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My Baby Girl and our French Vacation - Part 1

By WintermuteX

Tags: Mgg, inc, pedo, rom, cons, oral, anal

Content: Pedophilia, Incest, Romance, Blowjob, Anal

I checked the floor by the dresser - not there either. They weren't in the suitcases, or by the bed. I had already checked the bathroom. Naked and frustrated, I surveyed the hotel room in the morning light, the light breeze from the open window swirling over my body. My fingers drummed on the polished wood of the windowsill while I stood in thought, trying to remember the last time I had seen my swimming trunks.

Shae came out of the bathroom in her pink bikini, and I turned to look, catching my 12-year-old daughter's eyes roaming approvingly over my body. Running and weightlifting kept me in shape as I got older, and I had managed to keep a muscular figure in spite of mother nature. France was gloriously sunny this summer, and my skin had already tanned to a golden brown. A sly grin flashed and then vanished on my daughter's face, like a mole snatching a brief view of the surface. Her gaze had come to rest on my crotch, fixed on where my flaccid penis was hanging down against my thigh. My train of thought was broken.

"What have you got there?" I asked.

"Um...nothing," Shae smirked, keeping her hands behind her. The picture of innocence.

"Nothing? Let me see..." I took a step toward her, and she shrieked, darting to the side, laughing wildly as she waved my black swimming trunks over her head. I grabbed for her leg, and she danced away effortlessly.

The chase was on. My baby girl giggled in hysterics as I confronted her across the coffee table, darting one way and then the other, matching my movements.

"Give me back my trunks!"

She flapped them disdainfully in the air. "These old things? Nah."

A quick hook around the table brought me within grabbing distance, but Shae yanked them out of my reach with a squeal. I went for her arm instead, but she twisted away like a ferret and I ended up stumbling over the leg of the papasan chair, sending it flying backwards.

"You're too slow Daddy!" she yelled, dangling the garment just out of reach. "I don't even know why you wear these things anyway. I prefer them off." I spun around and tried to snatch the fabric, but my grab went wild and I felt a tug as she twirled away again. Two pink streamers trailed behind her, catching in her long hair: the ties of her bikini top where my fingers had hooked it. Shae pranced up on top of the bed, bouncing gleefully on the mattress and twirling my bottoms. The pink triangles of her bikini hung loose on her bare chest, showing off her pert nipples.

Not intending to wait for another taunt from my gloating daughter, I pressed my advantage, leaping onto the bed - and got whacked in the face with a frilly pillow for my trouble.

"Oooooof!" I tumbled blindly into the sheets. "You fight dirty!"

She leaped off the other side of the bed and squared her shoulders in a pouty gesture. "Hey, you started it."

"I did not!" I rolled off the bed onto my feet. "You know, you're being a very naughty girl." I had her cornered between the bed and the bathroom door now.

"I guess you'll have to punish me."

She waited just long enough for me to open my mouth in reply, then hurled the trunks at my face. I snatched blindly and caught her arm as she bounded like a gazelle past me, and we tumbled down to the carpet. Shae squirmed madly against me, trying to contort her way out of my grip, but I knew her one weakness. My fingers dove like a squadron of bombers, targeting the sweet spot under the mole just behind her shoulder, and she convulsed in laughter as I tickled her into submission.

"Stop! Ahaaahahaha...AGH!" Shae coiled like a snake, squealing and panting, until I finally got my weight over both her legs and switched my fingers to her hips, lightly drumming them up and down the soft skin. Shae flopped on her back, a wiggling fish howling with laughter as she slapped at my arms. I kept it up until she finally gave in. We rested on the carpet, my daughter reduced to a gasping, laughing mess from the torture of my fingers. My eyes roamed her sexy little body as I straddled her, keeping her legs pinned under me. Her top had twisted around in a tangle and come loose on the carpet, leaving her flat chest bare, a perfect swell of smooth skin running from her navel up to the budding mounds of her breasts, decorated with a pair of erect nipples poking upwards. She was breathing heavily, gazing up at me. Chasing down and running my hands all over my squirming baby girl's body was a better morning stimulation than any coffee, and my prick was standing at attention, poking demandingly at the fabric of her bikini bottoms.

"You run like a little girl," I panted.

"Takes one to know one," she sassed, sticking her tongue out at me.

"And just what did you think I was going to do without any bottoms?"

Her hips wiggled under me as her eyes travelled searchingly down to my waist and back up to my face.

"Gee, I dunno Daddy. I'm sure you'll think of SOMETHING."

Laughing, I jumped to my feet and scooped her up in my arms, letting her legs kick in delight as I spun her around in the flood of pale sunlight from the window. She was light, even for a 12-year-old, a sweet, spirited feather of a girl with golden hair streaming behind her and a sunny smile permanently on her lips. I walked to the bed, savoring the soft bundle of girlflesh in my arms as she gazed up at me, a request buried in the sapphire depths of her eye and the slow traces of her fingertips on the back of my neck.

The white sheets rustled as I plopped my grinning daughter down onto them and then crawled up onto the bed on my hands and knees, hovering over her, one hand reaching down to knead the slight mounds on her chest, the other flicking hungry fingers over the pink bottoms, finding the warm fabric speckled with moisture.

Shae stretched her arms over her head, languidly, purring with delight at the attention her Daddy was giving her. Sunlight poured over the bed from the wide windows, warming her tanned skin to a healthy copper glow on the white sheets, casting the scattered strands of her hair into halos of gold. I ducked, holding my head just above hers, studying her girlish face up close as our heavy breaths mixed in the space where our lips brushed lightly together. She was my angel, my baby girl, the face I watched when I closed my eyes at night and saw in the mornings when I woke, and the one that filled every hour of dreams in between. Buoyant smile, perfect dimples, wide blue eyes and high cheekbones - I knew every inch of my daughter's features, had studied every intimate curve and crease of her body during all our acts of lovemaking, and somehow every time it was still fresh, still amazing, seeing the deep-seated love for her Daddy pull her face into a smile of desire, peeling off her clothes and sliding my hands over her smooth skin, slipping inside the gripping tunnel of welcoming warmth between her legs until she kicked and squealed from the pleasure of her Daddy's cock inside her.

Her lips pushed up against mine, gently exploring, letting me know she was done with teasing. I returned the gesture, our mouths coming together and embracing with a sense of increasing urgency. Buzzing fire in my gut urged me on, pressing harder, until my kiss was crushing her against the mattress, making a girl-sized indentation from the weight of her Daddy's body. Still I pushed, locking my lips against hers and stealing her breath, our bodies straining, until I broke our kiss and simultaneously squeezed her nipple, earning something between a squeak and a gasp as she inhaled and jerked in surprise.

I let her breathe, trailing my nose down her slender neck to her heaving chest, smelling the sweet fragrance of herbal soap, the light sheen of sweat on her smooth skin, moving down past her navel and finding the heady scent of flushed arousal coming from the warm spot where my fingers were still rubbing her bikini bottom. I pulled them aside, finding the pink flower of her delicate pussy hiding like a treasure, already slick with juice.

Her thumbs dove and hooked the bikini strings over her hips, yanking the ties loose, fingers shaking as if she couldn't do it fast enough. I pulled the flimsy scraps the rest of the way off and tossed them over my shoulder. My 12-year-old daughter's naked body was once again spread out before me in glorious perfection, a tender offering of smooth skin and supple limbs, flush with desire, ready to embrace her Daddy, to give me everything as she had so many times before.

I moved down and kissed her toes, once, earning a giggle, then slowly ran my hands up the slopes of her thighs, gently parting her legs, until my fingers found the tiny channel where they joined. Shae's pussy was as perfect as the rest of her, a little pink bud of delicate lips, hiding a moist channel of heated passion with an inflamed red jewel at the apex. It had grown slightly, along with the rest of her, from the pair of puffy lips I had first squeezed my cock between when she was 7, to the tender, juicy gap before me, quivering with anticipation of her Daddy's cock about to push inside it. I ran a finger up her channel, feeling the beads of moisture collect on my finger, and rubbed under the tiny hood at the top again.

"eeehhh-Aaagh!" Shae moaned then arched her back when she felt her Daddy's fingers brushing her entrance. Her fingers curled in my hair, a loose grip that suddenly tightened when I rubbed a teasing pattern along the tiny lips of her cunt, then pushed inside.

Snug warmth wrapped my fingers, vibrating with the mounting pleasure of a 12-year-old girl's body as her Daddy made loved to her. I pushed further in, flexing gently, feeling her pussy walls shudder in response. My baby girl was all wound up already and I had barely done anything. Shae bucked slightly when I sank another finger inside, eyes closed and arching her head against her shoulder as her hand tightened into a white-knuckled grip on the sheets. 5 sharp points pricked the skin on the back of my neck, her other hand curling reflexively, digging in, pulling hungrily. Kiss me Daddy, then fuck me. Her grip said everything. I buried her mouth with my own, again, sharing her heavy breath.

There are few things in this world as thrilling as the wiggling, naked body of a little girl gasping from all the gentle motions of a man's hands - the squeezes and pats and warm strokes on all her graceful curves and personal places, the jerk of surprise when a finger pushes inside her tunnel and ignites the wild spark that bursts into fireworks of pleasure in her belly. Those things are all the more delicious if the girl is your daughter. The connection, the attachment, the sacred bond between a little girl and her Daddy is strongest when consummated in passionate union, bodies joining together in perfect completion of each other's desires.

I pulled up, breaking Shae's kiss with a final parting nibble on her lower lip, leaving a string of gooey saliva hanging between our mouths for a moment before it snapped. Her body was thrumming beneath my hands, breathing heavily, eyes fluttering. Sucking spasms danced wild rings around my fingers, anticipating the firm flesh inside her. She was on the edge already, about to cum. Shae was such an excitable girl. She could tease like the devil, but it always made her just as horny as me.

My aching cock was sliding along her hip as I lay beside her on the bed, throbbing with hungry desperation for my daughter's body, but I tried to ignore it. The dew became a trickle, then a gush that bubbled into a froth on her pussy lips as I worked my daughter's crotch, fingerfucking her into a building tempo until her pelvis began to buck on its own. Mewling, hands scrabbling at the edges of the sheet, I felt Shae build up a mounting crescendo, pulse pounding, panting incoherently as she tottered on the precipice of pleasure. I kept her there for a moment, reading her signs, slowing my motions slightly, and then reached up to grab the slight mound of her breast and give her nipple a savage pinch just as I slammed my fingers as deep into the gooey channel as they would go. She shrieked, back arching and muscles rigid from the lightning in her spine, pelvis lifting off the bed and knees knocking together in a frenzy. I stayed right there with her, fingers buried inside, riding the storm, and used my other hand to brush her hair aside and push my thumb into her mouth. Her yelp dwindled, mouth sucking and nibbling on her Daddy's digit instinctively while my other hand slammed into her thrashing cunt.

The storm finally broke, her muscles going slack as the the tension oozed out. I kept my fingers stuffed inside, despite the flow of juice dribbling down my palm, and held her tight at both ends as the trembling waves finally shook their way down her limbs and she went still.

There's something of a brilliant, pure quality in the expression of a little girl who has just climaxed, an ineffable glow that permeates their whole body and subtly manifests in their demeanor as a transcendent satisfaction, as though the ecstasy of pumping flesh inside them has invigorated the whole of their existence. I saw it again in my daughter when she opened her eyes: satisfaction, contentment, happiness in the post-coital serenity of making love with her Daddy, giving everything she had to give and receiving everything from me in turn. Hopeless, maybe, to describe the radiance in her expression, but it was something I had recognized a thousand times and would never tire of.


