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Monstrum Tribute: The Fall of Midland - Part 1

By Chrissy

Thank you to WintermuteX for their stories and the inspiration. You have created a great world to write in.

Content: Rape, Monster Rape, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Gore, Death, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

Chapter 1 – Kati’s Story

The old cart bumped over a large rock in the road and nearly spilled Kati onto the hard packed dirt below.

The mining cart was falling apart. If it hadn’t been for the desperate need for transportation of any kind, it likely would have been left behind. Instead, it was pressed into service to carry the refugees of the caravan.

“Careful little girl,” an old mercenary said as he passed by, giving Kati a grin full of missing teeth, “You fall off and we will leave your pretty little ass behind for the monsters to get.”

The old man’s eyes traveled up and down her body as the twenty men who made up the guard of the convoy kept pace with the refugees.

Kati shuddered under the man’s hideous gaze and pulled her cloak tighter around her body. At least the thin cotton dress and tattered cloak covered more than her old mage outfit had.

“Careful Conner,” one of the other mercenaries said, “I hear that one was a mage.”

“Oh, really?” the old toothless man muttered as he continued to leer at Kati, “Never had me a mage before. Maybe I will find you later tonight sweet one.”

Kati turned away and tried to ignore him.

As she bumped along a dirt road heading into a jungle, she thought back to her old life.

She had come to the Academy at age six and found herself in an entirely new world from the farm life she had grown up in. Not only was she expected to learn to use magic, to study the Monstrum, and the learn tactics and strategy, but she soon discovered that she was also expected to be a sexual toy for her instructors.

The staff and teachers at the Academy regularly used the students as sexual playthings for their own twisted satisfaction.

The ancient mercenary leering at her now reminded her of old Professor Keiran who taught her in her first year. Kati had known little of sex before coming to the Academy, but Professor Keiran had decided the seven year old girl needed a lesson in pleasing men to go along with her other studies.

Kati, on many occasions, had been coerced into providing blowjobs for her older professors. Once, Professor Terr even fucked her twice a week for two months, but he got bored with it since Kati didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as he did.

Thinking back now to her training, as she and the other people of her city fled the encroaching tide of Monstrum, made Kati a little wistful, despite some of the bad memories.

She could remember how it felt to be trained to be a mage. How it felt to touch the elemental forces around her and blend them together to create powerful spells.

But that was all over for her now. When her powers had faded to the point of being useless, she had been stripped of her staff and uniform, given a small bag of coins, and sent home to the town of Midland to live the rest of her life.

A life that might last at least until Teleria fell. Which, if her recent experience in Midland were any indication, wouldn’t be too much longer. She knew the truth that most of the common people did not: The Monstrum were winning.

Before she had been sent home, she had heard tales of lost patrols and defeated armies. Of monsters running wild and unchecked. Of cities falling.

She tried not to dwell on that knowledge, but with the fall of her home so fresh in her mind it was hard not to.

Suddenly, unbidden, her mind began to replay what she had seen in the town as it fell. Then she shook her head and muttered to herself.

“Don’t think about it. Don’t think about it.”

Coming back to the present, Kati tried to find a more comfortable position on the cart. The old four-wheeled buggy held her and four other girls, as well as ten sacks of onions and carrots. Precious rations for their journey.

As the mercenaries moved on towards the front of the long and winding caravan, Kati looked at the rainforest around her.

Densely packed trees and brightly colored bushes lined both sides of the path. Strange scents, hot and wet, came from behind the walls of foliage. Birds, of a kind she had never heard before, and other creatures called out from places in the dense damp jungle beyond her sight.

It was very different from the tall pine-filled forests near her home and nothing like the cities she was used to living in.

It had been three weeks since Midland had fallen to a massive Monstrum attack. Kati could still smell the burning of the houses and hear the cries of the villagers as waves of hideous creatures had battered down the wooden gates of the town and begun their raid.

As far as she is aware, she alone, of all her family, had managed to escape the city. Her father and brother were likely long dead. She didn’t like to think about what was right now happening to her mother and two sisters. If any of the three of them had survived.

She had studied the Monstrum and what they did to the human women and girls they captured. As a mage it had been a required part of her extensive training. Kati had been particularly adept in studying the Monstrum Factorum and received praise from her teachers for being able to remember even the smallest facts about the creatures contained within the massive book.

She would spend hours every night reading from the large tome and studying the artwork it contained. Artwork that, frankly, was almost too explicit in nature.

Photos and diagrams of little girls used and bred by a seemingly endless variety of Monstrum. She remembered pictures that focused on the face of a young girl being bred by a Yetta. It was contorted in what was supposed to be pain and terror, but always looked too much like pleasure and approval for Kati’s comfort.

But it was different seeing the things in practice that she had only read about, or viewed illustrations of, in the enormous tightly bound book. But she had seen them in Midland.

As she had run through the streets of her burning town, she had seen firsthand what the terrible creatures really could do. After losing her family she had hid for a time behind an overturned ox cart.

She had seen a family, much like hers, dragged into the streets from inside their house by an Org-reh and a pack of Rapewolves. The father was killed outright, then the Monstrum fell upon the three girls and their mother.

The giant Org-reh wasted no time getting what he wanted. He lifted one of the girls, who couldn’t have been more than nine, tore her clothes off, and then positioned his massive cock at the edge of her pussy.

As Kati watched, the Org-reh slammed itself forward and impaled the screaming child with its dick, driving slowly forward to sink inch after terrible inch into the girl.

It was almost unbelievable how the girl’s tiny body parted to let the massive phallus inside of her. But slowly most of the two foot prick slid forward into her as she screamed and begged her mother for help.

As his cock forced its way into her, Org-reh began to fondle the girl as it fucked her. The Monstrum’s cock slid slowly into her once-virgin cunt, its hands working their way around her little body. Squeezing her ass with one hand, while its other hand worked at the nubs of her undeveloped breasts.

The girl was screaming and writhing around on the end of the thick green prick. Her eyes bulged as her body strained to accept the monster’s enormous dick inside of it.

Soon, Kati knew, the Org-reh would cum inside the girl and the effects of the Conversion would begin. The monster’s terrible semen would seep inside the girl’s body and begin to change her in preparation for breeding.

The Conversion would widen and strengthen the girl’s cunt to allow it to more easily accept the large, heavy pricks that all the Monstrum seemed to possess. The girl’s internal organs would shift within her body to allow her to contain those same cocks and the thick milky cum they would spew into the girl.

Worst of all, perhaps, were the Conversion effects on the mind. Girls and women subjected to such treatment, and repeated exposure to the creature’s cum, soon began to enjoy their experiences. Began to enjoy the feeling of being raped. Many grew to even love the pleasure forced upon their once unwilling bodies.

The book theorized that some Monstrum species would trade women and girls between their factions, or sell them, when they became tired of them. Meaning that some of the human females might mate with many different creatures before their usefulness as breeding stock was over.

Eventually, Kati had learned, the human females no longer wanted to return to their old lives. If rescued, they would fight fiercely to return to captivity and once again experience the twisted love of the Monstrum.

The Org-reh pulled back slightly out of the little girl, her face a mask of pain, and then drove himself forward again to spear her petite body even deeper. A grin broke out across the monster’s face as it held the girl in place with one hand and continued to push its massive organ through the hairless lips of her cunt and into her body.

Her screams meant nothing to the Org-reh. Only his terrible pleasure and the desire to get the girl pregnant with his seed. Slowly he forced more and more of his dick into the child. Kati saw the girl’s first orgasm wash over her as she groaned loudly and began to twitch in pleasure at the end of the penis that had her impaled.

As the Org-reh fucked the nine year old, the pack of Rapewolves played with the mother and the remaining two girls. They nipped and tugged at the female's clothing, ripping, and tearing it away from their bodies until it hung in shreds.

They would let the screaming girls get to their feet and run a few paces towards their wailing mother, thinking they might get free. Then the wolves would knock the girls down again and drag them away.

Rapewolves were known for this sort of cruel behavior, toying with their female prey, according to Kati’s studies.

After a few minutes of this, two of the wolves stood over the two girls, and extended their tentacles down onto the naked human forms. Kati knew that the Rapewolf’s many limbs served two purposes. First, they released slime that would penetrate the outer layer of skin and begin the Conversion process almost as soon as they touched human flesh. Second, they held the female in place while the wolf began to fuck the victim with its huge red prick.

Kati watched as the tentacles raised the girls up under the belly of the beasts, binding them to the creatures, and allowing the Rapewolves to penetrate the screaming girls with their animal-like cocks.

One girl, the older one who looked to be at around twelve, was belly up to the creature and easily controlled. As Kati watched, the beast’s cock extended from under the Rapewolf’s body, it hunched its ass down, and penetrated the screaming girl as deep as it could go.

The cock penetrated the girl’s pussy, the tip sliding in easily, and as the wolf pushed forward, began to force the pink walls of the girl’s cunt apart slowly. The adolescent girl, getting what might be her first fucking, was wailing in pain as the Monstrum cock deflowered her and slid forcefully inside.

Kati saw the other wolf, whose prey was face down and held underneath him, drive himself into the screaming girl of no more than six, thrusting its cock past her lips and deep into her no longer virgin cunt. Spreading its legs for added purchase on the cobblestone street below, the wolf began to fuck hard and fast, its prick a blur of motion as it raped the tiny child.

Both wolves began to fuck their prey with wild savage abandon. Each girl, held fast beneath their bodies, wriggling in pain as the horrible beasts raped them with their canine pricks.

When Kati turned to look at the Org-reh it was obviously cumming into its prey, a large amount semen leaking from the girl’s cunt and running down between their bodies. The child, whose screams had turned from pure pain into a mix of pain and pleasure, wailed and shook as her body experienced the second of many Monstrum-induced orgasms to come.

Meanwhile, one of the last two remaining unmated Rapewolves had cornered the mother and was proceeding to draw her up to its belly for raping. The woman screamed and tried to crawl away, her hands desperately flailing along the cobblestone streets. But it was no use.

The fierce wolf knocked her over onto her back, enclosed her within the tentacles from its body, and drew her up underneath it. The older woman wailed when her wolf slammed its cock into her cunt and began to drive it deep into her waiting pussy.

