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Monstrum: Submission - Part 1

By WintermuteX

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Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Sexual Slavery, Young Girls, Incest, Lesbian, Magic/Fantasy, Gore, Violence, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

The sounds of padded slippers on the stone floor of the fortress drew every baleful eye as the girls passed. Allie peered around cautiously, staff held tight and brimming with magical energy, ready to strike if any of the creatures advanced. "Stay close Kat" she mumbled for the hundredth time, yanking her little sister's wrist with her hand as they walked along.

"I know I know." Katy hovered close to her hip, holding her own staff, trying to look as menacing as a half-naked 9-year-old possibly could.

Nightmares lurked in every corner of the shadowed corridors, stopping their activities to watch in astonishment as the vulnerable pair strode confidently into their lair. Org-reh, the vile creatures of bulging muscle and sinew that loomed up to 10 feet tall, comprised the bulk of the monstrous forces, but Allie spotted even more fiends lurking in the darkness as they penetrated farther into the fortress. A pair of Ettu lounged at a cookfire at the corner of the passage, gnawing on the bony remains of their latest kill - a cow, judging by the size of it. The double-headed creatures peered at the delicate pair of girls striding through the filth, all 4 heads staring dumbly, unable to comprehend what they were seeing. Ettu weren't known for their brains.

"Stay close," she hissed, yanking Katy's wrist again, even though her sister was already pressed up against her waist. She couldn't help it. The 14-year-old sneered disdainfully at the hulking creatures, but a tiny part of her was screaming hysterically inside. Distant sounds and a sulphurous odor wafted from a side corridor as they passed, meaty thumps mixed with moans and cries of pleasure - a Hellhound nest. That explained the reports of kidnappings and odd smells in the region. Uragh had given part of the castle to the unstable creatures.

The girls reached the main hall, Allie marching arrogantly with her sister in tow, the butts of their staves clacking on the ground. Scraping sounds came from behind as the guards moved to block the doorway, cutting off her retreat. She didn't care.

Org-reh lounged all about the chamber, playing enthusiastically with their slaves. Most girls were shackled by iron collars, sticky fluids glistening on their naked bodies in the torchlight as their masters pushed, pounded, stuffed their enormous cocks into whichever hole they pleased. Low moans of pain and pleasure mixed with the shrieks of the little girls to form a background of dull wailing in the chamber. Allie knew there wouldn't be many older women here - Org liked their human girls young, under 15 if they could get it, and bartered away their other slaves to get more girls. No matter how many they kidnapped, bringing them back to use their young bodies as breeding stock and playthings, it seemed they could never get enough.

Allie strode down the line of rotted carpet that led to the throne, trying not to look to either side, but her morbid curiosity got the better of her. An Org had a little girl no older than 12 on her bare back on the stone, a panting, squirming bundle that flailed her arms wildly each time the gigantic phallus rammed itself into her cunt. The thick meat bristled with stiff nubs, painful barbs that all Org had on their cocks, and the girl arched her back and squealed as they yanked at her pussy lips. Fresh meat, Allie thought. Probably one of the girls taken the village few days ago. An Org phallus hurt - she knew - but it didn't take long for their prey to get used to it.

A pregnant girl lounged on her side next to the pair, waiting her turn, hands resting on her swelling belly. Lustful eyes watched Allie and her sister as they passed, then flicked back to her master to watch him empty his seed into the writhing girl with a roar.

Allie swallowed nervously, and stopped herself before yanking her sister's wrist again. They passed a gibbet with wide spaces between the bars, a girl about Allie's age sprawled forlornly inside with her arms and legs hanging out. Only a few tattered remnants of her dress remained, and thick ropes of cum covered every inch of her naked flesh. She was being punished, Allie knew. They had thrown her in here and would probably feed her nothing but their own cum for days until she became obedient. Anger surged in her gut, a raging, uncontrolled fury that worked its way up and out into the primed magic that she held in her staff. Almost she lashed out, and ruined everything. Almost. Clenching her jaw, she pulled Katy behind her as they advanced.

Sliths scurried out of her way, the diminutive slaves scampering into the dark. Of all the hundreds of known Monstrum races, the scaly creatures were the least threatening. They only served the monsters more powerful than them, like the Org-reh.

A loose convention of Org warriors leered at her as she approached, yellow eyes squeezing themselves all over her slender body with an almost physical force. Allie wished she had her cloak, so she could draw it around herself and hide her bare flesh from the creatures, but it would have been a waste. She and her sister had only the scanty uniforms of a mage, a sparse collection of delicate golden metal and hanging flaps of blue cloth that scarcely covered their nipples and pussies.

Allie drew herself up before the throne, announcing herself with a loud crack of her staff on the stone. The Org warleader grinned at her malevolently, baring a row of pointed teeth flanked on both sides by sharp canines that jutted upwards from the edges of his mouth. He sprawled in the throne, a frightful creature of mottled skin and bulging muscles, unconcerned by the threat of the little girl in front of him.

"Alinayah," he boomed in a throaty bass. "You delicious morsel. How long has it been since we last faced each other? I had almost given up on ever seeing you again." He licked his lips, eyes crawling over her body. Uragh had brains as well as brawn, a rare trait among the Org-reh, and Allie knew he was every bit as cunning as the tales had said. His mastery of the human language was the least of his abilities.

"If I never see your vile face this side of the abyss again, it will be too soon." Allie struggled to control her hatred, and the surging hunger that inevitably grew alongside it. Uragh wore his breastplate of bone, but was naked from the waist down, lounging on the giant throne with his massive erection waving in the air. A sultry girl with raven hair and a diaphanous cover of white fabric around her chest and arms lounged on the armrest, the chain of her iron collar held in Uragh's fist. The transparent cloth barely stretched down over the little girl's flat breasts, doing nothing to hide her nakedness, and the short skirt was open in the front and back, lewdly showcasing her sex. Another slave lay naked against the throne at Uragh's foot, the chain connecting her collar to a band at his ankle.

"Now now, how can you impugn my generosity so, after I let you walk into my stronghold and enjoy my hospitality?" The Org laughed wretchedly as his own joke and then snapped his finger. "You should learn to be more obedient, like these two."

The girls crawled to his lap and began to attend their master, stroking the knobby cock and licking up its length to kiss the bulging glans at the top. The dark-haired girl was pert and clean, naked except for the coverings on her limbs, but the other was a mess. White gobs had dried her hair into sticky tangles and solidified like candle wax in thick layers over her buttocks and around her pussy and stomach. Allie couldn't see her face as she worked her master's flesh with a practiced tongue, but she spotted the clue just as Katy gasped audibly next to her.

"Yes, Alinayah." Uragh exulted in their horror. "A mage, just like you and your precious little sister."

Allie swallowed. The tiny chain that girded the girl's waist, forged of hundreds of golden links of rare allocite metal, was a dead giveaway. Nobody but a mage would have worn such a uniform. Allie could see the blue scraps where the cloth had been ripped away.

"It is odd, don't you think, how those who fight the hardest end up becoming our most...enthusiastic servants." He reached a filthy hand down to pet the girl's matted hair. "Since I took her myself, I have the right to her first pregnancy. She will stay chained to me until my seed grows in her belly."

Allie fought for control, shuddering visibly. The anger made her vulnerable - she tried to press it down, stuff it where it couldn't escape, but it bubbled like a lid on a boiling pot. Watching the two girls lick and suck and rub their bodies onto the brutal phallus in naked worship stoked her like dry tinder. She panted, trying to focus, to keep hold of her staff and the magic inside. Fingers closed around her wrist: Katy, bringing her back to the present with a touch.

"I don't care about your slaves, Uragh. I've come for-"

"LOOK OUT!" yelled Katy at her side, just as a screech and a powerful gust from above blew her hair to the side. Instinct took over, the experience of a thousand battles narrowing time to a crystal point as she leaped aside and shaped her waiting magic. The ruby A'sham ensconced in white filigree on the end of her staff flared, and in an instant, a sphere of crackling orange lightning formed around her, shocking the flying beast about to land on her shoulders. The monster screamed as it toppled, wings flailing, and the smell of cooked meat filled her nostrils. Another reflex, acting without thought, and the magic around her reshaped in her hand and converged into a spear of energy that she hurled at the flying creature that had settled on Katy's shoulders. It was reaching for the girl's slender neck with long fangs just before the magic smashed into its furry body and sent it hurtling to the side.

She sprang forward again, grabbing her screaming sister as a cylinder of blue light sprang into being around them - an impenetrable wall against any further attackers.

Uragh was clapping mockingly "Lovely! Just lovely." He held out a hand to the advancing Org-reh guards, motioning them back into the wings. "You are as formidable as I remember." His smile carried a malicious subtext: he had seen her lapse, seen how she relied on her sister at the crucial moment. With another motion of his hands, his guards advanced to the two screaming suckbats on the floor and put them out of their misery.

"Enough." Allie tried to press the confrontation to a close. She knew if she stayed too long, the rising hunger would become overpowering. "You know who I'm looking for."

"A lady in white, yes." He tapped his chin and smirked venomously. "I hear you've been asking after such a person."

"You know where she is. Tell me."

Uragh stared, considering her demand, then moved his hand to beckon the cum-soaked mage on his lap in a silent command. She crawled over the meaty legs to straddle her master, bracing her legs as she faced out, and reached down to spread her pussy lips. The imposing organ reached above her waist, so he helped her, picking her up and positioning her cunt over the colossal tip. Allie's teeth grated as she watched the little girl's tiny slit spread obscenely, splitting impossibly wide as the massive girth squeezed inside her.

Her fists clenched with white-knuckled anguish. She wanted to throw herself at him, to rip his head off, to tear off her clothes and hug the impressive cock and lick it until it burst. She wanted to bend over, to be fucked, driven into the ground as she screamed with pleasure. Hatred warred with burning desire, and she resisted with difficulty, pushing them to the side and regaining control. She would be doomed if she gave in to either one.

"Ahh, ahhhh, aaHHGH!" The girl stuffed the thick organ farther inside her, sinking in fits as the nubs passed her labia, crying out with each jolt. Uragh licked his lips, enjoying the sight of the little girl crammed on the tip of his cock. He cupped her butt and hips and then pushed the sheer half-shirt up to her collar so he could rub the flat chest and tiny pink nipples underneath, ignoring Allie.

Allie's arms trembled. The girl looked like she was enjoying herself so much. She unhooked the leather bag clipped to her allocate belt-chain and tossed it up to the throne.