She reached up and cupped my cheek, saying nothing else, finding the one word sufficient. Soft shadows chased each other on her bare chest, the sheer curtains rippling in the breeze of the window. She was beautiful beyond words. I could feel the thumping sensation in my cock, pulsing visibly against her thigh as though all the blood in my body had collected there and was holding a rock concert.

I smacked her hip. "Roll over baby girl." She flexed and rolled onto her stomach, then got on her hands and knees on the bed with her butt thrust obediently in the air. I never had to ask her twice. Her backside was a long stretch of spotless skin from her shoulders all the way down to the slopes of her butt, a field of golden grain undulating in the shadows of the curtain. I ran my hands in a slow stroke all the way down, savoring the firm skin, fingers trailing over her hips and then grabbing her butt with both hands - round, girlish, perfect little globes that fit in her Daddy's hands like they were made for it. I squeezed, then pulled them apart, admiring the tiny puckering asshole between them, enjoying that weird little squeak she always did when I pushed the tip of my finger in a little circle around it.

Fresh juice had run like a tiny creek up to her crack when she had been on her back. I grabbed the base of my cock, tapping the glans on her backdoor and earning another squeak, then followed the trail of fluid down her skin with teasing slowness, slipping over her pussy lips and ending with my head primed against the slippery folds. It almost seemed unfair, looking at that little slit cowering under the massive organ against it. A 12-year-old's pussy is tiny, and I was far from a small man, but the visual impression of a telephone pole ready to stuff itself into a mousehole was deceptive. Shae had barely been able to take the head of my cock when I first pushed it inside her at the age of 7, but she had worked at it with an almost single-minded determination, eager to please her Daddy, until I could fit more and more of it inside. Before the year was out, she had given me a special gift, made all on her own, of being able to take her Daddy's entire dick crammed into her pussy. Her little tunnel was still as tight as a drum, but it could handle her Daddy.

Shae was resting her head on her hands. She looked back at me, giving her butt a slight wiggle, as if to ask what the holdup was. I grinned lecherously at her and gave her bottom a smack, admiring the subtle bounce, then lined up again and pushed.

Gripping heat slowly encircled the head of my prick as her lips parted, giving way before her Daddy's girth. The light snap of her pussy lips on my shaft as the glans passed inside sent a warm wave up my prick. I was inside, my cock in my daughter's body again, shivering in pleasure as it was embraced by the pulsing walls of her pussy. The suction beckoned me on, promising paradise with each wild spasm that coiled around me. Shae's bottom was putty under my fingers, their squeezing, kneading motions bringing a moan of pleasure to my daughter's lips.

Joy rippled up and down the taut flesh of my manhood, the tormented organ finally finding satisfaction after standing erect ever since I began to chase Shae around the room. Her cunt welcomed me, and I pushed another couple inches in, luxuriating in the silky vise of steamy warmth, hot sparks racing up my nerves like wildfire. Another moan worked its way from my daughter's throat, as if forced out by the pressure as I passed the midway point to her body's interior. Her head was down, resting against the pillow, but the clenching of her hands on the sheet and the tightening muscles in her back told me all I needed to know about how close she was. You wouldn't think a 12-year-old would be so crazy in bed, but it seemed like Shae wasn't satisfied unless I fucked her a dozen times a day, and she scarcely needed any time at all to cum once I was inside her. Just her Daddy's stiff rod - in any hole - was all she needed to be happy.

I wasn't far off myself. The primal currents swirling inside my strained cock were stirring into a low thunder. I stopped and pulled a long outstroke, stopping with the head of my cock just inside my daughter's pussy, then pushed again, running my hands up along her back as I did so. Purring tremors under my fingers danced in tune with the trembling of her pussy walls around my dick, thrilling music beckoning me farther in. I pushed, sinking deeper, then pulled a long, sucking stroke out, then shoved in again, harder, pressing back urgently against the squeezing walls of my daughter's rippling cunt. God, she was so sexy, my beautiful little baby girl. I rested my hands on her shoulders, establishing a rhythm, a demanding tempo of hungry penetration that worked my dick farther into her tiny body, grunting, gasping, stuffing the swelling meat further and further and pushing her head into the pillow until a final eager thrust brought my balls slapping against her thigh.

Shae mewled when I bottomed out, her butt trembling visibly, legs struggling to stay upright. She seemed like such a tiny girl underneath me, small and thin, but nature had sculpted us into perfect complementary parts, her back just the right curvature against my chest, her thighs exactly the right size to spread between mine, her shoulders perfect handles for my grip. I drew back and slammed in, again, dueling muscles gripping and massaging each other inside the boiling tempest of her cunt. Looking down, I saw drops of sweat from my chest dripping off and landing on her back, and the thick girth of my rod plunging into the hole between her legs. The tiny pussy lips gripped my shaft desperately when I pulled out, begging it not to go, then inverted when I pushed in, welcoming it home. Molten lightning was crackling its way across the nerve endings in my crotch, threading out into wild spasms of pleasure that made my muscles jerk. Shae was face down, bleating beneath me, instinctive sounds with no relation to words, begging noises pregnant with the need and hunger for her Daddy's cock bucking inside her.

I reached down to grip her ponytail in my fist, and pulled her head back, hearing her cries unimpeded by the pillow. Maybe there was a primordial language, hidden in our brains, secret words shared by every human being and rediscovered only in the ardent throes of pleasure. A meaningless, whimpering noise panted from my daughter's mouth with every slam of my pelvis against her hips, the word for "Daddy", a sound unlocked in its most primitive, fundamental form and decoded through the deep bond of grunting passion that connected us.

I pulled her hair, harder, coaxing her upright onto her hands, and then farther, arching her back, face up to the ceiling, her expression crazy with lust and desire as I pounded her from behind. I grabbed at her flat chest, twisting her nipples madly, and with the other I gripped her neck to pull her back and buried her yelps in a fierce kiss just as the twitching torrent in my balls finally boiled over and rocketed upwards into the violent cyclone of her pussy, splashing against the gripping walls in waves of white lava.

A wild creature convulsed in my arms, howling, held tight by the iron bands of my grip, lightning flowing through the closed circuit of our joined bodies, crotch to chest to brain to lips and back again. It burned away my senses and scattered the ash, leaving only the red needle of my cock vibrating in ecstasy as another hot splash of cum fountained up into my little girl's pussy, and another, a geyser that flooded the tiny space, squeezing her Daddy's seed up into her womb. The torrent built on itself, washing my ears with static as another round pumped its way up from my clenching balls and founds its destination deep in the warm tunnel of my baby girl's body.

I drifted, limbs heavy, floating through a syrupy ocean of euphoria that slowly drained and left the material world behind. A cool breeze was caressing my cheek, lulling me awake. I resisted, wanting to stay in the intoxicating warmth that seemed to envelop me, but one by one my stubborn senses reassembled themselves. The tang of the salty sea air warred with the aromas of sweat and sex and the strawberry shampoo that suffused the hair over my face. I reached up and brushed it aside.

Shae was wrapped in my arms, her back to my chest, the naked girl dozing contentedly. We had fallen onto our sides after we came together, curling up instinctively, legs tangling. A sticky trickle was oozing across my thigh, leaking from the point where my prick was still stuffed inside her pussy, the half-hard soldier unwilling to abandon his post. Jeez, how much did I leave inside her? I think there were a dozen spurts, at least, before I was spent. If I pulled out now I'd probably leave a flood on the bed. I had fucked Shae at bedtime last night, but somehow I always had a fresh batch of cum ready for my daughter whenever she wanted it.

Rumbles of contentment stirred in my daughter's throat as our sweaty legs rubbed against each other. Her tiny fingers twined sleepily with mine, and we drifted in blissful contentment, feeling the slow motions of each other's breathing, toes curling and poking in soft movements. I navigated the messy golden tangle and kissed my daughter behind the ear, feeling rather than seeing the smile that dawned on her face.

The faint cry of seagulls reached us on the summer breeze, the world outside beckoning. No big rush, I supposed. France could wait, as I cuddled here with my naked daughter, my cock holding a dozen helpings of sperm bottled up in her tummy. There would be plenty of time. After all, our vacation was just beginning.

After napping for an hour, we showered and cleaned and redressed before heading for the waterpark like we had originally planned, before I found myself the victim of aggravated clothing theft. It was on the same street as the hotel, just a short walk from the back entrance. Shae and I strolled past the metal gate overgrown with ivy, its vines bursting with tiny purple flowers, then through a plaza of sandstone and marble speckled with small tables. Residents and other tourists sat on the scattered wicker chairs, snacking on pastries from a pair of street carts while enjoying the morning sun from under the cover of the tables' wide umbrellas.

Shae held my hand as we walked down the lane, staring at everything we passed, ogling the palatial architecture around the hotel, the natives, the vibrant profusion of floral colors bursting from the waves of green vines that grew over the trellised walls and spilled from the sides of basins and stone planters. A fantastic tip from a friend led me to choose this hotel in Marseille for the first stop of our vacation, and it was even better than expected: extravagant, high-class, idyllic even - with an outrageous price to match it. I looked down at Shae, seeing her entranced expression, and knew it was worth it. I ended up travelling a fair bit - New York, Hamburg, and Shanghai especially, capitals of the global shipping trade - but I had never had the chance to take my own daughter out of the country. I wanted her first time to be great.

Her stupefied expression melted into a smirk as we passed by a burbling fountain anchored around a small marble statue greened with age. A naked boy with exaggerated musculature was mounting a colt, or being kicked off, the firm lines of the sculpted pair exuding casual virility as they engaged in contest. Nude statues weren't exactly common around our suburban home, but for a moment I thought I would have to drag my daughter away as she visibly studied the male anatomy with intense interest. After a few seconds she giggled, a private joke that only a 12-year-old girl could understand, and squeezed my hand as we continued. The path turned a corner and emptied onto the wide avenue before the gates of the waterpark.

The line was quick. "One adult, one child," I announced to the bored man at the glassed booth.

"Comment voulez-vous payer, monsieur?"

"Card," I said.

He sniffed at my accent with a mild look of carefully-concealed disdain, but swiped my card when I handed it over, then produced two rubber wristbands and a locker key and pushed them back through the half-circle in the glass.

"Merci monsieur. Amusez-vous bien!""

Keeping my hand on the towel draped around Shae's shoulders, I guided us through the press of people into the park. It wasn't very busy - tourists and the local French mainly, and I spotted a Spanish couple standing at the first fork of the lane, holding a paper map of the park between them and arguing loudly. The threat of clouds in the early morning seemed to have driven at least some people away. I was fine with that. I hated waiting in line.

Small food shops and trinket stores lined the main path as it led through a plaza that emptied into the wider area of the park. We passed families and kids of all ages, holding towels and tubes. A pair of twin girls, 10-year-olds in matching blue suits with the backs open, sprinted away from their mom, cutting past us and hollering excitedly with their mother shouting in exasperation behind them. They beelined toward a booth where a teenage boy in a paper hat was scooping ice cream into waffle cones with superhuman speed while a crowd of kids hooted impatiently in a disorganized cluster in front of the counter.

"Whoooooaaaa!" Shae grabbed my arm and craned her neck upwards. "Daddy can we go on THAT?" She pointed at the top of an enormous complex of spiraling yellow chutes that soared in wide circles, criss-crossing each other and twining through the other rides and buildings of the park as they descended.

"Sure baby girl," I laughed. "We should find the lockers fir-" I yelped as she yanked my arm and set off, dragging me towards the ride like I was baggage. Luckily the lockers were on the way. I stuffed my wallet and the extra towel and sandals inside while Shae bounced impatiently on her toes.