Kati was surprised the wolf bothered with the older woman. Most women past breeding age were killed outright. But the wolf began to breed the mother anyway.

The fourth wolf, realizing it had no remaining prey, loped off deeper into town, no doubt searching for a human captive of its own to mate with.

Kati watched the rape for what seemed like an hour.

The Org-reh continued to pound away at his girl, her screams turning from pain to pleasure and back again as the beast fucked her with its giant cock. The wolves worked their victims as well, the three human females were bred like bitches by the beasts and their wailing soon gave way to pleasure as well.

Soon the wolves and the Org-reh moved off in the same direction, their victims either tied tightly to their bodies and stuffed with dog cock or impaled and dangling unconscious from a massive Org-reh phallus.

“What’s it like being a mage?”

Kati shook her head. She had fallen asleep and had another nightmare about the fall of Midland.

She rolled over to see one of the other girls in the wagon, Meala, staring at her.

‘What’s it like being a mage?” the seven year old asked again.

The younger girl had adopted Kati as a big sister and followed her nearly everywhere. Just like Kati, Meala had lost her entire family to the attack on the city. The girl was curled up next to her in the cart as they bumped slowly down the road.

“Did you have a nightmare too, Meala?”

The girl nodded, her eyes red rimmed. Kati put her arm around her and pulled her closer and tried to comfort her.

“It was good. I mean… I don’t know. It was hard. Being away from my family. Training constantly. Having to learn to use some many complicated spells. Learning about all the Monstrum.”

“But you aren’t one anymore? A mage I mean.”


“Why not?”

Kati sighed. She had explained all this a dozen times before, but the girl kept asking the questions anyway.

“I’m too old. The power and ability begin to show at around age five and peak by age ten, after that it doesn’t matter how powerful you are or how skilled you are, you start to lose it. The older you get, the more you lose.”

“How old are you?”

“Fourteen. The ancient mages kept their power until very late in life. But now, most girls lose it by my age.”

“So, they sent you back home?”

“Yes, when you are no longer useful,” Kati said with a hard edge of resentment in her voice, “They send you home.”

“But you fought in battles and stuff. You fought the monsters and killed them. You could still do that, right? If you had to, I mean.”

In truth, Kati had never even left the Academy. She had never displayed much aptitude for combat spells, and she just wasn’t powerful enough to send into the field. Instead, they had kept her around to use as practice for younger, stronger mages to train against.

But Kati knew the girl was looking for reassurance, so she lied.

“Yes, I did. I fought in many battles and killed many enemies. But we are far away from the frontlines. There is no need to worry. Now it is getting late. It will be dark soon. You must be hungry. Would you like a carrot before you go to sleep?”


Kati dug two old carrots out of one of the bags and the girls shared a meal as the sun set and then slipped below the trees. The people of the caravan began to light their torches as the mass of refugees and their meager possessions wove deeper in the jungle surrounding them.

Kati soon fell asleep and again and she dreamed the terrible dreams of the fall of Midland.

Chapter 2 – Ambushed

It was two days later when Kati’s prediction of safety was proved horribly wrong.

Kati was walking now; the wagon having lost one of its wheels to another rock buried in the roadway. She carried a bag of onions over one shoulder.

Meala walked beside her, the smaller girl trudged along in bare feet with the dirt of the road kicking up around her ankles.



“When will we get where we are going? I’m tired.”

Kati hesitated before she answered. She herself didn’t even know where the caravan was headed to, except deeper into Teleria and away from the fighting.

Kati hoped they were going someplace safe. Somewhere where the Monstrum couldn’t attack.

All any of the refugees had seen for the last two days was the jungle around them, which barely let the sunshine in with its thick canopy hanging above them.


“I don’t know Meala. Soon, I hope.”

“Will we be safe there? No monsters?”

“Yes,” Kati said, doubling down on the lies she might be telling, “We will be safe there.”

Wherever we are going, Kati thought as her stomach rumbled loudly, I hope they have plenty of food to share. The caravan’s food isn’t going to last too much longer.

It was midafternoon, or close to it, when Meala spoke once again.

“Kati, I have to make.”

“Go off the side of the road and do it. Don’t go in too far.”

“No. I really need to make. Please come with me.”

Most of the women they were traveling with had long since given up any sense of propriety. They stepped off the road and peed in the bushes where everyone could see. They were simply too tired to bother hiding themselves at this point.

But Meala wouldn’t do it. She had to go in deep enough into the jungle that no one could see her.

“I will get lost. Please come with me.”

“Here we go,” Kati said with a sigh.

Kati, realizing now that she needed to go as well, took the smaller girl’s hand, and led her off the path and into the surrounding woods. She pushed some of the dense foliage aside and they walked ten feet into the jungle, the damp ground under their feet.

“Are you good here?” Kati asked.

She could still hear the long caravan on the other side of the trees and bushes, but she couldn’t see it.


“Ok, let’s go.”

The younger girl squatted down, shifted her smallclothes to the side, and began to pee. Kati did the same.

When both had finished, Kati took Meala’s hand and turned back towards the convoy.

That’s when Kati heard the first scream.


Both girls froze in place as the cry, from one of the mercenaries, came again, accompanied by the screaming of the defenseless women in the caravan.


Then the screams were replaced by the sounds of fighting and the bellows of the monsters on the attack. Kati could hear the guttural war cries of what had to be at least four Org-reh.

“Kati, what do we do?!” Meala cried out far too loudly.

Kati turned and put her hand over the girl’s mouth. She leaned in close to the other girl’s ear.

“Shush. Don’t speak. Here, hide and don’t move. I am going to go see what is going on.”

“No! Don’t leave me!” the little child said, clinging tightly to Kati’s cloak.

Kati pulled herself free as gently as she could. Behind her the screams and roars were reaching a fever pitch.

“Hush now!” she hissed, “They will hear you. Stay here. I will be right back.”

Pushing Meala behind a thick green bush, Kati got down on her hands and knees and scuttled across the forest floor. She was able to spread aside the dark foliage and peek out into the roadway from underneath a large low hanging leaf.

It was chaos.

Only three of the caravan’s guards were still standing. The rest of them lay broken in the roadway, their skulls and chests caved in by Org-reh weapons. As Kati watched, a pack of Rapewolves bowled over the three men and began to slaughter them.

Kati looked around and saw the horror that was now unfolding after the soldiers were dead.

Other Rapewolves, at least forty of them, were stalking through the ruins of the caravan killing the menfolk as their wives and children watched helplessly. Kati saw a boy of ten, holding a large stick and swinging it at an advancing wolf, cut in half by one bite of a pair of powerful jaws.

Women were fleeing everywhere. Running back and forth in every direction trying to get away as the Monstrum began their orgy of rape. Kati saw that one of the Org-reh had already impaled a girl on its cock and was holding two other girls, in each hand while it sniffed at them.

Suddenly a shriek rang down from above and Kati saw a giant black shape descend rapidly to the ground. It bowled over and mounted one of the young girls, Ellie, that had been riding the cart with Kati and Meala.

Kati had never seen one, but she recognized it from the Factorum. It was a Horrorcrow.

The Horrorcrow, a huge black bird with the face that looked like a rat, cried out in triumph as it pinned Ellie to the ground and began to rip off her clothes to get at her naked body.

Kati could see no hope. All around her, wherever she looked, the poor women and girls were being raped by the nightmare creatures.

Across the road another Org-reh had a girl of ten suspended into the air while its cock worked its way in and out of her pussy. Right next to the Org-reh, a second Horrorcrow had mounted another girl and was pounding away at the screaming human with no care for harming her.

Kati felt tears in her eyes. It was happening again!

As quietly as she could she put the giant leaf back in place and crept back over to where Meala hid behind the bush. The girl was crying and whimpering loudly, her face a mask of fear.

“It’s the monsters again! Isn’t it? They are here! You promised! You promised they wouldn’t be here!”

Kati could smell urine. The girl has wet herself, despite going just minutes earlier.

“We have to go,” Kati said, taking the younger girl’s hand.


“There,” she said, pointing deeper into the jungle, “Quickly, before something spots us.”

“No!” the girl said, pulling her hand away, and wrapping her arms around her head, “I want to go home. I don’t want to go there. I want to go home! I want to go home!”

“Shush! Quiet! They will hear you!”

Meala began to rock back and forth, her body shaking.

“Meala,” Kati said, trying to project calm, and patting the girl on the arm, “We need to go. We can’t stay here, and I am afraid too. I need you to come with me. Please.”

Behind them, back on the roadway, Kati could still hear the screams of women and girls. The orgy of rape was just beginning, it would last for days, and she was next if she didn’t get away and soon.

“We must go! Please Meala!”

Kati shook the girl again, but it only made her cry harder.

I can’t leave her, Kati thought, not like this.

There was a crashing sound from behind them and Kati turned to see an Org-reh advancing towards them. It had pushed aside the large trees that lined the roadway and was coming towards their hiding spot. Kati was close enough to hear the giant creature sniffing the air, even over the sounds of the continuing horror behind it.

The Org-reh’s giant cock was erect and swinging out in front of it as it walked. The head glistened with precum.

Meala was still whimpering, and the creature must have heard her because after a moment the Org-reh fixed its eyes directly on their hiding spot and began to lumber their way.

So, Kati did what she had to do. She turned and ran.

The Org-reh let out a bellow as Kati broke from cover and began to run. She accelerated to full speed as quickly as she could, hoping to outrun the creature. The beast followed, its feet thudding against the forest floor as its giant gait closed the distance quickly.

I can’t escape it, Kati thought, it is going to get me!

She dodged between two trees and looked back, fully expecting a giant hand to close around her at any second.

But as the Monstrum rounded the bush she and Meala had been hiding in, the younger girl screamed and darted out from behind the thick leaves that had been her temporary protection.

Meala didn’t make it more than two steps.

Seeing a closer prey, the Org-reh’s massive left hand snatched Meala from the ground like it was grabbing a tiny bug and raised the girl, screaming like mad, into the air.

As Kati looked back, the immense creature ripped the thin clothing from Meala’s body in one smooth motion, leaving the girl completely exposed and naked in its grasp.

“KATI! HELP! HELP!” Meala cried, her one free arm reaching out towards her fleeing friend in a vain attempt to escape.