A slith retrieved the bag and delivered it to Uragh's waiting hand. He pulled the strap and stirred the contents inside with a pudgy finger - emeralds, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and a host of other gems gleamed from the depths.

He pulled the drawstring closed and tossed the bag back down. "It's not enough."

"It's more than you get in a month of raiding."

He shrugged. "Gems don't matter to us. We value other things." He gestured at the little girl bouncing passionately on his cock, the thick meat slapping in audible thumps with each stroke.

"The Centaurum love gems. Think how much little girl pussy you'll be able to buy, although I'm not sure you'll measure up to the horsecock they'll have had inside them." Allie was holding her magic close, a frenetic river that surged under her mental fingertips. She would need it all if this went wrong.

"Little sluts like you need to be taught respect," he spat.

"Do it or I'll fucking kill you."

He laughed, a rich, deep boom that echoed in the darkened hall. Org respected only strength.

Allie played her bluff with a stony face as Katy grasped her arm and looked around nervously. She could kill Uragh, probably, but if she did it was unlikely that she would get out alive. He was cautious, she knew, a coward even. He was strong but he never joined the battle lines, never risked his neck unnecessarily. It was part of the reason he had lived long enough to become a warleader.

"Very well Alinayah," he sneered. "I'll tell you what you want to know." The loud moans of the little girl on his cock began to echo in the room. Uragh grabbed her slim waist, the huge hands fitting almost all the way around it, and forced her farther down onto his gigantic prick. The girl's abdomen bulged visibly as she sunk to the halfway mark on the massive organ. Holding her in place, he began bucking, sending her into a shrieking frenzy. The other slave hovered underneath, guzzling the juices that slathered down the shaft like it was sweet nectar. Pleasured grunts mounted into a roar as he thrust the girl down as far as she could go, and the bloated meat pulsed visibly as he filled her with a fountain of Org cum.

Uragh leaned back, satisfied, globs of white seed dripping like batter down the monstrous length onto the waiting tongue of his other slave. The mage leaned back against his chest, whimpering quietly, her body still thoroughly impaled on the jutting erection.

"I have not seen this lady you seek, but I know those who have. Only a few have ever received orders from her directly."

Allie stood silent, waiting.

"In the human town of Scyna, a day's ride from here, is a mercenary captain named Marcus." He waved his hand. "A pompous, self-important man, but he does have his uses."

Allie tried not to betray the excitement on her face. Finally, after so long, she had a lead.

"Twice he has been compelled, by 'a woman of marvelous power', as he put it, clad in a white dress. As for what he has done on her behalf, you'll have to ask him."

Allie nodded. She couldn't bring herself to thank him. "You know if this doesn't pan out, I'll be back."

"I would never steer you wrong," he chuckled, smiling with wicked promise. "But I do think that, one way or another, you will be back here anyway. A rebellious little cunt like you is the sweetest to have, to dominate and train to your proper place. One day you'll be back to fill the hunger that burns inside you, and you and your little sister will scream your way to ecstasy on this." He pointed a sharp-nailed finger at his mighty girth.

Allie was already using her magic to shape reality into the impossible twist of a portal. It opened beside her, a strong breeze blowing outward from the darkness on the other side.

"I don't think so." She grabbed her sister's wrist and they stepped through, letting the breach collapse behind them.

Heavy rain poured miserably on their hoods, flowing in rivulets down the hairy flanks of the horses and pooling in their tracks. Thunder boomed from far off in the gloom. It seemed it would never let up. Allie lifted her head to scan the gray horizon. There were magical ways of detecting monsters, but nothing was a substitute for your own eyes. The muddy trail stretched endlessly in front of them, the sole guide on the featureless grassland.

They were everywhere these days. Taking village after village, killing the men and taking the women to breed. The port town of Newhart had fallen to Saguin, rotting fish monsters that had crawled out of the sea. Omelas was overrun by Arachma. Vicca had burned to the ground, and Axonbad had fallen again, becoming a stronghold of the enemy. Bridonia has closed her borders, turning back all refugees. The monsters hadn't seemed much of a threat when they first appeared on the outskirts of Teleria two decades ago. Slow and stupid and disorganized, they had been cut down wherever they appeared. Nobody knew where they came from, but it hadn't mattered.

And then there were more. Villagers disappeared, women and girls taken, and there were still more. The discovery of the first breeding camps had been a horrifying shock to the kingdom. The queen had consulted with her advisors and ordered the formation of the Order of Magi to assist the army in dealing with the Monstrum threat.

And so it had gone, for 20 years. Little girls as young as 6 and up to their teens, the only age when magical potential was manifest, trained in the arcane arts and dispatched alongside soldiers to destroy rapacious creatures ten times their size.

It worked for a while, until the monsters came back with renewed numbers and increased cunning. They took villages and cities, converting them to fortresses and trading posts that dealt in girlflesh. So many were taken, their wombs used by the monsters to bolster their forces, and the prisoners did not want to come back. The devastating effects of Conversion inherent in the reproductive material of every monster was an utterly thorough process with no cure.

More mages, the council had said. Throw more girls at them. So they did, and it was a disaster. Undermanned squads dispatched with mages of increasingly dubious ability, leading to defeat after defeat. Each girl taken was another convert, another eager breeder to be pounded in her tiny pussy until her belly swelled with the brood of their enemies.

And so began Teleria's slow slide into chaos: trade had collapsed, villages abandoned, every city and town closing its gate to outsiders. The army was splintered, rogue factions fighting the monsters and each other. The queen was dead, or missing - nobody was sure which, and the capital was under martial law.

A hand rubbed her shoulder, comfortingly: Katy sensed her brooding and had ridden her pony alongside. Allie tried to muster a smile. Her sister was the one bright spot in a world of darkness. Optimistic, cheerful, kind-hearted to a fault, she helped dispel the depression that blackened Allie's mind so often.

"I'm ok Kat," she patted her sister's hand endearingly, wondering what she would do without her. Katy was a mage, technically, with a year of worthless training under her belt. The arcane forms went over her head and she could barely condense from the weave at all, but since she had tested positive for magical ability she had been bundled off to the capital for instruction and eventual draft.

But the testers were incompetent and the trainers were imbeciles. Katy had a talent, but it wasn't until later that Allie realized she would have been called a Seer if she had been born long ago when the practice of magic was prolific. Katy couldn't conjure a fireball or a lightning bolt, but she was nearly a savant with other rare abilities. The academy didn't know what to do with her, and with the state of the Order these days, it wasn't long before the little girl was being passed around like a toy. When things had gone bad and Allie had come to get her sister, she had found the little 9-year-old on a soldier's bunk with a fat cock stuffed in her pussy and another in her mouth. It hadn't been a pretty scene, and the results were another reason she could never go back.

"You're brooding again."

Allie couldn't deny it. She glanced at her sister with a frown.

"Here." Her sister reached out and took Allie's hand into her own.

Balmy warmth spread throughout her hand and up her arm, calming the muscles. Katy was humming, a gentle lullaby that their mother used to sing to them when they were still toddlers. Sweet and welcoming - a melody of warm hearths and family. Allie's stress melted away, replaced with a calm focus as the lullaby drifted to its end.

"Thanks Kat." Allie pulled her sister close to kiss her on the forehead. Even if the entire world fell apart around them, she would do anything at all to keep her sister safe.

The sky had stopped pouring rain and consented to a brief sunset by the time the girls rode past the palisade into Scyna. It was a dense maze of gloomy buildings with dilapidated plaster, alleys filled with squalid hovels, their wooden walls sagging alarmingly. Allie covered her nose against the scent of offal leaking from the twisting passages, and tried to ignore the leering eyes of scattered clumps of drunken mercenaries as their horses trudged through the muddy streets. After a few brief inquiries and the furtive offer of a coinpurse, Allie finally found what she was looking for huddled in a booth in a dark corner of a seedy tavern.

The hulking, dirty man started when the girls plopped onto the bench across from him. He looked down at the drink in his hand, and then back up at the girls as if not sure he was hallucinating.

"Are you Marcus?" Allie asked.

Watery eyes travelled lasciviously over their bodies, taking in the smooth necks and shoulders, the slim hips, the flawless tummies toned with muscles. They had doffed their soaking cloaks and wore their mage uniforms: flimsy dreamcloth hanging loosely over nipples and privates, translucent skirts and shoulder wraps doing nothing to hide the rest of their naked bodies in the flickering orange light of the hearth.

"Should stop drinking this swill." He rattled his cup, words slurring in a country accent. "'Tis right addled my brain such, Astri seeming come to play."

The constellation of the two young maidens was a familiar sight to any seafarer at night. Allie wasn't sure if they should be flattered.

"We need some information," Allie said, "and I'm told you're the man to provide it."

Beady eyes surveyed them from under dark eyebrows, and Allie suspected the man was not nearly so drunk as he pretended.

"Two mages come round to little ol' Marcus. Ain't that swell an' such. Right important folks, but they dunna even bother to introduce the'selves."

"It's not important who we are-"

"Oh but it is, it is," Marcus interrupted. "Two mages come round fo' the bits in yer noggin, and one is Alinayah herself, then it's important indeed."

Allie pursed her lips. "People don't call me that, not anymore. It's just Allie."

Marcus raised the mug to his mouth and drained a couple inches before slamming it down and wiping the foam from his beard.

"Don't call me that, she says. But ain't you's the warrior queen?" He smiled mockingly. "Alinayah is the last true mage. Alinayah will save the kingdom. Alinayah betrayed us."

Allie slammed her fist on the table, white fury blossoming inside. She'd slice him apart. She'd roast him to a cinder. Steadily, she reigned in the anger and regained control.

"No. Just Allie."

He cocked an eyebrow and Allie could sense him laughing inside.

"The lady in white. Tell me about her."

He rocked back in surprise, all traces of mirth dropping from his demeanor.

"Oughta kill you." His words were no longer slurred.

"Try it."

He rubbed his beard in contemplation. "Quite a bounty on your head, as I recall. A man risks his neck, he needs motivation.

Allie unhooked the leather bag from her hip and tossed it over the table. He caught it one-handed and peeked inside, then burst out laughing.

"The queen's gold ain't worth shite anymore, little girl! Might buy you a night or two at an inn, but can't even buy a man's sword anymore, much less his tongue. You'll have to do better."

Allie despaired. It was every last coin they had been able to scrounge up. They'd be sleeping in barns after this and begging for their meals or worse, and it still wasn't enough.

Marcus was sizing them up with a greedy expression. "Perhaps I might be persuaded so," he said coyly, "for the right price." His licking lips and eager gaze were a clear message.

