing the translucent cloth of the skimpy mage uniform until it was almost invisible to the eye. The pink peaks of her nipples were plainly visible, delicate nubs poking out invitingly. Those and the ruby between them were the only decorations on the flat sweep of the girl's chest and stomach. The armwraps and hanging cloth over her pussy took on such a fragile appearance from the soft light that they seemed like gauze that might tear at any moment.

"Jacqueline." She whispered, taking a step closer and peering at her shoulder. "Jac." The girl dropped her head suddenly and turned, almost brushing lips her against Fera's own, surprised by the sudden closeness. She was so adorable. Jacqueline's warm breath played over Fera's lips, making them tingle, and Fera had a sudden desire to press forward, to sample the girl's inviting taste, to wrap her arms around her under the light of their personal stars.

"Jac, your shoulder," she swallowed nervously and rested her hand on Jacqueline's back. "I think it's bleeding again."

Jacqueline turned and Fera bent to look. The bottom of the gash was healing well enough, but the top was still ragged, and a trickle of blood was worming its way out from a break near the top. Too much moving around. It had probably broken a little on the horse ride and been aggravated by all the long sweeps of the staff.

"I'll have to bandage it again. Here, sit down." Fera guided the girl to sit on the bedroll with a hand on her shoulder, then retrieved the little satchel with their medical supplies from the saddlebags.

"Does it hurt?" She asked Jacqueline, as she kneeled behind her.

"Yeah. It-ouch!" She winced slightly as Fera gently touched her finger to the top of the wound.

"Sorry. Luckily it's not bleeding too bad." Fera used the little scissors to slice a section of bandage off the roll, then pressed it to the lip of the wound. Jacqueline's shoulders tensed, but Fera held the cloth in place until blood had stopped seeping from the edge.

Fera pulled out the balm and leaned forward. "Ok, I'll rub some of this in," she whispered into Jacqueline's ear. "It should help with the pain."

She dipped her fingers in the oily substance and began to massage it into the skin around the wound on Jacqueline's back. The fluid slicked onto the naked skin easily, glistening in the flickering starlight before Fera's stroking fingers could work it in. She worked her way down, tenderly brushing the balm around the red gap of the cut, taking care at the edges of the wound. Moving the skin too much might make it bleed again. Instead her fingers worked an inch away from the cut, spreading the soothing medicine and massaging it until the oily sheen had mostly dried. It even smelled nice, like a field bursting with wildflowers.

"Does that feel good?" Fera let the breath of her whisper tickle her friend's ear.

Jacqueline nodded. "Yeah. Mmmm, doesn't hurt anymore." She sniffed and sighed, tense muscles relaxing under Fera's touch. Fera dipped her fingers again and worked along the last inch of the angry red cut, until she reached the strap of white dreamcloth that crossed the back of Jacqueline's shoulder near the bottom of the wound. It was in the way. The ragged curve of the cut ended under the filmy cloth.

Jac had relaxed entirely, leaning back into the massage, head nodding with the motion and eyes drooping with languid flutters.

"It goes under your top here." Fera's fingertip traced a curve across the fabric. "You'll have to take it off."

Still leaning back against Fera's chest, Jacqueline turned her head slightly, and Fera saw the shy reluctance in her eyes, the nervousness. It was so sweet. Their faces were pressed close together again, breaths mixing to a hot rush in the space between their lips. The girl in her arms became a focus for every one of Fera's acute senses: the sudden rush of her heartbeat, the melting tension in her shoulder where Fera was touching, the tender scent of girlish arousal pouring from her body. Fera leaned forward slightly and turned her head, brushing her lips against Jacqueline's, a gentle invitation. After a brief moment Jacqueline pushed back, and their lips met in a wet embrace.

Human girls were so lovely, Fera thought, enjoying the sweet taste of Jacqueline's kiss. So shy, so tender, with a deep core of innocent energy that they kept barely concealed just beneath the surface. It rushed forward now, Jacqueline suddenly pressing back harder on her lips, sampling the catgirl's taste with equal enthusiasm. After a moment they broke, foreheads touching, both girl's chests heaving together with the flush of their shared passion. Jacqueline's fingers crept up her chest, slowly, as if uncertain, and rested against the ruby clasp between her breasts. Fera's hands slid around her chest and met in front, resting on Jacqueline's own, feeling their warmth against her greasy palms.

Slowly, their fingers pushed the clasp together until it popped open. Nothing else kept the mage's sheer top attached. Their hands moved together, slowly spreading the cloth, pulling it up to Jacqueline's shoulders and baring her flat breasts. Fera reached around and grasped the little girl's chest, pinching the pink nipples and rolling them teasingly.

"mmmmMMMMMMMPH!" The low moan built until Jacqueline's head suddenly jerked back onto Fera's shoulder with a gasp. Fera could feel Jacqueline's excitement buzzing through her body, horny energy quivering in her muscles like lute strings and mounting to higher octaves each time Fera gave a gentle tug to her nipples. A few more twists, cupping the humble curves of sweet flesh that was the most a 12-year-old girl could offer, feeling the warmth of Jacqueline's cheek cupped against her own, and she let up.

"I...I'm..." Jacqueline's hands were shaking. She fingered her staff as if putting it down were unthinkable, but she finally let it rest in the grass. The wound on her shoulder had stopped bleeding. Her hands came up and covered Fera's own on her chest, fingers twining tentatively.

"I'm a virgin," Jacqueline whispered, swallowing nervously.

The confusion on Fera's face must have been evident. She had already felt Jacqueline's pussy.

"It's, well, the horses. You ride them for a long time and...uh..." The girl blushed crimson. Her eyes were downcast, shy. She looked adorable.

It explained a few things, Fera thought. The way the vulnerable girl was quivering in her arms, fearful on the cusp of her new experience. Fera tried to smile reassuringly, then decided to plant another light kiss on the girl's lips instead.

"That's all the better." Fera breathed the words into Jacqueline's ear. "Don't be scared." She turned her head slightly, and saw the timid interest reflected in the 12-year-old girl's eyes from the scintillating heavens overhead, felt it in the slight squirm of her thin hips. She stroked outward across the smooth field of Jacqueline's chest, then gripped the airy edges of the white dreamcloth and pulled it farther back, letting the girl shrug her way out of the garment.

A girl's first time was special beyond words. She would make it good. Still, how could it be that a 12-year-old girl was still a virgin in this world? Her impression was that most fathers in Teleria would do the deed for their daughters whenever they felt they were old enough. If not, someone else would. She wished she had known her own father, had been able to share that gift with him. But the Felis were close-knit and her sisters had shown her the way when she was little and then never let her go unsatisfied, just as she did for them.

Leaning forward with a gentle coax of the shoulders, Fera got Jacqueline to scoot up and lie on her back on the bedroll. So sweet, she thought again. The last traces of anxiety had melted away from the little girl as she laid back, brilliant ripples of blue and purple light playing across her naked torso. Fera hooked a leg over so she could straddle the girl and rubbed her hips just above the metallic sheen of the golden braces at her hips, then stroked all the way up, revelling in the smoothness of the pink, perfect skin that humans had. She bent, embracing the girl with a kiss, lips pushing and writhing together and exchanging slick blobs of heated saliva. She even tasted wonderful, Fera thought.