So distracted was Kati by the scene, that she tripped on a root and fell.

The floor of the jungle came up and smacked her in the face and she tasted dirt, blood, and leaves in her mouth. She scrambled against the ground, trying to get up, but could only roll over and look back in time to see Meala’s first rape.

The Org-reh took the girl's legs, one in each hand, and spread her apart as it guided Meala onto its thick hard meat.

Kati couldn’t see it from her angle, but she knew from the horrified and pained expression on Meala’s face that the glistening knob of the Org-reh’s cock was pressing against the entrance to the girl’s cunt and forcing its way inside of her small body.

The beast let out a growl and thrust forward, as its hands pulled the girl closer to it, and pierced the poor seven year old on its massive prick. Inches of thick hard Monstrum phallus violated the girl, shoving her pink virgin walls apart and sinking into the child’s flesh.

Meala’s screams took on even more urgency as the Monstrum pushed more of its dick into the tiny child, forcing her flesh to bend to its will and taking her virginity.


The girl screamed as the creature pulled back and then thrust in again, raping the child and pushing even more of its cock inside of her.

Kati was frozen in place.

Laying on the jungle floor less than ten feet away as she watched the girl she wanted so badly to protect being assaulted by a monster that she had once so carefully studied.

It was one thing to see the designs and illustrations on the pages of the Factorum of young girls being violated and bred by the many varied species of Monstrum but watching the long hard prick of an Org-reh forcing its way inside of a human was entirely different.

Kati watched as the monster’s cock drove so deep that it began to distend Meala’s stomach around itself.

“KATI… HELP… Kati… please…”

Meala’s cries began to fade, and her voice began to quiver as the monster got up to speed and truly began to fuck her tiny young body. The Org-reh was alternately bellowing in celebration and huffing in exertion as it pounded the girl encased in its massive hands.

Kati lay on the jungle floor, unable to look away, as several minutes ticked by. The Monstrum fondled little Meala as it fucked her. Running its hands over her immature chest and squeezing at the nipples.

Eventually Meala’s screams turned into something else.

The girl began to groan, and then moan, as the creature’s mucus penetrated her body, and the Conversion began.

Kati was shocked it was happening so fast. She was even more shocked when the Monstrum came and little Meala came with it.

Meala’s eyes flew wide as an orgasm flew through her little frame and sent her into a shaking and blubbering fit on the end of the massive dong. The Org-reh let out what sounded like a long sigh as it dumped a load of viscous Monstrum semen into the girl. Meala wasn’t big enough to hold the colossal amount of ejaculate and streams of it began to squirt out from between their bodies.

Just then, as Meala was coming down from her climax at the end of an Org-reh cock, a second one of the huge beasts crashed through the jungle and headed towards the first one.

This, the arrival of a second creature, finally broke Kati out of her fear.

She scrambled to her feet and began to run like she never had before. The second Org-reh roared and she felt the ground begin to shake as it pursued her.

She ducked under hanging leaves. Dodged around bushes and fallen trees. Kati ran as hard as she could and fled off into the huge jungle with the Org-reh following closely behind.

Chapter 3 – The Stream

Hours later, Kati lay on her face under a huge green and purple fern in the dark night of the forest.

Around her she could hear the cries and calls of creatures, both big and small. It seemed to be mostly insects twittering and chirping, but occasionally she would hear what sounded like small mammals, or an even larger animal, moving through the jungle nearby her hiding place.

She had lost the Org-reh after a ten minute foot race. The monster had kept up for a long way, but it had to push through the jungle, past large trees, whereas Kati could dodge around them and squeeze between them.

Eventually, just as the Kati was about to run out of energy, her legs failing, the giant had given one last frustrated roar and turned back.

Kati stumbled on for another few minutes, not quite believing she had really escaped, before finally giving up and collapsing onto the ground exhausted. Then she had crawled under the fern and laid there ever since.

She could still see the attack on the convoy and the assault on Meala. She couldn’t stop seeing it.

Now it was nighttime and still she lay under the large green and purple branches, waiting in case the creature returned. She had peed herself twice, not willing to get up and leave her hiding place.

Finally, as dawn was breaking in the sky overhead and the forest began to lighten a little, Kati crawled out from under the large plant and looked around.

There was nothing but the jungle as far as she could see. Thick vegetation blocked every route and vines hung down from the trees above her. The covering of the jungle let in just enough light to see.

She put her arms around herself and sat down on a nearby fallen tree.

As part of her mage schooling, she had done survival training. All the mages had to in case they got separated from their battle groups and needed to survive. Now, even without basic tools like a compass or flint, Kati’s training came back to her.

“I need water. A source of food. And a place to rest with shelter. In that order.”

She stood up and looked around again. She turned in place. Looking for anything that might give her a clue as to where to go.

Finally, seeing nothing, she picked a direction at random and began to walk.

The floor of the jungle was covered in old leaves and twigs, as well as being somewhat damp, so she trudged through it as best she could. When she couldn’t squeeze between trees or make her way through thick greenery, she walked around.

As she walked her thoughts drifted back to the assault on the convoy.

The sounds of battle. The bodies of the soldiers lying broken on the ground.

The rape.

She couldn’t help but picture poor Meala. Where was she now? Likely on the end of another Org-reh cock, was the answer her brain gave her.

Kati knew from her reading how the Org-reh treated their captives. The older women would be sold off or kept as work slaves. Maybe even eaten.

Meala and the other young girls would be raped relentlessly for days and nights on end as the Monstrum’s semen leached into their bodies and began the Conversion. Cock after massive cock would be shoved inside them. Their cunts. Their mouths. Their asses. Violated ceaselessly as the Conversion worked its magic.

It wouldn’t be very long before the girl’s pain would turn entirely into pleasure at every intrusion. Before agony turned to ecstasy.

Their bodies would change to accommodate the large organs being thrust into them. Their anatomy would modify themselves to be fertile and easily bred into pregnancy. The girls would adjust radically to enjoy the penetration of Monstrum cocks filling their holes and spewing foul cum inside of them.

Within weeks, maybe even days, Meala and the other girls would become nothing but sexual slaves to the vile creatures. Enjoying every bit of gratification the beasts could grant with their enormous meaty pricks until Org-reh, Rapewolf, or Horrorcrow babies began to quicken in their wombs.

The sex wouldn’t stop, not even then. Even as the girl’s bellies grew fat and their tiny tits began to leak milk for the Org-reh offspring, the girls would continue to be fucked for hours on end every day and night.

Used for pleasure of the monsters as their own sexual desires for their master’s grew, until they were nothing but constantly aroused beasts themselves. Often literally begging to be fucked.

Kati shook her head and brought her thoughts back to the present.

“Stop it. I need to keep focused. I need water. I need food. I need shelter. Then I can try and find my way out of here. Maybe find another road or a town on the outskirts of the jungle. I can do this.”

The damp heat of the jungle was stifling. Her thin cotton shirt clung to her with sweat. She took her cloak off and carried it, using it to wipe her brow and face occasionally.

She continued as the meager sunlight shifted and when the day was at its midpoint, as she was picking her way through a dense thicket of thorny wild roses, she heard a sound.

Water. Running water. It was faint, but it was there.

Her pace quickened and she hurtled heedlessly through the vegetation towards the sound of the water.

Breaking through a thick set of trees she stumbled out into a small clearing and found, to her great joy, a river.

It was small, no more than six feet across, but it flowed quickly in its banks, the water clear and clean, and ran through the clearing and out of sight on both ends. Sunlight broke through the opening in the trees above and made the water sparkle and dance.

Kati fell to her knees in front of the fast-moving river and plunged her head into it until her neck was submerged. Feeling the coolness of the water after the stifling heat of the jungle was an amazing relief.

She raised her head out of the water, her short hair dripping and droplets running down her back under her clothing. Then she pushed her hands in and scooped up handfuls of the fresh water into her mouth.

She drank until nearly bursting and then collapsed back onto the bank, out of breath from drinking so fast. When she recovered her breath, still on her back, she looked around the clearing.

When she saw it, she sat upright so fast her head spun a little.

Across the water, pushed back from the other bank, was a tall tree with long green and yellow fruit hanging from its branches.

She recognized it from her studies.

“Food! Bananas!”

Without thinking, Kati stood and jumped feet-first into the rushing water. The river may have been small, but it was deep. The current was manageable, but by the time she swam across she was nearly out of the clearing. Grasping some vines that grew over the water she hauled herself up onto the other bank and walked to the tree.

Looking up at the fruit, it was out of reach. She tried to climb the tree itself, but it was smooth, and the branches were too high to pull herself up.

“I can get it. Need to find something to hit it with.”

Kati searched outside the clearing until she found a fallen branch long enough to hit the fruit and then used it to knock some of it down onto the ground around her.

Falling to her knees she picked up the slick yellow fruit and, as she had read about, began to peel it to get at food inside. She bit into it and found that it was a little sour and firm, but still tasted fine.

“Might not be ripe, but I don’t care.”

She gorged herself on three of the bananas and then knocked another bunch down and ate a fourth one of the fruits before feeling full.

When she was done eating, Kati lay beside the small river, in the warm afternoon sun, and fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

It was the first drops of rain hitting her face that woke Kati. She sat up and panicked for a moment, as darkness had come, before remembering where she was.

Feeling thirsty again, Kati leaned over and took a few handfuls of water as the rain began to pick up speed and fall in large drops.

The young girl got to her feet and used her stick to knock down two more bunches of bananas. Those were the last she could reach without a longer stick.

She crawled into the jungle and covered herself up inside another large fern that grew close to the river. It wasn’t perfect, but it kept the rain off her head. Kati sat under the fern while the rain poured down and ate two more of her precious bananas.

When she was done, she curled up under the leaves, trying to stay as dry and warm as she could, and drifted off to sleep again.

Chapter 4 – Back at the River

When Kati woke several hours later the rain was still coming down and wind was whipping through the clearing shaking more water from the trees down onto the forest below.

Kati found herself soaked and freezing.

It was just becoming light out and she could see through the trees a little way.

“I have got to get someplace drier. I wish I had a way to take the water with me.”