"No. My sister is off-limits," Allie said angrily.

"Oh? Still pure ain't she? Still fresh and pretty." He glared lecherously at Katy. "Looks like she ain't been havin no monster cock shoved inside her.


"Right unfortunate." He was staring at her, expectant. "Well then, what else ya got?"

She sighed. She had expected this outcome anyway. Glaring daggers at her sister to pin her in place, Allie ducked under the table.

She fumbled in the space until she found his belt buckle, and then pulled down his breeches. A fat cock bristling from a bush of black hair sprung out and hit her in the face. He wasn't long, but he was wide, with a white scar running down one side of the shaft. Allie inhaled the scent of manhood, letting it stoke the desire in her, dull embers that smoldered relentlessly - the curse of her condition. Her body responded, mouth watering and legs fluttering with an eager tingle. She grasped the rod in her hands and kissed the end, opening her mouth for a taste before running her tongue around the edge, working saliva over it in broad strokes until the head was wet and the rest of the tool bulged in her hands. The inevitable moan came from above, Marcus leaning back in the booth as he enjoyed the attention the little girl was giving him.

Priming him with slippery strokes of her fingers, using the precum that bubbled out to coat the shaft, she began a steady rhythm of gentle strokes. She wasn't an amateur. She knew how to get a man off, how to suck cock to get what she wanted. You had to, in the Order. Her repulsion and anger faded away, burned up by the rising heat coming from her loins. Panting, she gripped his base and slathered the meat with a trail of messy kisses, strands of sticky juice trailing from her lips. Saliva slopped in a gooey web between her fingers. Mouth tingling with the metallic taste of precum, she opened wide and took the turgid cock into her mouth.

Warm rushes raced from her gut to her face, skin flushed and sweating with the pent-up hunger that Allie always struggled to keep beneath the surface. Her pussy was on fire, and her hand pushed aside the slim scrap of blue cloth that covered her privates and felt the heat of the blossom beneath. Her throat tightened around an involuntary moan, the sound muted by the throbbing flesh in her mouth.

Unable to resist, unable to help herself, Allie was swept along in the flood. Her fingers dived, rubbing a tentative outline of the dewy lips and then sliding up to flick her clit with a shock that sent her whole body buzzing. Blood rushed in her ears and she felt herself dripping, an eager trickle from her sex that flooded her thighs until they matched the slippery girth in her hand.

Fingers curled into her thick hair and tugged roughly, Marcus deciding on a change a pace. Allie gave up control, sending both hands to her slit, lost in the whirlwind of sparks that flooded her brain with pleasure. The warm cock thrusting in her mouth was her focus, her axis, the potent male force upon which her existence spun. Fingers scraping and rubbing, she buried a finger, then two, into her cunt, reaching frantically for the searing itch that burned her insides.

She could feel their eyes watching, crawling over the skin of her back, washed orange by the flickering firelight of the wide hearth: brigands, soldiers, scoundrels, thieves, leering their approval of the pre-teen girl slurping enthusiastically under the barroom table. She didn't care. Her body jerked in horny desperation as if possessed, brain sizzling in her skull like eggs in a fire. When Marcus was done with her mouth, she'd hop on and let him ride her pussy, and then she'd take the other men. She wanted it, craved it with a pulsing ache that sent her pussy muscles flaring around her fingers and her throat twisting into another pleading moan. She'd take them two at a time, three, as many as they wanted, impaling herself on their flesh and screaming with orgasm until cum filled every gaping stretch of her insides.

The rough tip slammed home, making her gag. Marcus reared back and speared her again, burying the tip of his bulging organ in her throat. Allie's nostrils flared in chugging breaths, snot mixing with the greasy cocktail of spit and precum frothing around her lips. She had never been good at deep-throat, not with someone so wide, but the gnarled hands gripping her hair brooked no argument. Tears streaming from her eyes, she tried not to choke on the beating cadence of flesh slamming cruelly into her windpipe. Her mouth pulled at the pounding prick with a hungry suction, fluid bubbling from the seal where her lips stretched tightly around the rigid shaft. Whimpering, ears buzzing and eyes rolling with the pounding of her skull, she thrust her fingers as deep inside herself as she could go and screamed hysterically as her body erupted in orgasm like a volcano and searing lava poured into her throat.

Allie swirled helplessly in a primal current of ecstasy, blood thundering in her ears, cunt rippling in giddy shockwaves around her fingers. She saw white. Breathe, she thought. Focus. One of her nostrils was plugged. Choking. The pressure in her ears mounted to a loud ringing. Breathe. Fluid was in her lungs, her chest clenched. Breathe. Her hands hurt - they were pounding, slapping reflexively against bulky thighs. Her throat spasmed around the scalding iron rod inside it.

Marcus finally pulled her off with a vicious tug. Allie bent over, coughing and sputtering, sucking air through her ragged windpipe.


The hand yanked her head back and forced her to look up at him.

"Swallow, or no deal."

Quivering from lack of breath, she gulped, neck arched painfully under his grip. The smooth deposits of melting sperm slid down her throat. She swallowed again, then wiped at her face, coming away with tears and dollops of stray cum, and she licked her fingers clean one by one while staring up at him.

"Good." He said, smile bloated with vile satisfaction. "How wonderful to know that the Order still has possession of the skills they're famed for. Buckle me up."

She did so with shaking hands, taking a peek over her shoulder with a guilty glance. The men were watching of course. One table appeared to have placed lots on the outcome, and they were quietly dividing up the pot. The waitress, a Felis - the species of reclusive catgirls - was standing in muted shock with her tray held against her rumpled blouse, ears back and tail bristling from under a tattered skirt. She looked frightened. The audience may have been curious, but the girl's skimpy uniforms marked them clearly, and no man would ever be such a fool as to interfere with Mage business, no matter how lurid. A magic-user could take care of themselves.

Still coughing the last bits of phlegm and semen out of her lungs, Allie crawled back onto the bench, cheeks burning with shame. She avoided her sister's gaze, fixing Marcus with a glare instead. There hadn't been any other way. She could have fought him, maybe held him aloft and whipped him with air until he talked then left him for dead, but such a man had powerful friends, and she couldn't afford any more enemies.

"Down to business then, I imagine," he chuckled snidely. "I know who you're looking for.

Marcus took a self-satisfied swig from his mug. "The last time I saw her was at the Ducal palace in Cesselonia nearly a week ago. She had a nice little job for me, with more than a little bit of pay. Spoilage and fun, as we say in the business. All we had to do was burn off some of the supplies of a royal force coming to reinforce the city. 200 men, maybe 20 mages. Said she preferred we didn't kill anyone neither - just a few canisters of oil and a torch, and we sent the wagons up in flames and cut the traces of all the horses for good measure too."

"You attacked a royal company?"

"Ey now, don't look at me like that girl," Marcus sneered. "Just a few conked noggins and a lot of smoke in their eyes, and I didn't have to spend a single man. I like that low-risk, high-reward kind of work. Enough for us to eat, and buy ourselves some good company for a while. The fresh kind, if you know what I mean." The grin spoke volumes.

Allie sighed. "What does she look like?"

"Oh she's...she's..." his eyes took on a faraway look. "Beautiful. Perfect, like a queen - the kind of woman makes a man contemplate giving up his sword for. Hmm, she wore white both times I saw her - white dress, white gloves, white slippers. A ruby necklace too, I remember that, and black hair down to her ankles. Gorgeous tits too, full and soft, not sagging like the dried-up wenches here, the kind you want to grab and..." he looked down at his hands distractedly.

"Her face?"

"Well now-" Marcus rubbed his chin. "Don't recall I ever saw her face. She wore a mask, shape of a bird - you know, those filthy white ones that taste like a hog's anus if you cook em."

"A dove?"

Marcus thumped his mug, sloshing the drink inside. "That's the one. She was wearing it both times we met."

"What was the other time?"

"The temple at Rockford. You know the place?"

Allie nodded. The mountain town was popular among the aristocracy for its hot springs, and the temple was sought by travellers seeking blessings and absolution. "It was the same there. Easy work and easy money. Don't ask me to tell you the job though. You ain't paid me enough."

She sighed, suddenly tired. "That's it?"

He nodded, raising his mug to his lips and draining it in a gulp.

"Fine." Allie grabbed her sister's hand.

"Ey now if you want any more information, you know where to find me." He sneered as the girls stood up. "Bring your cute little sister too, I want to see how she compares." He winked at Katy, who withered under his gaze as Allie pulled her away.

Allie looked down at her shaking hands as they left the tavern. She wanted to kill him. She should have killed him. When had she become so ruthless? The idea of killing used to repulse her. She had been a gentle girl, working with her father on the farm, helping her sister with her letters and reading to her at night. She had wanted to raise horses. That was all years past. Now she had only one thing left to protect.

After helping Katy onto her pony, she mounted her own horse with a jump. The girls pulled their cloaks tight around them and trotted out into the night.

"Do you think he's telling the truth?" Katy asked.

Allie looked back at her sister. "Did you see his eyes?"

" I didn't."

"Compulsion. She affected him, somehow, but..."

Allie trailed off. The spell apparently hadn't extended so far as to keep Marcus from talking freely about the woman. Had she just been so careless that she didn't cover her tracks? Or was it confidence? It didn't sit right with her.

"Allie, are we going to Cesselonia?"

"Yes. The duchy is presided by the house of Anzer. The dove, it's their house symbol. Someone at the palace will know something."

"Oh." Katy rode her pony in silence beside her sister's, wearing a somber expression.

They passed through the city gate. The dirt road was a serpent twisting over the low hills, flooded by naked starlight. Allie kicked her horse to a trot, wanting to put the town behind them, trying to ignore the salty taste lingering in her mouth. She would do what she needed to protect her sister, to shield her from being taken advantage of any more. That spur was the only way she could beat down the urges inside herself and keep moving each day. Men, she could protect against, but the thought of her little sister being taken by monsters, her pussy fucked relentlessly by the ravenous creatures until she loved it and her belly swelled with monster cum, that was what filled her nightmares.

The peasant girl stumbled as she rounded the corner, hands and feet clawing hysterically at the dirt. Three missiles of bristling fur and snapping teeth followed at her heels.

Katy was peeking over the crennelation, eyes bulging with fright as she watched. "Katy get down!" hissed Allie, yanking her sister to the stone.

Screams came from the base of the wall below them. The Rapewolves had surrounded their prey, toying with the farmgirl and yipping with delight. Allie nocked an eyeball to the weathered stone, being careful to keep her head low.