They broke their kiss with a gasp and Fera sat back up. Her own pussy was flaring with a desperate itch under her skirt, muscles twitching in anticipation and sending trickles of juice down her legs. She reached down to the clasps that held the braces in place around Jacqueline's hips - the only hard piece of protection in the little girl's entire skimpy uniform - and undid them so she could pull them off. The delicate ribbons of hanging white cloth went with them, as did the flap of gold-edged sheer fabric that passed for panties and was the sole material barrier between the mage's little 12-year-old pussy and the monsters she fought.

Jacqueline lifted her hips as Fera pulled the rest of her clothing off, leaving the girl naked under her on the bedroll, smooth skin shining in the firelight. Demure and slender, her thin body seemed so delicate, the mage's body a supple and vulnerable weapon against the muscled thousand-pound brutes she destroyed with her magic.

Jacqueline reached up shyly, lingering on the regions of Fera's silky fur before creeping up and under the useless flap of half-disintegrated cloth covering Fera's chest. Such a warm thrill, to feel another girl's fingers on your nipples for the first time. Fera squeezed her thighs and moaned from the growing tingling in her chest. Cautious, inexperienced, Jacqueline explored Fera's breasts with her virgin grasp, fingers brushing Fera's pink nubs. Fera pulled the tattered brown cloak up and over her shoulders and tossed it aside, then unbuttoned the shredded skirt and pulled it off her hips. The chill of the night air had coaxed her nipples to an erect flush, and she squeaked at the sudden pinch of the other girl's fingers.

Jacqueline dropped her hands shyly, but Fera gave her a lewd smile, then bent down to find the tiny slit waiting for her. It was a perfect little treat, the hairless, puffy lips blushing with arousal and beaded with moisture. She coaxed a moan and a shiver of the hips from Jacqueline as she brushed the outside edge with a tentative finger, ending at the tiny red jewel hidden at the crest. Gently, she rubbed it with increasing pressure until Jacqueline jerked and arched her neck, moaning louder - that sweet little noise, the sudden squeak of a little girl as she was touched for the first time was the best thing ever, Fera thought. The juices beginning to seep out told her she was doing something right.

Fera slid her fingers down the sticky groove, probing the pre-pubescent slit, then ducked her head to kiss the tiny labial edges barely peeking from the sides. Looking up, she saw the eager horniness flaring back at her in Jacqueline's eyes. She seemed such a different girl in bed, not the commanding master of the arcane that swept her foes before her and only started the occasional wildfire, but just a tiny, slender, vulnerable girl with a shy demeanor and a supple, naked frame with a flat chest that hadn't even budded a pair of growing breasts yet. Like an unspoiled flower, no match at all for the hulking, rapacious creatures that scoured the world looking for little girl pussy.

Fera rubbed the girl's sides, tail flicking excitedly, then raised her head to the pink tips that crested from Jacqueline's smooth chest. She licked one and brushed it with her lips, then moved to the other, wrapping it in a gentle suckle. Hands brushed her head from both sides, cuddling her cheeks and hair, the girl's body responding underneath her. She pulled off the tiny nipple with a wet pop, leaving a circle of saliva that pearled in the flickering firelight, then moved up and buried the girl in another kiss, lips twisting with their mounting urgency and desire for each other.

Fera circled the smooth skin of Jacqueline's navel with a lone finger, then sent it lower as she crushed the girl to the bedroll with her hungry kiss. Her finger trailed down the naked belly until she brushed up against the hairless pussy again, finding it slick and inviting. One gentle push inside, and Jacqueline's pelvis bucked and her legs clamped together.

"MmmmmmMMMPH!" Jacqueline arched her back and squealed as she was penetrated. Hot pressure wrapped Fera's fingers as she pushed in, probing, feeling the walls of the velvet vice. If anything it was even more tight and juicy than the first time she had felt it. She took it slow, staying just inside and playing her other fingers over the delicate lips, spreading the dew around them and over the tiny red jewel until her fingers were slick. Blushing, Jacqueline met her kiss again, then broke it off with a turn of her head. She was still shy about her inexperience.

Fera just giggled and trailed her lips down the girl's graceful neck, planting kisses all the way to her shoulders. The trail of wet circles glistened in the orange firelight. Fera's practiced hands worked the little human pussy until the sweet sounds of a girl gasping with pleasure finally spilled out into the air of the clearing.

"I always thought...first time...would be...with a boy." Jacqueline's chest was heaving as she gasped out the words. "I don't even...know how, with...".

"Shhhh." Fera quieted her with a touch. "I'll show you."

Fera sat up and moved back. Cupping a hand under each of Jacqueline's legs, she pulled them up, then leaned forward. She could feel Jacqueline's thighs twitching with anticipation against her own. Once in position, Fera bent down again until their chests rubbed together and the steaming heat of their pussies brushed up against each other.

The slow grind of her pelvis rubbed her own dripping cunt up against Jacqueline's, the brushing sensation of slippery genitalia sparking an electric pleasure that raced up from her crotch. Both girls moaned in unison, shuddering in intimate contact. Slippery juices mixed between the sloppy kiss of their pussy lips. Their hands roamed each other's bodies greedily, the twined pair of prepubescent girls sampling the feelings of each other's sweet curves and smooth flesh. Jacqueline's hands roamed her hips, stroking the silky fur. Fera kept up the pressure, moving her hips to rub the little virgin slit with her own.

Her tail lashed excitedly. Her ears twitched with delight. Jacqueline writhed and squirmed under her, cooing from the pleasure of their contact. So innocent, such an animated little 12-year-old, body quivering with delight and face and neck flushed red. Fera had wanted to hold that body against her since she saw her friend dancing in the dawn's light, vibrant blonde hair and sheer white cloth streaming out behind her. Her hips pushed and the pace increased, vulvas sliding and rubbing together. Jacqueline began to push back, giving a cute little squeak each time she did so. Fera's fur bristled and her heart pumped wildly in her chest. Her gasps matched Jacqueline's, the wild panting of both beginning to synchronize as they raced towards climax.

Wild streaks arced up her spine. Their hips bucked together, faster, Fera pushing down on the writhing girl, hot breath on her neck and pointed nipples tickling her chest. Their pussies slapped and slid together in a wild frenzy, heated friction finally boiling over into a torrent of primal energy that sparked to life and crackled up her nerves until it detonated as a sheet of ecstasy in her brain.

Jacqueline jerked and wiggled under her, hands gripping Fera's thighs as she cried out with her own climax. Pleasure ripped control of Fera's muscles away and she collapsed against the body beneath her, thighs clenching wildly, chests rubbing together, trading sweat, two pairs of erect nipples brushing against and dueling each other. The wild storm of pleasure crashed over both girls, connecting them together even as it hurled them into the violent currents of their coital tempest, a tangle of girlish limbs twined together in pleasure with hot breath washing each other's necks. The pair shuddered together as the shared orgasm crested and finally began to slowly taper off, leaving the two little girls lying dazed in each other's arms on the bedroll.

"Mmmmmm." Fera became aware of Jacqueline wiggling comfortably under her. "That's way better than riding horses. Hey...I was ok, right?"

Fera tried not to laugh as Jacqueline looked at her with that shy nervousness in her eyes. "You were great Jac." She gave the girl a nuzzle and a brief kiss. The smile returned on the little girl's face was heartwarming.