"Come on Daddy!" She towed me by the hand, and we mounted an escalator that led up to the platform by the entrance. Long segments of metal railings formed switchbacks designed to guide a long line, but only half a dozen people were waiting. We cut through the unbarred shortcut. A family was selecting from a haphazard pile of inner tubes in all manner of shapes and sizes, with the two girls having a brief shouting contest over the one with spiderman on it. The father glanced back at us, smiling knowingly at the sight of a tiny grinning girl in a pink bikini yanking along a man twice her size by the arm. I shrugged and met his smile.

They departed one by one, making neat splashes in the flowing current as they plopped down on the tubes. Shae was rummaging through the pile of tubes.

"Perfect!" She hoisted a donut of clear plastic, decorated with cartoonish starfish and dolphins on the top. "Now you need one Daddy. How about this?"

She held up a purple plastic ring about 3 feet across, covered all over with cherries.

"'s too small sweetie."

She huffed. "Picky. Ok. This one." The turquoise was polka-dotted with yellow spots. It was ghastly. I stared at her in disbelief.

"That orange one in back looks big enough." I pointed. " How about you grab that one-"

She cut me off with a squeal of delight. "Here!" She pulled a huge pink tube out from the pile, festooned in Disney princesses, with a ruffle running along the outside. She hefted it in front of my face, grinning through the center. Ariel and Jasmine stared back at me from the plastic.

"It's perfect baby," I groaned. Sometimes you had to settle. We stepped onto the halfpipe of yellow fiberglass and dropped the tubes in the current.

Shae was beaming. "Ok here we go!" she shouted over the rush of the water. I grabbed her hand so our tubes drifted together, and we let the current catch us.

The water pulled us along, picking up speed abruptly as the chute angled down into a tight curve. Shae squealed and laughed, kicking her feet in the water, trying to splash me. I let go of her hand, letting the eddies twirl us around. The chute dropped even faster, the water rushing as we went around a series of tight corners, riding up high on the yellow walls, the view of the park spinning dizzily around us. Our tubes bumped, my momentum pushing Shae's aside, and I laughed along with her.

The chute ramped down and suddenly rose in the center, dividing us into different paths. Shae disappeared around the other bend, and I hung on to my tube as the ride pitched me down a crazy series of alternating curves and spirals, water spraying in my face and collecting in my nose until I began to cough. I turned and levelled out, entering a wider pool with a slight current, just in time to see a crazy little girl in a pink bikini howling with glee as she shot out of the outlet a few feet up on the other side and landed with a splash, her tube tipping over backwards into the water.

She came up sputtering, wiping her eyes, pulling wet hair out of her face. "Oh man that was AMAZING!"

I paddled over. "Sure was. You kind of stuck the landing though. I've seen hippos dive more gracefully than that." She laughed and bonked me with her tube. Her bottoms had tightened up in the spill, the pink fabric pulling into the crack of her ass. I hooked a finger underneath and helped her pull them out again, stealing a little squeeze of her soft rump as I did. Shae wiggled her hips teasingly, then flopped back onto her tube.

The pool widened out at the end, pulling us lazily along into a tunnel with glass over the top. It passed below ground level, and we held hands as we floated, treated to a sedate view of fish and lily pads from underneath one of the decorative pools. I watched Shae. God she was gorgeous, the tiny bikini doing nothing to hide the graceful curves of my baby girl's hips and shoulders. Flickers of sunlight from above sparkled in the water droplets that trickled down her smooth belly and collected in her navel. Resting her head on the back of the tube, she swirled her other hand in the water, making tiny whirlpools, golden hair trailing in the water behind her.

Sensing my gaze, she squeezed my fingers and smiled as we floated. 12 years old, and she had a body other men would kill for. My hungry eyeballs squirmed over the pair of gentle mounds just beginning to swell from her chest, along the graceful lines of her slender throat and naked shoulders, and stuck on the gravity of the radiant smile that filled her face. The cold water had coaxed her nipples into perky nubs that poked against her bikini top.

A throbbing heat began to build in my crotch. Fuck, not now. I looked back and saw only an older couple, floating on their tubes far behind the curve of the tunnel. Hormones surged in my veins, evoking a buzzing urge in my brain to yank my daughter onto my lap, to pull down her bikini bottoms and stuff her full of her Daddy's meat as we floated on the water. I settled for ducking my hand under the water, snaking under her tube and sliding my unseen fingers over the soft globes of her butt before pushing them under the fabric to tickle her asshole. Shae's leg kicked as she yelped in surprise, an understandable reflex to the sudden feeling of her Daddy's big fingers circling her backdoor. Her hands tightened on the plastic tube, a shiver racing through her arms, and not from the cold water.

I left my fingers there, gently rubbing the sweet little crack. It would have to do. The tunnel began to curve in a wide circle, the current slowing even more as we went under the wave pool. Dozens of pairs of legs kicked from the surface above us, pointed silhouettes under the glare of the sun. We finally passed an arch and bumped to a stop next to a an open path with a tiled floor. I pulled my hand up out of the water in frustration and used it to splash my forehead, hoping that my erection wasn't too noticeable under my wrinkled swimming trunks. After bouncing our tubes onto a conveyor, we headed up a set of concrete steps and came out onto the surface.

Shae squeezed up next to me, and I put my arm around her shoulders as we walked and talked. She was such a lively girl, it was impossible to ever be bored around her. She chattered happily, only breaking to point her arm and bombard me with questions whenever she saw something new. Daddy what does plongée mean? I think it says "No Diving". What's that cookie thing? A macaron. I could barely keep up, but her queries only lasted until she spotted the next ride, at which point she yanked my arm and practically ran, hauling me behind her.

We hit the wave pool, then a cart ride that ran on rails throwing sheets of water everywhere, then a shallow pool with a waterfall feeding into it on one side, the edges of the pool lined with water gun turrets that could blast powerful jets at hapless targets anywhere in range. Shae had a tremendous time with these, chasing me around the pool with torrents of liquid fury, aiming for my face whenever I protested that I should get a turn, until I finally ducked under the surface and refused to come up.

My baby girl was having the time of her life, squealing and laughing, splashing water at me playfully and practically running as she dragged me between each attraction. Her glee was infectious, as palpable as the bright sun that smothered the park. After a few more rides, we took a break and found ourselves walking down the main avenue, water drying on our skin and replaced with beads of sweat from the heat.

I was thrilled Shae was having such a great time. Work had stolen me away for the last few months - another big contract - but I had finally insisted on the time off when this opportunity came up. A summer break while Shae was off school was just what we needed. I had been missing her, and I think she was growing resentful of the demanding career that kept her Daddy away from her a lot of the time. Understandable. I wanted her to have a good time on this vacation, outside of just cumming whenever I shoved my cock into her. Being in a strange country could be intimidating for a little girl, but she seemed to be doing great so far. I hoped she wouldn't be nervous when we got to Paris. She had work to do there.

The sweat collecting on my forehead finally dripped into my eyes. I mopped it away with my arm, and felt my stomach rumble.

"Want to get something to eat?" I asked.


Our locker was just around the corner. I got my wallet and we towelled off before heading back up the lane that ran near the park entrance. Smells of pastries and sugared treats picked up on the breeze. Shading my eyes, I scanned the vendors alongside the plaza and spotted the ice cream booth we had seen earlier, idle now since the kids had moved on. We headed over.

The same boy stood behind the shaded counter, looking bored.

"Bonjour monsieur! Glace ou fruits?"

I thought for a moment. "Une glace. Une à la vanille, l'autre à la fraise." Hopefully that was comprehensible. The boy shrugged and produced two enormous waffle cones from under the counter. His scoop dipped into the tubs, curling sheets of ice cream into glistening balls and piling them carelessly onto the cones until I thought they would topple. He finished with a splash of caramel on the peak of the white cone and a tiny cherry on the pink one, then handed them over the counter to Shae while I paid.

"Au revoir, et bon séjour!" He waved as we left.

Shae followed me, a cone in each hand, as we ambled towards the far end of the plaza, heading for a loose cluster of polished wooden tables with wide umbrellas slotted through their centers. I found an empty one and pulled out a chair for Shae.

"Hang on Daddy. They're dripping."

The ice cream was already wilting in the heat, leaning sloppily towards the sides of the cones and trickling from the tips at the bottom. Shae lifted the vanilla one and licked the the dab of white spilling from the end, but this just gave a chance for the pink one to dribble on her arm.

"Ugh. Hang on." She licked her arm and raised the pink cone to catch the next drop in her mouth, but the another glob of vanilla ice cream escaped from the other cone as it tilted and plopped onto her bare chest above her breasts.

"Uh oh, now this one is tipping. I'll fix it." The vanilla ice cream teetered dangerously, until Shae snaked her tongue in a long stroke up the unbalanced side of the cone and licked a dollop of white cream into her mouth.

"Stop it!" I laughed, holding out my hand. "You're just trying to eat them both."

"Maybe. Probably." She grinned slyly as she handed over the vanilla cone.

The shade and the ice cream were a perfect escape from the mounting heat. Shae pretended not to notice the glob of ice cream on her chest until it trickled between her tiny breasts, then she scooped it up with the edge of her finger and sucked on it with puckered lips, laughing afterwards at my harried expression. We talked idly as we rested, lapping up our ice cream. A warm breeze had picked up, drying the sweat from our hair and bodies, and I watched the people flowing past, trying to pick out the scattered phrases of French that I could identify.


I thought Shae was yelling at me, but she was gesturing to the right over my shoulder.

"Hey you!"

I twisted around. A dark-haired girl who looked Shae's age was sitting alone at a table near us, wearing a distant expression as she ate a hot dog by herself. She jumped when she saw Shae waving at her.

"Are you alone? Come over and sit with us!"

"Huh? Oh um...sure! Ok." The girl was short, with an inviting, adorable face, almond-shaped eyes, and short black hair gathered into a pair of pigtails that came to her shoulders. Her accent had an exotic lilt I couldn't place. She grabbed her hot dog tray and soda and took a seat at the remaining chair of our little table.

"I'm Shae. This is my Daddy. We're on vacation!" She pronounced this last part proudly, as though it wasn't painfully obvious. The girl smiled demurely and looked like she might stay quiet, but I think Shae's friendly smile disarmed her.

"Oh, hi. I', I mean. Nice to meet you Shae. I'm Satomi, but I guess you can call me Suki." She looked down and blushed. "Everyone does anyway."

The inflection of her French accent became clear: Japanese, probably nationalized in France recently.

"I'm sorry." She blushed again. It seemed a perpetual habit. "My English is very bad. Forgive me."

Shae and I looked at each other. "It's fine!" I laughed. "Great even. Your accent is excellent." Suki seemed to relax a bit, sitting primly on her chair. Her lithe body was wrapped in a tight-fitting white one-piece suit that seemed like it might have been one size too small for her. It rode high on her hips and hugged her stomach and chest, leaving little of the girl's curves to the imagination. I tried not to linger too long on the blatant outlines of the pair of faint mounds on her chest, and dropped my gaze - spotting instead the tiny cleft of a cameltoe peeking out between her thighs.

"Thanks. Uh, I mean good..." She stopped second-guessing herself with a visible effort. "We have a lot of English classes in school, but my Dad always says I need to practice more."

"I wish I knew some French," Shae confessed. "It sounds so nice. I want to learn some. Daddy is the one who knows all the French."

"Only some," I clarified. Actually my French was very rusty. I was much better at German.

"Did you come to swim alone?" Shae asked.

"No," Suki said. "I'm going to meet my Dad."

"Oh, does he work here?"

Suki's face brightened, as though she had hit on her favorite topic. "Actually, he's the manager of the whole park. They promoted him last year!" She laughed. "We live down the road. I can come see him any time I want. And I get to swim every day!"