A rapewolf clamped its teeth on the little girl's skirt and tugged, coming away with a chunk of blue cotton as she jerked the other way in horror. Another leapt at her front and snapped at her blouse. The girl shrieked, slapping at the head hysterically. A powerful twist of the creature's jaw, and the girl's shirt ripped open, exposing a chest that had barely begun to swell with developing breasts. She backpedalled and tripped, and they finished their game, pinning her by her long braid and taking their time pulling the rest of her clothes off as she writhed in the dirt. Saliva dripped from the nipping teeth, coating the girl's body with evidence of their hunger, ignoring her flailing limbs as they licked her skin and inhaled the scent of her pussy, howling with joy as their pack took another bitch to mate.

Predictably, they backed off the sobbing girl at the height of their frenzy, red cocks dangling from their bodies and dripping with excitement. She crawled to her hands and feet instinctively, the last scraps of her tattered modesty hanging pathetically around her waist and legs. She turned to run.

Allie ducked and crouched with her back to the stone before they pounced. The wet grunting and muffled cries told her all she needed to know.

"We have to help her!" Katy's knuckles whitened as she gripped Allie's wrist.

"We can't. Come on."

Allie yanked her sister behind her, crouching for cover as they ran along the battlement to the tower.

The outer city was doomed: inky smoke boiled into the afternoon sky from thatched roofs, and creatures of nightmare prowled the wide streets between the houses, battering down doors and claiming the terrified women inside. Where were the men? Conscripted, probably, with their wives and daughters left to work the fields. She cursed under her breath - damn Marcus to the Abyss, this was what that company was reporting for. Org-reh and Rapewolves leading the charge, smashing the meager defenses to bits, Arachma skittering through the narrow alleys, gargoyles hovering over the rooftops and hunting any stragglers - Allie couldn't remember the last time she had seen a Monstrum force so organized and numerous.

Chaos reigned in the inner city, bells clamoring and soldiers running in every direction, lieutenants screaming to be heard above the din. At least the gates were closed, Allie thought. Maybe the gods would be merciful today. She hadn't spotted any larger monsters on the field yet. If they city had a company of mages, then maybe, just maybe they could repel the invaders with only the loss of the outer city.

She wrestled with herself as they ran, the commander in her yelling orders helplessly in her head. Form a line. Crossbows on that balcony. Spears and swords, box formation, alternating ranks. She wanted to scream at the useless twits milling about like helpless ants in the streets below.

"HEY!" she bellowed at an armored trio in the plaza below. They looked up.

"THE WAGONS!" She pointed at the abandoned vehicles full of market wares. "USE THEM TO BARRICADE THE WEST ENTRANCE! LIGHT THE OIL WHEN YOU SEE THE ENEMY!"

They moved uncertainly, and then hustled when she slashed a furious gesture with her staff, bowing to the authority of a Mage. Useless, but she couldn't resist. At least they didn't recognize her. A year ago the name Alinayah would have spurred them to action, filled them with hope, but nobody would have followed her now.

They kept running. The walls of the city were high and a long span crossed the city from the inner keep to the wall up ahead. The pointed towers of the duchal palace soared into the sky at the far end, pennants flapping, sun gleaming from the tower windows. It was only a mile away. Tears streamed from the corners of her eyes as the girls sprinted, and not just from the wind blowing in her face. Damn them, damn the monsters, damn the Gods. If she could get to the palace, she could find someone who knew of a lady who wore white and the masquerade of a dove, someone who had visited recently, from the house of Anzer. She'd find the Duchess, or the steward, or just any maid who worked in the palace proper. They'd know. They could tell her. She'd make them tell her, or she'd turn them upside down and whip them until they begged to tell her. Her teeth gritted painfully. Damn them.

Stone exploded into flying splinters and she tripped and fell flat into a whirling cloud of dust, smacking her face on the stone. She coughed, smelling blood in her nose.

"ALLIE!" Her sister's scream was a lightning beacon.

"KAT!" She fumbled, hands waving to clear the dust. Her sister was dangling over the ragged gap in the wall, hanging on by her fingertips. Adrenaline surged like fire in Allie's veins as she leaped forward and grabbed her sister by the forearms, pulling with all her might until the girl's chest flopped onto the ragged stone and she could roll upright.

Katy lay stunned, panting, chest streaked with bloody scrapes from being raked across the broken edges of stone. Allie yelped with fright as a pair of enormous grey-green heads loomed up from behind her sister.

She felt frantically for her staff. There, just in reach. The familiar ivory grip soothed her racing panic like ice.

"Move!" She shoved Katy away from the edge and sent her crawling with a slap. She had never seen an Ettu so big! It towered nearly 20 feet high, heads level with the battlement. It had smashed the wall like paper. One head was peering down, occupied with something, but the other had spotted the vulnerable girl, its oversized eye blinking as the dust cloud dissipated. Ettu were easily distracted, their major weakness, but Allie didn't feel very comforted by that fact as an enormous four-fingered hand reached out and grabbed at her.

She somersaulted, narrowly avoiding being pinned by a thumb the size of her head. Spinning and twirling, polished staff flashing like a razor in the sunlight, she drew energy into a violent whirlpool of force and let it explode outward. The stone wall cracked under her feet and loose chips went flying. The Ettu stumbled back with a wounded roar.

She let the threads dissipate and readied her next spell, sparing a backwards glance. Katy was struggling to her feet, hands shaking as she gripped her own staff for support. No pumping blood, superficial wounds. Arms, legs: intact. Slight favor of right foot. Ankles, wrists: ok. No broken bones. Wobble commensurate with blunt trauma: check ribs, concussion, inspect scalp for hidden wounds. Allie assessed the details in an instant, a talent developed from expert training and long practice.

She jerked her head forward and swept her staff in the final motion.

WHERE WAS HE?! The heads had disappeared. Allie caught herself and held her spell, but the energy had already condensed enough to demand form, the tipping of a single pebble that brought the inexorable avalanche. She shaped it as she could, letting it ebb into crackles of violent blue that lanced in the air in front of her.

Skeins of stroke and counterstroke spidered in a calculated web in her mind, her training and experience assessing the situation with tactical precision. Adrenaline distilled each moment to a point of crystal clarity, and Allie already saw her error: in that instant the Ettu has bent to grab its ram, the one it had battered through the wall with, and now brought it high above its head. Her pupils dilated, trying to track the blunted tree trunk into the sun, until it came down like an invisible stroke of doom.

Instinct propelled her off her feet before the explosion did. She tried to control her roll, but her feet caught air and she spun in a dizzy tumble until the gray brick surface reached up and smashed the air from her lungs. Retching, she struggled to draw breath, but her lungs refused to inflate. Stupid! Taking your eyes off the enemy. She felt like a novice on her first day slinging limp-wristed jolts at wooden training dummies.

Indecision was also stupid. The moment that her chest heaved, sucking in the air it desperately needed, she rolled off her stomach to the side, dodging the giant hand that clawed the ground where she had lain an instant earlier. Her staff. Where was it? She lay on her back, coughing, and flipped her head side to side desperately.

All she saw was the naked beast towering above her like a mountain. Ettu were enormous bipeds, muscular, mottled, shockingly ugly, with two arms and two heads that barely added up to a single brain. The monsters also sported two sets of genitals, and from the pair of erect pillars that jutted above her, Allie could see the prize that already had one head so occupied.

She struggled to her feet, just in time to leap to the side again. The ettu clawed at the battlement with its free hand. Allie ducked under the fingers and ran forward in a crouch. She was lucky the other half was distracted, or she would already have been caught. Sunlight glinted from a shaft to the side. There! Her staff. The warrior in her surged with confidence again. She had killed dozens of Ettu. Another proverbial notch on her belt was nothing to write home about. She feinted to one side and darted around the closing fist.

And tripped. A rock smashed spitefully into her toe and she cartwheeled out of control. Instantly the pudgy fingers snaked around her waist like giant steel bands.

"Nooooo!" Allie clawed desperately at the tip of her staff until the ground pulled away beneath her. "NO!"

The ground and sky whirled and switched places, her long hair swishing in her face and then hanging out above her. Upside-down, she felt the moist inhalation flow like a filthy wind across her delicates. The blue dreamcloth flaps of her uniform dangled uselessly, leaving her pussy and ass exposed under the beast's nose. It inhaled, making a cooing sound as if savoring the scent of the little girl in its palm. She felt the slimy flap of its tongue leave a gelatinous trail down her thigh and across her vulva, and kicked her legs helplessly.

Blood was pooling in her head, making her dizzy. Her left arm was free of the fist that enclosed her torso but her right arm was trapped. She pounded her fist against the immovable flesh that encased her. Like one who sees their doom approaching and can't help but look, her eyes were drawn to the wiggling form beneath her.

A poor village girl around 12, hair braided and ribboned as if for a festival, was impaled on a massive phallus. Her arms and legs dangled like a ragdoll and her face writhed with a gruesome mixture of horror and pleasure as the fist circling her slender waist pumped her in long strokes on the thick shaft. The rent strips of her dress trailed out from between the huge fingers, swinging in the air, and Allie figured the beast must have taken a break for some fun in the outer city before moving to the inner wall to make way for its brethren. The pussy of the little girl was stretched into a shocking crater, flesh straining around a plunging girth as big as her leg, and her stomach bulged visibly at the bottom of each eager thrust.

Allie struggled as the world righted itself around her, pounding with her free hand, screaming against the gods of fortune, against the fate in front of her. The creature lowered her down to the other girl's level, giving a terrifying closeup. Monster cum was infectious, transformative. Some Conversion effects were quite rapid. Ettu spunk seeped in almost immediately, an overwhelming aphrodisiac that granted pain relief, heightened senses, energy, hyperelasticity of muscles on contact. The permanent changes to the pelvis and womb took longer, but practical intercourse with the substantial reproductive organ of an Ettu could be achieved by most girls immediately. Allie's brain recalled each word into her consciousness with a cruel clarity. She had been a good student. She did an essay on Ettu. She had even made a diorama.

"KAAAAAAAT!" Allie screamed with all her might. "KATY DO SOMETHING!" The white spot on the wall moved in her blurry vision. Allie heard a spark and smelled ozone. Katy tried again, crying, swinging her staff. A tiny flame puffed into smoke on the breeze.

The other girl's frenzied cries clamored in her ears, incoherent wails undulating with the rhythmic pleasure of her body.