"Thanks," Jacqueline said. "You're sweet. I haven't done much. I mean, I know how to suck a guy if he wants it." Her cheeks blushed briefly crimson. "Most girls don't come out of the academy still a virgin, but then again, I never actually finished my training."

Fera pulled the top layer of the bedroll over them to ward off the creeping chill of the night. The girls snuggled closer together under the sheepskin fabric.

"What happened?" She asked.

"Well...remember that friend I mentioned, Alinayah? I left when she did. It got kind of messy. But she showed me almost everything about how to use magic. We were pretty good friends."

"She sounds nice."

"Yeah." Jacqueline rolled over, spooning back against Fera so they could get more comfortable. "I miss her. I miss everyone I trained with, actually. They're all gone now. Even Allie."

She yawned and pulled the cover higher over her shoulder. "We should get some rest. We still have a few days to go."

Fera stretched her legs and snuggled under the covers against Jacqueline's warm back, purring comfortably. She didn't really want to go to sleep yet. Her fingers skimmed past the shoulder into the valley and up the slopes of the girl's hip, lightly brushing the smooth skin, ending with a light squeeze on her plump bottom. Human girls weren't half bad. She liked the embarrassed blushes, the shy reluctance that transformed into sweet energy as they gave in and pushed back. Maybe she could get Jac to go another round. The slow rise and fall of the little girl's chest rubbed the fur under Fera's arm when she moved forward to rub the sexy tummy.

"Jacqueline?" The girl stirred against her chest drowsily. She wasn't asleep yet.

"Hmmmmmm, what is it?" Jacqueline asked, words stretching out into a long yawn.

"Your friend Alinayah...what happened to her?"

Fera thought she had made a mistake. Jacqueline stiffened against her, pulse quickening. She didn't answer.

"Nevermind," Jacqueline said finally. "Let's go to sleep."

Fera lay still, her arm wrapped around the girl, ears twitching as she stared into the fire. The flames were still burning high, crackling merrily in a staccato protest against the sleepy sounds of the night. Dry leaves rustled in the dark - deer. She could smell them. A pair of owls hooted overhead, drawing closer to each other one fluttering branch at a time. Twin saucers gleamed in the depths of a bush. Fera's eyes were every bit as excellent as her ears; she could see the little racoon watching them, curious if they would leave any food behind. A wolf howled its long, lonely keen far away over the hills.

Fera's arm nearly ripped off as Jacqueline sat bolt upright in shock.


The girl leaped up in a panic, fire flickering on her naked backside as she dashed around the campfire.

"What?" Fera stared in confusion. Jacqueline was donning her flimsy mage uniform with lightning speed. "Jac what's wrong?"

Jacqueline grabbed the buckle of the pack, not bothering to lash it tight, and slung it over her shoulder. "SHIT!" She rolled her staff in frantic circles, trailing glowing sparkles in the dark, and their scattered supplies lifted silently off the ground, curling into a whirlwind around the fire and funnelling into the open top of the other pack. "GET UP!" she yelled.

Fera rolled over and pulled on her tattered skirt and thin cloak. Whatever it was, it had spooked Jacqueline like the abyss itself.

The racoon fled and the owls flapped away from the ruckus. The wolf howled again, closer, its long cry drifting mournfully on the wind.

"Jacqueline." The girl was ignoring her, rolling the bedroll and snapping the buckles into place. "Is it the wolf? It's just a wolf."

"Sure." Her voice was ugly with a faint snarl. "Just a wolf." She kicked the bundled bedroll into Fera's hands and busied herself wrapping the long golden laces of her sandals around her legs. "The valley. It had to be the fucking valley. Should have stayed on the hills." She muttered and fussed angrily. "Wards, my fucking wards. Didn't set my wards. Too distracted. Damn the gods..."

Jacqueline dashed over to Meredith after she was done with her sandals. The mare had cropped grass when they stopped and then drowsed all evening, but she was spooked now, dancing nervously.

"Sorry girl. I'll come back for you." Jacqueline ripped buckles loose and yanked off the saddle and bridle, then grabbed the mare's ear and screamed into it.

"RUN GIRL!" She matched this with a powerful slap on the horse's rump, and Meredith took off running into the darkness as if she knew what to do.

"Can you make a portal?" Fera was scared now. She didn't like the fear growing in the mage's eyes.

Jacqueline wrapped the light leather sling over her shoulder, but the hanging pouches tangled with the loose straps of the pack. "Fuck!" She threw the sling to the ground. "I'm not strong enough to make one from a place I don't know. No more stupid questions. Move!" She grabbed Fera's arm like a vise and pushed her ahead. "MOVE!"

Fera ran. They scraped past prickly branches and burst into a stretch of clearing flooded with pale moonlight. Jacqueline raced ahead at a dead sprint, gasping, arms and legs pumping. Fera followed as best she could, bewildered. The girl smelled like raw terror. If she had a tail, it would have been bristling out behind her. She streaked like lightning through the open fields between the trees, narrowly avoiding blundering into a rock her human eyes couldn't see, and Fera began to fall behind.

The slender form whirled as they passed a boulder and grabbed Fera's shoulder. Light flashed in her eyes, dwindling instantly to a muted glow of purple and green. Jacqueline was swinging her staff with one hand, muttering incoherently, holding Fera's shoulder with other. Glittering motes tumbled from the jewelled end into a sheet that rushed among the blades of grass on the ground they had passed, flowing silently into a wide path of twinkling stardust that stretched back they way they had come. Fera stared in wonder, gasping as she rested her hands on her legs. It was beautiful. The lights flared briefly and then faded into darkness.

"No smell. Probably won't help," Jacqueline whispered to herself angrily. Howling cries echoed dolefully one after the other from the dark country behind them. Fera counted three of them, then almost tripped when Jacqueline yanked her roughly by the shoulder. Grass swished under their feet as they ran again.

Their path intersected a stream and Fera followed Jacqueline as she began to follow the shore. She managed to grab her friend's arm just in time to keep her from tripping on a branch she couldn't see in the starlight. Jacqueline nodded in thanks and the girls kept running.

"Here." Jacqueline pointed and waded into the stream at a low section of water. "We'll keep moving and come out at a different spot. Come on!"

Both girls hiked up their skirts and waded quickly upstream through placid water that came almost up to their knees. They kept moving for several minutes as the howling of the wolves seemed to drift away behind them. The trailing streamers of white dreamcloth on Jacqueline's uniform were sopping wet when they emerged on the other side.

"We probably lost them," Fera gasped. The girls leaned on their knees to rest. She didn't hear any more howling. Jacqueline shook her head. "No," she panted. "Not so easy to get away from Rapewolves. We've gotta keep running." She pointed to a circular bluff in the distance, steep sides gleaming pale in the starlight. "Maybe if we can get up there we'll find some place defensible."

They took off running again, and Fera was just about to voice her skepticism of Jacqueline's paranoia when a howl erupted behind them - long and eager...and close. The howl of a beast on the hunt. It was joined by two more in the distance.

"DAMN!" Jacqueline managed to put on even more speed. Their path was taking them into deeper brush and scattered stands of trees. Fera kept following the white figure in front of her as fast as she could. The girl ducked under tree branches and swatted bushes aside, nimbly dancing through the vegetation like a nymph, gossamer cloth catching starlight and doing almost nothing to cover her tiny, naked body. Fera's sensitive ears could hear the girl's terrified heartbeat amidst the slapping branches, but they also began to make out the sounds of running and eager snarling not far them. Icy fear crept up her throat.