"Cool!" Shae and Suki chattered on as though they had been best friends all their lives.

"My Dad runs the whole place," Suki declared. "He can pretty much do whatever he wants. You know that rail ride that goes through the water?"

Shae nodded.

"He knows it's my favorite ride, so for my birthday last week he closed it off for the whole day and said it was under maintenance, just so we could ride it together as many times as I wanted." She grinned. "We did it a dozen times. I think he was sick of it by the end. Actually I'm kind of sick of it now too, but we had so much fun."

"He sounds great," Shae mused.

"Yeah. I came to see if he had time to do anything today, but I know he'll be pretty busy until after lunch."

Shae brightened. "Hey that means you have some time. Want to go on some rides with us?"

"Sure!" Suki's shyness had melted into a bubbling cheerfulness. "Have you done that one?" She pointed at a track of blue water that curled around lazily on the far side of the park.

Shae and I shook our heads.

"Well come on then!"

"Ooof!" Our raft jolted under us as we hit the water, and a spray of liquid shot up my nose. The girls screamed.

"Ah we're gonna drop agaaaaain!" Shae howled as the raft slipped over another steep slope and landed with a tremendous splash, tipping dangerously before righting itself. All three of us were huddled in the circular raft, holding onto the plastic handles on the sides, feet pointed together in the center. Water sprayed over the sides and sloshed around our legs on the bottom.

"Here another-" Suki whooped, before her side sunk and disappeared over the edge, with the rest of our raft pulled behind it. We dipped and spun and almost came down sideways, my third of the raft almost sinking beneath the current from my weight. The girls laughed and hollered as the waves rose up and splashed down over them.

We had tumbled down over a dozen of these drops, our pitiful little raft dangerously unbalanced from the weight of two little girls opposite a grown man. The ride wasn't fast, but the bottom was very soft - rubber or something other than fiberglass - and the whole thing seemed designed to tip you into the shallow water sooner or later.

"I'm too heavy!" I protested, after another sheet of water drenched us and left us sputtering.

"Yeah you are! You need to lose some weight!" Shae shot back. All of our legs had tangled in the center.

The next drop was bigger. I couldn't see the bottom past the edge of the waterfall.

"We need to balance!" Suki yelled. She gestured at me and I let go of the handles, sliding forward so my weight was in the center. We shot out over the edge and my stomach leapt into my throat as we hovered in the air for what seemed like an eternity before plummeting straight down.

We hit the water like a cannonball, an angry tsunami fanning out in a circle around us. I pitched to the side and almost lost my balance, and felt the cool friction of two wet bodies sliding against me in the water. We heaved upright, stable at last. Shae slid around, leaving one hand on the plastic handle and wrapping the other one around my back, so I was anchored in the center. After a moment Suki did the same on the other side, and water stopped sloshing over the edge as our raft regained its balance.

I let my arms drop over both of their shoulders, hugging the girls tight, the three of us in a row facing the front of our intrepid little raft. Another drop loomed before us.

"Look out!" I squeezed their shoulders reflexively.

"These get a lot bigger here-" Suki started, before we sailed over the edge. My heart lept into my throat and the plastic raft slapped our bottoms repeatedly as the current picked up and we crashed down a series of small waterfalls, hanging on for dear life. Gasping and blinking away chlorine tears, I held tight to the two little girls pressed against me as we jolted left and then right, sheets of water spilling over us, spinning around and then tipping as we went over a tremendous drop backwards.

"AAHHHHH!" We all screamed together, feeling like we were plunging over the roaring falls of the Niagara, even though the drop was only a few feet, and our cries were cut off with a watery gurgle as our boat crashed through the surface of the water.

I felt two little bodies hanging onto me for dear life, and the bottom of the raft scraping against my back. We surfaced, a panting huddle of slippery bodies in the geometric center of a pathetic scrap of plastic that seemed like it was deflating. Shae was hugging my left arm, and Suki ended up on top of me on her back, my arm wrapped around her upper thigh somehow. I drifted in a daze, enjoying the sensations of slick fabric and skin rubbing against each other.

Having two little girls practically wrapped around you does have a certain effect on a man. A bulging tension was slowly ratcheting upwards in my shorts, and I prayed Suki didn't notice the stiffening presence against her bottom. Our reverie was cut short when the front of the raft suddenly hissed with escaping air, the sound degrading into a series of farting bubbles as the whole thing dipped under the surface.

"Oh man!" Shae laughed, sitting up and holding up the wrinkled plastic edge of our failed vessel. "This thing is DONE."

"They're kind of old." Suki wiped her eyes and slicked back the water from her hair. "We could get another one and go again."

She pointed and I saw that there were more rafts piled on a platform here at the bottom, and a nifty-looking water elevator of shallow plastic tubs that could carry you back up to the top. Apparently you could go around as many times as you wanted.

"We could." Shae jerked her head back, sending a spiral of water into the air as her hair flipped back. "But you know what I really want to try? THAT!" She pointed up above us, at the towering peak of a cluster of steep purple tubes, the highest in the park.

"Ohhhh." Suki balked. "I've never gone on those. I don't like uh...being up high."

"It's ok!" Shae gestured encouragingly. "We can go together. It'll be easy."

Suki hesitated, but finally shrugged, giving in to Shae's inviting smile. We mounted a series of narrow steps leading up to the apex, with me bringing up the rear. Looking up at the pair of wiggling bottoms climbing above me kept the hunger in my pants at a slow burn.

I thought the bored-looking teenager manning the station at the top might stop us, but he took a second look at me and shrugged. These slides were very steep and kids probably couldn't go on them without an adult.

"Ok!" Shae was using her take-charge voice, standing at the head of one the tunnels. "You can go down first Daddy."

"I don't know..." Suki said. She seemed to be having second thoughts, hesitating at the gaping entrance to the slide. I looked down from the high platform, following the twisting purple tunnel through a long descent to where it leveled out and dumped into a large rectangular pool.

"Don't worry!" Shae said confidently. She stood in front of Suki and reached back to hold the other girl's hand to her hips. "See, we'll go down together. I'll be in front. All you have to do is hold on. It'll be fun! And besides, my Daddy will be there to catch us."

"Piece of cake." I dropped a hand on Suki's shoulder and winked at her. The perplexed expression on her face told me she didn't know the phrase. "I mean it'll be fine. If you hit anything Shae will get squashed first."

I savored my daughter's outraged look for a moment before grabbing the straight metal bar anchored over the tube entrance and throwing my legs in. Water roared past my ears like a jet engine, slashing from side to side as my body dropped and hurtled feet-first around a series of steep turns. I fell suddenly, my heart coming into my mouth as I lifted out of the water, then slamming back again as the fiberglass surface reached out to cup my back. The descent arced into a series of twisting donuts that carried me up the sides of the tube before levelling out and dropping into one final plunge. I fell like a bullet, water racing around me, and the tube reached up to press on my back as I levelled out and shot into the bright sunlight, dazzled in the brief moment before the pool reached up to swallow me.

My legs touched bottom gently, and I pushed upwards, breaking the surface with a gasp. The water was fairly shallow. I scrubbed the stinging chlorine from my eyes and turned around, standing ready at the end of the chute.

A shrieking noise began, far off, like an approaching train whistle, dopplering up as the pair of girlish screams approached. A dark form hurtled around the curving insides of the purple donuts above me. I winced when I saw the tube shake on its supports at the last bend - that couldn't be right. They were coming down WAY too fast. I had an instant of time to ponder how bad of an idea this had been before an approaching wave of tangled girls appeared at the bottom of the slope and rocketed towards me. I stepped back, trying to assess how I could bring them in gently, but I had barely enough time to make out a pink bikini and Suki's white suit before both girls hurtled off the lip straight into me.

The brain likes to play tricks on us, pretending to speed up or slow down at precise moments even though time always chugs along at the same speed, filling in gaps that we couldn't possibly have had time to perceive. That's how I remember it: Shae came off the lip in slow motion, on her side with her back to me, her bottom arcing straight towards my waist, with Suki immediately after, arms flailing in the air wildly as she sailed at my face. Tiny details crystallized with perfect clarity, the loose string of Shae's bikini bottom, trailing behind her as the garment flapped open and her bare bottom collided with my crotch, spearing her Daddy's latent erection as though gravity had brought her home where she belonged on my cock. Suki came off the ramp high, legs wide like she was riding an invisible motorcycle at my face. I have a highly active imagination, and I'm still not sure if the tiny flash of pink was really her bare pussy, exposed when the surface of the slide pulled her undersized suit askew as she careened out of control, or if that's just what my feral mind wanted to see in the microsecond it had to witness the little girl's crotch slamming into my face.

At least I didn't seize up entirely at the prospect of a pileup of little girl genitalia. My arms came up, grabbing Suki's so that I could guide her more gently into the water as I went over backwards. Her thighs wrapped around my neck with a jolt, and then a flood of chlorinated water wash over my face and shot up my nose, filling my sinuses with a stinging itch.

I rolled over in the water and pulled my head above the surface, coughing spastically. My arms worked on their own, obeying the orders of the sudden dump of adrenaline, and I reached into the water and hauled Suki up with an iron grip on her arm. She coughed too, leaning against me. I looked around wildly. Shae was standing in the pool, calmly, naked, as though nothing had happened, retying the string of her bikini bottom.

"That..." Suki wheezed.

"Was..." She grabbed the side of my swim trunks in a fist.

"AWESOME!". She doubled over coughing after this proclamation, her throat probably stinging with chlorine.

I looked around again. Shae WAS naked. Well her bottoms were back on now, but her top was missing. She didn't seem to mind. A flash of pink caught the corner of my eye, her bikini top flowing down the stream of water on the slide and plopping into the pool.

"Um..." I took a step and fished around to retrieve it, then handed it to her. "Here sweetie."

"Thanks Daddy." Shae tied it around her chest nonchalantly. I looked around nervously, wondering if anyone would make trouble over the topless 12-year-old, but nobody cared. The French were a lot more relaxed about nudity.

Suki had cleared her throat and was straightening her suit. "That was so cool Shae! I should have done that a long time ago."

"See? Nooooo problem. I told you Daddy would catch us." She smirked at me. I wondered just what exactly had happened in that slide. Shae was clever and I wouldn't have put it past her to engineer the whole situation.

"Phew." I mopped the water off my forehead. "I'm beat. Want to dry off and sit?"

"Sure." Suki said. She pointed towards a narrow path with manicured grass on either side. "That's a shortcut to the lockers and there are some benches past that next to the changing rooms."

We set off, the girls chatting as I brought up the rear again, hoping I didn't look like a pervert trailing two little girls with a blatant erection in my swimming trunks. I tried to adjust them surreptitiously, but the friction just made it worse. Damnit. Think of old women, train accidents, kittens with cancer. I watched a stream of droplets drip from Suki's pigtails and plop onto the upper slopes of her butt, then trickle down the inside slopes to disappear into the shifting crevasse between her cheeks. Compared to the familiar perky wiggle of my daughter's rump next to her, Suki's ass was a little more reserved, but firmer, slightly bigger. I longed to reach out and squeeze both, to get an intimate comparison.

"Daddy's taking me on vacation all over France." Shae bubbled. "After Marseille we're riding the train through the country up to Paris! We have a thing there next week."

"That sounds like so much fun," Suki enthused. "What kind of thing?"

"A fashion thing. I do some modelling." Shae shrugged like it didn't matter.