Allie thrashed, working her captured arm behind her back. The large fingers rippled around her, stroking her soft flesh and enjoying the soft yield of the tender girl's body. Her arms had some play. She reached for her hip sheath and then pulled her arm free of the massaging fingers. Funny, the other mages had always laughed and told her these things would be useless.

Allie could feel the dreamcloth ripping under the giant's pinching fingers, her delicate mage uniform coming apart. Not that the frail garment yielded any kind of protection, or armor, or really guarded her privates against prying eyes if the wind blew wrong, but it had been part of her for so long that she felt naked without it. The Ettu's cock was a ugly as the rest of it, misshapen with nodules and sporting a lopsided bulb at the end that passed for a glans. The fist lowered Allie down until the gruesome thing was pressed between her legs and squeezing up against her slit. Greasy precum rubbed onto her thighs and her mouth filled with bile as the urgent pressure began to spread her pussy lips. She took a deep breath and grit her teeth.

And stabbed the creature right in the dick. Both heads howled in pain and the fist squeezed her waist and then dropped her. She whipped the blade out and grabbed the giant's thumb, using her momentum to vault upwards into a somersault, landing with both feet planted on the hefty digit. Instantly, she sprinted up the muscled arm before the creature could react. A warning came from the flexing bicep and she vaulted off the arm an instant before it swept out from under her. Her fist rammed the stiletto into a pectoral and she used it to swing her body to the opposite shoulder, leaving the blade behind.

She was a warrior, killer instinct honed by the finest trainers in the kingdom and years of experience. The clumsy brute slapped down, and she leapt again, dancing like wind, landing on the back of the hand that had tried to crush her. Veins pumping with acid rage, she grabbed the blade from her other hip and vaulted forward, both hands driving the point straight into the bulging eye of the occupied head as it turned to look at her. She spat for good measure, and then slipped into a controlled skid down the enraged creature's chest.

Allie hit the ground and the staff was in her hand by the time she came out of the roll, twisting in a graceful arc, each movement fluid and calculated, flowing into the next and building power in the same motion. A foot stomped down and she whirled effortlessly, ending with the staff pointing up. A blade of wind arced upward, sharper than steel, and severed the pumping cock at the base, leaving a stump that spurted blood and sending the village girl careening into crazy circles in midair before she struck the ground, the twitching shaft still buried inside her.

The brute's screams were music. She danced to the bloody ballad between mountains of smashing death, spinning a pirouette around one wide swing, ducking under another like quicksilver. Both fists came up together, the stupid gambit telegraphed as clear as the sun in the sky. Allie smiled, and hopped back, ignoring the fists that crashed down like boulders an inch in front of her nose. She pointed her staff and the A'sham on the end glowed cherry red as a cone of fire shot upwards in roaring waves. Screaming in pain, the Ettu stumbled backwards.

It was the opening she needed. Charged threads of fire and wind already on the breeze, ephemeral particles seeping back into the weave, earth still thrumming with force where it had been cracked. She drew them all together, an invisible vortex twisting up into the sky, and slashed down with her staff.

A meteor hurtled from the clouds like the fist of an angry god and slammed into the Ettu's chest with a detonation that ripped the air open. Allie flew backward and landed on her shoulder on the grass, ears ringing. Everyone in 10 square miles had probably heard that.

"Allie!" Katy climbed the last few feet down the shattered wall and embraced her sister. Allie tried to shake the dizziness from her head. Her sister was glued around her neck, hugging her, sobbing. Allie pulled them both into the shadow of a massive block that had toppled from the broken wall.

"It's ok, I'm ok." She patted Katy on the back, trying to console her. "It's alright now Kat." It almost hadn't been though. Her heart still beat in thready terror from the close call. She had never lost her discipline like that before. It was seeing that girl, impaled and struggling ... she had seen herself there again. The moment of panic had almost cost her everything. She was slipping, and when she fell, Katy would pay the price.

Allie peeked out. Grass still sparked and crackled in a wide perimeter around the smoldering corpse. The high hill afforded a wide view of the doom below them: smoke and screams, women and girls writhing in the transition from pain to pleasure. She had killed one Ettu but there were dozens more prowling the streets of the outer city, smashing and looting and finding wiggling little girls to jab on their cocks like trophies. She watched an Org squad shatter the barricaded door of a school and hoot with pleasure as they grabbed their picks from the cowering girls inside. Distant howls marked the Rapewolves as they exulted in the thrill of the chase, pursuing their prey down the narrow alleys between buildings, eager snarls turning to grunts of animal pleasure as they tore the clothes from their new bitches and penetrated their waiting cunts with pointed cocks. Allie spotted several loping through an intersection, squirming girls held to their furry bellies by the strong tentacle-like appendages that grew from the creature's abdomens. A Rapewolf could hold a struggling bitch to its body easily, twitching cock buried inside, as it fought or made its getaway.

A belated resistance began to form, crossbowmen massing on the walls above the wide gate to the inner city, but she knew it wouldn't be enough. It never was.

"Allie." She looked down at Katy. Her sister was clutching the ragged shreds of her Allie's skirt, twisting the silky material nervously as she watched the scene through teary eyes. "We have to help."

Allie pushed away from her sister's grasp. "We can't help them." It was true. A pair of massive goliaths had charged from the enemy ranks and were battering the iron gate with their fists, ignoring the slew of bolts raining down on them. The men were bringing a ballista to bear, but Allie knew it was just a matter of time. The monsters had fielded a massive force, one of the largest she had ever seen, and almost nobody was left to defend the city. It was doomed. The palace was still a mile away but even if she could get there, it would already be in chaos. Cesselonia would become just another stronghold of the monsters, the women turned to willing breeders to bolster the enemy's numbers.

"We'll never find anything here," she said, grinding her teeth. The passion was a coiling flame in her loins, threatening to explode, but she tamped it down, turning it to anger as she always did.

Katy took her hand, her sister's slender fingers twining through her own. "Please," she begged. The word was an icicle in Allie's heart that filled her with shame. She looked down at her sister's pleading expression, seeing the ruddy trails that the tears had left in the dirt on her sister's face. It was hopeless, stupid. Time wasted here was time wasted not finding a way to stop the monsters for good, but the 9-year-old girl's pleading expression almost broke Allie's heart.

She squeezed her sister's hand. "Link with me." Katy was useless in battle, but at least Allie could draw on her strength.

The familiar flutter of potential swelled in the air around her like a warm breeze, infinitely small motes pulling into an ebb, then a flow, then a river of power that whirled invisibly as the magic condensed about her. Allie fed it into an infinitesimal point, drawing from the wellspring inside both of them and feeding the energy into a raging speck that manifested as a flickering flame just above the A'sham on her staff. A rising pitch, almost inaudible, screamed higher and higher until it passed the range of her hearing.

Her black hair floated weightlessly in the breeze. She quivered on the brink of euphoria, brimming with the magic she had brought forth and sculpted into form. Holding so much power was almost ecstasy. She was one of the strongest mages in the kingdom and her sister was no less a fountain of raw energy, though she could only command it in certain ways. It was tempting to draw more, to plunge fully into the seductive current of primal vitality that surged invisibly behind the curtain of reality, but Allie resisted. Having a sole mage command such a stream of power was dangerous, but Allie was disciplined enough to draw to her limits and no farther.

A tiny red bead hovered in the air, a maelstrom of fury compressed to a point. Allie drew the tip of her staff in a circle, stirring the air and swirling the mote above it like a leaf on the surface of a pond. Once, twice, a third time, and then she twirled around and made a flinging motion with her staff, sending the tiny dot hurtling towards the forces at the gate.

It seemed nothing would happen. Allie ducked behind the stone block and pulled her sister down, counting down in her head.

The explosion rocked the earth under her feet and split the air with a deafening roar. The massive blast immolated everything in front of the gate in a gout of flame, rising into the air in a fiery mushroom and sending debris thundering in all directions. Allie kept her head down and waited for the grass to stop blowing sideways and the ringing in her ears to go away before peeking over the barrier. The field in front of the gate was a blackened crater strewn with burning corpses. The monsters at the gate had been decimated.

Her surge of pride lasted right up to the horrifying instant that a bolt slammed into the stone an inch in front of her nose. Time stopped and fear turned her veins to ice. A wooden shaft, black horsehair fletches, a blunted tip with a tiny needle protruding from the divot in the center: her heart beat the longest pump of her life as the familiar object fell to the ground. A viscous brown liquid coated the tip of the needle, a single droplet falling in slow motion to the dirt beneath.

Eyes scanning the field in terror, she saw him: a Centaurum, a hundred yards away. He was reloading.

Dread stretched each instant to a lifetime. Less than an inch in front of her nose - she grabbed Katy's hand in a panic - less than a fucking inch - she drew power and her A'sham glowed - the changing breeze the only thing that kept the needle from entering her neck, filling her veins with the brown poison that paralyzed its prey. Anger fired the force that she used to twist a hole in the air - just a delicate prick in her jugular, the light wood bouncing away without hurting - she yanked her sister's arm and practically threw her through the portal - her mind fixated on the image, no pain, just a light giddiness as the creatures rode up at their leisure, her sister, bent over a mount in a Centaurum stable, pussy stuffed with horse cock, herself lying on the hay, belly swelling with colts, knowing nothing but the eager anticipation of her next mating. Instinct carried her muscles as her brain failed, and she leaped through the portal behind her sister.

Allie rolled over on the grass, groaning. Making a portal was exhausting, not to mention risky, and she hadn't exactly taken the time to do it right. The pounding drum of a headache beat incessantly near the front of her head.

She opened her eyes when she felt a cool rag placed on her forehead. Katy was kneeling next to her, a goofy smile plastered on her face.

"That was so awesome Allie." Her sister bubbled with admiration. "You just took all that fire and squeezed it down and threw it and then, boom! Dead monsters."

Allie sat up. Her muscles were trembling now that the adrenaline was wearing off.

"What the HELL were you doing back there?" She glared at Katy.


Allie grabbed her sister's arm, holding it like a vice.

"You need to LISTEN Katy. I was ready to go and you made us stop." She could still see it in her mind's eye, playing back a thousand times a second, the bolt striking the stone in front of her eyes and sending a tiny chip flying. The horniness surged up in her gut and she pushed it back down. It returned as a red fury.

"When I say stay Katy you STAY!" She shook her sister's arm. "And when I fucking say go you GO! You need to fucking LISTEN to me Kat! You keep your head down and you DO WHAT I SAY or the next time WE WON'T FUCKING GET OUT!" So close, first the Ettu and then that damned Centaurum sneaking up on them. So close. All she could see was her 9-year-old sister, bouncing on the cock of an Org-reh 10 times her size, like the girl in Uragh's fortress, wiggling and whimpering as the organ split her pussy wide open, panting as her pain turned to pleasure.