Jacqueline tripped, a loose stone catching her up, and twisted as she fell on a thick bush. She got up immediately, facing the way they had come and holding her staff defensively in front of her. A tiny trickle of blood leaked from her nose.

"No..." She mumbled, the words frigid. "No no no no. Not this."

The bluff was too far away, and the howling was just behind them.

"Can we hide?" Fera pointed to where a pair of clustered cane trees had grown together near their tops, forming a nice nook in the vegetation beneath.

"We can't, we can't..." Hysteria was slowly overtaking Jacqueline's voice. She twisted her staff suddenly and an aura flashed into view around them briefly, then faded. Something defensive maybe. "Ok...ok..." Jacqueline seemed paralyzed, the words stuttering out and tears streaming down her cheeks. Fera grabbed her arm and hauled her into the nook between the bushes. The branches covered them perfectly.

Jacqueline had collapsed onto her knees on the forest floor, sobbing quietly. Fera tried to shush her. She had never seen the mage lose her control like this. Rapewolves, something about them had scared Jacqueline to death and taken the fight out of her. The mage's sobbing finally quieted, but she held on to her staff with a white-knuckled grip so tight that it showed even in the darkness.

It was eerie listening to all the normal sounds of the forest fade away. Her cat senses could pick up every bird fluttering its wings in the branches overhead, every little rodent scurrying along the forest floor for its meals, but one by one each sound dropped off. Even the tired buzzing of the summer insects faded away until a pall of silence covered the area. Dread squeezed her heart and she crouched farther down, peering out into the darkness with her slitted eyes. She saw it: a hulking, hairy creature like a monstrous wolf gliding silently through the vegetation. It stopped for a moment, and reared up, placings its two massive paws on a fallen log and sniffing the air with a grunt that spilled mist into the air. The beast was enormous, a furry nightmare the size of a bull with glowing red eyes and a menacing row of sharp canine teeth along its snout. From its belly protruded a squirming array of tentacles that twisted and clenched in the air as if eager for something to hold. Its fur bristled like spikes and the interplay of the massive muscles beneath the hide was apparent when it stepped off the log and put its nose to the ground. The pair of crimson eyes edged closer, tracking its prey.

Fera turned and saw Jacqueline peering out beside her, her human eyes probably able to pick up little more than the monster's silhouette and glowing eyes.

"Jacqueline. Jac!" Fera whispered in her ears, trying to break the fear that paralyzed the girl. "Can you kill them?"

"Don't fight them. Run. Too hard by yourself. Need a whole company. Can't do it. Just run." Jacqueline mumbled incoherently. "Alinayah always told me that."

"Do something! You're the mage. Set them on fire!"

Jacqueline looked at her for a moment, then her face went grim and her grip hardened around her staff. She turned to look out into the clearing, where the Rapewolf had been joined by two more of the slavering creatures, their noses all tipped to the ground and coming closer.

With a sudden motion of her staff, Jacqueline conjured a spell. The trio of creatures all looked up, paws spread and tails high in a defensive stance, but the mage was quicker: she thrust her staff out and an array of fiery spears shot out from the glittering gem at the end, lancing through the air and scorching the creature's fur as they tried to dodge away. More followed, the fast-moving bolts curving through the air to seek the faces and feet of the Rapewolves as they scattered.

With a complicated pullback and twist of her staff that left a red orb in the air, still harrying the enemy with smaller bolts, she summoned a greater spell. Fera could feel the latent energy collecting in the air and tingling in her fur, branches curling inward as if the space itself was curving around the torrent of invisible power. Her ears popped, and a massive jet of fire suddenly roared out from the end of Jacqueline's staff into the clearing, filling the entire space with a roiling apocalyptic blaze. Fera squeezed her eyes shut against the blinding flash. The crackling and hissing of popping sap filled her ears and her nose clogged with a sudden, pungent smell of woodsmoke. She bent over, coughing.

Maniacal glee painted the mage's face as she kept the jet of roaring flames going into the clearing. A pair of trees fell down on the side, their trunks already burned through. Fera slapped at the sudden pain on her hip, and saw the cinders. They were landing in her fur, and the area was already filling with smoke at head level. The Rapewolves had leaped into the forest and were nowhere to be seen.

"Come on! Jacqueline!" She had to thump the girl's shoulder twice to break her fervor, and then both girls turned and ran away from the blaze, branches snapping haphazardly around them.

It almost worked. The brush gave way to another clearing of mossy dirt and fallen logs. They raced across and Fera heard the hungry animal snuffle an instant before something heavy crashed into her back. She tumbled, and black fur filled her vision. The snapping jaws were an inch in front of her face. She screamed. The terrifying wolf loomed over her, straddling the little girl aggressively, keeping her pinned. Sticky saliva dripped on Fera's shoulders as the beast ducked its head again and clamped its jaws on the fabric of the pitiful cloak, shaking Fera like a rabbit until the cloth ripped away from her chest. Crying, Fera tried to twist and run, to slap at the paws all around her, but the beast was too heavy and too fast. More snapping and snarling. Fera turned her head into the dirt and shut her eyes, and felt the rest of the cloak coming away, leaving her naked from the waist up.

Coarse fur rubbed her bare back, and the abominable appendages on its belly slithered their excited way down her back and across her bottom, exploring the private landscape of the little 12-year-old catgirl.

A gasp brought her head up from the soil as something wet and firm brushed against her pussy, coiling like a worm and leaving an oozing fluid behind - the filthy tentacle had found her cunt, and another was poking at her asshole eagerly.

A blast suddenly rocked the clearing with such force that it blew Fera to the side and onto her back. The rapacious monster had been blown off her. Dazed, she tried to see through the dust: Jacqueline was still fighting. A sheet of power sliced the air like a razor every time she swung her staff. When the monsters got too close, she pounded the end into the dirt and summoned a powerful blast that smashed the ground and blew everything outwards with tremendous force. The snarling creatures were tricky: one would bait her to swing and another would try to jump in after her stroke when she was vulnerable, but the girl danced and weaved between them, evading the snapping jaws and striking back.

Her head swam and her eyes filled with tears as she sat up. Have to help. Get a knife. No knife. Get a rock, do anything. The animal part of her instinct spurred her body to action and she got to her feet, leaning on the fallen log for support.

It was only a matter of time. The energetic pair of monsters had played with the 12-year-old mage, letting her keep ducking and twisting, until she was frantically panting and beginning to slow. A Rapewolf leaped in at the last second of her dodge and clamped its razor-sharp teeth on the end of the trailing white dreamcloth from her hip. A look of horror flashed on Jacqueline's face for a brief instant before the Rapewolf jerked the cloth and pulled the girl violently off her feet. They leaped on her then, pinning the screaming girl to the ground while one began ripping off her sheer uniform and the other seized her fallen staff in its jaws and crushed it in half.

Thought gave way to blind panic as she watched the creatures efficiently tear their way through the skimpy mage uniform and buck the screaming, naked girl into position on the ground. It was all over in seconds. Tentacles squirmed around her arms and legs to hold her in place. The Rapewolf on top of her lined up its massive rod of dripping red wolf cock with the girl's tiny pussy, and eagerly thrust inside.