"That's awesome! I kind of wish my Dad would let up on work so we could go on vacation. It's ok though. My school doesn't start here for a couple months so we get to have fun on the weekends!" She blushed spontaneously. "I mean, we go out to restaurants and stuff. OH, and there's this thing they do every other week downtown where they have this art show with tons of lights, like lightsticks and weird displays, and they use projections to make these crazy illusions somehow. Dad took me and it was so much fun. You guys should go!"

"Hah, that sounds like my Daddy. We always do stuff on the weekends too. Sometimes it's a pain to get him out of bed though." She smirked back at me.

"Yeah I uh..." I stuttered and cleared my throat. "I like to sleep in."

We stopped at the lockers briefly so we could get our towels and things, then kept walking.

"Maybe I can convince my Dad to do something. His promotion was last year so he can probably take a vacation now." Suki chattered rapidly like a chipmunk, her shyness completely evaporated. I had always doubted there was any girl out there that could talk more than Shae once she got going, but Suki was proof. She barrelled on without a breath like a dam had broken inside. Maybe she had moved here recently and didn't have any friends to talk with yet.

"He was SO happy when he got promoted. We knew it would probably happen when the old manager left, but he was so EXCITED when he got home." That blush again, a faint stain of crimson on her neck, gone as quickly as it had appeared. "I was proud of him too. He works so hard. It's funny, when he's at work he acts like he's just making suggestions, but everyone stops and listens to him because he know what he's talking about."

It was funny watching Shae try, and fail, to get a word in edgewise. I didn't think that had ever happened to her before.

"AND get this..." Suki switched topics with a wave of her hand. "I found this old drawing book of his a year ago. Hundreds of pages. I didn't even know he COULD draw. All these landscapes and fields and trees, places in Hokkaido where he grew up. And portraits. He had some of Mom. I didn't really know her because she died when I was little. But these were so detailed, like they were alive. I asked him why he had stopped and he said he hadn't drawn anything since she died."

We stopped at a stone bench and sat down together. Suki had paused and taken a breath for what seemed like the first time in 5 minutes.

"What happened?" Shae prompted.

"Well, that didn't seem right. My Dad shouldn't give up on something so great like that." Suki kicked her legs as she sat. "He's really talented, like he could be an artist. I took one of the sketches and got it framed so I could give it to him. He's kind of stubborn. I had to uh, convince him." Another streak of crimson flashed down her throat. "But for my birthday last week he gave me this big sketch, of me, all in ink. It was so great. It's not like I had posed or anything. He did it all from memory."

"He sounds really nice..." Shae murmured.

"Yeah he is. Oh and he said he would take me shopping for clothes this weekend as another present. I think I want to get another swimsuit." Suki eyed Shae's pink bikini searchingly. "That looks so good on you. Maybe I can get something like that. Do you model stuff like that?"

"Oh yeah, sometimes." Shae looked down and pulled the edges of the bikini top to straighten it. "Swimsuits and clothes. Sometimes other things."

"Wow it must be cool to wear stuff like that all the time. It looks so nice." Suki's eyes flicked up and down Shae's body. " I don't think Dad would buy something like that for me."

"Want to switch?"

Suki paused, her mouth open in preparation for another rapid monologue. She closed it.


"Sure. I'm definitely a size smaller than you, so yours would fit me. It's ok, I have a lot of swimsuits. I make Daddy buy me new ones every summer."

"She does, she definitely does," I muttered, but the girls ignored me.

"Are you sure?" Suki looked again at the scanty pink bikini. "I mean, if you want, I'd love to."

"It's fine," Shae said with a laugh. "Didn't you say there were changing rooms over here?"

"Yeah. They're right over there." Suki pointed through the bushes at a row of round wooden structures styled like gazebos.

"Cool." Shae and Suki led the way down a concrete path that curled behind the row of large shrubs that screened the changing rooms.

"Hey you don't mind if my Dad comes right?" Shae asked nonchalantly.

Suki looked back at me, and I caught the brief flick of her eyes. Had I really been such an idiot to think she hadn't noticed my greedy prick poking her butt in the raft? She noticed, and my futile struggle to conceal the jutting bulge in my trunks while we had been walking and sitting had probably just made it that much more obvious.

"Sure." She shrugged and gave me a friendly smile. "You guys kind of remind me of me and my Dad. I, nevermind."

We followed the path as it branched to the side. The changing room was a standalone structure of inviting polished wood nestled among landscaping of flowers and thick bushes, ringed by high shrubs. The outside reminded me of a sauna. My french failed me, hanging up on the word "vêtements" in the carved sign above the door, but the simple icons of two larger figures holding the hands of a smaller figure between them made the building's purpose clear. The latch was green. Unoccupied.

The interior was all wood as well, with covered benches running along opposite walls, hooks for clothes, a sink and mirror and the faint smell of pine completing the rustic atmosphere. I plopped on the bench with a sigh, kicking off my sandals and wiggling my toes against the smooth wood of the floor.

"Daddy can you get me a scrunchie?" Shae asked. I fished out my wallet and pulled out a tiny orange one. My daughter's emergency supply, in case of imminent hair disaster. I dropped it into her outstretched hand, and she began to gather her long golden hair into a ponytail, trying to tame it as it dried.

"Did you grow up in Japan?" she asked Suki, as she ran fists down the long length of frizzy strands.

"For a while. We moved around a bit." Suki kicked off her own sandals. "Then we came here a couple years ago."

Shae reached back and pulled the elastic band over a loop of hair, then tugged the whole length through. The ponytail fell to her waist.

"That's better." She sighed. "It must suck moving around a lot." She reached behind her back and tugged the bikini string, pulling her top loose.

"I didn't mind. Dad took care of me. I was kind of worried about him for a while though. After Mom, he seemed upset for a long time."

Shae dropped her top into a pile on the bench and stretched, perky nipples poking into the air from her flat chest. A rush of hot blood surged into my prick upon seeing my lovely daughter stripping naked, thickening into an itching pressure that rubbed uncomfortably against the damp fabric of my shorts.

"I guess he seemed kind of lonely." Suki reached across to pull the swimsuit strap down off her left shoulder, then did the same on her right. "I wanted to help him. Maybe cheer him up, you know." She pushed the suit down to her waist in one smooth motion, revealing her bare chest.

The thrilling sight of the pair of 12-year-old girls stripping naked in front me stoked the tingling excitement in my groin into a bubbling froth that boiled over and sent a flood of hormones racing through every cell in my body. Suki bent slightly, pushing her suit over the sweet slopes of bottom and down to her knees. My eyeballs ping-ponged greedily between the 2 pairs of tiny nipples, comparing. Shae's were a gorgeous pink - small, perfect buds that fit my fingers naturally, but Suki's were slightly larger, slightly darker, a lively pair of light-brown nubs that poked alertly from the peaks of two slight bumps on her chest. Shae pulled the loose strings of the pink bowties over her hips, and let her bikini bottom drop to the ground. Now I had a lot more to compare. I felt myself lean forward, involuntarily, felt my tongue thicken in the moist current of my heavy panting. Both girls were the same height, a pair of lithe, slender bodies traced by the innocent curves of their hips and shoulders, smooth tummies spreading up to the delightful fields of their bare chests, tanned skin barely broken by the slight hills of their budding breasts. A pair of pale circles were centered on my daughter's nipples, flaring out on both sides into a small line that wrapped around under her armpits. If we were home, she would have tanned nude by our pool like she preferred, but I liked the variety. Suki's torso was a creamy treat stretching from the trio of darkened half-circles around her shoulders and neck down past her midriff and delicate navel and ending in a V at the bashful slit that peeped out from between her legs. Her tan lines were well above her hips, leaving the flattering curves unblemished.

Suki's girlish curves worked in a graceful motion, stepping out of her suit with one leg, and lifting the other behind her in a dainty motion so she could pull the garment the rest of the way off with her hands. She was a feast for the senses, a delightful vision of unspoiled girlish loveliness that hovered just on the cusp of flowering into the ample beauty of puberty.

She just smiled at me, as she handed her white suit to Shae. Had I thought she was a shy girl? Suki wasn't shy at all, at least not about nakedness. She almost seemed to subtly preen as she ran fingers through her drying hair, pigtails dangling. All girls like to be looked at, I had found, liked to feel the palpable heat of an interested gaze taking her in and savoring every fine detail of her alluring figure. Shae probably liked it more than anyone, but I could read the same appreciation in muted tones in Suki's face.

"That sounds pretty sad." Shae handed the bikini to Suki, then shook the white suit out and held it up to her body, gauging its fit. "I kind of know what it's like. Daddy was like that once, bummed out all the time. Remember that?"

"You saved me, baby girl," I said with a smile. She had, too. A new focus, a new center to my life, bright and cheerful and caring with a light that couldn't help but spill over into everything it touched. I loved her more than anything.

"I still have to cheer him up sometimes," Shae said idly, an impish gleam appearing in her eyes for a moment as she caught my gaze.

"Yeah it kind of hurt." Suki held the pink bikini top out in both hands, regarding it curiously. "When we moved here a few years ago things kind of sucked. The job Dad was going to get fell through. We had to move to a little apartment. They're pretty small here. A tiny kitchen and just one bed, but it was alright. I didn't care about that. I just wanted to make him feel happy again."

"Do you like having sex with him?" Shae asked.

"Yeah it's like the BEST thing ever and sometimes he does this thing where-"

Her jaw snapped shut like a trap and her throat flashed bright crimson. She dropped the bikini and took a step back, eyes wavering between me and my daughter. A quiver of fear raced down here body as she stood there, vulnerable. For a second I thought she would run out of the hut naked.

"Suki!" Shae took a step and tried to comfort the little girl with a hand on her shoulder. "It's ok! I'm sorry. Here..." she took her hand to get her attention. "I'm sorry, ok? I didn't know you would...don't worry. It's alright." Suki looked from my daughter to me, uncertain.

"My daddy and me, you know, we do it too," Shae went on. "Don't be scared. Here sit down a sec." She guided Suki onto the bench behind her.

Suki plopped down heavily, swallowing and looking away, as if mortified that her mouth had run away with her. "I shouldn't tell..." she muttered. "Can't tell anyone."

"Hey!" Shae kept trying to calm her, patting her leg and holding her hand. "Take it easy, Suki. I know you can't tell most people, but you can tell US."

"You..." her gaze trailed back and forth, from Shae's friendly face, to me as I leaned forward on the bench, then down to the eager rod jutting in my shorts, "...and your Dad?"

"Yup!" Shae's perky tone was almost comical, but it seemed to calm her scared friend. "Me and my Dad. All the time."

"Oh." Suki swallowed and took a deep breath, then asked meekly: "...all the time?"

Shae nodded at the expectant manhood pushing its detailed shape against the wet fabric of my trunks. "Yeah. I mean look how hard he is. I'm always doing that to him."

"Hmm." Suki considered the throbbing tent of my manhood. "I guess...he's kind of like my Dad. Dad gets hard whenever he sees me in a swimsuit." She gestured at the pink pile of fabric on the floor. "I was hoping he'd like the bikini even better."

"I'll bet he WILL!" Shae slapped Suki's shoulder encouragingly. "You'll look GREAT in a bikini."

"Yeah. Yeah he's always telling me I look good. It's just..." she trailed off uncertainly.

"Well?" Shae fixed Suki with a coaxing stare. "What?"

Suki shifted her naked legs nervously and looked up, as if she had finally decided that talking was ok.

"I mean, we've been doing it for about a year, and it's great. I like it more than anything. I like to come see him at work every day but, well, we only get like half an hour alone. I love it when he, uh..." Suki looked at me nervously and Shae squeezed her shoulder. "When we have sex and he's inside, but there really isn't any room for sex in his office and people are always looking for him now that he's a manager. So I wanted to try something I saw online. I got on my knees under his desk and licked him until he was hard, then put it in my mouth."