She was dimly aware she was yanking her sister's arm. Katy was sobbing.

"Stop it Allie! I'm sorry!" The smaller girl was pulling back against the grip. "Don't shout at me!"

Allie let go abruptly, and Katy toppled back onto her butt. She had been shouting. She hadn't even realized it. She looked down at her hands, curled with rage. That bolt, hitting the stone, playing over and over in her mind. The same old passion, just below the surface. She couldn't control it anymore.

Kat was scrubbing the tears on her face, smearing the soot and dirt. Allie wilted inside, seeing the white bands on her sister's arm where she had grabbed it. Kat was right, she didn't deserve to be shouted at. The decision to stay had been Allie's alone. It was always her decision. She had to hold people's lives in her hands and throw them away. It wasn't fair. The world was cruel to force such a burden on her.

"I'm...I'm sorry Kat." She clasped her little sister's hands and then hugged her. "I'm sorry. It's just...I thought I almost lost you." The anger was gone, for the moment. "Please forgive me Kat."

Allie buried her face in her sister's hair, dampening them with tears of her own. Katrina was the only bright spot of her life. Her family was gone. Her friends were taken. Katy was all she had left. She hugged her sister like she was drowning, rocking her on the grass and whispering to her as the sun dipped below the mountain ridge, trying to banish the feeling that in the end she would lose herself and drive even her sister away.

The lee in the mountain pass was safe, even cozy. It was the closest thing Allie had had to a home in years. Most towns weren't safe anymore, even if the monsters didn't threaten them. Brigands and thieves and murderers flourished after the breakdown of the public order, and while few would willingly choose to tangle with a Mage, Allie still didn't want to take any more risks than she had to.

Katy moved about in the twilight, setting up the campsite. After preparing the cooking pit, she took a pot to fill with water. The small pool was fed by a trickle that cascaded down the mountain slope from the pair of peaks high above. Allie watched as her sister bent down at the edge of the pool and placed a palm in the water. After a moment, the pool began to glow with a blue-green brilliance that played rippling shadows across the stone around them.

Katy hung the pot above the growing fire to boil. Allie knew it would be fresh and clean, fortified by magic to restore strength and help heal wounds - it even smelled nice, filling the campsite with the aroma of rose petals. Another of her sister's rare talents. Allie reflected on how the instructors at the Mage academy had been too foolish to develop her abilities. They only wanted warriors, so they had made use of the girl in other ways.

Allie sighed as she rested propped against a stump. She still felt drained - making a portal inevitably drew almost all the strength from a Mage - but at least the headache had gone away. Every magic user in a hundred miles could feel the pulsing warp of a portal being made, but she had spent a week carefully warding this place so that no magic could follow her portal to its destination here - a difficult trick few others could master. Portals were too risky otherwise. Org Mages could sense them, or magic-sensitive foes like Fiends, and leaving a magical trail was increasingly dangerous these days.

She fiddled with her uniform, trying to salvage the ripped cloth and bent allocite. The blue dreamcloth flap that concealed her privates was ripped in two and wouldn't conceal much of anything now. Taking a needle and thread from her pack, she relocated the dreamcloth to her chest, trying to cover up the left half of her bare chest where the allocate frame had been ripped away. She had some scraps of linen - rags really - and would use those to try to cover up down below. The cloth would dissolve from magical corrosion the next time she condensed energy, leaving her pussy exposed, but it was better than nothing. The skirt was little more than translucent streamers now, and the diaphanous wrap around her shoulders was a disaster. She snipped them both away.

Potatoes and carrots and a scrap of salted meat went into the water, the last of their food stores. Katy stirred the pot as it heated. It wasn't much, but even a thin stew sounded like a feast to Allie.

They had time while the food cooked. "Tell me about Org-reh battle tactics," Allie said. She had been drilling Katy in Monstrum science every night. The girl couldn't defend herself with magic, but every little bit of knowledge helped.

"They prefer large regiments." Katy had spread their bedroll by the fire for warmth and was sitting cross-legged on it. "They only fight when they outnumber their enemies, and flee otherwise. They prefer to use raw strength and their massive size and strength to win, but sometimes employ siege weapons when attacking settlements."

Textbook. "How do they arm themselves?"

"Axes and clubs and whatever they can get their hands on, really..."

"And?" prompted Allie.

"Well sometimes they uh...armor themselves. In girls I mean. The girls they capture." Katy swallowed. "Naked girls. They think it's funny. It's pretty effective because people don't want to fight back."

Allie knew first-hand. "Slaver habits."

"They take women and girls of all ages, and the amount of slaves they possess is a measure of a commander's success. Higher-ranking Org get first pick, and they usually take the younger girls."

"Breeding," Allie prompted.

Katy swallowed. "They breed constantly. Exposure to Org-reh cum widens and lengthens the vaginal canal, making it suitable for the Org phallus, along with toughening the flesh and drastically increasing sensation and pleasure." Katy was staring straight ahead as she recited, trying not to look at her sister. "Conversion is effected in one week for the first tier, 2 weeks for the second, and 4 months for the third. They breed new slaves constantly until pregnancy and..." Katy trailed off nervously.

Allie held up her hand. "It's ok." She searched for another topic. "Tell me how you avoid being caught by a Crag."

"Their bodies live underground and their mouths blend into the surface. Avoid odd and discolored patches of the ground. Stick to uneven, sloped surfaces. Probe with magic from a distance, or a long pole."

Katy was getting better. Monstrum science was revolting, but maybe the practice would save her life someday. "Where do you strike an Ettu for maximum effect?"

"In the cock of course."

Allie nodded. "How do you fight Rapewolves?"

"Use wide-burn fires to corral the pack and-"

Katy stopped when she noticed her big sister frowning at her.

"Oh. I don't fight Rapewolves. You told me never to fight Rapewolves. I run when I hear howling and use magic to cover my scent. No matter what."

"What is a Mage's fourth mantra?" Allie asked.

"Never lose your staff."


"A staff is a Mage's primary tool. It lets us draw magic and-"

"No," snapped Allie. "Remember your lessons. Your magic comes from you. The A'sham in a staff bolsters your focus on the wave, but is not strictly necessary. The ancient mages of Aen Sielle didn't need staves."

"Right." Katy continued on, eager to redeem herself. "Magic is inherent, but there are no known magical traits in current human stock that are sufficiently attuned to the weave to cast without the assistance of an A'sham." The little girl grinned. "Except for me."

Allie nodded. She didn't know if her sister's talents were atavistic or an evolution of human magical ability. An A'sham seemed to help her, but she could condense her own brand of magic without a staff.

"Describe the Squick in detail."

"Oh." Katy fumbled for a moment. "Um, they're hard. Let me get my Monstrum Factorum..."

"No. From memory." Allie didn't want her to check the book. The Monstrum Factorum was an indispensable resource, an elaborate volume that every mage was trained from. First-year Mages received their own copy and carried it around as a personal bible, and the pages were filled with extensive information about every known fact of the monster races: methods, battle tactics, anatomy, breeding, Conversion effects of their semen, and for some reason Allie could never quite figure out, detailed diagrams of each species in sexual intercourse with young girls in excruciating anatomical detail. Given the fate of most mages these days, those pages seemed like a cruel promise.

"A Squick begins life as a small blue tentacle about 4 inches in length. They move primarily by lateral undulation, like a snake, but the unique properties of its skin give it sufficient traction for rapid vertical movement on any surface, including human flesh."

Allie was impressed. Katy had been studying hard. She could recite from rote of course, but she had also been mastering a lot of the new words she had found in the Monstrum text.

"A baby Squick likes to lurk near running water and wait for a girl to come near, then they move up the leg rapidly and enter the vagina. Um, they grow rapidly after that, and wiggle around a lot. The girl has frequent orgasms and Conversion makes them act protective towards it within 24 hours. The Squick keeps one end of itself in the girl's pussy and grows out into a network of branching tentacles that wrap all around her thighs and body, staying hidden under her clothes. Within a week they're several feet long, and they like to rub the girl's body and penetrate her anus for more stimulation. The more she orgasms, the faster they grow. When they're ready to split, a Converted girl will get another girl alone, then grab her and hold her down as the Squick rooted in her pussy rapes the other girl. They can divide this way, and the result is usually two Squicks, one for each girl.

"Once there are enough of them they get pretty aggressive and move to their second stage." Katy frowned. "But I can't remember what it is. Sorry Allie."

"That's ok. You did good Kat. I'll tell you about Thracks." Allie remembered the chapter from her own Monstrum text in great detail. "Squicks aren't really separate entities as we know them. They're more like a hive, but that's not quite right either.

She went on in a lecturing tone. "Once enough Squicks have infested a community, they bond with their hosts and each other. Each Squick can grow into a bundle of tentacles, each one independently strong and capable of subduing a girl and ejaculating inside her. In the second stage, they join with the nervous system of their host through the vaginal walls and can no longer be removed from the vagina. The squick becomes aggressive and so does the girl, desperately seeking out any remaining uninfected prey. A girl in this stage has up to half a dozen tentacles sprouting from her pussy, and they can subdue multiple victims at once with their flexibility and reach, coiling around arms and legs and pulling the victim close before raping and joining with them.

"Strengthening and thickening of each tentacle continues until they enter their final stage. They will select a den in a dark place with running water and congregate there, seeking each other out psionically. The tentacles wrap around each host that joins, binding them together, and continuing to grow. The end result is a Thrack, a tangled mass of squirming tentacles and girls bound within them. Conjoined Squicks share a nervous system, and this also connects with the nervous system of the girls, so that all of the bodies are joined together in the orgiastic energy of the common nervous network of tentacles that bind them.

"Thracks don't leave their den, but they call out to humans with their psionic powers, enticing even more girls into their lair to be added to their mass. They also shed new larval Squicks constantly, using the water to spread their offspring. There have only been 3 known incidents of a Thrack growing to maturity, but each one devastated the village it occurred in. The Conversion of any girl in a Thrack is total. They cannot be separated, and the victims exist in a state of continuous sexual ecstasy that grows with each new woman added.

The sound of boiling liquid broke the silence after Allie finished her lecture. Steam was wafting from the pot, filling the camp with the pleasant smell of dinner. "Ok, that's enough for now Kat. Remember to read one new chapter a day."