Run. This was the end. Fera hated herself even as she turned, as she commanded muscles paralyzed with fear to obey. She couldn't fight monsters. She was just a little catgirl. She had only gone a few feet when something heavy smashed her back and she tumbled to the ground. Falling to the dirt with a grunt, she saw the creature behind her, sniffing the ground as it watched her, a ravenous expression on its face. The jutting, veiny phallus dangling from its crotch was a firm promise of intent.

She got up again, crying, running for the trees, but something latched onto her skirt and pulled her back. Globs of saliva trickled down and around her buttcheeks. She flung her hands out, screaming and helpless as her hips were shaken, then fell forward when the pressure suddenly released. He had ripped off the back of her skirt.

Crazed, she ran again. Anywhere. Away from this horrible wolf and its thick red cock that was as big as her arm. A furry missile darted in front of her and then knocked her to the side, keeping her in the clearing. She fell onto her chest again, and the hungry snarl was right next to her face when she lifted her head, a warning to stay in place.

She was facing Jacqueline as she was raped. The wolf wanted her to watch, to see her friend violated. The little girl was pounding the dirt with her fists as the Rapewolf pistoned its prick into her from behind. Gasping, panting, face dirty with tears, Jacqueline shuddered and cried out as her virgin pussy was stretched by the substantial girth of raw wolf fuckmeat. He was only halfway in, but the determined panting showed he wasn't going to be beaten by the tightness of a little 12-year-old pussy. Another inch slipped in with a shriek from Jacqueline, and Fera could see the bulge in the skin of the girl's tummy each time the thick canine prick hammered another round into her.

Fur and squirming unthinkables brushed Fera's back and two massive paws planted in the dirt on the sides of her head. The Rapewolf straddled his kitty bitch and bent to get her smell, snuffling at her ears and leaving a trail of saliva from the thick, pointed tongue. Fera cowered under the body of the creature. She had almost believed Stephan when he said there was a strain of Monstrum in Brutus, but there was no comparison to this thing's muscled body, to the sharp teeth nibbling her ears and neck so she could feel them, to the massive girth already pressing up against her pussy.

Through the tears covering her eyes she could barely make out the naked form of Jacqueline on the other side of the clearing. The Rapewolves had rolled her over and the second one had slammed its red organ into her little mouth, stretching the jaw, forming a bulge in her throat as the fleshy rod pounded into the girl's mouth and throat and muffled her screams as she was raped from both ends.

The dripping point pressed harder against Fera's pussy, rubbing a slimy trail of oozing precum across her legs. Fera shuddered, but the tentacles of the creatures held her tight and yanked her arms back when she struggled. Slowly it pressed in, spreading her slit open until the pointed head slipped inside. The rest followed in one massive thrust. She shrieked from the bulging invader cramming itself inside, then again when it pulled back and pounded forward even harder. The massive organ was enormous, an engorged rod of slippery velvet that thrust relentlessly, picking up speed, banging another inch into her tight slit each time.

Her head rubbed the dirt, and despite her fear, the warm pulsing waves coiled into a pleasing swell in her crotch. Fingers clenching, panting like a beast in heat, Fera rocked back and forth under the monster with the violent rush of beating wolf prick burning in her pussy until her muscles quivered with ecstasy and lightning flashes of pleasure spiked up from her crotch. Canine panting filled her ears, matching her own. Spiky fur brushed her back and muscled thighs slammed her buttocks each time the Rapewolf thrust forward. Animal grunts and snarls mixed in the clearing with the shrieks of the two little girls, their pain turning to mounting pleasure as their insides were filled with the engorged flesh of bestial cocks.

Spine arched and ears flattened, Fera screamed from the throbbing storm that filled her ears, a primal humming circuit connecting the pleasure center of her brain straight to the Rapewolf's plunging prick. It thrummed in her pussy walls, stretched so tight around the slippery girth that she felt like she would burst. A final powerful hammerblow sent her over the edge, tumbling into a sea of orgasmic ecstasy that gripped all her cat senses: the virile animal smell of the Rapewolf, the pleased snarling as his bitch learned her place, the slapping sounds of furry thighs sending shockwaves into her little butt, the taste of the drooling slobber that had drizzled down her cheek and ran along her lips. Fera shrieked a final time and her vision went hazy as the most powerful orgasm of her life shook her body from head to toe, a violent jerking climax that roiled through every cell and set it ablaze with rapturous animal delirium. The twitching wolfcock buried in her cunt spewed out a frothing gush that she could feel squishing upwards and flooding into her womb, filling the space with each spurt until her stomach felt like it would burst from the pressure.

Tentacles wrapped themselves around her upper arms and thighs, and the ground fell away. She was being hugged to the creature's chest, a twitching little doggy bitch howling her way through the orgasm that consumed her body. The massive rush she felt had been his knot, a fist of hardened flesh that had crammed itself past the lips of the impossibly tiny pussy and locked itself inside. The world shook, her toes curled, every sense splintered and collided with each other in shards of orgasmic euphoria that washed through her like an ocean and then slowly began to taper off.

Hazy, she realized the ground was moving. The Rapewolf had her locked to his stomach, cock buried inside, neatly securing her with the dangling tentacles wrapped tightly around her stomach. The twitching feelings from the powerful organ in her cunt felt like he was still enjoying the insides of the little girl as he walked, engorged fuckmeat thrumming with blood from the excited pulse beating in his muscled chest and swollen prick. She could hear it, thudding in her ears with her head bound right up against his chest. The beat of his slow gait and wagging tail vibrated the wolf prick stuffed inside her into waves of racing pleasure that threatened to thrust her right over the brink again.

She looked to the side, saw Jacqueline's naked body strung up under her mate in the same way, the girl shaking and squirming through the last throes of her own orgasm. Something seemed to have disturbed the monsters. They stood in a row facing the edge of the clearing, paws spread and growling. The deep rumble in the creature's throat vibrated down its entire length and reverberated through the slippery connection of their bodies, pushing Fera into another blissful orgasm.

An inhuman squall came from above and something violently crashed into her Rapewolf, throwing it to the side. Fera tumbled with it, the world rotating about her. She shook her head to try to dispel the combined dizziness. Warcries filled the clearing, piercing animal shrieks that threatened to break her eardrums like glass. She managed to catch a glimpse before her Rapewolf got to his feet: terrifying gorillas, 3 of them, had jumped from the trees and were assaulting the Rapewolves with enormous clubs. They were monstrous, grotesque and mutated with sickly pale fur and 4 arms each. One reared back and swung its club with awesome strength, battering away the unencumbered Rapewolf just as he leaped for the creature's throat. It pounded its chest and gave a primal howl.

The dizziness clung like a fog. Fera couldn't understand what was happening. Her wolf leaped to the side, snarling viciously, and jumped. Her body jolted on the landing, and she yelped when the wolfcock locked inside her pounded hard up against her cervix.