"Oh, a blowjob?"

Suki squinted at my daughter, as if she suspected that her English had failed her.

"Is that what it's called? Well I mean we tried it but I think I must have been doing something wrong. He didn't really...well we didn't finish, then he had to go back to work. He seemed kind of upset."

Suki went on, sitting on the bench with her legs pressed tightly together, arms taut and holding her knees, still nervous. She could talk up a storm about anything else, but I got the sense that she wasn't used to talking about anything personal.

"I came today because I wanted to try again. He works so hard and I know it stresses him out. He keeps saying he's tired when he gets home, then he goes to bed. He has to be at the park the entire day."

"Oh." Shae put her finger to her lips, with her head cocked at that weird cat-like angle that she always used when she was thinking. "You know I'll bet he really is just stressed out. There are some tricks you can use, you know."

"Like what?"

"Well, you know when *I* want my Daddy's attention, I just show off." She fixed me with a knowing glance. "I know what he likes, dresses and things to wear to bed. I'll bet that bikini will be a great start. Do you have any skirts?"

"Yeah..." Suki said hesitantly.

"Roll the seam inside and stitch them so they're shorter. This long." She held up her fingers to an immodest length. "Or buy some when he takes you shopping. What colors do you like?"

"Oh, uh..." Suki was unprepared for the quiz. "I don't know. Anything I guess."

"Uh-uh. You need blue, dark blue, and white to go with it. That goes with your hair and eyes. Get the shortest blue skirt you can find and a white blouse. Get the blouse 2 sizes too small and wear it around your dad all the time. If it shows your belly button it's just right. Your Daddy will go crazy."

I listened as Shae dispensed advice, fascinated at the insight into my daughter's mindset.

"...and when you go to bed wear that. It's supposed to be worn with something under it because it's sheer, but that's stupid. Tell your Daddy that you're getting the other pajamas for underneath, but don't actually get them. Snuggle up to him in bed and he'll melt."

"Ok. Yeah, that's a good idea!" Shae's enthusiasm was rubbing off visibly on Suki.

"When do you go to see your Daddy?" Shae asked.

"After lunch. He takes it late." She thought for a moment. "About an hour from now."

"Perfect!" Shae got up and pulled Suki to her feet. "The bikini will help, but let me show you how to give a blowjob."

"Oh er...". Suki hesitated, but let Shae lead her by the hand over to me, and they both knelt in front of me on the bench, staring at where my prick was pushing murderously against my pants. Shae reached out and pulled at the edge of my suit, helping me as I lifted up slightly, trying to accomplish the mechanically impossible task of getting the entirety of my raging hard-on out of the trunks without breaking it. After some effort, I managed to pull the aching rod higher and let the rim of fabric slip over my glans. It sprung out violently, a steel spring of hungry flesh snapping back and forth between the faces of both of the naked little girls in front of me. Shae pulled my shorts the rest of the way off.

"Whoa!" Suki's eyes travelled visibly up and down the long length of my shaft as I gripped it at the base to steady it. "Your Dad's pretty big. How...I do you guys, er, how do"

"Yeah, Daddy's cock is huge," my daughter said proudly, curling a few fingers lovingly around the fleshy velvet. "I couldn't get him inside at first. We had to kind of work on it."

"It didn't take you too long sweetie," I said. "I still remember the first time you got it all inside, in the limousine."

She giggled, remembering. "Yeah."

"My Dad, he can get a couple inches in. He's a little smaller than your Dad, not much." Suki watched, entranced, as Shae's fingers pattered up and down my prick, collecting the precum bubbling out of the tip and polishing it to a glossy shine. "It feels great, but it kind of hurts if he goes farther."

"Don't go too far it if it hurts," Shae said, "but you can probably get your Daddy all the way inside. Go slow. Try to spread your legs out, but not too much, and relax inside." She tapped her tummy just below the navel. "Here. When he's pushing his cock in, let your breath out, and spread your legs wider at the end of the thrust. You'll get a tiny bit more in. Just don't go too fast though."

"Ok, I'll try that." Suki bounced lightly on her legs, excited at the prospect of her Daddy's cock getting even deeper inside her when they fucked.

"Yeah. You could probably...get, like...the whole thing...inside" Distracted, Shae slowly trailed her index finger along the bottom of my prick from the base up to the tip, collecting a bead of precum at the very top. She stared at it glistening on her finger, brought it up to her nose for a sniff, then licked it off.

My fingers curled against the wood and my aching cock bulged under her fingers. "Oh jeez, baby girl," I panted, salivating from the pair of naked bodies little bodies kneeling in front of me, getting me worked up until I thought my cock would take off like a rocket. Shae teased me with me her best innocent look, like she didn't know what the big deal was, then leaned forward and wrapped her lips tightly around her Daddy's prick just past the head, staring up at me with wide eyes as she slowly pulled back off. Veins of scintillating heat flashed up my rigid flesh and coiled into thunder in my groin that crackled when Shae popped off the tip, letting my prick wave about with a healthy deposit of wet saliva glistening on the end. She used her fingers to coat her Daddy's prick with our shared juices.

Suki watched, fascinated, eyes almost bulging. The racing heave of my little girl's chest was plain - she was bubbling over with horny desire just as much as I was, but she held back.

"Here, try it." Shae grabbed me at the base with a fist and pointed my aching rod at her friend. "Daddy's really gentle, and he can give you some tips. Just press tight with your lips and let your tongue wiggle a little bit. You're probably better than you think."

Suki barely needed the encouragement. She leaned close, letting the stiff velvet flesh butt against her lips, nostrils flaring to inhale the scent of the man's cock in her face. She parted her lips, slowly, with a timid glance from the bristling organ up to my face, eyes wide with uncertainty, framing their humble request.

My smiling nod and the warmth of the friendly hand of my daughter on her shoulder must have encouraged her. Shae's fingers held me steady as the tip of the pulsing red meat slipped through Suki's delicate lips and into moist gulf of pleasure inside. Tender suction enveloped the strained flesh, the reflexive, gripping instinct of a 12-year-old girl's mouth when a cock was pushing inside it. She bent a little deeper, pulling more of it inside, tongue exploring the ridged barrier between the glans and my shaft. She wasn't bad, not at all. A tiny buzz rumbled up my cock from the low moan in her throat.

Shae's fingers squeezing around my base was probably the only damper that kept a frothing geyser of semen from erupting into the little girl's mouth right there. I sucked air through my teeth, staving off orgasm, keeping the beating pulse of pleasure from the tiny mouth on my cock at a stable beat.

After a dedicated exploration, Suki pulled back and let my turgid cock pop out of her mouth. She coughed slightly, once, and let her cheeks work the salty taste around in her mouth.

"That's ok, right?" Her expression was adorable, peering up at me with a vulnerable look, anxious for the intimate validation that she so deeply needed.

"Honey, it's better than ok." I patted her hair. "You're wonderful. Your Dad is so much luckier than he knows."

A slow smile bubbled up on her face, girlish pride tinted by the flush of her cheeks.

"That's a good way to get your Daddy started," Shae said. "But you can't let him cum right away. You can do something like this to get him REALLY excited."

My daughter's fingers rubbed long, slow strokes along the length of my swollen shaft, swirling the bubbling cocktail from both of their mouths with the errant drips leaking from my tip into a thick coating of lubrication that squished between her fingers.

"My Daddy's good practice for you," she said to Suki. "He can hold out a really long time before cumming. Well...usually. Here, let me show you how to do this."

Her fingers swirled in a long upstroke and ended up curled lightly around my tip, keeping the pulsing organ steady as she bent down to rasp her tongue up the side of my girth in the longest, most agonizing stroke of enthusiastically passionate hunger that a little girl ever visited on a man, eyes locked on mine, lips puckering at the end into a little kiss on my tip. A ragged gasp tore from my chest and I reached out to bury my fingers in my daughter's hair, curling reflexively into a loose fist as she completed the motion.

"Oh god Shae, that's wonderful sweetie," I groaned, head thumping back against the wooden wall. "That's so good." The warmth of my daughter's tongue cupping her Daddy's thick organ had left a lingering tremor of pleasure swirling in my brain.

"See? Works every time. Try it!"

Shae bent her nose to the base of my prick, and Suki followed on the other side, head tilted. Her tongue darted timidly out of her mouth, pressing flat against the veiny organ in her face just like Shae was doing. Moving in tandem, both girls began to lick a long, slippery trail up the sides of my cock like they were enjoying a meaty popsicle, pools of mixed fluids collecting on their rising tongues. The twin pads of heavenly warmth slicked up my shaft and around my bulging glans, touching together briefly in a wet embrace when they met at the apex.

Both girls panted excitedly as they came off the tip, the two lines of connecting drool stretching like clear syrup up to their mouths sagging and snapping onto their chins as they lifted their heads.

"Mmmmmm," Shae rumbled as she came off the tip, cheeks working as she swished our combined tastes in her mouth like fine wine. Both girls licked the leavings on their lips and swallowed, Suki wearing a slightly curious expression. Her first taste of a cock besides her father's. Her first taste of another girl her age.

"Here, let me show you how to finish your Daddy off," Shae said.

My daughter took me in hand again, steadying the waving meat in front of her mouth. Her lips parted around my straining flesh as she bent to take me inside again, wiggling her tongue under my shaft, then beginning a slow bobbing rhythm on her Daddy's cock.

I had died and gone to heaven. My little girl's mouth was a blissful, sucking tunnel every bit as delightful as her sweet pussy and her tiny puckering asshole. Her cheeks flared and collapsed with each stroke of the glistening cock, working me a bit deeper each time, then stopped to squeeze me with a thrilling whirlpool of moist suction before arching her head back to meet my eyes and slowly slipping back until my prick popped out of her lips and bobbed in the air.

The tightening of my fingers in her hair was the only signal she needed. The coiling fire in my gut was flaring up into a red fury that thundered through my veins and into my cock, stretching the tortured organ until it flushed nearly purple. I was close.

Suki took the invitation immediately when Shae pointed my cock at her face, bending forward and opening her mouth to slide her thin lips around the aching meat, just like my daughter had done. I almost lurched and bucked at her face when the thrilling heat engulfed me. She wasn't an expert like my baby girl, but there was a sweet innocence in the tentative exploration of her tongue that was just as exciting.

"Good, just like that." Shae's hand was on her friend's back. "He's pretty close, you see?"

I managed a trembling grin as Suki's eyes looked up at me.

"You can go a bit deeper," Shae encouraged her. "It's big but just do it a little bit at a time."

Her hand stayed on Suki's back as the little girl started a hesitant rhythm, bobbing her head cautiously on the end of my dick. Sparks of white pleasure curled my fingers and toes into a rictus, and I gasped as the suction of the little girl's mouth pulled me right up to the teetering edge of climax.

Another warbling instruction from my daughter, her words lost in the blood thundering in my ears. Suki bent more, pressing down at the end of her stroke to butt the head of my prick up against the tiny hole of her throat. The quivering ring massaged me with electric vibrations, the buzzing, thrumming energy that surged through the little girl's horny body connected to my own like a closed circuit. Lightning surged up from the connection, lancing up my spine and rebounding into a detonation of nameless colors in my brain, then rocketing down again through jerking muscles and crackling nerves to roar into the base of my crotch.

My spasming fingers let go of their heads, grabbing instinctively at the base of my cock. Frothing juice erupted in a sudden geyser from my clenching balls, spraying in wild spurts from the rigid shaft vibrating in my hands. I think I cried out, muted echoes rebounding off the wood, pelvis bucking and shaking, as I blasted my seed at the pair of naked 12-year-olds kneeling in front of me.