Allie leaned back against a rock as Katy served the stew. Barely any vegetables, barely any meat, little more than broth, but somehow it still made her stomach rumble. She accepted her bowl wordlessly. Why had she quizzed Katy on Org? That was a day 1 lesson. Unconscious, probably. The memories were never far from her mind.

It was tasteless, but at least the stew left a warm feeling in her belly. Katy banked the fire higher as Allie rinsed the utensils in the pool, enjoying the comforting green glow.

"Ok, let's wash up," she said.

Katy joined her at the pool and the girls began to strip what little clothing they had. A Mage's uniform was a scant affair, and expensive. Normal clothing would disintegrate rapidly when in close proximity to condensed magical energy, with cloth rotting away in minutes and leather following in a matter of hours. Allocite and dreamcloth, both imbued with magical properties and extremely difficult to create, along with various hardened gemstones, were the only resistant materials, and so that was what could be afforded to cover the bodies of the little girls who wielded magic. The gems were actually the cheapest part.

Allie pulled off the sparse remnants of her mended uniform until she was naked, and then helped her sister. Katy's garb was that of a first-year acolyte: a thin frame of the flexible golden metal that ran down her spine and branched into 3 pairs of ribs that curved around her torso under her arms. The top ribs connected together by a clasp inlaid with a small diamond, the small fixture resting on the skin between the girl's breasts. Blue dreamcloth flaps hung from the upper ribs, the loose cloth all that kept the girl's nipples covered. The middle ribs didn't stretch as far around and the bottom ones, closest to her hips, were even farther apart, leaving the smooth tummy bare. Allie helped her undo the clasp and pull the frame off, revealing her little sister's naked chest.

The armlets were a thin allocite bracelet sewn to the bottom end of a white dreamcloth sleeve that covered half of the lower arm. Filmy and delicate, the cloth was woven so thin that it was translucent, and the material rippled with an iridescent sheen in the firelight as Katy pulled them off. Her torc followed, an allocite band etched in a twisting pattern and studded with rubies, and Allie helped pull the tiara and its tiny backing chain from her hair.

Katy grinned, naked skin gleaming golden on one side from the firelight and reflecting aquamarine ripples from the pool on the other. "Remember the watering hole back home? We used to strip and swim in it every summer when it got hot. Those boys would watch us from the bushes and we would pretend we didn't know they were there."

Allie smiled as she remembered the long summer days spent with her sister. "Yeah. It was fun. But they got a lot more careful after I chased them away." Allie had charged them on a dare from Katy, naked and dripping, yelling as she flailed at the bushes like a maniac. They had run away screaming about crazy girls. "This pool's a bit too small to swim in though."

Allie bent and helped her sister pull down her skirt, a meager scrap of pleated diaphanous dreamcloth just like the armbands. It did nothing to hide the girl's hips, and was so short it didn't even stretch to the bottom of her rump. It was just for show, really. Underneath were the standard-issue bottoms for a mage: an allocite chain of hundreds of tiny links, hugging her waist and hips, sewn with a hanging blue dreamcloth flap on both the front and back sides. The free-floating cloth barely reached mid-thigh. It was the sick joke of her order: the Magi would take in little girls and train them for years, but couldn't be bothered to cover them so their nipples and hairless pussies weren't exposed every time the breeze blew wrong. Allie was pretty sure they liked it that way. The soldiers definitely seemed to like it.

They helped each other unlace the long ties that wrapped their lower thighs so they could pull off their slippers. "Ok, come on," Allie said. " You do my back, then I'll do yours." Katy followed her sister into the pool and they both sat down to wash.

The enchanted water was comfortably warm and the rosey fragrance soothed her aching muscles like a balm. Allie dunked her head and ran her fingers through her hair, then surfaced, basking in the rivulets draining down her face and chest. Tension had wound her muscles like a ratchet. She shook her arms, trying to loosen them, trying to ignore the tingle that had been growing between her legs since she had started undressing her sister. Warm water, splash, inhale. Relax. If ever she wanted to relax, it was now. Her sister's fingers rubbed lather on her back, gently scrubbing from her shoulders down to her butt. Splash, wash your throat and chest. Relax. Kat massaged her hips in intimate circles. Her cheeks were burning. She couldn't relax.

"My turn," Katy announced gaily. Allie turned around and lathered the sliver of coarse soap. Kat looked so small, so fragile, a tiny brunette barely over 4 feet huddling in a shallow mountain pool. She bent and sloshed noisily, carefree, innocent and unconcerned with what waited in the world outside. Allie felt her throat flush crimson. Relax. Deep breaths. She gathered Katy's long hair and pushed the wet strands over the shoulder so she could work. The canvas of her sister's naked back welcomed her like an old friend, speckled with shining droplets and light freckles, delicate shoulderblades working as Katy dunked and rinsed her hair. Breathe. The water on Allie's face felt like it was boiling off into steam. So many nights they had gone to bed this way, pulled close to each other with Katy's back to her big sister's chest. She thumbed the familiar little birthmark on the shoulder - "Toad! Toad!", she had always teased, when they played on the farm, and Katy would scream and chase her, trying to make her take it back. Katy said her birthmark was a horse, and it was Allie's sacred duty as big sister to correct her. Allie wondered when they had outgrown such games. Relax. Breathe. It wasn't working.

Scrubbing and rinsing, pausing only to coax more lather from the reluctant soap, Allie cleaned her sister's backside, working from the shoulders down to her bottom, then they took turns with the soap to wash the rest of their bodies. Allie trembled in the water. Face, neck, chest, arms, armpits, stomach, legs, feet. She didn't dare touch her crotch. Her hands shook, and she panted as her heart began to race.

Finally clean, the girls shook themselves off and crouched on the bedroll by the fire to dry out. Allie tried to stare into the flames and forget herself, but her body felt like it was burning up with the logs. The tingling had grown to ravenous itch and she struggled to keep her hands on her legs.

"Allie." She jumped, startled. Katy had a hand on her leg, looking concerned. "Your hands were shaking in the pool. They're still shaking." Allie looked down and forced them to still.

"It's getting bad again, isn't it?"

"No." Allie sat up straighter and wrapped her arms around her legs protectively. She was dry everywhere but where it mattered.

"I know it's hard, but you don't have to suffer. You're punishing yourself again."

"Leave me alone." Allie pushed Katy's hand away. "I'm fine."

Katy had a wounded look. "It doesn't help to pretend. You know it comes out one way or another."

"I said I'm fine!" Allie snapped. Her insides were a roiling pot, hungry waves crashing and bubbling over into anger. She gritted her teeth and stared into the fire.

Gently, Katy put her hand back on Allie's leg. "Please let me help you Kaiyah."

Allie winced. Katy hadn't called her that in years. It was a name for a second-daughter, given to honor Kree, the goddess of the hearth. It would have been her name, if her parents hadn't inexplicably decided to name her Alinayah instead, after the old warrior queen. Kara, Kaiyah, and Katrina - the names followed the ancient triple forms of the divine, and daughters that bore names in the holy style were said to receive a blessing from the gods that their names honored. Kara and Katrina, they had good names. They hadn't been bullied endlessly by the girls in the village like Allie had. Nari, Nola, Nat, her cousins, they had traditional names. But her parents had always been a bit unconventional, and never cared much for tradition.

Kree. Her parents had probably expected early marriages to homely farmers for their other daughters. Allie never knew what they had expected from her. So much for blessings - Allie hadn't seen her eldest sister since Arachma took the town of Anson and turned it into a nest.

Katy, sweet little Kat who adored her older sister, was the only one she had confided in. Staying up late at nights in their bed, giggling and trading secrets by candlelight, Katy could whisper the name that Allie had always wanted. And for a moment, it was almost like that again: her lovely sister, hand on Allie's thigh, body shining naked in the firelight and eyes beckoning a wordless invitation.

"I...I..." Allie stuttered. Her sister was as irresistible as ever, dimpled cheeks bracketing tender lips, perky nubs budding from the flat sweep of her chest. Allie's eyes hungrily followed the silhouette of her sister's backside down to the pair of round cheeks, to the tiny flower peeking from between her legs.

She grabbed her sister's hand before it could move lower. "Kat..." she started, then trailed off again. It wasn't the same, could never be the same. The old ache burned beneath her stomach, but she forced it away, and the anger threatened to spill over again.

"Allie, you have to let go. You know what happens if you fight it. I love you and I can't bear to see you twisting yourself up like this." Katy squeezed her hand earnestly. "You're so hard on yourself and you never stop pushing because you think it'll keep you ahead of the feelings, but it doesn't." Allie stared into the fire and tried to blank her mind, ignoring where her sister was rubbing her arm. "You act like you hate yourself now, but I still love you and you're still a hero to me. You always will be, no matter what happens."

Allie's throat tied itself into a knot. Katy reached out and cupped her cheek, fingers brushing the sheen of her sister's tears in a tender gesture.

"Put down the guilt and anger over what happened. Stop holding on so tight. Let me help you."

Allie didn't protest when her sister's fingers trailed down her stomach again, seeking the center of her need. It was always there, the surging maelstrom of violent horny energy just beneath the surface, fueling the memories that she could never quite banish. Katy's finger dipped, tracing a slow, sinuous path down her navel, and Allie stared into the crackling fire, insides burning with the same consuming blaze, and saw it again.

Crashing and screams of horses, blood seeping into the ground in black pools under the starlight. Hands bound, an iron collar around her neck, guttural voices jeering over their prizes. The Org loved captured mages. Grunts and shrieks turning to rapturous cries, her voice joining the indistinguishable chorus of the girls around her. Groping hands on her chest, her bottom, spreading the lips of her pussy to lick her juices and then the shock of intrusion, thick meat stretching her lips and squeezing into the quivering tunnel.

She wasn't sure how long they had raped her. Bulging organs had plunged frantically into her pussy, her anus, her mouth, each bucking thrust stoking the fire in her gut until it erupted in orgasms that jolted her muscles and electrified her brain with a heady euphoria. Opening her mouth, spreading her legs, begging for more, for another Org cock, another thick rod with the spiky nubs to cram itself into her body and send her surging into ecstasy - she remembered it all with piercing clarity.

Cum had covered her in thick ropes, dripping from her chest, her back, her bottom. She sucked every turgid shaft that crammed itself into her throat and then licked up the dripping juices like it was her new lifeblood, the cloying scent sticking in her nose and fogging her mind with hunger for more. She drifted helplessly, cresting waves of pleasure until the soreness faded and she felt her insides loosen and spread. Her muscles didn't hurt anymore when they parted, and she welcomed each new invader with a cry of hungry rapture, bucking and milking until they bulged and left their passion inside. The Org trained their new slave relentlessly, spewing gallons of seed into her until she dripped from every hole.