She got another drink from the river, a huge one since she didn’t know when she would find water again, and then looked up at the remaining fruit in the banana tree.

There was no way to reach it, but she had the four remaining bananas to sustain her for a short while.

“As long as I can find more food or people in a day or two, I will be alright.”

The rain was slackening, and the sun was peeking through the clouds to her left and that meant the river was flowing south.

“I will head south along the river. That is the direction the convoy was going. Plus, I can stay near the water and have it to drink.”

Putting her back to the clearing, Kati set off into the forest, heading south along the river.

The foliage grew thick and strong near the waterway, but she kept it on her left side, never straying far from the sound of the running water.

Rain fell all through the morning and into the afternoon. Kati ate half a banana for lunch and saved the rest for dinner. The day was nearly over when she came to the cliffs.

They rose, a sheer cliff face, into the sky in front of her, hugging the river as they went, and vanished off into the distance around a bend in the water. Across the river, the rock wall rose again out of sight. The river must have long since carved itself through the rock.

“I can’t climb that,” Kati said aloud, “But I can get warm maybe if I can find shelter. Then I can try to find a way around tomorrow.”

In the fading light Kati moved along the rock wall away from the water, her hand trailing on the face of it, as she left the river behind and moved deeper into the jungle. The rain, not nearly as hard as it had been, but still coming down, continued to fall on her through the leaves above.

Eventually, just as she was about to lose all the light, Kati came to a stone outcropping that extended out from the steep cliff. It jutted out four feet from the wall and created an overhang beneath it that was just large enough to fit her body in if she curled up.

“Thank the Gods!” she said.

Kati crawled in under the outcropping and felt the rain cease over her head. When she pulled her legs in, she was able to get fully out of the rain.

But she was still cold and shivering in her thin clothing.

Stripping it off, and finding herself somewhat warmer without it, Kati stuffed her clothes into a bundle and placed it under her head so that she wouldn’t have to lean back on bare stone.

She didn’t sleep again that night, she was too cold for it, but by morning the rain had stopped, and she was able to get out from under her shelter. The outcropping was in a small clearing and the morning sun was shining brightly down on her.

“Hang this up to dry,” she said, spreading her clothing out on top of the stone in the sunshine.

She walked naked to the river and knelt on its bank to drink. She was scooping the second handful of water into her mouth when something wet landed hard on her neck and pushed her face first into the water.

In shock, Kati raised her head from the water just as three more wet things landed on her. One on her back, one on her left arm, and the final one on her left leg.

Kati had just enough time to scream before she found herself yanked, head down, up into the trees above her. She rose quickly, looking up towards the sky, as the treetops got closer.

When she came to a stop it was five feet from the forest canopy. She floated there, rotating in place, unable to even think clearly, when she came face to face with one of her captors.

It leaned in towards her, emerging out of the tree to her left, and its large gold eyes, one on each side of its cleaver-like head, blinked at her. The creature blended in perfectly with the leaves of the tree. Kati couldn’t even make out it was there, except that it was leaning towards her.

It was the face of a Chama.

She was screaming, yelling into the thing’s horrible green face as it closed in on hers, but inside her mind was racing. Her brain rapidly rattled off the thing she had learned in the Factorum.

Chama were tall bipedal lizards with the ability to change their skin color to blend in with their environments. They possessed moderate intelligence with ability to speak rudimentarily in Telerian. Chama were known to be very aggressive in battle and often worked closely with Org-reh. The creatures have a long sticky tongue that secretes a weak numbing agent used to capture prey.

Sexually, Chama are known to have a large penis for their size, with a thick protrusion at the tip leading to a slowly growing thick shaft. Conversion is slow, taking many months, but impregnation and gestation are rapid with many females giving birth within three weeks of their first breeding.

As she stared at the creature in front of her, her brain rattling off facts, she saw movement around her and looked to the left and right. Other creatures began to appear.

There were five more Chama hanging in the trees. Four of them had their tongues extended and were holding Kati aloft.

The one in front of her opened its mouth and licked her face, leaving a trail of slime from her chin to her forehead. When she opened her mouth to scream again, the creature’s tongue forced its way inside of her and slipped down her throat to gag her.

She could feel the fluids from the other tongues taking effect on her. Her extremities were going numb, and a cloudiness was growing in her head.

As the lizard tongue in her mouth probed her throat, she felt her tongue go numb as well and the cloudiness in her head increase. When the Chama was satisfied that the girl was caught, its tongue slowly slid out of her, leaving her mouth anesthetized and gaping.

Then it spoke.

“Ground. Ground. Fuck now. Then take to village.”

Disoriented and dizzy, Kati felt herself lowered slowly towards the ground as her lizard captors climbed down from the trees. They kept her close, their sticky tongues not extending far, not letting her drop more than a few feet below them as their legs moved them down the trunks of the trees.

When they reached the ground, Kati saw, rather than felt, the four tongues that were holding her detach from her naked skin and roll back up in the mouths of their respective Chama.

She was lying in front of them as they stood in a circle around her. Kati unable to move, was still lucid enough, despite the toxin, to know what was about to happen.

One of the Chama, the biggest one, stepped towards her.

The thick green skin between his legs split open and his long red cock began to slide out of him.

The protrusion at the end, a thick and diamond-shaped head came first, and then was followed by a shaft that grew in thickness as it ran back up towards his body. When it was fully out, the lizard’s prick was at least 14 inches long. Finally, a set of green and waxy, but very human-like, testicles descended below it.

“Me. First,” it said.

The creature reached down and dragged Kati onto her hands and knees. She could not move on her own. Instead, she crouched as the beast placed her with her head on the ground and her ass in the air.

Perfect for mating.

She could still feel in her crotch and as the diamond-shaped tip of the Chama’s cock slid between her legs, she shivered at the feeling of it running between her lips. The cock was slick and wet, no doubt with fluids from the creature’s own body.

“No… no,” was all she poor young Kati could mumble as the creature behind her lined up its monstrous appendage with her cunt and began to press forward.

There was pressure, intense pressure, as the head pressed against her, pushing apart her labia and forcing her pink silky walls to separate. She felt the Chama’s hands on her hips, and it pulled her back towards it as it thrust forward, hard, and forced the head of its cock inside Kati’s tight cunt.

She would have expected it to be cold, the Chama being thought to be evolved from actual lizards, but the cock was warm, almost hot, as it penetrated her body.

Then, as the unwilling girl knelt before it, the Chama rammed its red lizard cock forward and sank three inches of it directly into the young girl’s pussy, stretching it to an unbelievable width.

“Gods…no…” Kati mumbled as the pain inside her flared to a height she could only have imagined.

She tried to move away from the intrusion, but half her body was still numb. She was surrounded anyway. There was nowhere to go.

The beast pulled back, its cock sliding within her, the thick head rubbing painfully inside as her flesh closed around it and held it snug and tight.

Then the beast thrust again, driving another few inches inside the teenager as her little body strained to accommodate the lizard’s big cock.

“Good. Good human. Feel good,” the beast said from behind her as it began to fuck her.

Back and forth, up, and down, the beast pushed its thick red cock in and out of Kati’s inviting cunt as it split her open and left her wailing in pain. But her body responded to the intrusion, and she could feel herself getting wet as her pussy lubricated itself to admit more and more of the creature’s dick inside of her.

Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, she felt her head lifted and the tip of a second Chama cock forced its way past her lips and into her mouth.

Kati recoiled at the taste of it. Strong flavors of iron and copper, mixed with the smell of dried leather, filled her mouth and the musty stink of the Monstrum filled her nose. The new Chama began to pump at her face and, to her horror, slowly began to force additional inches into her.

Soon she could only breathe through her nose in short bursts when the Chama withdrew enough to leave her mouth unblocked.

The Chama in her cunt continued his assault. She could feel everything now. The hard thick head driving in and out of her. Every centimeter of his massive shaft sinking inside and forcing her apart. Soon he was so deep that she could take no more. That is when it sped up.

Kati was being pounded from both ends as each creature found its own rhythm and fucked her holes without care for their effects on her young body. She bounced between them, cocks in both holes, tasting one and riding on the other. As the beasts hit their stride, to her horror, Kati felt her body responding in an unexpected way.

She was enjoying it. There was a tingling sensation in her cunt and her mouth, along with a building feeling of intense delight.

The feelings radiating from her cunt were climbing slowly as the pain receded and her body accepted the Monstrum’s violation of her now dripping wet pussy. She could feel it, slamming into her repeatedly, and she was beginning to like it.

The taste in her mouth, after a few minutes of getting used to it, began to fade and it seemed the top of her body too began to loosen as the Chama was forcing itself increasingly deeper into her face.

Their secretions, the fluids they are leaking into me, are being absorbed by my flesh, she thought. They are already changing me! But the Conversion effects from Chama’s are supposed to be slow!

That is when the first Chama came and drove her little body over the edge.

Kati felt its cock twitch in her cunt as a blast of warm Monstrum semen, the first of many to come, filled her pussy. As the creature continued to push forward and split her open, the semen blasted into her and started to fill her womb.

Her own climax ripped up from her groin like a lightning storm and blasted away all thoughts as the feelings of ecstasy and bliss overwhelmed her brain and sent her into a shuddering fit of pure unadulterated pleasure.

It was like nothing she had ever felt before!

Kati was transported to a new level of existence as she rode the wave of her monster-induced orgasm. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her entire body felt alive for the first time in her life. She twitched, moaning around the cock in her mouth, as she felt like her climax would never cease.

The second Chama, the one in her mouth, came as she was coming down from her own orgasm and it let loose its load of Monstrum spunk directly down her throat and deep into her belly as she reflexively swallowed the foul-tasting brew.

The feeling of its cum rolling down her throat and into her stomach sent Kati into a second orgasm, rampaging through her inexperienced teenage body. It went all the way down to her toes as all her muscles flexed and relaxed spasmodically beyond her control.

When both creatures had filled the young girl with their gelatinous cum, they pulled their cocks out and let her collapse to the ground in front of them.

Kati was leaking cum from both ends as she desperately tried to catch her breath. She could feel semen slowly oozing from her cunt to run down onto the ground below her and more of it was squishing out of between her lips every time she gasped for breath.

Both orifices tingled and itched.