Spurt after spurt burst from my prick, as if the distressed organ had built up a reservoir of piping-hot semen for the girls during the whole day of teasing. A jet arced through the air and landed on Shae's stomach, another following wildly and landing in a glistening splash against Suki's left nipple. My body jerked and surged, each upheaval hurtling another shot of juice onto their naked bodies, desperate to give them what they wanted so badly. Eventually I collapsed back in a slouch on the bench, panting wildly, senses coated in foggy static, hand curled in a fist around my wilting cock.

I recovered quickly, a warm sensation guiding me back to the present, my daughter's hand rubbing my thigh affectionately.

"Wow!" Suki was sitting back on her knees, brushing her face. A glob of semen had misfired and streaked her hair and forehead, ending on her eyebrow. "Your Dad really gets excited."

"He's the best." Shae looked up at me from where she knelt, hand still rubbing my thigh and satisfaction sparkling in her eyes.

"I'm just...I'm never quite sure what to do with this." Suki was running a fingertip through the dripping white splatter on her chest.

"Eating it is best. It's great!" Shae's enthusiasm for this was evident in her voice. "You can also rub it around, keep it inside your clothes. Here I'll show you."

Shae grabbed the white swimsuit from the floor and stood up. She hooked both legs through, then pulled it up over her waist and chest, covering the blobs of her Daddy's semen on her hips and chest. After slipping her arms through, she pulled the straps up to her shoulders.

"See?" Shae held her arms out and twirled around in a brief display, an innocent girl unmarked by her father's passion.

"I knew this suit would fit. Here." She pulled the bikini from the floor and handed it to Suki. "Try them on."

Suki got up and pulled the bikini bottoms on, tying the strings over her hips, then pulled the top tight against her chest. Shae helped her tie it up in back.

"Perfect!" Shae proclaimed. The top fit Suki's budding breasts and the bottoms hugged her skin and tied snugly on her hips below the tan line.

"That really does look fantastic," Shae enthused. "Your Daddy will love it. You can even up the tan if you want, but he'll like it no matter what." She reached out to wipe up a tiny white dribble that had escaped from under the left cup of the bikini, then licked it off her fingertip.

"Yeah, this is great." Suki cupped her hands over the top and straightened it slightly. My semen was perfectly hidden under the pink fabric. "Do you always do that? I mean, inside your clothes?"

Grinning, Shae snapped the stomach of the white suit where it hid my deposits. "It's a present. You always need a present from your Daddy." She laughed at Suki's slightly perplexed expression. "My Daddy's good luck. Trust me!"

We left the changing room, the girls leading and chatting together, with me following behind on slightly wobbly legs. The mounting sun had begun to burn the park with afternoon heat. My throat was dry with thirst; I had lost a lot of fluid today.

"-yeah but it's not that bad. There's a lot of makeup and lights but you get used to it." Suki had asked Shae about some of her modelling jobs and my daughter's mouth had taken off like a rocket. "Daddy paid so I could go to a school for a few years, and right now I'm doing a couple shoots a month, or more if the agency is busy. The guy who runs the agency is really nice."

"Cool." A short musical chime sounded from the park's PA system. "Oh! That's the park's shift change," Suki said, looking down the path. "Dad will be out of his meeting."

We came to a halt, awkwardly.

"Er, are you guys going to be here tomorrow?" Suki asked. "Hey if you come tomorrow we can do that game with the water jets! I know where the button is to put the guns at full power."

"Awesome!" Shae was about to continue, but she stopped and looked at me. I shook my head.

"Oh um..." Shae looked embarrassed.

"We're getting on the train tomorrow morning," I said. "Sorry Suki. We'd stay but we have to be in Paris next week."

"Oh ok." Suki did her best to hide her disappointment. "Sounds like you guys are going to have a lot of fun."

"I'll bet you will too," Shae smiled.

Suki stood for a second, then she threw her arms around the both of us in a hug. "Thanks. I'll miss you guys." Another blush was creeping up her throat.

"Hey you can text us. Right Daddy?"

I nodded and rattled off the easy-to-remember url I used on my business cards. It had all of my contact info. Suki repeated it back to me.

"Ok, I'll do that. Bon séjour! I'll go see my Dad now."

She gave us a final wave and departed. We watched her go, my hand resting on Shae's shoulder.

"Her Dad's a pretty lucky guy," I mused.

"Yeah..." Shae murmured, distracted.

I shaded my eyes and looked up at the sun. "Phew, it's hot. Let's shower and get lunch honey." Shae walked beside me in silence as we got our things from the locker area, then travelled up the wide lane that left the park.

Waiting for my daughter to get ready was always a conundrum for me. An hour is much too long, I thought, to sit on a hotel room bed flipping through cable channels trying to find a game not locked behind the hotel's pay-per-view system. The hair dryer had finally clicked off 10 minutes ago. Maybe some sort of progress was being made.

The bathroom door opened and Shae came out. On the other hand, I thought, looking over at her, it was always worth the wait. She had cleaned up her hair and brushed it out into that lustrous golden sheen I knew so well, and dressed in a fashionable skirt and matching shoes, with a delicate white top that circled her chest just above her breasts and left her neck and shoulders bare. A black choker and tiny sapphire earrings - an elegant pair that had come with her first real dress years ago - completed the outfit.

"How do I look?" She held out her arms and gave a brief twirl, flaring the skirt. There was always only one answer to that question with Shae, but I looked carefully. Her beauty school had taught her more about makeup than a woman twice her age knew, and I picked up a few subtle hints: a slightly darker shade of lipstick, longer eyelashes, maybe even something different about the eyeshadow. The effect made her look a few years older, a bit more dignified, while managing to avoid muting the girlish smile that was her best feature.

"Gorgeous honey, as always." I got up from the bed and walked over. "Did you do something different? I like it."

"Yeah, kind of." She looked down and adjusted her blouse. It was the sort that stayed up without any visible support, as if by feminine magic, giving a lovely view of her shoulders and the top of her chest. Seeing any part of my baby girl naked was always an instant thrill, and her graceful shoulders were one of my daughter's nicest things to look at, right behind her tight little pussy and perfect rump. I tried to ignore the faint stirrings in my suit pants.

"Ok hon." I rubbed her bare shoulder in my hand. "You ready? Let's go."

I had looked online and planned a few things for our afternoon that I knew Shae would love. We hailed a cab in front of the hotel, and a short ride later and we were walking together down narrow lanes paved with smooth fieldstones, surrounded on both sides with high buildings comprised of upscale boutiques and speciality storefronts. Other customers wandered around, looking at the displays through the enormous glass windows and doing their own shopping. The restaurant was at the far end of the market, but I knew Shae would want to take her time. I was hoping I could find her a souvenir anyway.

"Wow, look at that Daddy." Shae was holding my arm as we walked, and pointed with her other hand. We looked together through the glass pane at an elaborate display of complex toys, the centerpiece of which was a complicated contraption that pulled plastic horses and their jockeys along a 3-dimensional course of parallel tracks with a hidden motor. The horses pulled ahead or fell behind seemingly at random, and triggered gates that spun small wooden arms in an intricate way that reconfigured the track each time. It looked like you could take it apart and set it up however you liked. The other toys were similarly clever, hand-crafted and probably just as much fun to look at as play with.

We moved on and kept browsing, meandering idly past a huge variety of high-end trinket and gift shops, a shoe store and a cafe with pastries coated in orange glaze, even a store dedicated entirely to handcrafted clocks. It was all chic, and it was all expensive, meant for the affluent and for rich tourists. At least it was cooler here, with the beating sun blocked by the high buildings.

Shae stayed latched calmy onto my arm for most of it, murmuring at each new discovery, right up until we turned a corner into a plaza sporting a series of high trellises that crawled thick with vines and blooms. Clothing and jewelry shops.

"Whoa Daddy look at this!" Suddenly I was being towed along as my daughter galloped eagerly between the exquisite displays in the shopfronts. She studied a series of posing mannequins with interest, each dressed in a style of skirt that had an open teardrop shape on the side at the hip, and we laughed together at another shop featuring an enormous ballroom dress with an impossibly wide flare to the skirt. It would probably take 3 people to put it on.

Eventually I let her run on her own, circling the plaza with excited hoots after she promised to meet me at the fountain in the center, and I ducked into a specialty wine house at the corner. I could barely make heads or tails of the proprietor's thickly-accented barrage, but his desire to sell me expensive wine quickly overcame the linguistic barrier and I emerged from his store after a couple of minutes holding a dark green bag containing a pricey cabernet.

Shae wasn't at the fountain. I circled the small plaza and finally spotted her in front of a wide storefront on the far side. Nobody was around, so I prepared to sneak up and squeeze her bottom, but stopped when I got closer.

My daughter seemed mesmerized. Five mannequins inside the glass display featured an array of 5 dresses in similar styles in a spectrum of colors. Tight bodices, flowing skirts and trains, elaborate lace - wedding dresses. The one in the middle was pure white with a double-layered veil. I edged closer.

From behind her, I couldn't see her face, but her nose was almost pressed to the glass, studying each one. I had a brief moment of clarity, the kind that shows up only a few times in your life to stop you from doing something blindingly stupid, and stopped walking before I was reflected in the glass. Instead I turned around and walked back to the fountain, then turned and called to her as if I had just arrived.

She turned her head, then smiled when she saw me and ran over.

"Hey sweetie. Find anything you want?"

"Yeah, I think so. I want to get something." She pointed to the shop next to the one she had been looking at. "Um, from there."

The young salesgirl in the tiny shop looked about 16. She spoke some English and practically whisked Shae away. I waited at the counter, looking around idly at the huge posters of luscious women in suggestive poses, wearing very little. Mannequins showcased a series of skimpy dresses, and racks on the wall held shirts, underwear, and lingerie. Distant chattering mixed with laughter from the back of the shop where the girls were, and after a short time they both came up to the front with Shae holding a tightly-wrapped package.

"Bonjour monsieur!" The girl tapped her register from the other side of the counter. "Ça fait trois cent euros."

I let her run my card. I would probably spend a lot more on my baby girl before our trip was over. Shae stood holding the parcel to her chest, grinning.

"C'est votre fille? Your daughter, monsieur?" The girl was smiling at us as if we were the most adorable couple she had ever seen.

"Yes, my daughter," I smiled back.

"You ah...êtes en vacances? You take vacation here? Yes?"

"Yes. It's been lovely so far."

"Daddy's taking me to Paris," Shae beamed.

"Ahhhh! le Pareeeeesss!" The girl twisted the word out whimsically. "Beautiful. Is beautiful. Very good in summer." The credit card machine beeped and scrolled out a receipt. She ripped it off and handed it over.

"Merci! Bon voyage." The girl winked conspiratorially at Shae.

"Do I get a peek?" I asked Shae after she left the shop.

"Nuh-uh. Later." She put her package in the bag with my wine when I held it out.

I feigned a huffy sigh. "Ok let's get some food. I'm starving." Shae took my arm again as we walked down the lane. I decided not to pry into the other thing she had been doing.

The restaurant was a couple streets over from the clothing shops. A waiter took our names and promptly seated us on the patio out front, giving us a gorgeous view of the climbing vines on the buildings and the line of flowering crepe myrtle in the center of the lane. Even the sun had relented, cooling the day to a perfect temperature.

I ordered in broken French for me and Shae, pointing at the menu when my vocabulary failed me, then we munched on croissants and talked while we waited.

"Let's see..." I said. "French toast."

"French bread," she countered.

"Hmmmm. French dip."

"French...uh...French fries."