The world spun under her face and fell away again, then her naked body crashed up against the bristling fur hide of the gorilla creature. She was locked to her Rapewolf master even as he fought for his prize. Above her, he bit and tore and raked his powerful claws against their assailant, violent motions rubbing Fera's chest and stomach up against the filthy, oily hide, slathering her with fur and animal sweat. The squirming little pussy was his prize, and he wasn't going to give her up without a fight. Each grunting thrust of his pelvis translated to another slam of the enormous cock locked inside her cunt, and waves of cresting pleasure pushed Fera up to the margin of a heady climax again. The ground suddenly spun upside-down as he leaped away.

A wild howl screeched towards them and Fera felt her master's muscles tense to leap again, but a sudden impact spun her on a nauseous axis and they fell hard, her master ending up on his side. The final jolt of their landing rocked the turgid prick up against her battered womb with such force that Fera instantly came again, squirming against her tentacle bonds and howling with glee. One side of her foggy vision resolved itself to the sight of the gorilla marching up - a fumbling, unnatural gait that used the back pair of hands - and reaching out with all 4 arms. The brutal twist and loud snap shocked her to reality as the Rapewolf yelped in pain, then its muscles went slack.

Shivering from fear and her multiple orgasms, Fera saw the same thing on the other side of the clearing. The two other gorillas had Jacqueline's Rapewolf down, and one wasted no time breaking its spine and then smashing its head in with a club. The final wolf howled in rage and snapped at the pair, but couldn't get past the deft swings of their clubs. It finally turned and retreated into the forest, its tail between its legs.

A dream, Fera thought, as the gorilla approached her. Or a nightmare. She couldn't decide which. Everything was beyond hazy. Five impossibly large fingers wrapped around each of her hips and pulled. The Rapewolf's tentacles had loosened their grip, but the wolfcock stuffed inside her was just as engorged as it had been a minute ago. She screamed when the heavy hands yanked her body harder and the bulging knot of meat popped past her pussy lips like a cork from a bottle. Warm fluid gushed down her thighs and coarse fur rubbed her stomach. The ground moved beneath her. The thing was carrying her on its shoulder.

"Jacqueline? Jac!" Fera shrieked when the monsters tossed them both onto the springy grass by the fallen log in the center of the clearing. She clutched her naked friend. Cum was smeared across Jacqueline's face, on her lips, in her nostrils, dripping from her hair and chin and bubbling in her mouth as the girl shivered frantically on the tail end of an avalanche of orgasms. Her hands reached out reflexively, fingers clenching, and Fera took them in her own.

"Fera...Fera...god it felt so...good." Jacqueline was heaving like a billowing sail. "Just so fucking...gods. Never felt like that. They never told us."

"Are we saved? What are they?" Bleary-eyed, Fera looked over her shoulder at the trio of pale ape creatures, conferring with each other in snarling grunts and chest beatings a few feet away. Grotesque abominations, they had only sunken pockets of flesh where their eyes should be and some kind of writhing distention of the gut on their stomachs.

"Not...not saved-" Jacqueline hiccuped, and a huge dollop of cum and drool bubbled past her lips and down her chin. A warm flood was running from her pussy too, matching Fera's own, the fluids mingling in the slippery space between their thighs. "Corpsum Gorillas. They're rare. Undead. You don't want to know...", She shook her head, shoulders shaking, then reached up and grabbed Fera by the shoulders. "Run Fera, if you get the chance. Just run. They're not very fast." She choked and swallowed some of the leftover white spunk in her mouth. "Because they're going to-NO!"

A gorilla had yanked the tiny girl up by her arm like a doll, holding her naked 12-year-old body close to its face with one pair of arms, and squeezing her bottoms and thighs with another. Fera scrambled back on her hands and knees, mind frozen with fear now that she had a good look at the creature. A pair of huge hands picked her up abruptly and shoved her onto her back on the log, then loomed over her to inspect its prize.

The muzzled face gave the monster an undeniable ape-like appearance. It leaned close, sniffing her curiously, apparently unsure what she was. It liked the feel of her pussy though. Giant stubby fingers probed the sopping slit, still leaking a heavy flow of wolf sperm, while the other pair of hands brushed her fur and squeezed the little catgirl's hips suggestively. Its jaw creaked wide open, horrifyingly open, as if it were broken, and Fera screamed in terror.

The bifurcated tongue-like tentacle that slid out caressed her face and coiled against her lips. She shook her head violently, shrieking hysterically, but a massive hand clamped around her scalp and held her still. It could crush her skull like a grape. The worming flesh shoved between her lips and delved into her throat, squirming eagerly, silencing her cries. She blinked through her tears at the empty flesh of its absent eye sockets. Unbearable. She looked down, and saw something worse.

Its stomach was a torn ruin of gaping flesh from which protruded hanging guts and another writhing mass of tentacular appendages, all centered around a massive, jutting phallus of engorged meat. Knobby, diseased, it leaked foul-smelling dark semen from the tip and throbbed visibly with the massive creature's heartbeat. The horrifying mess rubbed up against her crotch, tentacles squirming around her thighs, leaving trails of sluglike fluid as they brushed and poked at her pussy and clit, and her tight little asshole.

Her frantic gaze locked on the filthy rod of raw flesh maneuvering to press up against her pussy. Fear dumped adrenaline in her veins and she kicked, she flailed, arms, legs, twisting violently and slapping, losing precious breath from the tongue worming its way down her throat to her stomach. She might as well have tried to lift a wagon over her head. The Corpsum Gorilla was 10 times her size. The four arms ignored her pathetic struggles and lined her up at the point of the waiting cock.

A momentary breath was all she had when the tongue pulled out of her throat, just an instant to suck in a lungful of precious air, to hear the same pitiful struggle from Jacqueline on the log next to her, before the huge gorilla prick shoved inside her like a battering ram. Ears, fur, tail, they all stiffened and bristled like razorblades from the sudden shock of intrusion as she was split open. A wild yell of pain and pleasure ripped from her throat, somewhere far away from the dizzy present, but the monster cut her off when it bent to kiss her again. The long length of tongue shoved itself in her mouth and writhed like a nest of worms.

The first human man inside her had felt like the biggest thing imaginable - the massive, pulsing shaft of velvet love squeezing aside her virgin pussy walls and leaving a warm helping of love deep inside. Then Brutus, that grunting animal with the bulging, twitching red cock that had joyfully raped her for hours, he had been the biggest thing she ever felt, and he was nothing beside the Rapewolf that had fucked her to a screaming train of orgasms minutes before with a knotted shaft of such profound mass that it made her whole body jerk with every throb when it was locked in her cunt.

The colossal girth slamming into her pussy put them all to shame. There was no way a little girl could take something so big, but her pussy had split painfully around it, muscles straining and quivering desperately. Twisted nodules all along its length scraped the walls of her tortured flesh, sparking a wild, frothing buzz of pink pleasure that raced with the growing tempo of pounding ecstasy in her crotch. The gorilla was slamming her powerfully against the log. Her spine arched with each hammerblow. Bark scraped her back. She heard the wild yowling cry - "nooooooeeeeYYAAAAAGHHHH" as Jacqueline was penetrated next to her, and then both girls filled the clearing with sounds of mounting blissful hysteria as their tiny bodies thrust their way to shrieking orgasm on a pair of gorilla cocks.