“Mine now. Mine,” she heard a new voice, deeper than the other ones that had spoken.

She felt herself lifted off the ground and turned in the air to come face to face with another Chama from the pack. It was at least eight feet tall, and she could feel its strength in the ease with which it had picked her up.

“No… no… please no more…” she whined.

It smiled at her and, as she watched, its tongue lolled from its head and licked both of her tiny tits in one long swipe. Her nipples, hard from her body’s response to being fucked, stood out and the feeling of its rough tongue running over them brought fresh pleasure to her, even as the saliva from the creature sent a new wave of numbness through her chest.

“Fuck. You,” the large Chama said, looking her directly in the eye.

“Oh no… please no…” Kati begged, but the Monstrum ignored her.

Kati felt something running up the inside of her thigh and she looked down to see the reptile’s erect cock sliding up between her legs. It came to rest at the entrance to her cunt, already filled once with cum, and pressed hard against it.

Kati knew she had no chance, but she began to struggle anyway. She kicked at the lizard’s body and beat at the Chama’s face with her hands, using all her strength.

It didn’t matter in the slightest.

The lizard jammed itself upwards and drove the red head of its prick past her soft flushed lips and into her body.

“Oh Gods!” Kati screamed as the reptile impaled her on its giant cock and she felt her tiny form slowly sliding down further onto the thick organ.

Looking down between them she saw her body distended around the prick as it pushed up into her. It began to fuck her, and she watched her body respond as it accepted more of the cock inside. It felt as if the Monstrum prick was filling her entire body.

Unlike the previous penetration, which had been so painful and eventually turned into pleasure, this one felt good from the outset. Waves of bodily joy radiated out from her cunt as the creature pushed up, and pulled her down, forcing itself into her still cum-filled pussy.

Kati felt herself involuntarily wrap her arms around the creature’s thick green neck and her legs slide around its cool leathery body. She could feel the head, that big red diamond-shaped head sliding up and down inside of her and it thrilled her. She lay her head back, held aloft in the Chama’s strong arms, and sighed deeply.

The Conversion is very quick, Kati thought. I am already losing control! Oh Gods, am I losing control!

“Mine too,” a Chama behind her said and she felt a second pair of scaly hands grasp her body,

A second cock head spread her ass cheeks and pushed against Kati’s puckered virgin asshole.

The good feelings from her crotch vanished as panic and fear overwhelmed her. Not my ass!

“No! No!” she heard herself scream, “Not there!”

But the creature did not care what the little girl wanted, and it pushed itself past her hole and forced its cock into her bowels.

Kati howled with pain as her body was violated once again. The cocks were too big for her small form and as both creatures began to pound away at her, she could feel them banging against each other with her internal organs crushed in between them.

The pain was tremendous, and she began to cry as she bounced back and forth on the two monster pricks defiling her. The good feelings she had been experiencing from the cock in her cunt were overwhelmed by the pain in her ass.

But she came anyway, despite the pain.

A blinding flash of light hit her, once again wiping away all thoughts but pleasure as her body exploded in an orgasm that exceeded the previous one. Her body shook and shuddered in between the rutting beasts as the young teen exploded in a frenzy of gratification.

With her mouth open in a roar of joy and her tongue out, leaking saliva down her chest, Kati must have looked like an animal herself. The climax felt as if something had opened her brain and poured an entire universe of ecstasy inside of her.

Kati lost her strength and went limp between the creatures as they kept fucking her holes without a care. Soon both Chamas came inside of her, their cum filling her up and squirting out from her openings, leaving her tingling and itchy inside.

She came for a third time when they did and felt herself wracked with unbelievable joy as lizard cum set off yet another explosion of pleasure in her teenage brain. This one was so powerful that her muscles spasmed painfully and left her limp within their grasp.

She felt their cocks leave her cunt and ass and poor Kati was dropped to the jungle floor without remorse, to bang her head on the ground.

“Mine now,” a voice said.

“Mine now,” came another voice at the same time.

Soon Kati was on her hands and knees again with a Chama cock stuffed in each end.

It went on for hours as the hunting pack took their depraved animal pleasure in the teenage girl. She came again and again as cock after Monstrum cock violated her adolescent body and sunk inside of her.

She twitched and moaned with each new desecration and screamed and bellowed with each fresh orgasm that left her feeling new heights of ecstasy and driving her into a state of bliss so complete that her mind spun and reeled.

They gave her no food or water. Only cum down her throat, so she swallowed as much as she could of it to satisfy her thirst and hunger.

One cock after another impaling her from each end. Sometimes one of the Chama’s would crawl under her and fuck her pussy while another one did her ass and a third one raped her face.

Orgasm after orgasm raced through her and obliterated any sense of time. Her body tingled and her holes itched with each fresh load of cum they dumped into her.

As the orgy of rape went on, Kati felt her body begin to loosen. It was easier and easier to take each cock as the hours slipped past. The Factorum had been very wrong, she thought to herself as another orgasm rippled through her.

The effects from Chama cum aren’t slow. I am already changing. How long until my mind is gone, and I am just a rutting animal begging to be fucked? How long until I give myself over to them completely and become simply human breeding stock for their tribe?

Long after the moon had set and was falling from the sky, the Chama finally began to tire. As Kati was sucking on the cock of the biggest one, the one she assumed was their leader, the others began to curl up next to two large fires they had set and fall asleep.

When the leader came down her throat, leaving her burning inside once again, he stepped back and looked down at her.

Kati was a mess. Covered in drying thick white lizard cum from head to toe and lying in a pool of the same stuff. Her hair was stuck to her head, and she could barely see from the dried semen adhering to eyelids.

“Tie up. Stand.”

When Kati, so exhausted she could barely think, didn’t move, the creature kicked her in the chest.


Kati struggled to her feet.

The monster took a piece of rope and wrapped it around Kati’s throat. It then wrapped the other end around its fist and pulled her over to one of the fires. The Chama lay down and curled up on itself.

“Down,” it growled.

She got down on her knees and then lay on her side. The creature was asleep in seconds, but Kati lay awake, her body on fire with tingling and pain as her physical form began to change from the cum that had seeped into her.

She cried softly until sleep eventually came.

Chapter 5 – The Village

In the morning the lizards took turns raping her again. Kati no longer resisted as the male reptiles pounded her holes and left their cum deep inside of her aching body.

Each intrusion brought a fresh wave of bliss to her exhausted and well-used body and mind.

She was so hungry and thirsty that she swallowed their cum eagerly, lapping at their cocks and even cleaning them once they withdrew from her mouth.

Maybe I understand those women, the captives who fought to stay with their Monstrum. I’ve only been with them less than 24 hours and I’m already feeling the effects of the Conversion on my body and my mind, she thought.

When they were finished with her, they took her to the river and made Kati wash herself clean. Their dried cum flaking off and washing away in the swift current of the cold water.

Most of the party left the clearing to go hunt, leaving her behind, tied to a tree, with two of their number remaining to guard. The two she was left with were the smallest of the group.

They sat by the fire and talked in their strange lizard language while Kati lay under the tree watching them. Once every few hours one of the Chama, its cock hard, swinging in front of its reptilian body, and comes over to use her for its pleasure.

Rather than untie her from the tree, they would hold her head still and line their cocks up with her mouth. The more they did it, the worse the burning tingling and itching inside of her became.

Worst of all, she was truly beginning to enjoy it. Not just enjoy it but look forward to it. When they weren’t fucking her, Kati felt herself wishing they were.

Gods, she thought, what am I already becoming?

The day passed, and then night, before the rest of the hunting party returned. They carried between them the corpses of two deer, trussed to long sticks held on their shoulders.

A conversation passed between all the Chama that did not sound, to Kati, to be a happy one. Perhaps the hunting hadn’t gone well.

After a brief stop to clean and eat one of the deer, not feeding Kati any, the party began to pack up their belongings and prepared to leave. Kati’s rope leash was tied around the waist of the leader, and she followed him closely as they left.

They lizards walked all day, with the teenager following along, until making camp that night. Her body ached as much from the Conversion as it did from the walking.

That night they took turns using her once again.

The leader took the first turn, pushing his cock into her face and letting it slowly slide into her throat. It went in easier and slid down further than any of them had the day before. She felt her throat spread to accept his length and little jolts of happiness spread out from her upper body as she began to fuck her.

My throat feels almost as good as when they are in my cunt, she thought with surprise. That must be part of the Conversion.

Another of them lined up behind her and slid easily into her wet and welcoming pussy. Soon little Kati was being fucked from both ends, her body suspended between the two large lizards as her arms and legs dangled below her.

They fed her their cum and she accepted it enthusiastically, savoring the strange taste as it flowed into her stomach.

The creatures didn’t seem to require much sleep as they took turns raping her for hours before finally curling up next to their fires again.

The Factorum had been wrong. She was certain of that now.

After only a day, their pricks went into her body easier than they had before. Especially her mouth which could almost effortlessly stretch to accommodate the diamond-shaped heads. Even her cunt, tingling and itchy after every session, had begun to loosen considerably.

The Conversion had affected her mind as well. When she wasn’t being fucked, she was thinking about being fucked and every time one of the Chama’s came in her, a fresh orgasm would discharge in her brain, leaving her ecstatic and borderline mindless for a few moments.

Kati began to crave the Chama’s attentions. The feeling of them inside her. Filling her up. The taste of them. Sweet and salty and thick. Their cum feeding her and nourishing her. She knew that soon she would no longer want solid food at all.

Kati fell asleep lying next to the big leader, the rope tied around his hand and her waist. She dreamed of Chama cocks and being fucked. They were happy dreams.

After another day of walking, and another orgy of lizard pricks inside her, the party came to an area of cleared trees and a road that led twisting through the jungle. They began to pass small clearings on either side of the road, filled with rudimentary tombstones made from what looked like carved jade.

Chama gravesites, she guessed.

The leader pulled her rope leash until she was walking next to him.

“Kaltan. Called Kaltan. Prince of village. You, owned by Kaltan. Master Kaltan. Owned. Mine. Prize for me. Give King. One night. Then mine,” he said.

Kati was shocked to find herself feeling somewhat happy with the prospect. Owned by the prince. The largest of them all. An important part of the tribe.