And she had been thoroughly enjoying it when the Mages rescued her.

It was like losing herself, waking from bliss into frigid cruelty. She cried out, she begged, she spread her pussy and pleaded, but the dream faded like a receding wave, leaving her a husk of a girl that shivered on her cot in the hospice for weeks. She won't make it - Alinayah is strong - We should give her the poppy so she sleeps - She's crucial to our operations in the East. The nuns and commanders whispered in the corner of the cell like she couldn't hear them. Some hero, a little girl wiggling shamelessly on the end of the cock pounding into her just like all the others. Why had anyone ever relied on her?

Conversion was just a sterile concept, recounted in dry detail of the carefully organized sections of the Monstrum Factorum. Exposure to monster cum was the perfect alchemy of human flesh, energizing the body, magnifying the libido, transforming the body of a human female into the perfect receptacle for her mates. It was why a little girl could fit the massive horsecock of a Centaurum inside her, why a bitch would work tirelessly to birth more Rapewolf pups for her pack, why countless fertile bellies swelled with Arachma eggs as their mothers hung suspended in ecstasy from the webs of the Hive. Diagrams and facts, not real. Until it was.

And so, caught on the knife-edge between two worlds, Allie clawed her way back. Partially Converted, a disgrace, discarded wreckage. Sure, the Order of Magi pretended, condescended, offered her a captainship as if her hands didn't shake and her legs didn't drip because of the endless hunger stirring just beneath the surface. The Major-General had snickered and suggested he should treat her himself. She had left him bloody on the floor. There was no going back after that.

The cravings turned to anger when denied, and she channelled that into her animosity for the monsters. She had to put a stop to them, had to decipher who was behind them and how they could be destroyed. Because they were being helped, she was sure of it. So she fought harder than ever, driven by the same urges that kept her in bondage, transmuting her desires to a fury that she could use to fight back. Because Katy couldn't protect herself, because the image of her little sister in Allie's place, stuffed tight with bristling monster cocks in every hole, gooey trails of sperm dripping down the pregnant bulge of the 9-year-old's stomach as she begged for more, was a nightmare reality spiked in her brain, a deep crack through the ego that split the fate she fought from the buried reality of her memories. She rejected that reality, locked it up tight in a box wrapped with chains and sealed in lead then dropped into the deepest abyss of her mind so she could tell herself it never existed.

Her legs jerked under the gentle fingers - not Org, just Katy, on her hands and knees as she pressed forward to share the warmth of her body with her sister. Tingles trailed like sparks under her skin, following Katy's fingers as they brushed her hood and then parted to slide down either side of her dewy lips. Allie shuddered, heat rising in her neck and cheeks from a source other than the fire. Katy, with her gentle touch and comforting smile, her sister, always so cheery and spirited, always there for her - Allie loved her, loved her satin brown hair, her button nose, the rosy pink nipples and trim stomach, loved the petite lips that parted expectantly and tickled Allie's nose with hot breath. Katy had always been the prettiest of the three sisters, clasping her hands behind her back and blinking the long lashes around her deep green eyes whenever she wanted their parents to do something. So many times they had been close, sharing their bed growing up, laughing and splashing water when their Father gave them a bath together, nestled in their tree house with their wet clothes pulled off while they waited out the Spring thunderstorms.

Allie embraced her sister and pulled her in, lips squeezing and pressing together in moist contest before parting and probing with their tongues. She roiled with hunger and need, a knot twisting itself, trying to unravel. Her chest swelled until she thought it would burst and she inhaled the sweet scent of her tender little sister, tasted the juicy gift of her mouth, and crushed her close until their chests rubbed together and coursed with heated friction. Katy, sweet little Kat, innocent and pure, glowing with desire just as she had the night they had first discovered each other. Allie's hands dropped to her shoulders, massaging the skin, feeling the delicate frame of the girl straining against her. A rub of the rim, a quick dip to testing the waters inside, and Allie felt herself gasp - Katy was always good, bringing to her lovemaking the same careful, genuine affection that suffused her nature. She could read her big sister like a book. Another rub, coursing up the edge of her lip to flick the tight spot, and Allie's back arched involuntarily as she broke their kiss and gasped.

"Sit back Allie." Katy arranged the pillow and guided her sister to lay down on the bedroll, then straddled her while keeping up the pressure with expert strokes of her fingers.

"Kat, I..." Allie swallowed when she couldn't find the words. Maybe Katy was her blessing, a gift of devotion and love, a nymph sent by the gods she had always resented.

"Shhhh." Katy's fingers were a gentle remonstration against Allie's lips. She pulled herself closer, bringing the sizzling clefts of their sexes together and twining her hands so the same motion could keep the fingers of one hand working in firms circles around the lips of her big sister while the other probed her own need. Allie felt the hair on her arms stand on end, the rush of her mounting excitement paralleled by the awakening of the invisible breeze of potential that began to swirl around her sister. Magic.

Another talent long lost to legend, manifest in the mysterious talents of her sister. A Seer didn't mend bones, but they were a healer. They didn't read the thoughts of others, but they were a comforter. The forms were a natural outgrowth, the progression of her sister's uncomplicated affection and caring nature into an instinctive manipulation of the invisible weave to conform to that nature at a mystical level.

Her hips bucked when Katy's finger probed the entrance to her tunnel. Her body had been left hypersensitive, perpetually aroused. A whimper grew in her throat, feeling the fingertip resting at the cusp, burning with an unnatural heat from the glow that was slowly brightening her sister's hands.

"Ahh...AhhhhhAHHHH" Katy slipped inside as Allie yelped. Her excitement rumbled in a thousand tiny flashes under the point where her sister's finger probed, pressing into the slippery folds and finding the special spot. Lightning arced behind Allie's eyes and her hands reached up to grip the thighs pressed against her hips. Two fingers, squeezing in, spreading the skin, rubbing urgently, the thrusts communicated in shared motion to where Katy's fingers were reaching into her own cunt.

"Kat I-...Uhhhhnnn...uuuummmFFF" Allie's moans and racing breath conveyed the message where words couldn't. The fingers in her cunt probed and rubbed the quaking walls of her pussy, massaging the flesh in a gentle rhythm, pushing deeper with each thrust. Allie pushed back, hips and pelvis gyrating between the legs spread around her. Katy was hunched over, eyes glazed. The fingers of her other hand pressed up into her own tunnel, thumb playing with her clit, and then lunged down, squeezing her questing fingers into her sister and drawing them out of herself, before doing it again. The pink glow spread like a light from deep inside the flesh of her joined hands, moving along the fingers and transferring to the skin around both girl's slits. Allie felt the warmth, the wild roiling energy building under the skin and joining with the electric shocks from each slick motion of her sister inside her, combining and reinforcing each other until the vibration became a thundering avalanche centered at her crotch.

She raised her hands, pinching her sister's tiny nipples, squeezing them with abandon until her sister squeaked and increased her pace. Katy's hands drove wildly, thrusting into dewy wetness and back out, pushing the other fingers in, rocking and panting as she pleasured them both. Her own neck arched suddenly as Allie twisted her nipples, long hair flipping onto her back.

Both sisters moved in unison, bodies shared in erotic joy as the magic joined their passion together into a writhing tangle that swirled back on itself in a tempo that drove their thrusting bodies. Allie could feel her sister's passion as readily as her own, the 9-year-old's body inflamed with lust as the mounting storm in her crotch ballooned up into her stomach and sent strokes of lightning up her spine. Allie reached up, grabbed her sister's arm, and Katy fell forward onto her sister's chest. Their hands worked, up and down, hugging, rubbing, curling around each other's necks and shoulders, each stroke stirring the waves of pleasure that rebounded between the two cunts. Katy's nipples scraped her own, sweat rubbing between them in soft friction as their bodies pushed together urgently, the need of two girls for the pleasure of each other. Juice dribbled down between Katy's pounding fingers, coating them to an oily sheen in the firelight until Allie felt them drip into gooey pools around her pussy. The storm mounted into a roaring hurricane of pink spots and Allie felt her orgasm approach like the growing flash of a meteor over the horizon.

She grabbed her sister by the ears and yanked her close, crushing their lips together in a passionate kiss just as both of their bodies convulsed at the brink of surging climax, hips bucking and splattering slick juices against each other. Her hands traced crazy circles on her sister's back, nails leaving pink trails as they flashed wildly from her sister's neck down to her rounded buttcheecks, fingers digging into the delicious mounds, squeezing and pulling them apart then slapping to feel her sister's pert flesh jiggle under her palms. Katy's sloppy fingers writhed in the boiling nexus between their bucking hips, the sisters impaled in intimate connection as their pussy muscles writhed in mutual chaos. Panting in her mouth, saliva on her lips, the trembling stomach muscles of her little sister vibrating against her - she slammed Katy's pelvis against her own as all her senses dwindled to a needle point that rocketed to the stars on a plume of wild rapture.

A crackling fire, calling nightbirds, a slow breath against her chest - her senses returned one by one, rising up from the abyss of warm fog that covered the world. A thready breath, bodies moving together, two pointed nipples pressing on her heaving chest, skin slick with shared sweat - they assembled themselves reluctantly from the shattered bits of consciousness. Colors joined sounds, objects gained form: the small body pressed against her, scattered brown hair tangled with her own, stars twinkling in the night sky. A head cupped in her hands, resting between her breasts, scented sex and bodily fluids slowly cooling on the skin, and little Kat, her dear sister resting contentedly against her, their legs hopelessly twined. Allie reached to pull the blanket over them.

"Mmmmm." The little form stirred, trailing a questioning finger down Allie's arm. "Allie, is it better now?"

She hugged her sister, then kissed her forehead and hugged her again. "Yeah Kat. It's better." It was. The growling volcano inside her was dormant. No horniness that she had to push down and hide. No anger that bubbled over beyond her control. The magic had done its work again.

But how long would it last this time? A week? A few days? The relief got shorter each time. It always returned. It was in her bones now, irresistible, irrevocable. Making love to her sister was a joy, but Katy couldn't do this forever. Time, just a little more time before she lost it all. That was all she had bought.

Allie pushed her worries away. Katy snuggled comfortably against her big sister as Allie arranged the blanket to seal in the warmth against the night's chill. The fire had already burned low, and Allie drifted off with her eyes lifted to the wide trail of stars that crossed the inky sky.

Part 2