"Chufffff, chuffff, chufff." The hot, fetid breath in her face from the creature's pleased grunting blended with the overwhelming rhythm of pumping gorilla meat in her cunt until her muscles shook with animal thrill. She bucked back, she wiggled her hips, she arched her back as far as it would go and cried out blindly from the raw pleasure of the thousand-stone creature's copious organ thundering away inside her, slamming into her cervix with a jolting crash of violent passion at the bottom of each powerful thrust. A little girl shrieked in orgasm next to her, Jacqueline reaching her own toe-curling climax, and Fera felt the heady rush rising up from her crotch and ready to burst in her own body. Pounding, throbbing, thrusting with a burning primal need, the mammoth gorilla prick slammed into her pelvis with a final dominant push and Fera's world twisted into a frenzied whirlpool of passion as her orgasm exploded through her body and sucked her into the chaotic currents. Buckets of hot fluid spurted up into her insides, gushing out and filling her womb, expanding painfully. She felt her stomach inflate from the pressure. The tumescent gorilla prick in her cunt kept his semen sealed tightly inside the tiny shrieking girl until her belly bulged as if she was pregnant.

Her orgasm hurtled her through stormy clouds that electrified her muscles with lightning thrills. Her muscles jerked, her hips shook with abandon, her legs kicked out mindlessly. All of her Fera's existence shattered around the single blinding apex of the most powerful orgasm she could imagine and then fell into an abyss, to slowly crystallize into a hazy fervor of gentle euphoria as the blissful current began to taper off. The sudden 'POP' felt like one of her legs had painlessly detached, but it was just the Corpsum Gorilla pulling out, unsealing a wild spew of monster cum that frothed and bubbled out and oozed into her asscrack like an uncorked vat of syrup.

Two pairs of heavy hands flipped her over effortlessly, slamming her belly against the log and forcing another torrent of sopping cum down her legs. The point of a massive girth wedged up against her from behind, and she had no time to even moan in confusion before the slippery prick rammed itself back inside her. Fera's world was battered again by a pumping gale of primal passion that stretched her pussy walls to the absolute breaking point. Bark was being stripped away, and her fur only partially kept her hips from getting scraped from this pounding position on her belly. Jacqueline was alternating between muffled weeping and crazy howls of climactic bliss. A vile red mass of squirming flesh filled Fera's vision and she jerked in disgust, but the third Corpsum standing in front of her simply grabbed her skull and held her still as it pushed the ruinous display of fleshy tentacles surrounding the engorged red cock towards her face.

Somewhere deep inside, behind the tiny bulwark of sanity Fera still retained against the orgasmic flood claiming her body, she laughed. It was ridiculous. This thing was as big as a wagon axle. She didn't know why, but her pussy had stopped hurting and was tingling strangely as it accommodated the colossal cock inside it. Was this the Conversion effect that Jacqueline's book had talked about? It seemed impossible, but the gigantic girth of the meat slapping her in the face was a powerful argument. She opened her mouth, but it was hopeless. Stubby fingers reached down and pried her jaw until it creaked painfully, but the best she could do was get her lips around part of the glans. This seemed enough. The creature locked her skull in its fist and bucked slightly, urging her to lick, and she did so eagerly. The aroma was intoxicating, a rank bouquet of dripping fluids tasting of primal bestiality and sickly, swollen flesh that mixed deliciously in her mouth. Saliva and grayish slime of gorilla precum covered her lips as she licked and sucked the head, slipping her tongue lovingly up one side and down the other. It made her mouth tingle, her tongue itch, and when she swallowed, the feeling travelled down her throat to her stomach, as if every cell of her body that touched the creature's fluids was being aroused and excited. It was the same in her pussy.

Before long, the fist around her head tightened and she sealed her lips on the surface of the flaring head to catch the flood she could feel rumbling up from beneath. The first gush of semen slammed into her mouth like a fist, knocking her head away, and as she coughed on the thick batter the followups splattered everywhere: across her cheeks, onto her neck and chest, some even going up when she ducked her head and landing on her shoulders. The hand around her head didn't seem to care which way she faced as long as it got on her. She couldn't catch her breath, and when the final powerful surge of the pounding cock in her pussy bottomed out, she was thrust into a choking climax, esophagus blocked by thick grey gorilla goop and waves of euphoria rippling up from her aching pelvis until she began to see stars on the ground as well as the sky.

Ragged breath. She drew it in carefully, and choked on another glob of semen. It was so thick. She swallowed and gagged and spat, and tried again, sucking blissful air down her tingling windpipe. Her brain had lost track of time. It teetered on the brink of exhaustion, every cell ceaselessly firing the gratified bliss of her train of orgasms for gods knew how long. One tends to lose count after their tenth orgasm. Had the Corpsum raped them the entire night? She could see a faint red rim glowing somewhere beyond the horizon. They had put her on her back on the ground at some point, Jacqueline too, and taken turns having fun with the 12-year-olds. Slapping sounds came from the side, Jacqueline getting roundly fucked again. Their cocks never went down. They never got tired. Another one was lining up at her cunt now, and she could see the looming shadow of the one above her head, prick dangling to her mouth. She opened, reflexively. Had she ever thought this was impossible? Taking a gorilla cock in your mouth was easy. After a few hours of that strange tingling, her jaw and throat had adopted all the flexibility she needed to take her master's length all the way to her stomach if he wanted.

"Oook," the one above her head grunted irritably. She stretched wider and stuck her tongue out. Yes please, put it in, she thought. But he wasn't looking at her.

"Oook. Oookook!" He was staring at the Corpsum at her pussy, just about to enter her. He smashed his fist against his chest and pointed. Not satisfied with her mouth, he seemed to want a turn at the other end.

The other one snarled dismissively and spread her legs, lining up and preparing to thrust.

"Oook! OOOOOOK!" The first Corpsum pushed her aside violently and began pounding its chest in challenge. "OOK! OOK! OOK!" Both gorillas snarled and screamed and beat their fists wildly, then began fighting, snarling and biting and ripping and grabbing at each other with their 4 arms.

Instinct taking over, Fera leaped to her feet and ran. She almost stumbled after a few steps, her pelvis sore and throbbing from the abuse it had taken all night, but she flailed her arms for balance and kept going. Immediately, she heard the sounds of pursuit, enraged ape snarling and the smashing of branches close on her heels. They were almost on top of her. She ran faster, heedlessly, pushing blindly through the brush, not caring if she broke a leg of fell over an embankment. Undead gorilla cocks, in her all night, and most of her just wanted more, wanted to be used and filled to bursting with buckets of greyish monster semen from her masters, but she pushed those thoughts down and suffocated them and held on to her sanity long enough to keep plowing forward.

A snarl sounded by her ear and she ducked reflexively, evading the closing fist. Frightened, she tumbled to the side and spotted a narrow glen. She took off that direction instead, ducking under the diagonal barrier of a fallen log and traveling a narrow path through thick trees. She heard enraged smashing behind her as they struggled to follow.

She looked over her shoulder after a breathless minute. She had lost them. No, one was swinging through the tree branches, evading the thick ground vegetation and coming towards her fast. She yelped and set off running again.

Something pounded the ground just behind her and she heard the rushing body closing in. Streaking to the side, she grabbed an overhanging branch and arced around behind a thick stand of cane trees, landing on a slender log and dancing along the top.

Angry smashing sounds of dry trees being ripped apart closed in behind her, but she heard something else: running water, and the slight breeze ruffling her fur confirmed there was probably an open area with a stream ahead. She kept running.