When she realized what she was thinking, Kati shook her head and tried to make the feelings go away. But she couldn’t make the desires inside of her go away. The longer they went without fucking her, the more powerful her urges became.

She was about to open her mouth and, not quite believing it herself, ask to be fucked, when the forest began to thin out. As they came over a rise Kati could see the village of the Chama tribe laid out in front of them. It was large, at least forty buildings made of wood and stone, with a few of them rising several stories.

It was obvious that it used to be a human village at one time, but the Chama owned it now.

There were fields surrounding the village and Kati could see that one held a large herd of more than fifty cattle.

The party walked down the hill towards the village. Kati wasn’t surprised to see some human women tending crops and working the soil in the fields.

The Factorum had told her that the Chama often kept some older female slaves after their useful breeding life. They used them to support the tribe as laborers. There were no guards or shackles on the women. The Chama didn’t think they would flee or didn’t care if they did.

When they reached the village square a group of Chama had gathered to greet them. She saw that they came in all sizes and shapes. Some were tall and muscular, like her owner Kaltan, while others tended towards short or even fat. Their colors ranged from deep greens to tans and one that was the yellow of a banana.

As the hunting party approached, a very tall Chama, at least ten feet in height, stepped forward to greet them. All the other Chama were naked, but this one wore a fur vest, painted in red and black stripes, and a skirt of the same fur wrapped around his waist.

That must be the King, Kati thought, as the hunting party stopped and bowed their heads before him. He spoke in their lizard language for several seconds before all the Chama raised their heads.

When he was done speaking, the party broke apart and the groups mixed. Soon Kati couldn’t tell the pack that had brought her here from the ones waiting for them. She stood, her rope held in Kaltan’s fist, waiting for something to happen.

Her pussy itched and her arousal was welling up inside of her.

She was so deep in her thoughts that she was surprised when Kaltan yanked the rope and pulled her forward in front of the King.

“Father. Kaltan father,” the big lizard said to her, “You call King. You go with him. Gift for night. Back to me tomorrow.”

With those words, her owner handed his father her leash and then disappeared into the crowd.

The King towered above Kati. He looked down on her in appreciation. His eyes roaming her body and taking in her naked teenage form.

“Walk,” the King said and turned away from her.

With a look back at Kaltan, who was busy talking with the other Chama, Kati followed the King at the end of her leash through the village. Her cunt was leaking by this point and her head felt fuzzy and warm.

I need to get fucked, she thought. I am at the point of actually needing it now.

They came to the tallest building she could see. Flags of various human armies hung from the windows. Trophies taken in battle.

In front of the house was a row of skulls on spikes. A few were human, but she recognized what looked like a Centarum, a Rapewolf, and what might have been a Yetta.

She knew that some species of the Monstrum warred with each other more than they cooperated. These trophies would certainly be considered evidence of that. Too bad I’ll never be able to update my Factorum, she thought dryly.

The King led her up the front steps of the building and onto the porch. He tied the end of her rope to a railing and, with one hand, pushed her down onto her knees. Kati crouched before him and looked up to find the King smiling down at her.

Kati’s arousal was raging, and she found herself hoping that he was about to use her.

“Please me,” the King said.

She looked down at his body. She watched as his skin split open, and his big Chama cock came slithering out from inside him. The head was an angry purple and the shaft a deep dark red the color of blood. More and more came out of him until there was at least three feet of hard thick Monstrum cock staring Kati in the face.

“Please me. Or I punish,” he said again in low rasping broken English.

Kati opened her mouth and leaned forward to take the King’s cock. The instant her tongue touched it and her lips kissed the head, a fire raced through her.

She wanted this now. Needed it. Just touching the King’s prick had made her arousal intensify. Her juices were leaking down between her thin legs and her entire body felt prickly and hot with anticipation.

The King sat down in a chair behind him as little Kati went to work on his cock. She kissed and slurped at the thick head, enjoying the feeling of his reptilian skin stretched tight over the muscle underneath.

She began to worship him. Worship the cock of the Chama tribal King.

Licking up and down the first few inches of his cock, she went to work on him with her hands. His warm prick, lubricated with his bodily fluids and her saliva, was slick in her hands as she worked the shaft up and down.

She kept this up for a few minutes as the King smiled down at her and stretched his arms out to rest them on the sides of the chair.

“Inside mouth,” he said, and she obeyed.

Raising herself up off her knees, young Kati swallowed the head of his prick and slowly sank her mouth down onto him. Her rapidly changing body still had trouble accommodating his length, but she got a third of the way down it before her throat could take no more.

Her heart was racing, and she felt alive. Her cunt was dripping wet and desire for more cock, more of his flesh, flowed through her.

She wanted to please him. She wanted him inside her. Need it. Craved it.

“Good human. Serve King.”

Kati began to bob her head on the King’s long fat lizard prick. She would throw herself forward and feel it slide deep into her throat, distending her skin and beginning to choke her. Still, she wanted more, but her body wouldn’t let her. Not yet.

Then she would pull back, his warm reptilian skin sliding over her tongue and lips, until she reached the diamond-shaped tip, where she rolled her tongue around it and moaned.

Her hands worked his prick furiously, anticipating the delicious Monstrum cum that lay within those huge balls of his.

Kati’s life for the last several days had been one long string of rape and cum and orgasms. Her body had changed. Her mind had changed.

But now, with the King, she felt something new.

Desire. True desire.

Her body was a flood of raging hormones and her little human heart pounded in her chest. Her tiny nipples jutted out, and she was leaking a pool of her juices onto the wooden floorboards below.

Every second she touched the King’s animal cock the desire grew within her petite body until she felt like she might explode.

Above her, the King was breathing hard. His chest rising and falling as his own excitement grew.

He will come soon, she thought. He must. I can’t stand this much longer.

Just as she thought that the King grabbed both sides of her head and thrust himself up into her face. He drove himself deep, deeper than she could have gone on her own, at least halfway down to her stomach, and then blew his load into her body.

Wave after wave of hot monster cum flooded Kati’s throat and spewed back out of her mouth onto his cock, balls, and the floor below. She desperately swallowed it, not wanting to waste a drop, and felt it flow down her throat and into her belly where it settled in a warm feeling.

When he finished and pulled his cock out of her, she began to clean him, licking the spilled reptilian cum from his cock and balls and then bending down to lick the rest of it off the wooden floor below.

She had to have all of it. The salty delicious cum.

Her throat tingled as the frothy thick liquid began to once again seep into her skin and the effects of the Conversion began anew.

But she wasn’t satisfied. Her arousal was raging now. A roaring fire inside of her. She hadn’t come!

Kati looked up at the King with an involuntary whine of frustration.

“Fuck me. Please…” she heard herself say in a tiny whimper.

The King’s smile broadened.

“Up. Bend,” the King said, and Kati obeyed.

Thank the Gods! I can’t hold out much longer!

As soon as the young girl was bent over the wood railing behind her that she was tied to, the King grabbed her hips and shoved at least two feet of his massive lizard cock directly up into her sopping wet human cunt.

“OH GODS! YES!” Kati roared out as the King speared her with his prick and drove her naked body against the post with his incredible strength.

She came as soon as he was inside her, a mass of fireworks and genuine animal pleasure blasting through her body and discharging inside her brain.

Drool exploded from her mouth as her body slammed against the wooden post. Her eyes rolled wildly as she felt the ultimate sexual gratification of her young life overcome all her senses and plunge her mind into chaos.

But it wasn’t over, not even close.

The lizard King pulled back and shoved himself in again, this time putting another six inches in, and driving Kati over the edge into climax once more until she was screaming like mad and all the muscles in her small body twitched and shivered.

It was indescribable! Kati’s brain couldn’t take the pure unaltered pleasure that the King’s reptilian cock was causing, and her mind just shut down. She collapsed over the post.

Several Chama walking past stopped to watch as their King fucked the lesser human animal on his porch for the whole town to see.

Kati got off again and again as the King pounded her once tiny cunt with his prick and used her like the base plaything she was.

The more he fucked her, the worse the tingling and itching got. Her body was converting itself. Changing so rapidly that each time he fucked her cunt her was able to take slightly more and more of him inside her.

Kati’s brain was gone. There were no thoughts except the next penetration. The next orgasm. The next inch of lizard meat forced in her gaping cunt.

This was what she was made for. Born for. To be bred. To be fucked and used like a human pet. For the good of the tribe. Her old life had been merely a waste of time. This was her true purpose!

When the King came for the final time, sending her into at least her eighth orgasm, he had dumped so much cum into her that she felt a rain of it pouring out and onto the floor below.

The King pulled out, leaving her cavernous hole open and exposed. Kati immediately turned around and began cleaning his cum off his cock with one hand and scooping streams of it off her skin and shoving it into her mouth with the other hand.

She had to have it. Had to have it all. More and more and more until she burst!

The giant lizard stood over her with a smile on his face as the human female cleansed his softening organ. When she was done, he sat back down in his chair without a word.

Kati, exhausted and fulfilled, for the time being, curled up against his leg, lay her head against his scaly thigh, and went to sleep.

That night the King used her again and again. He took her inside his house and fucked her in every possible position. Using her ass, mouth, and cunt as his personal fuck holes, the King continued her transformation from human to breeding pet.

He even replaced her rope with a dark leather collar and leash studded with red gemstones that sparkled in the candlelight that lit his wood and stone castle.

The more he fucked her, the more her body rapidly changed. She felt her throat and mouth widening further. Her ass and pussy lengthened within as her organs shifted to accommodate her new purpose in life of taking large lizard cocks.

She knew from her studies that other changes were happening as well.

Her ovaries were being transformed and changed to accept Chama semen. Soon her body would adapt more and become fertile for their Monstrum cum. Then she would be pregnant and filled with Chama eggs to birth.

The thought of it, of giving birth to the precious eggs, filled her with joy. Kati wanted to be pregnant. Wanted to be filled with little Chama spawn and give birth to help strengthen the tribe.

With each additional orgasm her desire and pleasure grew as well. Time after time when she came it was better than the one before it.

Deep in her mind Kati knew that this was all wrong. That she should be fighting. Resisting what they were doing to her. Trying to escape. But her conscious mind and her body wanted nothing more than to be fucked and bred like a lizard’s human bitch.