I was no good at this game. "Um...uh..." I mumbled. Shae tapped her fingers on the table, teasing me. "French bulldog!" I sputtered.

"French Connection," she said. I sighed, of course.

"French open."

"Ok um...uhhhh." Now it was Shae's turn to squirm, while I fixed her with a superior smile.

"French braid!" she finally said.

"French revolution," I countered.

"Is that even a thing? I think you're cheating."

I glared daggers at her. We hadn't spent a week working together on that school report for nothing. Shae's poker face was excellent, but I knew her too well to miss the mirth lurking behind her deadpan stare.

"Giving up?" I prompted.

"Nope. French horn."

"French Foreign Legion," I said.

"You know way too much history stuff," she sniffed.

"But somehow you always win. Giving up? If you are I'm taking this last croissant."

She snatched it out of the basket and held it hostage. "No um. Let me think. Ah...french kiss."

"Hmmmmmmm," I drew the word out into a throaty rumble, eyes crawling over her body in lewd suggestion. "Is that an offer?"

She laughed. "You're stalling Daddy."

I shrugged. Shae threw her hands in the air and whooped, proclaiming victory, then stuffed half the croissant in her mouth, eyeballing me defiantly while she chewed.

"Ok I've got another one," she said between swallows. "Swiss army knife."

"Hmmm." I thought for a second. "Swiss alps."

"Swiss cheese," she said. Damn, too easy. I had let her have that one.

"You're swiss cheese," I muttered.

She laughed again, mid-chew, and pantomimed throwing the half-eaten croissant at me.

"Ok ok bank account."

"Swiss miss." She grinned.

I might have challenged that one, but our game was interrupted by the sudden arrival of our food. Ravioli for her, steak for me, sizzling tantalizingly as the waiter set it down. It smelled like heaven.

The conversation lapsed as we dug into the food. I looked around, watching the passing shoppers and the drifting myrtle petals. I'd be paying it off for a while, but this was about as perfect a vacation as I could have hoped for. Hopefully Paris would go just as well. Shae seemed to be thrilled by it all. She watched the passing shoppers with interest, scrutinizing their clothes, probably.

She had turned 12 not all that long ago. Had it really been 5 years already? Five years since I first made love to my daughter in that rented beachhouse when she was 7? I had raised her her whole life, loved her every day since she was an infant in my arms, loved her even more since that day she became old enough to become even closer to the Daddy she adored. There were a few times when she was very little that I had felt like giving up, trying to raise a toddler alone. But somehow, just seeing her smile always gave me the energy to keep going.

I studied that smile now. It wasn't just the makeup that made her seem a little different today. She was growing, getting a bit taller, lips growing fuller, her face beginning to lose the slightly childish look and adopting the freshness of a gorgeous young girl. It was no wonder she was in such high demand at Select Petites, her modelling agency. Every photographer wanted to work with her. She turned heads wherever we went. Shae flipped a stray lock of hair back over her shoulder as she ate, obvlious to my stare. It was there, stirring just beneath the surface of her features, her graceful movements. I could see the faint hints of the woman she would become.

Shae had given me two of the biggest kinds of joy a man could have. I had the pleasure of a father watching his daughter growing up, discovering the world and herself, finding what she loved to do. Modelling, fashion, dancing - I had encouraged all of her passions both inside and outside the bedroom, urging her to try bigger things, sharing her happiness when she succeeded and picking her up if she failed.

I also had the bliss of being my daughter's lover. I had taught her almost everything she knew, every kind of pleasure she could have with her Daddy's cock, exploring and satisfying all of her most intimate needs. My fingers and hands and prick had pushed and probed their way over and inside every inch of her delicious body countless times, and I had felt the subtle changes over the years - her hips getting rounder, butt filling out slightly, the swelling flesh of her growing chest under my fingers, her body shaping itself for her Daddy as puberty began to work its slow magic. The intoxicating vision filled my brain, years of delight in my daughter's naked body as it grew and flowered into ripeness.

Greedy tension was pushing at my pants under the table. I tried to ignore it and enjoy my food.

"Hey Daddy."

I looked up from my steak. Shae was staring pensively at her plate, pushing a square of ravioli in circles with her fork.

"Do you ever think what things would be like if we had know, gotten together?"

I thought for a moment, choosing my words carefully. Shae didn't usually engage in hypotheticals.

"Well..." I studied the tight expression on her face, seeing that the answer mattered to her more than she was letting on. "I don't think I could imagine anything without you, sweetie. I think we'd have ended up together no matter what."

"Yeah, yeah..." her fork propelled the pasta in an idle orbit through the meat sauce. "But what if we hadn't?"

She was thinking about Suki. It was plain. I stayed silent and let her continue.

"It's weird when I compare us to the girls at school. I mean, I know Claire and Alexis are with their dads. Sophie too."

I nodded in confirmation, recalling intimate memories of Shae's friends. The older girls still went to Shae's school, but Sophie's family had moved away a year back.

"But the others, well, I don't get it. Some of them have boyfriends now, but they act so stupid. They don't treat each other nice."

She stabbed the ravioli with her fork in a frustrated gesture. I thought about the friends Shae knew at her school: 12 to 16-year-olds, mostly, kids just starting relationships for the first time.

"Lucas asked out Sarah. We all saw it, so they're kind of a thing now. But he's always talking behind her back to his friends, saying these nasty things about her. It doesn't make sense. And you remember that guy Jonathan right?"

I nodded, thinking of the sandy-haired boy from Shae's class.

"He was dating Audrey, but he made her cry at school when he broke up with her. He did it right in the hall with everyone watching. He didn't even care."

The tortured ravioli finally split. Shae ate it and attacked another one.

"And the girls are mean too! Sandy is always putting down Kevin, but he puts up with it because she's so pretty and she's a cheerleader. I want to punch her in the face because he doesn't deserve that. And Natalie, that dumb redhead, she passed around this picture she took of David throwing up at school when he was really sick. I think it's why he's in the hospital now. They used to date. The other girls act like it's funny, but I don't even want to talk to her anymore."

I wasn't sure how to respond when she ended her tirade. Kids could have a mean streak, for sure. That kind of thing didn't seem to be in Shae's nature at all.

"I think your friends just don't know how to treat each other yet," I said. "You're right, that's all pretty stupid, what they're doing. But I think most of them will eventually grow out of it."

Shae speared another helpless square of pasta. "Well *I* think they just don't have anyone like you Daddy to show them how to be nice. You've never done anything like that. Maybe you work a lot sometimes but you're always nice to me. Remember when we first had sex?"

I made a hushing motion and looked around nervously. Hopefully none of the other customers could speak English. Shae went on in a somewhat quieter voice. Discretion had never been one of her strong points.

"It was the best thing you ever did for me Daddy. I didn't even know about sex when I was 7. But what if you hadn't let me shower with you that day?" She pushed a mushroom in lazy circles, having run out of pasta. "Maybe you would have told me to just wait and take a shower afterwards."

"I'm glad I didn't," I ventured.

"Yeah me too. But if you had, I'd probably have some normal dumb boyfriend now, just like the girls at school." She made a face. "I don't want to be like them. They don't know anything. They'll probably just keep being miserable and stupid, trying things out and then breaking up the first time anything goes wrong! We're not like that, Daddy. We should just...well I mean, I know you'll be there for me."

"Always," I said, nodding, feeling like I might have wandered safely through a minefield. Shae really did stand out from her classmates. She acted different, a bit more mature in some ways. Maybe I couldn't blame her for thinking her classmates were idiots. Shae was smart, not necessarily book smart, though she did alright in school, but with a concealed streak of cunning that she always used affectionately and never for duplicity. I reached out laid my hand on hers, squeezing it, hoping a gesture would suffice where words had failed me. It seemed to work. She smiled and calmed a bit.

I steered the conversation into safer waters, and the rest of our meal passed uneventfully. After the waiter had cleared our plates and I had paid the check, we took a cab downtown, and spent the afternoon visiting a series of art museums I had been longing to see. Shae hung on my arm through each visit, as if I were escorting her, listening indulgently whenever I talked about the history of one of the pieces. She seemed more interested in the portraits of various men and women, and we lingered a while at a wide frame showing Joan of Arc riding fiercely into battle, not depicted wearing her plate armor for once, but wrapped in narrow strips of white gossamer that coiled around her naked body and streamed out behind her horse.

It was evening by the time we were through. We had finished our tour at a wide terrace overlooking the ocean, in the midst of a large festival with mimes and jugglers and magic tricks, each spectacle competing with the music of a small company of violins that filled the air with wistful music. A magician with a painted face spotted us, and a quick sweep of his hand left a trail of sparkling glitter in the air in front of Shae, from which he produced a sudden burst of bundled roses. He bent down onto one knee and handed them to Shae with an exaggerated gesture of supplication. Giggling and blushing at the same time, she accepted the gift and brought the fresh flowers up to her nose to smell them. I tipped him handsomely. Shae seemed delighted.

Our feet were getting tired, so after listening to the music we rested on a bench and looked out to sea. The sun had cut a narrowing line of brilliant orange between the clouds and the horizon. Shae rested her head on my shoulder and leaned against me, silent. She had talked herself out after our busy afternoon, it seemed.

"Did you have a good time sweetie?"

She nodded and snuggled closer on the bench. The sun dipped below the horizon without fanfare, and we saw the festival staff setting up a series of papery globes on the terrace: sky lanterns, the kind that floated on the wind and carried a wish or a prayer from the heart.

"Hey Daddy." Shae clenched my arm and pointed.

"You want to?" I asked. She nodded.

We got up and walked over. A cheery older woman waved and greeted us.

"Bonsoir. Faites un voeu!"

"Oh." A table was set out with strips of paper and pens. "Make a wish sweetie," I said.

Shae took a pen and wrote something out while I left a few euros in the donation pot. Taking a lantern and a match from the woman, I set it on the stone railing of the terrace, balancing it against the breeze.

"Ok hon, drop it in there." I gestured at the little pocket on the bottom lip of the lantern. Shae folder her piece of paper carefully, then folded it again, an odd look of concentration on her face, then pushed it into the pocket. "Here, hold the lantern," I said.

I struck a tiny flame with the match, shielding it from the wind with my hands, and touched it to the fuel pad. It caught quickly, suffusing the paper lantern with a cheery orange glow. I held onto the bottom lip of the lantern with my fingers, opposite Shae's, and we raised it up to the height of our arms.

"Ready honey?" Shae nodded at me.

"Ok, 3...2...1...go"

We let go simultaneously, and the little globe pulled out of our hands, drifting on the breeze towards the ocean, dipping slightly and then rising up into the sky on hidden currents. It joined the chaos of flickering orange motes that had spread out over the darkening water.

We watched them for several minutes, until Shae shivered. Her light blouse with the bare shoulders was helpless against the cooling breeze. I took off my suit jacket and wrapped it around her. We sat back down on the bench, my arm curled around my daughter's shoulders as she leaned against me, a warm presence warding off the creeping chill of the night. The string band had returned after taking a short break, and were playing a melancholy tune of bittersweet longing.

I looked down at Shae, seeing her staring out at the bay contemplatively. "Did you get your wish?"

"Dunno yet," she said. She didn't seem inclined to say more, so we sat and watched the twinkling lights of the boats move along the water, listening to the music until a glimmering streak soared into the night sky in front of us, its light fading out and then exploding into a brilliant profusion of flaring colors. Several more followed it, filling the darkness with vivid flashes of pink and purple and blue. We gazed up at the fireworks, enjoying the comforting silence of each other's company until my daughter finally yawned sleepily into my arm. We got up, and I managed to hail a cab in the downtown traffic to take us back to the hotel.

Part 2