The trees thinned. Not just a stream, she realized, but a river. It raged 30 feet below the edge. An enormous tree had fallen across the gap to her right, forming a tenuous bridge. She darted that direction, but the Corpsum burst from the trees just in front of her, and made a grab.

"EEEEEEEEK!" The catgirl shrieked, as she was lifted in the air by one leg. The monster held her aloft, then pulled her close and snarled in her face. It wasn't about to let its prize pussy get away. In punishment, it shook her in the air.

And she dropped right out of its fist. The leg it had grabbed was covered with slippery gorilla cum. She rolled and darted around him, evading the 4 grabbing hands, and sped for the log. The girth was high, but she made a nimble leap from a rock and landed barely on edge. Balancing with her tail, she quickly scuttled along the length and out over the open ravine.

She did it! The thing was much too heavy and clumsy to cross the log. She turned around to confirm, and almost fell when the Corpsum smashed up against the edge of the log, making it rock. Shit. No sense tempting fate. She hurried across and darted into the trees, leaving the angry roaring of the monsters far behind her.

Fera curled her arms around her chilly, naked body, and rocked back and forth, weeping. She had lost everything. Everyone who had ever cared about her had turned her away, or been punished just for associating with her, or been killed or...or raped by monsters because of her. She sniffled in the cluster of bushes. What was the point? The gods were not kind to a little catgirl alone in the world. Drying cum was on her chest, in her hair and fur, gummed disgustingly in her eyelids and nostrils. She brushed away her tears and tried to groom, but made a face and stopped. She couldn't bear it. The stuff was gross and delicious all at once. And Jacqueline, she was still there, tasting it, being fucked and filled with it as she screamed her way to orgasm on bouncing gorilla cocks.

Braving the chill of the forest, she stood up and walked until she was lucky enough to find a tiny spring trickling from a rockface. She washed as much of the gunk from her hair and fur as she could and smoothed back her ears with moist hands until she began to feel a little bit better.

Jacqueline was back there because of her. Maybe if Fera hadn't...if she hadn't distracted Jacqueline so much, she would have cast her wards, whatever those were, and she wouldn't be in that mess. If Fera hadn't thought she was so cute, and helped take off her shirt and...and touched her pussy...damnit! She just wanted to make her feel good, to feel good with her. Jacqueline was one of the few human beings to ever treat her like a human being instead of a cunt to be used. It's your fault, idiot, she told herself. You're always fucking everything up. She sniffed and started to cry again, but forced herself to stop.

No good feeling sorry for yourself. She knew what she had to do: she had to go back. She couldn't leave Jacqueline there. Maybe she could get a sharp rock and make a knife...or maybe she could find the pieces of Jacqueline's staff and put them back together. Maybe she could sacrifice herself and distract them long enough for the girl to get away. She'd be fine with that, if it meant Jacqueline was ok. Then at least nobody else would be paying for her mistakes.

She sighed. One tiny, naked, cum-soaked Felis against the might of three muscled monsters ten times her size. What chance did she have? Could she even find them? She picked a direction she thought was the way she had come from and kept walking. Maybe the gods of luck would smile on her and she'd find some soldiers, or a human town, or even another mage. It was all she could hope for.

After a few hours of walking, Fera squinted and looked up at the forest canopy. The sun was sliding just past its apex. This was the way she had come, wasn't it? It was hard to tell the direction at noon. The trees were thicker and they were a little...odd. Just something unsettling about the crooked way they leaned. She kept going. Jacqueline, her throat bulging around a colossal monster cock. She used the image to keep her moving. Jacqueline, pussy stretched around the slimy girth. Her face a rictus of strained pleasure. Didn't every monster seem to have babies with the girls it took? Jacqueline, the 12-year-old's pregnant belly swelling with gorilla children. She deserved better. But what did she say about the girls the Crags had taken? She said they never wanted to come back, that being a monster breeder was the best thing in life. Fera shook her head to dispel the crazy thought. She'd help Jacqueline escape somehow.

Something slithered against a trunk and she jumped. Just a snake. The little green serpent flicked its tongue curiously at the passing girl before gliding away. There were a lot of snakes in this forest. She pushed more vegetation out of her way. And bushes, and trees, and stupid hanging vines, and precious few game trails to follow. She swatted a leafy mess of vines aside and climbed over a lopsided boulder.

No food, no water. She could drink at the river, if she could find a way down. Maybe it would rain. She kept going. Her situation wasn't going to get better by standing still. She wished she had a sharp knife. Everything was so much more dense here. She had to snap branches just to make headway, and there seemed to be a lot of hanging vines everywhere. She pushed at a dense thatch of climbing vitae, and it seemed to push back. Too thick, too green. She probably couldn't break through. And what was this flowering red plant everywhere? It grew from some of the vines, loose clusters of exotic red petals that curled back on themselves mysteriously and almost seemed to ripple with the air. She ducked under one but came out on the other side with the vine curled around her arm anyway. She shook it off.

She'd have to rest soon. She was panting with exertion. Something about the air seemed...not just moist, but slightly oppressive. The forest canopy was slowly closing off the sun, leaving the naked girl in shadowed gloom as she trudged on.

Maybe this would do. An old, rotted tree trunk was still standing upright. She sat and rested back against the mossy surface. listening to the forest. Not many birds. No birds at all actually. And her ears hadn't picked up any large game for a while. Just the lulling buzz of insects, and some snakes and frogs. The forest had a soft, sussurating rhythm, like it was alive and breathing along with her. Pleasant. She rested her head back. Maybe she should stay here a while.

A snake curled around her ankle. She nudged the little grey thing with her toe, encouraging him to move on, and he slithered beneath the tangle of vines. Something smelled a bit funny, like rotten flowers. She wondered why this forest had such thick vegetation, why it had so many of those vines with the strange flowers everywhere. They trailed out from unknown sources under the ground, climbing bushes and coiling around tree trunks in their quest for the sun. She looked up at the sun in the sky, impatiently.

Jacqueline needed her. She wasn't going to let her down. She was going to find a mage, and they'd come back and save her. A new determination rose in Fera's heart. All she had to do was get out of this forest, find civilization. Even naked, her fur would keep her warm enough at night if she curled up, but she'd have to find food and water quickly.

A snake brushed her skin again and she tried to shake it off. She could follow the river downstream. That usually worked, and she'd have fresh water too. The slithering sensation persisted, and she looked down and gaped at the leafy vine coiling around her ankle. She shook her foot again, but the vine tightened and hung on. She tried to stand up, but found more of them, inching around the trunk and up through the thick mat of leaves on the ground. What in the world? Her leg jerked suddenly and she yelped as the vine suddenly tightened and pulled. Another had grabbed her wrist and yanked her the other way. She screamed and struggled, but they were everywhere, coiling around her thighs, wrapping her arms and legs. The one around her leg broke when she made a last, terrified kick, but there were a dozen more, and they snaked around her neck and jerked her sharply back against the trunk.

Terror rose in her gut. From the depths of the thick, quiet forest, Fera gave a long, piercing scream for help as the vines wrapped around her naked body. They were everywhere, curling and curling and jerking her arms and legs back, the red flowers bristling with sinister hunger. Her legs and arms were tugged together and the vines swept her off her feet and dragged the little girl screaming into a fetid hole in the Earth under the rotted tree trunk.

Part 3