She passed out at some point during the night but woke the next morning to find the King fucking her pussy once again. When he came inside of her, another orgasm roared through her and sent her tumbling again within her own mind.

That was what broke her. That orgasm was what sent her over the abyss and into her new mental state. No longer human. Fully a pet for her masters. It was far too late to go back.

When the King was done with her, she was filthy and covered with his semen. He took her out into the village and walked her to an area with an open-air pool.

There, bathing in the water, were other girls like herself. Kati saw some younger, but most were around her age. All of them were soaking in the water or soaping themselves off as their owners watched and talked in their strange language.

None of the girls were chained or restrained in any way. In fact, most of them stared at their masters in awed wonderment and desire.

Several Chama were fucking girls around the pool area. Kati was shocked to see a small young child, being used front and back by two large Chama. The tiny girl was very easily accepting their long thick lizard cocks into her body and was squirming in a terrific orgasm as the Monstrum pounded at her body. Her breasts and stomach, small but full, were jiggling around beneath her as her pregnant body was thoroughly abused from both ends.

“In. Clean,” the King said and shoved her into the water.

Kati picked up a piece of soap and began to clean the King’s dried cum off her body. When she was clean, the King jerked her leash and pulled her out of the water.

He led her back through the village until they arrived at a two-story stone and wood dwelling near the edge of town. Kaltan was waiting for them out front of the house.

When father and son were close enough, they embraced, and then the King handed over Kati’s leash. The two of them talked while Kati stood silently listening, but with no hope of understanding. But she was growing impatient.

Her body was ready. Ready to be taken again. To be used. To be bred.

When they were done the King left and Kaltan looked down on her with a smile.

The next several days were a blur for Kati. Kaltan fucked her day and night, almost unceasingly, as they both came and came together.

Her body continued to change, and within four days she was able to take all his massive cock in all three of her holes. Gallons of Monstrum cum were absorbed by her body after hours and hours of fucking by the tall lizard and his big red prick.

On the sixth day he finally gave the teenager a break. He tied her to a bed, made for a human pet like her, and left her to sleep while he went out into the village.

Kati lay quietly with a smile on her face and her hands on her stomach as the eggs inside of her began to grow.

Chapter 6 – Used and Sold

Kati screamed around the piece of cow leather in her mouth as the sixth and final egg of this clutch slid out of her pussy and landed onto the bed below her.

It was her fifth birth since coming to the village eight months ago and this was her largest brood yet. But the eggs were small and there were only six of them. Kati was aware that the other girls of the village produced many more and much larger eggs than she did.

Their father, Kaltan, stood next to the bed watching as the old human woman who served as one of the village's midwives collected the eggs into a basket and covered them with a towel.

Chama eggs were delicate, and the babies had no need of nursing after hatching, so the eggs were taken to a central birthing center near the edge of town where they would be placed on heated rocks, warmed by a hot spring.

Kati sighed as she lay back onto the pillow and watched her children being taken away. The first time they had been taken from her she had cried. She wanted to be with them. To see them born. To see their little green and yellow and tan bodies break through their eggshells and emerge into the light.

But now she knew this was the way. The eggs were too fragile and had to be protected, even from their mothers. She knew that they would be safe with the midwife.

She would see them again, though. Already some of her young sons were learning to walk and play in the village. She had watched them from the windows and known they were hers.

She looked up at Kaltan, who looked back at her with a flat stare.

“Eggs small. Not strong.”

He had said the same thing after her last clutch. It brought her to tears. Her only job was to make him happy, and she was failing.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, master. Kati will do better.”

His expression did not change.

“Rest,” Kaltan said, patting her on the head, “Travel tomorrow.”

Kati wanted to ask what kind of travel, but she had learned that the Chama did not like their humans to talk too much, so she kept silent.

Kati had learned a great many things since she had come to the village and became Kaltan’s property.

She had learned how to suck cock like a good pet. Taking every inch that Kaltan had down her modified throat and she was easily able to swallow all his precious cum in one gulp. Not wasting any. The Chama did not feed their pets human food, only their life-sustaining thick rich delicious cum and that was enough for the girls to thrive on.

She had also learned how to take his cock in her pussy and ass as well. Both of her holes had been transformed into deep, but still tight, chasms that welcomed his hot meat as her muscles milked him to climax.

Kati had learned to be a good pet. Sometimes she thought back to her former life as a human. How she had been so afraid and lonely when her home in Midland had fallen.

Now she had an owner, and a new home, and a real purpose in life.

Breeding pet to her lizard god.

The next day Kaltan took her to the baths as he did every day and let her clean herself. When she was done, he took her across the village to the public square where a line of nine other young female human pets stood. She recognized a few of them from the pool.

A long line of rope ran around each of their waists. Kaltan took Kati to the end of the line and tied her to the last girl. Then he tied her arms to the rope as well.

“Go now. Eggs too weak. You go.”

Kati looked up at her owner, not understanding what was happening.

Then the line started to move as one of three Chama guards took the rope and began to pull the girls along with him. Three more Chama fell in behind them and the column set off through the square.

Kati now realized suddenly what he meant. He was sending her away! Throwing her away!

“NO! NO! PLEASE! NO!” she screamed and pulled at the rope, trying to get away and go back to Kaltan, her owner. Her lover.

The other girls began to scream and cry as well. Calling out for their owners and begging to stay.

But none of the Chama did a thing to stop the train of girls as they were pulled by the rope and led out of the village.

Soon Kati found herself shuffling down the dusty road. Tears leaking down her cheeks and a desperate need for Kaltan’s cock raging in her body.

They walked all day and into the night, finally camping when the moon was full. When one of the girls talked or asked where they were going, a Chama would hit them with the butt of one of their spears.

“No talk,” it would say.

After the first three times all the girls remained quiet, except for the occasional crying fit.

The guards used her and the other girls for several hours, but it just left Kati wanting more.

It was three days later when a thick column of smoke appeared on the horizon ahead of them.

Then another day's walk before the city came into view. It was obvious that it was once another human settlement, but as they got closer, Kati could see that Monstrum ruled there now.

As they came in through a massive gate, which had been smashed in, Kati saw all variety of Monstrum moving through the city. Yetta mixed with the vicious four-legged Heyna in their battle armor. Org-reh lounged in the streets as young girls serviced them openly.

The Chama guards led them through the smoke-filled city, past Monstrum and enslaved humans, until they reached a market area. When they came to a stop, Kati could see lines of cages ringing a stall. Each cage held two human girls, filthy and ragged, with downcast eyes and lines of tears streaking through the dirt on their faces.

Kati and the other girls cried. They knew what was happening and, especially after seeing the caged girls behind the shopkeeper, their worst fears had been realized.

The shopkeeper was a Pander who looked over Kati and the other girls closely. He inspected their heads, teeth, and genitals thoroughly. Even sticking a finger up their cunts and assholes to check their tightness.

Not much was known about Pander at the Academy and the Factorum held little knowledge about them. They were hairy beasts, like small grizzly bears, but with bright multi-colored fur and the ability to walk on two legs. The Factorum said that they were mostly merchants and builders who assisted the other Monstrum races, but rarely fought. Nothing was known of their mating or sexual lives since they were so rarely encountered.

The Pander counted out twenty gold coins and handed it to the lead Chama who put it in a sack and hung it from his waist. Then he handed over the rope leash to the girl’s new owner and all the Chama walked away deeper into the market.

Soon Kati found herself sharing a tight cage with another girl whose name she didn’t know. The girl wouldn’t talk, no matter how much Kati tried, so she gave up and stood at the bars looking out at the market.

She saw all manner of Monstrum. Fierce Centarum strolled in packs through the market, their chests puffed out and long manes flowing in the wind that swept through. Org-reh or sometimes other Pander, on their huge legs painted in bright colors, would stop, and look into the cages, but no one wanted to buy.

Eventually Kati sat down with her head against the bars and cried again.

She missed her owner. Her body trembled with desire and her heart ached for him. For his touch. But she had displeased him, despite all her efforts, and he had thrown her away.

After the market closed, the shopkeeper put an additional padlock on the cages and then closed the front of the store. He didn’t bother to feed the girls. Instead, he lay onto a large bed and was soon snoring loudly.

Kati, with no cushions or mattress, slept fitfully in her cage while the other girl softly whimpered and cried all night. She woke up several times with her hand in her cunt and masturbated herself to climax. She watched many of the other girls do the same.

Their bodies had been made to please and be pleased. It was all they knew, even in such a horrible place.

But her hand wasn’t close to what she needed.

The next day the shopkeeper opened the stall, and, to Kati’s surprise, two human women dressed in fine clothing waited outside when he opened the doors.

“What you need?” Kati’s new owner asked gruffly.

One of the women answered.

“Two new girls. Pretty ones. Fresh ones.”

The shopkeeper swept his hands over the cages behind him.

“What I got. Ten arrived yesterday. All fresh. Take your pick.”

The two women walked around the store front and began to inspect the girls in the cages. One of them approached Kati’s cage and looked inside at her.

“You, girl, where are you from?”

“Midland,” Kati answered after a few seconds, briefly remembering the name of her home. It had been so long since she had been there, and the Conversion had so warped her mind, she was amazed she could remember her own name.

“No, you stupid girl. Where are you from? What Monstrum brought you here?”


“And the one next to you?” the woman said, pointing at the girl Kati was sharing the cage with.

“Chama. We both were owned by Chama.”

The woman turned to the shopkeeper.

“Take these two out of the cage so that I can inspect them.”

Kati and the other girl were removed from the cage and, after the women had inspected them both, the tallest woman pulled a purse and paid the shopkeeper in gold.

“We will take both of these.”

“Sold,” the Pander said with a smile.

The two women led Kati and the nameless girl on their rope leashes from the market and deeper into the city.

They passed four girls of Kati’s age lined up in stocks in a small square for use by any passing Monstrum. Two were taking Centarum cocks right then. They were obviously new to it, and likely un-Converted, as both were screaming in pain, not pleasure. The two unused girls next to them were crying, knowing they would soon be put to use as well.

A short way down the road a pack of Rapewolves were in a corral fighting over a girl lying naked in the muddy pen. Several other Monstrum, including a huge fat Org-reh of a size Kati could barely believe, were taking bets on which wolf would win. The Org-reh was so fat and large Kati was amazed it could even walk.


“I am Unam and I will win!” the fat Org-reh screamed as he downed a large flagon of beer and yelled at the fighting wolves.

Eventually the two finely dressed women led Kati and the girl to a large four-story stone building with a sign on the front that read “The Prince’s Rest”.

Outside, on a large porch that wrapped around the inn, a Pander stood watching two twin naked girls sweep dirt and dust off the porch.

“Do a good job here,” the Pander said to the girls, “Or it is the stocks for you! And when you finish, I want you bathed and ready for customers.”

The girls only nodded and swept harder.

As the women led Kati and girl up onto the porch, the Pander turned to face them.

“What did you bring me?”

“Two fresh ones,” the tallest woman said as both women bowed deeply to the Pander, “Both captured and converted by Chama. They look to have been treated gently and, as you know master, after Chama conversion there can be no pregnancy from other races, so you won’t have to worry about them getting pregnant.”

“Chama, eh? Good choices then.”

“You are pleased, master?”

“I am. You, girls, look at me.”

Kati looked at the Pander immediately, but the other girl just cried. The Pander reached over and smacked her hard enough to drive her to the wooden porch floor.

“Pick her up. Make her stop that sound.”

The shorter woman picked the girl up and got her to her feet.

“Stop crying,” she whispered in the girl’s ear, “Stop crying or it will be worse.”

Everyone waited a moment for the girl to get herself under control. When she finally did, she looked at her new owner with red-rimmed eyes and a snuffling nose.

“That is better,” the Pander said, “I am Chigong, your new owner. I don’t care where you came from before you were captured, and I won’t care where you go after I have sold you off in a few years. I only care about what happens under this roof and how well you please my customers. These two women are Morna and Rena. They are your house mothers and slaves as well. They speak with my authority and can punish you just as well as I can. Obey them as you would obey me. Nod your empty heads if you understand.”

Both girls nodded. Kati’s urge for sex was rapidly rising again, but she kept her hands by her sides.

“What is your name and your age?” he asked, pointing at the other girl.

“Teala. I’m ten,” she whimpered.

“And you?”

“Kati. I’m fourteen.”

“Teala and Kati. I suppose you are both pretty enough. Certainly, Teala is young enough. Kati, you look young enough to pass, for now,” he said, and then turned to the older women, “Get them washed, and dressed. Shave the older one’s cunt. They start tonight. After time with the Chama, they should know how to please our clientele.”

“Yes, Chigong,” the women both said at once, each taking a girl by the arm and leading her deeper into the house.

After a long hot bath, during which the women made her scrub herself nearly pink with a brush, Kati watched as Morna shaved Kati’s cunt bare until it was as clean as it had been when she was six.

Kati rubbed between her legs, feeling the smoothness there, and it turned her on. She began to play with her cunt, even with Morna watching, and the older woman had to smack her hand away.

“None of that! Save it for the customers or you will be punished!”

Then both girls were given pretty dresses, purple for Kati and pink for Teala, that were entirely see through. The dress covered slightly more than Kati’s old mage uniform.

“You both are ready. Follow me to your rooms.”

The house mothers took them upstairs to the third floor and walked down a long hallway.

“Can you read girls?”

‘I can,” Kati said.

“So can I,” Teala said.

“Good. Here is your room Kati, number twenty. You will live here. You will sleep here. You will fuck here, if the client can make it up the stairs. If not, like a Centarum, there are places out back and downstairs for fucking. Understand?”


“Teala, your room is here. Number 25, “Morna said, tapping the painted number on the door, “We have put some food inside for you. Eat and put on some makeup. Then wait until you hear the bell rings. When the bell rings, get dressed and come down to the first floor and go into the Great Room next to where you came in. We will show you what to do when the time comes.”

With that, Morna and Rena left.

Teala burst into tears again, then went into her room and slammed the door behind her. Kati opened her door and went in.

The room was larger than her mage quarters had been. There was a big bed, big enough for two people, a desk with an array of makeup and perfume, and two chairs with a table in-between them. There was a sandwich and a glass of water on the table.

Before she did anything, Kati had to cum. She hiked up her dress and threw herself onto the bed. Her hands were between her legs almost instantly. She thought back to the King, not the master who had cruelly sold her off, but to the nice King who had fucked her that first night in the village.

She remembered watching his cock emerge from his body. Inch after inch flowing forth with that large hard tip at the end, that felt so good inside her body. She thought about how she had worshiped his reptilian cock. Tongue working its way up and down him. Tasting him. Smelling his odor.

Finally, as she thought about the King fucking her on the porch for the rest of the town to see, Kati came around her fingers and lay on the bed shivering through a mildly satisfying orgasm.

When she was done, she sat at the desk and looked at the makeup. She hadn’t worn any at home, but many mages at the Academy wore makeup and Kati had emulated them. In this case she decided for a little lip coloring, some red powder above her eyes, and two dabs of perfume on her neck.

When she was done, she sat looking at herself in the mirror. She missed being with Kaltan. She missed being with the Chama themselves. But mostly, she missed sex.

Kati didn’t want to eat the nasty human food, but it was all she had, and she was hungry. She was just finishing the sandwich when a loud bell rang and echoed throughout the large building.

Kati put the food away and checked herself in the mirror before leaving her room and heading downstairs. She walked down the stairs and into the Great Room. She was greeted by a shrill scream.


Little Meala, made up with a layer of color and dressed similarly to Kati, bolted across the floor of the Great Room and nearly tackled Kati to the ground.

“KATI! I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!” the younger girl screamed as she jumped up and down and hugged Kati.

There were twenty other girls in the room, all varying ages, shapes, and sizes, and all of them were staring at Kati and Meala as if they were crazy.

Kati put her hands on Meala’s shoulders.

“It is good to see you Meala. Calm down. I am happy to see you too. I… I am sorry for leaving you behind.”

The little girl stopped jumping but kept smiling ear to ear.

“Don’t worry about it, Kati. It all worked out. The Org-reh treated me very well! I had a nice master named Toak and he took very good care of me. He fucked me, and he fucked me, and he fucked me, and gave me nice things to wear!”

“That’s great Meala,” Kati said, “But how did you end up here?”

“Toak died. Some stupid mage killed him. His son didn’t want me, so he brought me here and sold me. Now I get to wear nice dresses and meet all kinds of beautiful creatures to fuck me! Isn’t fucking great Kati? I wonder how I ever lived without it!”

The young girl’s attitude and enthusiasm were overwhelming, and Kati began to find herself feeling a little better.

The bell rang again, much louder this time, and Morna swept into the room.

“Girls,” she said, clapping her hands, “Line up. Get in line facing the window. The first customers are here.”

“What does she mean?” Kati asked Meala.

“Oh, it means we are being selected by the customers. They look at all of us and pick which ones they want. If we are facing the windows, it means it’s a bigger race or something that can’t walk in here. Probably Centarum. They are everywhere here. And they have big dicks!”

Meala held her hands far apart, gave Kati an excited grin, and pulled her over to stand in line next to a large picture window that ran the length of the room and faced outside.

Through the window, Kati could see that Meala had guessed right. Five heavily armed Centarum warriors stood stomping their hooves and waiting to view the merchandise. When the girls were lined up, the horsemen leered through the open window and debated which girls they liked.

Meala and Kati were both chosen, along with three other girls.

“That’s it girls,” Morna said, “If you weren’t chosen, back to your rooms to await the bell. You five, put your dresses on the hangers and follow me.”

Soon, the five girls, with Meala dragging a somewhat reluctant Kati, were walking down the stairs into the back yard where a wooden corral had been setup. There were stocks for ten girls arrayed around it and Morna walked each of the girls to a stock and locked them in. Meala was locked in right next to Kati and the young little girl couldn’t stop smiling.

“You were with the Chama, right Kati?”


“Never been with one of those. But I love the Centarum and you will too! This is so wonderful that we get to do this and to be here together! Oh, here they come.”

The five Centarum warriors trotted into the yard, smiles broad on their human faces, and giant horse cocks swinging beneath between the legs.

One-by-one they chose a girl and mounted her easily from behind.

Kati was the last chosen, but her Centarum was far and away the biggest. As it mounted up behind her, its huge horse dick lining up with her waiting wet cunt, Kati looked over to see little Meala impaled by her own stud.

The horse’s cock was easily fitting inside the seven year old girl, sliding in and out of her gaping cunt with each powerful thrust. Meala’s mouth was open, her tongue hanging out, and happy little sounds of pleasure rose and fell from her as she got fucked.

Kati’s partner didn’t waste any time. It plowed forward, the flared head of its prick smashing into her labia, and then pressing through them to dive deep into Kati’s sopping pussy.

“Oh, Gods!” Kati cried out as the horse cock, wider and thicker than anything even the largest Chama possessed, speared her, and drove deep inside her waiting canal.

She could feel it, inch by inch pushing inside. Spreading her once delicate pink walls apart and making the persistent infuriating itch in her cunt go away, at least for now. The half horse, half man behind her thrust forward again, pushing himself in all the way, and sending Kati banging against the wooden stocks holding her in place.

The feeling was… magnificent! As the Centarum found a good pace, his cock ramming in and out of Kati’s cunt, she sighed in pleasure at the feeling of being used once again. The feeling of having a purpose that had left her after Kaltan had sent her away to be sold.

When the big Centarum came, sending Monstrum cum gushing up inside of her, Kati came as well and a blinding orgasm crashed into her like an axe-blow to the head. Her eyes rolled up and her body twitched as a new level of pleasure, far more than she had experienced with the Chama, worked its way through her teenage body.

As one Centarum dismounted and another replaced it behind her, Kati smiled.

She was a human pet once again and, she knew, would have many amazing lovers for as long as Chigong owned her and sold her at his brothel.

Kati came again a few moments later, this time watching Meala’s little body, the girl she was supposed to have protected, squirming through an orgasm of her very own.

The End

Authors Note: I hope you enjoyed this story. I never describe my characters in detail so that the reader can picture them however they like. But, if you are curious, in my mind Kati looks like a retired porn star named Melissa May.

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